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Charlie the Charger Turns 30 Charg-A-Palooza’s Suprise Birthday Brings Stu-

CAMPUS Psi Omega strikes again at regionals winning 37 awards. Check out the complete list of winners.

The Game Changer ------------

Candidates in dents together to Celebrate Their Beloved Mascot West Haven’s Mayoral Race Debate on Current Issues By JENN HARRINGTON



SEE PAGE 4 Top 10 Italians workshop revealed the true most important Italians based on their influence on our nation. SEE PAGE 5

SPORTS New Haven Chargers fell short to Stonehill at Homecoming after an attempted last minute touchdown. SEE PAGE 11

OPINION To walk on the large UNH letters, or to not walk on them? Read more about the superstition.




–––––––––––––––––––––––––– Homecoming this year took place on Saturday, Oct. 19. While the Monday and Tuesday before that was Fall Break, the rest of the week consisted of a series of events leading up to the big day, including Midnight Madness on Thursday, Swimsuit Sprint on Friday and a new event, the ChargA-Palooza Birthday Party on Wednesday, Oct.16 in the Bixler/ Botwinik Quad. This event was presented by the Undergraduate Student Govern-

ment Association, and co-sponsored by the UNH Green Team, Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc., UNH Pride, the Serve Club, Chi Kappa Rho, Lambda Psi Delta, Delta Chi, Delta Phi Epsilon and the Chariot Yearbook. Rather than a typical surprise birthday party where everyone but the one being celebrated knew about the party, no one knew whose birthday they were celebrating until the end. That didn’t stop a long line from forming in the quad long before 5 p.m. when the festivities began. Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy pizza, wings and decorate their own cupcakes, as well as listen to music. A wide


variety of games were provided for people to enjoy, including card games and competitions. Near the end of the festivities, Charlie the Charger appeared in the Quad; it was the mascot’s birthday! Charlie celebrated 30 years. Immediately following the birthday party, attendees still in the Quad had the opportunity to see an airing of Despicable Me 2 sponsored by SCOPE. UNH has had Charlie the Charger as a mascot for thirty years and, while he may have had a few make-overs since then, which were displayed for the crowd, Charlie has continued to represent the university with pride ever since.

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Ryan Star has made the remarkable transformation from reality TV to a music industry star.


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A Sprint to the Party




–––––––––––––––––––––––––– On Friday, Oct. 18 in chilly weather as the day was ending, students gathered in their bathing suits at Kayo Field to participate in the second annual Swimsuit Sprint at the University of New Haven. Bins were filled and almost full with the clothes they had been willing to strip off and donate to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Students huddled together shivering, half from the cold and half from excitement, as they anticipated the run that was to come.

Slowly they formed a line; people at the head holding flags and raising them high, before students took off in a circle around campus, which some people did not expect to be so long. They ran past the Beckerman Rec Center, Maxcy Hall, over the UNH letters in the quad, and past Soundview. Ringing through UNH was the sound of cheering as well as the sound of tired sighs, flip flops beating on the ground, and the sound of confusion as some realized it wasn’t a direct path to the Bixler/Botwinik Quad. In the end, they all sprinted to receive their free shirts and glow in the dark bracelets. They put on their shirts and waited for the concert that some say the best of the year.

Although only a few people had heard of Chris Webby and The White Panda, a lot of students came to listen, taking in the opportunity to attend a free concert. As the time grew nearer for the artists to start, students piled in, getting closer until everyone was surrounding each other competing for the best view, keeping warm and being cooled by the night breeze. With the lights flashing in their eyes, the beat going, and hands waving in the air as their feet hit against the ground, Chris Webby appeared on the stage. He shared things that related him to his audience; his loss of a friend, his possession of a dream, and his past life in school. In the end, there See SPRINT page 5

Elections for the office of Mayor in West Haven are less than a month away, and in preparation for polling, all three candidates took time out of their Wednesday night to meet at Carrigan Middle School to debate their ideas on the future of our city. The line-up for November includes Edward O’Brien (D), Bart Chadderton (R), and incumbent John Picard (write-in). Each candidate sat on stage of the Carrigan Middle School auditorium, waiting for questions to be verified and attendees to find their seats. Each prepped with notes and talked to supporters to ease nerves. The crowd was smaller, filling only a third of the room, but each West Haven resident was eager to hear what the candidates had to say. Former University of New Haven Professor, Gary Fetzer, hosted the debate leading in the evening stating that all questions were submitted by audience members and were verified for validity beforehand. A hush fell over the auditorium and ears began to lean forward in an effort to hear which candidate chose the best response toward solving current issues that city residents find most imperative. If politics is a game, then a debate is the defining play on the field. Each candidate rotated turns in answering the proposed questions and followed with a 60 second rebuttal. First question: What makes you qualified? Picard started off in round one stating his experience, education, and ability to lead are qualities that make him the right fit for reelection. He went on to discuss local accomplishments in West Haven through job creation and tax revenue. O’Brien worked off his message of being born and raised in our city holding the qualities of honesty and integrity. Chadderton, who began on a slightly different tone, referenced a recent article published in the New Haven Register regarding dirty politics and a feeling of being personally attacked. To keep in tow with tone, he also brought forward the lack of financial stability and the cities position of worst bond rating. As questions continued each candidate stuck with a theme. Picard chose accomplishments to highlight success of the future, O’Brien pushed forward economic development on a large scale, and Chadderton ensured he would work on city finances and “get ducks lined up in a row.” Through the debate as Chadderton worked to promote his platform ideas, a heated banter occurred through rebuttal with O’Brien and Picard. The idea of economic development was in discussion. Picard promptly praised the planned addition of a CVS for providing 35 new jobs. O’Brien See GAME page 2

October 23, 2013

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The Game Changer ------------

Candidates in West Haven’s Mayoral Race Debate on Current Issues

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refuted that economic development is not a CVS or deli in an effort to provide examples of small-business, but what is needed is the addition of big business and large-scale developing. Picard hit strong in his rebuttal. “Small business is the backbone of the country,” said Picard, “they account for 75% of jobs.” A round of applause resonated in the crowd. O’Brien stood by his notion that big-business will bring in revenue, create more jobs, and provide for a friendlier city. Chadderton resonated that “money is everything.” Finances are at the top of his priority list. “Take care of the money first.” Once that is handled then the city can work on spending in the right direction to balance the budget and get the city out of debt. Another hot topic on the floor was Education; where funding should be placed

and what changes could be made. Don’t spend on structure; money can be used for resources. Books are old and classes are decrepit stated O’Brien. “We need to do better with what we have.” Chadderton reminded the audience that grades and test scores are low. There isn’t a need for more money to be pumped in, but for it to be redirected and for the leadership in schools to become stronger. Picard chose to show the positives on West Haven education. He mentioned the University’s initiative to provide scholarships for local students and said that more support through resources and lobbying can help the local education system. Other topics in debate included zoning in Allingtown, high-end versus affordable housing, the asphalt plant, and consolidation of fire departments. Each candidate was given the opportunity for a few

final words. Chadderton’s closing remarks reiterated his fury at allegations from the Register article he mentioned in opening and stated that this is the example of a need for checks and balances. Picard continued to delight on all of the great accomplishments the city has seen thus far. O’Brien revisited economic development and stated that the city needs to get a handle on its quality of life. The evening closed with an overall feeling of interest in seeing the election results. Each candidate gave effort for their platforms, but the debate was one that provided for residents to hear how their political leaders think. Will our city have the right man in place? Only time will tell. The debate was sponsored by the West Haven Chamber of Commerce, and updates on the West Haven Mayoral Race can be found online.

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Second RSO President’s Roundtable; Closing the Communication Gap



–––––––––––––––––––-A second session of Recognized Student Organization President’s Roundtable was held last Friday morning in the Alumni Lounge before the weekly USGA meeting. Roundtable meetings give RSO Presidents the opportunity to meet with Greg Overend, Director of Student Activities, and Zani Imetovski, USGA President. Updates on previously discussed topics were brought forward by Overend at the start of the meeting. The BSAC computers will be made available for RSO use only; the Office of Student Activities is working with Prism to add a scanner and update all copy codes to the new codes provided by OSA. Adjustments that were asked for at the last meeting are in the works. Event Management Systems is also working to make table requests less than two weeks. This requires a separate template to be created, and Sharon Aceto, in Facilities, has been in contact with EMS Headquarters to see if this is a possibility. New concerns were

expressed at the meeting as well. The shuttle that previously ran to Union Station was suspended with the opening of West Haven Train Station. Students feel this was a bad move on the university’s part as the West Haven Station does not offer access to Amtrak or the charter bus companies. Students requested, through their President’s, that the shuttle service be reinstated to Union Station as well. Several clubs asked about more effective ways to publicize their events. Facebook has been a popular move by many RSO’s. Overend offered the opportunity to write on the windows of Bartels which can be reserved through Andrew Mayer in OSA. Another publicity opportunity was installed in all Residence Halls by OSA. RSO’s have special boards reserved for posting flyers for respective events. There are many updates being worked on with the university and student organization policy. The Social Event Policy has not been updated in seven years and Overend and OSA are revisiting the policy to make it efficient for modern university operations. If any student has concerns regarding current policies

and their effectiveness they can visit OSA and USGA to work on providing a solution. OSA is working hard this semester to eliminate lack of communication and understanding between policies and students by reaching out to Presidents and having them serve as gatekeepers to the larger school population. With old policies being enforced and new policies being released, it is imperative that all students are aware of how the university is running to avoid conflict or confusion. Students on campus who hold leadership positions and serve in liaison roles appreciate the effort of administration to hear the student body and what their needs are for positive growth. Being part of a campus organization is imperative as a student, as it is the place to put your classroom skills to work. Experiential education can be experienced firsthand serving in leadership roles among various studentrun organizations. Presidents are highly encouraged to attend President’s Roundtable. Check your organization accounts for upcoming dates.

October 23, 2013

Need Help Finding Good Scholarships?



Paying for college can sometimes be a hassle, but don’t let that stop you from achieving your educational goals. There are many ways in which you can receive financial help to pay for school. One of the most easy and often overlooked ways to pay for college is through outside scholarships. Outside scholarships are different from those given out by the University. They are provided by outside organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, professional organizations, community organizations and more. These scholarships give the extra financial assistance you may need when paying your bill, and there are so many different outside scholarships available for many different kinds of students. This week’s theme is about searching for outside scholarships, and the Financial Aid Office is here to teach you how. We can even provide you with some outside scholarships that we have already found! Searching for outside scholarships can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. The most common question people ask when looking for outside scholarships is, “Is this a legitimate scholarship?” There are websites out there that may try to trick you into paying in order to apply. If any scholarship asks you to pay, it is not a legitimate site and you should get off of the website immediately. According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), perpetrators of financial aid fraud often use the following telltale lines: • The scholarship is “guaranteed or your money back” • You can’t get this information anywhere else • “We just need a credit card” or bank account number to hold this scholarship • We’ll do all the work

• There is a fee to apply for the scholarship • Provides “exclusive” information • You’ve been selected by a “national foundation to receive a scholarship” or “You’re a finalist”; in a contest you never entered. If you happen to come across a website with any of the above lines or something similar, it is most likely a fraudulent website and you should avoid it and exit the browser immediately. Be aware of scam “phishing” or “pharming”! “Phishing” entails unsolicited emails that appear legitimate and may bear the logo of your bank or credit card. This is a scam that is trying to lure you into giving out your personal or account information. “Pharming” includes unsolicited emails that encourage you to visit a website or click on a suspicious link. In order to avoid this, make sure your inbox spam filters are up to date. For more information, or to file complaint, you should call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877382-4357) or visit: www.ftc. gov/scholarshipscams. A good way to begin your search is by checking well known educational sites like Most students know Collegeboard is a real organization because they may have used it to help search for colleges when applying as a senior in high school or when taking the SAT’s/ACT’s. Some other websites that provide good outside scholarship opportunities are, www.fastweb. com, www.collegeanswer. com, and www.petersons. com/college-search/. The first step for most of the websites above is to create a log in name and profile. This will allow you to save potential scholarships you find to a favorites section of your profile, and you can also customize your profile so that the website can match you with scholarships that fit your needs.

For example, if you’re an engineering major, and you create a profile based on that, the website will be able to match you up with scholarships related to your major. The same applies for business majors, criminal justice majors and so on. They can also match you based on your year in school, such as freshman or senior. This process is easy and quick, especially since once created the profiles are doing all the searching for you and sending it to your e-mail address. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let the outside scholarship matches come to you! Not only can you search for outside scholarships on your own, but if you are having difficulty finding them, then the Financial Aid Office can help! Recently, the financial aid student workers have spent a lot of time researching outside scholarships that can help any UNH student pay for college. We have created two binders full of outside scholarship information, so that anyone can easily access them. We’ve also created a bulletin board inside the office lobby that displays several of the outside scholarships that may be targeted toward your major! Outside scholarships can really help take the weight off your shoulders when trying to pay for college. Please take advantage of the information given above, and use these websites to help you find what you’re looking for. The outside scholarship binders will be located in the Financial Aid Office, Maxcy Hall Room 118B. Stop by during business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. and check them out! Also, check out our Facebook page, University of New Haven-Financial Aid Office, for updates and information regarding financial aid. You never know what you might find!

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When the Alarm Rings, Two UNH Students Dash Off to Help Fight Fires



––––––––––––––––––––– It was just before 8 a.m. when the alarms at the City of West Haven Fire Department, Allingtown went off. A major structure fire was underway. Sara Potter, just 18 years old, a first-year fire science major, got up and quickly donned her fire gear. Ryan Kondracki’s adrenaline kicked in as he and Potter responded to the scene. A senior majoring in electrical engineering, Kondracki has a passion for electronics, but he’s equally dedicated to helping people and has been an EMT since high school. “I was drawn to the fire side of emergency response after coming here to UNH,” he said. “In the future, we will probably see a lot of combination fire and EMS departments, which is why I felt that if I wanted to keep volunteering as an EMT, I would need to learn to fight fire as well.” They are two UNH students in a unique four-year-old internship program, living and working with career and volunteer firefighters in the firehouse. Potter is the first female student to live in the firehouse, and Kondracki is one of a few UNH student volunteers who are not fire science majors. They study in the bunkhouse and are starting to become part of the very fabric of the place, a kind of brotherhood/sisterhood that Potter said pushes her through all of challenges the field can pose. “Whether they are UNH students or people down at the firehouse, when it’s time for business, I know that every single one of them has my back and wouldn’t let anything harm me,” she said. “It’s a giant family.” Similar to the 24 student interns who came before


them – most now working as career firefighters throughout New England – they are professional, adept and willing to jump in wherever needed, said Peter Massaro, chief of the City of West Haven Fire Department, Allingtown. The students take a 14-week training course to become state certified so they can use attack hoses to help the career firefighters and volunteers fight fires, Massaro said. While Potter and Kondracki are the only two UNH students living in the firehouse this semester, 25 other UNH students volunteer regularly and play an integral role, Massaro said. On any given day, the student volunteers go out on fire calls, assist at the scene of accidents, wash down fire trucks and help with paperwork. “I always tell them school comes first, but whenever they don’t have school they’re down here all the time, helping out wherever they can,” he said. Last year, Allingtown responded to 2,261 alarms. A restful slumber isn’t part of the gig. But that’s just fine with Potter and Kondracki. At the sound of the alarm for that structure fire, Potter and Kondracki were ready. “We just passed UNH and could see a tower of smoke climbing into the sky, and

we got there in time to help one of the mutual aid trucks set up the secondary hydrant,” Kondracki said. “We were at the fire for three hours helping out while the career departments fought the fire.” Wayne Sandford, a lecturer in the fire science department and advisor to the fire science Living Learning Community, said so much is gained from the program on both sides. “The students learn what the job is like both in and out of the fire station,” he said. “They get to practice what they have been taught. Students have added value to the Allingtown fire department through increased fire coverage and public education programs. Many of us as professors are very envious of the students’ experience at UNH. We all wish we had the same chance when we were younger and just entering the fire service.” Firefighting is practically part of Potter’s DNA, and she said she is grateful for such hands-on learning. “My family loves that I’m a firefighter/EMT because pretty much all of my family does it,” she said. “I volunteer because I love helping people in my community and protecting them to the best of my ability.”

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A Construction Progress Report from Louis Annino

New Residence Hall - Preparing to pour footings By LOUIS ANNINO


––––––––––––––––––––– While it may seem like little has happened behind blue construction fencing, the New Residence Hall is proceeding on schedule. As of the end of this week, we have completed all of the

required site blasting and are winding down the removal of rock and excavated materials. Very soon we will begin pouring concrete which is the first step towards walls and floors beginning to appear. In addition to the visible site work, “precast” walls and floors are being constructed offsite and will soon

arrive by truck and be placed in location by crane. The project remains on schedule for occupancy next Fall. We owe a great deal of thanks to both our construction team and Mother Nature who has afforded us a stretch of great weather for performing the site excavation work.

Orange Campus - New Parking Area The Orange Campus is also progressing to schedule. Those of you who have been to the campus might not recognize its appearance today. The interior wall and space demolition has begun to make way for new classrooms, faculty and support space. The exterior site work is also progressing at a rapid pace. The first parking

lot approaching completion and the building exterior is being prepped for a “facelift” to include a new roof, paint and other aesthetic and maintenance improvements. This fast tracked project is scheduled to be completed this December in anticipation of opening for spring semester classes. Kudos again to both our construc-

tion teams and Mother Nature. *Photos not shown: 1. Orange Campus classroom. 2. Orange Campus - corridor demo.

October 23, 2013

Campuswide Meeting Recap




Psi Omega Strikes Again at Regionals



–––––––––––––––––-----Psi Omega “Nation”, as we like to call it, is the largest chapter with over 220 members, from the American Criminal Justice Association – LAE at the University of New Haven partook in the 2013 Region 4 Conference at the Delaware Technical Community College with a theme in Tomorrow’s Policing Today! 43 students including 2 foreign exchange students from Korea National Police University attended and we are proud to announce that we won 37 awards including Sweepstake Award, Top Academic Award, and an honorable mention of professionalism in lieu of the Spirit Award. Students were challenged over the past 2 days (Oct. 17-19th) with taking 5 academic tests (Criminal Law, Police Management, ACJA/ LAE Knowledge, Juvenile Justice, Corrections), investigating a mock crime scene in the hotel, firearms competition, and physical agility. On top of all of this, the members attended a day of presentations related to the theme. Delaware State Police presented on Delaware Information & Analysis Center (fusion center), Suspicious Activity Reporting and explosive detection, and

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the Active Shooter, while one of ACJA’s own members Detective Walsh from the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit in Delaware County, PA presented on Cyber Crimes! Members in attendance received a great deal of information from the presentations and were able to apply their classroom skills to the academics and crime scene tests. We would like to thank the Bartel’s Family and the Provost Discretionary Fund, Dean Gaboury (Dean of Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences) as well as the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) for their continuous support in making our attendance at the conferences possible. Finally, we are proud to announce that one of our foreign exchange students took home 2 trophies, including 1st place in Juvenile Justice written exam! Congratulations to the following members & award winners: Criminal Law – Stefanie Perillo (Lower 3rd), Rebecca Long (Lower 2nd), Kristen O’Keeffe (Upper 2nd), Marissa Boyle (Upper 1st), Professor Maxwell (Professional 3rd). ACJA/LAE Knowledge – Hadiya Alexander (Lower 3rd), Alyssa Turgeon (Lower 2nd), Stefanie Perillo (Lower 1st), Marissa Boyle (Upper 2nd), RJ Irons (Upper 1st).

Corrections – Stefanie Perillo (Lower 3rd), Rebecca Long (Lower 2nd), Gabrielle Hartley (Lower 1st), Ana Abraham (Upper 2nd), Professor Maxwell (Professional 2nd). Juvenile Justice – Jessica Markure (Lower 3rd), Hadiya Alexander (Lower 2nd), Shinwoo Kim (Lower 1st), Maegan Moran (Upper 2nd), Ali Shapiro (Upper 1st), Professor Maxwell (Professional 1st). Police Management – Rebecca Long (Lower 2nd), Ana Abraham (Upper 3rd), Kristen O’Keeffe (Upper 1st), Professor Maxwell (Professional 3rd). Crime Scene – Alyssa Turgeon, Stefanie Perillo, Angela Cohen (Lower 3rd place team), Sabrina Orsi, Paige Boss, Valeria Diaz (Lower 2nd place team), Mike Renga, Sarah Skawinski, Shinwoo Kim (Upper 3rd place team), Maegan Moran, Jessica Higgins, Hadiya Alexander (Upper 1st place team). Physical Agility – Amber Ferreira (1st place Female 25 & Under). Firearms – Sean Lively (Lower 2nd), Ryan Elblein (Upper 3rd), Joey Zuccaro (Upper 2nd), Tyler Benson, Kelly Bower, Sean Lively (Lower 1st place team), Joey DeFrancesco, Ryan Elblein, Niko Saledas (Upper 1st place team). Top Academic Award Professor Maxwell Sweepstake Award!!!

UNH Tweets of the Week

On Thursday, October 10, President Steve Kaplan hosted a campuswide meeting for faculty and staff. President Kaplan began the session by welcoming the 84 new staff and faculty members who have joined the University over the last year. Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Kevin Phillips presented a fall enrollment update. He discussed demographic changes that indicate a downward trend in high school graduates in the Northeast, which suggests more competition among colleges for a shrinking pool of students. Despite this challenge, the University exceeded its fall enrollment goal of 1,150 with a total of 1,168 new students. Adding 267 transfer students (against a goal of 200) brings the total number of new students to 1,435 (85 ahead of projections). Additionally, the number of out-of-state and international students has increased. In terms of graduate enrollment, totals are down since 2010, but applications are increasing in Arts & Sciences and in Engineering. Lourdes Alvarez, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, provided an update on the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Council, which is co-chaired by Alvarez and Debbie Chin, associate vice president for athletics and recreation. The Council is composed of staff and faculty representatives from across the University. Consultant Brenda Williams recently came to campus to discuss diversity imperatives with faculty, and a diversity audit will soon be conducted. The Council’s role is to promote diversity across University programs and initiatives and in its hiring practices. A Council website will be online soon. Becky Johnson, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students, discussed a recent placement survey conducted by the Career Development Center. The survey sought to determine the employment status of graduates one and six years out. Using an electronic survey, phone calls and social media, the Center was able to gather information on more than half of the graduates, most of whom were employed. The Center will continue surveying alumni to determine postgraduation outcomes (see attached survey results). President Kaplan followed with a discussion of

proposed improvements for science facilities. Majors and minors across an array of science disciplines have increased dramatically over the past six years, and adding space for classrooms and labs is critical. The current—albeit very preliminary—plan calls for some faculty and programs in Dodds Hall to be moved to the former nursing home at One Care Lane (near Notre Dame High School). That facility will be converted into appropriate academic space. In turn, the vacated parts of Dodds Hall will be turned into science classrooms and laboratories. This solution will cost half of what constructing a new science facility would cost ($18 million versus roughly $35 million). The president reported that the University’s new Orange campus (the former Hubbell headquarters) is undergoing renovations for a targeted spring 2014 opening. Phase One of the redesign, already underway, involves new classrooms and student lounge spaces, along with parking enhancements. The campus will be home to the MBA and EMBA programs and will provide the University community with space for conferences and events. A new ad campaign promoting the campus as a “new haven for business success” will be launched soon. Other recent and imminent construction projects were addressed as well. The Engineering and Science University Magnet School (ESUMS), an $85 million, 110,000-square-foot facility to be located adjacent to campus along Boston Post Road, will break ground in summer or fall of 2014. Work has begun on the new residence hall, located near Kayo Field on Ruden Street; that facility will open in August 2014. North Hall, site of the former red barn on Prudden Street, was constructed in nine months and houses the Math Zone and fire science labs. Charger Plaza, on Campbell Avenue, features a biology classroom, a faculty research and graduate teaching lab, and a computer classroom. The Maxcy Hall “porches” were restored and now house seminar space with smart technology and a veteran student lounge. And the New Haven Canal Dock facility—to include classrooms and labs for marine sciences—will open in fall 2015 or spring 2016. President Kaplan also provided an update on the University’s operating results. Over the past decade, the University’s

Composite Financial Index has increased, demonstrating UNH’s vastly improved financial condition. The University’s endowment is $31 million, with $45 million in additional cash reserves. Fundraising totals have also increased over the past several years. The projected goal for FY14 is $13.5 million, with several significant pledges already in hand. Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Daniel May offered an overview of New Engineering University (NEU). With venture capital funding from University Ventures, UNH and NEU have launched a partnership to offer handson, industry-tailored master’s degree programs in engineering at locations nationwide. The first program will in “big data,” offered in Palo Alto, California, where NEU is headquartered. Another program, in “making,” was debuted at the recent Maker Faire in New York City at an event headlined by actress Geena Davis. The University is seeking state approval for both programs. Lueny Morell, the provost and chief academic officer at NEU, attended the campuswide meeting. Provost May also mentioned a potential partnership with the Ras Laffan campus in Qatar for programs in fire science and fire protection engineering. He then discussed “Charging Forward,” the University’s reprioritization initiative. Academic and administrative task forces worked over the summer to identify programs for review, define measurement metrics and evaluate pilot submissions. Their work will continue through next summer and will invite participation from all academic departments and administrative functions. The goal is to reallocate existing funds in order to generate new revenue streams to make possible strategic investments in current as well as new programs and services. Carl Barratt, professor of mechanical and civil & environmental engineering, introduced this year’s United Way campaign. Once again, he and Lisa Scranton, director of technical training in IT, are co-chairing the effort, which runs from October 15 to November 15. They are seeking 90 percent participation and hope to exceed last year’s total of $35,000. Finally, a video of recent UNH media placements was shown. The video can be viewed com/watch?v=WyYezE5xGk o&

October 23, 2013

A Sprint to the Party

con’t from page 1

both the acts, White Panda seem to have been the most known. Coming out with panda masks on their faces, with their fists in the air. The artists had the crowd feeling ecstatic; feeling the music to the point that when it was all over, they wanted more. “The concert has been the highlight of my UNH experience so far,” said freshman student Ryan Roberts as he prepared to head to a party with more music. For some, it was their first time doing anything like this, and it would be

something they will always remember, “I loved being close to the stage and feeling the beat in my chest. I was pumped, the lights and the atmosphere were euphoric. Definitely a night I will never forget,” said freshman Ashley Lopez. People left with their ears ringing and arms sore, but it was all worth it. So to the joined efforts of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and SCOPE, as well as many others, people owe their thanks for a well spent Friday night.

LibGuides: Your 24/7 Research Helper




Librarians can help you find articles for research or style guides for citations. They can guide you through all the tools the library provides, including databases, government documents, books and journals. They even build tools to help you when they are not available. A LibGuide (short for “library guide”) can help you with research when the librarians have left the building or when you’re not in the library. Have you ever been working on a research assignment late at night and had trouble finding the information you needed? Maybe you knew there must be some great articles out there, somewhere, but you didn’t know where to start. Or maybe you visited the library homepage, but were overwhelmed by the great number of resources. Too much information! You just need the right set of resources for your assignment. Relax. There’s help for you, 24/7 – just a click

away from the library home page. On the library web page, library/ , look at the menu on the left-hand side. Click on Guides. This will bring you into LibGuides, a tool librarians use to explain resources simply and graphically. Now you will see two short menus. The first describes different kinds of guides. There are course guides; check to see if one of your classes is listed. Perhaps one or more of your instructors has met with a librarian about developing a guide to the materials for specific courses you are taking. The How Do I Find… section shows you how to find books, articles, government documents, and other types of research material. There are guides for different library tools, such as call numbers, mobile device resources, and e-books, in the How Do I Use… section. And there is a guide to library services for faculty. If you need information on writing citations, you can choose from guides to three different styles. The second menu gives

you a list of subject areas. You can click on a subject and browse a list of guides in that area. Each of these guides will organize the resources by type: books, articles, etc., and give you some tools you probably didn’t know existed. You will find links to databases, with helpful descriptions. There are similar lists of reliable websites, and quick lessons in evaluating websites for yourself. Some guides will help you search the catalog or find books on the shelf, and teach you why citing sources is important. The guides are easy to use, employing lots of lists, links and videos. You can zero in on just the resources you need. Even if it’s 3:00 in the afternoon, don’t wait to explore all that library guides have for you. Browse the Guides today! If you need help researching any topic, contact a librarian at (203) 932-7189,, or stop by the information desk located in the library.

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The Top 10 Italians Are Not Who You Might Think They Are



––––––––––––––––––––– The workshop given of the Top 10 Italians of All Time at the Marvin K. Peterson Library this past Thursday can be summed up in one word, Splendido! The lecturer was an University of New Haven Alumnus, Mr. Steven Spignesi, a Practitioner in Residence in the English Department, and an author of over 60 books. Spignesi began his speech by explaining that he’d previously written a book called the Italian 100, and that this presentation would only discuss the Top 10 in descending order. Many students gathered on the third floor of the library and were met with refreshments and programs. In

addition, Spignesi gave the audience members a handout of the 100 Italians featured in his book, and included refreshing little surprises throughout his presentation. Spignesi based his list not on the famous achievements theses Italians accomplished, but on the amount of influence they had over our nation. While his list did include the typical Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, he put them towards the bottom. He saved the top spaces for others such as Phillip Mazzei, who worked closely with Thomas Jefferson to develop the famous American ideal that, “all men are created equal.” Among the lesser-known Italians featured was Evangelista Torricelli, a physicist who invented the barometer and forever changed the course of weather predic-

tion. At the number five spot was Alessandro Volta, the man who invented the battery and created the idea of stored energy. The number two position was given to Christopher Columbus, for his westward expansion of Europe, and at number one he spoke of none other than Galileo. He concluded that without Galileo’s creation of the Scientific Method, the way we view the world would be completely different. The unconventional criteria with which Spignesi based his list of Italians made for an exciting hour full of intrigue and wonder. Students left the workshop feeling satisfied, both mentally and physically.

Making the Campus a Safer Place


may have been very few who came already knowing about him, but many people left wanting to know more. His act was entertaining, and perhaps a respectable point was the moment he forgot the first verse to one of his songs, but kept going, joking about it afterwards. The audience in the quad throughout the entire time kept growing, as students, who had been seen dancing and listening from their rooms, came to join in, especially when White Panda came onto the stage. Out of

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On Tuesday, Sept. 24, there were over 150 students that attended the First Annual Campus Safety Walk, which was the culminating event of the National Campus Safety Awareness Month. University of New Haven Campus Police, in partnership with the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences and the American Criminal Justice Association (Criminal Justice Club), held the first Campus Safety Walk, which is a program based on the University of Central Arkansas’ “Operation Safe Walk” as well as many area cities’ neighborhood code walks. Students, staff, and faculty joined together to walk the campus as well as the surrounding areas to identify potential hazardous conditions, and any safety improvement recommendations that will be compiled and presented to the University and the Board of Governors. The campus was divided into about 10 zones, includ-

ing both the route to Forest Hills, North Campus and Charger Plaza. Students from Professor Sedelmaier’s class created the zones and worked with UNHPD to create checklists, collect data and develop a finalized report as part of their class project. Some of the high points that were collected from the data sheets are the following: -Several lighting issues identified, mostly South Campus, several areas around Maxcy Hall, and Forest Hills apartments/ route. -Many students believe there is a lack of blue boxes both on and off campus, mostly noting the Charger Plaza, which currently lacks one’s existence. -The lack of sidewalks on Simon Place and Isadore St (leading to Forest Hills), as well as Prudden St. (leading to North Campus) creating a safety hazard for students walking. Students recommended a “pedestrian safe zone,” which is a clearly marked lane students would be able to walk in safely. -The lack of clearly defined and marked shuttle stops for Courtesy Vans/ Shuttles as well as the pos-

sibility of bus shelters at North Campus and Dodds Theater as well. For the most part, the campus is pretty safe with the exception of a few quick fixes, and safety improvements. The UNH Police Department, Housatonic Security and West Haven Police Department are constantly patrolling the campus and surrounding neighborhoods, providing for a safer route and campus. Students are highly encouraged to utilize the Campus Shuttle and Courtesy Van system, be vigilant at all times to unfamiliar persons, remain aware of the locations of Blue Boxes throughout campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as downloading the EmergenSeeU app that is free to students by downloading it from AppStore or Google Play. Windows Phone and Blackberry App World are both in the developing stages of creating the same app to be available for download. To report an emergency, remember to contact 911 or Campus Police at (203) 932-7070.

October 23, 2013

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Step Wherever You Want Whatever You Do, Don’t Step on the Letters




From the moment I set foot on this campus, I was told not to set foot on those letters in the Maxcy quad. During SOAR, the Orientation Leaders were sure to embed in our minds not to step on the letters, their only explanation being that “bad things will happen.” Those bad things were never really defined. Throughout the year, I heard rumors as to what would happen if I were to step on the letters—I’d fail all my classes, I’d end up transferring out and I’d take more than four years to complete my undergraduate education, were three of consequences of stepping on the giant


UNH placed in the center of the quad. Just like you should keep away from black cats, refrain from breaking mirrors and avoid stepping beneath a ladder, you should also avoid walking over the letters. However, no one ever says why. I question where these superstitions start, and how they came to be followed. I’m sure if I told new students to clap three times before entering Bartels each time, no one would listen— so why did avoiding the letters catch on? Kids transfer out because they can’t afford the school or are unhappy at the school, not because they stepped on the letters. I doubt any student transferring would tell their parents they had to leave UNH because they stepped over the blue U in the middle of the Maxcy

quad. The same goes for failing a class—no, walking over the letters didn’t cause you to fail your class. Your lack of motivation to study and your unwillingness to attend class is what led to the downfall of your GPA. While I encourage tradition, I don’t think it should be used an excuse. Your future employer won’t want to hear that you failed Intro to Accounting because you tread on the letters in the quad. I still haven’t stepped on the letters, in fear that maybe something terrible will happen, but each time I step around the giant letters, I can’t help but to feel silly. Not everyone adheres to the rule set forth by those before us, and I can understand why—it’s just a silly superstition.

and games that may be unsuitable for their age group. Most television programs fail to teach the lessons that most parents attempt to instill within their children. Statistics from the University of Michigan Health System reveal that many TV shows are filled with stereotypes, violent situations and aggressive behavior, plus excessive junk food commercials that can lead to unhealthy eating behaviors. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, no child under the age of two should be watching any television, while children over two should stick to one to two hours of quality programming at most. Too much screen time may result in lack of physical activity as the child grows, and can interfere with basic tasks such as reading or doing homework. However, children at these ages are spending double, even triple, the amount of time they should be in front of a television, iPhone, iPad or laptop screen. This can lead to negative health and social effects during adolescent growth. Over exposure to technology can lead to countless health risks. The University of Michigan studies also show that electronic use may cause problems in the hands, eyes and spine. Being hunched over a computer in an uncomfortable position not only causes horrible posture, but also encourages scoliosis and back problems in young children. What seem like bad habits can easily lead to cataclysmic medical conditions in the future. Vision problems are yet another side effect in children who overindulge in electronics. The longer a child stares at a giant television screen or laptop, the closer he or she is to developing nearsightedness. You’ve just spent $500 to occupy your child and now must fish out an additional $200 for a pair of glasses in order for your child to see

the electronic screens. Ever wonder why your toddler screams at late hours of the night? It could be because of hunger or a bad dream, but it’s most likely because you let him play on your iPhone a half an hour before you put him down for the night. Nighttime artificial light has been linked to poor sleeping cycles and could even lend itself to future cancer outbreaks. Too much tech time can also disrupt the family dynamic. Imagine a family sitting around the dinner table, their hands in their laps, their heads down. Seem familiar? If you were to walk in on this scene 20 years ago, you’d have assumed they were praying before dinner. Now, it’s safe to assume each person is texting or playing on their iPhone. Dr. Gary Small, author of “iBrain: Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind,” observed that the “brain is highly sensitive to stimuli, like iPads and smartphone screens, and it people spend too much time with one technology and less time interacting with people like parents at the dinner table, that could hinder the development of certain communication skills.” Children as young as five have iPod touches or iPads. When we were kids, we were lucky to get the newest Barbie or G.I. Joe. What’s next? Giving your six-month-old an iPhone to chew on instead of a teething toy? Parents should strictly adhere to the recommendations set forth by the AAP. At the very least, they should monitor the amount of technology their child uses in a day. Not only can this prevent children from stumbling upon inappropriate programming, but parents can also ensure their child’s overall wellbeing. Proper child development is imperative, and parents need to promote good habits now before it’s too late.



Picture this: you wake up in the morning to the ear-piercing sound of your screaming child. After wrestling her into her car seat and dropping her off at the babysitter’s house, you start your hour-long commute to work. After getting out of work at five, you pick up your daughter and feed her dinner. You’re exhausted, but she isn’t—she wants to play. However, you’re tired, you’re hungry, and you need time to yourself. You reach for the nearest gadget—an iPad—and hand it to her. As her little fingers play around with the screen, she goes silent, and your headache subsides. Peace at last. Indeed, distracting your child while simultaneously teaching him or her to use electronics may seem like a smart thing to do. Who doesn’t love to kill two birds with one stone? On the contrary, many parents don’t realize the detrimental effects of these actions. In this day and age, parents tend to justify their bad parenting skills by claiming to teach their kids about electronics. When parents plop a bright screen in front of their kids as a diversion, kids aren’t really learning the skills needed for healthy mind development. Instead, parents are just taking the easy way out. What they don’t understand is that pushing their parental duties to their slabs of circuits and plastic has an adverse effect on their children. Congrats, your two-year-old can play Candy Crush, but she doesn’t know her A-B-C’s. The solution is simple: stop letting technology nanny your children. It seems convenient to hand your child an iPad when you’re out shopping to keep them occupied. In doing so, small children are being exposed to programs

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Since before I even attended the University of New Haven, I was told that there is one thing a student must not do. The famous blue and yellow letters that lie in the center of the academic quad in front of Maxcy must never be stepped on. There was a student many years ago that never believed such a statement. He set out to prove people nothing bad would happen. He walked on the blue UNH letters, over and over again, for days, even weeks, and nothing seemed to be going wrong for the student. Suddenly things took a

turn for the worse. He failed nearly every class he took, and he normally wasn’t a bad student either. Word spread like wildfire around the school. Before you knew it, the curse of the letters became a reality. My biggest concern is that this semester, I stepped on the letters. I am an Admissions team member who regularly gives tours, and as you may know, we walk backwards to interact more with the families. I had just left Bartels and was making my way over to Maxcy when my foot stepped directly in the center of the “H”. Time froze. I didn’t know what would lie ahead. I’ve never had a low grade in a class, but now, my GPA is at risk. The semester I

stepped on the letters is also the semester I will terminate my time here at UNH. Its been nearly two months since I placed my foot on that very “H,” and I worked twice as hard in all my classes to ensure I wouldn’t get a low grade, but little did I know, things would come crashing down outside of classroom. With my family’s recent relocation to Florida, it is looking that my education will soon do the same. All in all, this very story and these very words are my one and only warning to try and save your time here at UNH. DON’T STEP ON THE LETTERS.

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Blue Lights Out




“Welcome to the University of New Haven, where the safety of our students is one of our biggest concerns.” I’m pretty sure this statement is mentioned once or twice to the incoming freshmen that choose to take a tour of this college campus. The university prides itself in having blue safety towers spread out throughout the entire campus to ensure protection at all times. A few years ago, when I was a freshman, I specifically recall being told that from each blue safety tower, you would be able to see the next one, to reassure that you are safe at all times. The existence of these towers made a lot of sense to me, seeing as any given student may be walking by themselves at some time throughout the day and, as most of us know,

West Haven is not the most harmless town in Connecticut. Now that I am a junior, I noticed something very ironic as I walked from my car parked behind Kayo field, back to Soundview at nighttime in the middle of the week. Observing my surroundings, I noticed one of those reassuring blue towers watching over me as I made my way back to the dorm. Then something very odd occurred to me. This blue tower was out of order. Wrapped in what looked like a garbage bag, there was no chance that this thing was in working condition. Amazed that none of the staff on campus, or campus police, had done anything about it, I continued to walk past. A few days later, as I was walking around main campus, I noticed numerous other blue safety towers that were “out-of-order.” Now I’m noticing a trend.

How is UNH priding itself on the safety of the students when half of these “safety” towers are not even working properly? So what happens if a student is actually in a very dangerous position and cannot even use one of these to call for help? As a student, on a college campus in West Haven, it would be nice to feel safe at all times, especially when walking alone. There is no reason that any of these safety towers should not be working for our benefit. In the past few years there have been reports of student muggings and many other unsafe happenings supporting the fact that we deserve a campus that can live up to its own standards of security. If UNH is not willing to fix these technical errors, maybe the admissions office should stop pushing the campus protection as one of the phenomenal reasons to attend this campus.

October 23, 2013

Opinion & Editorials

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The Importance of Voting

An Op-Ed from President Kaplan By PRESIDENT KAPLAN

–––––––––––––––––––As a student at the University of New Haven, you are an important member of the West Haven community. Each day, elected officials in our city make decisions that could affect the student body and the University as a whole. To ensure that the student voice is heard, it is imperative that you cast your vote on Election Day – Tuesday, November 5. Part of the college experience is learning to be an engaged citizen. By becoming active in the community and the political process, students develop leadership skills and an understanding of social responsibility and learn about issues that impact them and the neighborhoods in which they live and learn. These abilities will serve all students well, regardless of their career endeavors. While you may spend

only four years in West Haven as a student, you will be a graduate of UNH for life. Students can play a significant part in conveying to our elected officials the transformational role the University plays in the community. Decisions made by the Mayor and members of the City Council can have a direct impact on the University’s ability to add or enhance buildings – especially residence halls – that are critical to our continued development as a top-notch educational institution and the experience of current and future generations of students. Every Tuesday and Thursday (through October 24), from 2 to 6 p.m. in Bartels Hall, the University’s student chapter of the NAACP is providing the opportunity to register to vote. I would like to applaud the members of the NAACP for their efforts, and I encourage students to take a moment to stop by to register and learn about the issues that are

affecting the community in which we live. You may also pick up voter registration forms from any of the following offices: Dean of Students, Intercultural Relations, Student Activities, Residential Life and the Bartels Information Desk. For additional information regarding the registration process as well as any upcoming events related to the election, visit the UNH Voter Education and Registration website: www. On Election Day, the University will be providing shuttle service (leaving from Maxcy Hall) throughout the day to the polling location at the Forest School at 95 Burwell Road. I hope that students will take this opportunity to register to vote and ensure that your voice is heard.

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Politics Aren’t Scary, I Swear




Claiming that you are uninterested in politics is a weak excuse for being misinformed about the government structure, current political debate, and domestic and foreign policy. You should care. If you are working part-time, taxes are being taken from each paycheck and that money is used toward government sponsored programs. Do you even know if you support those programs? Probably not, if you are one of the students who claim that politics are unimportant. If you are guilty of bashing any law or policy without having taken the steps to become informed on why it was created and the mindset behind the person who proposed said law or policy, then your argument is invalid. To reduce the legitimacy of anything without proper understanding is not only unfair to those being attacked, but unfair to you as a member of society. Don’t just say you are a citizen of the United States, be one. Taking an interest in politics is not about choosing a political party or a person to support, it’s about find-

ing the ideals that you stand behind, and how those ideals translate into the way you envision a successful nation. It’s quite easy to get started on affecting change. As an individual you are part of many communities: your family, your friends, your school, your job, your town. In each of these subsets you work with varying ideas and visions that are competing for the last word. It is important that decisions in these communities are chosen based on what is best for the majority. You are one voice, but your voice is important. You may not always find yourself agreeing with the majority of your respective community, but from that you learn about what may be a stronger alternative, or you are fueled to take a stand for your beliefs and help influence change in the community. Did you know that the city of West Haven is heading toward their Mayoral and City Council elections in November? Well, the hot topic of last week’s mayoral debate was economic development. The town, which has a large portion of land in the university’s hand, is asking for continued growth and development. One of the candidates feels

that our university expansion is beginning to encroach on residents. Well, the parking lot you so desperately want added to our university may not be looked upon kindly if said candidate is elected into position. How do you avoid this? Get informed, take a stand, learn about politics, and vote. Politics are only scary because young adults don’t take initiative to be informed. As students we are already given the advantage of courses specifically designed for informing us on government and politics. We have newspapers delivered to our front step with updates on local and national politics, and we have workshops and campus discussions on current events. I challenge you to go into your community and find out what it is that is affecting your hometown, or even the town of West Haven. There are people running against each other to make significant changes, but each has their own perspective on what will bring success. You have the unique gift of deciding whose voice will be the stronger and the ability to decide the future of your community. Take a stand; start caring.

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October 23, 2013

Fun, Games, & More

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Crossword Clues

Crossword Clues Across 1 Switchblade 5 French revolutionary who was murdered in a tub 10 Hard to outwit 14 Trumpet muffler 15 Rolled out of bed 16 One-named Gaelic folk singer 17 Bear in two constellations 18 Pro cager 19 Folksy Joan 20 Behavior of a community 23 Martini liquor 24 AOL chat components 25 Turkish __: spas 28 24-hour auto race city 30 “Star Trek” catchphrase 33 Standing straight 34 Aim for pins 35 “How come?” 36 Storage items near outdoor faucets 40 Satisfied sigh 43 Sox player, e.g. 44 Preface, briefly 48 Military officer’s ride 51 Attempt to cool, as steaming hot soup 52 Prefix with foam 53 Maglie or Mineo 54 Unlock, poetically 55 Nurturing network of family and friends, and a

hint to the starts of 20-, 30-, 36- and 48-Across 60 Corncob pipe part 62 “The First Time __ Saw Your Face” 63 Speech problem 64 Stay fresh 65 Dig artifact 66 Send out, as rays 67 500-mile race, familiarly 68 Phones on stage, e.g. 69 Contradict

Down 1 Bring across the border illegally 2 One in a rush 3 “Your money’s no good here!” 4 Calf meat, in Provence 5 Coated buttonlike candies 6 “Slicing Up Freshness” fast-food chain 7 Reddish horse 8 On the ocean 9 __ paper: school composition 10 Device for a Skype chat 11 Very agitated 12 Soap ingredient 13 ‘60s-’80s Red Sox legend, familiarly 21 Ford named for a horse 22 Selectric maker 26 “Whadja say?” 27 Double agent

29 “Oh” de Cologne? 30 Drilling tool 31 Potter’s pitcher 32 Tavern brew 34 Lugosi who played Dracula 37 Cul-de-__ 38 Pharmaceutical giant Eli 39 __-Globe: shakable collectible 40 Balaam’s mount 41 Lawyer: Abbr. 42 Country bumpkin 45 Double-cross 46 Lures by phishing, say 47 Afraid of running out, gas gauge-wise 49 Drably unattractive 50 Ascot wearer 51 Fundamentals 53 Word after comic or landing 56 Cop’s suspect 57 Eggs __ easy 58 Move, in brokerese 59 Winter toy 60 Tackle a slope 61 Olympic diver’s perfection (c)2013 TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, INC.

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Last week’s answers!

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October 23, 2013

by Patricia Oprea

Page 9

Charger Battery



So much clothing was donated during the Swimsuit Sprint on Oct. 18! This is The class t-shirts that were being handed out in the Quad during the Midnight really a win-win-win: closet space is freed up, people in need receive clothing, and Madness barbeque were gone in under 10 minutes (at least the Sophomore ones we get to watch classmates run around campus in bathing suits. were). One hundred shirts for over one thousand students… really? Never thought it would feel like a rave was going on in the Quad, but that’s No matter how much fun homecoming is, it would’ve been an extra plus if our exactly what it was like during the concert last Friday! Chris Webby brought rap football players defeated Stonehill! Yet the Seahawks 29-26 win isn’t too impresand hip-hop first, and then White Panda created an EDM scene with glowing lights sive, and UNH may still get a spot in the NE-10 Championship Game. and mashups of popular songs. Best concert I’ve been to at UNH- plus you can’t go wrong with a free shirt and glowsticks!

The Battery Charge From Charlie the Charger’s surprise birthday party, to the Midnight Madness BBQ, Midnight Madness itself, the Swimsuit Sprint and concert afterwards, and the Homecoming football game, this past week surely was one for creating memories. Seeing so much school spirit from all classes, freshman to seniors, professors, coaches, faculty and staff is amazing!

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October 23, 2013

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USGA President’s Corner

Hello Chargers, I hope that everyone enjoyed Charg-A-Palooza week last week. It was great to see everyone at Charlie’s Birthday party, Midnight madness, Swimsuit Sprint and Homecoming. Many of these events have slowly become UNH traditions and an important part of our campus. A special thank you goes to the countless alumni of UNH that attended Homecoming. Their attendance shows that you are not a Charger for just four years, but instead are a Charger for the rest of your life. Just as a reminder, there will be no USGA on Oct. 25 because members of USGA will be going on a retreat to think of ways improve student life and improve student engagement among other things. Best Wishes, Zani Imetovski USGA President

USGA Treasurer’s Tip of the Week

“Be open to criticism within reason.”

While there are basic beliefs and ethics that shouldn’t be compromised, it is nevertheless important that you remain receptive to constructive criticism and suggestions for change. The possibility always exists that not all potential options and solutions are being considered and listening to someone else’s ideas could be the difference between an effective solution and the best possible solution. -Isaak Kifle

There will be no USGA meeting this week due to the Annual USGA Retreat. Have a great weekend!






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Midnight Madness Kicks Off Homecoming Weekend



then the song ended and the lights went down and the reason everyone showed up was finally here; the teams came out. First the women’s team was announced with great cheers. Shortly after the men’s team came out and had a huge standing ovation, as they pumped the crowd, and themselves, up as each one was announced respectively. After both teams were announced the Men’s team put on a show dunking and ally-ooping to each other, getting everyone on their feet. Then they had an intersquad scrimmage, which again was a blast for everyone while the team dunked and shot three-pointers. When the team finished


The basketball season has kicked off for colleges all over the nation with Midnight Madness, including the University of New Haven. A day of excitement and cheer started off with a bang as students piled in to watch the 2013-2014 season announcement of Men’s and Women’s basketball teams. Midnight Madness was held Thursday, Oct. 17, and doors of the Charger Gymnasium opened for students at 7:40 p.m. Upon entering they got a free t-shirt and raffle ticket to attempt the half-court shot for a $10,000 scholarship. A band comprised of UNH students, Macaroni Mafia, played classic rock songs by bands like Mötley Crüe as students found there seats. Seating was separated by class level, each respectively instructed to wear a different color to represent their year. Junior Dan Davies took over on music at the start of the event. The star spangle banner was sung by Nicole Belanger, and when she hit the high notes, the crowd went absolutely crazy. But

up, the Monsoon team came out to perform, which was the start to a great lineup of dancers including the dance

team, the 5, 6, 7, 8 dance team and the number one in the tri-state area; UNH step team, which was a mind

blowing performance that brought the crowd to the edge of their seats. Charlie the Charger also got in-

volved with the dance and the crowd was yelling and jumping in enjoyment. The women’s basketball team did another dance routine that was a fan favorite, and has become a staple in the Midnight Madness event here at UNH. To end the night, the raffle ticket was pulled for the half-court shot, which was won by Jennifer Mazzie. She didn’t want to try to shoot it, but was dragged out by her friends. When she actually took the shot she just missed by a couple of feet. Then the night came to an end and another successful UNH Midnight Madness was in the books.

Last-Minute Touchdown Sends Stonehill Past New Haven, 29-26



In a game featuring over 1,000 yards of total offense, the University of New Haven football team fell seven yards short in a 29-26 loss to visiting Stonehill on Saturday afternoon at Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium. The Chargers were led offensively by 153 rushing yards and 52 receiving yards by Mike DeCaro (Weston, Fla./ Cypress Bay ). After today’s results, New Haven, Stonehill and American International all stand atop the Northeast-10 Conference at 5-2 overall and 5-1 in the Northeast-10. The Chargers, who will host the Yellow Jackets on Nov. 2, remain in control of their own destiny for a spot in the NE-10 Championship Game with three contests remaining in the regular season. In addition to live, highdefinition coverage on, today’s homecoming game was broadcast throughout Connecticut on CPTV Sports. For the third time in as many weeks for New Haven, the outcome came down to the game’s final snap. After a Stonehill scoring drive and two-point conversion staked the visitors to a 29-26 lead, the Chargers took over with 23 seconds to play at their own 40-yard line. Ronnie Nelson (Stuart, Fla./South Fork ) started

the march with a 26-yard strike to Ty Headen (Newark, N.J./American History), and a connection with DeCaro brought the ball to the Skyhawks’ seven-yard line with two seconds remaining. A pass intended for Nick Music (West Milford, N.J./West Milford ) in the corner of the end zone hit the turf incomplete, and Stonehill escaped with a three-point victory. Nelson finished 17-for-31 passing for 320 yards and three touchdown passes. The Chargers’ signal caller also ran for 69 yards on the day. Tight end Michael Flacco (Audobon, N.J./Gateway Regional / The Community College of Baltimore County - Catonsville) led the receiving corps with five catches for 62 yards and a score, with Music and Henry Adegunle (Rockaway, N.Y./Channel View) each reeling in a touchdown grab as well. Andre Anderson (New Haven, Conn./ James Hillhouse) had the biggest offensive day of his young career a 63-yard reception to setup a touchdown as well as 26 yards rushing on three carries. On the defensive side of the ball, cornerback Najae Brown (Mount Vernon, N.Y./Mount St. Michael / Trinity Pawling) made seven tackles with three pass

break-ups and an interception in the end zone to stifle a Stonehill drive at the

Drake Harris (Union, N.J./ Union) each picked up a sack, with Sean Berglund


three-yard line in the closing seconds of the first half. Herbens Antenor (Malden, Mass./Malden) made a team-leading nine tackles to go along with a pass breakup from the rover spot in the Chargers’ secondary. Up front, Jaylen Johnson (Linden, N.J./Linden) and

(Wolcott, Conn./Wolcott) and Alex Dyer (Westbrook, Conn./Westbrook) teaming up to dump Stonehill quarterback Logan Meyer a third time. Matthew Fallico (Syracuse, N.Y./Fayetteville Manlius / Hudson Valley) had a team-best 1.5 tackles-for-loss, and Kervin

Edouard (Somerville, Mass./ Somerville ) picked up three quarterback hurries. Meyer was 22-for41 passing with three touchdowns and an interception while amassing 288 yards through the air. The Skyhawks’ Colin Markus led all rushers with 172 yards and a touchdiown. Nate Robitaille had 90 receiving yards on nine catches and a 21-yard rush on a lateral to bring the ball into the red zone. Defensively, Stonehill was led by Brian Harrington with 17 tackles and a forced fumble. Sterry Codrington also blocked two kicks with a sack and 10 total tackles. The Skyhawks started the scoring with a nineplay, 72-yard drive on their opening possession. Meyer connected with Robitaille for 13 yards to cap the march, and Steve Grzywacz’s extra point gave the visitors a 7-0 advantage. Both offenses were slowed for most of the first quarter, with the next four possessions ending in punts. New Haven ended the dry spell with a 96-yard drive that spilled into the second quarter. The drive included a first-down pass to Flacco on 3rd-and-6 and a 23-yard pass to Adegunle before concluding with a 40yard touchdown strike from

Nelson to Adegunle off a tipped ball in the end zone. Stonehill went three-andout on its ensuing possession, and the Chargers then needed just two plays to take their first lead of the day. The drive started with a short pass to Anderson that the rookie running back took 63 yards down to the visitors’ three-yard line, and DeCaro punched it in on the next play. The extra point was no good, as the New Haven lead stood at 13-7. The Skyhawks responded in kind with a two-play drive of their own. Markus broke out for a 64-yard scamper and finished off the final four yards on the next snap to reclaim the advantage for Stonehill at 14-13. A punt that netted just five yards started the Chargers at midfield with 3:22 to play in the opening half, and DeCaro promptly cut the field in half again with a 25-yard run. Consecutive rushes by DeCaro gained 14 more yards, and a jumpball to Flacco over the middle resulted in an 11-yard score. The 20-14 lead appeared in jeopardy in the waning seconds of the half as Stonehill marched to a firstand-goal at the three-yard line with 43 seconds to play. However, Brown swooped in and intercepted a Meyer pass on the next play, and New Haven took its sixpoint edge into the locker room. Both teams had two drives stall to open the third See TOUCHDOWN page 12

October 23, 2013

This Week in UNH Sports

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Taylor’s NFL Picks-Week 8 Women’s Athlete of the Week




(Winning picks in BOLD) Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers The panthers have won two games in a row and have reached .500 on the season. They look to make it a third win in as many games when they play the winless Buccaneers. Tampa Bay can’t seem to find an answer and are unable to compete for a win. Cam Newton needs to play better if the Panthers want to continue their hot streak. Expect a blowout win for Carolina. San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jaguars The 49ers have won four straight games and remain just a game behind the Seahawks in their division. San Francisco has come on strong with more consistent play by their quarterback and defense. Jacksonville has yet to win a game this season. Expect the 49ers to win by a big margin in Jacksonville. Dallas Cowboys @ Detroit Lions The Cowboys took over sole possession of the NFC East with a win over the Eagles on Sunday. Dallas has been a lot better than their record indicates. Look for Tony Romo to lead his team to another victory on Sunday. Detroit hasn’t reached their high expectations to this point, but they only trail the Packers by a game in the division. Look for a good game between the Cowboys and Lions, with the Cowboys prevailing in the end. New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles The Eagles desperately need Michael Vick back at quarterback. Their game this weekend proved that Vick is their only true starting quarterback. Running back LeSean McCoy leads the league in rushing yards, and will need to be relied on heavily against the Giants. The Giants have struggled all season but look to play spoiler for teams fighting for playoff spots. The Eagles have lost nine straight home games, but they should end

that streak with a win over New York. Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City has reached 7-0 and show no signs of stopping. They aren’t the strongest of teams to start 7-0, but expect them to continue to win. They should roll over the Browns, who have fallen off the map since a brief streak of wins a few weeks ago. The Chiefs own the AFC West after the Broncos faltered in Indianapolis. Buffalo Bills @ New Orleans Saints The Saints had some time to put the game against the Patriots behind them. The Saints had a bye week and look to come out of the bye stronger. They have a two-game division lead and should handily beat the Bills. However, the Bills have played above expectations after having to replace a couple quarterbacks due to injury. The Bills should compete, but the Saints will win. Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots New England suffered a heartbreaking loss on a controversial call to the Jets in overtime. Look for Tom Brady to bounce his team back and find a way to beat the Dolphins. The return of Rob Gronkowski gives Tom Brady a consistent receiver. Miami suffered a setback to the Bills and haven’t been the same team since their 3-0 start. Look for an entertaining game in New England, with the Patriots picking up the win. New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals The Jets have some momentum after a monumental win over the Patriots and look to use that momentum to defeat the Bengals. The Bengals have a different plan. Cincinnati has won three straight and has the AFC North division lead. Look for Andy Dalton to stay hot at quarterback and lead his team to a win over the Jets at home. Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders The Steelers have won two-straight games and hope to make it three when they travel to Oakland. Pitts-

burgh’s defense has been strong and has allowed the Steelers to generate some wins. Expect the defense to continue stopping the opponent as the Steelers defeat the Raiders. Oakland’s defense has allowed a lot of points, which paves the way for another loss. Washington Redskins @ Denver Broncos The Broncos suffered a loss to the Colts in Manning’s return to Indianapolis. Manning will be able to rebound his team and pick up a win in Washington. Washington will have to put up another 45 points in order to beat Denver. However, Peyton Manning and his receivers should be too much for the Redskins to overcome. Washington needs a win to stay alive in the weak NFC East. Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals The Falcons have been disappointing to this point, but have the chance to start a win streak. They won on Sunday and hope to win in Arizona this Sunday. Look for Matt Ryan to improve his game at quarterback and start a comeback for the Falcons. Arizona is giving up a lot of points and will need to start shutting down opponents to win. Expect a close and competitive game. Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings Green Bay took over the NFC North lead after a dismal 1-2 start to the campaign. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been the same quarterback we have seen in years past, but he is finding a way for his team to win. With TE Jermichael Finley probably out for the game, the Packers will need someone to step up and fill his shoes. Meanwhile, the Vikings have had a poor start to the season and running back Adrian Peterson has failed to rush for a lot of yards. Expect an easy win for Green Bay. Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams Seattle has the best record in the NFC. Look for Seattle to dismantle the Rams on Monday Night Football. St. Louis needs a win or they will fall deeper in a hole in their division. Seattle should prove too powerful for the Rams.

Monica Yanez - Soccer #9



_____________________ Chris Schnabel: Player of the week, how does it feel to get this honor, knowing you were awarded it because of your high level of play? Monica Yanez: “It’s a great accomplishment, I’ve worked really hard during the summer to get ready for this season and I feel this is an award showing that they see you’re working hard, you’ve been scoring goals and here’s something to recognize you for all this hard work. It’s a great accomplishment and I like it.” CS: Along with player of the week for New Haven, you were named player of the week for the NE-10 conference. What is it like to not only be honored by your school, but by the entire conference? MY: “It’s a great accomplishment, I’m happy. I’ve been working really hard. The conference is noticing and its great to be noticed and out of all 11 players on the field they notice me and that’s good.” CS: You lead the conference in 11 goals and are tied for second with another student athlete in points, 25. What has kept your play so consistent? In other words, what have you done to stay so consistent? MY: “I just keep playing my game, I just try to score. I don’t feel it’s about keeping up with scores or stats, it’s about leading the team to victory. We want to make the tournament, we want to lead the team through the conference and show that we can do this and show them what kind of team we are. I’m not really focused on my overall goals, it’s good that I’m the leading scorer right now with 11 goals in the conference, but I just want the team to be up there and for them to notice us and see who we are, New Haven.” CS: One of the athletes


you share the lead with is teammate and former player of the week Amber Simms. I’ll ask you the same question I asked her: does it take the pressure off when you have someone along side you playing as well as you are during the season? MY: “It does take the pressure off of me because we are both the same type of player. We’re both really competitive and we connect so well with the ball, that we just know where to go to score and where to pass the ball. We have a great connection so it does take the pressure off me a little bit just knowing that I can have somebody by my side and knowing what she is doing, that way we can score the goals and win the game.” CS: What’s it like playing in your hometown, coming from here in West Haven? MY: “It was the best decision I ever made! I love this school and just being in West Haven and representing West Haven here at UNH is a great feeling. My high school coaches come here, along with my travel

coaches, and my parent’s come to every game. Again representing West Haven is a great feeling” CS: Does being a senior put pressure on you to win? MY: “It does. It’s your last year; you just want to win as many games as you can and score as many goals as you can. I hope something better comes in the future, but now I just want to do the best that I can and hopefully get something out of it at the end.” CS: You’re a multi-sport athlete. Is it more difficult doing more than one sport, in addition to having to deal with school? MY: “It’s really hard. Everybody after soccer just has the off season, but I actually have to continue to compete every single weekend, which takes all of my weekends away to do homework and stuff so its really hectic, but I keep up with it. I did it in high school, I have done it for three years now, so one more year is not going to hurt me, I’ll just try to do my best.”

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Last-Minute Touchdown Sends Stonehill Past New Haven, 29-26

con’t from page 11

quarter before New Haven hit paydirt on the final drive of the period. The Chargers took over at their own 20yard line with 4:22 remaining and needed just four plays to move into Stonehill territory. The drive remained primarily on the ground all the way to the Skyhawks’ 20-yard line before a pitch-

and-catch from Nelson to Music as the quarter expired. The extra point was blocked, giving New Haven a 26-14 advantage entering the final stanza. Stonehill struck again on the ensuing drive. Though the possession began with a Harris sack for a loss of eight, the visitors converted on 3rd-and-7 and later on

both 4th-and-7 and 3rdand-9. Gordon McLeod hauled in a six-yard touchdown pass to cut the deficit to 26-21. New Haven was forced to punt on its next drive, and Stonehill was stopped on fourth down on its next possession as the five-point margin held deep into the final quarter. The Chargers

took over at the 39-yard line with 3:35 to go and marched into the red zone, but a turnover on downs gave the ball back to the Skyhawks with 1:16 to play and 78 yards to go. After a pass interference call on a jumpball down the middle started the drive in the right direction for Stonehill, Meyer nearly had the ball knocked from the grip

before finding Robitaille for a 50-yarder down to the New Haven 13-yard line. With 32 ticks left from the seven-yard line, Meyer slung a fade to Corey White, who brought the ball down in the corner of the end zone. A two-point conversion pass to Robitaille pushed the score to its eventual final of 29-26 with 27 seconds to go.

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October 23, 2013

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Captain Phillips





Top Five Tom Hanks Movie List By DYLAN RUPPRECHT


––––––––––––––––––––– It seems redundant to introduce an actor that has drawn so many people into some sort of sentimental state through the art of his acting. Everyone has at least one Tom Hanks movie on their mind that resonates inside of them. In honor of his new movie, Captain Phillips, in which he plays the captain of a commercial ship that has been hijacked by pirates, I have listed my top five Hanks films that have impacted me through out my movie watching years, from childhood to adolescence. 5. Catch Me If You Can: Hanks takes the role of a bank fraud investigator for the FBI and is assigned the task of obtaining the notorious con artist Frank Abagnale Jr. played by Leonardo

DiCaprio. Steven Spielberg directs the movie; with that combination of movie stars it doesn’t take much convincing for me to put this on my list. 4. Cloud Atlas: Hanks is known for his versatile acting; it seems that he can play practically any kind of person imaginable. His versatility is put to the test when he plays seven different people in Cloud Atlas, the story about the web of human lives and how we thread different generations of people together. He takes the form of both the protagonist and antagonist at times throughout the movie, which is a fun facet of watching this movie. 3. Saving Private Ryan: Another Spielberg/Hanks tag team. This is the story of a small rescue team lead by Hanks during World War II to find Private James Francis Ryan played by Matt Damon. When I first watched

Saving Private Ryan, I was stunned and very emotional, but after watching it multiple times, it has become one of my favorite movies. 2. Cast Away: Hanks plays mostly a solo part in this movie when he is stranded on a remote Island after his plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean. The acting demand is high as any would be for a one-man-show movie, and Hanks delivers an amazing performance. 1. Forrest Gump: This movie gets a lot of mixed reactions from people, but whether you’re a fan or not, you can most likely recognize a quote from this film. It is easily my favorite Hanks movie, as he plays a person who is just short of mental retardation. Gump practically goes on every adventure imaginable and delivers soaring insight of the human condition during the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Director Paul Greengrass brings Captain Philips to audiences, the true story of an American cargo ship that was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, casting Tom Hanks as the movie title character. Greengrass is most known for directing the actionthriller Borne trilogy, and his trademark action elements still populate Captain Philips. Captain Philips is an experienced cargo captain and is on what seems to be just another voyage. Taking a commercial vessel around the horn of Africa, Philips is aware of the history of pirate

related hijackings experienced in those waters and cautiously gives his crew an emergency drill. During the middle of the drill, a small boat with four Somalian pirates approaches the ship and threatens to board using a makeshift ladder. Philips eventually is kidnapped and taken for ransom, which causes the US Navy and Seals to get involved. This movie does well in bringing a sense of humanity to each character, even the Somalian pirates who seem to have no choice in high jacking commercial vessels living in poverty run by warlords. Hanks plays Captain Phillips and brings a strong presence, but doesn’t lose his humanistic traits of fear despite standing firm under

pressure; that’s one of the things I enjoyed most about the film. When put into the context that it was based off actual events, this movie is taken to another level. Greengrass commented in an Ask Me Anything event he held on Reddit, “I’m 100% satisfied that the picture we present of these events in the film, including the role playing by Captain Phillips, is authentic.” One definitely gets the sense that everything from the crew’s handling of the high jacking to the coordination of tactics deplored by the Navy, are definitely feasible, which makes it all the more exhilarating.

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October 23, 2013

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Scope it Out! Ask Melanie

Here are this week’s events for SCOPE preview week!

Is there trouble in paradise? Do you have love or relationship questions? Ask Melanie! Submit “Ask Melanie” requests to, our Facebook page or Twitter. Dear Melanie,

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Sign on Charger Connection at 9 p.m. for the Trail of Terror Trip, which is on Sunday, Oct. 27.

I am currently dating a guy that I like a lot, but I’m still texting my ex-boyfriend a lot too. Is this okay? Should I tell my current boyfriend that this is going on or am I thinking too far into the situation?

Thursday, Oct. 24: Wire Art & Big Games in the Programming Space from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

First of all, I think that this really depends on where you’re at emotionally with your ex and your current relationship. If you are at a point in your relationship with your ex where things are strictly platonic, than I have to say that it’s not necessarily the worst thing. I do have to say however, that I am a firm believer in ex’s not being able to stay friends for the pure reason that there was too much between them to ever be forgotten.

Friday, Oct. 25: -Weekly Movie - The Conjuring in Bartels Cafe at 9 p.m. -Pumpkin Carving & Painting in the Bixler/Botwinik Quad from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27: -Trail of Terror Trip. See Charger Connection for details.

The level of seriousness in a relationship of course varies and if your ex and you were never really that serious before you realized that it was better to just be friends, than I think you’re in a perfect place with things. If your ex and you were very serious though, and even lived together or something, then I would say one of you, if not both of you, still have feelings that need to be worked out, resolved, or forced to be forgotten (as hard as that may sound). Regardless of the relationship between you and your ex I would say the only right thing to do is make sure that your current boyfriend knows what is going on. The absolute worst thing would be for him to see you talking to your ex and assume the worst because it seems like it was kept a secret. I do not think this is something you’re overthinking and I think the worst thing to do is to play nonchalant about the situation, because the less you care, the more confusing things could become for all parties involved. Make sure your ex knows that you are strictly talking as friends and be sure to set “friend-like” boundaries. If you are out to dinner with your current boyfriend, do not text your ex back or answer a phone call, and if you feel like you need to, then maybe you should reevaluate your current relationship and make sure you’re with the right person. It is always better to admit you’re at a place you don’t want to be at or with someone you don’t want to be with, then to pretend you’re happy and be tempted in a moment of rage or excitement, to make a mistake that could hurt someone you care about. Really evaluate your current situation and make sure you’re at a point where you’re ex means less to you than your current relationship. If you’re even a little unsure then the best thing to do is to make everyone in the situation aware of your feelings and be completely honest. Most people would rather hear the truth than be hurt by it later.

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October 23, 2013


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From Reality TV Hopeful to the Music Industry “Star”: Ryan Star







I, personally, am much more of a Pandora radio fan than an iTunes fan. It takes more than a short fandom to make me actually want to purchase an album; however, my wallet is wide open for Bastille’s new album. After discovering them on Pandora and learning about “Bad Blood,” I knew that this was an album that I would love to have for keeps. The opening track, “Pompeii,” is definitely the most well-known of all the songs. While many song messages are used up, Bastille poses its themes in new ways. “How am I going to be an optimist about this?” is much more telling and emotional than some sappy overused lyrics. Sometimes, people have to ask themselves just this. Instead of drowning in sadness, Bastille is actually posing questions. I cannot get enough of the lyrics to this song, as well as the catchy background vocals. “The Things We Lost in the Fire,” is also relatively well-known. Honestly, I find it quite repetitive. It definitely doesn’t display Bastille’s over all greatness. The third track, “Bad Blood,” is also sure to be a

crowd pleaser, and relatable to college students. It is all about finding yourself and growing up. The beats are really what make it a winner. Although it isn’t exactly dance music, there is no way to listen to a Bastille track without doing a little bit of foot tapping. “Overjoyed,” probably has the most chilling vocals. Warning: expect goose bumps! The high slow breathy sound alternated with an urgent tapping drum is captivating enough to make even the most distracted listener stop and enjoy. “These Streets,” involves awesome percussion: drums, a xylophone, and snapping dominates the track. It is the most dancey track of the album. The song is all about giving memories away to the other person. “I won’t show my face here anymore.” “Oblivion,” is pretty much the opposite of “These Streets.” It revolves around a constant remembering of memories. “Flaws,” is probably my second favorite, after the opening track. It has a constant fast beat that crosses into a techno area. It is almost relatable to video game sound effects, which is way cooler than it sounds. It compares people who wear their flaws and those who bury them. The great message is to “dig them out” for the world to see. Being

yourself may bring up some flaws, but also releases great burdens and feelings of being uncomfortable. “Laura Palmer,” was new to me before purchasing this album, but the musical greatness is right up there with “Pompeii.” Fast speaking and loud booming make this song the most intense and anticipation-building track of the album. This track will definitely wake you up through those long midterm study sessions everyone is experiencing right about now. “Get Home,” was one of the songs that originally persuaded me to purchase this album. The track has an eerie feel, like much of the rest of the album. “How am I going to get myself back home?” it asks, an analogy for the crazy situations life puts you in. Once again, Bastille is posing a question instead of giving the listening audience the same boring clichés. The iTunes album also includes three bonus tracks worth checking out, the favorite of mine being “Laughter Lines.” The opening sounds perfect for Halloween, but the song is much deeper than it first appears. It tells a beautiful story about needing to say goodbye to people, with the trust that you will meet again when you are wiser and older.

The music industry as a whole is a multi-faceted machine and everyone is just trying to find their way in between the cogs and bolts to rise to the top. One of those ways, in the last decade, has been hitting primetime on a nightly basis. The boom of reality singing competitions over the years has given opportunities to so many, including Ryan Star. After talking with him, it was obvious that he could never be defined within just a season on a TV show, but as an ever-growing artist who happened to have gotten his spring board in the spotlight. Ryan made his mark on the hit 2006 show Rockstar: Supernova, which featured contestants vying to sing lead vocals in a supergroup of legendary rock gods for the band Supernova. Being judged by the likes of Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, and Jason Newsted, Star found it to be a very interesting experience transitioning into and out of the reality TV bubble, so to speak. “The hard part was more transitioning from an indie artist in NYC to being on an international TV show,” he explained, “That was quite hard, but I know I did my best to show the world the real me, so after the show the transition was easy.” Along with being on a hit show, Star has made connections with other reality stars, working with the likes of David Cook and James Durbin of American Idol fame. When asked if it was comforting to work with people that had similar beginnings as him, he remarked, “Good dudes and I have written



songs on both their albums. David is such a talented guy and a great friend. We definitely got very different starts. Nothing against the idol game, but that is beyond a giant machine that only the few get to experience.” His television days have been far and few between in recent years, however Star has shared his talents in a new EP, Animals, this past summer. With a four night “NYC Takeover,” playing the EP to smaller crowds, the one track to stand out with fans was “F*ck’n Up,” which seemed to become a sing along classic instantly. Star shared his thoughts on Animals. “My favorites were Bullet and World I Used To Know. This EP is a work I am really proud of and it feels like the new beginning for me hitting an honest and unique stride that I am excited about exploring.” Those who might not know his style of music should expect “Alternative, Emotion, Me,” in short. Currently Star’s focus is on his new album that is being funded through Like most funding site projects, pledging a certain amount of money

will give you a chance at unique merchandise or experiences with him. “The Pledge experience so far has been amazing. I encourage everyone here to check it out now. Basically you are pre-ordering my album so I can do what I have to in order to complete the work. By doing so you get access to really exclusive content only pledgers can see. The other part of it is if pre-ordering the album is not enough, you can purchase exclusives that are really special to me. My favorite is coming to spend the night with me in Brooklyn.” Be sure to check out Star’s EP Animals, and if you like what you hear, head over to http://www.pledgemusic. com/projects/ryanstar and help fund his newest project. There isn’t much time left to do so! For the full interview with Star, check out the UNH Music Industry Club (MIC) club’s tumblr page, at

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Floodwood & Keller Williams’ LIVE @ Toad’s Place




If you’ve never been to a Keller Williams show before put it on your list of things to do before you die. This is the type of show you need to experience to believe. The band Floodwood opened for Williams with an amazingly simplistic set of Bluegrass music that had the audience dancing from start to finish, and Williams took the crowd by storm with his fast-paced folk set full of many upbeat tracks. Let’s start by talking about Floodwood. This band made me fall in love with their charismatic stage presence and fiddle solo’s that would make anyone stop in their tracks. At first I was a little confused by the audience members and thought they I may have been at Wood-

stock for a minute, until I realized the street outside the window. These fans believed they were still in 1974 and I felt like I took a trip back in time watching them twirl in circles with their flower headbands and long flowing skirts. Needless to say I did not fit in, but I did my best to dance to the beat of their drum. You know what they say: “When in Rome.” Fans were so friendly at this concert it almost shocked me. After a while it felt like we all knew each other and were hanging out in someone’s basement. I went along with the show not knowing any of the music until Floodwood performed a version of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain,” which brought the house down; I

have never heard a version even comparable to theirs. Williams came on stage and changed the entire composition of the crowd’s mood. Everyone went from

contemplative to expressive so quickly, and I think that a huge part could be contributed to Williams’ uplifting performances. When he performed his song “Freaker by

The Speaker,” I have never heard such an eclectic mix of music all at once before. This song encompassed lyrical elements, whistling, beat boxing, skatting and so much more.

I have to say that at first I was extremely confused by the combination of these different forms of music into one song, but I have to add it was kind of freeing to see someone break the traditional music mold in such a successful way. I’ll admit before being asked to see and review this show I had never heard of either of these bands and I was a little close-minded when it came time to start listening, but I think you all would be doing yourself a huge injustice if you didn’t take the time to check them out. Even if an artist isn’t in your favorite type of genre, it is worth listening to them and trying to broaden your mind and musical horizons.

October 23, 2013  
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