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Charger Bulletin The official student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938. Volume 95, Issue 7 | October 16, 2013 | West Haven, CT

Pink Hair for Hope




CAMPUS UNH tuition is on the rise, up by more than $2,000 this year alone. See how this number compares to other schools around the area. SEE PAGE 3

Staff writer Elissa Sanci interviews Rebecca Zeller from Ra Ra Riot! Check out their oneon-one convo. SEE PAGE 2

SPORTS The football team defeated Merrimack College 48-41 Saturday afternoon at the MartoneMejail Field. Read part of the game’s play-by-play. SEE PAGE 11


In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Phi Sigma Sigma sorority held a fundraiser Wednesday Oct. 9 and Thursday Oct. 10. Baked goods, bows and pink hair extensions were sold in the BixlerBotwinik Quad from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Baked goods ranged from brownies to cookies to cake pops; all food was made by the sisters. Hot pink hair extensions were available for $10, and the sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma stood ready to help customers. “The hair extensions are a really unique way to spread awareness throughout campus,” Junior Ashley Arminio, Phi Sigma Sigma’s Philanthropy Committee Head, said. “People see the pink hair and it always sparks a conversation.” Pink bows were also available at the tables; each bow sold for two dollars but with the purchase of a hair extension, they were only a dollar. WNHU played during the event on Wednesday in the quad. “WNHU played music at the event to promote and enhance what Phi Sigma Sigma was doing,” WNHU Producer Katelyn Clark said. “We like getting involved in events like these, especially when it’s for such a good cause, such as breast cancer awareness.” On Thursday, the event started





out in the quad, but after it began to rain, all baked goods and hair extensions were moved to the Jazzman’s lounge in Bartels. “We were able to overcome the things we couldn’t change, and still pulled together a successful event,” Arminio said. “Three years ago the Eta class of Phi Sigma Sigma came up with the idea to do something in honor of

Breast Cancer Awareness month, and they wanted to do something more than just an average bake sale,” senior Jessica Jarkowski said. “And that’s where the idea of the hair extensions came from.” The ladies of Phi Sigma Sigma raised $907.25 and all proceeds went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Do women have it worse than men? Contributing writer Kaitlin Mahar discusses the obstacles faced by women in a male-dominated society. SEE PAGE 6

ENTERTAINMENT Escape from Tomorrow isn’t the latest happy-go-lucky Disney movie, but rather a horror story shot in the Disney World park. Film Editor Scott Iwaniec weighs in on this unusual film. SEE PAGE 13

Are you a fan of country music? The Voice’s Cassadee Pope has released her first solo country album titled Frame by Frame.


Flu Shot Season




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–––––––––––––––––––––––––– The arrival of autumn brings more than just the changing of the leaves, brisker weather and pumpkin spice lattes: it also brings along the first signs of the flu. Flu season is on its way to the University of New Haven, subtly showing signs in students through subdued coughs and stuffy noses. Health Services, however, is already a few steps ahead of the rest, ready to nip the flu in the bud before that tickle in the back of your throat blooms into a full-fledged cough. Students received an email from Paula Cappuccia, the director of Health Services, Monday, Oct. 7 announcing the return of the Flu Shot Clinics. For ten dollars, students can stop by Health Services during the time frames listed to receive a flu vaccine.

Second Annual Fit Week

“The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone over the age of six months,” Cappuccia said. “Anyone can get the flu; it is very contagious and spreads by coughing, sneezing and close contact, and can lead to pneumonia.” Protecting yourself and others from getting or spreading the flu is the largest benefit of the vaccine, according to Cappuccia. “The vaccine strain changes each year, so last year’s vaccine will not protect you this year.” Some students don’t find the flu vaccine necessary. “I always get sick regardless of whether or not I get the shot,” sophomore Nicolas Weilmann said. “So I find it pointless to spend money on something that won’t even work for me.” Other students feel the flu shots are advertised well enough, finding themselves forgetting to make an appointment to get a shot. “I don’t get the vaccine because I forget about it. Getting the shot just doesn’t cross my mind,” senior Amanda Gomes said.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the flu vaccine is most effective in young adults, and reduces the odds of getting the flu by 70 to 90 percent. This percentage depends on how strong the immune system of the recipient is, as well as how far into flu season the vaccine is administered. The further into the flu season you go without getting the vaccine, the higher the risk of contracting the flu is. Also, it can take up to two weeks for the flu vaccine to take effect, so if you’re exposed to the flu within that two week period, there is still a possibility of sickness—only another reason to get the vaccine as soon as possible. Cappuccia stresses that the vaccine will not serve as a catalyst to getting the flu, and that the only mild drawbacks to the vaccine is the possibility of a slightly sore arm at the site of the injection. Although the cost of the vaccine at the UNH clinic is ten dollars, some students don’t have any See FLU page 5

The second annual FITWEEK took place in the Greater New Haven and Fairfield Counties of Connecticut at local gyms Sept. 30 – Oct. 6. This event encouraged local residents to try something new and turn their workweek into a FITWEEK. Shana Schneider, the founder of FITWEEK, also a Zumba and group fitness instructor, feels it is important to provide new types of exercises and fitness tips for those who question “How do you find time.” Schneider explained that while you are doing every day activities; even something as simple as brushing your teeth, you can find the time. “You don’t have to have an intense background, just see what excites you.” FITWEEK is a weeklong event, where participants can purchase a Fitweek pass, which provides free access to hundreds of fitness classes at participating businesses and resources throughout the area. Classes cover a wide range of activities, including Jiu Jitsu, Pound, Zumba Fitness, Crossfit, Yoga, Boot Camp, Pilates, Kettlebell, Spinning, Barre; a combination of yoga, ballet and pillates, an Aerial Skill class, and more. 50 facilities in the area participated and can be found online at Some of the aspects that make these classes exciting are the music and the lights. Sometimes even live bands perform, explained Schneider. Getting participants involved in workouts that they enjoy, gives them the excitement to commit and find the workouts that fit their lifestyle. The passes were sold for $20, and all the proceeds from the individual sales were donated to the Closer to Free Fund, which supports cancer research at the Smilow Cancer Hospital at YaleNew Haven. “The money raised is to support cancer research, patient care and emphasize the importance of exercise in lowering the risk of getting cancer and the benefits of exercise for and during recovery,” said Schneider. The total amount that was raised, and number of passes sold, is still being calculated. “Closer to Free provides essential financial support for breakthrough cancer research and compassionate patient care. Support is critical to ensure that new research is pursued each day, promising treatments are developed in real time, and patient care is continuously enhanced.” The kickoff event, in conjunction with On 9 New Haven, was held on Friday, Sept. 6 at 6 p.m. at Pitkin Plaza, located near the corner of Orange Street and Chapel Street. The festivities included free outdoor Zumba Fitness and Yoga class, giveaways, and other fitness See SECOND page 2

October 16, 2013

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Markle Symposium to Interview with Ra Ra Explore Management Riot’s Rebecca Zeller and Investigation of Shooting Incidents By ELISSA SANCI






The 22nd annual Arnold Markle Symposium, sponsored by the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science at UNH, will take place on Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 14 and 15, and will focus on the management and investigation of shooting incidents. The two-day symposium, named for the late state’s attorney of New Haven County, takes place in University Theater in Dodds Hall. The program will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. This year, the symposium is especially designed not only for law enforcement, safety personnel, prosecutors, defense attorneys and behavioral scientists but also workers in emergency services, education and forensic sciences, as well as students. “Unfortunately, this topic is very relevant today,” said Henry C. Lee, chaired professor and founder of the

Lee Institute. “Although we have had far too many of them, we have learned a lot about how best to manage and investigate these incidents, and we are learning about ways to prevent them, too. This symposium will feature many outstanding speakers who have a lot of knowledge to share with participants.” This year’s speakers will include noted international and national behavioral profilers, who have researched and published on the topic, and law enforcement ex-

perts in shooting incident response. Learn about the featured speakers. The symposium is named for Markle because of his efforts to organize affordable training programs for police. Markle believed that better training of police would lead to more successful investigations and prosecutions. UNH students may attend the event at a cost of $75. To register, visit www. Questions may be addressed to the institute at 203-9327460.

the Closer to Free Fund. ” Dr. Anees Chagpar, Director, The Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital says, “We are grateful to Shana and the many sponsors of FITWEEK for donating 100% of the proceeds to the Closer to Free Fund supporting cancer research and helping to raise awareness about how exercise can help with prevention and support recovery from this widespread disease.” Additional events taking place throughout the week included themed FITWEEK Walks, FITWEEK Happy Hours and FITgroup Events that allow people to be social and try new fitness trends and activities together. FITWEEK is sponsored

by Higher One, Being Well at Yale, Yale WorkLife, The United Illuminating Company, The Shops at Yale, Cymplify/Campus Customs, Elm City Market, TYCO, Pinpoint Promotions, Trailblazer and Fitbit. In addition, FITWEEK also helps fitness businesses meet new potential clients, and assists non-fitness businesses or organizations in providing a service that cultivates a healthy workforce and community. Along with the FITWEEK weeklong event, Schneider posts weekly workouts and tips at, and coordinates monthly fitness events, which can be found on their website or at www.facebook. com/fitweek; she encourages everyone to stay connected.

Second Annual Fit Week

con’t from page 1

demos. “As a working woman, I can easily empathize with those who say they don’t have time to add a fitness program into their busy schedules,” said Schneider. “Through the annual FITWEEK event, we are excited to provide an easy and fun way for people to learn how to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives by offering them access to hundreds of FREE classes, which they may not have otherwise tried. We’re also delighted to help raise awareness about the importance of exercise in the prevention and recovery of cancer by providing 100% of the proceeds from the FITWEEK Pass to support

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Ra Ra Riot, an indie rock band, started off at Syracuse University in 2006. Shortly after their creation, the band moved to New Haven to get their start. Nearly eight year later, they’re back; Ra Ra Riot performed at the Center Church on the Green in downtown New Haven Saturday Oct. 12. Before the show, I was able to interview Rebecca Zeller, the violinist of Ra Ra Riot and ask about the band’s new sound, current tour and what it’s like to be back in New Haven. Elissa Sanci: Ra Ra Riot formed as a band while you guys were attending Syracuse University. How did you guys get to know each other? Rebecca Zeller: Milo [Bonacci], our guitar player, served as a catalyst. He and I had an electronic music course together and through that, he found out I played the violin and he had a vision for a band. He asked if I knew a cellist, and I brought in Ally [Alexandra Lawn, Ra Ra Riot’s original cellist]. Milo had played in a band with Matt [Santos], our bassist, and had heard of Wes [Miles] from somebody else and we sort of just came together for this band and obviously ended up becoming friends. The first time we had all met was at our first practice. ES: I’ve read in interviews that you guys started off playing during campus parties. How did people receive your music, considering it’s not your traditional house music? RZ: It started off more as a dance band, so we sort of catered to the audience. So a lot of the sounds had “dancier” beats and it worked out really well. Our first show was actually with a drum machine because our drummer was late. ES: Where did you come up with the name Ra Ra Riot? RZ: It’s not as exciting of a story. We formed over winter break going into my senior year, which was January of 2006, and we had already scheduled a show for two weeks after our first practice, so we sort of had to get our act together really quickly. Obviously coming up with a name was really difficult before we even knew what we sounded like. We had a good friend who had this band name with no band, and we had a band with no name, so she let us borrow it, and keep it. ES: Obviously Ra Ra Riot has gotten very big since you guys started. Did you expect that to happen? RZ: We just really expected it to be a semesterlong thing, kind of like an extracurricular to pass the time and to record some music before we all went our separate ways on our own paths. Milo wanted to do something in architecture, and Wes was going to do


something in physics. ES: What were your plans for the future before Ra Ra Riot? RZ: I had a job lined up out in L.A. to work in a talent agency. ES: What happened with Ra Ra Riot before you were able to say “I want to take this, instead of, I want to take the job in L.A.”? RZ: I guess we had gotten enough traction and response [to Ra Ra Riot]—but looking back, I think I was insane to do it. I did fly out to the job in L.A. and I spoke to them and they very generously said “That’s a great, once in a lifetime opportunity and when you’re done doing that, you’ll still have the job here,” and so that sort of gave me a safety blanket, the security to just dive in whole-heartedly into the band knowing that I would have something to fall back on. ES: How do you guys write your material? Does one band member bring most of his/her ideas, or do you all collaborate? RZ: It sort of depends— for the most part, ideas will come from one particular member and then they are brought to the group, but it really just depends on the song. ES: Your first two albums have a very distinct sound, but your third album, Beta Love, takes on a completely different sound. How did you guys come up with this newer sound? What made you move towards a more electronic sound? RZ: It was just something we wanted to experiment with. I think we felt a bit bound by following the same formula that we did for the first two records and we just wanted to have the freedom to do something else. Like I said, our first show was with a drum machine so it [the new album] wasn’t really a departure from what our interests were. ES: Were you worried about how your fans would receive your album because it was so different from the first two? RZ: Yeah, of course, there’s always a concern, but all you can really do is make something that you’re happy with and proud of, and hope that people respond to it in a

good way, or respond at all. ES: You guys are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do you feel social media helps you cultivate your fan base and keep in touch with your fans? RZ: It definitely helps us keep in touch with them, and definitely keeps us engaged with them. It’s a platform where we can very quickly and easily get feedback and that sort of thing. ES: Are you guys thinking about making a fourth album? RZ: I think we’re planning on taking a bit of time off right now. We’re kind of burnt out; it’s been a really busy year, and we’re going to take some time off before we dive back into that. ES: You’re finishing off your tour in Japan. How do you guys feel about that? Have you guys ever played internationally before? RZ: Yeah, it’s going to be our fourth or fifth time to Japan and this trip’s particularly exciting because we’re going to Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea in addition to Japan so we’re really going to some places that we’ve never been to before and we’re pretty stoked for that. ES: What’s your favorite song to perform live? Do you have any special connections to a specific song? RZ: Off the new record, I really like playing “When I Dream,” but it depends on the day. ES: I’ve read in previous interviews that you guys have a connection to New Haven. Are you excited to be coming back? RZ: It’s always fun to come back. We did live there for a few months back in the day. Milo was working at an architecture firm, and we played at Bar years ago. We always go to Pepe’s to get some pizza. It’s nice to feel a connection to the places we go, and its nice to come back to it and for it to feel familiar.

October 16, 2013

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The Do’s and Don’ts UNH First to Offer of Financial Aid Course Leading to Cer-



Every year, there are things that students need to do in order to maintain their financial aid. There are also things that students should not do, that could significantly impact their financial aid. So for those students out there, who are unsure about what to do in order to continue receiving financial aid, here is a list of financial aid DO’s and DON’Ts! DO… 1) File your FAFSA by March 1st of every year!! • Be sure to use ALL of the correct information and double-check the student’s social security number. It is important to get your FAFSA in on time! If you send it in late, it may affect the financial aid that you receive. 2) Stop before you drop! • Come to the Financial Aid Office to talk with a counselor BEFORE you drop any classes. Withdrawals can affect your financial aid and SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress). 3) Let the office know of any changes! • Changes such as the amount of credits you are taking, your permanent address, if you are living on or off campus, any extenuating circumstances, etc. Be sure to notify the office as soon as possible, as certain changes may affect your financial aid. 4) Ask questions! • The Financial Aid Office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. If you have any pressing questions about your financial aid please stop by! We are located in Maxcy Hall, Room 118B. 5) Make sure you make the minimum requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)! • In order to maintain good SAP, you must satisfy



Tuition at the University of New Haven is on the rise; in only a year, the total cost of attending and living on campus at UNH for a full academic year has risen by more than $2,000. For the 2012-2013 academic year, undergraduate tuition totaled $32,750. In just a year, the total rose to $33,740. These numbers represent tuition alone; after taking room and board, general student fees, lab fees and undergraduate student health insurance into consideration, the difference between last year and this year totals $2,260.

certain requirements: for a full time day student you must complete 24 credits per academic year, maintain a certain cumulative GPA based on credits attempted and earn at least 67% of the credits you have attempted. 6) Review your Bursar’s Account balance! • Be sure to take out any additional loans or set up payment plans to cover the balance of tuition well before the start of the school year. 7) Know the deadlines! • Be aware of what is happening and when with financial aid by reading our newspaper articles, table top flyers, posters in the dorms and academic buildings, listening to our radio ads, visiting our Facebook. Also, READ the e-mails we send to your UNH e-mail address! DON’T… 1) Wait or you’ll be late! • Make sure you complete and submit all of the necessary documents on time so that you can receive the most aid possible. The sooner you get it in, the better! 2) Forget to apply for outside scholarships! • Applying for outside scholarships is extremely important and can help ease the stress of paying for college if you receive them. There are two binders and a bulletin board FULL of outside scholarships for you to look through, located in the lobby of the Financial Aid Office. Be sure to let the Financial Aid Office know of any scholarships you receive. 3) Forget to complete the Entrance Counseling or the Master Promissory Note! • It’s quick and easy to fill out these forms, so get it done! Just go to www. to complete both of these forms. Be sure you hit the “submit” button all the way at the end of each form. 4) Ignore your outstand-

ing balance! • Be sure to learn how to use Epay, UNH’s online payment system. Check it often to make sure that you do not have an outstanding balance. 5) Forget to check NetPartner often! • NetPartner allows you to view your financial aid status, view any missing documents, view document descriptions, sign your award letter, and more! Freshman will receive an e-mail when they are entered into the system to use NetPartner. The NetPartner website is http://netpartner. . 6) Forget about the Student Success Center and the Center for Learning Resources! • They can help you with classes so that you meet the minimum cGPA to receive financial aid. They’re here to help you succeed, so use them! 7) Pay for the FAFSA or scholarships! • It does not cost anything to file the FAFSA through, and it should not cost anything to apply for an outside scholarship. So if the site you’re on asks you for a payment, it is NOT a legitimate website. If you follow this list of Financial Aid Do’s and Don’ts, you should not have any problems with your financial aid. It is important to keep yourself updated with information regarding financial aid by checking your e-mails, listening to our ads on the radio, along with keeping an eye out for flyers posted around campus, articles in the Charger Bulletin and updates on our Facebook page (University of New Haven-Financial Aid Office). If you have any questions, please “DO” stop by the Financial Aid Office located in Maxcy Hall, room 118B!

Before factoring in financial aid, loans and scholarships, the average undergraduate student living on campus with a meal plan is billed $49,310. That number can fluctuate based on certain criteria: a residential student who brings their car to campus must purchase a $200 parking pass. Also, each student has four meal plan options, all ranging in different prices, or can choose not to purchase a meal plan at all. For many students, this increase in tuition is frustrating. “It’s aggravating; tuition and fees keep going up, but there’s no explanation as to why,” sophomore Kayla Katt said. “We were paying so much already as it is.” The university’s tuition

is determined at the UNH Board of Governors’ annual meeting in April, and their focus, according to Vice President for Finance and Administration George Synodi, is to keep the tuition increase as small as possible. “The most recent tuition increase has been just under three percent,” Synodi said. “That’s the lowest increase I’ve seen since I’ve been at UNH.” The University of New Haven is a not for profit organization, Synodi said, and the increase of tuition is in accordance with the operating expenses the university has—like faculty, supplies, campus police, electricity, heat, maintenance and landscaping. “We want tuition and

tified Financial Crime Specialist Certification



UNH and the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS) recently announced that UNH is the first college or university to offer a course training its students to become Certified Financial Crime Specialists. Students enrolled in CJST 5530 “Investigating Financial Crimes” this fall at UNH are learning the legal, ethical and practical aptitudes necessary to become top-tier financial crime specialists. The groundbreaking UNH course uses the 340-page ACFCS certification exam study manual and online preparation course from ACFCS as its educational materials. Michael Clark, senior lecturer in criminal justice and a former FBI supervisory special agent, oversees the program. The instructor for the first “Investigating Financial Crimes” course is Robert Marston, an associate professor of criminal justice who is also a former FBI supervisory special agent. UNH has partnered with the Association of Certified

Board of Governors and a former special agent of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service criminal investigation division. “The new relationship between ACFCS and UNH can serve as a model on how an innovative professional organization can work together with a student-focused educational institution to develop future leaders in the financial crime industry,” said Love. Charles Intriago, president of ACFCS and a former U.S. federal prosecutor, said, “We look forward to helping UNH share the many benefits of CFCS certification with its students and train the next generation of financial crime professionals for success.” “ACFCS is proud to partner with such a forwardthinking educational institution as the University of New Haven. It is known for seeking innovative ways to equip its students with the tools they need to find good jobs and be successful,” Intriago said.

a portion of what they need. In addition to financial aid, UNH offers many opportunities for scholarships, most merit-based. These include the Presidential Scholarship, the Distinguished Scholar Awards, the International Student Awards and Charger Awards. “As long as you apply yourself in high school and get the best grades that you can, you’ll get a scholarship,” Gabby Nowicki, a sophomore, said. The average award given out by UNH is $20,276, according to In the last two years, UNH has had the lowest increase in tuition when compared to other private schools in the area, said Synodi. What do other colleges

around the area have for tuition costs? Down the street, Southern Connecticut State University’s (SCSU) tuition starts at $2,255 for both semesters but once the miscellaneous fees are taken into consideration, tuition comes out to almost $9,000 for both spring and Fall Semesters. Out of state students can expect to pay about $10,242 each semester and pay $20,485 for both Spring and Fall semesters. For those attending Yale this year, tuition starts at $43,100 for the academic year. Including the miscellaneous fees, room and board, and book expenses, Yale students can expect to pay around $64,130 this academic year.

College Tuition on the Rise room and board to increase as close as possible to the rate of inflation while still be able to meet our obligations,” Synodi said. Although tuition is constantly on the rise, the University of New Haven does cater to their students, helping them financially. According to a survey taken by, in the 2012-2013 academic year, 88 percent of freshmen applied for financial aid; 90 percent of those students qualified for financial aid, and 100 percent of the students who needed financial aid received it. However, only 10 percent of the students who need financial aid fully have their needs met, meaning the rest of the student body only get

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Financial Crime Specialist to train students to be Certified Financial Crime Specialists. “The unique ACFCS Educational Partner Program reflects the commitment of UNH to help its students gain vital, practical knowledge and credentials in the booming private and public financial crime control sector career fields,” said Mario Gaboury, dean of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences. “Partnering with ACFCS aligns with the University of New Haven’s mission to provide the highest-quality education and to prepare our students for purposeful lives in a global society,” added Gaboury. “The CFCS course is already proving very valuable to our students, and we look forward to expanding our CFCS program in the years to come.” Allen Love ’88 ’90 M.P.A., a member of the Advisory Board of ACFCS and the bank secrecy act officer and deputy Global Anti-Money Laundering Officer in the United States for TD Bank, was a primary catalyst in bringing together ACFCS and UNH. Love is a member of the University’s

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October 16, 2013

UNH Tweets of the Week

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October 16, 2013 con’t from page 1

Flu Shot Season

money to spare. In this case, Cappuccia says that students with Private Insurance may be able to get the vaccine cost covered at a local pharmacy or at their Private Doctors office. Clinic dates are as follows: Thursday, Oct. 10 from 9:30

a.m. to 11 a.m., Monday, Oct.14 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 15 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., Friday, Oct.25 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., Monday, Oct. 28 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 12 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. and

Thursday, Nov. 21 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Students can make appointments by calling health services at (203) 932-7079, not through email. Clinic dates will be available as long as the vaccine is available.

UNH Design Students Create Environments Enabling People to Age in Place


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––––––––––––––––––––– With 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day for the next 15 years, finding innovative ways for people to “age in place” is fast becoming a priority for the interior design world, said Christy Somerville, assistant professor of art and design. Somerville said it is never too early for people to design sustainable, universal living spaces that provide the kind of safety and comfort needed as people age. Nor is it too early for UNH’s interior design students to begin thinking about it. So she recently restructured a junior-level design course to include the study of universal design and aging in place. Students are learning to design living spaces that better accommodate people as they age. The redesign of the course couldn’t be more timely. In 2012, the Connecticut state legislature convened the Task Force to Study Aging in Place, and the group made a host of recommendations including a study of state and municipal-level zoning regulations that govern the building of new accessible units, remodeling of existing units including in-law type apartments, home modifica-

tions and home sharing. An AARP national survey found that 89 percent of those surveyed wanted to remain in their own homes as they enter their 60s, 70s and beyond. “It’s a fast-growing social issue,” Somerville said. In the course, students experience what it is like to use wheelchairs around campus. They try the portable lift for getting in and out of bed. They visit retirement communities and an Alzheimer’s unit to see what the residents’ housing needs are. “Using a manual wheelchair on the ramp into the Student Center or maneuvering in and out of an accessible toilet stall is more challenging than they thought,” Somerville said. “It is always an eye opener not only using the equipment but how people respond to the people using it, usually in a helpful manner but sometimes not.” For a semester-long project, students redesign an existing home for a client. Last year, one team used the three-story house that they were renting in West Haven to create a model transitional living space for veterans. The other teams designed for a multigenerational family, an in-law apartment and a family with a child with Multiple Sclerosis. Somerville, who is a

Certified Aging in Place Specialist from the National Association of Home Builders, teaches students about the technologies involved in “smart homes” and the impact of design changes small and large including: • Nontraditional kitchen and bathroom appliances and fixtures such as sinks that can be manually or automatically raised and lowered to various sitting and standing heights. (“You do not have to be in a wheelchair to appreciate having a place to sit while prepping food over a sink,” Somerville said.) • Pull-out-drawer refrigerators and freezers, which reduce bending and reaching • Specialized cabinetry to improve accessibility • Bathtubs with a motorized side panel that raises and lowers to allow easier access • Use of electronics to monitor the needs of loved ones Somerville’s goal is to make the next generation of interior designers more comfortable bringing up universal design to people at all stages of life. “Addressing the topic of aging and eventual mortality,” she said, “is not something our American society talks about with ease.”

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October 16, 2013

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Battle of the Sexes: Do Girls Have It Worse? By KAITLIN MAHAR



“Guys have it so easy.” What started out as a jocular discussion, with a friend regarding a less-than-pleasant time of the month, suddenly resulted in a laundry list of complaints against the treatment and characteristics of women; from their bodily functions (which of course cannot be controlled), to the ways in which they are portrayed and behaved towards in our society. This begs the question: do girls really have it that bad? Clearly, from a biological standpoint, girls have it pretty rough. From periods to pregnancies, girls get the short end of the stick (the nitty-gritty details of which do not need to be hashed out – if you’re truly unaware, you can Google it at your own risk). Guys do not know the pains that come from both, as senior Caleb Johnson, 21, asserts: “Biologically, absolutely [women have it worse]. Women bear children. Guys point at their pregnant wives and smile and say, ‘Hey look what I did!’ Women have periods. Guys don’t even have the slightest clue what that’s like.” After all, only girls know the pains of having to deal with bras, underwear, birth control, and that seven letter word: tampons. This doesn’t just include physical pains, but also major pains in one’s wallet – at Victoria’s Secret, for example, bras cost $29.95 and up; underwear starts at $8.50 per pair. Assuming you need three to four of each, that already totals $115-$150, minimum. Add in various pharmaceuticals, from Midol to birth control, to tampons, and you’ve got another $37-$72

per month. As far as guys’ underwear goes- a pack of Calvin Klein underwear of various styles ranges from $13-$42.50. But, as mentioned before, this isn’t just a biological issue; women are treated considerably worse than men in society. According to the Huffington Post, women are paid only $0.77 for every $1 men are paid for doing the same job, and according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, 7.6% of women receive promotions at work in comparison to 10.6% of men who receive promotions. Sophomore Elissa Sanci, 19, notes the irony: “It’s expensive to be a girl, [and] we don’t even get paid enough to live the life we didn’t pick.” While this is bad enough, women still have more challenges to face at work, as well as at school and social events. This includes sexism, sexual harassment, and even rape. In a 2011 poll conducted by ABC News/Washington Post, one in four women reported sexual harassment in the workplace. According to Vassar’s Sexual Assault Violence Prevention page, one in four female college students surveyed were victims of rape or attempted rape, and 27% of women have experienced a rape or attempted rape since the age of 14. Many women think that while men may experience these issues, there is less of a chance that they will be sexually harassed or worse because they are men. Junior Mike Tinghitella, 20, says, “That [way of thinking] is very true, though guys will not admit to sexual harassment or rape because of embarrassment. Not all rape and sexual harassment victims are female.” While it is true that not

all victims are female, Sanci disagrees. “No… guys won’t ever own up to [being raped], but I do think women are subject to the violence way more often than men are, and women are more susceptible to rape.” This is true; women are categorized as being weak and feeble, and frequently are considered to be “asking for it” based on how they dress. These facets therefore make them seem more vulnerable, making them more distinct targets for rape and sexual assault. Furthermore, women have more to worry about in society; makeup, hairstyles, clothing while overall beauty trends are constantly changing, and failure to adhere to these specifications, will result in the dreaded failure of fitting into the societal mold put in place for women. “This is [partially] thanks to media. If girls don’t look a certain way, act a certain way, or do certain things, they aren’t accepted in society and are judged harshly,” says junior Katelyn Clark, 20. “Guys do have some of that, but not half as bad as girls... The social norm for guys is so much more casual and easy than it is for girls.” Even if people began making changes and treating women better immediately, it would still take a significant amount of work and time to make things equal between men and women. Johnson notes: “It would only take a few generations to change [the issues women face], if both men and women, mostly men, would start looking at things differently. The whole ‘Cool story babe, now make me a sandwich’ attitude? That needs to go if we want to see real equality.”

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If Only I had Access to the Internet…




Returning to the University of New Haven this year, as a junior, I expected most things to be similar to previous years: the amazing Ceasar salads from Sandella’s, the continuously breaking Soundview elevators and the quick and easy-to-use Wi-Fi access. One of these I was completely wrong about. Can you guess? Give up? It’s the campus Wi-Fi access. Freshman and sophomore year I never found myself getting as worked up over internet access as I do this year. Checking my e-mail, sending homework into Blackboard, and taking a quick peak at Facebook has never been as difficult as they are now that UNH has “upgraded” its Wi-Fi. The first day that I set foot on this campus, I opened up my laptop and proceeded to log in to the Wi-Fi. What did I find? My computer was no longer acquiring access to UNH student and I had no idea why. Scrolling through my e-mail, using my iPhone’s 3G internet access, I noticed the message explaining to students about the new and improved WiFi. Annoyed by this information, I attempted to follow the directions preparing me

for my wireless access. After eventually realizing that I now needed my e-mail and password to login, one of the first things that I noticed was the fact that I had to accept something called, “SafeConnect,” to ensure that all computers using the network are harmless. I guess this makes sense. After agreeing to these terms, and thanking my iPhone’s 3G for its two hours worth of help, I was finally able to access the internet using my laptop. Now if only I had come to UNH with just a laptop needing Wi-Fi access. Of course I had to bring along my PlayStation 3. You can only imagine what it was like attempting to hook that up. I must have contacted a laundry list of people on Facebook trying to get answers on how to use this mysterious network known as “Devices.” After much debate, my fellow Facebook friends and I were able to partially understand the network. Even though my PlayStation is currently connected to “Devices,” I would say I have internet access about 20 percent of the time…so forget about those days where all I want to do is watch Netflix. It’s not even just me that experiences this turmoil with the new Wi-Fi. One of the most unbelievable moments was when I was causally sitting in one of my classes and

a classmate sitting next to me says something along the lines of, “wow, I’m practically quarantined out of the internet ‘cause I have a mac.” Apparently now, even if you have a MacBook, you must purchase some type of antivirus software before obtaining clearance to access the internet. It seems completely ridiculous that any student paying to attend UNH would be completely denied access to one of the most valuable resources to mankind. How were these students expected to hand in assignments, or even complete them, without the permission to go online? Overall, this new Wi-Fi system does not meet the standards for any type of private university. It constantly loses connection, putting all students in a moment of distress as online assignments are lost in thin air and e-mail access becomes almost non-existent. If nothing was wrong with the previous Wi-Fi, it is not clear as to why we have switched to something so completely unreliable. Is it too hard to ask for guaranteed permission to complete online assignments on time, after paying thousands of dollars to attend this school? We, as students, deserve better, especially when it is something as simple as dependable internet access.

Personal Dream.” Generation Y now feels that they were entitled to the same opportunities as everyone else because their grandparents and parents had great success. The problem with Generation Y though is that two things separate them from the G.I generation and the baby boomers. One: they all grew up with the internet, and two: they are all special. With those two things, Generation Y feels like they will automatically be successful once the world sees how special they are. But reality is different, careers are hard to get and require a lot of work, and with high expectations tacked on, we come right back to the equation, Happiness = Reality – Expectations. With higher expectations than what reality really is, your happiness is in the negatives. So Generation Y is unhappy. This paved the way for many schools and programs today to change the way things have been done. With the rise in awareness for child depression there are schools that have taken out dodge ball and even made gym class optional. Kids are receiving ribbons because they participate or given a trophy for seventh place. Bullying is considered to be at an all-time high, when really it isn’t, and now that the media is flooded with antibullying ads and victimizing kids, we are making our youth weaker and weaker. There is also cyber bullying, where people hide behind the keyboard to bash on

vulnerable people, leading to some who have committed suicide. Is this what the world has come to? Bullying should not be tolerated, but instead of doing studies relating bully to mental issues, give him the belt, and instead of coddling the victim, put him in the gym! I must have left my bus crying almost every day from Kindergarten up until maybe eighth grade. However, I persevered. I still played sports, volunteered, and gutted through it because that’s how I was raised. Eventually I forced myself into the gym; I got bigger and didn’t want to tolerate bullying anymore, then I joined the Marines after high school, where I became more like the people of the G.I generation. Now I am at the University of New Haven, amongst my fellow Generation Y people all of the time. My only advice is, you are not special, no one is. No matter how amazing you think you are, you are not. Get off your smart phones for once, stop posting pictures of you at the gym flexing or wearing yoga pants, and call your grandparents or go to an American Legion. Engage in real oneon-one communication and see the world outside of your own. America is the greatest country in the world because of us; “WE THE PEOPLE,” make America great. However, we can only do this if we go back to the values of those that came before us.

What’s the Problem with Generation Y?




The greater majority of Americans desire happiness. Everyone does! No one desires to be sad or depressed. Happiness has an equation. Happiness = Reality – Expectations. Most of our parents were born in the 1950’s and 1960’s making them baby boomers, which is defined as a generation of people who were born out of the Great Depression and served in the second World War, they are known as the G.I generation. When the war ended, the boys came home from war and started working, going to school, and raising families. When they had kids they raised them to believe that if you work hard it will lead to success. For the baby boomers it proved to be true! As the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s came upon them, the country had an amazing amount of economic prosperity. The baby boomers were doing better than they had ever expected. It was at this time that the baby boomers wanted to start their own families. Unlike the G.I generation, the baby boomers raised their kids with the expectation that they could literally be anything they wanted as long as they worked hard towards it. They instilled their kids with a sort of “you’re special” identity. At one time there was the American Dream, now it’s “My Own

October 16, 2013

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The Pros and Cons of the Fall Season

8 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season



––––––––––––––––––---The leaves are changing color, there’s a brisk in the weather and Starbucks has started serving their Pumpkin Spice Lattes—that’s right; it’s officially Fall. Fall has always been my favorite season, and I know I’m not the only one who loves this season. I’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why Fall is, by far, the best season of the year. 1. The weather is perfect: It’s not too cold and not too hot; the temperature is just right. It’s brisk enough to wear jeans and sweater, but warm enough not to need a heavier coat. Fall weather means living comfortably— the dorms are finally a reasonable temperature, and that sweaty state of life is no longer a reality. Fall is that perfect balance between hot and cold, and it’s fitting that it’s sandwiched between the hottest and coldest seasons. 2. Apples everywhere: Tis the season of apple

flavored everything! Fall means apple pie, apple crisp, caramel covered apples and apple cider (hot and cold). This season also lends the perfect opportunity to pick your own apples, and nothing is better than a freshly picked apple straight off the tree (trust me, I know; there’s about seven pounds of apples in my fridge right now). 3. Corn mazes, hay rides and pumpkin picking: Whether you’re going with your family, your friends, or a significant other, you’ll undoubtedly have a great time with all the different Fallcentered activities, namely corn mazes, hay rides and pumpkin picking. 4. The most scenic of all the seasons: Nothing is prettier than the changing of the leaves in the Fall. Nothing. The reds, oranges and yellows complement each other perfectly and create the most wonderful, picturesque scene, a setting perfect for any activity. 5. All things Halloween: This one is self-explanatory—scary movies, costume

parties, carving Jack-oLanterns, going to Haunted Houses and having a reason to believe in ghosts and magic, even if only for a little bit. 6. Thanksgiving: One of the only days of the year (excluding Christmas) where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat yourself into a food coma. Need I say more? 7. Football: Fall is the beginning of football season (right?) and, even if it’s something that I’m not personally into, people everywhere enjoy the start of fall for this very reason. UNH football games bring the school together, generating tons of school spirit and promoting unity all throughout campus. 8. Fall can go by more than one name: This season can go by the name Fall or Autumn, and that’s pretty damn cool. I don’t see any other season with two different names, and that’s just another reason why Fall is so great.


I’m Allergic to Fall


––––––––––––––––––---Think about fall. Think about all the things you love about it; I’m sure there’s a lot. I bet pumpkin pie is on the list. I bet apple pie is too. I bet Pumpkin Spice Lattes and hot apple cider and the holiday aisle at Michael’s make that list too. Now imagine breaking out in hives every time you so much as sniffed those scents. Imagine a tingle in the back of your throat and the immediate itchiness that overwhelms you as you decide to taste those pumpkin munchkins your roommate brought home from Dunkin Donuts. When I was twelve years old, I took a sip of a chai latte and that’s when I knew—I was (and still am) horribly allergic to cinnamon and nutmeg. This may not seem like a big deal, but to someone like me—an autumn enthusiast since age six—this was earth-shattering news. Bad things happen all the time, and I could deal with most of them, but the

news that my favorite season could potentially one day kill me was not one of those things. I’m sure you, a reader without a cinnamon and nutmeg allergy, have never realized just how many fall delicacies incorporate these two spices into their recipes. Let me tell you—it’s a lot more than you think. This year especially, I’ve noticed an increasingly amount of food companies producing pumpkin flavored items— and any good pumpkin flavored item is nearly always laden with nutmeg. It’s a hard way to live, constantly on the lookout for the deadly combination of spices, especially with this newfound pumpkin-flavored fad. I’ve seen pumpkin infused in the weirdest of things, and frankly, it scares me. I fear for my life. I’ve resorted to openly telling everyone I come into contact with of my allergy, because since it’s now mainstream to have pumpkin flavored lasagna, I can never be too safe. Walking into a Michael’s or an A.C. Moore is my own private definition of hell. It’s

a very conflicting feeling— I’m instantly attracted to all the different fall decorations but merely walking past them sends me in an itchy, puffy rage. My heart rate speeds up, a heat creeps up the back of my neck and my chest and face become instantly blotchy—all from the smell. Just imagine what would happen if I ingested that. Actually, don’t. I’m slowly coming to terms with my condition; it’s really, really hard to accept. Cinnamon and nutmeg, my two archenemies, are infused within the season I love the most, and each day they remind me of all the little ways I can’t partake in seasonal activities. They carry a pungent, dominating aroma that laughs mercilessly at my despair. Perhaps I’m being dramatic, but if the barista at Starbucks looked at you like you had two heads because you asked for the Caramel Apple Spice without the spice, you’d be dramatic too. I didn’t choose the anti-autumn life. The anti-autumn life chose me.

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October 16, 2013

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Crossword Clues

Crossword Clues Across 1 Place for an old school tie? 11 Data of concern to privacy advocates: Abbr. 15 “My Word Is My Bond” autobiographer 16 __ skirt 17 Ready for anything 18 “Being __: A Puppeteer’s Journey”: 2011 documentary 19 Hit home? 20 Post 22 Odist’s contraction 23 Goes downhill fast 26 Scorn 28 O leaguemate 31 Major ending? 33 Tyrolean songs 34 Area of concern for FEMA 37 Li-ion cousin 38 Model Heidi who appeared on “Ugly Betty” 39 Army leader’s nickname 41 Newsman’s asset? 42 Rialto sections 44 Philadelphia’s “P” and Denver’s “D,” e.g. 46 Suspects 48 Test tube fluids 49 Divided terr. 50 Garment looked after by Alfred 52 Fax button 54 Biker’s hazard

55 Shapeless thing 57 Maples in ‘90s tabloid news 61 Rock Ôn’ roll middle name 63 Stretching out 66 Bum 67 Put great faith in 68 Strategic river of 1914 69 One to horse around with?

Down 1 Immortal archer 2 Singer Basil with the #1 hit “Mickey” 3 Hymn starter 4 Iberian infants 5 Complained underfoot? 6 Sacred syllables 7 Garage alternative 8 Device with a warp beam and heddles 9 Metiers 10 Like varnished wood 11 Tongue twister pronoun 12 Breakaway hit? 13 Iditarod terminus 14 Bureau where stats abound 21 L.L. Bean’s first name 24 ChichŽn __ 25 Attack in a big way 27 Patsy’s “Ab Fab” pal 28 Boston attraction with

a permanent Space Race exhibit 29 Extinct carnivore whose name means “different lizard” 30 1967 Neil Diamond hit 32 Town north of Shannon Airport 35 Signs 36 Beethoven’s “some” 40 Raison d’__ 43 Short piece 45 Not natural 47 Persian Gulf fleet 51 Property manager’s sign 53 Factoid 56 Weighted weapon 58 2012 TV Land Awards host 59 Hot stuff 60 Youngest Bront’ 62 “Weekend Edition” airer 64 Tip for a writer? 65 Become more solid (c)2013 TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, INC.

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October 16, 2013

by Liana Teixeira

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Charger Battery



Thank goodness for Fall Break! The time off gave students the time to prepare A federal holiday for a man who never even stepped foot on what is today the for upcoming midterms and exams. This is also a good time to remember that United States nor contributed to its history? Sorry Christopher Columbus, I’m the library has begun 24/7 hours of operation for those of you who need to study loving the two days off from school and all, but let’s try choosing a more relevant longer hours. honoree. Get ready Chargers, this weekend is Homecoming! Days of tailgating, food, It’s that time of year again when the mornings are so cold that you have to wear football and concerts await. After two weeks of midterms, this is exactly what stu- a sweater, but by the afternoon you practically get heatstroke. These seasons need dents need to kick back and relax. to make up their minds; I have dozens of warm fall sweaters waiting to be worn!

The Battery Charge Homecoming, homecoming, homecoming! For freshmen, this will be your first experience of the UNH Homecoming festivities. For seniors, this will be your last. No matter where you are in your collegiate career, make the most of this weekend. There’s Midnight Madness, Swimsuit Sprint, the home game against Stonehill and more to look forward to.

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October 16, 2013

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USGA President’s Corner

Hello Chargers, I hope everyone enjoyed fall break. This week we have a lot of events happening so be sure to get out and attend the awesome things going on around campus. All of these events are part of Charg-a-palooza week leading up to Homecoming, which is sure to be the best yet! On a different note, I would like to convey to all of you who live on campus or in West Haven area the importance of registering to vote. As a student body we can collectively have an impact on the vision the elected leaders have for our community. If we want to see West Haven safer and more college friendly it begins at the ballot box. So get registered and get out to vote on Nov. 5. Sincerely, Zani Imetovski USGA President

USGA Treasurer’s Tip of the Week

“Have back-ups for everything.”

When dealing with important data files, make sure it’s saved in more than one place; for instance, save a copy to your laptop or desktop if you normally keep it on just a flash drive. You never know when you might lose the flash drive or it stops working for whatever reason. As for plans, it should be obvious, but always have back-up plans in case an event, idea or initiative you are working on doesn’t work out how you had wanted. -Isaak Kifle

USGA Presents: CHARG-A-PALOOZA: SURPRISE PART Y! Wednesday, October 16 Bixler/Botwinik Quad, 5-7p.m. Free food, games and music!



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Defensive Stands, DeCaro Lead Chargers to Victory at Merrimack, 48-41



The University of New Haven football team, led by two big defensive stands inside its own 10-yard line in the fourth quarter, defeated Merrimack College 48-41 Saturday afternoon at a wet Martone-Mejail Field. Down by seven, Merrimack marched to New Haven’s one-yard line with over four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. On two consecutive plays, the Chargers’ defense stopped the Warriors and an incomplete pass on fourth down gave the ball back to New Haven. After a quick three-and-out by New Haven, Merrimack again got the ball inside UNH territory with 2:40 left on the clock. The Warriors brought the ball inside New Haven’s 10-yard line and was faced with second-andfour with 1:08 left. On threestraight plays, the Chargers forced incomplete passes by Joe Clancy. The Chargers took over with 47-seconds remaining and sealed the win in victory formation. Senior Mike DeCaro (Weston, Fla./Cypress Bay ) added 270 all-purpose yards

with three touchdowns to lead the Chargers offense. He ran for a team-best 57 yards and two touchdowns on 10 carries. He caught four passes for 72 yards and one touchdown, while returning five kickoffs for 141 yards. Quarterback Ronnie Nelson (Stuart, Fla./South Fork ) added 281 yards and three touchdowns on 16-of-25 passing, while Nick Music (West Milford, N.J./West Milford ) led all receivers with five catches and 102 yards. Defensively, Jaylen Johnson (Linden, N.J./Linden) led the team with 12 total tackles, while Najae Brown (Mount Vernon, N.Y./Mount St. Michael / Trinity Pawling) added 11 total tackles, including a team-high 10 solo stops. New Haven wasted no time on the first series of the game, scoring off a 24 yard DeCaro carry just 1:49 into the opening quarter. The Chargers went 68 yards on just four plays to take the quick advantage. The Warriors answered on their first series as well, scoring at the end of a nineplay, 82-yard drive off a 10-yard touchdown catch by Greg Devine from Joe


Clancy. Tied at 7-7, New Haven took the lead back at the 5:59 mark of the first quarter off DeCaro’s second touchdown carry in as many drives. UNH went 60 yards on eight plays for the touchdown. DeCaro carried the ball three times during the series, including a 14-yard run on first-and-10 from

Merrimack’s 43-yard line. Merrimack again answered the Chargers with another scoring drive. The Warriors took the ball from their own 17-yard line and advanced it all the way to New Haven’s nine-yard line. Clancy completed six passes during the stretch before Quinn McDonough carried the ball on the final two plays

of the series. The running back coughed up the ball at New Haven’s seven-yard line before his own teammate, Drew Bellamy, fell on it in the endzone. The extra point evened the scored once again, 14-14, with 1:02 left in the first quarter. Through the final few plays of the first quarter and opening offensive series of

the second, New Haven once again mounted a scoring drive. The Chargers went 75-yards on nine plays before Nelson found Ty Headen (Newark, N.J./American History) for a 36-yard catch and run. UNH went ahead 20-14 after a missed extra point attempt. The Warriors answered for See DEFENSIVE page 12

Men’s Athlete of the Week Women’s Athlete of the Week Amber Cannady – Volleyball Najae Brown- Football






third and seven pass breakup that helped Assumption to a field goal instead of going for the game tying score. Did you feel you had to step up in this game knowing that the game was close? NB: “The game was close and I felt like I had to step up and make a play if the ball was thrown my way.” CS: The defense is really starting to step up after the week one loss. What’s going on in the locker room and at practice that turned the team

around? NB: “As a defense we all just started communicating more which made us more comfortable with each other on and off the field.” CS: Being a freshman, do you feel added pressure to step up, especially playing a key role in defense? NB: “I don’t feel any added pressure, I just feel like I have to go out and prove myself to the opposing team each and every week.”

Chris Schnabel: You’re back as player of the week. How does it feel to be playing so well? You have received this award multiple times. Amber Cannady: “It’s a nice pat on the back, but I don’t take anything statistically too seriously because each game is a different game, it’s a different day and you have to continue pushing forward in your performance. It’s nice, but I like looking forward to the bigger picture.” CS: Your team is doing great; you also didn’t loose a game last week. What has been the key to keeping the success of the team? AC: “I feel like a lot has been pushing our team lately, we’ve been practicing very hard at starting and finishing and really working through our lows and rough points, so I feel like the drive that we are pushing for in practice is transferring onto the court and its coming out nicely.” CS: You posted team highs of 3.75 kills and 1.92 blocks per set to go along with a .364 hitting percent-

This newspaper is recyclable!


Chris Schnabel: Player of the week, how does it feel to get this honor, knowing you were awarded it because of your high level of play? Najae Brown: “It feels great to receive such an honor.” CS: That was a hard fought game and a hard fought win last Friday with the Chargers finding themselves down 7-6 at half. How did the team keep it together going in and coming out of half? NB: “We knew that we had to keep fighting. We had to come out in the second half and make plays to win that game, and that’s what we did.” CS: You had, what some consider, the play of the game with an interception late in the game to lock up the win. What was the feeling of getting that interception, knowing how big it was in the game? NB: “I was excited when I caught the interception. I knew that we needed to make play to seal the win. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time.” CS: You also had a big






age. What have you been doing in and out of practice to keep up the season your having? AC: “We run a very specific practice thing we need to work on and what we want to do in a game, we defiantly push those aspects in practice and I feel coach does a great job of making drills that can be applied in game situation. That defiantly keeps us ready and able to make the move or get the kill when we need to.” CS: You’re in the top 10 in the conference in a lot of key categories. Can the team rely on you keeping up the play you’re showing?

AC: “I try to be as consistent as possible I feel like a lot of my effort is based off the team’s effort because I can’t do what I can without them passing the ball or playing defense. We need everyone to work toward that one goal. I am consistent because my team is consistent.” CS: Are you going to make it back as athlete of the week in the future? AC: “I hope so, I love the honor, but I feel if I can pick between the athlete of the week or strait wins for us this season, I’d take the strait wins.”

October 16, 2013

This Week in UNH Sports

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10.16.13 | 4:30 PM

10.16.13 | 7:30 PM

10.19.13 | 1:00 PM

10.19.13 | 1:00 PM

10.19.13 | 7:00 PM







Post Season Projections Taylor’s NFL Picks-Week 7 Who will come out on top this season? Follow up Article By TAYLOR HAUCK



(Winning picks in bold) Record: 44-31




_____________________ As of Oct. 10 The division series is now officially over. In my last article I had the Dodgers vs. the Pirates and the Red Sox vs. the A’s, but that didn’t end up becoming the match up. The Pirates went five games with the Cardinals, but just couldn’t pull through and lost the series. The A’s also went five games with the Detroit Tigers and after a dominant performance by Tigers, ace Justin Verlander would be sent home early. So, now the League Championship Series are underway. They began Oct.

11, and the matchups are as follows; the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox verses the Detroit Tigers. Let’s start with the National league and the Cardinals and Dodgers. These are two great clubs, and it shows as their one series win from the World Series. I expect this to be the best matchup of the two series. The Dodgers pitching staff is much better then most in the majors, including the Cardinals, who’s staff is not horrible, but just not what the Dodgers bring to the table. However, the Cardinals have the better team. There hitting is superior to the Dodgers and they are an October team. If there is one team to count on in the post

season, it’s the Cards, and I have them World Series bound. In the American League, the Sox are known for postseason miracles. In the New England area we know what happened in 2004, but the Tigers are the best team in the American League, if they play how they should. The Tigers are known for playing bad at times, but with that pitching staff, which is one of the top in the American League, and last years and probably this year MVP Miguel Cabrera, they got this one. That would put the Detroit Tigers against the St. Louis Cardinals. Look next week to see who’s in the World Series!

defense also responded and stalled the Chargers’ offense on three plays with 1:28 left in the first half. In just under 90 seconds, Merrimack was able to run 11 plays and went 66 yards to the Chargers’ 10-yard line. The Warriors lined up for a field goal with four seconds left in the second quarter and Zwaan missed the 27-yard attempt wide left as New Haven held on to a 27-17 lead at halftime. After deferring on the opening kickoff, Merrimack opened the second half on offense. The Warriors starting drive of the third quarter went 57 yards on 10 plays to New Haven’s 14-yard line. Clancy’s pass was incomplete on third-and-nine, forcing Zwaan to attempt a 31-yard field goal. This time the ball split the uprights and brought the Warriors back within one score, 27-20. The New Haven offense came out of halftime on fire,

scoring three touchdowns on its first three possession of the second half. The first six-play, 92-yard drive took 2:49 off the clock and was highlighted by two receptions by Music. The senior wide receiver set up firstand-goal for the Chargers on the Merrimack seven after a 27-yard catch from Nelson. On first-and-goal, the ladder ran the ball and crossed the endzone to put UNH ahead 34-20. The Chargers’ defense then came alive, stopping a Merrimack drive and recovering a high punt snap inside Merrimack’s 10-yard line at the six. Music scored a non-traditional rushing touchdown one play later on a reverse and New Haven quickly jumped out to a three-touchdown lead, 4120, with 8:12 left in the third quarter.

Defensive Stands, DeCaro Lead Chargers to Victory at Merrimack, 48-41 con’t from page 11

the third-straight time with the sixth consecutive scoring drive to open the game. Merrimack used 12 plays to march 53 yards to New Haven’s eight-yard line. Nick Zwaan then lined up for a 25-yard field goal and split the uprights, bringing the score to 20-17 with 5:47 left in the first half. After DeCaro returned the ensuing kickoff 52 yards to the Merrimack 42-yard line, Nelson found the Weston, Fla. native on a shuffle pass as he was going to the ground on second-and-10. DeCaro maneuvered around numerous defenders and went 42-yards for another UNH touchdown. The point after was good and New Haven led by ten with 4:40 left in the first half. After seven-straight scores to open the game, New Haven’s defense was the first to force a punt on Merrimack’s next drive. Merrimack’s


Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals Expect the Seahawks to roll over the Cardinals. Seattle has had some nail biters the last couple of weeks but they look to continue their hot start. The Cardinals played the 49ers to a close game before falling apart toward of the game on Sunday. Look for the Cardinals to compete with Seattle on Thursday Night Football. New England Patriots @ New York Jets The Patriots stunned the Saints in the final seconds on a superb pass from Tom Brady to hand New Orleans their first loss. Look for the Patriots to continue their momentum in New York and hand the Jets a loss. The Jets got embarrassed Sunday afternoon, losing to the winless Steelers at home. The Jets simply need to put up a lot of points and their defense needs to hold strong. San Diego Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville played the Broncos better than anyone expected. If the Jaguars play like they did Sunday, they have the possibility of upsetting the Chargers. The Chargers struggle defensively and need to improve in order to put a streak of wins together. Expect a close game in Jacksonville. Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs After an embarrassing loss to the Rams at home, the Texans need a win to regain everything they have lost. The Texans may need to turn to backup quarterback TJ Yates. The Chiefs, on the other hand, are 6-0 and look to extend their win streak. Andy Reid and Alex Smith have turned this team around from a year ago. Expect the Texans to compete, but ultimately lose to the Chiefs. Cincinnati Bengals @ Detroit Lions Both teams are coming off wins over weak teams. The Bengals defeated the Bills and the Lions took down the Browns. Expect a good game of closely matched opponents. The Lions will need to better their defense if they want to have a chance

at winning. Cincinnati has a good defense to stop the Lions. Expect a close game in Detroit, with the Bengals winning late. Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins Miami had a much-needed week off after losing two straight. They started the season 3-0 but the wheels fell off as of late. Miami looks to put a win streak together, starting with the Bills. The Dolphins need a win to keep pace with the Patriots. Meanwhile, the Bills have been through quarterback after quarterback. Winning is hard to come by without a consistent quarterback. Buffalo should give a valiant effort in the loss to the Dolphins. Chicago Bears @ Washington Redskins Chicago beat the Giants last week to get back on the winning side. The Bears should defeat the Redskins, who have had anything but a good season so far. Washington can’t get anything going on offense and when they do, their defense lets them down. Expect this game to be competitive with the Bears pulling out a win. Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles The Cowboys’ offense will be too powerful for the weak defense the Eagles have. Tony Romo has finally become the quarterback the Cowboys wanted. His arm will help them beat the Eagles. Philadelphia has won two in a row and will look to make it three against the Cowboys. Nick Foles or Michael Vick will need to play flawlessly for Philadelphia to win. The winner of this game takes control of the NFC East, which should be the Cowboys. St. Louis Rams @ Carolina Panthers Both teams played well last week and earned wins. This game is a toss-up and could go either way. The Rams need to win to keep pace in the NFC West. Expect a close game that goes back and forth. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons This is the game for the Falcons to turn things around. Both teams have had miserable seasons, but the Falcons should overcome the Bucs in Atlanta. Matt Ryan for Atlanta hasn’t been terrible, but Atlanta’s defense has given up too many points for

the Atlanta offense to overcome. The Bucs are winless and can’t seem to find a way to win. The Falcons look to blow out the Bucs. San Francisco 49ers @ Tennessee Titans Tennessee has played a lot better than their 3-3 record indicates. They had some tough losses and an injury to their starting quarterback. The Titans are a serious contender and could upset the 49ers, which are the favorite in this game. The 49ers look to make it four-straight wins with a win over the Titans. Cleveland Browns @ Green Bay Packers Green Bay has played good football and was able to get above .500 for the first time this season. Expect Aaron Rodgers to lead the Packers over the Browns. Cleveland enjoyed a threegame win streak before losing to the Browns at home. The Packers should have no trouble in defeating the Browns. Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh got their first win of the season on Sunday and look to win another. They need to keep winning to be able to climb back in the playoff race after a dismal start to the season. The Ravens have been inconsistent and need to turn things around against the Steelers. They are only one game out of the division lead, so there is no need for panic in Baltimore. Expect the Ravens to edge the Steelers. Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning returns to Indianapolis for the first time since being let go. This should be an entertaining game to watch. The Broncos offense should be too much for the Colts. Andrew Luck needs to play the game of his life in order to upset the Broncos. Expect a close contest in Indianapolis. Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants The Giants are 0-6 and have shown improvement over the last few weeks. Expect the Giants to pick up their first win of the season on Monday Night Football. Eli Manning is still not playing to 100% of his ability, but he should squeeze the Giants by the Vikings. Minnesota has fallen apart the last couple weeks and shows no signs of improvement.

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October 16, 2013

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How to Judge 3D




Fantastic 4 Frenzy




The Fantastic 4 are the soap opera of superhero movies. And I mean that in a few ways. First, their stories mostly revolve around problems in a dramatic family. Secondly, these movies have been carrying more baggage than an airport on Christmas weekend. First film: good enough to keep your eight-year-old excited with the baby sitter. Rise of the Silver Surfer: should be locked up and never to interact with human beings like the rest of the psychopaths in the world. But how does this reboot look? Well let’s start with issue number one. Michael B. Jordan is in talks to play the Human Torch. From an acting standpoint this is phenomenal. His performance in Chronicle attracted the likes of Star Wars (which he recently auditioned for). The

problem is he is black and all the actresses looked at for the Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) are white. Anyone would say it is a key essential element to these characters for them to be brother and sister. The way this has to be dealt with is to make Sue Storm is black, but all of the three actresses up for consideration are white. I would only accept the “adopted” loop hole under one condition: They explore Torch’s reckless characteristics and habits as a means to cope with his feeling that he doesn’t belong. If this were the case I would be rather excited. But this brings up another flaw in the actors being considered: all six (three for Sue Storm and three for Reed Richards) are way too young. The Fantastic Four should be in their 30’s pushing 40. Not early 20’s and college students. I would go as far to say their age is essential to their story. Why? Because they’re brilliant scientists! Reed Richards is one of

the smartest people in the entire Marvel comic’s world. There is no way this can be put into the form of kids. Forgive me for not naming off the six potentials; they’re all a bunch of unknowns and a few side roles on TV. This doesn’t mean they’re short talent, it just means there’s nothing to discuss. Lastly, just last week they announced the F4 script is undergoing “substantial overhaul” in rewriting the script. Better to fix it now before shooting starts, but this just isn’t the best start out of the gate for the F4. It’s a shame because I do believe the F4 lend themselves to a very good movie, but in different ways than other comic films. The success of F4 doesn’t come from fighting and villains, but interaction between its members and their family relationship. It’s a very character driven property and still should be. I’m still hoping for the best and am still looking forward to seeing it in 2015.

the planet. Escape from Tomorrow first appeared at the Sundance Film Festival in January of this past year. It is soon to be released in select theatres around the country. As you can probably imagine, the whole gimmick to attract people is by bragging about betraying the Copyright Nazis in the coldest way possible. I’m not even sure if it’s even a good movie. It’s about rape and murder in the “Happiest Place on Earth.” How do aliens even get into that story? These guys truly are my idols. They pulled the ultimate prank on the absolute worst people possible. Check out the trailer online, it is actually really creepy,

which goes along with its poster of Mickey Mouse’s bloody hand. Disney has not said anything about this yet, but I can imagine once people catch on to this they will drop the list of 1,000 ways this film is illegal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sued down to their last pair of boxer shorts. But interestingly enough, it seems like they know exactly what they’re in for, and are waiting for the reaction. Kind of like the younger brother constantly instigating his older sister at the dinner table. Escape from Tomorrow is so wrong on so many levels, and that is exactly why I recommend you start paying attention to it.

Since 2009, the modern technology of 3D has burned holes in our wallets like our first dates back in high school. Often times appreciated, but just as much, do we wish we had those extra few bucks back. 3D, like anything else, is a tool that can be used brilliantly to expand your movie experience. However, it can also be a scheme to take the audience’s money and run. Here are a few things to think about before seeing a movie in 3D. Color: The more and brighter the colors the better the 3D. Colors contrast

each other on screen which adds depth to 3D. If a film is darker or has less color, there is nothing to contrast and separate, it just blends in with itself. This is why computer generated (CG) animated films tend to be excellent in 3D, like Avatar and How to Tame Your Dragon. Heck, those movies were both colored in neon. Cinematography: These are things to find in trailers. 3D is good for broad panoramic scenery because it gives the objects at different distances color that will help bring them out. A HUGE plus for this is flying. This is why the final battle of the Avengers was so well done, a city is large, and there are different angles at which you can see a distance down.

Marketing: Is this movie advertised as a 3D movie, or a film that you can also see in 3D? Certain films, again like CG, are made specifically to look good in 3D. How can you tell? Well it’s a good sign if the title says “3D” in it. But if the trailers just you a quick 3D option at the end and is not emphasized, it’s probably not worth it. Ask Around: Ask people who have seen it in 2D and 3D. Ask me, ask a friend, Google search, or even check what people say on Youtube. Pay special attention to the professional critics who know what they’re talking about. There’s no better way to know than from the people who were actually there.

The Kind-of-Illegal Movie




Warning! I can’t even give you a subtitle to prepare you for this. Ready? So yeah a few guys and girls walked into Disney World one day and filmed a horror movie about rape, molestation and an alien invasion. I’ll let you go and read that a few times to yourself. All set? Okay, so an independent film maker illegally filmed his own movie at Disney World without any permission. How does no one notice this you ask? When you use iPhones and household cameras it seems to blend in pretty well in the biggest tourist attraction on

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October 16, 2013

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Scope it Out! Ask Melanie

Here are this week’s events for SCOPE preview week!

Is there trouble in paradise? Do you have love or relationship questions? Ask Melanie! Submit “Ask Melanie” requests to, our Facebook page or Twitter. Dear Melanie,

Tuesday Oct. 15 -Swimsuit Sprint volunteers interest meeting 5 p.m. in Buckman 120

I am starting to like a guy that has a past with my best friend. They have never dated or anything, but I still feel bad pursuing something with him. What should I do?

Wednesday Oct.16 -Drive in Movie in the quad at 7:30 p.m., Despicable Me 2 Friday Oct.18 -Swimsuit Sprint, the run starts at 7 p.m. at Kayo, and the Concert begins at 8 p.m. in the quad. Saturday Oct. 19 -Homecoming face painting at the USGA tent at North Campus, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sunday Oct.20 -Despicable Me 2 showing, 2:30 p.m. in Lee 301

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The very first piece of advice I have for you is to make sure you talk to your best friend first. This may seem like the hardest thing to do, but in the grand scheme of things, it will make your situation a million times less stressful. If you know that the guy is interested in you as well, then it is easier to tell her that you and him have mutual feelings for each other and you want to pursue them, but neither of you want to hurt her in the process. Even though your best friend and him never dated you are still treading in murky water. As a girl yourself, you probably know that girls get attached much easier than guys most of the time, and though they never pursued anything, who’s to say that she didn’t want to? After you talk to your friend it will be much easier to judge where to go from that point on. If she is ok with it, and you can tell she genuinely is, then there shouldn’t be an issue. However, if an issue arises later, you have to know that you did the right thing and it isn’t your fault. If she says she’s okay with it, but you can tell that she’s lying, then it’s up to you to judge whether you think a relationship with this guy is worth having over hurting your best friend. Lastly, if she straight up tells you that she isn’t okay with the situation, which I can almost guarantee she won’t do because if she’s a good friend she won’t want to see you unhappy, then you need to give her the same courtesy and maybe see how things go on the down low for a while. You don’t have to do anything behind her back, or stop talking to the guy altogether, but explaining the situation and keeping it mutual with him will give her time to mull over the situation and start to help her move on. If there is one thing that is good to keep in mind it is that men always find reasons to come and go out of girl’s lives, but friends are consistent. Just make sure that you aren’t hurting a friend who would be there for you like no one else could if this guy breaks your heart.

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October 16, 2013

The Voice’s Cassadee Pope Releases Debut Solo Country Album: Frame by Frame



Cassadee Pope is an American singer/songwriter who was previously in a touring pop-rock band called Hey Monday, which formed in 2008, but is currently on a hiatus as of Dec. 2011. Pope started her solo career, which began in December of 2011, and she let her fans know that the band had not “broken up.” In early 2012, she played her first acoustic solo tour before releasing her debut solo EP titled, Cassadee Pope EP. She took part in the third season of NBC’s The Voice and became the season winner on Dec. 18, 2012; also the first female winner of The Voice. Her debut solo country album, Frame by Frame, was released on Oct. 8. Here is what I thought about each of the 11 tracks on the album: “Good Times”: The song has an upbeat tempo with a pull into the beginning of the song. The title of the

song makes you really want to have a ‘Good Time’ after listening to it. “Champagne”: The song starts off instrumental, and is very moving, and then is accompanied by Cassadee’s vocals. “Washing All These Tears”: The beginning of the song has a serious tone to it and makes you want to listen to the meaning of the lyrics and what she is trying to say. “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart”: The meaning to this song is really strong, and you can tell by the way Cassadee arranges her vocals throughout the song. “Everybody Sings”: This song starts off by her singing, la dada dada la dada dada, and it is very catchy and made me want to listen to see what came next. The lyrics of this song also are very clever and fit well together. “You Hear a Song”: The song has a slow tempo which makes you want to sway back and forth with all your friends while listening to her voice. To me,


this song is emotional and touches you with what she is trying to say. “This Car”: The way she starts off the song with, woah ohh, and then goes into her lyrics, pulled my attention. “One Song Away”: The start of this song has the guitar followed by drums. The tempo of this song is steady and slow, and you can understand the concept of what she is trying to express. “Easier to Lie”: The lyrics to this song are very clever and you can relate to what she is saying if you have been through the situation she explains throughout the song. “11”: I really loved the melody and the way she sings the lyrics in this song. I also enjoyed how she had the guitar accompany her vocals throughout the song. “Proved You Wrong”: This song is catchy and the lyrics are incredible, which fit together well. She has that passion in her voice that makes the song strong like her lyrics.

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This past weekend I went to see Somo at Brighton Music Hall in Boston. Don’t worry I get the same reaction every time I say I went to see Somo. Most of the time people look at me funny and ask what Somo stands for and what kind of band they are. Joseph Somo is actually an RnB artist from Dallas, Texas who goes by the stage name of Somo. He got started in the YouTube community with his amazing and simplistic covers of popular Top 40 songs. I guarantee if there is a song on the radio today that you hate you will be a fan of his version. Somo has a particularly smooth and gentle style that makes almost every song have a slow jams feel, even

Ra Ra Riot Ra Ra Rocked It




On Saturday, Oct. 12, I went to go see the Baroque Pop/Electronic Indie band Ra Ra Riot at the Center Church on The Green, located on Temple Street in downtown New Haven. Having seen them twice already, I knew it would be a great show, but I had no idea how it could be any different than the other two times. As soon as I entered the church, I realize how unique the venue was. The Center Church was established in New Haven as a Puritan church in 1638, and even though it has been restored many times since then, it still looks very antique on the inside. Because of this, I was shocked when I realized that there would be a rock show right where the priest gives his sermons. It turns out that the congregation rents the church out many nights a year for various concerts. Even though the tickets are general admission, there was no standing room, and everyone had a seat in the pews. This sounds like an odd way to give a concert, but if you can imagine standing for about four hours straight, you’ll start to change your mind. Two bands opened for Ra Ra Riot on this leg of their Fall Tour. The first band was Cayucas, an indie band that was formed by two twin brothers, Zach and Ben Yudin in Santa Monica, California. The second band was Caveman, who, regardless of their rugged stage presence, put on a fantastic show. Both bands did an amazing job at warming up the crowd and getting everyone pumped up for the headliners. By the end of both openers sets, the crowd was on their feet. Like most churches, synagogues and temples, the Center Church had incredible acoustics. Good acoustics are needed in churches, because before the microphone was invented, it was necessary for everyone in the congregation to be able to hear the priest well. The acoustics of the church allowed the sound from all the



Page 15

speakers to be distributed perfectly among everyone, so the back row heard the band just as well as the front row did. Each band had their own sound engineer, which is a great advantage since every band is different, and engineers who know the band will know how to better design their sound. Ra Ra Riot always had a great stage presence. The bassist, Mathieu Santos, always has a smile on his face. The singer, Wes Miles, hits spectacular high notes as if it was sampled straight from the album. That’s one of the things that are so great about Ra Ra Riot’s live performances. They are masters at reproducing the sound that they have on their studio albums, which is something very difficult to do when the vocals are in such a high pitch range. Most vocalists have to either change the key of their songs or just sing in a different register to be able to sound good live. Miles never disappoints the audience with his vibrant vocals. Even though they only have three studio albums, Ra Ra Riot includes a balanced combination of songs from their first two Baroque Pop albums and their third album, Beta Love, which marked a change in direction in the band from Baroque Pop to Electronic Indie. They always do a good job in regards of pleasing both their new and old fans. The live show has always been fun. They manage to play their music well, keep the audience captivated, and run around stage, keeping things fun all at the same time. Throughout their years

of performing live this has always been a constant; however, this tour included something new. Along with a great stage presence, they added an awesome lighting program. These last shows included lighting design that Ra Ra Riot hasn’t really implemented in previous tours. Multiple triggers such as the bass drum, snare drum, or certain vocal melodies cause certain light patterns to be seen by the audience. Instead of having regular lights hanging from the ceiling, the band had many thin cylinders surrounding the stage, which gave it a very fun yet minimalistic stage setup. After the show was over, I stayed behind after everyone left, hoping to meet the band. One of my favorite things about Ra Ra Riot is that since they are not as well known as other artists, they are a lot more modest and down to earth. I met all of the members of the band, and I was able to talk to them both as a fan and as a musician. I talked to Mat (the bassist) about techniques that we had in common, along with ones that we didn’t share. I’ve met many other wellknown musicians and I’ve never felt like I’ve been able to connect with them on the level that I connected with the members of Ra Ra Riot. They have a great stage presence, they have a great sound, and they keep the audience entertained from the time they start, till their last song, so I would highly recommend seeing this band live to anyone interested in the indie music scene.

Somo at Brighton Music Hall

“Young and Beautiful,” by Lana Del Ray. My friends and I attended the show with the expectation of being far away and not getting to meet him (the meet and greet tickets were way too expensive). Time was definitely on our side, because as soon as we got there the left wing of the stage was open and we wound up standing with our arms resting on the stage. Yonas, a rapper who has recently taken the hip-hop scene by storm, opened for Somo with an amazingly powerful set that really brought the crowd together. Yonas is a rapper who merges the classic styles of Tupac and Nas with a modern-day message promoting peace, equality and freedom. Right before his set was over he asked the fans to tweet him when he went backstage, so naturally I tweeted that he should come back out and meet his newest fans. Not

even two seconds later Yonas was back in the audience searching for my friends and I. When we walked over to him he said, “I couldn’t let my fans down.” It was so refreshing to see an artist, who was rapidly gaining popularity, take the time to associate with his fan base and be so personable. Yonas will be playing at Toad’s place in November with Mamosa, so if you are a true hip-hop fan I’d be on the lookout for that show. Somo came out on stage about ten minutes after Yonas, which was nice because there was no real lag time between sets. He started out with his most popular original song “Kings & Queens.” This song combines his true RnB roots with hints of today’s Pop. The rest of his set mixed some of his oldest covers with songs off of his current album, My Life. He ended his performance with my all time favorite

song “Ride,” which is definitely rated R, and when he walked off stage my friends and I followed. This was probably the most daring thing we have ever done and thank goodness he is such a sweet guy who actually found it amusing and said to meet us by his tour bust after his meet and greet with everyone else. Actually getting the time to sit and talk with Somo, take pictures and let him know what an inspiration he has been for me musically was amazing. He was such a sweet guy who really had a passion for his music and exemplified that in every way possible. If you have not heard of Somo before I suggest you give him a listen. He has hundreds of videos on YouTube for you to choose from and I guarantee he has covered a song that you either love, or hate, and made it ten times better.


October 16, 2013  
October 16, 2013