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Volume 87, Issue 8

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DELTA CHI STAYS BUSY Delta Chi has been busy this semester with numerous activities. Find our what they’ve been up to inside.

The student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938 oH THOSE YANKEES The Yankees ended a rough season in a rough way, not making it to the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Here what our staff sports writer has to say about it.

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Dining Hall Gets a Makeover

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Lies Shows Truth



FACULTY ART SHOW Take a glimpse at what some faculty members have to offer with a photo montage of the Faculty Art Show.

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THREE SCIENTISTS WIN NOBEL PRIZE The work of three scientists on cancer and AIDS research has been recognized at last. Check out the full story for all the info.

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Connecticut Legalizes Gay Marriage





HARTFORD—On Friday, Oct. 10, the Connecticut Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, marking Connecticut the third state in the country to do so, following Massachusetts and California. The ruling stated that “interpreting our state constitutional provisions in accordance with firmly established equal protection principles leads inevitably to the conclusion that gay persons are entitled to mar-

ry the otherwise qualified same sex partner of their choice.” "To decide otherwise would require us to apply one set of constitutional principles to gay persons and another to all others. The guarantee of equal protection under the law, and our obligation to uphold that command, forbids us from doing so. In accordance with these state constitutional requirements, same sex couples cannot be denied the freedom to marry." Three years ago, the state of Connecticut be-

gan allowing civil unions. Although civil unions are intended to be marriage without the same name, Connecticut Legislature later tabled a bill allowing marriage. But eight gay couples sued the state, arguing that civil unions were not equal to marriage and that the state Constitution guaranteed them equal treatment. A representative of Connecticut's commissioner of public health said he does not know when the state might start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Body of Lies begins with a profound quote by W.H. Auden: “I and the public know, what all schoolchildren learn. Those to whom evil is done, do evil in return.” Auden wrote these lines in regards to Germany’s invasion of Poland which can be related to the central theme in Body of Lies. This film offers a poignant portrayal of the lifestyle in the Middle East and the role CIA tactics of American government play in the War on Terror. Body of Lies is based on a novel by David Ignatius, an American journalist who spent a lot of time covering the CIA and issues concerning the Middle East. Roger Farris, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a CIA operative in Jordan. He was stationed in the Middle East to assist in the war on terror. Farris discovers information about Al-Saleem (a proxy for Osama Bin Laden); the Islamist ringleader who organizes various unjust bombings in civilian territories. Farris and his boss, Ed Hoffman, formulate a plot to trounce Al-Saleem. Cultural and moral issues create obstacles for the men as they execute their mission. Body of Lies exposed many elements of the MidSee LIES page 8

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Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15  The Art Of Interviewing New Hall 1, 12:15pm – 1:15pm

 Pool League

New Hall Game Room, 7pm – 9pm

Thursday, October 16 No events scheduled at this time- Check your UNH e-mail for updates

 Women's Volleyball vs. SCSU

Friday, October 17  Trial Mock Party

Dunham Lounge, 7pm – 8pm

 Movie: Wanted Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Charger Gymnasium, 7:00pm – 9:30pm

 Obama/McCain Debate Watching Botwinik, 9pm

Saturday, October 18  Men's Soccer vs. Franklin Pierce University Kayo Field, 1:00pm

 Tony Econ Card Shark and Cheat Dodd's Theater, 8pm

Sunday, October 19

Monday, October 20

 Triple Olympics

 Pros & Cons of Technology

 Ice Hockey Vs. Boston College

 Networking Etiquette

 Movie: Wanted

Alcohol Awareness Week

Bixler/Botwinik Quad, 1pm – 4pm

Northford Ice Pavillion, 5pm

Kaplan 101, 1:40pm – 2:40pm Kaplan 202, 3:05pm – 4:05pm

Tuesday, October 21  Women's Soccer vs. Stonehill College Kayo Field, 4pm – 6pm

 Cooking with Alcohol Dining Hall, 4:30pm – 7:00pm

Alumni Lounge, 7pm

 Open House

UNH Campus, 9:00am – 3:30pm

Alcohol Awareness Week Events

Sunday Oct. 19: Alternative Drinking Event: Movie Night- Wanted Monday Oct. 20: Pledge not to drink chain- 8am-5pm, Bartels Hall Obstacle Course with Beer Goggles- 8:30pm, Bixler/Botwinik Quad Mocktails- 8:30pm, Bixler/Botwinik Quad Tuesday Oct. 21: By Dan Osipovitch Pledge not to drink chain- 8am-5pm, Bartels Hall A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH Dead Man Walking- All Day Cooking with Alcohol- 4:30pm-7pm, Echlin Dining Hall Docudrama- 5:30pm, Bethel Parking Lot Tuesday Night Trivia- 8:30pm, New Hall Game Room They finally decided to renovate Shootings, robberies, and Wednesday Oct. 22: the cafeteria after closing it all sum- texts—oh my! Crime around camPledge not to drink chain- 10am-2pm, Bartels Hall mer for the renovations that they pus is increasing as our campus “The Convincer”- 10am-4pm, Bartels Patio didn’t do. Hopefully it will actually is growing ‘increasingly safer’. allow for more room for people to Thanks for actually using the texts Alternative Drinking Event: Mystery Dinner- 7pm-10pm, Alumni sit, but we can only hope. Though this time, but that doesn’t mean we Lounge it doesn’t seem that room to sit is feel safe. As someone pointed out Alternative Drinking Event: Pool League- 2pm-9pm, New Hall Game the main issue as much as the lines to me, because of these incidents are an issue. Hence why I love Top we’re now going to get texts for Room Bixler Bash- 10pm, Bixler Quiet Study Hits and Take 3—they’d better every single little incident so that keep those around. no one gets in trouble. I guess Thursday Oct. 23: we’ll see. Pledge not to drink chain- 10am-2pm, Bartels Hall Whoa! The mailroom, after “Make It A Virgin Please!”- 6pm, Sheffield Hall YEARS of complaining, has finally Fires, evacuations, and “Get Loaded” Baked Potato Bar- 9pm, Echlin Dining Room repented their ways and found grace texts—oh my! With the gas leak Band: We The Living- 7pm, New Hall Patio in the Will of the Student Body. in Dunham and Winchester along They have extendwith the fire in New Hall, we did Friday Oct. 24: ed their hours very well with Fire PreAlternative Drinking Event: Movie Night- Step Brothers from 10a.m. vention week, now “Trial Mock Party”- 7pm, Dunham to 5p.m. withdidn’t we? There “Mind Boggle, Body Toggle, Beer Goggle”- 6pm, Forest Hills out that awful were even ruBotwinik Bash- 8pm, Botwinik first floor common lounge break that they mors around usually have CSA Party- 9pm-1am, German Club campus about during the only a fog machine Saturday Oct. 25: time people can setting off the “Halloween Costume Mocktail”- 8pm, Savin Apt #31 seem to stop by fire alarms the mailroom. somewhere. Sunday Oct. 26: “Oktoberfest”- 9pm, Bethel Lot You now have Who knows our blessing. Thursday, October 30th anymore but either way I’m “Overcoming Obstacles”- 7pm, Winchester Fire Lane losing faith Other events to watch out for: fast in campus Pumpkin Painting-Proceeds go to MADD, XKP Pie Throw-Proceeds safety. go to MADD, Tie One On for Safety



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National/World News Ads Aim Below the Belt



With less than a month left until the general election, the campaigns of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain have lent themselves to the tactics that every campaign sets out to avoid, yet inevitably resorts to. Negative campaigning and attack ads has become the norm in today’s political arena and as McCain continued to feel the pressure of his poll numbers slip-

ping his need to “take the gloves off” had become quite evident and Obama’s retaliation was soon to follow. McCain’s attack points do not vary much from his criticisms of Obama throughout the campaign, highlighting the junior senator’s relationships with questionable characters, such as former domestic terrorist and current education professor Bill Ayers. Ayers and Obama served on a charity board together and Ayers once hosted an event

for Obama while he was still in the Illinois state senate. McCain is attempting to take the attention away from the struggling economy, which he admitted was not his strong suit, as well as saying that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” and shift the discussion to national security where McCain’s war-hero status and experience gives him the advantage. Although Obama is also reiterating many of the same differences he has pointed out throughout

man doctor and scientist who discovered human papilloma viruses (HPV). Zur Hausen received half of the prize money, while Barre-Sinoussi and Montagnier split the remainder. According to the Nobel Assembly, the French researchers’ HIV discoveries in the 1980s allowed scientists to understand the biology of AIDS, as well as how to best treat it. Their findings allowed blood to be screened for HIV and led to the treatment of

AIDS with antiviral drugs. Zur Hausen discovered two high-risk types of HPV, which are viruses that can cause cervical cancer. Once these two strains were identified, a vaccine was developed to protect against the infection. The FDA approved the vaccine Gardasil in 2006, and it is administered to females ages nine to 26 to prevent against HPV. Barre-Sinoussi and Montagnier’s breakthroughs were

the campaign, such as McCain’s trickledown tax plan versus Obama’s tax cuts for 95% of Americans, or the Arizona senator’s similarities to President Bush, he has ventured into some new ground in his ads. He has begun to bring up McCain’s involvement in the Keating Five, a scandal involving McCain and four other U.S. senators. The senators were accused of acting inappropriately on behalf of former Lincoln Savings

See CAMPAIGNS page 5

Nobel Prize Shared for AIDS and Cancer Innovations



Three European scientists were awarded with the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine for their individual findings regarding viruses that cause AIDS and cervical cancer. Francoise BarreSinoussi and Luc Montagnier, French scientists recognized for uncovering human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), shared the prize with Harald Zur Hausen, the Ger-

achieved with the help of U.S. researcher, Dr. Robert Gallo. Gallo and Montagnier had been engaged in an ongoing dispute over who held what role in HIV and AIDS research. In the 1990s, it was settled that the French pair isolated HIV one year before Gallo did. Only three people can share the Nobel Prize, and Gallo did not receive formal recognition for his work.

Zack’s Wacky StacK

Your place to find the oddest stories in mainstream news. By Zack Rosen Naked swimmer Television footage He was caught by watching the chase, evades police in To- showed the tall man two policemen, after giggling and takkyo palace moat getting out of the wa- a chase media said ing photos on mobile TOKYO—A bald, na- ter at one point, chas- lasted for an hour and phones. ked man who said he ing police with a rock a half. Police said it was was a British tourist and a plastic construc"I've never heard of unclear what his mowent swimming in the tion site pole. anyone doing such a tives were, although moat of Japan's ImpeHe then went back thing," an unidentified media said he had rial Palace on Tuesday, to the murky water man at the scene told dropped a bag in the climbing the palace and swam across to TV Tokyo. "He must water. wall, throwing rocks the other side of the be a bit crazy." and splashing water moat, climbing up the Television showed at police before being 8-meter (9-yard) stone passers-by gathering taken into custody. wall of the palace. around the moat and

The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008



By Associated Press Writers Yale celebrates Noah Webster's 250th birthday NEW HAVEN—The announcement came in 1800 in the back of a Connecticut newspaper just above a farmer's reward for a stray cow. A man named Noah Webster was proposing the first comprehensive "dictionary of the American language." Webster is the focus of a commemoration Oct. 16-17 at Yale University to mark his 250th birthday with lectures, an exhibition of memorabilia and a visit to his grave in New Haven. States ask baby product companies to avoid BPA HARTFORD—Attorneys general from three states are asking 11 companies that make baby bottles and baby formula containers to no longer use the chemical bisphenol A. The letters signed by attorneys general from Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware call the chemical, known as BPA, potentially harmful to infants. "I am alarmed by recent studies confirming that BPA leaches from these products into the foods they hold," Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said in the letters. "The preventable release of a toxic chemical directly into the food we eat is unconscionable and intolerable." Letters were sent Friday to baby bottle manufacturers Avent America Inc., Disney First Years, Gerber, Handicraft Co., Playtex Products Inc. and Evenflo Co., and formula makers Abbott, Mead Johnson, PBM Products, Nature's One and Wyeth. The federal Food and Drug Administation, which has the power to ban or limit use of BPA in food containers and medical devices, has not recommended any change in consumer habits. Last month, the agency issued tips to avoid consumer exposure, including avoiding plastic containers imprinted with the recycling number '7,' as many of those contain BPA, or avoiding warming food in such containers. Officials search for person who abandoned toddler HARTFORD—Connecticut child welfare officials are continuing their search for the guardian of a toddler who was abandoned in an apartment building lobby in Hartford. City police got a call Saturday evening and found a boy who appears to be between 18 months and 2 years old alone in a stroller. He was wearing a sweater, blue jeans and sneakers at the time. The state Department of Children and Families took custody of the toddler and is looking for his guardian. The boy is described as in good health. Officials say he has a medium complexion, black hair in braids and brown eyes, and he's 2 feet tall and weighs 35 pounds.

New Haven News The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

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Delta Chi Stays Busy on Campus By SAMUEL COX DELTA CHI


WEST HAVEN— With the first month of the semester behind us, the brothers of the New Haven Delta Chi Fraternity are working hard in and out of the classroom, balancing school work and fraternity life. Over the past month the brothers enjoyed Rush Week, meeting many new freshmen and upper classmen and are proud of their new associate members: Jon Bouchard,

Chuck Marorale, and Ben Wager. In September the brothers were working very hard in the New Haven area, assisting the Special Olympics bowling at the East Haven AMF bowling lanes. On Sept. 21, the brothers attended a charity walk with the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon to raise awareness about Lupus, a disease that attacks the immune system. In October, the brothers will the hosting their annual American Red Cross Blood

Drive in the German Club during the week of Oct. 29. Please stop by the sign up table in Bartels during the next two weeks to sign up to donate blood. Your donation can help save up to three lives! The brothers will also be attending the ALS walk on Oct. 26, at the Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven. At the end of the month, the IFSC will be hosting a dance-off and the brothers are looking to take the top prize, as well as planning a Halloween party for all Greeks.

RECSports Season One Comes to a Close



WEST HAVEN—The regular season games for Season One were wrapped up for the most part this week. Guess what that means? PLAYOFFS! Many people have asked when playoffs

are. The schedule will be posted on the RECSports’ bulletin board in the Rec Center along with current standings and Quest scores. With Season One coming to an end that can only mean one thing: Season Two is almost here. Season Two registration start-

ed on Oct. 6 and continues until Friday, Oct. 17. The managers’ meetings for all the sports are on Oct. 20. Play starts on the Monday, Oct. 27. So get your teams together and sign up at the Equipment Service Desk as soon as See SEASON page 10


Students Perform at Second Beanhouse

By ANKIT SHARMA staff writer


WEST HAVEN— The second Beanhouse, organized by SCOPE, took place on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 9:00 p.m. in Bartels Lobby. It was a place where budding singers astonished the audience with the power of their music. Completely different from the first Beanhouse, there were many more peo-


A student rocks out at Beanhouse.

ple in the audience. W h i l e there was no poetry or prose this time around, t h e r e were a lot of new performers. The performers of the evening included Phil Ducheny, Jesse

Brothers of Delta Chi participate in a walk for Lupus.

Johnson III, Ajay Ananda and returning musician Colin Burke who performed acoustic versions of songs by System of a Down, December and The Spill Canvas. There were a lot of performers who played originals, with the exception of Jesse Johnson III who performed the song “Rocking in the World” by Neil Young. Beanhouse lasted for two hours and ended with a performance of Incubus


A student plays an acoustic set at Beanhouse on Wednesday, Oct.8.

song “Drive” by Dan-

ielle, Steph and Jesse.


It’s that time of year again and Health Services is here to keep you healthy this flu season. Vaccinations will begin around mid-October. Appointments need to be made by calling the Health Services office at (203) 932-7079 (NO EMAILS PLEASE). Vaccinations will cost $15.00.

Campaigns Get Dirty

con’t from page 3

and Loan Association Chairman Charles H. Keating Jr. McCain was criticized for his “poor judgment” by the Senate Ethics Committee, but not found to have acted

improperly. As Friday saw Senator Obama’s lead increase to as much as eleven points in Newsweek’s poll, McCain’s shift towards negative campaigning has not yet shown

to be effective, but as Election Day quickly approaches, it seems that the GOP nominee’s back is against the wall, and we cannot expect him to put the dogs back on the chain.

Campus Safety Quiz: Test Your Awareness

1. Where are all the blue emergency phones located on campus? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 2. What is the Campus Police main line number? __________ 3. What the Campus Police Emergency line number? __________ 4. What does RAD stand for? ________________ and what does RFM stand for?________________ 5. Name two Campus Police officers and their titles. _______________ _____________________ 6. What is the Web site to get on to register for the emergency text message service?_________________________ 7. What is the Clery Act? _________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 8. What are the hours of Campus Police?__________________ 9. When is Alcohol Awareness Week?____________________ 10. Where is Campus Police located?______________________ Please return completed quizzes to the Office of Residential Life in Bixler Hall no later than Wednesday, October 22nd for a chance to win a $25 iTunes gift card.

The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

USGA President’s Corner USGA Meetings are at 1:45 every Tuesday in the Alumni Lounge. All are welcome!

Changes at UNH

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and are well-rested. We only have three days of classes this week! I think that this long October weekend was great. I had the opportunity to travel home to New Jersey and see my family which I have not seen since mid-August. Thank you administration for giving us a rest; we needed it. While the weekend was going on, the USGA was still hard at work. As I am sure that many of you have read, the USGA has worked with President Kaplan and the mailroom to have those awkward hours extended into more convenient times for

students. Last Thursday I had a student call me who said they would not be able to get their mail until Tuesday because they were going home and they missed the morning mailroom hours by two minutes. Hopefully, we will never have to hear a story similar to that again. The mailroom in Bixler Hall will now be open from 7 a.m. to midnight seven days a week as well. The USGA is also working with the Facilities department to look at and price out pre-fabricated bus stations to go next to Maxcy. The idea was brought up in USGA when President Kaplan visited and I think they will be a

Louis Eswood III USGA President great asset for students on those rainy days and as the winter months come closer. All of these changes were initiated by students who weren't afraid to speak up and ask for change. Please if you seen something that could be better about our campus let your USGA senators know or log onto www.ChargerVoice. com and voice your concern!

Fall 2008 Hockey Schedule

10/19/08 5:30 pm vs. Boston University, Northford Ice Pavillion 10/25/08 vs. Rhode Island College, Northford Ice Pavillion 10/31/08 9 pm at Babson College, Babson College 11/1/08 2 pm at Wagner College, Cloves Lake War Memorial 11/14/08 9 pm vs. Norwich University, Northford Ice Pavillion 11/15/08 7:45 pm vs. Norwich University, Northford Ice Pavillion 11/22/08 5 pm at Boston University, Walter Brown Arena 12/06/08 7:30 pm at Connecticut College, Dayton Arena

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The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered an era in which we can’t lose. I don’t mean “can’t lose” in the optimistic way. I mean that we have lost the ability to lose graciously. I began noticing this development when my seven-yearold cousin cried when he lost a game of Scrabble against my grandmother (a Scrabble pro) and almost threw my Wii-mote across the room when he was last place in Mario Party. At first, I thought maybe this has been caused by the relatively new practice of not keeping score during little league games or not defining winners and losers in gym class. Once I started paying more attention, I noticed a much big-

Invasion of the Sore Losers

ger trend. Americans as a whole are a bunch of sore losers. Let’s start small;

Celina Natola Editor-in-Chief the Super Bowl. It’s still difficult for me to talk about it, but for the purpose of writing a substantial editorial, I feel like I must include it. The Patriots lost one game all season. Granted, the most important game was the one they lost. However, how many New Englanders still

can’t talk about it because they are still so upset from that single loss? Everyone knows someone that is. Over one game. A similar thing happened this summer when the Rays started taking the lead in the American League over the Boston Red Sox. I’ve never seen so many angry faces on my way to work. We answer these losses by blaming Manny, injuries, or umpires. Once upon a time, slumps were understood to be just that: slumps. While some turned into curses, people still understood that their team would win again someday. Now, it seems like we are too impatient to wait. We need to win now. Now let’s move further into the loss

spectrum; wars. Who won the Cold War? Who won the Vietnam War? Who’s winning the War against Terrorism? Truthfully, the answer to these questions isn’t a clear one. But let’s look at the basis of these wars: a fight against communism, another fight against communism, and a fight against terrorism. Communism and terrorism have always been around, are still around, and probably will always be around. On that rationalization alone, I’m willing to say that the U.S. didn’t win any of these wars. True, maybe we didn’t exactly lose them either. However, are we just too scared of admitting defeat? Do we still have troops in the Middle East because

we don’t want to look like losers? I really am not into politics enough to debate this with anyone; I just see a connection between U.S. politics and our inability to lose. Finally, we’ll look at the biggest opportunity to lose: the Olympics. It’s natural to pay more attention to wins than losses, so our explosive admiration of Michael Phelps was to be expected. However, we were so blinded by the gymnastic age scandal that we practically ignored the fact that Nastia Liukin won the gold in women’s gymnastics all-around competition. And while we basked in the glory of leading in total medals, we ignored the fact that China had almost doubled our

gold medals. On a much smaller level, the issue of losing hits close to home as UNH students wonder whether we lost any parking spots (I told myself I wouldn’t discuss parking issues for a while, but I feel like I’ve waited long enough). Who knows where this inability to lose came from? The only thing that’s clear (at least to me) is that lately even “mature” adults have a hard time dealing with loss. It will be interesting to see how this tendency grows worse or better as time goes on and our “me” generation begins competing with each other for jobs and successful lives.

Get Your Voice Heard!

Submit editorials to the Charger Bulletin by e-mailing them to

Screw The Hedgehog!–Sonic, The Restaurant

In a land far, far, away, there lies a vast wilderness of love, magic, and food. This wilderness is in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. This past Sunday, I had the great pleasure and luck to be able to travel to this faraway land. “But Zack!” you may ask, “what is so great about Nazareth, Pennsylvania!?” Well the answer, Questioner, is not much. It’s just a plain old city in PA with a McDonald’s, WalMart, and the like. There wasn’t much that was special about it. Except one nonhedgehog-like thing. Sonic. My friend and fel-

low traveler D-Money and I decided that it was our prerogative to venture to this unbeknownst restaurant. To be frank, most of us who are from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York have never been to these restaurants–but have only seen the ads on television. Since it’s cheaper to advertise nationally, we get the pleasure of learning all about the fun food Sonic has to offer, but we never get to enjoy eating any of it. So here we are in New England with the closest Sonic in New Jersey. But for those of you who were asking

what this heavenly oasis is like, the answer is this: Sonic is a godsend. It’s amazing. It’s like the fourth Indiana Jones until the freakin’ alien thing. WTF, George Lucas! As we drove up to the restaurant, we were amazed at the size of the line going up to it: we waited in it for a good 15 minutes before reaching the front. Once there, we drove around to the drive-in and ordered as much as we could. Hell, we weren’t going three hours each way to just get a soda! If you’re one of the many who have seen the commercials and wondered if it would

be worth the trip, let me be the first to answer “yes.” The food was delicious: cherry limeade slushes, Reese’s and M&M shakes, cheeseburger, toaster sandwich, fries, chili cheese dog, cheesey tots … fantastic. Fan-f’ing-fastic. The venture was well worth it, and one that you should definitely go on if you find a friend as amicable to take the journey with. Screw Harold and Kumar, they chose the wrong restaurant. Sonic is so good that I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the favorite restaurant of Martin Luther King, Jr., Tim Fasano, and Jesus

robbed. Hell, a boulder could’ve fallen on my car after eating at Sonic and I wouldn’t have cared one bit. I was happy and fulfilled, and nothing was ruining that feeling. You may have gone home this weekend and won the lottery, visited your girlfriend and got laid, or had dinner with Angelina Jolie and her plethora Zack Rosen of adopted children. Assistant Editor But you didn’t go to Bush this weekend Sonic. I did. My eyes and ask him to replace have been opened, each and every jail and I am now a better in the country with person for this experia Sonic. They’re the ence. ultimate correctional facility, and will surely fix those who have murdered and Christ. I have decided that I will call President

The Escargot

Restaurant Reviews by Kaitlyn Glatt Archie Moore’s- Willow Street, New Haven My Favorite Thing: Hot Wings! Overall Rating: Type of Food: American Sports Bar (kind of) Three and a Half Stars out of Five Average Meal Cost: $15.00 per person I was happy to find out that the Archie Moore's in New Haven is only five blocks from my house, so I didn’t have to travel far to find it. Built in 1898 by Archibald Moore himself, this bar and restaurant is the original, with others in places such as Milford and Derby, just to name a couple. When we walked in, my guest and I sat ourselves at the bar because, for a Thursday night in the middle of Yale, the tables were

packed. We were nicely greeted by probably the coolest bartender in the world. We then ordered some drinks and grabbed some menus. There were a large variety of choices, but we first decided on the chips and salsa. Since we were at the bar, we wanted to order some bar food. When the chips arrived, they weren't the best I'd ever had, but they were okay. The salsa really didn't speak to me so I decided I needed to order some-

The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

thing else to give them another chance. The bartender, after talking to us for the longest time, told me about their hot and spicy chicken wing reputation. I'm obsessed with wings so I decided to order a batch of those. All I can say is, “wow.” Archie Moore's has won many awards for their hot and spicy chicken wings and I'm here to confirm that they deserved every single one of them. The sauce was thick and nice and hot, and

the chicken was fried to the exact right temperature. With some spice and crunch, Archie Moore did a great job deciding on a perfecting this recipe. Now, when I say this restaurant is old I mean it. There are vintage Coca-Cola signs everywhere (probably collected from over the last century) and the bar is made with the most beautiful mahogany wood I've ever seen. I was most impressed with the hidden fridges, and the trap door to the base-

ment. The older look of this place gives it its personality, along with its staff. While talking to the bartender (see, I told you he was cool!), I found out that most of their employees have been there for a long time. One waitress has even been there for almost 20 years. Don't you love it when people love their jobs? I really enjoyed myself sitting at the bar with my friend because time flew by while we were socializing with the people

who worked there. I left this restaurant with a smile on my face and so will you. They have huge TVs, football, wings and beer and everyone knows everyone (kind of like Cheers!) so it's always a good time. If you want a night out for some beer and hot wings, skip Hooters and pick Archie Moore's in New Haven. There aren't as many boobs but there are definitely less stomachaches.

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Arts & Entertainment The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

Lies Offers Faculty Talent Shines in Seton Insight into War Gallery Art Show con’t from page 1

dle East. Farris falls in love with a Middle Eastern woman. He is unable to show any signs of affection, including shaking her hand, due to judgment by the Middle East culture. Leonardo DiCaprio lives up to his persona as a versatile and avid actor in this film. He appears physically dilapidated throughout the entire movie. At one point a surgeon extracts tiny bone fragments from his

cal figures that remain at home during times of war. Throughout the entire film Hoffman is shown giving orders to Farris via an ear piece attached to a cell phone. He is usually multitasking when talking to Farris. In one scene he is eating and watching his daughter’s soccer game while advising Farris on how to catch a terrorist. The clash between Hoffman and Farris grabbed the attention of the audience due to the fear of


LEFT: Faculty members Morgan Page and Cecelia Mandrile show their work at the faculty art exhibit. RIGHT: A multimedia piece by Tim Nikiforuk is put on display. BELOW: Guests discuss artwork on display.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the new thriller, Body of Lies.

skin; “Not yours,” the doctor exclaims. This happens right after Farris is involved in a blast that took his friend’s life. Leonardo also shows his aptitude through his character’s ability to speak fluent Arabic. tion was involved and Russell Crowe decontained just dialog. serves praise for his In these scenes the performance as well. dialog was weak and He plays Ed Hoffnonsensical (think man, Farris’s CIA one of those bad SciFi supervisor in Washchannel movies). ington D.C. The darOverall, Quar- ing Crowe gained 50 antine was a good pounds for the role movie that had my in an effort to portray the languid and See CRINGE page 11 power hungry politi-

Horror Flick Skips the Gore



The moment the lights dimmed my legs began to tense up. By the time the movie was over I had scooted so far down in my seat my knees were at my eye level and I had

jumped at least five times and screamed once. One great aspect of Quarantine: no unneeded blood and gore. Essentially, it is just a psychological thriller that makes you jump a lot. Despite the fact the whole movie is

filmed through the eyes of the cameraman, I found the camera work realistic and easy to follow, even during those awesome running action scenes (the complete opposite of Cloverfield). However, the film lagged in some places during scenes where no ac-

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its legitimacy. Russell Crowe’s character sums up the premise of the film in two words, “nobody’s innocent.” Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies is a piece of work that shows the truth. Nobody is innocent in this War on Terror and international trust is precarious. You should definitely go see this movie. Not only is it a thrilling story, but it really hits home due to the relevancy of the War on Terror in our lives.

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Community & Advice

Community Service

The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

Advice Corner

Q: I’m an international student and I have trouble commuUpcoming Opportunities: nicating with my professors. How can I fix my language probSpecial Olympics Bowling in Hamden- Volunteers Needed! Sundays 10am-12pm 9/7/2008-11/22/2008. Contact Gene lems? Delaney @ 203-287-1414 for more information. A: Try talking to your professor about getting a tutor or New Canaan Nature Center’s Fail Fair- October 18th, 2008. translator to help you during or after class so you can you betVolunteers will help with games, crafts, and activities. Various ter comprehend the material. shifts available from 10:30 am –5:30 pm. For more information contact A: You should have probably learned to speak english be2008 American Diabetes Association Walk- Sunday Octo- fore you came to the United States. Either learn pretty quick or ber 19, 2008, Savin Rock. Register Online @: www.diabetis. go back to where you came from! org/stepout. For more info: Beth Robinson @ 877-639-0385 x. 3535 Ongoing Opportunities: West Haven Community House- Needs volunteers for BINGO Fridays 6-10pm. Contact Pam @ 934-5221 x. 114 New Haven Home Recovery- host a shelter meal, help with a special project like painting or planting flowers at one of the shelters, organize a drive, volunteer at the furniture co-op Girl Scouts- Want to volunteer on a weekly basis or adopt a troop? St. Martin’s School- tutoring opportunities, run various after school activities: anything from sports to arts and crafts, themed projects For information on any of these opportunities contact Lyndsay @

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The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

Ending the Season

con’t from page 4

possible. The sports offered for Season Two are kickball, flag football, three v. three basketball, tennis, and team handball. There is also a sports trivia contest and a three-point shooting contest. The sports trivia contest consists of teams of three people. You can sign up for it the same

way that you sign up for the other regular Season Two sports. Participants of the three-point shooting contest can sign up the day of. Come out and show your skills. We would like to congratulate this week’s participant of the week, Delta Chi. Good work and good luck in the playoffs!

Men’s Soccer Gets Tripped Up By Bentley

season. Freshman goalkeeper Jonathan WALTHAM, Mass.— Creem kept the CharDespite taking a 1-0 gers in the lead early, lead early in the first posting three saves in half, the visiting Uni- a four-minute stretch versity of New Haven after the Corriden men's soccer team goal. However, Bentfell 6-2 to Bentley ley struck at the 28:22 College on Saturday mark from 15 yards afternoon, Oct. 11. out to tie the game. Bentley then scored The Chargers are now 3-9-0, 2-6-0 NE-10, three times in the final while the Falcons im- five minutes of the first prove to 5-6-2, 2-5-2 half to take a 4-1 lead at halftime. New Haven opened the scoring in the second half when Jelani Joslyn rifled home a free kick from 20 yards out. That would be the last score for the Chargers as A CHARGER ATHLETICS PHOTO Bentley talMidfielder Oren Corriden of Men’s Soccer. NE-10. lied two more goals to Just over five min- round out the scoring. utes into the game, The Chargers were junior Oren Cor- out-shot 16-5 but held riden capitalized on a a 6-0 advantage in Bentley turnover and saves. found the back of the New Haven returns net from 10 yards out, to action on Saturday, giving New Haven the Oct. 18 against Frankearly advantage. The lin Pierce at Kayo goal is his third on the Field at 1:00 p.m. CHARGER PRESS RLEASE


Yankees Need To Catch Up Quickly ent. Even the Red Sox have young talent that has made them successful over the years. Yes they have some veterans mixed in, but it seems to be a perfect combination. You can look at the Yankees and say they have veterans mixed in with young talent, but how good is that young talent? Both Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy did not pick up a win in 2008. These were the guys who were supposed to be future aces for the team, but they looked nothing like that in 2008. There is still time for these guys to pan out, but as a Yankees fan you have to be questioning how good they are going to turn out to be. Melky Cabrera was sent down toward the end of the season because of lack of performance and Robinson Cano had a big drop in performance this year. Then there are the veterans. You have the

guys who you know are going to be back next year like Jeter, Rodriguez, Damon, Posada and Rivera. The rest of the guys like Giambi, Abreu and even Pettitte and Mussina are question marks on if they will return next year. Giambi and Abreu look to be out of the picture when the off-season officially starts. There is a question about what to do with Hideki Matsui as well. Of course all of this will be addressed, but the question is how. There is talk that first baseman Mark Teixeira will be brought in to replace Giambi. Abreu looks like he will be let go and Xavier Nady will probably move over to right to replace him while Damon and Matsui share time in left. But all of this does not solve the most important problem for the Yankees and that is pitching. The Yan-

kees have not been as successful over the last few years because of pitching. There are guys like ChienMing Wang who have been very good over the years, but when it comes to playoff time there is no one go-to guy to give the ball to in a big spot. The big name on the market this off-season will be C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia has been dominant throughout the years and could be a guy that helps the Yankees back into the post-season next year. However Sabathia has had his issues in the post season including this year. Time will tell what the Yanks will do in the off-season but as far as the A.L. East stands right now the Yankees are the third best team in the division and will be for a while if they do not make any drastic changes.

overall and 1-7-1 in conference play. Åsa Jonsson scored her first career goal as WEST HAVEN—The a Charger off a pass University of New from senior Selina Haven women's soc- Moylan. Jonsson took cer team defeated the the shot from the left visiting Bentley Col- side of the 18-yard box lege Falcons 1-0 Sat- and sailed it over the urday afternoon. The Bentley goalkeeper, Chargers improve to finding the net on the 7-6-1 overall and 5-4- right side of the Bent0 in the Northeast-10 ley goal. That was all Conference and the the Charger would Falcons fall to 3-10-1 need Saturday as they

took their seventh victory of the season. The Chargers attempted 12 shots in the match and riffled nine shots of goal. The Falcons' goalkeeper was credited with eight saves, four in each half. UNH held the Falcons at bay, with just five shots, three on goal and Chargers' goalkeeper Kim Taylor grabbed her second shutout of the season.

The Chargers tallied nine corner kicks, while the Falcons took only three. Fouls were called fairly even with the Chargers recording 10 and the Falcons seven. The Chargers return to action on Wednesday, Oct. 15 against Pace. Game time in Pleasantville, N.Y. is scheduled for 3 p.m.




Over the past few weeks it has been hard to be a New York Yankees fan. Yankees fans have seen the end of an era with the last game of the old Yankee Stadium. They have also seen the Yankees not reach the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Most shockingly of all, they have witnessed both the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox reach the American League Championship Series. It is pretty simple to figure out that if the Yankees want to even make the playoffs next year they have to make changes and make them quickly. The Yankees can no longer turn to old veterans to help turn the team around. If you look at how the Rays were successful this year, it was all done with young tal-

Jonsson’s 37th Minute Goal Lifts UNH Over Bentley



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A&E Continued

Quarantine Makes Viewers Jump But Not Cringe

con’t from page 8

attention most of the time (besides those pesky dialog scenes). Even if you’re one of those weird people who never jump at

scary movies you’d still like the movie. I’m not just saying that. My dad saw the movie with me and never jumps during movies, but he gave

it the thumbs up. For any one reading this be advised that I am a naturally jumpy person, so results may vary.

The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

Bond Girl Rises From Soviet Childhood

mother, Marina, an art teacher, and her ––––––––––––––––– grandmother, a doctor, Kurylenko and her B E R D Y A N S K , family lived in a threeU k r a i n e — O l g a room apartment not Kurylenko, the model far from the city cenand actress who stars ter. That was a luxury in the upcoming James by Soviet standards, Bond movie, began when many lived in acting by playing San- communal flats, sharta Claus' young wife ing the kitchen and in a school play in her bathroom with several Ukrainian hometown. families. Today her crumTeachers rememBy MARIA DANILOVA ASSOCIATED PRESS

comes from her childhood," said Kurylenko. "There is something very terrible that happened to her when she was a little girl and everything she focuses on is revenge connected to this event and that is her motivation in the movie." Kurylenko's star began to rise at 16 when she was spotted by a model scout in


Janet Jackson Cancels More Shows

Jennifer Carpenter stars in the new horror movie Quarantine.


––––––––––––––––– LOS ANGELES— The doctor has again ordered Janet Jackson to postpone a return to her "Rock Witchu" tour. Jackson was scheduled to resume her tour Monday night at the Turning Stone Re-

sort in New York after canceling a show over the weekend in Connecticut. A message posted on the resort and casino's Web site stated the show had been canceled at the advice of Jackson's doctor. She has since postponed several shows, including Thursday night's show at Madi-

son Square Garden in New York. Promoters say the dates will be rescheduled. No one is saying what is ailing Jackson, who was rushed to a hospital in Montreal before a concert in late September. Jackson is on her first North American tour in seven years.

2008 Salvation Army Red Kettle Christmas campaign at the NoV. 27 contest. The fundraising drive continues through Christmas Eve. Since its partnership with the Cowboys, which began in 1997, the annual Red Kettle campaign has raised more than $1 billion, helping the

Salvation Army serve 30 million people each year nationwide. Last year, the campaign raised a record $118 million. Previous halftime performers include Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Sheryl Crow, Destiny's Child, Toby Keith, LeAnn Rimes, and Jessica Simpson.

Jonas Brothers to Play at Cowboys Game


––––––––––––––––– IRVING, Texas— The Jonas Brothers will perform during halftime of the Dallas Cowboys' nationally televised Thanksgiving Day game against the Seattle Seahawks. The band will officially kick off the


Olga Kurylenko stars alongside Daniel Craig in the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

ber Kurylenko, the 28-year-old brunette who charms 007 in Quantum of Solace, for the determination, drive and luck that turned her into a Bond Girl. "She was such a talented girl," said her hometown piano teacher, Halina Kulchitska. "Even if she hadn't become James Bond's girl, she still would have gotten some big role." Kurylenko grew up in this city of 140,000 on the Azov Sea in southeastern Ukraine, where monuments made from giant metal anchors dot the city center and middleaged men spend their free time fishing along the main embankment, cigarettes in their mouths. Raised by her

bling five-story apartment building, where carpets, comforters and underpants are hung to dry in the courtyard and children play on rusting slides, is testimony to how far she's traveled since then. In Moscow on Monday to promote the film, Kurylenko expressed incredulity over being a Bond Girl. "I still don't believe it and don't think that I realize it yet," she told Associated Press Television News. In the movie, Bond (Daniel Craig) and Kurylenko's character, Camille, try to save Bolivia's water supplies. "Camille is quite a strong woman, very independent. She carries a wound which

the subway in Moscow, where she was on vacation. She moved to Paris to work in a modeling agency, then began a career as an actress. Kurylenko's drama teacher, Ina Kaminska, said her student simply got lucky. "It's all great, just great, we are all very happy—she became a Cinderella—but nevertheless when she was in my class I didn't see that kind of future for her," the 70-year-old Kaminska said. Kurylenko got one of her first main roles after she joined the school drama class in the seventh grade, playing the young wife of Grandfather Frost, the local equivalent of Santa Claus.

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Fun & Games The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

Campus Police Log- Oct. 6 to Oct. 12, 2008

Monday, Oct. 6: Medical assist–Bethel Car Alarm going off– Forest Hills M/V stop–Campbell 7-11 Tuesday, Oct. 7: Parking violation– Sheffield/Winchester M/V Stop–Ruden St. M/V stop–Ruden St.

Maintenance situation–broken glass– North Campus M/V stop–Kaplan Hazardous Condition– scent of gas–Dunham Fire alarm–smoke from burnt fan belt– Buckman Wednesday, Oct. 8: Drug complaint–Bixler

Garfield Minus Garfield

Intoxicated student–Bixler Parking violation– Sheffield Medical assistance– Maxcy M/V accident–Kaplan M/V Stop–Botwinik lot M/V stop–Maxcy M/V stop–Maxcy M/V stop–Maxcy

M/V stop–Lot 4 Drug complaint–Lot 5 Thursday, Oct. 9: Fire alarm–Maxcy Unwanted person selling magazines– Winchester Medical assist–Health Services Juvenile complaint– skateboards on stairs

by memorial–Lot 9 M/V stop–Lot 1 Intoxicated person– Winchester

Friday, Oct. 10: Elevator problem– Botwinik Maintenance problem–Bixler Fire Alarm–oven– Harugari Fire Alarm–burned

popcorn–Botwinik Saturday, Oct. 11: Hazard Condition– Low hanging wire– German Club Panic alarm accidently pushed–New Hall Sunday, Oct. 12: No Reports

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The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

First Installment of The Office of Residential Life’s Residents to Rave About ‘08! And the Winner Is...Jennifer Nolan from Bethel FS3 Jen received NUMEROUS votes for this month’s winner. Her friends say “she has a heart of gold” and “they love her to death. Also, friends say Jen is “extremely school spirited. Everyone in the suite can confide in her. She is like the mother of the floor. She handles any and problems. She keeps track of everything that goes on with UNH, so whatever you want to know she’s the one to ask. She works diligently for all her classes and she is an over-achiever.” Please help us recognize your fellow residents for their positive contributions to UNH and your residence hall. Simply email your nominee’s name, building, room number and the reason why you are nominating this person to

The Charger Bulletin | October 15, 2008

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