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Volume 91, Issue 5 | February 23, 2011


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Bahrain Protesters Seek To Overthrow Royal Family


–––––––––––––––––––––––––– MANAMA, Bahrain – A group of young protesters camped out in Bahrain’s capital Monday called for the ouster of the entire ruling monarchy as part of sweeping demands to call off a weeklong uprising in the tiny, but strategically important Gulf nation. The call stakes out the most uncompromising demands of protesters to date, most of whom have only called for weakening the powers of the monarchy and it was impossible to determine how much weight they have in the country as a whole. Tensions are still high in Bahrain after seesaw battles that saw riot police open fire on protesters trying to reclaim landmark Pearl Square last week. At least eight people have been killed and hundreds injured in the clashes since the unrest spilling across the Arab world reached the Gulf last week. Abdul Redha Mohammed Hassan, 32, who was shot in the head by security forces while trying to march to the square Friday, died in a hospital Monday, his relatives said. Bahrain holds particular importance to Washington as the host of the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, which is the main U.S. military counterweight to Iranian efforts to expand its military influence into the Gulf. A manifesto Monday from a group calling itself “Youth of Feb. 14” — after the day of the first marches — apparently seeks to raise the stakes of demands ahead of possible talks between the opposition and the

monarchy. “We demand the overthrow of the oppressive Al Khalifa regime,” the manifesto said, referring to the ruling royal family. “The people will choose the system they will be subjected to.”

To underline their contempt for the monarchy, the protesters set up a chair resembling one belonging to a royal with a sign beneath it that says in Arabic “And does the throne of the oppressor stay?” It was not clear what their relationship is with the official Shiite opposition that includes 18 members of the 40-member parliament who resigned in protest Thursday. But their manifesto shows the range of demands among the opposition, from the all-or-nothing youth group to others who would let the monarchy survive but with many of its powers and

Artificial Retina Helps the Blind See

Drug Administration to determine the test needed to secure –––––––––––––––––––––––––– the implants approval in the United States. Currently, the imUntil a year ago, Eric Selby plant is only intended for people had been completely blind for with specific types of sight probtwo decades and was dependent on a guide dog to get around. However, after getting an artificial retina implanted into his eye, he can now detect shapes and shades of black, white, and gray. While only 40 people have gotten this treatment so far, it is a small step to bringing sight to the blind. How the artificial retina works and what it can do for the patient is equally interesting. A U.S. based company called Second Sight, who AP Photo is currently waiting to see if Dutch regulators will accept their request to mar- lems, whose optic nerves are ket the device in the European still working, and have previousUnion, designed the artificial ly been able to see. This means retina. They are also in nego- that people who are born blind tiations with the U.S. Food and See RETINA page 5 By SARA J. DUFORT STAFF WRITER

privileges turned over to parliament. The week-long unrest has already affected Bahrain’s economy. An international rating agency has cut the government’s credit ratings because of concerns about political turmoil as the crown prince was deciding on the fate of the March 13 season-opening Formula One race, the kingdom’s biggest international event it has hosted annually since 2004. Standard & Poor’s cut the ratings Monday for Bahrain’s long and short-term sovereign credit ratings, as well as those for the island nation’s central bank and the country’s sovereign wealth fund. Hundreds of protesters spent the AN AP PHOTO night at the square, and thousands of government opponents have gathered at the site by the afternoon. The mood was upbeat and many appear to be camped there for the long haul, with makeshift kitchens serving meals to those who live in the small tent village. At several stalls, demonstrators queued for hot tea and joked about the weather, which turned windy and whipped up sand and trash. In the statement, the youth group called for authorities to be put on trial for attacks on protesters last week and demanded an elected government. They said See BAHRAIN page 6

Libya: Protesters, Security Clash in Capital


–––––––––––––––––––––––––– CAIRO – Libyan protesters celebrated in the streets of Benghazi on Monday, claiming control of the country’s second largest city after bloody fighting, and anti-government unrest spread to the capital with clashes in Tripoli’s main square for the first time. Moammar Gadhafi’s

the multiple state-run satellite news channels, witnesses said. During the day Monday, a fire was raging at the People’s Hall, the main hall for government gatherings where the country’s equivalent of a parliament holds its sessions several times a year. The pro-government news web site Qureyna said flames were seen leaping from the building, and that the headquarters of the Olympics Committee was also


son vowed that his father and security forces would fight “until the last bullet.” Even as Seif al-Islam Gadhafi spoke on state TV Sunday night, clashes were raging in and around Tripoli’s central Green Square, lasting until dawn Monday, witnesses said. They reported snipers opening fire on crowds trying to seize the square, and Gadhafi supporters speeding through in vehicles, shooting and running over protesters. Before dawn, protesters took over the offices of two of

on fire. Protesters were calling for a new protest at sunset Monday in Green Square, setting up the likelihood of new clashes. Already, armed members of progovernment organizations called “Revolutionary Committees” were circulating in the streets hunting for protesters in Tripoli’s old city, said one protester, named Fathi. The city on Monday was shut down, with schools, government offices and most shops closed

See LIBYA page 4

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Warren Buffett Speaks about Financial Crisis class to borrow against, it created probably the biggest bubble –––––––––––––––––––––––––– in our history. What he meant by this was that people kept borrowThe world’s third richest man ing money for houses that they does not get that wealthy by not could not afford, and then banks knowing anything about finances. Someone like this knows how to play the market, and Warren Buffett is no exception. With a net worth of 47 billion dollars, it is clear that he has figured out how to invest his money properly. Therefore, when Buffett has something to say about a financial crisis in the United States, people tend to take notice. Last week, several hours of audio were released from a May 2010 interview with the Berkshire Hathaway boss himself, Warren Buffett. While he touched upon many different topics, the most important were about what caused “the bubble,” when he saw it coming, and who contributed the most to continued to give these people it. money. The problem arose when When asked about the origins it finally came time for those of the bubble, Buffett explained people to pay their mortgages, that people began to believe that realizing they did not have the housing prices could not fall sig- means to do so. nificantly. He explained that it Sadly, even one of the richwas the biggest asset class in the est men in the world could not country, and as the easiest asset see the financial collapse comBy SARA J. DUFORT unh today

ing before it was too late. When asked about when he realized the crisis was coming, he simply said, “not soon enough.” He explained that Berkshire Hathaway talked about it at their yearly meetings, and at one point, they called it a “bubblette.” It was so small at the time that they did not even consider it a problem. He said that while he was aware of the internet bubble, he did not go out and “short the stocks.” If he had done something like that, it could have caused even more problems with the amount of personal wealth that he has. However, AP Photo when it comes down to who actually caused the crisis, Buffett said, “every aspect of society contributed to it, virtually.” The interviewer asked about rating agencies, bank management, and regulators, and each time, he believed that they all had a hand See BUFFETT page 5

February 23, 2011

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Fellow UNH students, Well, it is that time of year to start thinking about USGA next year. That’s right UNH, it is USGA Elections time. Applications will be available on starting on March 1, 2011 and will be due by March 10, 2011. The positions that are available are USGA President, USGA Treasurer, and there will be 20 positions open for USGA Senators. For any questions on elections please e-mail Media Head selection is also rapidly approaching. If you are interested in applying to become a Media Head, applications will be available starting on February 28, 2011 and are due on March 7, 2011. If you have any questions about the Media Head Selection Process, please e-mail me at I encourage any students who have any questions about UNH or how to get involved to come visit the USGA offices located on the third floor of Bartels Hall. Anytime of the day you can find students who will be able to answer your questions or help you any way they can. As always, if you have any concerns, log onto and “Let your voice be heard.” Have a great week, Scott Kazar USGA President

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February 23, 2011

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by Courtney Faber Hey everyone, hope you all had a great week! This past week SCOPE hosted some great events that we hope you enjoyed. First we had the movie Megamind, which is an animated film about a super villain who has conquered all superheroes and begins to find life quite boring without any new ones to conquer. On Friday, we made tie dye t-shirts. Hey, a free t-shirt is always okay with me, especially if I get to make it look fun with all those cool colors. We were also able to host a video game party using the relatively new Xbox Kinect. I had never used it before, but I must say it was very entertaining. I would say the dancing games were the most fun, although the sports ones were entertaining as well. This week is film week in honor of the Oscars this coming Sunday, February 27, 2011. This past Monday, we showed the movie Burlesque, which is about a young woman who moves to Los Angeles and finds out if she has what it takes to be part of a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer. There are some great actors in this movie, and it is definitely a must see. Tuesday was the Disney movie Tangled, an animated film based off of Rapunzel, but of course there is a twist. Wednesday is going to be the Movie Trivia game, where teams will be able to compete against one another answering questions about various movies. Thursday afternoon there will be a program where you can make movie clappers (you know “Action”) so you can hang it on your wall or make your very own film. Friday there will be a trip to see the movie I Am Number Four, which from the previews looks intense and pretty awesome. Saturday is a double feature of the movies Burlesque and Tangled. Finally, Sunday is the night of the week that the Oscar Party is planned! Come out with your friends for some great food, wonderfully dressed stars, and incredible prizes. Don’t forget to come out and participate for a chance to win some great prizes and enjoy some great movies throughout this whole week, and look forward to the many events SCOPE has for you next week.

Health and Fitness by Melanie Rovinsky

Counting Calories: What does it mean?

If you’ve ever attempted to shed a few pounds or even just maintain your current weight, you are aware of the dreaded act of counting calories. And sure, we are all equipped with the basic adding skills to figure out our total caloric consumption for a given day, but how many of us actually understand what we are keeping track of? What is a calorie? A calorie is a unit of energy. In terms of nutrition, calories measure the amount of energy given off when food or drink is broken down in your body. Interestingly, the calories listed on food packages are actually in kilocalories, which means there are 1,000 calories in every food Calorie. How are Calories measured? In order to accurately calculate the number of calories in food, the United States Department of Agriculture (and other nutrition and science-based agencies) use a calorimeter. Inside the mechanism, the food or drink is burnt, and the amount of heat given off is measured. (Remember, heat = energy) Once the heat is converted into calories, chemists must also multiply the number to account for energy burned during digestion. What happens to calories that aren’t used for energy? When we take in more calories than our body needs to function, the extra calories are stored as fat. Our metabolism uses enzymes to break down what we have consumed in order to send the molecules from food to our cells. When the cells do not require immediate energy, these molecules are put in “storage” for later use. Can I estimate calories without a calorimeter? By breaking down the food you are eating, you can get a rough estimate of the number of calories you are consuming. For example, a gram of protein or a gram of carbohydrates both contain 4 calories, while a gram of fat contains 9. How can I burn more calories? Living an active lifestyle is the best way to expend the number of calories typical Americans consume on a daily basis. In addition, building muscle can help speed up your body’s metabolism and burn more calories. Muscle tissue contains cells that are constantly active, and as a result, burn more energy than fat cells, which are not active.

Did You Know? by Joann Wolwowicz

The Six Wives of Henry VIII – Part 1

As promised, this week’s Did You Know segment will feature my favorite period in time: King Henry VIII. This is a topic that I can speak hours about and write pages on, but I promise not to bore you all with too many details. There are so many areas and directions I can go on King Henry, but for the purposes of keeping this article brief and entertaining, I’ll stick to the one major piece of historical fact that good old Henry is known for: his six wives. Yes, I know that he broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and made himself head of his own church all for a divorce, but today we’ll just skip all of that and get down to the reason King Henry has so many books, movies, and a television show all about him and his family. The second monarch of the House of Tudor, Henry VIII ruled England from 1509 to 1547. Being the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, Henry was expected to enter a life with the clergy, while it was expected of his older brother, Arthur, to take the throne when it became time. However, Arthur died at the age of 15, only 20 weeks after his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. With Henry VIII now in line for the throne, his father promised his second son to Arthur’s widow, trying to seal a marital alliance between England and Spain. After a papal dispensation and 14 months later, Catherine was betrothed to Henry and married after he became king in 1509. After about 15 years of marriage, one daughter, Mary, and no sons, Henry became impatient with Catherine’s inability to produce the heir he desired. In 1925, Henry grew even more impatient, while becoming enamored with a charismatic young woman who was a part of the Queen’s household. This woman was named Anne Boleyn, and she was a woman that changed the course of England’s history. At first, Anne resisted the king’s attempts to seduce her, refusing to become his mistress as her sister had done. All of Henry VIII’s mistresses never amounted to anything, and any children were labeled illegitimate. Anne’s refusal made Henry even more attracted to her, making him pursue her relentlessly. Anne would not relent to his infatuation until she was acknowledged queen. It soon became the king’s desire to annul his marriage to Catherine. We all know where that story ended. Unable to gain an annulment, Henry broke from the church, divorced and banished Catherine, married Anne, and made himself the head of the church. However the marriage of Henry and Anne was nothing like a fairy-tale. After giving birth to a daughter, Elizabeth I, the couple’s happiness faltered. After a serious of miscarriages, one of which was a son, Henry saw Anne’s failure to give him a son as a betrayal and declared their marriage to be a product of witchcraft. Five men, including Anne’s own brother were arrested on charges of incest and treason, accused of having sexual relationships with the queen. On May 2, 1536, Anne was arrested and taken to the Tower of London. She was accused of adultery, incest, and high treason. Although the evidence was unconvincing, the accused were found guilty and condemned to death. The men were executed on May 17, 1536, and the queen was executed on Tower Green on May 19, 1536. One day after Anne’s execution, Henry became engaged to Jane Seymour, one of the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting to whom the king had been showing favor for some time. They were married ten days later. Look forward to next week for the continuation of the six wives of Henry VIII. We will talk about his remaining four wives: Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Catherine Parr.

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February 23, 2011

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Man Jailed After Filming Himself Speeding



Of all the things artist extraordinaire Andy Warhol has accomplished in his lifetime, his singular most celebrated work is perhaps his famous adage of being popular for only however long the world is interested: “In the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” On Feb. 12, Stanislav

Vadimovich Bakanov of Portland, Oregon tested that theory, holding the spotlight for an antic that still seems to dazzle the world even today. Stopped at 118 miles per hour, Bakanov was arrested and subsequently jailed after he was caught filming the speedometer of his black 2005 BMW. When he was pulled over by Sheriff Deputy Ryan Postlewait, he allegedly said that he was looking

to post the video of his speeding as well as his arrest on YouTube. Postlewait seized Bakanov’s video as evidence, which later revealed that he had reached speeds well beyond 140 miles per hour. Held at Marion County Jail, he was charged with speeding and reckless driving. Authorities maintain this is his third speeding episode within the last year.

Man Arrested Over Valentine’s Day Threats

While Valentine’s Day is usually a time for love and kindness, it proved to be the opposite for a couple in Florida. Nathan Hemby, 33, of Key Largo was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly wished his girlfriend a “Happy bloody Valentine’s Day” and threatened to cut off her head with a knife and choke her with a belt, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s

Office. His 50-year-old girlfriend was able to lock herself in the bathroom and dial 911. She told officers that Hemby had recently been threatening her with a knife, screw driver, and a box cutter. According to the victim’s testimony found in the sheriff’s office report, his girlfriend said he held his hand over her mouth, put the knife to her throat, and told her he was going to cut off her head and “grind up her body to sell for meat.” She also reported that

he had threatened to choke her with leather belts hanging on the wall of their apartment and had taken a pair of her underwear, explaining he was going to “add it to his collection of the other girls he had to do this to.” Officers found all of the weapons and belts described in the apartment, as well as her underwear tucked into his back pocket. Hemby was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

“The youths now have arms and that’s worrying,” said Iman, a doctor at the main hospital. “We are appealing to the wise men of every neighborhood to rein in the youths.” Youth volunteers were directing traffic and guarding homes and public facilities, said Najla, a lawyer and university lecturer in Benghazi. She and other residents said police had disappeared from the streets. Benghazi has seen a cycle of bloody clashes over the past week, as security forces kill protesters, followed by funerals that turn into new protests, sparking new bloody shootings. After funerals Sunday, protesters fanned out, burning government buildings and police stations and besieging the Katiba. Security forces battled back, at times using heavycaliber machine guns and anti-aircraft guns, according to residents. One witness said she saw bodies torn apart and that makeshift clinics were set up in the streets to treat the wounded. Ahmed Hassan, a doctor at the main Al-Jalaa hospital, said funerals were expected Monday for 20 of those killed the day before, but that families of 40 others were still trying to identify their loved ones because their bodies were too damaged. In some cases, army units reportedly sided with protesters against security forces and pro-Gadhafi militias. Mohamed AbdulRahman, a 42-year-old Benghazi merchant, said he saw an army battalion chasing militiamen from a security compound. After seizing the Katiba, protesters found the

bodies of 13 uniformed security officers inside who had been handcuffed and shot in the head, then set on fire, said Hassan, the doctor. He said protesters believed the 13 had been executed by fellow security forces for refusing to attack protesters. Protest leaders and army units that sided with them were working to keep order in the streets Monday, directing traffic and guarding homes and official buildings, several residents said. On Sunday night, Gadhafi’s son Seif el-Islam took to state TV, trying to take a tough line in a rambling and sometimes confused speech of nearly 40 minutes. “We are not Tunisia and Egypt,” he said. “Moammar Gadhafi, our leader, is leading the battle in Tripoli, and we are with him.” “The armed forces are with him. Tens of thousands are heading here to be with him. We will fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet,” he said. He warned the protesters that they risked igniting a civil war in which Libya’s oil wealth “will be burned.” He also promised “historic” reforms in Libya if protests stop. Seif has often been put forward as the regime’s face of reform. Several of the elder Gadhafi’s sons have powerful positions in the regime and in past years have competed for influence. Seif’s younger brother Mutassim is the national security adviser, with a strong role in the military and security forces, and another brother Khamis heads the army’s 32nd Brigade, which ac-

cording to U.S. diplomats is the best trained and best equipped force in the military. Even as Seif spoke, major clashes had broken out for the first time in Tripoli. Sunday afternoon, protesters from various parts of the city began to stream toward central Green Square, chanting “God is great,” said one 28-yearold man who was among the marchers. In the square, they found groups of Gadhafi supporters, but the larger number of protesters appeared to be taking over the square and surrounding streets, he and two other witnesses said. That was when the backlash began, with snipers firing down from rooftops and militiamen attacking the crowds, shooting and chasing people down side streets. they said. Gadhafi supporters in pickup trucks and cars raced through the suqare, shooting automatic weapons. “They were driving like mad men searching for someone to kill. ... It was total chaos, shooting and shouting,” said the 28-year-old. The witnesses reported seeing casualties, but the number could not be confirmed. One witness, named Fathi, said he saw at least two he believed were dead and many more wounded. After midnight, protesters took over the main Tripoli offices of two state-run satellite stations, Al-Jamahiriya-1 and AlShebabiya, one witness said.



Libya: Protesters, Security Clash in Capital con’t from page 1

except a few bakeries serving residents hunkered down in their houses, said a Tripoli lawyer, Rehab, who like Fathi spoke on condition she be identified only by her first name. The protests and violence were the heaviest yet in the capital of 2 million people, a sign of how unrest was spreading after six days of demonstrations in eastern cities demanding the end of the elder Gadhafi’s rule. Gadhafi’s regime has unleashed the bloodiest crackdown of any Arab country against the wave of protests sweeping the region, which toppled the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia. More than 200 have been killed in Libya, according to medical officials, human rights groups and exiled dissidents. British Prime Minister David Cameron, visiting neighboring Egypt, called the Libyan government’s crackdown “appalling.” “We can see what is happening in Libya which is completely appalling and unacceptable as the regime is using the most vicious forms of repression against people who want to see that country — which is one of the most closed and one of the most autocratic — make progress. The response they have shown has been quite appalling,” he told reporters in Cairo. Seif al-Islam Gadhafi warned of civil war in Libya if protests continue, a theme continued Monday on Libyan state TV, where a pro-regime commentator spoke of chaos and “rivers of blood” turning Libya into “another Somalia” if security is not restored.

Fragmentation is a real danger in Libya, a country of deep tribal divisions and a historic rivalry between Tripoli and Benghazi. The Arab world’s longest ruling leader in power for nearly 42 years, Moammar Gadhafi has held an unquestioned grip over the highly decentralized system of government he created, called the “Jamahiriya,” or “rule by masses.” Libya’s former ambassador to the Arab League in Cairo, Abdel-Moneim al-Houni, who a day earlier resigned from his post to side with protesters, issued a statement demanding Gadhafi “be put on trial along with his aides, security and military commanders over the mass killings in Libya.” “Gadhafi’s regime is now in the trash of history because he betrayed his nation and his people,” alHouni said. The spiraling turmoil in Libya, an OPEC country that is a significant oil supplier to Europe, was raising international alarm. Oil prices jumped $1.67 to nearly $88 a barrel Monday amid investor concern. Two leading oil companies, Statoil and BP, said they were pulling some employees out of Libya or preparing to do so. Portugal sent plane to pick up its citizens and other EU nationals and Turkey sent two ferries to pick up construction workers stranded in the unrest-hit country. EU foreign ministers were discussing on Monday the possible evacuation of European citizens. Mobs attacked South Korean, Turkish and Serbian construction workers at various sites around the country, officials from each

country said. The Internet has been largely shut down in Libya, residents can no longer make international calls from land lines and journalists cannot work freely, but eyewitness reports trickling out of the country suggested that protesters were fighting back more forcefully. Most witnesses and residents spoke on condition they be indentified by first name only or not at all, out of fear of retaliation. In Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi, protesters were in control of the streets Monday and took over the main security headquarters, known as the Katiba, after bloody clashes Sunday that killed at least 60 people, according to a doctor at the main hospital. Cars honked their horns in celebration and protesters in the streets chanted “Long live Libya.” Protesters took down the Libyan flag from above Benghazi’s main courthouse and raised the flag of the country’s old monarchy, which was toppled in 1969 by the military coup that brought Moammar Gadhafi to power, according to witnesses and video footage posted on the Internet. Benghazi’s airport was closed, according to an airport official in Cairo. A Turkish Airlines flight trying to land in Benghazi to evacuate Turkish citizens Monday was turned away, told by ground control to circle over the airport then to return to Istanbul. There were fears of chaos as young men — including regime supporters — seized weapons from the Katiba and other captured security buildings.

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February 16, 2011

For Compromise in Wis., 3 GOP Senators are Needed collectively bargain. Mariah Clark, an emergency medical technician at the University of Wisconsin hospital and a volunteer firefighter, said she stands to lose $250 per month with the benefits concessions. Standing on a bench holding a sign reading “EMT. Firefighter. Not the public enemy,” she said the pay cut would hurt, but that’s not why she was protesting. “I really believe this is about workers everywhere, not just public employees,” said Clark, 29. “It’s pathetic that in Wisconsin, one of the places where the labor movement started, that this would happen.” AN AP PHOTO Wet weather includWalker’s plan would ing rain and sleet thinned allow unions representing out the outdoor Capitol most public employees to protests Sunday although negotiate only for wage conditions were expected increases, not benefits or to ease up considerably working conditions. Any Monday. The Weather Serwage increase above the vice predicted 1 to 2 inchconsumer price index es of snow accompanied would have to be approved by a light drizzle Monday, in a referendum. Unions with temperatures in the would face a vote of mem- upper 20s. Wisconsin was the first bership every year to stay formed, and workers could state to enact a comprehensive collective baropt out of paying dues. The plan would also gaining law in 1959. It’s require many public em- also the birthplace of the ployees to cut their take American Federation of home pay by about 8 per- State, County and Mucent by contributing more nicipal Employees, the naof their salaries toward tional union representing their health insurance and all non-federal public emretirement benefits. Union ployees, which was foundleaders said their members ed in 1936 in Madison. Walker said the concesare willing to accept those concessions, but they will sions would help close a not give up their right to projected $3.6 billion buddown now because the governor’s two-year budget blueprint, to be released in coming days, slashes spending for public schools and municipal services by $1 billion or more. Local government leaders will need to make cuts without bargaining with employees, he said.

penbach said in a phone interview from the hotel room in Chicago where he’s hiding out that Schultz was brave for making the proposal. He said Schultz, of Richland Center, and five or six other Republican senators who have ties to organized labor are in the best position to get both sides to negotiate a deal. Protesters who crowded inside the Capitol for a sixth day Sunday had a similar message. They hung a banner in the Capitol reading “Wisconsin needs 3 cou(R)ageous Senators,” referring to the number of Republicans needed to join with Democrats to block the bill. The protesters have included teachers, who have sometimes arrived in such high numbers that their districts were forced to close due to understaffing. The Madison School District was closed Wednesday through Monday but was expected to reopen Tuesday. Districts in central Wisconsin were also closed Monday, but that was because of 10 to 12 inches of snow. Milwaukee schools were shut down for a prescheduled midsemester break. Those closures, on top of Monday being a previously scheduled furlough day for state workers, could elevate the number of protesters who demonstrate in Madison.

A few dozen protesters spent the night inside the Capitol again Sunday, with many of them still huddled inside sleeping bags before 8 a.m. Monday morning. The walls of the normally immaculate Capitol were adorned with signs urging Walker to back down, but

com, and denied that he and Levy engaged in an ––––––––––––––––––––– unprofessional relationship. Despite Mr. Condit After nearly a decade, never being named as a the unsolved case of Chan- suspect in the case, this dra Levy has finally been negative publicity contribput to rest. Convicted uted to his reelection loss murderer, 29 year-old In- in 2002. gmar Guandique, was sentenced to 60 years in The search for Levy prison for the 2001 killing ended a year after she vanof Levy. However, it took ished when her remains eight long years before were found in WashingWashington police even ton's Rock Creek Park. suspected Guandique of Unfortunately, Washingcommitting the crime. ton police had no leads Prior to her disappear- and the case went cold. ance, 24 year-old Levy Only in 2009 did police was working as a federal turn their attention to ilintern for Democrat Gary legal Salvadoran immiCondit who represented grant Guandique. At the California’s 18th Congres- time of his conviction, sional District. Much of Guandique was already the early investigation fo- imprisoned for attacks on cused on the suspicion that other women occurring in Levy and the married Mr. the same area that Levy Condit had an affair, and went missing. Investigathat Mr. Condit had some tors immediately looked connection with her disap- for a connection between pearance. However, Mr. Guandique and Levy, but Condit maintained his in- found no DNA evidence or nocence, reports Reuters. witnesses linking the two.

Instead, prosecutors relied on a former inmate of Guandique who testified that Guandique confessed to the murder while in jail. The defense, reports the New York Times, claims that the inmate was unreliable in his accusations and that Guandique is not connected to the crime. However, this doubt did not stop a jury from convicting Guandique of first-degree murder on November 22. Judge Gerald I. Fisher of District of Columbia Superior Court sentenced Guandique to 60 years in prison, believing that “Mr. Guandique was dangerous to society, particularly to women”. Ten years of grief and anger was clearly expressed

when Sandra Levy, Chandra Levy’s mother, made a statement prior to Judge Fisher. She confronted Guandique about the murder and called him a “hideous creature”, reports the New York Times. But regardless of the court’s decision, Guandique maintains his innocence. “I am very sorry for what happened to your daughter,” he said in Spanish to Susan Levy, “But I had nothing to do with it. I am innocent.” Guandique has 30 days to file an appeal. According to the Bureau of Prisons, Guandique is also eligible to reduce his sentence by nine years if he maintains good behavior in prison.

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up for debate. Many people argue that there were models that told everyone that there was going to be problem, but they just ignored the signs. Others say that the models are never right. We may never know if someone knew ahead of time, and did not tell anyone, but from what Warren Buffett said during his interview, it is clear that he believes people did. We will always have periods of expansion and contraction according to the business cycle, but one can only hope that it will not be as bad as the one that we are currently recovering




MADISON, Wis. – To end a high-stakes stalemate over union rights that has captured the nation’s attention, a handful of Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin might have to stand up to their new governor. Gov. Scott Walker made clear Monday he won’t back off his proposal to effectively eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees. Senate Democrats who fled the state last week to delay the plan vowed not to come back to allow it to pass — even if they have to miss votes on other bills Tuesday. And union leaders said they would not let up on protests that have consumed Wisconsin’s capital city for a week and made the state the center of a national debate over the role of public employees’ unions. That dynamic means it might take Republicans in the Legislature who believe Walker is going too far to try to break the impasse. One idea that has been floated by GOP Sen. Dale Schultz would temporarily take away bargaining rights to get through the state’s next two-year budget, then immediately restore them. While it’s unclear whether that would be acceptable to his colleagues, Democratic Sen. Jon Er-

he’s shown no willingness to compromise. Walker’s spokesman, Cullen Werwie, on Monday accused Senate Democrats of vacationing and renewed the call for them to return and vote on the bill. So far, there’s little evidence that lawmakers will move to compromise. “Won’t happen, won’t happen, won’t happen,” said Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. The Juneau Republican said he spoke with every member of his caucus over the weekend and they remained “rock solid” in their support for Walker’s plan, even if they had some internal disagreements earlier. Fitzgerald said Republicans could not back

Convicted Murderer Gets 60 Years in Chandra Levy Case


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Warren Buffett Speaks

in causing the problem. An example he gave had to do with Freddie and Fannie May. He believed that if they simply said, “we will only accept mortgages with 30% down payments, verified income, and payments can’t be more than 30% of your income,” that would have stopped it. But the problem was that everyone was enjoying “the party.” No one realized that it was going to paralyze the American economy, and once everyone started to believe this, there was no turning back. Whether or not anyone could have predicted the financial collapse is still

Page 5 get deficit through June 30, 2013, and the changes to weaken unions would pave the way for local and state governments to operate more efficiently for years to come. The Republican-controlled Assembly is expected to meet Tuesday to consider the plan. With Senate Democrats in Illinois, Fitzgerald said the Senate would meet without them to pass nonspending bills and confirm some of Walker’s appointees. While Republicans are one vote short of the quorum needed to take up the budget-repair bill, they need only a simple majority of the Senate’s 33 members to take up other measures. Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, speaking from “an undisclosed location in northern Illinois,” said it’s up to Republicans who privately have concerns with Walker’s plan to force the governor to compromise. “I think it’s important those talks begin because there’s a lot of Republicans that are uncomfortable with stripping away the rights of workers,” the Monona Democrat said. “They recognize public workers are their constituents and neighbors and want them respected. We need to find a way for those Republicans to be able to be part of a solution.”

Artificial Retina Helps Blind See con’t from page 1

will not be able to get this treatment. However, even with this limitation, one in every 3,000 people are blind due to these groups of hereditary diseases. Shelby, who got the artificial implant called the Argus II, said that, “It’s basically flashes of light that you have to translate in your brain, but it’s amazing I can see anything at all.” The way that the impact works is with a small video camera, a transmitter in glasses, and a small wireless computer. The computer processes images, and converts them into an electric signal that is sent to the implant. After this, the images move to the brain, where it is then translated into patterns of light. Shelby, like other patients, needed to learn how to interpret the flashes of lights received into something she could understand. The senior director of European Operations at Second Sight said that the implants are not meant to replace guide dogs, but may help patients with daily tasks. Experts say that future implants may even restore sight enough to make some patients self-sufficient. However, they doubt the technology will ever be able to match normal human vision. This advance is incredible, as Daniel Palanker, who works at Stanford University, describes,

“The device is currently very crude, but it’s impressive that some patients have been able to read large fonts. It’s just remarkable that we’ve gone from having no cure for blindness to a situation where we can restore sight to some extent.” The only problem with the Argus II now is the large price tag of $100,000. This makes it difficult for an average person to buy, but in Britain, the National Health Service sometimes pays for expensive new technologies for a small number of patients. If Second Sight is able to get the implant approved for sale in the European and America markets, it may open doors and lower the price for an average person. Only time will tell where this technology will be ten years down the road. There could be extreme advances, or the companies may have only progressed a few steps. Regardless, Second Sight is not the only company that is trying to improve the lives of citizens who are blind. It is extremely possible that progress like this will someday be on the same level as the cochlear implant for the deaf. Twenty years ago, they were just getting started, and now some patients are even able to make telephone calls. Society can only be hopeful that the retina implants will yield similar results.

February 23, 2011

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Afghan Police: At Least 30 Killed in Suicide Blast






The Marvin K. Peterson Library will be conducting an assessment beginning in March in the interest of developing the academic skills of undergraduate students. The results of this study will shape how the library aids its students in the future in terms of both individual attention and in-class training. The library will be offering a FREE $5 printing credit for each student volunteer as a thank you for participating. How will the library assess students’ academic skills? Academic skills will be assessed through the Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (SAILS). SAILS is a multiple choice assessment that will be administered in paper form during designated test-taking periods at the Library. The assessment covers information-gathering skills, as well as the social and ethical implications of obtaining information. Testing time will accommodate students’ busy schedules as best as possible. The assessment typically takes roughly a half hour to complete, but participants will be given

Page 6

ing the Haqqani network, Hizb-i-Islami and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. NATO has sent more troops to the north and has been pushing harder into militant-held areas. In October, a bomb killed Kunduz Gov. Mohammad Omar and 19 others in a crowded mosque in neighboring Takhar province. Omar was killed just days after he warned of escalating threats from Taliban and foreign fighters in the north. Separately, the NATO coalition said it was investigating the accidental death of Afghan civilians in Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan along the Pakistan border. NATO said it deeply regretted the accident Sunday night in Khogyani district. Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, a spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar, said coalition forces fired at three insurgents planting a roadside mine near a NATO base. One weapon missed the target, hit a house and killed a couple and their four children, he said. “My four grandsons, my daughter-in-law and my son were martyred here,” Mehrab Khan, 55, said at their funeral Monday. The incident came a day after Afghan officials alleged that 64 civilians

an hour to ensure that each assessment has been completed in full. Students are not obligated to stay for the entire window of time once the assessment has been completed. Will students know how they performed? Students will not receive a grade, nor will they know how they performed on the assessment. This assessment is being conducted solely for the purpose of identifying the overall academic strengths and weaknesses of undergraduate students as a whole. No identifying information will be associated with the results of each student’s assessment. Where can I find out more information or sign up? If you are interested in participating or have any questions about the assessment, please contact Brian Ralph, test administrator, at: com. We appreciate your support in advance. If you would like more information on Project SAILS, please visit: https://www. Why not earn free printing for a half hour of your time? There really is no reason not to, so sign up today!

KABUL, Afghanistan – A suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to an Afghan government office Monday, killing at least 30 people — many who were waiting in line to obtain government identification cards, police said. The attack occurred around noon in Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province in northern Afghanistan where there has been a sharp slide in security in recent months, said district police chief Abdul Qayum Ebrahimi. At least 40 people were wounded in the blast, he said. “We were in a meeting. It was a very powerful explosion,” said Ebrahimi, who works in the district police office next door to the blast site. “People had gathered in the front of the department to get identification cards.” He said the explosion occurred in the district center on a day when people gather to shop. “They become the target of the terror today,” he said. Violence has been on the rise in the north, where there are known hide-outs for the Taliban, al-Qaida and fighters from other militant factions, includ-

38 public universities and more than 500,000 students. It would become the second state, following Utah, to pass such a broadbased law. Colorado gives colleges the option and several have allowed handguns. Supporters of the legislation argue that gun violence on campuses, such as the mass shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007 and Northern Illinois in 2008, show that the best defense against a gunman is students who can shoot back. “It’s strictly a matter of self-defense,” said state Sen. Jeff Wentworth, RSan Antonio. “I don’t ever want to see repeated on a

Texas college campus what occurred at the Univerhappened at Virginia Tech, sity of Texas, when sniper where some deranged, sui- Charles Whitman went to the top of the administration tower in 1966 and killed 16 people and wounded dozens. Last September, a University of Texas student fired several shots from an assault rifle before killing himself. Similar firearms measures have been proposed in about a dozen other states, but all face AN AP PHOTO strong opposicidal madman goes into tion, especially a building and is able to from college leaders. In pick off totally defenseless Oklahoma, all 25 public college and university kids like sitting ducks.” Until the Virginia Tech presidents declared their incident, the worst college opposition to a concealed shooting in U.S. history carry proposal.

died in coalition operations in neighboring Kunar province, a hotbed of the insurgency. NATO said it had no evidence of civilian casualties, but is working with Afghan officials to investigate recent operations in Kunar. “The evidence viewed to date has revealed no evidence of children present at all on the night of the Feb. 17 and the adults were assessed to be men,” Brig. Gen. Josef Blotz, a NATO spokesman, told reporters in Kabul. “They were armed and moving in tactical formations.” Also on Monday, Fazel Ahmad Manawi, chairman of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission, said the recent suspension of two high-ranking election officials and government interference in last year’s parliamentary election was “completely illegal.” The comment was part of an ongoing dispute over a special tribunal — backed by President Hamid Karzai — that is investigating allegations of election fraud. While Karzai hasn’t said so publicly, it is widely believed that the president is unhappy with the slate of winning candidates and thinks fraud reduced voter turnout among his fellow ethnic Pashtuns.

Last week, armed Afghan security forces, prosecutors and representatives of the special court forced their way into the election commission and sealed a vote-counting center and a warehouse full of ballots. Over the weekend, the Afghan attorney general’s office sent a letter to the election commission ordering Abdullah Ahmadzai, the commission’s chief electoral officer, and Qazi Suliman Hamed, a member of the commission, suspended from their jobs. The attorney general’s office said Monday that the two were suspended at the request of the special court for trying to prevent court officials from reviewing ballot boxes. “I have not done anything illegal,” Ahmadzai said. “We are both presidential appointees and the attorney general, being part of the government, is not legally authorized to make any decision on a presidential or political appointee.” Ahmadzai said the commission has certified the election results, the parliamentarians have been seated and neither the special court or the attorney general’s office has the legal authority to order a recount.

Texas Poised to Pass Bill Allowing Guns on Campus



AUSTIN, Texas – Texas is preparing to give college students and professors the right to carry guns on campus, adding momentum to a national campaign to open this part of society to firearms. More than half the members of the Texas House have signed on as co-authors of a measure directing universities to allow concealed handguns. The Senate passed a similar bill in 2009 and is expected to do so again. Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who sometimes packs a pistol when he jogs, has said he’s in favor of the idea. Texas has become a prime battleground for the issue because of its gun culture and its size, with

“There is no scenario where allowing concealed weapons on college campuses will do anything other than create a more dangerous environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors,” Oklahoma Chancellor of Higher Education Glen Johnson said in January. University of Texas President William Powers has opposed concealed handguns on campus, saying the mix of students, guns and campus parties is too volatile.

Guns occupy a special place in Texas culture. Politicians often tout owning a gun as essential to being Texan. Concealed handgun license holders are allowed to skip the metal detectors that scan Capitol visitors for guns, knives and other contraband. Guns on campus bills have been rejected in 23 states since 2007, but gun control activists acknowledge it will be difficult to stop the Texas bill from passing this year. “Things See GUNS page 7

Bahrain Protesters

hurry to talk with Crown the first priority should be Prince Sheik Salman bin the cancellation of citizen- Hamad Al Khalifa, who ship for thousands of for- has been delegated by the eigners who receive it as king to lead the dialogue. The leaders of the offipart of an effort to change the sectarian balance in the cial Shiite opposition said island nation. Few policies they are not refusing to talk anger Bahrain’s Shiite ma- to the crown prince, but jority more than bestowing want guarantees the rulers’ citizenship to outside Sun- words will be backed by nis, mostly Arabs but also action. The main opposition from Pakistan and other demand is the resignation South Asian countries. Shiites in Bahrain have of the government that is often complained of dis- responsible for this week’s crimination by the Sunni bloodshed and has been rulers. The Al Khalifa led by the same prime royal dynasty has been in minister — the king’s unpower for 200 years and cle — for 40 years. Other demands include has strong backing from other Gulf Arab leaders, abolishing the monarchy’s who fear that Shiite pow- privileges to set policies erhouse Iran could gain and appoint all key pofurther footholds through litical posts, along with the uprising led by Bah- addressing longstanding claims of discrimination rain’s Shiites. Bahrain’s rulers have and abuses against Shioffered talks with opposi- ites, who represent about tion groups to try to defuse 70 percent of Bahrain’s the showdown, but the op- 525,000 citizens. position appears to be in no con’t from page 1

February 23, 2011

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What Time is it?!?

DON’T FORGET!!! - Financial Aid Deadlines!

FAFSA DEADLINE: MARCH 1, 2011 DEADLINE FOR ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS: APRIL 25, 2011 What time is it? Well, it’s not quite summer time yet, but it is time to file your 2011-2012 Free Application for Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as the FAFSA! In order to receive any form of need-based financial aid from the University of New Haven, students must complete a FAFSA. You must complete the application electronically by visiting the Department of Education’s website, An important piece of information you will need is the school code number, which is 001397. You will also need you and your parent’s Federal PIN numbers. The deadline for completion of the FAFSA is March 1, 2011. If you are confused about how to file your FAFSA, or have any questions regarding the deadlines, please consult the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. January thru March is a two month window in which students are able to file their FAFSA application on time, so the earlier you get it done, the less stressed you will be as the deadline approaches! Filing a FAFSA after March 1, 2011 will result in your financial aid being considered late, and your award may be decreased by a late penalty. The later you file, the less you will receive! Along with filing your FAFSA, it is also important to make sure that you have completed all of the documentation necessary to receive financial aid from UNH. All of the documents must be submitted to the university by the deadline, April 25, 2011. How do I check to see if the university has received all of my documentation? It’s easy! The first thing you have to do is go onto Matrix via the UNH website by using the Quick Links drop down bar near the search button, click on the link that says “Matrix: Students”. DO NOT LOG INTO MATRIX!!! On the left side of the page, below the Matrix login, there will be an icon or picture, as seen at the right, that says “UNH Financial Aid Online Access; Check your Status”. Click on this picture, and it will bring you to a website known as NetPartner. The direct website is The first thing you should see is the log in page. This is NOT Matrix, so do not try to use your Matrix log in. The log in process is easy. Where it says “Student ID” in the log in box, you will enter your 9 digit UNH ID number, easily found on your UNH student ID card. If you have... - ...already logged in to NetPartner, and you remember your pin, all you have to do is enter the information and press submit. - ...forgotten your pin, click on the link that says “Forgot Pin” and follow the instructions to reset your pin. - ...never created an account on NetPartner, click the link that says “First Time User”, and follow the instructions to create your own pin and account. Once you have logged into your financial aid account, you will be able to view all of the information concerning your financial aid. Familiarize yourself with the website, and check under the tab labeled “Documents” to see if you are missing any documents. If something says “not received” or “incomplete” next to it, then it means that you need to get that documentation to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. If you do see this as the status for any of your documents, for example, the Dependent Verification Form, then you can click on the tab labeled “Forms” and download the form online. It is important to constantly check up on your financial aid account, so that you can be sure that all of your important information gets submitted by the deadline date. Is this too much for you to handle right now? If so, then your parents can also check the status of your financial aid, as long as you share your log on information with them! We will never share it with your parents, but you can! Explanations of Common Documents: FAFSA: Application filed online at for need-based financial aid. Due March 1, 2011!! Signed Student’s & Parent’s 2010 Federal Income Tax Return: Students and Parents must submit signed copies of their 2010 federal income tax return along with W-2 forms. These must be signed with a handwritten signature regardless if filed online electronically. These can be faxed to our office at 203-931-6050. Copies of Student’s & Parent’s 2010 W-2 Forms: A copy must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office along with your 2010 federal income tax return. Yes, we need ALL OF THEM! These can be faxed to our office at 203-931-6050. FAFSA Signature Pagel: If you and/or your parents failed to sign the FAFSA, then you need to sign a certification form and return it to the Financial Aid Office. This must be an original signature and can NOT be faxed. 2010-2011 Independent/Dependent Verification Worksheet: If the U.S. Department of Education selects your financial aid application for a process called “Verification”, then you must complete the Verification worksheet, and then return it to the Financial Aid Office. This can be faxed to 203-931-6050. Citizenship: If the U.S. Department of Education was unable to confirm your immigration/citizenship status, the you must submit a legible photocopy of your documents (Passport or Driver’s License) to the Financial Aid Office proving your status.

Selective Service: If the U.S. Department of Education was unable to confirm your registration, then you must submit a copy of the registration acknowledgement letter you received from Selective Service to the Financial Aid Office. If you are female, you must send a copy of your driver’s license or birth certificate to prove you’re female and are exempt from registering. It is not difficult to use NetPartner, nor is it hard to file your FAFSA, so the sooner you do it, the less stressed you will be as those deadlines approach. You’ll also receive the most money that you’re eligible for, so do it soon!

Texas Poised to Pass Bill Allowing Guns on Campus

con’t from page 6

do look bleak,” said Colin Goddard, assistant director of federal legislation for the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence, who was in Austin recently to lobby against the Texas bills. Goddard was a student at Virginia Tech when he was shot four times in his French class. Student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people, including 10 in Goddard’s classroom, before shooting himself.

Goddard dismisses the idea that another student with a gun could have stopped the killer. “People tell me that if they would have been there, they would have shot that guy. That offends me,” Goddard said. “People want to be the hero, I understand that. They play video games and they think they understand the reality. It’s nothing like that.” But Derek Titus, a senior at Texas A&M who

has a state license to carry a concealed handgun, said someone with a gun that day could have improved the chances of survival. “Gun-free zones are shooting galleries for the mass murderers,” Titus said. “We do not feel that we must rely on the police or security forces to defend our lives.” Texas enacted its concealed handgun law in 1995, allowing people 21 or older to carry weapons if they pass a training

course and a background check. The state had 461,724 license holders as of Dec. 31, according to the state Department of Public Safety. Businesses, schools and churches can set rules banning guns on their premises. On college campuses, guns are prohibited in buildings, dorms and certain grounds around them. Opponents of campus gun rights say students and faculty would live in fear of their classmates and

colleagues, not knowing who might pull a gun over a poor grade, a broken romance or a drunken fraternity argument. Frankie Shulkin, a firstyear law student at the University of Texas, said he doesn’t think he’d feel safer if other students in his classes had guns. “If I was taking an exam and knew the person next to me had one, I don’t know how comfortable I would feel,” Shulkin said. “I am in favor of guns

rights and your typical conservative guy, but the classroom thing bugs me.” Wentworth said he heard the “blood on the streets” warnings when Texas first passed the concealed handgun law. “They said we’d have shootouts at every intersection,” he said. “None of that has happened.”

February 23, 2011

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Say It With Me: Plagiarism is Bad!



Throughout much of my time as a student, if I had to pick one word that has come up in nearly every class that requires writing, it would be plagiarism. Let me start by saying that I hate how plagiarism is spelled, since I can never seem to get it write the first time I write or type it. This is very frustrating; however, what’s more frustrating is people trying to pass off other’s work as their own (hehe, see what I did there? I set myself up for that so nicely). I have personally watched plagiaristic situations multiple times over the years, never involving myself, thankfully, but when someone is accused of plagiarism the rest of the story seems to always go the same way. In middle and high school, I must say that Rutgers Preparatory School did a great job of preventing plagiarism by

educating about it, the consequences, and the easy alternatives ALL the time. Between the library’s book collection and the online databases that we were provided, sources for research were easily accessible. Additionally, with many significant assignments, we were required to hand in parts of the paper little by little to space out the workload and ensure that we weren’t headed in the wrong direction. Usually the writing process began with a rough thesis statement, perhaps a paragraph fleshing out some of the other details, and a handful of sources that we were planning on using. While in the moment moving that slowly on a paper is infinitely frustrating, all students were forced to see if their topic was feasible weeks before a paper

was due, instead of finding out the night before that

of the trouble the process required since I could handle my workload just fine on my own! Flash forward to spring semester sophomore year and I felt a little differently. One of my classes required a very large research paper and the only due date was the last class to hand it in. It’s moment like the end of that semester when I can understand one way that plagiarism could start. When students have no direction except for the length that a paper needs to be, it’s easy to get desperate or their topic was a dead end, reckless. I ended up finishwhich may lead to some ing that paper with fewer not so good ideas. sources than I would’ve Freshman year at UNH, liked (and less than what I I was in a Composition was supposed to have) but class that was paired with it was a bit of a learning a Western World history experience. That paper is class. The last paper in the what made me change my class was a research paper mind on how I think prothat was handled much like fessors should assign large I was used to at Rutgers papers. Prep; however, I sat back If a large paper is asand complained that it was signed, I think any propointless to go through all fessor in their right mind

should set three dates right at the get go. One, a date to hand in a topic, a brief explanation of the topic, and a few sources, two, an optional date to meet with the professor around the halfway point to get some feedback on the progress students have made, and three, the actual due date. The first date gives the professor a chance to push students in the right direction and maybe even offer some helpful tips for sources. The second date acts as “protection” for the professor because when that student shows up on the last day of class saying he or she didn’t know something about the assignment or has a problem with his or her grade, the professor can point out the easy opportunity for help the students were given. Lastly, I don’t think I need to explain the purpose of a due date. If more professors treated papers like progressive works that take time and multiple attempts to per-

fect, I think they would be pleasantly surprised by the increased quality of work that students produce. I doubt all professors realize just how much work that gets handed in is not top quality but what the student felt would be satisfactory for an acceptable grade. Additionally, if professors put in that little bit of extra work, plagiarism could be warded off a little bit by making sure that students have even a handful of sources prior to beginning their work. Plagiarism is never the way to go, so please don’t do it! If you don’t get caught, you haven’t learned anything because you didn’t create what you handed in, putting yourself back where you started. If you do get caught, you may have just ruined your time in that class or this university. Be smart!

never have any intention of doing anything productive such as going to events or helping make the club a better club in the UNH community. In fact, these types of people often shine a bad light on clubs and organizations, because of just that. My question to you then would be why did you join? Why waste your time and the time of the organization? I am a member of a few organizations on campus. Throughout my involvement in these organizations I have noticed a great deal of things and attitudes that need to change. Everyone wants to be a top 20 club, but no one seems to want to take the time of put out the effort to do it. It doesn’t

happen any other way. So here are some guidelines

ings? If there aren’t any meetings, then what is the point of a club? I personally like to be involved in my organizations so that when I do attend meetings and events, I feel that the time I invest in the organization is worthwhile. Lastly, but don’t be fooled, this is a big pet peeve of mine, I have a problem when people complain when clubs and organizations tighten their grip on their club members. Never have I heard more grumbling than when an organization announces that they will have an attendance policy, require members to attend a certain amount of events, or join a committee to participate more. Club members seem to forget that clubs have every right to tighten the reins on club members if they so choose. It makes for a better club with more dedicated members. If you do not like it, then you

can always quit. Why be a member of something you are not willing to commit 100 percent to. Most organizations do not require lifelong membership, so if you are really that unhappy, you can always leave. These complainers are also those that complained that the organization never did anything worthwhile from the beginning. So, just to clarify, we complain when they don’t do anything, and then we complain when they try to make things better. Seems like a lose-lose situation. Remember everyone that being a member of something doesn’t just mean that your name is on the roster. It means putting some of your time into an organization by attending meetings and events to make this organization something you can be proud to say you were a part of later.

Being a Member Doesn’t Just Mean You’re on the Roster



As undergraduate students, many of us take what organizations we are involved with on campus very seriously. We put a lot of effort and thought into joining organizations that will benefit us and make the time we spend here at UNH well spent. Many students start out as general members at the beginning of their freshman year and work their way up to the executive board as the remaining time goes on. I respect members of clubs and organizations that take the time to be active members and actually work to make a club or organization better. With all of that being said, I do have to say that a majority of people who do join a club or an organization join just to get their name on the list. They

of time is no one attends them. Do not just read the minutes because attendance really is a factor, and do not make up an excuse because you do not want to leave your room for fifteen minutes. If you do not have class or another meeting, make the effort to go. As a club member, you should make every effort to also attend any club events your organization organizes or co-sponsors. Nothing shines a more negative light on an organization if 100 people are on the roster and only four attend events. Additionally, no member should about being in a club. Re- complain that an organizaally take them to heart and tion is putting on events. if you find that you are Yes, this has happened. one of “these” people, try I have been to meetings to pull yourself out of that where members groan becategory. cause there is going to be First, if you a member an event they are asked to of something, make ev- go to. If there aren’t any ery effort to attend meet- events being hosted, then ings. Meetings are a waste what is the point of meet-

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February 23, 2011

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1 Greek market 6 Snooped 11 Dancer Charisse 14 Lifting device 15 Church passage 16 Peggy or Brenda 17 Parisian breakfast? 19 Traveler’s stop 20 Sun. homily 21 Jabba the __ 22 White-water conveyances 24 Brussels breakfast? 28 Bronte or Dickinson 30 Gulf of Mex. neighbor 31 Drunkards 32 Inserts 34 Indy stop 37 Fast driver 39 On the line 41 CIA precursor 42 Eaves hanger 44 Scrutinized 45 Shell rival 46 Opera songs 47 London breakfast?

52 Bolshevik leader 53 Lat. list-ender 54 Some MDs 57 Ms. Gardner 58 Dublin breakfast? 62 Court divider 63 Ray 64 Stood 65 Kildare and Welby, e.g. 66 Peer recognition 67 Beginners


1 Landon and others 2 Actor Richard 3 Dental malocclusions 4 Stimpy’s pal 5 Roguishly 6 Singer LaBelle 7 Mob violence countermeasure 8 O.T. book 9 Urban RRs 10 Exits Amtrak 11 Precipice 12 Streisand film 13 Thick 18 Embrace

23 Eglin, e.g. 25 Ultimatum word 26 Twangy 27 Produce a literary work 28 Exxon, formerly 29 Swabbing tools 32 Rio Grande tributary 33 Robert of “Vega$” 34 Bearing the cost of 35 Home decor company 36 Turner and Williams 38 Lessen 40 Actress Garr 43 Revives 45 Will Smith biopic 46 Waterborne 47 Large antelope 48 Less than once 49 Tiny pests 50 King Arthur’s father 51 H.S. teachers 55 Guadalajara money 56 Understands 59 Major studio, once 60 McKellen of “The Lord of the Rings” 61 Young fish


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February 23, 2011

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Sincerest Conbowlences

By Kimberly Reilly Broom Hilda by Russel Myers

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Charger Chat with Tyler Salovin

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

- Albert Einstein


February 23, 2011

by Josh Van Hoesen


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Charger Battery Negative

I have to say that I am really glad that the university is taking time to introduce So I thought we where past this cold snap, but just as I was ready to pull my newly accepted students to on campus events before they actually get here. For motorcycle out of storage and go out cruising in my leather jacket, I am stuck those of you who didn’t know, an “Accepted Student’s Concert” was held in the driving my PT-cruiser due to this ridiculous weather. German Club on February 18, 2011, and it was a great time to say the least. I heard that starting the beginning of next semester, even if you live in SoundSo, as you all know, I have been complaining for a while about having to pay view next year, you will be forced to purchase a meal plan. As of right now, resifor housing during summer courses, especially if that is the only time they are be- dents living in apartments with a stove are not required to purchase a mean plan. ing offered and you must take them to complete your major. Well, I just recently But if this changes, I can see people having a problem with this. heard from a reliable source that that’s about to change. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The Battery Charge

Okay, so I think it’s unfair that we are forced to buy meal plans in the first place, but I think that it’s even worse that we are forced to buy one if we live in a residence hall that has an stove. I mean, I love to cook, but frankly the C-Store does not carry nearly enough for me to be able to cook all I want. So, if I was to have a meal plan, it would be almost a complete waste of money for me. That’s $2,000 down the drain, and josh does not like that.

Courtney's Weekly Words

By Courtney Faber

tyro (tie’-roh) n. a beginner in learning, a novice. [from Latin tiro “young soldier, tyro”.] Fact of the week: A lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away. Did they seriously just say that? “In the studio, I do try to have a thought in my head, so that it’s not like a blank stare.” -Cindi Crawford on modeling Weekly Thought: Don’t get your knickers in a knot. Nothing is solved and it just makes you walk funny. -Kathryn Carpenter

Edible Opinions Farmer’s Markets

By Kait Richmond & Shawn Tremblay For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been telling you about restaurants in downtown New Haven. Now, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE going out to eat, but we also love to cook! That’s why this week, we’re going to tell you about a great place to get your groceries. No, we’re not talking about Shop Rite or the C-Store. You can find great stuff there, but a lot of it is the reason why students gain so much weight in college. If you’re looking to switch up your diet from the usual microwaved meals, try the farmers market. Right now, there is one almost every weekend in New Haven, and it will have everything you need to make up for all those late-night Sandella’s trips. Let’s start by putting a couple of myths to rest. The first is that farmers markets are expensive. While this can sometimes be true, there’s always a way to find a deal. Try asking the market manager if any of the vendors are having specials, or where to locate the cheapest produce. Also, be prepared. Make a list of what you need, and then spend some time browsing all of the stands to see who has the best price. The second myth is that farmers markets don’t have a lot to offer in the winter. To put it simply, this isn’t true. There are fewer fruits than in the summer, but there is still plenty of other food to go around. There are greens and root vegetables, onions and garlic, and cheeses and eggs. You can also get homemade granola with tons of beneficial ingredients, and prepared foods for those of you without full kitchens (meatballs, chili, soups, and more). The New Haven farmers markets (run by CitySeed) are close by. Just about every weekend until April, you can find one in either Wooster Square or Edgewood Park. The Wooster Square market is located in Russo Park, a short walk from Pepe’s Pizza. Choose a Saturday and head there with friends, picking up some groceries and then grabbing a pie – make a day out of it! The Edgewood Park market is at the corner of Whalley and West Rock Avenues. It’s very close to the Wintergreen apartments, and a nice way to spend your Sunday. There are a couple of other great restaurants in that area that the locals stop at before or after their shopping. Try Lena’s for breakfast or Manjares for lunch. For more details on the locations and times of the winter farmers markets, go to CitySeed is a nonprofit organization that runs these markets (five during the summer!) and sells bread at each one to support the funds. We are emphasizing health in this article, but please don’t forego the bread. It’s baked fresh that morning, and there is an incredible variety from baguettes to ciabattas that will have you going back each week. It can be intimidating at first, but we promise that the farmers markets are worth your while. Not only are they a great source for healthy, organic food, they are also an awesome place to meet the community. The farmers markets have turned into social events, and everyone from babies to grandparents will be there, as well as the family pets. So get out there and support the farmers, support the markets, and most of all, support your bodies! We discuss the markets a lot in our blog, so for photos and ideas, check out

February 23, 2011

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Sports | | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397) By BRIAN MAHONEY

Kobe Wins 4th MVP in West’s NBA All-Star Win



LOS ANGELES – Kobe Bryant felt LeBron James coming, seeking one of his chase-down blocks that would have further energized an East team that had momentum. So Bryant jumped a little bit quicker and slammed it down over his pursuer — “I kind of snuck it by him,” Bryant said — then threw in a 3-pointer on the next possession for good measure to put the West back in control. Nothing was going to stop Bryant from a victory in this All-Star game, not on his home floor. Shining brightest again among the stars, Bryant brought Showtime back to the All-Star game, scoring 37 points and tying a record with his fourth MVP award in the Western Conference’s 148-143 victory over the East on Sunday night. “I feel like we have a sense of responsibility and we are voted in for what we do during the season, which is play hard,” Bryant said. “And we come here, that’s what the fans want to see. They want to see us go at it and see us compete and that’s what I try to do and that’s what I try to tell my teammates to do.” Returning to the game he dominates after a oneyear absence, Bryant added 14 rebounds in a spectacular performance By JENNA FRYER associated press


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Leading on the final lap of the Daytona 500, a pack of veterans baring down on his bumper, Trevor Bayne didn’t panic. He figured it would be a cool story to tell someday, how he led a lap in NASCAR’s biggest show. Somebody, maybe Tony Stewart, would pass him any moment and Bayne would dutifully push him to the win. But the pack never came. Nobody ever passed him, and with one smooth block of Carl Edwards, Bayne pulled off a stunning upset. Unlikely? Absolutely. Unworthy? He sure thought so. Unbelievable? That’s Daytona for you. “This is so crazy. I don’t even know what to say,” Bayne said after Sunday’s win. “I almost feel undeserving because ... all these guys out here that are racing against us that have been trying to do this for so long.” It took Dale Earnhardt 20 years to win the Great American Race, and on

in front of the usual celebrity-filled crowd that turns out to see his Lakers at Staples Center. “It was like playing in a playground. It was like a pickup game almost,” Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant said. “Just to watch it, I see it on TV all the time, I play against him all the time. But to be on his team and see the things that he was doing out there is just amazing.” Durant chipped in 34 points, scoring five straight after the East cut a 17-point deficit after three quarters to two points with 2:34 to play. The NBA scoring leader added the clinching free throws after the East got back within three in the final seconds. James powered the East rally, finishing with 29 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists to join Michael Jordan as the only players with a tripledouble in the All-Star game. Amare Stoudemire also scored 29, but Miami’s Dwyane Wade, the MVP of the East’s win last year, had to leave with an ankle injury after scoring 14. Plenty of Hollywood giants were sitting courtside, but Bryant’s popularity here can rival most of them. This week, he became the first athlete to have his handprints and footprints put in concrete outside Hollywood’s

famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Bryant, who missed last year’s game in Dallas with an ankle injury, told fans

the 10th anniversary of his death in an accident on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500, Bayne because the youngest winner in race history. Bayne won a day after his 20th birthday, in his first Daytona 500, in his second Sprint Cup Series start. And he did it with the Wood Brothers, NASCAR’s oldest team, a pioneering organization that had fallen on hard times over the last two decades. Although Bayne gave the Woods’ its fifth Daytona 500 victory — and first since David Pearson in 1976 — it was the team’s first Cup win since 2001. That’s what happens, though, in NASCAR’s version of the Super Bowl, a race known to break the hearts of the most hardened veterans. This year was no different, with a record 74 lead changes among 22 drivers, and a record 16 cautions that wiped out many of the

main contenders. That included Dale Earnhardt Jr., who found himself in the middle of the pack and out of conten-

quarter, Bryant threw down his dunk over the chasing James, then nailed a 3-pointer to make it 9079.

“He was unbelievable tonight,” James said. “You definitely saw his motor was going tonight.” Carmelo Anthony scored eight points in his possible goodbye to the West team. The weekend was dominated by talk of a potential trade to New York or New Jersey, and the Denver Nuggets forward appeared alternately entertained and annoyed by the constant questions. “At times, it can be tough, but it’s fun at the same time,” he said while walking on the magenta carpet before the game.

“During this weekend I’m still having fun.” While hearing some of the usual “MVP! MVP! chants he’s usually serenaded with at Staples Center, Bryant tied Bob Pettit’s record for AllStar game honors. He was scoreless for the final 6:48, but Lakers teammate Pau Gasol had a big basket to help the West hold on against an East team featuring a combined seven players from Boston and Miami, considered two of the biggest threats to end the Lakers’ two-year championship reign. The exhibition game had a bit of a finals feel with the presence of a record-tying four players from the rival Celtics. Paul Pierce — who grew up in nearby Inglewood — and Kevin Garnett received the heaviest boos during the starting lineups. Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo were also here from the group that lost Game 7 on this floor last June and would love another chance to come take the title back. East coach Doc Rivers sent his four players out together midway through the first quarter to loud boos that usually provide the soundtrack of June in Los Angeles. They quickly turned to cheers when Allen put up an airball on his first shot attempt. Bryant denied gaining extra motivation from seeing the two rivals, both of whom already won at Staples Center this season.

But he was clearly into the game from the start, driving for a couple of strong dunks or knocking down jumpers when defenders gave him room. The crowd of entertainers included Beyonce and Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jack Nicholson, Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Justin Bieber — who was called Justin “Berber” by the public address announcer while mentioning the teen star’s MVP performance in the celebrity game on Friday. Los Angeles’ newest star, rookie Blake Griffin of the Clippers, caught an alley-oop pass from Deron Williams late in the first quarter for one of his powerful dunks — though not quite the degree of difficulty as his slam while leaping over the hood of a car Saturday to win the dunk contest. The game was a welcome diversion from the Anthony talk and the troubling labor situation that threatens the league. Next year’s game is scheduled for Orlando, but nobody can be sure it will be played. A work stoppage is possible. And it was a welcome break for Lakers fans, whose team stumbled into the break with three losses in a row. They’ll be all right if Bryant is as sharp in the spring as he was Sunday.

Racing, the class of the field all of Speedweeks, lost Kevin Harvick and Jeff Burton to engine failures, and Clint Bowyer, who led 31 laps, was wrecked late. So it put a slew of unusual suspects out front at the end, and Bayne took over the lead when David Ragan, winless in 147 career starts, was penalized for changing lanes on the first restart. Bayne thought it was neat to be out front, but the aw-shucks Tennessean figured Stewart and Co. were coming. “I’m a little bit worried that one AN AP PHOTO of them is going tion because of a late flat to come after me tonight,” tire when he was wrecked he said. “I’m going to have on the first attempt at to sleep with one eye open. NASCAR’s version of That’s why I said I felt a overtime. His entire Hen- little undeserving. I’m drick Motorsports team leading, and I’m saying, had a rough day: five-time ‘Who can I push?’ defending series champion “We get to turn four, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gor- and we were still leaddon and Mark Martin were ing the band,” he said. “It all caught in an early 14- seemed a little bit too easy car accident. there at the end.” And Richard Childress The rookie had been

great throughout Speedweeks, even proving his mettle by pushing fourtime champion Jeff Gordon for most of a qualifying race, a performance Bayne said convinced the veterans he could be trusted on the track. “I figured they had a chance after seeing that boy race in the 150s,” said Pearson, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in May. “I talked to him this morning. I told him to keep his head straight and not to do anything crazy. I told him to stay relaxed. I’m proud of him.” With the win Bayne breaks Gordon’s mark as the youngest winner in Daytona 500 history. Gordon was 25 when he won the 500 in 1997. “I think it’s very cool. Trevor’s a good kid, and I love the Wood Brothers,” Gordon said. “I’m really happy for him. And I think it’s great for the sport. To have a young talent like that — he’s got that spark, you know?” The victory for NASCAR pioneers Leonard and Glen Wood ended a 10-year-losing streak and came the week of the 10th anniversary of Dale Earn-

hardt’s fatal accident on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500. This was only the fourth win in the last 20 years for Wood Brothers — NASCAR’s oldest team — which hasn’t run a full Sprint Cup season since 2006 and hit the low point of their 61-year-old existence when they failed to qualify for the 2008 Daytona 500. “When you miss a race, like the Daytona 500, it’s like somebody died,” said Eddie Wood, part of the second generation of Woods now running the team. “When you walk through the garage and you run into people you see every week, they don’t look at you, they don’t know what to say.” The rebuild has been slow, and they got Bayne this year for 17 races, on loaner from Roush-Fenway Racing, the team that snatched him up late last season when Michael Waltrip Racing — which gave Bayne his start in 2009 — couldn’t promise a sponsor for this season. So it was on to Roush, which plans for Bayne to run for the Nationwide Series title this season, and a


to “enjoy the show” before the tip, and as always he delivered a good one. Always more about focus than fun, Bryant had 21 points by the time Rihanna came out for her halftime performance, putting him halfway to Wilt Chamberlain’s record from 1962, the year of his 100-point game. “You could tell he started out from the start, he wanted to get the MVP,” Stoudemire said. “He was not passing the ball, at all. But that’s Kobe.” And when the East made it close in the third

20-year-old Bayne Wins the Daytona 500

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February 23, 2011

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Gagne Wins Four, Women Third at Women’s Basketball Falls at Pace in Road Finale NE-10 Championship A CHARGER ATHLETICS PRESS RELEASE


BOSTON, Mass. - University of New Haven women’s track and field athlete Shannon Gagne won four events with record-setting marks at the 2011 Northeast-10 Conference Indoor Track and Field Championship as she paced the Chargers for a third place finish. The senior repeated at the NE-10 Women’s Championship Most Valuable Athlete and was named the NE-10 Women’s Athlete of the Year. As a team, New Haven finished with 112 points,

narrowly missing a second place finish to UMass Lowell who finished with 113 points. Gagne won the 55m dash with a NE-10 record time of 7.05 seconds. She also won the championship with record times in the 200m dash, 24.26 seconds, and the 400m dash, 55.63 seconds. Her fourth victory came in the long jump with a meet-record of 6.02m. Freshman sprinter Ada Udaya also posted impressive times in two events at her first NE-10 Championship. The West Haven native finished second to just Gagne in the 55m dash with a time of 7.11 sec-

onds as well as the 200m dash with a time of 24.82 seconds. For her two performances, Udaya was named the NE-10 Women’s Rookie of the Year. Also top finishes for UNH were in the shot put as Shraya Manick finished second with a throw of 12.63m. The sophomore also finished second in the weight throw with a distance of 15.71m. Calista Hutchinson added another second place finish in the high jump with a height of 1.67m. The Chargers return to action on Friday, February 25 when they travel to the New England Championships.

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points. Brittany Huggins was ––––––––––––––––––––– one of three players in double-figures for the PLEASA N TV ILLE, hosting Setters. Huggins N.Y. – Senior class mem- poured in 21 points on bers Dominique Stellm- 7-of-12 shooting, while acher and Lauren Boivin Kerri White registered 15 combined for 34 points on points and Brittany Shields Saturday afternoon, but it scored 12. was not enough as Pace Shooting woes plagued University handed the the visiting team, as the University of New Haven Chargers connected on women’s basketball team a just 30 percent (18-of-60) 75-48 loss at the Goldstein of their field goals. FurFit Center. thermore, a formidable efStellmacher finished fort from the Setters bench with a team-high 18 points, also proved to be a major four rebounds, three as- difference. Pace collected sists, two blocks and four 19 points from its bench, steals and Boivin grabbed compared to just four from seven boards to go along UNH’s. In addition, Pace with her 16 points. Outside knocked down nearly 60 of their double-digit show- percent of its shots from ings though, the Chargers the floor, including 11offense struggled to get of-19 from behind the arc going. Ayana Duncanson (66.7 percent). led the team with eight The Setters jumped out rebounds and added four to a quick lead in the game


and never looked back. Pace outscored New Haven 41-21 in the first half and was able to cruise to comfortable victory in the second stanza. Overwhelmed by injuries, the Chargers tallied doubledigit minutes from just six athletes. With the loss, the Chargers dropped to 2-24 overall and 1-21 in the Northeast-10 Conference. Pace continued its fine season, improving to 21-7, 15-7 in the league. The Chargers return to action on Wednesday, February 23 with their final game of the 2010-11 campaign. UNH will take on Adelphi University at 5:30 p.m. at Charger Gymnasium. Prior to the tip-off, the women’s basketball program will honor its five seniors as they conclude their careers.

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Exum’s Pours in 24, Chargers Fall to Pace, 83-71



P LEA S A N TVILLE, N.Y. – The University of New Haven men’s basketball team concluded its 2010-11 road schedule on Saturday afternoon with a setback to Pace University at the Goldstein Fit Center. Despite a strong second half and a tremendous individual effort from Justin Exum, the Chargers were

defeated by the Setters, their deficit with a 13-0 run to start the second 83-71. half. Exum knocked down The first half featured three from behind the arc, a positive start from the paired with two lay-ups home team, as the Set- from Robert Jamerson and ters posted 41 points in Jeffery Adkins. The teams the opening stanza. Exum would exchange baskets kept the Chargers within until the 8:40 mark, where striking distance with 15 the Chargers held a onepoints in the frame, leav- point lead. Unfortunately, that was ing UNH trailing by nine (41-32) as the halftime the last lead of the game whistle sounded. for the Chargers, as Pace After the break, the boasted off a 12-2 run over Chargers quickly erased the next six minutes of ac-

20-year-old Bayne Wins the Daytona 500

con’t from page 12

deal was made to get him some seat time in the Cup Series with the Woods. It wouldn’t be for points, and he wasn’t eligible to run for rookie of the year. But the stunning Daytona 500 win — and the $1,462,563 payday — might change everybody’s plans. The team already said it now will go to Martinsville, the sixth race of the season, which had not been on its original schedule. Bayne could possibly retract his decision to run

for the Nationwide title. “I don’t even know if that’s an option,” Bayne said. Edwards wound up second in a Ford and seemed genuinely happy for Bayne. “Second place in the Daytona 500 feels way worse than any other position I’ve ever finished in the Daytona 500,” Edwards said. “But that is made better by listening to Trevor and how excited he is. He is really a nice young man, a great guy to represent this sport with

this win. “I think the world’s going to like him a lot.” David Gilliland finished third and was followed by Bobby Labonte and Kurt Busch. Juan Pablo Montoya was sixth, Regan Smith seventh, and Kyle Busch, Paul Menard and Martin rounded out the top 10. Stewart, who was second behind Bayne on the final restart, faded to 13th and is now winless in 13 career Daytona 500s. Earnhardt Jr. wound up 24th.

tion. The double-digit lead was too much to overcome as UNH suffered its 13th loss away from home. Exum finished with a game-high 24 points on 7-of-14 shooting, including 6-of-10 from behind the arc. Jamerson completed the double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds, while Mike Stys chimed in with 13 points of his own. Four Setters poured in double-figures - David Eismeier (20), Delroy Dal-

ey (18), Adrian Mills (16) and Demetrius PrimusDevonish (10). Pace connected on 50 percent of its field goals and controlled the boards with a 41-29 edge. New Haven knocked down 12of-24 from long range and 45 percent from the floor. However, the Chargers only managed four points from the bench and committed 10 turnovers leading to 13 points for the Setters.

With the loss, the Chargers fell to 7-18 overall and 5-16 in the Northeast-10 Conference. The Chargers return to action on Wednesday, February 23 with their final game of the 2010-11 campaign. UNH will take on Adelphi University at 7:30 p.m. at Charger Gymnasium. Prior to the tip-off, the men’s basketball program will honor its two seniors as they conclude their careers.

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February 23, 2011

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Music & Entertainment | | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397)

Crispy Gamer

By John Gaudiosi

2K Sports Announces ‘NHL 2K11’ for Apple iPad RALEIGH, N.C. 2K Sports has had success with “NHL 2K11” on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. Now the sports video game maker is bringing the franchise to Apple’s popular iPad. Mike Rhinehart, senior brand manager at 2K Sports, who was at the 2011 NHL All-Star Weekend in Raleigh, said “NHL 2K11” is coming to iPad with all-new features to take advantage of the larger screen and touch pad. 2K Sports cover athlete Ryan Kesler was at the 2K Sports

booth at NHL Fan Fair to sign autographs and check out the “NHL 2K11” bus. “NHL 2K11” will mark 2K Sports’ first game on Apple’s now-ubiquitous iPad. “NHL 2K11” launched as a Wii exclusive, as Rhinehart said 2K Sports has spent the past year focusing on a new Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 hockey game. But that extra time has allowed the game publisher to bring its NHL franchise to first the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and now the iPad.

“NHL 2K11” was specifically for the Wii version. The game the first licensed iPad and based on the also promises a variNHL game for Ap- iPhone and iPod touch ety of modes, including the ability to jump into a Quick Game, practice your skills in Free Skate or take your favorite team to the Stanley Cup in Season Mode. 2K Sports will update the game throughout the rest of the season to keep the game fresh. The Wii version of the game introduced ple’s iPhone and iPod version. improved Wii MoTouch, and now it will The iPad hockey tionPlus controls with enjoy the same status game will feature high the ability to execute on iPad. 2K Sports has definition visuals - real-time (one-to-one) devised a new con- something hockey fans dekes, puck juggling, trol scheme designed don’t experience in the shooting and defensive



Most superhero movies today follow the same general plot formula. From the point of view of the hero, the audience is treated to a battle against the villain, who will inevitably lose. The hero may be at a disadvantage, go through self-doubt, and even temporarily “retire” for a while, but in the end they always win, leaving the


Liana’s Literary Commentary

Hacking Harvard: You Don’t Need to be Brilliant You Just Need a Plan

Who deserves to get into the Ivy League? More importantly, how do you outsmart the Ivy League? In Hacking Harvard by Robin Wasserman, Eric Roth faces this ultimate moral dilemma as he attempts to beat the corrupt college admissions system by getting an unqualified slacker into the most prestigious university… Harvard. Eric Roth and his best friends, Max Kim and Schwarz, have executed countless pranks

maneuvers. Bringing these incredible moves to life are improved player models, freshly lit and redesigned arenas, and highly detailed jerseys and equipment. 2K Sports introduced the all-new Road to the Cup mode featuring Mii characters battling in mini-games, trivia challenges and skills competitions. For the latest information about videogames, visit

By Liana Teixeira

and hacks at Wadsworth High School. Max is the leader; Schwarz the genius. Eric is the voice of reason. Together, they are legends. However, when Max comes up with the ultimate hack to fool college admissions, the stakes become higher than ever, and their true legacy is tested. Eric seems hesitant toward the idea; however, the trio is convinced that universities only admit students that fit their specific mold. In high school, everyone is asked to do their homework and follow

the rules. They are asked to exceed everyone’s expectations for a spot at the coveted Ivy League institutions…but many never achieve this. People lose themselves, Max says, because they try to be what others want them to be. To prove this theory, they transform their slacker classmate, Clay Porter, into the perfect ivy-league applicant in order to draw attention to the unfair admissions system. What the boys do not expect is their rivals, the Bongo Bums, to challenge

them. Pretty soon, the friends find themselves betting $25,000 that they can get Clay into Harvard. Max assures his friends that it will be a simple win. The Bums, however, have a few tricks up their sleeves. The novel is very wellorganized. The chapters reflect the steps of the college admission process, giving high school and college readers a familiar subject to relate to. From a bugged interview to cheating on the SATs, the tension consistently builds as

the boys attempt to implement each portion of their master plan. By keeping the identity of the narrator a secret for most of the book, the author also adds a sense of mystery and creates even more tension as the story continues. This novel does not, in any way, outline a method to cheating your way into college; it is unethical to do so, and Wasserman makes this very clear. Instead, this book can be seen as a drama, a comedy, a friend, and a book that each current college stu-

dent can relate to. Whether you applied to an Ivy League school or not, we all went through this critical phase of our lives. All the confusion, the stress, and the hours of sleep lost to writing admissions essays…we all wonder if it was worth it. In the end, everyone does the best with what they have, and Hacking Harvard truly gives a different perspective on the mindset of collegebound students.

question of what would actually happen if the villain won. Last week, SCOPE aired the animated superhero comedy Megamind on Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 p.m. in Bartels. The titular character, voiced by Will Ferrell, is a supervillain genius determined to take over Metro City. For years, Megamind has been locked in combat against Metro City’s superhero defender, Metro Man (Brad Pitt) while

aided by his best friend and minion aptly named Minion (David Cross), an army of “brainbots” he designed, as well as whatever schemes, giant robots, and unnecessarily flashy presentations he may decide to use in his next plan. Despite losing every time, Megamind remains determined that evil will eventually win. He kidnaps newspaper reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey), a close friend of Metro Man to lure him into another

trap. In a strange twist, this plan appears to succeed, killing Metro Man and leaving no obstacle in Megamind’s plan to conquer Metro City. Shortly after, Megamind proceeds to do just that, and establishes himself as the ruler of Metro City. Following a short “honeymoon period” however, Megamind begins to feel bored and empty, a rather realistic case of what would actually happen if left without someone

who had kept him busy for years. He attempts to remedy this by creating a new “hero” in Titan (Jonah Hill), but ends up falling in love with Roxanne as well and settling off a chain of events that make the audience question who the actual heros and villains of the story are. Megamind attempts to deconstruct a few aspects of the superhero film genre, while still remaining a very funny satire with a memorable soundtrack.

While it does admittedly suffer from many of the same clichés of other superhero movies, it also manages to tell its story with perspectives and plot developments not normally found in its genre. Whether or not you are a fan of superhero movies, it may be worthwhile to see Megamind just to see the genre from a different perspective.

has taken his identity. DreamWorks' "I Am Number Four" stars Alex Pettyfer as a teenage alien refugee on Earth who develops superpowers to battle the evil invaders that destroyed his planet. It was the first DreamWorks movie released under the company's distribution deal with Disney. While "I Am Number Four" held youth appeal, "Unknown" was a rare No. 1 film that did most of its business among older crowds. According to Warner, 54 percent of the movie's audience was 50 and over and 89 percent was 25 and over. The 58-year-old Neeson has had action roles before

but found unexpected success as an all-out action hero with "Taken," a $100 million hit. "He's the new man. He's stepped up to the plate. Put him in the right role and he's every man's action star," said Dan Fellman, head of distribution at Warner. Two movies that opened the previous weekend held the next two spots in the top 10. Disney's animated comedy, "Gnomeo & Juliet," was No. 3 with $19.4 million, finishing so closely to "I Am Number Four" that the two movies could change rankings when studios release final numbers Tuesday, after the long President's Day weekend.

"Gnomeo & Juliet" raised its total to $50.4 million. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's romance "Just Go With It," which had been No. 1 the previous weekend, fell to fourth place with $18.2 million. The Sony release lifted its total to $60.8 million. The weekend's other new wide release, Martin Lawrence's comedy, "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son," was No. 5 with $17 million. The 20th Century Fox sequel has Lawrence reprising his role as a federal agent who goes undercover as a hefty woman to crack a case. Hollywood finally broke a long downturn in business during which revenues were

off 14 straight weekends compared to last year's. This weekend, receipts totaled $144 million, up 7.7 percent compared to the same period last year, according to box-office tracker But compared to President's Day weekend in 2010, which fell a week earlier, revenues this time were down 30 percent. "This was certainly not a record President's Day weekend by any stretch, but it was a good weekend," said analyst Paul Dergarabedian. "It was solid but not spectacular, but at least it broke the down streak." Two top contenders at next Sunday's Academy

Awards hit the $100 million mark. The Weinstein Co. drama "The King's Speech," the best-picture front-runner, pulled in $6.6 million to lift its total to $103.3 million. Fox Searchlight's psychosexual thriller, "Black Swan," took in $1.3 million and raised its haul to $101.5 million. Colin Firth of "The King's Speech" and Natalie Portman of "Black Swan" are considered the favorites for the lead-acting Oscar awards.

Megamind: a Super Villain Movie

Neeson's `Unknown' Wins Weekend with $21.8M Debut

By DAVID GERMAIN associated press


LOS ANGELES – Liam Neeson has proven himself a known quantity again at the box office. Neeson's thriller, "Unknown," debuted as the No. 1 movie with $21.8 million, following in the footsteps of his 2009 action hit "Taken," according to studio estimates Sunday. Another action tale, "I Am Number Four," opened at No. 2 with $19.5 million. A Warner Bros. release, "Unknown" stars Neeson as a botanist who awakens from a coma to find his wife claims she does not know him and that another man

February 23, 2011

Dave’s Music Report Born To Make History

Love her or hate her, there is little denying that Lady Gaga’s new single “Born This Way” was one of the most talked about and anticipated releases of 2011 thus far. Pretty much as soon as the song was released, the buzz grew exponentially thanks to its too-close-for-comfort similarities with Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” questionable lyrics and an almost instantaneous battle against Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me.” In addition, a show-stopping Grammy performance only added to the attention it was getting. Needless to

say, “Born This Way” be- cally, in the same week, came an instant hit, and a massive one at that. Aside from the fact that the song made history by selling a million copies on iTunes in only five days, and even aside from becoming the nineteenth song in history to debut at number one, the song made some pretty serious history by becoming the one thousandth number one single in the the cast of Glee broke ElBillboard Hot 100. Ironi- vis Presley’s record for


porting player — 1966’s “A Man for All Seasons” and 1998’s “Shakespeare in Love” — did win best picture. Yet past contenders with a monarch in a lead role have always lost: 1933’s “The Private Life of Henry VIII,” 1946’s “Henry V,” 1964’s “Becket,” 1968’s “The Lion in Winter,” 1969’s “Anne of the Thousand Days,” 1998’s “Elizabeth” (which lost to “Shakespeare in Love”) and 2006’s “The Queen.” Actors as British monarchs have fared a bit better, with lead-acting wins by Charles Laughton in the title role of “The Private Life of Henry VIII”; Katharine Hepburn as Henry II’s captive queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, in “The Lion in Winter”; and

Helen Mirren as Elizabeth II in “The Queen.” Judi Dench won a supporting Oscar as Elizabeth I in “Shakespeare in Love.” Best-actor front-runner Colin Firth as the current

what to expect or worrying about who will stand in one’s way. That is why The Roommate is such an attention-grabber to young college students and teens that are looking for a movie to relate to. The main character, Sara, from Iowa, moves to a college in Los Angeles to major in fashion. She is assigned to an art student from Pasadena, California, named Rebecca. Together, these girls seem to get along perfectly in the beginning, until Sara really

most appearances on the chart (despite only having two top-10 singles,) making this a pretty epic week in music history. Since the chart’s inception in 1958 when Ricky Nelsons’ “Poor Little Fool” became the first number one single, over fifty years worth of songs have reached the summit.

Page 15 By Dave Iannacone

Number 1,000 could not have come in a more epic fashion. Of the other 998 singles, the Beatles hold the record for most number ones singles with 20, followed by Mariah Carey with 18. The cast of Glee holds the record for most chart appearances (currently 113) followed by Elvis with 108. Elvis also holds the record for most top-40 hits (104), but Madonna edged him out by only one song for most top-10 hits (37). Despite all of the controversy, mixed reactions, and what many consider to be over-hype, the message

of “Born This Way” is one we can all get into. Lady Gaga is currently one of the biggest pop stars in the world (if the not the biggest) and she worked for this hit. Lady Gaga is still very early in her career, and she is far from breaking many records (although she is on track to,) but she is already in the history books as the artist who had the one thousandth number one single on the Billboard Hot 100, and that’s an accomplishment that will never be taken away from her.

crown from Elizabeth I). Two actors lost twice for playing the same monarch — Peter O’Toole as Henry II in “Becket” and “The Lion in Winter” and Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I in “Elizabeth” and its 2007 sequel, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.” Laurence Olivier lost twice for playing two different kings in Shakespeare adaptations, 1946’s “Henry V” and 1956’s “Richard III.” Kenneth Branagh also lost for his 1989 version of “Henry V.” Henry VIII has gone AN AP PHOTO one-for-three at the Osqueen’s father, George VI, more loser if we throw in cars. After Laughton’s is expected to join the win- Vanessa Redgrave as best win, two other actors lost ner’s list Sunday, though actress in 1971’s “Mary, for playing the same role Helena Bonham Carter as Queen of Scots,” whose — Robert Shaw as suphis wife, the future Queen title character schemed but porting actor in “A Man Mother Elizabeth, is a failed to take the English for All Seasons” and Rich-

ard Burton as best actor for “Anne of the Thousand Days” (the latter film also was a best-actress loser for Genevieve Bujold in the title role, as one of Henry VIII’s queens, Anne Boleyn). Before their wins, both Dench and Mirren lost at the Oscars for other roles as British queens. Mirren lost the supporting-actress race as Queen Charlotte in 1994’s “The Madness of King George,” for which Nigel Hawthorne also lost for best actor in the title role. Dench lost for best actress as Queen Victoria in 1997’s “Mrs. Brown.”

sees the true side of her new roommate. After living together for a little while, Rebecca begins to obsess over her new best friend, trying to mimic every move Sara makes, resulting in her beginning to become just like her. While doing so, Rebecca’s intentions involve taking away anything that could get in between her and Sara, including friends,

she must take medication in order to be treated correctly, Sara tries to do something about it, but gets distracted by her awfully misguided living situation. Sara will have to do whatever it takes to get out of there and seek some help, no matter how tough it gets. A psychological thriller about a deranged college freshman seems the way to go if you want to see a movie that gives you chills and thrills.

Hollywood Rarely Crowns British Monarchy at Oscars



LOS ANGELES – It may seem as though Academy Awards voters would be a bunch of fawning monarchists, considering how often the ceremony has been a love fest for all things English. But British kings and queens generally wind up losers at the Oscars. If “The King’s Speech,” a saga about Queen Elizabeth II’s dad, makes good on its status as best-picture favorite on Sunday, it would become the first film with a British monarch as its central figure to win the top prize in the 83year history of the Oscars. Two films with a British king or queen as a supBy KIM REILLY STAFF WRITER


The Roommate, a PG13 rated movie that has received some good ratings, is sure to send viewers kicking and screaming for more thrills. College should be the best years of one’s life; it should be the best time to make the most of everything and to get a new way of freedom and individuallality. It shouldn’t have to be about worrying about

longshot for supporting actress. Losers far outnumber winners: 13 of the 17 actors nominated for playing a British king or queen have lost (there would be one

The Roommate

family members, professors, Sara’s boyfriend, etc. This obsession leaves Sara horrified, frightened, and clueless as what to do or how to take care of such a problem. In the development of all of this, it becomes dangerous for Sara to just go about normally on a regular basis anymore. She now has to sneak out to get away from her roommate,

Top Pop Singles

1. Black and Yellow, Wiz Khalifa, Ihiphop Distribution 2. Grenade, Bruno Mars, Elektra/Asylum 3. Firework, Katy Perry, Capitol 4. F--kin’ Perfect, Pink, La Face 5. I Need a Doctor, Dr. Dre, featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey, Aftermath 6. Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You), Enrique Iglesias, featuring Ludacris & DJ Frank, Republic 7. Rocketeer, Far East Movement, featuring Ryan Tedder, Cherrytree/Interscope Records 8. What’s My Name?, Rihanna, featuring Drake, Def Jam 9. Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor), Pitbull, featuring T-Pain, J-Records 10. Hold It Against Me, Britney Spears, Jive(C) 2011 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.

without her knowing. As it gets harder and harder to, Rebecca eventually finds out where Sara sneaks off to, and she keeps her from going out ever again by making threats to Sara’s friends or love interests. This keeps Rebecca’s roommate inside and right by her side at all times. Soon, Rebecca will do anything to keep Sara to herself, consisting of killing off other people that get in her way. Finding out that her roommate has a medical problem and that

Top 12 Movies This Week from

56% 28% 54% 18% 10% 68% 95% 6% 36% 51% 95% 31%

Unknown I Am Number Four Gnomeo and Juliet Just Go With It Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son Justin Bieber: Never Say Never The King’s Speech The Roommate The Eagle No Strings Attached True Grit Sanctum

$21.8M $19.5M $19.4M $18.2M $17.0M


$13.6M $6.6M $4.1M $3.6M $3.1M $2.4M $1.6M

In Theaters: Unknown Liam Neeson elevates the proceedings considerably, but Unknown is ultimately too derivative -- and implausible -- to take advantage of its intriguing premise.

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