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Good Samaritan Fund Created after Campus Gun Scare

CAMPUS Seaton Art Gallery displayed Gil Scullion’s work titled To Have | Have Not. It opened Jan. 31, and explores themes of “class welfare, free trade, and labor via stenciled images and text.”





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SPORTS UNH football coach Rossomando has left for a position at CCSU. Read about the legacy he leaves behind, and the changes that come for the program. SEE PAGE 11


Being Proactive in the Traffic Jam of Human Trafficking



–––––––––––––––––––––––––– President Kaplan called on the University of New Haven community to help raise funds for the homeless woman who called the police after witnessing a student taking guns from his car in the Shop Rite parking lot and walking toward campus. “All of us are grateful for her actions. Some have suggested that we provide community recognition for our ‘Good Samaritan,’” Kaplan said in an email addressed to the University Community. “Our Good Samaritan” refers to the woman who “first saw something and then had the presence of mind to alert the authorities,” on Dec. 3. 2013, according to Carol Koziatek, Vice President of Human

Resources. The woman wishes to remain anonymous because she doesn’t want the attention—in her mind, what she did was just her duty as a citizen; she doesn’t want to be thought of as a hero. She took her duty quite seriously; after seeing William Dong removing guns from his car, the woman persistently attempted to alert the authorities. According to Koziatek, she had a difficult time getting the right number, but kept at it until she reached someone. “We have established a fund for her and welcome contributions of any size,” Kaplan said. Students, parents, board members and faculty members alike expressed interest in helping the woman who “helped stop what could have been an incident with a very different outcome.” Donations can be sent via check or given electronically. Since it was put into place, the


Good Samaritan Fund has accrued $33,500. Koziatek mentioned that while there were some larger donations, a majority of the donations were in smaller increments of $10, $15 and $25. While she said she cannot know for sure, she believes that these smaller amounts came from students who felt really thankful to the woman who alerted the authorities. “She [the woman] was very touched when I told her I thought a lot of donations had come from students,” Koziatek said. UNH’s Good Samaritan is a homeless woman, unable to work because of sickness. “We asked her what she needed, and she said she just wanted to be out of the shelter,” Koziatek said. She was immediately placed into temporary housing for the holiday season. See GOOD page 2

With Valentine’s Day approaching, don’t scramble for date ideas. That Awkward Moment isn’t the typical romantic comedy, but still a must-see.


You Blew It! released their second album, Keep Doing What You’re Doing. Read staff writer Jordan Schonberger’s review.


From England to America





Foreign exchange students Sophie Buckhall, Sarah Hewerdine and Will Annetts arrived to the University of New Haven Jan. 17, traveling from the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. These students study international business management, and prior

to graduating, they must study abroad. When deciding where to fulfill this requirement, they chose the United States since the language is the same, even though they still had to study a language before they were eligible to study abroad. While at UNH, they are required to take six classes to match the workload equivalent of theirs in the U.K. However, they were able to choose their own classes here, which range from wedding plan-

ning, sports management, journalism and organizational marketing amongst others. “All we have to do is pass,” said Buckhall. The three also enjoy the luxury of being able to choose their own classes, while in the U.K. their classes are all chosen for them based on the degree they are pursuing. Buckhall, Hewerdine and Annetts explained that they are somewhere between a sophomore and See ENGLAND page 3

Associate Professor Tim Palmbach, Chair of Forensic Science, presented advanced investigative and forensic tools that he personally used during his sabbatical work in order to facilitate the combat against the many exploited by the illegal trade of human trafficking. The presentation was held in Dodds Theater at the University of New Haven, Wed., January 29, from 5- 6 p.m. Towards the beginning of the presentation, a video clip was shown of a bar where a typical scene of young girls being bought for prostitution was displayed. The conclusion of the clip resulted in the arrest of the man who bought the girl, ensuring the general population that there is a proactive movement towards the abolishment of human trafficking already in effect. The audience soon found out that while the statistics within the clip were accurate, the actual arrest part was nothing but an illusion. As of 2013, an estimate of 29 million have been thrown into the world of human trafficking, and of those currently enslaved, there have been less than five successful convictions. Last fall, Professor Palmbach had his sabbatical leave approved, and during so, travelled to a number of third world countries including: Nepal, Costa Rica, Djibouti, Croatia and Bosnia. to investigate how feasible forensic DNA analysis would be in actuality. After some form of government contact and a run-down of the areas they could possibly investigate, Palmbach, along with a small team of locals, entered the underground world of human trafficking. They entered with limited video and audio equipment on them, as well as tiny cotton swabs, which they used to attain DNA samples. They collected DNA off of cigarettes, straws, glasses and condoms, and sometimes even directly ask them for a buccal sample. Not once were Professor Palmbach and his team questioned for telling the subject that he was a researcher and needed to swab their mouth, and subjects complied easily. Once the samples swabs were collected, Professor Palmbach conducted a rapid DNA test, and after 84 minutes of waiting, a full 13-allele male/female DNA ladder was produced. With this kind of technology, law enforcements are able to confirm the identities of the men who buy See PROACTIVE page 3

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February 5, 2014

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Charger News Good Samaritan Fund Postcards from Prato Created after Campus Gun Scare | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397) |

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cared so much about protecting ours,” Kaplan said in an email on Jan. 10. “She is extremely grateful for the outpouring of generosity and says that she never expected this level of assistance.”

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UNH will help the woman manage her basic needs such as food, permanent housing, bills and medical co-payments, to help her get back on her feet. Senior Danielle Smith believes that the Good Samaritan deserves everything

she’s getting. “Some people only do good things because they want credit for it, but since she wishes to remain anonymous, she [called the police] because she truly thought it was the right thing to do.” “We seek to improve her quality of life because she




I cannot believe that I have already been here for over a week. I still wake up and have to second guess before I realize where I am, and I still get all confused about the time change when I see posts on Facebook from University of New Haven students on campus saying they are getting ready for an 8 a.m., when I have already finished classes for the day. Now that we have been here for a little while, I feel like I am more comfortable with the area. I even know how to get to a few places without needing to take out a map, however I still keep it on me constantly to be sure I get from A to B in one piece. We started classes this week and all I can say is how absolutely fantastic the staff here is. They are all so accommodating and welcoming to every student. The professors understand that we want to travel and they use it to guide where they go in the lessons. For example, our second Ital-

ian lesson went over how to say “station” and “Where is” among other things you might need to know so you can navigate yourself around public transportation. In our Culture class, the professor shows us how to use the Italian train website so we can plan trips and find out when trains arrive and depart from different stations. She also gave us an assignment to go to a local café, get appetizers and ask questions to the people. This was assigned so that we learn to interact and not only focus on our language skills, but getting to know the culture, the people and their routines, since it is apparently very common for people our age to go to a cafe and get appetizers like that. I honestly feel like I could walk up to any staff member and ask them any question and they would make sure to answer or help me find the answer without a problem— and they are always smiling! All of them! You can’t help but get a little bit more upbeat when you walk in and everyone is smiling while greeting you! Another amazing thing about being here is the atmo-

sphere in the school building itself. Along with the great staff, a lot of the students hang out at the school to do homework since wifi isn’t too great in housing, because Italy isn’t as technologically advanced as the U.S. There are always groups of students working on homework and hanging out that you can talk to or go grab lunch with between classes. It’s so encouraging to know that there are so many other people here that are all trying to get to know each other and explore this new country while still focusing on school. I love it. On Friday, we learned how to take the public buses and went to the mall, ParcoPrato. It’s got so many different things; there are regular shopping stores, restaurants, a bowling alley, a movie theater, an ice skating rink, a gelato place (which was delicious!) and it’s all so close! We spent the day and had too much fun just being able to shop and bowl while getting to know each other away from school.

Samantha Higgins is spending a semester abroad at UNH’s Prato, Italy satellite campus. Follow her adventures this semester!

February 5, 2014

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Being Proactive in the Traffic From England to America Jam of Human Trafficking con’t from page 1

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and have sexual intercourse with underaged girls. They will no longer have to depend solely on the testimony of the girls themselves in order to have more successful convictions. Palmbach has strong hopes that UNH will take part in the endeavors to combat human trafficking. The Coalition to Combat Trafficking in Person is a Recognized Student Organization on campus through which students can learn more about the subject. UNH is also involved with the Starfish Project and partners with Prokid Negotiations, both which are currently proactive in rehabilitating children and women who suffer from enslavement and exploitation in rural areas. With the many criminal justice and forensic science majors at UNH, and resources available to take part

junior status. “At Lincoln it is a three year program,” whereas at UNH it is a four year program. For the duration of their stay, the students were assigned to Bergami for housing. “In the U.K. you are very independent, so being here it is kind of like being at a boarding school,” said Hewerdine. “It’s like taking a step backwards. I thought I would find it difficult, but I don’t mind.” The three have done a lot of shopping in the short time that they have been here, including shopping for bedding, which they did not bring with them in their luggage. After friendly encounters at the local Target, they decided that everyone they have met, with a few exceptions, is “so polite and helpful,” said Annetts. While the language is the same, some terminology differs, and they had some trouble finding what Americans call a “comforter.” “We didn’t know. It took an hour to find bedding and people helped us. They wouldn’t do that in the U.K.” The students have also bought a lot of clothing they would consider expensive back home. They took advantage of the Martin Luther King Day sales and “stocked up.” The students have also noticed differences in American fashion, food and classroom structures, compared to that in the U.K. that they are accustomed to. “U.K. classes are much bigger with 100-200 in a lecture, with a separate seminar with about 20 people,” said Annetts. They described their lecture classrooms as “a box with chairs,” and enjoy the “American (modern)” feel of the new classrooms, and especially the stock exchange board and

in this fight, this is an issue worth being involved in and

taking the time to learn more about.

Vlock Center in Maxcy Hall. They take four classes with two lecture periods per class and one seminar, where they get a recap and more one-on-one experience with their professors. “It is when we get to ask questions. You can’t really do that with a lecture hall of 100 or 200 people,” said Hewerdine. They also have noticed, and enjoyed so far, that the classes at UNH have more of an applied method, whereas the lecture is taught with the use of scenarios in the U.K., and they seldom have guest speakers which they are looking forward to here. The class load is also set up differently. There are few weekly homework assignments in the U.K.; instead, there are just a lot of assignments due at the very end. “So everyone waits till the end to do it all,” said Annetts. Another difference Hewerdine pointed out was that grading is taken a little more seriously here at UNH. In the U.K., 70% is the equivalent of an A here, and only 40% is required to pass. “It is easier here in the sense of what you learn – it’s basic,” said Hewerdine, “and you get points for showing up! That’s mental.” The students have hopes of getting involved on campus, even for the short stay they have. “I have already talked to my professor about Marketing Club,” said Hewerdine. “And maybe a sorority. They don’t have them in the U.K.,” which Buckhall explained was because they are more based around sports at the University of Lincoln, where rugby is the highlight. The trio plans on taking avid use of the Rec Center and love that compared to at their school, where they

pay $40 for their memberships, they are allowed to go for free and take kickboxing classes. While the differences seem prominent now, “we’ll get used to it,” said Buckhall. “I miss English food and Sunday dinners with shepherd’s pie.” As mentioned, their lifestyle back home is more independent; they cook for themselves and there are no meal plans, so on top of not having their own apartments like they are used to, in the U.S. “you have to get what they cook, and dinner closes here at the time we are used to eating at home.” When describing the style of UNH students, Hewerdine said it was “seriously casual,” and Buckhall thought she was overdressed. They are used to a very “dressed up” fashion in the U.K. Since they are not 21, but are used to their 18-year-old drinking age back home, they have since also realized “how large our drinking culture is,” said Hewerdine. “I can’t get my wine here.” While it is accustom to relax with a drink after a long and stressful day where they are from, “here we went back and had a lot of water,” said Buckhall. With Bergami comes roommates, and while they are used to having an apartment (and bathroom) to themselves, they are acclimating. “Everyone has their own friends already it seems. We have to break them down and work our way in,” said Buckhall. So far they have enjoyed their stay, and found some aspects better than home. The three have visited New York City, and have a few more destinations on their list to hit before they head back home.

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Don’t Be Late! DON’T FORGET THESE IMPORTANT DEADLINES: BEING LATE COULD COST YOU! By The FEDS (Financial Aid) The Spring Semester has begun, which means that important financial aid deadlines are quickly approaching! It is necessary for all students to keep track of the dates that specific documents are due, especially the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be completed electronically via the Department of Education’s website: The deadline for completion of the FAFSA is March 1st, 2014. FAFSA applications filed after this date will be considered late, and could have a significant effect on the amount of financial aid that you receive. So take a little stress out of your life and file the FAFSA on time- maybe even early! Not only is the FAFSA deadline fast approaching, but the deadline for all other necessary documents is coming up too. The Financial Aid Office may require several additional documents in order to process each student’s financial aid package, such as the 2013-2014 Independent/Dependent Verification Worksheet or the Student/Parent IRS Tax Return Transcript. The deadline for all other required documents to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office is May 1st, 2014. Descriptions of these documents can be found in the Financial Aid on line system which can be accessed by clicking on the “Financial Aid” link under “Quick Links” on the UNH homepage. Once on the Financial Aid page, clicking on the “My Financial Aid” icon as seen below will bring you to the Financial Aid online access site. You will need your Student ID number, which is the eight digit number on the front of your Student ID card. -If you have already logged in to NetPartner, and you remember your PIN, enter the information and hit submit. -If you have already logged in but have forgotten your PIN, click “Forgot PIN” and follow the instructions. -If you have never created an account, click “First Time User” and follow the instructions

Once you have logged into your Financial Aid site, you will be able to view all of the information concerning your financial aid. Familiarize yourself with the website, and check under the tab labeled “Documents” to see if you are missing any documents. This website is available 24/7 and is a way for students (and parents if you share your log in information with them!) to check the status of their financial aid, even when the office is closed. Along with the FAFSA and other important documents, the applications for many outside scholarships are due during the Spring Semester. Outside scholarships can be very helpful to students in need of financial help, and they are often overlooked as a way to pay for college. Outside scholarships are different from those given out by the University. They are provided by outside organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, professional organizations, community organizations, and more. It is important to remember the deadlines for outside scholarships. Many scholarships have a deadline between February 1st and April 30th of each year so be sure to send the applications in on time. Don’t forget to take advantage of the outside scholarship board/binders located in the lobby of the Financial Aid Office as well as the blackboard page under “My Organizations”, and be sure to mark the deadlines on your calendar! The final significant deadline that UNH students should be concerned about is the deadlines for class registration for the Fall 2014 Semester. Late registration may result in a reduced financial aid award due to limited funding. Look for the e-mail from the Registrar’s Office that lists the dates and times for each grade level to register, and be sure to register on time or ASAP after your date! Remember: the FAFSA is due March 1st, 2014; all other documents are due May 1st, 2014; the deadlines for many outside scholarships are quickly approaching; and register for Fall 2014 on time! If you write down and remember all of these important dates, you won’t have to stress out about your financial aid. So….Don’t Be Late!!

February 5, 2014

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The 85 richest people in this world have as much money as the poorest 3.5 billion people in the world. The United States, out of all countries, has the most money flowing to the country’s richest 1 percent of people. That seems to contrast phrases such as the “land of the free” or the “land of opportunity.” Such staggering numbers inspired Gil Scullion to evoke what he describes as “a notion of historical Americana” through his display at the Seton Art Gallery. To Have | Have Not opened Jan. 31 at the Seton Art Gallery, exploring themes of “class welfare, free trade, and labor via stenciled images and text.” Scullion concentrated on the process of making something on the forgotten notion of creating with the hands. Using tools such as cardboard, plexiglass, paint, staples and stencils, a thematic concentration on manual labor arises. The gallery is laden in cardboard with images stenciled in primary colors and paintings on plexiglass. It is “very much a painting project,” said Scullion, and the space offered “unique opportuni-

ties with zigzagging walls” for him. The project is sitespecific. Hands are a motif in his artwork, displayed on four separate masses of cardboard. The hands embody the theme of the working class—builders and creators. Each of these four cardboard clusters also host economic statistics superimposed onto frames of plexiglass. The statistics address distribution of wealth through pie charts, bars and a wineglass. Several hand trucks stacked high with boxes are dispersed throughout the gallery. In one protruding corner of the gallery, the words “I sell my body for money,” are divided between two perpendicular walls. Written on plexiglass, this phrase is something Scullion’s wife noticed to be graffitied on a park in Connecticut’s east side. Scullion himself was astounded by this form of “unembarrassed entrepreneurialism.” Any job realistically “uses your body up, it is a consumable commodity.” Humans sell their own body and receive money but also aching muscles, illnesses, or diseases in return. People work until they can’t any longer. “We are all trading some aspect of our physicality for money.” stated Scullion. Time, health and spontaneity are a few things that people


Graduates Embark on New Challenges

sell themselves short on, things that are exchanged for a paper check or a paper bill. “Scullion tackles the white space of the gallery and presents viewers with a tug of war, illustrating an ever-present struggle in an unbalanced economy,” said Laura Marsh, director of the Seton Art Gallery. Scullion recognizes that the opportunity to display his work in the Seton Art Gallery gave his ideas of art on wealth and power a tangible standing point. Now having a space in mind, knowing the height of walls, the zigzagging corners of the gallery helped give that extra spark of ingenuity.

“I’m making art that creates a theatrical feeling,” said Scullion. When asked if he would ever take this piece to another space, Scullion said that the work is specifically for this gallery. He would recreate everything for a different space. Scullion’s recent projects have been part of a series embodying “Presence Through Absence.” Scullion previously did a project on passive aggressive behavior and how individuals can withdraw stimulus and express emotions through a lack thereof. He also created a project on insomnia, how it is not a tangible thing, but the absence of another

(sleep). The idea of something existing only through its absence is a common theme of Scullion’s. Nietzsche’s existentialist theories and the idea of nothing were also ideas that intrigued Scullion. Linking art with philosophical thoughts is no rarity in his works. Themes of power and concentration of wealth were also rooted in philosophical ideas (Carl Marx may come to mind). The art display itself is named after an Ernest Hemingway novel, which Scullion proclaims that he most likely “read before the invention of paper.” Through songs, phrases,

graphs, boxes and stenciled images, Scullion addresses “unequal distribution of wealth and underappreciated materials.” Let the rich be rich, is Scullion’s point of view, but he questions “how much more do they really want?” The Seton Art Gallery is open Monday-Wednesday 12-6 p.m., Thursday 1-6 p.m. and Friday-Saturday 12-4 p.m., and Gil Scullion’s art will be on display until the Feb. 24.

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February 5, 2014

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iPhone Snatcher Strikes Again



––––––––––––––––––---So far this month, I’ve gotten three emails informing me of cell phone thefts in the West Haven area. Police have identified the suspect as a black female with braids driving a white Ford Mustang. This iPhone snatcher drives up to an unsuspecting student and asks for directions. When the victim looks up the address on their phone, the snatcher asks the student to move in closer— you know, so she can see the map on the screen, of course. This is when the snatching occurs. She grabs the phone out of the person’s hands and drives away.

Seriously? Who in their right mind hands a phone to a stranger? Seriously?? Not only are you handing a phone worth hundreds of dollars to a complete stranger, but you chose to give over your most prized possession (probably) to a stranger in a car who has the ability to drive away. Don Parker, of the University of New Haven Police Department, has sent out three emails warning students of the phone-snatching woman. This means that after reading the first two emails, students still didn’t have the common sense to simply not hand their phone to a stranger. I’m honestly dumbfounded by this. This woman is clearly ta king advantage of the students who seem to have

misplaced their common sense, and the whole situation in general seems like a poorly constructed Saturday Night Live skit. Always remember to follow the safety guidelines Campus Police sends out every year. Be aware of your surroundings when you’re alone, especially at night. Always look up when you’re walking—try not to keep your face in your phone; you become a walking target when you do, and most importantly, follow the first rule your mother ever gave you: don’t talk to strangers (especially ones who ask to see your phones).

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A New Disney Princess



––––––––––––––––––---Disney has done it all, it seems. There has been a princess of nearly every race, there have been princesses who broke social norms associated with being a woman, and, most recently, there was a princess who proved she didn’t need the love of a man to save herself. But there’s something Disney has yet to do. I want to see Disney create an overweight princess— and I want the storyline not to mention the fact that she’s overweight. If Disney creates an overweight princess, her story will undoubtedly be about her struggle with self-acceptance, and that’s not a story I want to see on the big screen. I want to see an overweight princess who is treated like every other princess. She should be awed and admired for her beauty and strength, and at no time

during the movie should weight even be mentioned. An inevitable complaint of a movie like this would be from concerned parents. “This movie encourages unhealthy eating habits and promotes a dangerous lifestyle!” I hear them crying from the future. Being overweight does not automatically equate to being unhealthy. I repeat: being overweight does not mean being unhealthy. It’s very often true that people who are overweight eat healthy, exercise and have very healthy vitals. BMI isn’t an accurate indicator of health, and the assumption that an overweight princess is an unhealthy one, can’t actually be proven. The previous princesses of Disney aren’t exactly promoting safe lifestyles either, are they? Cue to the scene where Rapunzel and Finn nearly drown, or to the scene in Frozen where Anna and Kristoff are chased off the edge of a mountain by a pack of wolves — a princess packing a few extra pounds

lives a much safer life than either of the aforementioned princesses. Seeing an overweight princess would do so much good for young girls. Girls are growing up in a society where being anything other than thin is not considered beautiful. By age six, girls start to express concerns about their weight or shape and the average girl goes on her first diet at age ten. Perhaps an overweight princess who is adored no matter her shape or size is what our society needs. Perhaps creating an idol that looks more like the average woman will aid in the decline of eating disorders in young girls. Perhaps it will lead to less instances of suicide caused by bullying. Disney, I challenge you to do what everyone else wants you to do. Create a princess who isn’t half the size of the male lead, a princess who wears size 16 dresses, a princess who loves both food and herself. Create a princess who you’d want your daughter to look up to.

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Encounters at the Bursar’s Office Leave Tattoo Taboo: A Thing Students Frustrated of the Past




The due date for room deposits for next semester’s housing is around the corner, and the Bursar’s Office has been quite busy this past week. If you’ve been to the Bursar’s Office this week, or ever, you’ve probably noticed that the women working there are actually quite rude. Paying for school is confusing, especially when factoring in loans, scholarships, grants and the GI Bill. It’d be useful to know how it all works; this is what the Bursar’s Office is for. However, it is hard to get help from people who can, at times, be so rude. As adults, ages 18 and older, we often take out loans in our own names, or are paying for college ourselves. Because of this,

it is very important to know and understand exactly how much our tuition is and how it is split up between room and board, education, and any other costs. It can be stressful when we have holds on our accounts and are unable to register for the next semester’s classes, move in, or pay a room deposit, and the Bursar’s Office doesn’t help relieve the stress. For the most part, students do not understand the reason for these holds; sometimes we do, and we would just like to resolve it and check one thing of many off of our to-do list for the day. When entering the Bursar’s Office for this “help” to understand our epay account issues, we are treated and looked at as “children.” When I go into the office for help with my account, I am treated as if I am not an adult and am not capable of resolving or even un-

derstanding the situation at hand. When I ask my parents to call and address the situation (because I am frustrated with the lack of help and attitude I am given), the people in the office tell them that the problem is resolved. Normally the person who handles those phone calls is sweet and helpful. Being a college student is stressful enough with the amount of schoolwork and studying, not to mention constantly being aware of the thousands of dollars in debt we all are, it’d just be nice to know that there’s someone there to show sympathy and to help you out when dealing with the frustrating and stressful problems of paying for college. It would also be nice if someone were there to help simplify and shrink the problem, instead of making it worse and adding more stress to the load already on our shoulders.

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––––––––––––––––––---You see musicians walking around covered in tattoos; but you see athletes with just as many. No one thinks twice about the artwork they decide to display on their bodies, so why do people think twice when others decide they want to get tattoos? When I was a senior in high school, I told my mom I was going to get my first tattoo. She told me not to because I was going to be looking for a job soon and tattoos were unprofessional. My response was, “Mom, I’m going into the music industry. Having a tattoo won’t ruin my chances of having a career.” Thinking back, I realize that I was wrong in saying this. Not because I couldn’t get a job, but because it didn’t have anything to do with what major I chose. The 80’s and 90’s saw a boom in the tattoo industry. With heavy metal rising in the 80’s and punk rock in the 90’s, teenagers and young adults were getting tattoos

more than ever. When these kids went to look for jobs, they encountered a problem. The prior generation, the generation interviewing these youths, was not a heavily tattooed culture. As tattoos gained popularity, employers started realizing they couldn’t turn down people just because of the art they displayed on their bodies, because if they did, they wouldn’t have many people left to choose from. The tattoo boom generation is now the employer, and our generation can finally express themselves the way they wanted to when they were younger. So why do people still worry about tattoos and the stigma they carry? Some people who got tattoos in the 80’s and 90’s regretted their decisions due to failure of finding a job, and some nontattooed people noticed these regrets and noticed that some people with tattoos were not getting jobs. Employers should not see tattoos as a reason to not hire someone, and this is why: A person with tattoos is a person who can express him or herself. A person with tattoos is someone who

has stories to tell; someone who isn’t afraid to show everyone who he or she is. Having a tattoo, and wearing it proudly, is an act of courage. If two people went for the same job and the one with tattoos was the better fit, would you disqualify him because of the tattoos? The term “don’t judge someone based on the color of their skin” doesn’t only apply to African-Americans, WhiteAmericans, Asian-Americans, etc. It also applies to tattooed people. Someone should be able to wear as many colors on their body as they see fit, and if they can act professionally and do their job, they can have every color on their body and no one has a right to tell them they shouldn’t. Johnny Depp said, “my body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” Tattoos are not something to be judged for, but to be admired for. You don’t have to like my tattoos; my tattoos are for me, not you; for me to love and admire, not for you to judge me on.

February 5, 2014

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Just How Responsible Best and Worst Super Is Being Socially Bowl Commercials Responsible? By LIANA TEIXEIRA





The future of successful products and services rely heavily on the social impact their producers are trying to reach. It’s hard to think about an existing product that doesn’t promote some sort of good in today’s world, since nearly all niches have products that encourage helping others. Think TOMS shoes, Who gives a crap toilet paper, and Warby Parker glasses. Despite targeting completely different markets, these companies have one thing in common; they are buy-onegive-one companies. They make you feel good about your purchase, but just how much good does it do? While this sort of help in the developing world initially seems helpful, it fuels the fire of crisis instead of extinguishing it one by one. A 2008 study about used-clothing donations and

apparel production in Africa revealed that such donations caused a 50 percent reduction in employment in that sector between 1981 and 2000. It is similar to food aid that harms African food producers. Essentially we, as donors, don’t encourage a healthy economic cycle in the developing world. Living in a westernized country that is caught up in the media has desensitized the general public. Organizations that aim to raise money for the third world usually use the strategy of guilt tripping – you know, a shoeless meager little African girl staring right into your soul. Compassion is naturally triggered upon watching the effects of an economically troubled and unstable government, yet it has lost its efficiency a while ago. For that reason, firms have turned to a mutual benefit between consumer, producer, and aid. It humbly feels like a direct way of helping. Alternatively, a more proficient and fair approach

would be to support local businesses that produce products locally and sell them internationally. For example, advocate Nisolo shoes sells Peruvian handmade leather shoes to the American public. Simon Griffiths, founder of What The Crap, said on TedTalks, “Consumers want products that do good.” However, consumers can often be blinded by their kingstatus as buyers of these products, and consequently, they feel great for having helped a child in need — at least we have begun to re-sensitize and realize our global responsibilities. Most companies have become socially responsible over time and offered some kind of volunteering, charity work or donations. It’s a necessity because without it, wouldn’t these companies seem utterly selfish with their billions of dollars spent on nothing but themselves? Charitable brands simply have better reputations.


I’m one of those people who watches the Super Bowl mainly because of all the great commercials showing between touchdowns. Here is a list of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) Super Bowl ads this year. Best: 5. Dad’s Sixth Sense This dad has excellent reflexes, and it actually scared me for half a second when I thought that toddler’s head was going to slam into the ground. In terms of car commercials, this was a new and creative way of showing how Hyundais are safe cars. 4. T-Mobile: No Contract I never really cared for Tim Tebow, but after watching this commercial, I knew one thing - he could sure make me laugh. Each scene depicts all the exciting things Tebow can now accomplish while not tied to a contract, including delivering a baby and capturing Big Foot. In one word, hilarious. Great job T-Mobile, I’m

proud to be a customer. 3. Dannon Oikos: Spill The scene opens with John Stamos seductively eating his Greek yogurt next to his date. She kisses some off his lips and, oops! another scoop falls on his lap. Admit it, your dirty mind went into overdrive. Luckily, former Full House buddies Dave Coulier and Bob Saget swoop in to save the day. Still not a fan of Greek yogurt, but overall a funny commercial. 2. #EsuranceSave30 Despite having aired as a commercial after the Super Bowl, when actor John Krasinki says Esurance will give away $1.5 million to a lucky Twitter user, you don’t ask questions, espeically if you’re a college student with loans to pay off. You hashtag hardcore. 1. Budweiser: Puppy Love What do puppies and horses have to do with beer, you ask? Who cares? Just let me “aww” at my television screen in peace. Worst: 5. U2: Red Is that Bono? He’s still making music? In all hon-

esty, U2 could have come up with a less expensive way to promote their new single. 4. Audi: Doberhuahua If you could understand the purpose of this commercial before the last five seconds, I give you credit. I felt lost throughout the entire thing. It was weird, kind of scary, and the only tolerable part was seeing Sarah McLaughlin look absolutely terrified. 3. Chobani: Bear What is with all this Greek yogurt? Sorry bear, my heart belongs to John Stamos and the Oikos team on this one. At least pay for your food. 2. Transformers 4 I’m not paying for anything less than Shia LaBeouf, end of story. 1. Volkswagen: Wings Congratulations for making the most sexist ad of the Super Bowl. Apparently all German engineers are white dudes with glasses. Not only were they all male, but when we finally saw a woman, of course she had just been smacked in the butt by a male engineer’s “wings.” I guess its better than having rainbows come out of it.

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February 5, 2014

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Crossword Clues

Across 1 One who’s always on the go? 6 Pear that’s good for poaching 10 Glass sheet 14 Superior to 15 Member of the opposition 16 One on a pedestal 17 Pick-me-up 18 Governor’s pet projects? 20 Like one who forgot the Dramamine 22 Exposed 23 Nutritionist’s recommendation 25 Causes to quail 29 Utensil that gives you ideas? 32 Take to task 34 Cock or bull 35 Blues-rocker Chris 36 Clothes 37 Alex Haley classic 39 Abarth automaker 40 Coffee hour item 41 Talent 42 Precipitation 43 Bully’s secret shame? 47 Day spa offering 48 First name in fashion 49 Pundit’s piece 51 Olympic Airways found-

er 56 Say “Come in, Orson!” e.g.? 60 Empty room population? 61 Poetic lowland 62 Iroquoian people 63 Compass direcci-n 64 Rep on the street 65 “Law & Order” org. 66 Composer Bruckner Down 1 Expos, since 2005 2 High wind 3 Pulitzer poet Van Duyn 4 Budget alternative 5 Ruled 6 Hoops score 7 London’s prov. 8 Shot in the dark 9 Fortresses 10 Find one’s voice 11 Stir 12 Eur. kingdom 13 Antlered bugler 19 Take out 21 “Charlie Wilson’s War” org. 24 Recipient of two New Testament epistles 26 Without a downside 27 Pet’s reward 28 Use the rink 29 After-dinner drink 30 Jekyll creator’s initials 31 Distillery vessel

32 Things 33 Chick of jazz 37 Winchester wielders 38 Frequently, in verse 39 Hardy’s “__ From the Madding Crowd” 41 Freak out 42 Liturgical shout of praise 44 Was revolting? 45 Brought to mind 46 Place for a wide-screen TV 50 Fishing boat 52 In short order 53 Spreadsheet function 54 Liking quite a bit 55 Not hidden 56 Home shopping channel 57 Nasser’s confed. 58 Cry for a picador 59 Fashionable jeans feature (c)2014 TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, INC.

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February 5, 2014

by Patricia Oprea

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Charger Battery



Recruitment week is now in full swing! Many have been waiting all semester for One nice thing about winter break was the lack of email notifications. Those this, especially the freshman who are now allowed to go out for the fraternity or days are long gone as club meetings and events start up and every single one of sorority of their choice. Good luck and have fun to all! them is advertised. Charger Rec Group X classes and Rec Sports have now started— just in time Forgetting the quality of dinner at Bartels on any given night. Over winter break to work on those New Years Resolutions. Doing squats with other people is a lot more motivating than doing them alone. Stop by the gym- classes range from 7 it seemed to slip my mind that the potatoes are the only food you can count on, and the vegetarian section is home to meat and dessert instead. a.m. to 9 p.m. and some are only a half hour long.

The Battery Charge One week of classes is down! That only means that we are one week closer to Spring Break and summer vacation. Wishful thinking at its finest as midterms will come before both of those. Hopefully everyone’s textbooks, notebooks, online software and motivation are set and ready to go for the next few months.

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February 5, 2014

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USGA President’s Corner

Chargers, I hope you are doing well and are finally set into your routine for the semester. This week the USGA meeting will be at 10 a.m. in Dodds Theater, I hope to see you there. With the possibility of large winter storms please use caution when driving and walking. And make sure that you sign up for emergency alerts from campus police. For more information please visit I wish you all a great week and if you have any comments or concerns please email me at

Respectfully yours,

Zani Imetovski USGA President

USGA Treasurer’s Tip of the Week “Keep an eye on the end of the semester.”

It might sound odd considering this is just the second full week of classes, but if your RSO is planning a large event, even if it’s in April or May, begin planning for it now if you haven’t already. The earlier you turn in that paperwork and contact the necessary people, the earlier you can address potential issues far enough in advance to ensure your event, and semester, is a success.

-Isaak Kifle

This week’s USGA Meeting will be held in Dodd’s Theater at 10 a.m. Photo of the Week

Photo By: Khristian Riendeau, Junior Forensic Science and Biology/PreMed Major. Taken Dec. 26, 2011

“This flower was picked out of a Christmas bouquet my family received, and I took this picture outside where the sun accentuated the flower’s beauty wonderfully.” - Riendeau




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Coach Rossomando Leaving for CCSU





In 2007, Pete Rossomando came back to the University of New Haven to serve as the head coach of a team that was just getting back into form. Football had not been at UNH since 2003. Rossomando was the man that was set to bring it back, and he definitely delivered. Rossomando helped UNH to three straight NE-10 conference wins (2010-2012), held a record of 42-13 and was voted Coach of the Year in 2012. Now, he is expanding his horizons and taking on new challenges as he has accepted a head coaching job at Central Connecticut State University after five years with the Chargers. A new coach should be named soon, and updates will be provided once that information becomes available. “He’s going to a division one program” said Athletic Director Deborah Chin about Rossomando leaving. “The goal of all coaches is to professionally grow and

coach. Rossomando did a great job for us… we’re all rooting for him.” With a new coach, many suspect a whole new staff to be brought in as well, which is the usual case since

new coaches like to bring in people they can trust. “The coaching staff will greatly change with Coach Rossomando leaving for Central Connecticut,” said assistant head coach Jon

Super Blowout

Leible, “I would expect they try to keep a few of the guys on staff right now for some continuity.” “Anyone that is interested [in returning] will interview with the new head coach,”




_____________________ Sunday, Feb. 3, marked the biggest football game of the year in America, Super Bowl XLVIII. The league’s best offense, the Denver Broncos, took on the best defense, the Seattle Seahawks; it was a match made in football heaven. Then, shortly after 6:30 p.m., the first snap happened. Before that snap, even the Broncos looked out of sync. The kickoff was taken out of the end zone by Trindon Holliday only to get to about the 10-yard line. The crowd roared so loud the microphones could barely pick up the sound on the field. As Peyton Manning leaned in to change the play, the center snapped the ball, going over his head and into the end zone where it was recovered by running back Knowshon Moreno for a safety (which equals two points) and Seattle got the ball. From there, it was all downhill for the Broncos. For anyone who sat through the entire game, it’s safe to

say they were bored half to death after watching the Seahawks score touchdown after touchdown, while the Broncos struggled to push through the opposing team’s defenses. This hyped up game became a laughing stock for the Broncos. Peyton Manning further proved to the world he cannot play in cold weather, putting up stats that made him look like Eli Manning this year (although if it was Eli, he might have won the Super Bowl.) The Broncos did not score a single point until the third quarter when Manning hooked up with wide out Demaryius Thomas for a touchdown and then hit Wes Welker for a two point conversion, making the score 36-8. By game’s end, Manning, who set almost every passing record this season including passing yards (5,477) and touchdowns (55), had only 280 yards passing, one touchdown and two interceptions (one of which was taken back for a touchdown by the Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith), and lost a fumble. A game that many said would set Manning in history did just

that, but not in a good way. One bright note for the Broncos was Thomas actually putting up a good game, having 13 catches for 118 yards and a touchdown, but he also lost a fumble. However, this game was not all about disappointment. Seattle played like the dominant team they have been all year. After getting the ball from the safety, they drove downfield for a field goal to make the score 5-0. They then forced a 3 and out, getting the ball back and doing the same thing, making the score 8-0. After an interception by safety Cam Chancellor, the Seahawks drove downfield to get the game’s first touchdown on a one- yard run by Marshawn Lynch, making the score 15-0. The next Bronco drive would end with the pick six by Smith, making the score 22-0, and that’s how the game went into half time. This is a perfect time to look at the only good part of the entire game: Bruno Mars. Even non-Bruno Mars fans can’t deny they enjoyed the halftime show, because See SUPER page 12

stated Chin. When asked about Rossomando leaving, Chin had nothing but kind words to say about the departure, stating they left on good terms and that he “he ac-

complished some things that’s just really unheard of in football.” Rossomando’s departure comes at a tough time for the Chargers, as national signSee LEAVING page 12


Team Effort Carries Men’s Basketball to Victory Over Merrimack, 56-51



The University of New Haven men’s basketball team played shutdown defense against Merrimack College and won its 15th game of the season in a 56-51 victory Saturday afternoon at Charger Gymnasium. Jeffery Adkins (Piscataway, N.J./Piscataway) led the Chargers with 13 points, while Ashanti DePass (Baldwin, N.Y./Baldwin) contributed 12 and Eric Anderson (Newark, N.J./Newark Tech) grabbed 14 rebounds. With the win, the Chargers secured their thirdstraight 15-win season for the first time since 2005 and improved to 15-5 overall. UNH also improved to 10-4 in the Northeast-10 Conference and moved into sole possession of second place in the NE-10 Southwest Division with other results from Saturday afternoon. Merrimack dropped to 8-12 overall, 6-9 NE-10. Adkins went 6-of-10 from the floor to earn his 13

points, while adding five assists. Anderson contributed nine points and three blocks to his rebounding effort. DePass went 3-for-9 from long range and 3-for-4 at the charity stripe for his 12 points. As a team, the Chargers were out-rebounded 36-32 and turned the ball over two more times (13-11). New Haven made up for it at the foul line by shooting 81.3 percent. The UNH defense held Merrimack to a seasonlow 51 points, while earning a win with its lowest point total of the season, 56. The Chargers and Warriors played a tightly contested match for the first 10 minutes of the game. Adkins turned a one-point UNH deficit into a one-point advantage and sparked a 7-0 run over a five minute span. The Chargers turned a 21-15 lead with 6:09 left in the first half into a 26-17 lead after an Adkins trifecta at the 3:30 mark. DePass also connected from long range with 10 seconds left and gave New Haven its largest lead of the opening half, 31-21.

Anderson opened the second half with another three for the Chargers, who led by double figures for the first three minutes of the second half. Led by Gelvis Solano, Merrimack mounted a comeback with a 12-2 run during a stretch of 3:36. Samir McDaniels took over the UNH offense for the next five minutes and kept the Chargers in the lead. He scored his sixth point of the stretch at the 5:23 mark to give the Chargers a 49-44 lead. New Haven held at least a three-point advantage in the final minutes, while Anderson sealed the victory with a pair of free throws in the final seconds. Merrimack’s basket with two seconds left brought the final score to 56-51. New Haven returns to action on Wednesday, Feb. 5 when crosstown rival Southern Connecticut State travels to Chargers Gymnasium for an NE-10 Southwest Divisional matchup with the top two teams. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

Febryary 5, 2014

Page 12

This Week in UNH Sports



2.05.14 | 5:30 PM

2.05.14 | 7:30 PM

2.07.14 | TBA

2.07.14 | TBA

2.08.14 | 1:30 PM






Rossomando Leaving for CCSU

con’t from page 11

Deborah Chin stated that they have talked about his coaching options before, so this was not something that came out of nowhere. “We talked about how they were interested in talking to him about the position and I said I certainly understand that,” stated Chin. “In athletics, we’re used to this. Coaches move on to professional opportunities and we all understand that.” Rossomando could not be contacted for questioning.

Super Blowout

con’t from page 11

Mars’ performance was so well executed. He started with a drum solo on a stage that gradually moved to midfield; as he played, a swarm of people followed. After that, Mars played some of his hits, starting with “Locked Out Of Heaven” then “Treasure,” and finishing with “Runaway Baby.” The Red Hot Chili Peppers then joined Mars on stage, playing their hit song “Give it Away.” Then it went back to Bruno, as he finished up with the song “Just the Way

You Are.” Following halftime, the opening kick for the second half went to the Seahawks, and former Gator great Percy Harvin earned every dime of what he makes as he took the kickoff back 87 yards to the house for a touchdown, making the score 29-0. As time wound down in the third quarter, the Seahawks scored again as quarterback Russell Wilson hit Jermaine Kearse on one of the worst defensive plays in Super Bowl history. Six Broncos missed tackles,

allowing him to go 15 yards for the score. Wilson would hit receiver Doug Baldwin one more time as the Seahawks cruised to a 43-8 Super Bowl victory. What was supposed to be one of the greatest Super Bowls in the history of football turned out to be just one big disappointment and embarrassment to the Broncos. Manning will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in history, but after this game, his legacy will definitely be questioned.

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ing day is right around the corner and it’s hard to get players interested in coming to a school with no current head coach. “Whenever you lose your coach two weeks before signing day, it definitely doesn’t help recruiting,” stated Leible, “but here on the division II level, a lot of times it’s a wait and see game anyway to see if a recruit gets that division I offer. And most of the time when he doesn’t, then they

come to us, so I don’t think it hurts.” Leible also went on to say in the programs “heyday” (or before football was dropped) they had many great coaches like Tony Soprano who went on to coach the Miami Dolphins to the playoffs in 2008, and Mark Whipple who is the all-time wins leader in Charger history. “So there’s no reason they can’t do it again,” Leible concluded. Leible is currently exploring his coaching options.

Chargers Net Season High in 82-70 Win over Merrimack



The University of New Haven women’s basketball team scored a season-high 82 points en route to a Northeast-10 victory over visiting Merrimack on Saturday at Charger Gymnasium. Aquillin Hayes (Harlem, N.Y./Wings Academy) shared the game high with 16 points in the 82-70 triumph. With the win, the Chargers improve to 14-6 overall to match their win total from last season and move to 9-5 in the Northeast-10, keeping pace with Adelphi atop the Southwest Division. Merrimack falls to 10-9 on the season with a 6-8 conference mark. Hayes’ 16 points came on 6-for-12 shooting from the field and 4-for-4 from the charity stripe to lead four Chargers scoring in double figures. Bria Moore (West Haven, Conn./Hill Regional Career) netted 13 points, while Lauren Hebert (North Reading, Mass./North Reading) and Audrey Cunningham (Germantown, Md./ Seneca Valley) each posted personal season highs with 12 and 11 points, respectively, off the bench. New Haven converted better than 50 percent of its shots from the floor for the second time this season at

30-for-58 (51.7 percent). The Chargers went 6-for-15 (40 percent) from threepoint range and 16-for-21 (76.2 percent) at the free throw line. The 30 made field goals for the Blue and Gold marked a season best. Ayana Duncanson (Elmont, N.Y./Francis Lewis) neared a double-double with nine points to go along with her game-leading 11 rebounds. As a unit, the Chargers earned a 43-33 advantage on the boards. Rykema Stone (Bronx, N.Y./Wings Academy) hauled in eight from the glass, and Hayes collected seven caroms. Rounding out the New Haven offense were Briana Bradford (Waterbury, Conn./Holy Cross) with eight points, Stone with seven, four points for Ashley LeBlanc (Methuen, Mass./ Methuen) and two from Jasmine Gibson (Brooklyn, N.Y./Spring Valley). Duncanson and Bradford each distributed four assists. Leading the way for Merrimack was Michelle Obach, who matched Hayes with 16 points. Chloe Rothman, the Warriors’ leading scorer, was limited to six points while shooting 0-for-12 from the floor. Collectively, Merrimack was 20-for-61 (32.8 percent) from the field with a 4-for-9 (44.4 percent) success rate from three-point range and a 26-for-36 (72.2 percent) showing at the free throw line.

The margin stayed within five points for the majority of the first half as the game’s four ties and two lead changes all occurred within the opening 15:11 of action. It was a Bradford three-pointer that deadlocked the game at 29-29 with 4:49 to go a started the Chargers on a 12-0 run to build a lead that they would not relinquish. In total, New Haven ended the period on a 19-5 stretch to take a 45-34 lead into the locker room. The lead grew as large as 18 points in the second half at 70-52 on a pair of Hayes free throws with 6:22 left. Merrimack made a final push with an 11-0 spurt to climb within seven points with 3:45 to play, but the Chargers shot 8-for-9 from the free throw line down the stretch to close out an 82-70 victory. New Haven will make a second trip through the NE10 Southwest Division to conclude the regular season. The six-game stretch begins at Charger Gymnasium on Wednesday, Feb. 5 with a 5:30 p.m. visit from Southern Connecticut State, which will enter the contest at 11-9 overall and 7-7 in the conference following a 59-50 home win over Assumption this afternoon. The Chargers won the first meeting with the Owls, 81-68, on Dec. 22.

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February 5, 2014

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Mark Your Calender for These Release Dates

Here are some notable films to look forward to this year with their respective release dates. These are not all the films, but just a few I feel appeal the most to the mass audience.

March: 300 Rise of an Empire, Need for Speed, Divergent, Muppets Most Wanted, Noah April: Captain America Winter Soldier, Transcendence May: Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men Days of Future Past, Godzilla, Million Dollar Arm, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Meleficent June: 22 Jump Street, Purge 2, Transformers 4 July: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes August: Guardians of the Galaxy, Ninja Turtles, Expendables 3, Sin City 2 October: Paranormal Activity 5, Gone Girl November: Interstellar, Dumb and Dumber 2, Mockingjay Part 1 December: Exodus, The Hobbit 3, Into the Woods, Annie By Scott Iwaniec Film Editor




Valentines Date: That Awkward Moment




With That Awkward Moment falling within February, it is almost without question that it will be one of the movies that dates will attend on Valentine’s Day. However, it isn’t the typical romantic comedy that is geared towards the ladies; this is a film that the guys would even enjoy. The film begins with Jason, played by Zac Efron, telling us about a pivotal moment when seeing a girl: when she says “So…” the sentence ending with something like “where

is this going?” It is then introduced; the typical three-man trio. Jason, the man with multiple women; Mike, played by Michael B. Jordan, the sweet doctor who thought he had it all figured out; and Daniel, played by Miles Teller, the professional girl pickerupper. These three best friends face a conflict when one of them begins to have serious relationship issues and, consequently, they decide to hold a pact to all stay single and support each other while enjoying their young bar lives of pursuing women. Conflicts arise as they start to find women that have

them saying “So…” Set in New York City, the film itself utilizes the city and its surroundings. The fresh casting is admirable; there were quirky and attractive women as the love interests, as well as amusing performances by the three best friends, particularly Teller’s sarcastic player role. As a whole, this romantic comedy includes a lot of raunchy “guy humor” that will keep you (and your date) laughing, yet it manages to reach the audience with plenty of emotion as these young guys try to figure out their emotions versus what they think they want.

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Round Two of the Hobbit Trilogy

was taken away from them by the immaculate, terrifying dragon Smaug, voiced by a convincing Beenedict Cumberbach. The adventure thickens even more as the short-heighted team finally reaches their home and must find a way to overcome their scaly host in the mountain. I loved that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug expanded more upon the character development of the dwarves on the team. Whereas I only saw the dwarves as a single unit in the first film, I was actually able to pick out key characteristics of each dwarf, especially the fearless and immature dwarf Kili. The daring elf from the first three installments of the Lord of


The second Hobbit movie – The Desolation of Smaug – directed by the great Peter Jackson, came out last December, and it’s even more action packed and scenic than the first one. If you haven’t seen the first Hobbit, then you might be a bit confused as the second one picks up right where the original left off in an exhilarating fashion. Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman, continues his quest to help the dwarf king Thorin and his clan of dwarves reclaim their home in the mountain that


February: Lego Movie, Robocop, Monuments Men, That Awkward Moment, The Wind Rises

the Rings, Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom, is also back to add jaw-dropping awesomeness into the mix.

The action in this movie is unrelenting as well; in the brief reprieves where giant spiders, monstrously ugly

orgs, shape shifters, dragons ventilating fire, and familiar elves are actually found at ease, the movie brings about

beautiful scenery and hilarious dialogue. The elephant in the room about this film, however, is how short the film actually features its titled, frightfully horrible, dragon Smaug. One would think at least half of the movie would be premised around Smaug (being how his name is in the title and all), but he was only featured for maybe half an hour at the end. Still, this movie brought about the same awe inspiring, fantasy driven emotions I experienced watching the first one, if not more!

February 5, 2014

The Charger Bulletin

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Scope it Out! Ask Melanie Here are this week’s events for SCOPE!

Thursday, February 6: Photo Device Cases in the Programming Space from 2 to 6 p.m. Friday, February 7: Reality Check Game Show in Dodds Theater from 6 to 10 p.m. Movie: Red Tails in Lee 301 from 9 to 11:30 p.m. Saturday, February 8: Club Night in the German Club from 9 to 12 a.m.

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Dear Melanie, I have been dating my boyfriend for two years, but now and he is out of school and working a full time job. I graduate at the end of next year, which is when he would like to get engaged. Although I know I want to spend my life with him, I’m not sure if I feel comfortable getting engaged before I am financially stable and secure. Any advice? We hear so many times in our life the importance of love over money and how love can conquer anything, but I do believe there has to be some practicality behind every relationship, so I think you’re bringing a valid concern to the table. While financial stability isn’t key to a healthy or happy relationship, it definitely can help take away unnecessary stress. When you get married you want to be happy and able to enjoy things together that may take time to save up for, and it’s not unescapably a bad thing to want that time so that you’re able to have that. You do have to take into consideration, however, that your boyfriend is out of school and already working a full time job so he doesn’t feel that he’s needing to gain that financial cushion and stability since he has it already. With that being said, the one thing you’re wanting so badly, he already has, and when you’re married your “things” become married as well. It’s normal to want your own financial constancy, but getting engaged doesn’t mean you’ll lose that; you’ll just be more serious with the man you love while approaching your goals at the same time, which is totally doable. I am a hopeless romantic for sure, and I think the one thing you said in your question that really stood out to me was, “although I know I want to spend forever with him.” Saying that means so much more than saying you want financial stability and I think deep down you know that too. At the end of the day having that man to come home to every night, supporting you and loving you, is going to mean so much more than having your own bank account with a few more zeros, and who’s to say you won’t have both? The bottom line is an engagement is simply two people saying they are ready to commit to the idea of spending forever together, something you already said you can do. Now obviously you should never say yes to something if you aren’t fully sure you want it, but you also shouldn’t say no if you believe he’s the man for you. Getting engaged is really scary, but it doesn’t have to be the bad kind of scary. A little fear of any change is healthy. At the end of the day no one can tell you when you are or aren’t ready to say “I do,” but if you look at your life ten years from now and see your boyfriend still in it, why push off the inevitable?

February 5, 2014

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Panic! Brings Vegas Flair to Sold Out Wallingford Crowd



The line outside the Oakdale Theater didn’t seem the least bit distraught regardless of the hours spent out in subzero temperatures. Spectators huddled together and wrapped well around the corner of the venue waiting for staff to open the Dome to the sold out swarm outside. I didn’t expect anything less. Panic! at the Disco fans can be accurately described by the band’s newest album title; Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die. Through every modulation of their sound, the good, the bad, the bizarre (who can forget Pretty Odd?) the fans have stood behind Brendon Urie. Even with the extensive lineup changes, the fans still come out in droves, and I think that says a lot. Opening for the Vegas quartet were X Ambassadors and The Colourist, who both brought bright, playful vibes to a dark intimate stage. X Ambassadors really impressed me with their sultry sounds and stage presence. Opening with a lot of slow gyrating hips and passionate sax solos, I was instantly in love. Their style was very simplistic, but what they did bring was so powerful. Tribal drums and smooth harmonies were a staple throughout their set and it had the audience hypnotized. My favorites of their set had to be “Love Songs, Drug Songs” and “The Business,” where both really showcased Sam Harris’ voice, which could be likened to American Idol Alum, Chris Daughtry. As they left the stage I was already craving more of their mix of rock and soul R&B. Thankfully they won’t



they turned the lights on in the place. They reminded me a lot of Silversun Pickups with the blend of male and female vocals over alternative instrumentals. I would definitely pick up their new EP Lido while they get

Games” has been featured on a few commercials and has made it’s circuit on alternative radio already. The first thing that struck me was that vocalist Maya Tuttle was also their drummer; bonus points already achieved in my book. Girl drummers rock and Maya was no exception! Their music dripped California sunshine before I even knew that they were from the West Coast. They had one of the most memorable moments of the whole show when they played “Stray Away” and the Dome lit up. A sea of smartphones twinkled like stars so bright that you could’ve sworn

working on their first full length album. Finally after many “Brendon” chants, the lights dimmed and Panic! at the Disco came out in their typical Vegas flare. They opened with full energy playing “Vegas Lights” before delving into a full span of the classics of each and every album they’ve put out. There was heavy emphasis on newest releases, “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die,” as well as “Vices and Virtues,” the main singles off of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, and only showcasing one Pretty Odd track, “Nine in the Afternoon.”

The crowd knew every single word the entire night, which was great because Brendon was sick with the flu, cutting the set by about three songs as compared to other tour dates. He still gave it his all though, nailing notes at octaves higher than I can even reach and landing two clean backflips over the course of the show. Some of my favorite songs from their set were “Nicotine” and “The End of All Things” off their newest release as well as “Nearly Witches” off of Vices and Virtues. “Casual Affair” was a big surprise for me; I didn’t expect the crowd to respond so well to such a slow song with the high energy that came with the rest of the songs. Being my fourth time seeing Brendon and the boys, third as a headliner, I wouldn’t say this was their best performance, but the fact they pulled off such a dramatic show being so sick, I can say it was still one of the most memorable times I’ve seen them. If you haven’t picked up Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die, please do yourself a favor and get it. Their musical style may have changed overtime, but each reincarnation makes me love them more and more.


You Blew It! Steals Breaths on Sophomore Album




For a band’s career, the second full-length album often proves to be rough water to cross. However, such is not the case for indie rockers You Blew It! who’ve recently released a strong sophomore effort with Keep Doing What You’re Doing. The opening, “Match & Tinder,” properly sets the tone for the rest of the album with a beginning guitar riff that really packs a punch, and it just gets better from there. Even the second track, “Award of the Year Award,” proves a strong highlight with Tanner Jones’ impassioned and strained vocals that really tug at the heartstrings. Working with Into It Over It’s Evan Weiss as a producer allowed the band to create a fuller sound then the one heard on their debut Grow Up, Dude. The guitars are louder, giving the album

Teddy Geiger LIVE @ The Space lights strung effortlessly around the stage with twenty or so café tables and chairs set up, you were no longer at The Space, but somewhere completely transcending the regular spot. After an amazing set, I was lucky enough to interview Geiger and ask him a few questions that I’ve always wanted to know. I first asked about the major comparison of him and John Mayer, more so in Geiger’s earlier career. “He [Mayer] is fantastic,” said Geiger. “He actually called me to tell me he thought I had my own sound. He was like ‘I always hoped Dave Mathews would call me when everyone was comparing us, so I figured I’d let you know.’” I find it amazing that someone as prominent as John Mayer would take the time to let someone know they are their own distinct artist, it just goes to show that Mayer believes in Geiger as much as any of his fans, and that is definitely a positive push in the right direction. “Since Underage Thinking I’ve been exposed to so many great artists I’d never heard before,” said Geiger when asked how he feels he has developed since his


There are some artists you grow up listening to you that you will never forget. That one feel good song by them comes on the radio and all of a sudden a million memories of you dancing around your room in an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants holding a hairbrush that acts as a microphone come back into your head… or maybe that’s just me? At any rate, every time I hear “For You I Will,” by Teddy Geiger I get transported right back to the days where the biggest worry I had was if I’d be able to sit next to my friend on the bus. There is certain nostalgia in those songs that bring you back to a time or place, and Geiger has the ability of making that nostalgia present in all of his music, even his new songs, just by having that voice and those melody lines that bring it all back home. Geiger played a show at The Space in Hamden, CT on Jan. 26, and transformed the venue into his own little coffee shop full of people who appreciate the music he’s written. With Christmas

be gone for long; they have a headlining tour coming to The Space in Hamden April 10, and I’m already marking my calendar for it. The Colourist was the more well known of the two openers, their song “Little



first album. “I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio the past ten years experimenting with all sorts of songs and styles. So there is a lot more inspiration to pull from, but I’m still me and think that will always come through in the work.” After seeing Geiger before live I don’t think he could have said that any better. It is clear that while he has grown in terms of more experience in the industry, he has still not strayed from the sound we all know and love and that is something that takes a lot of dedication in today’s entertainment world.

I asked Geiger where it all began for him in terms of the music industry. “My first experience with the industry came through an audition for a reality show called ‘In Search Of The New Partridge Family’ on Vh1. I ended up making to the final eight and went to LA for a Acting/Performance boot camp,” said Geiger. While in LA, I met the immensely talented Billy Mann and that’s how it all started.” As someone who has experienced reality television before, I know how much strength and endurance has

to come with being a part of it, not only physically but also mentally. To get started in the industry by something like that, and still maintain full control over the artist that you see yourself growing into, is commendable. Geiger has not only been on the radio, the silver screen, and television, but has also co-written songs with artists such as One Direction. “I really enjoy writing for other people,” he said when asked about this pair-up. “When we were writing the song it wasn’t for anything specific. We actually made

a more rock feel in the vein of Jimmy Eat World and the Foo Fighters, which is refreshing to listeners of the current indie rock scene; a scene that favors twinkly guitar parts. Other highlights include “House Address,” a near five-minute epic that shows even the drum parts are tighter too. The songwriting proves itself here as well, with lyrics that nearly everyone can relate to and instrument arrangements that tingle the senses, while still maintaining a seamless flow from track to track throughout, that’s effortless and pleasurable to the ear. You Blew It! has taken risks with this album, putting them on the map as a strong voice in the rock community that should get paid some attention. They’ve made steps in the right direction with their sound, indicating that the band should live up to their album’s name.

up a fictional band called Bobby Roddick and did four tunes. The guys [One Direction] heard the song and wanted it. Needless to say I was psyched.” Psyched is probably an understatement, but what isn’t there to be psyched about? With a booming career in every direction and a private life that’s remained private, Geiger should be so proud of all he’s manage to accomplish at such a young age. The kind of fame most people dream about is the kind where they’re known well enough to be recognized, but can still live a life where no one follows them to the corner store and I think Geiger is the epitome of stardom for that reason. His music reflects truth, and his passion shows that he stands behind it every step of the way. If you haven’t heard his new album, The Last Fears, I suggest you take a listen. My number one pick; “Ordinary Man.”

Hello Chargers! We want you! Welcome back for our Spring semester! Hope everyone had a wonderful break and holiday. We have all been quite busy planning many fun events for you all this semester.

Studs Terkel once said, “When you become part of something, in a way you count. It could be a march; it could be a rally, even a brief one. You’re part of something, and you suddenly realize you count. To count is very important.” Wish to start your own Fraternity or Sorority? Please contact us at to learn how to!

Many Greek Alumni give the speech that you are not just joining a college Fraternity, you are joining an International Fraternity or Sorority. For years after you leave this school you will be a major part of the future generations of your Fraternity or Sorority. So rally behind us and join us this Recruitment week!

Panhellenic Recruitment week (Delta Phi Epsilon, Chi Kappa Rho, Phi Sigma Sigma) February 1-9 Inter-Fraternity Conference Recruitment week (Delta Chi, Sigma Chi, Sigma Alpha Epislon) February 10-14

Nick LeVine

IFSC Executive Assistant

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February 5, 2014  
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