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New Semester Brings Changes to Math Zone

Panelists Discuss the Prison Industrial Complex





This week in Prato staff writer Samantha Higgins learned how to make gelato. Read more about her time abroad. SEE PAGE 2 Professor Christina Zito chases a dream she has had since she was five-years-old of being a scientist and finding a cure for cancer. SEE PAGE 3

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SPORTS Junior Aquillin Hayes of the UNH women’s basketball team lead the chargers to a win over pace, even after falling three times and briefly being pulled out of the game. SEE PAGE 12






Cindy Kern recognizes the difficulties faced by first-year students when it came to Math Zone. “It was really difficult to transition from a high school environment where you have a very structured math experience to an experience where [the students] felt they were on their own,” said the new interim coordinator. Since beginning in the Fall semester, Math Zone has received negative reviews from many students. The program is designed to be a non-traditional approach to mathematics that allows students to learn at their own pace. However, several freshmen expressed they were not receiving the adequate help they needed to complete the course in a timely manner. Therefore, going into the Spring semester, Kern, the Math Zone instructors and tutors worked to implement improvements and changes to better cater to student needs.

One main concern was the lack of one-on-one interaction in the classroom between students and teachers. In response, a mandatory lecture has been added to supplement the online portion of the course. Students are required to attend a lecture for one hour, one day a week, where they can meet and learn from a professor. The professors discuss specific content, answer students’ questions, as well as monitor their progress so they do not fall behind. Getting more information out to the students in terms of their progress was also a big priority for the Math Zone. According to Kern, the Math Zone has developed pacing calendars designed for students to monitor where they should be within a given course throughout the semester. So far, the calendars are available in print form, and will soon be available online. The North Hall Math Zone headquarters is also receiving improvements. Several students, Kern said, find it difficult to take tests and exams when there is noise from other test takers, students and tutors around them. Now, Kern is work-

ing with facilities to create a quiet testing room; six to eight computers will be set aside within the new room, and students can take their tests in a calm environment. Mathematics faculty member Harvey Paulin is also fostering a classroom environment by making YouTube videos for each section of the M103 course. A YouTube review zone within the Math Zone is in the works, where students can plug in headphones and listen to the online lectures on specific sections. So far, only the M103 course is fully available for students to access, but other courses and sections are in the process of being added. As a former high school science teacher for 16 years, Kern holds a PhD in science education and has expertise in blended online and face-to-face learning environments. She hopes with the new changes, students will see Math Zone as a social environment where they can seek the help they need. “These people [tutors in the Math Zone] care…I have watched them bend over backwards to try See SEMESTER page 3

Have you seen American Hustle? Read staff writer, Jordan Schonberger’s review of the movie he considers one you can’t stop talking about when you leave the theater. SEE PAGE 13 When planning which concerts to attend this year, music editor Ashley Winward lays out the details, comparing outdoor festivals to indoor concerts.



Oregano Joe’s Pizza Accepts UNH Charger Card By SAMANTHA MATHEWSON


–––––––––––––––––––––––––– Oregano Joe’s pizza, located on 531 Boston Post Road, Orange, CT, across the street from the Raymour & Flanigains and DSW plaza, now allows University of New Haven students to pay using

their Charger Card. “We have been in the process of getting the charger card since the winter break. The owner and I decided that it would be a good investment,” said Matthew McCollough, manager of Oregano Joe’s Pizza. The restaurant has been open for about a year and a half now, and since they are located close to UNH, McCollough said, “We

know students are not always interested in the same cafeteria food on a daily basis. We also believed it would be somewhat of a convenience catering to students who may not have a vehicle on campus, yet still want to enjoy great food.” McCollough explained that there have been a few UNH students that have come into the restaurant, and See OREGANO page 3

On Feb. 11, 2014, the Political Science Organization hosted a discussion on the Prison Industrial Complex in the Alumni Lounge, led by assistant professor of political science Chris Hayes. Director of Experiential Education William Carbone, English Department professor Dr. Randall Horton, Psychology Department professor Dr. Amory Carr and Department of Education assistant professor Dr. Amanda Bozack responded to a series of questions about the United States’ prison industrial complex and offered their views on the controversial topic. The discussion was split into sections, in which the faculty and audience could respond and ask questions to the panel. The first question inquired as to what a prison industrial complex is. As Hayes explained, the prison industrial complex refers to the rapid expansion of the U.S. inmate population in relation to the political influence of private prison companies and businesses that supply goods and services to government prison agencies. This includes corporations that supply prison labor, construction companies, surveillance technology vendors, lawyers and lobbying groups, to name a few. Carbone expanded on this description, stating that the current prison industrial complex in the U.S. stems from an unprecedented growth in prison population during the 1980s and 90s following the war on drugs. This led right into the second and third questions, which asked how the U.S. compares with other countries on their incarceration rates and the causes of the prison industrial complex. “I don’t think this happened by accident,” Carbone said. “It was by deliberate policy choices.” According to Carbone, drug arrests prior to 1980 were only about 200 for every 100,000 people. By 2000, the number of arrests jumped to 500 or more. Carbone attributes this increase to the policy choices adopted by the nation, stating that the U.S. could have treated drugs as an education or health issue, but instead turned it into a public safety war. Additionally, by cutting things like good time and introducing mandatory minimums for drug convictions, inmates are staying in prison longer, resulting in overcrowding, the need for more facilities, and the opportunity for the private sector to benefit from high crime rates. One need only look at Connecticut for an example. Carbone See PANELISTS page 2

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February 19, 2014

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Postcards from Prato


Panelists Discuss the Prison Industrial Complex


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stated that there were only 3,500 people behind bars in Connecticut in the 70s, there were 3,500 people behind bars; today, there are over 17,000. In the 80s, when the population started to go up, 11,000 more prison beds were built throughout the state, and today there are more employees in the department of corrections than were inmates in the 80s. “When you build them, there’s this pressure to fill them,” Carbone said. “[The prison industrial complex] really relates to this very cynical view of public policy in effect being over influenced by people who have a profit of interest,” Carbone added. “It’s the growth of what is perhaps the least effective response to the event of crime.” If the number of people caught and convicted of drug offenses or controlled substances or illegal immigration altered the number of persons arrested, this may reduce the need for correction facilities, something private companies would not support given their reliance on free labor. Compared to other countries, Carbone continued, the growth of the U.S. inmate population over the decades is drastic. In recent years, there are approximately 700 incarcerated per 100,000 people. This number trumps countries like the United Kingdom, Israel and Canada who have 148, 209 and 107 incarcerated people per 100,000, respectively. Bozack provided the audience with examples of how the war on drugs has influenced the inmate population growth within the country. According to Bozack, when the war on drugs began, only two percent of the U.S. population believed there was a problem with drugs. By mid-1990s, it had been hyped up to the point where over 60 percent of people thought drugs were a huge issue. Since 1970, the number of people incarcer-

ated in the U.S. has risen by 600 percent; most of those are nonviolent offenses related to drugs. This relates to what Horton called, “feeding off the public’s fear.” In looking at the war on drugs as a cause of the prison industrial complex, Horton also emphasized that race plays a big role as well. In understanding why a majority of incarcerated persons are minorities, one needs to look back to the post-Civil War era and the Civil Rights Movement, where black codes and Jim Crow laws resulted in the segregation and fear of people of color. The fear of African-Americans fighting for their rights can be linked to the current fear of drugs permeating around the nation. “This is an issue of race and racism, and segregation and power,” added Bozak. “It is a system that, if we don’t know about it and choose to act on it, we are complicit in it.” Bozak additionally revealed a statistic that “the U.S. currently imprisons a larger percentage of its black population than South Africa did at the height of apartheid.” Former U.S. House of Representatives member Chris Shays responded from the audience by stating that race may not be the predominating factor in incarcerations; rather, a combination of family structure, poverty and a flawed education system was to blame. He argued that, race or not, raising a child under these strenuous circumstances could lead to incarceration. Audience member Dr. Elizabeth Christian of the communications department countered by saying race cannot be discounted, regardless of circumstance. “If we incarcerated middle class white kids taking prescription opiates and put them in prison at the rate that we do poor predominately minority kids, this would be a problem that no

one in this room would be arguing about,” said Christian. “It would be a national crisis. So, to discredit that race is a predominant factor in this argument, I don’t know how you can do that.” Carbone agreed that there are many factors that bring people into the prison system, income and family structure being several. One point stressed by Bozak was that the school to prison pipeline also contributes to high incarceration rates. By misinterpreting a zero tolerance policy and criminalizing student behavior that has historically been deemed normal behavior of children, schools issue school suspensions and expulsions. For the students that do return, there is not an adequate effort made to reintegrate them back into the school system, she said. Overall, the panelists saw the prison industrial complex as an ineffective solution to social problems such as homelessness, drug addiction and literacy. Political Science Organization Vice President John Miolene reflected on the presentation’s message. “I think it is important to note the complexity of the prison industrial complex as well as all if its important factors. Every component of the prison industrial complex is influenced by the other components. You can’t simply discuss one component without discussing the others. It’s also important to note the controversy and sensitivity attributed to some of these components within the prison industrial complex. It was apparent with the somewhat heated exchange between some of the panelists and the audience. Overall, I feel the discussion was a success and shed very important light in the complexity of the prison industrial complex,” he said. The next panel discussion will be held Monday, March 10 at 5 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge, and will discuss the rising political and economic inequality in America.

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It rained a lot this week, so while you guys were all getting snowed on, we were getting rained on. But that didn’t stop it from being a very eventful week. Soccer Monday night was cancelled because of the rain, so that was a big downfall since it was such a hit last week. On Wednesday, those of us in the Culture class got to take a trip to a local gelateria and learn about where they get their fresh ingredients and the entire process of making gelato. We also got to try some absolutely delicious freshly made gelato! That night we had our first Movie Night, which, for students taking the Italian Life and Culture class is mandatory, but other students were welcome to go watch as well. They provided snacks and put on a movie with English subtitles, and while I personally found it to be interesting, I also found it to be incredibly odd. It was quite a strange movie so I hope the professor is going to explain what was happening when we go back to class, because otherwise I am going to be so lost! We also had our first trip to Florence as an Art History class. For those taking the course, we met at the train station at the start time of class and met our professor

in Florence where we went to see Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce Churches. Both of which are absolutely beautiful, but there is just so much to take in and we didn’t have very much time. With that on top of the fact that the professor had to speak very quietly since we were in a church, a lot of us couldn’t hear her in the first church. However, in the second church we got headsets, so she has to go over everything again in class next week from the first. I actually think that is a good thing, because seeing something in person and then hearing the history about it at the same time can be extremely over whelming; at least this way we will have time to digest everything and then we can take notes in class. Overall it was an absolutely beautiful day, the rain had cleared up, the skies were blue, so those of us who didn’t have any other classes, opted to stay in Florence for the rest of the day. It just so happened that there was a Chocolate Festival happening in Florence for the week. So we were able to get lunch, walk around a bit and then go through a bunch of tents with individual venders selling chocolates. While we were walking around, we saw an artist using chalk to draw a postcard design on the street. It was absolutely beautiful and he was very talented; the shading and the details were amazing and

he was not even halfway through with it. When we got to the Chocolate Festival they had chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, chocolate covered strawberries, cannolis, peanut brittle, lollipops, fudge, and so many other things there for sale. Plus they would give out free samples as you walked up to their booth so you could try everything before you bought it. After we stocked up on chocolate, we headed for the train to make it back to school in time for Game Night. Thursday wasn’t over with just game night though; it just so happens that Thursday was my birthday, so after the students at the school sang Happy Birthday to me, my friends and I went to one of the restaurants on our meal plan, Mokha. I like Mokha because the food is amazing and they change their menu a lot so we get the opportunity to try new things very often. We told them it was my birthday and, after we ate, for my dessert, they brought out some type of pudding with strawberries and chocolate on top with a candle in it and wished me happy birthday. It was so sweet! It just goes to show how the people here really are like family. From the staff at school, the people you travel with, to the people at the restaurants you go to. It might have been a rainy week but it was definitely a good one.

Samantha Higgins is spending a semester abroad at UNH’s Prato, Italy satellite campus. Follow her adventures this semester!

February 19, 2014

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Oregano Joe’s Pizza When Cells Talk to One Another, Prof. Accepts UNH Charger Card Christina Zito Listens con’t from page 1

when they were told that Oregano Joe’s would soon be accepting the charger card, their response was, “a big smile and ‘see you soon.’” For now, Oregano Joe’s does not plan to offer any discounts to students; however, if the results of students using their charger card increase Oregano Joe’s sales, McCollough said he could see it [discounts] happening in the near future. With the option to use their charger card, students

have the convenience of not having to worry about having cash on them, or if they are short on funds, their parents can directly deposit money to their charger card account. “During the football season we provided 25 pizzas for the UNH football team at every home game. We also provided, upon request, pizzas several times for the UNH men’s baseball team and the women’s soccer team,” added McCollough. Oregano Joe’s pizza also plans to initiate a pay over

the phone option, and they have a mobile pizza truck that can pull up to any location and make pizzas on site. According to McCollough, the truck has running water and is up to health code criteria for the state, inspected and certified. “I think [the mobile pizza truck] would be a point of interest for any upcoming events UNH may be having.”





When biology and environmental science lecturer Christina Zito was just five years old, she told her uncle she was going to be a scientist and find a cure for cancer. It was a big dream for a kindergartner, but it was one she held on to throughout her educational pursuits. Her uncle still reminds her of that statement, and today she continues to chase that dream. She teaches in the graduate program in cellular and molecular biology, and her research centers on cells and the ways they communicate with one another. The cells talk and, in essence, Zito listens. “I study signaling pathways,” she said. “Signals come in from outside the cell and that can result in some sort of change inside the cell. My focus is cancer, but I’m actually interested in other processes as well. Anything you learn in a cancer cell is usually applicable to all sorts of other systems. For example, some of my work involves studying how cancer causes muscle cells to degenerate, and that is related to other diseases such as Muscular Dystrophy.” Zito and Bharath Sreekumar, a graduate student, are studying how muscle cells communicate with cancer cells, and whether those cells affect the breast cancer cell in particular and make it more aggressive. This is one of a number of cell signaling projects Zito and her graduate students

will work on this semester, focusing on the communication pathways between and within cancer cells and their environment that regulate cancer cell growth and metastasis. While she knew from a young age that she would study science, it was here at UNH that Zito further crystalized her career plans. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College and was working in a lab at Yale with a doctor who was studying ovarian cancer and working to develop better ways to diagnose the cancer earlier. Zito decided to take a class in cancer signaling pathways with Joan Levy, an adjunct instructor of biology at UNH. “I loved the class,” she said. “It just opened this whole new world for me.” She took more courses at UNH with Michael Rossi, professor of biology and environmental science. He encouraged her to pursue her Ph.D., which she did, receiving her degree at Yale University. She returned to UNH to teach, and the professors who inspired and mentored her are now her colleagues. For four years, she’s been part of a growing and thriving department, “where students have great opportunities to do research and be mentored by faculty members who are deeply involved in research,” she said. Because students in the graduate program work on research for only one to two years, their projects must be extremely focused. “Our students are well poised to succeed in a Ph.D. program, because they have

extra years and extra experience, which makes them attractive,” Zito said. When she started at the University of New Haven, her focus was teaching, but Rossi and Eva Sapi, associate professor of biology and environmental science, encouraged her to dive back into research. Zito said she loves teaching, but she is equally thrilled to be spending time in the lab again. Zito’s cancer and cell research “is at the very beginning phases,” she said. “We’re getting everything up and going, making sure our model systems work and that our ideas are pointing us in the right direction.” It’s a slow-going process. “With cancer, it’s become apparent that every single cancer is different. Understanding the different ways to target cancers is very important; you have to tailor treatment to the individual.” Her goal is to find new targets for anti-cancer therapy, the same hope she had when she was just a child. She smiles when talking about it now, because she didn’t come from a family of scientists. “I’m not sure where the idea originally came from,” she said. In fact, she was the first in her family to attain a college degree. But the quest, a collaborative one with her students and colleagues, continues to energize her. “Understanding what happens inside the cell at the molecular level is what I’m interested in,” she said. “The possibilities are limitless.”

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New Semester Brings Changes to Math Zone

con’t from page 1

to make sure that if you’re in here, you get the help you need to move onto the next level,” Kern said. Kern will be serving as the interim director of the Math Zone until June, or until the university finds an applicant to permanently

fill the position. Until then, Kern’s advice to students in the program comes in three easy tips: 1. Treat math like a gym membership. Finding a Math Zone buddy will make you more inclined to do their required class hours on a regular basis.

2. Set a goal and stick to it. 3. Find a tutor and time that works for you to get the help you need. Professor Paulin’s Math Zone videos can be found on YouTube by typing in unh_math_zone.

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Need Help Finding Good Scholarships? By The FEDS (Financial Aid) Paying for college can sometimes be a hassle, but don’t let that stop you from achieving your educational goals.

There are many ways in which you can receive financial help to pay for school. One of the easiest and often overlooked ways to pay for college is through outside scholarships. Outside scholarships are different from those given out by the University. They are provided by outside organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, professional organizations, community organizations, and more. These scholarships give the extra financial assistance you may need when paying your bill, and there are so many different outside scholarships available for many different kinds of students. This week’s theme is about searching for outside scholarships, and the Financial Aid Office is here to teach you how. We can even provide you with some outside scholarships that we have already found! Searching for outside scholarships can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. The most common question people ask when looking for outside scholarships is, “Is this a legitimate scholarship?” There are websites out there that may try to trick you into paying in order to apply. If any scholarship asks you to pay, it is not a legitimate site and you should get off of the website immediately. According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), perpetrators of financial aid fraud often use the following telltale lines:

The scholarship is “guaranteed or your money back” You can’t get this information anywhere else “We just need a credit card” or bank account number to hold this scholarship We’ll do all the work There is a fee to apply for the scholarship Provides “exclusive” information You’ve been selected by a “national foundation to receive a scholarship” or “You’re a finalist”; in a contest you never entered

If you happen to come across a website with any of the above lines or something similar, it is most likely a fraudulent website and you should avoid it and exit the browser immediately. Be aware of scam “phishing” or “pharming”! “Phishing” entails unsolicited emails that appear legitimate and may bear the logo of your bank or credit card. This is a scam that is trying to lure you into giving out your personal or account information. “Pharming” includes unsolicited emails that encourage you to visit a website or click on a suspicious link. In order to avoid this, make sure your inbox spam filters are up to date. For more information, or to file complaint, you should call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1877-382-4357) or visit: . A good way to begin your search is by checking well known educational sites like Most students know CollegeBoard is a real organization because they may have used it to help search for colleges when applying as a senior in high school or when taking the SAT’s/ACT’s. Some other websites that provide good outside scholarship opportunities are,,, and www. The first step for most of the websites above is to create a log in name and profile. This will allow you to save potential scholarships you find to a favorites section of your profile, and you can also customize your profile so that the website can match you with scholarships that fit your needs. For example, if you’re an engineering major, and you create a profile based on that, the website will be able to match you up with scholarships related to your major. The same applies for business majors, criminal justice majors and so on. They can also match you based on your year in school, such as freshman or senior. This process is easy and quick, especially since once created the profiles are doing all the searching for you and sending it to your e-mail address. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let the outside scholarship matches come to you! Not only can you search for outside scholarships on your own, but if you are having difficulty finding them, then the Financial Aid Office can help! Recently, the financial aid student workers have spent a lot of time researching outside scholarships that can help any UNH student pay for college. We have created two binders full of outside scholarship information, so that anyone can easily access them. We’ve also created a bulletin board inside the office lobby that displays several of the outside scholarships that may be targeted toward your major! Outside scholarships can really help take the weight off your shoulders when trying to pay for college. Please take advantage of the information given above, and use these websites to help you find what you’re looking for. The outside scholarship binders will be located in the Financial Aid Office, Maxcy Hall Room 118B. Stop by during business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. and check them out! Also, check out our Facebook page, University of New Haven-Financial Aid Office, for updates and information regarding financial aid. You never know what you might find!

February 19, 2014

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Students Reflect on Time Abroad During Short-Term Global Experiences




Meandering through the tiny back roads of a Costa Rican town made Emily Nash ’15 see the world in a new light. “Even though we were on a dirt road, it was a community just like the ones we grew up in,” she said. “It was peaceful in a far off land that most people see as a place of poverty. Realizing this was the best part because it showed me that no matter where you go, community is what truly matters.” Nash was one of 20 students taking part in a ShortTerm Global Experience, a 10-day excursion organized by the First-Year Success Center. During winter break, one group traveled to Lon-

don and Paris, and the other went to Costa Rica. The Short-Term Global Experience program encourages students to learn a bit about a new culture, which helps to prepare them to become part of a more globally focused workforce and world, said Felecia Edwards, director of the First-Year Success Center. Edwards accompanied students to Costa Rica, and Tiffany Green, a counselor in the First-Year Success Center, took a group of students to London and Paris. On the trip to Costa Rica, students visited Rincon de la Vieja, a volcanic national park with nine contiguous craters, toured a banana plantation, explored a tropical rainforest, took a Spanish dancing class, tried out their Spanish in conversations with their tour guides and local residents, trekked up

500 steps to get to a towering waterfall and ate dishes cooked by local chefs who used a variety of spices most said they’d never tasted before. “They were exposed to new people, foods, cultures and languages,” said Edwards. “It was an incredible learning experience. The students got out of their comfort zones and enjoyed these new and thrilling opportunities.” For Steavi Swinson ’15 white water rafting was “an adrenaline rush that I’ve never had before,” she said. They started out in bright sunshine but soon they were paddling in a fierce downpour in an extremely fast current, narrowly missing outcroppings of rocks. They also had the chance to just enjoy traveling down the river. “We got to jump out and go swimming, and

halfway through the journey we stopped on a small shore and cut up some watermelon that the guides brought for us,” she said. “We all had to work as a team, and it was very tiring, but we did not stop laughing the entire time,” added Monica McGinnis ‘16. “The tour guides made the experience even better because they were so funny and nice.” Brian Diddio ‘15 said he won’t quickly forget the stunning natural beauty of Costa Rica. “From the balcony in La Fortuna there was a gorgeous view of a tropical valley, and from the front of the hotel we could see an active volcano,” he said. “Everything was so green and bright. There is a lot of green in America, too, but it’s hard to compare it to the rain forest.” The trip also led to quiet

moments of reflection. Swinson said she was surprised by the level of poverty in parts of Costa Rica. But after having the chance to talk with people who lived there, she said they didn’t see their lives framed in that way, nor did they seem discouraged by their economic circumstances. “They were very upbeat,” Swinson said. “Knowing this does change my view on the world because I realize that in America we are always wanting for more and better, and then we will be happier.” The experiential nature of the learning process made quite an impact, Swinson said. “I feel like everything I learned was better because I learned it in person,” she said. McGinnis said she made similar discoveries. “Seeing how people live in

Costa Rica but also seeing them being so happy makes me realize I should not be selfish or unappreciative,” she said. “I think traveling makes you realize who you really are as a person and you learn to appreciate what you have back home.” Sara Donahue ‘14 was grateful for another discovery. She’d signed up spontaneously and didn’t know any other students going. She returned with a group of new friends. “Throughout the trip, we all became a little family,” she said. “We created such an awesome bond.” The students can’t wait to pack their bags and get traveling again. “All that matters is that I go somewhere new – and let no opportunity go unexplored,” Nash said.


Room Selection deposits are due on February 21, 2014. You may pay your Room Selection deposit through ePay ( or with the Bursar’s Office. In addition, you will need to sign your Housing License Agreement by February 21, 2014. The Housing License Agreement can be located through your insideUNH portal on the myHousing website by clicking the “Apply Online” button. For this year, there are more housing options available for rising Juniors/Seniors to select during the Room Selection process. Rising Juniors/Seniors can select to live in: Soundview, Savin Court, Dunham, Forest Hills, Ruden Street, Sheffield and Main Street. Rising sophomores can select to live in: Botwinik, Bergami, Sheffield and Winchester Hall. So make sure you and your friends pay your deposit and sign your Housing License Agreement in order to participate in the Room Selection process. Additional information regarding the Room Selection Process can be found:

February 19, 2014

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Giving Winter the Cold Shoulder




I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of winter. I legitimately want to take a hit out on that groundhog because I cannot do one more week of winter, much less six. I’ve always been more of a fan of summer, but before you write me off as having cabin fever, think about the logical reasons why summer is just all around better than winter. 1. It’s Warm. Need I say more? Unless you like losing all feeling in your face, hands, and feet, then I don’t think there really needs to be any other reasons why summer beats winter every time. But, some of you may need more convincing, so I will. 2. You Can Wear More! (Er, Less…) For those of you who say “Well yes, but you can accessorize with boots, hats,

gloves, scarves, coats, etc.,” I totally see where you’re coming from. But, you can still do that with swim suits, flip flops, and sunglasses, with an added bonus of not having to fear that your appendages will freeze and fall off in doing so. Speaking of swimsuits, that brings me to #3… 3. THE BEACH! In what way is the winter any better in the beach? Answer: It’s not. You can soak up the sun (and, if you’re like me, sunburn – nothing a little sunscreen can’t fix though), and when it gets too hot, just jump in the water and you’ll be good to go once again! And furthermore, those of you who love skiing and snowboarding can still do that… it’s just in the water. 4. The Summer Olympics. It may be every two years, but think about it – if it were less than that, pretty sure we’d all go into cardiac arrest. U.S. Olympic Swim

and Volleyball Teams, I’m looking at you. Besides, we’ve all seen how “fun” Sochi is. Rio definitely looks like more of a party. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure anywhere else would be… 5. Concerts, Concerts, and More Concerts. Whether you’re into outdoor concert festivals like Warped Tour and Bamboozle, or you just like going to singular concerts of your favorite bands, nothing is better than going to concerts in the summer. You can’t tailgate in the winter, and you definitely can’t endure ONE outdoor concert, much less dozens; unless you’re a Yeti with a thing for good music. Even with all of the snow days we keep getting, you’d have to be crazy to still be enjoying winter at this point. I’m no doctor, but maybe you should get that checked out.

ful” sung in nine different languages: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, Hindi, Hebrew, Keres, French and Arabic. The response to this ad was incredulous. People from all over the country took to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking sites to complain about the commercial, calling it offensive and disrespectful. One woman tweeted, “This is America, speak English!” In my opinion, the commercial, featuring the Twitter hashtag #AmericaisBeautiful, sheds light on everything that makes America…America. People immigrate to the U.S. when they no longer feel safe in their own country. They come here to escape the prejudice, the injustice and the hostility of their own countries. They come here to

make a better life for themselves and their families. They do not come here to be secluded, looked down on and judged. When first meeting a person, ‘what’s your nationality?’ is one of the first few questions you ask while getting to know each other. No one ever assumes that the person they just met is simply American, because America was built from immigrants from around the world. Diversity is something to be celebrated, not looked down upon. Coca-Cola created an advertisement that gave a beautiful and accurate representation of America. The people who emigrated from countries all over the world built America, and it’s because of these people that America is the way it is today.

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America the Beautiful




“I figured out why the U.S. is so good at the Olympics,” my roommate said the other day. “It’s because America has people from all different countries playing together on one team.” I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what she said since. America is a melting pot—a land of opportunities, made better by all the people who came from all different walks of life to live in a place where they could be who they are, without judgment. However, living without judgment often isn’t the case. On Super Bowl Sunday, Coca-Cola released a commercial featuring the traditional American song “America the Beauti-

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You Gotta Fight! For Your Right! To NO Parties!



––––––––––––––––––---When George Washington told the American people that he was stepping down from the position of President of The United States, he warned every one of the dangers of political parties. Political parties, according to Washington, would turn a group of people interested in the overall welfare of the country into a “rabbling mob of power hungry professional politicians.” It’s been two hundred and thirty-eight years since this nation became independent, and two hundred and seventeen years since Washington warned his successors about parties. Where are we now? Since around the mid 1800s, the Democrat and Republican parties have been the major political parties, and no President since Franklin Pierce (a Democrat) has been in a party other than the G.O.P or Democrat party. But have politicians really left the welfare of the country by the wayside? Is it possible that politicians care more (or only, some may argue) for their own personal agenda than the future of the country that they “represent?” I absolutely think so.

When it comes to the two ideologies you can choose from when it comes to the U.S., I have usually sided more with the Democrat liberal train of thought. I consider myself a Democratic Socialist, so I wouldn’t have to stray as far from my beliefs to agree with a Democrat as I would for a Republican. On the other hand, a Fascist would agree more with a Republican than with a Democrat based on the political spectrum. Socialists and Fascists (or anyone else who leans a bit too far right or left on the spectrum) have a bad light cast on them, even though this country is based on freedom of speech and political freedom. The Democrat and Republican parties have set ideologies that most people in the parties agree with. The ones who don’t are Libertarian, Populists, etc. and are more moderate on certain topics, like Ron Paul, a libertarian in the Republican Party. If you agree with parts of a politicians campaign but not the rest, you’re out of luck. Because third party nominee don’t win the presidency and rarely win any other election, you’re forced to choose from either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. The members of the political parties have be-

come players on a team. They have their own ideas that they want to push and will do anything they can to shoot down the ideas of their opponents. They do not keep in consideration, or care about, what this gridlock will do to the country. This congress has been the most useless congress in the history of our country, and the Republicans have done everything to stop President Barack Obama from doing anything good with his time in office. Democrats HAVE done this too, but never to the extent that the Republicans went to during this presidential term. It is an irresponsible and childish way to run a government. Imagine there were no political parties. Primaries wouldn’t exist, and a candidate wouldn’t be limited to the square ideologies they all have now. Furthermore, citizens would vote for a president based on passion for the wellbeing of the country, rather than for loyalty to a party. Only then will the president truly represent the common good. The wellbeing of a country starts at the approval of the people in the government that stands for them. Without the people, the government cannot stand, and political parties are pulling the people apart.

February 19, 2014

Opinion & Editorials

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Why the Summer Olympics of 2016 Will Be Better Than the Winter Olympics of 2014




1. They will not be held in Sochi, Russia. The hotels won’t have shirtless pictures of President Putin hanging up, the water won’t be radioactive, and the journalists won’t have to tweet embarrassing photos of the inhospitable state their hotel rooms were left in. 2. Snow is not involved. I hate snow. I am tired of snow. No more snow. 3. Gymnastics. The Summer Olympics, where we get to watch girls who have more muscle then John Cena do a bunch of flips with names we can barely pronounce. 4. Volleyball.

It’s an intense sport that keeps fans at the edge of their seats…and we know all you guys love those spandex shorts and sports bras. 5. All five rings might actually light up. For anyone who watched the opening of the Winter Olympics this year, this one is self-explanatory. 6. Ryan Lochte…in a speedo…with gold. 7. There are a lot more interesting events. Why is it that every time I turn to the Olympics, figure skating is always on? I’m starting to think that this is the only event of the winter. 8. Easier to understand. The Summer Olympics are easier to follow. People watching at home can clearly see who won gold and why. For example, it’s easier to see who won a

track race and understand why, rather than who won a snowboarding event and why the judges scored them so high. 9. More American Pride and Unity. More people watch the Summer Olympics, probably because of the variety of events, and the ability to understand them. No one wants to watch something they don’t understand. More people seem to carry around American Pride during the summer. 10. Summer Champions marry Kardashians. Bruce Jenner, Olympic Gold Champion of the 1976 Summer Olympics. Enough said.

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Appearance Deceives




I bear Turkish blood, appear Indian and was born and raised in the Netherlands and Germany. In a religious aspect I should therefore be Muslim, Christian or Hindu. References are made on a weekly basis, whether on the bus or at restaurants. With respect to all religions: I don’t have one, hence I deserve an equal amount of respect. Right now, you believe that I’m either Atheist or Agnostic. In reality, neither of those is applicable. Society likes to attach labels to my non-existent religion in an attempt to understand and recognize an unheard of phenomenon. My friends are situated around the globe and my Facebook newsfeed is filled with posts from various time zones, so I’d consider myself openminded. I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful, historic sanctuaries decorated with the most luxurious of hues and designs. While from an artistic view I can appreciate the work, I feel uncomfort-

able in holy places; irony at it’s finest. The significant churches, mosques and synagogues I’ve encountered take me back to the medieval ages, back when Church and State weren’t separated yet. The problem with that is that technically churches have been governmental buildings draped in the poor wealth of the majority of citizens. In those days, a large divide in economic inequality existed. Don’t be mistaken as history is bound to repeat itself. About three years ago, a Turkish Department of Education backed live TV show asked viewers to donate money towards building new schools or renovating older ones in rural villages. Standing schools were so dirty the kids became ill from impracticable toilets and freezing cold classrooms. Out of benevolence, close relatives of mine have decided to build a new school without having physically seen the area. The elementary school was built for 100 children including an area for disabled kids. I was outraged when I visited the village in Çorum, Turkey. Just a couple of

blocks from the school, the second mosque had newly been built. The newly built school is the only one in the village. It’s the second in a village stretching 17 miles and populated by 233 as of 2012. Nearly half of the residents had a second home in Switzerland. This school is the only one present. The mistake in my view, in both historic and contemporary sanctuaries, is a wrong order of priorities. The vast amounts of money could have been well spent on educational institutions, infrastructure, health, housing and transportation. For a community it is important to recognize the needs of society and environment combined. When a community fails to do so, I find them to act greedy. That reason attributes largely to my non-religion, but there are other variables that add to it. I’m not partaking in the endless debates since my opinion will be overthrown no matter what and every generation has experienced wars due to religious disputes. What I believe in is free and equal choices: accept and respect.

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February 19, 2014

Fun, Games, & More

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Crossword Clues

Crossword Clues Across 1 Faux-antique decor 11 Nurses 15 Words next to many 22Down 16 Malaysian Chinese shoe designer Jimmy 17 It’s hard to write with one 19 Cub games setting: Abbr. 20 Hidden Valley competitor 21 “Hah!” 22 Small-screen princess 23 Sing ballads, say 24 Word in a Le Pew address 26 Tab alternative 29 Foe of the fictional spy agency CONTROL 30 Pump parts 32 Authorizing 33 First-aid practitioner, briefly 34 In reality 36 Cutting remark 37 Don’t bother 39 Jard’n occupant 40 They’re built on benches 41 Pretends 43 Yupik craft 45 Thomas who co-created “Free to Be ... You and Me” 46 Spanish autonomy Castile and __ 47 Astronomy Muse 49 Stick with a spring

50 Brief black-and-white flash? 53 Hunter’s companion 56 Singer of the children’s album “Camp Lisa” 57 Prevented from getting unruly 58 Minute 59 Biological cooler

Down 1 What collaborators should be in 2 Garment feature that’s sometimes detachable 3 Family title 4 Like some news 5 Stock character? 6 Dweller on the Red Sea 7 Hutch contents 8 European trio in a Christmas song 9 Soc. Sec. supplement 10 Rogers __: Toronto stadium 11 Cheesy stuff 12 “Color me surprised!” 13 Shot glass 14 Bar supply available at the touch of a button 18 Pretentious 22 Check alternatives 23 “Welcome to the human network” tech giant 24 Desert mount 25 “GET FIRED UP!”

candy 26 Passes out 27 Phil Jackson, for most of the ‘70s 28 Early birds? 29 It may wash up onshore 31 Leaving for 34 Toots 35 2010 Western remake that garnered 10 Oscar nominations 38 Presently 40 Success on a mat 42 Haunted house sounds 44 Farm sound 46 Ton o’ 47 Jamaican hybrid fruit 48 Act like a pig, in a way 49 Star of Looney Tunes’ “for Scent-imental Reasons” 50 Fitness brand 51 Ivy League member 52 Cultivated 54 FF’s opposite 55 Bent piece (c)2014 TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, INC.

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February 19, 2014

by Patricia Oprea

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Charger Battery



Congratulations to all the guys who received and accepted bids from our fraternities on campus! May you have an exciting journey as new members, and enjoy Greek life.

When a snowstorm cancels events on campus; I don’t mind not having classes, but not getting free stuff is another thing, especially when the event is Nineties Night. This Nor’easter prevented me from reliving the glory days of childhood!

Nice job to SCOPE for planning a trip to a trampoline park! Many people, including myself, never knew such a fantastic place existed. Now there was no excuse for staying indoors on Valentine’s Day.

When organizations on campus don’t coordinate their events; Ski and Snowboard Club is holding their annual weekend trip to Mont Tremblant on February 28, and now SCOPE decides to have a trip to Mohawk Mountain that Sunday. Clearly, all the people going to Canada would’ve been interested in that free excursion… who will sign up now?

The Battery Charge

When in doubt (or lack of material), I have winter to thank for producing snow days to write about. Although UNH only announced their cancellation early Thursday morning (per usual), some students were homeward bound Wednesday night, lucky enough to have a five-day weekend. Now it’s about time for spring weather to commence.

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February 19, 2014

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USGA President’s Corner

Chargers, I hope this week is going well for you. Congratulations to our Greek organizations on their new potential members and good luck to those individuals who are joining. This week the USGA meeting will be held in Dodds Theater at 10 a.m. As always if you have any questions or concerns just send me and email at “Courage is resistance of fear, mastery of fear—not absence of fear.” —Mark Twain Yours truly, Zani Imetovski, USGA President

USGA Treasurer’s Tip of the Week

“Safety should be a priority.”

With the number of snowstorms and cancelations that have taken place since the beginning of the semester, it’s important to remember that the safety of your RSO members and the audience at your events should be kept a priority. As frustrating as it can be to cancel or postpone an event you’ve worked hard to coordinate, even if the university isn’t closed, if there is a genuine concern that any danger could come out of continuing the event in certain conditions, it’s always better to do what’s best for safety of everyone involved.

-Isaak Kifle

This week’s USGA Meeting will be held in Dodd’s Theater at 10 a.m. Photo of the Week

Photo By: Ammar Ali, Sophomore Taken December 2013 “Along exposure of the New York Skyline,” – Ali




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Chargers Roll Pace 75-52




The University of New Haven Men’s basketball continued its great season beating Pace 75-52 on Saturday to move to 17-7 (12-6 Northeast-10) on the season. Although struggling early, the team was really able to turn things around after half time to take a commanding lead and eventually a win. The first half had the Chargers with great ball control, as they did not turn the ball over once in the first 20 minutes of play. Junior Eric Anderson hit every shot he attempted in the first half, finishing with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Senior Jeffery Adkins put on a show as he drove to the lane and mad shots over the Pace defenders as he finished with 17. They shot the ball well all game, shooting 48% from the field in the first half, but could not hit from three, going 1-10 in the first half. The second half was a tale of two quarters as they started hitting every shot they took. Anderson and Adkins keep it going in the second half, trading buckets

back and fourth helping the Chargers pull away, but the second half also showcased senior Justin Exum from three, as he hit four straight three-point buckets as the Chargers pulled away from Pace, he finished with 16 points.

“Its always great to win, I thought in the first half we played well, we just fouled too much giving them 12-27 from the free throw line,” said coach Ted Hotaling, “In the second half we cleaned it up, didn’t give them as many shots.”

Senior Ashanti DePass finished with tight points, while junior Cyrus James had four. Junior Jonny Ocasio came off the bench and had 11 points, sophomore Joshua Guddemi had three, and freshman Jemal Mosley had two, to round out the

scoring. The Chargers set a season best by only allowing Pace to hit 16 from the field and making them the 13th opponent they have held under 60 points. Pace shot 2-13 from three and 18-22 from the free throw line.

Chargers Set Two Program Records at Scarlet and White Invitational

Preseason Poll Tabs Chargers Atop NE-10 Southwest Division






The University of New Haven softball team has been ranked in a tie atop the Northeast-10 Southwest Division in the Preseason Coaches’ Poll, as announced Wednesday by the conference office. The Chargers finished second in the division in 2013 and reached both the NE-10 Championship Game and the NCAA Division II East Region

Championship. Complete Poll and Release at New Haven and Adelphi each received 80 points to share first place in the Southwest Division with the Chargers receiving seven first-place votes and Adelphi garnering six. Le Moyne, which also picked up two first-place votes, finished third with 65 points. Southern Connecticut State claimed 64 points for a fourth-place ranking, while American International

was tabbed for fifth with 34 points. Pace and Saint Rose rounded out the division with 29 and 19 points, respectively. In the Northeast Division, Southern New Hampshire picked up 13 out of a possible 15 first-place votes and 104 votes overall to assume first place. Stonehill added 83 points and one first-place vote to take second place, and Merrimack placed third with 73 points. Saint Anselm took home the final firstplace tally and received 67

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points to complete the top four. Assumption, Bentley, Franklin Pierce and Saint Michael’s comprise the bottom half in the Northeast. The Chargers begin their eighth season under head coach Jen Starek on Tuesday, March 11 with a doubleheader at Dowling. Conference play begins on Saturday, March 22 at the UNH Softball Field with a noon twinbill against Bentley.

UNH will host American International for senior night Wednesday, February, 19 at 7:30 p.m.. They will recognize the seniors on the squad before the game.

The University of New Haven women’s indoor track and field team set two new program records, highlighting the team’s performance on Saturday at the Scarlet and White Invitational hosted by Boston University. Ada Udaya (West Haven, Conn./West Haven) set a new program record in the 200-meter dash, winning the event with a time of 23.58 seconds. The previous record of 23.60 seconds was set in 2011 by Shannon Gagne, who later won the 200-meter indoor national championship the same year. Her adjusted time of 23.95 seconds (due to BU’s banked track) is the second-fastest in Division II this season. It was also a banner day for the Chargers’ 4x400 meter relay team. The team consisting of Briana Conyers (Derby, Conn./Hill Regional Career), Ivy Watts (Waltham, Mass./Waltham), Udaya, and Jasmin Belcher (Uniondale, N.Y./Kellenberg Memorial High School) posted a new program record and NCAA provisional qualifying time of 3:51.36 during their third place finish. Watts and Udaya were a part of the team that held the previous 4x400 school

record, which they helped set at last year’s New England Indoor Track & Field Championships at the same venue along with teammates Marshae Holt (Orange, N.J./ Immaculate Conception) and Monica Yanez (West Haven, Conn./West Haven). Watts added a top ten performance in the 400-meter dash, crossing the line in ninth place with an NCAA provisional qualifying time of 56.83 seconds. A trio of triple jumpers each garnered top ten performances, led by Conyers’ fifth place, 11.87 meter jump. Tiara Mitchell (Westbury, N.Y./Old Westbury) was not far behind, placing sixth with a leap of 11.78 meters, and freshman Kelsey Palomino (Bay Shore, N.Y./ Bay Shore) rounded out the top ten with a 10.87 meter jump. Both Conyers and Mitchell met NCAA provisional qualifying standards. The Chargers return to action next Saturday, February 22 at the Reggie Lewis Center to take part in the Northeast-10 Indoor Track and Field Championships.

Febryary 19, 2014

This Week in UNH Sports


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2.19.14 | 5:30 PM

2.19.14 | 7:30 PM

2.22.14 | TBA

2.22.14 | TBA

2.25.14 | 5:30 PM






Hayes Leads the Women’s Basketball to a Win 56-42

Men’s Indoor Track and Field Closes Regular Season at Scarlet and White Invitational A CHARGER ATHLETICS PRESS RELEASE






Junior Aquillin Hayes will never be down and out, and she proved that on Saturday. After falling hard three times and even being taken out of the game at a point in the game when fouled hard, she came back to help lead University of New Haven Chargers to a 27-8 run to get the win over Pace. New Haven improves to 16-8 (11-7 Northeast-10) with the win. Hayes finished the game

with 16 points, seven boards and four blocks, included one that put a dagger in the hearts of Pace. With the game winding down and time running low for Pace to mount a comeback, they try to hit an easy layup, unfortunately for them, Hayes was not having any part in that as she sent the lay up into the first row of the stands for a block which capped off a strong end of the game for her. The Chargers struggled to shoot the ball early as the game went to half with Pace

leading 25-23, but found their stride as they hit the second half outscoring Pace 33-17. The Chargers shot 31% from the field in the first half, but raised that to 47% in the second to break away with the win. Pace’s Margo Hackett had a game high in points with 18, while center Kirsten Dodge assed eight points and 11 boards. The second half was almost a completely different game for the Chargers as they took off with the game, led by Hayes converting

and one after and one. She could not miss the way she was playing, really helping the Chargers who needed a spark. “She brings so much energy,” said coach Ty Grace, “When she plays at a high level the entire team plays off of that. The Chargers will play their last home game of the season this Wednesday, February 19 at 5:30 p.m. and will recognize the seniors before the game.

The University of New Haven men’s indoor track and field team wrapped up its regular season on Saturday, competing in the Scarlet and White Invitational at Boston University. Matthew Jeune (West Haven, Conn./Notre Dame) highlighted the day for the Blue and Gold with a firstplace and NCAA provsional qualifying leap of 2.04 meters in the high jump. It was his third victory and sixth top-two finish in the event so far this indoor season. Jordan Rippe (Northford, Conn./North Branford) took home fourth place in both the shot put and weight throw, competing as the only Division II athlete in both events. He had a distance of 13.87 meters in the shot put and a toss of 15.75 meters in the weight throw. George Murray II (Newark, Del./Caravel Academy) and Tyler Valalik (Wallingford, Conn./Lyman Hall) finished back-to-back in the long jump. Murray’s jump of 6.36 meters placed him seventh, just ahead of

Valalik’s eighth place leap of 6.26 meters. On the track side, Christopher Dannenhoffer (West Haven, Conn./Notre DameWest Haven) paced the Chargers, crossing the line fifth in the 500-meter dash with a personal-best time of 1:07.21. Devin Rose (Dover, N.H./Dover) was strong in the 800-meter run with a personal-best mark of 1:56.74. In the sprints, Mike Houston (Brooklyn, N.Y./ Bishop Ford) set a pair of personal standards with a time of 22.77 seconds in the 200-meter dash and a mark of 50.47 in the 400-meter dash. A time of 22.89 in the 200-meter dash for Justin Johnson (Los Angeles, Calif./University) was also his personal best. The 4x400-meter relay team of Houston, Nazim Roberts-Smith (Albany, N.Y./Colonie), Johnson and Rose posted one of the fastest times in the Northeast-10 this season at 3:25.43. New Haven will now compete at the Northeast-10 Indoor Track and Field Championships on Saturday, Feb. 22 at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston.

Anderson Reaches his 1000-Point Plateau




Junior Eric Anderson of The University of New Haven’s men’s basketball team came into the season as a highly regarded player on the Chargers, and on Saturday he printed his name into Charger history as he reached the 1000-point plateau. When asked who he would like to thank, Anderson responded, "Well first and for most God. Also my mother for supporting me at every home game she can make it to,” said Anderson, "and last but not least my teammates and coaches." Anderson was a three point shooter coming out of NJ when he first got to New Haven, but over the years he developed into a threat in every aspect of the game. "I never expected to get the 1000 points so early, but I did expect to get it," said Anderson, "It feels great couldn't have done it without my teammates."

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Anderson was the defensive player of the year in the Northeast-10 last year along as the leading rebounder and second in the nation in double-doubles, but with all of this he still feels like he has more to prove. "I feel as I have a lot more to work on and keep improv-

ing my game and getting better." Anderson is considered not only one of the top players in the conference, but the entire nation. He averages a double-double this season with the Chargers.

February 19, 2014

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Disney: Come Back Kids?





––––––––––––––––––––– Remember the days of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast? Remember how celebrated and genuine these films were? Every year we couldn’t wait to see what animated film Disney came up with next. Then, Monsters Inc. happened and, needless to say, everything bit the dust. Not that Monsters Inc. was bad; it was the last great and memorable animated film for a while— a long while. Sure a couple films hit the mark like The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and Wall-E, but Disney went through a dry spell for about 10 years until Toy Story 3 grabbed our hearts again. Then, the very next year, Tangled happened. My point in all of this is Disney seems like its breaking the sucking-streak and

significant feature of this new era of great Disney films? Characters. Most of these new films seem to lean more towards two characteristics: strong females, and sarcasm. Gone are the days of Cinderella waiting to get rescued. In Tangled, Frozen and a little in Wreck it Ralph we see women taking the initiative and becoming the heroes instead of the men. We also see dialogue and humor more common in our society today. In Tangled, we see Flynn Rider talking like a hot-shot, rebellious teenager, and in Frozen we see Anna be an awkward teenage girl. These are the things that makes this new era of films successful and we can look forward to seeing in future Disney animated movies. For the first time since 2001, we welcome Disney back in to our homes again and again.

ladies and gentlemen, Jesse Eisenburg is playing Lex Luthor. The first two casting choices were combated with disapproval, where as this one is met with confusion. The general consensus doesn’t hate this casting as much as their confused as to why. DC has revealed they did indeed have a discussion with Breaking Bad star Brian Cranston, and academy award winner Juaquine Pheonix turned down the role. So why go to Eisenburg? Director Zack Snyder has made it clear he wants to challenge the status quo of a lot of DCs characters and shake a few things up to give it a fresh taste. It seems

one of his changes includes a young Lex Luthor. Believe it or not, Eisenburg is 30, the same age as Henry Cavil (Superman). He just looks like he’s in his early 20’s. What could this mean for the character of Lex Luthor? Well he could go from being a control freak to a spoiled, young hot-shot who wants to inherit much more than just a global power business. It’s different, yes, but at the end of the day doesn’t change that much about Luthor, which is why I actually don’t mind this casting. This gives the audience a more solid reason for Luthor’s actions as opposed to the simply power hungry. Many complain about Eisenburg’s acting ability,


Prosser is so believable, and her accent game is so on point, that she leaves audience members in awe. O’Russel creates female characters that can always stand up to the men. They’re stronger and fiercer. This is consistent in American Hustle, especially in Jennifer Lawrence’s case, where her character isn’t afraid to show her face in situations when the others might be more timid. Her performance as Christian Bale’s passiveaggressive, loose-cannon wife was incredible. While she did appear to be too young looking for the part, she managed to steal breaths with her side-splitting laughter. This film is equal parts drama and equal parts comedy. It’s comedic because the characters are so indelible. They say things and do things that are funny in moments that are intense.



You know you’ve seen a great film when you can’t stop talking about it, hours after walking out of the theater. Such is what you can expect to find after seeing David O’ Russel’s newest film, American Hustle. The director that brought such greats as Silver Lining’s Playbook and The Fighter does it again with this dramedy about a conman and his partner who are forced to work for the FBI, until things go awry with the mob. This film is one not to be missed this award season. The Golden Globes certainly haven’t missed Amy Adams, as she rightfully won the statuette for Best Actress for her role in the film. Her stunning performance as partner-in-crime Sydney

And it’s dramatic because it’s relatable. The plot line is so well thought out, that you leave the theater with thoughts swirling around in your head. It is a story about reinvention and doing what you have to do to survive, but there’s still such ambiguity with the characters’ actions that it leaves an impression on you. O’Russel creates complex stories around character behaviors and because of this, the stories stick out in your mind. This film is his take on Boogie Nights and Goodfellas, and it’s as raw and spontaneous as life itself.

Jesse Eisenburg is Lex Luthor


––––––––––––––––––––– Batman vs. Superman is just full of surprises, isn’t it? Not only is there a backlash against the Batman casting, but Wonder Woman is played by a model and not even an actress. That’s not enough? Well we already know the release date has been pushed back an entire year, while openly admitting they have no idea what they’re doing. Oh that’s not enough either? Well Lex Luthor, the billionaire mastermind arch-nemesis to Superman, is being played by Mark Zuckerberg in the Social Network. Yes

but may I remind you he is an academy award nominated actor. In all his roles, especially in Now You See Me, he plays this monotone, fast-talking genius that I think will fit well with this new take on Luthor. I think he can display arrogance really well and talk down to others in an intimidating manor. This is just my opinion; I totally understand why someone doesn’t like this casting decision. Like any other casting, we have to see the movie to know for sure. Mark your calendars for summer 2016.



we are now in the next memorable age of Disney. This is the first cluster of Disney movies that consistently hit it out of the park since the late 90s-early 2000s. We have Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Brave, Monsters U, and of course Frozen. What’s the common factor of these successes? The lack of Pixar. Note that not all CG animated films are Pixar; Pixar is just a company owned by Disney that specializes in CG animation. Three of the five films I named were non-Pixar films, and strictly Disney’s own creations. For most of the ten year dry spell, Disney became too heavily dependent on Pixar due to their Toy Story and Monsters Inc. success, and started pumping out garbage like Cars and Cars 2. Disney has now realized how much Pixar is holding them back, and have gone back to their roots of just being Disney. What’s the

American Hustle Review


February 19, 2014

The Charger Bulletin

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Wednesday, February 19: - Sign up for the Roller Skating Trip (2/21/14) on Charger Connection at 9 p.m. - Sign up for the Pequot Museum Trip (2/22/14) on Charger Connection at 9:30 p.m. Friday, February 21: - Weekly Movie: 12 Years a Slave in Lee 301 at 9 p.m. - Roller Skating Trip (See Charger Connection for details.) Saturday, February 22: - Pequot Museum Trip (See Charger Connection for details.)

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Dear Melanie, I have been really busy with school and work, and my boyfriend is getting really needy. We have been dating for a month or two and I really could see us going somewhere, but I’m just not sure what to do because my grades and work still come first. Any suggestions? The bottom line is that right now you are in school, and like you said in your question, your grades have to come first. I know you two haven’t been dating very long at all so you can only imagine what this person will be like if it’s a year down the road and you want to take an internship in France. If someone loves you, or could potentially be a longterm partner, then they will understand the other priorities in your life and will push you to accept new opportunities even if it means less time with them. I’m not saying however, that you should simply break up with your boyfriend because of these issues because a lot of this “needy” behavior could be because your relationship is so new, or he is just used to a different kind of relationship. I think your best bet is to sit down with him and tell him how you’re feeling. Let him know that you are overwhelmed by what you are going through and that you want your relationship to work, but you feel that you need a little more support on his end. At the end of the day, it could be a good thing that you are realizing this behavior so early in your relationship because you can either work on the problem right away and fix it, or you can simply realize that you might be better off as friends and at least you aren’t so far into the relationship where a lot is at stake. I can try and give you all of the advice in the world, but the only person who will help you come to a solution is yourself. If you feel like you can talk to this person then you should and if not, then they might not be the one for you. It is a fine line between having a healthy relationship and having one that consumes you and if you are truly in love, or could see yourself soon being in love with your boyfriend then I think it is important you both work on finding that balance. If you sit back and think that at the end of the day it isn’t worth it to invest all of this time into fixing what is clearly a little broken, then it is good you realized now before both of you invested more time and emotion. I really hope that this works out for you and that you are able to come to some happy solution. Relationships are hard but when they’re right, they’re so worth it. Take a deep breath and try to really prioritize what you want out of this situation, because that’s the only way you’ll come to a solution for yourself, and then you can clearly project that to your boyfriend. Talking to him won’t help until you realize what you really need. Good luck!

February 19, 2014

Two Extremes: This Year’s Conflicting Concert Trends




There are downsides to festivals though; there is always the chance that two performers you wanted to see will have overlapping set times, and with many of the full weekend festivals, you have to choose only one day to go because the tickets are so expensive. On the other side of the spectrum is the rise of a popular trend; the intimate acoustic venue show. Basically take any pop-punk/ pop-rock performer who has the ability to sell out an arena show, put them in a smaller venue they haven’t played since they “made it,” and make the ticket market twice as limited as the usual ticket availability or more. Add in the fact that these shows are special and will never happen again? Dates sell, and fast. Paradise Fears had their acoustic show in the city sell out in less than a minute… so they opened a second show that same day, which sold just as fast. Yellowcard is going out on their second run of their Ocean Avenue Acoustic tour, and The

Summer Set is out touring their album Legendary Unplugged. The Maine and All Time Low are also touring small shows in venues they haven’t been to in years. I recently went to see the Wonder Years over the holiday for their Ugly Sweater Acoustic holiday show and it was amazing. If you can actually get a ticket to these shows, you are able to see a side of a band you love that you’ve never seen. It’s truly an experience for the diehard fan. Plus acoustic shows are just raw, beautiful and unique. The downside to this is that some people aren’t into the small acoustic sets, but it’s the only time these bands might be touring for a while. Also some of these pop-punk fans like the music for what they are; loud and crazy, not quiet and slowed down. My opinion? I like both types of shows for what they are, but in the bitter cold of winter I’m missing my summer festivals. Which would you choose?

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Bryttany Cunningham and Charlotte Axthelm are wonderful. Lovely, incredible, magnificent, stunning, gifted and formidable aren’t enough words to describe this female duo. They’re far greater. They should be on your playlists. They’re called Cheeky. Since their remarkable showcase at The Space last year, the duo has released a few covers; your ears will rejoice once the music begins. If you like Florence + The Machine, you’ll love their cover of “Shake It Out.” Wholeheartedly, their harmonies send massive waves of shivers down spines; channeling profound love for what they do. It’s no secret that Florence Welch has a powerful and majestic voice, but these girls steal the spotlight flawlessly; without any trouble. Fan of Mayday Parade? I know I can’t get enough of them. That’s why I’m so happy that they did a cover of “I Swear This Time I Mean It.” It’s perfect. I know Derek Sanders would be so proud because instead of stripping a song’s beauty that many covers are guilty

of, they don’t. It’s a cover enchanted with hopefulness; illustrating the wish to control time for one special night. Moreover, if you adore Ed Sheeran, their cover of “Wayfaring Stranger” is one that will not disappoint. I have goosebumps. The girls demonstrate their talent; powerful and rich harmonies flow throughout; there are no mistakes and it soothes the soul. Taking on such a complex song highlights their strong-minded capabilities. When I hear the cover it’s as if I’m in another world. During my interview with the duo last year, Axthelm said something that stuck out to me. She said, “We get brushed off a lot.” I’m here to tell you that these girls are phenomenal; to the extreme. Their songs are heartfelt and sincere, undeniably. These covers (astonishing) show glimpses of their ability to be one on one with audiences. To see the whole radiant image listen to their music. “Sedona,” “Small Victory,” and “Wings,” convey how honest they are. Check out these covers and their music! They are undeniably worth it.

An Interview with Set It Off

a melting pot of sorts. “Generally, Cody or myself will get together with some ideas and put together the core of a song and present it to the rest of the guys and that’s where it gets refined,” said Clermont when I inquired how the songwriting process worked for them as a band. “As far as too many ideas being an issue, that can definitely happen but we are very open with each other so everyone gets a fair shot to voice their ideas and opinions to make these songs the best they can be.” It seems like if more bands were to have followed this motto, there would be more amazing bands today. Set It Off seems to have great chemistry on and off stage, which really makes for a healthy recipe to withstand a long career as a band in the music industry. “This Christmas” is the first song I ever heard by the band and it definitely threw me for a loop. It is so uncharacteristic of a holiday song that I needed to know the process behind how it was created. “Anyone who knows us knows that we aren’t exactly the most conventional group of guys so when we got the offer to be a part of the Punk


Set It Off is a pop-punk rock band out of Tampa, FL. They gained a following through vocalist Cody Carson’s YouTube channel rockmaniac89. They were signed to Equal Vision Records after having substantial plays. I was lucky enough to snag an interview with Dan Clermont (@Danny_Sio on Twitter) who does guitar and vocals for the band. “Set It Off formed after Cody, who had always been involved with the local music scene here in Florida, got an opportunity to perform on stage with one of his favorite bands at the time while he was away in college,” said Clermont. “That just gave him the push to form a band. He contacted all of us back home and we were all on board. The rest is history in the making.” Set It Off has such a different sound and they really bring so much passion and depth to their music. You get the sense when listening that every band member comes up with a different idea for a track and they all push and pull until the song becomes

Cheeky: The Hypnotic & Phenomenal Duo


2014 is here in full swing, and as always, I’m looking for concert tickets. This really isn’t a “new year” thing for me, but more of a constant obsession to see my favorite artists perform live and in front of my face. In my online search for winter and spring tours, I’ve noticed an interesting split between the types of concerts musicians are putting on; either small intimate shows or larger festival setups. Both have their pros and cons, leaving the avid concert goer with the ultimate choice of which show might be the one they spend their holiday cash on. Festivals have been a staple of my concert-going experience every summer, seeing as I’ve had a running date with the Vans Warped Tour five years straight. I’ve noticed recently, however, that festivals have not only become more of a yearround trend, but also have

been popping up in new locations across the country. The first festival of 2014 already took place a couple of weeks ago; Holy Ship, the EDM festival in Florida, which was held on a docked cruise ship in Miami. The South is primarily dominating the festival market right now with their warmer weather, as well as festival cruiselines like the Weezer Cruise and Paramore’s Parahoy! But once March hits, there will be artists flocking shows like Coachella, Firefly, Rock on the Range, Riot Fest, The Vans Warped Tour and many more for the rest of the year. Many love festivals for their atmosphere and the ability to see multiple acts for a cheaper price than buying individual tickets. You also have the chance to see new bands you’ve never heard before and have a better chance to meet your favorites that may be wandering around the festival grounds. I’ve met some of my favorite bands at Warped Tour and already have my ticket to go this July.

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Goes Christmas compilation and were told we could write an original song we thought, ‘Why don’t we write something that brings Christmas into a little more of a darker, chaotic light that isn’t always thought about when talking about such a cheery holiday season?’” A darker, more chaotic light is exactly what they got but it couldn’t have been easy to successfully reach that place, being careful not to cross any imaginary lines while still keeping it original.

The band was recently asked to record with John Feldmann, so naturally I had to get the boys point of view on this crazy honor. “I feel like this is definitely a huge milestone for all of us on a personal level and career level. We did some writing with him out in California this past April and the chemistry between us was unbelievable. We haven’t officially started working in the studio with him yet but we are regularly in contact, sending song ideas and critiques back and forth,” said

Clermont. A band like Set It Off is so simply unique, bringing the essence of so many that came before them with a flare all their own. “Especially with how the writing process is going for this record,” said Clermont, “We have referenced anything from My Chemical Romance to Lady Gaga to Whitney Houston in order to pull inspiration. I feel like keeping our influences that eclectic will help refine our sound as Set It Off.” I couldn’t agree more with

Clermont’s statement of the bands refined sound and style. They are clearly eclectic, unique, and chaotic in the best way and could make anyone a fan of the poppunk genre. If you haven’t yet heard of these guys I’d listen as soon as you can with an open mind and turned-up speakers. As always, I’d love your feedback on this band and feel free to contact me if you are a local band looking for a musical review or promotion!

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February 19, 2014  
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