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Volume 86, Issue 21

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SCOPE SHOWS SWEENEY Did students enjoy the latest Burton/ Depp production last weekend?

The student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938

A WINNING WEEKEND IN SPORTS The Chargers have a big weekend with wins from the baseball and softball teams. Find out what happened in each game.

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Harry Potter Master of Secrets Crosses Over into Comes to UNH College Athletics By ZACK ROSEN



brooms are kept on the ground at all times, between ––––––––––––––––––––– the players knees, and used as merely a “handicap” of In a regulation-size field sorts for the players. Beatin the middle of Vermont, ers do not hit Bludgers with the college athletics aficio- bats, but instead throw the nado would find a sport that dodgeball sized balls at opusually only calls the wiz- ponents, and the Golden arding world home. Creat- Snitch (the most important ed by author J.K. Rowling ball of the game) is actually for her incredibly popular a person, allowed to run off By ERIN ENNIS STAFF WRITER

Look inside to read President Kaplan’s article about how spending is made at UNH.

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Students at North Georgia College and State University play Quidditch last July.

Harry Potter book series,

and around the field at will

world’s national sport and most beloved past time. For Harry, it serves as his connection to his past and his escape from the teenage angst of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For 400 students at Middlebury College, Quidditch has become their newest athletics program, and a national phenomenon. As devotees of the book series know, some portions of Quidditch had to be adapted for the common day muggle (us non-magical people). For instance,

(just per regulation in the book series) strategize and play to earn the most points by the time the Golden Snitch is caught. Middlebury College is not the first college to start playing Quidditch, however it is known as the creator of the Intercollegiate Quidditch League, a group that allows over 65 college Quidditch teams the opportunity to face each other in games. With matches against Dartmouth, Am-

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WEST HAVEN— Accepting anonymous postcards from people all over the world for over four years now, it is no surprise that Frank Warren has received over 190,000 secrets in his home mailbox– personally read by himself. Although Warren admits that the most common secret seems to be “I pee in the shower,” Frank has received a multitude of secrets ranging from hilarious sex to downright depressing regret. Although he owns his own company, Instant Information Systems, Frank Warren spends 40-50 hours per week on PostSecret; included in that time is work on an upcoming documen-

tary about his project. Not only do over a million people visit his site each week, but Warren was ranked the fifth most popular blog in the world in 2006 by Yahoo! and was placed as #11 on the 2008 Forbes list of the 25 biggest, brightest, and most influential people on the Internet. Other accomplishments include an award from the National Mental Health Association stating how he has “moved the cause of mental health forward.” His books have hit LA Times, NY Times, and Amazon bestseller lists. A few weeks back, Frank Warren spoke on behalf of the National Suicide Prevention Hotline in See BEHIND page 4

21 is Far from a Winner



Loosely based off the 2003 book Bringing Down the House, by Ben Mezrich, 21 is the story of Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess, Across the Universe) an MIT senior who desperately needs $300,000 so that he can attend Harvard Medical School. Ben is recruited by Micky Rosa, (Kevin Spacey, The Usual Suspects) a math professor who runs a secret MIT Blackjack Team, and learns how to

count cards in order to pay for his education. Using this newly developed skill, Ben and the team head to Vegas where they use a system of signals, cues, and simple math to turn the odds in their favor. However, unbeknownst to them, their system is being tracked by Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne, The Matrix) a Loss Prevention Specialist hired by the casinos to prevent cheating. A major problem with this film is that the writers felt it was necessary to deSee SPACEY page 8

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Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

Thursday, April 3

Wednesday, April 2 

Leadership Brown Bag Lunch: Making Good Decisions

 Opening Reception: Stray Terrain by Yvette Brackman

Post Secret: Frank Warren

 The Quest

Upper Student Lounge, 12-1pm 

Dodds, 9pm

Dodds Seton Gallery, 5pm

Friday, April 4  Comedian: Ryan Belleville Dodds, 8pm

 Movie: Walk Hard Alumni Lounge, 7pm

German Club, 9pm

Spirit Week

Saturday, April 5  International Festival North Campus Gym, 4pm

 5,6,7,8 Dance-a-Thon

Sunday, April 6  Movie: Walk Hard Alumni Lounge, 7pm

German Club, 6pm

Monday, April 7  Memorial Service: Caroline Dinegar

Tuesday, April 8 Fall 2008 Registration Begins

Dodds, 2pm

World Heath Day

Delta Chi On The Move at UNH

history of the brotherhood. ––––––––––––––––– New associate member Anthony WEST HAVEN— Vitarelli is a freshWith only two months man from Waterbury, left in the 2008 spring Conn. He is majoring By Dan Osipovitch semester, the Broth- in Music Industry and ers of the New Haven wants to produce on a A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH Chapter of the Delta major record label afChi Fraternity are ex- ter college. Arman Ahcited to finish the year madi, class of 2011, is It’s officially spring! It’s time It still irks me that we don’t have off strong with many from Stamford, Conn. for the warm weather to return. Oh the day after Easter off. We always yes, that means sitting in class itch- have to come back on Easter which brotherhood events and is studying Inteing to leave to go out to the quad takes away from family time that many planned. The new as- rior Design. He plans and play Frisbee or to take a quick people look forward to. This is espe- sociate members are to work in the field run to the beach. cially true for people who live further excited to learn the of architecture after By SAMUEL COX DELTA CHI


We’re in the final stretch! The spring semester always feels so much longer than the fall semester, but we’re almost there! Keep chugging along, soon finals will be here. Then, before you know it—summer! Course selection for next semester has begun! Matrix has all the classes for next semester up—so get a head start while you can by putting classes in your cart. And for the seniors, forget about it completely and relax.


away and would have to leave perhaps early Easter morning to come back to school, defeating the purpose of going home in the first place.

Have you tried to do a search on our school website? Ever notice that it searches through Google? Then why does it take so long to do it!? We all know Google searches take less than 0.3 seconds (yes, Google says how long the search takes). But when going through the school website, it takes nearly a minute at times to search. It’s much easier to type “site:www. ______” into a Google search bar and do it yourself.

school. David Hoyen is from Redding, Conn. He is a freshman Criminal Justice major and wants to become a detective after graduation. Brother Chris Currie, a senior, has been selected by the University of New Haven to be featured in the upcoming UNH Alumni magazine. He was selected based on See DELTA page 4

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National/World News The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

Immigrants Receive Citizenship, Only After Death By MELANIE ROVINSKY STAFF WRITER


The process of acquiring United States citizenship is a long and difficult one. Each year, thousands of immigrants enlist in the U.S. military in an attempt to speed up the naturalization process for themselves. Unfortunately, several of these foreign-born soldiers only attain their citizenship with death. At a ceremony this past September, 100 immigrant soldiers were posthumously granted American citizenship for losing their lives in Iraq.

Families of the deceased are troubled by the fact that their loved ones had to lose their lives in order to become citizens. The sister of Juan Alcantara, a native of the Dominican Republic who died fighting for the U.S. in Baqouba, said, “He can’t take the oath from a coffin.” Five years ago, President Bush signed a bill that allowed immigrant soldiers to apply for citizenship immediately after they enlisted with the United States military. Although this order was a step in the right direction, it has not guaranteed for-

eign soldiers instant citizenship. Even after soldiers successfully complete their military service, they are required to go through governmental checks and processes to verify that they uphold the American principles; their dedication through military service is ignored. While some view this issue strictly as an argument over naturalization processes, some question a noncitizen’s right to serve in the U.S. military. Mark Krikorian, a member of the conservative Center for Immigration Studies, argues that “soldiering will eventually be-

come yet another job that Americans won’t do.” If only Americans defended the country, there would be no need to discuss the citizenship rights of immigrant soldiers. From the very beginning of our country, non-citizens have been involved in our nation’s wars, and it is likely that it will continue that way. The citizenship certificates, dated with the date of each soldier’s death, were administered as a gesture of respect and honor, but the families of these fallen soldiers feel they represent nothing more than the late fulfillment of a dream.

the popular Harry Potter game? Will Middlebury College create a Wizard’s Cup tournament, seen in the Goblet of Fire, for participating Intercollegiate Quidditch League teams? While the players are

not entirely certain, their supporting fans are rallying behind the chance to see more live action Quidditch. If you want to see the Middlebury College Quidditch team in action, just search for the Intercollegiate

Quidditch League on Facebook or Youtube, and keep an eye out for more Harry Potter universe items invading the muggle community nearest you!

Students Adapt Magical Game

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herst, Princeton, and Vassar throughout the month of March and more scheduled for April, it is no surprise that the popular story book game is spreading like wildfire. What is next from



By Associated Press Writers

Bush prods Congress to act on stalled legislative agenda while he tends to matters in Europe WASHINGTON— On his way out of the country, President Bush stopped long enough Monday to tell Congress what to do what while he was away: pass legislation he wants on matters of trade, housing and terrorist surveillance. In a quick statement from the driveway along the South Lawn, Bush tried to frame a legislative agenda for lawmakers once again. Bush and first lady Laura Bush then flew by helicopter to Andrews Air Force Base, where they departed for Ukraine. The president is also visiting Romania, Croatia and Russia in a trip built around the NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania. Addressing reporters, Bush said Congress should pass a free-trade deal with Colombia, a law to modernize the Federal Housing Administration, and an update to a law allowing eavesdropping on suspected terrorists. "These are all vital priorities," Bush said. "I ask members of both parties to get these important pieces of legislation to my desk as soon as possible." On his trip, Bush is promoting NATO expansion and trying to shore up ties with allies. But many world leaders have begun looking beyond him as his second White House term winds down.

South Korean university professor convicted for fake Yale degree SEOUL— A South Korean court sentenced a disgraced former university professor to 18 months in jail Monday for faking her Yale doctorate and embezzling official museum funds, a Zack’s Wacky Stack of News court said. Your place to find the oddest stories in mainstream news. Shin Jeong-ah, 36, was convicted for using By Zack Rosen her fake degree to become an art history profesAss robs ass and knees. York authorities had Ilkka Kanerva sent sor at the Buddhist-affiliated Dongguk UniverST. LOUIS— State "This robbery and been searching for about 200 text mes- sity in Seoul and acquire financial support from R e p r e s e n t a t i v e what's happening to Rhodenizer, who dis- sages to Johanna businesses for an art museum she was working Wyvetter H. Younge, this community is the appeared Wednesday Tukiainen, 29, and at for, said Kim Myung-su, a spokesman at the an Illinois Democrat, result of a lack of a after telling his wife first said they were re- Seoul Western District Court. didn’t recognize the supportive system for he was getting his lated to her performThe court also handed down a suspended man who pushed his our youth. We need computer fixed at Best ing at his 60th birth- one-year jail term to a 59-year-old former presway into her home and jobs," she said. Buy. He is the pastor day party. idential aide, Byeon Yang-kyoon, with whom robbed her of $7.00. Illinois State Police of a church in LynOn Friday he ad- Shin was romantically linked. But according to re- are investigating. donville, N.Y. mitted the messages Shin and Byeon made headlines last year ports, she is going to Pastor may be omg i m sooo n were not totally ap- after Byeon allegedly used his influence to get pray for him. “stripped” of church trobuel propriate. Shin hired by Dongguk University. He was Younge, who was role HELSINKI— Fin"I would not pres- forced to step down as an aide to then-President uninjured, claimed RIVERSIDE, Ohio— land's foreign minis- ent them in Sunday Roh Moo-hyun because of the scandal. that she thought her Pastor Craig Rho- ter faced calls for his School, but they are Byeon was ordered to conduct 160 hours of son had knocked on denizer, who was re- resignation on Sat- not totally out of line community service for exercising his influence her door and opened ported missing from urday after a tabloid either," the daily Hels- to provide state tax benefits to a Buddhist temit. Instead, the State his western New York newspaper published ingin Sanomat quoted ple founded by a former Dongguk University Rep. found a man home, has been found a suggestive text mes- him as saying. official who helped hire Shin as a professor, acwith a gun who told at an Ohio strip club. sage he had sent to an cording to Kim. her to get on hands The FBI and New erotic dancer.

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New Haven News

The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

Getting to Know the Delta Chi Prepares to End Semester Strong Man Behind the Secrets

his achievements in and out of the classroom. He spent a semester abroad at Roehampton University, and has plans to work in construction management after graduation. In the upcoming month, the brothers will be participating in the Jessica Santos walk, the MS Walk and will host a second blood drive at the end of April. The brothers will also be attendPHOTO COURTESY OF SAMUEL COX ing the Delta Chi’s new associate members pose with chapter officers.

Washington, D.C. and continues to work towards promoting and supporting this critical resource. When the All American Rejects offered $1,000 for PostSecret postcard images in their “Dirty Little Secret” music video, Warren instead asked them to donate $2,000 to the Hotline. As of today, PostSecret has raised over $200,000 for the group. When asked what his all-time favorite secret that he has received was, Frank made no hesitation in his answer. “I like the hopeful secrets and the funny ones best. They offer relief from some of the heavier ones. This one is one of my favorites because it really sounds like

get out of this project? “ I think at the time I was struggling with secrets in my own l i f e ; A USA TODAY/ TIM DILLON PHOTO parts of Frank Warren visits UNH on Wednesday, April 2. something that you my past that I was hidwould not want to tell ing from. So in a way, anyone, ‘I hope your this exploration of stupid wrapping paper secrets was a way for collection catches fire me to reconcile with and burns down your a part of personal hishouse.’” tory that was haunting There is no doubt me. I have a secret that Warren’s inspi- of my own in every rational project has book.” done all sorts of posiFrank’s biggest setive actions in the cret? “I feel that this lives of many, includ- project has really ining those in the Na- creased my empathy, tional Suicide Preven- but at the same time I tion Hotline. But what am a big Mixed Mardoes Frank personally tial Arts fan.”

On a fairly regular basis, I receive a question from a student about institutional spending priorities related to facilities and maintenance. The questions are usually simple but require a complex answer. Some students want to know, for example, why we have invested so heavily in a new recreational facility when there is still work to be done in enhancing our existing facilities. When the University of New Haven moved its operations to our current West Haven campus in 1960, we inherited a number of wonderful, though highmaintenance, historic buildings. Over the years, we have added

the Connecticut Higher Education Funding Authority. Bonds are long-term debt instruments that behave much like a mortgage. They are limited to specific uses and are monitored closely by a variety of financial institutions. The University issued bonds to finance part of the Beckerman Center, and those bonds were only permitted to be used for the design and construction of that building. Gifts are another major funding source. Gifts are invested either in facilities, programs, or in the University's endowment where the proceeds are used for scholarships. Most gifts are restricted by donor intent and must be

used according to the donor's wishes. In the case of the Beckerman Center, for example, the funding was restricted for the construction of this facility.

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Regional Leadership Conference at the SUNY Cortland Chapter in New York. At the end of April, they will be playing in the Alumni versus Active softball game at

Painters Park in West Haven. To end the semester, Delta Chi will also be participating in the mud volleyball game to celebrate spring weekend.

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A Word with President Kaplan

academic buildings, residence halls, a campus center and most recently, the beautiful new $15.5 million David A. Beckerman Recreation Center. The Beckerman Center, our smart classroom upgrades, and a number of other ambitious initiatives in recent years are part of the University’s Strategic Plan, which serves as the blueprint for the significant improvements we have planned for academic and student life over the next decade. For example, the Strategic Plan requires that we increase our residence hall capacity, and we have just completed the design phase of a new $46 million, 400-bed apartment-style resi-

dence hall, which will open in August of 2009. Our investment in this new residence hall will not prevent us from continuing to upgrade our existing residence halls, though some students have told me they fear this will be the case. We are simply moving ahead aggressively on growing the University’s enrollments by providing the needed residential space to accommodate growth so we can generate additional funds to invest in improving our existing programs and facilities. A variety of sources fund our construction and renovation initiatives. Some of the money is raised when the University issues bonds through


Almost all funding sources have dedicated or restricted uses. The University is not able to issue bond funds, for example, See FUNDS page 5

Meet Ray Margiano ness. Ray also taught forced Ray to reinvent evening classes at himself through his ––––––––––––––––– UNH for several years knowledge of pedorand continued his ed- thics and footwear. Ray Margiano, ucation with evening Ray came up with his newest venture this semester’s Foot Solutions. Bartel’s FellowUsing medical ship speaker, is technology in a the Founder and retail footwear CEO of Foot store, he reSolutions, Inc., defined a new an international market niche. franchise with In his spare over 250 locatime, he just tions focusing published a on a retail niche book on balbetween comance walking. fort shoe stores Ray has reand orthopedic ceived many facilities. In six awards in busiyears, Ray has ness and is a taken his compaPHOTO COURTEST OF LINDA CORLONE frequent speakny from ground zero to over $100 classes and computer er on franchising, the based classes, leaving footwear industry and million in sales. Ray started his the corporate world in pedorthics. career in the corpo- the early eighties to Remember to join rate world working start his first venture Ray and UNH at the at Sikorsky Aircraft, Heel Quik. Heel Quik Bartel’s Fellowship grew to a 700 plus Lecture Sybron and Textron. Tuesday, Ray graduated international chain in April 22 in Dodds at from UNH in 1969 34 countries. The rise 11:00 a.m. with a B.S. in Busi- and fall of Heel Quik By LINDA CORLONE

Save the Date!

Thursday, April 17 is College Night

USGA President’s Corner What’s Going on at USGA

What Happened This Week:

·The USGA welcomed the Frisbee Club back into USGA ·This past week’s USGA Member of the Week went to DEB,

for their Easter Egg Hunt. ·We also discussed and voted on an open senate seat. ·The USGA and

·At next week’s meeting we will be having President Kaplan coming to speak about the new turf field at Dodd’s Stadium (North Campus). He is looking for student feedback on

whether or not the turf should be blue. ·We will also be having a guest presentation regarding the Bartels lecturer who will be on campus on April 22.

SMILE participated in a Beach clean-up. Check out for pictures.

What’s Coming Up:

Louis Eswood III USGA President

The Demon Barber Comes to UNH

weekend to attend the screening of Sweeney ––––––––––––––––– Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. WEST HAVEN— The room’s seats After the return to and floor space were campus from spring filled with students break, students gath- eager to see Johnny ered with blankets and Depp’s acclaimed snacks into the packed film. Alumni Lounge last The story follows

the character Benjamin Barker, a crafted barber, who revengefully returns to the streets of London as Sweeney Todd after a 15-year absence. The story originates from a nineteenth century

monthly and are always worth a look, and the door to the stairs and elevator to the other floors of the library. Beyond that are stacks of Reference books– encyclopedias, law books, etc. There are three other floors in the library, though none are as action-packed as the main floor. Downstairs, you will find rest rooms, and the magazines and journals which we have in print. Although we have a huge collection of these online, some journals are still only available in paper (especially the older years), some are good to just sit and read, and some are in high demand and need print backup. Also on this

cation Curriculum Collection”– elementary and high school textbooks, teaching aids, and juvenile literature– for use by students in our Education Department, but available to anyone needing a children’s book. Also on this floor, just inside the door, are rest rooms, and the “Archives”– documents published by and about UNH, kept for historical purposes. If you’d like an in-person tour of the library, or have any questions about library resources to help with your studies, please stop by the Information Desk, or call us at 932-7189.


See DEPP page 8

Explore The Many Rooms The Library Has to Offer By MARION SACHDEVA MARVIN K. PETERSON LIBRARY


Many of you are regulars here and know your way around. But too many students (you know who you are) don’t enter the library until in desperation at finals time. Now is a good time for a little tour. The first room you might enter isn’t a physical place at all, it’s the library web site- www.newhaven. edu/library/- where you can find all the electronic resources: databases filled with electronic versions of books and articles, subject guides listing research options in various topics, library contacts for help by phone or email at any

time, etc. But of course the library is still a real bricks-and-mortar building. When you first walk in the door, you’re greeted with a comfortable little lounge area. Behind that is a bank of about 50 computer work stations, usually filled with students busily doing research, writing reports, and checking email. Far in the back are study rooms that can be reserved for group study meetings. In the middle of the computer area is the Information Desk, where a staff member can help with your research questions. To your immediate left is the “Circulation Desk,” where you bring library books to check out or return,

The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

request items to be put on reserve for your courses, pick up books or articles you’ve requested from other libraries, or pay for books you want to buy from the “book-sale” shelf ($1.00 for hard covers, .50 for paperbacks). Further to the left is Jazzman’s, a sunny little Café where you can buy snacks, or eat and drink what you’ve brought from outside. Just to the right of the library entrance is the classroom in which review sessions on library research and databases are held. Beyond that are: the shelves of new books recently acquired by the library, a wall of display cases featuring items on various topics– these change

floor is a large collection of U.S. Government publications on all imaginable topics, a collection of journals and government documents in microform (a space-saving back-up format– not fun to use, but sometimes the only source of valuable research information), and a pleasant study area, with tables for group study. One floor up from the main entrance is a room of book stacks. Above that, the top floor has book stacks on one side of the hallway. On the other side is a huge room with book stacks in the middle and desks for quiet study all around the edges. At the far back of the room are the shelves of “Edu-

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The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

A Response to Roe vs. Wade We Rejoice

Caution: Children at Play

I know this may be considered late for a rebuttal, but it is indeed a necessary one. Desiree Holian’s piece titled “Roe vs. Wade We Rejoice” (Feb 27) has got to be one of the most fallible rambles in support of abortion that I have ever read. In it, she discusses how much we as Americans are grateful to have “choice” in many matters, specifically the woman’s right to choose abortion. Her argument touches upon freedoms in general, lightly on health issues around abortion and closes by restating how important and respectful choosing is: “We do not understand how choice means the choice for one woman and while that choice may not be right for every woman it is right for her. We as a people must unite and respect her for making that choice for herself and no one else.” While there are many inaccuracies and fallacies in her

work that could be touched upon (such as the actual background of Roe v. Wade and Norma McCorvey), my main argument is primarily with her closing paragraph for the following reasons: it sums up her base belief and illustrates the essence of her point (a point she beat the hell out of during the prior two paragraphs; choice is inherently good). Here it is for those of you unable to find a copy of the Feb. 27 Bulletin: “Just take a minute when you think nothing is going your way and imagine if you did not get to make choices about your body or life. Would you be in college? Would you have gotten that silly tattoo that you love because it was the first thing you did in college? Would you be able to order pizza three times a week during finals? Choice is something that affects everyone. It is not only about abortion it is about every-

See LIFE page 7

On Sunday, I attended UNH night at the Bridgeport Sound Tigers game in Bridgeport. It was during this game when I rediscovered the broad divide between parents and everyone else. Hockey is a relatively violent game. Players bash each other against the boards and often even get into fights. Cheering on a fight during a hockey game is completely different from cheering on a fight during a tennis game, for example, because it is a frequent occasion. It is completely appropriate to encourage a fight and cheer when things get rowdy. Parents should understand that this is typical hockey atmosphere when bringing their children to a game. Unfortunately for us, Sunday’s game was filled with little children and their uptight parents. In the first period, the guy next to me simply said, “let them fight” in reference to the referees as they

Parents are freakin’ dumb. Maybe not yours, certainly not mine, but most of the others certainly are. Video games don’t cause violence in children; parents and their inability to control their children do. School doesn’t develop a child; a child’s friends and parents do. McDonald’s doesn’t make a kid become overweight; the kid’s parents do. So it is no surprise that when 11-year-old Madeline Neumann became ill, her par-

ents didn’t do any- to the extremely relithing about it. They gious parents, the Bible says that healing comes from God. After Madeline died, however, things changed. It was determined that her cause of death was diabetic ketoacidosis, an extreme state of metabolic dysregulation which includes a rapid, deep breathing, polyuria, Zack Rosen nausea, vomiting, abAssistant Editor dominal pain, hostility, mania, coma, and just prayed for her to then death. Thanks to get better, hoping that Madeline’s imbecilic, their religion would thick-minded, asinine help her. According religious parents, she

is now dead for something that was treatable because they relied on the Bible over a doctor; they didn't even consult a doctor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being religious. There is, however, something wrong with being an idiot. "They believed up to the time she stopped breathing she was going to get better. They just thought it was a spiritual attack. They believed if they prayed enough she would get through

thing.” Desiree, the main problem with your argument, lock, stock and barrel, is that you completely ignore the fact that 1) there are several choices made prior to the point of abortion (to have sex in the first place and understanding the risks, giving the child up for adoption, raising the child, etc.); and 2) that there is, in actuality, a life inside of you during pregnancy (no matter how “offensive” that may sound, a fertilized egg is an imminent child). You ask people to imagine if they could not make their own choices about their body or their life. What about the choices stolen from the life of the child that was? It goes far beyond college, silly tattoos and pizzas, Ms. Holian, because those are “highlights” that this child will never have the chance to decide upon, and I

other point of view. I understand that children should be considered when you are in a public place. Excessive bad language and inappropriate behavior obviously do not make for a good environment for children. However, you can’t bring your children to a rowdy public place and expect everyone to be on G-rated behavior just because your kid is there. What especially bothers me is the way that we, as college stuCelina Natola dents, were judged by Editor-in-Chief the parents. Before we said a word, all the sura part of the “show,” rounding parents eyed not the “game,” the us with disappointman turned back ment. Just because we are college students, around. This response re- it doesn’t mean we ally astounded me. are going to be disreThere are only kids spectful toward you around because you and/or your family. It brought them. True, did not physically or fights may be a part mentally harm your of the show, not the child for him to hear game. However, you “let them fight” and brought your kids to there are much worse the show and it’s not things that could have anyone’s fault for re- been said. I’ll be respectful sponding to the show in the socially accept- toward you and your children as long as able way. I’m not ignoring the you respect me too.

it," Police Chief Dan Vergin said. "There is no intent. They didn't want their child to die. They thought what they were doing was the right thing.” “Our feeling is it was an unnecessary death,” Vergin said. “After everything else is said and done, it was unnecessary for the 11-year-old to die. She could have easily been treated and had a long, loving life here on Earth.” He added that, while the case is still currently under inves-

held two players apart. While his tone of voice was not aggressive or loud, the man in front of him felt the need to turn around and reply, “you know, there are kids around.” After explaining that fights are

Another Article About How Crazy Parents Are

tigation, his department will likely complete its investigation by early next week and that ultimately it will be up to the Marathon County district attorney to determine what charges, if any, could be filed in a case that has received national attention. Parents are freakin’ dumb. Maybe not yours, certainly not mine, but most of the others. Including Madeline’s. “They thought what they were doing was the right thing,” my ass.

The Escargot

Reviews of restaurants in the New Haven area for your dining pleasure By Kaitlyn Glatt and Kelley Lehmann

Village Grill and Cafe, Milford

Kaitlyn: First off, I want to let everyone know that there is going to be a certain kick to The Escargot over the next few weeks. I'm going to try a few different things and I’d really appreciate your feedback. This week, my best friend Kelley Lehmann and I are doing a joint review on the Village Cafe in Milford, Conn. Email us at with any questions or comments, please! At first glance, the Village Grill & Café looks like a rundown café in the middle of a sort of nice area in Milford. I swear I wouldn’t have known it was there if my friend Allison didn’t mention to me how expensive their wraps are. Of course, when someone says something about any type of restaurant/bar/cafe, I always have to go check it out for myself. To be honest, I

have never eaten anything but a bagel from there because I was too afraid, but Kelley has a veggie wrap story for all of you. When I first entered the Village Grill & Café, I was amused by how home-townlike it was for a tiny little place on the Boston Post Rd. It has a cute interior, and it seems like one of those places "where everybody knows your name" (Hint: Cheers reference). Everytime I go to this place the same guy waits on me which means they have a steady employee rate and the people really seem to like their job, which is a good sign. I probably have a better review about this place than Kelley does because I haven’t eaten anything besides their delicious New Yorkstyle bagels and cream cheese. If you go early enough in the morning you don’t even have to get them

Rejoicing Life

every day through the believe that instead freedoms granted to of “uniting” to sup- us by our country. port these choices we These days I read should instead take a about times past when look at how so many Americans spoke of us can think so self- more of sacrifice and ishly. “Pro-Choice” selflessness rather is just the political than self interest and “feel-good” mask of egotistical banter… pro-abortion mindsets now we have people because in actuality writing about how abortion is the only “inconvenient” a child choice that Pro-Choic- can be and why that ers advocate for. Life, “burden” shouldn’t be however, is filled with put upon those who choices that we have fashioned it. the luxury to make -Carl Soderberg con’t from page 6

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The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

• Type of food: Cafe-style • Atmosphere: Homey toasted because they son, so I believe that are deliciously warm. that means it is worth The only thing that the astronomical pricturned me off about es they have. I even let this place was the them keep my change prices. The first time because I’m nice like I went to the Village that. They steal $3 Grill & Café, a bagel from me every mornwith cream cheese ing, but it doesn’t was under $2. Over seem to even phase the past few months of me. Oh well! me getting my mornOne hint while ing bagel before work, dining at the Village the price has raised to Grill & Café: bring almost $2.50! Wow, I your own drink. Who don’t think I’ve ever wants to pay $2.50 seen anything rise to for a Snapple? Didn’t such a high price in think so. College stusuch a small amount dents definitely need a of time before (besides discount somewhere, gas, of course!!!). I but it’s not going to be read an article that at the Village Grill & they have laminated Café. on one of their coolAll in all, this place ers reading "the dollar is worth a try for their bagel" as the headline. morning bagels beOK, OK, I get it, the cause who wants to bagel is getting more drive to New York expensive because of or New Jersey for an wheat and labor costs, awesome bagel? If but does that mean you're on your way to that you need 150% the mall for work one profit because of it? I morning, stop by the don’t think so. Village Grill & Café. The friendly experi- I’m sure they'd be apence I get when I walk preciative. in the door of this café keeps me coming back for more for some rea-

• Average sit-down meal cost: $10 • My favorite thing: The bagels Kelley: take especially long Being from New to make a simple baYork, I guess you could gel. I always get vegsay I am somewhat of etable cream cheese a bagel connoisseur. on my bagel (which Ever since moving to is also their “lite” CT, it seems like my cream cheese), and I only option for a "ba- look forward to how gel" is passing through different bagel stores the Dunkin Donuts interpret it. I have to drive-thru. So I was say though; this was pretty excited when the BEST vegetable a coworker of mine cream cheese I have told me about the Vil- ever had. I like it to lage Grill & Café. I be super crunchy, and didn't even think these that it was. I could places existed in New almost forgo the baEngland! Even though gel, and eat the cream I have driven past it cheese with a spoon. hundreds of times to Of course I wouldn't go to the mall, I never do that because their looked twice at it. It is bagels are warm and very small, and with doughy, just how a all the stores and res- bagel is supposed to taurants on the Bos- be (the pumpernickel ton Post Rd., it kind bagels being my faof just blends in with vorite). the scenery. Unlike If you're not into Kaitlyn, I thought it bagels or looking was cute, definitely for something a little holding up to its café less carb-loaded for name. breakfast, they make The guys behind eggs, omelets and the counter were po- even crepes! They lite, but nothing out of also have gourmet the ordinary. Maybe coffee and protein it's because I went shakes. But after early in the morning, See BAGELS page 14 but they seemed to

I hate going into the Bursar’s Office. There is always a super long line and it always happens to be extremely warm in there. But the worst part of all is that there is ALWAYS a problem with my account. It’s usually fixable, but this time, it was worth sharing with the entire student body. Around this time every year, everyone who plans to live on campus pays a $250 deposit. I paid mine two weeks before it

used it to pay for a parking fine and for the parking sticker I had bought at the beginning of this semester. I can’t understand why the Bursar’s Office used my housing deposit to pay for this and why they didn’t notify me that they were doing so. If I had been notified, I would have handled the situation properly. Instead, I had to pay the rest of my deposit on the day it was due and sit through my class-

Bursar’s Office Adventures was due with the new e-pay option. The epay website was not clear as to whether I paid my money or not, so I called the Bursar’s Office on Monday, Mar. 10, which just happened to be the day the deposit was due. Thankfully, I called early in the morning because the Bursar’s Office told me that only half of my housing deposit was paid. I asked what happened to the other half and they told me that they

es worrying about whether it was actually going towards my room deposit this time or not. I called again in the afternoon and the person I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about. They told me that my account was all set and so was my housing deposit. I went over to the office to make sure because the person on the phone didn’t really assure me that I See TROUBLES page 14

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Arts & Entertainment The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

Spacey and Fishburne Story of the Year Prepares to Release Third Album Can’t Save 21

ror in this film is the even these two perviate from the actual poor casting choices formances were not story of the 1990’s MIT for the MIT students. enough. Spacey manBlackjack Team and Each team member ages to turn in the best changed it to a cliché comes across as im- performance in the drama with an overly mature dimwits who film; however from an predictable plot. We would have a hard actor with his talent have s e e n documentaries on the M I T team and it was a fascinating story AN AP/ PETER IOVINO PHOTO t h a t The stars of 21 managed to take #1 at the box office, knocking Horton Hears A Who out of m o r e the top spot. than deserved its own time making it into a better performance movie. However, that community college let is expected. If this intrigue was replaced alone MIT. Not one were almost any other with bad jokes, bad of the them appear to actor, a similar percasting, and bad act- be the math geniuses formance would have ing. they are cast to play, been more than acFor starters, the hu- especially Sturgess ceptable; from Spacey, mor in this film, if you who is supposed to be this feels mediocre, as can call it that, is very playing someone who though he was on auobvious. It’s thrown is smart enough to re- topilot during filming. in as an afterthought write one of Newton’s Fishburne does a solid and in their haste all methods. The main job with what little they could come up female team mem- he is given in both with was jokes that ber, Jill Taylor (Kate screen time and charhave been done time Bosworth, Superman acter development. and time again. For Returns), lacks chem- His full potential feels instance, Ben waves istry with Sturgess, squandered from such back at the popular failing as a romantic a small role and poor girl while she is really interest as well as a writing. waiving at the jock believable blackjack Bottom line…seebehind him. Another expert. ing 21 in the theater example is Ben falling The only two de- makes about as much down after being dis- cent casting choices sense as hitting on a tracted by attractive were Spacey as Micky 20. If you must see women. Rosa and Fishburne this film wait for it on Another blatant er- as Cole Williams, but DVD.

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St. Louis alternative rock heavyweights Story of the Year will release their hotly anticipated new album, The Black Swan, on April 22. Like the title suggests, the group’s third studio album is anything but predictable. Combining the addictive choruses of their critically acclaimed album Page Avenue and the heaviness of In The Wake of Determination, The Black Swan transcends previous releases as their boldest and most

Alge) and the piano driven ballad, “Terrified,” The Black Swan was produced by John Feldmann (Page Avenue, The Used) and “Elvis” Baskette (Chevelle, Escape The Fate). “Making this record felt like starting over,” says frontman Dan Marsala. “We’re like a brand new band. You can hear it in these songs, we’re excited again. I think we’ve really stepped it up on this record.” Continuing with tracks like the remarkably powerful and deeply personal alt-rock anthem “Tell Me (P.A.C.)” and

to the band’s heart. With themes of war and prejudice, and taking lyrical inspiration from the likes of Carl Sagan among others, the group’s latest album finds the band in a refined state. “Musically, we've grown so much. We have some very unique, timeless, face melting guitar riffs and solos that have come to define our sound, without compromising the idea of a classic song,” explains guitarist Ryan Phillips. Fans are encouraged to join the band’s online fan club, www., for up-


The members of Story of the Year prepare for the release of their album The Black Swan on April 22.

accessible album to date. Featuring the smash hit single “Wake Up” (mixed by Chris Lord

the thought-provoking “Message to the World,” The Black Swan explores social and moral issues close

dates and exclusive opportunities.

tors, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, shine in the gloomy roles. Depp, especially, is consistently dark and yet attractive even under the make up and personified character. While the film is full of fun songs and clever dialogue, it is not your average

musical. The movie is very dark in theme, story and photography and is filled with death and blood. The students at UNH and many viewers worldwide have found the film to be very enjoyable, however I may suggest to stay away from the meat pies.

Depp Thrills Students in His Latest Role with Scissors

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English legend about Sweeney Todd and The String of Pearls by author Christopher Bond. The play was established in 1979 by Stephen Sondheim. Rumors of the production into film became true when Tim Burton (a huge fan of the play) signed on to

direct the project. Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street was released to a wide audience this past winter. Its featured ac-


Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter bring the characters in Sweeney to life.

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The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

Hamden/New Haven Faculty, Graduate Students, Residents! Stunning 3BD apt for rent. 6+ rooms: livingroom, eat-in kitchen, diningroom, and pantry. All brand new appliances, hardwood floors, ceiling fans, and a security system. Large 1 acre fenced yard, VERY PRIVATE. Close to major highways and shopping, 10 minutes from UNH. $1500/month, security and lease required. This apt has many extras and must be seen to believe! Call for appointment. 230-8338. No smokers, please.

Fall Performance Ensembles The Music Department is offering the following ensembles in the fall. You may participate for 1 credit, 3 credits, or personal enjoyment. Contact Dr. Kaloyanides for details: Dodds 210, 932.7102,

MU 116C Jazz Rock Ensemble MU 116K Marching Band MU 116O Gospel Choir MU 116P The Harmonies MU 116Q UNH Orchestra MU 116R Brass Ensemble MU 116S Chamber Ensemble

Thursdays 7:15 - 9:55 Fridays 4:30 – 7:10 ARR ARR ARR ARR ARR

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The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

Red Sox Open Season Overseas




JAPAN— The Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics opened up the MLB regular season in Japan on Tuesday, Mar. 25 and Wednesday, Mar. 26 at the Tokyo Dome before packed crowds. This was the third time Major League Baseball has opened its season over in Japan and each time has had a tremendous success in fan turnout. The Red Sox were able to win the first game over the A’s in extra innings from

the help of a Manny Ramirez two-run double to give the Sox a 6-5 victory. Daisuke Matsuzaka made his return to his homeland giving up two hits and five walks after leaving the game in the sixth inning. The outcome was not as close on the second day as the A’s were able to top the Sox 5-1. Manny Ramirez was the only player to make an impact for the Sox as he delivered a solo home run in the sixth inning. Just one day after Emil Brown made a crucial baserunning mistake, he hit a decisive three-run homer

to lead Oakland over the Boston. Following Major League Baseball's third season-opening series in Japan, the teams were to head back to the U.S. on a 10-hour flight across the Pacific with both teams starting the series 1-1. The two previous times the regular season opened up in Japan, both times also saw a split as the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets split their Japanese series in 2000, as did the New York Yankees CHARGER PRESS RELEASE and Tampa Bay Devil ––––––––––––––––– Rays in 2004.

Aquilino Carries Chargers to 12-1 Win Over Molloy CHARGER PRESS RELEASE


WEST HAVEN— Freshman pitcher Mike Aquilino pitched seven scoreless innings, leading the Charger baseball team (9-11, 5-2 ECC) to a 12-1 victory over Molloy College (15-9, 4-3 ECC) on Sunday afternoon, Mar. 30 in an East Coast Conference match-up. The UNH offense was led by Chad Lemos and Michael Moras who each contributed three hits. Lemos exploded for four RBI's, two coming on a tworun home run deep to left center field in the bottom of the sixth inning.

the day with a double that plated Moras (4 R, 1 RBI). The Chargers broke open the game in the bottom of the second inning with five runs on five hits. RBI's came from Ken Appel, Kyle Donnelly, Moras, Lemos and Tom Ballaro. UNH would add five more runs in the fourth and sixth innings to complete the victory. With the win, Aquilino moves to 2-1 on the season while Brian Powers of Molloy falls to A CHARGER ATHLETICS PHOTO 3-2. Vince LehMike Aquilino of the baseball team. man and Mitch ning following a two- Rossi each completed out error. Lemos tal- one inning in relief for lied his first RBI on UNH. Aquilino scattered three hits while only walking one batter. He needed only 75 pitches to get through his seven innings of work. UNH jumped out to an early lead in the bottom of the first in-

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Homer Helps UNH Win Game Two Against NYIT

WEST HAVEN— Freshman Courtney Garland finished twofor-three with four RBI's including her first collegiate homer, a three-run shot that broke open a tied second game as the University of New Haven softball team salvaged a split with New York Institute of Technology on Sunday, Mar. 30. NYIT took the opener, 5-3 in eight innings, while UNH won the nightcap, 5-2. Garland's blast in the bottom of the fourth inning in game two broke open a 1-1 contest and helped UNH (8-10, 2-4 ECC) earn a split with NYIT (15-5, 3-3). She later added an insurance run for the Chargers with an RBI single in the bottom of the sixth inning. UNH travels to ECC foe St. Thomas Aquinas on Saturday, April 5 and nonconference opponent Caldwell College on Sunday. GAME TWOUNH 5, NYIT 2:

Breanne Gleason finished the game three-for-three with a pair of runs and her fifth home run of the season- and second of the day. Garland's four RBI's carried the Chargers to the victory, as her home run cleared the fence in dead center field in the bottom of the fourth inning. Gleason singled up the middle to lead off, and after a pair of outs at third base, Gabby Cruz drew a walk. That set the table for Garland to break open the game. Gleason doubled to lead off the sixth inning and later scored on a Garland single. Gleason had started the game's scoring with an RBI single in the first, driving in leadoff hitter Jordanna Borska (double). Meg Brown pitched a complete game, striking out eight while allowing a pair of unearned runs thanks to three Charger errors. GAME ONENYIT 5, UNH 3 (8 innings): A pair of unearned runs in the top of the

eighth inning won the game for NYIT, ruining a game-tying home run by UNH's Jordanna Borska in the bottom of the seventh. NYIT led 3-0 after one-half inning, getting a two-run homer from Lauren Sabia and a solo shot from Lisa Boystak. UNH's Gleason hit a two-run homer in the bottom half of the first to cut the deficit to one, and she then settled down in the circle to hold NYIT scoreless over the next six innings. That allowed UNH to mount a comeback in the bottom of the seventh inning. With one out, Borska launched a solo home run over the left field fence to tie the game. UNH put two more runners on base with two outs, but a flyout to center field sent the game into extra innings. Chelsea Harold singled through the left side with two outs in the bottom half of the eighth, but a pop out on the infield ended the game.

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The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

Rancid Announces Summer Tour



With their highly anticipated new record nearing completion, the punk rock veterans Rancid are turning their attention towards a new project– a summer tour that will mark their first live shows since 2006. Rancid– Tim Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Lars Frederik-

sen (vocals, guitar), Matt Freeman (bass, vocals) and Branden Steineckert (drums)– have dedicated the last several months to perfecting their seventh studio album. Working with Epitaph president Brett Gurewitz, who helmed the project as producer, and mixer Joe Barresi (Tool, Bad Religion), the album is slated for release later this year. Rancid departs on April 5 for a week

of shows in Japan, a mini-tour which includes headlining the Punkspring Festival in Tokyo and Osaka, reuniting Rancid with 15,000 of their closest friends each night. It has been two years since the last Rancid tour, and five years since the last Rancid record. 2008 promises to be an exhilarating year for both the band and Rancid fans alike.

into a wall covered with slime-filled balloons. "Don't try this at home," boxer Laila Ali said as Usher turned the cannon on the sumo wrestler. The slime stunts and other assorted foolishness — which included a soundtrack of celebrities burping as an instrumental version of the Village People song "YMCA" played in the background — took up so much time that presenters never got around to announcing three awards. In the categories that were announced, teen heartthrob Drake Bell was another double winner, collecting his third consecutive orange blimp-shaped trophy for favorite TV actor and another for favorite TV show for Drake and Josh. Drake and Josh upset Cyrus' hit program Hannah Montana in the TV show category. Other winners were Eddie Murphy for favorite voice from an animated movie for Shrek the Third, American Idol for favorite

reality show and, one of the biggest crowd favorites of the night, the Jonas Brothers for favorite music group. The ever-polite Jonas Brothers each offered brief thank-yous. Chris Brown won for favorite male singer. Ryan Seacrest accepted the reality show award saying

Rapper Tone Loc Makes Good on Scam Red Dog owner Patty McMillan gave about $400 last summer to a man posing as Tone Loc's manager who promised his client would perform at her bar. Authorities say the man also scammed Bumpers out of $1,000. The scam artist hasn't been caught. The newspaper said McMillan and Judy Johnson of Bumpers contacted Tone Loc's real manager, Bobby

Bessone in Nashville, Tenn., who said the rapper offered to play the shows for his regular fee. Bessone did not immediately respond Sunday to a call from The Associated Press to a listing for Bessone's agency, seeking comment. The rapper, whose real name is Anthony T. Smith, is known for the hits "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina."

had a camera crew scampering to get out of the way when she charged into the audience, microphone in hand. The Naked Brothers Band also performed a song from their forthcoming album I Don't Want To Go To School. Cameron Diaz injected one serious moment into the 90 minute show when she accepted a silver blimp as this year's Wannabe Award winner, for the person kids most want to be like. After a montage of clips from both her movies and her efforts on behalf of environmentalism was shown, she encouraged the crowd to do their part to protect the planet. "You're going to change the world. Every one of you kids is the future," she told the audience. "Everybody go out and make the world a better place." Diaz, who was AN AP/ MATT SAYLES PHOTO Miley Cyrus performs at the 2008 Kids Choice Awards. the first ever Kids he looked forward to form her song, and Choice Awards burp-

ing contest winner, has long said that was the favorite of all her awards. She said this one trumped it. Jason Lee accepted the favorite movie award for Alvin and the Chipmunks and said it was one of his biggest thrills. "I'm going to hang this from the ceiling because it's the greatest award anyone could receive because it was voted on by the kids," he said as he held his blimp. Awards are voted on by people who cast their ballots at Nickelodeon's Web site, with voting continuing until the day of the show. The show's host, Jack Black, announced that 88 million votes were cast this year, more than twice last year's record number of 40 million. The show concluded with Black and Orlando Bloom sitting in chairs high above the audience being drenched with what Black claimed was 27 million gallons of green slime.


––––––––––––––––– MILFORD, Mich.— Tone Loc plans to play shows at two bars in the Detroit area that were swindled by a man posing as the rapper's manager. Tone Loc will play April 11 at the Red Dog Saloon in Milford and April 12 at Bumpers in Westland, The Detroit Free Press reports.

Sensation Cyrus Wins at Kids Choice Awards



––––––––––––––––– LOS ANGELES— It was the best of both worlds at Saturday's Kids Choice Awards for Miley Cyrus, who took home trophies for favorite female singer and TV actress and rocked the show with a spirited performance of her hit song, "GNO — Girls Night Out." It was also a slime spectacle for the Nickelodeon children's television network, which broadcast the 21st annual show live from UCLA's Pauley Pavilion in front of 10,000 screaming fans, almost all of them teens and preteens. Akon crashed a dune buggy into giant containers of Nickelodeon's trademark green slime, Usher blasted a sumo wrestler several yards with slime fired from a cannon and supermodel Heidi Klum, attached to a bungee cord and wearing a specially equipped "butt spike belt," flung herself

presenting it to "two of the three" of the show's judges. Cyrus, in a black dress with silver spangles, thanked several people, including her mother, father, agent, manager "and my lord and savior Jesus Christ." She returned a few minutes later to per-

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The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

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The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

Where Do All the Funds Go?

con’t from page 4

for maintenance purposes, such as fixing a heater in a residence hall. Instead, repairs and maintenance need to be funded out of the University’s annual operating budget. Of course, the University strives to keep every building in superb condition. The reality, however, is that every institution of higher education, including Harvard and Yale, has what is called deferred maintenance. Since the arrival this past year of Julia

Parker, the new Vice President for Facilities, an allocation for deferred maintenance has been built into the facilities budget. We calculate our spending on deferred maintenance using a complex formula that takes into consideration the age of the building, its systems, and a number of other variables. During the past year, we have also engaged Sightlines, a firm based in Madison, to provide comparative data analysis of our operations and

maintenance costs. This allows us to consider a variety of options to address maintenance priorities. I am always seeking ways to better manage our costs, whether those costs are related to energy use, operations or maintenance. But I believe the real answer comes down to institutional priorities. As a university, our first priority is to continuously improve our academic programs, and for this reason the first facilities investments

amount of hummus. When I order a hummus wrap I expect it to be filled with hummus. This wrap was so dry that I didn't even waste my time on it and threw it out. Two of my coworkers ordered paninis and both were just as disappointed as me; it's really something if we throw out food! My advice is: go try a bagel! If you've never had a NY bagel, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you're looking for a good lunch though, I suggest driving up the street to Panera Bread because even that is better than what the Village Grill & Café has to offer.

Receiving 2.5 stars out of 5 may seem like we’re giving this place a bad reputation because of their deliciously awesome bagels and cream cheese, but when you see how extensive the menu is and the only thing good on it is the bagels then you have a problem. Neither of us would recommend going to the Village Grill & Café for a girls-dayout luncheon, but it is definitely worth a shot for a quick “on the go” breakfast when you’re in a hurry. Take our advice: pick a day out of the week when you want to splurge on a bagel. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Bagels to Die For, But the Prices Could Kill You

con’t from page 7

looking at their fairly extensive menu, I felt like I should try something for lunch. After all their bagels are delicious, so everything else must be too, right? Being vegetarian, when I see a restaurant serves something vegetarian I try it; especially when it contains hummus. I love hummus. So I ordered the Fresh Hummus Delight ($7.95), which is a simple wrap containing hummus, sprouts, tomato and cucumber. Well, this wrap was not a delight. I was disappointed to find the wrap filled with sprouts and spread with the tiniest

we made when I became President were in classrooms and labs. We are striving toward a balance as we seek to address deferred maintenance on campus while we continue to attract academically gifted students and a superb faculty by making significant investments in support of facilities for academic and student life. With careful financial planning and an eye to the future growth of the University, we will achieve our goals.

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Money Troubles

Everything should can’t help but think was in fact all set. I be fine now, but in if this happens every waited in that awful the back of my mind time I make a payline and when I finally I’m still wondering ment. So let this serve got in, the woman at why the Bursar’s Of- as a heads up for all of the counter told me I fice put this money you out there to check was in the clear and towards a different fee where your money is confirmed that all the I needed to pay. More going, because you money was going to- importantly, why was never know. wards what it was I not notified that this -Brittni DeHart supposed to. was taking place? I Add UNHActivities to your buddy list! Events are listed in its away message! con’t from page 7

The Charger Bulletin | April 2, 2008

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