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Quality Profile 2018–2019

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Parent and Community Involvement


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Fiscal Stewardship

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Student Services

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Student Leadership and Activities

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Introduction What is a Quality Profile? The Chardon community places a high value on education and expects its schools to prepare students for success beyond the classroom. A well-rounded education goes beyond standardized tests, which is primarily what the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) measures with the annual school report cards. Grounded in local state standards, our curriculum and instruction promote holistic development. We believe a well-rounded education advances creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication within students. The purpose of this Quality Profile is to provide a more complete story of how our schools perform in the areas that matter most to the Chardon community.

The content is based on six categories: ■

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Academics Arts Parent and Community Involvement Fiscal Stewardship Student Leadership and Activities Student Services

Website chardonschools.org

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Instagram @Chardon_Schools Chardon Local Schools 428 North Street Chardon, OH 44024 Phone: 440-285-4052 Fax: 440-285-7229



Michael P. Hanlon, Jr., Ph.D., Superintendent

Madelon T. Horvath, President

Deb M. Armbruster, Treasurer

Karen L. Blankenship, Vice-President

Edward T. Klein, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent— Curriculum & Instruction

Sheldon H. Firem, Member

Steven M. Kofol, Assistant Superintendent— Business Affairs

Guy R. Wilson, Ph.D., Member

Paul J. Stefanko, Member

Linda A. Elegante, Director of Student Services

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Introduction Message from Superintendent Hanlon


he 2018–19 school year was another outstanding year for the Chardon Local Schools. Our Strategic Plan: Vision 2020 continues to serve as the foundation for the strategic initiatives that we implemented during the year in our continued efforts to improve the quality of programs, services, and facilities that are the cornerstone of the Chardon community. Our strategic vision focuses on what matters most—providing an exceptional educational experience for more than 2,800 students who attend Chardon Schools. We accomplish this through key strategies in five core areas: Curriculum and Instruction; Safety and Security; Resources; Communications; and, Facilities. Among our key accomplishments in 2018–19 were the following: ■

Another year of strong student achievement as measured by our overall Performance Index Score.

Completion of a master plan to address significant needs in our school facilities as identified by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.

Implementation of a reconfiguration plan that achieved significant reductions in operating expenses and continued responsible use of our limited financial resources.

Developing more opportunities for students to explore career and workforce development opportunities through partnerships with our area business community.

Our vision continues to be that Chardon Schools will be a destination school district—a model of exceptional education for every student that effectively prepares them for the the Four E’s following graduation: Enrollment, Employment, Enlistment, or Entrepreneurship. The successful implementation of our strategic plan is an essential component in continuing our tradition of high academic performance for all students, as well as ensuring that we anticipate and meet the needs that help students succeed in the future. If you have questions concerning the Quality Profile, Strategic Plan, or other aspects of our school district, please do not hesitate to contact me at 440-285-4052, or by email at michael.hanlon@chardonschools.org. Sincerely,

Michael P. Hanlon, Jr., Ph.D. Superintendent

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Introduction The District The Chardon Local School District comprises the City of Chardon; Aquilla Village; Chardon, Hambden and Munson Townships; and parts of Claridon Township. In 2018–19, we educated approximately 2,800 students. PRESCHOOL Ages 3–5 Tiny Toppers Integrated Preschool, which was officially established at the start of the 2018–19 school year, is a Step Up to Quality 5-Star Rated Program. The inclusion philosophy of the school means that typically developing children and students with special needs are educated together.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Grades K–3 Munson Elementary and Park Elementary schools celebrate young learners, where curiosity is encouraged, individual talents and needs are recognized, and a collaborative spirit is fostered.

MIDDLE SCHOOL Grades 4–7 At Chardon Middle School, our students explore interests, develop talents, and discover passions that will follow them into adulthood.

HIGH SCHOOL Grades 8–12 Chardon High School offers a solid academic foundation and extensive extracurricular opportunities for students to grow into well-informed young adults who understand their responsibility to others. It is a changing world out there, and CHS provides students the tools to navigate it.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile



VISION Chardon Local Schools will be a destination school district.

MISSION High achievement for all students, where learning is our most important work Chardon Local Schools prepares students for the Four E’s: Enrollment Employment Enlistment Entrepreneurship


ENROLLMENT AT A GLANCE Total Enrollment (PreK–12)


Total Faculty

Chardon High School (8–12)


Chardon High School


Chardon Middle School (4 –7)


Chardon Middle School


Elementary Schools (K–3)


Munson Elementary School (K–3)


Park Elementary School (K–3)


Tiny Toppers Integrated Preschool



Tiny Toppers Integrated Preschool Highly Qualified Teachers Faculty with Master’s Degrees Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile

5 100% 85%


Staff Recognition Presentations, Awards & Leadership Activities Chardon Middle School teacher

Chardon Middle School teacher

Stephanie Seabeck was selected as a

Christopher Aurand earned his Level 2

recipient of the Franklin B. Walter

Edulastic Certification. He is the first

Outstanding Educator Award presented

educator in the world to earn this

by State Support Team, Region 4 (SST4).

Level 2 credential.

Chardon High School Principal Doug

Officer Derek Carlson of the Chardon

Murray, together with CHS Assistant

Police Department was appointed as the

Principal Doug Higham, CHS teachers

school district’s new School Resource

Jill Carpenter, Allen Herner, Holly

Officer (SRO) in January 2019, and the

Mihalek and Rob Mizen, and four CHS

District is thankful to have him aboard.

eighth grade students, presented at the

SRO Mike Shaw, contracted through

February 2019 Redesigning for Student

the Chardon Police Department for

Success: Student-Centered Secondary

nearly seven years, received a

Schools Showcase in San Diego. The

promotion to Sergeant of the Chardon

group was selected to present on CHS'

Police Department. Officer Shaw was

2018–19 implementation of CHS’ eighth

recognized by Superintendent Dr.

grade Circuit of Success curriculum.

Michael Hanlon for his outstanding service to the District.

Chardon Middle School Principal Timothy Velotta continued to teach as an adjunct instructor at Bowling Green State University and also was appointed to serve on the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA) Legislative Committee. Chardon High School Athletics Director Doug Snyder received the 2019 Northeast Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NEOIAAA) Citation Award, which recognizes an individual for exceptional time, effort and energy devoted to the NEOIAAA. Superintendent Dr. Michael Hanlon attended the Global Leadership Summit in Berlin, Germany in Summer 2018 where he joined teachers and students from across North America and Europe, attending expert-led workshops and guest speaker events where the theme was The Influence of Technology on Society.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Staff Recognition Presentations, Awards & Leadership Activities Chardon High School was honored to

Dr. Klein also co-authored the article

have District Curriculum Supervisor,

“From Concept to Scale: One District’s

Dr. Kelly Moran, deliver the commence-

Plan for Implementation,” published by

ment address to the Class of 2019. Dr.

The Universal Design for Learning

Moran is a positive force with a passion

Implementation and Research Network

for education and personal growth,

(UDL-IRN). Dr. Klein presented at the

making her an exemplary role model.

UDL-IRN International Summit in

Dr. Michael Hanlon co-chaired the Distribution sub-committee of the Ohio Fair School Funding proposal, working together with a group of Ohio superintendents, treasurers and teachers

March 2019. Assistant Superintendent Steven Kofol, together with Dr. Klein, presented on district reconfiguration to the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA).

on research to determine the base cost

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts were

per pupil in Ohio. As part of this

earned by a team of teachers, support

endeavor, Dr. Hanlon developed a new

staff and administrators in the

method to calculate each district’s state/

Chardon Local School District.

local funding share, a method that is

RB Sigma Inc. trained the team on this

more transparent and reliable than the

process improvement and waste

current formula.

reduction methodology.

Chardon Middle School Physical

Chardon Middle School teacher

Education teacher Julie Kenny was the

Cher Culliton presented at the Ohio

recipient of the Middle School Physical

Middle Level Association (OMLA)

Education Teacher of the Year Award

conference in October 2018 on the multi-

presented by the Ohio Association for

faceted educator uses for Google Slides,

Health, Physical Education, Recreation

Google Forms and Screencasts in the

and Dance (OAHPERD).

classroom. Also in October 2018,

Park Elementary teachers Jennifer Kreuz and Carla Pearson were recipients of North Eastern Ohio Education Association (NEOEA) Positive Image Awards in May 2019 in recognition of

Chardon Middle School teacher Nicole Diehm presented at the North east Ohio Technology in Education (NEOTIE) conference on the benefits of Google Slides for all teachers.

their service roles in the District’s 4th

Ellen Ondrey, who retired in Spring 2019

Annual Heart 2 Heart Senior Citizens

after serving as Chardon Local Schools’

Valentine Dance.

Communications Director for over

Dr. Michael Hanlon and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Edward Klein presented on Credit Recovery and Reconfiguration to the American Association of School Administrators at the National Conference on Education.

20 years, was the recipient of the Dr. Michael P. Hanlon Superintendent Award for outstanding service to the District, an award she received at the Chardon Education Association’s Annual Recognition Dinner in May 2019.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Academics A Balance of Traditional and Innovative Teaching Methods At Chardon Local Schools, learning is engaging, meaningful and relevant, where we strive to have all students reach their full potential. Our quality programming includes: ■

1:1 Chromebooks in grades 1–12

Gifted programming

Honors and AP courses at high school

College Credit Plus courses at high school

Foreign language at middle school and high school

Vast array of fine arts programs, including chorus, bands, visual arts and drama

21st century Blended-Learning programs

Special education preschool program

Lean Six Sigma programming at high school

Universal Design for Learning at high school

Circuit of Success courses for eighth graders to build and enhance life skills

Topper Time 30-minute, 9-week intervention/enrichment sessions for grades 9–12

STEM and Computer Science at middle school and high school

Zones of Regulation curriculum at elementary schools

Auburn Career Center opportunities

Career and College-Readiness programs, including Naviance

Financial literacy programming at the middle school and high school

Social-emotional programming, including speaker series for parents

Wide range of extracurricular opportunities

Athletic programming at middle school and high school

Academic Intervention programs (Preschool–12)

Nationally ranked Envirothon Team

Award-winning Science Olympiad program at middle school and high school

State ranked Academic Decathlon Team

Business and community partnerships across the District

Recognized as a Cleveland Clinic Banner School in 2018–19

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile



STATE AND NATIONAL ASSESSMENTS Student performance on state and national assessments continues to improve with the District’s Performance Index Score currently at 101.8. Over the last several years,


Chardon Local Schools have been ranked by the Ohio Department of Education among the top ten percent of districts in the state of Ohio. Additionally, the performance of our students on both the ACT and SAT exceed state and national averages.

CAREER PATHWAYS Rapidly changing job markets and new technologies require individuals to have broad-

of students met

based skills that transfer to a wide variety of work settings, as well as high levels of

the Third Grade

thinking and interpersonal skills. Having a career plan is essential for success.

Reading Guarantee in 2018–2019.

Beginning in Kindergarten, Chardon students receive an overview of career exploration through guest speakers and field trips to local businesses and nonprofits. Future planning for elementary students focuses on the application of communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and character with respect to different careers. In the middle school grades, students analyze the skills and knowledge involved in different fields. While in high school, students develop their individual purpose, engaging with rigorous curriculum and developing specific skills for future readiness, including entrepreneurship, service, and lifelong learning.

BLENDED LEARNING With its mix of technology and traditional face-to-face instruction, blended learning is the norm in today’s Chardon Schools classrooms. Students in grades 1–12 each have their own Chromebooks. Combining classroom instruction with online learning allows our students to expand the pace and place of their learning.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Academics COLLEGE CREDIT PLUS (CCP) This statewide program helps students earn high school and college credits simultaneously by taking college courses from local community colleges and

CHS Class of 2019 at a Glance

universities. The purpose of the program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and provide a wide variety of course options to college-ready students. The District partners with Lakeland Community College, Lake Erie College, Kent State University and Hiram College to offer CCP opportunities for our students.




Students may enroll in Introduction to Business, Business Ethics, Business

Chardon High School is pleased to offer dual enrollment courses on its campus. Communications, Entrepreneurship, and College Algebra and Trigonometry,

77 Graduates Earned Honors Diplomas

earning both high school and college credit through Lakeland Community College. ■

107 CHS students enrolled in CCP in the 2018–19 school year

6 CHS Class of ‘19 graduates earned a CHS diploma and an associate’s degree

Adrianna Lakatos earned an Associate of Arts degree from Lakeland Community College at the age of 16 in 2017; and a CHS diploma and a Bachelor of Arts degree

18 Valedictorians Natalie Breznai, Parker Carson, Kelsey Cohn, Hailey DeGeorge, Emma Drake, James Gross, Heather Humbert, Andrew Katz, Isabelle LeMaster, Katherine Lessick, Marko Milic, Lindsey Nichols, Dante Perrico, Nimue Shive, Holly Stegh, Toni Strazinsky, Joseph Sweet

in Communications with a minor in Marketing from Lake Erie College in 2019.


5 Graduates enlisted in the military


131 Graduates enrolled in a four-year college or university 23 Graduates enrolled in a two-year college 5 Graduates enrolled in a technical institute

6 Honorary Diplomas Foreign Exchange Students

2 Honorians Laine Hursh, William Piotrkowski

1 Salutatorian Nicholas Gehrke

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile



CHS CLASS OF 2019 154 Graduates Enrolled in 53 Colleges and Universities Ashland University Aurora University Bates Technical College Bethany College Bluffton University Bowling Green State University Brown Aveda Institute Brown University Capital University Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland State University Cuyahoga Community College Denison University Franciscan University of Steubenville Geneva College Grove City College Hiram College Jamestown Community College John Carroll University Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte Kent State University Kent State University, Geauga Campus La Roche College Lake Erie College Lakeland Community College Liberty University Maryland Institute College of Art Miami University, Oxford Michigan Technological University Northwestern University, Arts & Sciences Notre Dame College of Ohio Ohio Northern University Ohio University Pierce College Point Park University Rochester Institute of Technology The Ohio State University The Ohio State University at Lima The University of Akron The University of Alabama in Huntsville The University of Northwestern Ohio University of Cincinnati University of Dayton University of Kentucky University of Mississippi University of Mount Union University of South Carolina, Columbia University of Toledo University of York Ursuline College West Virginia University Xavier University

HONORS AND ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) 18 AP courses, including Studio Art and Human Geography both added in 2018–19 13 Honors courses 71% of students scored a 3 or higher, earning college credit

COLLEGE BOARD ADVANCED PLACEMENT SCHOLARS 26 AP Scholars 11 AP Scholars with Honor 19 AP Scholars with Distinction 1 National AP Scholar

AVERAGE SAT FOR 2018–19 Composite:1274 | Math: 660 | ELA: 614

AVERAGE ACT FOR 2018–19 Composite: 22.6 | English: 21.0 | Reading: 22.7 | Math: 24.1 | Science: 22.3

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (NHS) 82 NHS members (grades 9–12), of which 50 were Class of ‘19 graduates

NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR CANDIDATES 1 National Merit Finalist — Isabelle LeMaster 2 National Hispanic Merit Finalists — Nicholas Gehrke, Heather Humbert

Isabelle LeMaster

Nicholas Gehrke

Heather Humbert

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile



Inspiring Personal Expression The District’s K–12 Arts curriculum nurtures each student’s ability to observe, record and interpret the world in which they live. VISUAL ARTS We provide a strong arts program which operates on the belief that all students are innately artistic and can find meaning and joy in art. Our curriculum encourages students to connect more deeply with the world and open themselves to new ways of seeing. In 2018–19, Chardon Local Schools hosted its first Annual District-Wide Juried Art Show complete with hands-on activities and live demonstrations from students. All K–12 students in the District who participated in art had a piece displayed at the show.

MUSICAL ARTS From elementary school on, all students are given the opportunity to learn about their musical heritage and listen and perform with musicality. Band and choir begin in fifth grade, and under the direction of a skilled faculty, by high school, the Wind Ensemble impresses its audiences with classic band literature from the likes of Holst and Hazo, and the choir inspires the community with the annual performance of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” More than 600 students in grades 5–12 currently take a music elective, including band and choir.

THEATER ARTS Theater and drama uniquely integrate major aspects of other fields of study into their own. Students take risks, express themselves clearly, and work as a team to solve problems; skills needed in all jobs and job markets today.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Arts CHARDON MIDDLE SCHOOL 414 Students (out of 647 total students in grades 5–7) participated in band or chorus 196 Band students—109 fifth graders, 36 sixth graders, 51 seventh graders 218 Choir students—113 fifth graders, 65 sixth graders, 40 seventh graders 74 Chardon Middle School students participated in the After-School Drama Program CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL 53 Symphonic Band students 46 Wind Ensemble students 43 Jazz Band students 105 Marching Band 48 Concert Choir students 72 Symphonic Choir students 28 Show Choir (Free Harmony) students 63 Theater Arts class students 117 students were involved in the Spring 2019 Musical, Grease

The CHS Symphonic Band and the CHS Ensemble Band performed at Severance Hall in January 2019 as part of the Northeast Ohio Band Invitational. CHS Bands (grades 8–12) had a day of education and culture at Cleveland’s University Circle via a clinic opportunity with the Director of Bands at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Ryan Scherber, at the Maltz Performing Arts Center. The field trip also included visits to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Cleveland Museum of Art and concluded with the Cleveland Orchestra’s performance of the soundtrack and movie “Rebel Without a Cause.”

Parent and Community Involvement Communication, Collaboration & Partnerships Strong partnerships based on consistent, open communication keep our schools a place where everyone feels welcome and supported. Examples of our current partnerships are: ■

Membership and leadership roles in local service organizations, including Rotary Club of Chardon, Chardon Area Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club of Chardon and Chardon Tomorrow

School Resource Officer at CHS contracted through the Chardon Police Department

Active Parent Teacher Organizations, Chardon Education Association, Crescendo Club, and the oldest high school Alumni Association in Ohio

Chardon, Inc., an advisory team for our Career Pathways programs consisting of administrators, board members and community business leaders

Rockwell Automation, UH Geauga Medical Center, Waste Management, Geauga County Courts, Geauga Park District and e2b Teknologies are recent partners with us in student career exploration

Business partners throughout the District

Gubernatorial candidates participating in public forum with CHS Government students

District Safety Team comprised of officials from Chardon Police and Fire Departments, Geauga County Sheriff’s Department, and Township Fire Departments; and parents, community members and staff

Fiscal Advisory, Facilities Advisory and Reconfiguration Committees

The Elementary PTOs raise funds for a variety of needs, including flexible library seating, STEAM museum, Scholastic Book Fair, whiteboard resurfacing, annual carnival, father/daughter dance, mother/son bowling and Geauga Paints night in the 2018–19 school year.

The Chardon Athletic Boosters support 56 teams between Chardon High School and Chardon Middle School. Volunteers raise funds to help provide equipment, facilities, uniforms and supplies for the various programs.

Eco-friendly partnership with Crayola initiated in 2018-19 for repurposing used markers

Chardon Schools Foundation (CSF) is a non-profit organization that funds educator grants for supplemental enrichment programs, start-up funds for various clubs and other academic and artistic pursuits, special programs/ equipment, and financial support of some of our competitive academic teams. The average yearly amount of CSF funding to the District is $35,000.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Parent and Community Involvement

CAREER DAY Chardon Local School District instituted its first ever districtwide Career Day in March 2019, a full-day event made possible by community and parent involvement. ■

Career Fair for students in grades 7–12

Career Interest Inventory & Guest Speakers for students in grades 4–6

Career Guest Speakers for students in grades K–3

The Career Fair, which was organized through a partnership with Ohio Means Jobs, the Chardon Area Chamber of Commerce, RB Sigma Inc., and the Alliance for Working Together, provided grades 7–10 with a structured method network for career exploration and an opportunity for grades 11–12 to network and interview for internships and jobs. The event was held in the high school gymnasium where over 60 organizations were represented, including businesses and entrepreneurs, military branches, and institutes of higher education.

ADDITIONAL CAREER EXPLORATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS Geauga Growth Partnership (GGP) sponsored a CHS eighth grade field trip during 2018-19 whereby students visited local businesses in order to acquire information about future career avenues. GGP also offers real-world work experience via an internship program open to all Geauga County resident high school seniors and juniors. Educator Site Visits were launched by Chardon Middle School this past year whereby CMS teachers have been able to participate in manufacturing site visits to various employers throughout Northeast Ohio. This ongoing series better connects educators with technology and work expectations, and opportunities that exist in our growing regional manufacturing sector. Thank you to the District’s business partners, including Steris, Fredon and Lincoln Electric for hosting the initial team of educators.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Fiscal Stewardship Fiscal Responsibility Serves our Community We know the importance of operating in a lean manner and directing funds to the classroom. Likewise, Chardon Schools residents want to see a good value for their investment in the District. We are constantly looking for ways to conserve taxpayer dollars, find alternative sources of revenue, and ensure we maintain our excellent schools in a financially responsible way. CHARDON’S REVENUE


approximately $35 million annually

Local taxes 67% State support 23% Other sources 9%

Message from District Treasurer, Deb M. Armbruster the Treasurer’s office to provide up-to-date financial information to all stakeholders. Revenue and Expenditures are detailed each month and are posted to BoardDocs on the Chardon Board of Education website. Additional financial information can be found on the Treasurer’s webpage under the Downloads and Links section of the District website. As part of our commitment to transparency, Chardon Local Schools participates in OhioCheckbook.com, a government transparency website where users can search, view and compare expenditure information for participating governments. Financial information is posted to this site on a monthly basis.




For more information about the District’s finances, please email deb.armbruster@chardonschools.org or call the School Board Office at 440-285-4052.



$11,915 is the second lowest in Geauga County

of $62,563 is in the middle range for Geauga County


FISCAL CHALLENGES Chardon lost over $563,000 to charter and e-schools in the 2018–19 school year, and continued losses are expected in the future. ■

The State biennial budget for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 is set to remain the same as fiscal year 2019. This means no additional base state funding for Chardon Local Schools. ■

Chardon received approximately $1,315 in base funding per student from the State while charter schools received $6,020 per student. Due to stagnate base State funding, this will remain the same for the next two years. ■

Planning is required for expenditure budgeting to repair old, aging buildings to provide a safe environment for the students.


Every dollar that we lose makes it more difficult to educate our students.


Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Fiscal Stewardship Other Operating Revenue 5.6% Homestead and Rollback 7.2%

Other Objects 1.6% All Other Financing Sources 3.5%

Purchased Services 12.9% Supplies and Materials 2.4%

State Foundation 16.3%

Public Utility Property Taxes 5.0%

GENERAL PROPERTY TAX (Real Estate) 62.4%


Transfers/ Advances 2.8% Capital Outlay 0.8%





Student Services


of students identified as a Student with a Disability


of students identified as Economically Disadvantaged

Ensuring All Students Receive Individualized Support Chardon Local School District provides a variety of service and supports to meet the diverse and unique needs of students. Services can include accommodations, interventions, enrichments or specially designed instruction. SPECIAL EDUCATION The District is committed to the provision of a free, appropriate public education for children with disabilities. Children who have been identified as having a disability through a multi-factored evaluation receive special education services provided through the District. Licensed therapists assist students throughout the District,



of students identified as Gifted

including four speech language pathologists, four psychologists, one part-time and two full-time occupational therapists, and one part-time physical therapist. Social workers are also available to work with students.



of students identified as English Language Learners

Students whose primary or home language is not English may need special language assistance in order to effectively participate in school instructional programs. English Language Learners receive support in the use and application of English skills in a setting that best meets each student’s needs.

GIFTED & ENRICHMENT The State of Ohio guidelines are used for screening and identification of gifted students. The District accepts referrals, screens and identifies, or screens and reassesses students who perform or show potential for performing at high levels of accomplishment in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking ability, and/or visual and/or performing arts. We believe our instructional program should provide a variety of instructional methods, materials, experiences, and evaluations to meet the needs of gifted and highly-able learners. The District ensures equal opportunity for all our students identified as gifted to receive any available services for which the student meets the criteria.


Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile



Student Services The Tiny Toppers Integrated Preschool program, which the District implemented at the start of the 2018–19 school year, was founded on an educational philosophy that uses a developmental and play-based approach to preschool education. The program was established in Maple School, formerly known as Maple Elementary prior to the District’s reconfiguration.

WHAT IS AN INTEGRATED PRESCHOOL PROGRAM? School districts are mandated by the State of Ohio to provide services to students ages 3–5 who qualify for special education. Chardon Schools provides this service through an inclusion philosophy. This means that typically developing children and students with special needs are educated together.


An environment that respects children and is designed to meet the unique social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of each child as he/she passes through the stages of childhood development.

A continuum of services for students with disabilities.

A 5-star quality rating earned in 2019 from the Ohio Department of Education and Job and Family Services upon an intensive review. Five stars is the highest quality rating granted to schools by the ODE.

Student Leadership and Activities

Learning to Lead and Serve in a Changing World A vital part of a Chardon Local Schools education extends beyond the classroom, to the clubs and activities that help students discover their talents and express them in the greater world. SCIENCE OLYMPIAD: GRADES 6-12 The 2018–19 Science Olympiad team comprised 50 students, of which 27 were in grades 6–8 and 23 were in grades 9–12. Chardon’s award-winning Science Olympiad program is “project-based” learning at its best. The extracurricular program is designed to challenge and enrich our most scientifically motivated students and depends heavily on parent and community volunteers. In 2018–19, both the Chardon Middle School and Chardon High School Science Olympiad divisions qualified for State competition. While Science Olympiad is competitive, the emphasis is on learning, participation, having fun and developing team spirit.

LEAN SIX SIGMA TRAINING: CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL During 2018–19, over 30 CHS students were trained in the Basics of Lean, part of the continuous improvement methodology known as Lean Six Sigma. In addition to earning Lean Six Sigma certification, Congressman Dave Joyce (OH-14) honored those students by presenting them with achievement certificates in further acknowledgement of the training. Following the two-week training earlier in the school year, a Lean initiative developed by CHS Juniors Kaylie Malloy and Whitney Beorn led the two students to developing solutions for a transportation challenge at Park Elementary. The District has since successfully implemented the students’ suggestions.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile



CHS eighth grade students Alexis Jahnke, Maysen Jahnke, Faith Kilfoyle and Sydney Murray, together with CHS principal Doug Murray, CHS Assistant Principal Doug Higham, and four CHS teachers, traveled to San Diego in February 2019 to present on the school’s eighth grade Circuit of Success curriculum at the Redesigning for Student Success: Student-Centered Secondary Schools Showcase Conference hosted by The Center for Secondary School Redesign and The EdExcellence Group. The CHS eighth grade Circuit of Success curriculum is based on the following six principles: Leadership, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving, Innovation, and Global Awareness and Citizenship.

The CHS eighth grade class traveled to Gettysburg and Washington D.C. in May 2019 to enhance their history curriculum.

Four CHS high school students traveled with CHS teacher Kristen Niedzwiecki in July 2019 on a ten-day European adventure. The trip encompassed visits to London, England to explore the history, theater and culture and Davos, Switzerland to collaborate at the Student Global Leadership Summit with over 1,500 students from around the world.

CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL EXTRACURRICULARS CHS offers students over 30 extracurricular opportunities, including academic competition teams, leadership camps, performing arts groups and service clubs. ■

ENVIROTHON PROGRAM—CHS has a long history of State Envirothon competition success. This year, CHS students earned the opportunity to be one of the 21 teams competing at the state event. The CHS Envirothon Team Red traveled to Steubenville, Ohio to compete in the Ohio Envirothon at Franciscan University where students were tested on their knowledge of soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatic ecology and current environmental issues. CHS Envirothon Team Red placed 2nd overall in the 2019 State Finals and took 1st place in both the forestry and wildlife categories.

ACADEMIC DECATHLON TEAM—This CHS extracurricular group meets to compete in various academic events, and the major competition for which the team spends many months preparing is the Academic Decathlon, a demanding, very prestigious academic competition. Throughout the 2018–19 school year, the six-member team studied the targeted curricular theme The 1960s: A Transformational Decade in the areas of Economics, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Math, Art and Music. The team garnered a collective total of 14 medals at a regional competition in January 2019 and qualified for State competition in March 2019.

Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Student Leadership and Activities CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL COMMUNITY SERVICE INITIATIVES CHS students are encouraged to cultivate a foundation for day-to-day living that is based on seven core values: Community, Humility, Achievement, Respect, Dignity, Optimism and Nurture. The high school’s Actively Caring Leadership Class provides tutoring at the District’s elementary schools. In addition, the class held its Annual Red Cross Blood Drive in April 2019. Several members of the class also completed an Appalachian Service Project over Winter Break in Jonesville, Virginia to build a deck and side a house for a family in need, marking the second time CHS students have participated in this project with other local high schools. In April 2019, several members of the class donated time to an Appalachian Service Project at Lake Metroparks Farmpark. CHS students strive to develop a culture that is more compassionate, interdependent and empathetic through a program called Actively Caring for People (AC4P). This movement inspires students to perform intentional acts of kindness as part of their daily routines. AC4P’s projects in 2018–19 included the 4th Annual Heart 2 Heart Senior Citizens Valentine Dance held in February. Together with Park Elementary second graders, the AC4P team worked with UH Geauga Medical Center and the Geauga County Department on Aging to host the annual dance event. Approximately 65 senior citizens attended and enjoyed a luncheon and festive day of dancing together with 45 students. The Actively Caring Leadership Class and AC4P program also raised funds for the 19th annual Jeremy’s Kids Christmas fundraiser in order to support less fortunate families in the Chardon community during the holiday season. CHS also offers the Active Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) group to promote substance abuse awareness.

Student Leadership and Activities

CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS CHS Class of ’19 student Katherine Lessick paid forward her Make-a-Wish® during the 2018–19 school year by wishing for a renovation of the CHS Choir room. The Make-a-Wish Foundation, along with CHS staff, district maintenance personnel, numerous vendors and the entire community were deeply touched by Katherine’s selfless wish and united their efforts to make her wish come true. Provisions included a new Yamaha piano and a variety improvements to the CHS Choir room, including new acoustics and chairs. CHS Junior Bailey Silvia received the Raymond A. Horn Outstanding Student Award, which was presented by State Support Team, Region 4 (SST4). The CHS Girls Basketball Team, which had an average GPA of 3.96, was the recipient of an Academic Team Award in recognition as one of the top 5 Academic Girls Basketball Teams in the state of Ohio in 2018–19. CHS Seniors Dana Chapin and Nimue Shive were recognized by the Chardon Board of Education in Spring 2019 for earning their Girl Scout Gold Awards through Troop #1941. Chapin was honored for building 40 PVC dog fences for the Totally Dogs 4-H Club to use for dog shows, while Nimue Shive received a Gold Award for her project to build three wheelchair-accessible planting beds at an assisted living home in Madison.

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Student Leadership and Activities CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS CHS Athletics offers 16 sports, comprising 38 teams, for students in grades 9–12; and 9 sports for students in grade 8. Eighth grade sports comprise Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Track and Lacrosse.

2018– 2019 Athletic Achievements Western Reserve Conference Champs ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Boys Track Football Girls Cross Country Girls Golf Girls Swimming Girls Track Gymnastics

WRC Player of the Year ■ ■

Denali Selent, Girls Cross Country Laine Hursh, Girls Golf

WRC All-Sports Champions ■

CHS Girls, 2018–19

District Champions ■

CHS Softball, 2019, first time in school history

All-Ohio ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Julia Carter, Gymnastics, 2019 Jake Hamulak, Wrestling, 2018–19 Jenna Oriani, Girls Track, 2019 D.J. Bowman, Football, 2018 2nd Team Jon McKnight, Football, 2018 2nd Team

Gymnastics State Qualifiers ■ ■

Team: 6th place in OHSAA State Meet Individual Qualifiers: Julia Carter on All Around, Vault & Bars; Chloe Budd on Beam

Swimming D-I State Qualifiers and Placers ■

200 Free Relay: Katherine Jerry, Sarah Bennett, Gracie Duchon, Morgan Debevec, 11th place 400 Free Relay: Katherine Jerry, Sarah Bennett, Gracie Duchon, Campbell Tierney, 21st place

Wrestling State Qualifiers: ■ ■

Jake Hamulak, 4th Place, 113 Pounds Jaret Hall, State Alternate

Track State Qualifiers ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Girls 400 Event, Jenna Oriani Boys 400 Event, Jon McKnight Boys 4x400 Relay—Caden Dawson, Jacob Gaspar, Jon McKnight, Anthony Zampino Girls 800 Event, Brianna Nieset Girls 4x800 Relay - Brianna Nieset, Jenna Oriani, Maria Peters, Denali Selent Girls 1600 Event, Denali Selent Chardon Local Schools Quality Profile


Student Leadership and Activities

CHARDON MIDDLE SCHOOL Academic and Exploratory Courses/Activities CMS had 19 students enrolled in Algebra I, a high school credit course, in 2018–19. Exploratory opportunities for CMS students include (6) six different Art courses, Physical Education and Health courses, Computer Sciences, STEM, World Cultures, Exploratory World Languages, Band and Chorus. With gratitude to Chardon Schools Foundation (CSF) for grant funding, 2018–19 marked the debut of Breakout EDU curricular opportunities for all grades in the building. Breakout EDU, based on the concept of the trending escape rooms, is an educational problem-solving activity that can be re-tailored each time to center around a specific area of study. Also in 2018–19, CMS received a CSF grant to introduce Owl Pellet Labs as part of the curriculum for all fifth grade Science classes. By studying undigested bones and teeth, students explored food chains, prey and predator relationships, and more. Students in the 7th grade participate in academic course travel via a Spring trip to Chicago to enhance their curriculum in all subjects. Destinations in 2019 included Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, and the Museum of Science and Industry. In Summer 2019, CMS launched a Math Summer Acceleration program with the goal of the students moving into the accelerated math track in the next school year. Nearly 60 students registered for the new program. The goal is to provide opportunities in middle school to avoid the need for students to “double up” on math classes during their high school years.

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Student Leadership and Activities CHARDON MIDDLE SCHOOL Overview of Extracurriculars CMS offers over 20 extracurricular opportunities for students in grades 4–7, with some activities available to all grades and others designed for specific grades. Extracurriculars include Power of the Pen, MATHCOUNTS® (MATHCOUNTS Foundation), Science Olympiad, Robotics, Spelling Bee, Book and Movie Club, Geauga Lyric Theater Guild CMS Drama Club, Yearbook, Ski Club, Jazz Ensemble, Speech and Debate, and Student Council. Students in the 5th and 6th grades also have the opportunity to participate in the Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics Math Contest (GCCTM). Participating students compete in teams of four against students from other Northeast Ohio schools. In 2018–19, CMS’ first ever MATHCOUNTS® team qualified for regional competition at Cleveland State University.

Leadership Opportunities Student leadership opportunities at CMS include Arthur Holden Leadership Institute (AHLI) and Student Council. CMS offers students in grades 6 and 7— by recommendation—an opportunity to participate in AHLI. In addition to leadership, this program focuses on various aspects of science. The experience is made possible by generous support from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and the cooperation of the many AHLI partners. CMS Student Council‘s projects in 2018–19 included the Holiday 2018 Toy Drive, which was a great success.

Student Leadership and Activities CHARDON MIDDLE SCHOOL Community Service Opportunities CMS students raised a total of $8,000 in 2018–19 for the school’s scholarship fund. Of that total, $500 alone was generated by No-Shave November activities. For each food item a student donated to the school’s food drive for a local pantry, the student would earn a ticket and a chance to design the beards of participating staff members. CMS sixth graders participate in the Water for South Sudan project each year. This year’s class raised over $1,500 for the charity. Other community service opportunities included a Kindness Rally for grades 6–7; and Daily Dose of Kindness (DDOK), a club for all grades (4–7) in which students participate in school and community-based activities promoting kind acts and respect for others while developing their own mindfulness, resilience and leadership skills. Service projects of the CMS Builders Club, which was established this school year and sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Chardon, included making blankets for Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village animal shelter in December 2018.

Enrichment Field Trips Student field trips in 2018–19 included Garfield National Park; The Rookery of Geauga Park District (GPD); The Environmental Learning Center; the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall; “A Christmas Carol” at the Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square; and the Annual Nature Scopes Binoculars Program for fifth graders, a curriculum-based initiative made possible by the GPD.

Athletics In 2018–19, CMS Athletics offered 9 sports for students in grade 7, including Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling and Track. 2018–19 CMS Athletics Participation Fall Sports—132 athletes Winter Sports—93 athletes Spring Sports—113 athletes

Student Leadership and Activities

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Each year, the District’s elementary schools participate in the One School One Book program, an initiative designed to encourage the entire school community to share a book together one chapter at a time. The program educates families on the benefits and importance of reading aloud at home. Literacy skills provide the basis for a lifetime of learning and productivity. In 2018–19, the One School One Book program was centered around Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe. The project culminated with a Skype visit from author Victoria J. Coe to both Park Elementary and Munson Elementary schools, providing students with face-to-face time and Q&A with a children’s book author. The Skype visit was made possible by a grant from Chardon Schools Foundation. Examples of other enrichment activities for elementary school students this year were the Wax Museum project; Secret Life of Robots assembly; tutoring visits from Chardon High School’s Chardon Actively Caring Leadership Class; Invention Convention Showcase; Mystery Reader program; Pen Pal picnic; Chardon Polka Band visit; Principal for the Day; Geauga YMCA water safety workshop; Cleveland Orchestra, Penitentiary Glen Chardon Square, Century Village, Geauga County Public Library, and Geauga Park District Swine Creek Reservation field trips; COSI on Wheels; STEAM Museum; Color Run; and Very Important Practice (VIP) program. Service projects in 2018–19 included Food Drives; Veterans Day Assemblies; and Park Elementary second graders performed at the Heart 2 Heart Senior Citizens Valentine Dance. Family activities hosted by the elementary schools in 2018-19 included Bingo Night, Annual Sugar Plum Shoppe, Mother/Son Bowling, Father/Daughter Dances, Mother/Daughter Paint Night, Family Movie Nights, Class Breakfasts on the Square, Grandparent Days, and Skating Parties.

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Chardon Schools - 2019 Quality Profile  

Chardon Schools - 2019 Quality Profile