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Happy New Year to the 400 committed members and friends of Town & Gown. Your support over time has made our organization a strong and vital presence on the Chapman campus. In January of 1968 Town & Gown was officially established as a support group for Chapman College. This year, 2008, we are commemorating 40 years of service and dedication to Chapman University. I share here with you an excerpt from a letter I received recently on behalf of T&G from Sheryl Bourgeois, executive vice president for University Advancement: “Caring about others and giving in whatever way you can is a really inspiring way to lead your life. The members of Town & Gown have been inspiring us for 40 years. Today, with a membership that has exceeded 400 and an endowed scholarship worth over $250,000 in contributions, Town & Gown has established the most vital presence on campus in its history. Our dramatic rise to #1 in student selectivity and our steadily evolving campus are tall testaments to the immeasurable kindness of people like you who have come together in selfless support of our mission. Chapman has blossomed beautifully in your generous, thoughtful care.” Thank you for your past and present support! Please join with me and your fellow members in making 2008 and our 40th Anniversary the most memorable in Town & Gown’s history.

– Donna Gladson

SCHOLARSHIPS, COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT, CAMPUS PROJECTS CONTINUE AS T&G’S FOCUS AFTER 40 YEARS OF SERVICE As we enter 2008, its 40th anniversary, Town & Gown continues its mission of support through a strong focus on scholarships, projects to enhance student learning, campus beautification and the very successful “Lunch at the Forum” series. These are proud accomplishments founded on interesting and stimulating ideas carried out by enthusiastic members under exceptional leadership. Town & Gown remains today an important branch in Chapman University’s network of support. It is fitting at this time to review the history of this important organization.

In 1965 Chapman College’s President, Dr. John L. Davis, and James Farley, vice president for development, called Patricia Reilly Hitt to discuss the possibilities of organizing a women’s group to support the college. After a long conversation they decided such an action was premature. However, two years later, they felt the time was right. They arranged a meeting at Evelyn Fedderman’s home with Sophie Gendel and me to exchange ideas about forming such a support group. From that time through 1967-68 Mrs. Hitt, Sophie Gendel and I led (continued on page 3)

DISCOVER “AUNT JANE” AT FEBRUARY FORUM The 14th season of T&G’s Lunch at the Forum series, featuring Chapman faculty speakers, continues Feb. 7 when Lynda Hall, instructor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature, and Chapman Alumna ’81 and ’86, will speak on the enticing subject, “The Endearing and Enduring ‘Aunt Jane’: Discovering Jane

Austen in Popular Culture”. The speaker will discuss the continuing popularity of Jane Austen’s work by looking at the popular period films, based on her six novels, which seem to resurface every seven or eight years. She also will point out traces of ‘Aunt Jane’ found throughout our contemporary culture. (continued on page 2)

Recognized by President James L. Doti (center) at the December dedication of Chapman’s new Fahmy Attallah Ph.D. Piazza were (from left) Lula Halfacre, Lee Ann Canaday, Doti, Donna Attallah ’60, and Wells Fargo representative Nam Hoang. Elements of the Attallah Piazza include the Marion Halfacre Fountain, the Lee Ann, Chris and Christie Canaday Amphitheater and the Wells Fargo Stage. The Attallah Piazza is located between the Leatherby Libraries and Beckman Hall.

CANDLELIGHT, CELESTIAL EXPERIENCES AWAIT Invitations were mailed in December for our Feb. 23 day trip, A Candlelight Experience which promises to be a relaxing, fun-filled afternoon of good food and fine entertainment at the Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater in Claremont. Please note that Feb. 23 is a Saturday, giving those who work during the week an opportunity to attend. We can sleep a little later in the morning as the bus will depart at 10:15 a.m. from the First Christian Church of Orange. We’ll return at approximately 3:45 p.m., leaving the rest of the day for other activities. So, join us as we take a trip down Memory Lane and enjoy the musical revue, “Blame it on the Movies!” and relive moments from musicals, comedies, romances and action-adventure films. If you did not receive your invitation or if you have any questions, please call us at (714) 639-4956. Now, please mark your calendars for the final trip of the academic year on Wed., Apr. 30, when we will have A Celestial Experience gazing up at the stars in the planetarium at the Griffith Observatory. We’ll lunch at Tam O’Shanter’s, a Los Angeles landmark known for its good food and charming ambiance. Detailed information will be sent to all T&G members in March. You are encouraged to invite your friends, relatives and neighbors as all are welcome. – Carroll and Carol Howansky, Co-2nd VPs, Special Events


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Instructor Hall has been teaching at Chapman since 1986, periodically teaching courses on Austen or Austen film adaptations. This spring semester she will teach a Major Authors course for the English Department focusing on Austen. For four years she has directed the freshman writing program and currently is completing her Ph.D. on 18th and 19th century British literature. Her dissertation focuses on the minor female characters in the Austen novels. Our series will end Mar. 6 when Daniel Alfred Wachs, music director and director of instrumental music studies, will be guest speaker. His topic will be “Meet the Maestro.” Luncheons begin at 11:30 a.m., followed by our interesting presentations. A limited number of single event tickets are available for $30 and can be purchased by contacting Anne Wood at (949) 494-7849. – Elaine S. Parke, 1st VP, Programs

Gown Talk

By Joanne Jurczyk, University Advancement There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. — Nelson Mandela I thought Nelson Mandela’s quote was a perfect way to start the New Year and to remind us to reflect back 40 years in celebration of Town & Gown’s 40th anniversary. To quote the History Channel, “The year 1968 is considered one of the most turbulent, and pivotal, twelve-month periods in American history…a flashpoint for many of the social, political and cultural transformations for which the overall 1960s is known.” It struck me as ironic that T&G was established during a period of history known for change and reform. Over the years, T&G has contributed significant social and cultural transformation to Chapman University. Growing from its original function as a 20member organizing group, it now has a 400-strong membership that has beautified and enhanced the campus and developed an endowed scholarship now worth more than $250,000. Its Lunch at the Forum lecture series has demonstrated the accomplishments of faculty and students and has become a way of cementing the bonds of the university with the community. Thank you, Town & Gown, for your continuing support of Chapman University for 40 years! On this note, I hope T&G members will “ring in the new year” by visiting the campus. The Chapman aura never really changes; yet there always is a feeling of growth and enrichment…altering our own individual courses. Our new Fahmy Attallah, Ph.D. Piazza, unveiled Dec. 6, is an amazing centerpiece – a special place on campus to gather, to rejoice and to reflect, thanks to the generous vision of T&G Life Member Donna Attallah, in memory of her beloved husband Fahmy. The Attallah Piazza includes the bubbling Marion Halfacre Fountain at its center, and to the south, the Canaday Amphitheater that offers a spot to sit among hills of green grass and trees. And, if you are fortunate on your visit, you will witness something happening on the steps of the expansive Wells Fargo Stage All in all, the Attallah Piazza is a welcoming and engaging place to relax, to meet friends and to feel a part of the Chapman experience – far beyond the confines of a classroom. Moreover, in keeping with the Italian piazza theme, there are calzone and gelato carts to add a new dining experience! In closing this column, I asked President James L. Doti for his thoughts about Town & Gown’s celebrating 40 years of support. Following is his special message to Town & Gown: “You can’t walk around the campus for very long before being reminded of the generous spirit, vision and enduring legacy of Town & Gown.”

Town Talk

(Editor’s note: TOWN TALK is on hiatus, pending selection by the City of Orange of a new Community Representative to Town & Gown.)

Marge Carter ’50, ’68 (center), accepted the 2007 Bert C. Williams Lifetime Service Award given by the Alumni Association during Homecoming and Family Weekend, on behalf of herself and her late husband Mark ’67. Shown with her are Mary Lou Savage ’48 and Chapman President James L. Doti.


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the formation of Town & Gown as Founders. (Each of us subsequently served as president of the group.)

Betty R. Moss

The Founders convened an Interim Organizing Committee in December of 1967 for an orientation meeting. Prominent Chapman supporters became part of the committee: Mrs. C. Stanley Chapman, Mrs.Irvin C. Chapman, Mrs. L. Delford Fedderman, Mrs. Robert Guggenheim, Mrs. Elaine Mittelman and Mrs. Jacob Onstott. The final committee, comprising about 20 women of outstanding leadership, acted as counselors to President Davis for the development of a women’s Town & Gown Association. Each member submitted a list of 20 potential T&G members. As vice president in charge of membership, I added those prospects to the list I already had developed and launched the first membership drive by mailing the prospect member invitations from Paris in April of 1968. The “April in Paris” mailing drew great response and attention to our fledgling organization! Its success launched our goal to establish a county-wide membership base and to include any woman who wanted to play a role in Chapman’s growth by participating in a variety of events that would stimulate interest in the community and raise money to support the college’s programs. Town & Gown became official that year with bylaws and standing rules and a membership of approximately 100. Pat Hitt was elected first president and she has made note of how grateful she was for the wonderful support she received from vice presidents Sophie Gendel and me, who

literally took over the helm of T&G soon after when Pat went to Washington D.C. to become the Undersecretary of Health, Education and Welfare in the Nixon administration. Sophie and I received valuable support in our early efforts from Chapman staff member Agnes Burghardt who was on loan to us for secretarial assistance, and from Mr. Farley. Agnes provided much appreciated administrative assistance and more, and also remained an active member of T&G for many years. An important, two-member survey committee was appointed during the first year. Junia Dubbs and Valerie Scudder met with Dr. Davis, Mr. Farley and various administrators and faculty members to discuss how this new organization would best fill the needs of the college. Along with the Founders, they performed a vital role in determining the direction T&G would take. The purchase of international flags was an early project. It had great meaning then as it does now, for these flags – and the World Campus Afloat – foreshadowed the current global philosophy of Chapman University’s serving as a “window on the world.” At present Town & Gown is comprised of approximately 400 members. Men were invited to join this formerly all women’s group in 1993, and they have become an important and integral part of the organization. Through the years Town & Gown has made a wide variety of important contributions to Chapman, and it continues to support the university with an active and enthusiastic membership. – Betty R. Moss, Founding Member (Editor’s Note: At the January, 2008 T&G board meeting, where she was guest speaker, Betty R. Moss was made an Honorary Member.)

IN MEMORIAM Our hearts are with the families of Jane Cheroske Gayle Cleary Nella Copelin Carl Karcher and Betty Belden Palmer, Town & Gown President, 1984-1985

Chronicler’s Corner

In 1968, the year of its inception, Town & Gown amassed an immediate membership of 120 ladies. Patricia Reilly Hitt, one of the founders and the first president of Town & Gown, in her article, “Decade of Service,” said, “We were determined to keep Town & Gown flexible and informal. We did not have any bylaws or standing rules for a year and a half. We were so eager to prevent Town & Gown from becoming an organization where people had to commit specific hours. We wanted every woman who wanted to, to participate.” Today, T&G membership is open to everyone. Our organization now offers ongoing student scholarships which increase annually. One convention that began under our first president, was to include faculty members among guest speakers, a tradition we still enjoy today at Lunch at the Forum, an exclusive forum for faculty presenters. Anyone interested in visiting our archives is invited to call me at (714) 637-3931 or Claudia Horn in the Leatherby Libraries at (714) 532-7739. – Sharon Malloy, Historian

ARE YA HAVIN’ ANY FUN? Past president Merry Berkowitz explains Town & Gown thus: “We are not specifically fund-raisers, we are FRIENDraisers.” And truly, this great membership of “friends” often are found “FUNRAISING” at “Lunch at the Forum,” on fantastic day tours and at many and various college-sponsored activities. If you are not already a member, come join the FUN. Recently we have welcomed the following new members: Norris & Debra Bishton, Stan & Georgina Califf, Carol & Rolf Engen, Colleen O’Hara, Rita Kennedy, George & Jaunell “Rickie” Layman, BettyMarie McAulay, Patricia “Cisa” Payuyo, Jacquelyn Powell, Don & Carol Safarik and Lila Zimmerman. The Bishtons joined at the Patron membership level and Robert Stockton has changed his membership from Sponsor to Life. Plaudits to all our new members and to those who faithfully renew. We thank you for your generosity and are grateful for the opportunity of your friendship. In our 40th Anniversary year, 2008, let us invite “40” new members to T&G’s yearlong party. For information about our wonderful group, call me at (714) 921-9623, or e-mail me at – Karen Reese, 3rd VP, Membership

2007-08 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Donna Gladson President

(714) 921-3835

Elaine Parke 1st VP, Programs

(714) 544-2254

Carol Howansky/Carroll Howansky (714) 639-4956 Co-2nd VPs, Special Events

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT … “Dialog with Doti” - Chapman’s President James L Doti - airs on KOCE Tuesdays at 11:30 p.m. and Sundays at 11 a.m., and now on the OC Channel at 6:30 a.m., 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and 7:30 a.m. Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays…Establishment of the Edgar and Elizabeth Pankey Chair in Media Arts was commemorated in October by unveiling of the Ronald W. Reagan Bust now on display in the walkway between Hutton Sports Center and Fish Interfaith Center…Marjorie J. ’50, ’68 and (the late) Mark A. Carter ’67 were 2007 recipients of the Bert C. Williams Lifetime Service Award presented during Homecoming and Family Weekend…Our City of Orange Community Representative and Town Talk contributer Tara Finnigan has departed her City position for one in the City of Newport Beach…

Karen Reese 3rd VP, Membership

(714) 921-9623

Melida Canfield Treasurer

(714) 544-4436


Judy McLaren Recording Secretary

(714) 921-2778

Jan Fleming Corresponding Secretary

(714) 637-9739

Shirley Lapier Parliamentarian

(714) 774-7218

T&G’s advertising sponsorship, its individual member sponsorships, ticket purchases and raffle participation generated over $10,000 of the total $46,000 raised at this year’s American Celebration Opening Night for Chapman scholarships. Sincere thanks to one and all for your continued support of this spectacular production for another year! Special congratulations go to T&G’s Faculty Representative Professor Dale Merrill, the show’s artistic director and producer – Eric Scandrett, Special Advisor to the President.

Betty Bartley Editor, Talk of the Town

(714) 637-0158

Editorial Board: Merry Berkowitz, Donna Gladson, Joanne Jurczyk, Shirley Lapier, Linda Ruth, Kathleen Shelly, Anne Wood

Talk of the Town

A publication of Town & Gown of Chapman University

Town & Gown’s 40th Anniversary 2008 Chapman University One University Drive Orange, CA 92866

Talk of the Town Winter 2008  

Talk of the Town Winter 2008

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