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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE FRIEND-RAISING FUND-RAISING FUN-RAISING These simple goals of T&G express for me the essence of the experience I have shared with you as we approach the end of the current season of T&G. I am filled with appreciation for the honor you gave me by allowing me to serve as president of this outstanding organization. Working with the members of the T&G Board has filled me with a great appreciation for their commitment to make sure we offer our membership quality programs and experiences that build friendships for both our individual members and for Chapman University. I will not even attempt to pay tribute to those individuals in this column. The entire newsletter would be filled with my words of “Thank You!” I hope you share my pride for the impact we have made in the lives of the students of Chapman University. In March we were honored to raise the flag of the United States of America in the new Ambassador George L. Argyros Global Citizens Plaza. Be sure to stop by and enjoy this amazing new landmark on the Chapman campus. Sarah Cary has been the T&G scholarship recipient for the past four years and this May she graduates from Chapman University. Congratulations Sarah! We know you have a bright future ahead of you. As members of T&G you can share with pride Sarah’s accomplishments. It is the T&G endowment, which your membership funds, that has enabled us to make an impact on this young woman’s future. As a member and president of this organization I have experienced over and over all the goals of T&G. Thank you for your support and memories I will always treasure.

– Donna Gladson

PROFESSOR TO DISCUSS “SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE” We are privileged to have as guest speaker for our Annual Spring Luncheon Dr. Donald Booth, professor of business and economics, speaking on “Some Things Never Change.” Dr. Booth will bring a special historic perspective to his presentation as he has been a member of Chapman’s faculty since 1959. Two other important items will be on the agenda. We will see the four speakers from our 2008-09 Lunch at the Forum Series inducted into the Town & Gown Hall of Lecturers: Dr. Vernon L. Smith, professor of economics and law; Katie Roller, assistant director of global education; Dr. Esmael Adibi, professor of economics and Director of the A. Gary Anderson center for Economic Research; and Dean Charlene Baldwin, dean of the Leatherby Libraries. These distinguished faculty and staff members and their

fascinating topics have been largely responsible for the record attendance we have experienced this year! Final item of business will be election and installation of officers for 2009-2010. The slate of officers appears on page 4 of this issue. You are encouraged to study the list and to be prepared to offer into nomination from the floor any others from whom you have received permission. Members are urged to reserve early for the luncheon which will be May 7 at 11:30 a.m. in Argyros Forum, Room 209. Reservations at $30 may be made through Anne Wood at 949-494-7849. As a footnote, I want you to know that your Forum committee already is considering a number of Chapman professors for the 20092010 series, and promises a lineup that you definitely will not want to miss. – Elaine, Parke, 1st VP Programs

T&G SCHOLARSHIP GRAD OUTLINES STUDY PLANS (Editor’s note: Sarah Cary, T&G’s first fouryear scholarship recipient, sent this letter to Talk of the Town.) I grew up in the heart of Central California with my mother, father, older brother and older sister. In high school, I excelled in science and the performing arts, especially choir and drama. When I began looking for a university to attend, I wanted a school that could provide me with an excellent education to prepare me for veterinary school and a wonderful performing arts program so I could continue to express myself. Once I found Chapman, I knew I had discovered a university that could provide me with everything I wanted and so much more. In my four years here, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most dedicated professors in so many fields and I was able to participate in Chapman’s amazing

vocal performance program for three years. I was able to combine a love of acting and to aid a wonderful cause when I performed in the Resident Life’s productions of The Vagina Monologues in 2007 and 2008. Chapman’s encouragement of student research has affected me all four years as I studied the behavior, physiology and neurology of marine invertebrates under the guidance of Dr. William Wright. Now I am applying to the veterinary medicine program at several schools including UC Davis, Cornell University and Colorado State University. None of this would have been possible, however, without the support of Town & Gown. I owe everyone involved a debt of gratitude and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. – Sarah Cary, graduating senior

Gown Talk

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL TIME The Chapman University campus is expanding and so too is Town & Gown’s reputation for fun and good works. For over 40 years, T&G members have helped students and supported Chapman through a variety of projects. Members connect with one another at our “Lunch at the Forum” series, or on wonderful tours, and when taking advantage of the many other activities offered by the University. (Members are united wanting to help students, and in so doing, they reap the benefits of personal growth through participation in social and academic programs … and have a great deal of fun in the process!) April might bring showers, but for sure it will bring membership renewal notices. Dues are tax-deductible and are deposited directly into a university account used to underwrite the T&G Hall of Sponsors Endowed Scholarship Fund, and projects that enhance student learning or beautification of the campus. Dues are definitely “future” investments that pay off. We wholeheartedly welcome the following four new members who have joined us in investing in the future: Rev. Nancy Brink (Gown), Darlene Knoop (Town), Wendy Lee (Town), Alice Nisson (Town), Patricia Sobczak (Gown), and Dr. Ruth Sparhawk (Town). Although the year-long celebration of our 40th Anniversary is over, generous members continue to give special donations of at least $100 to our scholarship fund. In appreciation, they are given a dazzling custom-made, limited-edition T&G pin. We do have some gold pins left, but, as promised, we will not reorder. We thank these recent donors: Marge Carter, Carol Heinz Dooley and Linda Ruth. Questions? Please contact me at or 714-921-9623. – Karen Reese, Membership Chair

IN MEMORIAM Our hearts are with the families of Ralph Blower Don Walter Schmid L.D. Thomas

By Joanne Jurczyk, University Advancement Unity is strength … when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. — Mattie Stepanek As I searched for just the right preamble for Gown Talk, I discovered this quote. For those who are not familiar with the poetry of Mattie Stepanek (July 17, 1990 –June 22, 2004), he began writing poetry at the age of three to cope with the death of his older brother. Mattie suffered from a rare form of muscular dystrophy … losing his battle in 2004. He wanted to be remembered as “a poet, a peacemaker, and a philosopher who played.” His work is his legacy … and an inspiration to us all! Now, on to Gown Talk. President Doti’s motivational words about teamwork during his annual State of the University Address made me think of Town & Gown. Town & Gown is the epitome of the above quote; your strength comes from your unity. The spirit of teamwork and collaboration you individually bring to the organization has resulted in some simply wonderful achievements … including most recently the gift of the American flag in the Ambassador George L. Argyros ’59 Global Citizens Plaza. I hope when you visit the Campus you are able to see Town & Gown‘s contributions to the campus and realize you are a part of this legacy. In his State of the University address, President Doti spoke of the success and growth here at Chapman University in the last decade, including successes such as earning national accreditations for exceptional programs and the addition of more than 20 campus buildings, facilities and enhancements that will culminate in fall with the completion of the Residence Center and Dining Commons, featuring a signature tower with a climbing wall! President Doti highlighted Chapman’s Strategic Plan for 2008-2009 to 2012-2013. The plan is to focus on the achieving of national stature for the Economic Science Institute and Computational Science Program, strategic hires in the School of Law and campus development. Future endeavors in campus planning will include a north residence complex (where the Davis Apartments currently are located), Filmmakers Village (adding to the Marion Knott Studios), Science Center, a Center for the Performing Arts, and expansion and renovation of various locations including Argyros Forum and Kennedy Hall. There are so many new and exciting prospects for the years to come. In closing, I want to remind everyone to please take a few minutes and go to the Town & Gown Web site at The current and archived issues of Talk of the Town can be found here along with a photo gallery of recent T&G trips and lunches. While you are there, also check out the Chapman calendar of events by clicking on “About Chapman” and “Events Calendar” to discover the various activities and events at Chapman University that may be of interest to you. – Joanne Jurczyk, University Advancement

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Our Co-Hospitality chairman Sarah Villamil is recuperating at home from surgery; Opening Night of the 2008 American Celebration, of which T&G is a sponsor, raised more than $32,000 for Chapman scholarships; through a gift from the Argyros Family Foundation, the refurbished courtyard at the First Christian Church of Orange (Disciples of Christ) was named for Mary Lou Savage and her late husband, the Rev. Dr. Dennis Savage; Member-at-large Bob Stockton has been added to the Editorial Board of Talk of the Town; Susan Knopick, former T&G board member and former Director of Planned Giving for Chapman, is in therapy and

recuperating from a stroke and would love to hear from her T&G friends at 25052 Salford St., Laguna Hills, CA 92653; Dr. Roberta Lessor, Dean of Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences, who will retire from that position at the end of this semester, is looking forward to returning to the Chapman faculty as professor of sociology following her sabbatical.

Town Talk

(The guest writer for this issue is Gregory Warren, Senior Administrative Analyst, City of Orange. We are happy to welcome Gregory to Talk of the Town.) On April 22, communities and college campuses across the world will celebrate the 39th anniversary of Earth Day. Although we have made tremendous strides in terms of our environmental consciousness, the journey is long and we have just begun to sojourn. During the infancy of Earth Day, the average American family produced nearly 51 pounds of solid waste a week. Today, the average American family produces near 102 pounds of trash weekly; which is double the trash generation of the late 1960’s. This increase correlates with the fact that the average American house has doubled in size since the first Earth Day. In spite of tremendous environmental and recycling efforts, we are generating more trash than ever. In fact for every trash can that an Orange resident places at the curb, manufacturers create 70 cans of trash to make the products and packaging that will go into that single can. Frankly, we are running out of space. Our landfills are filling at an alarming rate. Californians generate enough solid waste annually to cover every major highway at least five feet deep in trash. Through our present process of disposing of trash in landfills, we are treating the cyclical process of nature with a linear solution. Eventually, we are going to run out of disposal space. In order to address this issue in the City of Orange, the Public Works Department has developed several programs to reduce the amount of solid waste generated in the City. Through its contractual partnership with Waste Management the City has diverted over 57% of its solid waste away from landfill disposal. Furthermore educational institutions such as Chapman University are doing their part to conserve resources and recycle. Currently, Chapman provides a multi-faceted recycling program on campus. Items such as office paper, newspaper, bottles, cans and other resources are collected and recycled. The students are not only practicing the three Rs of reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic, but the three Rs of conservation, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Each of us can contribute to reducing the amount of trash we generate at home and at work. Our conservation today will make tomorrow better for future generations. For additional information on how to reduce your trash generation, please contact the city’s Public Works Department at 714-744-5551. Celebrate Earth Day! We have much to feel blessed for. – Gregory Warren, Senior Administrative Analyst, City of Orange

Photos: (left) Kathie the Panther named in memory of Katharina “Kathie” Bradley a beloved friend of Chapman University and life member of Town & Gown overlooks the Attallah Piazza from the Canady Amphitheater. (lower right) Jim and Ann McKown aboard T&G bus bound for St. Sophia’s Cathedral on recent trip.

MOUNTAINEERING ITEMS GIVEN BY T&G MEMBERS Now on display in a special alcove of the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections & Archives in Chapman’s Leatherby Libraries is a collection of mountaineering equipment and literature donated by T&G members, Robert Cooley, Chapman Chancellor Daniele Struppa and Chapman President James L. Doti. Cooley’s donation includes mountaineering books and serials and an assortment of vintage mountain climbing equipment from the 1950s and ’60s. Struppa has donated

mountaineering books and a framed, 1864 diagram of “Johnson’s Comparative Heights of Mountains and Lengths of Rivers.” Doti’s contribution includes an ice axe, an oxygen bottle signed by famous climbers such as Edmund Hillary, a vintage pair of Swiss hobnailed mountain climbing boots and mountaineering books. All three have made financial contributions as well. The alcove is to be dedicated in conjunction with the dedication of a new climbing wall in the new residence hall and conference center.

IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK If you are like most members of Town & Gown, you probably already have established a will or living trust that will one day benefit friends and family. Many people also leave 5 percent, 10 percent, 20 percent or more of their estates to charitable organizations that reflect their values, such as Chapman University. A charitable bequest is exempt from estate and income taxes. Town & Gown established the Bequest Society so members have a place to designate their gifts. Bequests left to Town & Gown are used to fund scholarships so that more students can afford to attend this wonderful university. Making an amendment to your will or trust is easy and inexpensive. The Office of Planned Giving at Chapman University can provide you with sample language of how to designate a gift to Town & Gown’s scholarship fund. Just contact me at 714-616-4590 or Once you’ve established the bequest, you will be recognized and thanked as a member of Town & Gown’s Bequest Society and the university’s Charles C. Chapman Heritage Society. Your generosity will inspire others to give. – David Moore, Director of Planned Giving

SOME LAST WORDS As this is my final issue as Editor of Talk of the Town, I just want to remind you all that our newsletter is only as good as the material it receives from its contributors. Over the years T&G officers and members always have produced items of interest to our readers, and most of the time have even met our deadlines! I can only say that your willingness, issue after issue, to write timely and appropriate stories has been the key factor in making Talk of the Town a prize winner! It has been a true pleasure working with you. – Betty Bartley, Editor

Carol Howansky/Carroll Howansky (714) 639-4956 Co-2nd VPs, Special Events Karen Reese 3rd VP, Membership

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Betty Bartley (714) 637-0158 Marge Carter (714) 534-1664 Co-editors, Talk of the Town Editorial Board: Merry Berkowitz, Donna Gladson, Joanne Jurczyk, Shirley Lapier, Penni McRoberts, Mary Lou Savage, Bob Stockton, Anne Wood

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Elaine Parke President Marcia Cooley 1st Vice President 2nd Co-Vice Presidents Fay and Bill Amneus Rhea Black, 3rd Co-Vice Presidents Dolores Wolf Kathleen Barker Treasurer Judy McLaren Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Anita Storck Parliamentarian Mari Jo Buchtel DIRECTORS Awards Chaplain Gifts/Scholarship Historian Co-hospitality

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Chapman University One University Drive Orange, CA 92866

(714) 544-2254

Annual Spring Luncheon Dr. Donald Booth “Some Things Never Change”

Elaine Parke 1st VP, Programs

May 7, 2009 11:30 a.m. Argyros Forum, Room 209 Reservations: $30.00 Call Anne Wood, 749-494-7849 for ticket information. Seating is limited, please make advance reservations.

(714) 921-3835

The Nominating Committee submitted the slate of officers for the 2009-2010 year to the Board of Directors at the March 19th meeting. The slate of names appears in this issue of Talk of the Town for the general membership. At the Annual Meeting in May additional nominations will be accepted from the floor and officers will be elected and installed. The 2008-2009 Nominating Committee includes Merry Berkowitz, Joyce Miller, Eric Scandrett, Bob Stockton, Barbara Parker, Alternate and Mari Jo Buchtel, Chair.

Talk of the Town

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Talk of the Town Spring 2009  
Talk of the Town Spring 2009  

Talk of the Town Spring 2009