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Spring/Summer 2010


Volume XX Number 2


Published for parents, Alumni and Friends of Chandler School

Mission The mission of Chandler School is to provide each student with the highest quality and most academically challenging education in a nurturing, balanced and diverse environment. We strive to have our students gain a love of learning, a means of thinking independently and an ability to work collaboratively. A Chandler education seeks to develop good character, self‑reliance and a commitment to community in students as a foundation for academic and personal success.

Goals To uphold the Chandler tradition of academic excellence and intellectual discipline in a program that develops the mind, body and spirit. To promote respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship, which are the core values of our school community. To foster an educational environment that values and communicates respect for racial, religious, cultural and economic differences. To serve the greater community, in recognition that as much is given to us, much is expected from us.

Cover Picture: Chandler’s 2010 “Best All-Around Girl” Alyssa Rivas and “Best All-Around Boy” Eric Fung.

The Shamrock is printed on recycled paper (50% content with 15% post consumer) using soy inks and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Counsel.


from John


This edition of the Shamrock contains several examples of parents, alumni and current students whose individual efforts have made a difference in their communities through acts of service and leadership. Dr. Henri Ford, the parent of two Chandler grads, talks with us about his trip to Haiti after the earthquake to perform surgery on victims of the devastation. When asked what he wants students to gain from his experience, he says, “I’m hoping that they learn the essence of humanity is to provide service to others, and they don’t have to fly across the world to do so. It starts at home.” Chandler grad and USC junior Forest Monroe ’04 has been a member of two NCAA championship water polo teams. He talks with us about his commitment to his team, mentoring younger players, and his long term plans to apply his business, ethics and environmental science background to helping companies become more environmentally friendly. Kindergarten student Serena Lee donated her beautiful long hair to ‘Locks of Love’ to make wigs that will be given to pediatric cancer patients who have lost their hair due to treatment. Serena now has beautiful short hair. In Habits of the Heart, Robert Bellah describes the American character as being essentially paradoxical: ruggedly individualistic and committed to community. Part of our mission at Chandler is to develop self-reliance in our students and resolve the paradox by developing in each child an understanding that much has been given to them and much is expected from them. As we prepare to celebrate Chandler’s 60th birthday and watch a new classroom building rise on the South Campus, we continue to be guided by our mission and inspired by the examples of community members who live out its precepts to the fullest.

Most sincerely,

John Finch Head of School



Kyle Law, Willy Moffly, Kara Knauf and Sarah Gilman

G raduation

Ceremony & Speeches Chandler’s 54 eighth-grade students became alumni on Wednesday, June 9 during a ceremony attended by family, friends, teachers, former Head of School Jeff Stephens and school co-founder Catherine Chandler. Head of School John Finch welcomed the students and attendees. Seventh-grade history teacher Darrell Tozier Jeff Stephens and Catherine Chandler offered an invocation that emphasized self-reflection. Board of Trustees President John Rouse spoke to the graduates about the importance of building strong foundations, likening their Chandler experience to the building of their foundation. “Picture your parents as the architects, Mr. Finch and Dr. Greenwood as the contractors and your teachers as the construction workers… Your Chandler experience provided your foundation with fortification,” he said. In conclusion he said, John Rouse that as they moved on to their next experience, “You have the foundation you need to make it all you want it to be.”

to work here and continue my service to the school,” said Mrs. Short. She told the graduates that some things never change. For example, Mr. Korn was the favorite teacher when she was a student here.

Eric Fung

Class of 2010 Valedictorian Eric Fung used his time at the podium as a chance to, on behalf of the entire class, thank Chandler’s teachers, administrators and staff – he didn’t forget anyone and credited them all with playing an important role in the class’s “Chandler experience.”

Braden DeMattei offered Mr. Finch a check from the Class of 2010 for over $20,000 that they are directing to the new Middle School. “We John Finch and Braden DeMattei hope our gift will leave a lasting legacy,” he said, “and that we will have a beautiful building to come back and enjoy when we return for our 20th reunion in 2030.”

This year’s Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, Maureen Madsen Short ’84, echoed a similar sentiment, saying to the graduates, “In the years ahead I hope you do not forget the foundation Maureen Short Chandler has given you and that you stay connected.” Mrs. Short talked about her experiences as a Chandler student, a Chandler alumna, and for the past 10 years, as a Chandler employee. “I am proud


G raduation In Dr. Dan Greenwood’s words for the Class of 2010, he emphasized that the graduates must now take responsibility for their environments. “If you want to be engaged with the world, connect with engaging people… Your parents are relaxing their grip on the steering wheel of your life and you are moving into the driver’s Dr. Dan Greenwood seat – navigating your way towards your future. And so I say, drive safely and fill your car with the type of people you want to be.” In his closing remarks, Mr. Finch advised the students to “make friendship a fine art,” adding that as alumni, the Class of 2010 graduates will “always be welcome at Chandler, and we will always be interested in whatever you do.”

Recognition of Excellence

*Honorable Mention

Catherine S. Chandler Award for Best All-Around Girl Alyssa Rivas, *Maile Murphy Thomas A. Chandler Award for Best All-Around Boy Eric Nathan Fung, *Michael Peter Roy Weinstein Fine Arts Awards Visual Arts Alyssa Rivas, *Victoria Isabella Peng Performing Arts Sarah Baldwin Gilman, *Catalina Raquel Adragna, *Maile Murphy Arthur L.P. Brown Award for Scholastic Progress Lilianne Joyce Sarosi, *Kyle J. Warner

John Finch

Congratulations to the Class of 2010 as you move on to your respective high schools!

Vernon L. Hill Award for Citizenship Dennis Bernard Grover, Michael Roy Peter Weinstein, *India Nicole Zietsman Jefferson C. Stephens Award for Scholarship Eric Nathan Fung, *Michael Roy Peter Weinstein Robert T. McInerny Award for Excellence in School Service Lauren Flynn Jacobs, *Daniel Douglas Enzminger Clyde E. MacQuoid Award for Best Girl Athlete Laura Ines Thompson William Wilson Award for Best Boy Athlete Evan Kawika Crawford, *Eric Nathan Fung


G raduation



2010 Leaves Legacy



Just weeks before finals got underway, the Class of 2010, their parents and teachers gathered to celebrate their upcoming graduation. Students decorated and sealed the class’s time capsule – which will be opened at their 20-year reunion in 2030. Parents stashed mementos for their children to open in the future, and students included memorabilia from their years at Chandler such as yearbooks, class photos and other keepsakes. Alumni Council members and current Chandler parents John Berger ’88 and Garrett Calhoun ’85 welcomed the students into the Alumni Association and encouraged them to stay connected to the school and each other. The Class of 2010 also left their mark on Chandler through the Class of 2010’s Legacy Gift, totaling over $20,000 for the South Campus project. Thank you to all of the parents and students who gave so generously to this year’s Legacy Gift! 5

G raduation



2010 High School List

Catalina Adragna Justin Bae Adrian Baghdasarian Sebouh Bazikian Gabrielle Carroll Jade Cohen Evan Crawford Anna Curtis Cady Deck Brady DeMattei Vanessa Dennis Daniel Dickinson Daniel Enzminger Michael Finney Tyler Fong Eric Fung Michael Gangi Sarah Gilman

Los Angeles County High School of the Arts Harvard-Westlake Viewpoint St. Francis La Salle Westridge St. Francis Poly Flintridge Prep St. Francis Flintridge Sacred Heart La Canada Flintridge Prep St. Francis Flintridge Prep Flintridge Prep Maranatha Flintridge Prep

Lifers: students who have attended Chandler for 9 years

L aying Foundations The Class of 2010 “Lifers” – students who attended Chandler for nine years from kindergarten to eighth grade – were the first class to enjoy the benefits of the new Lower School facility throughout their Chandler experience. Now, this bright and motivated class will continue to build on the educational foundations the support of the Chandler community helped build. The entire class is looking forward to returning to campus for their reunion to see the fruits of the latest building project – the new Middle School campus. 6

Tyler Griffin Dennis Grover Justin Hopkins Derek Iwata Lauren Jacobs Juliet Johnson Robert Jorgensen Hannah Kaufman Karina Kawana Kendall Khonsari Cindy Kim Kara Knauf Kyle Law

Loyola Poly Loyola La Salle Flintridge Prep Poly Campbell Hall Poly Mayfield Senior Alverno Westridge Mayfield Senior Flintridge Prep Deanna Liu Flintridge Prep Bruce McClurg St. Francis Megan Mittelberg Flintridge Prep Willy Moffly Poly Maile Murphy Flintridge Prep

Victoria Peng Connor Pyle Alyssa Rivas Ian Ross Lily Sarosi Christopher Sayas Russell Sobota Emma Souther Ross Steinback Sara Jane Stephens William Stevenson Timothy Sung Laura Thompson Kyle Warner Michael Weinstein Madeline Wirthlin Albert Yu India Zietsman

Poly St. Francis Mayfield Senior Loyola Westridge St. Francis St. Francis Westridge Loyola Westridge Ribet Academy Maranatha Flintridge Sacred Heart St. Francis Flintridge Prep Flintridge Sacred Heart St. Francis Flintridge Sacred Heart

Community Service

Guarav Law and Ava Gray meet one of the “Read to Feed” goats.

Community Service

Chandler Service Corps Offers Opportunities Chandler students donated over $3,000 to Heifer International, which gives farm animals to impoverished families around the world. The animals provide the recipients with food and income. Students were delighted when two baby goats visited campus to help kick-off the annual ‘Read to Feed’ program during which students ask family and friends to “sponsor” them as they read books.


M ake



On Earth Day, students provided pots full of bountiful blooms to help beautify the Chandler campus.

Alexander Albrecht, Camille-Marie Pai, Amy Baum, Lauren Ginn, Ethan Abel, Fordie Mueller, Angelica Sih, Lyric Burch

Back Row: JD Frey, Caity Wackerly, Lauren Chretien, Ashley Ahn, Natalie Watson. Front Row: Jan Gotha, Betsy Farhat, Matthew Headley, William Farhat, Janet Devine, Wende Headley.

The entire Chandler community opened their hearts and pantries and showed tremendous support for this year’s Friends-in-Deed food drive. The staff at Friends-in-Deed were truly overjoyed to receive more than 1,000 food items provided by Chandler families. The Pantry at Friends-in-Deed serves supplemental food to 200 low-income and homeless households. Food donations are low, so the Chandler Burch, Lauren Tapert, Eloise Whitford, contributions will have Lyric Thomas Link and Henry Whitford. a big impact. Students collected over two truckloads of used electronics during their eWaste drive. eRecycling of California hauled away old TVs, computers, cell phones and more – which means that junk won’t end up in a landfill. 8

Kaito Robson and Ryan Waldheim

In response to the tragic earthquake in Haiti, Chandler students wore hats to raise money to help victims. For a donation of at least $1, students, staff and faculty were allowed to wear a hat for the day. Over $2500 was raised; the funds were sent to SIGN (Surgical Implant Generation Network), a humanitarian team of surgeons working with Medical Teams International at King’s Hospital in Port-auPrince.

Some of the “Hats for Haiti” participants.

Student’s New ‘Do Helps Others Kindergartener Serena Lee has always wanted to help cancer patients, just like her mom, oncologist Dr. Arti Hurria. So when it came time to cut off the hair she had been growing most of her life, she snipped off her ponytail, and sent it to Locks of Love with a handwritten letter. Locks of Love provides wigs to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss. Serena’s classmates think her new ‘do is cool. We think so too!

Community Service

Father of Chandler Alums Provides Surgical Expertise to Victims of E arthquake in Haiti “The essence of humanity is to help one another.” ~ Dr. Henri Ford

When Dr. Henri Ford (father of Arielle ’06 and Alex ’09), a native of Haiti and Vice President and Chief of Surgery at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), learned of the devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, his first order of business was tracking down his sister to see if she was safe. Nearly 24 tense hours and a flurry of text messages later, he learned that she was okay, but “she described the situation as simply ‘apocalyptic.’ From that moment it was clear to me that I needed to go there,” explained Dr. Ford. It wasn’t long before he arrived in his homeland to lend his surgical expertise to survivors rescued from the rubble of fallen buildings. Ford helped organize a team of trauma specialists from the Keck School of Medicine at USC. The team treated quake victims at field hospitals in Port-au-Prince, near the national soccer stadium. “There is nothing on earth that could have prepared me for the devastation, the misery and the suffering that I encountered. It was incredible, but through it all, what I found was that the Haitian people were very welcoming and appreciative. Most of them were not getting any kind of medical assistance, so we were welcomed as heroes and that is something I will never forget,” said Dr. Ford. “Even though they have gone through so much, when you looked at their faces you saw hope and faith. They are not bitter, but instead have this sense of courage and determination that there is a bright future ahead.” During his time in Haiti, Dr. Ford also operated on wounded children with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta aboard an aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson, docked off the Haitian coast. He has been to Haiti three times to provide medical care and plans to return again this summer. “I don’t want people to forget that the problems in Haiti are ongoing. The reconstruction is going to take many, many years. So people need to support the Haitian people in any way possible – even a dollar can make a big difference because the need is so great,” he explained.

CNN Dr. Ford and al ic ed M ef hi C Correspondentupta Dr. Sanjay G

Dr. Ford says that Chandler students can help by holding simple fundraisers to help purchase supplies to send to one of the hospitals. “I’m hoping they will learn that the essence of humanity is to provide service to others and they don’t have to fly across the world to do so – it starts at home, even in the Chandler classroom. One school collected money to buy blankets to keep newborns in field hospitals warm. It was a small gesture but it made a big difference,” he explained. And how is Dr. Ford’s sister? Luckily, she and her husband were not injured. Their home was badly damaged, but she is focusing her efforts on trying to reopen the school she works at so that at least some of Haiti’s children can return to classes in the September. In addition to his work at CHLA, Dr. Ford is vicedean for education, professor and vice chair for clinical affairs in the Department of Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. He was professor and chief of the Division of Pediatric Surgery and surgeon-inchief at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine prior to joining CHLA in January 2005.


Community Service

Middle School Students Learn Importance Each year Chandler Middle School students complete a myriad of projects that benefit the organizations locally and worldwide. By the time student matriculate to eighth grade, they have engaged in a number of activities ranging from tamale making to benefit an orphanage to participating in the annual Friends-in-Deed food drive. As the senior students on campus, eighth graders are required to complete eight hours of service. This requirement not only teaches them the importance of giving back to the community, but they get to see how they can make a real impact. Tyler Fong participated in several 5K races to raise money for medical research. “Just before the start of each race someone shares their personal story, and you get to hear how your help affects them and that feels good,” he said. Throughout the year Middle School students worked as a team to help clean up trash in the Arroyo, brought in food for the Friends-in-Deed food drive and donated backpacks for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Off campus, students participated in community service projects with their scout troops and individually through a variety of projects including volunteering at Union Station, working as tutors with kids at neighboring schools, participating in organic gardening and helping out at their churches. This year alone Chandler’s 54 eighth-graders logged a total of 1,485 community service hours with two students completing more than 200-plus hours of service and seven completing over 50 hours. Maile Murphy took in stray cats as part of her work with the “Happy Strays” organization. The Student Council helped raise money for medical and dental care for kids in need by selling Valentine’s greetings




Community Service

Students who completed more than 50 hours of community service: Maile Murphy, Daniel Enzminger, Emma Souther, Lauren Jacobs, Alyssa Rivas Not pictured: Robert Jorgensen, Sarah Gilman

on campus, and Emma Souther helped raise money for kids with cancer. “The real hope is that they will continue to offer service in their communities, at their churches and in their places of work as they move forward in their lives,” explains Community Service Coordinator Jill Bergeron. We know for sure that Chandler students do continue with community service. Shortly before the end of the school year, seven Chandler grads from the class of 2006 returned to campus to lend a helping hand with a massive reorganization of the school’s libraries. We thank them for their help and salute them for their continued to commitment to helping others.

Back Row: Krishan Sutharshana ’06 (USC), Garrett Wax ’06 (University of San Diego), Andy Davis ’06 (University of Colorado at Boulder). Front Row: Edmund Chow ’06 (Carnegie Mellon University), Chris Davis ’06 (Emmerson), Phil Montoya ’06 (Southern Methodist University) and Jason Cho ’06 (USC).

Hope This spring sixth-grader Marianna Politis (pictured with fifth-grader Alexa Smith from San Gabriel) worked alongside children with serious illnesses to help paint life guard towers at Will Rogers Beach in Santa Monica. The following week bright art panels, which the girls also helped paint, were added to complete the towers. The project was coordinated through “Portraits of Hope” ( which is a non-profit organization serving youth who face socio-economic and/or physical or medical challenges. For the kids involved in the project, it provided a tangible civic achievement and an opportunity to point with pride and say, “I did that.”


Community Service

Team Finds Motivation Through Helping Seniors The girls’ eighth-grade ‘A’ basketball team found a unique way to combine community service with athletics this year. Team player Karina Kawana found sponsors willing to pledge money for every point the team scored during the season. The team raised over $2,000 for Keiro Senior Healthcare, a non-profit organization offering a comprehensive range of senior health care services which include residential and assisted living services. Karina has been an active volunteer at Keiro for three years. “I help with their daily programs and activities. For example, I taught the residents how to use Wii Sport as part of their daily exercise. I enjoy getting to know the residents,” she explained. Coach Pete Carlson was happy to support the students in their endeavor. The added incentive placed an extra value on each basket no matter the score and connected the actions on the court to something larger than the game. When the girls heard the tally at the end of the season, they were proud of their season regardless of the record,” said Coach Carlson. “We all tried harder because at the end of the season we wanted to present a huge check to Keiro and know that we made a

Back row: Laura Thompson, Maddy Wirthlin, Gabby Carroll, Cindy Kim, India Zietsman. Front row: Coach Pete Carlson, Sarah Gilman, Karina Kawana, Deanna Liu, Lauren Jacobs, Cady Deck.

difference in improving someone else’s life,” said Karina. “It made me want to play harder than ever… so I could help out to the fullest extent,” agreed Sarah Gilman. “I think that the whole team would agree that playing for a cause makes it much more meaningful and competitive,” said Madeline Wirthlin.

Scouts Partner with Chandler Alumna to Help Seniors in Need Chandler’s fifth-grade junior girl scouts volunteered at Keiro Health Care Center, where they discovered that the Activities Director who arranged for the community service activity was Chandler alumna Yumi Yuge ’79. Yumi was pleasantly surprised to see the familiar-looking Chandler uniforms. “The troop really connected with her,” said parent Stephanie Kawana. “It was awesome to meet her. There are a lot of people who went to Chandler who grow up to have very successful lives. It was very reassuring,” said student Sahale Greenwood. Moreover, the project fostered a sense of community in the girls. “Community service is important because it passes on kindness and makes the community a better, happier place,” said student Jillian Brady. During their visit, the girls sang, and helped with BINGO. The seniors are happy to see us, especially if they don’t get visitors that often,” said student Talia Dell Angelo.

Back Row: Stephanie Kawana, Sahale Greenwood, Kim Austin, Charlotte Strasburg, Sophia Terrile, Emma Stellwagen, Alyson Lo, Jillian Brady, Talia Dell Angelo and Joyce Tsai with Chandler alumna and Keiro Activities Director Yumi Yuge. Not pictured: Elly Hong and Olivia Vandergriff. Front Row: Julia Otter, Lily Maxfield, Kaley Mitchell, Sabrina de Brito, Maya Vasquez Alvarez, Amanda Tsai, Kate Rosenberger, Kami Durairaj, Kayley Kawana, Jennifer Ulm, Julia Nowak and Kelsie Khonsari.

The troop also earned their Bronze Award for raising funds to create 25 earthquake preparedness starter kits that were donated to families in need via Foothill Family Service. “Though the project was chosen prior to the devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and Mexico, their efforts became more meaningful as the girls realized the importance of helping local families who struggle to have their food and clothing needs met, let alone being prepared for an earthquake,” explained parent Lisa Vandergriff. 11

Around Campus

Deanna Liu, Derek Iwata and Anna Curtis

A round C ampus

Chandler Celebrates Heritage Every year the Chandler community sets aside a week to learn about the various cultural groups that make up Chandler. The celebration includes activities and performances aimed at sharing, exploring and celebrating a world made of diverse cultures. Students share dances, poems, songs and food during a variety of assemblies. At the end of the week, everyone shares food representative of their region of ancestry at the Heritage Day Picnic. During this year’s picnic, flags from around the world were displayed around the field as students and parents enjoyed a “dish-versity” of ethnic cuisines. Food was laid out according to the following regions: United States/ Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central/South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, India and Asia. It was fun to hear students tell their friends they were headed for “Europe” or off to “Mexico.” A group of students delighted attendees with a fusion of classical, folk and Bollywood dancing set to the upbeat song “Jai Ho!”

Annual Fine Arts Fair

Clara Li and Fordie Mueller

Jacqueline and Madeleine Pearce

A ssemblyman Presents Chandler With New State Flag

The Art Fair at Chandler has been held annually for over 30 years and is a celebration of children’s creative talents. Every Chandler student has at least one piece of art work in the fair. Art instructors Jane Leese and Travis Chatham work with students to select their favorite pieces which are then displayed throughout campus during the week of Art Fair. Parents, students and faculty members all enjoy the opportunity to view the vast array of paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Assemblyman Portantino and Head of School John Finch welcome the new flag with Chandler fourth-grade students.

Isabella Longoria-Valenzuela

Jonathan Potter

Assemblyman Anthony Portantino presented Chandler students and Head of School John Finch with a California flag that also has flown over the Capitol in Sacramento. During the flag presentation, Assemblyman Portantino spoke to students about the different levels of state legislature and explained what he does in his role. Last year Chandler parent Geoff Baum noticed the school’s state flag was tattered and faded. He made a request for a new flag, and Assemblyman Portantino was happy to help. Assemblyman Portantino serves the 44th Assembly District which encompasses Altadena, Duarte, La Cañada Flintridge, Pasadena, South Pasadena and Temple City. 13

A round C ampus

Chandler Promotes Wellness Each year Chandler’s administration and faculty work together to promote wellness on campus, with the aim of enjoying a happy, healthy school community. Chandler promotes wellness through physical activity every day during P.E. Students also receive fresh produce snacks twice a week and several fresh fruit and vegetable choices daily through the lunch program. The Afterschool Program gets kids moving through daily sports activities, active games, the Spirit Club cheer squad, a new tennis program and the Girls On The Run program. “While the girls spend time running during each practice, they also participate in activities that educate them about how to make good decisions when it comes to health, academics and relationships. The program culminates with a 5K run that demonstrates to the girls that they are capable young women who can achieve their goals through practice and perseverance,” said GOTR Coach and Middle School Teacher Jill Bergeron. “My life wouldn’t be the same without GOTR,” says student Kaley Penichet-Khaw. “I’ve learned how to make sure my body stays healthy… and how to keep myself emotionally healthy. GOTR has helped me to be fearless… it has taught me to be proud of who I am because I am unique.” Kaley Penichet-Khaw

100th Anniversary



In January, Chandler Scouts celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, founded in 1910. Eagle Scouts and Chandler alumni encouraged attendees to continue their scouting experience after their days at Chandler. They spoke about the trips and activities they participate in as Eagle Scouts. The meeting ended with a “100 Years of Scouting” movie and, of course, cake! John Haskett ’07 (St. Francis), Trevor Ly ’07 (Polytechnic), Will Thompson ’06 (Polytechnic) and Chris Goto ’07 (La Salle)

Variety of Afterschool Programs Help Develop Well-Rounded Students The Afterschool Instrumental music concluded its seventh year at Chandler with 37 students participating in the end of the year concert. Chandler offers instruction in strings, guitar and flute. Music teachers Cary Belling, Jamie Pedrini, and Kevin Holmes do an amazing job of passing on the gift of music to their students. The chess team’s 36 participants met weekly with coach Sara Liu throughout the year. These strategy lessons culminated with a competitive chess tournament in May.


Back Row: Travis Chatham, Chad Parker, Max Zietsman, Tony Kukavica, Sophia Terrile, Alyson Low, Charlotte Strasburg, Sahale Greenwood, Bob Kondrath, Dean Holbrook. Front Row: Charlie Foy, Jake Celeste, Kami Durairaj, Sabrina de Brito, Maya Vasquez, Jillian Brady, Ravi Durairaj.

A round C ampus Chandler Alumna Promotes Wellness As She Travels Road of Lifelong Learning Chandler alumna Pam Nears ’79 is a culinary consultant, but she’s also had careers in marketing as a communications vice president and worked in television news. After graduating from Chandler, Nears became one of the first girls to attend Flintridge Preparatory School. She also attended the University of Southern California, did an exchange program at Howard University in Washington D.C. and then worked at ABC News for eight years. She returned home to pursue her passion for food and cooking and attended culinary school. “I explored various fun options within the field,” she said. Years later she became interested in permaculture, a field which aims to build self-sufficient human settlements and helping to cut down pollution by reducing reliance on industrial systems of food production and distribution. “I teach people about being in a relationship with food in basic cooking courses. Where does the food come from? Is this good for me? I participate in establishing gardens and teach others how to become more empowered through working as a community,” she said. Nears also writes about food and does research into projects that involve creating a more sustainable Los Angeles. Nears says her Chandler education laid the foundation she has continued to build on throughout her life. “I was given the chance to explore, express and create under the guise of education. Chandler gave me confidence that I thought every child my age had until I stepped out in the world and realized my academic experience was pretty amazing,” said Nears. Furthermore, she says her teachers passed along to her a desire to give back, which may be what led her to the teaching role she finds herself in now. One of Nears’ favorite memories of her time at Chandler was when, as a fourth-grade student of Mrs. Mayers, she won the privilege of greeting a class guest. “I didn’t know [the class guest] was going to have a tiger with him. Much to my surprise, I was given the leash and walked the 500 pound tiger into the classroom! In this class we also raised money to contribute to the L.A. Zoo and bought stock in BaskinRobbins! We were exposed to so many awesome experiences that gave us a lesson in life,” said Nears.

Tie Tuesdays Bring Faculty, Students Together Chandler faculty and students alike have started a “Tie Tuesday” tradition. Each Tuesday students and faculty are encouraged to wear a necktie of any variety. Not only is it stylish and a lot of fun, but it’s also a great way for everyone to unify and build a sense of community. Back Row: Travis Chatham, Chad Parker, Max Zietsman, Tony Kukavica, Sophia Terrile, Alyson Low, Charlotte Strasburg, Sahale Greenwood, Bob Kondrath, Dean Holbrook. Front Row: Charlie Foy, Jake Celeste, Kami Durairaj, Sabrina de Brito, Maya Vasquez, Jillian Brady, Ravi Durairaj.


Lower School News

Lower School N ews

Kindergarteners Sample Green Eggs



Have you ever actually tried Green Eggs and Ham? Jennifer Hewlett’s kindergarten class did – and they do like it, they do like green eggs and ham, they do like them Sam I Am! As a commemoration of Dr. Seuss’s (Theodore Seuss Geisel) birthday, the class celebrated his amazing body of work with a week’s worth of activities. They made Cat in the Hat hats and treats, made their own “Foot Books” and of course, read lots of favorite titles like One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and more.

Jared Unrot

Gabby Anich

Geoff Arrobio

Candy Renick

The kindergarteners

Intrepid Scouts Conquer Catalina’s Goat Hair Trail

Teacher Appreciation Day

Chandler’s second-grade Cub Scout pack 78 Den 2 took on Catalina Island’s infamous Goat Hair Trail during a weekend camping trip. The intrepid hikers are Billy Tolbert, Langdon Dearborn, Christopher Rivas, Graham Anich, Kaito Robson, and Aaron Van Blerkom, Mr. Rivas, Mr. Dearborn, Mr. Anich, Mr. Robson, and Mr. Van Blerkom. Submitted by Will Dearborn

Kindergarteners honor teacher Cara Gancedo and teaching assistant Leisa Blalock on Teacher Appreciation Day with flowers and mementos.


Lower School N ews

Fourth-Graders Observe Government In Action “Eureka! I have found it!” The claim of discovery and fortune rang from Chandler’s fourth graders during their inaugural trip to Sacramento in April. The field trip is designed to enhance the students’ social studies curriculum that includes California history and state government. To prepare for the trip, students reviewed their studies of California, and state government, including the three branches, how a bill becomes a law and the purpose of the state senate and assembly. Highlights of the trip included a tour of our beautiful state Capitol and grounds, observing the California Senate in action, a tour of the California Railroad Museum and panning for gold in nearby Coloma, California. Coloma is the site where James Marshall first discovered gold in California. The Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is dedicated to his historic find.

Nancy Gadel’s Fourth-Grade Class in Sacramento

The Capitol gardens include trees and bushes representing every type of foliage found throughout California. The students also observed a memorial built in honor of California’s fallen Vietnam soldiers. Inside the Capitol, students were excited to see the Governor’s office, the rotunda, a framed state seal and the California Senate in session as an appointment to the Board of Education was debated. Next the students toured the California Railroad Museum to review the building of the Transcontinental Railroad

Students ‘Sail’ Back


and the many brave immigrant workers who helped connect our country in the 1800’s. After lunch in Old Town Sacramento, everyone traveled to Coloma, a small town on the south fork of the American River. At the site, students panned for gold and were able to bring home

their fortunes in a small vial. Additionally, they visited a museum where they heard the story of Charlie Parker, a stagecoach driver, and her nemesis, Black Bart. It was an exciting trip for all – something that Chandler students will keep in their memories as a culmination of their fourth grade studies. Submitted by Fourth-Grade Teacher Jennifer Smith


As part of their studies on trade between the East Coast and California in the early 1800s, fourth-graders went to Dana Point to learn what it was like to work on a tall ship. Students learned how to hoist a sail, haul cargo and what living conditions were like for sailors on the voyage around Cape Horn in South America.

Fourth-graders in Dana Point Dylan Riley, Gabriela Rico, Puja Kumar and Amelia Andrews


Lower School N ews

Water, Water Everywhere

William Fosselm an , Jack Chandr Lucy Renick a, Lilly Maxfield, Julia Nowak, Matilda Burke, Maya Vasquez and Jillian Brady

The day of the Spring Sing brought May showers to campus, but by concert time the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly as Lower School Director Jan Gotha welcomed family and friends for the outdoor concert on the field. Lower School students donned umbrellas, galoshes and even wetsuits as they performed water-themed favorites like “Surfin’ USA,” “Little April Showers,” and “Over the Rainbow.” The Clover Chorus led audience sing-a-long tunes like “Yellow Submarine” and “Singin’ in the Rain.” Special thanks to Directors Sue Sharp and Will Salmon, the maintenance team and Chad Parker’s sound crew.

Lower School Showcases Talent


Annual Show

Lower School students danced, sang, played instruments, performed gymnastics and skits and even wowed the crowd with their diabolo skills during the annual talent show and end-of-the year slideshow assembly. A few crowd favorites included Nolan Melendes singing “Billy Jean,” Alec Asatoorian’s skill with the diabolo, O’Meara Riley’s performance of a traditional Irish dance, Tony Kukavica’s always flawless performance on the violin and Carlos Rico’s guitar and vocal performance of “Hotel California.” The slideshow and talent show crew teams volunteered their free time at recess and lunch to make sure that the assembly ran smoothly and the slideshow included everyone; some even worked before and after school as the deadline Nolan Melendes approached. Both the performers and the crews are to be commended for a job well done!

Brownies Get Behind-the-Scenes Look This spring, third-grade Brownie Troop 11231 took a tour of the Pasadena Police Station where they saw where 911 calls are handled and discussed what might constitute an emergency. They also saw where juveniles are held, where the officers are assigned cases, and where they train to stay in shape for their duties. The highlight of the tour was getting to meet one of the K-9 officers and his canine partner. The officer explained how the dogs are trained and how they work together as a team. The girls left with a better understanding of how the Pasadena Police work hard to protect and serve the community. Submitted by Kitty Schaller


Carlos Rico

O’Meara Riley

Police Station

Back Row: Emilie Alvarez, Charlotte Pizante, O’Meara Riley, Sophia Stellar, Alaysia BarkerVaughan, Paloma Ryan, Julia Watson. Second Row: Amanda Schaller, Gabriela Rojo, Caroline Nowak, Caitlin Fong, Kayla Luu, Ashley Lim, Kaley Penichet-Khaw, Zara Castillo, Chloe Gangi. Front Row: Madeleine Pearce, Uma Durairaj, Olivia Acosta, Nicki Jedrey. Officer Jones and his dog Bono


Middle School News

Hannah Kaufman

M iddle School N ews

Civil Rights Attorney Sylvia Drew Ivie Speaks During Black History Month Civil rights attorney Sylvia Drew Ivie spoke to Middle School students in February as part of a series of Black History Month educational events. Mrs. Drew Ivie is the chief of staff for County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and has spent her life fighting for equality in health care. Her father, Dr. Charles Drew, was a pioneer Sylvia Drew Ivie in the development of blood transfusions and large-scale blood banks. His work is credited with saving thousands of Allied troops in WWII, as well as benefitting all who have since used blood banks. Newsweek recently featured him as one of America’s great historic innovators. Teaching hospital Martin Luther King/Drew Medical Center was re-named in his honor, but was shut down for substandard condition in 2007. Ironically, it is now his daughter who is fighting to get the

hospital restored and reopened to provide much needed health care to the community of South Los Angeles. Mrs. Drew Ivie, a graduate of Howard University School of Law, started working on civil rights law cases in health care in 1968. Her earliest cases involved efforts to desegregate medical facilities, and today she fights to ensure that people without insurance get health care. “We believe that access to healthcare is a right not a privilege,” she told the students. Mrs. Drew Ivie says her father used to say, “Dream high. You may not realize your current ambition, but always have a dream.” Mr. Drew’s own path changed when he resigned his official post as a director of the American Red Cross to protest its policy of storing the blood of white and black donors separately; he went on to become one of the most revered surgical teachers of the time at Howard University. His daughter’s dream is to achieve equality in healthcare.

Cesar Chavez’s Grandson Spreads Community Service Message Andres Chavez, the 16-yearfought for the rights of others, old grandson of the late labor and she was very humbled by and civil rights activist, spoke the experience. During the to Chandler Middle School event students read poems, students about his grandfather’s viewed a presentation about legacy on Cesar Chavez Day. the Chavez legacy and officially Cesar Chavez was born in launched the Chandler Spanish Arizona in 1927. He dropped Club. Tamales, horchata and out of school in eighth grade champurrado were sold as and became a migrant farmer. refreshments, and the proceeds He witnessed child labor, were donated to the Cesar workers being sprayed with Chavez Foundation. pesticides and the birth defects Back Row: Derek Iwata, Sarah Gilman, Dennis Grover, Andres Chavez, Manuel Bernal, Dr. Dan Greenwood and Daniel Enzminger. Front Row: those chemicals caused. The While Andres was visiting Alyssa Rivas, Victoria Peng, Lauren Jacobs and Anna Curtis. migrant farmers lived in small with students at Chandler, houses or out of cars and often could not afford food. In his father Paul F. Chavez (Cesar’s middle son and his 30s he became a community organizer, leading nonpresident of the Cesar Chavez Foundation), was in the violent boycotts to bring attention to the poor conditions oval office with President Barack Obama as he signed a faced by migrant workers. In 1965 he started a five-year proclamation making March 31 Caesar Chavez Day. “We grape boycott. Cesar Chavez’ birthday is now celebrated thank President Obama for having the Chavez family and as an official holiday in 11 states, including California. farm worker movement join him today,” Paul F. Chavez Though Cesar Chavez died in 1993, his message, ‘Si, se said in a news release. “We recognize how his dedication puede,’ ‘Yes, we can!’ lives on. “If you have food, thank the to community and public service parallels my father’s. farmers,” said Andres, pointing out that the farmers who Cesar Chavez’ message was not just for farm workers do back breaking-labor from sunrise to sunset are often or Latinos. It was universal. By helping ordinary people forgotten. do extraordinary things, he inspired farm workers and millions of others from all walks of life who never worked After the presentation, seventh-grade student Alyssa Evans on a farm to believe in themselves, to do things they would shook Andres’ hand and said that she would never forget never have thought possible.” the day because it meant so much to her that Cesar Chavez 21

M iddle School N ews

Letters About Literature Winners

Middle School Students Raise Their Voices

This spring eighth-grade students entered the Letters About Literature (LAL) contest sponsored by the California Center for the Book. Entries are initially judged at the state level with state winners and prizes. Those winners are then entered in the national competition. California receives approximately 5,000 entry letters.

Poems from seven Middle School students have been selected for publication in A Celebration of Poets. The Chandler poets pictured below will be included in an anthology of poems from students all over the United States, which will be published this September.

Young readers write to an author, living or dead, describing how that author’s work has changed the reader’s view of the world or himself/herself; how the writing made a difference in their perception of the world and how the words actually changed them. Educators, librarians, authors, and publishers serve as judges. The LAL contest encourages meaningful reading and helps to create successful writers. This year Robert Jorgensen was named a top ten finalist in the middle school level for his letter to Ben Mikaelsen, author of Touching Spirit Bear. Receiving letters of commendation for placing in the top 70 of the middle school level were eighthgraders Evan Crawford, Sarah Gilman, Sara Jane Stephens and Gabby Carroll. This year Chandler students submitted such an exceptional crop of letters that they were recognized by the Letters About Literature contest with a special group certificate.

BR: Austin Richards, Ryan Shrager, Nick Malone. FR: Jordan Jones, Freya Strasburg, Julia Pinney. Not pictured: Gary Lee

Submitted by English Teacher Donna Dretzka

A Night







During the 14th annual seventh-grade poetry reading, students shared poems on a variety of topics including the war in Iraq, the Haiti earthquake, family, nature, world

Matt Saltzman

Jasmine Johnson-Bowles

Justina Lin

leaders and childhood memories. Each student wrote 16 poems during a month-long poetry unit. They read famous poems in class and then wrote their own poems mimicking the theme of the poems discussed in class. Many of the students used poetry as a way to remember special people who had passed on, honor those special in their lives and capture memories of their childhood. In addition, students played instruments and sang. Student artwork decorated the walls of Hill Hall, and sculptures and paintings were on display in the library. Submitted by English Teacher Ashley Laird

Sixth Graders Know Rome Wasn’t Built In



This spring sixth-graders participated in “Rome Day.” Students dressed in appropriate costume to present a topic on the Roman Republic. They also were assigned a social group (senator, soldier, patrician, plebeian, woman, slave or equestrian). Many used PowerPoints and iMovie during their presentations, and some even brought in Roman food or drink. “I was very impressed with their overall enthusiasm and effort. They really helped bring history alive,” said Middle School history teacher Andy Hulm. 22

M iddle School N ews

Second Annual Chandler 180 Film Festival Hunter Harper claimed the award for Best Picture with his film “The Rainbow” at the 2nd Annual Chandler 180 Film Festival. The audience and panel of judges screened each of the 180-second films before awards were presented to the “bests” in the categories of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Foreign Film, Music Video, Director, Cinematography, Actor, Picture and a People’s Choice Award. Between films, Assistant Head of School Dan Greenwood exchanged jokes with the crowd who enjoyed free popcorn, soda and Twizzlers served by sixth-grade room parents. Thanks to the panel of judges: Karen Stetler, Donald Sparks, Jon Kondrath ‘97, Rod Pyle, Rod Lurie, Mark Strasburg and Rachel Kondrath. To view the entries go the link below and input userid: chandler180 and password: filmfestival ( Chandler_180_Film_Festival_2010)

Winners at the Chandler 180 Film Festival

Spanish Students Take ‘Real-Life’ Exam This year’s eighth-grade Spanish advanced and intermediate classes conducted part of their final examinations at a local Mexican restaurant. At the restaurant they set up individual tables where groups of five conducted all conversation in Spanish. Each table had a computer that recorded all 30 minutes of conversation. The waiters spoke exclusively in Spanish. “Students had the opportunity to make all the orders in Spanish. It was awesome,” said Middle School Spanish Teacher Amanda Vasquez-Alcazar who also thanked the Technology Department, Assistant Head of School Dan Greenwood and her fellow Spanish instructors Amy Cote and Marissa Chrysler for their help with the event. “Everything was great. Students were very happy and parents too. I hope to do this next year again,” said Señora Vasquez-Alcazar.




Chandler’s seventh and eighth-grade students awed crowds with their original musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Emma Souther

Vanessa Dennis and Deanna Liu

Lily Sarosi

Juliet Johnson, Sarah Gilman and Jade Cohen



Michael Yen


Students Bring Out Their Inner “Olympians” Just days after the conclusion of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Chandler’s Lower School students channeled their own Olympic spirits at this year’s Sports-a-Thon. The annual event showcases our athletes and provides financial support to the P.E. department. Parents sponsor their children who proudly demonstrate how high they can jump, how far they can leap and how fast they can run. The funds Ashley Ahn are used to purchase new athletic equipment. Thanks to fundraisers like the Sports-a-Thon, our students have the chance to experience a wide range of athletic activities including gymnastics, unicycling, badminton, golf, lacrosse and bicycling. This year’s Sports-

Lilly Maxfield


Annual Sports-A-Thon

Bryce Burch and Tom Moffat

a-Thon was a huge success and great fun thanks to the support of our faculty, staff, parents and, of course, our P.E. coaches! Middle School students even jumped in to help sell t-shirts and cheer on Lower School students.

Team Sports Round-Up Track Teams go the distance

The ‘A’ track team, coached by Darrell Tozier and Bill Anderson, took first place in the Middle School Independent League. The boys also won the championships at the Chandler and Poly meets; while the girls took second. The annual Chandler School Invitational Track Meet was a huge success for the Boys’ ‘A’ Track Team who took first place in their division with impressive victories in the 75-yard dash and the 75-yard hurdles. The Girls’ ‘A’ team won the shot put event, the boys’ ‘B’ team won the 4 x 200 event and the girls’ ‘B’ team won the 440-yard run. Chandler came in fourth overall with High Point claiming this year’s victory. Though Chandler didn’t claim the overall victory as it did last year, the students challenged themselves as individuals to run a little faster, jump a little higher and push a little harder.

Team tastes victory in flag football tournament

Quarterback Cady Deck lead the eighth grade girls’ team to victory in their games against Rio Hondo and Westridge during the annual flag football tournament. The team finished the tournament with two wins and a tie against Waldorf. Laura Thompson’s speed on the field resulted in three touchdowns for the team. On defense, Megan Mittelberg had two interceptions resulting in a touchdown and the win against Westridge. Coach Ashley Laird and fellow student Dennis Grover cheered on the team with overwhelming pride.


Athletics Team achieves first chandler softball win this century The Chandler Girls’ A Softball Team completed the 2010 season with a 5-2 record – making it the first Chandler victory this century! “In fact,” teased Coach Bill Anderson, “this is the first winning softball season we’ve had since before these girls were born.” In the final game of the season the team scored 25 runs to defeat High Point. Submitted by Lucia Logan

Girls’ ‘B’ basketball team finishes season 8 – 1 Under the guidance of Coach Tonita Fernandez, the Girls ‘B’ Basketball team tasted victory. It was a learning experience for all of the girls – some of whom had never played basketball before! By the end of the season they were shooting, passing and attacking the basket like pros. All of the girls contributed to an amazing season and had fun. They are expected to be the top competitors for the championship next year.

Golf team wins league championship Chandler’s golf team snagged the title of Independent School League Champs for the third time in the last five years. Michael Finney and Willy Moffly earned individual awards for Michael Finney and Willy Moffly their low scores – which were just two shots over par for the course. “I felt accomplished,” said Michael Finney, who tied with Willy for first place. “It was a great way to end the season,” added Willy. Evan Crawford, Dennis Grover, Jake McCarthy and Dylan Choi helped round out the winning team. Michael, Willy and Dennis, who are all graduating this year, started playing golf with their dads when they were just four years old and still enjoy playing together on weekends. “It was fun to win our last year at Chandler,” said Dennis. They all plan to play in high school, and Dylan and Jake are looking forward to another successful season at Chandler next year.

Boys’ ‘A’ soccer finishes second in league

After a season of exciting comebacks and humbling losses, the A soccer team placed second in league. “It was an impressive year of scoring,” said Coach Ashley Laird.


Athletics players show leadership under pressure

“outstanding plays” “Thanks to the leadership from eighth-graders Daniel Enzminger and Michael Weinstein and outstanding plays from all of the players, the baseball team finished with 2 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses,” said coach Phil Adams.

The boys’ volleyball team made the playoffs this season with a 5-3 record. They lost to Rio Hondo in the first round of the playoffs, but had a great season. “Dennis Grover, Kyle Law, Tyler Griffin, Michael Finney – without their leadership and poise under pressure we would not have had the success we experienced this year. And hats off to Eric Fong and Willy Moffat for their many contributions on and off the court,” said coach Robert Bethea. “But, what I am most proud of with this team, and every team coached here at Chandler, is that they leave really learning the game of volleyball the way it was meant to be played.”

Alumni Athlete Spotlight: Forest Monroe ’04 Forest Monroe ’04 is a driver on the water polo team at the University of Southern California, where he just completed his sophomore year as a business administration student. “With two national championships already under my belt at USC, I really hope that I can help to continue our tradition of success and bring home two more championships in my junior and senior seasons,” says Forest. “I am really looking forward to being an upperclassman and helping our younger players learn how much hard work and sacrifice it takes to compete at the highest level of an NCAA sport.” Forest has been playing water polo since his days at Chandler, when he played at the Rose Bowl. Following his graduation in 2004, he was a fouryear all-league and three-time all-CIF selection at Loyola High School. Along with nabbing the claim to MVP of the 2007 Hawaiian Invitational, he grabbed multiple other awards including

status as an all-American in swimming. “Water polo has taught me so much, and I know that having to put in so much time and dedication will translate in the business world when I graduate from USC. Along with my business classes, I have taken some environmental science and environmental business ethics courses. After I graduate from USC, I am interested in working with companies to help businesses become more environmentally friendly,” Forest explains. Water polo seems to run in his family; his sister Tasha ’98 and cousin Nick also played water polo at USC. Meanwhile, his sister Andrea ’00 played volleyball at Pepperdine. When not in the pool, Forest enjoys playing guitar and the drums. During his offseason, he competes with the Southern Pacific Zone water polo team in the Olympic Development Program.

Are you a Chandler Alumni Athlete? Please let us know about your athletic achievements! Email us at


Alumni News

Natalie Weinstein, Emily Law

A lumni N ews



2006 Off-to-College & Parents


Alumni Reunion

This May the class of 2006, their parents and faculty gathered at Chandler for a mini reunion in celebration of the students’ graduations from their respective high schools. The afternoon was filled with memories of their Chandler days and catching up with classmates, parents and teachers. In addition, everyone shared their plans for next year as they embark on the collegiate chapter of their lives. Congratulations to all the Kaitlyn Holm, Margaret Borchert, graduates, we look forward to hearing about your Rebecca LeShay college careers and where life takes you in the future!

Class of 2006 College Choices Siobhan Aamoth University of California, Davis Adriana Anderson Loyola Marymount University Josh Anderson Haig Atheian Jessica Austin Stephany Bai John Barnhart Alixandra Binney Margaret Borchert Siri Borgen Michael Brown Jason Cho Edmund Chow Chris Curtis Andrew Davis Chris Davis Paige Dewey Willie Drewry Andy Espitia Parker Evensen Arielle Ford Chris Gilbert Matt Goldin Miranda Gonzalez-Brown Claire Gordon Nick Grover Amanda Hawes Sterling Hedges Jack Herrill Anna Hoffman Kaitlyn Holm Grant Hoxworth Robert Jackson Matt Jones Andrew Kang Anna Kilbride Derek Kim Elizabeth Kim Frances Kim Danny Kradjian Emily Law

Endicott College Unknown Biola University Unknown Unknown Wellesley College Undecided Rhode Island School of Design University of California, Los Angeles USC Carnegie Mellon Macalaster University of Colorado, Boulder Emerson University of Southern California University of Oregon Los Angeles Fire Academy Boston College George Washington University University of Southern California Unknown Pitzer

Back Row: Jack Herrill, Grant Hoxworth, Michael Brown. Front Row: Armani Morris, Nick Grover, Matthew May.

Lauren Lee University of San Francisco Rebecca LeShay Bucknell University Clarice Lii Cara Lowe Matthew May Scott McQueen Arielle McSween Michela Meister Elliott Milner Nathan Min Philip Montoya Armani Morris Megan Mountford Eni Njoku John Oswalt Olivia Ouyang Juliana Peterson-More Caroline Reich Laura Rios Jack Rodat Violet Sarosi Katherine Sears Tyler Shin Elias Sideris

University of California, Irvine Rhode Island School of Design Santa Clara College Earlham College Eugene Lange College Stanford University Unknown Massachusetts Institute of Technology Southern Methodist University University of Arizona or NYU New York Univeristy Loyola Marymount University Pitzer Amherst College Pasadena City College George Mason University Pepperdine Taking year off, Colorado College in 2011 Unknown American University St. Andrews University University of California, Berkeley

Reed College University of Pennsylvania University of Arizona University of Arizona Villanova Parsons New School of Design Bryn Mawr College Loyola, Chicago

Calvin Smith Anna Stapelfeldt Sarah Sun Krishan Sutharshana Will Thompson Tyler Uyehara Nic Wackerly Garrett Wax

Feather River College Virginia Tech Unknown Unknown

Jacob Weber Pitzer Stefan Weich New York University Natalie Weinstein Trinity College Samantha Whitehead Unknown

University of California, San Diego Tufts University New York University Unknown Rhode Island School of Design

Lifers: students who have attended Chandler for 9 years

Lianne Wong Allen Yeh Caitlin York Ann Young

Unknown Cornell University University of San Francisco University of Southern California College of William & Mary Unknown Playing hockey University of San Diego

Boston College Stanford University California State University, Los Angeles Loyola Marymount University


A lumni N ews

Chandler High School



of the

’70s Alumni Reunion

This February, alumni of Chandler High School and the classes of the ’70s returned to campus for a long-anticipated reunion. The event kicked-off with a special reception for high school alumni and their former faculty and staff. After the highschool reception, additional members of the classes of Matt Wright ’74 CHS 78, Michael Mims, Erin Bean Allen ’72 the ’70s joined in to to visit CHS ’76 with teachers, tour their old classrooms and reconnect with former classmates. The night ended with a special dinner where alumni and faculty members offered heartfelt accounts of their Chandler memories and shared what they had been doing since they left Chandler. Board of Trustees member Matt Wright ’74 CHS ’78 remembered that “Chandler in the ’70s was a pretty special experience, not only because of the faculty, which Tom Chandler put together to our great and constant benefit, but also because of one of the things that really made it special, and that no longer exists – in those days we had the High School to look forward to. I remember thinking as I was leaving the eighth-grade: ‘Wow, I’m going to high school next year, this is going to be great!’ And you know what? It was.” Sheryl MacQuoid Price ’74 CHS ’78 looked around the room and said, “This is my family.” Like many of her classmates, she believes “every teacher I had at Chandler was beyond fantastic. I use what I learned here every day.” Although the high school only was open for three years, Jay Sullivan ’72 CHS ’76 expressed what many were feeling: “We always felt we belonged here. It was an interesting three years filled with incredible people – both teachers and fellow students. To the teachers who meant so much to us: we can picture you from the day we went 30

Katheleen Ferrier Denham ’73 CHS ’77, Henry Sharp

Jenifer Biven Aldridge ’76, Mr. Mac, Lasley Biven

to school here, and we hear your voice when we think of things that created our personality and how we’ve performed in life. We’ll be forever thankful.” Both alumni and faculty expressed their thanks to Tom and Katie Chandler for taking the chance on a high school. Perhaps Matt Wright said it best: “Chandler High School represents a wonderful legacy that we should all be proud of and a legacy that our teachers should be proud of. I think we’ve become adults that Tom Chandler would be proud to know.” Thank you to all the alumni and former faculty and staff in attendance. The event was a great opportunity to reminisce about the ’70s at Chandler and pay tribute to Chandler High School and Tom and Katie Chandler!

A lumni N ews

Chandler Alumnus Noel D’Angelo Still Working As a medical researcher at Amgen, Dr. Noel D’Angelo ’89 spends his days developing medicines for the treatment of cancer. Noel always liked math and science. “My interest continued to grow,” he says. After graduating from Chandler he went on to Flintridge Preparatory High School and then attended Photo Courtesy Amgen Harvey Mudd where he majored in chemistry. Ultimately he earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Stanford in 2003 and has been working in the field of medical research ever since. “I am where I am today because of my experience at Chandler,” he says in response to why he continues to support Chandler. “It’s my way to give back for what it gave me – a good education.” His message to today’s parents is: Chandler tuition is “the best money they’ll spend in their life.” Noel’s own parents felt he would be more challenged at Chandler than at a public school, and after waiting two years for an opening, he started at Chandler as a fourth grader. “Chandler taught me good study habits. Chandler is as good at preparing students for the future now, as it was then. Chandler is keeping pace with new technology and modernizing well. I see the lists of schools of where students are going, and they are all great schools and big name universities,” says Noel. His message to eighth-grade students is “beware of substance X,” adding that they’ll know what that means when they get to their end-of-year projects. Noel says his former classmates might be surprised

Correction! In the last edition of the Shamrock we reported that Chandler High School opened its doors to 60 students in the fall of 1972 (p. 34). It was actually just 17, according to faculty member Henry Sharp.


‘Substance X’

to learn that he himself is still working on ‘substance X.’ When he’s not busy developing new drugs to treat cancer, he stays busy with sports and his church. Like many Chandler students who left as eighth graders, Noel says his favorite part of the Chandler campus was the Point. “The eighth grade had exclusive access to the Point, so that was neat.” His favorite Chandler memories involve all of the great teachers he had, he says. While he cited many of his instructors, he adds, “Mr. Korn is a legend as far as I’m concerned. He coached the teams I was on, and he was a cool guy. You did not want to be on the wrong side of Mr. Korn’s loud voice, because the whole school would know about it – and running would be involved as well.” But, he adds, “on sports teams he would yell for encouragement.”

STAY CONNECTED Every student who attended Chandler School is a member of the Chandler School Alumni Association. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to establish an active partnership between alumni and the school and to enhance the Chandler experience for current and future alumni. There are many ways of being involved with the Alumni Association. For more information, please contact Alumni Relations Coordinator Lauren Tapp at Share news with your fellow alumni! Please send your Class Notes by mail, fax or email using the contact information listed on the back of the Shamrock. Photos will be scanned and returned. Plus, log on to the Alumni section of our website to easily update your profile and search for schoolmates. Chandler’s Shamrock Facebook fan page has over 700 fans and is growing! Become a fan and reconnect with fellow alumni, hear about student and alumni accomplishments, learn of upcoming events, view photos and read Chandler News as it happens. To become a fan search “Chandler Shamrock.” Also, “friend” Chandler School by searching “Chandler Alumni.”


A lumni N ews



Alumni Council Representative John Berger

It has been a year since I joined the Chandler Board of Trustees with the purpose of representing all alumni; it has been an honor and a privilege. I commend the Board of Trustees whose members work vigorously to maintain Chandler’s mission to provide students with an academically challenging education in a nurturing environment. I am also very proud of the Alumni Council and their drive to keep alumni connected with Chandler. Through both of these groups, and as a current Chandler parent, I’m honored to be a part of the team ensuring Chandler remains a special place for our current students and our alumni, and I hope that you will join me in making the upcoming year even more of a special one for our wonderful school. The 2010-2011 school year marks Chandler’s 60th anniversary, and the school will be hosting a variety of events throughout the year to celebrate. I hope you will join us at as many of these events as possible. In addition, construction has just gotten underway on a project to rebuild the Chandler Middle School. To keep up-to-date on both of these important milestones, please visit the Chandler website ( The website is also a great way to connect with former classmates and teachers through our searchable online directory. In the Alumni section, visit the Stay Connected page to email your class representative, submit class notes and connect on Facebook and LinkedIn. The alumni News & Events page allows you to find out the details of upcoming events, rsvp, view guest lists and peruse stories and photos from past events. Moving forward, the annual Alumni Newsletter will be delivered electronically – this not only reduces our carbon footprint, but it also makes your newsletter more interactive. The Alumni and Community eNewsletter will include stories on notable alumni, extensive class notes, a calendar of upcoming events and features on current students. To ensure you receive the new eNewsletter, make sure Chandler has your current email address. You won’t want to miss out on your copy! If you need help logging in, please email Lauren Tapp, Alumni Relations Coordinator at! We thank you for your rich history with Chandler School and your support to its past, present and future. All my best,

Class of 1988 President of the Alumni Council and Association


A lumni N ews

Class Notes Carol Ann Burton ’70 is the president of the Glendale Chapter of the National Charity League, Inc., a mother-daughter charity group. She is a past president of the Board of the YWCA of Glendale and is currently serving her second term on the board as a co-chair of fundraising. She also volunteers as a clinical associate professor of OB/GYN at USC Medical School. Her youngest daughter is a senior at Marlborough. Timothy Safford ’73 CHS ’75 lives in Philadelphia where he is a rector of christ church. He is married to Lynn Karoly, and they have two children, Hanna and Sarah. Sam Farmer ’80 covers the NFL for the Los Angeles Times and lives in Glendale with his wife Paige and their two children. Anna Pehoushek ’80 and her husband Al are enjoying life with their son John. The family traveled to Vancouver for the Olympics. Anna is a principle planner for the City of Orange, leading the city’s longrange planning activities. Recently, Anna and her son John drove by Chandler to see where Anna and her brother, James Pehoushek ’79, went to school. Marshall MacCready ’81 and his family own AeroVironment, a Monrovia-based company, involved in green technology. With the passing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, funds will be available for the company to pursue electric and hybrid car technology projects. AeroVironment currently develops remotecontrolled miniature military aircrafts and charging systems for electric vehicles. The firm was selected by Nissan North America to supply electric vehicle home charging stations for Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicle and will work with Chevrolet to develop the company’s new electric car, the Chevy Volt.

Joe Mathews ’87 is the co-author of a new book, The California Crackup: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It, published in June 2010 by the University of California Press. He is also the author of The People’s Machine: Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Rise of Blockbuster Democracy. Joe is an Irvine senior fellow at the New American Joe Mathews Foundation and his work appears in the Washington Post, The New Republic, Poilitico, Scientific American Online, Conde Nast Portfolio, The Sacramento Bee, The San Francisco Chronicle and Fox and Hounds Daily. Joel Lavin ’88 and his wife Anna have two children, Lila and Solomon, and the family is living in Eugene, Oregon. He recently became an administrator of Roosevelt Middle School also in Eugene, Oregon. John Lovin ’88 is a veteran and served as a Captain in the US Army Infantry Stryker unit stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington. His family is thankful he returned from Iraq without injury. John, his wife and son Jack now live in Seattle, Washington. Erika Person Werner ’88 is singing in the opera Rigoletto with the Opera Company of the Highlands in New York. Future engagements include her debut with the Yard Dance Company in Martha’s Vineyard in August and a recital with her husband, Eric, in September in Philadelphia.

Bonnie Glassco ’86 and her husband Doug welcomed new baby Robert Cooper into the world. Congrats Bonnie and Doug!

Panney Wei ’88 was recently recognized by three organizations for her work as a life-coach, motivational speaker, author and TV radio host. She was named one of the 2010 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business, designated as one of the Taiwanese’s “100 Passionate People” and nominated for the Arts & Literature for the Asian Heritage Awards by the Asian Heritage Society. Panney is also applying for her own talk show on Oprah’s OWN-TV channel. The show’s concept is helping people transform their lives and creating positive change from the inside out. In addition to her busy career, in June, Panney and her husband Christopher welcomed baby Talia into the world. Panney is blogging about her journey into motherhood at apanneyforyourthoughts., where she shares parenting tips, hilarities and special moments. Congratulations Panney and Christopher! Panney Wei

Bo Gustafson ’86 lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon with his wife and three children. He works for Vestas International, a wind technology company.

Greg Gustafson ’89 lives in Redondo Beach with his wife and their newborn son. Greg works for Martifier Solar, an international producer of solar equipment.

Jim Gruettner ’87 and a friend opened up Marengo on Union, a restaurant in San Francisco that features wine, whiskey and sliders. For more information visit

Melissa Jones ’89 married Dan Harper last November, and the couple lives in Glendale with their two pugs, the Colonel and Big Moe. She is currently a Production Executive for Starz Media in Burbank. Melissa and Dan attended the Chandler Alumni Wine Tasting last spring and were able to reconnect with “some familiar faces from the Chandler days!”

Chris Rising ’83 participated in the 2010 Battle of the Bowl V, a flag football fundraising event at the Rose Bowl, which raised over $130,000 for the 11,000 children and families served by the Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services. Chris was among several former Pac-10 College and NFL players to play in the Bowl. The football game pitted the Benefactors against the Patrons; Chris’ team, the Patrons, won 34 to 33. At halftime about 25 children and friends were invited onto the Rose Bowl field to participate in a passing and field goal kicking contest.

Jim Gruettner and his business partner


A lumni N ews Tammy Schmidt ’89 was married to Sean Hille this February in Tucson, Arizona. For their honeymoon they took a cruise to Belize and Mexico. Tammy is a high school guidance counselor, and Sean is a real estate agent. Tammy says she enjoys reconnecting with Chandler Alumni through Facebook! Aurora Cerda ’92 is the owner of La Casa Azul Bookstore, an independent bookstore and café in New York offering new and used books in both English and Spanish. Aurora was inspired by Frida Kahlo, a painter known for using vibrant colors and styles influenced by the indigenous cultures of Mexico. The bookstore was recently featured in the Pie Deceho February issue. Chance Hill ’93 a former naval intelligence officer, recently returned from a one-year tour in Taji, Iraq. He is a full-time student at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in Washington D.C. He is considering applying to law schools in the coming year. Anne Bartlett Fender ’94 attended medical school in Rochester, New York, then spent a year in Oregon participating in an internship, and is now in a dermatology residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Anne is married to Christopher Fender, who is a plastic and hand surgeon. The couple’s son, Cole, “is the joy of our lives!” Jon Beland ’94 spent two years in the Ukraine as a Peace Corps volunteer before attending Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies for a master’s degree in international relations. Jon is currently living in Washington D.C. and works for a space industry consultancy. Jon would love to hear from classmates in his area at Chad Colton ’94 is in his third year with the Walking with Dinosaurs tour, a live theatrical show that plays to 7,000-seat arenas throughout North America and Europe. Based on the popular BBC mini-series, the production features life-sized, detailed, freemoving dinosaurs, including a 40-foot tall Brachiosaurus. As head performer, Chad auditions and supervises actors and plays baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. Walking with Dinosaurs was the fourth highest grossing tour of 2009, following closely behind U2, AC/DC and Bruce Springsteen. The show returns to Southern California this September with performances at the Honda Center in Anaheim and the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Chris Mang ’94 beat cancer! He was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2008; he recently completed treatment and is now in complete remission! He also completed two 100-mile bike rides for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and co-owns the Merengue Bakery and Café in Monrovia. The bakery specializes in Cuban sandwiches, potato balls, empanadas, pastries and custom cakes. You can check out the bakery at


Matthew Joy ’95 and Brendan Joy ’96 recently returned from a trip to Spain. The brothers are currently attempting to establish a Basque Tapas Bar in Los Angeles. In their spare time, they both work as attorneys. Matthew works for the Law Office of Jordan Bischoff & Hiser, P.L.C. in Arizona, specializing in environmental and natural resources litigation. Brendan works for Keith A. Fink and Associates in Los Angeles, specializing in labor and entertainment law. Christina Liberman Elias ’96 completed her master’s degree in elementary education in May 2008. Christina and her husband of five years recently welcomed daughter Isabella into the world. The family lives in Palm Desert, California. Patrick Miller ’96 lives in Greenwich Village, New York, where he is the chef at Gilt Restaurant in New York Palace Hotel. Amit Sura ’96 says he has fond memories of his junior high days at Chandler. He attended the wedding of Erin Kaneko ’96 and Travis Young ’96 in May 2009 in Dana Point. Fellow alumni who were able to catch up at the Kaneko-Young’s beach wedding included Ian Nomura ’96, Richard Lang ’96, Daniel Rothenberg ’96 and Keisuke Nakagawa ’96. Chris White ’96 married Lauren Chroman this March at the Athenaeum in Pasadena. Chris and Lauren met at La Salle in the spring of 2000 and have been together ever since. Chandler alumni in attendance included Chris’ father Leon White ’63, Jon Kondrath ’97, Meg White ’98, and Chandler faculty member Bob Kondrath. Chris and Lauren will honeymoon this summer in Ireland. Chris is currently a senior systems consultant at Hutchinson and Bloodgood, LLP in Glendale. Jon Kondrath ’97 started his own production company, ReKon Productions, and produced a commercial that aired on KTLA. The company also offers production rentals. Jon’s sister, Kristina Kondrath ’00, occasionally works on projects with them as well. For more information, visit Grace Wells Tomooka ’97 and her husband Mark have two children and live in Upland, California.

A lumni N ews Chelsea Cowell ’98 lives in San Francisco where she is an independent personal trainer. She recently completed the AIDS/ Lifecycle Ride, a seven-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Kevin Kleine ’98 graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2007 with a bachelor’s of arts in advertising/public relations and now lives in New York. Kevin is a media planner at Initiative Media. He and his roommate started a custom skateboard company, Wank Longboards. The longboards are 100% custom made and Kevin and various artists hand paint the boards. For more information visit Tom Maloof ’98 is currently involved in real estate investment, development and management in Los Angeles. For more information, check out James Alofs ’00 is finishing his final term for his MBA at the Schulic School of Business in Toronto. He recently returned from an eight-month work term for Wal-Mart China in Shenzhen. In May, James began working as a brand manager for P&G Canada. Katie Kelley ’00 and her mother, Sharon, have taken their love of cooking and baking and gone into business together, opening a gourmet, made-to-order toffee company called Simmering Sugar. The confectionary produces four types of toffee and ships them out fresh. Sharon taught Kelly how to cook around the age of 12, the same age Sharon taught herself how to cook. For more information visit Jeff Soulek ’00 has joined his mother, Kathy, as a partner in her real estate business at the Prudential Office in Pasadena. Philip Burns ’01 is a volunteer with the Peace Corps. He trains community development councils at a city planning office in the Guatemalan highlands. Nathaniel Oubre’ ’02 graduated from Loyola Marymount University on May 8, 2010 with a degree in history and political science. While a student at Loyola, Nate interned with a federal judge through the non-profit, Solomon Leadership Foundation, and was also a LMU Leadership Scholar. During his junior year, he completed the Summer Venture in Management Program at Harvard. Nate will attend the University of Pennsylvania Law School in the fall. Congrats Nate! Isamu McGregor ’03 and his band Origin Blue competed in a Battle of the Bands in February at Tatuma Social Club in New York. Nick Weinstein ’03 is entering his senior year at Occidental College and is the vice president of his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, vice president of philanthropy for the Greek Council and treasurer of the Phi Alpha Delta Law fraternity. He is also part of the Occidental Engage Program, a pre-orientation program which helps students transition from high school into college life. This summer he will work as an intern at ESPN for the Sports Center Program.

Steven Stringfellow ’04 completed his sophomore year at the United States Military Academy, West Point in New York, where he is on the Dean’s List and majoring in military history. Stevie will be in South Korea for three weeks for training and then will spend six weeks as a platoon sergeant training new recruits at West Point. Matt Jones ’06, Andrew Kang ’06 and Scott McQueen ’06 were participants in the nine-member St. Francis High School Academic Decathlon team. Starting in September and culminating in April, when the National Finals were held, they studied an average of 2030 hours per week for the competitions. The team won first place for a medium-sized school in the State Finals and second place in the National Finals. In addition, in the Regional Finals, Matt won two bronze medals, Andrew won one gold medal and one bronze medal and Scott won five silver and two bronze individual medals. In the State Finals, Matt and Andrew each won one medal and Scott won three bronze medals. Finally, in the National Finals, Scott won a gold medal for economics. Congrats guys! Michela Meister ’06 graduated high school with highest honors from Boston University Academy in Massachusetts, where she is a National Merit Scholar. Michela also was a candidate for the Presidential Scholar; the program selects 3,000 candidates based on their academic and artistic achievement, leadership, character and involvement within the community and school. Michela is on the USA under 20 Junior Ultimate Frisbee team and will be playing against 22 teams from all around the world in the Junior World Championship in Heilbronn, Germany in August. In the fall, Michela will attend Stanford University. Samantha Stringfellow ’07 just completed her sophomore year at Westridge School. She had a featured role in Westridge’s production of A Chorus Line playing opposite Mary Hakimeh ’07. Samantha is also a dancer in Rock Theater, a performing group out of Paramount Studios. In the summer, Samantha will participate in a sports and entertainment management intensive program at Fordham University through the National Youth Leadership Conference and an internship at Glendale Center Theatre. Grace Raymond ’09 played the lead in the Sacred Heart High School production of Steel Magnolias. Michael Weinstein ’10 is on an all-star baseball team this summer and is attending a leadership camp for the Boy Scouts of America while working on his Eagle Scout project alumni who have registered on the Chandler website


Chandler Community

Jeff Stephens and Joyce Greif

Chandler Community

Joyce Greif Honored


More Than Three Decades

Director of Development Joyce Greif was honored for her 31 years of service to Chandler School at the annual CFA Volunteer Luncheon and during a reception in Johnson Courtyard. Past and present parents, teachers, alumni, students, Board of Trustees members, CFA board members and her family paid tribute to Joyce. Joyce’s relationship with Chandler began in 1976 when her children enrolled. “I jumped right in. I volunteered for class events and joined the CFA Board. In fact, it was while I was tacking up posters for a Family Fair that I was approached by incoming Headmaster Jeff Stephens about taking on the role of Director of Development,” says Joyce. “There was no job description, and all the files were contained in a single shoe box. A lot has changed, but one thing remains the same: parent volunteers are truly the heart of Chandler School.” “She started off from scratch,” said Mr. Stephens, who hired Joyce in 1979. “She started the Annual Fund and established many longstanding traditions… It was a joy to work with Joyce.”

Joyce Greif in 1986

Joyce organized the school’s first capital campaign, for the current Lower School buildings, and raised funds for many other campus renovations. In addition she ensured that a strong force of parent volunteers made up the CFA Board each year. “Joyce has touched the lives of virtually every student who has walked the halls of Chandler School over the last 31 years. The beauty of it all is that those students don’t even know it. That’s vintage Joyce,” said Michael Healy, past Board of Trustees member and parent of two alumni. During the weeks leading up to her retirement, well wishes poured in to the school. School Co-Founder Katie Chandler wrote, “To me, the name Joyce Greif means: the loyal one who is always ready and willing to be there, to guide, to rejoice with, to keep the news about the school, Joyce and Co-Founder Katie Chandler



the teachers – present and past, the pupils and the alumni flowing… And to always be so attractively ‘put together.’” Harry Andrews John Rouse, Mike Healy, Joyce Greif, Ted Samuels, ’56, who was one Woody Wu of Chandler’s first graduates, wrote: “Thank you for all your contributions to the school, which played such major inspiration in my life over 50 years ago.” “Congratulations my friend… For 31 years you have been responsible for bringing change to the campus with your continued perseverance,” wrote Lasley Biven, who worked closely with Joyce for many years as the assistant to the head of the Middle School. “Now enjoy your garden and all that gives you pleasure. You deserve it!” During a speech Joyce gave at the Volunteer Luncheon, she thanked the hundreds of volunteers she has worked with over the years and added, “Working with you has made my life richer than you can ever imagine. Chandler wouldn’t be the place it is if it weren’t for all the hours volunteers put in providing for our children. Looking to the future, I know that the essence of Chandler – its committed families and volunteers – will remain an essential part of the school.” In true Joyce form, on the day of her retirement reception, she told Head of School John Finch, “I don’t know what all the fuss is about; I’ve just done my job.” But, as Mr. Finch pointed out, that’s precisely what makes her so special. “She’s truly an icon at this institution, and we owe it to her to celebrate her and all she’s done for this institution,” he said in closing. As Mr. Stephens closed his remarks at Joyce’s reception he added: “Dynamite comes in small packages, and Joyce Greif, you are dynamite.” We agree and will miss you! Joyce and Ted Samuels


Chandler Family A ssociates




Founded in 1975, the Chandler Family Associates was established for the purpose of coordinating volunteers, increasing communication between school families and raising funds for specific school needs. Today, it’s hard to imagine Chandler without the CFA. Through countless hours of volunteer work the CFA provides vital support for a number of important Chandler activities throughout



the year including: Parents’ Nights, the Shamrock Shoppe, Book Fair, Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day, Friday lunches, Scrip, Sports-A-Thon, the Family Fair, Party Book and a number of other special events. In addition, Chandler parents are always ready to help out during class trips and with other programs for students.

Chandler School Honored


Annual Luncheon

Each spring the CFA gathers to celebrate the year at the final CFA meeting and Volunteer Luncheon. Departing CFA Board President Yuen Fang presented John Finch with a check for the more than $55,000 the CFA raised throughout the year. Incoming CFA Board President Trevessa Terrile introduced new board members for the 2010-2011 academic year. This year’s luncheon was extra special as CFA Board members, past and present, took the opportunity to honor Joyce Greif who retired after 31 years as Chandler’s Director of Development. Past board members CFA Board Members at the Volunteer Luncheon spoke about the importance of Joyce’s contributions over the years. Joyce support and commitment and reminded everyone present took the opportunity to thank the hundreds of volunteers that volunteers truly are the heart of Chandler School. she has worked with over the years for their friendship,

The Debbie Nesbit Excellence


Volunteerism Award

Chandler Family Associates award the Debbie Nesbit Excellence in Volunteerism Award to a parent of an eighth-grade graduating student who over the years has demonstrated exceptional volunteer commitment and has given selflessly of his or herself to benefit the Chandler community. This year’s award was presented to Kate Jacobs at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Lunch. Kate has been a room representative, served on the CFA Board in various capacities including co-chairing the Chandler Benefit in 2005 and is a familiar face across campus. She organized parent support for all off-campus athletic games including transportation and snacks and kept parents informed of all schedules and changes. “She is always happy to pitch in and help no matter what the task and is a pleasure to work with,” said Director of Development Joyce Greif. We thank her, and we will miss her! Kate Jacobs



Chandler School Breaks Ground New South Campus Project

“Our challenge is to best prepare our students for the

D evelopment O ffice


If you have been to the Chandler campus lately you’ll notice a lot of activity! Chandler School kicked-off its project to build a brand new South Campus with a Groundbreaking Ceremony on Tuesday, July 20. The new campus facilities will more than double the teaching and learning space for Middle School students, from approximately 15,000 square feet in the old quarters, to 31,500 square feet in the new building. The new complex, which is slated to be ready for the start of the 2011-2012 school year, includes state-of-the-art designated classrooms for every teacher and Craftsman architecture to match the existing Lower School and neighborhood. The first phase of the project also will include: a new library and media center, three clustered science labs, a new multipurpose auditorium and enhanced courtyards. Approved by the city of Pasadena in 2008, the 15-year Chandler Master Development Plan will eventually bring to the South Campus music and art studios, athletic facility improvements and a new welcoming entrance on Seco Street with increased parking. John Finch and School Co-Founder Katie Chandler


future,” said Head of School John Finch to members of Chandler’s Board of Trustees, School Co-Founder Catherine Chandler and donors to the project who assembled for the ceremony. “The South Campus Project provides opportunities for us to strengthen our program for the future. Spacious new Middle School classrooms, art spaces, performance spaces and science laboratories will support our teachers and students to seamlessly integrate technology in their teaching and learning. These new spaces will provide the best learning environment for our teachers to better prepare our students,” said Mr. Finch. Prior to the start of construction, Chandler’s community of parents, alumni and friends, many of whom were gathered at the groundbreaking ceremony, already had contributed more than half of the approximately $14 million needed to complete the first phase of the project. As part of the initial fundraising effort, the School received the largest gift in its history, $1 million from an anonymous donor. “Everyone here today is a leader… and I thank you for that,” departing Board of Trustees President John Rouse told the assembled guests. After the presentation, attendees were invited to the construction site, where they had the opportunity to scoop up a shovel full of dirt to commemorate the event.

Christopher Rising ‘83, John Rouse, John Finch, Rick Dickerson and R. Christian Evensen

When completed, the more environmentally efficient, LEED silver certified, South Campus buildings will further strengthen the School’s program and contribute to the positive experience of a vibrant school community. To learn more about the Master Development Plan and get up-todate construction announcements and photos, please visit 39



D evelopment O ffice

Trustee Visiting Day

Teachers Are Lifelong Learners Too

Each spring members of Chandler’s Board of Trustees visit Chandler classrooms and talk to students about their experiences. This year, Board President John Rouse asked Middle School Student Council members to share with the trustees what they like best about Chandler and what they would change if they could. “The classes are small so you can really connect with your teachers,” said Michael Weinstein. Michael Finney said he likes the diversity of the athletics program and the fact that everyone gets a chance to play on a team. Maile Murphy pointed out that each student has the opportunity to try everything including sports, student council, being in plays and participating in community service. Many students said they would improve the field if they could, but most agreed that they wouldn’t change a thing.

Chandler teachers aim to instill in their students a lifelong love of learning, so it is no surprise that they never stop seeking knowledge themselves. This spring Chandler English teachers Ashley Laird and Donna Dretzka hosted fellow English teachers from local independent schools to share curriculum ideas on literature. The group of teachers learned how other schools balance everyday curriculum and still get students to read for fun. Mrs. Laird was inspired to make Chandler a community of readers, while Mrs. Dretzka enjoyed hearing how others were teaching the personal essay. The consortium found the meeting worthwhile and has already planned follow-up gatherings.

Past Board Presidents reunion Dinner Past Chandler Board of Trustees presidents gathered in January to celebrate Chandler’s history and help plan for its future. Back Row: Dan Greenwood, Jay Berger, Geoff Arrobio. Front Row: Michael Finney, Tyler Fong, Michael Weinstein.

Bill Baribault, Ted Samuels, Jay Berger, Dick Cook, Bruce Coffey, Elaine Reeves, George Abdo, Mike Healy, Susan Clifford, John Rouse and Sid Tyler. Not pictured: John Bartlett and Woody Wu. Charlotte Stephens, Doug Frey, Michael Pearson, Colin Treidler, Debbie Fagen and Himmat Sahi


Faculty & Staff N ews

Farewells & Introductions Laura Dicovitsky has been hired as Chandler’s new director of development. She comes to Chandler from Foothill Country Day School in Claremont where she served as director of development and alumni affairs for four years. Mrs. Dicovitsky will be responsible for the South Campus Capital Campaign, Annual Fund, alumni relations and communications. Mrs. Dicovitsky earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and her master’s degree from the University of North Carolina School of Journalism. Before embarking on a career in development Mrs. Dicovitsky spent fifteen years in broadcast and print journalism. Her husband, Gary, is Vice President for Development at the Prostate Laura Dicovitsky Cancer Foundation. The couple have two daughters, Jessie, who is a junior at Princeton and Rose, who will be attending Dartmouth in the fall.

Joan McLaughlin

Kipp Sandvig

J.J. Newman

John Jourdane

After a decade of distinguished service to Chandler as a teaching assistant, Middle School librarian and secondary school counselor, Joan McLaughlin is taking a position as Director of Development at Crestview Preparatory School in La Cañada. “We will miss Joan’s professionalism, her child-centeredness and her commitment to Chandler,” said Mr. Finch. Sixth-grade science teacher Kipp Sandvig will be leaving Chandler after 15 years of service. We wish him well in his future endeavors. J.J. (Jacqueline) Newman will be Chandler’s new sixth-grade science teacher. Mrs. Newman has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Scripps College and a master’s in marine biodiversity and conservation from University of California at San Diego. She is completing her teaching credential in biology and earth science at California State University at Northridge. Mrs. Newman also has ten years of outdoor education experience. John Jourdane has chosen to postpone his retirement for one more year and will return as Chandler’s seventh-grade life science teacher. He will coincide his retirement with that of his wife, Greta, who teaches in Huntington Beach. “It is wonderful to have him perform an encore,” said Mr. Finch.

Darrell Tozier relocated to Chicago at the end of the school year, where his wife, Alicia, has taken a marketing job. “Mr. Tozier’s meticulous lesson planning, his use of technology for teaching and his expertise as a track coach have made a lasting impression on his students and his colleagues,” said Mr. Finch. Bobby Smiley has been hired as Chandler’s new seventh-grade history teacher. Mr. Smiley has three years of teaching experience and recently completed his master’s degree at Yale University. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin.

Birth Announcements

Darrell Tozier

Bobby Smiley

Middle School English teacher Sarah Newhall and her husband Dave welcomed new baby girl Charlotte Katherine Newhall on March 2. The new addition to the family weighed in at just over 7 pounds and measured just Charlotte Katherine Newhall over 20 inches. “We are loving every moment with her, and big sister Emma just adores her. We are very appreciative of all of the well wishes from Chandler,” said Mrs. Newhall. Director of Technology Trevor Spicer and his wife Deena welcomed their first child on May 5. Seth Earl Spicer weighed in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces and was 21 inches long. Seth Earl Spicer

In Memoriam Arlene N. Anderson May 11, 1929 – April 20, 2010 Former Chandler teacher Arlene Andersen passed away this spring. She is survived by her two daughters Gail and Janet. A celebration of Mrs. Andersen’s life was held at La Cañada Methodist Church on Monday, May 10, which would have been her 81st birthday.


1005 Armada Drive Pasadena, CA 91103

If this publication is addressed to a child who no longer lives at your residence, the Chandler School Alumni Office would like to update its mailing list with their new address. Please contact us by one of the methods listed on this page.


Address Service Requested

Save the Dates for Chandler School’s 60th Anniversary CelebrationS The 2010-2011 school year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of Chandler School. Special programs and events throughout the year will commemorate 60 years of excellence in K-8 education. For more information, check the school calendar at Founder’s Day Friday, October 1st The anniversary celebration kicks off with special activities for parents and students, including a special “History of the School” assembly. Attendees will have the opportunity to win raffle prizes including: “Head of School for a Day” and premier seating for the Lower School Holiday Program, Spring Sing and Graduation. 60th Anniversary Family Picnic at Tournament Park Sunday, October 17th Current families and students are invited for ’50s themed games and a special lunch from In-N-Out! Alumni BBQ at the Rose Bowl Saturday, April 16th Alumni from all years and their parents reconnect with friends and celebrate the school’s 60th anniversary during an afternoon of family fun, food and games at the Rose Bowl. 60th Anniversary Gala at the Athenaeum Saturday, May 14th Wrap-up the 2010-2011 school year and our 60th Anniversary with a night of dinner and dancing at Chandler’s gala. This event is open to the whole Chandler community.

The Shamrock is published for parents, past parents, alumni and friends of Chandler School. In compiling this publication, every effort has been made to ensure that it is accurate. If there are misspellings or other errors, please accept our apologies. Our gratitude is extended to everyone who has contributed to this publication.

Laura Dicovitsky Director of Development Ann Rho Annual Fund Campaign Director Michelle Unrot Communications Director Lauren Tapp Alumni Relations/ Special Events Coordinator Maureen Short Administrative Assistant, Development Department/Data Management

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Chandler School Shamrock Summer 2010  

The Shamrock is published for parents, alumni and friends of Chandler School.

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