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Dear friends, I was deeply honored and humbled to be inaugurated as Chaminade’s tenth president. Now, as we prepare to close out the year, I am pleased with the progress we’ve made in the last 12 months and excited about our plans for 2019. Over the last year, Chaminade students, faculty, staff and administrators have all rolled up their sleeves to put our university’s strong mission in action. Innovation is thriving on campus, and new initiatives that further our aims are taking flight. Central to all our work: putting students first. Always.


We’re putting our students first by partnering with employers and tailoring curricula and development programs to meet industry needs and overcome challenges. We’re putting them first by embedding community service opportunities into a Chaminade education. We’re putting students first by educating tomorrow’s ethical leaders, challenging them to change the world for the better. And we’re putting them first by ensuring excellence in all that we do. This end-of-year report, my first as president, is not meant to be all-encompassing. Detailing all the accomplishments of our Chaminade community in 2018 would result in a hefty tome. Rather, this brief is designed to highlight Chaminade’s key successes over the last year and illuminate our central initiatives for the year ahead. There is certainly much to look forward to. In 2019, we’ll continue to expand the vital professional development work of Chaminade’s Center for Teaching and Learning, which relocated in 2018 to a newly renovated home in Hale Hoaloha. The new permanent quarters for the center offer modern, state-of-the-art spaces for learning, engagement and collaboration. And they allow the center, which added an assessment specialist and instructional designer this year, to continue expanding its programming. That’s welcome news for our faculty, many of whom have already taken advantage of the center’s valuable expertise. In fact, upwards of 82 percent of full-time and adjunct faculty at Chaminade have participated in some type of programming at the center. Also next year, we’re excited to broaden the community-building opportunities of the newly-launched Marianist Center for Leadership Development, a signature four-year program for undergraduates made possible with a $1.5 million gift from the Marianist Province of the United States. The center incorporates Marianist, Catholic and Hawaiian values and the principles of ethical leadership, helping students grow academically and personally. As is clear, I could go on and on about the impressive, innovative and student-focused initiatives underway at Chaminade—all of them driven by our strong service-oriented mission. Instead, I’ll let this report serve as a summary of our work and close this introduction with this thought: Over the last year, perhaps more than anything else, I have truly been moved by the dedication of our Chaminade community members. They’ve taught me that Chaminade is not just a place or a campus. It’s a feeling, a set of values. It’s a mission and a movement. And it’s one that I am incredibly proud to be a part of. Sincerely, Lynn Babington, Ph.D. President, Chaminade University of Honolulu



A bird’s-eye view of campus, Diamond Head, Waikiki and greater Honolulu.





“ We at Chaminade University aspire to be the excellent, relevant university, the innovative university and the university that contributes to the betterment of society.” – Dr. Lynn M. Babington, at her inauguration as Chaminade’s tenth president in January 2018

CHAMINADE IS a small private institution in the liberal arts tradition with robust academic offerings, a thriving campus community and state-of-theart facilities for learning. But what makes the university distinctive—and what drives its faculty and staff every day—is its strong service-oriented mission, which challenges students to seek out ways to build a better world. Since its founding in 1955, Chaminade has undergone incredible growth. Today, the university boasts world-class educational programs, a faculty of wellrecognized scholars and a student body of innovators— tomorrow’s ethical leaders across a diversity of fields, from education to sciences, criminal justice, business, social sciences and the humanities.

Excellence. Today, Chaminade has nearly 2,400 undergraduate, graduate and online students; five academic divisions; 21 undergraduate



and six graduate majors; two undergraduate and four graduate certificates and a slate of not-forcredit professional development programs and seminars. Across all of our offerings, we deliver worldclass educational experiences that celebrate the richness of our islands and the broad diversity of our student body. Relevance. We prepare students for success in rich, fulfilling careers. That requires providing a strong network of career advising and development supports. And it means working with employers—across the for-profit, nonprofit and governmental sectors—to ensure our students are meeting industry needs and are ready for future market challenges and opportunities. Innovation. Our Office of Strategy and Innovation helps members of the Chaminade community turn great ideas into stellar projects. Our innovation incubator has

already helped turn proposals into reality, including with the creation of two new MBA concentrations, a program geared toward training students for data science careers and a track that allows students to graduate with a bachelor’s and a master’s in teaching in five years. Working for the betterment of society. We are thousands strong— students, faculty members, staff and administrators. And we’ve pledged to do what we can to help make the world a more just, peaceful place. This year alone, our students helped members of the homeless population craft resumes and look for jobs. They staffed a free tax clinic for low-income individuals. And they volunteered in schools, at homeless shelters and at health centers—all as part of a commitment to do their part to make positive change in their communities.





We are Chaminade proud CHAMINADE IS a service-focused, Catholic institution founded on Marianist principles and attuned to our Hawaiian values. Even as we forge forward with new initiatives and big goals, we never set aside who we are. Instead, we bring our mission and values closer—putting them at the center of all that we undertake and all that we endeavor to be. In other words, our mission and our values drive us. After all, Chaminade is not simply a center for learning, but an institution committed to promoting and effecting social justice. Chaminade students set out to change the world; they want to make a difference. And our professors, administrators and staff facilitate those important goals by helping to extend learning through service in the community. We are a hub for excellence and innovation, and a university that works— every day and in all sorts of ways—to make an imprint of positive change. We live our values, educating for service, justice and peace, by understanding the power we hold to better society. This report highlights our successes in 2018—and looks to significant projects and exciting initiatives ahead. As we journey onward, we never lose sight of our strong legacy—of our traditions and our founding, of those who came before to help make Chaminade an institution that we are not only proud of, but that instills in all of us a drive to serve.





Creating spaces for engagement, hands-on learning and personal growth CHAMINADE IS inviting and welcoming. It’s a place not only for learning but reflection, for gatherings and for camaraderie, for research and critical thinking, for appreciation and aloha. All that begins with top-notch facilities—everything from tended grounds and landmark Spanish Mission-inspired buildings to state-of-the-art classrooms, labs and a library. And this year, we were humbled to be able to add to that robust inventory with the construction of the Silversword Athletic Training Center and Locker Rooms—to be completed in 2019—and the dramatic reimagining of Hale Hoaloha, now a space for student and teacher development. In April, more than 100 people attended a groundbreaking for the 6,500-square-foot Silversword athletic center, a move that represents the final phase of a project to enhance the university’s athletics facilities, used by over 140 studentathletes across 10 NCAA teams. The center will offer students a cutting-edge space for training, playing and recovering.

Also this year, Chaminade wrapped up a top-to-bottom makeover of Hale Hoaloha, a former dormitory. Thanks to a significant federal grant and support from three Hawai‘i foundations, the three-story building now features innovative classroom and group learning space, including 10 learning stations, flexible seating arrangements and state-of-theart technology. Hale Hoaloha is also the new home for the Center for Teaching and Learning, a professional development hub for Chaminade faculty. The new space comes as the center is quickly growing— adding an assessment specialist and instructional designer—and working with more faculty members and adjunct lecturers to better engage students in learning.



Meet Dr. Katelynn Perrault. She’s making waves in the forensic sciences

Science can be downright smelly. Just ask Dr. Katelynn Perrault, an assistant professor of forensic sciences and chemistry at Chaminade, whose research focuses on advanced strategies for detecting the volatile organic compounds that make up odors—invisible evidence that has long been overlooked but that could prove vital in criminal cases or even search-and-rescue operations during disasters. Perrault’s research is breaking new ground—and earning her accolades. In fall 2018, Perrault received a prestigious five-year grant from the National Science Foundation to fund her research into the chemicals that make up odors and to develop innovative teaching approaches that incorporate hands-on projects. With the grant, which is expected to total more than $630,000, Perrault also hopes to increase the number of Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and other underserved minorities seeking science-related careers. Perrault was also recently included in The Analytical



Scientist journal’s 40 Under 40 Power List. The list celebrates “gifted young scientists making waves in analytical science.” In accepting the honor, Perrault said her role as a professor allows her to pursue her own research while teaching others to seek out “paths that bring them fulfillment.” With her work, she aspires to advance cutting-edge tools for use across the forensic science community. Her advice to other young scientists: “Learn to wear different hats.” “In a world of multidisciplinary research, look for ways to collaborate, innovate and conduct research outside of your comfort zone—whether that’s your lab or your field of science,” said Perrault, who earned her bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and her doctoral degree from the University of Technology Sydney. “Imagination,” she said, “does not grow when we constrain ourselves by a single perspective.”

Harnessing the power of innovation AT CHAMINADE, we’re

meeting new and emerging challenges with innovation—practices, programs and policies that thrive on cooperation and deploy outside-of-the-box strategies. Central to this important work are key partnerships with community stakeholders—from entrepreneurs to grassroots organizations to nonprofits— and a drive to not only put our students first, but best position our institution to deliver on its service-oriented mission. We see Chaminade’s incredible potential as an engine for innovation, supporting a diverse and ever-

changing economic landscape while helping our students seek out ways to change the world for the better. Indeed, we’ve made significant strides in our work to become the innovative university. We’re particularly proud of our Office of Strategy and Innovation, an incubator for turning great ideas—seed ideas—into action. The office, led by Vice President for Strategy and Innovation Dr. Helen Turner, seeks to leverage the talent and creativity of faculty, staff and students in support of Chaminade’s mission, helping

them to operationalize and assess projects. Chaminade’s pro-innovation direction has already resulted in successful initiatives. In 2018, Chaminade was proud to launch two industry-informed concentrations in the Master of Business Administration program: the MBA in Healthcare Administration and the MBA in Science and Technology Innovation. Both of these concentrations are geared toward developing leaders who can thrive in ever-changing fields. Chaminade is also honored to continue its innovative partnership with Bank of Hawai‘i through the College Assistance Program. Under the program, Bank of Hawai‘i employees can seek a bachelor’s degree at Chaminade—and get reimbursed for up to five courses per year. The Office of Strategy and Innovation is also celebrating other successes. With National Science Foundation funding, our Office of Strategy and Innovation has partnered with two mainland universities to train Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students for fast-evolving and high-demand careers in data science, analytics and visualization. And in early 2018, Chaminade renovated Hale Hoaloha to house innovative new classroom space, including an active learning laboratory and an open learning environment with state-of-theart teaching technology. The former dormitory, reimagined with support from three Hawai‘i foundations, is also now the new home for Chaminade’s Center for Teaching and Learning.



Proving that good health begins at home CHAMINADE BELIEVES A

healthy community is a happy community. Over the last year, we’ve worked hard to continue to strengthen our health studies-focused programming, preparing students for successful and rewarding healthcare careers by offering cutting-edge training, handson preparation and robust mentorship opportunities. One increasingly popular option for students: Chaminade’s early admission articulation agreements with health studies-



focused graduate programs at eight institutions, from Tufts University’s School of Dental Medicine to George Washington University’s School of Medicine. We are also proud of our highly-successful nursing program, which was granted re-accreditation for 10 years in 2018 by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. As it seeks to grow its existing program, nursing is also looking into expanding its offerings. Two potentials currently under study: graduate certificates in geriatric and forensic nursing.

We’re developing healthcare leaders, equipped to meet new challenges in the industry, which is why we launched a new MBA in Healthcare Administration. The MBA offers students a specialized focus on the healthcare ecosystem, from informatics to healthcare financing to health inequities, and prepares graduates for the rapidly changing nature of healthcare.

Hyo Park ’18

“Chaminade has given me the confidence to succeed.” Hyo Park credits Chaminade for getting him where he is. It was at Chaminade where he was able to grow—as a scholar and as a person. And it was at Chaminade where he realized the real value in service, in looking for ways to lend a helping hand to neighbors as a way to build a more just and peaceful world. Park, who received a degree in biochemistry from Chaminade, said small class sizes and engaging learning environments helped him excel as a student. But the network of support on campus and the strong serviceoriented mission is what helped him thrive. “The professors take the time to know you and offer support beyond the walls of the classroom,” Park said, when asked why he’d encourage others to consider Chaminade as they figure out which school is right for them.

“People say it is due to small class sizes, but I think Chaminade has cultivated this environment where people are supportive of each other.” That network of support translated into important opportunities for Park. While at the university, he spent a summer helping underserved populations through a UCLA School of Medicine program. He also spent a summer studying zebrafish embryos at the University of Maryland and then received a Chaminade grant to present his research at a conference. Park’s work at Chaminade landed him a spot at the George Washington University School of Medicine. He applied to the program through Chaminade’s early admissions program, available to students pursuing health professions. When he got in, he realized just how far he’d come. “Chaminade,” he said, “has given me the confidence to succeed in the real world.”





Living our mission through service to the community we believe in action. And every year, members of the Chaminade community live our mission by offering up their time, expertise and aloha to build stronger communities and improve the lives of others. These projects are diverse and scattered across the campus. Some take months of planning. Some are spur of the moment. But they all—every one of them—come from the heart. This year, dozens of student and faculty volunteered at free tax preparation clinics for low-income, elderly families and members of the homeless population as part of a project first launched two decades ago. Student tax aides, working alongside Volunteer Legal Services Hawai‘i employees, also helped participants with household budgeting. Also in 2018, Hogan Entrepreneurs worked with homeless people at the 13th Annual Job Preparation Workshop to help them craft resumes, offer interviewing techniques and link them up with job resources. Over the course of the day, resumes were sent to 500 employers. Students also did all they could to help in small ways.


Like when members of the Chaminade Education Club raised money to put together muchneeded school supplies for teachers in Chuuk. Five baskets of supplies were hand-delivered at the annual Micronesian Teachers Conference, attended by Chaminade professors. And included in each basket was a handwritten note offering encouragement, warm words and aloha.





Providing an excellent, private education—right here in the islands isn’t an aspiration at Chaminade, it’s a way of life. Our administrators live by that motto. So do our faculty members, our staff and our students. And it’s evident in the robust academic programming and innovative efforts underway at Chaminade— initiatives like the new data science, analytics and visualization bachelor’s degree which will be the first of its kind in the state when it launches in fall 2019. The major is designed to prepare graduates for nothing less than the data revolution happening in every sector of the economy. The degree, which features four specializations (healthcare informatics, business analytics, environmental analysis and analytics for science and technology), will offer students a first-class technical foundation paired with a strong emphasis on data ethics and communication. In fall 2018, the Commission on Collegiate EXCELLENCE

Nursing Education renewed Chaminade’s accreditation for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program for the maximum, 10-year period— an affirmation of the program’s rigorous academic offerings and strong support systems. As part of the re-accreditation, which ensures students are prepared for careers or further studies in nursing, programs must undergo a thorough selfexamination and a site visit from a team of evaluators who closely examine the program and make recommendations. Meanwhile, Chaminade was proud to launch in 2018 its new “4 + 1 program,” which allows students to complete their bachelor’s degree and a Master of Arts in Teaching in just five years.

Helping young people start their college journey—early It’s not your imagination. Students at Chaminade are getting younger. In 2018, the university was delighted to welcome 18 participants in its new early college program, a unique partnership that allows students from Saint Louis School and Sacred Hearts Academy to earn dual high school and college credit by enrolling in courses at Chaminade. Students are able to choose from an exciting list of courses, including World Civilizations, Introduction to Expository Writing, Marine Environmental Science and General Psychology. The classes, all taught by Chaminade faculty, are designed to give students a feel for the rigor of collegelevel coursework—before they’ve even graduated from high school.



Preparing students for successful, fulfilling careers in a vacuum is never a good idea, especially in higher education. At Chaminade, we’ve worked hard to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our many stakeholders, including employers. Over the last year, we’ve developed new partnerships with Hawai‘i businesses large and small and crafted industry-informed curricula that ensure our graduates are not only prepared for their chosen careers, but ready to excel on day one. A perfect example of our career-focused mindset is the Ho‘oulu STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Scholarship program, offered in partnership with Kamehameha Schools. OPERATING



The scholarship not only offers full tuition assistance and wraparound academic support, but paid internships and financial help for career development activities. And for the first time in 2018, recognizing the needs of Hawai‘i’s economy, the Ho‘oulu scholarship program was expanded to include students interested in pursuing business majors. Also this year, the university celebrated new successes with its signature Hogan Entrepreneurial Program, a rigorous initiative that stresses hands-on learning and skills building and features highly successful Hawai‘i entrepreneurs as student mentors.

More than three dozen newlyadmitted Hogan participants, including graduates and undergraduates, celebrated at a kick-off event in October, where they mingled with Hawai‘i business leaders and got advice from keynote speaker and PBS Hawai‘i CEO Leslie Wilcox. The program also includes a strong service learning component, evidenced by community projects that put our students’ skills to work. In January, for example, Hogan participants came out in force to help Hawai‘i’s homeless hone their interviewing techniques, craft resumes and look for jobs at the Hogan Entrepreneurs’ 13th Annual Job Preparation Workshop.

Madison Choi ’18

“You can only make a difference when you put others before yourself.” Madison Choi came to Chaminade for our nursing program. But when she realized nursing wasn’t for her, she stayed at Chaminade—its engaging coursework, small class sizes and strong support system were just the right fit. In spring 2018, shortly after graduating from Chaminade with a double major degree in communications and English, she was selected by the Society of Professional Journalists for a 10-week internship at Honolulu Civil Beat. From there, she landed a job in digital media. Choi sees her preparation at Chaminade as key to her development as not only a strong communicator, but as a change-maker. “I wouldn't have had half the opportunities if it weren't for being surrounded by professors

and faculty who were rooting for me,” she said. One such opportunity: the summer before her senior year, Choi was recommended for a Leadership Alliance summer research program at the University of Virginia. It included prep talk about graduate school, mentored research projects and conference presentations. In a word, Choi said it was “transformative.” And it was all thanks to Chaminade faculty who believed in her and helped get her there. “I was always taught that to lead is to serve. The reason Chaminade produces such quality graduates is because they've been instilled with the value of service,” Choi said. “Our world is full of people who crave power but aren't willing to self-sacrifice.” But, she added, Chaminade graduates know “you can only make a difference when you put others before yourself.”



School of Education and Behavioral Sciences students learn about science education at the NASA Ames Research Center in California.





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