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Brule County area • Chamberlain • Oacoma • Pukwana • Kimball

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Hunting Guide Chamberlain/oacoma Sun’s

Fall 2010

Brule County area • Chamberlain • Oacoma • Pukwana • Kimball

Table of Contents • How to Make Beef Taste like Venison. . . . . . . . . . 3 • Brood Survey: Another Good Year for Pheasant. 4 • Local License Agents, Hunting Map, Fees. . . . . . 6 • Local Hunting Operation Spans Generations. . . 10 • Pheasant Hunt to Support Healthcare Education 10 • Local Man gets the Best Shots on Film . . . . . . . . 16 • Pukwana Fire Department Fires up the Coals. . . 18 • 2010 Wild Game Cook-Off Recipes. . . . . . . . . . 20 • Culture, Outdoor Pursuits on the Missouri River 23 • Area Church Directory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 • Index to Advertisers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

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Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 2

Deer Season-ing

(or how to make your beef taste like venison)

I overheard still has the my husband ehind the need to “hunt telling a friend and kill and he had five deer provide meat for heel permits to fill the table.” After Janice Mosel, this fall. Five? some searching, Sporting Grandma A few weeks I found the ago, he said he following in was out of deer my recipe meat. Out? I didn’t know we could box. I am thinking there could be a run out of deer meat. compromise. This week he has been sitting on the patio sighting in his bow and arrow. I have a bad feeling deer season is approaching. I’m not a fan of wild game as a menu choice. I have eaten my share of pheasant and I am over that delicacy. Growing up in Nebraska, pheasants are truly hunted, like it can be an all day job to find one. When the men folk had a particularly good opening weekend, the neighborhood would gather on a Saturday evening and we would have pheasant and waffles. Yes, pheasant and waffles. The waffles were wonderful, the ow to make beef pheasant not so much. There was taste like venison always a prize for whoever found the most buckshot. 1. Start one year before cutting Living now in a state with such date. an abundance of wildlife, I have tried 2. Feed the steer only wild berries, to expand my culinary efforts in the slough grass, weeds, sage and kitchen. So far, it isn’t working. tree bark. Goose still tastes like bad liver to me. Pheasant still doesn’t taste 3. About two hours before you are like chicken. And deer? I just keep ready to butcher, have a friend seeing Bambi’s eyes. chase the critter around to get Beef is, and always will be, my the blood and adrenaline into the first choice for protein. My husband meat.


4. Shoot the steer immediately after it has been chased (make sure it’s a gut shot, and do this via a hind quarter). A second or third kill shot will tenderize the meat and get as much hair as possible into the impact area. 5. Drag the dead carcass to a slough and field dress it there. Make sure to get as much grass, weeds, cattails, and debris in as possible.



6. Drag the steer at least one half mile across a summer fallow field to get plenty of dirt mixed into the wound and the carcass interior. 7. Load the steer on top of the car or in the back of a truck and drive down a gravel road at least five miles at speeds approaching 70mph, then down a crowded highway, following a semi loaded with cows fresh off grass. This will get as much highway grit and aroma, bugs, and rocks imbedded in the meat as possible

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 3

(for extra flavor, do this in the rain.) 8. Hang the beef in the garage (make sure it is low enough so that the dog can chew on the hind quarter). 9. At least once a day have your wife idle a vehicle for five minutes in the garage. Carbon monoxide adds greatly to the flavor. 10. When the carcass smells so bad you can hardly stand being in the garage, the beef is ready to butcher. Properly followed, the above steps will ensure that your beef is mistaken for venison by even the most avid sportsman. Everyone will marvel at how much venison you have and how good it tastes . . . and you won’t have to put on that crazy outfit and walk for 300 miles. Happy Hunting. Go, Deer! Excuse me ... go, dear!

For more wild game recipes from local cooks, see the Fall Festival Wild Game Cook-off entries on pages 20-21.

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(605) 234-3452

Explore the rich culture of the Plains Indians. Shop central South Dakota’s finest Native American Gift Shop!

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 4

Brood Survey Indicates the Pheasant Count has Increased Yet Again for the 2010 Hunting Season PIERRE, S.D. – This autumn, data reported by hunters during the hunters in South Dakota will enjoy pheasant season, and does not come pheasant numbers that continue to be until after the season is over. some of the best in the state’s history. In 2009, South Dakota’s official The 2010 brood survey count shows a small increase from the Pheasants 2009 survey. per mile The Game, Fish and Parks (PPM) Department completed its annual Local Area 10-yr avg. 2009 2010 pheasant brood survey in midChamberlain 14.98 22.56 17.00 August, and tallied a statewide 7.26 11.43 8.42 pheasants-per-mile count that is up Winner Pierre 6.96 11.48 13.95 about 3 percent from last year. “We had a very good year Huron 7.91 6.80 6.88 in 2009, and this peek as we go Mitchell 6.44 5.27 5.84 into fall tells us that hunters Sioux Falls 2.46 2.55 1.45 can look forward to some great Western SD 3.84 3.84 4.27 opportunities in the coming pheasant season,” said Game Fish STATEWIDE 5.71 8.56 6.45 and Parks Secretary Jeff Vonk. NOTE: Comparisons are valid only between years within each local area. The official pheasant population estimate is based on

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pheasant population estimate was 8.4 million, and hunters averaged 9.9 roosters each for a total season harvest of more than 1.6 million. Every year from late July through mid-August, GFP personnel survey 110 established routes scattered across the state to estimate pheasant production and calculate a pheasants-permile index. The survey is not a population estimate, but rather compares the number of pheasants seen on the routes and establishes trend information. “We’ve had a roller coaster ride of weather conditions over the year,” Vonk said. “Pheasant numbers will be down in a few areas, but they held strong in many other areas because of excellent reproduction in parts of the state

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13 areas, based on a local city, and the index value of each local city area is then compared to index values of the previous year and the 10-year average. “Our goal has been to increase quality hunting areas that are open to the public. South Dakota has worked intensely with private landowners and other conservation

partners to promote habitat programs,” Vonk said. “Statewide Conservation Reserve Program acres have slipped to slightly more than one million acres, but there is encouraging news. Landowner interest in the program remains high.” South Dakota’s regular pheasant season opens on Saturday, Oct. 16 and runs through Jan. 2.

Owned and operated by a local outdoorsman, OAV will film your experience and produce a movie that will tell your story. Create memories that will last a lifetime and bring them home to share on DVD or Blu-Ray.

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Chamberlain Area Public Hunting Lands Area Hunting & Fishing License Agents

Chamberlain •Alco - 1700 E King St - (605) 734.6709 •Allen’s Bait & Tackle - 502 E King - (605) 734.5591  •Bottle Shop -100 N Courtland -(605) 734.6274  •Casey Drug -Welcome West Plaza - (605) 734.6530  •Chamberlain True Value 1000 Sorenson Drive - (605) 734.5492  •D & N One Stop - 201 West King -(605) 734.6811  •Midwest Supply - 206 W Clemmer -(605) 734.6791 (Also Tag Replacement)  •North Park C Store - 700 N Main - (605) 234.6421 Oacoma •Cedar Shore Resort Mickelson Drive - (605) 734.5214  •Al’s Oasis - 1000 E Hwy 16 - (605) 734.6051 (Also Tag Replacement)   •West Forty Inc. - 100 E Hwy 16 - (605) 734.6929  Kimball •Brooks Hardware - PO Box 80 - (605) 778.6370  •CBS Miller’s Oil - PO Box 329 - (605) 778.6433  •Ditty’s Diner - 801 S Main St (605) 778.6567  •Kimball Clark - 800 S Main (605) 778.6248 • Pheasant Crest Lodge - 23625 365th Ave. - (605) 778-6340

Resident Licenses and Fees

Waterfowl (valid 3 days, lottery application only)*........... $75 Early Fall Canada Goose (lottery application only)*........ $45 Spring Light Goose Conservation Order*.......................... $45 Youth Spring Light Goose Conservation Order, ages 12-15 $25 Migratory Bird Certification (dove, snipe, crane)............. $5 Predator/Varmint................................................................ $40 Furbearer (application only)............................................... $250 Shooting Preserve (annual)*.............................................. $85 ---- 5-day* $65; 1-day* $35

Nonresident Licenses and Fees

* Fee includes a $5 surcharge mandated by state law. Money derived from this surcharge is dedicated to hunting access and wildlife damage management programs.

Combination (small game and fishing)*............................ $51 Junior Combination, ages 16-18 (small game, furbearer and fishing) $27 Small Game* ...................................................................... $31 One-day Small Game ......................................................... $12 Youth Small Game, ages 12-15 . ........................................ $7 Migratory Bird Certification ............................................. $5 Predator/Varmint ............................................................... $7 Furbearer ........................................................................... $27 Small Game (two 5-day periods)*...................................... $114 Youth Small Game, ages 12-15 (two 5-day periods).......... $27 Waterfowl (valid 10 days, lottery application only)*......... $110

2010 licenses will be valid Dec. 15, 2009 - Jan. 31, 2011 2011 licenses will be valid Dec. 15, 2010 - Jan. 31, 2012

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 7

Located in south central South Dakota, an equal distance from Gregory, Winner and Chamberlain. 3-days hunting, 4 nights lodging plus all meals and guide service included. One of the sites for the South Dakota Governor’s Hunt continually since 1991. New Lodge in 2006.

Hamill, South Dakota

Steve & Donna Kubik



Grand Slam Hunts & The MHCH Foundation

...proudly present the 2010 Pheasant Hunt supporting future nurses in Chamberlain, South Dakota. Enjoy a world class pheasant hunt while benefiting health care, economic and professional development in central South Dakota!

Package & Cost: Package includes all meals, lodging, transportation, Sporting clays, guides and bird processing. Does NOT include hunting license. Cost is $1500 and partially tax deductible. Payments are to be made to the MHCH Foundation. Additional donations are accepted and encouraged. The hunt is limited to 20 and will be on a first come, first serve basis. Make reservations by contacting: Grand Slam Pheasant Hunts 605-778-6789 or The MHCH Foundation 605-778-6537

November 22 and 23 The MHCH Foundation is collaborating with Sanford Mid-Dakota, the USD School of Nursing, and area community organizations to provide a Registered Nursing Program in Chamberlain, South Dakota. This program will help address important challenges in the area such as healthcare workforce shortages, underemployment, and access to educational and professional advancement opportunities. MHCH is a 501(c) 3, all funds raised for this program are partially tax deductible and will be used to provide the following: • Scholarships • Daycare •Transportation • Tutoring, mentoring and coaching

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 8

Local Hunting Operation

Spans Generations

coyotes. “We try to plant crops that pheasants like,” said Todd Priebe, Almost everyone in rural South Bob’s son. Dakota knows the local sounds of Those crops and techniques fall. They’re a bit different from other haven’t changed much over the years. areas of the country… rustling grass, Todd noted that the cover planted barking dogs, cackling roosters and does most of the work in keeping the the sound of shotguns firing into the numbers up year to year. sky. “We pretty much use the same These sounds are the normal techniques we always have,” said music for Bob and Isabelle Priebe Todd. and family, who have These practices are owned and operated all part of the family their pheasant hunting operation the Priebes guide service on their have been building. farm northeast of With sons Todd and Chamberlain for nearly Jeff acting as guides, 30 years. and daughter Janine The land first came and her husband, Kelly into the Priebe family Thomas, cleaning with Bob’s father, the birds shot, every who bought the farm. member of the family From there, the farm has a part to play. passed on to Bob, who “It’s really a family introduced the guide deal,” said Bob. service. That family celThe hunting ebrates the end of the operation started in the season with their own 1980s by Bob, who got hunt. Three generawind of a government tions of Priebes take to program that paid the fields and enjoy the Submitted photo farmers to leave 20 sport, and gear up for The Priebe’s enjoy many repeat customers, including the Kennedy percent of their crops the next year of huntfamily, from Minneapolis and Wisconsin, who has been coming to hunt in the field in order to with the Priebes for over 20 years. ers. keep grain prices stable. Erin Walti/Sun

That program began a tradition for the Priebes, who decided to start farming their land specifically for pheasants. The roughly one thousand acres that the Priebes own are planted to a combination of corn and milo, and then cut strips to allow for easier walking during hunts. The crops also provide cover for the birds, which minimizes damage done to the population by predators such as

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Located at 136 S. Main Street in Chamberlain 605-234-1371

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Brooks Hardware & Auto Shells Licenses Hunting Supplies

Missouri Valley Taxidermy Clint Larson

PO Box 80 ~ 116 S. Main St. Kimball, SD 57355

605-778-6370 Fax: 605-778-6259

Derek Long PO Box 215

Oacoma, SD 57365

605-734-6613 605-730-1404

• Fish - Natural or Fiberglass Reproduction • Birds - Upland & Waterfowl • Shoulder Mounts • Life - size • Rugs 105 North Main Chamberlain, SD 57325 Phone (605) 234-1166 - Cell (605) 680-1562

Michelle’s Marina

Start your hunting traditions with us relax by the river in our casual • Hand-cut steaks dinning atmosphere 309 East Glen Ave 605-234-4000

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• Prime Rib • Walleye • Daily specials • Full Bar

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Hours: Tues. Wed. and Sun 11 - 8 Thurs. Fri. Sat. 11 - 9 Open Oct. 18, 25th and Nov 1 at 5:00 After Nov, 1 open Mondays by reservation only

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 10

Pheasant Hunt to Support

Rural Healthcare Education By Jessica Giard/Sun

Every Monday this fall, a group five Chamberlain area residents meet for distance education classes, believing they will someday fulfill the growing healthcare needs of rural South Dakota communities. In November, another group will meet to help make those hopes a reality. The MHCH Foundation – short for, the Matson Halverson Christensen Hamilton Foundation – has, for the first time this year, gathered pre-nursing students in Lyman, Brule and Buffalo counties to fill development healthcare education needs. And, they are looking to pheasant hunters to help the program grow. The foundation, with support from Grand Slam Pheasants of Kimball, is hosting a charitable pheasant hunt November 22-23. The Korzan family of Grand Slam is donating their services to the foundation to support its efforts in local nursing education. In fall 2009, the foundation set out to determine the continuing education needs of the local rural communities. They found, overwhelmingly, a need for healthcare education, which they see as an anchor for economic activity and a strong employer for in rural communities. This need grew into the RN Nursing Program the foundation is now supporting. Collaboration with

Sanford Health Chamberlain and the USD School of Nursing brought the program to fruition this year, with its class of five who are starting their prenursing education work. In addition to the Monday night class – delivered via video-conferencing DDN at the local high school – students also have other courses this fall, depending on individual needs.

Family history dates back to the 1880s when the original families – the Matsons and Halversons – settled near Reliance and Kimball. Business development in the region runs through the family, landing with Christine (Christiansen) Hamilton who manages the fourth-generation farming and ranching business of Christiansen Land and Cattle, Ltd. “The foundation comes from the farming and ranching background. The hunt will take place on the family land of Christiansen Land and Cattle,” said Corey Hamilton Kilgore, development officer with MHCH Foundation and one of four daughters to Edward and Christine Hamilton. Photos Courtesy Grand Slam Hunts And, it is thanks to the The family background and family land foundation that hunters will have a world-class doesn’t offer hunting experience in November. the classes “Our habitats are unbelievable. itself, but There are filled with birds,” said rather offers Kilgore. support Slots are open for up to 20 beyond the hunters - first come, first served - at classroom for $1500 each, which is partially tax the cohort deductible with the foundation. The of students. hunt includes all meals, lodging, Support transportation, sporting clays, guides includes scholarships, tutoring, and bird processing (hunting license mentoring and coaching and even not included). transportation and daycare. For more information, see the ad The family behind the MHCH on page 7. Or call the foundation at foundation – the Christiansen(605) 778-6537 or contact the Korzans Hamilton family – has long-standing at Grand Slam Hunts at (605) 778roots in the prairie land of Brule and 6789. Lyman counties.

Club Vega Steaks • Drinks • Lanes

144 South Main • Kimball, SD 57355 • 605-778-9229

Eat, drink & play after your hunt with us! • Prime Rib Specials • Drink Specials • Lotto

• Pool, Darts, Bowling • Rent the Bowling Alley • Banquet Room

B est S teaks in the A rea !

Hours: 11 am to 2 am, Mon - Sat; Open every Sunday during hunting season, 4 pm to Midnight











Located in the of Chamberlain


Gun Cabinets for the Avid Hunter (Designed & stained as you like)

Handcrafted Amish Oak Furniture

Oak by Amish 120 S. Main ~ 234-6737

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Chantier Creek Ranch

A scenic prairie unit overlooking Lake Oahe with endless hunting, fishing, and water recreational opportunities. Enjoy the spectacular views of the river!


Wessington’s Bar U Lodge

Ideal’s Rooster Rush

This 160 acres is a sportsman’s dream for a hunter’s rooster rush. High quality wild pheasant hunting in the heart of the “Pheasant Capital” of the world.


Jones Co. Hunting Haven

Located minutes away from the town of Wessington and is the perfect chance to own a functional hunting lodge in the middle of SD’s Pheasant Triangle.

Hunting haven with 320 acres of a mixture of CRP, productive cropland, stock dam, and over 20 acres of shelterbelts.

K&M Hunting

Presho’s Half Section of Pheasant Fun


K&M Hunting is an unique opportunity to invest in 480 acres of prime farmland and a successful pheasant hunting preserve.


Buffalo County Pheasant Potential

This 640 acre tract has the potential to have the best pheasant, duck, and goose hunting in the area.


Horseshoe Ranch


This 324 acres is a mixture of CRP, productive cropland, stock dams, and perfect pheasant habitat.


Jones Co. Prairie Paradise

Prairie Paradise is 2,196 acres of a mixture of CRP, productive cropland, stock dams, pasture, and over 60 acres of shelterbelts.


Presho’s Pheasant Bonanza

Named for the bend in the Missouri River it overlooks, this 2,907 acre ranch offers a complete package of great views, hunting, & productive farmland,.

This incredible 1,120 acres will explode with roosters and is only minutes from Presho, SD, an area noted for world class pheasant hunting.

Hyde Co. Windy Torr Ranch

Lyman County’s Pheasant Finest


If you are looking for productive cropland, recreational land loaded with pheasants, and land with wind development potential, then this is it!


Hughes Co. Grey Goose Farm

Exceptional property consisting of 940 acres of some of the most productive ag land in Hughes County, located north of Pierre, in the Grey Goose central flyway.



This 320 acre tract boasts over 300 acres of CRP providing high quality, wild pheasant hunting near Presho, SD.


Presho’s Royal Flush

This 113 acre tract is the royal flush of high quality pheasant hunting. A perfect mix of trees, CRP and grass provide the ideal pheasant habitat.


Welcome Hunters!

Hieb’s Cenex

1960 East King Avenue • Chamberlain 605-734-6041

Curt’s Cycle Center

1960 East King Avenue, Chamberlain 605-734-6041 • 1-800-225-3025 •

Big Red™ Multi - purpose utility vehicles can be hazardous to operate. For your safety, be responsible. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and appropriate clothing. Always wear your seat belt, and keep the side nets and doors closed. Avoid excessive speeds, and be careful on difficult terrain. All MUV drivers should watch the safety video “Multipurpose Utility Vehicles: A Guide to Safe Operation” and read the owner’s manual before operating the vehicle. Never driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol, on public roads or with more than one passenger. Big Red is only for drivers 16 years and older. Driver and passenger must be tall enough for seat belt to fit properly and to brace themselves with both feet firmly on the floor. Passenger must be able to grasp the hand hold with the seat belt on and both feet on the floor. Respect the environment when driving. Big Red™ is a trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. ©2008 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (MM/YY)

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After a successful day of hunting, come relax with us!

200 West Kiote St. Kimball, SD 57355 605-778-6088 Fax: 605-778-6088

Continental Breakfast • WIFI Internet

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Attention Pheasant Hunters Start your Hunt out right with the Best Breakfast Burritos in Town

Pheasants In Action Is

providing a guided hunting experience. Experienced bird dogs are provided on the hunt.

Open for breakfast at 7:30 am Hours: 7:30 am - 10:00 pm

I-90 Exit 263 126 Front Street Chamberlain, SD Welcome West Plaza


Countryside Vet

For more information please call Home Phone: 1-605-894-4584 Cell Phone: 1-605-730-0287 E-mail: Be Ready For A Great Time!

Oasis Pump N’ Pak

Dr. Joy Assman

No need to hunt around for a vet give us a call. Dr. Joy 8 am - 5 pm Mon - Fri 8 am - 12 pm Saturday

(605) 778-6111 Cell: (605) 730-0106


1/2 mile West of Kimball on Old Hwy 16 South of 45/16 Junction

Shells ~ Gas ~ Beer Pop ~ Sandwiches All in one convenient location! 802 E. Hwy 16, Oacoma Open 24 hours a day!

(605) 234-5325

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 16

Local man gets the

best shots on film

By Jessica Giard/Sun

Growing up in Chamberlain - smack dab in the middle of South Dakota‘s prime hunting lands - Eric Miller says there wasn’t much to do beyond school activities and going to the movies. So, he became an outdoorsman. And, now he’s an outdoorsman with a video camera and a new business - Outdoor Adventures Videography, or OAV for short. Miller’s interest in videography spawned from documenting his young boys’ activities - his boys are 4 and 8 and budding outdoorsmen themselves - and his own fishing and hunting adventures. After realizing how much time he was spending and how much fun he was having filming as an amateur, he decided to step up, do further research on techniques and editing and purchase a professional-grade film camera. The business kicked-off in spring 2010. And, as the name implies, his focus is adventure in the outdoors. “I like action. I think video really captures what’s going on,” said Miller. “I want to capture the experience as it is.”

His early professional work over the summer ran from adrenalineinduced action to the calm and serene. Miller posts sample of his work on a Facebook page for OAV - at http:// In June, he captured a successful, guided Walleye fishing trip for a local lodge. On the Fourth of July, he filmed the perennially popular local fireworks display over the river. Later in the summer, motocross engines roared at the Thunder Ridge MX Park south of Reliance, and Miller was there to film it, too. Quiet summer nights found him escaping to the draws along the river to spy on local wildlife, including a flock of wild turkeys and whitetail bucks who roam the river bluffs. He even helped out two young, talented high school golfers by filming

their swings to analyze in slow-motion film. He sees his hobby-turned-business as a way for outdoor adventurers - like himself - to document their time

HUNTING LODGES High Quality Foods Delivered to your Lodge

Kenneth Manahl 605-376-3085

Jeannine S. Hickey - Reuer Broker/Owner

402 N. Main St. Chamberlain, SD 57325 E-mail: Visit us at: for featured properties, local and national real estate news & area market conditions.

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 17

in the field or on the lake. Miller understands the excitement to be had during a hunting or fishing trip. Before turning his video hobby into a business, he spent countless hours filming his own deer hunts as a bow-hunter - which has become his equipment of choice in addition to his Canon HD video camera. While the business is still relatively fresh, local guide operations and tourismrelated businesses have looked to his work to help promote their services. He sees it as just a starting point. Miller’s aim, however, is on capturing the high-points of hunting and fishing trips for clients, who then take home highlights of the trip as a collection on HD DVD. Why just tell the story of

an amazing hunt, when you can share it with friends and family on video? For past 13 years, Miller has taught high school biology in Lower Brule. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Augustana College, Sioux Falls, and a Master’s from South Daktoa State University, Brookings. Outside the classroom, he is an outdoorsman - like many who live in the Chamberlain/Oacoma area. But, rather than waiting for hunting seasons to come around every year for his best shots, he can get his best shots - on film - any time of year to remember for years to come. To contact Outdoor Adventures Videography, email or call (605) 730-3153.

Stop in before the hunt.

• Sandwiches • Snacks • Ice & pop • ATM • • Off Sale Beer • Gas • Lotto machines • • Fishing & camping supplies •Licenses •

North Park C Store Open Every Day at 6 a.m

700 N. Main-Chamberlain-(605) 234-6421

Marie’s Taxidermy

Over 2 5 ye Exper ars of ience

Birds ~ Game Heads Pheasant Feather Wreaths ~ Bird Cleaning 304 Main Ave • Oacoma, SD (605) 734-6082

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun 2010 Hunting Guide - page 18

Pukwana Fire Department

Fires Up the Coals on Opening Day

business, so they know how to handle that sort of thing,” said Wingert. So does Wingert. For four years, Pheasant might be the meal of he’s been one of the two lucky guys choice for many people on opening who stay up the whole night before weekend, but the Pukwana Fire the feed to cook the 800 pounds of Department satisfies the appetites of pork. He sets up a sleeping bag in attendees to their annual feed with the fire hall to catch a few minutes another choice: roasted pork. of sleep between checking the The feed began in 1981 as a meat, although he said sleep doesn’t replacement to the street dance the normally occur during the weekend. Pukwana Fire Department normally “I usually just shut my eyes, held for the department’s major but I wouldn’t call it sleep,” said fundraiser. Members Wingert. thought the feed would be a With the ever-increasing good change from the dance, attendance numbers, the as well as cut down on the department has only ever run complications of sponsoring out of food once in its 28 years, a dance. but that doesn’t mean the rest “We just figured we’d of the feeds have been smooth change it up,” said Fire Chief sailing. Wingert told of one year Jerry Wingert. when the rotisserie quit working, Plans were made, and the and he had to stop the cooker first feed included two whole in order to do a welding repair. hogs roasted over coals in After he’d done all he could with a cooker overnight, and fed it stopped, he then started it around 150-200 people. Now, back up, and continued welding the department members fire until the job was done. up two roasters to cook enough “We’ve had some interesting meat, and will serve anywhere photo times with that feed,” said Submitted from 500-650 people. That more e ar ep Wingert. pr t en rtm pa than triples the size of Pukwana Pukwana Fire De pork The feed draws in a fair Members of the ring their annual du ed us s on a normal day, but Wingert er ok co o tw rry e Je th t, of er e ing on W number of local people, but rry Je t, er arvin Wing said everyone handles the feed feed. From left: M lodges and hunting guide t. er ing rry W well. Federson and Ke services also tend to direct “Somehow it just works itself a vehicle their hunters to the feed as well. out,” said Wingert. for the department to use during the “We all help each other out,” he Some of that may be due to how weekend for set-up. Tickets for the said. much the town works together to raffles are one for $10 or three for $25. Wingert also noted that a number support events. The feed is the same The department serves a vast of local businesses and organizations night as the last night of the Pukwana array of foods, from the roasted help out with the feed in donations or “Crazy Racers” lawnmower races, and pork to ribs and hot dogs, along with funds. Wingert said each event draws from beans, chips and macaroni salad. “I really want to thank everyone the other to be successful. Most of the food is purchased, but who helps us out when we do this,” “It really boosts attendance. Local this year, two people volunteered to said Wingert. people are great supporters,” said make homemade macaroni salad, a The feed starts at 6 pm on Wingert. task not to be taken on lightly when Saturday, Oct. 16 at the Pukwana fire Another part of the feed is those types of numbers are involved. hall. For more information or for raffle a shotgun raffle put on by the Wingert wasn’t worried. tickets for the shotgun, contact Jerry department and Midwest Supply. “They’ve been in the restaurant Wingert at 730-2064. Wingert said that the department Erin Walti/Sun

pays for half the cost of the gun, while Midwest Supply donates the other half. This year’s shotgun is a Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 ½ inch 12-gauge. “It’d be great for water fowlers, pheasant hunters, really anybody,” said Wingert. The department also raffles a grill from True Value in Chamberlain, which is purchased at sale price by the department, and Don’s Ford of Chamberlain donates

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Cafe & Lounge We offer a full menu with a

Daily Special Monday - Saturday

Homemade Pizza

Wednesday - Saturday evenings

Salad Bar Friday - Saturday Saturday Night Buffet Starting at 6 pm Open at 11am, Monday - Saturday

Main Street • Pukwana, SD 605-894-4134

Oasis Inn 2 - Cabins • 16 quest room by the river * Pet Friendly * Continental Breakfast w/ * Ample Parking * Game and fish waffles cleaning area * Indoor pool/ * Wireless spa Internet * 24 hr. coffee Right beside Al’s Oasis Restaurant/ Grocery/ Lounge/ Gift Shop

1-800-635-3559 605-734-6061

The Lyman County Chapter of Annual Chapter Banquet Sat. October 16, 2010 at the gym in Kennebec 6:00 PM Social 7:00 PM Dinner Auction to follow

Join the nation’s leading habitat organization for a night of food, fun, and friends!

An original painting of pheasants at Brakke Dam by Sioux Falls Wildlife Artist Mark S. Anderson will be auctioned at the banquet.

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Wild game cook-off 2010 Fall Festival

Winning Wild Game Recipes from Local Cooks, Showcased at the Fall Festival on Saturday, Sept. 25

1st Place!

Pheasant Puffs Joyce Hoffer

2nd Place!

Italian Pheasant

2 pheasant breasts cooked & shredded 1 Tb jalapeño chopped fine

2 Tb onion chopped fine 1 Tb minced garlic 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Mix all together. Take 3 tubes crescent rolls. Cut each triangle in to half. Fold small end of each triangle along side of wider end to make a

wide shorter triangle. Place 1 Tb mixture into each triangle. Fold over & pinch edges together. Bake at 375 until golden brown.

Creamy Pheasant Julie Forester

Pheasant Breast Butter Flour Salt & Pepper Celery

Onions Mushrooms 1 cup cream 1 can Cream of Mushroom

Wash pheasant breasts and pat dry. Roll in salt, pepper & flour and brown on both sides in a pan with butter. Set them aside in baking dish. Sauté mushrooms, onions, and celery in pan. Add cream and cream of mushroom let simmer for 5 minutes. Pour mixture over pheasant and cover. Bake for 1 hour at 325°.

Julie Forester

4 Pheasants (Cleaned and Stripped) ½ Stick of Margarine

2 Pkgs. Dry Italian Dressing Mix 2 cups Seasoned Crouton Crumbs

Combine crushed croutons and italian seasoning. Dip pheasant strips into melted margarine. Dip into croutons and seasoning mixture. Coat well. Place in a buttered glass baking dish. Bake for about 35 minutes in a 375 degree oven.

Coke Venison Roast Liam McManus

1 venison roast 1 can of coke 1 pkg dry onion soup mix Sprinkle dry onion soup mix on roast in pan. Pour Coke over roast. Bake at 350 degrees for 2 to 3 hours.

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Youth Winner !

Crockpot Venison Cider Stew Liam McManus

1 pound beef or venison stew meet 8 carrots – sliced thin 6 potatoes – sliced thin 2 apples – chopped

2 teaspoons salt ½ teaspoon thyme 2 tablespoons minced onion 2 cup apple cider

Place carrots, potatoes, and apples in crock pot. Add meat and sprinkle with salt, thyme, and onion. Pour cider over meat and cover. Cook in crock pot on low heat 10-12 hours. Thicken gravy.

3rd Place!

Luanita’s Southern Duck Julie Forester

Several duck breast-stripped 1 Cup Dale’s Seasoning 1 Can Sam Adams or Guinness beer 2 garlic cloves-pressed 2 Tbls brown sugar 2 Tbls brown mustard Marinate duck overnight. Dump marinate off & sauté in butter or olive oil

Pheasant Too Easy Ruth Ann McManus

2-3 filleted pheasant breasts 4-6 slices of Swiss cheese 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 cup milk 1 can cream style corn 1 box Stove Top Stuffing Place pheasant in oiled 9x13 inch pan. Cover breasts with cheese. Mix Soup and milk together. Pour over pheasant and cheese. Cover with corn. Mix dressing according to box. Pour over pheasant. Cover with foil and seal. Bake covered at 350° for 1 hour. Uncover and bake 30 minutes. Can be cooked in crock pot for 3 hours on high.

Dipping sauce: Sour cream, horseradish, Tabasco, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste

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Pheasant Pecan

Ranch Burgers

Julie Forester

3-4 Pheasant breasts 2 egg yolks 3-4 T. water

Bread crumbs 1 C. pecans, finely chopped Butter

Pound breasts thin and roll them in flour. Combine egg yolks and water to form egg wash. In separate dish, combine pecans and a few bread crumbs. Dip meat in egg wash and roll in pecan mixture. Sauté meat in butter until brown on both sides. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

from the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website - 1/3 C. sour cream 1 T. plus 1 tsp. Ranch dressing mix, divided 1 lb. lean ground venison, crumbled 1/4 C. sliced green onions 2 T. cold water 1/8 tsp. pepper 4 hamburger buns, split In small mixing bowl, combine sour cream and 1 tsp. dressing mix. Cover with plastic wrap. Chill. In medium mixing bowl, combine venison, green onions, water, pepper and remaining 1 T. dressing mix. Mix well. Shape mixture into four 1/2 inch thick patties. Heat 12” nonstick skillet over medium heat. Spray skillet with nonstick vegetable cooking spray. Add patties. Cook for 6 to 8 minutes, or until meat is desired doneness, turning patties over once. Place patties in buns and top evenly with sour cream mixture.

Bel Aire Motel Imaginary Friends Stay Free

Chamberlain Exit • 35 Rooms - clean & economical • Five Eating Places Nearby • Remote Control TVs • Tub Shower Combination • Air Conditioned Comfort • Close to Downtown • Boat Parking & Electrical Hookups

Chamberlain/Oacoma • Indoor Pool • Hot Tub • Game Room • Meeting Room Available • Handicapped Rooms • High Speed Wireless Internet

• Daybreak Breakfast • Executive Hospitality Room • Refrigerators & Microwaves • ADA - Approved

Owned & Operated by Midtown Properties LLC. 312 East King, Chamberlain, SD 57325 South from I-90 Exit 265; Or, North from I-90 Exit 263

(605) 734-5595 or (877)746-5595

1-90 Exit 260, Oacoma, SD Easy Access from Interstate 90 (605) 734-4100 or (800) 329-7466

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Culture, Outdoor Pursuits

Await on the Missouri River


trip to Brule County in southeastern South Dakota brings you to three unique towns, Pukwana, Kimball and Chamberlain. Known for its picturesque location next to the Missouri River, Brule County is a unique region attracting a wealth of visitors each year. Chamberlain, the largest community in Brule County, hosts several notable sites of interest. At Saint Joseph’s Indian School, visitors may tour the Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center. Akta Lakota is a living museum, which means contemporary Native American art can be viewed along with the artifacts of the past. A unique selection of specialty items honors the history, art and culture of the Lakota Sioux peoples. “People who come to see the Akta Lakota Museum get to see firsthand how the Native Americans of the past and present live,” said Dixie Thompson of the St. Joseph’s Indian School. “It helps them to understand the community and how it came to be.” For additional information on cultural programs call 800-798-3452 or email Visit the South Dakota Hall of Fame in Chamberlain and discover the people of South Dakota honored for making lasting contributions to the future of the state. The South Dakota Hall of Fame is a non-profit, non-governmental organization recognizing South Dakotans who stand above the rest. The museum is free to the public and offers experiences such as the Wells Fargo Theater, interactive computers, Native American artifacts and other

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Chamberlain gives visitors the opportunity to re-construct the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

photo sd dept of tourism

displays. For more information, please call (800) 697-3130 or (605) 234-4216 or email Just down Interstate 90 about 20 miles, visitors will discover the South Dakota Tractor Museum in Kimball. The museum houses a collection of historic tractors and other restored farm machinery. Tour the museum and find a classic windmill, a one-room country school, a blacksmith shop and a barn holding horse-driven farm equipment. Chamberlain-Oacoma is a beautiful location that was once a resting spot for Lewis and Clark. While here you can take advantage of the Information Center located on I-90, which offers a visual story of their exploration. A stop at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Chamberlain gives visitors the opportunity to re-construct the Lewis and Clark Expedition by way of interpretive panels and murals. Get a scenic view of the Missouri River and

the ChamberlainOacoma community from a replica 55-foot keelboat. On the north ridge of Chamberlain there is a walking/bike trail at Roam Free Park. The trails are ideal for exploring the natural grasses and wildlife along the river and also provide you an opportunity to take in our breathtaking sunsets. Outdoor enthusiasts will marvel at the many hunting and fishing opportunities. Whether you are hunting for deer, game birds or antelope it will not take you long to conclude that you have come to the right spot. Our walleye fishing is said to be the best in the state and is a hot spot for many fishing tournaments every year. For more information, contact the Chamberlain-Oacoma Area Chamber of Commerce at 605-234-4416 or www.

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Church Directory Chamberlain/Oacoma

Calvary Baptist Church -Pastor Duane Earwood; 301 Eagle Ave. Chamberlain, SD; Sunday - 11 am and 6 pm Central Plains Evangelical Free Church - Pastor Calvin Kroeker; 734-4064; Worship Service 10:30 AM; Oacoma Community Center Christ Episcopal Church - Rev. Liz Powers; 207 S. Main, Chamberlain; PH: 234-6327; Services: 9 am Sundays Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - 104 S. Byron Blvd; PH: 734-9964 Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall - 822 S. Main, Chamberlain; PH: 734-6161; Thurs. Service Meeting: 8:30 pm River Hills Fellowship - 1001 Sorensen Dr.; PH: 734-5604; Services: 10:30 am Sunday St. James Catholic - Father Mark Mastin; 400 S. Main; PH: 734-6122; Saturday Mass: 5:30 pm; Sunday Mass: 10 am Trinity Lutheran Church - Pastor Duane Neugebauer; PH: 2346698; Services: 5:30 pm Saturday; 9:30 am Sunday United Church of Christ - 101 N. Merrill, PH: 234-5202; Services: 10:30 am Sunday Water of Life Assembly of God - Pastor Reggie Ballard; 202 E. Clemmer Ave.; Sunday Services: 10 am Worship Zion Lutheran Church - Pastor Mark Mischnick; 314 S. Main; PH: 234-9466 (ZION); Saturday 7 pm, Sunday 9:00 am

Pukwana Area

Pukwana Free Lutheran Church - Services: 10:45 am Sunday St. Anthony’s Catholic Church - Father Mark Mastin; Mass: 8 am Sundays St. Olaf Free Lutheran Church - At Ola, South of Pukwana; Services: 9 am Sunday


Kimball Protestant Parish - Rev. Lou Whitmer; H:778-6410; Services: 10 am Sunday St. Margaret’s Catholic Church; Father Andrew Swietowchowski; Saturday 6 pm (Odd months); Sunday 10:30 am; St. Peter’s in White Lake, Saturday 6 pm (Even months); Sunday: 8:30 am

Index of Advertisers Akta Lakota Museum............ 3 Al’s Oasis........................... 12 AmericInn............. back cover Antler Ridge Lodge............... 7 Bottle Shop........................... 4 Brooks Hardware & Auto...... 9 Casey’s................................. 5 Cedar Shore......... inside cover Chamberlain Food Center..... 3 Chamberlain Food Center ...................... inside back Chamberlain Lockers............ 8 Chamberlain Real Estate..... 16 Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun.. 24 Club Vega.......................... 11 Country Side Vet................ 15 Curts Cycle Center/Hiebs.... 14 Dakota Properties............... 13 Days Inn............................. 22 End of the Road Hunts.......... 9 Grand Slam Hunts & MHCH ...................................... 7 Howard Johnsons ....................... back cover Jackie’s Cafe & Lounge....... 19

Marie’s Taxidermy.............. 17 Michelle’s Marina................. 9 Mid River Veterinary Clinic 10 Midwest Supply.................... 3 Missouri Valley Taxidermy 15 North Park C Store.............. 17 Oak by Amish.................... 12 Oasis Inn............................ 19 Oasis Pump N’ Pak............. 15 Outdoor Adventures Video ..................................... 5 Pet Care by Laura Carda....... 4 Peterson Land & Auction .................... inside cover Lyman Co. Pheasants Forever ................................... 19 Pheasants In Action............ 15 Pocket Aces Sports Bar......... 8 Silver Dollar Bar................... 7 Super 8, Chamberlain ............................. back cover Super 8, Kimball................. 14 Sysco.................................. 16 Taco John’s......................... 18

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Welcome Hunters

100 Paul gust road Chamberlain

open daily 7 am -9 pm

Phone: 605-234-5559

Deli Chester’s Chicken served daily. The deli also has boxed lunches made to order for the hunt!

Wine and Beer Large cold beer selection. We have everything you need to fill your coolers. Nobody offers you a better variety or at a lower price! Don’t forget the ice!

Fresh Meat Full service meat department! We offer the ONLY fresh meat counter in town, and cut to your order.

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun Fall Hunting Guide - 2010  

A Local guide for fall hunters - those who search out pheasants and deer in Central South Dakota. Featuring the award-winning fall hunting g...

Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun Fall Hunting Guide - 2010  

A Local guide for fall hunters - those who search out pheasants and deer in Central South Dakota. Featuring the award-winning fall hunting g...