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Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Summer Recreation Guide Walleye fishing stays strong after 2011 flooding Run the river for local scenery and a challenge Annual events in Chamberlain/ Oacoma give visitors a variety of things to do June-August

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2012 Chamberlain/Oacoma Area

Summer Recreation Guide

Table of Contents

Our Favorable South Dakota............................2 Walleye population stays strong in 2012 .........5 Go fishing: Where to fish and buy licenses.....7 Enjoying the view with a run............................8 More than golf at the country club................12 See & Do - Local events & attractions............14 A walk in the parks...........................................19 Church directory & community contacts......20

Index of Advertisers Akta Lakota Museum................17 Al’s Oasis.................. inside cover Allen’s South Dakota Fishing/ Hunting Guide Service.........13 AmericInn................... back cover Bottle Shop...............................13 Casey’s Cafe.............................10 Cedar Shore............... inside cover Chamberlain Country Club.......12 Chamberlain Food Center....inside back Chamberlain Locker.................17 Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun............ ....................................3,10,18 Crazy Racers.............................15 Cruzer’s Pit Stop.........................3 Curt’s Cycle Center and Hieb’s Cenex....................................4 Howard Johnson’s of Oacoma ..... back cover Lee’s Motor Inn........................17

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Our favorable South Dakota. Jessica Giard, editor - Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun


Chicago Tribune columnist isn't happy that the general public views South Dakota more favorably than they view Illinois. A survey by Public Policy Polling reports South Dakota as one of the top most favorable states in the union, right up there with Hawaii, Colorado and Tennessee. We won't argue with the results, but our Department of Tourism sun file photo Secretary, Jim Hagen, will argue with the Chicago Tribune's February 29, 2012, column that asks the question, “South Dakota, seriously?” Illinois ranked as the third-most unfavorable in the poll. Illinois – we are sorry. Personally, the state doesn't rank so lowly in my book; of course, I have family ties which have indoctrinated me enough to know that the Blues Brothers don’t really live at 1060 West Addison Street. Hagen responded to the column, titled “State of Dislike,” with a letter to the editor, reminding the writer of South Dakota's finer offerings: A handful of national parks in western South Dakota – most notably Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Badlands National Park; unique (if not unusual) attractions like the world's only Corn Palace in Mitchell; and, above all, landscapes and natural scenery you absolutely can't miss. Yes, I mean that you literally can not – you're driving right through it on Interstate 90. Just like you can't miss the Missouri River at Chamberlain/ Oacoma. Our school superintendent says she directs

prospective employees for the district the long way to the school, through exit 263 to Chamberlain's downtown just to wow them with the view that greets westbound drivers as they crest the hill that falls into the Missouri River valley between Chamberlain and Oacoma. When I travel and people ask me where I'm from, I might say Chamberlain and they might look confused. Then, I qualify my hometown with a quick Q&A session. Have you ever driven across South Dakota on Interstate 90? About half the time I get a “yes.” Remember where you cross the river? That's where I live. “Oh, yes,” they will say. “What a great view.” I'm paraphrasing, but we are remembered for our river. It was worthy enough for a mention in Hagen's letter to the editor – the mighty Missouri River, he called it. With our location on Interstate 90, the travelers from Illinois and all parts in between can easily see what makes our little spot on the map quite favorable.

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Stock Your Cooler and Boat

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2011 flooding brought great fishing

Walleye population stays strong in 2012 outlook Jessica Giard, editor - Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun


nglers on Lake Francis Case caught a good through the dam system last summer kept the water catch in 2011, despite historic, record-breaking cooler for longer. That kept walleye more active, but flooding and releases from the dams up and delayed production of the walleye's prey fish, gizzard down the Missouri River. The good catch looks to shad. continue through 2012. “The lake heated up to 70 degrees about “The Lake Francis Case walleye population one month later than average,” said Longhenry. typically responds favorably to high water conditions, “Additionally, the cooler water delayed most of and 2011 was no different,” said Chris Longhenry, the gizzard shad spawn until one month later than normal. While this didn't hurt the walleye population, fisheries biologist with S.D. Game, Fish and Parks. A combination it probably of factors last resulted in less year – cooler food available in water through the the first half of the season, a resilient summer, giving population of the walleyes prey fish, and fewer choices an ongoing solid and making them walleye population more susceptible – attracted anglers to anglers.” to the river, despite A string of the area's high good production water. years on Lake “There were Francis Case a number of over five of the factors that likely past seven years South Dakota Tourism Photo played into the bolsters the Fishing on Lake Francis Case at Chamberlain should stay strong in 2012, says phenomenal fishing Game, Fish and Parks. A healthy walleye population faired well through the healthy walleye population. last year. The first flooding on the Missouri River in 2011. is that we were, and Above normal still are, sitting on a run-off and high very healthy walleye population,” said Longhenry. flows through the system help the walleye stay more While boating access was severely limited last active and productive. GF&P survey results indicated summer with the high water, anglers who managed strong reproduction last year. to get on the river saw good success later than “The above normal runoff brings in nutrients and usual into the season. The bite typically drops as the organic matter which fuel primary production of weather warms into July and August, but higher flows continued on page 6

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 6 continued from page 5

algae - food for zooplankton,” he said. “During high runoff years, there is plenty of zooplankton for the walleye fry and prey fish species to feed on, resulting in good conditions for fish production.” Biologists with Game, Fish and Parks continue to monitor the effects of the 2011 flooding on the Missouri River fishery. They watch Lake Francis Case, Lake Sharpe above Fort Thompson, Lake Oahe north of Pierre and Lewis and Clark Lake near Yankton. Longhenry said the impacts of flooding on Lake Francis Case and the walleye population is minimal, in part due to the reservoir's size. “Francis Case is large enough that the increased flows through the lake did not affect walleye production like Lake Sharpe and Lewis and Clark,” he said. “Lakes Sharpe and Lewis and Clark are both relatively small and had low walleye reproduction last year.” The primary prey fish on Lake Francis Case, gizzard shad, were less impacted by the high water releases through the reservoir than other prey fish, like smelt, on the other reservoirs. “Smelt are very prone to being entrained or flushed from the system because they use the areas near the dam for the deep cold water habitat making them susceptible to being entrained,” he said. “Gizzard shad utilize the whole reservoir and much of the shad production occurs in the upper two thirds of the reservoir making them more resistant to flushing.” Officials with Game, Fish and Parks and the Army Corps of Engineers don't believe flooding on the Missouri River this year is a strong possibility, despite localized flooding on Lake Francis Case the last two years. In June 2011, Lake Francis Case broke a 1997 flood record by three feet. Above normal snowpack, plus record rainfall in May 2011 throughout the river basin in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota pushed an already full system into flood control zone starting in late May through the summer. High waters receded locally on Lake Francis Case starting in August. “When working with river systems, you always need to be concerned or aware that flooding may occur,” said Longhenry. As of publication in April, snow pack in the upper

Missouri River basin hovered around normal above Fort Peck and south to Garrison Dam in North Dakota, while plains snowpack was nearly gone. “The current runoff projection is 26 million acre feet compared to the 60 million acre feet we saw last year,” he said. “Right now, every indication is that 2012 will be an average year.”

Historical crests on Lake Francis Case • 1375.10 ft on July 8, 2011 • 1372.21 ft on May 2, 1997 • 1368.38 ft on June 23, 2010 • 1367.93 ft on June 2, 1995 • 1365.40 ft on May 5, 2001 At Chamberlain. Measured in elevation feet. Normal operating level is 1355 feet MSL. Flood stage is 1365 feet.

Welcome Fisherman! Stock up your fishing boat with us! We have everything you need to have a successful day on the river.

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Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 7


Go Fishing.

o learn more about boating and fishing in South Dakota, visit the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website at . You may also find the 2012 SD Fishing Handbook and the Boating Regulations handbook at any of the area license agents and throughout Chamberlain/Oacoma.

Area Fishing License Agents Chamberlain Alco - 1700 E King St - (605) 734.6709   Bottle Shop -100 N Courtland -(605) 734.6274  Casey Drug -Welcome West Plaza - (605) 734.6530  Chamberlain True Value -1000 Sorenson Drive - (605) 734.5492  Midwest Supply - 206 W Clemmer -(605) 734.6791  North Park C Store - 700 N Main - (605) 234.6421

Kimball Brooks Hardware - PO Box 80 - (605) 778.6370  CBS Miller’s Oil - PO Box 329 - (605) 778.6433  Ditty’s Diner - 801 S Main St -(605) 778.6567  Kimball Clark - 800 S Main - (605) 778.6248 Pheasant Crest Lodge - 23625 365th Ave. - (605) 7786340

Oacoma Al’s Oasis - 1000 E Hwy 16 - (605) 734.6051 Cedar Shore Resort - Mickelson Drive - (605) 734.5214  West Forty Inc. - 100 E Hwy 16 - (605) 734.6929 

• Licenses may also be purchased online and printed from your computer. Visit the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website at http://


Fishing License Fees Resident Licensing and Fees Resident 1 Day Fishing $9* Resident Annual Fishing $27* Combination (small game and fishing) $51* Junior Combination, ages 16-18 (small game, furbearer and fishing) $27*

Nonresident Licenses and Fees Nonresident 1 $16* Nonresident 3 Day Fishing $34* Nonresident Annual Fishing $62* * Includes $2 agent fee For further details go to

Boating Access American Creek Campground. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . American Creek Marina. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cedar Shores ramp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cedar Shores high water ramp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dude Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

North Main Street, Chamberlain North Main Street, Chamberlain 3 NE Oacoma off Loop 90 3 NE Oacoma off Loop 90 Near Oacoma, Exit 260 off I-90

Elm Creek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 miles south of Chamberlain, off Highway 50 • These areas do not require a state park entrance license.

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 8

Enjoying the view ... at just the right pace Shandra Thomas, assistant editor - Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun


hether you are just stopping for the night or plan to stay a while, the Chamberlain/ Oacoma area offers a variety of scenic hot spots for runners. Julie Soulek and Mindy Donovan began running together while Donovan’s husband was deployed to Iraq in 2007-2008. Both women were hooked by the beauty surrounding them and the health benefits they received from lacing up their running shoes daily. “I try and take a moment every time I’m out to just stop, take a deep breathe and enjoy the beauty of this area,” Donovan said. “I have lived here for 13 years now and remind myself to not take the scenery for granted.” Both Soulek and Donovan suggest running over the newly refurbished Highway 16 bridge across the Missouri River to Oacoma. Hop on the walking path next to Shoreline Drive and run to Cedar Shore Resort. The walking path Sun file photo along Shoreline Drive is currently closed due to Chamberlain residents and friends Mindy Donovan and Julie erosion issues; however, running along the paved Soulek run together during one of the annual 5K/10K fun runs road is still suitable. in Chamberlain, which routes runners along the river - a popular route for walkers and runners to take in the local scenery. Another path many locals enjoy is the uphill walking path, lined with yucca plants and prairie grasses, north of Chamberlain to Roam Free Park. quite often, there are routes you can take that will Start at St. Joseph’s Indian School for the climb. “Roam Free is awesome,” Soulek said. “When you allow you to get in a nice run without feeling defeated by the weather. Staying on a path within the city make it to the top it is just beautiful.” limits offers some protection from the howling wind. Donovan also expressed her love of the climb to “A route through St. Joseph’s Indian School Roam Free Park. campus and American Creek Campground is usually “I like the walking path up to Roam Free Park,” included when staying in town,” Donovan said. “A Donovan said. “You can really get a feel for the area stroll down Main Street and window shopping can from the view on the top.” make for a fun run as well. Chamberlain has a very If the wind is blowing, as it does in South Dakota active and beautiful Main Street.”

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 9

If a hilly climb is something you are after, running east on King Street from Chamberlain will give a challenging, leg-busting workout. With it’s steep grade, the route will keep even the experienced runner on their toes. Highway 50 features a wide shoulder, perfect for walkers and runners. Instead of making the turn along the river towards Cedar Shore Resort, continue running along the rolling hills of Hwy 16 towards Oacoma for another hilly adventure. Whether you decide to head west across the majestic Missouri River, north towards Roam Free Park or challenge yourself with a run east up King

Street, a scenic view will always accompany runners. “Whether I do the running path across the river and over to Cedar Shore Resort or up to Roam Free Park, I can see anything from deer, to the geese to a friendly rattlesnake,” Soulek said. Wildlife is abundant on many trails throughout the area. It is not uncommon to share paths with deer, turkeys, geese and the occasional snake. The ability to be consumed by the nature and beauty of the area allows many to get lost in their run. Many adventures await you in the Chamberlain and Oacoma area, so lace up those running shoes and enjoy the view.

Recommended routes for a great view or a great challenge. Scenic Views - Along River Street - Barger path - Walking path to Roam Free Park - Across Hwy 16 bridge to Cedar Shore Resort

Oasis Pump N’ Pak Gas • Beer • Pop • Sandwiches • Fishing Gear • Live Bait

802 E. Hwy 16, Oacoma 605-234-5325 Open 24 hours a day!

Hilly runs - Across the bridge to Al’s Oasis - Roam Free Park - Up King Street towards Sanford Health

Riverview Inn Welcome Travelers!

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* Wireless Internet * Great View of the River * Ample parking * Direct room entry * Spacious clean rooms * Cable * Great Rates * Pets Allowed * Light Continental Breakfast

Opening Friday, May 18

Lakeview Heights • Off I-90 Exit 263 (605) 734-6057

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Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 12

Chamberlain Country Club More than just a good round of golf Shandra Thomas, assistant editor - Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun


he Chamberlain County Club is a nine hole, 36 par public Golf Course that is a must play for any golfer. This scenic course has gorgeous surroundings, with mature trees lining the fairways, river hills backdrop and water coming into play on several holes. “The course has challenging features with the creek meandering through it,” avid golfer Valerie Moore said. “However, is very playable for the casual golfer.” Located one mile west on highway 16 just off of I-90 exit 260 in Oacoma, the course is centrally located and on the way to your destination, wherever that may be. The clubhouse is open

April to October, weather permitting, from 7 am until dark and offers golf club and cart rentals, a pro shop, driving range, putting green, restaurant and cocktails. The newly constructed clubhouse, built in 2007, sits between holes one and nine, and allows you to have a great view of the course while you enjoy a delicious and affordable meal and a drink from the full service bar. According to clubhouse manager, Carol Powers, Monday, Thursday and Friday are the best days to get right in on the course. “The course is closed all day on Tuesday for men’s league and closes at 5 pm on Wednesday

Chamberlain Country Club y

for e c a p s e v r Rese sion. a c c o l ia c e our sp pers

up ehearsal s r g in d d e W e Parties t a iv r P • s • Reunion

Open to the Public for Lunch & Dinner 12 pm - 8 pm Great Burgers

Course open April 15 - October 1 Sun-up to Sundown 33848 Golf Course Rd - Oacoma

(605) 734-4451

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 13

for women’s league,” she said. “If you want to golf on Saturday or Sunday, it is best to call ahead for a tee time.” The clubhouse hosts a variety of activities all season long from wedding rehearsal suppers to a number of tournaments and fundraisers. “There are many tournaments throughout the season that are open to the public,” said Sheena Bryan, county club Vice President. If you forgot your clubs at home, no problem, the clubhouse can rent you set. Cart rentals are also available. Options are available to golf 9 or 18 holes as well as all day. For 9 holes it is $15, 18 holes is $25 and $50 for all day. “Stop in for a scenic round of golf, a cold beer and a great hamburger,” Powers said.

Sun file photo

The Chamberlain Country Club offers a 9 hole, 36 par golf course easily located off of I-90 exit 260. Cart and club rentals are available. The club house offers an excellent dining experience as well as a full service bar.

Gear up toward fishing Ice, Bait, Tackle & Everything that goes with it.

Bottle Shop (605) 734 - 6274

Open 6am - 12am everyday • 100 N. Courtland Chamberlain, SD

Allen’s South Dakota Fishing & Hunting

(605) 234-5461

Best Walleye Fishing and Pheasant Hunting in US and Canada Allen’s Missouri River Guide Service Up to date fishing and hunting information 1-800-435-5591 or 605-734-5591 Hillside Motel 502 E. King, Chamberlain, SD 57325 Garry and Mike Allen

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 14

See &Do Mark your calendar for a few of the more notable events and attractions in the Chamberlain/Oacoma area this spring and summer.

River City Racin’

The Pepsi Racing Power Cup Challenge presented by River City Racin’ is the Missouri River’s most exciting hydroplane boat racing event and what fans like to call “NASCAR on the water.” Here, boat pilots battle for points and pride. But they’re not racing just anything – these are hydroplanes, some of the fastest and most exciting boats on the water. Race attendees can also enjoy a variety of entertainment throughout the day, including the Laker’s Car Club Mighty Mo Car Show, Sanford Children’s Play Zone and live main stage entertainment. Join us June 16-17, 2012 in Chamberlain/Oacoma, South Dakota at the American Creek Park and Campground. For more information about this actionpacked weekend and to purchase advanced tickets or party pods visit


ABOVE: Hydroplane boats race around the track during a heat race at River City Racin’. This years will be the first year that the event is sanctioned by the American Powerboat Association. The annual event is scheduled for June 16-17 in Chamberlain at American Creek Campground. LEFT: The annual Rock the Bluffs fireworks display over the Missouri River is a treat to watch by land or on the water on the Fourth of July.

Rock the Bluffs - 4th of July Celebration

On tap again this year, the Chamberlain/Oacoma Chamber of Commerce is planning for their annual “Rock the Bluffs” fireworks display to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. The show, which is scheduled to begin at 10:20 pm on July 4, featuring a unique display presented by Premier Pyrotechnics of Yankton. April Reis, chamber director, said this year’s show will be the biggest display yet. Radio station KPLO 94.5 FM will broadcast patriotic music during the show as in previous years. Reis said the display is a huge attraction for the

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 15

May 5 - Pukwana May 19 - Pukwana June 12 - Pukwana June 9 - Armour June 16 - Pukwana June 30 - Pukwana July 14 - Pukwana July 28 - Pukwana

August 4 - Armour August 11 - Pukwana August 18 - Yankton - Riverboat Days August 25 - Pukwana September - Pukwana September 15 - Armour September 22 - Pukwana

Start your day out right with the Best Breakfast Burritos in Town Open for breakfast at 7:30 am Hours: 7:30 am - 10:00 pm

I-90 Exit 263 126 Front Street Chamberlain, SD Welcome West Plaza

(605) 734-4115

October 6 - Pukwana October 20 - Pukwana (Pheasant Opener) Races at Pukwana begin at 8 pm, all other race times TBA

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 16

community, drawing in hundreds of people for camping, fishing, and fireworks. “The town can double in size with all the people who come in to town,” said Reis. In order to attract those visitors, and their dollars, Reis said the Chamber spends a total of about $16,000 to advertise, purchase the fireworks, and assemble the program. While some of the money comes from donations from the City of Chamberlain and Town of Oacoma, Reis said private donations also play a big role in supporting the show.


The Chamberlain Country Club, located at 33848 Golf Course Rd (one miles west on Highway 16 from Oacoma I-90 exit 260) in Oacoma, offers you 9 holes of pure fun. With golf cart and club rentals, you don’t have to worry if yours are at home. The 9-hole course features 2,942 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 36. The course rating is 35.0 and it has a slope rating of 118. Chamberlain golf course opened in 1952. Carol Powers manages the course as the general manager. The clubhouse is open seven days a week from 7 am to dark, and offers a pro shop, restaurant, cocktails, golf clubs and cart rentals, driving range and putting green Stop into the new clubhouse after the game for a drink and some dinner. To schedule a tee time or for more information, call (605) 734-4451.

Attractions Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center Located on the banks of the Missouri River, the Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center is one of the more culturally rich places to visit in the Midwest. More than just a museum in the traditional sense, the Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center offers visitors an experience with a living lesson on the Native American way of life -- both past and present. The words “Akta Lakota” meaning to “honor the people” were chosen because the museum is truly intended to honor and preserve the rich Lakota culture for the students at St. Joseph’s Indian School and for the thousands who visit the museum each year. As an educational outreach program of St. Joseph’s admission to the museum is free to all that visit.

sd tourism photo

Finding the museum is easy, from I-90 take exit 263 drive north 2 miles through downtown Chamberlain, St. Joseph’s Indian School home of the Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center will be on your left. Once on campus follow the signs. Admission is free. Summer hours May – October (Holidays included) are Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. To learn more, visit the museum’s website at www. or call (605) 234-3452.

SD Hall of Fame

From journalists to ranchers, doctors to teachers, the South Dakota Hall of Fame in Chamberlain serves to honor their efforts to better South Dakota. Located at exit 263 right off Interstate 90, the Hall of Fame is free and open to the public for viewing and learning about notable South Dakotans.

sd tourism photo

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 17

In 1974, the Hall of Fame was established to recognize outstanding leaders of the state. Fifteen years ago, the South Dakota state legislature designated the South Dakota Hall of Fame as the official Hall of Fame for South Dakota. Each fall, the hall inducts 15 new members for their contributions to the state. From Memorial Day thorugh Labor Day, hours are 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4pm on Saturday and 1 pm to 4 pm Sunday. During the winter, the hall is open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm. For more information, visit the website www. or call (605) 734-4216.

CHS Alumni Weekend The Chamberlain Alumni Association will be hosting their annual alumni weekend Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14. Friday evening will include individual class get togethers. A 9 hole best ball golf tournament will kick off Saturday’s festivities. Registration for the

tournament will begin at 9:30 am at the country club with the tournament beginning at 10:30 am. Social hour and alumni banquet will be held at AmericInn starting at 5:30 pm. Chamberlain alumni, Jim Woster, will be MC and guest speaker for the event. No tickets will be sold at the door. Following the banquet, a street dancing, featuring Jade Monkey will be held on downtown Main Street. For further information please visit us on facebook at Chamberlain HS (Chamberlain Cubs) or www. /

Lee’s Motor Inn






220 W. King Ave Chamberlain, SD (605) 234-5575 1-800-780-7234

• In room Coffee • Iron & Ironing board • Large indoor pool • Sauna/ Whirlpool • Breakfast/ Waffles

• Recliners/ 32� NEW Flatscreen TVs in each room • Game Room • High Speed internet • Senior/AAA Discounts

Let us help you plan your next grill out! Ground Beef Brats Ribeyes

Chamberlain Locker

114 W. Lawler Ave. Chamberlain, SD 57325

(605) 234-5811

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 18

Chamberlain/Oacoma’s annual 5k/10k and youth triathlon

Runners looking to enjoy a bit of friendly competition can take on the 20th annual Race on the River Saturday, July 7. In August, the Chamberlain/ Oacoma Fitness Council will also host the annual youth triathlon on the 18th. For more information and registration, email the council at ChamberlainOacomaFitness@gmail. com. Find the group on Facebook at for ongoing information. The 5K/10K walk/run starts on the campus of St. Joseph’s Indian School and heads into town along Lake Francis Case. The youth triathlon events accommodate

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Newly Renovated 50 Smoke Free rooms

Free Internet access Pet-friendly

I-90 Exit 260 100 Hwy 16 Oacoma, SD 57365 Indoor Heated pool

(605) 734-5593


youth from under five years old through 16 years with varying lengths appropriate for each age group. The youth triathon takes place on the St. Joseph’s Indian School campus.

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Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 19

A walk in the park(s) Take a break and play at any of these parks in Chamberlain and Oacoma.

Swimming Pool Park

Fees Park

Barger Park

Krebs Park

Oacoma Town Park

Explorers Park

Next to the Chamberlain swimming pool on South Main Street, about 5 blocks south of dowtown.

On the Missouri River on the north end of downtown Chamberlain. Park on the north end of Courtland Street or River Street.

On the southwest side of Oacoma. On Duggan Avenue at exit 260, go south and turn left at the stop sign.

Girl Scouts Park

At the corner of 13th Avenue and Courtland Street, one block west of S. Main Street.

On 16th Avenue and River Street in Chamberlain, two blocks west of South Main Street

North of the Bowling Dome on the corner of Mott and Merrill streets, two blocks east of downtown.

West of Highway 50 on Sorensen Drive and Cedar Road, near the water tower.

American Creek Park

At American Creek day use area on North Main Street, two blocks north of downtown Chamberlain.

Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide • Page 20

Church Directory Chamberlain/Oacoma

Calvary Baptist Church -Pastor Duane Earwood; 301 Eagle Ave. Chamberlain, SD; Sunday - 11 am and 6 pm Central Plains Evangelical Free Church - Pastor Calvin Kroeker; 734-4064; Worship Service 10:30 AM; Oacoma Community Center Christ Episcopal Church - Rev. Liz Powers; 207 S. Main, Chamberlain; PH: 234-6327; Services: 9 am Sundays Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - 104 S. Byron Blvd; PH: 734-9964

Community Contacts Brule County Sheriff’s Office.......605-234-4443 Chamberlain Police Department...605-234-4406 Game, Fish and Parks, Chamberlain Office........ ......................................................605-734-4530 GF&P Hunting and Fishing..........605-223-7660 Town of Oacoma...........................605-734-4455 City of Chamberlain......................605-234-4401 Sanford Clinic Chamberlain.........605-234-6551

Avera Community Clinic..............605-234-6584 Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall - 822 S. Main, Chamberlain; Chamber of Commerce.................605-234-4416 PH: 734-6161; Thurs. Service Meeting: 8:30 pm Chamberlain Post Office...............605-734-6556 River Hills Fellowship - Pastor Paul Day 1001 Sorensen Dr.; Oacoma Post Office......................605-734-5392 PH: 234-5604; Services: 10:30 am Sunday Chamberlain Municipal Airport....605-234-4409 St. James Catholic - 400 S. Main; PH: 734-6122; Saturday Cozard Memorial Library.............605-234-4414 Mass: 5:30 pm; Sunday Mass: 10 am Chamberlain City Pool..................605-234-4413 Trinity Lutheran Church - Pastor Duane Neugebauer; PH: 234EMERGENCY DIAL 911 6698; Services: 5:30 pm Saturday; 9:30 am Sunday

United Church of Christ - 101 N. Merrill, PH: 234-5202; Services: 10:30 am Sunday Water of Life Assembly of God - Pastor Reggie Ballard; 202 E. Clemmer Ave.; Sunday Services: 10 am Worship Zion Lutheran Church - Pastor Mark Mischnick; 314 S. Main; PH: 234-9466 (ZION); Saturday 7 pm, Sunday 9:00 am

Pukwana Area

Pukwana Free Lutheran Church - Services: 10:45 am Sunday St. Anthony’s Catholic Church - Mass: 8 am Sundays St. Olaf Free Lutheran Church - At Ola, South of Pukwana; Services: 9 am Sunday


Kimball Protestant Parish - Rev. Lou Whitmer; H:778-6410; Services: 10 am Sunday St. Margaret’s Catholic Church - Father Andrew Swietowchowski; Kimball SD; Saturdays (odd months) 6 pm and Sundays 10:30 am

Jewelry • Gems • Jewelry Making Supplies • Yarn • Dark Canyon Coffee • Raccoon Hats Fabric • Quilts for Sale • Belts • Purses • Skunk Hats • Sling Shots • Patterns • Jackets Hats • Native American Art • Special made quilts and Jewelry

The Quilt Shop 315 N. Main ~ Chamberlain, SD 605•234•5739

Welcome Fishermen!

100 Paul gust road Chamberlain open daily 7-9 Phone: 605-234-5559

Grab N’ go

Sandwiches, Salads, Chicken. Perfect for on the river.

Take ‘n Bake Pizza

Wine and Beer


Chester’s Chicken served daily. Lunch Specials every week day.

Large cold beer selection. We have everything you need to fill your coolers. Nobody offers you a better variety or at a lower price! Don’t forget the ice!

Fresh Meat

Full service meat department! We offer the ONLY fresh meat counter in town, and cut to your order.

2012 Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide  

Go fish, go for a run or hit a round a golf: A few things visitors can do to get out and play in Chamberlain and Oacoma

2012 Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Recreation Guide  

Go fish, go for a run or hit a round a golf: A few things visitors can do to get out and play in Chamberlain and Oacoma