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EAST SIDE! June 30, 2022 | FREE | | Community News

With all due respect, Councilman Ulysees O. Wingo‘s resolution to rename our community “East Buffalo” is an untimely, divisive distraction that smacks of gentrification. We are East Side Strong Mr. Wingo! Page 13

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Major Black Church in Rochester Losing Its Pastor

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Community Activist Files Complaint with Police Accountability Board Anthony Hall to Appear in City Court July 5; Seeks Formal Apology from Rochester Police Department Community activist Anthony Hall, who works closely with law enforcement and the community to curb guns, recently spoke out about a June 18th incident which resulted in him being charged with Obstruction of Governmental Administration. Hall , the director of Pathways to Peace, denies the charges and says the officer who knocked food out of his hand and aggressively arrested him has a history of using excessive force. Hall was issued an appearance ticket to appear in Rochester City Court on July 5. He has filed a complaint with the Police Accountability Board and has expressed his desire for a formal apology from the Rochester Police Department.

Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022

Major Black Church in Rochester Losing Its Pastor Rochester to Celebrate


ev. Jonathan J.H. McReynolds, pastor of Aenon Baptist Church, one of the largest black churches in the city, is stepping down to take a new position outside of New York state. "It has been an honor and joy to lead the Aenon Church for the last six years, " he said, adding that he will officially announce the name and location of his new pastorate in a few weeks. McReynolds preached his final sermon from Aenon's pulpit during the church's worship service at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, June 26. Reflecting on his tenure, McReynolds said "the church has experienced renewal, growth and has engaged in many community and social justice endeavors." He cited what he considered his greatest accomplishments as, "the growth of the youth ministries, community outreach, the training and development of new leaders and breaking the glass ceiling for women to serve in expanded roles of leadership." Leslie Harvey, chairman of Aenon's Board of Trustees, said he is "saddened by Pastor McReynolds' decision to take on a new call of ministry outside of Aenon. However, I understand his desire to do what he feels God wants him to do. "Not only am I losing a pastor but a dear friend whom I have grown to love and respect. Pastor McReynolds has done a wonderful work at Aenon and the Rochester community in a short period of time." Lawrence Floyd, chairman of Aenon's Deacon Board, also commented on McReynolds' impact saying he "brought a new level of ecclesiastical training and preparation to the Aenon clergy and deaconate ministries. "He also championed new and improved use of Aenon's audio/visual and virtual ministry as a means of extending our ability to reach our parishioners and the world, especially during the pandemic season we are in." After McReynolds is no longer pastor, the Aenon Deacon Board will appoint an interim pastor "as soon as possible,' Floyd said. The goal is to have the interim pastor in place by August 1, he said. After that the Deacon Board will begin the process of selecting a pastoral search committee from the congregation. "Every member is welcome to ask to be a part of the search committee," Floyd said, Even after he's assumed his new post, McReynolds said he looks forward to "continuing ministry initiatives in Western New York through virtual and in-person ministry opportunities in the future."

Austin Steward Day O

n Tuesday, July 5 Rochester will celebrate Austin Steward Day in celebration of one of the first great black teachers, freedom fighters and business persons in the early days of Rochester. This day will include theatrical monologues, storytelling, a “Freedom Now” panel discussion, black owned business vendors and giveaways of Austin Austin Steward Steward's book. The event will be held from 4-7 p.m. at the Thurston Road YMCA, 597 Thurston Road, in Rochester,. Education is crucial. Celebration of Culture makes us whole. It helps us take pride in who we are, as a larger community and as black people in particular. Brother Stewart escaped from enslavement and was one of Rochester’s first Black business owners, first public school educators, and first anti-slavery activist. His anti-racist July 5 speech helped pave the way for the ideas of freedom, citizenship and abolition of the great Frederick Douglass. He is considered one of the crucial forefathers of Black Rochester who still inspires us to fight for and center Black nationhood. Besides, Austin Stewart is one of the forefathers of Black Rochester and he is thoroughly under acknowledged and under celebrated. This stops now. We hope this spawns great interest in bringing his narratives into local schools and other impactful arenas of thought. The Austin Steward Day is being hosted by #COMMUNITYJUSTICEINITIATIVE, an Afrikan centered, nationbuilding collective who utilizes Kwanzaa, Juneteenth, Malcolm X Day, Austin Steward Day and others as vehicles for the progress of our people. Austin Steward is remembered today for his work as a great abolitionist. In the city of Rochester, a bronze bust of Steward, designed by Calvin Hubbard, can be seen on the second floor of the Radisson Hotel, the site where his own business was once located. Further downtown, Steward’s portrait, by artist Shawn Dunwoody, can be seen on a pier of the Interstate 490 bridge over West Main Street. Alongside the images of Nathaniel Rochester, Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, Steward’s message of integrity still inspires us today. For more information or inquiries text or call Diallo Payne at 585-355-7884 or email or Vanessa Martell of the Thurston Road YMCA.

B L A C K FACTS July 11,1905 •Niagra Movement founded by WEB DuBois, in Erie, Ontario near Niagara Falls. July 12 George Washington Carver, noted scientist, born 1864 July 13 Congress outlawed slavery in Northwest Territory, 1787 July 15 Public schools for Blacks open in Philadelphia, 1822



Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022


Services Set For Richard George Clark Funeral services will be held for Richard George Clark Saturday July 9 at St. Johns Baptist Church, 184 Goodell Street. Wake 10-11am Funeral 11am-12pm "The Greatest of The Athletic Greats!"

Survivors of Racist Terror: Morris and Kishia Share Their Story What about the OTHER survivors? There were many inside Tops Market on May 14th being hunted and killed based on the color of their skin, but who may not be on anyone’s official “list” for compensation and help.

M August 18, 1948 – June 26, 2022

Buffalo Together Community Response Fund Announces Additional Grantees, Fund Co-Chairs and Updated Fund Total The Buffalo Together Community Response Fund, established in the wake of the horrific racially-motivated mass shooting at the Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue on May 14, 2022, is announcing additional grants to Black-led organiza- Dr. Ansari and Mr. Beauford tions, the co-chairs who will lead the Fund forward and an updated Fund total. On May 27, 2022, the Fund announced initial support to 70 Black-led organizations that have a meaningful and long-term presence in the community, and that are working on the front lines to address urgent community needs in the aftermath of the tragedy. Since then, an additional 15 organizations that are Black-led and responding to immediate needs in the Jefferson Avenue community have been awarded grants after further conversations and outreach in the community. The total awarded is now $635,000 to 85 organizations. Grants range from $5,000 - $20,000. The new grantees are: •Agape AME Church •Buffalo Black Achievers •Buffalo City Ballet •Bury the Violence Foundation •Confident Girl Mentoring •Fillmore Forward •Full Circle Family Service •Girls of Grace Mentoring Program •Groceries to Seniors Ministry at Journey Church •Kirby’s Korner •None Like You •Rehoboth House of Prayer •Tabernacle of Praise Church •Women Against Violence Everywhere •Young Tabernacle Holiness Church The Fund is now transitioning to a long-term community change investment effort that will accelerate the revitalization of Buffalo's East Side. The Fund has named two co-chairs to move the process forward: Dr. LaVonne Ansari, CEO and executive director of the Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc.; and Thomas Beauford, Jr., president & CEO of the Buffalo Urban League. Dr. Ansari and Mr. Beauford will lead the initial listening and learning phase of the work through the summer as they assemble a steering committee for the full effort. The Fund is continuing to monitor needs in mental health services as well.

By Myles Carter IG @myles4sheriff

orris Robinson had just clocked into work at the same the time that Payton Gendron decided to enter Tops and commit his racist terror attack. A customer service lead, and only 19 years old, Morris’ responsibilities included scheduling, and he was working with another employee to try and determine how to cover a call-in. He was only on the clock for a few minutes when he heard the gun shots that many of the survivor’s reference. Like many others, he paused and waited to see what was happening. Before his pause ended, he saw bullets flying through the front of the store. He yelled for everyone to run to the back, where he was able to get into the back stock area. There was a crowd of people at the rear exit trying to leave when he reached up and unlatched the door. People came out of hiding in the stock area, from behind crates and out of the cooler to run for safety. Morris made it to a friend’s house and tried calling 911, but the call wouldn’t go through. He returned to Tops where he saw some of his co-workers and other survivors and he made his way in to try and help search for some people who were unaccounted for. Today, Morris is back to work. He’s been back for several weeks against his mother’s better judgement. He attended a few of the group sessions held at the Merriweather Library, but it wasn’t until recently that he made the decision to seek independent therapy to start unpacking the baggage that comes along with what he experienced. There’s been no concerted effort to help Morris seek mental health services, financial services, or any other aide that’s available. He’s only 19 so he’s not too familiar with his rights and how to navigate the bureaucratic application processes. Kishia Douglas, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to work a full day since May 14th. Gainfully employed as a case worker, she’s taking unpaid leave to deal with the intense post-traumatic stress from that painful day. Physically uninjured, she jokes about how maybe if she would have been shot that there would be more concern for her well-being. She’s frustrated that all the assistance comes along with so much red tape, it’s hard for her to focus for short periods of time, one of the many side effects of PTSD. She’s just making ends meet given her newfound financial struggle. She applied for victim services down at the old YMCA on East Ferry St. and hasn’t received anything other than a phone call from the Sheriff’s office questioning her victim status and asserting that her presence in Tops that day is still alleged and unverified. One organization, Black Love Resists in the Rust, came through for her and provided some assistance to help cover June’s expenses, but she doesn’t know when and how she’s going to be able to take care of her responsibilities for July. Nothing has been promised from the CompasContinued Page 7

White Supremacist Mass Murderer Due Back in Court July 7 Payton Gendron, the avowed White supremacist charged with the racist mass shooting that killed 10 innocent Black people at the Jefferson Avenue Tops Market is due back in court on July 7. Gendron pleaded not guilty to hate-motivated domestic terrorism and murder as a hate crime as well as other charges earlier this month - despite what a prosecutor called overwhelming evidence against him. Already indicted by an Erie County court, he also faces 26 federal charges, including 10 counts of hate crime for each of the 10 people he murdered - a crime that could be eligible for the death penalty. The charges were announced by U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland who came to Buffalo two weeks ago. "No one in this country should have to live in fear that they will go to a grocery store and will be attacked by someone who hates them because of the color of their skin," Garland stated. Among the family members of the victims who met with Attorney General Garland was Garnell Whitfield. The former Buffalo Fire Commissioner whose mother Ruth Whitfield was among those killed in the attack, made it plain that he and his family were simply " looking for justice."

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

July 2, 1964

•Civil Rights Act passed July 3, 1917 •East St. Louis Massacre. Four days of attacks on African Americans in East St. Louis, Illinois, leave up to 200 dead and cause 6,000 Black residents to flee the city in what Marcus Garvey declared as " a massacre that will go down in history as one of the bloodiest outrages against mankind for which any class of people could be held guilty." Writes historian Winston James: "You have Black troops going off to fight to make the world safe for democracy in April and in July you have Black people being murdered in the most wanton and barbaric manner ... (stories of) children being thrown back into flaming houses, people being boarded up in. ... East St. Louis was a horror." July 4 , 1881 •Booker T. Washington opened Tuskegee Institute in Alabama July 9, 1893 •Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (1858-1931) performed first successful open heart surgery at Provident Hospital in Chicago. July 10,.1875 •Mary McLeod Bethune, pioneering educator and college founder, born 18751955.(Buffalo Judge James A.W. McLeod is related to the iconic Mrs. McLeodBethune.)


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Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022

A Healthy Community is a Wealthy Community

Groundwork Market Benefits of Having "Berry" Good Health Garden Now Open For he old saying the darker the berry the sweeter the juice is the 2022 Season!


all facts, however all berries provide a juicy load of benefits for your good health. Berries are considered one of the healthiest foods we can eat. You’ve seen berries in the big packaged stacks at the grocery stores, piled into cartons, at farmers markets and when it’s not their season you can still find an array of them available in the frozen section. Ranging from the tart to the sweet they are all good for you. The antioxidants and vitamin C in the berries are the main culprits to keeping you healthy! They protect you against free radicals ( free radicals are scavenger molecules that damage healthy cells in your body). Berries are proven to help with your heart and artery health, lowerLeah ing cholesterol and blood pressure, easy on Hamilton the digestive tract, help with cell repair and brain health. Bursting with flavor berries help reduce inflammation in the body, fight certain cancers. And yes it’s true the darker the berry the sweeter the juice as well as the benefits. Darker skinned berries have even higher amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting ability. These tiny little gems also provide a high dose of fiber and also have proven anti-aging properties and provide natural collagen for healthy, clear and glowing skin. Eat them fresh while in season (summer months through early fall) and consider frozen organic berries during winter if you can't find and must have. From blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries to loganberries give them a try! Don't forget the benefits of the cranberry (un-sweetened juice form ) for urinary tract health and reducing fat in the blood, and the flavonoid filled elderberry (sold dried to soak or boil to make beverages, teas) they not only fight colds/ flu, elderberry also combats stress. Be "Berry" Blessed and enjoy natures gift for your wellness!

Want to shop for fresh grown produce directly from a local farm in the area? Every Tuesday evening from 4-7pm, now through October, Groundwork Market Garden will be selling a wide variety of their USDA certified organic vegetables, as well as mushrooms, honey, eggs, and more! The farm accepts cash, check, credit, SNAP and NYS Farmers Market Nutrition Program checks. ¡Se Habla Español! The farm stand is located in the warehouse building next to the farm, at 52 Leslie Street Buffalo, NY 14211. All are welcome.

DID YOU KNOW Getting outdoors for fresh air can help improve your digestion, improve blood pressure and heart rate, clear your lungs and sharpen our mind. Not to mention lift your mood.. Go Outside!

Saunders Secures Historic Nomination as First African American Appointee to Constitutional State Court of Claims in WNY


istory was made last month when Governor Kathy Hochul nominated Stephanie A. Saunders for one of twelve appointments to the New York State Court of Claims. The New York State Senate confirmed the Governor’s ground breaking appointments on June 3. Dubbed the “Terrific Twelve” by the Hon. Richard E. Sise, Acting Presiding Judge of the New York State Court of Claims, Saunders is one of twelve diverse and highly qualified nominees from across the state, including three first generation Americans, the first little person and first Muslim. Saunders is the second African American appointed to the New York Court of Claims in Western New York and the first African American Court of Claims judge assigned exclusively to hear cases against the State of New York in the Buffalo District. She joins the ranks of twenty-seven of such judges located throughout the state. Saunders was the former principal law clerk to the Hon Stephanie A. Saunders E. Jeannette Ogden in Supreme Court. She received her bachelors degree from Syracuse University and her juris doctorate from the University at Buffalo Law School. Before working with Justice Ogden in Supreme Court, Saunders was the Assistant Legal Counsel for the Buffalo Board of Education and also served seven years as the Director of Medical Affairs for Kaleida Health. Congratulations Judge Saunders!


SEXUAL HEALTH SUPPORT For men and women Call 716.852.5969 or visit

"If You Want to Drink, It’s Your Business. If You Want to Get Sober, It’s OURS". Alcoholics Anonymous 716-853-0388 Download free AA Meeting Guide app


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From Crazy Cakes to Crazy Good Eats Shetice Williams, owner of Cake Crazy Bakery on William Street in Cheektowaga, will be opening another “Crazy” establishment soon when Crazy Good Eats opens later this summer in the former Tony’s Ranch House at 2285 Main Street. The restaurant will feature soups, salads, sandwiches and ethnic food. Of course Cake Crazy Bakery items will also be offered including cake slices, cookies and sweet potato tarts.

Join the Fourth Annual Cooperrative Academy The Cooperative Academy is a virtual 11 week course for people who want to start a business without bosses. Up to $2,500 in seed funding avaiable for graduates eligible start-up expenses. Applications due August 15, Academy begins every Wednesday 6-8pm Oct. 5 through Dec 14. To apply or for info email, or call 716 218-8426.

Fair Housing " Civil Rights Act of 1968"

as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, that you are unable to assist them with listing their property under such requests.

Beginning with our most "Heartfelt Occurrence" recently, our prayers will forever be in our hearts and minds for our friends and families. We are ready and able to be there for you. Peace and our Love always.

C. Inquiry: There is a request from an owner that "children" will not be allowed to occupy a home being rented under their own advertising. Response: As any "owner advertises it is a personal decision." Whereas if the rental location is represented by a Licensed Real Estate Agent, the "law" will apply with regards to "Fair Housing."

Let us begin with "Fair Housing.'' As Real Estate Agents we must be mindful of our communities, the people who reside in them, as we interact doing business and within other instances as well. It is important to share these details and understand your personal rights. -The Fair Housing "Civil Rights Act 1968"These are the characteristics that protect against discrimination with regards to housing: Race, Color, Religion, Sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), National origin, Familial status, Disability, Marital status and Age. Here are some questions/conversations clients and others have shared with the agents.

D. Inquiry: Interested " visitor(s)" are attending an "Open House" for at least the traditional time of two hours. Customarily Agents are hosting, where all visitors are asked to sign-in and be welcomed. What it is noticeable that the visitors of different "colors," including the attending "Agent, " are not being attended to or considered. Visitors are aware of the non-action and voice their concerns. Response: The "Agent who was ignored" discusses the event with their Real Estate Office.

A. Inquiry: Client desires to only be shown certain properties in areas and where there are schools of their choice as well. Response: The agent can answer yes, however, providing more information with regards to locations and districts may appear as "steering." An agent may inform them that available "data is on-line. " The client may inquire with the schools for more details as well.

In reality the other Agent in concern is spoken to, regarding their non-action with the visitors.

B. Inquiry: Owner of property states `` I only desire certain people purchasing my home." Response: It is in violation of "Fair Housing '' to refuse a person(s) to purchase a property. Indicate it is "unlawful" and

" Its A Great Time to Market & Locate a New Home " Hawwao Wajed / Real Estate Salesperson~Notary / 716~867~4377 Cell Keller Williams Realty Office: 716~832~3300 5500 Main Street, Wlms., New York 14221 Suite#108

"Discrimination" is evident in many occurrences throughout our "World." "Real Estate" in the WNY industry will focus on every effort. ~~~Diversity, Fairness, Equality and Inclusion~~~ As always, Peace and safe, stay focused

Commandress Waker

Illustrious Commandress Andrea S. Waker

Commandress Andrea S. Waker is a member of the Hadji Court No. 62, Buffalo, New York. Described by photographer Dorothy “Princess” Wagstaff “as one of the most kind, honorable, loving and humble human beings I have ever met, ” Commandress Waker recently hosted a White Party, and participated in the Junteenth Parade and the Ball. “God Bless Commandress Andrea S. Waker!” Photo Princess Photography

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“Curlie” Jackson Scholarship Deadline The last day to apply for the “Curlie” Jackson Scholarship is June 30, 2022. Up to five scholarships will be awarded to graduating high school male seniors who are accepted full-time in an undergraduate program at an accredited two or four year college. Applicants are required to have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 To obtain an application contact the chairperson at Membership at Calvary CM.E. church is not a requirement.

Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022

Invade Heaven Prayer Call!

Join Evangelist Bruce Warrick and Trust God Ministries every Monday, Wednesday and Fridayfrom 5:30-6:30 A.M. for “Invade Heaven Prayer Call.” Dial In Number: 3392096984; EVANGELISTBRUCE82@ ICLOUD.COM, 716-2382471,WWW.TRUSTGODMINISTRY16.COM


Pictured are some of the scenes from the memorial site set up in honor of the victims of the Tops Massacre on Jefferson Avenue. Challenger Photos


Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022

Services Held for Captain Marian Bass, Trailblazer in Law Enforcement


uneral services were held on June 4 for Captain Marian Bass (Retired), a trailblazer for women in law enforcement during a career that spanned 33 years. She was Buffalo's first permanent minority woman officer and the first woman Lieutenant and Captain of Police. She was also the first woman in WNY certified as a candidate for Inspector of Police (the highest civil service rank in law enforcement), and the only woman in Western New York to have commanded a police precinct. Marian Bass A prolific writer on police subjects, she was published both locally (including contributions to the Challenger) and nationally. As Commander of the Crime Prevention Bureau, she and her staff were featured in Ebony Magazine for excellence in law enforcement. A motivational speaker, she was also a Canisius College certified Paralegal. Captain Bass was the recipient of numerous awards and citations and she earned four prestigious degrees during her career. She was an outstanding, brilliant no-nonsense historymaker who was known for cultivating beautiful gardens around her Amherst home. May her amazing and accomplished soul, rest forever in the Eternal Fields of Peace.


continued from page 3 sion Fund, where the timeline for survivors and victims to start receiving the money that was raised for them is around October or November. However Kiesha’s frustration goes deeper than finances. She doesn’t know when she will be whole again. She recounts her times before May 14th, as a strong Black woman, unincumbered by the ills that this world throws at our people. A woman unshaken by adversity, now dealing with dark sadness to the point that she can’t even walk into a grocery store by herself. She recalls that she had only gone to Tops to purchase a juice, and she was checking out at register one, right in the front of the store not too far from Morris. She was close enough to hear the shots, see the bullets and the fear she held while she gripped her belongings and ran straight down the aisle towards the back of the store without losing anything or looking back. Unable to focus and constantly unsure of her surroundings Kishia knows that she has drastically changed. Her only sentiment, “what about the survivors?” She’s not talking about the long list of all of those who are included as victims as described by the district attorney and other organizations. She’s referencing the people who were inside Tops on May 14th being hunted and killed based on the color of their skin. She’s asking for equity to begin the healing process so she can focus on becoming whole, understanding that she will never be who she was before that day. If you or someone you know is a survivor of the racist terror attack on May 14, 2022 they can reach out to BuffaloVictims@

Are You Registered to


Legislator Johnson with some of the players.

Legislator Johnson and Councilmember Nowakowski Host “Nickel City 3-On-3” Summer Youth Basketball Tournament Local athletes and their families gathered Saturday to participate in a 3-on-3 summer youth basketball tournament sponsored by Legislator Howard Johnson and Councilmember Mitch Nowakowski. This tournament was the first of three to be held at Franczyk Park this summer, with the next taking place on July 23rd and August 13th. “I am proud to be a co-sponsor and host for this event. With everything going on in our community, our children need an outlet for their energy and somewhere they can have fun.” Legislator Johnson said. “We had a great time today playing basketball with everyone. With 22 teams and over 200 people in attendance, a great time was had by all who attended. I hope the young people in this community will come out and participate in the tournament on July 23rd and August 13th.” “All too often, as we get lost in the busyness of each season and summer plans, we forget that kids need a place where they can just be kids, have fun, and create lasting bonds with the wider community. Given current events, I believe we must give our youth the tools they need to process the uncertainty around us. This tournament will provide that outlet and allow teens a safe, healthy competition and outlet for physical fitness” said Councilmember Nowakowski.



Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022 Art


Pictured: Artie Winners from the community from top row :Ujima Theatre's Brian Brown and Curtis Lovel, Actors, Annett Daniels Taylor, Tanika Holmes. 2nd row actors Melinda Capeles, Dwyane Stephenson, director Aaron Mays and playwright Mark Humphrey . (photos WBFO & Artie Awards facebook page )

Outstanding Community Winners at 2022 Arties!

The Artie awards, that recognizes the work of outstanding WNY theatres, thespians, and productions, had its 31st annual award anniversary event presented by Buffalo Toronto public media;June 6 at Shea’s 710 Theatre. This year there was a healthy number of Black and Brown talent from actors to directors and productions who took home awards among the roughly 22 plus categories. There were live s performances during the ceremony with one that included the energy and spark of dynamic actor and vocalist Brian Brown among others. Actress Annette Daniels Taylor, who was among the winners, spoke candidly about the importance of inclusivity in the theater arts here WNY on both the performance and attendance end. “ Theater is for all of us, it's where we heal, where we learn and where we get to connect with each other and stories that connects to us. Being invited to both participate with our talents or to attend a show to enjoy the talents of others creates an inclusive community that will tell balanced stories about all the different people that live in the WNY community" she told the Challenger news. Winners from the Black and Brown Community included: Outstanding Production of a Play American Son, Ujima Theatre Company Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical Annette Daniels Taylor, From Honky Tonk to Protest Katharine Cornell Awards Tanika Holmes, actor American Son Aaron Mays, director American Son Dwayne Stephenson, actor American Rhapsody Emanuel Fried Award for Outstanding New Play Mark Humphrey, playwright Speed of DarkN Speed of Dark also won Outstanding Ensemble of a Play Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play Melinda Capeles Congratulations to All for Your Outstanding Work!


Portraits In Black: Solo Show by Dee Edwards through July 30 at The Niagara Arts & Cultural Center 1201 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls. Free and open to the public Monday - Sunday from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, excluding holidays. aniagara_cultral


The Bridge Solo Show by Edreys Wajed through July 31 at Burchfield Penney Arts Center 1300 Elmwood ave. An exhibit of pure hip-hop both in reflection and its current phase of culture language and all things that bridge the gap in music and every day life. For more information go to .

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Taste of Buffalo July 9&10 The nation’s largest twoday food festival, Taste of Buffalo, presented by Tops, returns to downtown Buffalo on Saturday, July 9 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday July 10 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.around Niagara Square and up Delaware Ave. to Chippewa. Among the new businesses participating for the first ime are Caribbean Flava, Fat Lady's Cakes and Pies, and KT Caribbean.

A MOVEMENT, NOT A MOMENT Reflecting on the Past, Present and Future of Black Freedom in America FEATURING DR. RUSSELL WIGGINTON, President of the National Civil Rights Museum

SATURDAY, JULY 9 AT 11 A.M. in the museum’s auditorium

The Buffalo Museum of Science and Delaware North invite our neighbors to a free speaking engagement –“A Movement, Not a Moment: Reflecting on the Past, Present and Future of Black Freedom in America” Moderated by Ekua MendsAidoo and Kendra Brim.

Please RSVP to the speaking engagement by calling the museum at 716.896.5200x321 or at

Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022

Mother Helen Lee Celebrates Her 97th Birthday...At Russell's Of Course! Helen Lee celebrated her 97th birthday at Russell's...of Course! She was joined by her loving family for the occasion. Mrs. Lee was born in Lackawanna N.Y. on June 23 1925. She is the fourth child of Helen and Wade Shallowhorn (Grace, Wade, Geraldine, Helen, Charles). As a student, Helen attended BPS school #32 and later graduated from Hutchinson Central Technical High School. In 1950, Helen married the Late Robert F. Lee Jr., having two children Carolyn Owner Russell Salvatore Lee Clanton and the late Rob- wishes Mrs. Lee a Happy ert F. Lee III. Helen has one 97th birthday! grandson, Aaron Clanton, and one great grandson, Cameron Clanton. She is the aunt of Karl Shallowhorn, contributor of the Challenger. Helen was employed for over 20 years with ECMC and retired in 1984. As a retiree, she has continued a life of service, volunteering 31 years (and counting) at the Buffalo VA Medical Center. The veterans know her as the “Book Lady.” Mother Helen Lee has been an active member of New Covenant United Church of Christ – originally Lloyd’s Memorial, since childhood. Over the years, she has taken on several roles within the church including Deaconess, Trustee, Sunday School Teacher and has volunteered in countless church functions. During Covid she continued to be a faithful member of New Covenant attending service using zoom to get the Word of God. Helen continues life’s fantastic journey as a Christian woman thanking God for every day and everything. In 2013 she added world traveler to her list of accomplishments making new friends and visiting the sights in Singapore and Bangkok. We love Helen, our mother; grandmother and great grandmother and are truly blessed to have her as the matriarch of our family.

We Remember Anthony “Tony” Gloster January 12, 1947 – May 22, 2022

Anthony “Tony” L. Gloster, an extraordinary area musician who traveled and met the likes of Ike and Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Huge Mama Thornton and BB King, died May 22 at Buffalo Veterans Affairs Medical Heart after problems from diabetes. He was 75. A fixture in the Buffalo music community, his group, The Best Kept Secret, was the house band at Hemmingway’s restaurant for four years. He was also one of the acts at the Blue Note Jazz Club. As a youngster he played jazz and R&B with the likes of other local great musicians such as Herman Fisher, Joe Madison, James Pappy Martin and Count Rabbit. At East high School he studied under the late Donald Hilliard, who instilled in him a foundation to classical music. Drafted into the Army in 1966, he was a veteran of the Vietnam War, and played in the Army Band at Fort Dix with his friend the late Grover Washington Jr. and Billy Cobham. He ultimately earned an associates degree from ECC and a bachelor’s degree in music from SUNY Buffalo State. He is survived by his wife Nadine S. (Lockwood) Gloster, a son, Anthony L.Gloser II; a stepson. Ronald Douglas Hicks, three grandchildren and a great-grandchild.


Marsha McWilson to Perform One Show Concert At the Robeson Theatre July 29!


arsha McWilson will bring her own unique brand of vocal excellence to the African American Cultural Center when she performs “An intimate Affair with Marsha McWilson: A One Woman Show” on the stage of the Paul Robeson Theatre inside the African American Cultural Center, 350 Masten Avenue. The show will take place Friday, July 29 at 7 p.m. The first Black woman artist to be inducted into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame, Marsha began singing when she was 6 years old as a member of the St. John’s AME Church choir. Over the years her niche style ultimately went from gospel to blues and today she sings nationally and inter- nationally to appreciative audiences who can’t get enough of the personable vocalists’ “inspirational Blues” as she aptly describes her style. Marsha literally changes the atmosphere with her music. Indeed. Marsha McWilson has made a name for herself as an accomplished singer, appearing on the Bobby Jones Gospel TV show and singing in concert with greats like David & Tamela Mann, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Donnie McClurkin and many others. Marsha has met several fellow entertainers like Tyler Perry, Bobby Brown, comedian Luenell, the cast of Menopause: The Musical, and CeCe Peniston. She has lead a Gospel choir down the runway at Fashion Week in Toronto. You might have heard her as a radio host on WUFO-Buffalo. She won an acting contest on the Tom Joyner Cruise which lead to an appearance in Tyler Perry’s TV show, If Loving You Is Wrong. Lately she has been paying tribute to Etta James with standing-room-only concerts in places like Lewiston, NY, along with recording her Blue Sky Blues CD, a follow-up to her hit song on iTunes entitled “Balance.” She also played the role of "Athena" in "The Odyssey" at Artpark during the summer of 2018 and sang during the Lewiston Jazz Fest at What's The Point Ministries. Having trained under Les Brown, Marsha is also a motivational speaker, talking to young people about making good choices in life. Her giving spirit garnered her a Humanitarian Award from the City of Niagara Falls in 2002.

She has rubbed elbows with the greats but maintains her sense of humility So when she's not in the spotlight on stage, Marsha – who is also an entrepreneur/stylist - is shining another kind of light on her customers and those she mentors. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Marsha wrote and recorded the song "Rona Mae Blues," which received a lot of media attention, especially since she lost her sister Vanessa and several other friends and relatives to the deadly virus. She is best known for her hit song “Balance.” An evangelist at Zion Dominion Global Ministries, serving under Bishop Roderick L. Hennings, she is married and the mother of two. As a musical minister, MarshaMcWilson is the kind of artist who walks into a room radiating light, love and laughter. You don't just hear her sing-- you experience her! Tickets for the July 29 show are $35. RSVP by July 22 at (716)884-2013.

10 LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY COURT : COUNTY OF ERIE IN THE MATTER OF FORECLOSURE OF TAX LIENS BY PROCEEDING IN REM PURSUANT TO THE IN REM PROVISIONS OF THE ERIE COUNTY TAX ACT AND THE RESOLUTION OF THE ITEM 4E-9 (2022) PAGES 145146 OF THE MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF SAID LEGISLATURE FOR THE YEAR 2022 PETITION AND NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE OF TAX LIENS ACTION IN REM IN REM NO.170 INDEX NO. 2022-600093 Please take notice that on the 9th day of May, 2022 the County of Erie pursuant to law, filed with the Clerk of the County of Erie a list of parcels of property affected by unpaid tax liens held and owned by the County of Erie which on such date had been due and unpaid for a period of at least two years after the date on which the unpaid tax liens were sold. Such list contains as to each such parcel (a) a brief description of the property affected by each tax lien, (b) the name of the last known owner of such property as it appears on the latest tax roll in the hands of the Director of Real Property Tax Services or a statement that the owner is unknown if such be the case, (c) a statement of such tax liens upon such parcel of property including any tax sale certificates owned by the County of Erie which shall have been due for less than two years, together with the interest and penalties due as of the list date and (d) a statement that the amount required to redeem any such parcel of property, and the amount to be recovered by the County of Erie, includes all tax sale certificates owned by the County of Erie and affecting such property, together with all interest, penalties, additions and expenses as in this act provided, and also includes an “in rem fee” of $500.00 per parcel to cover the presumptive cost to the County of Erie for reasonable and necessary attorneys’ fees, abstracts of title and other disbursements in connection with such foreclosure pursuant to law. The above-captioned proceeding was commenced to enforce the payment of delinquent taxes which have accumulated and become liens against certain property. The parcels to which this proceeding applies were identified on the List of Delinquent Taxes which was filed in the Erie County Clerk’s Office on the 9th day of May, 2022. Take further notice that the ownership by the County of the tax sale certificates set forth on the List of Delinquent Taxes is conclusive evidence of the fact that the taxes, assessments and other legal charges represented thereby have not been paid to the County. EFFECT OF FILING: All persons having or claiming to have an interest in the real property described in the List of Delinquent Taxes are hereby notified that the filing of said List constituted the commencement by the County of Erie of a proceeding in the County Court to foreclose each of the tax liens therein described by a foreclosure proceeding In Rem. Pursuant to Section 11-7.0 of the Erie County Tax Act, the filing of such List of Delinquent Taxes constitutes and has the same force and effect and is deemed to have given the same notice of such foreclosure proceeding as the filing and recording in the Erie County Clerk’s Office of an individual Notice of Pendency of a Tax Foreclosure Action and of the filing in the County Court of a separate and individual Complaint by the County of Erie against the owners of the real property proceeded against and described in the List of Delinquent Taxes. NATURE OF PROCEEDING: This proceeding is brought against the real property only and is to foreclose the tax liens described in the List of Delinquent Taxes. No personal judgment will be entered herein for such liens/taxes or other legal charges or

Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022 any part thereof. PERSONS AFFECTED: This notice is directed to all persons having or claiming to have an interest in the real property described in the List of Delinquent Taxes. Such persons are hereby notified further that a duplicate of this Petition and the List of Delinquent Taxes has been filed in the Erie County Clerk’s Office and the Office of Real Property Tax Services and will remain open for public inspection up to and including the date specified below as the last day of redemption. RIGHT OF REDEMPTION: Any person having or claiming to have an interest in any such real property and the legal right thereto may on or before the 6th day of July, 2022 redeem the same by paying the amount of all such unpaid tax liens thereon, including all interest and penalties and other legal charges which are included in the lien against such real property, computed to and including the date of redemption. Payments shall be made to: Director of Real Property Tax Services, Rath Building, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York, 14202, by CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK, BANK CHECK or MONEY ORDER. In the event that such tax liens are paid by a person other than the record owner of such real property, the person so paying shall be entitled to have the tax liens affected thereby satisfied of record or to receive an assignment of such tax liens evidenced by a proper written instrument. LAST DAY OF REDEMPTION: The last day of redemption is hereby fixed as the 6th day of July, 2022. SERVICE OF ANSWER: Every person having any right, title or interest in or lien upon any parcel of real property described in the List of Delinquent Taxes may serve a duly verified Answer upon the attorney for the Tax District, as set forth below, setting forth in detail the nature and amount of his or her interest, and any defense or objection to the foreclosure. Such Answer must be filed in the office of the County Clerk and served upon the attorney for the Tax District, Margaret A. Hurley, Esq., Lippes Mathias, LLP, 50 Fountain Plaza, Suite 1700, Buffalo, New York, 14202, (716) 884-3135, on or before the 26th day of July 2022. FAILURE TO REDEEM OR ANSWER: In the event of failure to redeem or answer by any person having the right to redeem or answer, such person shall be forever barred and foreclosed of all his or her right, title and interest and equity of redemption in and to the parcel described in the List of Delinquent Taxes and a judgment in foreclosure may be taken by default. DATED: May 9, 2022 ENFORCING OFFICER: SCOTT A. BYLEWSKI, ESQ. Director of Real Property Tax Services STATE OF NEW YORK ) COUNTY OF ERIE ) ss: CITY OF BUFFALO ) I, SCOTT A. BYLEWSKI, ESQ., being duly sworn, depose and say: I am the Director of Real Property Tax Service for the County of Erie. I have read this Petition and Notice, which I have signed, and I am familiar with its contents. The contents of this Petition and Notice are true to the best of my knowledge, based upon the records and tax roll of the County of Erie, in the hands of the Department of Real Property Tax Services. I do not know of any errors or omissions in this Petition. SCOTT A. BYLEWSKI, ESQ. Director of Real Property Tax Services Sworn to before me this 9th day of May, 2022. Notary Public: Amy Honan No. 01HO6348829 Notary Public, State of New York Qualified in Erie County My Commission Expires Oct. 3, 2024 ATTORNEYS FOR TAX DISTRICT: Margaret A. Hurley, Esq. Lippes Mathias, LLP 50 Fountain Plaza, Suite 1700 Buffalo, New York 14202 (716) 884-3135 May 19, 26, June 9, 16, 23, 30

LEGAL NOTICE INDEX NO.: 817312/2019 Date Filed: 12/21/2021 SUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS WITH NOTICE MORTGAGED PREMISES: 46 Pomona Place, Buffalo, NY 14210 SBL #: 123.64-3-20 Plaintiff designates ERIE County as the place of trial; venue is based upon the county in which the mortgaged premises is situate. STATE OF NEW YORK SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF ERIE Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, Plaintiff, vs. Richard A. Miller, if living and if he be dead, his heirs at law, next of kin, distributees, devisees, grantees, trustees, lienors, creditors, assignees, and successors in interest of any of the aforesaid defendants; and all heirs-at-law, next of kin, distributees, devisees, grantees, trustees, lienors, creditors, assignees, and successors in interest of any of the aforesaid classes of person, if they or any of them be dead, and their respective husbands, wives or widows, if any, and all of whom and whose names and places of residence are unknown to plaintiff, except as herein stated; New York State Department of Taxation and Finance; United States of America o/b/o Internal Revenue Service; John Doe #1 through #6, and Jane Doe #1 through #6, the last twelve names being fictitious, it being the intention of Plaintiff to designate any and all occupants, tenants, persons or corporations, if any, having or claiming an interest in or lien upon the premises being foreclosed herein, Defendants. TO THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANTS: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to answer the Complaint in this action and to serve a copy of your answer, or, if the Complaint is not served with this Summons, to serve a notice of appearance on the attorneys for the Plaintiff within 20 days after the service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of service (or within 30 days after service is complete if this Summons is not personally delivered to you within the State of New York). In case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the Complaint. NOTICE YOU ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING YOUR HOME IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT BY SERVING A COPY OF THE ANSWER ON THE ATTORNEY FOR THE MORTGAGE COMPANY WHO FILED THIS FORECLOSURE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU AND FILING THE ANSWER WITH THE COURT, A DEFAULT JUDGMENT MAY BE ENTERED AND YOU CAN LOSE YOUR HOME. SPEAK TO AN ATTORNEY OR GO TO THE COURT WHERE YOUR CASE IS PENDING FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON HOW TO ANSWER THE SUMMONS AND PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY. SENDING PAYMENT TO YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY WILL NOT STOP THIS FORECLOSURE ACTION. YOU MUST RESPOND BY SERVING A COPY OF THE ANSWER ON THE ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF (MORTGAGE COMPANY) AND FILING THE ANSWER WITH THE COURT. THE OBJECT of the above captioned action is to foreclose a Mortgage to secure $78,551.00 and interest, recorded in the Office of the Clerk of Erie on September 3, 2015, in Book 13736, Page 3250, covering premises known as 46 Pomona Place, Buffalo, NY 14210, SBL #: 123.64-3-20 The relief sought in the within action is a final judgment directing the sale of the premises described above to satisfy the debt secured by the Mortgage described above. The Plaintiff also seeks a deficiency judgment

against the Defendants and for any debt secured by said Mortgage which is not satisfied by the proceeds of the sale of said premises. TO the Defendant, Richard A. Miller, if living and if he be dead, his heirs at law, next of kin, distributees, devisees, grantees, trustees, lienors, creditors, assignees, and successors in interest of any of the aforesaid defendants; and all heirs-at-law, next of kin, distributees, devisees, grantees, trustees, lienors, creditors, assignees, and successors in interest of any of the aforesaid classes of person, if they or any of them be dead, and their respective husbands, wives or widows, if any, and all of whom and whose names and places of residence are unknown to plaintiff, except as herein stated, the foregoing Supplemental Summons with Notice is served upon you by publication pursuant to an Order of the Hon. Jeannette Ogden, J.S.C. of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Erie, dated April 20, 2022. Dated: 05/02/2022 /s/ Kyle Jacobs Kyle Jacobs, Esq. McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLC 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 840 New York, New York 10170 Phone: 347.286.7409 Fax: 347-286-7414 Attorneys for Plaintiff, Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC HELP FOR HOMEOWNERS IN FORECLOSURE NEW YORK STATE LAW REQUIRES THAT WE SEND YOU THIS NOTICE ABOUT THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT YOU ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING YOUR HOME. IF YOU FAIL TO RESPOND TO THE SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT IN THIS FORECLOSURE ACTION, YOU MAY LOSE YOUR HOME. PLEASE READ THE SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT CAREFULLY. YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CONTACT AN ATTORNEY OR YOUR LOCAL LEGAL AID OFFICE TO OBTAIN ADVICE ON HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF. SOURCES OF INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE. The State encourages you to become informed about your options in foreclosure. In addition to seeking assistance from an attorney or legal aid office, there are government agencies and non-profit organizations that you may contact for information about possible options, including trying to work with your lender during this process. To locate an entity near you, you may call the toll-free helpline maintained by the New York State Banking Department of Financial Services at 1-800-342-3736 or visit the Department's website at www. FORECLOSURE RESCUE SCAMS Be careful of people who approach you with offers to "save" your home. There are individuals who watch for notices of foreclosure actions in order to unfairly profit from a homeowner's distress. You should be extremely careful about any such promises and any suggestions that you pay them a fee or sign over your deed. State law requires anyone offering such services for profit to enter into a contract which fully describes the services they will perform and fees they will charge, and which prohibits them from taking any money from you until they have completed all such promised services. June 9,16,23,30


NFTA Procurement Invitation to Bid

210067 - Rotary Snow Plows Download Bids from

ders acknowledge they are responsible for properly scaling drawings if they are printed on any other size. VILLAGE OF DEPEW Bids must be submitted on the proERIE COUNTY, NEW YORK posal form(s) furnished in the Proposal Booklet. The entire Proposal 2022 VILLAGE SIDEWALK IMBooklet shall be submitted with the PROVEMENT PROJECT bid along with any other required LANCASTER AND CHEEKTOWAforms outlined in the Contract DocuGA SECTIONS ments. Failure to submit a bid on the CONTRACT NOS. 2022-2 AND proposal forms furnished in the Pro2022-3 posal Booklet will result in automatic Notice to Bidders disqualification of the bid. Addendum pages, if issued, along with any other All work will be in accordance with required forms outlined in the Conthe Contract Drawings and Specifitract Documents, shall be stapled to cations and as directed by the ENthe original pages of the Proposal GINEER. Separate sealed Bids for Booklet and submitted as a part of Contract Nos. 2022-2 and 2022-3 will the Bid. be received by the Village of Depew A bid security in the amount of 5% until 10:00 a.m. local time on July of the total bid made payable to “Vil14, 2022, at the office of the Village lage of Depew” will be required and Clerk, Village of Depew Municipal is subject to the conditions provided Building, 85 Manitou Street, Dein the Instructions to Bidders. Failpew, New York 14043. Sealed bids ure to submit a bid bond or certified for Contract 2022-2 will be publicly check with bid will result in automatic opened and read aloud at the Village disqualification of bid. If, upon acHall at 10:00 a.m. local time. Sealed ceptance of his bid, a bidder fails to bids for Contract 2022-3 will be enter into a Contract with the Village publicly opened and read aloud at the of Depew, the bid security shall be Village Hall at 10:15 a.m. local time. forfeited to and become the property All Bids shall be made on the forms of the Village. furnished and shall be enclosed in a No bidder may withdraw his Bid sealed envelope marked within forty five (45) calendar days "2022 VILLAGE SIDEWALK IMafter the actual date of the opening PROVEMENT PROJECT – LANthereof. The successful bidder will CASTER SECTION, CONTRACT be required to furnish a performance NO. 2022-2" or “2022 VILLAGE bond and payment bond, each in an SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENT PROJamount equal to 100 percent (100%) ECT – CHEEKTOWAGA SECTION, of the total Contract award amount. CONTRACT NO. 2022-3 and directThe Village of Depew is exempt ed to the Village of Depew. from the payment of sales and com2022 Village Sidewalk Improvepensating use taxes of the State of ment Project – Lancaster Section New York and of cities and counties – Contract No. 2022-2 on all materials, equipment, and supReplacement of sidewalks on Coplies sold to the Village of Depew lumbia Avenue and Lincoln Street in pursuant to this Contract. Also exthe Village of Depew, along with asempt from such taxes are purchases sociated work. by the CONTRACTOR and his Sub2022 Village Sidewalk Improvecontractors of materials, equipment, ment Project – Cheektowaga Secand supplies to be sold to the Village tion – Contract 2022-3 of Depew pursuant to this Contract, Replacement of sidewalks on S. including tangible personal property Belleview Avenue in the Village of to be incorporated in any structure, Depew, along with associated work. building, or other real property formThe Contract Documents may be ing part of the Project. These taxes examined at the following locations: are not to be included in the Bid. Each bidder's attention is called to Avalon Plan Room the General Municipal Law, which requires a Bidder's Certificate of Non F.W. Dodge Online Services Collusion. Copies of such tions are part of the Proposal Form, and unless completed with the Bid, Construction Exchange of Buffalo will not be accepted. and WNY This contract will be funded wholly 2660 William Street or partially with federal funds and, as Cheektowaga, New York 14227 such, is subject to all federal rules The Contract Documents may be and regulations pertinent thereto, viewed and ordered through Avalon including, but not limited to, federal Plan Room, at: policy of encouraging the in the tion of minority and women business “Public Bid” section. If you do not enterprises as sources of suppliers, have internet access or have quesequipment, construction, and sertions on ordering from the site, please vices. contact Avalon Document Services at The Village of Depew reserves the (716) 995-7777. right to waive any informalities in the A non-refundable payment of Thirty Bid and to reject any or all Bids. Dollars ($30.00) payable to Avalon Date: June 30, 2022 Document Services will be required to obtain the Proposal Booklet and VILLAGE OF DEPEW a CD with an electronic version of ENGINEER: the Contract Documents for each of GHD Consulting Services Inc. the above contracts. Cash payments 285 Delaware Avenue, Suite 500 will not be accepted. The payment Buffalo, New York 14202 includes shipping of the Proposal Booklet and CD to anywhere in the Continental United States. By subLEGAL NOTICE mission of the $30.00 non-refundable payment, bidder will be registered as an official plan holder. Only ofNOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ficial planholders are eligible to PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a bid on the project. Subcontractors, Public Hearing shall be held July 8 at suppliers, equipment vendors, etc., 1:30PM at 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo will also be required to submit the NY, 14202, Room 1004 to hear public non-refundable payment in order to comment concerning the adoption of receive the Proposal Booklet and CD an agency-specific NYS State Enviwith electronic version of the Conronmental Quality Review Act Short tract Documents. Environmental Assessment Form reIf bidders wish to purchase printed lating to the NYS Agricultural District copies of the Contract Documents Program. (beyond the Proposal Booklet), they A copy of the proposed form may may be obtained through Avalon. be seen at: Only official planholders will be alagriculture/sites/ to obtain printed copies of the riculture/files/2022-06/shortenvironContract Documents. Bidders acmentalassessmentform.pdf knowledge that they are responsible Questions may be directed to Sarfor review of all components of the ah Gatti, Principal Planner at sarah. Contract Documents, including all specification sections and drawings, Dated: Buffalo, New York, June 29, regardless of how many drawings 2022 they print and in which format/size By: Robert M. Graber they are printed. Full-size drawings Clerk, Erie County County Legislaare on 24-inch by 36-inch paper. Bidture



Challenger Community News • t hec •June 30,2022 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed bids for Project Nos 47187-E, comprising a contract for Electrical Work, Upgrade Electrical Switchgear, State Armory, 184 Connecticut Street, Buffalo (Erie County) NY will be received by the Office of General Services (OGS), Design & Construction Group (D&C), Division of Contract Management, 35th Fl., Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12242, on behalf of the Division of Military and Naval Affairs, until 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 when they will be publicly opened and read. Each bid must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders and must be accompanied by a bid security (i.e. certified check, bank check, or bid bond) in the amount of $37,000 for E. All successful bidders will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and a Labor and Material Bond pursuant to Sections 136 and 137 of the State Finance Law, each for 100% of the amount of the Contract estimated to be between $500,000 and $1,000,000 for E. Designated staff are Jessica Cook, Jessica Hoffman, and Pierre Alric in the Division of Contract Management, telephone (518) 474-0203, fax (518) 473-7862 Pursuant to Public Buildings Law § 8(6), effective January 11, 2020, for any projects where the project design commenced on or after January 1, 2020 and for any contracts over $5,000 for the work of construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, or improvement of any State building, a responsible and reliable NYScertified Minority or Women-Owned Business Enterprise that submits a bid within ten percent of the lowest bid will be deemed the apparent low bidder provided that the bid is $1,400,000 or less, as adjusted annually for inflation beginning January 1, 2020. If more than one responsible and reliable MWBE firm meets these requirements, the MWBE firm with the lowest bid will be deemed the apparent low bidder. Project commenced design before January 1, 2020. Not subject to provision. _XX Project commenced design on or after January 1, 2020. Subject to provision. The only time prospective bidders will be allowed to visit the job site to take field measurements and examine existing conditions of the project area will be at 10:00 a.m. on July 1, 2022 at State Armory, 184 Connecticut Street, Buffalo NY. Phone the office of Laura Yingling (716-885-0908) a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the date to provide the names of those who will attend the pre-bid site visit. Only contractors that schedule a visit at least 24 hours in advance will be allowed to participate in the pre-bid site visit. Pursuant to New York State Executive Law Article 15-A and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, OGS is required to promote opportunities for the maximum feasible participation of New York Statecertified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (“MWBEs”) and the employment of minority group members and women in the performance of OGS contracts. All bidders are expected to cooperate in implementing this policy. OGS hereby establishes an overall goal of 30% for MWBE participation, 15% for Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (“MBE”) participation and 15% for Women-Owned Business Enterprises (“WBE”) participation (based on the current availability of qualified MBEs and WBEs). The total contract goal can be obtained by utilizing any combination of MBE and /or WBE participation for subcontracting and supplies acquired under this Contract. Trades with 0% goals are encouraged to make “good faith efforts” to promote and assist in the participation of MWBEs on the Contract for the provision of services and materials. Article 17-B of the New York State Executive Law provides for more meaningful participation in public procurement by certified Service-Dis-

abled Veteran-Owned Businesses (“SDVOBs”). Bidders are expected to consider SDVOBs in the fulfillment of the requirements of the Contract. Such participation may be as subcontractors or suppliers, as protégés, or in other partnering or supporting roles. OGS hereby establishes overall goals for SDVOBs’ participation under this contract as follows: 3% for the E trade contractor, based on the current availability of qualified SDVOBs. Trades with 0% goals are encouraged to make “good faith efforts” to promote and assist in the participation of SDVOBs on the Contract for the provision of services and materials. The Bidding and Contract Documents for this Project are available for viewing and downloading from OGS Design & Construction’s plan room hosting service, Bid Express. Vendors wishing to view and/ or download bid documents must complete a one-time registration for the Bid Express service. There is no cost to register for Bid Express. Registration along with viewing and downloading of documents can be accessed at the following link: http:// For questions about downloading of bid documents, please send an email to, or call the Bid Express toll-free number at (888) 352-2439. For all other questions, please send an email to DCPlans@ogs., or call (518) 474-0203. For additional information on this project, please use the link below and then click on the project number: dnc/contractorConsultant/esb/ESBPlansAvailableIndex.asp. OGS Design & Construction Group

LEGAL NOTICE BID COUNTY OF ERIE NOTICE TO BIDDERS 2022 Bridge Painting & Vertical Down Repairs (4 Bridges) FA-5763.38-22 Department of Public Works, Division of Highways seeking sealed bids for Bridge Rehabilitation including: cleaning & painting, concrete deck repairs, membrane & overlay, steel repairs & bearing replacement. Sealed proposals will be received at Rath County Office Building, DPW, 95 Franklin St, Room 1419A, Buffalo, NY 14202 by, and opened at, 10 am local time, Thursday, July 21, 2022. Certified check in the amount of $50,000.00 bid deposit is required. Pre-let meeting scheduled Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 10:00 am local time at Rath County Office Building, DPW, 95 Franklin St, Room 1419A, Buffalo, NY; or online. NYSDOL, Davis Bacon Wage Rates, NYS Vendor Responsibility CCA-2 A/B/C, Local Minority, & Disadvantaged Workforce goals, NYS Apprenticeship, and DBE goals may be required. Plans and additional bid submittal information on the Erie County website at: http: // see On Line Bid Retrieval. June 30, July 7

LEGAL NOTICE The Erie County Department of Mental Health (ECDMH) has cancelled a Request for Proposals (RFP) to qualified agencies interested in submitting a proposal to Develop, Design, and Create a Mobile Application and Website for Parents and Caregivers to Address Mental Health Challenges of Children and Adolescents. The RFP # 2022-027VF and associated forms can be obtained at request-proposals. Responses must be received no later than June 27, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. and submitted per specifications delineated within the RFP.



PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF EIGHT-YEAR REVIEW AND CONSOLIDATION OF ALDEN NEWSTEAD AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT NO. 1, CLARENCE NEWSTEAD AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT NO. 14, LANCASTER ALDEN AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT NO. 16, AND AMHERST AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT NO. 17 INTO THE NORTH CONSOLIDATED DISTRICT; AND NOTICE OF 30-DAY PERIOD FOR PUBLIC REVIEW OF ALDEN NEWSTEAD AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT NO. 1, CLARENCE NEWSTEAD AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT NO. 14, LANCASTER ALDEN AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT NO. 16, AND AMHERST AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT NO. 17, PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 25-AA OF THE AGRICULTURE AND MARKETS LAW. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that Agricultural District No. 1, which encompasses approximately 16,593.7 acres within the County of Erie in the Towns of Alden, Clarence, and Newstead, and was originally established on November 18, 1972, pursuant to Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that Agricultural District No. 14, which encompasses approximately 29,926.2 acres within the County of Erie in the Towns of Clarence and Newstead and was originally established on April 9, 1980, pursuant to Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that Agricultural District No. 16, which encompasses approximately 9,355.6 acres within the County of Erie in the Towns of Lancaster, Alden, Clarence, and Newstead and was originally established on April 28, 1983, pursuant to Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that Agricultural District No. 17, which encompasses approximately 2,696.8 acres within the County of Erie in the Towns of Amherst and Grand Island and was originally established on April 28, 1983, pursuant to Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that under Section 303-a (1) of the Agriculture and Markets Law, the County Legislature is required to review a district eight years after its creation and every eight years thereafter. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that under Section 303-c of the Agriculture and Markets Law, the County Legislature is authorized to consolidate existing agricultural districts undergoing review. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that from July 1, 2022 to August 1, 2022, a map of the District will be on file and open to the public in the office of the County Clerk, at the Department of Environment and Planning, and online at www.erie. gov/environment, and during this period any municipality whose territory encompasses the above Agricultural District, any State Agency, or any landowner within or adjacent to the District, may propose a modification to the District. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that any proposed modification must be submitted to the County Department of Environment and Planning within thirty days of the date of this notice. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that modification requests can be submitted online, by mail, or sent electronically to agriculture@erie. gov. Contact: Sarah Gatti, Principal Planner Erie County Department of Environment & Planning 95 Franklin Street, 10th Floor, Buffalo, NY 14202 716-858-6014 or ROBERT GRABER, Clerk of the Erie County Legislature Dated: June 30, 2022

LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING In the Matter of the Application of The Buffalo City Cemetery, Inc. d/b/a Forest Lawn Group For Consent to take land for Cemetery Purposes in the County of Erie through merger NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Erie County Legislature will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 2:00 PM in the Chambers of the Erie County Legislature, located on the 4th Floor of the Old County Hall, 92 Franklin St., Buffalo, NY. The purpose of the Public Hearing is to consider public testimony regarding the proposed merger of The Clarence Fillmore Cemetery (“Clarence Fillmore”), consisting of what is commonly known as the “The Clarence Fillmore Cemetery” which includes approximately 12.6 acres located at 4580 Ransom Road, Clarence, New York with and into The Buffalo City Cemetery, Inc. d/b/a Forest Lawn Group (the “Forest Lawn Group”). Any person interested in the above matter may be heard at said public hearing. Following the Public Hearing, the Forest Lawn Group will make application at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Erie County Legislature, held in the Chambers of the Erie County Legislature, located on the 4th Floor of the Old County Hall, 92 Franklin St., in the City of Buffalo, New York, or any adjournment thereof, for consent to merge with Clarence Fillmore. Dated: Buffalo, New York, June 20, 2022 BY ORDER OF THE COUNTY LEGISLATURE OF THE COUNTY OF ERIE, NEW YORK. By ROBERT M. GRABER, Clerk, Erie County Legislature June 23,30 July 7,14,21,28

EMPLOYMENT Church Musician Wanted Church musician wanted. Ability to play keyboard and/or organ, if possible. Availability includes Sunday morning worship service (11am) and weekly rehearsal. For more information call: (716) 826-4940.

Independent Living Specialist

Coordinate living skills, evaluations, And trainings for persons with disabilities. Associate Degree required. FT&PT available. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, Inc, 3108 Main St Buffalo, NY 14214 EEOC

NY Connects Independent Living Outreach Specialist

Help connect aging or disabled individuals and their Families to support groups and streamline access to Public benefits and application assistance. Asso. degree and human services exp. req. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, Inc 3108 Main St Buffalo, NY, 14214 EEOC

Olmstead Housing Specialist

Help individuals seeking eligibility for Housing subsidy to transition from Institutional setting to the community. Asso deg and min 2 yrs exp req. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, Inc 3108 Main St. Buffalo, NY, 14214 EEOC

Health Homes Care Coordinator

Help enroll consumers in a Health Home. Help decrease costs of consumers being Served in a Health Home. Bachelor’s & 5 yrs exp. Req. Resume and Cover letter to WNYIL Inc 3108 Main St Buffalo NY 14214 EEOC

Peer Support Specialist

Provide support to individuals with lived mental Health experiences and assist in obtaining their goals. HS diploma & 4 yrs related work exp.req. Cover letter and resume to WNYIL, Inc. 3108 Main St Buffalo NY 14214 EEOC

LEGAL NOTICE The Erie County Department of Mental Health (ECDMH) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to qualified agencies interested in submitting a proposal to Solicit Community Input, Identify Features and Functionality, Organize and Assemble Content for a Mobile Application for Parents and Caregivers to Address Mental Health Challenges of Children and Adolescents. The RFP # 2022-036VF and associated forms can be obtained at https://www3.erie. gov/mentalhealth/request-proposals. Responses must be received no later than July 8, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. and submitted per specifications delineated within the RFP.

LEGAL NOTICE RFP Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Bethlehem Steel-Smokes Creek Passive Recreational Area Conceptual Alternatives The Buffalo and Erie County Industrial Land Development Corporation, the land development affiliate of the Erie County Industrial Development Agency is seeking qualification proposals to provide planning, engineering, landscape, and conceptual design services for a portion of the former Bethlehem Steel site. The project site is located near the mouth of Smokes Creek which will be used in connection with the remediation and the construction of a Consolidated Area Management Unit (CAMU), which will allow for a passive recreation area on the future capped CAMU site. To receive a copy of the Request for Qualifications interested firms may contact the ECIDA/ILDC at (716)856-6525 or visit the ECIDA website at requests_for_proposals. Proposals are due by 4:00 pm, Wednesday July 20, 2022, to ECIDA, 95 Perry Street, Suite 403, Buffalo, NY 14203, and Attention: John Cappellino.


One-bedroom accessible units, two-story with elevator, for elderly, ages 62 & older, and disabled persons, regardless of age. Off-street parking, laundry facility on premises. Appliances, carpeting and garbage pickup. Reasonable rents based on income eligibility requirements. One-year lease and security deposit required.

Visit or write for an application to:


208 Maple Road, East Aurora, NY 14052 c/o Belmont Management Co., Inc. For more rental information, call 716-655-3736

TDD Relay Line 711 FORMULATING WAITING LIST EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY Unlawful discrimination: “This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer. If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at, or at any USDA office, or call 866-632-9992 to request the form.You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form. Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax 202-690-7442 or email at”



D.A.D.S. Summer Classic Co-ed Basketball Camp, Training & Tournament Accepting Applications The 2022 D.A.D.S. Summer Co-Ed Basketball Camp, Training & Tournament will be held July 11 thru August 24 at Wende Park on Spring St. & Broadway every Monday & Wednesday from 6-7:30 p.m. for age groups 7-9, 10-12, and 13-15. The entry fee is $125 per person for July thru August. Application and money deadline is July 8. Make all checks payable to D.A.D.S Program. For more information contact Dwayne Ferguson at (716)563-1834.

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How Do We Come Together If We Live So Apart?

Girls Sports Camp G.I.R.L.S. Sports Foundation Inc. is sponsoring The Girls Sports Camp this summer. Free registration is being held July 11-15 from 7:30am-2p.m. at Masten Park, 369 Best St. The camp offers lacrosse, basketball, soccer, flag football, mentoring, volleyball and swimming. Breakfast and lunch, shirts and prizes will also be offered. The Girls Sports Camp is being sponsored by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, Project Play WNY, CHCB, the City of Buffalo and County of Erie.

Primary Hall Graduates Inaugural Kindergarten Class at Nichols School! Historically Black College inspired Primary Hall Preparatory Charter School (“Primary Hall”) conducted its first academic year and celebrated with a graduation for their founding Kindergarten students with African drumming, singing and conferring of Kindergarten diplomas. "We would like to thank Nichols School for hosting our founding students’ and families for this celebration. We are extremely proud of our Kindergarten trailblazers and their accomplishments this year. In the midst of COVID they have shown a tremendous amount of focus and perseverance. We look forward to witnessing all that they will accomplish personally and in their academic careers. After a dynamic first year we look forward to welcoming new Prepsters in August,” stated Arielle Peterson, Primary Hall’s Founder and Executive Director. Primary Hall opened its doors in September 2021 at 2408 Main Street and will be growing to welcome K-2 students for the 2022-2023 school year. More information about Primary Hall Preparatory Charter School can be found at


By Stephen Tucker and Rhianna C. Rogers

uffalo is the sixth-most segregated city in the country. While racial segregation has declined slightly over the years, disparities in health, education, income, and quality of life are getting worse. East Buffalo—which is 85% African American—is a well-documented food desert and residents suffer from a lack of basic resources like access to medicine, quality housing, education, and jobs that pay family-sustaining wages.

FREE KIDS SUMMER CAMP! A Free Kids Summer Camp for Pre-K to 6th Grade is being offered at the Friends Inc.@Dorothy J. Collier Community Center, 118 E. Utica Street July 11-August 19, Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fun activities include tutoring & class curriculum, painting, arts & crafts, fun games, music & dance and field trips. For more information mor to apply go to our facebook page @DJCCCBuffalo or call (716)882-0602.


Long before the mass shooting at Tops Supermarket highlighted Buffalo’s struggles with racial inequity, the segregation throughout communities in Western New York (WNY) was creating the conditions that allow hate to fester, grow, and, ultimately, boil over into violence. One way to measure these conditions is something called a dissimilarity index, which compares one racial group to another by showing how the first racial group would need to relocate to be distributed across a metro area in a way similar to the second. A value of "0%" reflects absolute integration; a value of "100%" reflects absolute segregation. In the case of Buffalo’s Black community, the dissimilarity index shows how much it would have to relocate to be more fully integrated across WNY. In 2010, Buffalo-Niagara had a Black-White dissimilarity index of 73.2%, which makes it the sixth most segregated Black population in the nation. This is not, however, a problem exclusive to the Black community. Segregation affects all. And, indeed, the dissimilarity index shows that White isolation in WNY is even higher—about 88%, meaning that the average White resident in the region lives in a census tract in which nearly 90% of all residents are also White. When we have two communities living so separately, it’s no wonder we struggle, especially when basic resources for one community are so fraught. It’s simply too easy for the White community to remain mostly unaware of the struggles of their Black neighbors. So how might we begin to integrate? How can we ensure that these two separate and unequal communities come together? You can’t force people to move, just as you can’t force more interaction and understanding. You can, however, support an increase in interaction and understanding in the two spaces where folks of all kinds meet: in schools, and in workplaces. In 2016, mayor Byron Brown recommended that schools in Buffalo begin adopting “cross-cultural awareness” activities and curriculums to celebrate the city’s diverse populace. Out of this recommendation, projects, studies, and surveys arose (we were involved in several) and out of these came an idea of “deliberative conversations” as a way for schools to give students space to discuss their thoughts in order to create a safe space for developing and expanding cross-cultural learning. Without these sort of spaces, and this sort of learning, research indicates that some students—particularly underrepresented populations and students of color—participate less in school overall, and are less likely to succeed in their studies. This is not merely an issue of supporting the academic success of our diverse population, it is ultimately about the success of our schools and society as a whole. In the workplace, the issue is often that potential employers are simply passing over a talented pool of potential employees due to implicit biases against that population. One of us runs an industry-driven, public-private partnership between employers, educational institutions, community and faith-based organizations, and state and local governments that trains and maintains a skilled and diverse workforce to meet the needs of the advanced manufacturing and energy sectors in WNY. These careers provide gainful employment, career advancement opportunity, and economic sustainability for Western New Yorkers. Yet we are surprised, again and again, at how often potential employers say they or their employees harbor “serious concerns” about the ability of our trainees to fill open, entry-level roles. It often becomes apparent, on further questioning, that their reservations have everything to do with their implicit biases and negative perceptions towards inner city youth and young people of color, and nothing to do with our trainees’ skills, which are quite high. These obstacles—to keeping kids in school; to finding good steady employment—are far from impossible to overcome. And they are meaningful steps to begin undoing the segregation that plagues our society. If we support these spaces in society where we can come together, then we might save ourselves from tearing one other apart.

Stephen Tucker is the President & CEO of Northland Workforce Training Center, located in East Buffalo. Rhianna C. Rogers is the director of the RAND Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation.

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Reality Check: The Bill Will Come Due



ne of my favorite books is To Kill A Mockingbird. In it, Atticus, one of its main characters, says something in that I believe sums up what happen at Dr. Lydia T. Wright School last week. The quote goes, “Don’t fool yourselves—it's all adding up and one of these days we're going to pay the bill for it." Last week we found out that only 8 out of 65 students were going to graduate at school 89. Upon further investigation we found out that number was 17. We immediately went into action to investigate how a class of 65 students could only graduate 17 children. What we found was some of the most startling information we could have ever imagined. School 89 had suspended 35% of their 8th grade class. Couple that with the fact that of the district not supplying adequate work to keep those suspended children on track and you begin to see how this school failed our kids. Next, we found out that parents were only notified the day before that their children were not graduating. One parent said she had been to school for all the parent teacher conferences and was told because her son wasn’t a behavior problem his grades “slipped through the cracks.” So after push back from the community and parents the district reacted and what started off as 17 kids last Tuesday morning turned into 39 on Wednesday morning, but they didn’t stop there. The district then allowed an additional 12 kids to spend Wednesday and Thursday doing added work to graduate on Friday. So, we ended up with 51 out of 65 children graduating. After reading all this I believe you probably had the same question I had; how does 8 become 51 in 3 days time? What are the consequences for our children when all year they have been subjected to high suspension rates, transportation issues, literacy issues and math issues? The 8th grade class at school 89 was really a microcosm for what I believe our school district has been doing for years now, PUSHING KIDS THROUGH rather than educating them. In the book to Kill A Mockingbird the character Atticus discusses with Jem that for 400 years White men in the south have been getting away with mistreating African Americans and at some point, they will pay the price for that. How many years has this district been miseducating our children, when will the bill come due for them? See it's easy for the district to want to celebrate that they got 51 kids to graduate, and many in the community believe that we won. But the sad reality is we are not asking the tough questions. Are those children ready to be 9th graders? We didn’t ask for them to be pushed through, we asked them to be allowed to participate in the moving up ceremony and then to go to summer school to complete their remaining work. Now we have 51 kids who are going to be freshman this year who more than likely will not be prepared because their 8th grade education failed them miserably. What happens when 80% of the teachers don’t live in your district? They don’t see the kids as their kids and pushing them through doesn’t have the same effect on them because they don’t have to deal with them living in their communities. When will we realize that those children who constantly are pushed through are the same children who may end up in prison or worse? The danger of graduating without the tools needed to be productive members of society is something this community has dealt with for years. At some point, we


Let’s Give Love A Try By Roger R. Griffin aka “BayBay”

With all due respect, Councilman Ulysees O. Wingo's resolution to officially redefine/ rename our community “East Buffalo” is an untimely, divisive distraction that smacks of gentrification. Is this how we memorialize and honor the beloved victims of the recent massacre and all the great people/ancestors who came before us/them? By talking loud and saying nothing? Call it what you want. We are EAST SIDE STRONG Mr. Wingo Proud Black people With a rich legacy. Where is your master plan to restore that legacy? -The Editors

We Have Been Insulted, Hoodwinked and Bamboozled! So, now they want, no demand, that we stop calling the Eastside of Buffalo, the Eastside! Just who are these people and why are they insisting that we change the very designation that defined us as an ethnic group of mainly African Americans? Why should we change from saying Eastside and start referring to the historic area as East Buffalo? Well, one reason could be that it gives the powers who actually run and fund Buffalo, the autonomy they need to spend antipoverty money anywhere east of Main St. Monies that need to go to rebuild the structures and streets on the Eastside of Buffalo can now be spent on projects like SUNY-ERIE- City Campus, the Broadway Market, Central Terminal, Buffalo Niagara Medical Corridor, and the Key Bank Arena! All of these entities could be referred to as projects and buildings east of Main St. because they are indeed, technically, on the Eastside of Buffalo. Take a close look at the condition of the Jefferson Avenue street and sidewalks near the Tops Markets and the Memorial Park for the victims of the Buffalo Tops Market Massacre. It is a shame and an embarrassment that people all over this world saw how much or how little those who control the region's purse strings actually cared about the street or, for that matter, the Eastside of Buffalo! No legislative action from local or state government is going to cause me to not say Buffalo's Eastside. Fact is, until the city re-develops the Eastside of Buffalo, I am going to double down and write it in all capital letters! Preachers, poverty pimps and politicians need to stop trying to tell us how to ask, think, chew gum or talk! What they need to focus on is to explain to us why they allowed the EASTSIDE of Buffalo to get in the condition it is in, right now! And why is the Greater Buffalo Niagara Partnership leading this movement to diminish the African American cultural footprint on Buffalo's Eastside? Maybe if or when they locate the new Buffalo Bills Stadium with that retractable roof downtown or somewhere on the EASTSIDE of Buffalo, I might reconsider my position! My part of the city where I live is the EASTSIDE for me until we have a reason and the resources dedicated to make it comparable to North Buffalo, South Buffalo and the area known as the Westside, for now, or until those citizens west of Main Street are forced or intimidated to change their Westside designation, too. EASTSIDE! EASTSIDE! EASTSIDE!

must realize that unprepared children become unprepared adults and the community is forced to deal with the issues that it presents. Our children deserve better. They deserve a sound basic education and not to be put in positions where their exchange for 13 years of education is a jail cell or a minimum wage job or worse. At some point we must realize like Atticus said - we are fooling ourselves and when that bill comes due because make no mistake it will come due, the ones left picking up the check will be US.

Sweet is the energy That flows between You and me! We have all had time to cry. Let’s give love a try! Love is the sweetest healer We will ever know. Just let it inside And watch it grow. How can you doubt it? When we know You can’t live without it Let it flow. The closer I get to you The more I understand What it means for a woman To love a man. So pleasing is the surrender When you give Your love to me I can see the many tears you have cried Dry you weeping eyes Let’s give love a try! Time seems to fly as we Flow together on a Natural high There’s nothing we can’t do As long as you are loving me And I am loving you. Let’s give love a try! This love of ours is overdue To our hearts We must be true I’m just trying to say This is what happens When you pray For a special someone To come your way. I salute the heart Divine For true love It’s so hard to find Let’s give love a try! HUA HU CHING Humanity grows more and more intelligent, yet there is clearly more trouble and less happiness daily. How can this be so? It is because intelligence is not the same thing as wisdom. When a society misuses partial intelligence and ignores holistic wisdom, its people forget the benefits of a plain and natural life. Seduced by their desires, emotions, and egos, they become slaves to bodily demands.(77)


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ATTORNEYS PRATCHER & ASSOCIATES Franklin Muhammad (Pratcher) Attorney 1133 Kensington Avenue (716) 838-4612

AUTO BEN’S Downtown Tire

50 Sycamore (cor. Elm) (716) 856-1066 or 894-1483

BAKERY Taste of Supreme 100% Gluten Free Vegan Goodies Contact the Supreme Bakers

(585) 285 - 5496 Rochester Public Market 280 N. Union St. BLDG. B #44


FLORISTS MAUREEN’S Flower Market 441 Ellicott St. * 852-4600

Zakiyyah’s Rundown (ZR) Daily Vibrations 8880-910-987-954-232-465-785-309-187-095-416-576890-109-654-432-323-545-267-890-800-468-090-967680-072-547-691-063-323--353-563-934-094-305-401635-278-435-780-108-657-562-178-930-354-763-469012-757-689-208-645-785-454-678-612-579-905-436809-675-680-100-535-768-985-324-354-184-903-327254-756-801-645-580-234-532-791-065-990-456-435468-015-076-974-240-198-513-546-809-507-433-354760-919-512-891-558-001-064-247-091-547-910-104MA RUTH SPEAKS THE TRUTH! SURE HITS! 168-985-678-198-256-890-054698-679-943-001-202-147-001-



Davis Honey

Local Raw Honey Retail / Wholesale Rochester Public Market 280 N. Union St. BLDG. B (315 )730-5780


FLEA MARKET 1870 FILLMORE (near Kensington) Thursday & Friday 12-5 pm Saturday 9-5 PM Sunday 12-5 PM JEFF MOORE (716) 361-4900



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CASH$$$$ 7890-0743-121

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS THURS. JUNE 30 WE ARE WOMEN WARRIORS' “NO EXCUSES” COMMUNITY FORUM, 5PM-8PM, Frank E. Merriweather, Jr. Branch Library,1324 Jefferson @ E. Utica To register for Speaker's List, call or text (716) 248-8783.

TUES. JULY 5 Free Line Dance Class every Tuesday 11AM-12PM @ at Dorothy J. Collier Community Center, 118 E. Utica. All are welcome! CALL 882-0602 WED. JULY 6 Hustle For Health Urban Line Dance Fitness at Gloria Parks C enter, 3242 Main St. 11a.m.-12 noon FREE ages55+ (716)832-1010 or SAT. JULY 9 Ground Zero Speaks Out, 12 -1:30 p.m., Merriweather Library, hosted by Fruit Belt/McCarley Gardens Housing Task Force & Masten Block Club Coalition. (716)390-5705 or (716)316-2063.

Capt. Samuel Reynolds U.S. Army, Army Reserve, years of service 1988-1994, 0-3 Captain, Commissioned ROTC Golf 8, Fort Knox, Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, Fort Sam Houston, Administrator for Buffalo Board of Education

New Black Panther Party to Host “The State of Black Buffalo 2022 Trail of Tears” Town Hall Meeting The New Black Panther Party Buffalo Chapter will present The State of Black Buffalo: 2022 Trail of Tears Town Hall Meeting” Thursday, June 30 from 6-10 p.m. at Saint’s Tabernacle, 1301 Genesee Street. Chairman Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz is scheduled to be the keynote speaker. For more information text (717)430-1645. The newly formed Buffalo chapter recently hosted a successful rally in MLK Park.

Linde Skills Pipeline Program

Increase Your Readiness for a Technology Career The Linde Skills Pipeline workforce development program provides funding to help train new technicians in a one-year curriculum. This program was developed to help meet the strong demand for skilled technicians.

Full Scholarships Available

Train for Careers in Manufacturing in one year

Information Sessions: June 16, July 9 Deadline to Apply – July 22 Web link:

LLC Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company Name of LLC: D’Zyerable Nails LLC Date of filing of Articles of Organization with the NY Dept of State: August 14, 2020 Office of the LLC: Erie County The NY Secretary of State has been designated as the agent upon whom process may be served. NYSS may mail a copy of any process to the LLC at: 24 Pleasant pl Avenue, Buffalo NY, 14208 Purpose of LLC: Any lawful purpose permitted for LLCs under NY Limited Liability Company Act June 16, 23, 30 July 7, 14,21

LLC Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company Best Of Both Worlds Spanish & Soul LLC, Date of Filing Articles of Organization with NY Dept. of State February 25th 2022. Office of LLC, 40 Lawrence Place Buffalo NY 14213 in Erie County.The NY Secretary of State has been designated as the agent upon whom process may be served. NYSS may mail a copy of process to the LLC at 40 Lawrence Place Buffalo NY 14213. Purpose of LLC is to serve food to the people and community of WNY. June 16, 23, 30 July 7, 14,21



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¬22 in 2022 We’ve increased our U.S. minimum hourly wage to ¬22 on the way to ¬25 by 2025. Since 2017, Bank of America has raised the minimum rate of pay for all U.S. employees by more than 46%, bringing it to an annual rate of more than $45,000 for full-time employees. It’s part of our commitment to being a great place to work and one way we help employees build a career with us. We’re also encouraging job growth and providing economic security for thousands of individuals who are supporting fellow teammates, our clients and the local communities where we live and work. Offering competitive pay and benefits to support our employees and their families is critical to attracting and retaining the best talent. We’ll keep leading the way and doing more. When you have a strong team, you want to take care of them the best way you can. Raising the minimum rate of pay is just one way for us to show that we care and value everyone’s commitment.

Ted Janicki President, Bank of America Buffalo

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