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How Good is Buffalo Basketball?

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Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15, 2021

Rochester Black Business Convention City to Open New The 1st Annual Rochester Black Business Convention on Saturday, July 17 at 5p.m. will be hosted by #communityjusticeinitiative.SUPPORT FROM ELDERS is crucial and much desired!!!!!This is a time for our people to discuss and practice cooperative economics. The goal is to strengthen the Black economy through the practice of cooperative economics, networking and educating one another. This is a FREE event for all. Vendors are $15 (you must bring a table; call this number if you intend to vend or lead a workshop). We strongly encourage the community to propose youth volunteers for businesses to employ. We are looking for vendors, monetary donors and workshop leaders. For more information contact Devon Bey or Craig Diallo Carson, Esq.,Villager of Community Justice Initiative 585-690-2206.

Community Conversation With Primary Election Winners Set A Community Conversation with the following Primary Election winners will take place Thursday, July 15 at 6 p.m. via Zoom: Mayor-Elect Malik Evans; Monroe County Court Judges-Elect Caroline Morrison & Julie Cianca; Monroe County Legislators-Elect Carolyn Hoffman & Mercedes Vazquez Simmons; Rochester City Council PersonsElect Kim Smith & Stanley Martin; RCSD Board Members Van White & Cynthia Elliott & RPD Representative Frank Camp TO JOIN THE MEETING (NO PASSWORD IS REQUIRED) go to the following link: The purpose of the conversation is to begin what we hope will be ongoing dialogue relative to ways in which leaders and representatives-elect plan to work together, with each other, and with the broader community to address key issues (with an emphasis on recommendations contained in the recently released Commission on Racial And Structural Equity/RASE Report). Minister Clifford Florence, President of the Faith Community Alliance is quoted as having said: "We are very thankful to leaders and representatives-elect who have agreed to join us on July 15th. We eagerly look forward to their participation. On the other hand, we are extremely, sorely disappointed that the Offices of Mayor Lovely Warren and Monroe County Executive Adam Bello in particular (co-partners who commissioned the RASE Report), as well as a number of other representatives-elect, including Ms. Camille Simmons, Mr. William Burgess, and Mr. Ricky Frazier, have not responded at all. We are really hopeful that their unresponsiveness is not indicative of future reality."

Vaccine Clinics in R-Centers, Libraries

The City of Rochester, in partnership with the County of Monroe, will open five new vaccination clinics in R-Centers and libraries throughout the City, for ages 12 and up. In addition, the City and the County will continue to offer vaccines at the Edgerton R-Center every Sunday from 1 to 4. Clinics will take place at the following dates and times: •Friday, July 16: Lincoln Library, 851 Joseph Ave., 2-6 p.m. •All Saturdays in July: Lightfoot R-Center, 271 Flint St., 11-2 p.m. • All Sundays in July: Edgerton R-Center, 41 Backus St., 1-4 p.m. •Wed. July 21, Carter St. RCenter, 500 Carter St., 3-5 p.m. Everyone getting vaccinated at these sites will receive a $25 Visa gift card and a chance to win tickets to the ROC Summer Soul Fest. For more on incentives:https:// news-2021-07-08-festival The Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be offered at all locations. Those receiving the Pfizer vaccine will need to return to a second dose clinic three weeks after their first dose at the same location. Appointments are encouraged but walk-ins are welcome. To make an appointment, visithttps://www.

Be the change to make your community safer.

Become a Rochester Police Officer Starting Salary: $47,537

Increases to $83,010 in five years


Exam: Sept. 18, 2021 • Application due: Aug. 6, 2021

Call: 585.428.6716 • 585-428-7619


Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15,2021


Buffalo 5 Update

A Teenager's "Back in The Day" Letter of Innocence: What Good Will It Do in Hon. Kevin M. Carter Is First Black Judge to Their Fight For Freedom Now? Oversee State Courts of Western New York

NEW YORK–Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks has announced the appointment of Hon. Kevin M. Carter as Administrative Judge of the Eighth Judicial District. Judge Carter succeeds Hon. Paula L. Feroleto, who is returning full-time to the trial bench. The new appointment makes Carter the first Black judge to oversee the state courts of Western New York. In his new position, Judge Carter will oversee the management and Hon. Judge Carter day-to-day operations of the trial courts in the Eighth Judicial District, which comprises Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans and Wyoming counties. “Judge Carter is a skilled judge and forward-thinking leader who, over the past two years as the District’s Supervising Judge of Family Courts, adeptly navigated the many challenges posed by the COVID crisis, working closely with Judge Feroleto in the creation and implementation of operating protocols leading up to and throughout the pandemic. I thank him for taking on this new challenge and look forward to our working together to keep the courts moving ahead in today’s new normal,” said Chief Administrative Judge Marks. Judge Carter has been serving as the Eighth Judicial District’s Supervising Judge of Family Courts since 2019. He began his judicial career in Erie County Family Court, to which he was elected in 2003. He was designated an acting Supreme Court Justice in 2008 and presided over civil jury trials and post-divorce matters in State Supreme Court in Erie County. He was re-elected to Erie County Family Court in 2013. In 2017, New York State raised the age of criminal responsibility to 18 years of age, ensuring that young people in New York receive the intervention and evidence-based treatment they need. Judge Carter co-chaired the Erie County Raise-the-Age Committee, developing the plan that established the Erie County Youth Part in Buffalo, New York. In 2018, he was appointed the presiding judge of the Erie County Youth Part, which has jurisdiction over felony charges and accompanying misdemeanors committed by adolescent and juvenile offenders. Prior to becoming a judge, Judge Carter was employed by the law firm of Sullivan Oliverio & Gioia LLP in Buffalo. He began his legal career as a solo practitioner in the general practice of law. A Republican from Orchard Park, he is a University at Buffalo Law School graduate. He told the News he plans to work with the other supervisory judges to help make the state courts “more diverse, more inclusive and more just.” He also hopes to increase the use of technology in the district’s court system. Judge Carter’s appointment is effective immediately.


By Sherry Sherrill

ustice. That is what this is about. This past May, Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron C. Lockwood gave a hand-written 1976 letter he received from Buffalo 5 Member John Henry Walker, Jr., to the Office Of Erie County District Attorney John Flynn. In that correspondence, written and received when both Walker and Lockwood were 16 years old, Walker proclaimed his innocence of the murder of Mr. William Crawford, the latter whom Walker and five of his friends, Darryl Boyd, Darryn Gibson, Floyd Martin, and Tyrone Woodruff had been arrested for having killed. At the time the letter was written, Walker was being held in Erie County Holding Center. In 1977, Walker, Boyd, and Gibson were each wrongly convicted of the murder, and were each wrongly sentenced to spend over two decades in New York State prisons. That letter may be yet another piece of evidence to substantiate their decades long declaration of innocence, but sadly it's too late to use as new evidence in their John Walker and Byron Lockwood best case. Why would a youthful "best friend" wait so long friends back in the day. to come forward with the letter? Why would he give it to the DA instead of Walker so it could be used by Walker to help them it their case? It appears that Lockwood is just tryig to save face; to make it look like he's helping these innocent men. But he has done nothing to help for all these years even though he's always believed in their innocence. According to Walker, "he went so far as to tell the DA he believed me back when we were teenagers when he received my letter and he believes in my innocence to this day." At 10:00AM, Tuesday, July 20th, in The Honorable Christopher J. Burns' Part Nineteen courtroom on the third floor of New York State Supreme Court in downtown Buffalo (NY), John Henry Walker, Jr. and Darryl Boyd- collectively referred to as 'The Buffalo 5'- will return for continuation and closing arguments of a proceeding that was launched in October of 2020, to vacate their wrongful 1976 murder indictment (Erie County Number 41-413) and to overturn their wrongful 1977 murder convictions. Back in 1976, sixteen year old friends John Walker, Darryl Boyd, Darryn Gibson, Floyd Martin, and Tyrone Woodruff, were all arrested by Buffalo Police, for the heinous beating death of Mr. William Crawford, who had also been robbed. Crawford, a Caucasian senior citizen, resided on Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo, across from the Golden Nugget Inn. All of the Buffalo 5 are African American. Four of these young men, Walker, Boyd, Gibson, and Martin, were subsequently indicted, tried, and convicted of the crime, though they consistently and persistently proclaimed themselves to be innocent, and, in fact, were! Martin, who was exonerated at trial, is now, like Gibson, deceased. After being released from prison during the 1990's, Walker and Boyd continued their protests, to this very day. Woodruff, their former friend whom had turned (falsified) State's Evidence and was never prosecuted for the Crawford murder, joined Walker and Boyd at public rallies,despite having been the prosecution's primary witness at their 1977 trials. Indeed, as recently as last Summer (2020), Woodruff declared, publicly, that during his 1976 interrogation by Buffalo Police, he was subjected to extreme duress and relentless pressure. Frightened, and questioned without his parents being present, he says he eventually lied and implicated his four friends. Fast forward to the Buffalo Police Department of year 2021, where Byron C. Lockwood, the same Byron Lockwood who was once a close friend of a young John Walker, Jr., is now the Commissioner of Police. The irony is sobering. When next The Buffalo 5 return to Supreme Court, it is hoped that the new evidence that has been presented, and which has been supported by the thoughtful testimony given by now retired Buffalo City Court Judge James A.W. McCleod at the previous court appearance this Continued Page 10


Part 2 The Moors were a group of Muslims from North Africa who lifted Europe out of the Dark Ages. *In the tenth and eleventh centuries, public libraries in Europe were non-existent, while Moorish Spain could boast of more than seventy, of which the one in Cordova housed six hundred thousand manuscripts. *Over 4,000 Arabic words and Arabic-derived phrases have been absorbed into the Spanish language. Words beginning with “al,” for example, are derived from Arabic. Arabic words such as algebra, alcohol, chemistry, nadir, alkaline, and cipher entered the language. Even words such as checkmate, influenza, typhoon, orange, and cable can be traced back to Arabic origins. *The most significant Moorish musician was known as Ziryab (the Blackbird) who arrived in Spain in 822. The Moors introduced earliest versions of several instruments, including the Lute, the guitar or kithara and the Lyre. Ziryab changed the style of eating by breaking meals into separate courses beginning with soup and ending with desserts.


Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15, 2021

The Hank Sevillian Track & Field

Tribute To A Trailblazer

Family and supporters at renaming of Pavilion's track and Field. Coach Sevillian (right)


host of relatives and friends of the late Henry “Hank” Sevillian gathered at the Johnnie B. Wiley Pavilion June 26 to pay tribute to a man who shepherded thousands of Buffalo’s youth to excel in amateur sports and find direction in life, earn scholarships and college degrees and become successful adults. “He took pride in helping us to mature and become good citizens,” remarked Econuel Ingram, who, as a youth, was coached and mentored by Mr. Sevillian. “He helped a lot of people all over the country not only with sports, but with their character.” Representing the Hank Sevillian Foundation, Econuel and Mr. Sevillian’s son Duane “Duke” Sevillian, was joined by Cedrick Holloway, director of the Wiley Pavilion in announcing the renaming of the track at Johnnie B. Wiley Field, The Hank Sevillian Track & Field in honor of Coach Sevillian. It was recognition long overdue. Born raised and educated on the east side of Buffalo Hank Sevillian was a track star at Burgard High School. He joined the armed forces where he ran track, played football and was an amateur boxer. He returned to Buffalo and worked at the VA and retired after 35 years of service. He organized the Buffalo Pioneer Track Club with five runners including himself. Over the years he was single handily responsible for hundreds and possibly thousands of male and female athletes excelling in life and athletics. He was a mentor to all of the youth on the east side of Buffalo. He was the first to utter the phrase “no pass, no play.” He not only coached his track team in the running events but entered them in the field events to include the discus, shot put and javelin. He never asked for financial help and he paid the entry fees, hotel and travel expense as well as running shoes and spikes for kids who wanted to compete but didn’t have the resources. Lawyers, teachers, media specialists, NBA referees, court judges, and entrepreneurs were all influenced by Coach Sevillian. -Continuing The LegacyThe Hank Sevillian Foundation seeks to continue Coach Sevillian’s fifty-year legacy Come One! Come All! of pouring hope and inspiraThe First Fruits Food Pantry Is Open! tion into Buffalo’s youth by giving them opportunities to earn the rewards of success through amateur sports. He is worthy of the honor of having his life and work memorialized as the track banner at the Johnnie B. Wiley Amateur Athletic Sports Pavilion.

The foundation will also raise funds to establish the Hank Sevillian Scholarship to be given to deserving high school senior student athletes entering college. The establishment of the Hank Sevillian Invitational Track and Field Meet will be one of the initial events.

Mr. Sevillian made his transition on January 23, 2021.

Duane “Duke” Sevillian is founder of the Hank Sevillian Foundation Board of Directors; Econuel “E” Ingram is President ; Cheryl Gandy, Vice President; and Kamalah Poles, secretary/Treasurer. For more information about how you can support the efforts of the foundation call (716)931-4337.

Offering Healthy Food Options Free To The Community

NEW TIME! Tuesdays 4-6 PM & Saturdays From 10 A.M. To 12 NOON Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church, 641 Masten @ Northland No Forms To Fill Out, No Proof Of Income Or Residency Etc. Just The Blessing Of Good Food! While You’re There Check Out The Lincoln Memorial. Clothes Closet! “Fighting Food Insecurity & Meeting the Needs of The People.” Rev. George Nicholas, Pastor, Lincoln Memorial UMC Rita Hubbard Robinson, Coordinator, First Fruits Food Pantry

Farmer's Market Returns to Community Health Center! •Every Thursday now thru Oct. 5, 2021 •10 AM – Noon •24 Benwood Ave. back parking lot •Fresh local Fruits & Vegetables! •We accept Cash, Visa & MC, EBT, WIC & Senior Farmers’ Market Checks •All are welcome!

FRUIT OF THE WEEK: GRAPES •Packed With Important Vitamins and Minerals Especially Vitamins C •High Antioxidant Contents May Prevent Chronic Diseases and beneficial plant compounds that may protect against chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, certain types of cancer and heart disease.


YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR MARKETPLACE KICKOFF: The CAO's Youth Entrepreneurial Marketplace (YEM) kick off will be held Saturday, July 17 at PUSH Buffalo, 429 Plymouth Avenue from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Support our young entrepreneurs!

Eat To Live


Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15,2021

"COVID 19: FACT OR FICTION? An Open and Honest Community Conversation


The East Side Garden Walk takes place this Saturday, July 17 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. The free, self-guided event will feature a host of beautiful gardens throughout East Buffalo. Maps are available at the downtown Buffalo Public Library and at the Foundry, 298 Northampton. Go to EastSide for more info. Pictured above is the beautifully landscaped patio at Manna's Restaurant, 633 Northland (between Fillmore and Grider). Be sure to stop by and check it out - as well as their delicious menu! They're open till 4p.m.!

When it comes to healthcare in America, everything is and always has been Black and White. Black people die disproportionately while our White counterparts do not. On Tuesday, July 20 at 6 p.m. (doors open at 5:30 p.m) at the Merriweather Library, 1324 Jefferson Avenue, join Dr. LaVonne Ansari, CEO and Dr. Kenyani Davis, Chief Medical Officer of the Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc. for an open, and honest community conversation about Covid-19 and your health. This program is free and open to the public. For more information, visit our Facebook page or contact Karla Thomas at kthomas@chcb. net

Watermelon's African Roots.

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Archaeological remains of watermelons, mostly seeds, that date from 5000 years ago have been found in northeastern Africa. An image of a large, striped, oblong fruit on a tray has been found in an Egyptian tomb that dates to at least 4000 years ago. Page 1

Saturday, July17 10am-3pm

Garden Walk

Blanc Photographie

Free. Self-guided. No tickets required.

Maps available at downtown Buffalo Public Libraries and at The Foundry (298 Northampton St) For more information, visit




i,1,tff,\\Q - 'i+l!GAPl,,11\H� · <t tH"IO,',AGo\•�O(·PQ�l

The Community’s Portrait & Event Photographer. 716.319.8979 • Facebook: Blanc Photographie • Instagram: @blanc_photographie

COVID-19 TESTING Monday-Saturday 8:30AM-Noon & 1-4:15PM • Call (716) 986-9199 Ext. 5907



Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15, 2021

Outdoor Worship: “A Jazz Service” Celebrates Life! We're Back!


The Macedonia Baptist Church located at 237 East North St. presents “Come Sunday” a Jazz Service celebrating life. Join us for outdoor worship and concert Sunday, July 18, 2021, 5:00 p.m., City Honors parking lot (across from church). All white attire encouraged and bring your lawn chair. Rev. Julian Armand Cook, Sr. Pastor.

On Saturday July 17 Deacon Clarence Rodolph will present Summer Gospel Explosion at Greater Royal Church, 1335 Clinton Street.

Virtual Bible Study Join us for Virtual Bible Study every Thursday @ 12 PM! If you have questions or need help getting on Zoom email: FRIENDSINCDCC@GMAIL.COM or call (716)882-0602.


Love Alive Fellowship Summer Day Program, Presents Its 13th Year of Summer Programming Love Alive Fellowship Summer Day Program, Presents its 13th year of summer programming. The theme is "Survivor." The program will take place at 141 Lewis Street, July 20 August 20, Tues-Thurs 9a.m.- 4p.m for ages 4-12. The camp will feature the Summer Reading Challenge, Math, Music, Dance, Arts & Crafts, outdoor recreation / activities and more. Please contact the church office at 716-856-1670, or email for registration and more information.

The doors open at 3pm and the program starts 4pm sharp. Admission for adults is $10 in advance and $15 at door and $5 for children at door. The performance lineup includes: Gussie Mitchell and The Wondering Five, St. James Praise Dancers, Living Waters, Gospel Stars, Brouce Myles, The Anointed Voices of Harmony of Rochester NY, with special guest the Dean Singers of Buffalo NY. The guest host and MC will be Apostle Albert Wilson. For more Information call Clarence Rodolph 716 893-9891 Come and Be Blessed!


Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15,2021

Get Ready for the 35th Annual Gospel Fest !

In Memoriam of William Shane

March 6, 1943 July 13, 2020

Not a day goes by that we don’t reflect on our Precious Memories of you. You are forever in our hearts, It’s not the same without you. Missing you! We love you! Your loving wife Beverly Shane (King) son, Maurice Shane Sr. (Glynnis) of Bowie MD. Daughter Sarita D. Shane, Grandsons Maurice Jr, Miles William Shane, your loving sisters ,nieces,nephews,relatives and friends.


Continuing The Commemoration of Juneteenth Buffalo Freedom Gardens held a children’s program on June 25 at Jesse Clipper Square on Michigan and William. The event promoted reading and gardening! Children were able to learn about Juneteenth, play games, plant sunflower seeds and listen to children’s books on the significance of the Underground Railroad. Children were gifted books and supplies to start their own gardens!

The 35th annual Gospel Fest will take place on Saturday July 24, 2021 in Martin Luther King Park from 2pm till 8 pm. Some of Buffalo’s best gospel singers will be participating along with BET’s SUNDAY’S BEST Contestant, TERRILL HALL, a native of Buffalo. The theme is: “HALLELUJAH LORD, YOU’RE WORTHY TO BE PRAISED” Martin Luther King Park will be turned into a place of worship and praise, as we come together thanking the Lord, for keeping us through the deadly Pandemic that has plagued our entire world! Some participants include: Lady Kathy Bowman, Wynette McElveen, AngelVox, Moe Badger, Robin Adams, Malcolm Wilson & Joshua’s Generation, Marchon Hamilton, Mitchell McCleod, Sanctified Flow, Cooney, Delivered, Pastor Kular, Oldies but Goodies gospel singers, Direct Impact, Cynthia Hall, Bessie Patterson & the City-Wide Choir. Sheila Brown & her radio stations WUFO 1080 A.M. and 96.5 F.M will do several giveaways during the festival. “YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THAT” Come bring your folding chairs, enjoy good gospel music, good food, great fellowship and spend the day with us!! Vendor Space is available! Please call Sharon PattersonBessie Patterson White at 716-248-7013. The festival is free, sponsored in part by, Councilman Ulysees Wingo, M&T Bank, Senator Tim Kennedy, Councilman Darius Pridgen, Mayor Byron Brown, Lombardo Funeral Home, ECMC medical Center, Councilman Rasheed Wyatt, • IT'S SUMMER WILLIAM COLSTON Judge Diane Wray, ConnectLife and WUFO 1080 and 96.5 Radio Stations. Bessie Patterson is the Coordinator. ASE Certified Technician TUNE UP TIME!

Colston Mobil Auto Repair

“Knowing when to stop, you can avoid any danger.” -Tao Te Ching

Phone: 716.896.3910 • 720 E. Ferry St.

Diagnostic Testing, NYS Inspection, Towing Service Tire Repair, Brake Repair, Air Conditioning Service

Hearts & Hands is a WNY nonprofit that matches caring, reliable volunteers with older members in our community with essential needs, to aid them in living happy, independent lives.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Volunteers are critical to our neighbor-helping-neighbor model, offering much-needed and appreciated human connection to some of the most vulnerable members of our community, at no cost to them.

As a volunteer, you’ll: Know in advance who you’re helping Know the exact needs you’ll be assisting Get to choose your own schedule Receive mileage reimbursement Receive supplemental insurance coverage

Homeownership more affordable. M&T has options to help you achieve homeownership. You may be eligible for solutions to help: • • • •

Reduce the cash needed at closing Lower monthly payments Save thousands by paying less interest Qualify with a less-than-perfect credit history

Get started with one of our mortgage specialists by calling 1-888-253-0993 or visit us at

Want to learn more about becoming a Hearts & Hands volunteer? Call us (716) 406-8311 or visit

Equal Housing Lender. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to credit and property approval. ©2021 M&T Bank. Member FDIC. NMLS# 381076. 57100 210510 Challenger: 5.105” x 5.5”



Pappy Martin Would Be Proud Despite a major pandemic, his beloved jazz festival didn’t miss a beat last year thanks to a successful virtual presentation. This Sunday July 18 , under the dedicated and visionary guidance of his daughter Dawn Barry-Walker, the Pappy Martin Legacy Masten Jazz Festival, now in its 26th consecutive year, returns to the side lawn of the Buffalo Museum of Science in MLK Park from 3-8 p.m. for five hours of great entertainment .Featured will be some of the area’s most talented jazz musicians and vocalists including The Adrian Benton Band, George Caldwell, Trigger and The Sermon, Drea D’Nur and Will Holton. Terri Davis, former radio personality, will host this weekend’s event. The party continues the following Sunday, July 25 opening with the Love Supreme School of Music followed by national headliners such as the renowned Nat Reeves State of Emergency Band Featuring bassist extraordinaire, Nat Reeves; Eddie Henderson (trumpet), Rick Germanson (piano); Steve Davis (trombone); and Eric McPherson (drums). Also performing will be the phenomenal Curtis Lundy and Umoja Featuring world-renowned bassist, Curtis Lundy; Orrin Evans (piano); Warren Wolf (vibraphone); Stacy Dillard (saxophone); Brandee Younger (harp);and Terreon Gully (drums). Rounding the headliners will be The Ron Carter Trio featuring the most recorded jazz bassist, Ron Carter; Russell Malone (guitar); and Donald Vega (piano). Sheila Anderson - "Queen of Hang", WBGO 88.3FM Radio will serve as the host. This is a free event! But don't forget to bring your own lawn chairs. Food vendors will be on site. For info go to PMLJAZZ.COM -LegacyInspired by their participation in the 1995 historic Million Man March in Washington D.C., James “Pappy” Martin collaborated with Darryl Peebles, Council President James Pitts and Steve Porter, to implement an innovative community enhancement program entitled The Masten Jazz Festival. In 2015, upon the passing of Pappy Martin, who continued the festival, the name was changed to the Pappy Martin Legacy – Masten Jazz Festival. Buffalo is a city with deep roots in the jazz tradition. It once touted numerous venues that showcased jazz performances: Blue Note, Bon Ton, Calumet, Colored Musicians’ Club, Little Harlem, Pine Grill, Moonglow, Revilot, Royal Arms, Shalimar and many more. The city is home to several jazz giants and provided mentors, teachers and audiences for hundreds of developing musicians. This festival is dedicated to keeping that legacy alive as it reinforces confidence, in young and old, that Western New York is a place to not only present local and world renowned musicians, but also, develop and nurture future musicians. It further serves as an outreach to all neighborhoods in its mission to make music accessible to everyone by keeping it free and open to the public. “ My father would be so proud of how much this festival has grown,” reflected Dawn. “ His dedication to making sure that jazz remained accessible to everyone in the community will continue to be realized with this year's event. Come, honor, celebrate and enjoy America's original art form, Jazz!" See you in the park!

-The ScheduleSUNDAY JULY 18: 3:00 pm - Adrian Benton Band 4:00 pm - George Caldwell 5:00 pm - Trigger and the Sermon 6:00 pm - Drea D'Nur 7:00 pm - Will Holton SUNDAY JULY 25: 3:00 pm - Love Supreme School of Music 4:00 pm - NAT REEVES STATE OF EMERGENCY BAND) 5:30 pm - CURTIS LUNDY UMOJA 7:00pm - RON CARTER TRIO Visit for more event updates

Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15, 2021

Expansion of Wakanda Alliance Program!


alactic Tribe was announced the grantee of the Ralph C. Wilson Jr Foundation’s “GeneratorZ” grant, an initiative for after school ideas for teens. Generator-Z allows the teens or “generators” to help select which projects were the most interesting and unique - and The Wakanda Alliance was one of them! The new phase will be introduced as The Wakanda Alliance Academy for Gifted Afrofuturists — a name Marvel comic fans will notice as an ode to the XMen’s “Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters.” The Alliance will start with recruiting five teens to groom as Afrofuturist leaders, who will utilize multiple mediums to understand Afrofuturism as a tool for education. The teens will also have space to make decisions with the Alliance on which special guests to feature and field trips to take. Applications for the new program are open now! Search on your web browser. Submission deadline is Friday, July 24th. Interviews will be held on: Wednesday, July 28th 1pm-4pm, Friday, July 30th 1pm-4pm, Saturday, July 31st 10am-3pm. The programs will operate from August 4th through Sep-

tember 11th on Wednesdays 1p.m.-5p.m., Fridays from 1pm-5pm and Saturdays 11:30a.m.-3:30p.m.. Keep up with the Tribe on and @wakandaalliance on social media.

David Jonathan & the Inner City Bedlam


Curtis Lovell &

Chuckie Campbell

Release Concert “White Privilege” July 24th

Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm For Tickets visit:

Colored Musicians Club (CMC) & Hallwalls members $10 off

Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15,2021

"Fly High Juini...You Will Be Greatly Missed!" World touring jazz bassist Juini Booth made his transition on July 11. Born Arthur Edward Booth on February 12, 1948 in Buffalo, New York, Booth began playing piano at about age eight, and switched to bass at 12. In 2014 he celebrated his 50th year of jazz in Buffalo where he played with pianist George Caldwell, Juini Booth drummer Carmen Intorre and Buffalo jazz bassist Sabu Adeyola. Over his long, stellar career he worked with such greats as Chuck Mangione in his hometown in 1964-65 before moving to New York City around 1966, where he played with Eddie Harris, Art Blakey, Sonny Simmons, Marzette Watts, Freddie Hubbard and Gary Bartz. In the early 1970s Booth played with Tony Williams’s Lifetime and McCoy Tyner also recording during this time with Larry Young Takehiro Honda, and Masabumi Kikuchi, the last two during a tour of Tokyo in 1974. In 1976 he returned to Buffalo, though he also worked with Chico Freeman in Los Angeles and Junior Cook in New York in 1977. In 1977-78 he played with Elvin Jones and Charles Tolliver. The Colored Musicians Club facebook page offered the following touching tribute: “We are so very saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend and legendary bassist Juini Arthur Booth. He was always the most gentle of souls, with an extraordinary talent playing upright (and electric) bass. His work with Chuck Mangione, McCoy Tyner, Sun Ra, Ernie Krivda, and a host of heavy weights from here to NYC to LA speaks volumes of the respect he garnered and the prodigiousness that he accrued through the years. Whenever he was in town, he always graced our stage with such ease, poise, and a prolific knowledge of his instrument. He was an engaging and humble man, who never shied away from sharing his copious talents with all musicians every time he took to the stage. This is another huge loss for our beautiful city, and certainly for our beloved club that he frequented so often. Our prayers go out to his family, and his musical family, and to all who loved him dearly.Fly High Juini.You will be greatly missed.”

Pine Grill Jazz Reunion: Vendors Info, Shelters & 2021 Tee-Shirts Available The Pine Grill Jazz Reunion returns to MLK Park Sunday August 1 and Sunday August 8. The African American Cultural Center will also have T-shirts available in all sizes. Please contact the agency to pre-order your shirt in time to wear it to the PGJR! (Tees not pre-sold will be made available on the day of the event). Additionally, persons interested in vending opportunities, or renting a park shelter please contact the agency (716.884.2013). Although COVID restrictions have loosened, participants are encouraged to follow safety protocols whenever possible. For more information, visit: Website: and our Social Media pages: Facebook/Instagram @AACCBUFFALO or call us at 716.884.2013


Hip-Hop recording Artist GAIN$ and the Prophets will be performing from his release Native Sun live at Khari's Café 128 Fargo on Friday July 16. Doors open at 6p.m., performance at 6:30pm. So Pull Up! $10 entry. Follow @gains90 and check him out on Apple Music, Amazon Music,Spotify, Pandora, Youtube Follow @khariscafeny on Instagram. The artist will also be featured in our next Local Artist Lowdown! Stay Tuned!


10 NEWS BRIEFS Members of Black Militia Shut Down Massachusetts Interstate

Members of a heavily-armed Black Militia recently shut down traffic on Massachusetts Interstate 95 for nine hours.The 11 men said they were members of the group known as Rise of the Moors. The group’s website describes them as “Moorish Americans dedicated to educating new Moors and influencing our Elders.” They made it clear that their ideoogy was not "antigovernment.” The men said they were on their way from Rhode Island to Maine for a "training” on the Fourth of July weekend. Rise of the Moors is based in Rhode Island.

Raise the Age Reforms Lead to No More Youths in NY Adult Prisons ALBANY, N.Y. -- Rates of youth incarceration in adult jails and prison are down to zero since New York raised the age of criminal responsibility to 18, according to a new report by the Sentencing Project. New York passed "raise the age" reform in 2017, and in the years following, a "youth part" of the criminal courts was created. Judges trained in adolescent development and family-court process review felony cases of 16- and 17-year-olds. (contd.) Podcast and entire story available:

Texas Dems, Grassroots Organizations Working to Stop Suppressive Voter Laws NNPA NEWSWIRE — During a recent press conference the Texas Legislative Black Caucus and Texas NAACP explained how race has “infected the entire legislative process around the passage of SB1/HB3 and how the bill will disproportionately impact AfricanAmericans and other minorities.” “It’s Jim Crow 2.0,” State Sen. Royce West said.

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Legislature Approves a Resolution to Establish Juneteenth as an Observed County Holiday The Erie County Legislature has approved a resolution that calls for Juneteenth to be made an annual observed Erie County government holiday and urges the Erie County Executive to act to designate Juneteenth as an observed holiday. “The time has come for Erie County to formally observe Juneteenth,” said Erie County Legislature Chair April N. M. Baskin. “It's an official holiday for the federal government, New York State and the City of Buffalo, and has been an essential part of life in Buffalo and Western New York for decades, thanks to the community leaders who founded the Juneteenth Festival.” The measure urges County Executive Poloncarz and Gary Wilson, Commissioner of Labor Relations, to negotiate the terms of Juneteenth becoming an observed paid county holiday for county employees with the county’s collective bargaining units, provided there is no loss of any other observed holidays or rights for County employees. The leaders of most of the County’s collective bargaining units (CSEA, AFSCME, Sheriff PBA, CSEA Correctional Officers, and NYSNA signed a letter to the County Executive in October 2020 (attached) supporting the designation of Juneteenth as an observed Erie County government holiday. Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States and has become a national day of celebration, parades, picnics, and prayer events, and Buffalo’s celebration is one of the largest in the nation. A renewed push for greater understanding of Black History came in the wake of a series of brutal assaults on African Americans in 2020. Governor Andrew Cuomo named June 19, 2020, as an observed state government holiday for State employees and starting in 2021, and Juneteenth became a paid holiday for City of Buffalo employees beginning in 2021. Most notably, President Joseph Biden signed legislation making Juneteenth a new annual federal holiday and established the federal observance of the new holiday immediately on Friday, June 18, 2021.

THE BUFFALO 5 continued past June, will drive home the overarching premise articulated in the Motion To Vacate document filed on behalf of TheBuffalo 5, in October of last year. That is: Photographic evidence utilized to exonerate McCleod's former Buffalo 5 client (Martin) back in 1977, was wrongfully withheld from both Walker's and Boyd's defense counsels that same year, and such violation of Walker's and Boyd's civil and human rights has re-occurred in the present-day, due to the current climate of unfairness caused by their continued lack of access to such exculpatory evidence. If Judge Burns renders such determination, the wrongful convictions and indictments of John Walker and Darryl Boyd will be struck down and vacated, and The Buffalo 5 will be exonerated of their (wrongful) convicted felon and parolee status. It will have been an exceedingly long, exceedingly traumatic, exceedingly arduous journey that will have been about justice. That is what this is about. You Can Now Visit The Buffalo 5 On Facebook! WWW.Facebook.Com/TheBuffalo5


Left to Right - Bottom Row First - Emeka Uzomba, Jack Woodruff, Raye McKinney Left to Right Top Row - Gerald Beverly, Massai Graham, Andrew Sischo, Brandon Beloti, Jordan Southerland, Jayden Beloti, Jaeger Martino, Jon Phillips, Mark Coppola (photo by A. Dorcely)


How Good is Buffalo Basketball? by A. Dorcely This is a question that keeps coming up. I’m kind of an outsider looking in. So I thought maybe with me being a little less bias I could seek out the answer. Apparently, there’s a feeling of disrespect in the basketball community in Buffalo. Currently as I’m conducting this treasure hunt of information the NBA Finals are in progress. On one of those teams is a Buffalo product. I’ll leave it to you to acquire that data if you don’t already know the answer. My apologies sometimes I digress. So where was I? Oh, yeah…I have seen a couple of showcases so far this summer. Both were 716 vs 585 all star game type events. For those not aware the previous was the area code for Buffalo and Rochester respectively. One showcase was put on by Noah Hutchins(@clutchinsss) formerly of The Park School and the other Carlos Bradberry(@losbrad10) of Niagara Falls High School. Much excitement for Buffalo basketball was garnered by both showcases. Now we come to the Buffalo Cold Rush Creator Event. This made sense now with social media being such a huge platform. Emeka Uzomba from Buffalo, being a big time social media personality in his own right came up with this brain child. The idea was to have a group of basketball players, trick shot artists, high flyers and associates of his from social media play against former and current Buffalo ballers. Cold Rush Co-founders Mark Coppola and Gerald Beverly were responsible for putting on this showcase. Both stated the event was a success. Mark Coppola said the reason for the game was “to show that there’s real talent in Buffalo and to put us on the map across the country.” Beverly who’s from Rochester (585 remember) is claiming Buffalo now after falling in love with the city. He said, “when people think New York basketball they immediately think “THE CITY.” I can’t help you if you don’t know which city “THE CITY” is. He said people are not referring to Upstate or Western New York in that context. A change in the level of respect is what he’s looking for. R-E-S-P-E-C-T rang bells as I wrote this. Aretha Franklin’s 1967 hit wasn’t specific to basketball. Just human nature! Emeka Uzomba clearly has an understanding of human behavior. He would like to continue to set up such events and make them bigger while using his platform to give more exposure to such athletes as Massai Graham who participated in the showcase. He calls Graham a “freak athlete”. I concur! If you haven’t seen his “Bounce Fam,”maybe head to YouTube. As my search ended I started feeling that once Buffalo could keep some of their homegrown talent the appreciation for Buffalo basketball would grow. After all isn’t self respect the starting point? But I thought who better to ask about keeping homegrown talent home than Massai. Graham believes “it has to be like a family structure, make it feel like a home away from home” with regards to the colleges in Buffalo keeping star players in the area. It shouldn’t be a burden. So what will come first??? The recognition of the schools or the players coming to the schools allowing them to gain acclaim. In conclusion I found that all Buffalo needs is just a little bit of….!!! See more photos on and follow coulmnist / sports photographer A. Dorcely @ashdorig12 @buffalosportsworld on social media.


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“Critical Race Theory” And “Cancel Culture”

The Audacity Of The Lie


early two years ago, donald trump, told amerikkka, not to believe anything they saw or heard, unless it came from him. Now, remember he was speaking directly to the amerikkka that he knew would show up for the January 6th insurrection, because they had already shown up in Charlottesville and he told everybody that some Neo Nazis and Klansmen/ women were good people too.



Now, put this into context with what trump and his cronies are trying to push about “Critical Race Theory” and “Cancel Culture” and you will understand exactly what is being pushed and attempted in terms of controlling all thought in America, i.e., the continued dumbing down of America. The more confused a person is and the less information a person has, the easier it is to manipulate them. Now, what does that mean: to control all thought in America? Well, let’s go back to the very beginning of the social order founded by the “founding fathers.” That social order was based on a hierarchy of white supremacist ideology. That white supremacist ideology was based on lies, omissions, subterfuge and misguidance. Remember, the enslavement of African people was written into the founding document of America: The Constitution of The United States (Article 1, Section 2). That document falsely claimed that Black people were only three fifths human. That was the lie that began the legalization of an institution: chattel slavery. Chattel slavery allowed and promoted the rapes, murders, and brutalization of Black people and the theft of Black wealth for the last four hundred and more years. That legalization was followed by legislation into law of all of the limitations and restrictions of the Black Codes that would be placed on Black people, from that time forward, to make sure that Black people would always be in an inferior position politically, economically and especially educationally. Research says that education became the focal point, because Europeans knew the shackles on the body would be broken, however they also knew that what people thought would shape the future. It would shape how the American experiment would play out in the world. How people in the world see Blacks and how Blacks would see themselves/ourselves here in America and in the world was the focus of the miseducation that would be fed to everyone, but especially Black people for the next four hundred years. That is how important it was to thoroughly confuse Black people about our past, about the story of our origins. The fact that we came from great civilizations had to be erased forever from the minds, even from the imagination of Black people first and then everybody else who would come into contact with us. The first misconception was the introduction of the false idea of different races. In the minds of people that would be the rationale for separation. Of course, that was the intention all along i.e., to make sure people were/are separated and see themselves as different from


each other which is the exact opposite of the truth which is that there is only one race: the human race. But it was that separation in the minds of the people that allowed for those who controlled the scheme of mass enslavement of African people, to create the false ideas of inferiority of one and superiority of the other. That is why the “miseducation of the Negro” was so important. It was a specific curriculum that minimized the role of Black people in human history. That curriculum erased the truths of Ancient Kemit and even Kush, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. They even changed the name of Kemit, called it Egypt and even moved it out of Africa. That is where all the sciences of writing and mathematics, medicine and architecture were stolen and attributed to white Greek writers like Plato and Socrates in a Grecian mythology that did not even exist during the reign of Kemit, Kush, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. That miseducation was and is scientifically planned and is where Europeans had to convince themselves first, so they created whole departments in the colleges and universities that we now know all had ties to the transatlantic slave trade. Europeans have continued to miseducate us all when they have had the chance to do so. Just think about some real facts, like nearly every institution of higher learning in America had its beginnings in the enslavement of African people. Harvard’s story is best known but the universities of North and South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi had similar beginnings. Rhode Island and New England were the same. These institutions of higher learning were financed by the enslavement of African people. What do you think they were organized to promote?

Time Out For Politricks! Dear Editor: This Independence Day “4th Of You-Lie” weekend was a particularly violent one across the country. Buffalo was no exception. Sadly among the victims was 3-year-old little Shaquelle Walker Jr. who was caught in a crossfire while riding his bicycle on Donovan Drive and lost his life. After the shooting and before Shaquelle transitioned a media circus followed as he lay in critical condition. Police cars were parked everywhere blocking traffic into and out of the complex. Mayor Brown delivered a Firey speech but not without some politriking, charging that some people want to defund (for lack of a clearer more accurate term) the police; that police will no longer back up; and threw in a plug for needing the Northland Work Force. Mr. Mayor the people of Donovan Drive Apartments are devastated, frustrated and angry. Politicking at a press conference following the shooting of a three year old is unacceptable, and quite frankly reeks of desperation. I'm not the only one who felt that way. I personally witnessed the anger from some of the residents, as well as the little boy’s aunt who became upset at the presence ofthe mayor’s politics. It is my hope that no elected official uses this baby’s death or any other tragedy in the community as a rallying cry to support their political platforms. That would be wrong, disrespectful and dishonorable. So let’s keep it real Mr. Brown. Time out for your ‘Johnny-come-lately-Angry Bird” antics.They are not impressive. -Darvin Adams

dear editor


India Walton’s Values Will Open City Hall to its Residents By Arthur J. Giacalone Mayor Byron Brown recently exprssed his desire “to make Buffalo one of the best post-pandemic places to live, work, raise a family and invest.” His write-in campaign speaks of “the incredible momentum and progress his administration has achieved.” The numbers don’t support such a rosy assessment of the fourterm mayor’s accomplishments. For most Americans, homeownership is the primary form of investment. Nationwide, nearly 64% of residents own their homes. The percentage of homeowners in Buffalo has decreased steadily from an already-low 45% in 2010, to 40.7% in 2019. In other words, nearly three of five residents in the city where Brown has been mayor since 2006 are renters. In 2019, 30.1% of Buffalonians were living in what the federal government defines as poverty, a rate nearly three times that of our nation as a whole. White, non-Hispanics constitute more than a quarter of Buffalo’s poor. Most troubling, Buffalo has the second highest percentage of childhood poverty of all major American cities, 43.4%. Only Cleveland’s rate is higher. In 2005, the year prior to Brown becoming the city’s chief executive, the child poverty rate was “only” 37.5%. In 2016, six cities had a higher percentage of their youth living in poverty than Buffalo. Five of those six mayors found ways to improve their standing. These disturbing trends have occurred during Brown’s tenure despite – or, perhaps, as a result of – his administration’s stridently pro-developer perspective. India Walton’s platform is centered on people, and a belief that housing, health care, healthy food and a quality education are basic human rights. Her energies will not be spent concocting ways to provide tens of millions of dollars of tax abatements to politically connected developers, as the Brown administration did when it attempted to bail out a distressed private developer by declaring the Gates Circle area “blighted.” Economic development under Walton will focus on neighborhood-driven projects. She will not ignore the harmful aspects of gentrification that have burdened the residential streets adjoining the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Her administration will not encourage project sponsors to circumvent the standards established in Buffalo’s Green Code. Most importantly, Buffalo’s iconic City Hall will no longer be hostile toward its residents. Communities will be provided tools to help establish ground-up neighborhood planning efforts. Affordable housing will be championed, and Walton will not be dissuaded by the corporate elite from proposing mandatory inclusionary housing laws that require developers to set aside a set percent of units in new or refurbished buildings for lower-rent apartments. Lastly, the 60% of Buffalonians who rent their homes will no longer be left out of the zoning and planning process. Working with the Common Council, the Walton administration will amend the provision in Brown’s Green Code that mails public hearing notices to absentee landlords, but not to tenants.



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NOTICE OF FORMATION OF A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Smile 716 LLC Arts. of Org. filled with the SSNY on 03/03/2021. Office: Erie County. SSNY is designated as an agent of the LLC upon whom the process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of the process to the LLC, 505 Berkshire Ave. Buffalo, NY 14215. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. July 8, 15,22,29 August 5,12

Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company N Dot Zulu Fitness, LLC Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on May 28, 2021. Office in Erie County. SSNY is the designated agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 151 Rounds Avenue Apt. 1 Buffalo, New York 14215. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. July 8, 15,22,29 August 5,12 Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company Name of LLC: Shifting Gears Unlimited, LLC. Date of filing of Articles of Organization with the NY Dept. of State: July 8, 2020. Office of the LLC: P.O. Box 462 and 55 Deerfield Avenue, Buffalo, New York, 14215, Erie County. The NY Secretary of State has been designated as the agent upon whom process may be served. NYSS may mail a copy of process to the LLC at P.O. Box 462, Buffalo, New York 14215. Purpose of LLC: Youth and Business Leadership. No specific duration attached to LLC. July 8, 15,22,29 August 5,12

Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company ZHELRE LLC. Arts of Org. filed with the Secretary of State of New York on 4/23/2021 Office: Erie County. SSNY designated as agent upon whom process it may be served. Copy of process shall be mailed to the LLC: 154 Tudor Rd, Buffalo, NY 14215 Purpose: Any Lawful July 8, 15,22,29 August 5,12

Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company K & T's Bottle Redemption, LLC, a Domestic LLC filed 06/23/2021. Office: Erie Co, SSNY designated as agent for process & shall mail to:1334 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY 14206. Purpose: Any lawful purpose July 8, 15,22,29 August 5,12.

Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company CARTLOG LLC. Filed with SSNY on JUNE 01, 2021. Office: ERIE County. SSNY designated as agent for process & shall mail copy to: 335 CAMPUS DR APT 2 BUFFALO, NY 14226. Purpose: Any lawful.

Notice of Formation of Limited Liability Company DPH Management LLC filed Articles of Organization with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 5/21/21. Office location: Erie County. SSNY is designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 64 Randolph Ave, Buffalo, NY 14211. Purpose: any lawful act or activity. July 8, 15,22,29 August 5,12

Softball Skills Clinic


The Willie Hutch Jones Educational & Sports Program will be holding Softball Skills Clinics July 19 through August 6 Monday through Friday 9am 12pm at Masten Park and Riverside Park.

The G.I.R.L.S. Sports Foundation will be holding their Sports Sampling Camp August 9 through 13 at Buffalo Renaissance Foundation Community Center 347 E. Ferry St. from 8:30am – 2pm. The Free sampling camp is for ages 8-18 and will feature sports activities like Basketball, Flag Football, Volleyball, Free Play, Floor Hockey and Mentoring . Snacks, lunch and water provided. The parent orientation will be Saturday August 7 at Noon . Zoom code will be given after completion of the application. For more info go towww. LEGAL NOTICE Bid The camp is sponsored LEGAL NOTICE 7/14/2021 by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. TOWN OF HAMBURG Foundation, CHBC, City of DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Buffalo and Project Play of “ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDDERS” WNY.

The clinic is free of charge. All experience levels are welcome for ages 8-16. For more info and to register please visit or call 716 -715-4980.

Sealed Bids Are Hereby Requested For Project 2021 - 01: “Infrastructure Reconstruction” all in accordance with specifications on file with the Hamburg Town Clerk’s Office, Hamburg Town Hall, 6100 South Park Avenue, Hamburg, New York 14075. Said specifications may be obtained from the Hamburg Town Clerk during regular business hours, Monday through Friday; 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (One (1) “Bid Package” may be collected at no charge. Additional “Bid Packages” can be purchased for $50.00 each. Funds paid for additional Bid Packages will NOT be returned. Checks for additional Bid Packages should be made payable to the: “Hamburg Town Clerk”. Said bids will be publicly opened and read aloud in the Hamburg Town Hall conference room at 11:00 a.m. local time (according to the clock within Hamburg Town Clerk’s Office) on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 and thereafter considered by the Town of Hamburg. Attention is called to the fact that Community Development Funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are being used to reconstruct approximately 1,548 linear feet of road within the Village of Blasdell. Due to the use of federal CDBG funds, compliance with Title VI and other applicable provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Executive Order 11246 (Buffalo Plan); Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 as amended; Section 109 of Order 11625 (Utilization of Minority Business Enterprises); Davis-Bacon and Related Acts is required. “The Town reserves the right to reject all bids and to waive any informalities.” Sealed Bids Must Be Marked: “2021 INFRASTRUCTURE RECONSTRUCTION” Dated: July 14, 2021 Catherine Rybczynski; Town Clerk Town of Hamburg

The Pike Company and LECESSE Construction actively encourage participation from M / WBE certified firms. Contact Kathy Rooney, Diversity & Community Engagement Manager, to discuss potential opportunities. 1.800.264.7453 | |

LEGAL NOTICE SUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS–SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, COUNTY OF ERIE –NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC D/B/A CHAMPION MORTGAGE COMPANY, Plaintiff, against Francine Gittere as Heir to the Estate of Kathleen J. Gittere; Discover Bank; Unknown Heirs to the Estate of Kathleen J. Gittere, any and all persons unknown to plaintiff, claiming, or who may claim to have an interest in, or general or specific lien upon the real property described in this action; such unknown persons being herein generally described and intended to be included in the following designation, namely: the wife, widow, husband, widower, heirs at law, next of kin, descendants, executors, administrators, devisees, legatees, creditors, trustees, committees, lienors, and assignees of such deceased, any and all persons deriving interest in or lien upon, or title to said real property by, through or under them, or either of them, and their respective wives, widows, husbands, widowers, heirs at law, next of kin, descendants, executors, administrators, devisees, legatees, creditors, trustees, committees, lienors and assigns, all of whom and whose names, except as stated, are unknown to plaintiff; United States of America Department of Treasury; New York State Department of Taxation and Finance- Tax Compliance DivisionC.O.-ATC; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; and JOHN DOE AND JANE DOE #1 through #7, the last seven (7) names being fictitious and unknown to the Plaintiff, the persons or parties intended being the tenants, occupants, persons or parties, if any, having or claiming an interest in or lien upon the mortgaged premises described in the Complaint, Defendants-Index No. 807241/2020. Plaintiff Designates Erie County as the Place of Trial. The Basis of Venue is that the subject action is situated in Erie County. To the above named Defendants–YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to answer the Complaint in this action and to serve a copy of your answer, or, if the complaint is not served with this Summons, to serve a notice of appearance, on the Plaintiff’s Attorney(s) within 20 days after the service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of service (or within 30 days after the service is complete if this Summons is not personally delivered to you within the State of New York); the United States of America may appear or answer within 60 days of service hereof; and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the Complaint. That this Supplemental Summons is being filed pursuant to an order of the court dated May 28, 2021. NOTICE-YOU ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING YOUR HOME – If you do not respond to this summons and complaint by serving a copy of the answer on the attorney for the mortgage company who filed this foreclosure proceeding against you and filing the answer with the court, a default judgment may be entered and you can lose your home. Speak to an attorney or go to the court where your case is pending for further information on how to answer the summons and protect your property. Sending a payment to the mortgage company will not stop the foreclosure action. YOU MUST RESPOND BY SERVING A COPY OF THE ANSWER ON THE ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC D/B/A CHAMPION MORTGAGE COMPANY AND FILING THE ANSWER WITH THE COURT. HELP FOR HOMEOWNERS IN FORECLOSURE; New York State law requires that we send you this notice about the foreclosure process. Please read it carefully. SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT You are in danger of losing your home. If you fail to respond to the Summons and Complaint in this Foreclosure Action, you may lose your home. Please read the Summons and Complaint carefully. You should immediately contact an

attorney of your local legal aid office to obtain advice on how to protect yourself. SOURCES OF INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE The State encourages you to become informed about your options in foreclosure. In addition to seeking assistance from an attorney or legal aid office, there are government agencies and nonprofit organizations that you may contact for information about possible options, including trying to work with your lender during this process. To locate an entity near you, you may call the toll-free helpline maintained by the New York State Department of Financial Services’ at 1-800269-0990 or visit the Department’s website at FORECLOSURE RESCUE SCAMS Be careful of people who approach you with offers to “save” your home. There are individuals who watch for notices of foreclosure actions in order to unfairly profit from a homeowner’s distress. You should be extremely careful about any such promises and any suggestions that you pay them a fee or sign over your deed. State law requires anyone offering such services for profit to enter into a contract which fully describes the services they will perform and fees they will charge, and which prohibits them from taking any money from you until they have completed all such promised services. We are attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. The foregoing summons is served upon you by publication pursuant to an order of the Honorable Catherine Nugent-Panepinto, J.S.C. dated May 28, 2021. The object of this action is to foreclose a mortgage and covering the premises known as 39 Marsdale Road Cheektowaga, NY 14215 a/k/a 39 Marsdale Road Buffalo, NY 14215 located at Section 80.17 Block 10 and Lot 23 Dated and Filed: June 2, 2021 Pincus Law Group, PLLC, Attorney for Plaintiff, By: George J. Weissinger, Esq., 425 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556 (516) 6998902. NOTICE TO DEFENDANT DURING THE CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY, YOU MIGHT BE ENTITLED BY LAW TO TAKE ADDITIONAL DAYS OR WEEKS TO FILE AN ANSWER TO THIS COMPLAINT. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ATTORNEY FOR MORE INFORMATION. IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN ATTORNEY, PLEASE VISIT OPP/foreclosures.shtml OR AVISO A DEMANDADO DURANTE LA EMERGENCIA DEL CORONAVIRUS, ES POSIBLE QUE USTED TENGA DERECHO POR LEY A TOMAR DÍAS O SEMANAS ADICIONALES PARA PRESENTAR UNA RESPUESTA A ESTA PETICIÓN POR FAVOR CONTACTE A SU ABOGADO PARA MAS INFORMACIÓN. SI USTED NO TIENE UN ABOGADO, VISITE OPP/foreclosures.shtml OR JULY 8,15,22,29


Buffalo Employment and Training Center / BETC • 716-856-5627


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LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF ERIE, MTGLQ INVESTORS, L.P., Plaintiff, vs. JENNIFER G. FLANNERY - ERIE COUNTY PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR AS ADMINISTRATOR OF THE ESTATE OF RICKIE O. WEATHERLY AKA RICKIE ORLANDA WEATHERLY AKA RICHIE WEATHERLY, ET AL., Defendant(s). Pursuant to an Order Discharging Guardian Ad Litem and Military Attorney Confirming Referee’s Report and Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale duly filed on April 30, 2021, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the CLOSING ROOM - Erie County Clerk's Office - First Floor, 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY on August 11, 2021 at 10:00 a.m., premises known as 86 Sussex a/k/a 86 Sussex Avenue, Buffalo, NY. All that certain plot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the City of Buffalo, County of Erie and State of New York, Section 90.62, Block 2 and Lot 29. Approximate amount of judgment is $47,507.38 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index # 819479/2018. Cash will not be accepted. COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed at the foreclosure sale. James A. Partacz, Esq., Referee Knuckles, Komosinski & Manfro, LLP, 565 Taxter Road, Suite 590, Elmsford, NY 10523, Attorneys for Plaintiff JULY 8, 15, 22, 29

MHPC Peer Support Specialist: Renewal Center, Serve

Evans Bank Is Opening A New Branch On The East Side Evans Bank is opening our 21st branch at Westminster Commons, a new affordable senior housing complex on Buffalo’s East Side. This community banking office will feature our Financial Fitness Initiative that seeks to help people improve their credit and buy homes. We’re hiring a Universal Banker to join our team! Does this sound like you? •Motivated by doing what’s right and by making an impact on your community •Passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals •Believe in connecting with people one-at-a-time to make a difference •Strong ties to the Downtown and neighboring East Side communities Interested candidates may apply at


Buffalo Employment and Training Center / BETC • 716-856-5627

Administrative Assistant

One to three years of office experience, dealing with customer service, record keeping, data entry, and organizing information. Cultural competency working in a racially diverse setting. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel. Tracking program data for federal grant, maintaining a membership database; coordinating reception desk functions, providing clerical support. Year-round position. $14.00/hour for 20 to 25 hours per week beginning immediately. Please submit resume and cover letter explaining your relevant experience to Michael Tritto, Operations Director at Gloria J. Parks Community Center m.tritto@udcda. org or by fax at 832-5099. LEGAL NOTICE COUNTY OF ERIE ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Buffalo and Erie County Public Library Escalator Renovations PROJECT NO. 2021-812-03 Sealed bids for General Construction work for the above project will be received by the County’s Commissioner of Public Works in the Rath County Office Building, 95 Franklin Street, Suite 1400, Buffalo, New York 14202 until 10:30 AM local time on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 at which time they will be opened and read aloud. MBE/WBE, Apprenticeship program, and Local/Disadvantaged Workforce requirements may apply to this project. Additional information must be found at: .


guests in overcoming immediate, emotional Crisis, of which may alternatively result in ER visits. HS diploma or equivalent. Exp. with mental illness. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, INC. 3108 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14214

A2A SOR Rural Recovery Advocate

Provide rapid response to individuals Through various ways who experience Problems due to substance abuse. Positions available in both Erie and Niagara County. Min exp. of 3 yrs. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, INC. 3108 Main St Buffalo NY 14214. Family2Family Support Specialist Provide resources and support to those Affected by someone else’s addiction. Positions available in both Erie and Niagara County. Min exp. Of 3 yrs. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, INC 3108 Main St Buffalo NY 14214

Come Grow With Us! HR Specialist HR Assistant Job Developer Assistant Director (Asst. Principal) Housing Program Coordinator Child Development Specialist Education Manager Substance Abuse Counselor Family Case Worker Community Crisis Specialist Health Coordinator Maintenance Associate Nutrition Associate Security Guard Teacher III Teacher IV Teachers (Youth Services) Teacher I II Youth Services Counselor Youth Services Site Coordinator Program Coordinator Program Secretary Family Partner For full job descriptions, please visit our website and apply now.


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ATTORNEYS PRATCHER & ASSOCIATES Franklin Muhammad (Pratcher) Attorney 1133 Kensington Avenue (716) 838-4612

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BAKERY Taste of Supreme 100% Gluten Free Vegan Goodies Contact the Supreme Bakers

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FRI 7/9



MID-4-4-6-0 EVE-7-5-3-0

MID-2-4-3-4 EVE-0-1-9-0

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MIDDAY 6-7-9 ZR, Ma Ruth (straight) #Book (box) 5-2-2 ZR (box) Quick$, Duckie(straight) 1-6-8 ZR (box) Ma Ruth (straight) 8-5-6 ZR, Ma Ruth (box) 2-5-1 Covid$ (box) 4-3-0 Aries (box)



“It’s In The Stars”

Aquarius -496-235-165-579 Pisces - 056-362-237-694 Cancer - 482-372-895-718 Aries - 289-946-034-594 Taurus -258-231-026-695 Gemini-495-257-694-508 Leo-345-213-157-201 Virgo 385-291-431-170 Libra -247-723-179-501 Scorpio - 453-253-571-597 Sagittarius - 389-701-234924


July 23, 2021




Live Help From 9-11am Weekdays. Call The Center for Elder Law & Justice


July’s Full Buck Moon The Full Buck Moon is named for the start of antlers on young bucks. It represents the conflict in your life between roots and change in direction. Are your roots holding you back from your potential? If so, consider the steps you can take in order to eliminate dead-weight.

EVENING 7-2-1 Quick$ (box) 9-4-2 Sagittarius, Quick$ (box) 9-0-5 Gamma (box) 6-3-0 July Vibe (box)

890-COVID CASH$$-356


quick money THE NUMBER BOOK 708-469-801-066 857-521-406-996 189-809-444 (315 )730-5780 781-980-194-580 886-980-422 322-522-355 805-075-467-890 IMMUNITY SUPPORT 800-592-390 LUCKIE DUCKIE 579-944-357-909 743-133-202335 -2015-4444394-833-924 VITALITY USA 680-434-680-073 1871-0978 127-909-418 FREE CATALOG 678-456-708-286 (716) 249-4800 927-313-466 230-110-781-009 134-431--143- 124-550-098 920-536-580-697 648*123*104 511-005/201 075-356-579-498 TAILORS Evening 5-8-4 ANN RHOD’S Tailoring 980-422-809-981SUPPORT 3185 Bailey Ave. 989-970-990-080-800SMALL (716) 838-5633 515-996-390-196-102BUSINESSES! GAMMA’S JULY PICS 581-752-319-408-378-



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Zakiyyah’s Rundown (ZR)

MA RUTH SPEAKS THE TRUTH! SURE HITS! 168-985-678-198-256-890054-698-679-943-001-202147-001-865-732-855

SAT 7/10


full moon watch

352-126-189-444-886514- 332-522-112-432421-423-154-039-524

Michigan Street Heritage Corridor Project Community Update! A Community Conversation to learn about our vision for the African American Heritage Corridor will be held Tuesday, July 27 from 6-7:30 PM. The update is being hosted by Strategic Planning Consultant, Moody Nolan, which has been gathering input from community members for several months and they are ready to share their draft plan with the community to gain more feedback. Curious about the project? For more information on how to register for the. upcoming Conversation Update, email us at


448-008-141-266 Madam Ozlla's Predictions 140-143-133-392-320-965-843 5037-2156-3034-1342


Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15,2021

FREE First Time Homebuying Seminar


JULY 21, 2021 To reserve your spot or for more information, contact: MELISSA R. HOWELL Community Lending Advocate

c: 716-553-4798

Join us to learn more about how HUNT Mortgage can help you prepare for the home buying process!

6:00-7:00 PM | JULY 21, 2021 University District Community Development Association, Inc.

995 Kensington Ave., Buffalo NY 14215


Mortgage Consultant, NMLS# 1615985

c: 716-533-2112 403 Main Street, Ste 210, Buffalo, NY 14203 716-633-3700 |

Here are just a few of the topics we will review:

• • •

How to prepare for homeownership Down payment & closing cost Credit repair

This event is FREE to the public, but space is limited!

Linde Skills Pipeline Program at SUNY Erie The Linde Skills Pipeline workforce development program provides funding to help train new technicians in a one year curriculum. This program was developed to help meet the strong demand for skilled technicians

Full Scholarships Available Train for Careers in Manufacturing in one year Deadline to Apply – July 22 Web link:

HUNT Mortgage Corporation - NMLS 37405 | Mortgage Banker License #LMBC 109630 – New York State Department of Financial Services

Effective Mentoring changes lives New Book by Robert Lowery Join me

for a Book Signing Sunday, July 18, 2021 11:30am-1:00pm 907 East Ferry Street Buffalo, NY 14211

Now Available

Learn more



Challenger Community News • t hec •July 15, 2021



An extensive and rigid cleaning protocol has been implemented by our Maintenance Staff to limit exposure to the coronavirus.


COME ENJOY QUALITY LIVING IN OUR COMMUNITY WITH RENTS BASED ON INCOME - AS LOW AS ZERO. → Newly Renovated Units → Great Location → Personal and Courteous Onsite Management. → Professional Security → On-Site Laundry Room → Full Time Social Service Director → Daily Activities → Free Shuttle Bus → Emergency Pull Cords → And much more

FIND OUT MORE! CALL TODAY: 716-855-1505 | TTY/TDD#711

Profile for The Challenger Community News

Challenger Community News July 15, 2021  

Challenger Community News July 15, 2021  


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