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Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018

Akoma Afrikan American Women's Gospel Choir

School District Considers Renaming RABJ Wins Award School After Frederick Douglass for Documentary The Rochester City School District has recently held a public Featuring Dr. Walter meeting to discuss renaming James P.B. Duffy School No. 12 in honor of both Frederick Douglass, and his wife, Anna Douglass. Cooper The school currently sits on the same property as Douglass’ for-


AKOMA AFRIKAN AMERICAN WOMEN'S GOSPEL CHOIR: Sat-June 9th - “AKOMA Afrikan American Women's Gospel Choir Scholarship Concert”- 6:30pm- Mt. Olivet Baptist Church-141 Adams Street. The AKOMA African American Women's Gospel Choir will present their Annual Scholarship Gospel Concert. This event is in honor of the young Afrikan American Women Scholars chosen as the 2018 Scholarship awardees. Each of the Scholars selected will graduate from high school in the Summer of 2018 and will enter College in the Fall. Scholarship applications are available on the AKOMA website:

Sankofa Theatre Festival Update


his year, the11th annual Sankofa Theatre Festival is giving a preview of the three featured plays that will be part of the upcoming festival to be held in August and September. One such preview will be at 6:30 p.m. Friday, June 8 and is a reading of an original play, The Circle: A Book Club Sisterhood by Laura A. Thomas. The reading of this new play will be at Mood Makers Books, 274 N. Goodman St. MMB Theatre 1 has several upcoming activities planned in conjunction with its Sankofa Theatre Festival. Also new to this year's festival is an open call for the "Night of 10s," a unique format featuring short and engaging plays. We still are looking for entries in our new "Night of 10s.” The entry deadline for the festival's "Night of 10s" is Saturday, June 30. These ten-minutes plays should be comedic in nature; use one to three actors; and pertain to some aspect of life within the Black diaspora, including the Americas, Caribbean and Africa. For more details and an application form, go to - Submitted by Kevin Bryant Hicks

Tompkins Bank of Castile | Community One

Making your dream of home ownership

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Tompkins Bank of Castile’s Community One Program offers borrowers the chance to make home ownership a reality with no application fee, maximum financing, low downpayment and no private mortgage insurance.

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he Rochester Association of Black Journalists has received a Telly Award for producing a documentary titled “Standing Up for What is Right,” which features the life story of Rochester pioneer Dr. Walter Cooper. RABJ President Richard McCollough, the founder and head of Mirusmedia, and Joanne Gordon, RABJ vice president for broadcast, and senior video editor at WXXI Public Broadcasting, have produced the video, which won the 2018 Bronze Telly Award for General Documentary. “I love telling stories,” McCollough said. “I love what I do. My mission is to introduce the world to people who have a positive impact on humanity. It is so gratifying to be honored by my peers with this 2018 Telly Award.” In addition, “I feel blessed to receive this award, and I feel that this is a testament to our proud history of AfricanAmerican contributions to the Rochester community,” Gordon said. Cooper is a local research scientist and educator, and the award is the third the documentary has received since RABJ presented the film during its “RABJ Rochester Legends” event last year. The video has also received 2017 documentary awards from the Accolade Global Film Competition, based in Los Angeles, and the Dallasbased Videographer Awards, respectively. RABJ said its members also honored Dr. David Anderson, a recognized authority and reenactor of African-American history, and Mrs. Constance Mitchell, civil rights activist, during its “Legends” event in 2017. The Telly Awards are based in New York City, and honor excellence in non-broadcast video and television programming, as well as local, regional, and cable television commercials.

mer home, which burned down in 1872. In addition, over 300 people have presently signed a petition in favor of renaming the school after Douglass or his wife in some form or fashion, and Douglass’ great-great-great grandson, Kenneth Morris Jr., has also written a letter to RCSD school board president Van White, which was presented to White during the meeting. “I am the great-great-great-grandson of Frederick and Anna Douglass, and president of the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives,” Morris said. “I write to you on behalf of the Douglass family. It has come to our attention that a public meeting is scheduled this evening to discuss renaming James P.B. Duffy School in honor of the Douglass family. We humbly suggest that the school be renamed for Frederick and Anna Douglass.” Supporters of the name change have said they hope it would help the school move beyond the death of a former autistic student at the school, Treyvan Rowe, who died earlier this year.


Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018

AREA BRIEFS June 6th Meeting to Discuss Proposed Liquor Store in Place of GiGi’s Cancelled A community meeting that was scheduled to take place Wednesday (June 6) at the Merriweather Library to discuss the proposed Liquor Store in place of the former GiGi’s Restaurant, has been cancelled according to Betty Jean Grant. The meeting was initially called by the We Are Women Warriors organization, but after it was learned that Masten Councilmember Ulysees O. Wingo had scheduled a June 4 meeting at the Delavan Grider Center to deal with the same issue, We Are Women pulled out and instead supported the Monday meeting to get as many residents involved as possible. Councilmember Wingo, in a letter to NYS Liquor Authority Deputy Director David L. Edmonds, Jr. dated April 5, joined other citizens, business and religious leaders in "vehemently" opposing the liquor store on 257 E. Ferry. p

ASCAC 2018 Conference Review Keeping with the mission of reawakening and expanding of the Afrikan Mind, The Association of the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC) Eastern Region will present a viewing of the 2018, 35th Annual Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Studies Conference held in Philadelphia, Pa. The conference theme was “Intellectual Warfare Against The Assault On African Humanity”. The theme was inspired by Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers book Intellectual Warfare: The battle for the Afrikan Mind. We will view our International President Dr. Mario H. Beatty give his keynote address to the ASCAC Afrikan Family. The viewing will be held at the Frank E. Merriweather Jr. Library Saturday June 9 from 2-4 p.m. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers and to learn more about ASCAC and the upcoming events. For more information contact Nana Modell (716-7156559) or Bro. James (716-8128298)

Council Members Support Effort to Move School Board Elections to November The Common Council last voted unanimously on a resolution last week asking the State Legislature to change School Board elections to November, when general elections take place in hopes of increasing voter turnout. Their resolution joins a local coalition that is backing an effort by State Sen. Chis Jacobs and Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes on the state level to shift the board elections from May to November. North District Councilman Joseph Golombek Jr. has been trying to get support for such a change for many years. Council President Darius G. Pridgen called the school board election “the most important vote people can make.”


Over 100 Attend Community Meeting on Proposed Ferry Street Liquor Store


By Nanette D. Massey

ublic convictions ran high during a community meeting Monday evening, June 4th, against the business entity applying for a license with the state liquor authority to open a liquor store at the former Gigi’s Restaurant location at Jefferson and E. Ferry Streets. Buffalo’s Masten District Councilman Ulysees O. Wingo organized the meeting. Over a hundred people attended, and everyone with an opportunity at the microphone spoke vehemently against the opening of the proposed store. Residents voiced concerns regarding potential panhandling and drug activity, parking, increased auto traffic at an already perilous intersection, an ill disposed influence on walking school children, and a general belief that a liquor store looks bad and would bring down the property value of the neighborhood. Wingo attempted to re-set the tone by letting the assemblage know this was not intended to be a town hall style meeting where opinions were being solicited, but mainly an opportunity to get a first hand tutelage on the process of granting liquor licenses, and exactly where community input could appropriately have a place in that process. “I don’t want the meeting to get hijacked,” he said, clarifying that it would not be proper or legal to disclose specifics about the 257 E. Ferry site’s application, and that today’s speaker was not the authority to whom appeals for opposition to the store were to be addressed. With that, he introduced David Edmunds, Deputy Commissioner of the N.Y. State Liquor Authority. “Normally I don’t get involved at this level,” Edmunds pointed out. However given the extent of public agitation, he felt it appropriate to hear the community’s concerns and to give effective direction to them. He said he would also be preparing a summary memo of Monday’s meeting to present to the state board as part of their decision making material. Edmunds took residents through the nuts and bolts of the retail liquor license granting process, explaining 3that an application is reviewed step by step against the Alcohol Beverage Control Law, and then approved or disapproved by the three member state board who meet every other Wednesday. “We must follow the law to the ‘T’ or we can count on a lawsuit,” he said. Currently one member of the board is from Utica, another is an African American from Albany with ties that keep him regularly in Buffalo, and the third position is vacant. In making their deContinued Page 5

National President of the NAACP to Keynote 52nd Annual Medgar Evers Awards Dinner: Awardees Named


errick Johnson, the national President of the NAACP, will deliver the keynote address at the 52nd Annual Medgar Evers Awards Dinner on Saturday, June 9 at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, 153 Franklin Street at 6 p.m. On October 21, 2017, the executive committee of the NAACP National Board of Directors elected Mr. Johnson President and CEO. Derrick Johnson formerly served as vice chairman of the NAACP National Board of Directors as well as state president for the Mississippi State Conference NAACP. In addition to Mr. Johnson’s appearance and the presentation of the annual awards, the legacy of the late Frank B. Mesiah, who served as president of the local branch for over two decades, will be featured. The 2018 award recipients are as follows: Rashied McDuffie, Medgar Evers Award; Oswaldo Mestre, Rufus Frazier Human Relations Award; Raziya Hill, Dan Acker Community Service Award. The following awardees will receive the President's Award of Distinction: Dr. Raul Vazquez, a trailblazer of providing community healthcare; and Officer Kimberly Beaty, a person of valor in providing community protection. The Muhammad School of Music will provide instrumental entertainDerrick Johnson ment and the Collins 4 will perform vocal selections. Advance paid reservations are required. There will be no ticket sales at the door. For more information call at (716) 884-7242.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

August 17, 1887 - June 10, 1940

Marcus Mosiah Garvey: "The Black Moses"


arcus Garvey is regarded as the leader of the largest organized mass movement in Black history and the progenitor of the modern Black Is Beautiful revival that reached its peak in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. Hailed by his followers in the 1920s as a kind of political redeemer he was dubbed “the Negro Moses.” Highlights *Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. was born August 17, 1887, in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, the youngest of 11 children. *Garvey left Jamaica in 1912 to study at Birkbeck College in London. *Garvey created the Black Star Line in 1919, a shipping line used to transport goods and passengers between America, the Caribbean and Africa. The shipping line was a major part of the Back-toAfrica movement. *The Pan-Africanist leader formed the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA–ACL) division in Harlem, New York. At its height, the UNIA had over one thousand chapters across the world with over 1 million members. *Garvey also had a publication called “The Negro World” which was established in New York City. It was an attempt to convey his message of freedom to Black people and linked Black communities on three continents. *During the 1920s, Garvey’s Continued Page xx



“By Any Greens Necessary”: The Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet


n estimated 1.4 million African Americans (3%) are vegans (diet is excludes all animal products, including meat, eggs and dairy) and (3%)vegetarians (does not eat meat or other animal products). And nearly 15 million African Americans (32%) always or sometimes eat meatless meals when eating out. We Benefit the Most African Americans have the most to gain from the health benefits of plant-based food because we experience the highest rates of preventable, diet-related chronic diseases in the country. There are many state-sanctioned reasons that we experience these conditions, including limited access to healthy food in our communities and targeted advertising and proliferation of low-nutrition, high-calorie food. However, we have the power to be healthier by continuing to expand our knowledge about and access to nutritious, affordable, convenient and delicious plantbased food. Better Health Studies show that eating a healthy plant-based diet, along with exercising at least 30 minutes a day, not smoking, and not being obese, can cut your risk of disability and death from chronic diseases by up to 90%. And of these, eating a healthy plant-based

diet is the most beneficial. Why Go Vegan? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, states that well planned vegan diets “…reduce risks of many chronic diseases and may treat, improve or reverse obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, [and] type 2 diabetes.” In other words, your diet trumps your DNA. Additionally,, according to science-based health benefits of eating vegan : 1. A Vegan Diet Is Richer in Certain Nutrients and tend to provide more fiber, antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds. They also appear to be richer in potassium, magnesium, folate and vitamins A, C and E. However, not all vegan diets are created equal. Whole-food vegan diets are generally higher in certain nutrients. Make sure you get all the nutrients your body needs; 2. It Can Help You Lose Excess Weight 3. It Appears to Lower Blood Sugar Levels and Improve Kidney Function. Going vegan may also have benefits for type 2 diabetes and declining kidney function.Vegan diets may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. They are also particularly effective at reducing blood sugar levels and may help prevent further medical issues from developing. 4. A Vegan Diet May Pro-

tect Against Certain Cancers According to the World Health Organization, about one-third of all cancers can be prevented by factors within your control, including diet. Certain aspects of the vegan diet may offer protection against prostate, breast and colon cancers. 5. It's Linked to a Lower Risk of Heart Disease Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and fiber is linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Thus vegan diets may benefit heart health by significantly reducing the risk factors that contribute to heart disease. 6. A Vegan Diet Can Reduce Pain from Arthritis Vegan diets based on probiotic-rich whole foods can significantly decrease symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Staying Healthy for Life You’re never too young or too old to go vegan. The Academy also states that well-planned vegan diets are “…safe for people of all ages, including babies, children, teenagers, pregnant mothers, and adults.” And a recent Harvard Medical Study tracked 54,000 women for 30 years and found those who ate a plant-based diet are physically healthier than their meat-eating counterparts as they age. Saving Animals and the Planet Compassion for animals and protecting the planet are also fundamental reasons to go vegan. Every year in the United States, more than 9 billion animals on factory farms are cruelly produced, raised and killed for meat, milk and eggs. And according to the United Nations, factory farming causes more global warming emissions than all of the world’s transportation combined. As a result, the UN is urging the entire world’s population to eat more plantbased food and less meat and dairy to save the planet. For a complete guide to veganism, download your free copy of the African American Vegan Starter Guide today! African American Vegan Starter Guide - By Any Greens Necessary www.byanygreensnecessary. com/veganstarterguide

eat to live

Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018

Doulas Can Improve Outcome During Birth A doula is a professional who provides emotional, physical and informational support to families during the childbearing year. A doula can be a birth doula who supports the labor and birth, or a postpartum doula who supports the parent­ /baby and other family members after the baby is born. Research on the benefits of doulas demonstrates more positive outcomes for both the birthing person and the baby. In fact, in February 2017, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released a paper, Approaches to Limit Interventions During Labor and Birth, and called out doulas as an effective method of improving outcomes during birth. New York State's Governor Andrew Cuomo announced recently that in an effort to reduce maternal mortality, particularly among people of color, New York will be piloting a program to provide doulas to families receiving Medicaid. For more information contact: Doris Gayles, Birth Doula 716-885-6348

Recruitment Starts June 9 thru 14 at District Community Schools: East, Lafayette, South & Bennett

Homeownership is important. We’re here to help first-time homebuyers navigate the mortgage process and make buying a home affordable, even if you have: • Little money for a downpayment • Little or “less-than-perfect” credit history • A recent job change To get started, call 1-888-253-0993 or visit

Equal Housing Lender. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to credit and property approval. ©2018 M&T Bank. Member FDIC. NMLS# 381076 Challenger: 5.105” x 5.5” - 4/2018


Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018

COMMUNITY MEETING continued from page 3

cision, the board looks at five years of sales from four nearby liquor stores and weighs those numbers against area population trends. Opposition to the store needs to directed, he said, toward the question of “is the community being adequately served by the current stores already licensed and operating?” Wingo hosts what he calls a Masten District Stakeholders Meeting, complete with a hot breakfast, at 8:30 a.m. on the second Saturday of every month at this same community center. It was at one of these meetings he was first alerted of the proposed store. His office began receiving complaint calls from residents and he, along with NYS Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, retired Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant and Senator Tim Kennedy, sent formal statements of opposition to the liquor board. Our May 16th issue reported that Ahmed Saleh, owner of Mandella Mart located across the street on this same Jefferson and E. Ferry corner, and other area business and clergy leaders are heading up an aggressive effort against the store’s opening. -New Owner of 257 E. Ferry: "This business is all I know.”Tsegai Mesfin, 257 East Ferry’s new owner, works at a liquor store in the University District. He said he used to work for Ahmed Saleh at Mandella Mart and, until this current friction, understood the two of them to be close friends. He is from the same East African country, Eritrea, as Saleh. “Me and him are the same people. He has come at me hard, but I do not wish to spread hate to my brother. It is a bad example for our children.” He said he is disheartened by the protest efforts and the public’s characterization of him as a careless community outsider, when he has called Buffalo home since 2010 and only lives blocks away himself. “I’m not there to destroy the neighborhood, then I’ll destroy it for my own kids too.” Masfin notes that Gates Circle Wine and Liquor on Delaware is in a neighborhood of high end homes whose values have not suffered by its presence, and the Jefferson area is hurt more by the unkempt building that has currently stood for over two years. He’s bought two lots across Jefferson Street to facilitate parking, and suggests that healthy competition between nearby stores will only benefit the consumer in pricing and selection. There is another long established liquor store only about two blocks away. At the suggestion he might consider opening a different type of business, Masfin asserts "this business is what I know." Plans for the store include having the front brightly lit for safety, and camera recordings of any suspicious activity will be turned over to law enforcement for their review. He says he will not allow for excessive loitering but, as a Christian, will still balance that with compassion for those seriously in need. “I would at least buy them lunch and not be stupid and rude. If not, why do we go to church anyway? If they’re going to take my license away for that, let them take it.” The license application is in the very beginning stages, according to Wingo and Edmunds, and can typically take 45 to 60 days.

NATIONAL + WORLD Nigeria's Leader To Lower Age Limits For Elected Officials LAGOS, Nigeria – Nigeria's president says he will soon sign a law to lower the age qualifications for elected officials. President Muhammadu Buhari says in a nationwide broadcast to mark the country's Democracy Day that the new law will lower the minimum age qualification for president from 40 to 35. The age limit for governors and senators will be lowered from 35 to 30. In a country where a majority of citizens are 30 years old or younger, there has been growing clamor for more inclusion in politics. The president says the law will be signed in a few days. Buhari will seek re-election next year. Many in Nigeria have called on the 75-yearold president to step down because of his age and ill health.

Racial Bias Training Costly for Starbucks

Starbucks decision to initiate the racial-bias training will cost $12 million in lost profit as it closed the doors of more than 8,000 company-owned stores and its corporate office last Tuesday afternoon. The incident that led to the closings and training involved a Starbucks store in downtown Philadelphia in April. A manager called police to arrest two Black men for trespassing as the pair – who did not order - peacefully waited to meet another man to discuss a business deal. $12 million is a lot to pay for ignorance but Starbucks has BIG bucks.. The company posted a net income of $660 million in the quarter ended April 1.

A n s w e r i n g y o u r q u e s t i o n s a b o u t c r e m a t i o n a n d b u r i a l . . .

“How many people can be buried in a cemetery lot?” If you have any questions about cremation or burial, give us a call at (716) 885-1600.

Most cemeteries allow 1 or 2 burials in a single grave. At Forest Lawn, we recently changed our rules & regulations to allow up to 4 burials in a single grave, w hich can include 1 casket plus 3 urns or a total of 4 urns. For example, if a couple chooses side-by-side casketed burial in 2 graves, there’s room for them and up 6 other members of their family. This can represent a significant cost savings for the family. But more importantly, it can make it possible for you and your dearest loved ones to remain together forever.

1411 Delaware Ave ● Buffalo, NY 14209



The fat lady sang the national anthem. Actually, she screeched. Then she scratched her crotch and spat in 1990 at a San Diego Padres-Cincinnati Reds game in California. That was the infamous Roseanne Barr whose recent return to the airwaves was praised by President Trump and cut short when her racist antics went too far (calling former Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett a product of “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes.) Yet NFL players, who respectfully take a knee for the same anthem to bring national attention to police brutality and racism are called unpatriotic; and “sons of bitches” by Trump. To add insult to injury, on May 23, the NFL adopted new rules requiring that players who kneel in protest during the national anthem must either remain in the locker room or face “discipline” if they do not “stand and show respect for the flag or the Anthem.” This is a shameful decision, but it wasn’t enough for Trump, who implied players who kneel during the anthem should be deported. This mandatory, forced “patriotism” is unacceptable—and Trump’s threat against players who exercise their right to protest is aggressive and tyrannical. NFL players should be allowed to kneel during the anthem without punishment. New rules requiring players to kneel in private during the national anthem or face discipline are appalling. Don’t punish protest!

Zimbabwe Will Hold Elections in July HARARE, Zimbabwe – President Emmerson Mnangawa, who took over from ousted President Robert G. Mugabe of Zimbabwe six months ago, has announced that “free and fair” elections will be held in his country on July 30. It will be the first such ballot in a generation that does not include former President Mugabe, 94, who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years. Mr. Mnangagwa, 75, will face numerous other opponents International and regional election observers have been invited. Zimbabweans living abroad will not be able to vote in the July elections, according to a Constitutional Court ruling that was issued recently.

American Strikes Killed Nearly 500 Civilians The United States military action killed 499 civilians in Ira, Dyria, Afghanistan and Yemen last year, according to a Pentagon report that was released in late May, a month overdue. -NYT



Clarion Call for All Women City-Wide Prayer Attacks of violence on every sect of the population has become the norm in our communities, as is in our world. Especially a rash of incidents against children and young men. And we know not where the next attack will come from, nor when it will come. What we do know is that it will come and we will not be prepared to face the devastation it causes, simply because of its nature. It is impossible to legislate evil, because it has no physical form. Governments can neither contain it, nor perceive its direction because it is a heart issue and spiritual in nature. Money won't help. Police monitoring won't help. New policies and tighter security won't help. What is its cause? The bible simply states: "The love of many will wax cold." We are seeing the result of the lack of love. We are looking at the result of prolonged hopelessness, spiritual poverty, and non­inclusiveness. We are dealing with a strong hold. It is choking us. It is killing our off-spring. It is destroying our future as we perceive it. Then how do we address it? Simply, WE PRAY and turn to God. We who believe in the Almighty God must stretch our hands to heaven and allow God to step in. We must acknowledge our part in causing it and our responsibility in fixing it. 2 Corithians 10:4 of the King James Version of the Bible says this, "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through the pulling down of strong holds; and casting down every imagination that exalteth itself against the word of God". God's word is love. Furthermore, the word says this: "If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and PRAY, and turn from their wicked ways, and seek my face, then will I hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins, and heal their land." Our land is sick, we need healing. We need God. In the wake of this devastation and the need to address it, a city-wide CLARION CALL for women to pray has been initiated. Wednesday, June 6, 2018 has been established for a time of prayer by women. 90 minutes of prayer will be offered from 6 pm to 7:30 pm, at the Delavan Grider Community Center. Women from all religious persuasion, ethnic and racial background will gather for this monumental and all-inclusive event. If you would like be an intricate part and pray a 10-minute session, call Gayle at 716.837.2665 or 716. 533.9089 or text to


Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018

Zion Missionary Baptist Church News Zion Missionary Baptist Church Announces Prayer/Fasting Gathering Dates for June Zion Missionary Baptist Church will host the “Repositioning the Body of Christ Through Prayer and Fasting” Mondays June 11,18,25 at the church,179 E. Ferry St., at 6 a.m. For more information contact the church office at 886-1362.Rev C.M. Jenkins II is Host Pastor. ALSO: **Prayer Line every Monday at 8am **Watch us on Spectrum Channel 20 every Saturday at 3pm & Sunday at 9:30pm **Women's Ministry Line Dance Fellowship -FREE **Social Media Paint Night $35

Trinity District Convocation The New York Western Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church Of God In Christ Inc. will host a Trinity District Convocation “M.I.A. Ministry In Action” June 13-15, New Beginnings COGIC 828 Genesee Street, Buffalo. The guest speaker for Wednesday, June 13 at 7 p.m. will be Lady Kathy Bowman, Antioch Holiness church. The Day Session on Friday will begin at 9 a.m. The guest keynote and Day Session Speaker on Thursday and Friday will be Dr. Matthew L. Brown of Greater community COGIC, Marrietta, Georgia. Dr. Robert L. Lowe is District Superintendent. Evangelist Verdis O. Griffin is District Missionary.



Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018


Fasting: A Means of Spiritual, Mental & Physical Rejuvenation A Series By Haj Dawoud S. Adeyola Part III

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H3328_FC 17123 Accepted

Another important significance of the fast is the sincere and honest expression of gratitude and appreciation to Allâh for the magnanimous Gift of having received Guidance from the Lord of all the worlds in the form the Glorious Qur'ân and the Islâmic way of life (ad-deen). The entire month has an intimate and distinguished relationship to the Glorious Qur'ân and most Muslims endeavor to read, recite and study the Book of Allâh in its entirety at least one complete time during the month of Ramadaan. The siyaam (plural of sawm) was made obligatory in the second year of the hijra which refers to the migration of the Muslims from Makka to al-Madeena. The Islâmic siyaam , in addition to imposing physical limitations and discipline upon those observing the fast, builds character by feeding the soul a comprehensive diet of God-consciousness (taqwaa), caution and anticipation of reward. This is accomplished through dhikr (remembrance of Allâh), reading and recitation of the Glorious Qur'ân, extended night prayers (Taraweeh), mandated charity (zakaah), voluntary charity (sadaqah) and by abstaining from foul speech such as obscene language, lying , backbiting and gossip. Basic Requirements of Fasting in Ramadaan 1.Definition: Fasting is the abstention from food, beverage and sexual relations between the hours of dawn and sunset 2.Obligation: Fasting in this month is absolutely required of each Muslim who is past the age of puberty and not insane, chronically ill or excessively old. 3.Intention: It is essential to have the specific intention for fasting each day of the month of Ramadaan. 4.Sahoor: This the early morning meal that should be consumed each morning of the fast prior to the fasting period which begins at the time of Salaatul Fajr (morning prayers) 5.Iftaar: This is the meal to break the fast at sunset time. It is traditional (sunnah) to break the fast promptly after the sun has set. Contiued Next Week


Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018

“Juneteenth Forever!”

Jomo Akono: Changing A Generation One Mind At A Time


f you live in Western New York, it’s very likely that you’ve had an encounter with Jomo Akomo.

You may have met him as a Buffalo Public School student sometime before he graduated from Hutch-Tech High School. Maybe you bumped into him while he was studying to obtain his Associates Degree at Erie Community College. You may have even been in the midst as he shared the story of our African heritage through the rhythmic beats that flow effortlessly, from his African drum as a drummer and instructor. This multi-dimensional community activist, educator, WUFO/96.5 radio show personality and producer, is also a full-time Union Carpenter and Council Representative for the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters. He wears all these hats while being married and uplifting the responsibilities of being a father of seven! No matter where he is, and regardless of the task he’s undertaking, Akono will be found sharing his views on the subject of African consciousness. Which brings us to perhaps his most visible and long standing afro-centric connection as Executive Vice-President of Juneteenth Festival of Buffalo, Inc. Jomo’s leadership skills and commitment to educating and globally spreading the need for African consciousness is reflected in his commitment to the annual festival that is now considered one of the largest event of its kind in the United States. It's an event which draws tens of thousands to its nearly two weeks of festivities that promote the culture, arts, and unity of a community that he says has been “mis-educated and mis-governed by systems” for so long. As a young adult he joined the Festival as a parade participant, playing drums for different groups as they traveled the parade route wowing spectators. He became a committee volunteer and, after talking to other ‘conscious’ volunteers who also believed in educating both the young and seasoned about “what in the world really happened to us,” he established the prefestival events under the umbrella of Sankofa Days.

“Sankofa” is a Ghananian term that means go back, fetch, and return. Jomo believes that it “it carries the energy that it’s right to go back, find what’s necessary, and return, so that there can be a connection created, internally, to find out why our communi-

By Jennifer Earle Strickland knowing freedom.” Jomo Akono, a mighty man of valor, is outspoken and not to be underestimated or misunderstood. He’s here to communicate and activate a message of empowerment and inspiration to a global community that WILL raise its African consciousness. Peace and Love!

Jomo Akono

ties are filled with disproportionate challenges. What are the sources of these challenges and how do we amass our potential to secure a productive and free future, void of the challenges that have plagued us for gen-erations? (Please see the schedule for Sankofa Days on page 9) Akono’s drive is to ensure that the roster for Sankofa Days is filled with events that respond to the question, “ why have the Juneteenth (Festival)?” and reflects his passion for doing what he’s been called to do. “Being able to help our community ‘know itself’ rang an internal bell that satisfied a deep spiritual calling," he reflects. “ This organization (Juneteenth Festival of Buffalo, Inc.) is centered around one of the undisputed universal realities in the world, the TransAtlantic Slave Trade.” Juneteenth 365 is the focus of the organization going forward, and Jomo Akono definitely has a clear and precise vision of its implementation and prospective impact. “This vision should be supported by all groups and entities that want to see Africans in America reach their full God-given potential” he said. “ The support system will include those who have a passion for development and ‘social’ security for our city and region. We must position our power to create ‘all-age’ learning settings that support the premise that wisdom and knowledge of progress may be freely provided to our people. Juneteenth Festival of Buffalo plans to operate this community and educational resource, year-round, as its ‘Communiversity.' ”

The Marcus Garvey Science Program, which currently operates from Festival headquarters throughout the year, is a staple of the Festival’s weekend events. Housed under one of the many massive tents in MLK Park, Akomo, is director of this initiative. He and his team provide hands-on, practical science activities, according to Marcus Garvey’s directive to teach the higher developments of science to our children. “The program’s aim is to make sure that our 21st century cultural community is prepared to master education, technology, and innovation. Knowledge and appreciation of science must be integrated in our daily lifestyle,” declares Akono. What is Jomo’s Juneteenth dream? “I’d like to have a Juneteenth Community that builds the hearts and minds of our people to become good governors of their destiny and their environment,” he mused. “ I’d love to see other Americans re-educated on the history of our people and how the Western experience is seen through the eyes of African people. Buffalo has the honor of hosting the largest Juneteenth festivals. The local and global im-pact increases yearly. People from near and far, come and witness history and progress in new and enlightened terms. Musicians are being inspired to hold on to culture and promote what is good in Buffalo, and as our youth are given a cultural refuge in a 21st Century polarized world, through Juneteenth 365, the knowledge and confidence in themselves and their community is paramount to their

ROOMS FOR RENT ROOMS FOR RENT: Delavan-Humboldt area, Bailey-Delavan. $325$480. Everything included. (716)818-3410.

“Knowing when to stop, you can avoid any danger.” -Tao Te Ching


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Raising Of The Black Liberation Flag, Holistic Health Fair, Entertainment, Art Exhibits, Praise & Worship & More!

ankofa Week Events kick off Friday, June 8 with the raising of the Liberation Flag in Niagara Square in front of City Hall from 11:30 – noon. That singular and very significant gathering marks the beginning of a week of cultural events leading up to the Juneteenth Festival weekend June 16 and 17 in MLK Park. The Thursday, June 14th Juneteenth Fundraiser Poetry event will be held on Thursday, June 14 at the Landmark, 318 Pearl Street. Pay what you can to support the annual Juneteenth experience. Among the other highlights will be a “Get Well Holistic Health Fair” featuring Dr. Maat E.L. Lewis Breath and Meditation Workshop, Black Social Workers, Dr. Frances & Erin Moss LMHC, Yoga Meditation, youth and family activities and more. The full schedule for Sankofa Week follows: June 8th: Friday: The Flag Raising Ceremony: Location: Niagara Square (front of Buffalo City Hall). Time: 11:30-12 noon. The Liberation Flag will be raised.

June 9th Saturday: East High School 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Get Well Holistic Health Fair: Dr. Maat E. L. Lewis Breath and Meditation workshop, Black Social Workers Dr. Frances & Erin Moss LMHC. Yoga Meditation: Taminka: Youth/Family Activities & Science Black Panther Just Transition.

June 10th: Sunday: WUFO 143 Broadway Avenue: 4:00PM – 8:00PM Between a Rock and a Hard Place Featured Artist NKulee Dube – free & open to the public June 11th: Monday: Frank Meriwether Library 5:30 – 7:30PM RBG African Conscious Workshop: Dr. Maat E. L. Lewis – Know Thyself Everyone Has a Sense of Spirit – Free and open to the public. June 12: Tuesday: 515 Main Street Gallery Key Bank Small Business Workshop- free and open to the public

June 13th: Wednesday: African American Cultural Center 350 Masten Avenue 6 – 8 p.m. Black Arts Buffalo – free and open to the public June 14th: Thursday: 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Juneteenth Fundraiser ( $5 put your money where your mouth is) Poetry at the Landmark 318 Pearl Street. June 15th: Friday –One Man Art Show, 515 Main Street, 6 to 8 p.m. Praise and Worship in Martin Luther King Jr. Park (Best and Fillmore near MLK Jr. Bust) w/Sister Anita Williams from 6:00PM to 8:00PM


The Power of Sankofa


ankofa is an African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The literal translation of the word and the symbol is “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.” The word is derived from the words SAN (return), KO (go), FA (look, seek and take). The symbol is based on a mythical bird with its feet firmly planted forward with its head turned backwards. Thus, the Akan believe the past serves as a guide for planning the future. To the Akan, it is this wisdom in learning from the past which ensures a strong future!

n Saturday, June 9, “Git On The Bus” with Tradition Keepers: Black Story Tellers of Western New York for the 15th Annual Black Storytelling Mystery Crawl. Board the bus at 3:30 p.m. at Juneteenth Headquarters, 1517 Genesee @ Moselle. The bus leaves at 4 p.m. SHARP . The Bus returns to Juneteenth Headquarters by 7 p.m. (Your donation incudes bus ride, program light refreshments). This year’s themes: “On A Roll,” “Anchored,” “Stand” and “Coming to America.” This event is sponsored in cooperation with Juneteenth of Buffalo, Inc. For more information contact Karima at 834-8438; Denise, 3088391: or Sharon, 886-1399.



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On Stage @ Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, 1010 Old Falls St., Niagara Falls(716)277-2100 *Keith Sweat, Saturday, June 9 @ 8 p.m. Tickets start @ $45 *The O’Jays, Friday, July 20 @ 8 p.m.; Tickets start @$45

University United Festival & Parade, Saturday, June 9!

Nationally known artists: Avant (above) , Montell Jordan and S.O.S. Band will perform live at the University United Festival and Parade, UB South Campus Rotary Field, Come out and watch the parade and feel the phenomenal energy of excitement that will continue with the Festival. It starts at 10:00am at Bailey Ave. at E. Amherst Street and continues on Bailey Ave. and ends at UB South Campus Rotary Field where the fun begins! *Welcome To Wakanda Dancing With The Stars” Featuring local “stars” Stephanie Foreman, Oswaldo Mestre, Joel Moore and Ronisha Rice hosted by Urban Chamber of Commerce; dress in your best African garb! June 29 7 p.m. Tralf Music Hall, $25 advance, $30 @ door.

METHOD MAN LIVE AT CANALSIDE! Thursday, June 7, 5 p.m.. Also coming in July, Arrested Development, Thursday, July 12.

David Murray / Kahil El’Zabar Duo Wednesday, June 6 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm 9th Ward, @ Babeville, 341 Delaware Avenue $12 – $18. Hosted by Hallwalls, 854-1694.Tickets available online, These two modern music masters have been at the forefront of creative exploration and compositional diversity over the past four decades. David Murray and Kahil El’Zabar are recognized by their peers to be consummate virtuosos, who possess and carry the history and the future of Great Black Music…

On Stage @ The Vine @ Del largo Resort& Casino; Adjacent to Thruway @ Exit 41; For ticket information (315)946-1777. *Grandmaster Flash, Friday, June 15 @ 8 p.m. Tickets *The Legendary Temptations, Friday, July 6 @ 8 ..m. *A Father’s Day Weekend with Najee @The Tralf, Saturday June 16, two shows 6:30 & 9:30 p.m.; $40 advance, $45 day of show; & Tralf Box Office; 852-2860.

*No Excuses Love Tour, Thursday, July 12, Shea’s Theater, 646 Main St., 8 p.m. featuring Joe, Melanie Fiona, Rude Boys and celebrity host Roy Lee, Thursday, July 12 doors open 7 p.m., show 8 p.m.; tickets $75, $85 Floor, $100 VIP & day of show; available at all Ticketmaster outlets and Doris Records’ concert dedicated in honor of Mack Luchey, founder of Doris Records.

The Western New York Artists Group is pleased to present an exhibition of works by the members of WNY Urban Arts Collective in a upcoming exhibition: Wall to Wall “HeART of the COMMUNITY”. The opening reception Friday June 8 from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Artists Group Gallery located at 1 Linwood Avenue . The show is curated by John Baker, President of WNY-UAC and Donald J. Siuta, Director of WNYAG. The show will be on view through July 6th . Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday 11a.m. -5p.m., Saturday 11a.m.-3p.m. For more information go to or call 855-2251 This exhibition was made possible in part through pubON EXHIBIT: "VALUE by Alyssa Capri" at the Project 308 Gallery, 308 Oliver St, North Tonawanda, NY 14120 on exhibit the entire month of June .PROJECT308GALLERY.COM(716) 523-0068. Brown is beautiful. Woman is powerful. Poor are diligent, hearty, clever.


1221 Main St.6-8p.m. Parents must be accompanied by their children!.


The Chocolate Ambrosia Experience Art Exhibition by Raecine Creations “An All Black Affair,” The Chocolate Ambrosia Experience Art Exhibition by Raecine Creations, will be held at Sugar City, 1239 Niagara Street on Friday, June 8 from 7-11 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.







PHONE:(716)884-2373/FAX:(716)884-2526 *1371 FILLMORE


lic funding from the County of Erie, the City of Buffalo and the WNY Artists Group, our members and friends.


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Lindsey Taylor – What’s The Cause?


volution is the process of constant branching and expansion. Known as the man behind the now national basketball tournament Ballin’ For A Cause, what consistently flies under the radar is Taylor’s unrelenting ability to bounce back, evolve, and to build a continually growing legacy for himself, and for those whom he impacts on a daily basis. Lindsey Taylor’s evolution is essential to his success as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary. Taylor got his start as a local party promoter while attending Buffalo State College. As the owner of Crown Entertainment, Taylor along with numerous intricate team members hosted events in Buffalo, New York City, Rochester and Syracuse. Feeding off of the impact that was made, the idea that more could be done using the influence they had fostered birthed Ballin’ For A Cause during a meeting of the minds at Applebee’s on Delaware Avenue. It was during this meeting that the idea was established that the cause would be giving proceeds from the tournament to the Sarah Minnie Badger Foster Care Agency. Behind the tenacity and innovativeness of Taylor, BFAC has seen tremendous success. Starting out as a one day, single elimination tournament with a cash prize in the Houston Gym at Buffalo State, to now a slate of events over a three-day period that includes a national men’s basketball tournament, a women’s tournament, a youth tournament, world games and a celebrity all-star game. And that’s just on the court, off the court happening simultaneously are scholarship banquets, health and fitness clinics, races, comedy shows, parties, and more. Taylor’s ability to evolve didn’t happen overnight and it certainly didn’t happen on his own accord. Taylor references how having mentors in his life helped him to have clarity and create specificity with his mission. Taylor’s clarity also led to his enlightenment that LINDSEY TAYLOR/ Photo Bertram Smith sports is a universal language. BFAC’s mission statement speaks to Taylor’s clarity and enlightenment. The mission being to utilize sports as a tool to engage youth in positive programs year round. This conciseness guided BFAC’s “Big 4 Initiative” - Education, Youth Sports, Community and Health. Under the umbrella of the Big 4, Taylor has created initiatives such as the Jireh D. Williams We Achieve Scholarship, the Global Ambassadors program, Sports Academy Youth Sports and Leadership Program, and Kicks4Kids. When asked, “what’s driving you?” Taylor’s response was, “Our community doesn’t have many things that last for generations. My daughter now has something that she can identify with. She can look at what her father has been able to do and be inspired to create herself.” And inspiring is exactly what Lindsey Taylor has been able to do. This past weekend, BFAC hosted its 11th straight tournament. Taylor’s event attracted participants from literally all over the world. His desire is to continue to inspire the generations behind him to be creative and to make the city of Buffalo proud of his efforts and legacy. We say Lindsey Taylor, that we are already proud of you. Follow BFAC on all social media outlets or visit their website,

X R I J F 2 0 1 8 P R O U D L Y P R ES ENT S

Jill Scott



JUNE 22-30, 2018




R O C H E S T E R J A Z Z . C O M Challenger_5105x505_JillScott.indd 1

5/24/18 7:42 PM


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2018 Herculean Fathers!

Annual Event Will Raise Funds for Family Fishing Day, Now in Its 10th Year!


Meet Venus launchTECH

“The Allstate MWEE program not only provided the tools necessary to scale my business, but it also created a sense of community and belonging amongst fellow entrepreneurs. This program is a must for any business owners who want to learn how to do business...the right way. For a small investment, you can change your life and your legacy. So, if you’ve been waiting for a sign to move forward, this is it. Enroll today!” -Venus Quates-Majors, 2018 Graduate

t’s truly an event with a purpose. The annual Herculean Fathers Awards has been held every year for the past eight years to help fund the enormously successful Family Fishing Day at Broderick Park. The impressive list of outstanding honorees includes: Bertram Smith, Moe Badger, Darryl Moses, Lindsey Taylor, Will Jones, Duncan Kirkwood, Anthony McDuffie Gordon, Edreys Wajed, Renato Graham, Daren Doc Thomas, Derrick Norman, Jeff McMillan, London L. Harris, Larry Sitt, Larry Watkins, Charles Everhart, Edwin R. Geter, Mike Darby, Alfred Colston III, Quentin Carr, Paul T. Jarrett, Ronald Evans and Chad Houston . The Fathers will be celebrated on June 15 at the Schiller Park Commuity Center from 6-9 p.m. Tickets are $55. It is held Father’s Day weekend to encourage and recognize those men who are doing good things in our community, often without praise or acknowledgement. The Family Fishing Day, now in it's 10th year, is a free event which will take place on Saturday and Sunday June 23 and 24 at Broderick Park. “This year’s Family Fishing Day is very significant because beside being our 10th anniversary, it is crucial that we continue because of the positive impact it has on the youth and families,” said founder and organizer George Jonson. “It’s more important now especially due to the on going violence we are experiencing. We have got to somehow find a way to reach and change the mindset of those young people engaged in violent acts”.

Jonson, who has been fishing since he was 11 or 1 2 years old, acknowledged that “It (fishing)) was one of the ways of keeping us out of trouble over the years as a youngster.” When he became an adult, it was his love for fishing – as well as his love and concern for the youth impacted by violence in the inner city – that led him and his friend, fellow fisherman Sam Smith, to establish Family Fishing Day in the City of Buffalo. Johnson is president of the community-based Buffalo United Front, which currently spearheads the event, and Smith heads the WNY Anglers Association, “After the first year we went from 20 kids and a few rods to attracting thousands last year and giving away 900 fishing rods that were purchased or donated, thanks to sponsors and companies we solicited to

give us the things we needed,” said Johnson. Family fishing Day was also eventually expanded from one day to two. Participants have become more diverse, he added, thanks to Buffalo’s unique and growing immigrant community. And like years before, thousands are expected to participate. “He cited among the event’s strong volunteer supporters over the years as including members of the police and fire departments, the African American Cultural Center, The F.A.T.H.E.R.S. Group, No More Tears and others - all lending invaluable contributions to the success of the event. Everything is free to the community. And because Family Fishing Day is not a funded organization, it relies entirely on contributions and donations from businesses, Continued Page 13


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Legislative Report & Community Update By Erie County Majority Leader April Baskin


s summer gets underway, it’s important to make sure we are meeting the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community: seniors and children. Food and transportation are essential to keeping seniors healthy and engaged. Erie County Senior Services offers curb-to-curb transportation as a service to older adults (60+) in Erie County. Call 716-858-7433 to learn more about this service. If you have a senior or homebound family member who needs assistance with regular meals, consider signing them up for Meals on Wheels, which has been providing nutritious food to seniors and the homebound for almost fifty years. Contact 716-822-2002 for details.

On Monday, June 18, Erie County Senior Services will be hosting Elder Law Day. If you are a caregiver, relative, or friend, consider attending with the senior in your life. You can learn how to assist them in making informed choices about their health and financial well-being. There will be legal presentations by attorneys, one-on-one consultations with licensed professionals, and expert advice from community agencies. Register today by calling 716-858-8526. If you are senior who wants to give back to our community, consider volunteering for Erie County Senior Services’ RSVP program. You can help others by sharing your knowledge, abilities, and skills. The program is open to all residents over the age of 55 who are interested in making a difference. Call 716-8587548 to learn more. School will soon be out for the summer across Erie County. The Summer Food Service Program is administered by the New York State Education Department. Once the summer begins, any child 18 years of age or younger who comes to an approved open site may receive meals without the need for an eligibility determination. Call 2-1-1 to find out the location nearest to you. Registration is open for the Boys and Girls Club of Western New York‘s 2018 Summer Program. The program serves children ages 5 to 15 and runs from July 9th through August 24th at 6 locations around Buffalo. For more information on how to register your child call 716-825-1016. And last, but not least, Explore and More Children’s Museum will be offering “Family Fun Fridays” at Canalside all summer, starting on Friday, June 22. These free themed, hands-on, outdoor activities will be offered on the Great Lawn from 11: 00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Lieutenant Governor Hochul to Keynote CAO Anniversary & Awards Luncheon

The Board of Directors of the Community Action Organization of Western New York, Inc. is proud to present its 53rd Anniversary and Awards Luncheon on Friday, June 8, from noon to 2:30p.m. at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. This year’s theme is “Be Real About Today, While Preparing For the Future” and will include a recognition ceremony for this year's outstanding community service leaders, partners and corporate citizens of the agency. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will deliver the keynote address.

2018 Herculean Fathers continued individuals, organizations and elected officials. That’s why the Fathers Herculean Awards dinner is so important. The community is encouraged to get involved by attending the Awards Banquet and supporting Family Fishing Day thru donations (monetary or other ways i.e. fishing rods and gear). Gifts should be made to the Buffalo United Front Inc., P.O. Box 1306, Buffalo 14215; or to The Buffalo United Front’s headquarters at 291 E. Delavan, Buffalo 14208. (For more information George Johnson can be reached at (716818-3410.)

election update 2018

Erie County Democrats Endorse Leecia Eve For State Attorney General Eve officially launches campaign surrounded by WNY political leaders and supporters


rie County Democrats endorsed Leecia Eve for New York State Attorney General on Saturday, June 2nd at Erie County Democratic Party headquarters in The Larkin Building in Downtown Buffalo with current and former elected officials, community activists, and supporters in the crowd. Eve, an accomplished attorney, is the daughter of Leecia Eve renowned Buffalo residents - former Deputy Speaker of the New York State Assembly Arthur O. Eve and educator and women’s rights activist Constance B. Eve – who were also in attendance. Eve currently serves as a Commissioner of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. She formerly served as the Deputy Secretary for Economic Development for New York and in that role, as the chief economic development advisor to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. She has held senior roles in the U.S. Senate – first, as previous counsel to former Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., ranking member of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, where she worked on civil rights and justice issues, and later as counsel and homeland security advisor to then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton – and also as a key advisor to Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid. “More than ever our great state needs an attorney general who will protect and defend and empower them and who will fight against assaults on our individual rights and our New York and federal constitutional rights. I will stand strong as an independent and passionate advocate for justice in the fight to defend all New Yorkers and help make New York stronger than ever,” said Leecia Eve. “I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement and support of my hometown democratic party and to have the opportunity to continue my family’s legacy of service to this community and the people of New York State,” Eve continued. “Leecia Eve is a daughter of Western New York and a woman of Harlem, someone who understands this community and whose roots here could not be stronger or deeper. We need an attorney general who will stand for all New Yorkers, who knows what life is like north of Rockland County and west of the Hudson, one who will restore the public’s faith in the integrity and purpose of this important office. Leecia Eve is the right choice, for her hometown and all of New York State,” said Erie County Democratic Chair Jeremy J. Zellner. “I was proud to put forth her nomination at the state convention in Hempstead two weeks ago, and I’m proud to call her our nominee today,” Zellner continued. “Next January Western New York will have two outstanding women, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Leecia Eve, representing them and fighting for them.” “Leecia Eve may well be the most qualified person to ever seek the office of New York State attorney general. She is in this race to fight the Trump's administration attempt to roll back civil rights protections, environmental safeguards and anti-discrimination laws in housing. If ever there was a time we need the best New York State has to offer, it is now and that person is Leecia Eve,” said Len Lenihan, former Erie County Democratic Chair. “Not only does Leecia Eve have the government and legal experiences to become our next attorney general, she has a deep commitment to public service that she learned around the dinner table from her parents, Arthur and Constance, who did so much for this community over more than a generation,” said former Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant. Eve attended Buffalo public schools and is a graduate of City Honors School. She holds an A.B. from Smith College, a M.P.A.

State Republicans Nominate Buffalo Native as Party's Candidate for State Attorney General New York's Republican Party nominated New York City attorney Keith Wofford as their preferred candidate for attorney general May 24 at the Republican state convention in Manhattan. Wofford, 49, grew up on Winslow Avenue in Buffalo, attended Martin Luther School until fourth grade and transferred to Keith Wofford and later graduated from City Honors School. He has an undergraduate and law school degree from Harvard University. He is the co-managing partner of the New York City office of Ropes & Gray, an international law firm. Wofford said that if elected his priority will be combating New York's chronic problem with political corruption. "I will put an end to it by going after public corruption wherever it leads and bring charges against those who violate the public trust, regardless of their title," he said. Mr. Wofford is the party’s first-ever African- American nominee for attorney general.

Lt. Governor Candidate Jumaane Williams Calls On All Statewide Democratic Candidates To Denounce The NFL's New National Anthem Policy

Lt. Governor candidate Jumaane Williams recently sent an open letter to the CEO's of the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills, urging them to adopt the policy of New York Jets owner Christopher Johnson in vowing to pay fines incurred by players who protest during the National Anthem before a game. As a candidate for statewide office, Williams is also calling on all statewide candidates to publicly denounce the National Football League's divisive new rule, which would require players to stand on the field or remain in the locker room during the national anthem, or the team will be faced with fines. The rule comes as President Trump insinuated that protestors should be deported, and New York Rep. Peter King compared kneeling to a Nazi salute. from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Eve began her legal career as a judicial clerk to New York State Court of Appeals Associate Judge Fritz W. Alexander, II. She served as an associate at Covington & Burling in Washington, D.C. and as a partner at Hodgson Russ, LLP in Buffalo. She is the former founder and chair of Show Up New York, a statewide organization that focused on increasing the level of civic participation among young people. Eve previously served in the Cuomo Administration as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Empire State Development. She is currently the Vice President of State Government Affairs for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for Verizon. (Note: The local Democratic endorsement was a boost to Ms. Eve’s campaign for State Attorney General, especially upstate. Although she did not gain the state Democratic endorsement during the party’s recent state convention, she was encouraged by the fact that she garnered more than 9 percent of delegate votes. She has strong support from WNY and her Harlem, NY neighborhood and considered a force factor in the upcoming September 13th Primary. Most of her support came from WNY, but she was not supported by Mayor Byron Brown, who is State Democratic Party Chair and Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes. They followed Gov. Cuomo’s lead and voted for NYC public advocate Letitia James, who ultimately won the state Democratic endorsement. In addition to Ms. Eve and Ms. James, both African American, Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham Law Professor is also running, making it a 3-way race. Whoever wins the Primary will face the Republican candidate in November.)



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Camille B. Chambless of MLK Troop Receives Girl Scout Gold Award

Congratulations To ALYCIA MANUEL Buffalo State College Graduate From Your Father and Grandfather “We’re so proud of you!” "Our children are our future. Our life after death." -African Proverb

Congratulations to Ms. Camille B. Chambless of Girl Scouts of Western New York MLK Troop #30583. On Saturday, June 2 she received the esteemed Girl Scout Gold Award in a special ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency in Rochester, NY. The Gold Award is the highest given within the Girl Scouts of the USA. Only 5.4% of girl scouts will earn this honor. Camille earned her award by creating and maintaining the Give and Take Clothes Closet, a Camille B. Chambless free clothing giveaway run out of Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, 400 Northampton Street. The closet is open every Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday and provides free, gently used clothes for men, women and children. In addition to being an active girl scout in the MLK Service Unit for 13 years and being active in her church, Camille is a senior who will graduate from Hutch Tech high school this month. She plans to attend Buffalo State College to pursue a degree in Education. Her dream is to teach math one day at her alma mater. Camille is thankful to God, and her support team who encouraged her not to give up; her parents (Pastor Jeffrey and Sister Clarisse Chambless); her grandmother (Della Williams); all of her troop leaders and especially Ms. Etta Howell. To God Be The Glory!

We help your child reach his or her potential. Call us today!

St. Augustine Boys Campus

St. Monica Girls Campus

near Bailey & Kensington

off East Delavan near Eggert



"NO MORE TEARS!" From E. Delavan and Bailey to E. Delavan and Grider motorists, residents and passersby heard chants of marchers protesting gun violence and homicide - “Don’t Shoot, I want to grow up” and “Now is the time, Stop Black on Black crime!” The march was organized by Tina Sanders, founder and CEO of No More Tears, a not-for-profit organization that supports the families of homicide victims. The group was joined by representatives from SNUG, Peacekeepers, Fathers, Stop The Violence, The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc., W.O.W, Youth Build and members of the Zulus motorcycle social club. The walk was successful in bringing attention to the prevalence of gun violence in our communities and the need for citizens to get involved. Ms. Sanders and the marchers encouraged bystanders – “If you see something, Say something!” -Submitted By Karla Thomas


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Inventing Mini Sex Offenders


MY BEST FRIEND, MY BROTHER, MY BELOVED I Miss You Brother ... I Love You Brother Given To Me ... The Best Gift In The World from Our Mother ... and That Gift Was You* Now That I Don’t Have You In My World I Don’t Know What I’m Going To Do* I Do Know You Were Tired, I Do Know You Were In Pain, and I’ve Been There for You Your Whole Life Until God Called Your Name* I Love You Brother ... I Miss You Brother Although I Have A Hole In My Heart and This Hurts ... YOU’RE No Longer Hurting, No Longer Will YOU Suffer* My Beloved, My Brother, You Were My Best Friend, and I Was Yours .... I Am SoOoooo Gonna Miss You Walking Through The Door* YOU Said God Was YOUR Strength, and Now You’re Walking With The Lord* You Can Breath Now, You Can Run Now, You Can Jump Skip & Hop* Always & Forever I Will Love You, and “Forever Never Stops* I Was Your Best Friend and You Were Mine ... I Can’t Believe This Is Happening I Thought We Still Had More Time* I Miss You Brother ... I Love You Brother I’m Deeply Missing You Boy* I Remember You Saying That You Hope I’d Find Joy ... but Taking Care of You Has Always Brought Me Joy* My Beloved, My Brother, My Very Best Friend ... I Was There for You Your Whole Life Until GOD Said It Was The End* Your Loving Sister, “GOODNE$$”

“We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us.” - John Russwurm, Freedom’s Journal. 1827 America’s 1st Black Newspaper

“We wish to plead our own cause.

echnology is moving at such a fast rate that state and federal laws are often years behind addressing some of the new problems that come up based upon new technological advances. One such problem are laws surrounding sex offender status, sext messaging and child pornography. According to statistics gathered by Impact Justice, a national innovation and research center, in 75% of the states, there are laws that still exist that “require children as young as 8 years old to be placed on sex offender registries, often for life, when adjudicated of what the courts deem sexual crimes.” This pre-adolescent to sex registry pipeline began in the mid 90’s, corresponding to budSaladin ding growth and development of the World ALLAH Wide Web, smart phone technology, text messaging and social media. Keep in mind that many of these children are not registrants because of a sexual crime they actually committed, many of them are registered sex offenders based upon doing something as silly as pulling student’s pants down at school, public urination, sending a nude photo or sext messaging someone who happened to be underage. Even more problematic is the fact that many of these children are disproportionately people of color from impoverished urban environments without the finances to fight legal cases like this. Consider the case of Bobby Garza who was registered as a sex offender when he was 11 years old for indecent exposure to a child. His crime? He and his brother were urinating outside, a girl saw them and reported that they exposed themselves to her. Bobby was placed in foster care and escaped until he was placed in a youth detention facility for the next 6 years. Upon his release when he was 17 he had to register as a sex offender until he was 27 years old. Feeling that this was unfair he refused to register and was sentenced to prison for 5 years. These are many cases involving young people of color who have found themselves punished for unreasonably defined socalled crimes. Another issue is the fact that while the identity of juveniles involved in a crime are kept private, a juvenile convicted as a sex offender is publicly registered. One of the other growing concerns are recent cases involving hundreds of students posting and sharing nude photos in Facebook groups, on other social media networks such as Twitter and Snapchat and on the file sharing site Dropbox. The magnitude of this issue surrounding sex offender registry status, sext messaging and child pornography and how there is usually no legal precedence of how cases like this should be handled, cnnot be over looked.

Historically speaking, as with most legal precedences in this country, people of color from impoverished urban environments without the finances to fight these legal cases become the face of these often unfair judgments. Every quarter of the year technology advances to create and update tools we use that many state and federal laws are far behind. Advocacy groups such as Impact Justice and the Center on Youth Registration Reform are leading the charge to not only end youth sex offender registration but educate the public about its link to suicide, juvenile delinquency, homelessness, mental health issues, alcoholism and drug abuse. I encourage you to talk to the youth and look into workshops and information about internet and social media safety. Check out Impact Justice and the Center on Youth Registration Reform online to find out more about the legal cases and statistics involving youth sex registry. If we’re not on top of this and playing an active role to insure that we inform and protect our children, this system of creating mini sex offenders could be the next preschool to prison pipeline! Saladin Allah is an Author [S. Quanaah], Preschool Teacher, Human Rights Commissioner in the City of Niagara Falls and Founder of the Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters [Google #AtlantisBuild] who attended Central State University. Email:

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Higgins Gets Failing Grade for not Attending Diverse Student Forum on School Shootings Dear Editor: Students from Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School recently held a forum on school shootings and violence in the community. The students were joined by 11 community organizations and leadership from the county level, the city level, and the Buffalo school board. There were nearly 300 students present and lots of media coverage. The only disappointment of the day was that Congressman Higgins declined the invitation to attend. Last month I attended a “student” forum on school shootings held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, and it was very well attended. The only problems I saw were that the audience was almost entirely White, there were very few actual students, and the questions were screened. At Buffalo Academy of Science, the school is made up of 67% Black students, 16% White students, 12% Asian Students and 3% Hispanic, so it was a very diverse event. Also, the partners on the event range from the NAACP and Stop the Violence to the Western NY Peace Center and New Yorkers Against Gun violence. The students reached out to all of the Common Councilors, the Buffalo School Board members, the Mayor’s office, Rep. Collins and Rep. Higgins. It’s no surprise that Rep. Collins wouldn’t attend a conversation about gun violence with people from the community. It was however a surprise that Rep. Higgins did not come or at least send a representative to this event when he just attended a similar one last month. I’m not sure if he felt more comfortable attending the event that was nearly all white versus an event like this that is full of diversity, or if he doesn’t want to attend an event where the questions wont be screened or what. In any case, as democrats, as voters, community members, and church members there are a lot of us who are deeply disappointed in our congressional leadership. -Duncan Kirkwood

dear editor

MARCUS GARVEY continued from page 3

UNIA-ACL, according to historian Lawrence Levine, was “the broadest mass movement” in African-American history. *Garvey organized several business enterprises. They included the Negro Factories Corporation, a restaurant, a publishing house and a chain of cooperative grocery stores. * Garvey had enemiess, including J. Edgar Hoover’s Federal Bureau of Investigation who indicted Garvey for mail fraud. He was convicted in 1923, imprisoned in 1925, and deported to Jamaica in 1927. Unable to resurrect the UNIA, he moved to London, where he died on June 10, 1940 at he age of 53 without ever having set foot in Africa. *Garvey has become an international symbol for Black freedom. Civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. called him “the first man, on a mass scale, to give millions of Negroes a sense of dignity and destiny.” *Garvey’s politics and beliefs lived on through several African leaders in post-colonial Africa. Leaders like Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya credit Garvey for influencing their country’s political framework. *In 1964, the Jamaican government proclaimed Garvey a national hero and created a shrine in his honor.

“Knowing when to stop, you can avoid any danger.” -Tao Te Ching

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LEGAL NOTICE BID ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority will receive sealed bids for BMHA Job #18-05-CF, Exterior Renovations at Stuyvesant Apartments The Prebid Conference will be held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 10:00 AM local time, with all potential bidders assembled at the Capital Improvements & Development Office, 320 Perry Street, Buffalo, New York 14204; the project walk-through may be held/scheduled after the meeting. Sealed bids will be received until 3:00 PM, local time, Thursday, June 28, 2018 at the Capital Improvements Office, 320 Perry Street, Buffalo, New York 14204. Bids received after the stated time will not be accepted. Bids will be opened and publicly read aloud immediately after specified closing time. All bid forms must be filled out and returned. Sets of contract documents may only be obtained at the Capital Improvements Office at 320 Perry Street, with a deposit of $100 per set. Only certified company checks, bank checks or money orders made payable to the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority will be accepted. This deposit is refundable upon return of complete sets of documents within 14 calendar days after the bid opening. Failure to comply with this time limit will constitute forfeiture of the deposit. The BMHA reserves the right to reject any bid, which fails to conform to the essential items, required by the contract documents and to reject any and/or all bids submitted. Dated: June 6, 2018

LEGAL NOTICE ECENS PROGRAM #1816VF LEGAL NOTICE The County of Erie, New York is seeking Proposal Statements from qualified entities interested in providing nutrition services under the Erie County Elderly Nutrition Services (ECENS) program. Proposers’ interested in providing nutrition services under the ECENS Congregate Dining Program 1816VF are invited to respond to this request. The Requests for Proposals can be found at: index.php?q=requests-proposalsamp-construction-bids and a complete copy of the packages can be obtained by contacting Timothy R. Hogues at 716-858-6046. All correspondence, communications and/or contact with the County in regard to any aspect of this proposal shall be with Timothy Hogues. Final, sealed proposals are due to the Erie County Department of Senior Services at 95 Franklin St., Room 1335, Buffalo, NY 14202, by 4:00 PM, (EST), Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Erie County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and waive any informality. Timothy R. Hogues, Commissioner of the Erie County Department of Senior Services.



COUNTY OF ERIE NOTICE TO BIDDERS 2018 Capital Overlay Garrison Road CR289 PROJ# CAP-289-18 The Department of Public Works (DPW), Division of Highways, seeking sealed bids for road mill & overlay project. Sealed proposals received at the DPW, 95 Franklin St, Rm 1404, Buffalo, NY at 10 am, Thursday, June 21, 2018. Bid deposit of $17,500. required. MBE/WBE, Apprenticeship, and Local & Disadvantaged Workforce requirements may apply. Prelet meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 10 am, DPW, 95 Franklin Street, Room 1404, Buffalo, NY. Plans and additional bid submittal information on the Erie County website at:



NFTA Procurement Invitation to Bid 4789 – TAXI CONCESSION Download Bids from www. LEGAL NOTICE RFP COUNTY OF ERIE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES 95 FRANKLIN STREET BUFFALO, NEW YORK County of Erie, New York RFP RELEASE The Erie County Department of Social Services is seeking proposals from qualified non-profit agencies to provide Respite Services. The RFP #1821VF can be found at http://www. and a complete copy of the package can also be obtained by contacting Carrie Godfrey, ECDSS, at 716-858-6086, or via All correspondence, communications and/or contact with the County in regard to any aspect of this proposal shall be with the ECDSS contact person listed on the specific RFP. Prospective proponents, or their representatives, shall not make contact with or communicate with any representatives of the County, including employees and consultants, other than the designated person in regard to any aspect of this proposal. Final sealed proposals are due to the Erie County Department of Social Services, 95 Franklin Street, Room 804, Buffalo, New York 14202, by 4:00 p.m. (EST) on July 2, 2018. Erie County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and waive any informality. Marie A. Cannon, Commissioner of Social Services

LEGAL NOTICE RFP COUNTY OF ERIE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES 95 FRANKLIN STREET BUFFALO, NEW YORK County of Erie, New York RFP RELEASE The Erie County Department of Social Services is seeking proposals from qualified agencies to provide Nurse Assessor Services. The RFP #1823VF can be found at http://www. and a complete copy of the package can also be obtained by contacting Carrie Godfrey, ECDSS, at 716-858-6086, or via All correspondence, communications and/or contact with the County in regard to any aspect of this proposal shall be with the ECDSS contact person listed on the specific RFP. Prospective proponents, or their representatives, shall not make contact with or communicate with any representatives of the County, including employees and consultants, other than the designated person in regard to any aspect of this proposal. Final sealed proposals are due to the Erie County Department of Social Services, 95 Franklin Street, Room 804, Buffalo, New York 14202, by 4:00 p.m. (EST) on June 22, 2018. Erie County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and waive any informality. Marie A. Cannon, Commissioner of Social Services


LEGAL NOTICE The County of Erie, New York is seeking Proposal Statements from qualified entities interested in providing congregate dining nutrition services under the Erie County Elderly Nutrition Services (ECENS) program. Proposers’ interested in providing nutrition services under the ECENS Home Delivered Meals Program 1815VF are invited to respond to this request. The Requests for Proposals can be found LEGAL NOTICE RFP at: index.php?q=requests-proposalsCOUNTY OF ERIE amp-construction-bids and a comDEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL plete copy of the packages can be SERVICES obtained by contacting Timothy R. 95 FRANKLIN STREET Hogues at 716-858-6046. All correBUFFALO, NEW YORK spondence, communications and/or County of Erie, New York contact with the County in regard to RFP RELEASE any aspect of this proposal shall be The Erie County Department of Sowith Timothy Hogues. Final, sealed cial Services is seeking proposals proposals are due to the Erie County from qualified agencies to provide Department of Senior Services at 95 OnBase System Development for Franklin St., Room 1335, Buffalo, NY Special Investigations Division. The 14202, by 4:00 PM, (EST), WednesRFP #1824VF can be found at http:// day, June 13, 2018. Erie County and a complete copy serves the right to reject any and all of the package can also be obtained proposals and waive any informality. by contacting Brian Bray, ECDSS, at Timothy R. Hogues, Commissioner 716-858- 8924, or via Brian.Bray@ of the Erie County Department of All correspondence, communicanior Services. tions and/or contact with the County in regard to any aspect of this proLEGAL NOTICE RFQ posal shall be with the ECDSS conBuffalo City School District tact person listed on the specific Request for Qualifications RFP. Prospective proponents, or Professional Architectural & their representatives, shall not make Engineering Services contact with or communicate with The Buffalo Public Schools Diviany representatives of the County, insion of Plant Services and School cluding employees and consultants, Planning, 403 City Hall, Buffalo, NY other than the designated person in 14202 is soliciting Letters of Interregard to any aspect of this proposal. est and Statement of Qualifications Final sealed proposals are due to proposals for profes-sional architecthe Erie County Department of Social tural and engineering services to be Services, 95 Franklin Street, Room received on Wednesday, June 27, 864, Buffalo, New York 14202, by 2018 at 10:00 a.m. The intent of this 4:00 p.m. (EST) on August 1, 2018. RFQ is to generate a “pre-qualified” Erie County reserves the right to relist of architecture and/or engineerject any and all proposals and waive ing firms to respond to Requests any informality. for Proposals (RFP) for professional Marie A. Cannon, Commissioner services for specific projects to be of Social Services performed under contract during the July 18, 2018 – June 30, 2021 time period. Please note that no firms will be exempted from this RFQ evalu“Knowing ation, regardless of past or current when to involvement with BPS Division of Plant Services and School Planning. stop, you Beginning Monday, June 4, 2018, the RFQ document may be obtained can avoid electronically by emailing Daniel J. any danger.” Keefe, AIA, Associate Archi-tect, at -Tao Te Joseph P. Giusiana, P.E. Ching Executive Director


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Fargo Bank v. Bineyard

STATE OF NEW YORK SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF ERIE SUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS Index No. 815184/2017 WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., Plaintiff, v. ANY UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, DISTRIBUTEES OR SUCCESSORS IN INTEREST OF THE LATE SYLVIA BINEYARD A/K/A SYLVIA L. BINEYARD, IF LIVING, AND IF ANY BE DEAD, ANY AND ALL PERSONS WHO ARE SPOUSES, WIDOWS, GRANTEES, MORTGAGEES, LIENORS, HEIRS, DEVISEES, DISTRIBUTEES, EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS, OR SUCCESSORS IN INTEREST OF SUCH OF THEM AS MAY BE DEAD, AND THEIR SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, DISTRIBUTEES AND SUCCESSORS IN INTEREST, ALL OF WHOM AND WHOSE NAMES AND PLACES OF RESIDENCE ARE UNKNOWN TO PLAINTIFF, BUFFALO URBAN RENEWAL AGENCY, NIAGARA MOHAWK POWER CORPORATION DBA NATIONAL GRID, ASSET ACCEPTANCE LLC A/P/O GE CAPITAL, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION AND FINANCE, Defendants. TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS; YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to answer the Complaint in the above action and serve a copy of your Answer on the plaintiff's attorney within twenty (20) days after the service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of service, or within thirty (30) days after completion of service where service is made in any other manner than by personal delivery within the State. The United States of America, if designated as a defendant in this action, may answer or appear within sixty (60) days of service hereof. In case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the Complaint. Erie County is designated as the place of trial. The basis of venue is the location of the mortgaged premises. NOTICE YOU ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING YOUR HOME If you do not respond to this summons and complaint by serving a copy of the answer on the attorney for the mortgage company who filed this foreclosure proceeding against you and filing the answer with the court, a default judgment may be entered and you can lose your home. Speak to an attorney or go to the court where your case is pending for further information on how to answer the summons and protect your property. Sending a payment to your mortgage company will not stop this foreclosure action. YOU MUST RESPOND BY SERVING A COPY OF THE ANSWER ON THE ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF (MORTGAGE COMPANY) AND FILING THE ANSWER WITH THE COURT. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. The foregoing summons is served upon you by publication pursuant to an order of Honorable Mark J. Grisanti, Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, signed the 18th day of May, 2018, at Buffalo, New York. The object of this action is to foreclose a mortgage on the following property: Tax I.D. No. 79.82-2-39 ALL that tract or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate in the City of Buffalo, County of Erie and State of New York, being part of Lot No. 46, Township 11, Range 7 of the Holland Land Company's Survey and being more particularly known as the easterly eight (8) feet of Subdivision Lot No. 244, and the westerly twenty-four

(24) feet of Subdivision Lot No. 245, according to and as shown on a Subdivision Map of part of said Lot No. 46, filed in the Office of the Clerk of the County of Erie, New York, under Map Cover No. 998, said premises being thirty-two (32) feet front and rear by one hundred and eight (108) feet in depth, on the north side of Dartmouth Street, three hundred and forty-three and ninety-five one hundredths (343.95) feet west of Eggert Road. Subject to easements, covenants, and restriction of record. These premises are also known as 534 Dartmouth a/k/a 534 Dartmouth Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215. WOODS OVIATT GILMAN LLP Attorneys for Plaintiff 700 Crossroads Building 2 State Street

LEGAL NOTICE Embrace Home Loans v. Hulings NOTICE OF SALE COUNTY COURT ERIE COUNTY EMBRACE HOME LOANS, INC., Plaintiff against ROBERT J. HULINGS A/K/A ROBERT J. HULINGS, JR., et al Defendants Attorney for Plaintiff(s) Schiller, Knapp, Lefkowitz & Hertzel, LLP 200 John James Audubon Parkway, Suite 202, Amherst, NY 14228 Attorney (s) for Plaintiff (s). Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale Entered April 26, 2018 I will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder at the Foreclosure Alcove of the Erie County Hall, 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 on July 10, 2018 at 9:15 AM. Premises known as 20 Penwood Drive, Buffalo, NY 14227. Sec 125.07 Block 11 Lot 24. All that tract or parcel of land, situate in the Town of Cheektowaga, County of Erie and State of New York. Approximate Amount of Judgment is $151,617.80 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index No 806206/2017. For sale information, please visit www. or call (800) 280-2832. Kimberly E Whistler, Esq., Referee 17-03972


Citimortgage v. Parker/Paulk

SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF ERIE CITIMORTGAGE, INC., Plaintiff -against- RAYSHAWN M. PARKER, SHANA D. PAULK, et al Defendant(s). Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered herein and dated October 30, 2017, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the Foreclosure Alcove, 1st Floor, Erie County Hall, 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY on July 10, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. premises situate in the City of Buffalo, County of Erie and State of New York, being part of Lot 89, Township 11, Range 8 of the Holland Land Company Survey and further distinguished as Subdivision Lot 45, as shown on a map filed in the Erie County Clerk's Office under Cover No. 1182. Section: 77.76 Block: 3 Lot: 16. Said premises known as 67 SAINT FLORIAN STREET, BUFFALO, NY Approximate amount of lien $78,230.47 plus interest & costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment and Terms of Sale. If the sale is set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at the sale shall be entitled only to a return of the deposit paid. The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee’s attorney. Index Number 813751/2014. GREGORY J. STEWART, ESQ., Referee David A. Gallo & Associates LLP Attorney(s) for Plaintiff 99 Powerhouse Road, First Floor, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 File# 5025.1924




Advertisement for Bids June 1, 2018 Blessed Trinity Church: Exterior Restoration 317 Leroy Avenue Buffalo, New York 14214 NOTICE OF SOLICITATION OF GENERAL CONTRACTORS FOR BLESSED TRINITY CHURCH, 317 LEROY AVE., BUFFALO, NY for the EXTERIOR RESTORATION OF THE CLAY TILE ROOF AND THE EXTERIOR LIMESTONE STAIRS Sealed bids for the Blessed Trinity Church: Exterior Restoration will be received until 2:00 pm, Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at the offices of Flynn Battaglia Architects, PC, 617 Main Street, Suite 401, Buffalo, NY 14203 (Attn: Judy Casassa), where they will be opened and read publicly. Each bid must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the Bidding and Contract Documents and must be accompanied by references of similar projects and a bid security in the form of a Certified Check, Bid Bond or Bank Check in the amount of (10%) ten percent of the bid amount. Work must be performed by contractors with no less than five years successful experience in completion of similar projects for State, National or locally registered landmarks. Contractors must submit a list of completed projects, including project name, address, owner and consultant. (Similar projects to be listed on the Bid Form). The successful bidder will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and Labor and Material Bond each for 100% of the Contract amount. The completion date for this project is November 30, 2018. This project is being funded in part by a grant administered by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation through Title 9 of the Environmental Protection Act of 1993. Under Article 15A, Executive Law, it is the policy of the State of New York to encourage participation of minority and women-owned business enterprises in State-funded projects. The following goals have been set for this project: 17% Women Owned and 13% Minority Owned businesses. The Contractor, by bidding on the contract, acknowledges understanding and support of this policy and pledges to fully cooperate with the Blessed Trinity Church in meeting NYS requirements as set forth in the Bidding and Contract Documents. •Effective Monday, June 4, 2018, Bid Documents may be examined free of charge at Avalon Document Services, 741 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14203. Bid Documents may be purchased at the same location. Each request must be accompanied by a certified check in the amount of $42.00 (non-refundable) for each set of drawings and specifications. Cash or personal Checks will not be accepted. •There will be a mandatory pre-bid meeting Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the project location: Blessed Trinity Church, 317 Leroy Avenue, Buffalo, New York. •Questions after the pre-bid meeting must be submitted in writing no later than the end of the business Tuesday, June 19, 2018 attention Michael Lennon at Flynn Battaglia Architects, PC. Email ( or fax (716-854-2428) are acceptable. •All Addenda, if any, will be sent via email after the June 14 meeting. Please provide email contact information. Blessed Trinity Church has been and will continue to be an equal opportunity organization. All qualified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) suppliers, contractors and/or businesses will be afforded equal opportunity without discrimination because of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual preference or Vietnam Era Veterans status.”


Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018





RP Oak Hill Building Company Inc. is soliciting construction bids for the New Construction of the Buffalo City Mission. Minority owned Business Enterprises and Woman owned Business Enterprises are encouraged to bid. Bid date is currently scheduled as Tuesday, June 5, 2018 @ 2:00 pm It is a private bid opening. Project is Tax Exempt Project is Open Shop, All are encouraged to submit bid. Bid documents are available at the Construction Exchange and at Avalon for purchase. Contact: to receive specific bid package information.

REQUEST FOR BID Mark Cerrone, Inc. is requesting quotes for the Roy-Hart Site Remediation project in Middleport, NY for all scopes of work detailed in contract documents. Optional MWBE Pre-bid meeting available upon request. Documents can be obtained by contacting, Phone 716-282-5244, Fax 716-2825245 or iSqFt®. Quotes due electronically or in person at 2368 Maryland Ave., Niagara Falls, NY 14305 by 6/6/18 at 2:00pm. Certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise participation is strongly encouraged.


ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS ERIE COUNTY SEWER DISTRICT NO. 6 WELL AND WILMUTH AVENUE PUMPING STATION ELECTRICAL UPGRADES CONTRACT 57A – GENERAL CONTRACT 57B – HEATING AND VENTILATION CONTRACT 57D - ELECTRICAL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that sealed proposals for the above referenced contracts will be received by the Commissioner of the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning (ECDEP) on June 26, 2018 until 3:00 P.M., local time, at 95 Franklin Street, Room 1034, Buffalo, New York, 14202, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud in Room 1004. The nature of the work generally includes constructing a new generator building, new diesel standby power generator, new diesel fuel tank, new electrical service, electrical system upgrades, site work, and other improvements. Prospective bidders are encouraged to attend a pre-bid meeting scheduled for Wednesday June 6, 2018, at 10:00 A.M., in the conference room of the Southtowns Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility located at S-3690 Lakeshore Rd, Buffalo, NY 14219. A site tour will follow the prebid meeting. Additional information and bid documents can be found at: http://www2. BY ORDER OF: Joseph L. Fiegl, P.E. Deputy Commissioner, ECDEP Dated: May 25, 2018 Published: June 6, 2018


Town of Elma Advertisement for Bids for Roof Elma Senior Center 3007 Bowen Rd, Elma, N.Y. Sealed bids for a new asphalt shingle roof, at the Elma Senior Center, 3007 Bowen Road, Elma, NY 14059 will be received by the Town Clerk at her office in the Town Hall, 1600 Bowen Road, Elma, NY on or before 2:00 PM, local time, Wednesday, June 19, 2018. The bids will be publicly opened and read aloud in the Town Clerk’s Office, Elma Town Hall, 1600 Bowen Road, Elma, NY on June 19, 2018 at 2:00PM. Specifications may be obtained or examined at the office of the Building Inspector, 1600 Bowen Road, Elma, NY during regular office hours, 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. This contract will be funded wholly or partially with federal funds, and as such, is subject to all federal rules and regulations pertinent thereto, including, but not limited to, federal policy of encouraging the participation of minority and women business enterprises as sources of suppliers, equipment, construction and services.

SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS! LEGAL NOTICE RFP COUNTY OF ERIE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES 95 FRANKLIN STREET BUFFALO, NEW YORK County of Erie, New York RFP RELEASE The Erie County Department of Social Services is seeking proposals from qualified not-for profit agencies to provide Emergency Services (for the purchase of prescriptions, food, and other items necessary for daily living) in Erie County. The RFP #1822VF can be found at starting on May 18, 2018. A complete copy of the package can also be obtained by contacting Judith Kolmetz, ECDSS, at 716-858-7932, or via email at All correspondence, communications and/or contact with the County in regard to any aspect of this proposal shall be with the ECDSS contact person listed on the specific RFP. Prospective proponents, or their representatives, shall not make contact with or communicate with any representatives of the County, including employees and consultants, other than the designated person in regard to any aspect of this proposal. Final sealed proposals are due to the Erie County Department of Social Services, ATTN: JUDITH KOLMETZ, 95 Franklin Street, Room 856, Buffalo, New York 14202, by 3:30 p.m. (EST) on June 22, 2018. Erie County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and waive any informality. Marie Cannon Commissioner of Social Services



LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Public Hearing of the County Legislature of the County of Erie, New York, shall be held in the Chambers of the Legislature located at 92 Franklin Street, 4th Floor, Buffalo, New York, in said County, on the 13th day of June, 2018, at 6:00 o’clock P.M., Prevailing Time, for the purpose of conducting a public hearing to hear public comment on the SUNY Erie Community College’s (“SUNY Erie”) 2018-19 Budget proposal. The SUNY Erie proposed 2018-19 Budget was submitted to the Legislature on the 30th day of May, 2018. Copies of the Budget are available for Public Inspection at the Office of the Clerk of the Legislature, located at 92 Franklin Street, 4th Floor, Buffalo, New York. Dated: Buffalo, New York, May 31, 2018 By:Robert M. Graber, Clerk Erie County Legislature


Buffalo Employment and Training Center /BETC 716-856-5627


CIT Bank v. Kirksey/Washington

EMPLOYMENT EDUCATION SPECIALIST: (ERIE & NIAGARA COUNTY (2 - POSITIONS ) Ensure compliance with all education related Head Start Program Performance Standards. Child Care Licensing and all other regulations. Provide regular on-site coaching and mentoring to teaching staff, assisting them in all educationrelated areas, ensuring all child/ staff ratio are met. Master’s Degree in Childhood or child development and a minimum of three years of supervision and experience with low-income children and families. Knowledge of infant and toddler development required. Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development; at least five years supervision and experience. Applications/ resumes will be accepted at the CAO HR Dept, 45 Jewett Avenue Buffalo email to caohr@

Nursing Open House at Roswell Roswell Park is Inviting Skilled Nurses to an Open House at the Cancer Center. Attendees are encouraged to bring their resume and prepare for potential on-site interview. Nursing Open House at Roswell Park is Thursday, June 7 from 3-7p.m. Anyone interested should register online at Nurses should bring an updated resume

CAO-DART: SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELOR: for Opiate Addiction Program. Provides direct individual and group rehabilitation services to chemically addicted adults. BA/ BS with CASAC certification and 2 years exp preferred. Other qualified health professions (QHP) are also eligible to apply. Bilingual in Spanish sought but not required. Apply @ CAO 45 Jewett Ave., or




Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018




LAW OFFICE OF DARIA L. PRATCHER, PC “Everything Real Estate” 523 Main Street (716)541-8574

EMPIRE ELECTRIC (716) 634-0330

PRATCHER & ASSOCIATES Franklin Muhammad (Pratcher) Attorney 1133 Kensington Avenue (716) 838-4612

2372 Genesee St. (716) 894-3742


MAUREEN’S Flower Market 441 Ellicott St. * 852-4600

BEN’S Downtown Tire

50 Sycamore (cor. Elm) (716) 856-1066 or 894-1483

Colston Mobil Auto Repair

716 E. Ferry (Near Fillmore)

(716) 896-3910

ART GALLERY Main Street Gallery Lodina Clyburn 515 Main Street


A-1 Bail Bonds 855-2514 or 854-2128

BOOKS ALIVE CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE 2275 Fillmore Ave. (716) 837-1118 ZAWADI BOOKS 1382 Jefferson Ave. 716-903-6740


FASHION F& S Fashions



HAIR SUPPLY MAIN HAIR & BEAUTY SUPPLY 3067 Main St. (716) 862-4247


Free Roof Check, Lead Test, All Home Repairs, Payment Plans, Everyone Approved 380-3459

TAILORS ANN RHOD’S Tailoring 3185 Bailey Ave. (716) 838-5633



MEREA WORLD Transportation Service Specializing in Round Trip & Over Night Trips Text or call 716 939-8892



2200 Main St. (716) 200-4122

MON 5/28

TUES 5/29





MID-5-1-7-6 EVE-4-0-0-5

MID-5-2-3-8 EVE-1-2-9-9







THURS 5/31



MID-7-1-5-1 EVE-5-1-3-0 04-06-17-22-38

FRI 6/1



SAT 6/2





MID-8-0-6-3 EVE-8-7-7-0

MID-8-3-6-2 EVE-8-4-0-4

MID-7-2-2-3 EVE-2-4-0-1

MID-5-0-5-6 EVE 2-5-9-4







Zakiyyah’s Rundown (ZR)



01-25-36-40-56-57 #58



WED 5/30


02-18-27-29-37-59 #31




Challenger Hits MIDDAY

659-800-831-445-787-566-547-769-880-910-987-954-232-354785-309-187-095-416-576-890-109-654-432-545-267-890-800 436-580-178-356-217-678-910-065-843-468-451-910-065-843648-468-107-432-304-567-729-865-790-085-333-465-789-423567-543-196-745-890-965-435-679-510-764-570-152-468-392MA RUTH SPEAKS THE TRUTH! SURE HITS! 890-219-345-476-578-768242-000-111-777-989-123125-436-515-600-349-675652-986-568-853-578-168

JUNE Vibes 490-235-678-321487-043-

“It’s In The Stars”

Aquarius -496-235-165-579 Pisces - 056-362-237-694 Cancer - 482-372-895-718 Aries - 289-946-034-594 Taurus -258-231-026-695 Gemini-495-257-694-508 Leo-345-213-157-201 Virgo 385-291-431-170 Libra -247-723-179-501 Scorpio - 453-253-571-597 Sagittarius - 389-701-234-924 Capricorn:893-275-342-506

quick money 189-809-444 886-980-422 322-522-355 800-592-390 394-833-924 127-909-418 927-313-466 124-550-098 511-005/201


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JUNE Special Doubles 776-001-557-338

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0-7-5 ZR (box) Number Book (straight) 9-0-3 Quick Money (box) 3-5-9 ZR (box) 8-4-1 Quick Money (box) 4-3-2 ZR (straight) May Vibes , ZR , Capricorn Luckie Duckie( box)


133-202- 335 -2015-4444-1871-0978 134-431-143


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4 WAY YOUR WAY! *1027 -0743 1928 5468 - 8471 6798 0907 -3333 1971

Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018



Public Meeting Notice: Board of the Westminster Community Charter School 3 p.m. t M&T Bank, One M&T Plaza - 19th Floor.

Foxie Brown Line Dance Classes: 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Schiller Senior Center, 2057 Genesee St. 444-2046.

Hustle for Health Urban Line Dancing with Phyllis Caver at Gloria Parks: 3242 Main St, Buffalo. 12pm - 1pm. FREE for ages 55+ 832 -1010 The Durham Central City Baby Café . Info and support for pregnant and breastfeeding moms 5:30 – 7:30 pm 200 Eagle St (716)427-0566. Urban Line Dance Classes: St. Phillips, 15 Fernhill ; 6-8 p.m.; Cheri & Darel 200-9702.

80th Birthday Party!

Celestine Hicks Wiley will celebrate her 80th birthday with a party at 387 Walden Avenue on June 17 from1-6 p.m. For more information contact Jackie Knowles at 602-2061.

The Durham Central City Baby Café . Info and support for pregnant and breastfeeding moms 5:30 – 7:30 pm 200 Eagle St. (716)427-0566. FRIDAY JUNE 8 Opening Reception of Exhibit “Wall to Wall “HeART of the COMMUNITY”: a show of works by members of WNY Urban Arts Collective presented by The Western New York Artists Group: 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 1 Linwood Avenue . 8552251 for info. (See Page 10). “An All Black Affair,” The Chocolate Ambrosia Experience Art Exhibit by Raecine Creations: Sugar City, 1239 Niagara Street 7-11 p.m. Tickets on Eventbrite. Community Action Organization of Western New York, Inc. (CAO) its 53rd Anniversary and Awards Luncheon: noon to 2:30p.m. Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Beginners/Intermediate Line Dance Classes Every Friday 6pm Bethel AME Church Hall 1525 Michigan @ E.Ferry Ernestine, Instructor SATURDAY JUNE 9 Mike's Smooth Urban Ballroom Dance Classes: 11 to 1 PM, Saturdays, Delavan-Grider Community Center, 877 E. Delavan Ave. 716-380-5100 class is $5 ASCAC 2018 CONFERENCE REVIEW: 35th Annual Ancient Kemetic Studies Conference viewing Merriweather Library 2-4 p.m. (716-715-6559) or (716-812-8298). UNIVERSITY UNITED FESTIVAL: Parade 10-11 a.m. starting at 10:a.m at Bailey Ave. and E. Amherst Street and continue on Bailey Ave and ending @ UB SOUTH CAMPUS ROTARY FIELD FOR THE FESTIVAL 11 a.m.-8p.m. (See Their Ad Page 9) Allentown Art Festival: 10a.m.6p.m.Down Delaware Avenue From Delaware & North ( SUNDAY JUNE 10 Allentown Art Festival Day 2 MONDAY JUNE 11 African Consciousness Workshop Documentary Series: 5:50-7:50 P.M Merriweather Library, 1324 Jefferson Avenue. 883-4418 Free Admission. Featuring Dr. Maat E.L. Lewis— "Know Thyself Everyone Has a Sense of Spirit.”



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Challenger Community News • t hec •June 6, 2018


On Saturday, June 9, 2018, the Community Health Center of Buffalo Inc conjunction with Community Access Services, will be providing free HIV tes at the University Unity Festival from 11 am to 5 pm. The tests will be administe Urban Family Practice held an open house to introduce its new clinic in the Jefferson/Utica Plaza on our Medical Mobile Unit where we will also be offering free Diabetes and H on Saturday and to celebrate keeping family medicine in the East Side neighborhood. Last year, the former tenant of the Jefferson Avenue physician’s office closed, leaving thousands of patients in the Blood Pressure screenings, as well as weight screenings and sharing educati neighborhood without a primary care clinic. The celebratory open house featured a free bike helmet giveaway, bike and television giveaways, facility tours, free lunch vouchers, music, exercise, line health materials. We are happy to be a part of Councilman Wyatt’s Univer dancing and more. United Healthcare Community Plan sponsored the event. Among those on hand to Unity Festival and are looking forward to seeing you at the UB South Campu meet and greet the community was Urban Family Practice CEO Dr. Raul and Mrs. Vazquez (pictured top right).. Dr. Vazquez will be honored with the NAACP's President's Award at the civil rights orga- Saturday! Remember, early detection of any illness is always the best protect nization's 52nd annual dinner on June 9. Congratulations! We will also be at the upcoming Juneteenth celebration in Martin Luther King P on June 16th and 17th. Look for our bus because we will be looking for you! Community Health Center Medical Mobile Unit is on the move! See you there

Urban Family Practice Open House Celebration!

ROC into Pre-K3¡ k s c t o a r r ready! e B

• Six-hour FREE daily program for city children who turn 3 by December 1st (Restrictions apply) • Healthy breakfast and lunch • Language, social and self-help skills to be ready for school • Educational field trips • Indoor/outdoor play and naptime • Instructional program taught by certified teachers • Available at schools and community agencies in the city • Free monthly RTS bus passes for parents

Universal Pre-K programs also available for all city 4-year-olds. (585) 262-8140

Challenger Community news June 6 .2018  
Challenger Community news June 6 .2018