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Pine Grill!

33rd Annual FREE Jazz Reunion & Music Fest Kicks Off This Weekend In MLK Park Page 8

Urban Street Art Exhibit: A Healing Response to the Tops Tragedy Page 3

Street Legacy Photo by Darvin Adams


Hollywood Comes To Buffalo: Addison Henderson’s AwardWinning Film G.O.D. Premiers Page 9

BLACK HISTORY: Marcus Garvey and the Doctrine of Pan-Africanism

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Rochester Event:

Activists Commemorate Black August Activists and social justice organizations are celebrating the history of Black resistance this month in what's known as Black August. "During Black August, we honor Black freedom fighters, many of whom were killed by the state or imprisoned for defending Black lives," Monifa Bandele with the Movement for Black Lives said in a statement to CNN. Locally, in Rochester, Black August (ROC) 2022 will present a Film Screening/Panel Discussion: “Dope Is Death” Thursday, August 4 from 7-9 p.m. In-Person at The Avenue Blackbox Theatre, 780 Joseph Ave. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (Online: Zoom Webinar link, TBD Guest Panelists: Jalil Muntaqim (BLA Veteran), Dr. Ricardo Alvarez (Medical Physician), Dr. Kokayi Patterson (Natural Path Acupuncture Detox Specialist, Dr. Shakur’s protégé), & Dr. Shadidi Kinsey (Acupuncturist, Dr. Shakur’s protégé) Event Sponsors include People’s Liberation Program (PLP), and Citizens Action of New York, Rochester Chapter For in-person attendees, light refreshments will be available for a small donation Amidst the 1970s heroin epidemic in NYC, the Young Lords and Black Panthers fought for radical change. Through the leadership of Dr. Mutulu Shakur—Tupac Shakur’s stepfather—these revolutionaries created the first acupuncture detoxification program in the U.S.A. While the legacy of the program has long been maintained by residents of the Bronx and Upper Manhattan, the pioneers for its creation have suffered from decades of state-sanctioned persecution (https://

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Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

Pan Afrikan Festival This Weekend

Training Camp Update

Bills Look Good at 2022 Training Camp Open at St. John Fisher College The 2022 Buffalo Bills Training Camp is off to a good start. The timing is getting better on the offensive side of the ball. Gabe Davis picked up where he left off in the Kansas City game by making tough catches look easy especially during red zone drills. Gabe caught a pass in back of the end zone between two defenders. When asked about playing in high pressure games for University of Central Florida he said, “Yes, I feel like UCF really kind of showed me what kind of receiver could be and who I wanted to be. I was surrounded by a lot of great men and players that put me in the right position that assisted me in being able to transition to play in the NFL”. The Bills defensive line looks bigger #13 Gabe Davis/Photo Jerome Davis tougher and more aggressive than last years lineup. Tim Settle, Jr., DaQuan Jones, Ed Oliver, Jordan Phillips, Boogie Basham, and Greg Rosseau are shaping up to be a fierce unit. They should be able to stop opposing teams running game and generate a better pass rush throughout the upcoming season. The Bills offensive line is currently missing due to injury: Rodger Seffold, Ryan Bates, and Dion Dawkins (personal Continued Page 12

After a two year pause, the A.B.O.V.E. organization is happy to officially announce the 14th Annual Pan Afrikan Festival (formerly the Afrikan American Festival). Date: Saturday, August 6, from 11 AM to 8 PM Location: Highland Bowl-1137 South Avenue-Rochester, New York 14620 KT Rap/Hip Hop Music. The HEADLINER: will be the Freelance Band R&B Music.

*Saturdays Public Market 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. Saturday *Thursdays International Market 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. and Sundays



Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

AREA BRIEFS August 23 Election Faceoff Between Higgins and Egriu A congressional primary will face WNY voters on August 23 as Buffalo businessman Eddie Egriu has finally succeeded in his long quest to challenge Democratic Rep. Brian Higgins of Buffalo. Egriu tried unsuccessfully in several previous elections to qualify for the Democratic ballot, and finally succeeded this year. “I look forward to giving him the battle of his life” Egriu said last week.

50 Black Boys Return Celebration In partnership with national, Duncan Kirkwood, and the Independent Health Foundation is hosting an intense immersive leadership training for 50 Black boys from Buffalo Aug 5-8 at Beaver Hollow. There will be an August 8 return celebration as the students will return from the training to show off a little bit of what they have learned in front of 100 parents, and dignitaries. at Mt. Olive Baptist Church. at 1 p.m.

Reimagining Jefferson Avenue Town Hall A “Reimagining Jefferson Avenue Town Hall” will take place on Saturday, August 13 at 4 p.m. at Open Buffalo, 1327 Jefferson Avenue, upper. To register go to HTTPS://BIT.LY/B6E0WA For more information go to BLACKHOLISTICURBANISM@GMAIL.COM

Drums @ Dewey For the Youth! “We Beat Drums, Not Each Other” *5-7 PM Every Tuesday in July & August (Weather permitting)_ *Dewey & Castle – off Kensington near Burgard High *Drums@ Dewey with. Brother Taharka Features African Drumming/ Rhythms, African History, African Culture and Community Fun. For More Information Contact Brother Taharka at 716715-3727

"An Offering": An Urban Street Art Exhibit now through September 9

Urban Street Art Exhibit: A Healing Response to the Tops Tragedy

"AN OFFERING," an Urban Street Art Exhibition, currently on display outside the Tops Market Parking lot on Landon Street, presented by The Exhibition Group (TEG). The exhibit that launched on July 15 is running thru September 9, and is a sincere response of care and concern by African American artists, arts organizations and patrons to support and empower the healing and uplifting necessary to respond to the tragic event of May 14, 2022.

It is offered in love! The artworks presented are by intergenerational well-established, emerging and student artists; who are from 70 to 14 years old. This is the creative response of support and comfort to the families victimized, and the community at large. Artists include Jarael Adams, John Baker, Lisa Brown, Renee Brown, Markenzy Cesar, Senia Che, Hiram Cray, Valeria Cray, Craig Dunn, Doretha Edwards, Jay Hawkins, Camilla Hobbs Lee, Jalen Law, Princessa Williams, and The Foundry's Mayor's Summer Youth. The persons who make up TEG include Dorothy Hill lead organizer, Michael Hill project manager, Paula Coleman curator and members John Baker, Renee Brown, Hiram Cray, Valeria Cray, Jalen Law and Ari Moore. The Arts Organizations involved are the Buffalo Urban League, The Foundry, The Jalen Law Collective, Langston Hughes Institute, and WNY-Urban Arts Collective. The exhibition is sponsored by Tops Markets Incorporated and supporting organization the Buffalo Urban League. For more information contact Michael Hill

Buffalo News Names Sheila Rayam First Black Executive Editor



Sheila Rayam

he first Black woman to serve as the Buffalo News’ Executive Editor has been named. Sheila Rayam, a Rochester native and SUNY Buffalo State graduate, spent 30 years at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle after graduating from Buffalo State. Her most recent position was executive editor of the Mohawk Valley news operations, which included the Utica ObserverDispatch since April 2021. An accomplished, experienced journalist, Ms. Rayam, 55, will start her new position at the Buffalo News on August 22 making her not only the first African American, but the second woman to serve as executive editor at the Buffalo News in its 142-year history. Congratulations Ms. Rayam!

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Mosiah Garvey


arcus Garvey was one of the first to express, demonstrate and encourage African pride on a global scale; which earned him millions of followers till this very day. Garvey loved his people and was passionate about their progression, but hated how they were treated. He believed in self-determination, organization, economic power and a Black owned and controlled state. We honor & celebrate the legacy Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., National Hero of Jamaica was born in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica August 17, 1887 . He was a publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, Black Nationalist, Pan- Africanist, and orator. Marcus Garvey was founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). Prior to the twentieth century, leaders such as Prince Hall, Martin Delany, Edward Wilmot Blyden, and Henry Highland Garnet advocated the involvement of the African diaspora in African affairs. Garvey was unique in advancing a Pan-African philosophy to inspire a global mass movement focusing

on Africa known as

Continued Page 15


Thursday 9AM-6PM • Friday 9AM-8PM • Saturday “Breakfast @ Manna” 9AM – 2PM • Sunday 11AM-4PM • CLOSED MONDAYS TO PLACE YOUR ORDER CALL (716) 253-2100 or ORDER ONLINE at DoorDash Location 633 Northland (Between Fillmore Ave. & Grider St.)



The Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon Watermelon is by far one of the most powerful, body-healing fruits out there! The amazing health benefits of watermelon cover everything from your brain all the way to the cells in your feet. The best time to indulge in this fresh, succulent, juicy melon, is summertime, when they are in season and deliver an array of nutrients, vitamin and minerals. *Cardiovascular & Bone Health The lycopene in watermelon is especially important for our cardiovascular health and is now being recognized as an important factor in promoting bone health. Watermelon is also rich in potassium which helps to retain calcium in your body, resulting in stronger bones and joints. *Reduces Body Fat The citrulline in watermelon has been shown to reduce the accumulation of fat in our fat cells. *Anti Inflammatory and Antioxidant support Watermelon is rich in phenolic compounds like flavonoids, carotenoids, and triterpenoids beneficial in reducing inflammation and neutralizing free radicals. *Diuretic & Kidney Support Watermelon is a natural diuretic which helps increase the flow of urine, but does not strain the kidneys. *Muscle & Nerve Support Rich in potassium, watermelon is a great natural electrolyte and thus helps regulate the action of nerves and muscles in our body. *Alkaline-Forming Watermelons have an alkaline-forming effect in the body when fully ripe. Eating lots of alkaline- forming foods (fresh, ripe, fruit and vegetables) can help reduce your risk of developing disease and illness caused by a high-acid diet (namely, meat, eggs and dairy). *Improves Eye Health Watermelon is a wonderful source of beta-carotene (that rich red hue of watermelon = beta carotene) which is converted in the body to vitamin A. It helps produce the pigments in the retina of the eye and protects against age-related macular degeneration as well as prevents night blindness. Vitamin A also maintains healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue and mucus membranes. *Immune Support, Wound Healing & Prevents Cell Damage The vitamin C content in watermelon is astoundingly high. Vitamin C is great at improving our immune system. The role of vitamin C in healing wounds has also been observed in numerous studies because it is essential to the formation of new connective tissue.

mammogram Schedule your annual

at Roswell Park today. It matters that you get your mammogram from the experts who know cancer best.

Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

Mental Health Christian Counseling Wellness Center Opening With "Saxy Voyage" Ms. Vee is celebrating the opening of Mental Health & Christian Counseling Wellness Center with a "Saxy Voyage" boat ride experience on the Harbor Queen with award winning saxman /dj Will Holton Monday August 8 .There will be light refreshments provided at the Center 1515 Kensington Ave before departure. The voyage docking is at 6:30 and push off is 7pm at 44 prime street (canal side) from 7p.m. -9p.m. For tickets and info text Miss Vee at 716 705-3889 DID YOU KOW...That watermelons originated in Africa as did millet, yams, okra and hibiscus.

eat to live


Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

August is National

BLACK BUSINESS MONTH! A time to support local Black businesses!

Nationally Black business owners account for about 10 percent of U.S. businesses and about 30 percent of all minority-owned businesses. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, that amounts to approximately two million companies owned by African Americans. Nearly 40 percent of black-owned businesses are in health care and social assistance, repair and maintenance, and personal and laundry services. Other Sign in the window of a local categories include advertising business on Hertel Avenue. There are a number of Black firms, auto dealerships, conowned businesses on the Her- sulting services, restaurants, tle Avenue strip. barbershops, beauty salons, and more. Among cities, New York has the most Black-owned businesses in the U.S. followed by Atlanta. The highest ratio of black-owned businesses is in Washington, DC where 28% of all businesses are Black-owned. The growth of black-owned franchise businesses has been explosive. In 2012 over 30% of franchise businesses were black-owned, up from about 20% five years previous. Women are leading the rise of Black-owned businesses.

Biyyah Beauty Founder and Owner is Guest Speaker at NYC "Liberation of Beauty" Fashion Panel STEAM Panelist for Women of Color and Creative Grant Awardee Rabiyyah Khan was recently featured as a guest speaker for The Fearless Artists ‘Liberation of Beauty’ and Fashion panel this past June in New York City. This was part of a series of POPUP Art Gallery events which showcased women of color in their chosen professional fields of expertise. The event was sponsored by Olay Body increasing its’ visibility representing women of color in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). Rabiyyah is the founder and owner of Biyyah Beauty, a private electrolysis practice in her native Buffalo. Opening its’ doors in December 2021, Biyyah Beauty is the first black woman-owned and operated establishment in Western New York. Recently, Rabiyyah was one of 2400 artist awardees of the "Creatives Rebuild New York Grant." Her business is recognized as an art form. Reimagining what it means to have purpose in her work, she is skillfully crafting her own path within the beauty and fashion industries. Sharing this culture of wisdom and knowledge to help educate the community is all part of this purpose. Her biggest feat of all is being a first-time mom. Giving birth to her son during the peak of the pandemic and launching her beauty business proves her tenacity and ambition. Biyyah Beauty Electrolysis by Rabiyyah is a permanent hair removal, gender neutral lab studio where all are welcome. She would be remissed not to acknowledge the overwhelming love and support of her village being a Buffalonian herself. For more information follow her on social media @biyyahbeauty. Call Biyyah Beauty at 716-249-1346 to setup a consultation today!

Rabiyyah Khan. Founder/Owner Biyyah Beauty

Taking Care of BUSINESS

•Jamel C. Perkins The Hamburg Town Board appointed Jamel C. Perkins to the board of directors of the Hamburg Industrial Development Agency and the Hamburg New York Land Development Corp. •Paul Owusu Foit-Albert Associates, Architecture Engineering and Surveying hired Paul Owusu as an architectural technician. He is working toward his Masters in architecture at the University at Buffalo.



Emmanuel Temple Seventh-day Adventist Children’s Ministry Providing Free Lunches for Children Emmanuel Temple Seventh-day Adventist Children's Ministry will provide free lunches to children, ages 18 and under, now through August 19 at the Hope 4 Buffalo tent located at 599 Genesee Street. Eaton-site-only lunch will be served 11:30 a.m. to 12 noon followed by game time from noon to 12:30 p.m. The free lunch program is sponsored by the Buffalo Public School Summer Lunch Program.

Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

Mt. Hope Community Church 11th Anniversary Revival Mt. Hope Community Church, 1326 Broadway St., Pastor Charles Walker and Elder Kendra, Walker, will host their 11th Anniversary Revival nightly beginning at 6 p.m. August 4th featuring Pastor Duane Price of CornerStone Ministries and August 5th with Doctor Cleveland Southern , Pastor of Higher Heights Fellowship in Rochester, NY. For more information call (716)602-6676 or email walkerbuffalo@

Pastor Charles Walker and Elder Kendra Walker

Free Vacation Bible School Mt. Olive Baptist Church at 701 E. Delavan Avenue, is now accepting applications for its Free Vacation Bible School, August 8-12, 8:00 am - 1:00 p.m. for youth ages 2-17 years. Youth will engage in Bible based lessons, music, physical fitness and creative activities. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Masks are required. Call 716-895-7494 to register.


- SPIRITUAL LISTINGS House of Ya hshua

Greater Apostolic House of Prayer

Where Lives Are Being Changed

418 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY 14207 Bishop Michael D. Brooks And First Lady Brooks Saturday & Sunday Services 4 pm Wednesday Bible Study 6pm Prayer Wednesday and Thursdays 11 am - 1 pm More info: Apostle Jessica Gant at 716-388-9585.

1455 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 33 95 96 6) 8 (71 Bishop Jacqueline Foye Mailing Address: P. 0. Box 695, Buffalo NY 14231

Macedonia Baptist Church

Second Chance Ministries

237 E. North St Buffalo, NY 14204

A Community Church

Rev. Julian Armand Cook, M.Div., Pastor (716) 886-3489

381 E. Ferry St. Bu ffalo, NY

Ways to Worship Sundays @ 11:00 a.m. Arthur H. Boyd, PastorfT eacher (716) 883-1481 click on "livestream" You Tube: Macedonia Baptist Church Buffalo Facebook: Macedonia Baptist Church Buffalo

Potter's House Church of God In Christ 279 Ingham Ave. Lackawana, NY

(716) 824-6691 Elder Daniel J. Lewis, Pastor

New Zion Baptist Church 318 High St. Buffnln NY 1 4?04 (716) 883-2250 Pastor John Williams

Promise Land Missionary Baptist Church

225 High Street Buffalo , NY 14204

(716) 878-3000 • (716) 878-6000 (Fax) Pastor D. Douglas & First Lady La Verne Tyson Blakely

- -=== .:;,,

Mt. Olive Baptist Church 701 E. Delevan Buffalo, NY 14215

(716) 895-7494 Fax: (716)895-7619 Pastor Rev. William Gillison

Lincoln Memorial UMC Church

641 Masten Ave. Buffalo, NY 14209-1507

Join us for Worship on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. on Facebook Live and You Tube. Pastor George Nicholas (716) 884-7664 Email: https:I lwww.lincolnumcbuffalo, com_

Temple of Christ Church 1230 Genesee St., Buffalo 14211

(716) 895-1353 District Elder Reginald E. Kerr, Pastor Lady Sarah Kerr, First lady

The Journey Church

2784 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY 14224

406 Sycamore (716) 202-0595 Buffalo, NY 1 Facebook: @thejourney4buffalo (716) 898-3357 I/ Pastor Art & Lady Rashika Hall welcome you to worship and serve with us! Dr. James A. Lewis Ill

St. John Baptist Church 184 Goodell St. Buffalo, NY 14204 (716) 852-4504 Pastor Rev. Michael Chapman

Cold Spring .. C.O.G.I.C.J. 107 Verplank St. Buffalo, NY 14214 (716) 882-2052 Pastor Elder Joseph Wallace

Midtown Bible Church 1722 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14209 Rev. Brent C. McCalister, Pastor

"My love is My stronghold; he that entereth therein is safe and secure, ... " Boh6'u'l/6h

For more information 800-22-UNITE • 800-228-6483 •. . • !

943 Jefferson Ave. Buffalo, NY 14204 (716) 886-2199 District Elder Robert L. Sanders, Jr., Senior Pastor Lady Anitris Sanders, First Lady

Antioch Baptist Church

Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC) 943 Jefferson Ave Buffalo, NY 14204 (716) 886-2199 Bishop Robert Sanders, Sr., Presiding Apostle Lady Janice Sanders, First Lady

1327 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14211

Pastor Ulysees 0. Wingo Sr. (716) 895-0198 Fax: (716) 895-3612 Sunday Worship 10:30 am

Friendship Baptist Church

Mount Aaron Missionary Baptist Church

402 Clinton St. Buffalo NY 14204

540 Genesee St Buffalo NY 14202

(716) 847-1020 Rev. Edward Jackson Jr. Pastor

(716) 856-8035 Pastor Dwayne Jones

State Tabernacle

Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church

234 Glenwood Ave. Buffalo, NY 14208

Phone: 716.884.5203 • Fax: 716.882.0257 ( 716) 886-30 l 2 Email: Services: Sunday Schoel 9:30AM • Sunday Worship11AM Pastor: Elder Russell Bell Wednesday Bible Study:12 PM & 7PM (Zocm)

The Baha'i Faith

Greater Refuge Temple

Miracle Missions Full Gospel Church Inc.

Omega Fire Ministries 277 Masten Avenue Buffalo , NY 14209 Senior Pastor, John Kamara Service time Sundays at 2:00 PM Contact Number 716-370-4648

400 Northampton St. Buffalo NY 14208 (716) 885-8778 Rev. Jeffrey C. Chambless





Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022



WHAT IS THE PROJECT AREA? Mayor Byron W. Brown and the City of Buffalo, along with the Buffalo Sewer Authority and Buffalo Water, are planning improvements to Jefferson Avenue, between Main Street and Best Street.


Thursday, August 11, 2022


5:00 pm

As we continue the design phase of this project, we value the input from you and other residents, homeowners, or employers who live or work along Jefferson Avenue within the project area. We want to:

1324 Jefferson Avenue

Merriweather Library

Review the input that we received during public engagement efforts in 2021

On-street parking or parking in the city lot north of the Apollo Theater are available (access from Welker or Glenwood)

Explain the changes to the streetscape, based on initial feedback, that are envisioned for Jefferson Avenue and provide the opportunity for participants to continue providing input

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Provide the opportunity for participants to express their preference for different configurations of travel lanes, parking and bike facilities

WHAT IS THE TIME FRAME? The design phase is on-going and will continue in 2022, with construction expected to follow.

10:00 am

Makowski School (PS #99) 1095 Jefferson Avenue

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? TThe engineering and landscape architecture consultants will be holding two public input workshops in August at convenient locations along the corridor. Select the meeting time and location that works best for you. All workshops will be the same, so you only need to attend one.


There are future public meetings/events planned to share information and collect feedback during the design process. Check the project website periodically for updates and announcements:




Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

THE 33rd ANNUAL PINE GRILL JAZZ REUNION! Buffalo is Geared Up for Another Great FREE Jazz Reunion and Music Fest Sunday August 7 & 14!



f the Pre-Pine Grill event featuring the incomparable Marsha McWilson is any indication of what to expect for the upcoming event in MLK Park this weekend – it’s going to be awesome! Ms. McWilson performed an outstanding one-woman show to a standing room only audience last Friday in the Paul Robeson Theatre at the African American Cultural Center, sponsors of the Pine Grill. This year marks the 33rd annual gathering August 7 and 14, and organizers have worked hard to make it one of the best with nationally known artists and outstanding local performers who will entertain with all genres of music from Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Blues and Fusion to Hip-Hop and Soul! Although the entertainment starts at 3 p.m., for the first time this year reunion-goers are invited to visit with vendors who will be set up in the park as early as 1 p.m. before the show. The Pine Grill is always a FREE EVENT. However to show their appreciation to supporters, according to the Cultural Center’s Director Jackie Mines, this year there will be a special section for patrons and sponsors who donate $10 or more to support the work of the African American Cultural Center. It will be on a first come first serve basis and seats are limited. -The Lineup This Sunday’s lineup will feature Tee Nyce, Serena Young, DaMarka Wheeler, Lady Kathy Bowman, Jacqueline Cherry, Nicole Campfield, Marsha McWilson, Wendy Cox, Taveem Gibson and Vibrant Strings. Yao Kahlil Newkirk, Artistic Director at The Paul Robeson Theatre of the African American Cultural Center, is producing and hosting the first show. On Sunday, August 14, well known promoter Eric Martin has stepped to the plate to lend his decades of promotional skills and experience to produce the second show which will feature national acts Tom Browne and Danny Clay also, the All Star Band, Intuition, Next Level and Juke Boxxx. According to Yao, the intent is to make the event inclusive musically and while respecting tradition, build on what was; ranching out to others so they can appreciate the Pine Grill experience and continue to support the legacy.

Lavell Crawford COMEDY: At the Helium Comedy Club this weekend: Funnyman Lavell Crawford August 5-7 . Coming: Soon: Aug.19-21 Luenell Luenell.

PRE-PINE GRILL EVENT: Marsha McWilson performs at last Friday's Pre-Pine Grill one-woman concert..Street Legacy Photo by Darvin Adams -LegacyThe Pine Grill was a nightclub located on the corner of Jefferson and E. Ferry that was bursting with music during the heyday of Buffalo’s jazz scene – attracting some of the biggest national acts in music in the 50s and 60s. The spot where it once stood is now a parking lot next door to a drug store. We give thanks to the visionary late George K. Arthur, who founded the Pine Grill Jazz Reunion in 1989 and the dedication of the late Agnes Bain of the African Cultural Center who “held it down” for decades. The memories are in the people and the music, and the people and the music return every year to MLK Park to reunite, remember and give thanks. See you in the park! (For more information contact the African American Cultural Center at 716884-2013 or go to

MARSHA MCWILSON DAY! Marsha McWilson was tearfully, yet joyfully surprised when presented a proclamation from Mayor Byron Brown’s office declaring July 29, 2022 MARSHA MCWILSON DAY in the City of Buffalo NY. From left: Deputy Mayor Ellen Grant, Ms. McWilson, Cultural Center Director Jackie Mines and Board President Dorothea Baxter-Hughes. A review of her show next week!

Challenger Photo


“Knowing when to stop, you can avoid any danger.” -Tao Te Ching


Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

Hollywood Comes To Buffalo: Filmmaker Addison Henderson Award-Winning Film G.O.D. Premieres at NorthPark Theatre


Kuleta Pamoja (Come Together) outdoor market place every Saturday through September 25 at Johnnie B. Wiley Stadium, 1100 Jefferson Ave. Free. For info and opportunities call Latesha Wiley 716 390-0005 . Healing by the Water Event: Broderick Park Summer Freedom Celebrations Every Thursday and Sunday 5-8pm through September 20 at Foot of Ferry near Niagara Street. More info at brodericksummersupport. org . Free Scheduled Festivals and Events In July & August

21st Annual TD Jerk Fest Jerk Food and Music Festival Toronto

August 5th through 7th in Centennial Park in Etobicoke, 256 Centennial Park Road in Toronto. More Info and tickets go to jerkfestival. ca for details. Jamaican Market in Larkin Square with Chef Darien Bryan! Chef Darien Bryan’s 2nd Annual Jamaican Market Saturday August 6 11am -4pm at Larkin Square Celebrating Jamaican Culture. For more info go to @theplantingsociety on facebook and @chefdarianbryan on Instagram. Randy’s Summer Basketball Classic , Ceremony & Tribute to The Legends on Saturday, August 6 starting with the Basketball Classic from 11:30-1 p.m. at the Johnnie B. Wiley Stadium, 1100 Jefferson Avenue. Black Tie Red Carpet affair will follow at the George Urban Mansion, 280 Pine Ridge Road from 5:30-11 p.m

Taking It To The Streets Annual Event August 20

and 21, 11am -7pm MLK Park. For more info contact Anita Williams at 716 8914760 or 716 507-1931

25th Annual “Putting The Neighbor Back In The Hood” Sat., Aug. 6

and Sun., Aug. 7. Festivities on both days begin at 11 AM at Fillmore Ave. (Corner of E. Utica). On Saturday The 2022 Community Walk, Awards Ceremony and activities start at 11 AM at MLK Park along Fillmore Ave. to the corner of East Utica Ave. Afternoon activities including the Kevin (KJ) Jameson Box Ave. Playground Basketball Classic at Glenwood Park from 2 PM – 5 PM. Weekend activities conclude on Sun with a boat ride on the Miss Buffalo Boat Cruise at 4 PM. For more information contact masjidnumansite@ Rochester Pan Afrikan Festival. The A.B.O.V.E.organization's 14th Annual Pan Afrikan Festival.Enjoy a day of live music, food, vendors, cultural history & displays, activities, health activities/ information, and more. Saturday, August 6, from 11 AM to 8 PM .Highland Bowl-1137 South AvenueRochester NY.

Westy’s Sycamore Family and Friends for a Day Celebration Saturday August 6 in MLK Jr. Park at Tennis Court side shelters 1-5 from 12noon -8pm (rain or shine event) for more information contact Ray Folmar 716, 783 0099 or Diane Jenkins 716 892-8311 Drumwork Fest 2022 featuring Conway and Friends August 13 at Buffalo Outer Harbor Drive 225 Furhmann Blvd. 9pm – 2am presented by Seneca Casinos Outer Harbor Concert Series. Tickets groups/buffalowaterfront or visit and search the calendar. Northwest Jazz Festival WNY largest outdoor jazz festival runs August 26 and 27 located along Center Street in Historic Lewiston, New York (20 minutes from city of Buffalo) Learn more on

G.O.D. (GIVERS OF DEATH) will have its red carpet world premiere at the North Park Theatre on August 5th, with red carpet at 6pm and film screening at 7:30pm followed by a Q&A . Co-produced by Oscar-winning Lagralane Group, G.O.D. is the first narrative feature film from Buffalo’s own Addison Henderson who wrote, directed and starred in the film. “I got the idea for G.O.D. while working with Chadwick Boseman on the film, 21 BRIDGES. I wanted people to examine the meaning of life, question the universe, question God, and really think about what peace means to them. Inspiration hit me like a wave. I wrote day and night. And, as soon as we wrapped, I went to Buffalo and started raising capital for G.O.D. From script to screen was a nine month process. It was grueling and there were times when I didn’t think it was going to work out. But my team and I pulled through and brought my vision of G.O.D. to life,” says Henderson. Henderson is currently on a promotional tour for G.O.D. while preparing for his next film, Blythe, to be shot in Buffalo, NY in Spring of 2023. G.O.D. is an apocalyptic, urban sci-fi tale of redemption. It is the journey of a man, a detective, and an entire city’s quest for peace. Set in Henderson’s hometown, Buffalo New York, it follows characters as they navigate a world where a virus has wiped out one-third of the earth’s population. With no cure in sight and imminent, painful death befalling all victims, those who are too afraid to end their own lives hire hitmen known as Givers to bring them relief and peace. Villa Maria college who is sponsoring the premier is entering a strategic partnership to create a pipeline for their film students to work on Henderson’s films, as well as gain the production skills to enter the market place after graduation. G.O.D. (Givers of Death) will be available in select theaters and on demand August 5th, 2022. Tickets for the premier can be found on Tickets are $20 that include the screening Q& A and afterparty. Learn more about the film and work of Addison Henderson on

33rd Annual Pine Grill Jazz Reunion and Music Fest in MLK Park. Sunday

August 7 and Sunday August 14. Vendor hours from 1pm3pm Music Performances from 3pm-9pm. For more info go to

Buffalo Funk Fest Weekend (a Rick James tribute event) August 26,

27 and 28. On Friday Aug. 26 Jefferson Avenue Block Party 5pm -10pm on Jefferson @utica . On Saturday Aug. 27 Art of Funk, Noon – 6pm Jefferson @utica then on Sunday Aug. 28 the main stage event for the anticipated Buffalo Funk Fest Music Event 4pm-10pm in MLK Park Questions and Info email marnettamalcolm@ 6th Annual Beau Fleuve Music and Arts Celebration Sunday August 28 at 2pm (all day event) Buffalo Central Terminal 495 Paderewski Dr. For more info and tickets go to


weekly Thursday Healing at the Water event at Broderick Park took on special meaning recently when extraordinary musicians Oscar Alston (formerly Rick James bassist) and Earl Roberson (formerly of the Gap Brand) were joined by talented harmonica player Omega Stafford who turned the park out! There's talk about making jam sessions a regular feature. Got an instrument? Bring it to Broderick!

Now open for a limited time! Tickets at


Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

East Side Hard Hit by Tree Loss City is cutting down trees at a faster clip in Masten and Fillmore districts than in other parts of the community


By Layne Dowdall Investigative Post

uffalo is cutting down twice as many trees as it’s planting. The rate of tree loss is greater in parts of the East Side. Masten District, for example, lost four times as many trees as were planted. Citywide, more than 4,300 trees were removed from 2016 through 2020. Only about 1,900 new ones were planted. “The green infrastructure on the East Side is extraordinarily weak,” said Henry Taylor, director of the Center for Urban Studies at the University at Buffalo. “It is one of the most despicable things that I can imagine because of the relationship of a green infrastructure, especially a tree canopy, to health outcomes,” he continued. “The trees aren’t there just to be beautiful, they’re there to help cleanse and purify the air. They're there to help create an environment where they absorb groundwater and these other things.” Communities with fewer trees often experience higher rates of asthma and other respiratory diseases, as well as more cardiovascular and psychological disorders. This inequity is a problem many cities across the country are facing, said Ian Leahy, vice president of urban forestry at American Forests, a national nonprofit researching tree equity in cities. “We’re in this situation of this big tree equity gap,” Leahy said. “And it’s going to take an investment at the local level to fix.” The city has budgeted nearly $1 million for tree-related operations this year, mostly to cover personnel and contractors. Another million in bonds have been sold this year to cover the purchase and planting of trees, among other expenses. While the city is spending about one-third more than it was a decade ago, some residents feel it should be investing more. Experts and local advocates offer a lot of solutions. Re-Tree Western New York, for example, said they’d help water and maintain trees on the East Side, if they could raise the necessary funding. “We just don’t have the money for it,” said Paul Maurer, chairman of Re-Tree WNY. Part of the problem is a decision made by city officials over half a century ago to replace elm trees, which were devastated by disease, with maple and linden trees. They turned out to be a poor choice and are aging out, necessitating their removal. Buffalo has lost about 2 percent of its urban forest since 2016: 1,893 trees have been planted and 4,348 removed, resulting in a net loss of 2,455 trees. Masten and Fillmore districts lost the most. In Masten, four trees were removed for every one planted, resulting in an overall loss of 375 trees. In Fillmore, the rate of removals to plantings was three to one, with an overall loss of 355 trees. Eighty-eight percent of Masten residents are people of color. Thirty-six percent live below the poverty line. The poverty rate is even higher in Fillmore, at 41 percent, where 60 percent of residents identify as minorities. North and Niagara districts lost the fewest trees, averaging close to the citywide rate of two trees removed for every one tree planted. Plantings can be requested by residents through the city’s 311 Call Center. It generally takes about a year before trees are planted. New trees require aftercare, which is often left up to residents. And research shows residents often don’t want new trees planted until current trees are properly maintained. “Very few people actually oppose having trees around, but what they oppose was the lack of maintenance,” said Leahy, with American Forests. Tree coverage is not just a matter of aesthetics; it also has health implications, especially on the East Side. “You’re talking about a section of a Buffalo that’s dissected by all these major thoroughfares, which means that on a daily basis there are thousands of cars and trucks and buses moving through the East Side spewing all kinds of pollution in the air,” Taylor said. “What we find are much higher rates of asthma. Much, much higher rates of chronic respiratory disease among African Americans. And other issues that a strong [tree] coverage could help to mitigate.” Taylor said this is an issue the city should be able to address. “Green infrastructure. That’s not complicated,” Taylor said. “You put trees, you plant shrubbery, you maintain them. You create stormwater gardens. I mean, there’s all kinds of things that you can do.”

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11 VOICES A Response To Dr. Virginia A. Batchelor POETRY

Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

Still No Help for Many Survivors


By Myles Carter IG @myles4sheriff

t’s been over two months since the racist terror attack took place at Tops on Jefferson, and much of Buffalo is back to business as usual. The meetings have ended, the media has cleared out and Tops is back open for business in the community. Through all of it, there are many survivors of the attack that are still working to heal. Mental health has been a huge focus for the community coming out of the attack. Kishia Douglas is one person who survived the attack, out of the many that were in the store that day. She was at register one, purchasing a Juicy Juice and was next in line when she heard gun shots and saw bullets flying through the store. Kishia survived that day, she wasn’t shot and didn’t go to the hospital, but something changed for her. When Kishia went back to work, she couldn’t focus and was sent home two days in a row. She hasn’t been back to work since. It was on May 24th that she mustered up the strength and took a trip to the Resource Council of WNY, Inc located at the old YMCA at 347 E Ferry St. and applied for the various forms of assistance they have available, including victim services. The Office of Victim Services is set up to provide relief for those who are victims of crime. Kishia applied, she completed her application, waited for roughly a month, and completed her phone interview with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and continued to wait. On July, 5th Kishia received a text message from someone at the Office of Victim Services letting her know that her application was still being processed. It was three weeks later that Kishia received a letter in the mail from Victim Services informing her that her claim has been denied and that she must first apply for workers compensation before she is eligible for victim service’s financial assistance. Kishia is not an employee of Tops and does not have a claim for workers compensation as she was a shopper that day. The letter Kishia received came days after she received the notice of the final protocol for the 5/14 Survivors Fund. Kishia learned through the final protocol that even relief from the 5/14 Survivors Fund is not immediate and overlooks the pressing need to keep her bills in order. According to the final protocol, individuals in category D which are those present in the store and not physically injured are eligible for advance of up to $3500, substantially less than categories A and B. However, there is no application for her to receive the advance and when she contacted the fund to inquire about it, she was told that the applications will be available on August 16th and there will be a selection to request the advance. Of the $155,000 that the fund has already distributed in advance, Kishia is not eligible at this time. She left to apply for social services, other aide from organizations in WNY and seeks help from family and friends. Kishia’s story is one out of many of the survivors of the Tops racist terror attack that took place on May 14, 2022. Many victims feel as though their injuries and traumas are overlooked as people continue to focus on the lives lost that day and not working to heal those that are still with us. She says the compassion fund used her status as a victim to continue to collect money for their fundraiser but is not providing fair treatment or even adequate assistance to meet her needs. If you or someone you know is a victim of the racist terror attack that took place of 5/14 contact for additional information on the assistance that is available or to have your story heard.

By George Johnson


ack in September 2013 a Broderick Park re-dedication and Underground Railroad Commemoration took place. After many years of working on the project with professional people, community organizations, anglers, consultants, Buffalo Quarters and others, we eventually all came together and called ourselves The Friends Of Broderick Park. At the 2013 dedication The Friends of Broderick Park were never recognized as the other group that helped make it happen, other than Buffalo Quarters Historical Society . So everyone walked away and let them and the City take care of the Park. The Friends of. Broderick Park ultimately had to reconvene because of the lack of care and upkeep of the Broderick park. There was overgrown shrubbery, the grass was not being properly cut, there was garbage everywhere, broken lights, unsafe sink holes, unsafe fencing. To this day, even the garden dedicated in honor of Mrs. Bachelor has been totally ignored, and the list goes on. Ms. Lillian Bachelor has done some amazing things for Broderick Park; a historic site recognized for being a part of the Underground Railroad. That's one of the reasons that we made sure when the Park was redone, that there would be a garden created in her honor. However since The Garden: weeds, overgrown shrub2013 , Dr. Virginia A. Batchelor nor anyone from bery, no flowers. Johnson Photo her family or the Buffalo Quarters, has come to the Garden or any other part of the park to help in any organized cleanups; not even to pull a weed or to plant a flower! This Park is Scared Ground for the people, not just for Dr. Virginia A. Batchelor and Family and Mayor Brown. The $11 million dollars that was used for capital improvement was taxpayers money. As we move forward to bring people to the park, we must learn to work together in a collaborative effort to continue the legacy of those people that came before us -.even if it means bringing issues to light so that they can be corrected for the good of the whole. Everyone has something to contribute to tell the story.

BLACKMAN/BLACK WOMAN SEEDS OF THE PO/ET/TREE #12 By BaBa Eng When Truth Talks All Things Are Answered In Tangibles That Endure Because Treasures Are Valuable And In Love Value Is Unconditional Making Such Fusions Everlasting Calculated By Understanding Each Value Of The Other Without Distractions Only Increases In One... The above poem, by BabaEng is from his new book, "Black Man/Black Woman Seeds of the PO/ET/TREE." He is hosting a book signing Sunday,,August 7 at 11 East Utica from 5-7. The commuity is inited to attend.

(Mr. Johnson is President of the Friends of. Broderick Park. He is also founder of the annual summer “Family Fishing Day” event which has, over the years, attracted thousands to Broderick Park.)

Covering the Kensington Expressway Will Do Nothing to Restore Our Community Dear Editor: Back in the olden times, the 1950s, on summer evenings, a couple times a week, my sisters and I would walk up our street to Humboldt Parkway and walk the seven or so blocks along the grassy, tree lined median, on our way to the Museum of Science (as it was known then) to study about plants, bugs, stars, and all that stuff. Along the way we greeted the birds, squirrels, horses and their riders. Yes, the parkway median invited walking, biking, horseback riding, or .. ."just chilling." On either side of the parkway, we admired the stately homes, while wondering how rich these people must be. We didn't realize at the time that they were not wealthy, but hard working, accomplished professionals, educators, and the like - upper middle class black people and white folks. Years later the parkway was demolished and excavated, replaced by a canyon named the Kensington Expressway. This was done in order to facilitate motor vehicle traffic quick access to downtown by residents from the fringe of the city and suburbanites, while insulating them from contact with innercity residents. This resulted in irreversible damage to neighborhood cohesion, structural damage to buildings, as well as permanent air quality and negative health impacts. Covering the Kensington expressway will do nothing to Restore Our Community. Adjacent housing has deteriorated and economic demographics have been forever altered. Financial assistance such as grants to owner occupied homes and loans to landlords to repair structural, health and safety deficiencies is what will Restore Our Community. Repair and maintenance of infrastructure such as lights, sidewalks, trees and roads, and our parks will restore our community. Much love to the ROCC, Olmstead Park Conservancy, Scajaquada Corridor Coalition, NYS Dept. of Transportation and other concerned and honorable entities. But let's be real - The process of - covering, or back filling the Kensington will serve only to enrich contractors and politicians and further devalue existing homes, and increase pollution, while leaving the rest of the community in shambles. The damage has been done my friends. Lets move our beloved community forward not backwards. -Brent J. Rollins


Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

Nasir Porter: Gone too Soon


Tragic accident Takes The Life of Promising Young Cyclist

asir Porter, 21, transitioned on July 16, 2022, due to a tragic motorcycle accident on the Route 33. Nasir was enrolled at the Northland Workforce Training Center studying Mechanical Engineering Technology and was working as a screen cloth operator at Derrick Corporation. A young man full of life, love and respect, he will be remembered for his infectious smile, politeness and easy going demeanor. He was dedicated to serving, especially to his family, as he was very family oriented. He leaves behind to cherish his loving memory his parents, Danielle Sharp and Rashawn Porter, maternal and paternal grandparents, brothers, and a host of close family members and friends. On July 23, his family and friends gathered and shutdown the Route 33 just before the Best St. exit, for a prayer and balloon release. This was to honor and pay

fully no one was injured, and no emergency vehicles were prohibited. They peacefully gathered, slowed traffic down, and even allowed some traffic through. It was well organized and tastefully done. Nasir’s service was held Tuesday, July 26 at Greater Refuge Temple, 943 Jefferson Avenue, officiated by Elder Timothy Sanders. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. May His soul rest in the eternal fields of Heaven. #LongLiveNasir S.C.

BILLS Continued

homage to his life, that was cut short, as they mourned in the very place where his life was tragically lost. The shutdown lasted no more than 20 minutes, and thank-

reasons). I can’t give a true report on the offensive line with so many pieces missing but I can say several guys are being manhandled by the defensive line. Yes, offensive linemen Tommy Doyle, Spencer Brown and David Quessenberry are having a tough time with their defensive counterparts. Bills rookie Punter Matt Ara-

Diasporic Briefs

New Somali Newspaper in England Pushes Back Against Racist Reporting A Somali community in the north of England is using the power of the press to beat the media at its own game. Sick of seeing negative headline after negative headline they decided to publish Sasca News, their own bilingual newspaper, to bring the community closer together.

Displaced Children

According to the UN, the Congo has one of the largest displaced populations in the world. Approximately 42%

of all displaced people in the world are children.

iza is giving incumbent Matt Haack stiff competition for the position. I think the preseason games will determine who will be Buffalo Bills punter in 2022. The biggest item that I noticed about team so far is its depth at almost every position and that’s a big reason why so many other NFL teams have their scouting personnel attending Training Camp due to the fact the Buffalo Bills will be cutting an awful lot of good talented football players. The pads have only been on for several days and things will continue to get very tense as jobs will be on the line in the coming weeks. The dust up between Josh Allen and defensive tackle at the end of Saturdays practice came up because he held the ball way too long and tried to stumble into the end zone from two yards out but Phillips met him at the goal line. Josh and all the QB’s are wearing Red Jerseys meaning they’re not to be hit but it’s tough not to once you run right into the teeth of tx or possibly some real fights breaking out as guys get really serious about landing a job with The Buffalo Bills. I’ll discuss week two of Buffalo Bills Training Camp in next week’s edition. Follow me on FACEBOOK, Real Deal Sports Show FACEBOOK PAGE, Like the Page, TWITTER: George Radney@ georgeradman, YouTube Real Deal Sports Show (Please Subscribe via YouTube), RADIO: WLGZ HD2 The Beat 105.5 FM Every Saturday morning 8 AM – 9 AM, Live Call - in radio show. WHTK 1280 AM FOXSPORTS What’s Going on The Experience, Every Sunday morning 8 AM – 9 AM

Outcry Over Killing Of African Migrant In Italian Town The death of a Nigerian migrant who was attacked in broad daylight in central Italy has sparked outrage. The assault on a disabled Nigerian street trader by a white factory worker in Civitanova Marche town center was captured on video last Friday by onlookers without any attempt to intervene. A 32-year-old Italian has been arrested on suspicion of murder and robbery. Police – as well as the lawyer for the killer - claim nothing from their investigations seem to suggest “elements of racial hatred.” However the Marches region, where Civitanova is, has been the scene of heinous crimes against migrants. In February

2018, an Italian right-wing sympathizer shot and wounded six African immigrants in Macerata, some 19 miles inland from Civitanova Marche, marking the city as a bastion of intolerance. Two years earlier, a Nigerian man was killed in the city of Fermo, just south of Civitanova, after he tried to defend his wife from racist slurs. LEGAL NOTICE

ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed bids for Project No. 47050-C, comprising a contract for Construction Work, Fuel Tank Modification & Environmental Remediation - Western Region, Service Contract, Design & Construction, GNARESP Corning Tower, Albany (Albany County), NY will be received by the Office of General Services (OGS), Design & Construction Group (D&C), Division of Contract Management, 35th Fl., Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12242, on behalf of the Office of General Services, until 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, when they will be publicly opened and read. Each bid must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders and must be accompanied by a bid security (i.e. certified check, bank check, or bid bond in the amount of $251,000 for C). All successful bidders will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and a Labor and Material Bond pursuant to Sections 136 and 137 of the State Finance Law, each for 100% of the amount of the Contract estimated to be between $10,000,000 and $11,000,000 for C. Designated staff are Jessica Cook, Jessica Hoffman, and Pierre Alric in the Division of Contract Management, telephone (518) 474-0203, fax (518) 4737862. Pursuant to Public Buildings Law § 8(6), effective January 11, 2020, for any projects where the project design commenced on or after January 1, 2020 and for any contracts over $5,000 for the work of construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, or improvement of any State building, a responsible and reliable NYS-certified Minority or Women-Owned Business Enterprise that submits a bid within ten percent of the lowest bid will be deemed the apparent low bidder provided that the bid is $1,400,000 or less, as adjusted annually for inflation beginning January 1, 2020. If more than one responsible and reliable MWBE firm meets these requirements, the MWBE firm with the lowest bid will be deemed the apparent low bidder. ___Project commenced design before January 1, 2020. Not subject to provision. XX Project commenced design on or after January 1, 2020. Subject to provision. No pre-bid site visits have been scheduled for this project and prospective bidders are not allowed to visit the project site or facility buildings and grounds to take measurements or examine existing conditions. Pursuant to New York State Executive Law Article 15-A and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, OGS is required to promote opportunities for the maximum feasible participation of New York State-certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (“MWBEs”) and the employment of minority group members and women in the performance of OGS contracts. All bidders are expected to cooperate in implementing this policy. OGS hereby establishes an overall goal of 30% for MWBE participation, 15% for Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (“MBE”) participation and 15% for WomenOwned Business Enterprises (“WBE”) participation (based on the current availability of qualified MBEs and WBEs). The total contract goal can be obtained by utilizing any combination of MBE and /or WBE participation for subcontracting and supplies acquired under this Contract. Trades with 0% goals are encouraged to make “good faith efforts” to promote and assist in the participation of MWBEs on the Contract for the provision of services and materials. Article 17-B of the New York State Executive Law provides for more meaningful participation in public procurement by certified Service-Disabled VeteranOwned Businesses (“SDVOBs”). Bidders are expected to consider SDVOBs in the fulfillment of the requirements of the Contract. Such participation may be as subcontractors or suppliers, as protégés, or in other partnering or supporting roles. OGS hereby establishes overall goals for SDVOBs’ participation under this contract as follows: 6% for the C trade contractor, based on the current availability of qualified SDVOBs. Trades with 0% goals are encouraged to make “good faith efforts” to promote and assist in the participation of SDVOBs on the Contract for the provision of services and materials. The Bidding and Contract Documents for this Project are available for viewing and downloading from OGS Design & Construction’s plan room hosting service, Bid Express. Vendors wishing to view and/or download bid documents must complete a one-time registration for the Bid Express service. There is no cost to register for Bid Express. Registration along with viewing and downloading of documents can be accessed at the following link: http://www. For questions about downloading of bid documents, please send an e-mail to, or call the Bid Express toll-free number at (888) 352-2439. For all other questions, please send an email to, or call (518) 474-0203. For additional information on this project, please use the link below and then click on the project number: OGS Design & Construction Group


Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

LLC Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company JenesaisquoiBuffalo LLC filed with SSNY of Erie County on June 9, 2022 as designated agent for process and shall be mailed to 1633 Hertel Ave Buffalo NY 14216. Purpose: any lawful purpose. July 28, August 4,11,18,25 Sept.1

LLC Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company The Franklin Crocker Show LLC Arts of Organization were filed by the NY Department of State on May 5th 2022. Its office location is Erie County. NY’s Sec’y of State is designated as agent upon whom process may be served. The Sec’y shall mail a copy of any process to the LLC at 100 S Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY, 14202. Suite 404 Purpose:any lawful purpose. July 28, August 4,11,18,25, Sept. 1

LLC Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company Live Safe NY LLC filed Articles of Organization with the NY Dept. of State July 15, 2022 Office of the LLC: 54 fairfield st., Buffalo, NY 14214 Erie County. The NY Secretaryof State has been designated as the agent upon whom process may be served. NYSS may mail a copy of process 54 Fairfield St. Buffalo NY 14214. Purpose Retail and online sales of sporting goods and personal devices. July 28, August 4,11,18,25 Sept.1

LLC Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company Alpha & Omega Contracting and Consulting Services, LLC filed 9-2018 Office: Erie Co. SSNY designated as agent for process & shall mail to: 671 Northumberland Ave, Buffalo, NY 14215 Purpose: All lawful July 7, 14,21,28 August 4, 11

LLC Notice of Formation of Limited Liability Company Jess Nailin it Nailtique LLC filed Articles of Organization with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 3/16/22. Office location: Erie County. SSNY is designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 583 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14223. Purpose: any lawful act or activity. July 21, 28, August 4,11,18,25

LLC Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company JOHN CAMPFIELD & ASSOCIATES L.L.C. filed with SSNY on 4/18/2022. 946 Main St. Buffalo. NY 14202. County of Erie. LEGALINC Corporate Services Inc. designated as the agent upon whom process may be served. NYSS may mail a copy of process to LLC at 1967 WEHRLE DRIVE SUITE 1 #086 BUFFALO NY 14221. Purpose: Life Insurance, Mediation, Business Mentorship. Life Coaching. July 21, 28 August 4,11,18,25





NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT ERIE COUNTY U.S. BANK TRUST, N.A., AS TRUSTEE FOR LSF9 MASTER PARTICIPATION TRUST, Plaintiff against JENNIFER G. FLANNERY, ERIE COUNTY PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR, AS ADMINISTRATOR C.T.A. OF THE ESTATE OF JUNE M. CURLEY A/K/A JUNE CURLEY, et al Defendant(s) Attorney for Plaintiff(s) Stern & Eisenberg, P.C., Woodbridge Corporation Plaza, 485B Route 1 South, Suite 330, Iselin, NJ 08830. Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered March 28, 2022, I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder at Closing Room of the Erie County Clerk's Office located on the first floor of 92 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202 on August 18, 2022 at 10:30 AM. Premises known as 1740 Parker Boulevard, Tonawanda, NY 14150. Sec 53.84 Block 5 Lot 11. All that certain property situate in the Town of Tonawanda, County of Erie and State of New York. Approximate Amount of Judgment is $93,322.04 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index No 811153/2019. For sale information, please visit or call (800) 280-2832. During the COVID-19 health emergency, Bidders are required to comply with all governmental health requirements in effect at the time of the sale including but not limited to wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing (at least 6-feet apart) during the auction, while tendering deposit and at any subsequent closing. Should a bidder fail to comply, the Referee may refuse to accept any bid, cancel the closing and hold the bidder in default. Bidder are also required to comply with the Foreclosure Auction Rules and COVID-19 Health Emergency Rules issued by the Supreme Court of this County in addition to the conditions set forth in the Terms of Sale. Daria Pratcher, Esq., Referee NY201900000708-1

NOTICE OF SALE IN FORECLOSURE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ERIE WILMINGTON SAVINGS FUND SOCIETY, FSB, AS TRUSTEE OF STANWICH MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST E, Plaintiff, v. ANY UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, DISTRIBUTEES OR SUCCESSORS IN INTEREST OF THE LATE ROBERT J. BARKSDALE, JR. A/K/A ROBERT BARKSDALE, JR. A/K/A ROBERT J. BARKSDALE A/K/A ROBERT BARKSDALE, ET AL, Defendants. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT In pursuance of a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered in the office of the County Clerk of Erie County on June 06, 2022, I, Etido Udousoro, Esq. the Referee named in said Judgment, will sell in one parcel at public auction on August 23, 2022 at the Closing Room of the Erie County Clerk`s Office located on the first floor of 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 at 10:30 AM, County of Erie, State of New York, the premises described as follows: 41 Haven Street Buffalo, NY 14211 SBL No.: 101.33-6-25 ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND situate in the City of Buffalo, County of Erie, State of New York. The premises are sold subject to the provisions of the filed judgment, Index No. 808832/2018 in the amount of $32,773.02 plus interest and costs. The aforementioned auction will be conducted in accordance with the Court System's COVID-19 mitigation protocols and as such all persons must comply with social distancing, wearing masks and screening practices in effect at the time of this foreclosure sale. Arden L. Florian Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP Plaintiff's Attorney 500 Bausch & Lomb Place Rochester, NY 14604 Tel.: 855-227-5072 72520 July 21, 28, August 4, 8

Request for Bids Buffalo and Erie County Industrial Land Development Corporation Renaissance Commerce Park Odell & Ridge Road Sewer & Water Extensions Project The Buffalo and Erie County Industrial Land Development Corporation (ILDC) in collaboration with Design & Engineer of Record C&S Companies, is soliciting Bids from qualified General Contractors for the procurement and installation of new sewer and water line extensions from Route 5 at Odell and Ridge Road extending into the Renaissance Commerce Park per the Construction Documents provided with the Request for Bids. To retrieve a copy of the Bid Package electronically, visit the ECIDA/ ILDC website at http://www.ecidany. com/requests_for_proposals for more information. All updates to Bid Documents will be posted to the website as necessary. Bid package documents will be made available through Avalon Document Services, 40 LaRiviere Drive, Buffalo, NY 14202, beginning Monday, August 1, 2022 for their applicable fee(s). For more details, please see the Notice to Bidders section of the posted Project Manual. Proposals are due by 12:00 pm, September 7, 2022, to the offices of the ECIDA/ILDC at 95 Perry Street, Suite 403, Buffalo, NY 14203, Attention: John Cappellino

LEGAL NOTICE Bid COUNTY OF ERIE ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Grover Cleveland Golf Course Schenck House & Restroom Roof Replacement & Structural Repairs PROJECT NO. 2022-911-01 Sealed bids for General Construction for the above project will be received by the County’s Commissioner of Public Works in Suite 1400 of the Rath County Office Building, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 until 10:30 AM local time on August 15, 2022, at which time they will be opened and read aloud. NYS Vendor Responsibility Form CCA-2 A/B/C, NYSDOL wage rates, MBE/WBE, Apprenticeship program, and Local and Disadvantaged Workforce requirements may apply to this project. Additional information must be found at:

Notice of Formation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company PeteTheGod LLC filed Articles of Organization with the NY Dept. of State: March 18, 2022. Office of the LLC: Western New York Law Center, 37 FRANKLIN STREET SUITE 210 Buffalo, NY, 14202, Erie County. NYSS may mail a copy of process to the LLC: 222 Lisbon ave Buffalo NY,14215. Purpose: any lawful act or activity. July 21, 28, August 4,11,18,25

LEGAL NOTICE Erie County Department of Environment & Planning is seeking Project Manager for U.S. EPA-funded Buffalo River Habitat Restoration Grant. For information:

LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF INVITATION TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL FOR THREE YEAR TERM (2023 – 2025) PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES Proposals are requested by the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning, Division of Sewerage Management (DEP/DSM) for a three (3) year term agreement for various projects (work orders) in Erie County Sewer District Nos. 1 through 6 and 8. The highest rated respondents will be selected to enter into a three (3) year term agreement for 2023, 2024 and 2025 with the County. In accordance with Local Law No. 6, proposals are hereby invited for the subject project. Proposals are to be submitted in the exact format of submittal available from Erie County Department of Environment and Planning, Division of Sewerage Management, Room 1034, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York 14202. Proposals will be due September 2, 2022 at 12:00pm. The DEP/DSM emphasizes that declining to respond at any step of the procurement process prior to selection will not hinder firms from being solicited for future work. To obtain a copy of the RFP guidelines, please visit the following website, purchasing/index.php?q=requestsproposals-amp-construction-bids. Alternatively, you may e-mail DSM@ This invitation does not commit Erie County nor its DEP/DSM to accept any proposal, nor does it obligate Erie County for any costs associated with preparing or submitting proposals. BY:Joseph Fiegl, P.E., BCEE Deputy Commissioner Erie County Department of Environment & Planning Division of Sewerage Management Date: 7/29/22 Published: 8/4/22

LEGAL NOTICE Bid COUNTY OF ERIE ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Department of Social Services 3rd Floor Renovations Rath Building, 95 Franklin St Buffalo, NY 14202 PROJECT NO. 2018-816-02 Separate sealed bids for: General, Electrical and Plumbing Construction work for the above project will be received by the County’s Commissioner of Public Works in Suite 1400 of the Rath County Office Building, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 until 10:30 AM local time on August 22, 2022, at which time they will be opened and read aloud. NYS Vendor Responsibility Form CCA-2 A/B/C, NYSDOL wage rates, MBE/WBE, Apprenticeship program, and Local and Disadvantaged Workforce requirements may apply to this project. Additional information must be found at:

EMPLOYMENT Full-time Chief Executive Officer

Cazenovia Recovery Systems, Inc. is seeking a full-time Chief Executive Officer. The successful candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to and passion for the agency’s mission, a minimum of four years of senior leadership experience in organization administration, program development, substance use disorders, and mental health. Demonstrated experience in grant management, strong communication skills, a collaborative workstyle and experience in working with a Board of Directors. Required educational background: Master’s degree in a Social Sciences, Human Relations, or Business Administration field. Terminal Degree preferred. The salary range for this position is $160,000 - $180, 000 with a competitive benefit package. Send letter of interest highlighting key qualifications and resume to: CEOSuccession@ by August 26, 2022. For more information, visit

Olmstead Housing Specialist

Health Homes Care Coordinator

NY Connects Independent Living Outreach Specialist

Facilitated Enroller

Help individuals seeking eligibility for Housing subsidy to transition from Institutional setting to the community. Asso deg and min 2 yrs exp req. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, Inc 3108 Main St. Buffalo, NY, 14214 EEOC

Help connect aging or disabled individuals and their Families to support groups and streamline access to Public benefits and application assistance. Asso. degree and human services exp. req. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, Inc 3108 Main St Buffalo, NY, 14214 employment@ EEOC

Independent Living Specialist

Coordinate living skills, evaluations, And trainings for persons with disabilities. Associate Degree required. Position is PT. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, Inc, 3108 Main St Buffalo, NY 14214 EEOC


Buffalo Employment and Training Center

BETC 716-856-5627

Help enroll consumers in a Health Home. Help decrease costs of consumers being Served in a Health Home. Bachelor’s & 5 yrs exp. Req. Resume and Cover letter to WNYIL Inc 3108 Main St Buffalo NY 14214 employment@ EEOC Educate, engage and enroll individuals over 65, To address their needs for health insurance by Following LCDSS requirements. HS diploma & 5 yrs exp req. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, INC 3108 Main St Buffalo NY 14214 EEOC

Program Specialist

Coordinate the GOW Counties Continuum of Care & maximize Community participation. Resume and cover letter to WNYIL, Inc, 3108 Main St Buffalo, NY 14214 EEOC

Part-Time Office Assistant

Part-Time Office AssistantMake phone calls, file, answer phones, data entry, and payment processing. Professional phone etiquette. M-F. Call or email for info (716)931-5200 or email:


Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022


ATTORNEYS PRATCHER & ASSOCIATES Franklin Muhammad (Pratcher) Attorney 1133 Kensington Avenue (716) 838-4612

SUN 7/24 MID-5-8-7


MID-5-0-2-1 EVE-0-4-0-5

MON 7/25 MID-7-4-6

TUES 7/26 MID-9-4-9

WED 7/27 MID-7-9-8

MID-2-0-1-9 EVE-6-8-5-8

MID-2-3-5-4 EVE-0-0-0-7




THURS 7/28 FRI 7/29 MID-4-3-9 MID-0-4-8



SAT 7/30 MID-5-1-2

MID-0-7-9-0 EVE-5-4-4-1

MID-9-4-0-4 EVE-3-3-4-1

MID-8-0-2-3 EVE-5-8-1-7

MID-7-2-1-2 EVE-6-3-1-5



MID-01-02-06-19-26 MID-01-08-15-26-35 MID-08-12-17-26-36 MID-07-16-20-28-34 MID-02-25-34-35-37 MID-10-18-31-32-34 MID- 03-05-07-29-35 EVE-11-14-25-30-37 EVE-02-08-14-21-31 EVE-11-19-21-27-29 EVE-003-10-18-20-31 EVE-03-06-13-14-17 EVE-08-22-28-31-32 EVE-02-03-16-24-27


22-24-33-34-43-49 +30






02-10-17-18-21-41 +04




AUTO BEN’S Downtown Tire

50 Sycamore (cor. Elm) (716) 856-1066 or 894-1483

BAKERY Taste of Supreme 100% Gluten Free Vegan Goodies Contact the Supreme Bakers

(585) 285 - 5496 Rochester Public Market 280 N. Union St. BLDG. B #44


FLORISTS MAUREEN’S Flower Market 441 Ellicott St. * 852-4600


Davis Honey

Local Raw Honey Retail / Wholesale Rochester Public Market 280 N. Union St. BLDG. B (315 )730-5780


FLEA MARKET 1870 FILLMORE (near Kensington) Thursday & Friday 12-5 pm Saturday 9-5 PM Sunday 12-5 PM JEFF MOORE (716) 361-4900

Zakiyyah’s Rundown (ZR) Daily Vibrations

Challenger Hits

Midday 781-852-612-754-156-801=645-580-234-537-121065-720-626-435-468-075-716-214-250-128-813-576- 5-8-7 ZR(box) 802201-473-354-160-212-512-469-801-066-980-194- 7-4-6 ZR, $Book (box) ZR (straight & 580-075-467-890-944-357-909-434-680-073-456-708- 7-9-8 box) 286-110-781-009-769-234-145-136-044-074-347-092- 4-3-9 Ma Ruth, Quick $ 651-908-756-090-108-652-882-681-192-345-678-978- (box) Luckie Duckie 567-786-846-675-677-147-790-052-453-132--534-361- 0-4-8 (box) 798-107=457-091-791-225-883-801-089-435-195-534361-890-219-345-234-256-789-310-856-792-876-429- Evening MA RUTH SPEAKS THE TRUTH! SURE HITS!

Aquarius -496-235-165-579 168-985-678-198-256-890-054- Pisces - 056-362-237-694 Cancer - 482-372-895-718 698-679-943-001-202-147-001- Aries - 289-946-034-594 865-732-855-648-514-996-202- Taurus -258-231-026-695 Gemini-495-257-694-508 Leo-345-213-157-201 Virgo 385-291-431-170 Libra -247-723-179-501 Scorpio - 453-253-571-597 Sagittarius - 389-701-234754 & 860 Best Numbers to Play 924 Capricorn:893-275-342-506



9-4-1 #Book, Cash $ (box) 6-8-8 Quick $, Luckie Duckie(box) 6-8-8 Quick $, Luckie Duckie (box) 7-2-9 ZR, Quick $ (box) 1-6-2 Luckie Duckie (box)

CASH$$$$ 7890-0743-121

quick money THE NUMBER BOOK 017-430-034-501189-809-444 708-469-801-066 483-656-491-248886-980-422 781-980-194-580 322-522-355 853-9961 805-075-467-890 800-592-390 579-944-357-909 luckie duckie 394-833-924 680-434-680-073 127-909-418 743-133-202- 335 -2015678-456-708-286 927-313-466 4444-1871-0978 230-110-781-009 124-550-098 920-536-580-697 134-431--143511-005-201

584 - 049-012 360-211-842 237-120-910

075-356-579-498 4-WAY2015 Midday 0-4-9

GAMMA’S AUGUST PICS 242-013-890-134-246-397 BEST TRIPLE 333


980-422-809-981989-970-990-080-800515-996-390-196-102581-752-319-408-378352-126-189-444-886514- 332-522-112-432421-423-154-039-524

GRANDMA'S AUGUST- DOUBLES 772-544-001-488 Madam Ozlla's Predictions 249-752-239-501-381-953-382-935-472-843-795-841863-008-444-9967-5037-2156-3034-1342-1027


Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

CALENDAR OF EVENTS SAT. AUG. 6 Randy’s Summer Basketball Classic: Basketball 11:30-1 P.m. Johnnie B. Wiley Stadium. Followed by Awards Gala 5:30-11 p.m. George Urban Mansion, 289 Pine Ridge. Tickets $50 at Doris Records and St. Brian Clothiers Main & Utica . Putting the Neighbor Back In The Hood” Fillmore & E Utica. Starts at 11 a.m. SUN. AUG. 7 PINE GRILL JAZZ REUNION AND MUSIC FEST, 3 P.M. MLK PARK. A book Signing by Baba Eng author of “Black Man/Black Woman Seeds of the PO/ET/TREE” will take place on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 11 East Utica, from 5:00-7:00pm. Putting the Neighbor Back In The Hood” Fillmore & E Utica. Starts at 11 a.m. MON. AUG. 8 Hustle For Health Urban Line Dance Fitness Gloria Parks C enter, 3242 Main St. 12 noon - 1p.m FREE ages55+ (716)832-1010 or

Antoinette O'Field U.S. Army D.O.S 07-19-1985 M.O.S. 75 Echo ( I.D Dog tag ) Boot camp Ft. Jackson Go Army!

TUES. AUG. 9 Free Line Dance Class every Tuesday 11AM-12PM @ at Dorothy J. Collier Community Center, 118 E. Utica. All are welcome! CALL 882-060.

WED. AUG. 10 Hustle For Health Urban Line Dance Fitness at Gloria Parks C enter, 3242 Main St. 11a.m.-12 noon FREE ages55+ (716)832-1010 or FRI. AUG. 12 KWANZAA 2022 COMMITTEE MEETINGS BEGIN. IF INTERESTED IN BEING A PART OF THE COMMITTEE CALL 716563-6731 or email: BUFFALOKWANZAA@ YAHOO.COM SUN. AUG. 14 PINE GRILL JAZZ REUNION AND MUSIC FEST, PART 2 AT 3 P.M. MLK PARK. MON. AUG. 15 Hustle For Health Urban Line Dance Fitness Gloria Parks C enter, 3242 Main St. 12 noon - 1p.m FREE

African Consciousness Workshop

Every Monday 4-6 p.m., Merriweather Library, 1324 Jefferson Ave. “Where we learn About Our Glorious Past & Present African Family.” (716)400-8644 Bro. Shango or kmtflix@

Randy’s Summer Basketball Classic This Weekend Tim Newkirk presents Randy’s Summer Basketball Classic , Ceremony & Tribute to The Legends on Saturday, August 6 starting with the Basketball Classic from 11:30-1 p.m. at the Johnnie B. Wiley Stadium, 1100 Jefferson Avenue . An Awards Gala and Black Tie Red Carpet affair will follow at the George Urban Mansion, 280 Pine Ridge Road from 5:3011 p.m. featuring music by Uncle Willie and the Band, food, an open bar and red carpet. Tickets are $50 and available on Eventbrite, at Doris Records and St. Brian Clothiers Main and Utica.

MARCUS GARVEY continued fom page 3 Garveyism. Promoted by the UNIA as a movement of African Redemption, Garveyism would eventually inspire others, ranging from the Nation of Islam, to the Rastafari movement (which proclaims Garvey as a prophet). Garvey was imprisoned for mail fraud totaling in June 1923, and after spending two years and nine months in an Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, was deported from New Orleans, Louisiana to Jamaica on a ship. On 10 June 1940, Garvey died after two strokes, putatively after reading a mistaken, and negative, obituary of himself in the Chicago Defender which stated, in part, that Garvey died "broke, alone and unpopular." Because of travel restrictions during World War II, he was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery in London. Rumors claimed that Garvey was in fact poisoned on a boat on which he was travelling and that was where and how he actually died. In 1964, his remains were exhumed and taken to Jamaica. On 15 November 1964, the government of Jamaica, having proclaimed him Jamaica's first national hero, re-interred him at a shrine in National Heroes Park. Although his vision was never truly realized before he died, he remains an inspirational figure globally. He was simply a man ahead of his time.


Challenger Community News • t hec •August 4, 2022

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Ted Janicki President, Bank of America Buffalo

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