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Vintage Eye Glasses. European style, hand made of the finest quality materials, these vintage eye glasses look elegant and stylish. Watch at Ivory Mason began with a European philosophy. That one should feel free to express his or her true self, unaffected by norms, structure,or authority. Bold Englishmen and fiery French women have disregarded such standards of conformity and danced around the expectations of society always giving in to their passions. Capture that spirit wearing vintage eye glasses that make you feel like part of an elite underground society whose members are unique in expression and style, who are hungry to experience life.

Ivory Mason has grown to be one of the most prestigious and influential retailers of vintage eye glasses that have avant-garde and unique designs. Made of the highest quality materials, you can be confident that you will be wearing our eye glasses for as long as people believe in that free spirited philosophy. visit Watch at

Vintage Eye Glasses are a real fashion statement  
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