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24 Hour Emergency Vet Denver Colorado. Planned Pethood Plus is more than an emergency vet. They are making a world of difference in companion animal welfare.

Planned Pethood International truly needs your support to achieve its simple mission, which is the reduction of companion animal overpopulation throughout the world. At first glance a seemingly daunting task, but with a truly simple solution: Put 100% effort into spay/neuter campaigns, train veterinarians to continue the work, and develop culturally relevant educational materials to help influence future societal concepts. No one group is committed to these goals more than PPI, and with your tax deductible donation you can be a part of companion animal history. The use of limited resources to warehouse a large number of animals is not a solution to companion animal overpopulation. Only the reduction in population will elevate the status of these animals and insure that their lives are not one of scorn or pain. PPI has provided training services to veterinarians from around the world. PPI has through Dr. Jeff Young, made presentations and conducted sterilization campaigns in Slovakia, India, Panama, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, and numerous Native American Reservations. Currently, PPI is active in two hospitals, located in Bratislava, Slovakia and Merida, Mexico. No individual has ever received personal compensation or financial gain in work associated with PPI. 100% of all contributions and fundraising money have gone directly to reducing companion animal overpopulation, training veterinarians in safe and efficient spay/neuter techniques, or helping abused & abandoned animals. PPI Goals: Build a state of the art hospital in Asia emphasizing spay/neuter while working closely with local veterinarians & animal welfare groups. Continue to work placing emphasis on resolving the problem of companion animal overpopulation through education, legislation, and spay/neuter programs, NOT WAREHOUSING ANIMALS. Continue to invest the money obtained from our active adoption program and donation to provide training & equipment for veterinarians who want the opportunity to advance the condition of To reduce companion animal overpopulation throughout the world while elevating the status of our companion animal friends. For the best vet care in Denver Colorado visit 24 Hour Emergency Vet Denver Colorado

24 Hour Emergency Vet Denver Colorado