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Innovative Roundabout Solutions

Roundabouts are highly cost-efficient. They reduce accidents, increase mobility, reduce air pollution, and cost less to maintain. CHA is cost-efficient too. Our expertise in roundabout design is the result of working on many projects. Certainly, each one was unique, but something we have encountered from one project might be priceless in designing another project. There are no off-the-shelf answers. Design involves superior attention to technique, consideration of the smallest details, and significant experience. Our knowledge base affords us the opportunity to spend our time effectively. Superior experience yields superior results.


US 29/Greentop Road & US 29/Hal Jones Road Mini-Roundabouts Coweta County, IN

CHA had previously improved these two adjacent intersections incorporating operational and safety upgrades as part of CHA’s on-call services contract with Coweta County. Four years after completion of the project, Coweta County and GDOT District 3 Traffic and Safety Office sought to improve the Level of Service of the two intersections and combined funding to develop the project. The County approached CHA with a request to design mini-roundabouts at each intersection, and to do so within the confines of existing pavement. Both CHA’s Atlanta and Indianapolis Transportation Offices collaborated to develop the design and construction plans for these unique adjacent mini-roundabouts on a state route. Construction of the mini-roundabouts is funded by GDOT has part of their Quick Response Projects that places a $200,000 cap on construction. GDOT split the two mini-roundabouts into separate contracts. Each project has been let and construction is expected to be completed in Summer of 2018.

141st Street & Ditch Road Carmel, IN

This stop controlled roundabout was formerly a two-lane intersection. The upgraded two-lanes boulevard section consists of two 18 foot lanes with a 16 foot wide landscaped median. Within three months, CHA prepared the roadway, roundabout, and drainage design, and completed the construction bid documents.

Morrison Road & Jackson Street Delaware County, IN

Approximately 1.5 miles of Morrison Road was reconstructed, and its existing intersection was converted into a single-lane roundabout. The project was separated into two phases, over $6 million. CHA provided design services, a traffic analysis, survey, environmental documents, a geotechnical investigation, utility coordination, right of way services, construction documents and cost estimates.

Keystone Parkway & 96th Street Carmel, IN

CHA provided the design and traffic studies for a new split-grade interchange on Keystone Parkway. We developed a six-lane bridge to carry Keystone Parkway over the newly widened 96th Street. Three additional roundabouts were designed in addition to the roundabout interchange, as well as a collector-distributor roadway between 96th Street and I-465. To improve local traffic flow, three new connector roads were also designed.

Marlboro, Main, and Winchester Street Intersection Keene, NH

This intersection, a gateway to the downtown, was improved to accommodate high volumes of traffic from nearby Keene State College. Throughout the project’s design, we utilized extensive input from stakeholders, abutters, and the general public. Various alternatives to improve the intersection were produced, including an evaluation of roundabouts vs. traditional signalized intersections. Traffic calming measures were also developed to mitigate traffic issues through the intersection.

US Route 62 & NY Route 391 Hamburg, NY

US Route 62 and NY Route 391 underwent 18 miles of full depth reconstruction, including four roundabouts. Improvements also included pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, improved intersection geometry, traffic calming features, signal upgrades, additional turn lanes, a new drainage system, and highway lighting. CHA led design, alternatives development, an air quality and noise analysis, a four-day charrette, right-of-way acquisition, and construction sequencing.

Newport Road & County Road New London, NH

This roundabout was selected as the preferred alternative through a public outreach program. This federally funded project featured 2,000 feet of sidewalk extension, upgraded water mains, partial underground relocation of aerial utilities, access management techniques, traffic calming features, landscaping/streetscaping, and a closed drainage system.

US 4 & Harris Hill Road Boscawen, NH

On behalf of NHDOT, CHA performed final design services for a single-lane roundabout at the intersection of US 4 and Harris Hill Road. Improvements were made to approximately 1,300 feet of US 4 as well as 550 feet of Harris Hill Road. In less than three months, CHA completed the final design, contract plans and bid documents, drainage analysis and design, and traffic control plans.

Experience 96th Street/Delegates Row Carmel, IN

96th/Keystone Parkway Carmel, IN

96th Street/Haverstick Road Carmel, IN

Adams Road/Fir Road St. Joseph County, IN

96th Street/Hazel Dell Road Carmel, IN

Center Road/Webster Street Kokomo, IN

106th Street/Gray Road Carmel, IN

Champlain Parkway/Southern Connector Burlington, VT

106th Street/Pennsylvania Street Carmel, IN

Cleveland Road/Ash Road Elkhart County, IN

116th Street/Pennsylvania Street Carmel, IN

Ditch Road/141st Street Carmel, IN

131st Street/Pennsylvania Street Carmel, IN

Edison Road/Ash Road St. Joseph County, IN

131st Street/US 31 Carmel, IN

Glenridge Road Glenville, NY

136th Street/Rohrer Road Carmel, IN

Golf Gardens Development Abu Dhabi, UAE

136th Street/Smokey Row Carmel, IN

Ironwood Road/Auten Road St. Joseph County, IN

136th Street/US 31 Carmel, IN

Lowes Way Connector/Lowes Entrance Carmel, IN

161st Street/US 31 Carmel, IN

Maple Avenue Keene, NH

191st Street/US 31 Carmel, IN

Marlboro, Main, and Winchester Street Intersection Keene, NH

Meridian Street/McKenzie Road Greenfield, IN

Shelbourne Road/126th Street Carmel, IN

Milford Road/Grand River Road/Pontiac Trail Lyon Township, Michigan

Shelbourne Road/131st Street Carmel, IN

Moores Pike/Windfield Road/Renwick Blvd. Bloomington, IN

SR 19/SR 119 Wakarusa, IN

Morrison Road/Jackson Street Delaware County, IN

Swanzey Factory Road/Route 12 Swanzey, NH

Newport Country Road New London, NH

Towne Road/126th Street Carmel, IN

NY Route 5 Reconstruction Buffalo, NY

Towne Road/Glebe Street Carmel, IN

Oak Hill Road/Millersburg Road Vanderburgh County, IN

Tripoli Waterfront Entrances Tripoli, Libya

Old US 30 & CR350W Kosciusko County, IN

US 29/Greentop Road Coweta County, GA

Old US 30 & Fox Farm Road Kosciusko County, IN

US 29/Hal Jones Road Coweta County, GA

Old US 30 & Zimmer Road Kosciusko County, IN

US Route 4/Harris Hill Road Boscawen, NH

Sand Creek Road Colonie, NY

US Route 62/NY Route 391 Hamburg, NY

Schutt Road (Dunning Rd. to N. Galleria Dr.) Wallkill, NY

Vale Park Road/Silhavy Road Valparaiso, IN

Shelbourne Road/121st Street Carmel, IN

Walnut Street/Riggin Road Muncie, IN

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CHA Innovative Roundabout Solutions  
CHA Innovative Roundabout Solutions  

Roundabouts are highly cost-efficient. They reduce accidents, increase mobility, reduce air pollution, and cost less to maintain. CHA is co...