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International Exchange Program  

Exchange Program  Mexico  -­‐  Canada  

Exchange Program   Canadian  Students   travelling  to  Mexico   to  study   1  Academic  Month   1  Academic  Semestre   1  Academic  Year     Mexican  Students   travelling  to  Canada   to  study   1  Academic  Month   1  Academic  Semestre   1  Academic  Year    

Your High  School  in  Canada  

Your High  School  in  Mexico   •  •  •  •  • 

•  •  •  •  • 

Founded in  1947   Is  a  Private  High  School   Located  in  Mexico  City   Has  a  branch  in  Xalapa,  Veracruz   High  Academic  Level      

You can  learn  spanish   Live  immerse  in  mexican  culture   To  know  the  city   Enjoy  the  beaches   Tourist  atracNons      

Your High  School  in  Canada  

Your Home  in  Mexico  

•  Mexican families  really  enjoy  welcoming   foreign  students.  Usually  the  familly  is  proud   to  share    their  most  important  experiences   with  their  host.   •  It  is  known  around  the  world  courtesy  of   mexicans  and  an  example  of  this  has  been   the  recently  Panamerican  Games  in  Guadalajara.  

Spanish the  2nd.  most  important   language  for  canadians  !  

The Canada-­‐Mexico  Partnership     Mexico  is  the  2nd.most  important  partner  to   Canada  

Canada  and  Mexico  share  a  dynamic  and  prosperous   rela:onship:  as  friends,  as  North  American   neighbours,  and  as  strategic  partners  in  the  Americas   and  in  the  world.    Over  the  years,  our  coopera:on  has   expanded  across  a  wide  range  of    poli:cal,  trade,   social,  environmental  and  security  interests.  

Reach History,  Culture,  Food,  Art……….   Study  in  Mexico  City:      1  Academic  Month      5  Academic  Months      1  Academic  Year  

Rich History,  Culture,  Food,  Art……….  

The Best  beaches  of   the  world  

Chapultepec Castle  

Xochimilco Chanels  

Charros y  Adelitas  

Discover the  mexican  culture    

Discover the  mexican  culture  

Emiliano Zapata

Discover the  mexican  culture  

Discover the  mexican  culture  

Cours d´espagnol  en  directo  du   Mexique…!  

Le:cia  Moreno       Titulaire  d'un  diplôme  en   psychologie  et  un  Master  of   Family  Therapy.  Elle  a  une   expérience  de  plusieurs  années   à  travailler  comme  professeur   d'espagnol  cer:fiée    

Academic Director  

Contact Us   Tel.-­‐  (  01  52  )  55    5698  4284   Mail:     skype:  studentworld1  

Carlos Villaseñor   Director  

Plutarco Elías  Calles  1136,   Col.  Reforma  Iztaccíhuatl     Deleg.  Iztacalco   55-­‐90-­‐64-­‐28/55-­‐79-­‐15-­‐41   Lic.  Lorena  Flores  

A 2  cuadras  del  metro  Villa  de  Cortés    

Villa de  Cortés,  céntrico  y  seguro    

Villa de  Cortés,  céntrico  y  seguro    

Mexico Canada Exchange Program  

Describes our porpousal about canadian students travelling to study in Mexico and mexican students travelling to study in Canada.

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