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Join the Conversation... 2017 ANNUAL REPORT

From the President and Executive Director In 2017, Water Education Colorado (formerly the Colorado Foundation for Water Education) celebrated our 15th anniversary! Over the past 15 years, we have made significant gains in building awareness of water’s critical importance to our celebrated Colorado values and quality of life. And we’ve developed and empowered hundreds of leaders in the industry and in our communities who have left our programs better equipped to tackle the complex challenges facing our water. The field of water is more collaborative—and more creative—than it was even a decade ago, and we are proud to have advanced that cooperative mindset and those flexible solutions through our work! In 2017, Colorado continued to be one of the fastest-growing states in the nation, adding 77,000 to our numbers. With that growth comes new challenges, such as how to accommodate the growing thirst of our urban populations without sacrificing the health of our streams, the viability of our farm economies, or the long-term sustainability of our aquifers. The simple fact is, Colorado can’t live without water. Among the nearly 6 million people who now call Colorado home, there are plenty of people—whether newcomers to our state or longtime residents—who remain unfamiliar with our systems of water management, our supply and demand imbalances, and generally, the ever-present specter of drought and scarcity here and across the arid West. This all presents a tremendous opportunity for water education! And it’s an opportunity we set ourselves up to tackle more effectively through a few strategic adjustments in 2017. First, we rebranded ourselves as Water Education Colorado to increase our visibility as an organization and to make our programs accessible to more Coloradans than ever before. Second, we laid the groundwork for an expanded Water Educator Network program to facilitate collaborations and resource sharing among other water education and outreach professionals across the state. Finally, we worked to fund a new digital news initiative and website to expand our balanced coverage of timely, relevant water issues online. That initiative will launch in 2018.

2 :: Water Education Colorado

We work independently, statewide, and with no political agenda other than to elevate water’s importance. Through increased awareness and informed decision making, we envision a future with plentiful, clean water to support everything from our cities to our farms, breweries, manufacturing industries, ski resorts and, of course, our rivers themselves. We love Colorado and we love our water. A vibrant, sustainable and water-aware Colorado are the few things we will advocate for. We couldn’t do this work without financial backing from our members and supporters, acknowledged in the pages that follow. Thank you for helping us celebrate 15 years of impact. And please consider how you can invest in the next 15!

Board President and Executive Director of the South Metro Water Supply Authority

Executive Director, Water Education Colorado

... for a vibrant, sustainable, and water-aware Colorado. 2017 Annual Report :: 3

1 Water Fluency

Hitting our stride in the Water Fluency course’s third year, we hosted class sessions in three West Slope communities along the I-70 corridor—Glenwood Springs, Parachute and Palisade—and certified 33 more community leaders to “speak fluent water.”

2 Collaborative Management We travelled from Carbondale to Aspen with a busload of eager learners for a tour showcasing the Roaring Fork Watershed Plan, as well as other cooperative projects to benefit local communities through improved water efficiency, water quality and riparian habitat.



Palisade Aspen



3 Southwest Basin Tour We took our annual river basin tour to the Dolores and San Miguel rivers, covering ground between Telluride and Paradox. More than 30 speakers presented to our group of legislators, water professionals and interested citizens about local water projects, priorities and concerns.

3 4 Water Leaders Our Water Leaders class made its way to Alamosa for its third of four two-day sessions, focusing on building skills around constructive communication and conflict resolution while gaining an insider’s view of Great Sand Dunes National Park’s hydrology.

4 :: Water Education Colorado




5 Educator Symposium

A diverse group of educators and outreach professionals turned out for our first-ever Water Educator Network Symposium, held in Keystone. Together, we explored new and innovative ways to convey meaningful information about water data to our audiences.





6 Climate Workshop Our annual Climate and Colorado’s Water Future workshop exposed participants to the science and analyses water managers and climatologists assess when it comes to planning for an uncertain future, with workshop time and a tour of the NOAA lab in Boulder.


Colorado Springs

7 Rain Barrel Building Engaging the public through rain barrels was a hit, with the chance to build and take home a newly legalized rain barrel as the draw. People showed up just to observe other rain barrel builders—and to learn a little more about Colorado’s water.

Where We’ve Been in


8 Water Festival Coordinators We convened a creative group of water festival coordinators in Colorado Springs for a one-day gathering, swapping notes on presentations, speakers and scheduling to make their already engaging events, reaching thousands of students, even more successful. 2017 Annual Report :: 5

Content Programs

Advancing the Conversation with Quality Information and Reporting Radio Waves Our Connecting the Drops partnership with Rocky Mountain Community Radio produced and aired eight shows in 2017, reaching up to 250,000 listeners across Colorado. Shows covered topics including fluoridation in municipal water supplies, water conservation tools, flood recovery on the Big Thompson River, lead detection in schools, the economics of the Colorado River, and more.

Water Education Colorado is fostering an open, welcoming community of water-aware citizens who are devoted to helping secure our state’s long-term sustainability and quality of life. Through a rich mix of timely reporting, in-depth publications, public resources and online conversations, WEco has become the go-to place people come to learn about water in Colorado.



Water Education Colorado’s Your Water Colorado blog is a community platform for sharing information, news and views on water issues around the state. Posts are generated by WEco staff, board members, as well as other writers and guest bloggers. 4,877 visitors engaged with 48 blog posts on a wide variety of topics.

Headwaters Magazine


Citizen’s Guides


We distributed 3,235 Citizen’s Guides for use by individuals as well as in workshops, seminars, member events, community programming, college curriculums and our own Water Fluency course.

Broadcasting clear and current programming on Colorado’s airwaves and streaming online, Connecting the Drops delivers balanced, quality water information while complementing what we’re publishing in Headwaters magazine.

Distributed across the state and beyond, Headwaters reaches Water Education Colorado offers informative webinars on a diverse audience including water trends and niches in water research, professionals, community and business conservation, industry and more. Along leaders, agricultural and environmental with engaging our own membership “Headwaters magazine organizations, educators, government in topics of interest, WEco webinars officials, policymakers and others who keeps me informed on what’s have helped reach new audiences in all are increasingly concerned about the happening around the state.” corners of the state. future of water in Colorado. 230 people attended our webinar We circulated more than 6,000 “Paying for Colorado’s Water Future.” copies of Headwaters Fall and Spring issues, focused on “Public Health” and “Water Data,” with many thousands 123 people attended our webinar on “Cyanotoxins, of additional online reads. Nutrients, and Public Health.” Water Education Colorado’s high-quality reference series features nine Citizen’s Guides to critical water topics of our time, including water law, water quality, water conservation, and more.

6 :: Water Education Colorado


A radio collaboration between Water Education Colorado and community radio stations KGNU, KDNK and KRCC, Connecting the Drops reaches up to 250,000 statewide listeners with each show.

Education Programs

Fostering a Connected and Engaged Colorado At Water Education Colorado, we are constantly evolving our live programming to serve the diverse needs and interests of people in Colorado. There is no substitute for getting out to learn about water on the ground, and so most of our in-person educational programs incorporate a tour or field trip component.

Annual River Basin Tour

Each year, Water Education Colorado takes lawmakers, water managers, attorneys, engineers and members of the public on a multi-day tour of a river basin in Colorado to learn about the history, water-management practices and challenges of the area. In 2017, we visited the Southwest Basin, focusing on the San Miguel and Dolores watersheds. The tour covered nearly 200 miles through rural communities and river canyons, with more than 30 speakers presenting to tour participants.

Collaborative Water Management Tour

Water Education Colorado’s mini-tours aim to expose participants to new areas of water use and management. In 2017, we visited the Roaring Fork Valley for a one-day tour to learn from water managers, agricultural producers, and community and conservation leaders working on collaborative water management projects, including the Roaring Fork Watershed Plan and Crystal River Stream Management Plan.

Urban Waters Bike Tours

In their 6th year, our Urban Waters Bike Tours explore water issues specific to urban areas. In 2017, we hosted two half-day tours with our partners the Barr Lake Milton Reservoir Watershed Association and Metro Wastewater Reclamation District. These free tours attract students and members of the public, giving them an opportunity to bike along an urban waterway and learn about strategies to address water

822 participants

quality, flood and stormwater control, recreation management, and economic development.

Climate and Colorado’s Water Future Workshop

Our annual climate workshop, in its 7th year, covers past, present and future climate conditions in Colorado, with presentations from climate scientists as well as hydrologic modelers and water planners. The workshop combines classroom presentations with unique behind-the-scenes tours of facilities such as the National Ice Core Laboratory and, in 2017, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center.

Rain Barrel Building Workshop

We held our first Rain Barrel Building Workshop in 2017 as a way to engage community members who may know very little about Colorado water issues. It was a tremendous success, with more than 40 people in attendance, many of whom had never been to any of our programs. The workshop was held at a local brewery, and participants drilled holes in recycled Coca-Cola syrup drums for their downspouts and spigots while learning about the big picture of Colorado water scarcity.

Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference

Together with our partners, the Colorado Watershed Assembly and Colorado Riparian Association, we host the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds conference in October each year. The conference attracts nearly 300 people with an interest in protecting, repairing and restoring the state’s watersheds through the exchange of new ideas and tested methods. The conference highlights current or needed policy discussions, new tools in restoration science, advances in community engagement, and more. Each year the conference culminates with a half-day field trip to a local river restoration project.

Water Fluency Water Education Colorado’s Water Fluency course is a must-take for so many reasons. Whether you need to learn about water rights, production processes or stream health, or looking to become better acquainted with the myriad water organizations throughout the state of Colorado, the Water Fluency class is the place to start. As a newly appointed town manager in a small municipality at the headwaters of the Colorado River, I am constantly thankful for the information I learned and the connections I made through this class. The more you learn the more you realize you don’t know, and this class is the perfect starting point. Michelle Metteer Town Manager Minturn, Colorado

2017 Annual Report :: 7

Leadership Programs

Driving Collaborative Solutions by Equipping Leaders In order to tackle Colorado’s water challenges head-on, we foster collaborative, knowledgeable leadership across the state through our leadership programs.

Water Leaders

Water Leaders Through the Water Leaders program, I developed the skills and tools necessary to be a leader, and learned more about myself as a leader and how to build effective teams. The program gave me confidence in my management and technical skills, and helped me recognize the benefits of my collaborative, flexible leadership approach. One of my goals in completing the program was to improve my ability to effectively navigate conflict. Through the program, I learned conflict is an essential ingredient in building strong teams; moreover, the absence of conflict is a red flag for an organization. As such, I’ve begun to embrace the positive aspects of conflict, particularly in the way that conflict can lead to developing stronger, longer-lasting solutions, which work for all parties. Jessie Olson Executive Director Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group

Recognized as the premier professional development course for the water community in Colorado, WEco’s Water Leaders Program aims to positively impact the profession by creating a pipeline of skilled water leaders across diverse fields.


designed for elected officials, city/county staff, community and business leaders, special participants district staff, board members for water organizations, and anyone who is interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of water management and policy issues.

Water Fluency is made up of four in-person classroom days, water-focused site visits, online discussions, Since 2006, Water Leaders has continued to evolve and homework between classroom days. Class size by covering the latest water issues and employing is limited to 35 participants, who represent a range of sectors and perspectives. We advanced development tools hold the course in a new to train water professionals on becoming more effective “The Water Educator Network geographic region each year, focusing on local issues leaders and navigating the sparked some great ideas for through a statewide lens. complex world of Colorado programming and education and In 2017, the course was in water. its 3rd year, and was held in offered solutions relevant to Glenwood Springs, Palisade 15 new water leaders graduated challenges I’m currently facing.” and Parachute. from our program in 2017. Water Leaders alumni now number 143 and remain an active group who engage in networking events and occasional follow-up leadership offerings.

Water Fluency

Every day, Coloradans are faced with important decisions about our state’s water. We equip non-water professionals to navigate the complex world of water and lead their communities and organizations with confidence through our Water Fluency course. This comprehensive program is

Water Educator Network

The Water Educator Network (WEN) supports and connects Colorado’s education and outreach professionals dedicated to advancing understanding about water. WEN provides members and other participants opportunities to interact, share resources, develop professionally, and gain access to trusted water information, as well as collaborate with their colleagues. In 2017, WEN members numbered 71, and came from 50 different organizations.

11 Water Educator Network workshops and trainings → 131 participants → 295,000 students and members of the public impacted 8 :: Water Education Colorado

“I discovered so much about myself that has helped me in a variety of ways - boosted my confidence, improved interactions, and clarified what works for me. Importantly, I developed professional connections and lifelong friends.�

2017 Annual Report :: 9

We couldn’t do it without you

2017 Volunteers Kristen Averyt

Barclay Daranyi

Celene Hawkins

Scott Lorenz

Glenn Patterson

Troy Bauder

Carol Ekarius

Eric Hecox

Jeffrey Lukas

Jill Piatt Kemper

Linda Bassi

Amy Beatie

Drew Beckwith Peter Binney

Geoff Blakeslee

Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Lundt Steve helped out in a variety of important ways in 2017, providing support for our Urban Waters Bike Tour, presenting on our webinar about nutrient pollution, and collecting recycled Coke syrup drums for our Rain Barrel Building Workshop. We truly couldn’t have done it without him! Here’s what Steve has to say about volunteering with WEco: I volunteer for Water Education Colorado because I want to give back to an organization that has taught me the importance of being a water leader. I’m a proud alumni of the Water Leaders Class of 2008, which taught me a few things about myself and about the world of water in Colorado. As an ISTP (Myers-Briggs type), I lead through action. This action involves helping Water Education Colorado with their annual bike tours and the newly added rain barrel building workshops. I enjoy being hands-on and project oriented when it comes to volunteering. Water Education Colorado does a great job in providing a diverse program of events and activities to help out with. Steve Lundt Water Quality Officer Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

10 :: Water Education Colorado

Michael Bouchard Phil Brandhuber Jackie Brown Todd Bryan

Lawrence Buja Logan Burba Rick Cables

Rebecca Callahan Marc Catlin

Ryan Christianson Andrew Cole

Chelsea Congdon Brundige

Amy Conklin Erin Cooper

Hilary Cooper

Beorn Courtney Sean Cronin Ken Curtis

Allegra da Silva

Aaron Derwingson James Eklund Melissa Elliott Ron Falco

Skip Feeney

Kristen Fefes Nathan Fey

Jorge Figueroa

Jeffrey Florence Angela Fowler Samantha Fox Tracy Fredin Mark Fuller

Alice Fulmer Alex Funk

Russell George

George Glasier Kathy Glasier Peter Goble

Jon Gottsegen

Karen Guglielmone Katya Hafich Kit Hamby

Elaine Hassinger Taylor Hawes

Chris Hazen

Greg Hobbs

Hannah Holm

Brandi Honeycutt

David Hornbacher Devon Horntvedt William Inveen

Steve Jennings Greg Johnson Laurna Kaatz Steve Kerlin

Djanette Khiari Mike King

Ted Kowalski R. Eric Kuhn

Karen Kwon

Terri Lamers

Kiernan Lannon

Marnie Lansdown Heather Lewin Matt Lindburg Jim Lochhead Rick Lofaro April Long

Becky Long

April Long, City of Aspen Supported Water Leaders, the Collaborative Water Management Tour, and the President’s Reception

Dan Luecke

Steve Lundt

Mara Mackillop Paul Major

Steve Malers Seth Mason

John McClow

Ben McConahey Bill McCormick

Lance McDonald

Christina Medved

Gregory Peterson Jennifer Pitt

Jim Pokrandt

Mary Presecan

Michael Preston Jeff Proteau

Dianna Reams Bill Ritter

Jeff Roberts

Kelly RomeroHeaney

Tim Meloveck

Andrew Ross

April Montgomery

Jenny Russell

Mark Mitisek

Ken Neubecker Katy Neusteter

Noah Newman

Andrew Nicholas Marty Nieslanik Josh Nims

Mark O’Mera Trisha Oeth

Peter Ortego Jill Ozarski

Kieffer Parrino

Donny Roush

Kevin Schorzman Scott Schreiber

Tony Shawcross Cody Sheehy

Jeff Shoemaker Ryan Smith

Jeremy Solin

Jerry Sonnenberg Laura Spann

Brandon Stiller Elizabeth Stuffings

John Stulp

David Swanson Lisa Tasker

Gregg Ten Eyck Kevin Terry

Rebecca Theobald Jane Thompson Milt Tokunaga Ralf Topper Brian Tracy

Chris Treese

Thomas Trout

Meghan Trubee Brad Udall

Celia Vanderloop Wayne


Robert Viehl

Clay Wadman

Reagan Waskom Rob White

Spencer Williams Michelle Wind Lynne Winter Scott Winter Dick Wolfe

Glenn Patterson, Colorado State University Supported the Water Fluency Program through the Massive Open Online Course portal


(Leadership, Education and Content)

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CURRENT ASSETS Cash & Cash Equivalents $ 197,262 Contracts Receivable $ 15,093 Memberships Receivable Prepaid Expenses $ 2,775 TOTAL ASSETS $ 215,130

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$ 533,162 $ 575,026 $547,964 EXPENSES Program Services $ 396,455 $ 377,305 (Leadership, Education and Content) Management & General $ 96,160 $ 103,539 Fundraising $ 55,349 $ 52,763 TOTAL EXPENSES

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$100,000 $150,000 $200,000 $250,000 $300,000 $350,000 $400,000

Program Services

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Management & General


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2017 Annual Report :: 11

Thank you for helping us spread

water education across Colorado Thanks to the valuable contributions of our members and donors, Water Education Colorado has been able to deliver quality, comprehensive water education programs across Colorado since 2002. A sincere thank you to our Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017) members and donors. ENDOWING PARTNERS ($20,000+) CoBank • Colorado Water Conservation Board • Special District Association of Colorado

HEADWATERS ($5,000+) Aurora Water • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment—Water Quality Control Division • Colorado Municipal League • Colorado River District • Colorado Springs Utilities • Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority • Denver Water • Jefferson County • Meridian Metropolitan District • Northern Water • Southwestern Water Conservation District • Walton Family Foundation

BASIN ($2,000+) Board of Water Works of Pueblo • Central Colorado Water Conservancy District • Collins Cockrel & Cole • Eagle River Water and Sanitation District • Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc. • Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District • Pitkin County Healthy Rivers and Streams Board • Bret and Jayla Poppleton • Rio Grande Water Conservation District • Chad Schneider • SGM • Shea Properties • South Metro Water Supply Authority • South Platte Water Related Activities Program • St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District • Ute Water Conservancy District

AQUIFER ($1,000+) City of Grand Junction—Utilities • City of Longmont • Colorado School of Mines • The Consolidated Mutual Water Company • Drought Response Information Project • Environmental Defense Fund • Metro Wastewater Reclamation District • MWH-Stantec • Northern Water Municipal Subdistrict • Republican River Water Conservation District • Britta Strother • Telluride Ski & Golf • Town of Monument • University of Colorado Office for Outreach & Engagement • Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District • Water Sage • WateReuse Colorado • White & Jankowski • Wright Family Foundation

12 :: Water Education Colorado

RIVER ($500+) A Adaptive Resources, Inc. • Anadarko Petroleum • Applegate Group B Jane Beckwith • Cheryl Benedict C Carlson, Hammond and Paddock • Cherokee Metropolitan District • City of Boulder • City of Loveland • Civil Design Group • Colorado Parks and Wildlife • Colorado Water Institute D Ducks Unlimited E Eagle Bend Metro District • ELEMENT Water Consulting G George K. Baum and Company • Guaranty Bank and Trust H Harris Water Engineering, Inc. • HDR Engineering, Inc. • Greg & Bobbie Hobbs K Judith Kleinman • Knopf Family Foundation • Kogovsek and Associates, Inc. L Lower South Platte Water Conservancy District M Theron Makley • Alan Matlosz and Michelle Godfrey • Maynes Bradford Shipps and Sheftel • McElroy, Meyer, Walker & Condon, P.C. • McGrane Water Engineering, LLC N Katy Neusteter O Orchard Mesa Irrigation District R Roggen Farmers Elevator Association S Laurel Stadjuhar • John Stulp • Summit County T Gregg Ten Eyck • Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association • TZA Water Engineers Inc U Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District • Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority • Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District V Vranesh and Raisch, LLP W Weld County Farm Bureau • West Sage Water Consultants • WetData TRIBUTARY ($250+) A Anderson and Chapin, P.C. • Ayres Associates B Drew & Melissa Beckwith • Bishop-Brogden Associates C Rick Cables • CDM Smith • Centennial Water and Sanitation District • City of Fort Collins • City of Thornton • Coalition for the Upper South Platte • Colorado Corn • Colorado Livestock Association • Colorado River Cattle Ranch • Colorado Water Trust • Cottonwood Water and Sanitation District • Sean Cronin D Lisa Darling • Darnauer Group Communications • Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. • Delta County E ERO Resources Corp. • Evans Group, LLC F Fairfield and Woods, P.C. G GBSM • Les Gelvin H Harvey Economics • Eric Hecox • Scott Hummer J Greg Johnson K K. R. Swerdfeger Construction Inc. • Dave Koop L Left Hand Water District • Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant • Bruce Lytle M Mallon Lonnquist Morris & Watrous • Martin and Wood Water Consultants • John and Susan Maus • Middle Park Water Conservancy District • Morgan County Quality Water District N North Poudre Irrigation Company • North Sterling Irrigation District • North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation District • North Weld County Water District • Patrick Miller Noto P Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District • Porzak Browning and Bushong R Gabe Racz • Robert Rich • Rocky Mountain Farmers Union S San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District • San Miguel County • Schmidt Construction • Nicole Seltzer • Simon Land and Cattle Co., Inc. • South Adams County Water and Sanitation District • Stifel Nicolaus T Town of Castle Rock • Town of Telluride • Town of Windsor • Chris Treese U Ulliman Schutte W Reagan Waskom • West Greeley Conservation District • Wilson Water Group • Kenneth & Ruth Wright STREAM ($100+) A Richard Alper • Don Ament • Frank Anesi • Dale Armstrong B David Bailey • Dianne Bailey • John Bartholow • Matt Becker • Laura Belanger • Big Thompson Watershed Forum • Barbara Biggs • Jennifer Bills • Tillie Bishop • Richard Bratton • Karla Brown • Peter Butler C Josephine Carpenter • Anne Castle • Keith Catlin • Tom Cech • Kathy Chandler-Henry • Ron Childs • Solomon Chou • City of Durango • Colorado State Archives • Dave Colvin • Conejos Water Conservancy District • Amy Conklin • Jeff Crane • Ken Curtis • Mario Curto D Glenda DeBekker • Depco Farms, Inc. • Sarah Dominick • Rebecca Dowling • Dynotek E Patrick Emery • Lewis Entz F Joanne Fagan • Paul Fanning • Steve Fearn • R. Scott Fifer • Peter Fleming • Forsgren Associates Inc. • Mark Fuller G Jay Gallagher • Pam Gardiner & Lyle Geurts • Kevin Gertig • Dala Giffin • Lorie Gillis • Thomas Gougeon • Balcomb and Green, P.C. H Hillary Hamann • Ian Hartley • Christine Hartman • Taylor Hawes • Alan Heath • Tanya Heikkila • Tom Huber J Dawn Jewell • JLB Engineering Consultants K Korey Kadrmas L Paul Lander • Don Langley • Katie Leone • Lower Arkansas Water Management Association • Dan Luecke • Lutin Curlee Family Partnership, Ltd. 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2017 Annual Report :: 13

Staff & Board Staff

Board of Directors

Jayla Poppleton Executive Director

Lisa Darling President

Jennie Geurts Operations Director

Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. Vice President

Stephanie Scott Leadership & Education Programs Manager

Gregg Ten Eyck Vice President

Caitlin Coleman Headwaters Editor & Communications Specialist Jerd Smith Digital Content Editor Sophie Kirschenman Education & Outreach Coordinator Alicia Prescott Development Coordinator

14 :: Water Education Colorado

Alan Matlosz Treasurer Eric Hecox Past President Rep. Jeni Arndt Rick Cables Nick Colglazier Jorge Figueroa Greg Johnson Scott Lorenz Dan Luecke Kevin McBride Kate McIntire Reed Morris Lauren Ris Travis Robinson Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg Laura Spann Chris Treese Reagan Waskom

The Future, as Water Education Colorado Looking ahead, Water Education Colorado aims to expand our impact on Coloradans’ awareness, understanding, and decision making when it comes to water. To do that, we’re steadily growing our team, our audience, and the programs we offer. We’ve also made a few strategic shifts. In 2017, we went through a well-vetted rebranding process, having checked in with members of our existing community, as well as a sample population from our expanded target audience, about changes that would enable us to grow and have a greater impact across Colorado. Taking their feedback, we decided to change our name from the Colorado Foundation for Water Education to Water Education Colorado. The goal was simple: Increase our visibility, better reflect our core mission, and make our programs as accessible as possible to the greatest number of Coloradans, while remaining true to who we are. We boiled it down to the three key elements central to our identity: We’re about water, we’re about education, and we’re about Colorado. Along with the name change, we developed a new logo, and we love using it as a tool to tell our story. The logo mark is an artistic interpretation of our state’s

COLLABORATION. The various basin colors show how we strive to connect all the people of our state with information, ideas, and each other.

KNOWLEDGE. As the state’s most trusted source for reliable and balanced reporting about water, the logo’s shape can be interpreted as an open book.


And while our existing core programs are seen as exemplary models in publishing, leadership development, and on-the-ground educational experiences, we’ll also be working to expand our focus as a leader, coordinator, and provisioner of statewide education strategy and localized programming.

At a glance: • We are preparing to launch a news initiative to increase timely, relevant coverage of Colorado’s most pressing water issues.

• We are expanding the capacity-building work of our Water Educator Network through improved coordination and programming for local water education and outreach partners all across Colorado. • We are planning to work with our Water Educator Network partners to develop a statewide water education action plan to foster expanded, cooperative water education initiatives, and to provide increased support for—and close gaps in—existing education and outreach activities.


Logo corners point outward to illustrate that our important work leads to solutions that resonate beyond the borders of our state.

While we have built a solid reputation and following among Colorado’s core water community, we are going to take the momentum behind this new brand and grow awareness of our organization and the resources we offer among a much wider variety of Coloradans.

• We are ramping up to host more public-facing educational events for interested community members to join the conversation about Colorado water.

COLORADO. Our work is statewide, so our new logo illustrates Colorado’s eight water basins.

eight major river basins, as defined by our Basin Roundtable delineations. It can also resemble an open book. On the most fundamental level, our work is statewide, reflects a diversity of interests, and is about knowledge building, informed decision making, and collaborative solution finding to ensure the longterm sustainability of our water.

Two dark blue basin “speech bubbles” represent our dedication to advancing the conversation about water.

It’s an exciting time in our organization’s history, and a great time to get involved if you aren’t already. There’s never a shortage of water topics to learn about. And we’ll never grow tired of bringing water to the forefront of people’s attention, or of highlighting all of the important work being done as well as that still remains to tackle.

Join us for the journey. The future begins … NOW!

2017 Annual Report :: 15

1750 Humboldt St. Suite 200 Denver, CO 80218 (303) 377-4433


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