2019 Water Education Colorado Annual Report

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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR We received a letter from a special individual in early 2019. The note came from Lew Entz, farmer and former legislator from the San Luis Valley, and in it, he shared that he was retiring after multiple decades of public service. He went on to document the many roles he filled as an Alamosa County Commissioner, as a state representative, and as a state senator. Just one of his many accomplishments was the passage of a bill in 2002, alongside Sen. Jim Isgar and Rep. Diane Hoppe, providing the startup funds to get what was then known as the Colorado Foundation for Water Education off the ground. At the end of the letter Lew thanked us and said simply, “Keep up the good work.” The letter evoked a sense of pride and gratitude for the early vision of Lew and others in setting what is now Water Education Colorado on our course. Likely Lew could not have imagined what we would grow to be, or the momentum that would build through expansive, statewide community support. 2019 was a year of growing momentum, fueled by diligent attention to delivering on our commitment to increase exposure to water issues among a wider range of Coloradans. Not only did we continue offering core programs like Headwaters magazine, Citizen’s Guides, river basin tours, and Water Fluency and Water Educator Network trainings, but we also launched a new website, and with it, our Fresh Water News initiative. Fresh Water News reported weekly on top water stories with statewide and regional implications. News reports went out to more than 5,000 subscribers, and we developed partnerships with mainstream media outlets to republish articles. To date, it has been the most effective mechanism we’ve had in reaching the general public and keeping our audience informed and engaged. We aim to keep growing this audience exponentially.

Executive Director Jayla Poppleton (left) and WEco President Lisa Darling celebrated at the 2019 President's Reception at Balistreri Vineyards. Another sign of momentum can be seen in the water community, where our Water Leaders program graduates, now numbering 174, are assuming top positions in organizations and agencies like the Colorado Water Conservation Board, Colorado Department of Agriculture, and Water Quality Control Commission. More exciting forward progress came from engaging a coalition of water educators to develop a Statewide Water Education Action Plan (SWEAP). SWEAP will provide a common vision and set of shared strategies for water education’s role in achieving the sustainable water future outlined by the Colorado Water Plan. We’re lucky to do this work and we plan to keep it up, as Lew encouraged. We’re proud to share our 2019 accomplishments in this report, and our commitment to you as a supporter is that we will use your investment carefully, efficiently and effectively to achieve the greatest possible impact. Please consider how you can continue to support the work that Lew and others began. Let’s keep that momentum! Lisa and Jayla

Board President and Executive Director of the South Metro Water Supply Authority

Executive Director, Water Education Colorado

OUR MISSION We’re on a mission to ensure Coloradans are informed on water issues and equipped to make decisions that guide our state to a sustainable water future.

OUR VALUES Water is Life – Celebrate it and protect it. Information is for All – Be accessible to anyone who wants to understand and engage. Objectivity is Fundamental – Include diverse perspectives for balanced solutions. Knowledge is Progress – Empower Coloradans to learn and lead thoughtfully. Collaboration is Powerful – Enable partnerships because we are better together.

OUR VISION A vibrant, sustainable, and water-aware Colorado. We envision a Colorado in which newcomers, long-time residents, and natives alike appreciate and understand water, and that people of all backgrounds and perspectives, in all localities, are learning, listening, engaging, and working together on collaborative water solutions. We see a Colorado in which people make individual and institutional decisions and demonstrate thoughtful water stewardship in their behaviors and actions. We see a WEco that is an inspiring and authentic partner for water educators, water leaders and water users, and whose audience is representative of the state’s demographic and geographic diversity.

OUR APPROACH Bridging gaps in understanding with integrity. We understand that water issues can be both complex and polarizing, so we work to bring together diverse perspectives, build bridges among sectors, and provide valuable reporting, training and resources for all Coloradans.









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REPORTING HIGHLIGHTS From year one of publishing Fresh Water News

AVON 8/22/2018

"Afterburn: Ag, water, environmental powerbrokers in early talks to form new forest/water advocacy group" After another fiery summer, a new nonpartisan partnership consisting of five organizations formed to increase public awareness and legislative support to protect Colorado watersheds from devastating wildfires. The group focuses on mitigating the damage to reservoirs and collection systems and thinning operations for felled trees damaged by pine and spruce beetles.

STEAMBOAT 9/12/2018

“Colorado's stressed reservoirs hit new lows, state extends drought response” In 2018, Colorado saw one of the driest years on record, rivaled only by the 2002 drought. Reservoir levels continued to decrease, snowpack was ultra light, river flows dramatically dropped, temperatures increased, and precipitation patterns altered, all culminating in restrictions on water use being implemented for the first time in some basins.

“Innovative Platte River recovery effort seeks more time, money from Congress”

“Colorado cities to cool wastewater to keep streams healthier”

The Platte River Recovery Implementation Program has dramatically boosted and improved species conservation for several birds along the Platte River, but has fallen short of the water benchmark set out in the original plan. The shortcoming threw into question whether the program's funding would be renewed. But within months lawmakers crafted a bipartisan agreement maintaining the program’s funding.

A new requirement to reduce wastewater temperatures will require 89 of some 400 wastewater utilities operating in Colorado to monitor their discharge temperatures when renewing their discharge permits. Effluent at warm temperatures along with shrinking streamflows can harm stream habitats. The recaptured heat from metro area wastewater will help heat the new National Western Center.

STERLING 1/9/2019

DENVER 4/17/2019

IDAHO SPRINGS 10/17/2018

LAS VEGAS 12/12/2018

“Dozens of public water systems on state watch list for lead contamination”

“Colorado River drought plan advances; tribe seeks new role”

The state’s health officials monitor potential lead contamination throughout Colorado, which can mean rigorous sampling requirements and new infrastructure. Treatment for lead and copper in water can also produce negative disinfection byproducts, another challenge for local water providers to navigate. Providers, cities, towns and schools are exploring ways to comply.

Colorado River Basin states, at the annual 2019 Colorado River Water Users Association conference in Las Vegas, approved a first-ever comprehensive set of drought plans designed to help the river withstand drought and achieve a more sustainable way of operating. The Ute Indian Tribe of Utah, for the first time, also requested membership on the Upper Colorado River Commission, a request which is still being considered.

“Front Range housing boom sends water prices soaring” Wholesale water prices rose as much as 400 percent on the Front Range between 2011 and 2018. This could be attributed to the booming housing market. Regional water shares have migrated from farmer ownership to mostly city ownership today. The City of Greeley requires developers to buy water to dedicate to the city, or pay $31,000 per acre-foot in lieu of bringing in so-called wet water.

GREELEY 5/1/2019

“Special Report: Denver developer, former governor make $118M play for San Luis Valley water” A metro Denver water developer proposed a controversial water export plan to deliver 22,000 acre-feet of water from the San Luis Valley to Douglas County, south of metro Denver. The plan has raised fierce opposition from some lawmakers and local officials, even as the developer has promised to deliver an economic lifeline to the valley. An effort to stop the plan at the State Capitol in 2020 was defeated.

ALAMOSA 6/26/19

OUR CONTENT Our content cultivates a water-aware community that is committed to helping secure a sustainable water future and quality of life for Colorado.

FRESH WATER NEWS An independent nonpartisan news service on Western water

In its first full year, Fresh Water News really came in with a splash. Weekly news reports reached over 5,000 subscribers directly, as well as hundreds of thousands of additional readers through partnerships with major news organizations across the state. Fresh Water News is quickly becoming the leading source of water news in Colorado, producing insightful reporting on issues that are critical to helping the state and its citizens develop a sustainable water future. This timely news service covers statewide water issues with a policy-neutral approach that tells every side of the story. Tribal water issues, legislative actions, Colorado River conservation issues, as well as the intersection of water and agriculture are just a few of the relevant issues tackled in Fresh Water News. WEco’s vision for Fresh Water News is to foster increased awareness around water issues that are vital to Colorado’s future. By establishing ourselves as a source of credible, relevant news that is useful to under-resourced mainstream media outlets, we are helping to fill gaps in coverage while also expanding WEco’s visibility as a resource to dig deeper into water issues. We’re also advancing understanding among a much wider audience of Coloradans who are paying attention to local and regional water matters through news outlets.

100,000+ reached

6 media partners in 7counties

5,150 email news report subscribers in




HEADWATERS MAGAZINE As our flagship publication, Headwaters magazine reaches a diverse audience across

the state. The magazine continues to tackle tough issues in an accessible, engaging way, highlighting diverse perspectives, case studies and human interest stories from across Colorado and the West and providing opportunities for engagement and further learning. In 2019, we ran three successful issues on the topics of reuse, climate change, and permitting. All issues of the magazine are archived online, allowing for easy accessibility and online reading.

WEBSITE Colorado’s hub for high-quality, accurate, and balanced water news and information, the WEco website serves as a go-to resource for individuals seeking to build their water knowledge and stay up to date on current water resource issues and happenings.

CITIZEN’S GUIDES Water Education Colorado’s high-quality reference series features 10 Citizen’s Guides to

critical water topics. Citizen’s Guides feature in-depth, peer-reviewed information with engaging infographics to help inform a range of audiences. They are used in a variety of personal and group educational settings, including workshops, seminars, and course curriculum and are widely distributed across Colorado, including to state legislators and participants in WEco’s Water Fluency program. In 2019, we published a 2nd edition of the guide to Where Your Water Comes From and distributed more than 2,000 print guides, with thousands more online reads.

YOUR WATER COLORADO BLOG The blog is our community platform for sharing information from WEco staff, board members, and guest writers from around the state, as they weigh in on current water challenges and opportunities and help advance the dialogue around Colorado water.

CONNECTING THE DROPS RADIO A partnership with Rocky Mountain Community Radio, Connecting the Drops reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners on topics like water quality, water for recreation, and river restoration.

146,465 reached 2019 ANNUAL REPORT |


OUR EDUCATION PROGRAMS Our education programs foster a connected and engaged network of informed decision makers, constituents and practitioners making progress on innovative water approaches.

TOURS Recovery to Resilience Flood Tour

Our flood anniversary tour included lawmakers, water managers, attorneys, engineers and members of the public, who were able to get an up-close look at various recovery projects during a full-day tour of the 2013 flood-affected zones along the Front Range. A group of talented guest speakers informed participants about the initial actions that were taken to protect lives and property as well as the subsequent projects that were undertaken to recover and build resilience.

Urban Water Cycle Tour

“These kinds of events, especially bringing elected officials together with water industry folks across the state, are key to meeting the water challenges of Colorado.”

This bike tour provided a fun and interactive day of learning about the history of the South Platte River urban corridor and efforts to reclaim it. Participants explored this waterway by bicycle along with citizen leaders, scientists, planners and water managers. The 10-mile route began at Johnson Habitat Park, traveled downstream along the Platte to Shoemaker Plaza at Confluence Park, then continued on to the Globeville/National Western Complex area, ending at Metro Wastewater with lunch included.

South Platte Basin Tour

Water professionals, educators, elected officials, and members of the public joined Water Education Colorado to explore the lower South Platte Basin on a two-day bus tour. Participants learned about the South Platte Basin Implementation Plan, collaborative water exchanges, alternative water transfers, the agricultural economy, water quality, hemp operations, and much more. Tour stops included Quail Ridge Dairy, Pawnee Station Power Plant, 70 Ranch Reservoir, Walker Recharge Project, and Tamarack, among others.

Q & A with tour participant Representative Dylan Roberts, District 26 (Eagle and Routt Counties):

“It was an A-1 tour, and one I think offered a lot to water community members from other parts of the state.”

144 participants 8


Q: What do you like about the way WEco facilitates the annual basin tours in Colorado? A: I love that WEco decides to dedicate an entire trip to an individual basin because that allows all the participants to go in-depth on the multitude of unique issues that each basin faces. Q: How did the South Platte Basin Tour help inform your work at the legislature? A: While I am familiar with agriculture and water issues on the Western Slope where I am from, getting to see the uniqueness of the needs on the Eastern Plains was incredibly valuable for my work as a legislator. Now, when I am writing or voting on a water bill, I can truly understand the concerns of my colleagues from the Eastern Plains and can work to craft legislation that benefits all parts of the state. Q: Any other comments, impacts, or thoughts on this tour and WEco in general? A: I love the WEco tours! I look forward to the day when I can say I have received an in-depth tour of every basin in Colorado thanks to WEco.

WATER EDUCATOR NETWORK 180 participants The Water Educator Network (WEN) is an affiliate group of education and outreach professionals convened and supported by WEco to enhance the amount, quality and effectiveness of water education across the state. Collaboration, resource sharing, and professional development opportunities are all benefits of this program. Participants convened for five WEN programs in 2019, ranging from webinars to workshops, plus the annual water festival coordinators gathering and WEN symposium, focused this year on equity in water education.

“My biggest takeaway was understanding how my organization is making meaningful steps towards diversity and inclusive work, and realizing the long-term efforts needed to break down systemic barriers to education, creating a more diverse and inclusive staff, and job opportunities in the water resources field.”

WEBINARS Stream Management Planning Is Water Reuse on the Rise?

55 participants 58 participants

Climate Change and Mitigation in Colorado Water

63 participants

SUSTAINING COLORADO WATERSHEDS CONFERENCE Together with our partners, the Colorado Riparian Association and Colorado Watershed Assembly, we hosted 250 participants for “The Color of Water: Exploring the Spectrum.” The theme was an intentional effort to tap into the creativity of our community and investigate how diverse watershed interests interact. Water touches us all from forests to farms. We branched out to delve into water for the environment, forest health, agriculture, recreation, mining, energy, forest health, city water, rural water, source water, recycled and reuse water. Intended to expand cooperation and collaboration throughout Colorado in natural resource conservation, protection and enhancement, this event engaged participants through discussions on emerging water issues, innovative projects, and an invaluable networking setting.

250 participants


rated overall conference value as high

"By far one of the best conferences I've attended in my professional career."



OUR OUTREACH PROGRAMS Our outreach programs use creative approaches to invite diverse audiences into the statewide water conversation.

RECYCLED WATER FEST As part of the Social Water Series, Water Education Colorado hosted the Recycled Water Fest (“Blue is the New Green”) in partnership with WateReuse Colorado. Participants learned how Colorado can use water more than once to meet the needs of a growing population. The event was open to the public and featured expo-style informational booths, pumpkins grown with recycled water, and beer and wine made from the PureWater demo that was made with recycled water.

Laura Belanger

"I really appreciate WEco and all their work educating Coloradans on a wide range of water issues. When it comes to reuse, WEco has been an important and influential partner - embracing what was an undervalued water supply not that long ago and helping recognize it’s potential to help ensure a sustainable water future for Colorado. "

WateReuse Colorado Board Member, Western Resource Advocates


Q: What did you value about the partnership with WEco for this event? A: WEco was a great partner, bringing enthusiasm, creative ideas, and an amazing network. Jayla and her staff added value in so many ways from promoting the event and finding a great event space to lining up reporters. WEco also set up a bounce house for kids to play in so their parents could visit exhibits to learn about water reuse while enjoying beer and wine made with Water professionals and members of the public gathered recycled water. to hear the story of the EPA’s 1990 veto of one of the largest water projects in Colorado history, and how the Denver We had previously worked with WEco on a reuse webinar, radio metro area has moved forward in the aftermath of the projshow, and articles in Headwaters Magazine and Fresh Water ect’s demise. Two panel discussions covered the events leadNews. Thanks to WEco’s knowledge about reuse and relation- ing up to the veto of Two Forks, followed by an exploration ships with water providers with reuse systems, our partnership of what has transpired in the years since that have laid the greatly strengthened and enhanced the Recycled Water Fest. groundwork for Denver and the surrounding suburbs' evolving approach to providing water to growing communities in Q: What were some of the impacts and direct positive outcomes an era of increasing water scarcity. that were a result of this program? A: The Recycled Water Fest, combined with other WEco education and outreach, have really helped grow interest in water reuse in Colorado – which can be a complicated topic. Since the event, and with support from the water community, Colorado has made numerous regulatory changes to increase the ways water can "To actually see and hear from be reused in Colorado, and more changes are being pursued. Public perception of reuse has improved, and there is now strong the key players involved with such support for using recycled water. WEco’s extensive network and a monumental event was amazing." education around reuse has definitely played a key role in this.


49 participants


170 participants

OUR LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS Our leadership programs equip leaders with the confidence and skills to navigate the complex world of Colorado water and advance collaborative solutions.

WATER LEADERS The Water Leaders program has, since 2006, evolved to include advanced development tools to train water professionals to become more effective leaders in charting a path toward innovative and collaborative water solutions. Since 2006, we have graduated 174 leaders from the program, including the 2019 16-member class cohort. Additional 201-level opportunities are provided each year to help program alumni continue to improve their skills.

"The Water Leaders program has opened my eyes to what it takes to be a successful leader and to navigate complex interpersonal communications and relationships in a productive and positive manner."

16 participants

Where are alumni now? Bill McCormick

Water Leaders class of 2016 Chief of Dam Safety, CO Division of Water Resources Q: Are you more, equally, or less fulfilled in your career since you graduated from the Water Leaders Program? A: More fulfilled. I use my Water Leaders training almost daily. I have better interactions with my staff of 11 engineers, I am more effective as a regulator across all of Colorado and I have leveraged my training toward the successful completion of several large collaborative projects with major impacts in Colorado. Q: Identify an impact or outcome on Colorado water that can be attributed to your leadership since graduating from the Water Leaders Program. Describe how the Water Leaders Program helped you accomplish this. A: Colorado dams will be safer and at the same time more economically developed due to the CO-NM REPS project and new Dam Safety Rules. I have used all the skills learned from Water Leaders in these multi-faceted regional and statewide efforts. Q: Is there anything else you would like to share about your Water Leaders experience? A: I can't say enough about the Water Leaders training I received. I put it to use in real time, literally each of the skills were put to use immediately after each session. I am confident that without the training I would not have had the successes or enjoyment in my work that I had in the three years since graduating.

WATER FLUENCY The Water Fluency program provides participants with a practical understanding of Colorado water resource issues and the related implications to local decision-making processes. Participants learn through in-person classroom days, guided tours of infrastructure and project sites, and applied learning assignments. Program graduates leave equipped with new knowledge and a network of peers to lead with confidence and create lasting change in their communities. The 2019 program was held in the Denver metro area, and marked our 5th year rotating to communities across the state, with a total of 166 graduates since 2015.


33 participants

of Water Leaders alumni have the same employer but increased responsibilities

29% have received a promotion



OUR VOLUNTEERS We do not take the work of our dedicated volunteers lightly. Water leaders and citizens concerned about this limited resource are a powerful voice for helping our organization create a scalable, lasting impact in Colorado. Last year alone, WEco enjoyed the community support of 275 volunteers.


Larry is an integral part of the WEco team, volunteering for nearly two years with Fresh Water News as the author of the Capitol Beat. His generous contributions in time and attention to this publication continuously strengthen WEco’s ability to carry out our mission of providing policy-neutral reporting and information on Colorado water issues. “State legislation is crucial in shaping Colorado’s water policy—whether it’s helping to fund the state water plan, promoting irrigation efficiency while protecting agricultural water use, or preserving instream flows for fisheries and recreational economies. I’ve staffed the General Assembly’s water committees, and working with WEco puts me back in the hearing rooms to track and report on these issues. I hope this not only informs you about what’s going on at the capitol, but piques your interest in participating in the process. For there’s nothing a legislator appreciates more than a knowledgeable constituent who can say, ‘This will work.‘ When not tracking bills, I spend time above timberline documenting alpine flora below melting cornices as a volunteer with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and in the streams further below with a fly rod. As a state senator once told me, the best way to know water is to be in it.”

2019 VOLUNTEERS Jon Altenhofen Don Ament Juliana Archuleta Julie Arington Karlyn Armstrong Jeni Arndt Dominic Baca Gregory Baker Lauren Barclay Andrew Bartlett Amy Beatie David Beck Laura Belanger Richard Belt Matt Benak Douglas Benevento David Benke John Blackwell Becky Bolinger Kelly Brough Karla Brown Logan Burba Kurt Carson Anne Castle Tom Cech Rachel Champion Dana Coelho Hilary Cooper


Jerry Cordova Dave Cosgrove Rory Cowie Ronnie Crawford Sean Cronin Marjo Curgus Lurline Curran Allegra da Silva Drew Damiano Deb Daniel Lisa Darling Paula Daukas Casey Davenhill Nick Dawkins Mat deGraaf Dan DeLaughter Aaron Derwingson Greg Dewey Jeff Drager Rhys Duggan Chris Eshelman Jenna EspinozaGarcia Paul Fanning Carmen Farmer Skip Feeney Jorge Figueroa Michael Fink


Taryn Finnessey Angela Fowler Joe Frank Dan Gallen Jennifer Gimbel Ryan Golten Nita Gonzales David Graf Beverly Grant Mike Grauberger Kate Greenberg Scott Griebling Robert Harris Mike Hein Nathaniel Higginson Damian Higham Greg Hobbs Lori Hodges Brandi Honeycutt Iain Hyde Amelia Iraheta Katie Jagt Bill Jochems Gregory Johnson Adam Jokerst Shayna Jones Heather Justus Laurna Kaatz

— Larry Morandi, Former Director of State Policy Research, National Conference of State Legislatures

We couldn’t do it without you Doug Kenney Levi Kokes Aimee Konowal Chris Kraft Mary Kraft Jessica Kramer Karen Kwon Jojo La Terry Lance Erika Larsen Brad Lebsock Victor Lee Rod Lenz Dave Little Jim Lochhead Daniel Luecke Jeff Lukas Steve Lundt Randy Mandel Mark Marlowe Seth Mason Alan Matlosz Ben McConahey Bill McCormick Rusty McDaniel Lindsay McFarland Julie McKenna Bart Miller

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Jayla Poppleton Executive Director

Lisa Darling President

Jennie Geurts Operations Director

Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. Vice President

Meg Meyer Development Coordinator

Gregg Ten Eyck Secretary

Stephanie Scott Leadership Programs Manager

Alan Matlosz Treasurer

Scott Williamson Education and Outreach Coordinator

Eric Hecox Past President

Rep. Jeni Arndt Perry Cabot Nicholas Colglazier Sen. Kerry Donovan Jorge Figueroa Gregory Johnson Julie Kallenberger Scott Lorenz Daniel Luecke Kevin McBride Kate McIntire

Reed Morris Amy Moyer Lauren Ris Rep. Dylan Roberts Travis Robinson Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg Laura Spann Chris Treese Reagan Waskom Brian Werner

Caitlin Coleman Headwaters Editor & Communications Specialist Jerd Smith Fresh Water News Editor



OUR MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS A sincere thank you to our Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) members and contributors. ($20,000+) CoBank • Colorado Water Conservation Board • ThinkWater • Walton Family Foundation

($5,000+) Aurora Water • Board of Water Works of Pueblo • Colorado River District • Colorado Springs Utilities • Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority • Denver Water • HDR • Jefferson County • Meridian Metropolitan District • Northern Water • Pitkin County Healthy Rivers Program • South Metro Water Supply Authority • Southwestern Water Conservation District • Special District Association of Colorado • Varra Companies, Inc.

($2,000+) Cheryl Benedict • Byers Group, LLC • Carollo Engineers • Central Colorado Water Conservancy District • City of Greeley Water Conservation • City of Thornton • Collins Cockrel & Cole • Sean Cronin • Environmental Defense Fund • Jacobs • Melinda Kassen • Lincoln Institute of Land Policy • Jonathan McAnally • Northern Water Municipal Subdistrict • Premier Farm Credit • Rio Grande Water Conservation District • SGM • Shea Properties • South Platte Water Related Activities Program • St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District • Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association • Ute Water Conservancy District • WateReuse Colorado • Brian Werner and Tina Del Ponte

($1,000+) Anadarko • Audubon • Brown and Caldwell • City of Grand Junction • City of Longmont • Colorado Contractors Association • Colorado Corn • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment • Colorado Parks and Wildlife • Colorado Water Congress • Barbara Goelz-Tamsin • Stacie Hedrick • Frank Kinder • Lamp Rynearson • Lower South Platte Water Conservancy District • Ken Lykens • Lynker Technologies • Martin and Wood Water Consultants • Metro Wastewater Reclamation District • Morgan County Quality Water District • The Nature Conservancy • Parker Water and Sanitation District • Bret and Jayla Poppleton • Republican River Water Conservation District • River Network • Nick and Teresa Ryan • Town of Monument • Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association • Upper South Platte Water Conservancy District • Ken and Ruth Wright



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$ 295,421 $ 100,123 $ 51,490 $ 2,775 $ 449,809

$ 358,934 $ 67,342 $ 64,651 $ 12,275 $ 503,202

$ 50,158 $ 27,990 $ 14,750 $ 5,980 - $ 98,878

$ 66,663 $ 21,745 $ 2,000 $7,394 $ 97,802

NET ASSETS Unrestricted Total Net Assets

$ 350,931 $ 350,931

$ 405,400 $ 405,400


$ 449,809

$ 503,202

REVENUE Foundation Grants Government Grants Program Fees Contributions Membership Dues Special Events Less: Direct Event Expenses Sale of Materials Interest All Other In Kind

$ 44,802 $ 225,183 $ 131,553 $ 128,293 $ 117,578 $ 64,904 ($ 27,342) $ 15,740 $ 54 $ 5,748 -

$ 265,198 $ 174,544 $ 140,382 $ 144,515 $ 100,493 $ 62,445 ($ 40,563) $ 11,195 $ 39 $ 754 $ 6,500


$ 706,513

$ 865,502

CURRENT ASSETS Cash & Cash Equivalents Contracts Receivable Property & Equipment Prepaid Expenses TOTAL ASSETS CURRENT LIABILITIES Accounts Payable Payroll Accruals Deferred Revenue Copier Lease Liability Line of Credit Total Liabilities

2019 Revenue









EXPENSES Program Services $ 557,505 $ 475,939 Supporting Services Management & General $ 127,902 $ 76,321 Foundation Grants Government Grants Fundraising $ 75,575 $ 65,853 TOTAL EXPENSES

$ 760,982

$ 618,113


($ 54,469)

$ 247,389

NET ASSETS, beginning of year

$ 405,400

$ 158,011

NET ASSETS, end of year

$ 350,931

$ 405,400


Sales of Materials

Membership Dues Interest

Based on reviewed financial statement by Taylor, Roth and Company

2019 Expenses





Program Services

(Leadership, Education and Content)





Management & General




Program Fees

Special Events

All Other

FUTURE FOCUS In 2020, Water Education Colorado will continue reporting on timely water issues while offering our full slate of engaging programs. Our focus will be on serving our existing audiences and membership base with excellence, while continuing to increase exposure to water issues and educational opportunities among diverse and underrepresented audiences. We will translate key publications into Spanish, begin implementing the Statewide Water Education Action Plan, and provide additional resources and trainings for educators working with youth. Water education has never been more critical, and our passionate team looks forward to working with partners statewide to continue to advance a vibrant, sustainable and water-aware Colorado!

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! You can support our mission to ensure Coloradans are informed on water issues and equipped to make decisions that guide our state to a sustainable water future in a variety of ways! Stay engaged through membership - individuals and organizations welcome! Sponsor a program to provide valuable funding and showcase your organization’s support. Advertise in Fresh Water News or Headwaters magazine to stay front and center with our readers. Donate online at any time by visiting wateredco.org/get-involved/donate.

Consider making a major gift, or including WEco in your estate plan. Contact us and we can help you think through the options.



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