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September 01, 2010

WELCOME F R E S H M E N Fish Camp Prepares New High School Students for the New Year chloeBEARD editor-in-chief

Cy-Fair provided its first ever “Fish Camp” to the incoming freshmen on Aug 20. Upperclassmen were running the shots as they led games and icebreakers and orientation with the “fish”. “We show them around the school, tell them about our traditions at Cy-Fair and answer any questions they have,” senior Martha Mikhail said. “Plus games to make them less nervous about the whole experience.” “Fish Camp” was developed based off of A&M’s Fish Camp for incoming college freshmen. “This is the first year that this is being done and it was open to all seniors.” Senior Andy Escobar. “People who were interested in helping out were to just fill out a small ‘application’ of sorts that basically consisted of filling out contact information. Mrs. Baranowski, our AP, approached Mr. Kobal, the PALs sponsor, about the idea and I think that’s when the ball started rolling on the project. Basically the camp is to get the freshmen excited and pumped to be coming into Cy-Fair and to show them how to be successful and happy.” “Fish Camp” consisted of two sessions, the first being from 10 am to 12 p.m. and then second being from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., that involved around 20 groups of seniors leading the groups of freshmen and new students.

Each session started out with a pep rally for the parents and incoming freshmen. The band, cheerleaders, brigade and drumline performed for the excited group of freshmen and seniors. “The pep rally was my favorite part because it was so exciting,” freshman Shaun Speck said. “It made me so much more excited to start the school year here.” The different groups wandered the halls touring the ins and outs of Cy-Fair High School and also used classrooms to present a Powerpoint presentation called the Bobcat Tradition Power Point, which included information on the CATS matrix, BFND, dress code rules and everything necessary to be successful at Cy-Fair. Seniors beamed with excitement as they led around their “fish”. “I really wish they had this my freshman year,” senior Kari Ellingsen said. “They know where to go now and what to do. They can feel comfortable now with the big bad seniors at the big bad high school.” Freshman Ashley Tillis expressed her excitement for the new school year and her appreciation for the Fish Camp experience. “The school’s so big that I would have been lost and really confused if it wasn’t for today,” Tillis said. “I really like the school and can’t wait for the year to start.”

WHAT’S I N S I D E Sweet Summer Escapes

ALL EARS: Freshmen eagerly watch their senior leaders present the Bobcat Tradition Power Point. Photo by Tyler Melancon

BFND For Beginners

Summer Hits and Misses


Cy-Fair clubs and organizations, old and new, are preparing for this year with plans for bigger and better opportunities and student activities. For example, Key Club, an international service organization created by Kiwanis International, is planning on holding another Box-In Lock-In due to previous year’s success. The Box-In Lock-In raises awareness about homelessness, and donates entrance fees to Friend-a-Gorilla, an organization dedicated to protect Uganda’s vanishing gorilla population. “It’s going to be incredible,” Key Club President Andy Escobar said. “Nothing can hold it back, nothing at all.” Other old favorites, such as Model UN, a mock UN run by students representing the various countries, Young Ladies

of Positive Action (YLPA) and Young Men of Positive Action (YMPA), the schools gender-specific step clubs, and Student Council are still in full swing. In a big change, Mr.Cabaniss and Mr. Tarpley are taking over Drama Club, as Mrs. Koern is now teaching three theater classes. “When I first heard the news, I was shocked and saddened,” senior Bethany Roberts said. “I love Mrs. Koern. She has taught me more about acting and theatre then any other director I’ve been under.” New drama teacher Mr. Cabaniss has worked as Cy-Fair’s tech theater teacher for four years, directing the play Get Smart. Mr. Tarpley, however, is new to Cy-Fair theater and the drama students are very interested to see how he’ll do. “I don’t know Mr. Tarpley personally,” Roberts said. “But I do know that Mr. C and Mrs. Koern are so confident that he was the best for the job and I trust them

completely.” Speaking of changes, senior Samantha Villarreal is mentoring sophomore Erika Holum to replace her in Higher Dimensions, a Christian club that meets on the senior deck every Wednesday morning. “We have so many exciting things planned,” Holum said. “Lots of out of school stuff, such as a hospital ministry and planting gardens for the blind.” Another organization with big plans is Teens for Change, a volunteer club new to Cy-Fair this year. They expect to do several service projects for the community, such as care packages for children in hospitals, and volunteering at REACH, a program for special needs. “It’s going to be a little messy in the beginning,” President Sadie Pierce said. “But you’re only young once, so why not change the world?” As senior Andy Escobar put it, “We’re so pumped for this year.”


SEP. Freshman/JV/Var-

Volleyball vs 03 sity Cy-Ridge. Away. 4:30-6:00 p.m.

SEP. Junior and Senior

Night in the 07 Parent Auditorium and Cafeteria. p.m.


SEP. Freshman/JV/Var-

Volleyball vs 08 sity Cy-Creek. Away. 4:30-6:00 p.m.





01. Cheer Captain Ashley Hamilton, senior, pumps up the freshmen and their parents at the pep rally held before Fish Camp. 02. Sophomore Evan Scott (middle) and Junior Ross Carroll (right) work the Swimming and Water Polo table set up in Main Street. 03. Freshmen discuss their schedules with each other while passing through the cafeteria. 04. Seniors Lauren Carter and Erin Shepherd await their assigned group of freshmen in the gym after the pep rally. Photos by Melissa Borchgrevink.

News 02



Harry Potter Theme Park Leaves Students Under a Spell darbyNEVINS reporter


arry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a ride built to fulfill every Hogwarts-Student-Wannabes’ dreams was the hit sensation in Orlando, Florida this summer when it opened on June 18. The $265 million new addition to Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure let guests enter the magical world of Harry Potter. A few lucky students got the chance to go check out the park this summer. For a some, like senior Ryan Boe, the experience was “amazing” but for others like senior Kingston Ma, the welllooked-forward-to-trip did not live up to all expectations. Ma, who considers himself a pretty big Potter Fan since he has read every book at least three times and seen every Harry Potter movie countless times, anticipated his trip since the winter of 2009. His long wait came to an end on June 26, a week after the park opened, when he arrived at Universal. “The main spark of excitement was

when I first walked into the place,” Ma said. “It looked like a replica of Hogsmead intertwined with Dragon Alley. The employees were in character and everything was all and all well developed. The model of Hogwarts was although pathetic and minuscule, but the general visual were pretty decent.” For Boe, who visited the park at the beginning of August, there were no disappointments. “I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I am pretty sure I proved that last year during my wizards duel on the lunch table. I’ve read all the books and seen every movie so I had high expectations when I arrived, but it was everything I expected and more,” he said. Universal does not let an one get bored. The park brings together many attractions of the wizard world on its 20 acres. According to Marje Lambert of Miama Herald, the park lets you shop in Ollivander’s Wand Shop to pick out the correct wand, Birch, ash or hazel, where they are stacked to the ceiling. If you’re up to it, you can ride on either the Hungarian Horntail or the Chinese Fireball on the Dragon Challenge which is connected to the Triwizard Tournament from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Or you may take the Flight of the Hippogriff- part horse, part eagle

and can even try some of the famous Butterbeer in the Hodsmeade Village; where you can also pick up your Quidditch broomsticks and grab some chocolate frogs. When it comes to theme parks there are always long lines and the Harry Potter theme park was no different. “The oh-so-long two hour lines for everything was just oh-so-fantastic,” Ma said. “Thankfully the attraction, which is a 4-D ride, is pretty awarding for the wait.” The ride at the end of the “oh-solong” line is called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey; It is located in the castle of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. “To get there, you get to take an entertaining but long walk through the corridors of the school. You get to pass by headmaster Albus Dumbledore’s office and make your way through the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Finally when you get on the ride, you get to take a ‘magical flight with Harry and his friends’,” Boe said. Although Universal’s new addition was produced with input from the Harry Potter books’ author J.K Rowling and set designers from the movies to try and bring the magical world to the real

world and go along with the books and movies, Ma did not see it that way. “I mean I understand there are limitations, but with the technology and the investment they put into these, theme parks should be able to give a better replica of Hogwarts,” he said. Boe disagreed with Kingston. “It looked so realistic, I felt like I was in Hogwarts,” he said. After spending two busy days at the theme park Ma left slightly disappointed. “Although I had fun and the park was okay, it did not live up to what I expected. If you’re a Harry Potter fanatic then it will be the most disappointing thing of your life. If you just enjoy the movies then it can stimulate some imagination. I was just expecting it to be more magical,” Ma said. Boe was the complete opposite. “I felt like I had lived the dream of experiencing the wizarding world, I didn’t want to leave,” he said. For the Muggles who want to go check out the magic for themselves, buy tickets on line at for a discount. The park is open 365 days a year so Hogwart’s doors will never close.

The Hogwarts Castle at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios. Photo courtesy of


Features 03


Students Get Sweet Summer Getaways maiteDON reporter

With all the Texas heat, students travel out of the state and to different locales to spend the summer. Junior Kaitlyn Cathro went to Canada with her family to visit relatives and to scout for potential universities. “I had a great time seeing my cousins again and gave thought to where I might want to go,” Cathro said. “Either University of Calgary or University of Alberta in Edmonton. But who knows? I might just end up going somewhere in the states seeing as how I don’t know what I want to do with my life just yet.” The thing Cathro enjoyed the most was revisiting all the places from her childhood. She was born and lived in Canada until she was 6. Cathro highly recommends the West Edmonton Mall, the biggest mall in the world as a “must see” in Canada. “It has its own indoor water park, amusement park, sea lions show, and different animals that are brought in every few months, like lemurs and flamingos,” Cathro said. “The best part

“There is so much history. I wish I could have stayed longer.”

about it though is its movie theater, Scotia Bank Theater, what I like to call the Dragon Theatre. While dragons aren’t real, West Ed knows how to bring them to life. Above the box office is a huge dragon that can move, blow smoke from its nostrils, and even breathe real fire ten feet from your face.” Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, junior Lindsey Hardin enjoyed a 10-day trip to London and Paris. Their tour group, Adventure by Disney, consisted of people from the U.S. and the tour guides made traveling for them easy. “In England I went to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guards,” Hardin said. The Changing of the Guards is a ceremony in which the Queen’s guards dress in bearskin and red jackets. Basically, the ceremony consists of the new guards taking over the old guard’s duties. Features 04

Next was Westminster Abbey, a very old cathedral where the crowning of kings and queens takes place and where tombs are held for them. “I am not much of a history fanatic but when I was being told all of this history about England I was in such awe of everything they have gone through,” Hardin said. She had a different opinion about the castle of Versailles though. “It was probably the most obnoxious place I have ever seen. They [rulers] had statues of themselves and then they would have disgusting wallpaper and I thought they couldn’t decorate their room if their life depended on it.” Hardin suggests staying in each city more than just a few days. Make it about two weeks each, she said. “There is so much history and I wish I could have stayed longer,” Hardin said. “If I had to choose my favorite city I would pick London and I am still not sure why. I just know that I automatically fell in London when I stepped off the plane.” Off the coast of Venezuela, a mere hour away by boat, is a Caribbean island country called Aruba where junior Lucas Wagner spent two weeks of his summer. “I love it, been going since I was six weeks old with my family. The thing I like the best is the weather, no humidity because it’s a desert island. Constantly 85 to 90 degrees all year round and

windy 100 percent of the time,” Wagner said. Aruba is a country that forms the ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles with Bonaire and Curacao islands. The main languages are Dutch, English, and their own native language, Papiamento, a

language with a mix of Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, and some African languages. “I would recommend this particular Caribbean island to absolutely everyone because of its surreal perfection,” Wagner said.

CARIBBEAN: (Top) Entitled “Twist” taken in Aruba. Photo by Lucas Wagner. (Bottom) Entitled “Tranquility Beyond Turmoil” also taken in Aruba. Photo by Lucas Wagner. 09-01-10



If it’s is true that laughter extends your life then my mom will live forever- not that laughing is a bad thing (except when you can’t hear the TV over the sound of her mad cackling). She does that a lot, cackle, I mean. Whenever she’s on the phone with her friends she turns into the Wicked Witch of the West (minus the pointy hat and green skin). You’d think she and her pals were discussing plans for world domination rather than their own group gossip. It’s a little embarrassing when you’re standing in line at Wal-Mart and trying to ignore the stares your personal woman-shaped-foghorn is receiving. And then there is her professional laugh. The laugh reserved for work parties and parent-teacher conferences. It’s not obnoxious in the same sense as her on the phone laugh, but it’s still not natural.



Senior Year to an Inconvenient Start

chloeBEARD editor-in-chief

“I’m sorry, I can’t give this to you.” Absolute defeat. Those are the only two words I can think of to describe my Bobcat Express experience. Why? There’s an empty space on my car’s back window waiting for a parking sticker to be placed. I stared at this woman in disbelief. I examined her half-smile that indicated that she tried to display some sort of sympathy for me, but in all actuality didn’t care about my dilemma. I tried to reason in my head all the things I wanted to say to her, but knew that I couldn’t. Are you kidding me? I’m a senior. You can’t possibly be serious, you obviously don’t know that I’m a senior. Because if you did, I would have a parking sticker 09-01-10

right about now being placed nicely on the corner of my back window. But there isn’t. “Well, your license is technically expired.” It expired on my birthday, July 22, and it is now August 11. I have 30 days to renew it before it’s considered “invalid”. “Well maybe you should go talk to the principal, I don’t know what else to tell you.” Who are you? I am a senior and I deserve my parking sticker with a relatively nice parking space numbered on the front. And you are just standing in my way. I’m going to have to park in Africa my senior year. Sounds grand. I have gone from parking space number 51 to not even knowing what space I will have. Junior year is seeming to be a little more promising than senior year. Despite my absolutely not convenient parking situation dilemma, I am a senior now. I am graduating this year. It’s the last first day of school at Cy-Fair for me, what is going through my mind? “How long is this year going to go by?” I can’t help it. I’ve had the same amount of ‘senioritis’ ever since freshman year, this year will not be any easier. It’s like that frustrating feeling of being so close to something yet not having it completely grasped yet. Graduation, come now.

about it, until I realized I was her. Monday through Friday I wake up in the morning and head off to school. I meet up with my friends in front of our lockers, and I am the hyperactive, loud mouthed spaz that they know and love. I laugh loudly, jump around, and become the teenage equivalent of a two year old on a sugar high. They know me to be a lovable freak, so lovable freak I am to them. And it’s as easy as breathing. When the warning bell rings we all hug and scatter off to our different classes. As I pass through the doors to my first period classroom a change occurs. My shoulders slump slightly, my eyes are suddenly downcast, and I clutch my books tighter to my chest and take a seat in the most secluded corner of the room I can find. Throughout the lesson I remain silent, speaking when called upon, but hardly ever daring to offer up anything to the conversation even when I know the answer. I don’t do anything of consequence, and therefore I am not a person of consequence. My classmates know me to a smart little weirdo, so smart little weirdo I am to them. At the end of the day I shuffle silently through the hallways. At the end of the day I harp along happily with my friends. At the end of the day I go home and dutifully do my homework as the ideal daughter. At the end of the day I smile ruefully as I am embarrassed by that witchy cackle. At the end of it all, I am who I seem to be and I laugh the way I am expected to.

Need to sell some stuff? Want to get a personal ad put in The Reporter? The Reporter is launching a “Classifieds” section to be put in every issue. This section will be devoted to personal ads purchased by students and teachers. For more information, come by room 2005.

Editor-in-Chief Chloe Beard Managing Editors Katie Goins Alex Bradley



The sound is sterile with politeness, and her smiles hardly ever reach her eyes. It’s the socially acceptable laughter shared between two adults with strictly professional relations. Like something out of a bad cosmetic dentistry commercial. For as long as I can remember her laughter has varied with the situation. It never really bothered me until a few years ago when I teased her about her sudden metamorphosis from super villain to political campaigner as she switched from a friendly chat to a conference call. I expected her to smile contritely and lightly flick my arm. I expected her to shush me so she could concentrate on her work. Even an angry scowl and a harsh jab at my own laugh would have made more sense than the reply she gave me: confusion. She honestly had no idea what I was talking about. But how could she not know? I matched her blank stare with an equally bemused expression. I repeated the joke. Still she did not understand, so I explained my reasoning and observations behind it. Her brows only knitted more tightly together, and I realized that she hadn’t been altering her reactions intentionally. She went from Cruella Deville to the mother in Beaver Cleaver as easy as breathing. Like such a drastic change was natural. I didn’t think much about what she said that day, other than deadpanning at the fact that she didn’t notice something so blatantly obvious. I didn’t think much


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Op/Ed 05

Cy-Fair High School’s


BEGINNERS If there’s one thing you need to know about Cy-Fair, it’s that our school spirit defines us. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof.

High School Myths & Truths MYTH You need to show

up in a limo at Homecoming .

TRUTH Your freshman

year really does count. You’re going to appreciate the time and effort you put in when it comes to your GPA later on.

MYTH You will be shoved into lockers and stuffed into toilets.

TRUTH You could possi-


Editor in Chief

Walking into the halls of Cy-Fair, there's a few things every bobcat should remember:

1. PDA is NOT cute.

I understand that you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend really "love" each other, but do you have to display it at every pole in Main Street? I think not. When other people are walking to their classes, seeing an NC-17 display is not something that sits well. Let's just put it this way: It's nauseating and you WILL get dirty looks.

2. People do NOT enjoy pushing through mosh pits to get to class.

Okay, I get it. You and your friends like to group around each other and talk about your day. That's cool. But does your group need to take up the entire hallway forcing others to either awkwardly walk through your oh-so-important conversation or causing them to walk up against the wall? It's not okay. You will also end up getting yelled at by administration anyway, just go outside and make your groups. We don't want them here.

3. It's NOT cool to set bathrooms on fire. I'm not even going to lie, I don't understand this one. There's no doubt that you're going to get in trouble, not only with administration but with the law. Just don't do it.

4. Do NOT hack into the district’s computers.

There really isn't much to say about this one other than it really just inconveniences everyone else in the district, including The Reporter, and what have you gained? Getting taken out of class in handcuffs and time spent in jail is all you will receive.

5. Do NOT run in the halls to get to class after the bell has obviously already rang. You’re already late. What is running going to do for you except annoy the other late people in the halls? Potentially injuring others in the hallways by running your entire body into theirs to get to a class you’re already late to seems a little pointless. Here’s a good start: Don’t be late for class.

bly end up injured from simply walking in the halls.

MYTH If you step on the

seal, ninjas and seniors from every year will attack you at once. (But really, don’t step on it.)

TRUTH You don’t need

a date to have fun at school events and dances. But, it doesn’t hurt.

In-Depth 06



The popular chant created by a football coach in 1972 has been the epitome of the school's spirit. "BFND", also known as 'Bobcat Fight Never Dies', the same phrase that once started out painted in the football locker room walls for encouragement to a team that was losing all hope, is now seen across maroon shirts at the school football games, used as a greeting in the hallways, on posters covering the walls of Cy-Fair, painted across the faces of the student fans cheering on the Bobcats to ultimate victory at various games, as a reminder of the unrelenting fight that every Bobcat receives once they step into the school as another member of the Bobcat family. Cy-Fair is well known for its school spirit. At a district game of any kind of sport, the Bobcats will clearly stand out. Not because they can easily be considered the loudest of the crowd, but because win or lose, the Bobcats are still keeping loyal to their school and cheering in confidence that regardless of the outcome, 'BFND' will remain standing strong. For sophomore football player Ryan Snyder, the meaning gives him motivation and determination in all his games. "BFND helps me remember that whatever happens in the game, doesn't determine who we are,"

Snyder said. "As Bobcats, we are always going to go in with a fight and coming out as winners, no matter what." Cross country runner senior Casey Broderson uses 'BFND' as a reminder and a way of getting aggressive in order to do his best. "I always feel confident to give it my all and never quit because no matter how I did in the race, my fight doesn't die, nor can it. I'm a Bobcat," Broderson said. The school's strong spirit and 'BFND' motto builds character and gives the student body a competitive and passionate desire to be the best they can possibly be. Cy-Fair has successfully been recognized not only athletically, but also academically. Only 1 of 12 schools in the state of Texas are selected based on high academic standards for 3 consecutive years. Cy-Fair High School, for two years in a row was named an Honor Roll School by the Just For Kids/TBEC (Texas Business and Education Coalition). Thirty eight years later, the same phrase still permeates Cy-Fair sports. The football season of 1972 may have been well forgotten, but the same spirit and meaning of 'BFND' still lives on, because the fight of the Bobcats really doesn't ever die. It's more than a phrase to the Bobcats, it's a living declaration.

W H A T N O T T O W E A R SOLUTIONS mariann a YODER Reporter

Every teen loves to strut their stuff down the bustling hallways on the first day of school decked out in their new clothes, or at least the greater majority. But just because a new year means a fresh start, there's no excuse to start forgetting the rules. The dress code may appear to be an annoying set of rules that limit the fun of dressing one's self, but it actually makes sense, as appalling as it sounds. There's reason behind why student's shouldn't show off their underwear, dye their hair lime green or try to beat the record of visible piercings. For the most part, it's simply because others just don't want to see it. As for the rest of the time, it's because it's for your own good. Rule 1: Don’t Display Your Underwear

A bright blue thong peaking out from a girl’s mini skirt may seem appealing to some, but let’s face it, not everyone can pull it off. For those that think they can (but unfortunately couldn’t to save their life), it’s just embarrassing. And even more unfortunate is that no one should be even trying to pull it off. Displays such as this lead people

to jump to conclusions and assumes the offender has no self-respect. Instead, they should try to find an alternative skirt or pants considering how cold it can be in school, that cover the leg until mid-thigh or longer and don’t allow others to see their panties (sometimes it’s good to leave things up to the imagination).

This is a belt. Belts have two whole uses: to look good and to keep your pants up.

Rule 2: Don’t Display Your Boobs, Belly If you insist or Butt There are three B’s that should always be considered before walking through the hallways: Boobs, Belly and Butt. The consideration that they should be given is very simple and straightforward: they should be covered! Don’t try to reason with it, because there is truly no point. There is no reason a teenager should waltz around with the three B’s on display (that’s what nightclubs and colleges are for, and that all comes after graduation). Life is extremely long, so it shouldn’t hurt any girl to wait a few years to show off her B’s.

Rule 3: Wear a Belt (also see reference to Rule 1)

Of course, girls aren’t the only offenders of breaking the rules (though they do infringe the dress code the most). The most common problem with guys is their strong need to have their pants sagging under their butt. Though this display has yet to be understood by the rest of the world, it’s been around long enough to get annoying. Guys, just get a belt! It may be uncomfortable at first, but it’ll be quite a bit easier to run madly to class to avoid tardies.

on wearing a tank top or low cut shirt, try adding a cardigan. They help balance out sultry and modest. Yes, there are such things as jeans that are not low-rise. They are meant for people who often find themselves exposing their underwear. Search Mid Rise on to find a pair.


In-Depth 07

Q&A with SPORTS 1. What have you done to stay in shape? 2. How much did you practice over the summer? 3. Why did you join your sport? 4. What are your goals for your sport? 5. How important do you think school spirit is when it comes to being in your sport?

Here are the sports that start at the beginning of the year and here are the leaders that make it happen.

Dies”. Going on our soon to be 70th anniversary, Cy-Fair’s school spirit will live on forever!” AH “My sport IS school spirit, We turn spectator events into participation events. Our job is to get everyone pumped up at every sporting event! We are the key to spirit at Cy-Fair!!! As cheerleaders its very important to show school spirit in everything and with everyone.” “If we don’t have spirit we are nothing. We are the spirit leaders of the school and we support everyone!! We encourage the school to go to the football, volleyball, basketball, and just about every other sporting event to show those athletes we care about them. BFND.” BB


team to leave with that number one spot.” AH “My goal for this year is for our squad to become together as one, within our squad, the school, and threw out our community. And to have LOTS of fun.” KL “I mostly want for everyone to get along. You can only ask for so much when you put about thirty girls together for a whole year but we have a good group of girls and it’s going to be a great year.” BB 5. “School spirit is crucial for my sport, that’s what we do! We influence people to have school spirit because that’s what keeps our traditions at Cy-Fair alive. I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone when I say that years from now we will never forget the saying “Bobcat Fight Never



try something different. I had tried out and made everything from colorguard to brigade. Cheerleading just seemed like my niche so I decided to stick with it.” AH “I love cheering, I always have ever since I was little. I went to every Cy-Fair cheer clinic from kindergarten to eighth grade. When I found out I made the cheer team it was my dream coming true.” KL “I started cheering when I was little and I just loved it! I’m a loud bubbly person and cheering fits my personality. I love supporting for Cy-Fair.” BB 4. “My main goal is for our team to do amazing at our cheer competition in Florida this year. This competition is probably one of the biggest in the country, and my goal is for our


1. “P90X most definitely.” AH “I stretched a lot to stay limber and I went swimming a lot. I have a hurt back so this summer I took a break to rest my back.” KL “I mainly swam it’s my favorite way to stay in shape! I also stretched and watched what I ate, it’s important to eat healthy.” BB 2. “Two times a week and at private lessons.” AH “I took a couple private lessons but nothing to strenuous.” KL “I did a few privates to get my back tuck but it’s hard to maintain a schedule when you go on vacations but I tumbled on the beaches when I went to Florida.” BB 3. “It was definitely out of my element, and I figured why not


MeetTheLongestPlayers: 1. “I ran all summer.” ST “Well practices keep me in shape and in club volleyball we have conditioning so that.” KO “I worked out three times a day, running in the mornings, going to the gym in the afternoon, and more running at night.” KH 2. “I did lessons and volleyball camps.” “Over the summer I practiced with my club team and went to

nationals so I practiced a lot” KO “I was in competitive volleyball until July and practiced more after that.” KH 3. “I just love the game and challenges in the sport for school ball.” ST “I joined in seventh grade as kind of a joke and ended up loving it and sticking with it.” KO

“My mom was a coach.” KH 4. “I want the team to make it as far as possible in playoffs.” ST “My goals for volleyball are to work hard enough to get a college scholarship possibly.” KO “My goal was to get committed, but I was already recruited to West Texas A&M University.” KH 5. “Everybody on the team this

year has a good attitude and when they work hard in practice it shows how much they want it.” ST “School spirit is extremely important to our sport, having loud fans and people supporting us pumps us up and makes us play better!” KO “School spirit is very important because it’s all about momentum and moving forward.” KH




1. “I played 7 on 7 for the school, and swam a lot. I also lifted weights.” CM 2. “Everyday, with my team mates, everyday all day long.”

CM 3. “I’m very passionate about football, it’s really my passion. I also play for my family, to help them out in the future.” CM

4. “Hopefully get a college scholarship to play, and eventually make it into the NFL.” CM 5. “School spirit is everything

for being an athlete, without school spirit football really wouldn’t be that fun in high school.” CM

Sports 08




We compete against all these different schools; we need to have a sense of self-pride to make sure we're better!” MN “Very important. School spirit will eventually bring you pride and pride will take you toward success.” AK

1. “Over the summer, if I wanted to stay in shape, I just went to my studio and danced. I also traveled to Austin a lot where I met my tap teacher and we pretty much just jammed out all the time. Dance is my whole life, so it’s the easiest way for me to stay active. I don’t think I could ever give it up.” KP “I run every day. I also dance everyday at a studio to keep up on my fitness and dance skills” EJ 2. “At the beginning of summer, officers met for two weeks to practice for officer camp. After camp, we got a break and didn’t have to meet up again

until the end of summer. Emma and I came up to Brigade together to prepare everything for the upcoming football season and taught it to officers before we met with the team. Brigade met up three weeks before school started and had two-a-days, and the next week, we had practice from two to five thirty. Practices were pretty hard because Emma and I wanted to make our team look really good!” KP ““When I wasn’t on vacation I was dancing almost every day.” EJ 3. “I wanted to join brigade after I watched them at football games freshmen year. It looked

like a lot of fun, and I figured it would be easy because I have danced all my life.” KP “I joined Brigade because I love to dance and I wanted to represent our school by being on the drill team. From the moment I saw the Brigade in eighth grade I knew I wanted to be a part of it.” EJ 4. “This year Emma and I really want Brigade to look perfect at every performance. We have been really hard on them so far because we never want to slack off. Since there are two of us, its easier to keep the team under control and focus on what we need to get done. Having two colonels has been really amazing so far because we get to col-

laborate on everything and we always have each others back.” KP “ To excel in everything we do, to do amazing at competition, and to bond as a team.” EJ 5. “I think school spirit is necessary when you’re on brigade. We’re at every single football game, spirit rally and pep rally, so if we had no spirit, those events would be pretty boring. Brigade is like one big family, so its really easy to get everyone pumped up at games and pep rallies.” KP “It’s very important because it is crucial to be loyal to your school and to have pride in your school, and you show that through school spirit.” EJ


marching band and colorguard to qualify for state competition this year, and I want the varsity colorguard to go to nationals in Ohio and get a decent score.” MN “To get first place and have fun.” AK 5. “I think school spirit is very important when it comes to belonging to any organizations.



make up for it by working hard during band camp.” MN “Every other day.” AK 3. “Honestly, I joined colorguard because at 13, I thought the flags looked so pretty.” MN “Scholarship.” AK 4. “I aim to at least slightly help inspire the colorguard to try to be better than good. I want the


1. “I woke up at 6 a.m. Every morning and went on hour long runs a week before band camp started. I also ate only healthy foods, it really helped me get in shape quickly.” MN “I ran in the morning and tried to eat healthy.” AK 2. “I probably didn't practice over the summer as much as I should have, but I’m trying to



duties. Willie Veenstra and I also attended DM camp at the University of Oklahoma in the second week of June.” NK “For over an hour a day” WV 3. “Music is my life, and band is only one extension of that. The marching band experience is literally out of this world. There is nothing quite like it. The feeling one gets out there on the field while marching through an exciting show is not comparable to any other emotion I know.” NK

“ I joined because my Dad is the band director and I love music.” WV 4. “As DM I am positive that the end goal for the band this year is to make State finals. My responsibility is to lead and push the band to reach that goal.” NK “I want the band to make state. But as long as we do as well as we can, it’ll be fine with me.” WV 5. “I think school spirit is vital to the band experience. The

sense of ownership and pride one feels towards the band is incomplete without some spirit. The Cy-Fair Band’s motto is “Spirit, Pride, and Tradition” and I believe in that absolutely because they all function together. Pride results from spirit, and our long-standing tradition is a result of this pride.” NK “School spirit is extremely important.” WV


1. “Over the summer I looked over the Bound scores and music so much that I nearly memorized all the parts. I have become familiar enough with the show that I feel comfortable instructing others on it.” NK ”I ran long distance and went to the gym.” WV 2. “As Drum Major the question of practice for the marching show didn’t really come into play, but as I said I have been taking care of my drum major



2. “We practice every weekday morning and run on our own on the weekends. Varsity has three days that they have to run twice.” RC “I practiced everyday, twice a day, 12-14 miles a day (usually 5 in the morning 7 in the afternoon).” AS 3. “I joined the sport in seventh grade because I’ve always been good at running long distance and I’m obviously not built to play football or basketball. It just came naturally to me.” RC

“My dad was an Olympic qualifier, so it’s in my genetics. I thought I should give it a try, since I’d be destroyed as a football player, and I have loved it ever since. “ AS 4. “I want to come back from my injury strong and get my team a spot in the regional meet and go from there. I want to end up running in college and in track my goal is to set the new school mile record.” RC “My goal is to go to state this year while finishing first in the


district. I also would like to break the school two mile record.” AS 5. “School spirit is super important in sports, even ones like running because when your running you feel terrible and when people cheer you on it makes you feel like you can finish. “ RC “I think school spirit is very important. When people are watching you, it gives you that determination to embarrass your opponents.“ AS


1.”I’ve been running since the first day of summer, I went to a high altitude training camp in Colorado and ran up mountains. However my training was owned when I broke my foot. Now I just ride one of those elliptical bike things every day. “ RC “I ran a summer track program that took me to the Jr. Olympics. It helped keep me in a competitive mode. I started doing more upper body workouts, along with core.“ AS



Sports 09





01. Angelina Jolie in Salt 02. Ellen Page and Leonardo Dicaprio in Inception 03. Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Eclipse 04. The voices of Steve Carrell and Elsie Fisher in Despicable Me 05. The voices of Tim Allen, John Morris, and Tom Hanks in Toy Story 3


Photos courtesy of





Despicable Me

Toy Story 3

The queen of action does it again. Angelina Jolie delivers in her latest bad girl/good girl action flick. Like most of her action movies, Salt isn’t the greatest acting I’ve paid to see, but Salt keeps you guessing until the very end. Just when you think you have something figured out, another twist comes along. Not to mention, nobody makes dirt and crime look more fun than Jolie. For every girl who wanted to be a spy, she has been their hero. For every guy who’s liked the bad girl, she has been their crush. It’s hard to hate her when you want to be her. She can wear vials of blood and adopt way too many children all she wants as long as she keeps putting movies out that make us want to take up defense classes. So all I can say is Salt was enough to keep you interested. I wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to go spend your money on a ticket for this movie, but I’d definitely suggest that you go rent it when it comes out.

Everything you could possibly ask for in a movie can be found in Inception. It had every emotion that makes a movie worth watching. Full of action and suspense, drama and absolute creativity, this movie is one of the best you will ever see. Inception is a movie that really makes you think. It’s definitely not a movie that’s going to make you feel like you just lost brain cells going to see. Nothing in the movie was unnecessary and everything played an important role. The more you watched, the deeper you got involved with the dilemmas of the characters. Inception had an amazing story line and the movie as a whole was beautifully created. Absolutely unlike any other movie, it makes you want to watch it again and again just to see what more you understand the second time around. Inception was entirely unique in almost every way.

“Edward.” “Jacob.” “BELLA!” Such compelling dialogue could only derive from one cinematic masterpiece: The Twilight Saga Eclipse. Taylor Lautner’s abs yet again star in this intriguing and almost accurate book to movie installation of the saga. I’m not sure if it was the really dramatic pauses or the five second character change of Jasper when his random southern accent transformed him into Colonel Sanders that got my attention, but either way, I was entertained by this movie. Maybe not entertained the way the director or producers had planned their audience to be, but nonetheless entertained. I can’t fathom how much many girls are going to hate me for this but to be honest, unless you’re looking for a movie to make fun of, go see Inception. If you’re looking for tantalizing teenage romance and equally heartwarming acting, walking into the Eclipse theater is the wrong move.

Despicable Me is a charming and funny film, and even though the storyline is quite predictable, it’s fun along the way. This movie is about a bumbling villain named Gru who tries to use three little orphan girls in his newest evil plot: to steal the moon. The writing and voice acting are great, and nearly every scene makes you laugh. The youngest girl, Agnes, is utterly adorable - especially with her unicorn obsession! Vector’s unconventionally nerdy style of villainy is humorous, and so are all of his fishy weapons. The minions are cute and the most memorable aspect of the movie. Steve Carell gives a seamless voice acting performance, although you can still hear the Carell charm hidden in the accent. And see it in 3-D - there’s a great use of the effects in the ending credits! The music fit the family-friendly mood. A pleasant mix of child and adult comedy makes it great for all ages to watch. I’d give Despicable Me a 7.5/10. It was delightful.

When I first heard that there was going to be a third Toy Story movie I was nervous. However, Disney knocked it out of the park with the funny, heartwarming and bittersweet movie that is Toy Story 3. Lotso; the pink, strawberryscented villain that terrorizes Sunnyside Daycare Center (the gang’s new home) is a highlight of the film. The evil Ken and the naive Barbie are a marvelous duo that just make you laugh with their fashion hits and misses. The emotional journey that the toys go on while letting go of Andy and moving onto “bigger things” is touching and beautifully simple. And the addition of new characters and 3D effects transform this simple story line and characters into a movie that both firsttime viewers and die-hard fans can enjoy together. The third movie in the trilogy ended the saga wonderfully; after making us laugh, cry and wonder what our toys do when we aren’t looking.

k at ieGOINS

a sh le yGurney

chl oeBEARD

carl yWOOD

s arahSMITH

Managing/Ent. Editor


Editor in Chief

Entertainment 10





Songs We Love, Whether in Public or in Secret

I Like It by Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull I’m probably being bias because of my love for Enrique, but either way, I like this song. Of course the video is the typical club scene but I’ll watch it over and over again because he is adorable and I can’t help it. He can do no wrong in my eyes.

Bulletproof by La Roux La Roux really creeps me out, but this song is fun and has a very in your face vibe. My one piece of advice is not to watch the music video. La Roux just walks around in weird outfits making strange faces. There can only be one Lady Gaga. King of Anything by Sara Bareilles I don’t know how she found it, but Sara Bareilles stole lyrics from my fifth grade diary and I’m okay with it. This song is cute and catchy and addicting. I can disregard the chorus lyrics as I have to do with more of her songs. OMG by Usher I don’t like R&B. I don’t like Rap. I don’t really like Pop. And I find these lyrics as lame as any other. But I would be lying to myself if I said I didn’t like this song. I can’t help it. It’s one of those guilty pleasures. This beat is addicting and the chorus is catchy. Don’t judge me.

Songs We Hate, and Don’t Mind Admitting It

Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner At this rate, everybody’s cooler than him. When I look at these lyrics, I wonder if this guy is still sitting in middle school. It’d be one thing if this song was catchy and you couldn’t help but listen to it, but this song has the same beat and same tone the entire time. How is this a hit? Airplanes by B.o.B. feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore Sure, you can pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars, but just like I am when I listen to this song, you’re wasting your time. I could use a wish right now too; that this song would stop playing everywhere I go. California Girls by Katy Perry I can tolerate Katy Perry. Really, I can. But this song? What happened to everyone pretending to be cowgirls and liking things bigger in Texas? Now we’re singing California’s newest anthem. And then there’s the music video. I’m still trying to figure out how that song fits with the likes of candy land. Billionaire by Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars There are not words to describe how annoying I find this song. And I’m not even quite sure why. It all seems very little-girl-wanting-to-be-famous, but it’s a guy. I’m almost positive McCoy got his inspiration from The Pussycat Doll’s “When I Grow Up.” kati eGOINS

The Warped Wave al egri aCORONA-SAUNDERS Reporter

I swerved left and ducked right. It was headed my way. Pow! I was hit but received the after effect of the ambush. The lasting trace: a soggy substance on my left shoulder. I gazed up and saw a juggling performance going on. Left to right different items: shoes, jackets, and other unmentionables were darted toward random sections in the sea of people. Ecstatic for the day I decided to roll with the punches and duck when necessary. So while waiting, it got incredibly humid and then a burst of cool air flowed towards me. Gazing up at the sky, there was a patch of yellow in the enormous gray sky. The clouds turned darker and darker and the wind blew harder and harder. Peering behind me, I saw a girl praying and felt less than safe. This is not what I was expecting from my first Warped tour experience. I expected a sunny day and a dark tan. Yet that was not to be. Within 15 minutes everyone was drenched from the rain. At that point no jacket, poncho or towel could have helped. The excitement from the crowd cheering as the rain came down harder and harder made me feel hyped. Although it was raining I still was going to enjoy myself. When one o’clock finally rolled around my friends and I walked to the inflated performance schedule. Of course it was crowded but conveniently for two bucks, one could pur-

chase a concert schedule. Since there were tons of merchandise tables I decided to keep my money and not waste it on a piece of paper. I proceeded to buy my Warped tour memorabilia that in my opinion was fairly priced, but the food was another story, yet I digress. The rest of the day proceeded as planned seeing Sum 41, The All American Rejects, Versaemerge, New Years Day, We The Kings and more. Despite all the commotion it overall was an awesome day and it also proved that Houston doesn’t let the rain stop them. All went well until my friends and I checked our phones. The blank screen of death. My heart skipped a beat. Me, knowing full well that this was the only phone I would have, made me quite nervous. The rest of the day was spent trying to revive my phone at every tent that had cover from the rain. As the day progressed I got to meet The Pretty Reckless and New Years Day. Both really awesome bands. Getting to meet them diverted my mind from my phone troubles. I ended my Warped tour day listening to the acoustic set of Nevershoutnever. This definitely was not what I expected as my first experience but it left me excited for next year. My lasting words are words of advice. Make sure to watch the weather channel and bring a zip lock bag for your cell if it does rain. If above all else you still get rained out, have a bowl of rice ready in case you need it. Above all else have fun in spite of problems that may arise.

Back To School Necessities Managing/Ent. Editor

Shoulder Bags Quilted Shoulder Bag Forever21 ($22.80)

Flat Ankle Boots Skylar Strap Boot Payless ($34.99)

GIRLS 09-01-10


Men’s Flannel Shirt Old Navy ($24.50)

GUYS V-Necks

AE V-Neck T American Eagle ($15.50)

Entertainment 11

MEET THE We are writers. We are designers. We are editors. We are reporters.

We are your voice.

c h l o e BEARD Edit or In Chief -Can’t wink -Would hibernate if given the chance

k y l e ANDERSON -Is in Cy-Fair Band -Favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption

j a y DRUMMOND -Loves him some Frenchy’s Chicken -Is the second, not junior, not third. Second.

YL s a m BURD

-Can recite produce codes from Kroger -Truck’s name is Katie

h a r l e y CO OK -Will never say “Boomtaters ” ever again -Is officially shorter than her 13 year old brother

Efron -Loves Zac eaten -Has never pizza

d a r b y NEVINS

a s h l e y GURNEY coasters -Loves roller vies and scary mo skydiving -Wants to go duates when she gra

a l e x BRADLEY Managing Editor

-Knows every line to She’s The Man -Was almost paralyzed by a snow skiing accident

k a t i e GOINS Managing Editor -Speaks in Anchorman quotes -Forgets to say she’s kidding

a l e g r i a CORONA RS SAUNDE

m a i t e DO N

-Skilled at jumping oca-Cola C ts c e ll o -C fences memorabilia -H as scar from runith 30 Sec-Is in love w ning into a brick wall rs onds to Ma

a l l e n PETERS

s a r a h SMITH

-Collects Christmas r ai F yC r fo r snow globes -Is a wrestle en ph te S -Has an obsession with -Reads ls ve boo no ks about Hurricane g Kin Katrina

<< THE


j o r d a n TUCKER


c a r l y WOOD

ddicted to -Burps louder than men -Has two cats and a dog -Hopelessly a -Loved by mosqu n itos -Spends her free time all things fictio t or s b te bo a ge on re g Sp watching -”Twizzlers are ” d a re b d e lic s reading her bible thing since

R m a r i a n n a YODE

knows -Met a horse that Karate ry’s -Addicted to Per Frisce Mont Blanch a la


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Issue 1 of the Cy-Fair High School student newspaper for the 2010-2011 school year.

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