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CREDITS Brandon Smith Editor Michele Johnsen Copywriter

CONTRIBUTORS Alpa Patel, MD Director of Psychiatric Services Donna Venezio, LCSW Director, Community Resource Services

EXECUTIVE STAFF Roy Marshall, M.P.A. President/CEO Jeff Adler, Ph.D. Director of Operations Duc Tu Director of Finance Kathleen Welch-Torres, Ph.D. Director of Programs



n an age when information is accessible virtually anywhere, parents and caregivers can have resources available to them right at their fingertips. In November, CFGC will launch our free parenting tips mobile app “CFGCtips.” The app is downloadable from the App Store on any iOS and Android device and offers “take anywhere” resources on children and families’ mental health and wellbeing. A variety of information is available to support parents and caregivers 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Working moms can access tips to manage time and stress; families can discover how to cope with bullies at their children’s schools; concerned moms, dads and caregivers can get facts about teen substance abuse and more! Our CFGCtips app is another way that CFGC uses technology and innovation to help people who use our services, as well as others in the community. The CFGCtips app features rich functionality. With just a touch or a swipe, users can bookmark their favorite articles and return to them later. They can also share the tips they find on Twitter directly from the app and learn more about CFGC services. Users can also engage in discussions about articles, comment or ask questions of CFGC staff. “CFGC strives to increase accessibility for those who are in need of mental health and wellness information,” said CFGC President and CEO, Roy Marshall. “Technology brings information to those who seek it and provides connections to further assistance. CFGC is proud to stay at the forefront of technology that improves lives in our community.” Mental health information can also be found by following @CFGCtips on Twitter, “liking” our Facebook page or accessing our website at childguidance.org. Weekly mental health information and resource tips can arrive in your email box when you sign up to receive our newsletter from our homepage.


Newsletter | Summer 2015



or infants and toddlers, healthy interaction and attachment to caregivers are essential for developing positive relationships and trust, as well as for creating healthy perceptions of being safe and protected. Attachment issues can occur when very young children do not receive necessary holding, soothing, comforting and regular meeting of needs by a primary caregiver. Children with attachment issues often struggle with ability to love and trust others, develop empathy for others’ feelings and Alpa Patel, MD Director of regulate emotions. Psychiatric Services 1. Signs of attachment issues in young children include difficulty sleeping or eating, tantrums followed by clinging, crying inconsolably and difficulty separating from parents. It is normal for children to exhibit all these behaviors sometimes. However, if an unrelenting pattern develops, it is a good idea to contact a doctor for an evaluation.

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2. Attachment issues are more common in children who change foster homes, have inexperienced parents, are separated from parents due to long hospitalization, are part of large families where parents’ time is limited, or when caregivers are suffering from post-partum depression or another mental health disorder. 3. Most children are naturally resilient, and even those who have been abused or neglected, lived in orphanages, or had multiple caregivers can and do develop healthy relationships. 4. If left untreated, attachment issues can produce lifelong consequences, such as poor or abusive relationships, employment problems, social and emotional issues, isolation and inability to comprehend and respond to others’ feelings. Attachment issues can also lead to higher incidences of depression, anxiety, aggression and substance abuse in adulthood. 5. Children with attachment issues, and those with Reactive Attachment Disorder (a rare but more serious disorder), can learn to form secure attachments with others. Supportive caregivers and treatment from mental health professionals are keys to success, and the earlier treatment begins in a child’s life, the better the chances for successful outcomes. For more information about CFGC’s psychiatric services, please call 818.739.5250 | 661.265.8627 or visit childguidance.org.

818.993.9311 | www.childguidance.org


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oung adults who need continued mental health services after aging out of children’s programs unfortunately face limited options. Often, they do not meet the more restrictive adult criteria required to access services after age 18. This gap in services sometimes results in CFGC’s most emotionally fragile clients losing services when they are most vulnerable and at greatest risk for more severe mental health problems in the future. And, these young people find themselves struggling alone as they face new challenges such as college, new relationships and becoming financially independent. Now, CFGC is “filling the gap” by offering a new, wide spectrum of services to meet the needs of young adults. The service expansion began in June, with CFGC now accepting new young adult clients ages 18-25. In addition, current clients will be able to continue their services beyond their 18th birthday. CFGC services for young adults are customized to meet each individual’s specific needs. So, clients who have stabilized or reach the end of a course of treatment will have the option of reducing services from weekly to bimonthly or less, as they transition to college, vocational training or employment. Clients with more chronic and persistent challenges will be transitioned into mental health care programs that work best for them. CFGC is proud to provide support for young community members who need it most. By expanding programs for young adults, our agency is ensuring that more people than ever can reach their full potential during their transitional years!

Donna Venezio, LCSW Director, Community Resource Services


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Newsletter | Summer 2015

upporting research and evaluation of the mental healthcare industry’s practices is one way CFGC stands behind excellence in mental health services. Our agency participated in a study called Evaluation of Knowledge Exchange on Evidence-Based Practice Sustainment (4Keeps). 4Keeps looks at the results and impact of Prevention and Early Intervention and Evidence Based Practices (treatments proven by research to produce effective outcomes for children). CFGC participated along with other providers, therapists and researchers to contribute to a better understanding of what makes for the highest quality in services for children and families. The study is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, conducted through the UCLA and UCSD departments of medicine and supported by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.

DONOR SPOTLIGHT: LUCILLE BERKOWITZ – CFGC HAS COME A LONG WAY! “The growth and expansion of CFGC is phenomenal,” said Lucille Berkowitz, who worked for CFGC from 1964 until 1984. “Congratulations to all.”   Lucille fondly remembers the agency’s special events when CFGC was still in its infancy. “All our celebrations were done in the community room by in-house staff from the janitor up to the executive director,” she recalled. “The thenexecutive director and office manager were the bartenders, and I was the MC. Once, an exchange student from Australia played Santa Claus, and other times, our receptionist and intake worker did a bang up job, wearing a Santa Claus hat and having the staff, interns and volunteers sit on her knees and tell what they wanted for Christmas. I had the toddlers from our adjoining day care center come in and sing cute little songs, and we had a blast!” While employed by CFGC (then called the San Fernando Valley Child Guidance Clinic), Lucille enjoyed working with volunteers. Some of them have gone on to have professional careers in mental health after getting their start at CFGC. “Most memorable was young Michael,” she shared. When he was still in high school, he parked his bike outside the agency door and announced he was a good typist and wanted to volunteer.  I immediately put him to work, he became everyone’s favorite assistant. I had him type the Gestetner copy machine’s waxy blue stencils for the agency’s first government grant application for its Drop-in Clinic, where kids could come in for a first visit by themselves and subsequently had to have their parents accompany them for later visits.  Some 25 years later, Michael came to the clinic, found me and asked if I still remembered him. He is now a forensic psychologist in Chicago, and we are still in touch.  Another volunteer was Debra who worked with me in the Pacoima branch. Because of her exposure to CFGC, she became a psychotherapist.” Today, Lucille is 94 years old, living in Seattle, and she remains a valued friend of CFGC with a wonderful sense of humor.

BOARD OFFICERS 2015-2016 Melissa Broadwell, Chair Matadors Community Credit Union Ken Teasdale, Vice Chair LaRue, Corrigan, McCormick & Teasdale LLP Joyce L. Barkin, Treasurer Community Advocate Deborah M. Neal, Ed. D., Secretary Community Advocate Eric M. Book Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Alexis Casillas Newman, Aaronson & Vanaman Linda Drescher Community Advocate Robert Garcia, Jr., ESQ Law Offices of Jeffrey C. McIntyre Janice Kyser Community Advocate Myles M. Mattenson, ESQ Rick Pearson Cresa Sari Scheer Community Advocate Bonnie Weissman Kaiser Permanente Bill Winkelmann Anheuser-Busch Inc.

“I am now a little ol’ white haired lady, using a walking stick, an avid book reader, still paint and have three aims: 1. keep my wits;  2. not to fall; and 3. to find things I’ve so carefully put away,” she stated.   CFGC is grateful to Lucille for her service during the agency’s early days, as well as for her continued dedication to our work throughout the years.

Lucille Berkowitz

818.993.9311 | www.childguidance.org


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CFGC Summer 2015 Newsletter  

Volume 4; Issue 9 - We envision children and families flourishing in vibrant communities.

CFGC Summer 2015 Newsletter  

Volume 4; Issue 9 - We envision children and families flourishing in vibrant communities.

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