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THANK YOU to Our Committee CO-CHAIRS Katy Connolly Deborah Komins Ross

Loneve Aronstam Helen Boulos Sherry Brilliant Sonja Brown Audy Carroccia Angela Case Amy Chapman Cindy Collins Annie Coons Sally DeWees Susan Finizio Gayle Dillman

Megan Goeller Jen Joy Lee Shauna McIntosh, M.D. Fredda Pennock Elizabeth Pierson Gina Schoenberg Pamela Sweeney Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq. LeeAnn Trudel Nancy Wolak Peggy Zugehar

THANK YOU to our



Artist Sponsor

The Laffey-McHugh Foundation



T Bank, we know how important it is to support rganizations that make our communities better o live, work and grow. That’s why we offer both me and resources. What we all get in return is far aluable.

e proud to support

en and Families First.

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rs, Schwartz Real Estate edicated to – Yours and Ours …

me ago that a home is more than just a structure — and its value m the surrounding community as from its ‘bricks and mortar’. so much into our community ...

proud to partner with Children & Families First. It’s organizations like community — OUR community — a better place to call home.

ears in Real Estate

Visit us online to learn more about homeownership in our many fine communities. or call 302-234-5270

MANY THANKS TO... ROCKWOOD PARK AND MUSEUM for allowing us to take photographs on their beautiful grounds.



Heidi Lowe

Pamella Bounds-Seemans

Rowena Macleod

Sherry Brilliant

Alessandra Manzotti

Mary Jo Carroccia

Julie Boswell McCulloch

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Mia Muratori

Sally Finch

Brian Marshall

Tom Frey

George Martz

Stacy Gatti

Barbara Neville

Errol Ger

James Newton

Peggy Gielis

Patti Paulus

Aileen Horn

Katie Reynolds

Kathy Klein

Peter Saenger

Jen Joy Lee


Andy Lendway

Colleen Zufelt

THE CULINARY ARTS PROGRAMS OF Delcastle Technical High School, Howard High School of Technology, St. George’s Technical High School, Delaware Technical & Community College & William Penn High School

BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Thomas P. Collins, Esq. Chair Jennifer B. Jonach Vice Chair Katy Connolly Secretary Peter A. Hazen Treasurer Paul L. McCommons Asst. Treasurer Aguida Atkinson, M.D. Sandra H. Autman Jessica Coffin Bain Don C. Brown P. Clarkson Collins, Jr., Esq. Sally DeWees Gayle Dillman José F. Echeverri Veronica O. Faust, Esq. George W. Forbes, III Gary M. Golden Patricia Walther Griffin, Esq. N. Christopher Griffiths, Esq. Pamela E. Harper Nancy Karibjanian Ted Kaufman James G. Klabe, Jr.

John W. Land Catherine LaPenta Ellen K. Levin Anthony J. Lewis Casey E. McCabe Shauna B. McIntosh, M.D. James H. McMackin, III, Esq. Wilma Mishoe, Ed.D. Heather A. O’Connell Brian G. Pettyjohn Barbara S. Ridgely, Ed.D. Kim Zeitler Robbins John F. Schmutz, Esq. Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq. Lee A. Wheeler ADVISORY BOARD Angela B. Case Mary Jo Chandler Karen D. Doherty Megan T. Goeller Pauline D. Koch Hon. Jane P. Maroney Robert R. Meade Stephen M. Mockbee Elizabeth T.B. Pierson Gilbert S. Scarborough, III Joanne K. Sundheim, Esq. K. Jean Williams

HONORARY BOARD Carol Harlan Aastad Max S. Bell, Jr., Esq. Joan McD. Connolly Dr. Lozelle J. DeLuz Glenn M. Engelmann, Esq. Katherine L. Esterly, M.D. Gloria S. Fine Larry D. Gehrke James H. Gilliam, Sr. Edward W. Goate, Ph.D. Susan A. Herrmann Hon. Mary M. Johnston Stephen R. Permut, M.D. June Jenkins Peterson David B. Ripsom, Esq. Barbara F. Soulier CEO Leslie Newman

Children & Families First strengthens Delaware families by delivering an innovative and effective continuum of community-based social services. In existence for more than 125 years, CFF builds the foundation for strong communities with child-centered and family-focused programs.



• Healthy Families America/Smart Start • Nurse-Family Partnership

• Child and Adult Care Food Program • Delaware Stars for Early Success

• Child Care Referral Services • Elder Care Referral Services • Respite Care Referral Services • Kinship Navigator • Functional Family Therapy • Eastside, Red Clay and Seaford Community Schools



• ARC (Adolescent Resource Center) • Functional Family Therapy • Seaford House Residential & Day Treatment Center • Young Health Program: IM40 • Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP) • Family Assessment and Intervention Response (FAIR)

• Just in Time Care™ • Rise Up/Keep A Job • Child Care Referral Services


POSITIVE PARENTING • Foster Care • Adoption • Strengthening Families Program

OLDER ADULTS • Grand Time Off Program • Elder Care Referral Services • Respite Care Referral Services • Kinship Navigator

• Workshops for Divorcing Parents (Delaware Cares) • Functional Family Therapy

New Castle County 2001 Baynard Blvd., Wilmington 2005 Baynard Blvd., Wilmington 809 Washington St., Wilmington Kent and Sussex Counties 91 Wolf Creek Blvd., Dover 400 Market St. Ext., Seaford 410 S. Bedford St., Georgetown

(302) 658-5177 New Castle County (302) 674-8384 Kent County (302) 856-2388 Sussex County

Bryan, Megan, Campbell, Brody and Nolan Collins

Kevin, Chelsea, Parker and Grayson Collins

Casey, Abbey, Hudson and Barrett McCabe

The Collins Family

The Love Family

The Weyl Family

Maddie, Claire and Luke Ireland

The Nilstoft Family: Brian, Laura, Emma and Kate

Brian, Heather, Noah and Joshua Gibbons

Robert, Melanie, Anthony, Gabrielle, Lulu and Plum Penna

Keira and Emma Culley

Ashley, Taylor and Lindsay Balick

The Riegel Family

Tom, Elise and Chewy Laskas

The Boehmler Family

The Knudsens

Ellie, Brett, Bo, Beth and Todd Anderson

The McCuskey Family

The Paxson/Demarest Family

The Friz Family

The Erni Family

Alex and Addie Trudel

Alex, Nick, Addie and Matt

Maria Katerina

Ted and Emily Ganter

The Rossi Family

The Agne Family

The Brennan Chicks

The Marvin Family

The Mulveny Family

The Cartwrights

The Valentine Family

The Harris Family

The Kling Family

Marie and Teddy DeVoll and Shadow

The Cobb Family

The Western Williamson Family

Brett, Joelle, Levy, Sander, Mirel and Lyle

Clay, Rachel and Will Autman

Chip, Katy, Elizabeth, Caroline and Gil Connolly and Megan and Katherine Doherty

The Bifferato Family

The deBruin Family

Darryl, Nancy, Jack and Ben Huber

Monique, Quentin and Anya Valbuena

The McDonald Family

Lily, Brad and Jacob Pedano

The Taormina Family

The Scherer Family

Jon, Jennifer, Raley and Annie

The Desmond Family

Moritz, Spear and Wyant Families

The Aronstam Family

Michael, Jennifer, Maddie, Grant and Delaney Lutes

Bill and Tessa Streck

The Wahl Family

Karen and Julia Banker

Josh and Gina Schoenberg

The Duerr Family

The Harris Family

Bill, Jennifer, Alexandra and Max Kelleher

The Ranalli Family

Alan, Victoria, Ben and Alana Spiro

The Binkley Family

The Sweeney Family

The Komins Family

The Morris Family

The Ross Family

The Macauleys

W. Declan and Fiona McGlinchey

Tony, Cindy, Carter, Cameron and Will Cucuzzella

The Green and Smalls Families

The Hanson Family

The Kenney Family

Fredda and Paul Pennock and Family

Isabela, Mitchell and Nigel McIntosh

Will, Chip and George Cross

The Bilek Family

Tyler, Erica and Meeko

The Doherty Family

Julie, Ellie and Caroline McGinnis

The Esmond Boys

Smith Grandchildren

Anthony Casale

Rand, Henry and Kate Barton

The Dolan Family

The Woods Family

The Cross Family

The Land Family

The Hoffman Family

The Johnson Family

The Waesco Family

The Marvin Family

Andrew, June, Cameron and Louie

The Alt Extended Family

Lucy James-Olson

Natalie, Rachel, Lauren and Nana Rachel and Lauren

The Boulos Family

Children & Families First would like to thank all of our food sponsors for providing us with deliciously fresh produce, meats, cheeses and wine!

An amazing thing happens when you give to the community. It gives back.

At M&T Bank, we know how important it is to support those organizations that make our communities better places to live, work and grow. That’s why we offer both our time and resources. What we all get in return is far more valuable.

We are proud to support Children and Families First. Š2012 M&T Bank. Member FDIC.

Free your imagination When people express themselves they enrich all our lives. We proudly support Children & Families First’s A Taste for Art.

Š 2013 JPMorgan Chase & Co.

for inspiring others. Children & Families First. Leader. Doer. Inspiration. PNC is proud to honor you for all you’ve done. It’s truly great. Congratulations.

©2013 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC

HATZEL & BUEHLER, INC. Electrical Construction Since 1884 Office Locations New York City, New York Circleville, Ohio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wilmington, DE

Livonia, Michigan Hamilton, New Jersey Kenova, West Virginia

The DeWees Investment Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is proud to

support Children & Families First. Nurturing children to lead healthy, happy and productive lives requires love, dedication, education and discipline. Like good parents, we nurture our client’s financial resources with a disciplined investment process tailored to their unique goals and situation. If you have significant assets to invest, we may be able to help reduce your greatest risk – the risk of not meeting your financial goals.

302-428-8611 800-832-6669 3801 Kennett Pike Suite B-200 Greenville, DE 19807

Securities and insurance products: NOT INSURED BY FDIC OR ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY • MAY LOSE VALUE • NOT A DEPOSIT OF OR GUARANTEED BY A BANK OR ANY BANK AFFILIATE Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and a separate nonbank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. ©2010 Wells Fargo Advisors. 0110-4463 02/10 HG


WHO MAKE OUR COMMUNITIES BETTER. Especially when they happen to be our neighbor.

WSFS Bank is proud to support the Children and Families First event “A Taste of Art”.

©2013 Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB | Member FDIC

We Support Your Energy.

Delmarva Power is proud to support Children & Families First and “A Taste for Art�.

For 50 years, Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate has been dedicated to The Home – Yours and Ours … We realized a long time ago that a home is more than just a structure — and its value comes as much from the surrounding community as from its ‘bricks and mortar’. That’s why we invest so much into our community ... Patterson-Schwartz is proud to partner with Children & Families First. It’s organizations like these that make the community — OUR community — a better place to call home.

Celebrating 50 Years in Real Estate

Visit us online to learn more about homeownership in our many fine communities. or call 302-234-5270


In “ every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.” -Marianne Williamson, Author

The Sprint Quality Printing family has been supporting community organizations since 1981. Today, we are proud to support the Children & Families First A Taste for Art event.

302.478.0720 3609 Silverside Rd • Talleyville Center • Wilmington, DE 19810 fax 302.478.2840 •


Visit us in our state-of-the-art facility! Call 302.998.8783 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Personalized orthodontic care for children and adults Offering clear braces along with Invisalign™ & Invisalign/teen™ Early morning and evening appointments available.

Robert A. Penna, DMD, PA Specialist in Orthodontics

2710 Centerville Road, Suite 215 • Wilmington, DE 19808 Creating generations of Beautiful smiles

is proud to support

 and

A Taste for Art 

Thank you for over 125 years of strengthening Delaware families!

Morris James LLP


500 Delaware Ave

Tel (302) 888-6800



Suite 1500

Fax (302) 571-1750



Wilmington, DE 19801

Emalea Pusey Warner, Friends School Class of 1870, and her husband Alfred, Friends Class of 1860, were founders of Associated Charities. Its mission was, “to help others help themselves.” Associated Charities became the Family Society, Family Service of Northern Delaware, Family Service Delaware, and finally, Children & Families First. Friends School continues to inspire students to act, as our mission statement says, “with a conscious responsibility to the good of all.” Best wishes from our family to yours.

Congratulations, Children & Families First, and thank you for your continuing service to our community. 302.576.2930

Women to Women OB/GYN Associates Dedicated to providing preventive and comprehensive care to women of all ages.

of Proud supporters

Children & Families First

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Menstrual Disorders | Infertility | Family Planning | Endometriosis | Menopausal Issues Nancy Fan, M.D., FACOG Shauna B. McIntosh, M.D., FACOG Kim Boehlmer, CNM, MSN Pat Heinemann, CNM, MSN

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approved t MA

approved o NA

Suite E64 Omega Drive, Newark, DE 19711 / 302.778.BABY

All stock photo the applicable usage rights re images are go provider(s) term use set forth a website(s).

1806 N. Van Buren St., Suite 210 Wilm., DE 19802 / 302.778.BABY

2/14/12 9:57 AM

D e l awa r e N e u r o s u r g i c a l G r o u p , P. A . Magdy I. Boulos, M.D.

The comprehensive, complete solution for neurosurgical patients

P. Tim Boulos, M.D.

Matthew J. Eppley, M.D.

DNG physicians are expert in: • Brain and spinal cord surgery • Spine surgery — including complex spinal reconstruction and arthroplasty

Yakov U. Koyfman, M.D.

• Peripheral nerve surgery • Leading-edge technology

Pawan Rastogi, M.D.

• Latest proven techniques • Caring and dedicated physicians and staff Michael G. Sugarman, M.D.


3 0 2 . 3 6 6 . 7671 3 0 2 . 3 6 6 . 75 4 9

774 Christiana Road • Suite 202 • Newark, Delaware 19713 1306 N. Broom Street • Wilmington, Delaware 19806 111 W. High Street • Suite 211 • Elkton, Maryland 21921

Kennedy Yalamanchili, M.D.



rom challenging academics to applied, hands-on service learning to personal pursuits that ignite a lifelong passion for learning, Tower Hill provides the tools for students to succeed. Our outstanding faculty, facilities, resources and traditions support every student in his or her efforts to do many things well.

Tower Hill School is proud to support Children & Families First and A Taste for Art. Thank you for successfully serving our community for more than 125 years! Tower Hill School

2813 West 17th,Wilmington

Many Things Done Well

Dentistry With Distinction For Over 35 Years New Patients Always Welcome Early Morning & Evening Appointments Available For Your Convenience Richard D. Bond, DDS • Erik S. Bradley, DDS • Caterina Carafides, DMD • Richard J. Carroccia, DMD Richard S. D’Antonio, DMD • Mark A. Fortunato, DDS • Christopher J. Tai, DMD BRANDYWINE OFFICE: 1415 Foulk Rd. Ste 200 • Wilmington, DE 19803

302.477.4900 •



Lynne P. Ellick

E Interiors

4 Elderberry Court • Hockessin, Delaware 19707-2122 302-888-7881 • Fax: 302-239-2799

Ivy League. Any League.

We go there.

From Harvard to Princeton, from Stanford to NYU, Sanford opens doors to the colleges that are the ideal fit for each student, whether it’s one of the nation’s most prestigious universities or a venerable liberal arts college. Sanford students pursue their own individual paths of excellence — and end up in amazing places!

Try something different, try something bolder — and achieve something greater — at Sanford.

Pre-K to 12

THANK YOU for attending

A TASTE FOR ART: PASSPORT TO FRANCE Benefitting Children & Families First

Save-the-Date for A Taste for Art of Southern Delaware Friday, October 18, 2013

WWW.CFFDE.ORG | (800) 220-3092 Children & Families First strengthens Delaware families by delivering an innovative and effective continuum of community-based social services. In existence for more than 125 years, CFF builds the foundation for strong communities with child-centered and family-focused programs.

Our 2013 Family Album  

Children & Families First's Family Album. Photos copyright Elisa Komins Morris

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