Children & Families First 2014 Annual Report

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2014 Annual Report


LEADERSHIP OFFICERS Jennifer B. Jonach, Chair Katy Connolly, Vice Chair Barbara S. Ridgely, Ed. D. Secretary


Peter A. Hazen, Treasurer

3 Chief Executive and

Paul L. McCommons, Assistant Treasurer

4 Core Services


Board Chair letter of thanks

6 How your donations helped

8 Oberod 5K Trail

Run/Walk in honor of Art Connolly

10 A Taste for Art of

Southern Delaware

11 Family Album 12 Partner Events & Joint Programs

13 A Taste for Art:

American Table

15 Thanks to Friends

Campaign Donors

17 Memorials, Honors & Tributes

18 Thanks for Business,

Organization, Foundation, & Corporate Gifts; In-Kind Donors; Volunteers & Interns

19 Financial Statement

Sandra H. Autman Jessica C. Bain Andy Brandenberger, Ed.D. Sherry Brilliant Don C. Brown P. Clarkson Collins, Jr., Esq. Thomas P. Collins, Esq. Sally DeWees Gayle Dillman José F. Echeverri Veronica O. Faust, Esq. George W. Forbes III Gary M. Golden N. Christopher Griffiths, Esq. Betsy A. Holden Nancy Karibjanian James G. Klabe, Jr. Leslie R. Kosek Ellen K. Levin Anthony J. Lewis Casey E. McCabe Shauna B. McIntosh, M.D. James H. McMackin III, Esq. Julie A. Metz Wilma Mishoe, Ed.D. Heather A. O’Connell Emily C. Polito, CFA Kim Zeitler Robbins John F. Schmutz, Esq. Gina S. Schoenberg, Esq. Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq.

ADVISORY Board Angela B. Case Mary Jo Chandler Karen D. Doherty

Megan T. Goeller Ted Kaufman Pauline D. Koch Hon. Jane P. Maroney Robert R. Meade Stephen M. Mockbee Elizabeth T.B. Pierson Joanne K. Sundheim, Esq. K. Jean Williams

HONORARY Board Carol Harlan Aastad Max S. Bell, Jr., Esq. Joan McD. Connolly Dr. Lozelle J. DeLuz Glenn M. Engelmann, Esq. Katherine L. Esterly, M.D. Gloria S. Fine Carol A. Gausz Larry D. Gehrke James H. Gilliam, Sr. Edward W. Goate, Ph.D. Susan A. Herrmann Hon. Mary M. Johnston John W. Land Stephen R. Permut, M.D. June Jenkins Peterson David B. Ripsom, Esq. Gilbert S. Scarborough, III Barbara F. Soulier

Senior STAFF Leslie Newman Chief Executive Officer Robert W. Rogers Chief Financial &Administrative Officer Kirsten Olson Chief Strategy Officer Elizabeth Dougherty Chief Development Officer Zakiya Bakari-Griffin Chief Program Officer Julius Mullen, Ed.D., NCC, LPCMH Chief Clinical Officer

* Board lists as elected at the Annual Meeting in March, 2014.

“For the very first time, I feel I have support personally, and feel my family has great support.” - a Functional Family Therapy client

DEAR FRIENDS, Thanks to your generosity in 2014, Children & Families First impacted the lives of 44,000 infants, preschoolers, children, teens, and their caregivers this year. We’re proud of that, because sustainable, community-wide change is our ultimate objective, and we know that the skills, information and resilience our clients gained in 2014 are likely to have a positive impact for years to come on our clients’ futures, that of their families, and even their entire communities. We’ve been helping Delaware’s children and their families for more than 130 years, and thanks to your generosity, today we are a $16M multi-service organization and leading implementer of evidence-based practices. Your support was put to good use this year: 99% of our clients surveyed in 2014 said they would come back to CFF if they needed services again, 96% of stakeholders reported a positive collaborative relationship with us, and 98% of employees said they are proud to work at CFF, a Delaware Today “Top Workplace” every year since 2011. A strong track record doesn’t happen by accident. We continually strive to meet the rapidly changing needs for our clients by evaluating and updating our programs and strategic plan regularly. Here are some of this year’s highlights:

As part of the 2014 strategic planning process, we decided to follow clients for longer

periods, including after services are completed. This helps us learn more about what makes our programs effective, and helps clients stay connected in the event that they need support again in the future.

Also as part of strategic planning, we continued to re-align programs and operations to serve as clients’ end-to-end point of contact to ensure that we (and partner agencies as appropriate) provide a seamless continuum of services.

We continued to re-align our programs and agency-wide mindset to a trauma-

informed care model. Broadly speaking, this involves a shift from “what’s wrong with you,” to “what happened to you,” a more human and compassionate approach – and more effective with our clients, many of whom have been traumatized by abuse, neglect, and violence.

Thank you for supporting CFF. Because people like you care, we can help children facing adversity on their journey to adulthood while using proven methods to help families raise their children so they can flourish. With your commitment, CFF can continue the legacy of bringing our shared vision to fruition: communities where children are nurtured, healthy, and safe, individuals are valued, and families are strong and self-sufficient.

Leslie Newman Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer B. Jonach Chair, Board of Directors




Healthy Babies

· Healthy Families America/Smart Start

Healthy babies become healthy children. We connect pregnant women with health and social services so their babies are born and stay healthy. The Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is an evidencebased program using nurse home visitors to provide comprehensive services to low-income, first-time pregnant women. The nurse follows the family through the child’s second birthday. Staff prepare women for delivery and parenthood and offer ongoing support and mentoring. Once the baby is born, the nurse connects the family to well-baby care. NFP positive outcomes include decreased child abuse and neglect. Smart Start/Healthy Families America (HFA) helps new parents get their children off to a healthy start. HFA nurses and social workers visit homes to educate and support parents when their baby is born until the child turns three. HFA serves moms who do not meet NFP criteria.

· Nurse-Family Partnership EARLY CHILDHOOD

· Capacity and Infrastructure Fund Programs · Child and Adult Care Food Program · Delaware Stars for Early Success SUPPORTING TEENS

· ARC (Adolescent Resource Center) · FAIR (Family Assessment and Intervention Response) · Functional Family Therapy · Girls Circle · IOP (Intensive Outpatient Services) · Seaford House Residential & Day Treatment Center · Young Health Program: IM40™ POSITIVE PARENTING

· Adoption · Foster Care · Functional Family Therapy · Parent Aide · Strengthening Families Program · Workshops for Divorcing Parents (Delaware Cares) FAMILY RESOURCES

· AccessCare Child Care Referral Services · Community Schools · Elder Care Referral Services · Kinship Navigator · Respite Care Referral Services WORKPLACE

· Child Care Referral Services · Just in Time Care® · Rise Up/Keep-A-Job Welfare-to-Work Program OLDER ADULTS

· Elder Care Referral Services · Grand Time Off Program · Kinship Navigator · Respite Care Referral Services

Early Childhood The early years of a child's life form the foundation of his or her future. Our Capacity Program helps prepare eligible early care programs for Delaware Stars, the state’s quality-rating system for child care, which works to improve early-care and education. Our Infrastructure Fund provides eligible early-care programs with funding for facility enhancements and technology. The Child and Adult Care Food Program assures that children in licensed child care get nutritionally balanced meals.

Positive Parenting Being a parent is a really important job, and one of the toughest. We help parents and children build skills and improve communication. The Strengthening Families Program, a research-based family skills training series, and Delaware Cares, classes for divorcing parents, teach vulnerable families positive,

In 2014, Children & Families First offered more than two dozen programs to foster our vision throughout Delaware: communities where children are nurtured, healthy and safe, individuals are valued, and families are strong and self-sufficient.

effective ways to interact. Our Parent Aide program serves families that have an open case with the Division of Family Services, matching them with a parenting coach to improve skills and stability. We also offer several referral services to connect individuals and families to resources. Foster Care and Adoption services help ensure the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and youth who have experienced abuse, trauma, or neglect by placing them with loving, trained families.

Supporting Teens Teen years can be difficult – navigating uncharted waters of relationships, sexuality, and other sensitive issues. For some, the challenges are complicated by mental health issues, truancy or juvenile justice involvement. Youth ages 12 to 20 may participate in ARC (Adolescent Resource Center), through school-day educational sessions or at afterschool medical clinics. The goal is to help teens decrease risk-taking and promote healthy choices. CFF also equips girls ages 9 to 18 in Girls Circle, an evidence-based, structured support group which works to increase positive connection, personal and collective strengths, and competence. For youth ages 12 to 15, there’s the Young Health Program: IM40™, an initiative of AstraZeneca and the United Way, designed to build assets in youth and help them be successful. Family Search & Engagement works with youth ages 10 to 17 who are at-risk of aging out of foster care. The program helps them connect to family or other caring adults, for permanent placement or ongoing support. We help keep teens out of foster care with Family Assessment and Intervention Response (FAIR) in partnership with the Delaware Division of Family Services. Our Functional Family Therapy program is an evidencebased family counseling intervention for youth aged 10 to 18 and their families who are struggling with behavioral problems and family conflict. We also serve youth with a primary mental health diagnosis through our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Services. IOP offers individual and family therapy in conjunction with case management and psychiatric care for youth and their families in Kent and

Sussex Counties. Seaford House provides residential and day treatment to teens with mental health and behavioral issues who need more intensive supports.

Family Resources Strong families are the foundation of strong communities. We are the lead partner in Community Schools, a publicprivate partnership targeting schools with high rates of poverty and poor academic performance in the Christina, Red Clay and Seaford school districts. Community Schools work to ensure that children arrive at school healthy and ready to learn; families and community members are fully engaged, respected partners in the success of the children; and that the basic needs of children, their families, and neighbors are met. Our AccessCare, a free online and telephone childcare referral service, helps identify childcare centers, childcare homes, preschools, school-age programs, and camps. Our Respite Online Referral Service lets caregivers search for Delaware providers with options for child and adult respite care. Kinship Navigator is a free referral service for families caring for a relative’s children.

Workplace Support Work plays a significant role in many of our lives. We help people find meaningful employment in Kent and Sussex Counties through Rise Up/Keep-A-Job. We also work with employers nationwide to provide back-up dependent care through Just in Time Care®, so dependent care emergencies don’t cause confusion and missed work.

Older Adults Americans are living longer, more productive lives. Nearly one in eight Americans is 65 or older. Grand Time Off provides respite for grandparents or relatives who are raising family members’ children. Caregivers are helped to find and pay for short-term, occasional childcare. Our Elder Care Referral Service helps identify service providers for older relatives and educational materials to help them make informed choices.


How donors like


In 2014, we touched the lives of more than 44,000 individuals. The vast majority (99%) of clients who responded to our annual survey said they would come back to CFF if they needed services again


HEALTHY BABIES 89% of babies born in the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program, and 91% born in Healthy Families America/Smart Start (HFA) were at full gestational age, a significant indicator of infant health. 84% (NFP) and 89% (HFA) babies had a healthy birth weight 100% met developmentally aproppriate language and social skills markers at 22 months of age (HFA) 90% of 2-year olds had up-to-date immunizations (NFP)

The Child & Adult Care Food Program made it possible for child care centers and family child care homes to serve 1,124,380 healthy meals.




Delaware Stars continued to improve child care quality: 80 centers moved up one or more star levels. 11 moved to the highest rating of Star Level 5.


SUPPORTING TEENS ARC Education helped 15,617 teens increase knowledge about puberty, contraception, and responsible decision-making. ARC clinics had 865 new patients, who attended 1,690 visits. 74% of teens and parents in Functional Family Therapy programs reported an improved relationship with each other, and 81% of teens reduced their risk for conduct problems.




80% of families who completed the Strengthening Families Program reported improved family communication.

115 children received care in homes of our highly trained foster parents, of whom 82% remained in the same placement. The children in foster care achieved a school day attendance rate of 97%.


15 special needs adoptions were finalized. 100% were completed without disruption.

FAMILY RESOURCES Children who participated in the Eastside Community Schools program had a 92% attendance rate. The vast majority (94%), had no in or out-of-school suspensions. 9,942 child care, elder care, and respite care information requests were fulfilled through our free referral services.


THE WORKPLACE 8,853 work days were saved through Just In Time Care™, and 99% of those enrolled in the service indicated they were able to get to work because of JITC™.

87% of clients in the Rise Up Welfare-to-Work program achieved 36 consecutive weeks of participation in employment or training.

SUPPORTING ELDERS 100% of Grand Time Off participants reported that the service met their needs & would recommend the service to others.

“To know that I am not alone in dealing with the many issues confronting my family was a blessing to say the least! I am now able to reach out for that support and help, if needed, for my family.�


- an Intensive Outpatient client

On November 2, Children & Families First held its first annual Oberod 5K Trail Run/Walk in honor of longtime supporter Arthur Connolly. The event, held on the grounds of a former du Pont estate in the rolling hills of Centerville during the height of the fall foliage season, was a delightful way for runners, families and groups to support our mission.

Hononrary Co-Chairs Vicki Huber Rudawski Rudy Rudawski

Committee Sherry Brilliant Jon Brilliant Katy Connolly Chris Griffiths Tam DeFer Rachel Harad Patrick Castagno

Participants Susan Frost Andrew Aerenson JoAnn Alexander Michelle Anderson Jennifer August Michael Bailey Marc Balcer Eric Barsamiian Oliver Bartine Joseph Bilek Seth Blumerman Steve Bozzo Margaretta Brokaw Susan Brown Anne Burbage Jennifer Callahan Patricia Cecil-Kempski Mary Jo Chandler Maureen Chiari Don Coats Tania Culley Catherine Diegidio

Oberod 5K Trail Run in honor of Art Connolly Moira Dillon James Downing James Durkin John Edwards Gretchen Elhassani Ruby Fariello Mark Fox Susan Frost Brian Gaerity Olga Ganoudis Peter Gatti Carol A. Giampietro Katie Glazier Michelle Glazier Garry Greenstein Kellie Greer Aaron Griffin Dave Guzzio Kathryn Hall Lynn Hanna George Hobbs Alan Horowitz Allison House

Andrea Houser Tracy Ignatieff Judith Jaeger Christopher James Scott Johnson Luke Jones Nikki Kemper Kyle Kershner Richard Kingery Mary Kosenkranius Jeffrey Kowalczyk William Lafferty Kevin Lamb Kimberlee Laterza-Meek Abby Layton Martin Lessner Michael Loessner Kerri Lohrfink Andrew Lundgren Kevin McClafferty Steve McCormick Daniel McCoy Julie McGinnis


David McMann Carl F. McMillan Kelly Mecca Gail Meredith Douglas Miller Mike Monagle Jack Monahan Jodie Morgan Frederick Mraz Brooke Mufferi Jordon Murphy Mark Muzzi Christopher Narwold Susan Nickel Matthew O’Brien Dave O’Connor Cheryl Olivere Christopher Pakrul Lisa Pearce Victoria Petrone Todd Piercy Emily C. Polito Melorie Poteat Rob Powell Adam L. Raben Frances Ratner Debbie Renz Kyle Robertson Andrea L. Rocanelli Robert Rogers Andrew Rudawsky Eileen Russo Linda Saienni Vaughan Sawdon Frederick Schiller Christine Serio

S. Gregory Smith Bijan Sorovri Caitlin Sparco Kyle Stanley Rob Stenta Barbara Stitz John Sullivan Jill Szymanski Lauren Tarr Janice R. Tigani Peter Townsend Amy Uknis Kathy Uknis Dirk Vander Laan Bob Varlas Beau Vinton Andrew Walter Mike Ward D. Neil Washburn Cathleen Wilder Carol Wootten Jeremy Xu MinWoo Yang Andrew Yetter Helene Young

Donors Mary Jo Chandler Elizabeth Connolly Darin DeFer Nina DiPinto Peter Gatti Judith Jaeger Martin Lessner Matthew O’Brien Tom O’Brien

Debra Ann O’Donnell Margaret Pala Emily C. Polito Touch of Health Massage Alliance

Sponsors BCM Wealth Management Chip and Katy Connolly Connolly Gallagher LLP East Coast Asset Managements N. Christopher Griffiths Todd and Rachel Harad Joan and Art Connolly Family Fund Mrs. Tee Jay King M&T Bank The David Wellborn Soccer Foundation

“I was at the lowest point in my life. I was sickly, lonely and homeless and new to the area. My services have been a blessing to me and have helped me make better decisions concerning my life.“ - a Healthy Families America client


On October 11, Children & Families First welcomed Southern Delawareans to Indy Hall at Independence in Long Neck, to savor signature dishes by the area’s top restaurants, shop beautiful works of art and crafts, enjoy soothing live jazz, sip spirits from premier local vendors, and raise funds for Children & Families First.

Committee Kari Ainsworth Jess Bain Mary Bayliss Jen Bell Patti Brown Jessica Gordon Alison Houck Linda Jacobs Gloria Merryman Julie Metz Judy Rayner Donna Repass Pat Thorton Bonnie Sunnergren Brandon Tatum Leslie Wheeler Melanie Withers Sponsors Mr. Peter Jones and Ms. Leslie Snowdon Wheeler Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting All Saints’ Parish Thrift Shop A.H. Angerstein, Inc. Pats Aircraft, LLC, SIG Fabulous Faces, Inc. The Dental Group Kids Cottage, LLC Builders Supply of Delmarva, Inc. French & Ryan, Inc. Faw Casson & Co., LLP Floyd A. Megee Motor Co. Ms. Jeanine O’Donnell All Saints’ Parish Thrift Shop Behind Closed Doors, LLC Ronald M. Coffin General Contractors, Inc.

Coffin Hardwood Flooring, Inc. Meineke Care Care Center of Lewes Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty Sergovic, Carmean & Weidman, P.A. Stephan & Co. Salon & Spa M. Insurance Services, LLC Metz Capital Management American Tree Care Sussex Eye Center, PA Brandywine Senior Living M&T Bank Morris James LLP Ms. Mary Bayliss NRG Indian River Power Plant Rainbow Pediatrics Georgetown Family Medicine PNC Bank

Donors Frank and Vivian Vasilikos Ms. Lillian Kureter Melody Diaz Ms. Leslie Newman Ms. Theresa Palumbo Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Keys Mr. and Mrs. John D. Miller Ms. Pauline D. Koch Dr. and Mrs. Mario DiSabatino The Honorable and Mrs. William R. Outten Ms. Mimi Pearson Ed and Adrienne Ponzini Walter and Jacqueline Urban Renee and Gregory Weer Mr. Daniel Ramelli

Guests Mr. Lee Johnson and Ms. Shannon Owens Mr. Jay Schiavo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borreggine

A Taste for Art of Southern Delaware Ms. Gloria Merryman Mr. Jason Stevenson Mr. Kevin Todd Ms. Lucille Kurtz Ms. Michele Tashman Ms. Marsha Stimola Ms. Linda Carey Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fields Ms. Jessica Gordon David and Marilyn Graham Mr. and Mrs. Dave Murphy Ms. Bonnie Sunnergren Ms. Heather Martin Mr. and Mrs. Jon Brilliant Ms. Juanita Wilson Ms. Peg O’Connell The Hon. Henry and Dr. Barbara Ridgely Mr. Daniel Ramelli The Bank of Delmarva Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Levin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mrazeck Jim and Louise Hartzell Mr. Edward Schmid and Ms. Joyce Shinsky Ms. Jeanine O’Donnell Ms. Fran Vivona-Brock Ms. Cynthia Hoffman Daniel and Debra Iammatteo Tom and Stephanie Barry Greg and Susan Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bonvegna James and Patricia Griffin Ms. Pam Meador Ms. Donna Koskey John and Sharon Kennedy Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cooper Mr. Gary Traynor and Ms. Kathy Andrus Mr. James Vernicek Marshall and Judy Bontempo Ms. Zakiya Bakari-Griffin Robert and Christina Rogers Ms. Melanie Withers Chatelaine’s LTD

Family Album Participants & Supporters In September, October & November, families captured a special moment and helped other families in need.

Mr. Michael Maybroda Kraiza Mr. and Mrs. Donald Michelsen Bridgette Gibbs Ms. Linda Jacobs Ms. Myriam Khalifa Ms. Leslie Newman Ms. Merrijane Pierce Mr. James Rivette Mr. Bill Haughey Mr. Robert Hermanson Krista and Stuart Griffin Mr. William Barry Ms. Sarah Gilmour KIA Massage LLC

Karl and Tara Agne Mr. Andrew Blair and Ms. June Alt Mr. and Mrs. Brad Aronstam Mr. and Mrs. Lee Asher Mr. and Mrs. Travis Ashworth Mr. Leon Aussprung, III Ms. Natalie Aussprung Ms. Sandra H. Autman Mr. and Mrs. David Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Steven Balick Mr. and Mrs. Connor Bifferato Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brady Lisa and Allen Cartwright Jim and Mary Jo Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Chapman Ms. Megan Collins Clark and Donna Collins Ms. Caroline Cross Mr. and Mrs. Jason Cross Ms. Tania Culley Mr. and Mrs. David Debruin Doug and Nancy Denney Theresa M. Devine, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. David DeVoll Mr. and Mrs. John P. Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dolan Amanda and Robert Friz Nick and Jennifer Froio Ryan and Shannon German Dr. Mark Harris and Dr. Joanne Goshow-Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holden Mr. and Mrs. Erik Knudsen John and Adrienne Land Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Laskas Ms. Jennifer Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Love Mark and Renata Manning Mr. Darryl Flaherty and Ms. Elena Norman Al and Gretchen Mayne Casey and Abbey McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCuskey Mr. and Mrs. William V. McGlinchey, Jr. Dr. Shauna McIntosh Ms. Molly Moretti Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Morrison Anthony and Amy Mottola Mr. and Mrs. Gary Munch Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nilstoft Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. O’Neal Mr. and Mrs. James Pedano Dr. and Mrs. Robert Penna Paul and Fredda Pennock Ms. Emily C. Polito and Dr. Ryan Davies Mr. and Mrs. James Purcell David and Deborah Ross Jim and Janine Saber Gina and Josh Schoenberg David and Michelle Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Alan Spiro Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Steiner Mr. and Mrs. Cal Stempel Ms. Elyce B. Teitelman Mr. and Mrs. James Ursomarso Ms. Monique Valbuena Mr. and Mrs. Michael Valentine Kevin and Susan Waesco Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Wahl Mr. William Streck and Ms. Teri Weissgerber Ms. Cathleen Wilder Ms. Dawn Williams Mr. and Mrs. David Woods

Special thanks to Elisa Komins Morris for donating her time Special Thanks to Artists & Restaurants 1776 Steakhouse Bethany Blues Bluecoast Seafood Grill Cultured Pearl Espuma Frank & Louie’s Italian Specialties Off the Hook Touch of italy Back Bay Art Glass Heidi Lowe James Kinnett Jane Knaus Kathy Buschi Kevin Fleming Kim Klabe Mary Morton Mitzi Ash Pamella Bounds-Seemans Patti Backer Margaret Gielis Wesner Stack

ories! Support e! Join us for


OS 2013

and talents and to White Oak Landscapes for letting us shoot in their gorgeous setting.


Grants and funds are often dedicated to specific programs. When resources are needed for projects that don’t fall under specific grants, fundraisers help bridge the gap. Partner fundraisers and events also raise awareness for Children & Families First programs among new audiences. Thanks to the organizations that partnered with us this year, and our many dedicated supporters who gave their time, talents, skills, and resources.

Highmark Delaware Walk for a Healthy Community June 6 Bellevue State Park Donors Carolyn and William Anderson Mary Ann Ms. Tracy Beck Ms. Veronica Blackston Ms. Barbara Boese Mr. Karl Bowers Ms. Donna Bratton Sherry and Jon Brilliant Ms. Kamali Brooks Ms. J. Burns Mary Catherine Ms. Cari Chapman Mr. Mark Conner Chip and Katy Connolly Ms. Patricia Dailey Lewis Ms. Wendy Danner Ms. Carole Davis Darin and Tamara DeFer Ms. Rhonda Denny Nancy DiRaddo Mr. David Donohue and Ms. Deborah Zarek Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dorsney Mr. Richard Dougherty Mr. Daniel Eisenhart Ms. Gretchen Elhassani

Ms. Joie Finley Morris Mr. Craig Fitzgerald Mr. Joseph Flinn Al and Jennifer Gallo Ms. Karen Graham Mr. Walter Graham Ms. Marilyn Gwaltney Muhammed and Hina Haq Ms. Kajsa Haracz Todd and Rachel Harad Mr. Jonathan Harding Mr. John Hayes Ms. Emily Head Renee Hrivnak Ms. Linda Jackson Ms. Jeanne Johonnett Samara Kaminski Ms. Susan Kirk Ryan Ms. Janna Knisley Ms. Leslie Kosek Sharena Lee Mr. Lawrence Lewis Mrs. Joy Smoker-Liedel and Mr. Kevin Liedel Mrs. Kathleen Liedel Marianne Maloy Ms. Chelsea McDonald Ms. Philinda Mindler Ms. Donna Moller Ms. Lynn Moyer Ms. Leslie Newman Brigitte


Events & Joint Programs Mr. Ed Olkowski Mr. Richard James and Ms. Kirsten Olson Ms. Jodi Omlor Ms. Tracy Pearson Ms. Zoe Plerhoples Andrea and Ralph Prettyman Ms. Allison Reardon Mr. Christopher Reith Debbie and Bryan Renz The Hon. Henry and Dr. Barbara Ridgely Ms. Kelly Rivera Lakresha and Jason Roberts Robert and Christina Rogers Mr. Charles Rogers Gina and Josh Schoenberg Theresa Sedivec Ms. Kristi Sharp Mr. Elliot Simmons Ms. Laura Singleton Mr. John Smoker Mr. James Smoker Mr. Stan Smokler Ms. Claire Stecher Ms. Donna Thompson Nathania and Michael Thompson Jessica Tigani Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq. Ms. Lisa Whitelock Ms. Vicky Witherell

Brunch & Bubbly

Celebrity Bartenders

May 18 Lewes Yacht Club

December 4 BBC Tavern & Grill,Greenville

This elegant spring fashion event benefitted Children & Families First. Guests shopped Spring fashions and were treated to the latest in beauty and a lovely atmosphere for mingling, sipping champagne and nibbling hors d’oeuvres. Blue Bow April 16 Central Baptist Church, Wilmington

The blue bow is a symbol of child abuse prevention and a reminder of the hidden bruises and scars of abused children. April is Child Abuse Prevention month, an the Blue Bow Event featured Lt. Gov. Matt Denn, Prevent Child Abuse Delaware Executive Director Karen DeRasmo, Central Baptist Rev. Terrance Keeling, Rep. Stephanie T. Bolden, Wilmington City Council Member Darius J. Brown and others. The focus of the event was the Stewards of Children™ project, a statewide venture to equip adults with the tools and knowledge they need to keep children safe.

Guest Bartenders Vince Bifferato Jon Brilliant Sherry Brilliant Katy Connolly Tam DeFer Gayle Dillman Jen Fink Kim Ginsberg Jeremy Hebbel Jim Klabe Pilar Kraman Elisa Morris Emily Polito Julie Ripple Deb Ross Gina Schoenberg Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq.

“At a time when my life seemed to be falling apart, the people here were so kind and helpful. They gave me a sense of renewal in my situation. They helped me with open arms and that is really good to have.� - a Rise Up Keep a Job client

A Taste for Art: American Table Committee Co-Chairs Sherry Brilliant Deborah Komins Ross

Committee Phyllis Aerenson Loneve Aronstam Helen Boulos Sonja Brown Audy Carroccia Angela B. Case Amy Chapman Cindy Collins Katy Connolly Annie Coons Tam Defer Sally DeWees Gayle Dillman Kara Dodson Susan Finizio Megan Goeller Helen Hwang Hall Sue Komins Jen Joy Lee

On March 8, Young, Conaway Stargatt & Taylor hosted A Taste for Art at the Historic Wilmington Courthouse. The event, which began with a VIP Preview Party, featured savory American-themed dishes, prepared by student chefs using local ingredients, artwork by local artisans, and fine spirits.

Foundation & Corporate Sponsors Bank of America Capital One Services LLC Delmarva Power DeWees Investment Consulting Group Hatzel & Buehler, Inc. Highmark BlueCross BlueShield of Delaware M&T Bank Sietz, Ross, Aronstam & Moritz The DuPont Company The Laffey-McHugh Foundation WSFS Bank

Individual Donors Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Abramczyk Norman and Phyllis Aerenson Mr. and Mrs. David Baldwin Sean and Theresa Beach Ms. Lillian Boys Sherry and Jon Brilliant Ms. Regina Brothers Mrs. Audy Carroccia Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Casey Barrett and Rosemary Cobb Juan and Carmen Colon Hon. and Mrs. Eric Davis Mr. and Mrs. John P. Doherty Mr. C. Ross Donovan

Ms. Lynne P. Ellick Rob and Jan Goodman Stuart and Suzanne Grant Matthew and Megan Greenberg John and Shannon Hanson Mr. and Mrs. William Hartnett Martin and Lisa Lessner Pamela and Peter Lindvall Mr. and Mrs. Mark Parsells Dr. Adam L. Raben and Dr. Anne L. Martelli Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Scott Ms. Joan Sharp Dr. Arlene Smalls Phillip and Joan Spiegelman A. Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Zugehar

Benefactors Helen and Tim Boulos Jim and Mary Jo Chandler Arthur Connolly * Chip and Katy Connolly Mr Curtis J. Crowther Darin and Tamara DeFer Doug and Nancy Denney Sally and Don DeWees Neil and Carolyn Hockstein Paul and Sandra Hudson

14 Susan and Bernie Kelley Artie and Marcy Kempner Jeffry and Susan Komins David and Sally McBride Maureen and Michael Rhodes David and Deborah Ross Bruce and Francesca Rudin Jim and Janine Saber Christine and Ron Schafer Joanne K. Sundheim, Esq. Larry and Joyce Zutz

Mike and Trudy Monagle Tom and Linda Owings Ms. Laura Reilly Peter and Carroll Shannon David and Michelle Shepherd Dr. S. G. Smith and Ms. Martha Gilman Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Steiner Janice Rowe Tigani Esq. Ms. Monique Valbuena Mr. and Mrs. John Wolak

Donors & Young Collectors

Patrons Andrew and Marci Aerenson Samira and John Aird Dr. Karen Antell and Dr. Mitch Saltzberg Pamela and Grey Baker Mr. and Mrs. Jon Brilliant Frederick and Marian Cottrell Ms. Gayle Dillman Kara and Michael Dodson Ms. Deborah Ehrenthal Peter and Laurie Hazen Mr. Peter Kline and Ms. Jennifer B. Jonach Ms. Nancy Karibjanian and Mr. Joseph Nemecz Ms. Julie McGinnis

Karl and Tara Agne Mr. Andrew Blair and Ms. June Alt Mr. and Mrs. Brad Aronstam Ms. Sandra H. Autman Amy and Joe Barry Sean and Theresa Beach Mr. Don C. Brown and Ms. Lynn Howard Mr. and Mrs. Watson Brown Ms. Janet Carter Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Case, Sr. Ms. Abigail Cash Dineen and Doug Cochran Clark and Donna Collins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Collins Hon. and Mrs. Christopher Coons

“[I am] a better father to my children and know how to accept and help my kids.� - a Strengthening Families Program client

Hon. and Mrs. Charles Copeland The Honorable Barbara Crowell Ms. Tania Culley Heyward and Doneene Damon Barry and Betty Diznoff Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fahey Mr. and Mrs. GianClaudio Finizio Mr. Darryl Flaherty and Ms. Elena Norman Amanda and Robert Friz Nick and Jennifer Froio Oscar and Candice Galvis Ms. Sarah Grunewald Ms. and Mr. Helen Hall Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Handler John and Shannon Hanson Todd and Rachel Harad Mark and Joelle Hitch George and Anne Hobbs Ms. Jane Hollingsworth Alan and Stacy Horowitz Lynne and Fred Kielhorn Ms. Hannah Klein Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ledden Gary and Kathy Linarducci Ms. Virginia Lockman Joseph and Sandra Massa Al and Gretchen Mayne Andrew and Julie Metz Mr. Chris Monigle and Ms. Maureen Leffler Garrett and Christine Moritz Ms. Gail Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Gary Munch Michael and Dana Nestor Ms. Leslie Newman Michael and Jenna Newman Mr. Mark R. Olazagasti Mr. Christian Zafiroglu and Ms. Lori Palmer Paul and Fredda Pennock Norman and Jill Rosenblum Andrew and Vicki Rudawsky Jason and Erika Salinski Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scherer Service Unlimited, Inc. Ms. Joan Sharp Dennis and Marcia Spivack Monte and Andrea Squire Ellen Stevens and Alla Rudawsky Ms. Bahira Trask Ms. Margot Waitz Ms. Mona Warwar Mr. Barry Schlecker and Ms. Ginger Weiss * Deceased

Special Thanks to Artists, Chefs, & Students Anna Biggs Susan Meier Caroline Chen Peter Saenger Brian Marshall Katie Reynolds Sally DeWees Stacy Gatti Lisa Sabol (She Got Glass) Sherry Brilliant

Felice Morris Alessandra Manzotti Linda West Maureen Kamerick Gail Neiburg Libby Claire Designs First State Woodturners Rachel Bevis Andy Lendway Eunice LaFate COCA Mary Jo Carroccia Lisa Dadone-Weiner

Margaret Gielis Erin McNichol Bonnie White Ed Loper Hodgson Vocational Technical High school William Penn High School Delaware Technical and Community College St. Georges Technical High School Delcastle Technical High School



for your generosity Friends Campaign Visionary ($2,000 and higher) AHE Fund Karl and Kristin Bennett Concerned Physicians Fund of Delaware Mrs. Joan McD. Connolly Sally and Don DeWees, AWA Family Foundation Mr. Peter Kline and Ms. Jennifer B. Jonach Ellen and Alan Levin Family Foundation Ms. Heather A. O’Connell and Mr. Joseph A. Gabay James and Kathleen Patton Pollyanna Foundation John F. Schmutz, Esq. Mr. Nicholas O’Neill and Ms. Mary E. Valiante Pat and Neil Washburn

Champion ($1,250 - $1,999) Mr. Don C. Brown and Ms. Lynn Howard Mary Jo and James Chandler Clark and Donna Collins Mr. and Mrs. George W. Forbes III Scott and Barbara Green Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Holden Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Klesius Dr. and Mrs. Robert Laskowski Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. McCommons III Nanette and Tom Silveroli

Leader ($750-$1,249) Pamela and Grey Baker Mr. Richard Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Cosgrove, Jr. Diane & Harry Levin Foundation Ms. Deborah Ehrenthal Mr. and Mrs. Skip Faust Megan and William Goeller Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grillo Eliza and Andre Hirst Hopkins Drs. William and Barbara Jaffee Hon. and Mrs. Edward E. Kaufman Artie and Marcy Kempner Mr. and Mrs. James G. Klabe, Jr. William and Melissa Lafferty Andrew and Julie Metz Middle Run Charitable Foundation Ms. Leslie Newman Michael and Jenna Newman Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pappas Edna Bennett Pierce Ms. Emily C. Polito and Mr. Ryan Davies Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rubin Peter and Carroll Shannon Joanne K. Sundheim, Esq.


Advocate ($500-$749) Gary and Kimberly Taylor Mr. Andy Brandenberger Mr. William Britton Bruce and Jamie Chase Chip and Katy Connolly Mr. and Mrs. John P. Doherty Ms. Kati Driscoll William and Jennifer Esposito Jason and Jennifer Hann-Deschaine Ms. Eileen Hartnett Peter and Laurie Hazen Arthur and Margaret Helmick Stephen and Susan Herrmann Ms. Nancy Karibjanian and Mr. Joseph Nemecz Mr. Mitchell Karp Mr. Anthony J. Lewis Ms. Virginia Lockman Mr. and Mrs. John R. Malloy Hon. Jane Maroney Mr. Craig Newman Mr. Mark R. Olazagasti Mr. Richard James and Ms. Kirsten Olson Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pincus John and Teri Richmond Bruce and Francesca Rudin Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert S. Scarborough III Dr. Arlene Smalls Dr. S. G. Smith and Ms. Martha Gilman Mr. Jonathan Spracher Bill and Chris Sudell Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wang Ms. Melissa White Edgar and Peggy Woolard

Partner ($250-$499 )

Anonymous Ms. Zakiya Bakari-Griffin Sherry and Jon Brilliant Anthony and Rosemary Cardinal Ms. Meredith Carter Dr. and Mrs. Garrett Colmorgen Mr. Ernest Demetriades Ms. Gayle Dillman Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Donaghy, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Steven Edell Ms. Barbara Emery Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Engelmann, Esq. Mr. Larry Gehrke Mr. William C. Gockley Stuart and Suzanne Grant N. Christopher Griffiths, Esq. Dr. and Mrs. Scott Hall Pamela and Mark Harper Mrs. Dawn M. Hess-Fischer Mrs. Pamela Hoffman Rudolf and Elizabeth Hutz Ms. Leslie Kosek Gregory and Stephanie Ladner

Gregg and M.C. Landis Richard and Marilyn Levin Casey and Abbey McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McDowell, Esq. Dr. Shauna McIntosh Mrs. Edythe Mendolia Ms. Ada Nadolny Dr. Anna A. Panova Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Permut Ms. Kelli Racca Grafton and Deenie Reeves Debbie and Bryan Renz The Hon. Henry and Dr. Barbara Ridgely David B. Ripsom, Esq. Tracy and Chip Rossi Ms. Carol Rothschild Mrs. Ellen Scarborough Alvin and Iris Snyder David and Susan Stratton Ms. Mary Lou Zent Larry and Joyce Zutz

Friend ($100-$249) Ms. Sharon Agnew Fran and Paul Altman Ms. Gwendoline B. Angalet Dr. Aguida Atkinson Ms. Sandra H. Autman Mrs. Mary Alice Bair Mr. and Mrs. David Baldwin Bernard and Helen Balick Louis and Patricia Bartoshesky Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beck Mr. Andre Bell Ms. Marcilee W. Bierlein Mrs. Marie Bifferato Donald and Delores Blakey Clem and Kate Bowen Ms. Jane M. Bowen Kimberly Brockenbrough Ms. Regina Brothers Brooks Fellowship Fund Ms. Susan P. Burns Jeff Burton and Shannon Carmean Burton Mr. Donald A. Bussard Ms. Betty Cannon Mr. Arthur A. Carota, Jr. Mr. Joseph Carpenter III Mr. and Mrs. R.R.M. Carpenter III Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Case, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Chase Ms. Laurie Chouinard Barrett and Rosemary Cobb Dr. Arthur W. Colbourn Mr. Barry Cole Ms. Amy N. Connell Edward and Patricia Connor The Honorable Alan Cooper The Honorable Arlene Coppadge Betty and Jac Crowell

hanks to all the individuals, corporations, foundations, and groups who have made contributions. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is correct. Please direct errors or omissions to the attention of the Development Department at (302) 658-5177 and accept our sincere apologies. For information on giving and a copy of the Donor Bill of Rights, visit

16 Ms. Anne Cullom William and Sarah D’Alonzo Mr. Andy D’Ambrosio and Ms. Eve Tahmincioglu Ms. Ann Darling Darin and Tamara DeFer Marilynn Denn, Ph.D. Mr. Michael Deptula Amy and Steven Descovich Frank and Jane Dilley Ms. Lynne P. Ellick Ms. Sue Elliott Mr. Brian Emerson Elmer and Mary Ann Fannin Mr. Darryl Flaherty and Ms. Elena Norman Mr. and Mrs. Israel J. Floyd, Esq. Anthony and Catherine Flynn Harry and Elaine Freedman Mr. Edward Freel Jennifer and Alfred Gallo Ms. Carol A. Gausz Peter and Susan Gilman Jeffrey and Linnea Goddess Mr. Charles Gordinier Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rajeev Gorowara Ms. Karen Graham Mr. and Mrs. James Griffin Ms. Marilyn Gwaltney John and Shannon Hanson Dr. and Mrs. Henry Harper Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. A. Harra Jr. John and Dominique Hawkins The Hon. Margaret R. Henry Ms. Judith W. Herrman Carl and Johanna Hertrich Ms. Marion Hess Ms. Cathy Hinkelman Dr. and Mrs. Moses Hochman Neil and Carolyn Hockstein Ms. Trudena Horsey Ms. Lynn Ingersoll Ms. Pamela D. Jensen Alan and Kay Jewett Ms. Jeanne Johonnett Ms. Jennifer Jones Eugene and Donna Julian Susan and Bernie Kelley Michael and Deanna Kelly Mrs. Tee Jay King Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Klein Ms. Hannah Klein Ms. Kathleen Kline Susan and Robert Kline Ms. Pauline D. Koch Jeffry and Susan Komins Mr. Daniel M. Kristol Lewis H. Lazarus, Esq. Ms. Maureen Lesutis Mrs. Joy Smoker-Liedel and Mr. Kevin Liedel Ms. Charlotte T. Lister Phillip Liu Ms. Catherine N. Maguire Mr. Moritz Mailandt David and Nancy Marvin Eleanor and Jon Matthews Ms. Kathleen McCormick Mr. J. Michael McKenna Ms. Leslie McMillan Mr. Robert Meade Dr. Wilma Mishoe Susan and Charles W. Mitchell II Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Monzack Ms. Deborah Moore Ms. Julie Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Bret A. Morris Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morton Ms. Linda Mundy Scott and Suzanne Myers The Honorable Michael and Mrs. Susan Newell Debra Ann and Charles O’Donnell Ms. Sue Oldenburg and Mr. David C. Klein Ms. Mia Olson Mr. Thomas Palmer and Ms. Ellen Lebowitz Mr. Jack Porter Ms. Tara Quinn and Family Daniel and Nancy Rich Mr. Patrick Ritchie Ms. Kim Z. Robbins Norman and Jill Rosenblum Maxine and Jay Rosenthal Joseph and Joan Rosenthal

Ms. Barbara Ross David and Deborah Ross Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roux Tom and Katie Salvatore Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Sawyer Jr. Ms. Elizabeth Scheer Ms. Karen Schreiber Mrs. E. P. Scott Ms. Patricia M. Scott Philip and Wendy Shlossman Ms. Ruth Siegel Ms. Barbara Soulier Ms. Karen Spring Mrs. Mary Jane Strattner-Gregory Ms. Patricia Tanner Nelson Edward and Judy Tarlov Ms Kimberly Taylor The Scooter-Boxie Foundation Greg and Judy Tigani Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq. Mr. William Taylor and Dr. Kristin Tigani-Taylor Ms. Elizabeth S. Townsend Kevin and Susan Waesco Mrs. Forrester E. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wedgewood Michael and Janice Weiss Charles E. Welch Esq. Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Wermus Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Whetzel Mrs. K. Jean Williams The Honorable Dallas Winslow The Hon. and Mrs. Dale E. Wolf Mr. James Wolfe Mr. Robert Wootten Hon. Justen A. Wright Dr. and Mrs. Howard Zucker

Supporter ($99 and under) Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Robert Abel, Jr. Ms. Jean S. Alderson Mr. Stephen M. Allen Ms. Kimberly Amen Mr. and Mrs. Todd P. Anderson Ms. Lisa Arciola Adam and Samantha Balick Dave and Ruth Balick Ms. Sheila Blakely Mike and Sandie Bowman Ms. Julia Boyer Ms. Lillian Boys Ms. Maryann Bradley Ms. Donna Bratton Ms. Theresa Broome The Honorable Mark Buckworth Carol and Tom Burn Dr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Bussard Ms. Linda Carey Dr. and Mrs. John Carlson The Honorable John Carney and Mrs. Tracey Quillen The Honorable and Mrs. Michael N. Castle Mrs. Yetta Chaiken The Honorable William and Mrs. Denise Chapman Mr. Paul Cherry Ms. Debra Clair Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Conley Ms. Eileen Conner Ms. Elizabeth Connolly The Honorable Robert Coonin Marsha and John Corcoran Ms. Susan Corkran Douglas and Darlene Cox The Honorable Barbara Crowell James and Susan Cycyk Mrs. Alice G. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William Davis Ms. Laura deRamel Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeFroda Penny and John Deiner Mr. Carl DeMartino Mr. and Mrs. David DeVoll Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Director Steven Director Esq. Barry and Betty Diznoff Kara and Michael Dodson Mr. C. Ross Donovan Les and Barbara Dukart Ms. Margaret Dunham-Hathcock Ms. Linda G. Duricek Ms. Karen Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ehrlich

Ms. Gretchen Elhassani Mr. and Mrs. John Elzufon Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Finrock Mr. Gregory Fleming William and Helen Geimeier Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gibbons Ms. Wilma Glassman Mrs. Maura Golin Dr. Roberta Golinkoff Rob and Jan Goodman Ms. Bella Granite Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Green Ms. Elizabeth J. Grove Ms. Shauna Hagan Ms. Deborah Hall Ms. Kajsa Haracz Ms. Lois Harkins Ron and Joann Hasse Saundra and Charles Hayward Ms. Cynthia Healey Ms. Tanya Heyse Mary and Bob Hickok George and Anne Hobbs Dr. and Mrs. William Hohman Ms. Gertrude Holland Alan and Stacy Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Edmond M. Ianni Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Iobst Ms. Julie A. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kardash Ms. Gertrude D. Karp Mr. and Mrs. H. James Kelleher, Jr. Greg and Susan Kelly Ms. Catherine Knox and Ms. Patricia Devenny Mr. Lawrence Kuhn and The Honorable Chandlee Kuhn Ms. Eunice LaFate Ms. Abby Layton Pres and Linda Lee Ms. Sandy Lehew George and Ann Liarakos Bert and Penny Long Robert and Carole Long Matthew and Nancy Lynch Ms. Nancy Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mand Majid and Mali Mansoory Ms. Cheritta Marvel Charles and Laura McCabe Elizabeth McGeever, Esq. Mr. Michael McHugh Ms. Ronnet McKenzie James H. McMackin III, Esq. G.F. Merryman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyer Mrs. Marjorie Meyermann Ms. Alisa Miles Ms. Philinda Mindler Ms. Kimberly Mitman Ms. Toni A. Nabinett Ms. Tiffany Nash Kevin and Valerie Noel Mrs. Velma Norwood Mr. Mark D. Olson Ms. Jodi Omlor Ms. Veronica E. Oney The Honorable and Mrs. William R. Outten Tom and Mimi Payne Mrs. June J. Peterson Mr. Zach Plerholpes Ms. Ellen K. Pollack Ms. Amanda Powell Mr. Gregory Prygon Hon. Mardi Pyott and Mr. Harold Spangler Ms. Jessica Reed and Mr. Timothy Randolph Mr. Justin Ricci Charles and Susan Rickards Ms. Lydia J. Robb Robert and Christina Rogers Ms. Sinead Rossi Dr. Gwendolyn W. Sanders Ms. Janice Sanna Gina and Josh Schoenberg Dr. and Mrs. William Shellenberger David and Michelle Shepherd Louis Sloan Ms. Brenda Smith Ms. Janis Smith Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Smith Ms. Stephanie Smith Ms. Evangelina Solano Cem Soykan Ms. Gerrie Springer

Ms. Debbie Stafford Ms. Kathie Stamm Ms. Marina E. Starks Ms. Tshina Street Mr. and Mrs. David Swayze Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Tanzer Ms. Diane Taylor Ms. Ruth Tingle

Dr. Judith Tobin Ms. Wadine Toliaferro Ms. Natalie Torres Ms. Lisa Towner Mrs. Elizabeth P. Van Leeuwen Ms. Janice VanSant Ms. Peggy Vavalla

Memorials, Honors & Tributes In Honor of our family during the holiday season Jason and Jennifer Hann-Deschaine

In Honor of Art and Joan Connolly Mr. Richard Christopher

In Honor of Carolyn DeFer Darin and Tamara DeFer

In Honor of Casey E. McCabe Charles and Laura McCabe

In Honor of Christine and Michael Jaffee, our daughter and son

Drs. William and Barbara Jaffee

In Honor of Clark Collins and Jim McMackin Lewis H. Lazarus, Esq.

In Honor of Dick Christopher

Ms. Elizabeth Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. A. Harra, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. James Kelleher, Jr. Ms. Nancy Lyons Bruce and Francesca Rudin Ms. Sheila Wozniak

In Honor of Elisa Morris Neil and Carolyn Hockstein

In Honor of Elisa Morris and Deb Ross David and Michelle Shepherd

In Honor of Ellen and Bob Meyer to celebrate their many “mitzvahs” Ms. Wilma Glassman

In Honor of Ellen Levin’s Birthday Scott and Barbara Green

In Honor of Gertrude Karp and Leslie Newman Mr. Mitchell Karp

In Honor of Gwen Peischl Kara and Michael Dodson

In Honor of Jack and Jill of America Ms. Marion Hess

William and Patricia Vernon Ms. Elaine Vignola Karl and Jennie Wagner Ms. Bonnie Wallner Ms. Chelsea Warmkessel The Honorable Aida Waserstein Ms. Jennifer Watson

Ms. Sharon Whitfield Mrs. Margaret Williams Susan and Ken Williams Ms. Sheila Wozniak Bruce and Audrey Young Mrs. Sybil Zeftel

In Honor of Lynn Ingersoll Mrs. Marjorie Meyermann

In Honor of Muriel Gilman

Dr. S. G. Smith and Ms. Martha Gilman

In Honor of my amazing sister Mr. Zach Plerholpes

In Honor of Peggy Harrod Kara and Michael Dodson

In Honor of Stephanie Barry, to support our work in Sussex County Ms. Cathy Hinkelman

In Honor of Tee Jay King Darin and Tamara DeFer

In Honor of Wilma Glassman becoming a great-grandmother Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyer

In Memory of Albert and Argentina Valiante Mr. Nicholas O’Neill and Ms. Mary E. Valiante

In Memory of Arthur G. Connolly, Jr.

Ms. Gayle Dillman Steven Director, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Levin Ms. Susan Corkran The Honorable Mark Buckworth Ms. Meredith Carter Jim and Mary Jo Chandler The Honorable William and Mrs. Denise Chapman The Honorable Robert Coonin The Honorable Alan Cooper The Honorable Arlene Coppadge The Honorable Barbara Crowell Mr. Lawrence Kuhn and The Honorable Chandlee Kuhn The Honorable Michael and Mrs. Susan Newell Ms. Leslie Newman Kevin and Valerie Noel The Hon. Mardi Pyott and Mr. Harold Spangler Peter and Carroll Shannon The Honorable Aida Waserstein

In Memory of Doris Ambrose Ms. Elizabeth S. Townsend

In Memory of Jerry Harris Ms. Sandy Lehew

In Memory of Katherine “Kitty” Esterly, M.D.

In Honor of Jennifer Jonach and Peter Kline Susan and Robert Kline

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Doherty Alan and Kay Jewett Mrs. E. P. Scott

In Honor of Joan Connolly

In Memory of Leslie Newman’s step-father

Dr. and Mrs. William Shellenberger

Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Levin

In Honor of Jon and Sherry Brilliant

In Memory of Mr. Alfred Isaacs

Adam and Samantha Balick

Ms. Wilma Glassman

In Honor of Kari and Steven Jones

In Memory of Vincent Bifferato

Ms. Stephanie Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bret A. Morris

In Honor of Leslie Newman

In Memory of Virginia Crawford and Diane Levin

Scott and Barbara Green

In Honor of my mom, Leslie “CEO” Newman Mr. Craig Newman

Ms. Ruth Tingle


Business, Foundation, Organization, & Corporate Donors 16 Mile Brewing Company All Saints’ Parish Thrift Shop AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Bank of America Bank of America Matching Gifts BBC Tavern and Grill Belfint, Lyons, & Shuman Bethel United Methodist Church Blue Cross Blue Shield of Del.Foundation Capital One Services, LLC Chichester duPont Foundation, Inc Combined Federal Campaign

In-Kind Donors 1776 Steakhouse, LLC Adventure Aquarium Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ash Ashby Hospitality Group Atlantic Liquors Back Bay Art Glass The Back Burner Restaurant Back Porch Cafe Ms. Wendy Berger Bethany Blues Beyond Consequences Institute, LLC Big Fish Grill - Riverfront Blue Scoop Ice Cream Bluecoast Seafood Grill BNI Rehoboth Chapter 1 Sherry and Jon Brilliant California Tortilla Capital One Chardon Jewelers Chip and Katy Connolly Christiana Skating Center Comcast Commercial Cleaning Services Cross Fit - Riverfront The Cultured Pearl Currie Salon Darin and Tamara DeFer Ms. Christine Davis Del Pez (Sea Mex) Delaware Art Museum Delaware Distilling Co. DuPont - Product Stewardship and Regulatory DuPont Aviation Eastern Shore Coffee & Water

Volunteers & Interns Many thanks to the dedicated volunteers and interns training for careers in human services and other professions. They helped bring CFF’s mission to fruition in the community by assisting in numerous program areas, including Eastside Community Schools, Functional Family Therapy, Intensive Outpatient Services, Strengthening Families, Adolescent Resource Center, Seaford House, Rise Up, and Foster Care and Adoption, as well as in administrative roles, including Development, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

Delaware Community Foundation Ellen & Alan Levin Family Foundation Enterprise Holdings Foundation Ernest E. Stempel Foundation European Granite and Marble Group, Inc. Female Benevolent Society Fish On Restaurant, SODEL Concepts Goodsearch Hometown America Foundation James Street Tavern JPMorgan Chase Foundation Lewes-Rehoboth Assoc. of Churches Master, Sidlow & Associates,P.A. Off the Hook PNC Foundation Rock of Ages Chapter #15 Schneider Trailer & Container Rental, Inc.

St. Edmond’s Catholic Church State Employee Charitable Campaign Techno Goober The Annie E. Casey Foundation The Foundation for Enhancing Communities The Rite Aid Foundation - KidCents Trillium Asset Management United Way - National Capital Area United Way of Central Maryland United Way of Delaware United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern NJ United Way of Massachussetts Bay & Merrimack Valley Wawa, Inc. Wheeler Financial, LLC

Edgewell Personal Care/Playtex Manufacturing Ellen Feingold, M.D. Empowered Yoga Espuma Restaurant Families by Design Kera Forman Frank & Louie’s Italian Specialties Ms. Tesher Freng Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Frye Gary and Betty Golden Giant Food - Long Neck Ms. Margaret Gielis Stuart and Suzanne Grant The Grand Opera House Hagley Museum Todd and Rachel Harad Kimberly Harrison Holland Jewelers, Inc. I.G. Burton Mercedes Siobhan Irwin, MD The Jefferson School John F. Schmutz, Esq. JPMorgan Chase Ms. Alison R. Justiniano Kenny Family Foundation Kevin Fleming Photography, Advertising & Graphic Design Kids Cottage, LLC Kings Creek Country Club Kozy Kovers for Kids Ms. Linda T. Landis Lewes Yacht Club Youth Group Lowes Home Improvement Store Lupo Di Mare Cucina Italiano Mariachi’s Mark Showell Interiors

James H. McMackin III, Esq. Ms. Gloria Merryman Ms. Cynthia Myers and Ms. Jane Knaus Millman’s Appliances Ms. Jan Howard Ms. Joanne Rooney Ms. Kami Banks Ms. Karen Graham Ms. Kathy Buschi Ms. Kimberly Klabe Newark Deli & Bagels Off the Hook Paradocx Vineyard The Peninsula Golf & Country Club Penn Cinema Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia Eagles Pure Yoga Ristorante Zebra Ms. Michelle Rumble Ryan’s Wine and Spirits Gina and Josh Schoenberg Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Seemans Ms. Cindy Sosnowik Mr. Wesner Stack Ms. Miriam Stokes Ms. Sharon Strine Ms. Karyn Sundleaf Ms. Bonnie Sunnergren Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor Tile Market of Delaware Touch of Italy United Methodist Church/Kiwanis Ms. Wendy White Wyebrook Farms Zakat Foundation of America

Volunteers Adrian Acevedo Andrea Barbosa Sascha Bretzger Sean Bowers Talisa Carter Ellen Coyne Elizabeth Crow Brock Czeschin Mary Ann Dilworth Shylah Duchicela Renae Easley-Phillips Kayleigh Garbowski Natalie Glover Megan Goeller Susan Greenstein Laura Hock William Janney William Jannie Meghan Kenia Francis Kinney Toni Kress Julian Laing Dominick Laurel

Brittany Lopatin Mark Marra Catalina Medina-Cortez Shamus O’Haire Praneethi Pachipala Linda Palladino Cassie Patick Christian Ricchezza Luis Rivera Emalyn Schliesing Lauren Seymour Vicki Shoplan Ruth Ann Tasker Victoria Tilley Charles White Aionna Williams Morgan Williams

Interns Gina Baker Jenine Bellinger Richard Bonner Jerusha Bowden Alex Brogan

Carolyn Campbell Jessica Diaz Sheila Evans Veronica Fanean Deandria Farlow Abigail Fischer Alyssa Fried Fatima Gaskins John Hayes Devon Holmes Danielle Imhoff Morgan Johnson Daulet Jumabayev Ci’el Lofland Amanda Longacre Tanya Mann Elysha Mason Natasha McFarlane Angil Meade Tara Mosley Demetris Rembert Emily Rogers Justice Simmons Alyssa Walter



ents l Ev




am ds C



n $

p a ig

Co on & $ i t a nd ns Fou ributio & t n o ent C ernm 118 v o , G ,023 $14 for Ser s Fee en stm Inve

REVENUE Special Events $73,060 Friends Campaign $177,548 Foundation & Corporate Contributions $349,362

te Uni

Government & Other Grants $14,023,118



Fees for Service $296,906


Investment Income $279,496 United Way Income $773,783 Other Resources $61,117

Total Revenue $16,034,390

EXPENSES Positive Parenting $2,931,211

Positive Pare

Supporting Teens $3,533,251

Supporting T

Healthy Bab

Healthy Babies $2,043,829

Family Resou

Family Resources $1,461,947

Early Childho

Early Childhood $3,041,751

Older Adults

Older Adults $43,842

Workplace S

Workplace Support $873,151

Program Qu

Program Quality and Helpline $75,631


Fundraising $425,915


Management & General $2,091,278

Total Expenses $16,521,806



Children & Families First helps children facing adversity on their journey to adulthood. We use proven methods to help families raise their children so they can flourish.


Communities where children are nurtured, healthy and safe, individuals are valued, and families are strong and self-sufficient.


Cultural Competency | Accountability | Empowerment Respect | Advocacy | Collaboration | Responsiveness

It’s not just our name,

It’s our promise

Children & Families First strengthens Delaware families by delivering an innovative and effective continuum of community-based social services. In existence for more than 130 years, Children & Families First helps children facing adversity on their journey to adulthood. We use proven methods to help families raise their children so they can flourish.

New Castle County Main Office

2005 Baynard Boulevard Wilmington, DE 19802 302.658.5177 809 Washington Street Wilmington, DE 19801 302.658.5177

Kent County

91 Wolf Creek Boulevard, Suite 1 Dover, DE 19901 302.674.8384 Sussex County

410 South Bedford Street Georgetown, DE 19947 302.856.2388

Seaford House Residential & Day Treatment Center

400 North Market Street Extension Seaford, DE 19973 302.629.6996 (800) 220-3092