2018 Annual Report

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Communities where children are nurtured, healthy, and safe; individuals are valued; and families are strong and self-sufficient.


Children & Families First helps children facing adversity on their journey to adulthood. We use proven methods to help families raise their children so they can flourish.


We turn research into practice, using principles developed by the Harvard Center on the Developing Child.

Build Responsive Relationships Healthy brain architecture depends on a sturdy foundation built by stable, responsive relationships with caring adults.

Strengthen Core Life Skills Research shows that while it is never too late to help adults build their core capabilities, we can have lifelong impact if we support the development of these skills in childhood.

Reduce External Sources of Stress Chaotic, stressful or threatening situations can derail anyone. We intentionally design programs and services to reduce stress for people whose core capabilities are challenged.


“I am learning a lot each week. I feel awesome and blessed to have this opportunity.” –Parenting Education participant


“The challenges of our ever-changing society require that we are creative, aware of the research, and open to learning.”

Dear Friends,

Children & Families First, with our long history of addressing complex social problems, is an important part of our state’s social sector. We have a talented and experienced staff. Our board is dedicated and caring. Our donors are supportive and generous. Together with our public and private partners we work collectively to assure that we live in communities where children are nurtured and safe, individuals are valued, and families are strong and self-sufficient. We offer solutions to combat adversity in communities to best meet the needs of Delaware children and families. In 2018, we expanded our successful FAIR program which decreases the number of children in the foster care system. The program began in 2012, with a focus on families with teens and the results speak for themselves: 98% of families remained together through increased access to support services. Our expansion extends the program to families with younger children including families where there has been domestic violence. Using a combination of intensive case management to connect with resources and evidencebased clinical interventions, such as Child Parent Psychotherapy, we are seeing strong results. We also began implementation of the Nurturing Parenting program for families with children under the age of 5. This 14 week group intervention for the entire family is designed to foster positive parenting skills and self-nurturing. The program seeks to increase parents’ sense of self-worth, personal empowerment, empathy, bonding, and attachment, as well as to increase knowledge of age-appropriate developmental expectations. We provide transportation and a meal as a way eliminating barriers to participation. Families in the program reduced their risk of negative parenting behaviors, including a decreased risk for the use of physical discipline, and increased their resilience. In 2018, we completed the merger of Supporting Kidds into Children & Families First, enhancing our ability to heal those who sustained the loss of a loved one. We also expanded our services to children in schools, who are experiencing trauma or a loss, using the evidencebased models CBITS (Cognitive Behavioral Intensive Therapy for Schools) for middle and high school youth and Bounce Back for those in elementary school. We are now providing age-appropriate group and individual counseling in more than 25 schools. The challenges of our ever-changing society require that we are creative, aware of the research, and open to learning. With your continued support and interest, Children & Families First will continue to lead the way.

Leslie Newman Chief Executive Officer

Barbara Ridgely Chair, Board of Directors

“With your continued support and interest, Children & Families First will continue to lead the way.”





James G. Klabe, Jr. Vice Chair

Paul L. McCommons Treasurer

Barbara S. Ridgely, Ed.D Chair

Heather A. O’Connell Secretary

William N. Britton Assistant Treasurer

Board of Directors

Peter A. Hazen Alison L. Houck, CPA Jennifer B. Jonach Jennifer Joseph Julia Ashworth Nancy Karibjanian Sandra H. Autman Jennifer M. Kaufmann Nate Bacon Carrie Kehner Jessica C. Bain Josh Kelso Mary Borger Michele Kennedy Bill Bowlsbey Andy Brandenberger, Ed.D. Ellen K. Levin Anthony J. Lewis Sherry Brilliant Nicole Magnusson Don C. Brown Casey E. McCabe Tom Burke Shauna B. McIntosh, M.D. William W. Collick James H. McMackin III, Esq. John G. Collins P. Clarkson Collins, Jr., Esq. Julie A. Metz Eric J. Monzo Thomas P. Collins, Esq. John C. Pierson, III Katy Connolly Kim Zeitler Robbins Tamara C. DeFer Gina S. Schoenberg, Esq. Gayle Dillman Jeffery S. Sills Ranie Good N. Christopher Griffiths, Esq. Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq.

Senior Staff

Kirsten Olson Chief Strategy Officer

Leslie Newman Chief Executive Officer

Zakiya Bakari-Griffin Chief Program Officer

Robert W. Rogers Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Julius Mullen, Ed.D., NCC, LPCMH Chief Clinical Officer

Advisory Board Karen D. Doherty George W. Forbes, III Megan T. Goeller Pauline D. Koch Hon. Jane P. Maroney Stephen M. Mockbee

Honorary Board Carol Harlan Aastad Angela B. Case Joan McD. Connolly Glenn M. Engelmann, Esq. Gloria S. Fine Carol A. Gausz Larry D. Gehrke Susan A. Herrmann Hon. Mary M. Johnston Stephen R. Permut, M.D. June Jenkins Peterson David B. Ripsom, Esq. Gilbert S. Scarborough, III John F. Schmutz, Esq. Barbara F. Soulier

*As of 12/31/18



Delaware HOPE Healthy Families Delaware Nurse-Family Partnership


When children thrive,

we ALL benefit. The following individuals and organizations provided direct program support in 2018.

Capacity Program Child and Adult Care Food Program Delaware Stars for Early Success

Bank of America Charitable Foundation


The Christmas Shop Foundation

Adoption Post-Adoption Support Services Foster Care Functional Family Therapy Nurturing Parent Program Strengthening Families Program


ARC (Adolescent Resource Center) Bounce Back / CBITS Community Mental Health Services FAIR (Family Assessment & Intervention Response) Functional Family Therapy Seaford House Supporting KIDDS Grief Support

FAMILY RESOURCES AccessCare Child Care Referral Services Community Schools


BTL Foundation Delaware Community Foundation Ellen and Alan Levin Highmark Health Laurel Weslyan Church PNC Foundation St. Edmond’s Parish State of Delaware Grant-in-Aid Ticket to Dream Foundation United Way of Delaware Welfare Foundation, Inc. Wilmington Flower Market, Inc. Mike Wilson

Support & Revenue


The 2018 audit was completed by Gunnip & Company, LLP. Comprehensive audit information is available upon request.


ur OIMPACT Babies were HEALTHY

•  88% of babies born in the Nurse-Family Partnership program and 89% of babies born in the Healthy Families Delaware program were full-term, a significant indicator of infant health. •  88% of NFP babies and 89% of HFD babies had a healthy birth weight. •  95% of toddlers in the Nurse Family Partnership program and 100% of toddlers in the Healthy Families Delaware program met developmentally appropriate language and social skills markers at 2 years old. •  97% of 1-year-olds in the NFP program had upto-date immunizations and 94% of 1-year-olds in the Healthy Families Delaware program attended regular well child visits.

Children were NURTURED •  32 child care programs participating in Delaware Stars improved their program and moved up at least one Star Level. 10 of those programs moved to the highest quality rating of Star Level 5. •  The Capacity Program allowed 42 child care programs supported to expand or create services in one or all of the following areas: children with disabilities, children who need care during nontraditional hours, children who are English language learners and infant and toddlers. •  The Child & Adult Care Food Program made it possible for child care centers and family child care homes to serve 928,295 healthy meals.

Youth were SAFE


•  20 new families completed the approval process to become CFF Resource Parents. •  92% of children in CFF’s Foster Care Program in each quarter remained with one CFF Resource Family. •  100% of youth who received Family Search and Engagement Services were connected to at least one caring adult who will help provide support, once they age out of foster care. •  100% of adoptions were finalized within 12 months of a child joining a forever family.

In 2018, Children & Families First served 30,000 Delawareans statewide in their homes, schools, community sites, and CFF offices.

Families were STRENGTHENED •  97% of families who completed the Strengthening Families Program demonstrated improved parenting knowledge. •  86% of families participating in our Functional Family Therapy program reported an improvement in communication.

Caregivers were VALUED •  848 total child care searches and information packets were provided through the AccessCare program, which connects families to licensed child care programs in Delaware and provides information on how to make informed care decisions. •  7,800 work days were saved by 742 employees through the Just in Time Care program. 100% of those utilizing the service indicated that they were able to get to work because of JITC and 100% indicated that they would use the service again.

“My worker makes me feel like I can do anything! She’s my hero.” –Functional Family Therapy participant


Honor and Memorial Gifts Thank you to the following individuals, organizations and corporations who honored or remembered a special someone by making a gift to Children & Families First. Honor and memorial gifts are designated to our annual Friends Campaign.

Gifts Given in Memory of:

Gifts Given in Honor of:


Clark Collins, Jim McMackin and Eric Monzo

Ms. Vicki Feeney

Arthur G. Connolly

Mr. Richard Christopher

Theldon (Seejay) Derry

Mrs. Malvese Baidy Cobb Ms. Barbara Dash

Elijah Gordy-Stith

Rev. Elaine Ayres Ms. Elizabeth Clow Mr. Thomas Clow Ms. Linda Emerick Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. A. Harra Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Koski Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Magnusson Ms. Anita Powell Mr. Timothy Smith St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

Norma H. Hancock

The Honorable Deborah Hudson

John W. Land

Ms. Susan Fox Beverly Thomes

Maddie Sabre

Ms. Kellie Humphries Mr. and Mrs. Michael Humphries

Ruth Uffelman (Aunt Cookie) Tam and Darin DeFer

Albert Valiante

Mr. Nicholas O’Neill and

Ms. Mary E. Valiante

Lynne Voight Ms. Theresa Magrann


Lewis H. Lazarus, Esq.

Barbara Davis

Ms. Joan James

Tam DeFer

Debra Ann and Charles O’Donnell

Barbara Davis

Ms. Joan James

Karen and Mickey Hinman Ms. Kelly Houston

Ellen Levin

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Green Ms. Caroline Jones

Ellen Levin and Melanie George Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Garrett Colmorgen

Kevin and Kate Madigan’s Adoption Mr. Roger Madigan

The Madigan Family Mr. Tim Dorsey

Leslie Newman

Mr. Mitchell Karp Mr. Matthew Lombardi

Leslie Newman and Bill Wolff

Adina Appelbaum & Mau Castillo Ms. Ellen Elias Ms. Lynn Ellick Scott and Andrea Feinman

Wendy Fernandez Elizabeth and Adam Gold Edward and Leslie Goldenberg Mr. and Mrs. Dale Isaacs Ms. Arline Isaacson Ms. Myriam Khalifa Ellen and Alan Levin Ms. Virginia Lockman Robert and Kathy McMahon Judith and Michael Norman Mr. Brian Novacich and Ms. Jeanne Johonnett Paul and Fredda Pennock Mr. David Raymond Robert and Christina Rogers Gennifer and Alan Shubert Laurie Anne Spagnola Dennis Spivack Elizabeth Stearn Michael Vogel David Wallace Janet Wilkinson Peter Wolff

Debbie Ross

Errol and Ruth Ann Ger

Alice Segerstrom

Miriam Indenbaum

D. Neil Washburn

Fran and Paul Altman

Mark Washburn & Zoe Weinstein Sally Marx and Richard Ruffner Mr. and Mrs. James D. Taylor Ms. Elizabeth Waye



The individuals, corporations, foundations, and groups listed on the following pages make our work possible. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is correct. Please direct errors or omissions to the attention of the Development Department at (302) 777-9734 and accept our sincere apologies.

Individual Donors Mr. and Mrs. Andy Aastad Dr. and Mrs. Robert Abel, Jr. Ms. Carol Abrahams Mr. Andrew Blair and Ms. June Alt Fran and Paul Altman Mrs. Barbra F. Andrisani Ms. Gwendoline B. Angalet Anonymous Donor Adina Appelbaum and Mau Castillo Ms. Julia Ashworth Ms. Sandra H. Autman Rev. Elaine Ayres Mrs. Malvese Baidy-Cobb Mrs. Mary Alice Bair Ms. Zakiya Bakari-Griffin Kirill and Katherine Bakeev Ms. Beverly Barren Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bartus Ms. Madeleine Bayard Mr. and Mrs. David Beatson Lisa and Charles Beavers Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beck Dr. and Mrs. Martin G. Begley Mr. and Mrs. Karl Bennett Ms. Marcilee W. Bierlein Ms. Sheila Blakely The Honorable and Mrs. Donald Blakey


Ms. Jessica Bloch Mr. Miles Blunt Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bontempo Ms. Mary Borger Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bowlsbey Mr. Andy Brandenberger Sherry and Jon Brilliant Mr. and Mrs. William Britton Ms. Regina Brothers Mr. Don C. Brown and Ms. Lynn Howard Ms. Judy Brunner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burke Mr. Bill Burris Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cardinal The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas Carper Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Case, Sr. Ms. Monica Caselli Mrs. Yetta Chaiken Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Chase Mr. Paul Cherry Mr. Richard Christopher Mr. Nnamdi Chukwuocha Ms. Elizabeth Clow Mr. Thomas Clow Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Cobb Dr. and Mrs. Neal Cohn Mr. Barry Cole

Mr. William Collick Mr. and Mrs. P. Clarkson Collins Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Garrett Colmorgen Ms. Eileen Conner Chip and Katy Connolly Mr. Edward Connor Mr. and Mrs. John A. Crowell Mr. Neal Dangello Ms. Barbara Dash Ms. Ashley Davoli Tamara and Darin DeFer Marilynn Denn, Ph.D. Ms. Carolyn DePew-Swayze Mr. and Mrs. Steven Descovich Ms. Susan DiBonaventure Ms. Gayle Dillman Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Director Cristina DiSabatino Mr. and Mrs. John P. Doherty Mrs. Alice W. Donaghy Mr. Douglas Doren Mr. Tim Dorsey David and Lisa Driban Barbara and Les Dukart Ms. Christine duPont Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ehrlich Ms. Ellen Elias Ms. Lynne P. Ellick Mr. and Mrs. John Elzufon Ms. Linda Emerick Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Engelmann, Esq. Ms. Michelle England Mr. and Mrs. Richard Facciolo Ms. Tamera Fair Ms. Vicki Feeney Scott and Andrea Feinman Ms. Wendy Fernandez

Ms. Laura Ferrari Mr. Roger Festa GianClaudio and Susan Finizio Mr. Gregory Fleming Ms. Maureen Flihse Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Flynn Mr. George W. Forbes III Ms. Susan Fox Mr. and Mrs. Edward Freel Mr. and Mrs. Paul Galioto Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gallagher Ms. Carol A. Gausz Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gehrke Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gibson Peter and Susan Gilman Jeffrey and Linnea Goddess Ms. Annuradha Goel Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goeller Elizabeth and Adam Gold Edward and Leslie Goldenberg Dr. Roberta Golinkoff Mrs. Ranie Good Ms. Sally Gore Mr. and Mrs. Scott Green Mr. Norman Griffiths Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grillo


Ms. Michelle S. Hambleton Ms. Brittany Hambleton John and Shannon Hanson Todd and Rachel Harad Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. A. Harra Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Hartnett Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hasse Peter and Laurie Hazen The Honorable Margaret R. Henry Mr. Paul Herdman and Ms. Dana Balick Ms. Tanya Heyse Ms. Eliza Hirst Dr. and Mrs. Moses Hochman Mrs. Pamela Hoffman Dr. and Mrs. William Hohman Ms. Alison Houck and Mr. Tim Andrews Ms. Kelly Houston The Honorable Deborah Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Humphries


Ms. Kellie Humphries Ms. Miriam Indenbaum Mr. Anthony Inferrera Mr. and Mrs. Dale Isaacs Ms. Arline Isaacson Drs. William and Barbara Jaffee Ms. Joan James Ms. Janice V. Jessup Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jewett Mr. William Johnston and The Honorable Mary Johnston Mr. Brian Novacich and Ms. Jeanne Johonnett Ms. Julie Johonnett Mr. Peter Kline and Ms. Jennifer B. Jonach Ms. Caroline Jones Mr. Mitchell Karp Jennifer and Erik Kaufmann Dr. Philip Keats and Mrs. Jean Keats Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kelley Mr. Greg Kelly and Dr. Susan Kelly Michael and Deanna Kelly Mr. Josh Kelso Mr. Arthur Kempner and Ms. Julie Tattersall McGinnis Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kennedy Ms. Myriam Khalifa Mrs. Tee Jay King Mr. and Mrs. James G. Klabe, Jr. Ms. Hannah Klein Ms. Pauline D. Koch Dr. and Mrs. Jeffry Komins Mr. and Mrs. David Koski Ms. Lori Koval Dr. Brian and Dr. Janet Kramer Mr. Daniel M. Kristol Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ladner Mr. and Mrs. William Lafferty Lewis H. Lazarus, Esq.

Ms. Sandy Lehew Morgan Ms. Kathleen Leopardi Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lessner Ms. Maureen Lesutis Ellen and Alan Levin Ms. Carol Levin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Levin Michael and Amy Leviton Ms. Patricia Dailey Lewis Mr. Anthony J. Lewis Gary Linarducci, Esq. Mr. Ernest A. Lister Ms. Charlotte T. Lister Mr. John Livaditis Ms. Virginia Lockman Matthew Lombardi Ms. Rene Lopez Matthew and Nancy Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Roger Madigan Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Magnusson Ms. Theresa Magrann Mr. and Mrs. John R. Malloy Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mand Dr. and Mrs. Majid Mansoory Ms. Tanya Marant Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Marine The Honorable and Mrs. Jack Markell The Honorable Jane Maroney Ms. Lisa Marsland Gale Sally Marx and Richard Ruffner Mr. and Mrs. Greg Massey Mr. and Mrs. Jon Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCabe, Jr. Casey and Abbey McCabe Ms. Patricia McCloskey Mr. Lee McCormick Ms. Mary Ellen McCullough

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McDowell, Esq. Mr. J. Michael McKenna James H. McMackin III, Esq. Robert and Kathy McMahon Mrs. Edythe Mendolia Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Metz Ms. Janice Mink Stephen and Maria Mockbee Mr. and Mrs. Eric Monzo Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Morgan, Jr. Jim and Kathy Morrison Ms. Lynn Moyer Scott and Suzanne Myers Ms. Donna Myers Ms. Toni A. Nabinett Ms. Megan Nardinocchi Ms. Leslie Newman Michael and Jenna Newman Craig Newman and Courtney Magill The Honorable Maryellen Noreika Judith and Michael Norman Mrs. Velma Norwood Ms. Heather A. O’Connell and Mr. Joseph A. Gabay Debra Ann and Charles O’Donnell Ms. Lucy O’Donnell Ms. Sue Oldenburg and Mr. David C. Klein Mr. Rick O’Leary Ms. Kirsten Olson and Mr. Richard James The Honorable and Mrs. William R. Outten Ms. Marta Pacheco Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pappas Ms. Beverly A. Passwaters Mr. and Mrs. James Patton Mr. Michael Pavlin Mr. and Mrs. Tom Payne


Paul and Fredda Pennock Dr. John T. Peters and Ms. Kathie Stamm Ms. Edna Bennett Pierce Mr. and Mrs. John C. Pierson III Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pincus Dr. Charles Pohl and Dr. Janice Nevin Ms. Emily C. Polito and Dr. Ryan Davies Mr. Chris Porcelli Ms. Susan Porter Ms. Anita Powell Andrea and Ralph Prettyman Ms. Kelli Racca Kim Raff Mr. David Raymond Dr. and Mrs. Grafton D. Reeves The Honorable Henry and Dr. Barbara Ridgely Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ripsom Mrs. Romisha Robinson Ms. Mabel Roberts-Cole The Honorable Andrea L. Rocanelli and Mr. Thomas Veale Robert and Christina Rogers Joseph and Joan Rosenthal Ms. Barbara G. Ross Mr. and Mrs. David Ross Andy and Amy Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rubin Ms. Michelle Rumble Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salvatore Dr. Gwendolyn W. Sanders Ms. Lorraine Sanik Ms. Janice Sanna Mrs. Ellen Scarborough Mr. Gilbert S. Scarborough III Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schell


John F. Schmutz Esq. Mr. Eric Schrag Ms. Patricia M. Scott Mr. James J. Sears Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sewell Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Sharp III Dr. and Mrs. Philip Shlossman Gennifer and Alan Shubert Mr. Jeffery Sills Ms. Gail Simpson Mr. Jerome Simpson The Honorable Melanie George Smith and Mr. Frank Smith Mr. Timothy Smith Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Smith Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Snyder Ms. Laurie Anne Spagnola Dennis and Marcia Spivack Ms. Karen Spring Mrs. Melanie Stancell Ms. Elizabeth Stearn Mrs. Allison L. Stecher Ms. Marsha Stimola Laura and William Storck David and Susan Stratton Mr. and Mrs. William Sudell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sullivan Joanne K. Sundheim, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Swarm Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sweeney Edward and Judy Tarlov Mr. and Mrs. James D. Taylor Ms. Kimberly Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Steven Terranova Ms. Beverly Thomes Ms. Mary Thynge Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. F. Gregory Tigani Mr. Jason Tyler

Mr. Nicholas O’Neill and Ms. Mary E. Valiante Michael and Joann Vogel Mr. David Wallace Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wang Ms. Leslye Wark Pat and Neil Washburn Ms. Elizabeth Waye Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weiss Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Wermus Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Whetzel Ms. Bonnie White Ms. Susan Wiggins Ms. Janet Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wilkinson Ms. Lauren Wisely The Honorable Dale E. Wolf Mr. Peter Wolff Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Woolard, Jr. Mr. Robert Wright Ms. Carrie Young Mr. Michael Zayatz Dr. and Mrs. Howard Zucker Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Zugehar

Business, Foundation, Organization & Corporate Donors 1776 Steakhouse, LLC Advantage Promotional Advertising AHE Fund for Children & Youth Ainsley’s Pharmacy Amazon Smiles Foundation Andy Staton Real Estate, Inc. Aspire Wellness Bank of America Charitable Foundation The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership Benevity Community Impact Fund Citizens Charitable Foundation Creative Coastal Connections Corp. Delaware Community Foundation Dovetail Cultural Resource Group Eastern Athletic Clubs Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey Combined Federal Campaign Ellen and Alan Levin Family Foundation


Ernest E. Stempel Foundation Exelon Corporation FishOn Restaurant GE Foundation GoodShop Gunnip & Co. I Could Do Great Things Foundation Jack & Jill of America - NCC Chapter Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford Joan and Art Connolly Family Fund JP Morgan Chase Employee Giving JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kaufman Mayo Foundation Knights of Columbus - Coffee Run Ohm Shree Foundation MidCoast Community Bank Network for Good Penn Cinema Riverfront, LLC Races 2 Run The RiteAid Foundation – KidCents Rockford Center Sanford School Sea Gals Angola By the Bay St. Pauls United Methodist Church Stephen and Susan Herrmann Philanthropic Fund Tarpon, LLC United Way of Central Maryland United Way of Delaware United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern NJ United Way of National Capital Area United Way of Rhode Island State Employee Charitable Campaign W.L. Gore & Associates YourCause


Event Support Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for providing support to our 2018 Events: A Taste for Art, Party on the Patio, The J. Thompson Brown Awards, and the Santa Cause 5K & Fun Run. The Albertsons Companies Foundation /Acme Markets Foundation Bancroft Construction Company Bank of America Beach Babies Child Care Beacon Pediatrics Beebe Healthcare Bifferato Gentilotti, LLC Big Oyster Brewery Mary Bowler and Ken Jones Breakthru Beverage Brilliant Studio, LLC Mr. and Mrs. William N. Britton Don Brown and Lynne Howard Cape Gazette Pamela Cerchio ClearChannel Outdoor Coffin Contractors Coffin Hardwoods John Collins Comcast Spotlight Condor Technologies Connolly Gallagher, LLC Delaware Division of the Arts Delaware Neurosurgical Group, P.A. Delaware Theatre Company Delmarva Power, an Exelon Company Dogfish Head Brewery Doherty Funeral Homes DSM Commercial

ETent Faw Casson & Co., LLP Fierro Cheese Gibbons Automotive Gunnip & Company CPAs The Harad Family Hatzel & Buehler, Inc. Hertrich Family of Automotive Dealerships Highmark Delaware Indian Ridge Provisions Iron Hill JP Morgan Chase Susan and Bernie Kelley Kids Cottage, LLC The Laffey-McHugh Foundation Ellen and Alan Levin Lighthouse Cove Development Company II, LLC Morris James, LLP M&T Charitable Foundation M&T Bank Nemours New Castle Insurance, LTD Heather A. O’Connell and Joseph Gabay One Call Services PJ Fitzpatrick, Inc. PNC Bank Ross Aronstam & Moritz, LLP Schell Brothers Schoenberg Memorial Chapel Sergovic Carmean Weidman McCartney & Owens, P.A. Setting Properties, Inc. Shore United Bank The Starboard Sussex Eye Center, PA Town of Dewey Beach

Tri Gas & Oil Co, Inc. Trinity Foundation USI Insurance Services, LLC Vicmead Hunt Club VISA Wilmington Friends School WJBR WSFS Bank

In-Kind Donors Ace Strength Co. Ms. Carol Arnott-Robbins Bayside Crossing Neighborhood Bloom Daily Planners Carter’s Wilmington Center for Spiritual Living Delaware Jason Cimini Comcast Concord Presbyterian Mr. Kevin DeCusatis Delmarva Shorebirds Delmarvalous Quilt Guild Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya DuPont - Industrial Biosciences Fallien Cosmeceuticals, LTD FMC Corporation The Goddard School Ms. Becca Gulino Todd and Rachel Harad Dr. Judith W. Herrman Hudson State Service Center Mr. Chris Hyde JP Morgan Chase

Kids Cottage The Ladies of the Delaware Saengurbund Lowes of Lewes Ms. Maureen Manza Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Perdue Farms Pajama Program Renewal Church Ms. Michelle Rumble Mrs. Jennifer Sheets Mrs. Cheryl Simpson Stephens Excavating, LLC The Siegel JCC TKO Hospitality Janice Rowe Tigani, Esq. Tile Market of Delaware Walmart Distribution Ward & Taylor LLC

Volunteers & Interns Volunteers and Interns are vitally important to the work we do at CFF. Because of our devoted volunteers, we have more capacity to serve Delaware’s children and families. Carleigh Antico Beverly Bove Annie Bruxelles Carrie Casey Krista Charamella Condylia Courtney Heather Cronin Cara Daunno Theresa Dell'Angelo Maya Donnelly Romeika Dye Luvenia Ervin Katie Feehly Veronica Flemmings Kathleen Fluharty Andrew Frazier Shirley Ganao Kaitlyn Gonzalez Rita Greenville Jeanne Griffith-Leslie Leah Handwerk Molly Harper Lois Hayes Arnold Hicks John Hundley

Jamie Irwin Stephanie Jarmon Lee Jones Paula Kelly Patricia Kleinman Lori Lamb Erica Lanier Tracy Lea-Dorsey Gaynell Loder Noelle Maher Melissa Manuelli Carla Marvaro Alexandra Mash Brian Mayville Haley McDonald Conor McLaughlin Angil Meade Dalita Mears Diarra Miller Barbara Mowete Dora Munoz-Ayala Meghan Murray Kendra Nagy Katherine Noone Linda Ogden

Molly Ontiveros Azar Parvili-Majidi Carla Pastore Michaela Prescott Susan Price Roweena Regs Dominique Ridley Janet Rivera Mark Rohda Jacquelyn Seals Alexa Shoultes Kyndall Showell Maria Smith Olivia Soleil Heli Sorra Shanelle Sotilleo Cassie Spector Wilda Spence David Stetler Jessica Taylor Marcia Tovar Nicole Valente Gerardo Velasquez Rocio Viscarra Cassidy Ware Jordan Weisberger Emily Whartnaby Michael Wilson Amena Zaman

DID YOU KNOW? Our Supporting Kidds Healing Pathways program benefits from 12-14 dedicated volunteers per session (10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring). Each of these volunteers offers 35-40 volunteer hours each session to help facilitate support groups for children coping with the loss of a loved one. Volunteers for that program provide 1120 hours of service annually! Two of our Healing Pathways volunteers, John Hundley and Kendra Nagy, have been volunteering for a combined 33 years!


It’s not just our name,


Children & Families First strengthens Delaware families by delivering an innovative and effective continuum of community-based social services. In existence for 135 years, Children & Families First helps children facing adversity on their journey to adulthood. We use proven methods to help families raise their children so they can flourish.

WWW.CFFDE.ORG | 800-220-3092 NEW CASTLE COUNTY 809 Washington Street Wilmington, DE 19801 302-658-5177 1213 Old Lancaster Pike Hockessin, DE 19707 302-235-5544


KENT COUNTY 91 Wolf Creek Boulevard, Suite 1 Dover, DE 19901 302-674-8384 SUSSEX COUNTY 410 South Bedford Street Georgetown, DE 19947 302-856-2388

SEAFORD HOUSE THERAPEUTIC RESIDENCE 400 North Market Street Extension Seaford, DE 19973 302-629-6996