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Senior Edition

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Volume XL

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

May 31, 2017

Chagrin Falls High School Issue 8

Artist Inspires Students C BY CASSIE STURMAN

hagrin Falls High School is creating change in the art world through a resident artist program meant to enrich the studies of sculpture students. Kristen Cliffel is the current resident artist for teacher Libby Harrold. Her work is to enhance the teaching of sculpture through her unique knowledge. “I only do ceramics. I’m so deeply imbedded in the process and it’s so intimate for me. I can help the studio function better and I can facilitate the teacher’s skill set and the student’s skill set,” said Kristen Cliffel. The idea behind this program is not only to enhance the program, but enhance the experience of the students. “She pushes everyone to do their best work,” Riley Kirkpatrick said. “It’s a way for me to have professional development. Having a professional artist in the classroom working with students

and being able to see how she would respond to different questions or how she would approach certain building methods or really any sort or problem solving in ceramics,” said Harrold. By Cliffel’s influence, the art program has been able to expand their focus and work on amazing projects meant to further both the student’s sculpture skills and their knowledge of the business of art. One of the most important facets of any academic institution is to teach about job opportunities. Through this program Cliffel has offered a unique view into her field. “You can totally make a living off of something that you love,” Harrold said. Current budget cuts have threatened art programs around the country. Chagrin High is not immune to these cutbacks. Through the resident artist program, Chagrin is able to counteract these issues. The resident artist pro-

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gram also bridges the gap between the real world and art class. “[Students] always hear about artists, but to actually have them in the classroom with them is completely different,” Harrold said. Additionally, this program works to remind the community how important art programs are in schools. “[She] draws more attention toward the art program and increases interest in art,” said Kirkpatrick. Art is monumentally important to students. It allows them to destress and take a step away from academia. “For me, working on art is a great to relieve stress and relax,” said Kirkpatrick. As Chagrin’s art program continues to flourish, teachers and students alike hope they can benefit from more and more unique artists.

Photos courtesy of Libby Harrold


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May 31, 2017

Shining Stars of OABR BY MATT SFERRA


he annual talent show known as OABR was a huge success once again this year due to many entertaining acts and displays of aptitude. The show consisted of humor, beautiful singing voices, wicked flexibility and beautiful dancing on Saturday April 27. Heavy hitting Tigers like Joey King, Bella McGreevy, Marley Vidmar, Nadia McGinnis, Gabe Laskey, Emilia Schneider, Anna Schneider, Kara Lustig, Sabrina Boral, Joelle Kristoff, Sam Gottsegen, Abby Patton, Alice Patton, Milly Mason, Jacey

Workum Patrick Emery, Emma Iammarino and Emily Owen entertained the extensive audience with their performances. The show began with a video which starred the MC’s of OABR, Reed Flynt, Halle McClintock, Emily Owen and Rem Weber. The first act consisted of seniors Emily Owen and Bella McGreevy singing and duet of “Chances” by Five for Fighting. This was McGreevy’s first performance ever in front of a live audience. The next act was a dance by Marley Vidmar to the song “Lean on Me” It was a rhythmic and flexible interpretation of the song.

The next two acts were both duets. Nadia McGinnis and Gabe Laskey performed “No outsiders” by Rend Collective. The following act was Emilia and Anna Schneider singing a collab piece containing “Stay” by Rihanna and “Animal” by Miike Snow. The 5th act was a change of pace for the crowd as they enjoyed some stand up comedy from Joey King. Joey found funny stories about his work at Wild Water kingdom. The next act was another duet by Kara Lustig and Sabrina Boral they sang “Poison and Wine” by The Civil Wars. The next performance was an interpretive dance

By Patrick Emery to the song “Fireflies” by Owl City. This dance consisted of dabbing, whipping and many other eccentric dances that brought the crowd to their feet in a standing ovation. When asked about the dance Emery said “At the end of the day I’m just glad the crowd enjoyed it and laughed a bit.” The next act was Joelle Kristoff singing “How to Save a Life” by The Fray. It was a beautiful rendition of the song and moved the crowd to their feet. I spoke to a fan from the audience of OABR, Erik Wilson. “I love that song so it was fun to hear it” Said Wilson.

The next spot in the show was a dance by Emma Iammarino who has performed in the show before. She danced to the song “Amazing Grace” and dedicated the dance to her late grandma Genovese. Following the dance was a Drum solo by Sam Gottsegen to the song “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. The second to last act was another duet performed by Abby and Alice Patton as they sang “Breakeven” by The Script. The last act of the night was an outstanding performance by Jacey Workum and Milly

Mason of the classic song “Rapper’s’ Delight” by SugarHill Gang. It capped off a night of talent and entertainment perfectly. This year was great. Next year will be great as well.

OABR Photos by Jean Kanzinger.


he last day of school before the seniors attend senior project has came to become called Springfest. It has become one of the most looked forward to days in the year due to the amount of fun that takes place on that day. And this years Springfest did not disappoint. The day began with a senior parade around the school in various odd vehicles. However, this isn’t your normal parade since the seniors through water balloons at student bystanders while driving around the school. “It’s so fun seeing all of the seniors different vehicles drive around the school,” said junior Cole Newbauer. All the students then go to the PAC for the annual academic award ceremony. However, some students aren’t so fond of the assembly. “[My least favorite part is] definitely the academic awards assembly,”


said senior Julia Workum. All students then moved into the gym for the dodgeball championship game. The game was a hard fought match between Natural Gods of Light vs. Skid-row. After a lot yelling and questionable calls, Skid-row walked away with the trophy. More fun was on the way, since the next students headed up to Harris for the annual seniors vs. juniors powder puff game. “I’m so excited for powder puff,” said junior Katie Sanford. However, Sanford’s optimism wasn’t much help, with the seniors completely annihilating the juniors and taking home the W. The day ended with an emotional senior slide show. Springfest 2k17 was a massive success and a lot of fun for everyone involved. However, not all seniors got to partake in the fun. “I’m excited to not be able to go to Springfest since I have an AP test,” said senior Ben Karyo.

Laughing on their way out of high school, seniors Ellie Szymkowicz, Hailey Lowe, Sarah Bullen and Katie Malik are clapped out of Springfest. The girls have been friends for a large part of their time in the Chagrin School District. Recalling the day Bullen states that she “will always remember her days at CFHS.” By Emma Bottcher.


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Best K-12 Best Memories K-12 By: Nick DiFiore



Kindergarten Having to draw a circle for your final exam. 1st Grade Downing two foot-long hot dogs in one sitting every week. 2nd Grade Listening to your peasant friends sing happy birthday to you the one day you sit at the birthday table. 3rd Grade Treating kickball games like the Super Bowl. 4th Grade Jamming out to “Ghostbusters” and “Who Let the Dogs Out” at the roller rink for every kids birthday party. 5th Grade Not realizing how unacceptable “slave day” was. 6th Grade Standing in 10 degree snowy weather at retreat and learning about trees. 7th Grade The daily fear of knowing at any moment you could be hit with a brutal “sevie slam.” 8th Grade Stopping at General Pickett’s Buffet on the way home from the DC trip. Freshmen Being afraid of every senior in the school. Sophomore Nothing Junior Getting cheated out of winning every springfest competition. Senior Having every springfest competition rigged in your favor.

No major changes in school lunches T BY JUSTIN RAYNER

he Trump administration recently took aim at some of Michelle Obama’s signature programs. One of those programs was her promoting healthy school lunches. For the past few years, schools were advised to reduce calories, fat, and sodium in all lunch offering more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and nonfat milk. The administrative stated that school lunches no longer have to meet some of the requirements set by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 advocated by Mrs. Obama’s


y four years of high school were full of memories I will surely never forget. Whether it was going to football games, or playing soccer and basketball, I truly enjoyed every minute; and most importantly, I had great friends to share it with over the course of my years at CFHS. However, one thing is for certain that your time in high school goes by fast. For

Stuffed Crust Pizza

porary, and Mrs. Jacobson hopes “this will lay the groundwork for when Congress actually gets to it and that things will change permanently,” said Jacobson. Fruits and vegetables, for example, Mrs. Jacobson stated “I want kids to take and eat them but I wouldn’t mind if the regulation got rolled back because I don’t want kids to just take them and throw them away just to get a full meal,” said Jacobson. I asked Jack Reboul, a junior who frequently buys lunch, how he feels about the fruits and vegetables and he responded

me, each year seemed to come and go quicker than the last, and senior year especially flew by. So, for those who have a few more years in high school, take advantage of every opportunity, and make every moment last because your class’ Springfest will be here before you know it. The fall of my senior year was definitely a time of stress due to college applications.

With so many different deadlines and essays, it was difficult to get everything done in the time I had. What made it even harder was the waiting time between submitting your application and the school’s decision. This had its challenges because it was up to the admissions counselors to determine whether you were worthy to be part of the incoming freshman class or not. Although it

sauce before you get to the crust. While the 20 square inches of pizza are always a perfect blend of ingredients and a perfect mix of crunchy and saucy. After inserting the pizza into your oral cavity, and blending it up with your chompers until your stomach accepts them, you move onto the crust. As everyone already knows from my Bosco review, they are magically delicious. So it is no surprise that when one is attached to a piece of pizza, the combo cannot be beat. The overall combination of a nice piece of pizza along

with a toasty bosco stick are a meal that will surely brighten any day up.

with, “I always buy an apple to complete my meal. However, on occasion the apples have already gone bad,” said Reboul. All in all the changes being made, if any, are very minimal so if you thought these new regulations were going to completely change our school lunches, you can rest easy.


was a very demanding time, it taught me the importance of not procrastinating, and also not being so stressed out because they have no benefits in the long run.

Senior’s Advice to Freshman BY WILL DIFIORE



“Let’s Move” campaign. However big these changes might seem, I interviewed Marti Jacobson, our school’s food service supervisor, and she says otherwise. I asked Mrs. Jacobson what impact these new regulations would have on our school individually, and she responded with “Right now there's really not that much that's going to change,” said Jacobson. She believes kids are okay with the lunches being offered, and there is no need to purchase different foods. However, some of these new regulations are tem-

Senior Memories

Food Review: o o d : Stuff Crust Pizza Price: $2.50 Days offered: Occasional Random Days Review: When it comes to feeling down while you are in commons, nothing will solve your issues like realizing the school is serving stuffed crust pizza. Although it does not get served that often and is rumored to have leftover bosco sticks as the crust, (which are delicious) it will never fail to let you down. You start off with an approximately four inches by five inches of bread, cheese and

May 31, 2017


he adventure of High School is certainly one filled with mixed emotions and stressful situations. Amongst those experiences include the intimidation incoming freshman feel, as they do not know what to expect when entering the scary halls of CFHS. To help with these uneasy feelings seniors reached out to incoming freshman with advice on what to expect, and how to survive the next four years of high school. Daniel Berlin: “Challenge yourself or

get challenged.” Anne Nafziger: “Be respectful” Pierce Fricke: “High schools a game you just have to learn how to play it.” Jacey Workum: “I highly recommend the cookies in the lunchroom.” Garrett Curtis: “Don’t act like a blood clot in the hallways, and join men’s tennis.” Bella Mcgreevy: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” Lena Bando: “Don’t take your time here for granted because it goes by fast.”


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Softball Takes Big Step BY NICK DIFIORE


s the 2017 Spring sports season comes to an end, the softball team celebrates a successful season that helped continue the recent progress made by the program. The team became very close throughout the season, seeing each other about six times a week between practices and games. “I will miss seeing everyone everyday and laughing about random things,” said junior first baseman Mackenzie Shanklin. The team’s camaraderie this year was a huge reason for the great success they had. “It is a team effort and everyone gave their all and helped to make the season great,” said Shanklin.

Katie Sincaglia, photo by Ava McFarlane

With the end of the season, members of the softball team will certainly have much more free time. “[During the season], we have a game everyday, and if there’s no game, there’s usu-

ally a two hour practice,” said junior left fielder Maddy Davis. There was a great deal of memorable victories; however, according to Shanklin, the win that stands out the most was

May 31, 2017

Cavs: Student reviews

on senior night against Painesville Harvey. “For about the first 5 innings we were down by a few points and in the 6th inning we were able to get ahead by a point and hold Painesville Harvey there for the 7th inning. It was really great to win for the seniors and on senior night at our home field,” said Shanklin. Seniors Kaleigh Clark, Leah Gillespie, and Mia Magersupp were sent off in a great way on senior night by their teammates as they stormed the field after the final out of this senior night win. After a successful year, returning players are very excited for what is to come in the upcoming years. Junior Margo Hughes said, “I cannot wait to see how the team does next year and I hope we can win even more games!””

Athlete of the Month



any of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ fans were panicking about their playoff chances. Many thought their defense was lacking and their offense seemed out of sorts. They seemed to have proved their fans wrong. After two straight sweeps over the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors, they are rolling through the Eastern Conference. Their defense has improved and the offense is flourishing on the shoulders of Lebron James averaging 34 points while shooting an uncharacteristic 48.6% from three. Also, Kyrie Irving has picked up the assist totals while Lebron has been shooting lights out. Kyrie dished out 10 assists in game one against Toronto and 11 assists in game two. On the series, Kyrie averaged 8.5 assists per game against a tough Raptors defense. This success has the fans excited. Sophomore Sam Dolan, usually known for baseball and the Indians, has even joined in on the action. He said, “The Cavs look great. I

think they can win it all. Dahntay Jones has definitely been an x-factor for the Cavs”. This expertise from Dolan is what seems to be the norm for Clevelanders nowadays. Junior Trevor Taussig also gave his knowledge on the Cavs. Trevor’s parents are season ticket holders and have seats right behind the bench. Trevor has sat in these seats numerous times and he says his close up viewing of the Cavs has helped shape his image of the team. He believes “The Cavs chemistry will help them go far. It’s like having a 99 chemistry team in Fifa, it’s unbeatable.” Not all Chagrin students have caught this Cavs fever. Junior Jack Barr believes the Cavs need to make some major changes to win a title. He stated, “The Cavs need David Blatt back. He’s a legend”. We’ll see if the Cavs can win the support of challengers like Barr and ultimately, another NBA Title.



walk off.” We asked Clark term and she explained his month, we sat o n her favorite “Pickle” was her favorite down with softsoftball and it means “Getting stuck ball player Kaleigh slang between bases and trying Clark. 3rd base / Designatto get to one or the other ed hitter says she started before getting out.” Clark playing softball at “4 said that the team MVP’s years old because I’ve are Allie Kovatch, Cece always watched baseCox, Kaleigh Clark.” Iwish ball and wanted to try the softball team the best of it out for myself.” luck the rest of the season. Clark reminisces on her favorite softball memory, “ sophomore year sliding into home and winning the game against H a r v e y. ” When I asked w h o t h e biggest rival is, she replied w i t h “ H a r vey.” I asked her to elaborate on why and she explained, “Harvey. We play a great game with each other usually leading into OT or winning by a Photo by Ripcho Studios, Edited by Tom Preston



he boys lacrosse team is looking good after a 20-1 playoff win over Louisville High School. The squad finished with a record of 7-5 in the regular season and seems to be peaking at the right time. This success is due to the senior leadership on the team. When senior captain defender, Pierce Fricke, spoke of how he influenced the team, saying, “People look up to me and I have to set an example on how to act”.

Additionally, Fricke has high standards for this year’s team. He wants the team to “go down as one of the best ever”. These expectations have molded the team into being the best they can be, especially their defense. Fricke understands what it takes to be successful. His advises the underclassmen next year is to work hard in the offseason and “hit the wall”.

Junior midfielder Cade Salyers spoke of how Fricke influences him, “Pierce really influences me on how I play. He always gets the best out of me and doesn’t let me slack off,” said Salyers. In addition, Salyers states, “I always feel like I play better whenever Pierce is around.” This high praise seems to be the norm from the lacrosse players. Finally, world history teacher and football coach Mike Salyers expresses his opinions of Fricke. He said, “Pierce is a fantastic role model. A better person than he is a player, and he is a tremendous player.” Under great leadership, the lacrosse team is believed to make it far Kaeden Kalinyak tries to attack the WRA defense. into the playoffs. Photo by Anne Nafziger

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Travis Scott Concert Review BY NICK DIFIORE


ravis Scott made one of his last stops on his “Birds Eye View” tour in Cleveland on Sunday, May 21st. The concert, scheduled to begin at 8:00 PM did not see the opener Khalid come on until 9:00. After being booed by many of the fans in the pit, Khalid exited the stage to make way for the main event: Travis Scott. Scott, arrested for inciting a riot at his last concert began by performing songs from his debut mixtape, “Owl Pharaoh”, as Sunday marked the four year anniversary of its release date. As he began performing the second song of the night, “Mamacita”, the mayhem that often occurs at his concerts began. Hundreds of fans seated in the general admission bleachers charged the pit as securi-

ty guards unsuccessfully attempted to hold them back. Scott then played his newly released songs”Butterfly Effect” and “A Man”, the latter being played for the first time in concert. This was followed by a mix of songs from his two most recent projects, “Rodeo” and “Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight.” One of the most popular songs from this album “through the late night” features Cleveland native Kid Cudi. When talking about Cudi, Scott said, “I wanted Cudi to come out here tonight but he couldn’t make it.” Scott also mentioned how big of an inspiration Cudi was for his rap career, saying it had been a dream of his to play the song in Cleveland. On May 12 in Oklahoma City, Scott broke a world record for most consecutive times play-

ing a song in concert by playing his song “goosebumps” fourteen times in one night. In Cleveland, Scott broke his own record, playing the song fifteen times. Scott tweeted after the concert that he “left his clothes for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” After breaking the record, the concert ended around 11:00 PM. Fans chanted for an encore as they left and attempted to fight through traffic caused by both the concert and the Cavs game. All in all, the combination of a great venue overlooking Cleveland, along with the hype music of one of the game’s top rappers made this an extremely exciting and fun night that will be remembered as one of the top concerts the city will see this year.

Of course, festivals and events downtown can be fun, but expensive. So, here are some activities to do and places to go this summer if you’re on a budget. Cleveland Museum of Art: completely free. No catch. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: not everyday, unfortunately, but if you’re a resident of

Cuyahoga County, entry to the zoo is free on Mondays, as long as it isn’t a holiday. Films at the Lakewood Library: hosts weekly free showings of art and classic films. Tremont Art Walk: every Friday, Tremont hosts an art walk, where you can walk through galler-

May 31, 2017



leveland, OH -- Just six months ago, the Cleveland Indians fell short in three straight games to have the chance at hoisting a trophy to claim the World Series, the Indians first since 1948. However, most would say the Indians were short handed with two of their starting pitchers, Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar, being out for the World Series and much of the playoffs because of injuries. Additionally, allstar left fielder Michael Brantley was plagued with injuries throughout the year and could not be in the playoff run. In the offseason, the Indians acquired a key component to their team in all star and gold glove winner, first baseman Edwin Encarna-

Summer on a Budget S

cion to help the offense and boost the team defensively. However, the Indians must forget about the past World Series, and bring on the present and future of the organization. Throughout our school, there are a few people who know a good amount about The Indians, so we made it our mission to seek them out for an interview. First, we spoke to sophomore Sam Dolan, who was asked a few questions about the Indians’ future and his hopes for the team. Dolan states “The Indians will make it to the World Series for the second year in a row, even though it seems really unlikely.” In addition, we asked him about the addition of Edwin Encarnacion and he stated, “He is a valuable asset for this team and picking him up was a very good decision. He

will help carry the team.” After this, we interviewed Dan Kerul, an amazing Pre-Calculus teacher and an avid Indians fan. Kerul was asked the same as Dolan, responding, “I think the Indians are in good shape. They have strong pitching that can overcome streaky hitting.” In addition, he believes, “The Indians should definitely make the postseason by winning the division, but to make (or win) the World Series you need to be injury-free and playing well in September.” If what we are told is to be true, then the Indians should have a pretty good shot of making it to the World Series again this year.


ome of us don’t have the luxury of taking extravagant vacations across the globe during our summer vacation; if you’re like me, you’re stuck in Cleveland for the entire summer, some odd eight-or-so weeks with no structure other than summer camps or jobs.

ies and view art for free. Cuyahoga County Public Libraries: every library has summer events and programs, with many of them being free. Mentor Headlands Beach: this is the first beach along Lake Erie that comes to mind, but many other ones are free.

What Would Joey Do? W BY JOEY KING

hat is the best summer vacation d e s t i n a t i o n ? Every summer families go to the same old vacation destinations, like yellowstone and the Grand canyon. These are great destinations, and I have wept at the crest of the grand canyon, but there are more exotic and underappreciated destinations. Looking for some tropical flair in your vacation? Get a ticket on the next flight to Caracas, Venezuela. Despite having the highest murder rate in the world, locals hating tourists, and Venezuela being ranked most unappealing country to tourists, this is still a great destination. You will literally have all the city’s hottest attractions to yourself as the locals are too afraid to come outside of their own homes. How can I get the best out of my summer job? The key to having fun at your summer job is having a fun job. There are

hundreds of overlooked summer jobs that would be barrels of fun. Fruit picking and farm work has been a part of the American economy for centuries. Working out in the blistering, telling jokes with the fellas, and a bucket of pesticides, all ingredients for a good time. This job is clearly extremely fun, seeing as a large amount of immigrants ranging from all ages flood through our borders to do this year round. Can can I avoid summer reading and still get a good score? Usually I put off summer reading till the very last day of summer vacation and I read it all in one day. However, this may not be the best solution for some people. If you have procrastinated all summer and you haven’t read yet, simply read the sparknotes for your book. Now the question still remain, what about the annotations? The answer is simple: burn your house down. Your book will be engulfed in

flames and you will exempt from annotation checks. How do I pick my wardrobe? The key to a wardrobe is standing out, or rather, blending in. Get out your local military surplus outlet and you can get some get combat worn camouflage for pennies on the dollar. If this isn’t your style, wait till a big rainstorm and people will throw a large amount of randoms into the trash because of flooded basements. You will be able to build an entire new look for no cost what so ever. The downside to this however if that some of these garments may carry diseases such as smallpox, but it is completely worth it for a free wardrobe. Best school bathroom? Clearly I am not going to tell you what the best bathroom is. If I publicly announce the best bathroom, that bathroom will have so much traffic, it will no longer be considered the best bathroom. Why are you even concerned

with what the best bathroom is? At most, you are probably in the school restroom under five minutes a week. If I was in charge, the school would have no bathrooms, and everyone would have to hold it. How do I lose weight without working out or eating right? Hire someone 300 pounds heavier than you to follow you around wherever you go. Than by comparison, you seem immediately skinner and more attractive. This allows you to eat whatever you want and do absolutely nothing while people’s attention are focused on your “heavy hire”. What’s your workout regiment? If there is one thing I take seriously in my life, it is my workout regiment. Every morning I wake up and hour before dawn and eat an entire carton of raw eggs. However, at a certain point, you can become to physically fit. If you are too buff, you start driving people away by your ex-

Cleveland Metroparks: many, if not all, the parks in the Cleveland area are free. Camp out, host a cookout/ picnic, hike, swim… the possibilities are endless.

treme looks. That’s why I keep my body looking average around the clock. Is sunscreen worth it?- Sam G. Sunscreen is an unnecessary fake product invented by companies to trick consumers. Most sunscreen is expired paint, toothpaste, and cool whip sold to sunscreen companies and repacked and put back on shelves. What is the way to solve global warming? Global warming’s cause if the emissions that cars produce. So the simplest way to stop these emissions is to block the exhaust pipe on your car. Shove a potato into the exhaust pipe and these emissions will immediately stop. As an added bonus, you will have a baked potato when you are done driving. As for repairing the Ozone layer, take all the unsold merchandise from the Ghostbusters remake and

duct tape it to the holes. How important is learning geography? Geography is also a made up concept invented by map and globe companies to trick consumers into buying unnecessary products. Most geography “experts” don’t even know countries sizes or where they are located, they make it up as they go

along. Can I use the bathroom? I don’t know c a n you?

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May 31, 2017

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May 31, 2017

Photos courtesy of Zenith


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May 31, 2017

Where Our Seniors are Going

Baldwin Wallace

Tommy Richmond

Boulder Colorado

Gabe Norton

Boston College

Claudia Bunker

Clemson University

Andrew Kwasny Morgan Walker Kate Weston

Colorado School of Mines

Jimmy Brant

Columbia College Chicago

Breanna Burks

Cornell University

Samira Reddy


Jarrod Fritz Mary Gilchrist

Dartmouth College

Trout Westbrook

Dean College

Kennedy Slomovitz

Defiance college

Trey Grimes

Denison University

Camille Concannon Charlie Clegg Emily Muckle

Duke University Daniel Berlin

Durham University

Madigan Copley

Full Sail University Parker Wouters

George Washington University Peter Nachtwey Edie Doman

Harper Adams University Georgia Westcott

Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany Jonathan Rittmayer

James Madison University Grace Stealey

Johns Hopkins University Ben Karyo Danielle Currey

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Aiko Wessels

Kent State University

Brianna Nelsen Dominic Catanese Caroline Digel Matthew Rice Victoria Spieth Zach Spear Andrew Clement Dylana Felton Sophia Sontich Vala Zeinali


Markian Horodysky

Lehigh University

Michael Weimann

Loyola Marymount University Maria Tropp

Marine Corp Sean Baggett

Miami of Ohio Sean Lordan David Workum Sophie papageorge Samantha Conti

Hailey Lowe Anne Nafziger Alex Amata Molly Carroll Matt Wynveen Bennett Eagle Anna Kruszenski

Middlebury College Pierce Fricke

Northwestern University Patrick Emery Daniel Brown

Ohio Dominican University Cassidy Cooke

Ohio Northern University Bruce Childs

Ohio University Joey Samson

Lena Bando Caleb Weinberger Courtney Den Braber

The Ohio State University Mia Magersupp Michelle Menkoff Sarah Relyea Yumeno Young Milly Mason Julia Workum Jake Levine Kyle Foley Ellie Meil Reed Flynt Kayla Hepler Michael Kampman Will Bartlett

Collin Briggs Emma Iammarino Kevin Schlaker Leah Gillespie Mia DiSanto

Ohio Wesleyan University Avery Wood

Penn State

Elizabeth Baldwin


Owen Gruss

Rochester Institute of Technology Dustin Kushious Spencer Fleming


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May 31, 2017

Map of Canada

Map of Europe

Saint Louis University Jane Goble

Sarah lawrence University Evan Teicher

Sonoma State University, CA Isabella McGreevy

Syracuse University Matt Batos

Tulane University

Pearson Gottschalk


Graham Smith

University of Amsterdam Charlie Reardon

University of Alabama Kyle abbey

University of Arkansas Hannah Mather

University of Central Florida Hayley Thompson

University of Cincinnati

Lauren Boral Sam Gottsegen Anna Schneider Ali Mazzola Grace Livingston Schaffer Berg

University of Georgia

Halle McClintock Ellie Szymkowicz

University of Michigan Emily Owen Karl Koenig Jacey Workum Sarah Bullen

University of Mount Union Keeley Malone

University of North Carolina Charlotte Jessica Feucht

University of Notre Dame

University of Wisconsin

Western University

The University of Pittsburgh


Wittenberg University

Katie Malik

Jennifer Stemler

University of Southern California Rem Weber

University of Washington, Seattle Alyson Bergomi

Jack O’Brien

Alexander Moore

Washington University in St. Louis Grace HassHill

West Virginia University Alex Moore Riley Hardacre

David McCuaig

Emma Porter

Youngstown State Kaleigh Clark

*All information was gathered by a Google form. Those not mentioned did not participate in the Google form.


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May 31, 2017

SENIOR QUOTES 2K17 Kyle Abbey “Do it for S.N.A.P.S”



John Agan “Success has many fathers.” Alexander Amata “The earth is the soil in which I plant my seed” Sean Baggett “Others can’t hate you more than you hate yourself.” Elizabeth Baldwin “Well it’s over...” Lena Bando “Love you SP, GS, AM & CC....but this wasn’t like High School Musical at all :(“ William Bartlett “Who’s got my money?! Allstate’s got my money!!” Matthew Batos “Good artists copy, great artists CTRL+C CTRL+V” Schaffer Berg “Mayonnaise colored benz, I push miracle whips.” Alyson Bergomi ““Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead” Daniel Berlin “Earn your keep and keep your earnings.” Lauren Boral ‘Ya like jazz?” James Brant “It’s time to make like a baby and head out.” Collin Briggs “Try harder.” Daniel Brown “If you can’t blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your ....” Sarah Bullen “Thanks CFHS for a great 4 years :)” Claudia Bunker “I’m so good at sleeping I could do it with my eyes closed” Molly Carroll “Whatever you do, DO NOT save online health until the last week of senior year”

Dominic Catanese “Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, and observing as far as my eye can see.” -Thomas Jefferson” Bruce Childs “Highschool is like a run, it is less painful if you just shut up and listen to the music.” Kaleigh Clark “If I can come to school late 84 times in one semester and still graduate, you can too.” John Clegg “Hog pics for life” Andrew Clement “Frank and the Sewer Rats” Camille Concannon “Good luck class of 2017! Shoutout to Soph, Grace, Lean & Amanda” Samantha Conti ““If you believe in yourself, you can make yourself whatever you want to be.” -Lea Michele” Cassidy Cooke “Hey uh...wanna go to Denny’s?” Madigan Copley ‘“Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than to curse the darkness.” -Terry Pratchett” Danielle Currey “Hard work is the key to success. Best of luck class of 2017!” Jack Dawson “Thank you shmoop” Courtney Den Braber “Sorry, I have work” Caroline Digel “So many questions not enough answers. Much love to those who have been awesome <3” Mia DiSanto “Don’t worry, be happy!” Edith Doman “shoutout to the squad thanks for the best four years!!!” Bennett Eagle “Why so serious?” Patrick Emery “Owl City strictly makes bangers.” Dylana Felton “I would use this as a platform to discuss Donald

Trump’s failures, but I only have 25 words.” Jessica Feucht ‘I never look back darling, it distracts from the now” Spencer Fleming ‘We’ll never get unreasonably angry at “Back to School” commercials again” Reed Flynt “Who is bringing the plates and napkins?” Kyle Foley “The Cleveland Browns will win the 2031 Superbowl. Mark my words.” Pierce Fricke “Bros and football... 6/9/16” Jarrod Fritz “Do or do not, there is no try!” Mary Gilchrist “If you step on a person’s foot they open their mouths just like trash cans :))” Leah Gillespie “Senioritis so bad I procrastinated on my senior quote.” Jane Goble “When the going gets tough, just remember to Barium Carbon Potassium Thorium Astatine Arsenic Uranium Phosphorus” Pearson Gottschalk “Yeah no I haven’t started that yet” Samuel Gottsegen “Know yourself” Trevor Gravely ““Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” - Einstein” Trevon Grimes “Smh, we graduating just to go back to school.” Owen Gruss “All I see is peasants” - Jake Carlson” Riley Hardacre “Number 75 on the field, number 1 in your girls snapchat best friends” Grace HassHill “If you sleep without glasses on, are your dreams blurry?” Kayla Hepler “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to

try” - John F Kennedy” Markian Horodysky “Everything is Possible... Just not be Probable...” Emma Iammarino “Thanks Class of 2017 for an awesome four years. Shout out to the finest five for the best memories!” Michael Kampman “So learn to laugh beyond yourselves! Lift up your hearts, you good dancers, high! higher! And do not forget good laughter!” Benjamin Karyo “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Karl Koenig “That’s the trufaloofus” Anna Kruszenski “Thank you for the laughs and memories class of 2017! SK, enjoy the rest of high school and good luck!” Dustin Kushious “Catching bullpens is an art form” Andrew Kwasny “It’s a trap!” Jacob Levine “Fences were made to be hopped, but landings were meant to be stuck” Grace Livingston “If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, how bad of a decision can it really be”

Alison Mazzola “Thanks to my lax and tennis teams for making it a great four years. Kill it in the future! Shoutout to the squad, I love you people. 88 Bishop Drive.” Halle McClintock ““I’ll make it” -Jimmy Chitwood” David McCuaig “I like a nice juicy pear” Mario Isabella McGreevy “The greatest risk is not taking one.” Ellen Meil “my #impact” Michelle Menkoff “Little Russian loves her Creamies, Shanti, and el elenco de español! Thanks for tolerating me, xoxo.” Charles Miller “The best gen 1 starter is Bulbasaur”

Samira Reddy ““ Sarah Relyea “Everyday was senior skip day” Thomas Richmond “SKID-ROW and Sewer Rats. #7” Carter Riegel “As a wise farmer once taught me, you’ll never eat unless you start picking the rice today.”

Alex Moore “So, when do the big belts and moose traps come in?”

Joseph Samson ““Put something inspirational.” - Mom”

Emily Muckle “We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” -J.K. Rowling

Kevin Schlaker “Build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs. Also, winter is coming...” Anna Schneider “Idk”

Anne Nafziger “No thanks”

Thomas Mallak “The pink shirt lives on”

Emily Owen “Thanks to the senior class for all the memories. Shoutout to CO, can’t wait to see what you accomplish in your next few years here!” Sophia Papageorge “S/O to GS, AM, LB, and CC. “Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.” - David Bowie”

Hannah Mather ““Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”- Charles Swindoll”

Charles Reardon “Thanks for the laughs cfhs”

Jonathan Rittmayer “No matter what, keep on grooving to the beat”

Brianna Nelsen ““Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”-Joseph Stalin”

Emily Mason “r cos theta”

West Potter “Wait there were two sides to that quiz?!”

Alexander Moore “Merica’”

Hailey Lowe “Thank you to the class of 2017 for the best memories! Best of luck. GL and MM- enjoy the rest of HS, it goes fast!” Mia Hunt Magersupp “My name is not Mea.” Katherine Malik “Thanks to the class of 2017 for a special four years!”

Keeley Malone “OU OH YEAH!!”

Emily Porter “Thanks for the memories CFHS. Shout out to the homies (Creamies, SHANTI) ily guys! Good luck to Sarah you are going to do amazing things!”

Gabriel Norton “Whatever Floats your Boat Bruh” Jack O’Brien “How the heck are ya?”

Kennedy Slomovitz “I’m so lowkey people dont even know i exist” Graham Smith “Never forget the dinner box.” Sophia Sontich “Your 4 years of High School go by so fast” Zachary Spear “Never stop working hard to accomplish your goals. It will always pay off in the end.” Grace Stealey “Got to experience four years of hell and I haven’t even died yet. Shoutout to SP, CC, AM, and LB.” Jennifer Stemler “You know, livin the life.” Ellen Szymkowicz “Thanks CFHS for the best years of my life. Good luck class of 2017, it’s been


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Throwback real!” Evan Teicher “Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot” -Tom Haverford Hayley Thompson “Yes, I still go here.” Maria Tropp “Does she even go here?”

Yumeno Young “Everyone needs a pair of crocs in their life” Vala Zeinali ““Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.” ― The Catcher in the Rye”

Morgan Walker “RIP The Blackwoods” Rem Weber ““you know how sometimes you’re like, I bet I know what most things feel like? I did not know, what this was gonna feel like” -John Mulaney” Michael Weimann ““You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott” Caleb Weinberger “Life flies by before your eyes, it’s been a good ride”

*All information was gathered by a Google form. Those not mentioned did not participate in the Google form or were censored by administration.

Aiko Wessels “The beach is that way” William Westbrook “Hey D-man, you want to shut this down?” Georgia Westcott “Made it through without getting deported” Kate Weston “Thanks class of 2017 for the best four years! Good luck BW, don’t take your time left in high school for granted!!” John Wilson “Shoutout out to the PACC boys Roll Tribe...” Avery Wood “‘Champagne problems’ is my middle name.” David Workum “Opinions are like mixtapes: I don’t want to hear yours” Jacey Workum “Life is short and so am I.” Julia Workum ““Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.” -Barney Stinson” Parker Wouters “Let’s bail, this place is pretty dead™” Matthew Wynveen “I fell asleep with a tec”

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May 31, 2017


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May 31, 2017

Humans of Chagrin


n this special day, freshman Joey Mrofchak received glasses that will enable him to see color. Mrofchak was born color blind and could only see purple, brown, yellow, and black scale. Daniel Wise, a friend of Mrofchak started a Go Fund Me page and raised enough money to give Joey a gift that doesn’t have a price tag. “It’s amazing,” said Mrofchak, “the world looks so much better, than what I thought it was... there is so much more.” Photo and story by Sarah Crane


enior Alex Moore, thrilled with his new toy, shared how he felt: “I won this magnificent stuffed animal by having my satire essay being voted the best in my CP English 12 class! I named him ‘Bartholomew’ and he makes feel wholesome. Shoutout [to] Mr. Stuart for picking such an exemplary prize.” Photo and story by Schaffer Berg

Saying Farewell to Principal Ast BY CONNOR LEWIS

A cloud of sadness surrounded the village of Chagrin Falls when it was announced that Principal Steven Ast will be leaving to become the principal at Brecksville. He has been a truly great principal and person in his 6 years of service at Chagrin Falls High School. Ast found a love for education while in the Marine Corp., doing radio training. “I left active duty training and went to my unit. They had a radio system that I was trained on when I was going through radio training. And so I had an opportunity to do some classroom instruction there and then out of college

they had this extra credit opportunity for economic students to go into Ashland Elementary Schools and do some classroom instruction. So that got me interested into becoming a teacher,” said Ast. Ast got his principal license while at Mayfield to make himself more marketable after a levy failed to pass. “I had a great principal at Mayfield and he let me do a bunch of projects and I had fun with it. It really kind of sparked my interest in being an administrator. So, I’d say my work on my principal’s license and having a great mentor, my former prin-

cipal at Mayfield, lead me down that path,” said Ast. Students have appreciated principal Ast’s work ethic and kind personality. “He’s the best principal I could have ever asked for,” said junior Annie Zimmer. “[What I’m going to miss most about Chagrin] is the people,” said Ast, “there’s so many genuinely nice and cool people that cares about the schools and take a vested interest in what we do everyday.” Ast had some words of advice for the new, incoming principal. He said, “Just take time to get to know as many people as possible. I wish I would have spent more time on the front end,

developing relationships.” Ast has been an incredible principal at Chagrin Falls high school and will be greatly missed.

Mr. Ast handing out awards at his last spring fest. Photo by Mackenzie Shanklin

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Tiger Times Senior Edition 2017  
Tiger Times Senior Edition 2017