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December 22, 2016

December Issue 2016 School News (2-3) Sports (4-5) Feature (6-7) Community (8) Metro/Entertainment (9) Opinion (10-11) Special News (12)

Chagrin Falls High School Issue 4

Students Enjoy Breakfast with Santa BY MATT SFERRA

For the past 8 years, the Chagrin Falls High School baseball program has put on a Breakfast with Santa: a pancake breakfast run entirely by the baseball program involving players, coaches, and families of players. The program was started by head baseball coach and math teacher Mike Sweeney. The events at the breakfast consist of all you can eat pancakes, sausage, and drinks. It also includes raffle prizes, silent auctions and a visit from the Mr. Christmas himself, Santa Claus! The baseball players all dress up as elves and wear outfits consisting of old baseball jerseys, shorts and high black socks. Cole Newbauer, one of

Santa’s elves, had a lot to say about the event. “I love working at the Breakfast with Santa. It’s a blast. When Santa walks in I get a rush of happiness that cannot be expressed with words.” The Breakfast is put on yearly to raise money for the Myrtle Beach trip the team goes on during A young girl informs Santa Claus on what she would like for Christmas. Photo by Tylee Nguyen. spring break. Sweeney was asked about the fund-raiser and how much money it makes, CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

Welcoming a New Teacher to the Math Department BY DAVID WORKUM

As the 2016-2017 school year rolled around, math teacher Steve Hass-Hill decided to come from Beaumont High School in order to teach closer to home: Chagrin Falls. More specifically, Hass-Hill mentioned “the main reason I came to Chagrin Falls was because this is where I lived.” Further, he stated “My sons graduated from CFHS and my daughter is a senior here now, and I thought it would be fun to teach at my hometown school.” Additionally, when asked about the changes between Beaumont and Chagrin Falls, he expressed “Beaumont is an all-girls Catholic school, so it was a pretty different ex-

perience than I’m having at Chagrin Falls. Moreover, he stated “I had to make some adaptations, like teaching a larger class and the CPM math.” A student of Mr. Hass Hill, freshman Thomas Preston released the statement: “Mr. Hass Hill is stern and chill, and more down to earth than most teachers which helps everyone in the class perform better.” Furthermore, Preston mentioned that “Hass-Hill helped my grade raise from previous years.” It appears Hass-Hill is a likable and appreciable math teacher at Chagrin Falls High School.

ABOVE : New Teacher Steve Hass-Hill teaches his geometry students. Photo Courtesy of Tom Preston


Blood Drive ON PAGE 3

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December 22, 2016

Which is Better: CPM or Traditional? BY CONNOR LEWIS


“CPM, students are able to collaborate together everyday on real world problems, The book leads them to the solution rather than the teacher just showing them, there is constant review, semester exams has been way better, students retain their knowledge for more than just memorizes for a chapter.” -Math Teacher Mike Sweeney. “I like how it lets us work in groups and independently figure out problems.” - Junior Eneh Turoczi “I wish the teachers could teach instead of the student teaching themselves.” - Freshman Will Richmond

45.3% Students believe they learned more with CPM instruction.

47% Students prefer CPM math instruction.

57.8% Students prefer practicing math in groups.




“When we did traditional I got better help from the teacher, but in CPM I feel like I’m being taught by other students and myself, which isn’t very efficient.” - Junior Michael Vinci


“I feel like we were just thrown into this new world [of CPM], it would have been a lot easier to start in elementary school.” - Senior Charlie Clegg

Students believe they learned more with traditional instruction.

Students prefer traditional instructional methods

Students prefer practicing math alone. Data was collected from 166 students via Google Forms. Surveys were distributed throughout math classes.

Student & Staff Practice A.L.I.C.E. Protocol

BY SARAH CRANE On November 29, the high school and police department conducted a school wide ALICE drill during fourth period. ALICE is a drill that prepares students for an intruder in the school. Throughout the nation, this drill is practiced in many schools. It teaches the precautions necessary to preserving their own lives as well as the lives of others in the case of an intruder/active shooter. “ALICE drill gives students an opportunity to practice a difficult situation,” said assistant principal Amanda Schmidt, “like how we practice fire drills.” “Ideally in the first drill, we like to let staff know so

we can run through [precautions]; that way we can have a successful drill. The students and staff will not be notified when the next will be,” said Schmidt. Though the staff was previously notified the time and date, many students in certain areas of the school was not thoroughly taught how to deal with the situation of an intruder prior to the date of the drill. For example, commons, an open area in the school, is a likely target in the event of a real intrusion. Junior Emma Bottcher was located in commons near the senior lounge at the time of the drill. “I felt disappointed at how ill prepared

we were,” said Bottcher, “I want to have more drills so we can become more prepared for that type of scenario.” Chagrin Falls is planning on having more preparation for these scenarios, on January 20 The high school will have an assembly, conducted by the preforming arts students, on what to do if a shooter enters commons or a classroom. Talking to students individually is a way the principals plan to help the drills become more effective. “My goal for the school is that everyone will treat every drill as seriously as possible,” said Schmidt.

LIFEXTRAORDINARY lifEXTRAORDINARY is a movement created by the Hunt family inspired by their journey with 1 year old Hawken Hunt, the only known infant diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia, a rare, fast-growing form of leukemia. GO TO to spread the message, and show your support by donating and receiving a lifEXTRAORDINARY wristband. All proceeds from the wristband campaign will go to support Pediactric Cancer Research. WWW.LIFEXTRAORDINARY.ORG

“The teachers don’t teach and we’re forced to learn everything ourselves. It’s like being thrown over a ship without knowing how to swim.” - Junior Riley Kirkpatrick

“I wish the teachers could teach instead of the student teaching themselves.” - Freshman Will Richmond


An alert can be students running, gunfire, screams, or over the P.A. system. It is imperative that all students should be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Lock down

Students who cannot evacuate, should barricade. Locking and blocking all possible entrances to a classroom is necessary in keeping out intruders.


Depending on the location of the intruder, those involved should make an informed decision on whether or not they should evacuate.


This is used in worse case scenarios, but all people involved in a barricading situation should be prepared to fight back, should an active shooter gain entrance.


Should the situation permit, evacuating the school is the most ideal option. Find a safe point and remove yourself from the school area. Photo Courtesy of F;ashes of Hope


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Students Donate Blood BY NICK DIFIORE

The PAC lobby was overflown with charitable students looking to make a difference by donating their blood at the semi-annual blood drive on Friday December 2. The American Red Cross facilitated the event and added to the approximate 3.1 million donors they have already collected from this year. Turnout by students were deemed as very impressive. Red Cross worker Carlton said, “[Turnout here] is very well-ranked among the many places we attend.”

Forty-five students volunteered to donate blood; however, only twenty were able to donate, as some were turned away due to low levels of iron, countries visited in the past, or height to weight ratio. As the Red Cross interviewed students to determine whether or not they could donate, they played soothing music in order to ensure confidentiality for the potential donors, as well as calm down potentially anxious students. The mood in the PAC lobby was very upbeat, despite the

fact that some students felt nervous about giving blood. Junior Connor Lewis, giving blood for the first time said, “I’m really scared of needles, but it feels good to be able to be able to help others.” Red Cross employees, along with members of student council were checking up on all of the donors, asking how they felt, and whether they needed food or drink. There will be another school blood drive this March, although the date is to be determined. However, the American Red Cross holds blood drives almost every day. If you would like to participate in one of these drives, simply go to and type in your zip code.

December 22, 2016

The Reason Behind Winter Break Starting Later BY NICK DIFIORE

It is no secret that we normally would be out of school during this week of December, as last year, the final day of school before Winter Break was December 18th. Every year, several calendars are presented to the district staff for a vote. The calendar that receives the most votes is then sent to the board of education for approval. This year, finals, and the first semester will commence only two days before Christmas, and one day before the start of Hanukkah. Junior Jack Deignan said, “I think it’s going to be difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when I’m going to be on my study grind.” Other students are also unsure about how the new schedule may affect their holiday plans. Specifically, students with siblings in college have had to alter their family plans, as our break does not align as well as in years past with

that of many local colleges. Junior Matt Sferra, who has two siblings attending Ohio State said, “It limits our family plans to some extent because my break doesn’t align with my siblings.” According to school Superintendent Robert Hunt, one of the main motives of moving the start of break back to December 23rd, is the school’s recent initiative to end the first semester prior to the start of Winter Break. In addition, because both Christmas and the beginning of Hanukkah fall on a weekend this year, it was decided that the week of finals would fit best the week before these two holidays. One final factor that played into the new schedule is the EXCEL TECC programs our school is involved in. The eight schools involved in the programs attempt to accommodate for the schedules of the students in the programs.

Students Sabrina Boral and Jillian Diedrich donate blood. Photos by Cole Newbauer


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December 22, 2016

Athlete of the Month


This month, I sat down for an extensive interview with Edie Doman, a senior on the swimming team who has been at it for eight years already. Last season, Edie made it to districts in the state tournament. Claiming, “Last year, I almost made it to states.” When asked what her favorite stroke was, Edie said, “Freestyle would have to be my favorite because I am the best at it.” Edie, showing a lot of confidence in her team, was asked who has the most potential to go far in the state tournament by responding with her own question, “The boys freestyle relays? I don’t know?” The swimming and diving team conducts their home meets a short

hike away from Chagrin, at Case Western Reserve University. I asked about Edie’s dress game in the pool and she came out hard, saying, “I wear a black swim cap with a chag r i n logo on it, speed o

Photo By Ripcho

goggles because they are the ‘best brand’” and Edie also explained her choice to wear tinted goggles by defending that they “Make her look intimidating as (heck). Edie then went on further and when asked who the biggest rival was in the pool, she replied, “Obviously Kenston.” I asked Edie who she considers to be the “Diana Munz” of the team and she said, “ Freshman Libby Bear she’s amazing” I asked if there was anything else that she wanted to say to the readers of the Tiger Times and she said, “EVERYONE SHOULD COME TO M E E T S WE ARE GOOD THIS YEAR AND SWIMMING IS SOO FUN TO WAT C H ! ! ! ! ! ! ”

Hockey Team Wins Tournament

The CFHS hockey team. Photo by Mackenzie Shanklin

David Herpst on the ice. Photo by Mackenzie Shanklin

Bennett Eagle in the locker room. Photo by Grace Stealey


The Tiger hockey team earns their stripes with a hot start, winning the Bruce Anderson Memorial tournament over the Thanksgiving Break. “That was an extravagant win,” said junior Cameron Lucas, “however, the game was never in doubt considering our raw talent, skill, and overall grit.” Some may be wondering what it is like to be on the hockey team. Lucas has an answer for you: “Imagine being really bored and tired. Then forget all of that because being on the team is great. We reel in dubs like the bass club reels in fish. We just have that winning culture.” Do not assume the members of this team’s gender though, or else junior Katie Sanford will check you into the boards. Sanford is the only girl on the Chagrin hockey team, and she believes “it does not feel any different than being on any other team… except for the

fact that I’m not allowed in the locker room.” Although Sanford is injured, she is eager to get back in the game. “It makes me depressed when I am not out on the ice with my boys,” said Sanford, “but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. Get ready for the return.” Injuries will come with fights in hockey; Sanford knows a lot about that. “Every time there is a scuffle, I am in the middle of it,” said Sanford, “I will unleash the fists on anyone.” Sanford isn’t the only fighter on the team. Last year, Lucas got in quite a skirmish against Orange, which led to a suspension. “It all happened so fast,” said Lucas, “you mess with my keeper, I unleash the hands.” The season is far from over though. There is still plenty of time to catch a Tiger Hockey game.

Andrew Davidson on the ice. Photo by Mackenzie Shanklin

UPCOMING HOME GAMES: (Venue: The Pond) Jan 7 @ 7:30 PM - vs. NDCL Jan 8 @ 6:20 PM - vs. Amherst Steele HS Jan 20 @ 8:50 PM- vs. Brecksville-Broadview HS Jan 22 @ 6:20 PM - vs. Elyria HS Jan 27 @ 8:50 PM - vs. Orange


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December 22, 2016

Breakfast with Santa continued and he said “Over the past 8 years, the breakfast has probably made an average of $4,000 a year.” The Breakfast with Santa is a huge success from year to year and has many families returning from the past in order to live out the tradition. The delicious pancakes made by the parents; the raffle and silent auction items donated by the community, and the christmas cheer spreads throughout the middle school cafeteria, intoxicating every person attending.

Some of the raffle items this year were highlighted by: a Francisco Lindor All Star jersey, a pack of 4 tickets to 4 different cavs games, and a autographed Terry Francona jersey signed by the AL manager of the year himself. Also, a surplus of kids toys and games for the children who attend. The Breakfast with Santa is truly a magnificent fundraiser and a wonderful community event. It will bring the community together for years to come and keep the Christmas spirit soaring.

Top left: infant sits on Santa’s lap. Top right: Matt Sferra & Adam Benko as Santa’s elves. Bottom right: Jack Amendola & Drew Beckwith as Santa’s elves. Bottom left: Cole Newbauer excited to see Santa. Photos by Tylee Nguyen

Wrestling Pins Down W’s BY WILL DIFIORE

The Chagrin Falls tigers wrestling squad started out with a bang, setting the tone for a strong season. In the team’s first tournament of the year, the Hawken Invitational, they made large strides, taking 5th place out of the 32 high schools present. In addition, junior wrestler Justin Rayner took first place in his weight class of 126lbs, dominating every opponent in his sight. Rayner has had a strong career thus far having multiple wins under his belt, but he still isn’t satisfied. “I did well for the first tournament of the year, but there’s still room for improvement.” Rayner plans to continue his winning mentality throughout the year, as he only has one more season to showcase his skills at Chagrin. In addition to Rayner taking first, senior Spencer Fleming also took the crown in his battle some weight class at 182lbs. Fleming looks to have a successful senior year and is

certainly starting out on the right foot. He, along with fellow senior Jack Dawson will prove to be key leaders in the tiresome season that awaits the tigers. This leadership was certainly needed in their second tournament of the year, as they traveled to Independence to take on the tough field in the North Coast Invitational. Senior Jack Dawson was certainly up for the challenge as he placed second in the talented field at 285 pounds. In addition to Fleming and Dawson, the tigers also feature a fellow senior, Daniel Reardon. After taking a year off, Reardon is ready to dominate the competition in his last year of eligibility. The tigers have many more events coming up, including a home tri-match against Chardon and Saint Ignatius on senior night, January 20. Hopefully the wins will continue to pile up as they will rely on the senior leadership and veteran talent to help lead the way.

In preparation for his upcoming match, freshman Trenton Kruse receives a pep talk.

With great excitement, freshman Jonathan Mares, Trenton Kruse, Adam Gralnick and junior Joseph Zimmerman pick up senior Jack Dawson. Celebrating Dawson’s winning match, the proud team immediately congratulated him. Photos By Olivia Tarr


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December 22, 2016


Student Earns Pilot’s License ARTICLE BY MATT SFERRA

16 years old is a magical age. Most kids dream of getting their driver’s license, getting their first car and hitting the open road. However, for one Chagrin Falls junior in particular he had something else in mind. Trevor Taussig recently got his Pilot’s license which legally allows him to fly an airplane. When asked about his reasoning for getting his pilot’s license, Taussig said, “My Grandpa and Dad are both pilots so they kind of inspired me to want to get

my license and be like them. I got my license in August around my 17th birthday after learning to fly and the ins and outs of my plane. I fly a Cirrus SR22 which is a single engine plane that can seat five people” Fellow student, sophomore Dylan Scheetz went on a trip to Columbus with Taussig to watch the Varsity girls soccer championship game. Commenting on his experience, Scheetz said, “It was a lot of fun flying with Trevor. It was a little scary at

some moments because I hate flying but he was an excellent pilot and I felt safe with him.” Corey McColough, Taussig’s flight instructor, had nothing but great things to say about Taussig. “Trevor was one of my best students and is an excellent pilot. I think he has a bright future as a pilot and is a wonderful young man.”

Photo courtesy of Trevor Taussig


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December 22, 2016

Ed Foundation hosts ‘Kids Afternoon Out’ BY CONNOR LEWIS

The Chagrin Falls Education Foundation Student Board is a group of students who raise money and donate the funds for the purpose of increasing education in the Chagrin Falls School District. On December 4, the students on the Ed Foundation held Kids Afternoon Out, where the students babysit over 25 gurney kids in the middle school cafeteria and gym. Student board member Francesca Joseph spoke of her experience taking care of


RIGHT: Two students after having their faces painted during ‘Kids Afternoon Out.’ LEFT: Francesca Joseph and a Gurney student take a selfie together. Photos by Francesca Joseph

all of the little kids, “It was eye opening, I now know I do not want children.” The kids spent their time making crafts, painting, and playing kickball in the gym. “My favorite part was when the kids painted my face,” said junior board member Annie Zimmer. The fundraiser raised 380 dollars that the Ed Foundation is excited to give back to the school. “I’m really excited for the next Kids Afternoon Out,” said sophomore board member Lucy Fricke.


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December 22, 2016

Infographic By Cole Newbauer Photos from Venngage Made via Venngage

Dear Santa... Dear Santa, For Christmas this year, I want yarn so I can complete my snazzy blanket. I would also enjoy a fantastic mermaid tail so I can swim away from finals :) From, Anna Tropf

Santa, Recon Cycles / Pointing Santa /

Dear Santa, How are you this year. Its strange that you can see us when we are sleeping, but how come we never see you? Also if you know who has been bad or good you must have to watch everyone 24/7. If that is the case then you already should know what I want. But to make sure I will tell you any way. I want a giant inflatable swan; they are so majestic! Any type of gift card would be great too. Clothes, jewelry, candy, candles, and board games also make me happy. Thank You Santa Claus (and also your elves)! Best Wishes,

Give me $$$ Dear Santa,

Santa, Can I have more RAM to connect to the Ethernet of online. As anytime I get on I must log off. Thank you for your courtesy. Your Favorite Boy, Riley Maas

-Alex Batos Dear Santa, Bring Harambe back. Your favorite angsty teen, T.C. Nguyen

Please ensure that all people who write something along the lines of “bring back harambe� or any other dead meme, really get nothing for a Christmas except the sighs, exasperation, and the pure hatred of society. Sincerely, Clair Grywalski

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December 22, 2016

MLS Cup Ends in Triumph BY PETER VOLPE

The final round of the MLS Cup playoffs concluded in a dramatic fashion. Seattle Sounders skate past Toronto FC on the road, grabbing the win 5-4 on penalties for their first title. Both clubs entered the game having never won an MLS Cup. With Toronto and Seattle laying claim as two of the best soccer fan bases in the league, the fans of either side would have deserved a win. With Toronto’s prolific offense facing the Cinderella story of Seattle, tensions were high both in the stands and on the field as the game was hyped to be one of the best in MLS Cup history. After being a one-man team last season, Toronto’s lightning offensive pace picked up with the addition of Italian superstar Sebastian Giovinco and American Soccer Player of the Year Jozy Altidore. With the help of another American Michael Bradley, Giovinco and Altidore have combined for 71 goals and 44 assists since entering the league in 2015. Throughout the previous playoff rounds, no goalkeeper was able to keep Altidore off the score sheet as TFC entered the playoffs fueled by an eight year appearance drought. Toronto made their way to the final by blasting goals past Montreal Impact in the Eastern Conference Finals. Even with the firepower of Toronto FC’s offense, Seattle entered the match with their own motivations. The Sounders were able

Illustrated and Created by Joey King and Nick DiFiore

to completely turn around a dismal start to the season that saw them managing only six wins in their first 21 games. Sitting in

12 regular season goals. Two days after the new hiring it was announced that Seattle had completed the signing of Midfielder Nico-

saves with a key stop late in the match staving off a well-placed Jozy Altidore header. A frantic, yet scoreless, first half saw a barrage

ninth place in the Western Conference table, serious changes needed to be made. This shift began with the replacement of accomplished coach Sigi Schmid by interim coach Brian Schmetzer who was eventually given the full job. Coinciding with the change in personnel was American wonder kid Jordan Morris’ proper introduction to professional soccer, becoming the principal goalscorer in the absence of U.S. superstar Clint Dempsey with

las Lodeiro from Argentine club Boca Juniors. In conjunction with Morris, Lodeiro became the star of the season as the Sounders were completely transformed into a team back on top. Their place in MLS Cup was sealed with a clever winning goal from Jordan Morris against Colorado Rapids to collect the Western Conference championship. Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Frei stole the show in his return to former club TFC, racking up seven

of shots fired at the Seattle goal with Toronto’s Giovinco give-and-go in full effect. The Sounders struggled to manage a successful counter attack, unable to get a single shot on target. The second half featured chances created by Altidore Giovinco that hit side netting in the opening minutes. As Seattle’s attacking duo of Morris and Lodeiro continued to struggle to get forward. TFC captain Michael Bradley once again asserted his midfield dom-

The Funnies

inance with 121 touches in total while completing 78 of his 95 passes. As the match proceeded into extra time after no goals were scored in regulation, Sebastian Giovinco was subbed due to apparent injury. HIs replacement, home-grown Canadian Tosaint Ricketts nearly scored the winning goal with a volley that soared inches wide in the 107th minute. This was soon followed by the play of the night with Stefan Frei’s full extension to stop the skying header of Jozy Altidore and keep the clean sheet intact. Once again with no goals scored it was onto penalties where things stayed even until Clevelander Justin Morrow missed his spotkick off the crossbar giving Panamanian defender Román Torres a chance to convert the winning PK. Staying cool under pressure, Torres delivered with an easy shot to the left of the keeper. He was soon joined by his teammates as they chased him in celebration to the opposite corner of the field. When it was all said and done Seattle fans could be heard loud and clear from the upper deck as their Sounders lifted the Philip F. Anschutz MLS Cup for the first time. When asked about the season and winning the title Jordan Morris simply told reporters “It’s been unbelievable.” The logo of Major League Soccer, introduced in 2014. / https:// c o m m o n s . w i k i m e d i a . o rg / w i k i / File:MLS_logo.svg#/media/File:MLS_logo.svg / Public Domain

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December 22, 2016

WWJD: What Would Joey Do? If you have a question you would like answered, email them to Joey King at BY JOEY KING

Dear Joey, When is the right time to bring out the Christmas sweaters and what's the right thing to bring to a Christmas party? -Ian Zatko Ian, It is never a bad time to bring out a Christmas sweater. Wearing one year round can really show people you are excited for the holidays. As for bringing something to the holiday party, bring a fruit cake. No one will eat it, but just take it home and save it for next year. Dear Joey, How do I impress my friends on the slopes when I don’t know how to ski? -Eneh T. Eneh, It can be hard to try and pick up skiing when your friends have been doing it for a lifetime. The easiest solution I can see is to hire a body double. Find a skilled skier and get them to dress exactly like you. When it is time to hit the slopes, switch places with the skier and your friends will be blown away!

Is Santa real? Also when am I too old to sit on Santa’s lap? -Adam Bencko Adam, Why of course Santa is real! Who else would take your teeth from under your pillow? You are never too old sit on Santa's lap, if someone says you are then they don’t have the true spirit of Christmas.

How do I get Christmas themed revenge? -Maddie S Maddie, Christmas is usually the time for forgiveness, but if you insist on getting revenge there are a few ways to add a bit of holiday razzle dazzle. The gift of coal always sends a message. Or you could just not get them a gift at all. Nothing says “revenge” like forgetting to get someone a gift or just downright ignoring them.

How do I go Christmas caroling if I don’t know how to sing? -Anonymous Anonymous, The dictionary defines caroling as singing something happily. So sorry, but if you can’t sing, you can’t carol. But you can keep tempo for your caroling friends by playing the triangle.

What gift do I give to my How do I wrap my Christboyfriend? mas presents without -Anonymous wrapping paper? -Connor Lewis Anonymous, Speaking as a male, there are many gifts I would appreciate. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of boots. A good pair of leather boots can last you a lifetime with the right care. I personally prefer oil tanned leather and moc toe boot. But ask your boyfriend first for his preferred style and leather. If he doesn’t like them, then it's time to find a new boyfriend. Is guacamole an appropriate dish for Christmas dinner? -Eddie Patton Eddie, The Christmas dinner sets the final stage for the holiday season. If you fail at the Christmas dinner, this can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths and possibly turn them away from your holiday get together next year. I think it's totally appropriate to have guacamole with Christmas dinner. But why stop at guacamole? In this ever changing political climate, it is always Important to add a little bit of ethnic flair to the holiday season.

Connor, Without wrapping paper, the surprise of a christmas gift can be ruined. There are many alternatives to boring old wrapping paper to wow your friends and family. Tin foil can add a mysterious shine to a present. Or if you wanted to go a different route, wrap the gift in toliet paper can send a message to the relative no one likes. I always wrap my presents in the comic section of the newspaper.

How do I deal with being single this holiday season? -Andrew Collins Andrew, The holidays can be an especially tough time for us single people, here are few helpful things I have found help get me through the holidays. First, I go to the mall and sit on santa’s lap until they ask me to leave. Also, buying yourself something nice never hurts and it shows yourself you care.

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Food Review


PHOTO AND ARTICLE BY PIERCE FRICKE The craze that some students are referring to as “Mega-Nachoacre,” or every Friday at the school, has been exciting students for weeks. The first step I took to enjoy my nacho eating experience is go over to the toppings bar and add some jalapenos and pick up a side of sour cream. Next stop, getting a spoon to get a perfect mix of meat, cheese, jalapeños and sour cream before making my trip to pleasure land. Now, the power is all in my hands to get the perfect bite every time. Every single chip gets mixed with the perfect ratio of all the ingredients. From here on out you will

enjoy the best few minutes of your entire lunch period on that given Friday. The only issue with lunch on Friday’s now is what you should buy: nachos or Big Daddy’s pizza? Although there’s no bad option to that question, I recommend you go right ahead and spend the best $5 you have ever spent to buy both of them.

December 22, 2016




As winter arrives and temperatures drop, don’t leave your toes out in the cold. Socks and sandals provide minimal warmth, so lace up a pair of cozy, stylish winter boots to keep your feet toasty and dry. It’s a good idea to keep patterns up to date. While that Hawaiian shirt may be perfect for a late July pool party, dark colored plaids are great as fall turns to winter. Another summer staple that shouldn’t bleed over into the cold months is the classic tank top. Most people would agree that sleeves and layers are a great way to keep out the chill. What better way to combine both than with a thick sweater? Style it down casually or dress it up for formal events. Keep the tank top reserved for the gym.

Senior Charlie Clegg when he finds out it’s not nacho day.

The baseball cap is a an American classic that never goes out of style. However, a frigid January morning may have you thinking otherwise. When your ears ice up and your head demands warmth, opt for a well insulated bomber hat, as modeled by outdoors-man extraordinaire Joey King. Sandals worn with white ankle socks. / Oddman47 / / Public Domain L.L. Bean Boots / redjar / / Cropped and sharpened from original / Tammy Green / / Crate Flannel Shirt / A Continuous Lean / / Ejemplo de camiseta de tirantes o tank top / Antalillo / / https:// Swiss Army Wool Sweater / Andrew Toskin / Sweater_(15695462777).jpg / Blue Baseball Cap / TexasRebel / / Public Domain Photo Courtesy Joey King

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The Tiger Times also provides an open forum for students to express their ideas and opinions on current topics in the school, community and nation. The ed-

itorial board will determine the content of the newspaper and all unsigned editorials; therefore, material presented in the Tiger Times may not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the students, faculty, administrators, or Board of Education for the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools. In addition, The Tiger Times is subject to prior review, therefore stating that pieces can be rejected or censored from any publication depending on the CFHS administrator’s discretion. Thank you, CFHS Tiger Times Staff

SPECIAL NEWS Perfect Holiday Gifts Humans of Chagrin Page 12

December 22, 2016


Xbox customized controller Price: $79.99 Where to buy: Why it’s a great gift: Tired of playing video games with the same boring black controller as the rest of the universe? Now you have hundreds of combinations possible to make with a plethora of colors. You can even engrave it with anything you want for an extra $10 Satisfied customer quote: “It’s cool that now there are unlimited options compared to the old just black or white. Adding and engraving is nice too.” -Senior Riley Hardacre

2013 Cleveland Cavaliers 2 / Michael Tipton / / Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Beats Solo3 Wireless Price: $299.95 Where to buy: Why it’s a great gift: Not only are these great headphones, but they will also look very stylish and you will never have to deal with the annoying wires of most headphones. Satisfied customer quote: “I really enjoy wearing these headphones while playing on my phone at my house everyday.” -Senior Charlie Clegg

Stack Of Cash / Ken Teegardin / / Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)


JS Printing 3940 Pinson Valley Birmingham, AC 35217


Marcin Milewski/ / CC0 License

Cavs retro jersey Price: $99.00 Where to buy: Cavs Team Shop Why it’s a great gift: Not only do you get to support our hometown Cavaliers, but you will also be rocking a jersey back from the 1980’s that will let everyone around you know how cool you really are. Satisfied customer quote: “When I wear this jersey I can finally live out my dreams of making the NBA” -Senior Reed Flynt.

Junior AJ Wahl is tired and sad this fantastic Friday because he attended the Cavs 8 o’clock basketball game on December 1. On top of the Cavs disappointing loss, Wahl did not get back to his home until midnight. Wahl stated, “ My only joy of the game was receiving a bright yellow, light-up Cavs ugly sweater!”

While listening to the King of Rock, Elvis, freshman Ana Kevorkian talks about her love of Elvis. “Ι like Elvis; he is a really good singer and I’m a big fan of his style. His hair is also bomb! I have a finsta [fake instagram], and the name originated when Sarabeth Rutkowski tried to argue that Michael Jackson was more famous than Elvis Presley. I knew that it was a direct lie, so I changed it to analoveselvis because I love Elvis and he’s better than Michael Jackson!”

Whitesolobeatsbydreheadphones / Matthew Raymundo / / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Cold hard cash Price: Unlimited Where to buy: Your parents’ wallet Why it’s a great gift: Instead of trusting that other people will buy you a gift that you will like, why not just get the money to buy your own gift? Satisfied customer quote: “I’m so happy I got cash so now I can just buy more presents for my loved ones since I do not need anything else to remain happy.” -Senior Katie Malik

While dressed up in his fancy sweater and tie, senior Reed Flynt gets hyped up for his first basketball game. He has high hopes for the year, including when he told me, “I want over 1 million views on my hoopmixtape.”

While doing homework, senior Claudia Bunker talks about swimming. “[It’s going] pretty good, it’s stressful kind of with, like, all of the practices, combined with homework and studying for finals, so pretty good. I think the meet will go okay, I mean it’s against Twinsburg and they always stack their team weirdly, so I hope we do well.”

Tiger Times December 2016 Edition  
Tiger Times December 2016 Edition