2021 Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin Annual Report

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2021 Annual Report

Dear Friends: A year of gratitude and change! It is a great privilege to be part of the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin. This year has been a year of transitions and upmost gratitude. We are grateful for the leadership Erin Andrews provided over the past five and a half years and recognize the generosity of Jim Koziol for stepping in as Interim Executive Director. Their time and commitment to our community has had a tremendous impact and we are forever grateful. Throughout a year of transition and community challenges, the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin has continued to live our mission. Our team has welcomed a new Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Riggenbach. We have seen a record number of new members to our Living Legacy Circle and had a healthy growth in our assets. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are now able to offer two community grantmaking cycles each year and have increased our grantmaking and scholarship awards. Looking forward, we are thrilled to now offer a Major Projects Cycle to support the growth and development of community projects that make a major impact in Portage and Waushara County. We are also looking forward to working with our communities to identify needs and solutions our current and future donors can support. This annual report celebrates the stories and generosity over the past year. As we enter into our 40th year, we thank each of you for your continued partnership and love for our community.

2021 At A Glance

Jenny Riggenbach Michael Lauterbach Chief Executive Officer



Total Assets


2021 FISCAL YEAR (July 1, 2020–June 30, 2021)

Grants Totaling


$ Inspiring charitable giving for





Total Funds


New Funds

Board President

Scholarships Totaling



On the Front Cover, Portage and Waushara County Murals—Top left: Mitchell Square Downtown Stevens Point by artist Jessie Fritsch; Top Right: Adelante in Almond by artists IT-RA Icons; Middle Right: Falcon One Stop in Amherst by artist Erin LaBonte; Bottom Left: Shasta Daisy in Wautoma by artist Mike Fretchel; Bottom Middle: Franciscans in Stevens Point by artist John Kowalczyk; Bottom Right: Whistler’s Vintage Mall in Wautoma by artist Ashley May.

2 | Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report

Inclusivity Starts with Kids As our country was experiencing civil unrest and people were protesting, three longtime friends in Stevens Point, Wisconsin sat down for coffee one day to talk about how they could bring more information to their community about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Dori Jury, Lorraine Avery and Marg Coker-Nelson are three community-minded women who, when they put their minds to something, great ideas form…and that’s exactly what happened! Dori is a retired teacher from the Stevens Point Area Public School District, Lorraine retired from Associated Bank as the Senior Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, and Marg Coker-Nelson retired from Sentry as the Director of Employment and Development Services. These three women decided to help children in Portage County better understand diversity through books. They know books play a big role in the knowledge and information children receive. After a few brainstorming sessions, the Inclusivity Starts with Kids Fund was formed at the Foundation. The mission of this fund is to support the fundraising efforts and distribution of books and media to educate Portage County youth about differences that make us all unique.

“ Many area libraries already had books on diversity in their collection, but we wanted to provide extra funding in hopes to add to their collection. The Community Foundation was great help in establishing the fund and, as always, our amazing community responded with generous gifts to the fund.” — Marg Coker-Nelson, Fund Representative

Give now at www.cfcwi.org to support this project.

Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report | 3

Honoring Eric Pilsl

Beloved Wautoma Public School Math Teacher

“ It was so easy to work with the Foundation to start this fund. They created a trusting and caring relationship with me, so I knew I was in good hands from the beginning. Having Waushara County residents on the board gave me peace of mind that this was the natural fit to ensure Eric’s memory will live on for generations and help so many Waushara County students.” — Peder Culver, Fund Founder

Eric Pilsl (above) and his parents, Al and Sue Pilsl, at the golf event.

Eric Pilsl was a beloved teacher at the Parkside Middle School in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Students and co-workers really enjoyed their time with Eric and had a deep respect for him as a teacher. When Eric passed away unexpectedly this year leaving his wife and two step children, close family members and many friends, Peder Culver, his longtime friend, co-worker and golf partner, knew he wanted to do something to honor his memory. Peder spoke with many people in the community who wanted to show their support. After many discussions with Eric’s family, it was decided to offer a ‘Day of Golf’ in his memory to raise funds to start a local scholarship in his name. After speaking with some local financial advisors and attorneys in Waushara County, Peder decided to reach out to the Community Foundation to open a scholarship fund in Eric’s memory – the Mr. Pilsl Legacy Scholarship was established. The golf outing was held on August 27 which was six months to the day after his passing. The event consisted of two different events – a golf marathon and a 9-hole scramble. The event has raised a total of $33,000 thanks to all the golfers, donors and supporters who came out to the event. “I am so thankful to be part of such a caring community,” Peder continued. “The support and love for Eric and his family was evident through the funds raised at this event. I am so proud to be part of such a generous community.”

Give now at www.cfcwi.org to support this scholarship. 4 | Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report


Scholarships & Community Grants Scholarship Funds at the Community Foundation supported student success through 179 scholarships totaling over $260,000 to students throughout Central Wisconsin.

For a complete list of FY2021 Scholarship awards and recipients, please visit www.cfcwi.org/scholarships. Community grants are awarded through a bi-annual competitive application process to programs and projects that enrich Portage and Waushara Counties. In FY2021, the Community Foundation awarded $274,300 in grants to 54 programs and projects. Funds for our 2021 Community Grants were provided by the Community Foundation Mission Funds, the Hartford Waushara County Mission Fund, the Community Fund, the Arthur E. Heinz Fund, the Skyward Fund, and the Bill & Harriet Fulton Memorial Fund.

For a complete list of FY2021 Community Grants, please visit www.cfcwi.org/grants.

Generosity is...

• Individual donors

who give because they care about their family, friends, and neighbors.

• Local businesses

who support community growth and development through corporate donations.

• The work of our local nonprofits and volunteers to strengthen our community.

Community Grants Highlights by Mission Area

Arts & Culture The Stevens Point Sculpture Park received a grant to support LIT —a new event at the park where visitors can enjoy illuminated sculptures at night, watch live dance performances and view a film debut. LIT welcomes the public to view the Stevens Point Sculpture Park in a whole new light. This event illuminated 14 sculptures and transformed the park washed in light. The Stevens Point Sculpture Park brings more than 36,000 visitors to the park annually. Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report | 5

Education CAP Services, Inc. received a grant to support their Skills Enhancement Program in Waushara County. Financial assistance is needed by many individuals working at a lower wage because they do not have the ability to quit their jobs to pursue further training and education to increase their wages. The need for post high school training to compete for higher paying jobs is consistently among the most pressing problems reported by CAP’s triennial survey of low-income households. This program provided easier access to Waushara County residents in need of further education to increase skill levels needed to compete for a living wage.


Environment The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) received a grant for Rise Up Waushara County. This is a grassroots purchasing program to help home and business owners define projects to lower their energy bills and secure significant discounts. In partnership with CAP Services, MREA connected low to moderate income homeowners with Housing Rehabilitation loans to incentives through state programs. The effort aided the community toward energy independence and the reduction of the environmental impact of home and business energy use. This program gave Waushara County residents a more sustainable place to grow, work, play, and retire.

6 | Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report

Helping People Opportunity Development Center (ODC) of Portage County received a grant to support new and innovative approaches to serving people with disabilities during COVID. The pandemic impacted every program offered by ODC, so they adapted their programs quickly to continue to provide their services for adult and youth with disabilities in Portage County. ODC developed virtual options to help people stay connected and keep working on their skills. A new Daily Living Skills Training (DLST) was developed within people’s homes. They also partnered with many area schools to support teachers and students with disabilities through virtual and in-person support. ODC adapted quickly through the pandemic to develop and expand services to ensure people with disabilities continued to achieve their work and life goals.


Wellness The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Portage County received a grant for their Nutrition Program to implement a hydroponic growing tower. The hydroponic growing tower will allow the ADRC to grow plants continuously throughout the year. On average, the tower will produce more than 300 pounds of greens. These greens will be used in the Elderly Nutrition Program for the rural home delivered meals and will help lower the cost of produce purchased by the ADRC for the Nutrition Program. The ADRC supports seniors, adults with disabilities, and their families and caregivers by offering easy access to services and by fostering a caring community that values lifelong contributions, maximum independence, and individual dignity.

Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report | 7


Leave Your Legacy The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin encourages people to leave a legacy gift to their community through their will or estate plan. The Heinz Living Legacy Circle recognizes individuals who are planning to make a difference in this community for future generations through a planned gift. We are grateful to our Living Legacy Circle members who remind us that Generosity Lives Here in Central Wisconsin. Judy Albertson* Robert & Mary Berard Michael & Sara Bilbrey Jack & Cheryl Brooks Joseph Browan William B. Bruce* Paul & Debbie Callahan Jim Canales Donald Collier Nancy H. Croisant* Tom & Kathy Davies Tom & Patty Dreier Lorna Fifield Harriet B. Fulton* Helen Godfrey * James Godfrey Geraldine E. Hartford* Arthur E. Heinz* Jan & Kathy Hermann Mark Ilten John & Vicki Jenks

Joan C. Joerns* Harlow and Joanne Johnson Edie Kraus* Irene E. Kubisiak* Mary Ann Laszewski Maggi Liebl Nancy Newell Moore Margaret Myhra* Debbie & Bruce Naylor Hope H. Niedling* Gary & Amy Oudenhoven Jean Pfyer Terry & Karla Rothmann Chris & Mary Sadler Ruth Salzmann* Bill Schierl & Sarena Melotte Barbara Schreiber* Craig & Cheri Smith Robert & Mary Taylor Carl Wohlbier* Marge Wyszynski

*Legacy gifts realized

Enhance the Future of our Community with your Legacy Gift.

8 | Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report

Judy Albertson chose to

leave a legacy in her community by starting the Organic/Sustainable Farm Growth Fund before she passed away to increase affordability and accessibility of organic and sustainably grown food in Central Wisconsin. While doing research on her cancer over the past eight years, Judy kept finding the common thread to healthier living was organic based foods. She believed in healing properties of organic food so much that she created the Organic/ Sustainable Farm Growth Fund. The Organic/Sustainable Farm Growth Fund will support Central Rivers Farmshed, a non-profit organization dedicated to growing a resilient local food community, to increase the affordability and accessibility of organic and sustainably grown food. The Fund will also provide funding for grants that help establish or maintain organic farms in Central Wisconsin. Judy established this fund with the goal of promoting health and wellness by helping organic farmers and encouraging sustainable farming in Central Wisconsin.

Give now at www.cfcwi.org to support this fund.

New Funds Fiscal Year 2021

The Community Foundation is proud to welcome the following funds Please visit www.cfcwi.org/funds for a complete list and description of all funds. • AWA—Adults with Autism Fund • Barbara Anitra Schreiber Scholarship Fund • Central Rivers Farmshed Endowment Fund • Eichmiller Family Fund • Erin & Ryan Andrews Family Fund • Family Health La Clinica Dare to Dream Scholarship Fund • Feed Our Healthcare Heroes Fund • Food + Farm Exploration Center Project Fund • H & J Johnson Gift Fund • Inclusivity Starts with Kids Fund • James and Sandra Godfrey Charitable Fund • James & Noni Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund • Kaercher Charitable Fund • Mary Margaret Pfohl Cain Remily Memorial Scholarship Fund • Meals on Wheels of Stevens Point, Inc. Fund • Michael & Sara Bilbrey Family Fund • Mr. Pilsl Legacy Scholarship Fund • Organic/Sustainable Farm Growth Fund • Plover River Crossing Trail Project Fund • Portage County Historical Society Collections Fund • Portage County Historical Society Wendell Nelson Research & Publishing Fund • Ray and Susan Kaercher Scholarship Fund • Robert C. & Barbara J. Friedrich Family Fund • Sacred Heart Church Beautification Project Fund • Stevens Point Elks Lodge 641— Charities Inc. Scholarship Fund • Waushara County Food Pantry Fund

Women’s Fund of Portage County Reaches $1 Million Endowment Even through a pandemic, the Women’s Fund of Portage County was able to meet their 20/20 Vision Campaign goal to raise their endowment to $1 million dollars by December 31, 2020. The Women’s Fund was established at the Foundation in 1997. Since their first grant in 1998, the Women’s Fund has provided over $640,000 in grants to women and children in Portage County. The fund has supported skills enhancement, leadership development and scholarships for single moms, as well as cribs, clothing and diapers for babies in need. The Women’s Fund has invested in women’s health by supporting the Breast Cancer Center, Family Crisis Center, wellness workshops and designated breastfeeding areas within our community. Over 60 agencies have received financial support from the Women’s Fund of Portage County over the past 24 years. Be a part of the Women’s Fund There are many women and children right here in Portage County that need your help. Any act of kindness, small or large, is never wasted. Join together with other women to make a difference right here in Portage County. Your generosity is always appreciated.

Give now at www.cfcwi.org/womensfundpc to support this fund. Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report | 9

Statement of Financial Position Together, we work to ensure your generosity makes an impact now and for future generations

Total assets managed (including assets managed for others) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. 2021 Assets Revenue, Gains & Other Support Cash & Cash Equivalents $1,170,605 Contributions $3,516,696 Cash & Cash Equivalents Held $178,173 Investment Income $6,033,758 for Investment Purposes Other Income $14,176 Investments $30,762,958 Total Revenue, Gains $9,564,630 Other Assets $90,440 & Other Support Total Assets $32,202,176 Expenses Liabilities & Net Assets Grants, Scholarships $1,355,498 & Program Services Accounts Payable $16,867 General & Administrative $112,255 Accrued Expenses $5,413 Fund Raising $108,319 Grants Payable $119,510 Funds Held for Others $2,072,222 Total Expenses $1,576,072 Without Donor Restrictions $552,391 With Donor Restrictions $29,435,773 Total Liabilities & Net Assets


Total Assets

Change in Net Assets $7,988,558

Assets by Fund Type



Field of Interest Funds




% Donor Advised Funds


2017 2018










% Administration/ Operating Funds

% Agency Funds





% Project/ Pass-Thru


% Designated Funds


% Mission Funds


% Scholarship Funds

2019 2020 2021

Financials audited by CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants. Audited financial statements and the 990 tax form are available upon request from the Community Foundation office. The Community Foundation is not required to submit a 990T at this time, but in the event the Community Foundation is required to submit this form, it would also be available upon request.

10 | Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report

Emeritus Board of Directors Members


2021 Board of Directors *New board member

Sue Shulfer President

Michael Lauterbach

President Elect

Dan Kinsella

Vice President

Sheryl O’Connell Secretary

Justin Regnier

Jim Robinson


Past President

Marg Coker-Nelson Mary Croft (In Memoriam) Helen Godfrey (In Memoriam) Betty Iber (In Memoriam) Mark Ilten Edie Kraus (In Memoriam) Mark Makholm (In Memoriam) Gil Oelke (In Memoriam) George Rogers (In Memoriam) Anne Schierl (In Memoriam) David Worth Bob Worth (In Memoriam)

Grants Committee

Lindsay Bernhagen*

Dawn Cherek

Sam Dinga*

Kevin Duda

Jennifer Koeppl

Jim Koziol*

Mike Lauterbach, Chair Jeremy Solin Sheryl O’Connell Katie Young Mae Nachman Bev Laska Gretchen Steinmetz Miguel Campos Chris Brundidge

Waushara Grants (Hartford Fund) Nancy McCaskey*

Rachel Pekowsky*

Tiffany Praeger

David Ray

Mark Scheunemann

Jeremy Solin

Dave Williams Jennifer Koeppl Becky Horvath AJ McCaskey

Scholarship Committee

Tracey Stalter*

Max Trzebiatowski

Community Foundation Team

Dave Williams

Kathryn Young

Jenny Riggenbach Chief Executive Officer jenny@cfcwi.org

Marlee Samuels

Grants & Scholarships marlee@cfcwi.org

Dawn Cherek, Chair Dave Ray Kevin Duda Peter Bernhagen Lindsay Bernhagen Larry Oathout Amanda Arens Steven Thompson Jessica Wiesman Gail Viergutz John Haka

Are Vang

Denise Brandl Accounting denise@cfcwi.org

Jessica Hoerter Communications jessica@cfcwi.org

Karen Wolf

Operations karen@cfcwi.org

Development Committee Jim Robinson, Chair Jennifer Koeppl Mark Scheunemann Eva Donohoo Tiffany Praeger

Joey Greshowak

Administrative Assistant foundation@cfcwi.org

Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 2021 Annual Report | 11

1501 Clark Street Stevens Point, WI 54481

Mission We inspire charitable giving by connecting people and resources to enhance Central Wisconsin now and for future generations.

Vision Portage and Waushara counties are thriving communities with a strong culture of philanthropy.


How to Give The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin offers a variety of giving options. • A cash gift is the easiest way to start a fund or give to an existing fund. • Include a bequest or other planned gift in your will or estate documents. • Maximize tax advantages through a beneficiary gift of your IRA or life insurance policy. • Donate stock or real estate to minimize capital gains tax.

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