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SPECIAL THANKS TO All the contributors, Emily Bartlett, and the Bootcamp Graduates that participated with their contribution in this issue.

CfaN is a nondenominational missions organization aimed at taking the Gospel message to the world. Christ for all Nations is primarily known for its historic crusades in Africa and recently surpassed a historic milestone of over 80 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ at major events in Africa and other parts of the world. CfaN has offices in countries around the world including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Kenya, Latin America, Nigeria, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States.

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PRESIDENT Missions Friends and Partners, I don’t have to tell you how wild 2020 has been in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic…but God has still been good through every moment of it. For instance, despite all of the flight cancellations, travel restrictions, and general chaos, CfaN has not missed a single Great Gospel Crusade! On the contrary, we’ve planned more events than ever. I speak for the whole team when I tell you that, despite the turmoil around us, we’re operating with a heightened expectation of the Father’s abounding grace and unshakable power. Our expanding efforts are in part possible because the graduates from the inaugural class of the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp have hit the ground running. As Bootcamp graduate and Tanzania team member Jacob Ebersole said, “When I started talking to people, I noticed the expectation to see something great here in Tanzania.” His classmate and fellow team member Joe Turnbull echoed the sentiment: “As we got out of the airport, we were just sharing Christ, praying for people, and people were just so hungry, so open, and so loving.” With that in mind, the CfaN team commits this issue of Impact Magazine to the incredible Bootcampers who, even as I write this, are already making a tangible difference for the Kingdom. It is a fruitful opening to the Decade of Double Harvest! Of course, none of this would be possible without your continued prayer and financial support. You are an integral part of everything the Lord is doing through CfaN. Many, many thanks for your faithfulness. Yours in the harvest,


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Todd White challenges readers to make Jesus their everything, to renew their minds, to be bold as lions, and to make an impact for the kingdom of God.

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Operation Decapolis Report




Jared Horton



Nico Ferreyra


Jako Hugo








Victoria Osborne








Global Evangelist Alliance



Russell Benson


David Rotärmel



Levi Stewart

Robert J. Enge II & Evelina Smane COVER IMAGE-More than 500,000 people attended the four days of meetings! Each night, a long line of people eager to share their testimonies cued on the edge of the stage. They reported freedom from demonic oppression, miraculous healings – including blind eyes opened to sight and deaf ears hearing for the first time.



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JARED HORTON t has truly been an honor and privilege to be a part of this CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp. Over the past two years, I have ministered as a guest evangelist in four pre-crusade outreaches in Africa with Christ for all Nations. In November 2019, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda met with me, shared the vision of the

Bootcamp training, and asked me to move to Orlando to help train and mentor evangelists. I could find no reason why I would not want to help him raise up an army of evangelists! I gladly packed my bags and moved to Orlando at the beginning of 2020. As I began working with the Bootcamp students, one of the first things I noticed was that a few students lacked confidence in themselves to be evangelists. One of the biggest tactics of the enemy is to strip people of their confidence that God can use them. You can be pure and holy but still lack the faith it takes to operate in the power of God. One of my main prayers for them was, “God, give these evangelists the confidence that You can use them just like You can

C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 21



“God, give these evangelists the confidence that You can use them just like You can use any other man or woman of God.”

use any other man or woman of God.” I’m glad

I can’t wait to watch them minister on

to say I believe God answered my prayer! It

foreign soil, heal the sick, cast out devils, and

was so amazing to see the transformation

bring in massive harvests of souls! Maybe,

in these evangelists. I don’t even know

as you read this, you know that you have the

how to explain it. All I can say is that this

call to be an evangelist, but you are not sure

Bootcamp has radically changed the lives

how to do it and you lack confidence. I want

of each one. They look so different. It is

to encourage you to not waste your whole life

nothing you can see with your natural eye,

sitting on your calling, believing that one day

but you can tell in the spirit that something

you will shake the nations. Now is the time,

supernatural has been imparted to them

my friend! TAKE ACTION, get trained, get

here at this Bootcamp. They now walk with a

equipped, and learn to walk in the authority

supernatural authority on their lives.

of your God-given Evangelistic calling!



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A vision for



outreach at CfaN

JAKO HUGO y lovely wife, Karin,

Over the next ten years, we

and I have been

are trusting God for many

part of the CfaN

millions more children to

team for over

come into the Kingdom of

twelve years, and

God across the globe.

earlier this year, we were

Evangelist Daniel

asked to coach and mentor

Kolenda’s vision for a Decade

at the first CfaN Evangelism

of Double Harvest for this

Bootcamp in Orlando. What a

decade is absolutely possible

joyful time!

through multiplication.

Everyone who knows us

Imagine if the current 52

knows our greatest passion

Bootcamp-trained CfaN

is sharing the Gospel with

evangelists would each lead

children in schools. With

1 million children to Jesus

our own eyes, we witnessed

over the next 10 years. That

over 3 million children say

would already be 50 million

“yes” to Jesus in Africa over

souls taken from darkness to

the last decade. We believe

light. And Daniel’s vision is

this is just the beginning.

to train 20,000 evangelists!

Daniel’s vision is to train 20,000 evangelists!

C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1




We witnessed over 3 million children say “yes” to Jesus in Africa over the last decade.

Africa is a continent of the young We believe that now is the time for all hands to be on deck. In the coming decade, millions of believing young people in Africa will be the next massive wave of evangelists, pastors, and church workers, transforming their homes and communities in Jesus’ name.

Partnership in outreach Over a three-month period, CfaN teams visited 1,017 schools in Tanzania, speaking to over half a million people. During that time, 327,396 people said yes to Jesus. Praise God! While Swahili is the language spoken at most of the schools, the schools where English is spoken were very grateful for the Superbook DVDs, provided by CBN (Christian Broadcasting 12 | C FA N in I M PAC T 2021 Network) partnership with CfaN.

I’ll never be the same




ever could I have

crusade evangelism. After

imagined the impact

finishing my master’s degree, I

that CfaN Evangelism

applied for the CfaN Bootcamp

Bootcamp 2020

and was accepted.

would have on my life.

Being an evangelist for many years, I knew that my calling was to win masses to Christ. After conducting smaller Gospel Crusade campaigns

“Keep your heart soft and tender.” At Bootcamp 2020, my

in Germany, I reached out to

life was transformed right

CfaN to ask if there was any

into the deepest places of

possibility of learning about

my heart. In one of the first

Evangelists, “make sure

you keep your heart soft and tender towards the Lord every single day.” C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1



sessions, Daniel Kolenda mentioned, “Evangelists, make sure you keep your heart soft and tender towards the Lord every single day.” Little did I know that this would be the biggest transformation

“I can only summarize my Bootcamp experience with one sentence: ‘I will never be the same again.’”

imparted to me. The spiritual formation

crusade directors in the

Africa. I will be one of many

morning sessions with Eric

world, including Rev. John

crusade director interns for

Gilmour made my heart

Darku, who has organized

five massive Gospel crusades

so tender towards Jesus,

some of the biggest

that CfaN is conducting in

I ended up experiencing

evangelistic campaigns,

Tanzania this year. Right

Jesus every single day in

and Mr. Bret Sipek, who

now, I am on the ground and

very deep ways.

has pioneered the way into

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda gave us insight

mass crusade evangelism in Europe in the 21st century.

into every aspect of an evangelistic ministry. There were no secrets at all; he wanted us to see and experience all of it. Even

teams preparing one of the five Gospel crusades.. All the theoretical training of

Graduation is just the beginning

during the International Planning Meetings week,

am in charge of one of the

The graduation of

the Bootcamp is set straight into action. We are expecting whole cities to be shaken with the Gospel, hundreds of thousands of souls to

where all executive

Bootcamp was not the end.

directors of CfaN come to

In fact, everything just

Orlando to plan, he gave

started from there. CfaN

of thousands of people

us the opportunity to sit

Bootcamp does not just send

to receive their healing. I

in, meet the directors, and

its students home but rather

can only summarize my

ask questions. In addition,

stays in touch and even

Bootcamp experience with

we had private teaching

gives them the opportunity

one sentence: “I will never

sessions with the best

for on-the-field training in

be the same again.”



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

receive salvation, and tens

For this generation,



ussell Benson is CfaN’s International Director, a passionate evangelist, and a forerunner of revival who is passionate in the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, and in passing the baton to the younger generation for the next great awakening.

“God, we have experienced a revival in our generation. I pray

for this generation to experience an even greater revival.” This is what Russell Benson prayed for young people when he spoke at the Light the Fire Again Conference in Pensacola, Florida.

Young “ people, you need the power of God.” RUSSELL BENSON

Light the Fire Again Pensacola was a historic gathering of past and current world revival leaders. The event was hosted by Christ for All Nations (CfaN) and is all available online.

“God wants to anoint your generation.” During the conference, Russell said to them, “Young people, you need the power of God. You did not come to this conference just to hear a good message. God wants to encounter you in such a deep way that you will never doubt His presence in your life. He C FA N I M PAC T 2 021



wants to anoint your generation to take this thing to another level.” Even deeper than his huge passion for the lost is Russell’s zeal in imparting the fire of God to the younger generation. It was the late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke who told him, “Russ, we need to go and we need to

Evangelism Bootcamp first graduation in

pass the baton to the next generation of Holy

June, he told the graduates, “This must

Spirit evangelists.” And that’s what

continue! I feel an urgency in my spirit

he is doing today!

that we need to take that baton together.

Russell grew up in Port Charlotte, Florida. At an early age, he found himself amid a revival, knowing nothing about revival. At 19 years old, he experienced the power of God when he went to the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola. He was so powerfully touched by God that he came to a point where he had to cry out, “God, I can’t take any more of this, lest I die!”

A heart for equipping the saints Since then, Russell has been faithfully stewarding that glory and presence of God that he experienced. After graduating from

And we need to pass that baton to the next generation of Holy Spirit evangelists: hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of evangelists burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit, leading to the greatest harvest this world has ever seen!” CfaN’s Evangelism Bootcamp is an intense physical, mental, spiritual, and academic training for evangelists, a time graduates have described as “lifechanging.” At the end of his message, Russell challenged those first Bootcamp graduates. He told them, “This Decade of Double Harvest and reaching another 75 million souls will not happen through just our efforts. We have a mandate to train and to send. And I believe God is going to use the first Bootcamp graduates, the

Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in

next Bootcamp, and the next Bootcamp,

Pensacola, he pioneered churches until he

and the next Bootcamp to see amazing

realized he has a heart for the “equipping of

things! Will you help us today? Will

the saints for the work of the ministry.” For

you stand with us?”

years, he has worked alongside Evangelist

Russell’s response to the calling and

Daniel Kolenda, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke,

purposes of God for his life has literally

and Peter Vandenberg.

touched millions of people. And he will

Today, Russell continues to impact

continue to do so as he stands with CfaN’s

millions as one of the key leaders of Christ

vision of the Decade of Double Harvest,

for all Nations. When he spoke at the CfaN’s

for the glory of Jesus Christ!



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1






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t’s hard to believe that just 8 months ago, I was a fulltime neonatal intensive care nurse when the Lord asked me to quit my job and sell

most of what I owned to go and attend CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, the president of CfaN, had a vision for a Bootcamp that would train, equip, and launch

“I wanted to be obedient to the call of Jesus.” 18


C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

evangelists into mass crusade evangelism in Africa. When I first heard about the launch of this Bootcamp, my initial thought was that this was too far out of reach for me. After all, I was a registered nurse and I had no experience with crusade-style evangelism.

I wanted to be obedient to

been a time to preach the

the call of Jesus.

Gospel, it is now. The Lord

The 6 months of

Obedient to the call A month went by and I still had not applied, but I could not shake the burning desire and urgency to preach the Gospel and see souls saved. I was so hungry to learn and be equipped. I filled out the application, and two weeks later, I was

is raising up both men and

Bootcamp were filled

women who are ready to lay

with intense and practical

their lives down for Jesus

training, with the focus of

to usher in the greatest

everything we do being the

harvest we have ever seen.

hands and feet of Jesus. I can

If there is one thing I have

honestly say there is no other

learned, it is that the Lord

training like it. From doing

is not looking for you to be

local outreaches to preaching

qualified; He is looking for

in the rain, Evangelist Daniel

you to be obedient.

Kolenda has poured into

So often we limit

us to ensure we are ready

ourselves by what we can do

to be sent out.

in our own strength, and we

Step into the fullness of your calling! My life has been

never step into the fullness of our calling. The Lord is calling out for a generation to step into something that requires them to be fully dependent on Him. It’s not about what we can do,

radically changed because

but what He wants to do

of this opportunity. I truly

through us. Obedience to

believe that if there has ever

Jesus is everything.

accepted into the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp. Two months after that, I left my job as a nurse and moved to Orlando to pursue fulltime evangelism. Although many people thought I was crazy for giving up my career, I knew in my heart that I did not want to be successful by the world’s standards. C FA N I M PAC T 2 021




WORKING Together for the GOSPEL


was established as a

ones often “misunderstood and neglected

network of evangelists

by the church. As a result, their gifts remain

from every corner of the

unleashed and buried. And the church

globe to collaborate, synergize, and work

continues to thrive without even harnessing

together to see a global wave of salvation

its potential—more so, without knowing

moving in every continent and every

what could become of the body of Christ

nation of this world!

if the gift of the evangelists is drawn from

“Working together and drawing from our combined experience and insight, I’m convinced this will become one of the most fruitful networks of evangelists in the world.”

Daniel Kolenda

A platform birthed out of a fervent desire to reach the lost and empower evangelists all over the world to fulfill Christ’s Great

the hidden.” “An evangelist is not just somebody who preaches the Gospel. It is a certain breed; we have a certain kind of DNA. We’re driven in a certain way for souls,” Evangelist Daniel Kolenda said during the Empowered21 Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. He added, “An Evangelist is not a second-

Commission—this is the Global Evangelist

rate member of the five-fold ministry.


We are a part of what God has called for

President of Christ for all Nations, Daniel Kolenda, says evangelists are the



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

the perfecting of the Saints for the edifying of the body of Christ until we come into

“This generation needs you!”

An evangelist is not just somebody who preaches the Gospel. It is a certain breed; we have a certain kind of DNA.”

the fullness of the stature of Jesus...We are needed and necessary.” At the launch of the GEA in Johannesburg, South Africa 2018, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda gathered some of the most influential leaders in world of evangelism today: Jean-Luc Trachsel, Todd White, Nathan Morris, Andy Byrd, LaDonna Osborn, Daniel King, Daniella Friedzon-McCabe, Michael Koulianos, Teo Hayashi, Jeri Hill, and other well-known evangelists that are part of GEA’s

evangelists to see worldwide salvation at an unprecedented rate, now is the time to answer that call. This generation needs you! Now is the time while it is still day. Now is the time for harvesting! Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of God’s army of evangelists and reap the harvest for Calvary’s sake! In joining GEA, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with high-profile leaders and renowned evangelists at annual conferences. There will be opportunities to collaborate and connect with other likeminded evangelists who share the same vision and purpose as yours. Most of all, you’ll get a sense of belonging to an army of evangelists reaching the world together for Christ!

Go and join today! joinGE A.ORG

organizational team. If your heart is burning for global revival and you know from the depth of your soul God is calling you to collaborate with other

C FA N I M PAC T 2 021




DECAPOLISReport What happened in November in Tanzania was historic and extremely significant. It was the culmination of more than two years of planning in obedience to the word of the Lord, who said to to me that we should multiply laborers for the sake of the harvest. So we have been working diligently behind the scenes, building multiple sound systems (that you helped us build), training up new technicians, campaign organizers, and evangelists. Our many “Pre-Campaign Mobilization” initiatives were part of the planning and testing phase. The Evangelism Bootcamp was also launched as part of this strategy. And at last, OPERATION DECAPOLIS took place! We began with three simultaneous campaigns in three different cities. In the second week, two more campaigns were conducted in two more cities, for a total of five campaigns in five cities in two weeks! I traveled from city to city, preaching one or two nights in each location where a campaign was ongoing. Now, the word Decapolis means “10 Cities.” Originally the plan was to conduct 10 campaigns in 10 cities over 2 weeks in Kenya. But due to COVID restrictions, those cities in Kenya were completely off-limits. Our amazing team of technicians and organizers (the best in the world) managed to shift everything in a matter of days to new cities. Even with extremely limited time and facing enormous obstacles, they managed to do the impossible. And now we can share with you this wonderful report, a tiny glimpse of what God did in Tanzania. May it richly bless and encourage you. This is true multiplication – and it is only the beginning!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the worldwide CfaN team



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

“…I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.” - John 14:12


12 – 22 November 2020


that he does not understand it. I told him,

12 – 15 November

just performed a creative miracle on your

Evangelist Gary Smith


“Sir, we serve a God of miracles and the Lord

When the salvation message was called, people began to empty the stands and come to the front of the platform. Hands were raised and voices shouted out loud all over the stadium as thousands asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Such a beautiful moment that I will never forget, hearing thousands ask Jesus to come into their life!

A God of Creative Miracles A woman came to testify, crying as she was trying to explain that she does not know how it happened, but her left arm grew out and is now equal in length to her right one. Then her father, who is a pastor, came to testify that what had happened was real and C FA N I M PAC T 2 021



A toddler walks perfectly for the first time After one meeting ended, I was heading back to the vehicle when people surrounded it and started asking for prayer. There was a woman holding a little boy - about three years old - and she told me her son’s leg was shorter than the other. I could tell the right leg was much shorter than the left when I held him. I began to pray for the boy, and as I did, his right leg grew to the same length as the left! The mom put the baby down, I grabbed his hand, and we began to walk around. He was able to walk without any issues. He did not have a limp any longer while we walked. The mom was crying so much. She could not believe that her son’s legs were now equal length. 24


C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

Daniel Kolenda: “Shinyanga was the first of the five cities I preached in. It was amazing to see evangelists who graduated from the Bootcamp just a few months ago, like Jim and Kathy Leamon (who helped organize this event in Shinyanga), taking such a strong leading role in the organization of these events. The campaigns in each of the cities were organized by Bootcamp graduates – and the results have been outstanding.”


Spirit to come. I began to plead the blood

12 – 15 November

demonic spirit, then quietly waited on the

Evangelist Jared Horton

“Come, Holy Spirit!” I knew there would be a lot of people at the campaign, but to walk onto that platform and see a massive crowd in front of you is a lot to take in all at once. It is something that brings tears to your eyes. Just seeing all the beautiful Tanzanian people so hungry for God and so open to what we have to say was amazing. On the first night in Tabora, Tanzania, I preached a simple Gospel message, and right as we began to pray the prayer of salvation, all over the field people began to manifest demons. I almost did not know

of Jesus over the field and rebuke every Holy Spirit to finish His job. After things calmed down a little, I reverently continued with the decision cards. It was truly a holy moment on the field. The local pastors told us that there has NEVER been a Gospel event like this in the history of Tabora! On the last night, we also prayed for them to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Suddenly the power of God swept over the campaign field, and thousands of people began praying in tongues and prophesying.

Jesus heals a Muslim woman’s tumor

what to do for a few seconds. Then over

After we prayed for them to receive

the microphone, I simply asked the Holy

the Holy Spirit, Bootcamp graduates David C FA N I M PAC T 2 021



Over a dozen people lifted up their crutches and began to take steps of faith. We heard wonderful testimonies: • A lady who came to the platform to share her testimony was carrying her crutch in the air. She said she had been unable to walk for ten years, but now Jesus had healed her. The Clementi and Jim Weitner prayed for the sick and started taking testimonies. David and Jim are true men of God that were in Tabora

band began to play music, and she danced with her crutch lifted high. • A lady who had been paralyzed

weeks before the campaign began, working

for nearly two years was brought

diligently to make sure the campaign was a

to the event by her neighbor on

success. After the healing prayer, a Muslim

public transportation – and she was

lady came forward to testify. She had come

completely healed.

to the meeting with a large tumor in her

• One woman could not walk properly

stomach area. Now she stood on the stage

for 18 years. For the past 2 years, she

and testified that during the meeting, it

was in a lot of pain and had to use a

disappeared. She declared, “Now I have to

stick to walk. After prayer, she was

follow Jesus!”

Kahama 12 – 15 November

Evangelist Daniel King

This same Jesus! On the second night, I preached on the paralyzed man who was let down through the roof. I gave the altar call, and

completely pain-free and no longer had to use her walking stick. • One woman had severe pain from gout in both of her legs. She was on a very strict diet and could not sleep because of the gout. During the healing prayer, she felt the power of God enter her body and all her pain left. It became clear that the theme of many miracles that night was “rise up and walk”. I

thousands of people responded by raising

preached on a paralyzed man being healed

their hands. Then I prayed for the sick.

by Jesus and then Jesus proved He is still

As I rebuked every pain and sickness,

alive by healing many paralyzed people in

miracles broke out across the crowd.

Kahama! He is still the same Jesus today.



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

Singida 19 - 22 November

Evangelist Paul Maurer

Jesus loves Muslims! A lot of Muslims live in this city. In fact, the city is 50% Christian and 50% Muslim. My interpreter told me that he noticed many Muslims at the campaign on the second night. When I came down from the stage after speaking, two Muslim women approached me and wanted prayer for their children. I noticed one of the women had a “Now That You Are Saved” follow-up booklet, and I asked what had happened to her. She said she gave her life to Jesus! The other Muslim lady told me the same thing! I even heard a testimony of a Muslim woman who got filled with the Holy Spirit after she gave her life to Christ. When I gave the altar call, thousands surrendered their lives to Jesus. After I preached the Word, Evangelist Joe Turnbull (who was the local campaign director and a Bootcamp graduate) gave a

Evangelist Gary Smith I am still in awe of all the people who asked Jesus into their lives, turning from darkness and to the glorious light! We saw so many Muslims accepting Jesus. It was beautiful to see the smiles on their faces. Not only did we witness thousands of salvations, but we also prayed for the people to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was so powerful, people all over the field were crying, shaking, and speaking in tongues. I don’t even know how to describe in words what the Lord did.

testimonies. There he heard how one lady


came to the meeting crawling on her knees,

19 - 22 November

as it was very difficult for her to stand. She

Evangelist Nathan Morris

teaching on faith, prayed for the sick, and took

had a hard time keeping fluids down as well and was vomiting. Her husband had come on the first night and shared what God was doing with her. She had a dream that night that Joe

A great hunger for God As I entered the field on the first night,

Turnbull prayed for her, and in the dream,

I could immediately sense the anticipation

she was completely healed. When Joe prayed,

and expectancy of the large crowd that had

she was healed of all pain and sickness, and

already gathered, waiting to hear the Gospel

began to run around on the stage!

of Jesus Christ. I preached ‘Behold the Lamb C FA N I M PAC T 2 021



of God, who takes away the sins of the world’,

day was healed by God on the first

and thousands responded to the call of

night and testified she hasn’t used the


pump for three days.

Almost immediately after the prayer,

• After a word of knowledge that God

miracles began to happen as the Holy Spirit

was moving in a woman’s womb and

moved upon the crowd. Every night, there

that the child would not die but live,

were powerful miracle testimonies like these:

a woman testified to having three

• A lady who had been blind in her left eye for the last 14 years testified that she had regained her eyesight! She was completely healed as we tested her vision. • A lady was crying, declaring that the Lord had healed her right ear, which was completely deaf. She testified the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her and opened up her deaf ear. • A man who was paralyzed on the

the hospital, they told her that they could not find the baby’s heartbeat. With tears flowing down her face, she described coming to the meeting believing for a miracle. The power of God came upon her, and she felt her baby move for the first time! To read much more about Operation Decapolis, see more photos and watch

three years from seizures was

videos, go to

completely healed and danced along

You are part of the Decade of Double

as we worshiped God for his healing.

Harvest… Your prayers and donations make

a breathing pump multiple times a


currently four months pregnant. At

right side of his body for the last

• A lady with asthma who had to use


miscarriages in the past and was

C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

this possible. Thank you – and we love you!

Through the storm




s Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the CfaN team boarded their planes to travel to Warri, they had no

Stranded far and wide – but undeterred One by one, the team’s planes were sent to other

idea of the challenges they

countries, unable to land in Nigeria because of the

were about to face. They had

Harmattan, a massive dust storm. Daniel Kolenda was

already begun their descent

stranded in Senegal. Peter Vandenberg deplaned in Ghana,

to Lagos airport, when the

while others went to Turkey.

pilot made an announcement.

In Daniel’s words: “Our team was relentless, refusing to

“There is not enough visibility

go home. We pressed forward, one flight at a time, sleeping

to land the plane. All flights are being diverted.”

on the floor in airports, standing in lines for flights only for them to be cancelled. Finally, when all else failed, we flew C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1




My respect and admiration for the CfaN team has gone to a whole new level. I have seen a level of commitment and perseverance that is difficult to grasp unless you’re here to witness it. We all had a thousand good reasons to turn back. But every last one pressed forward without wavering.”

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

with small local operators in terrible conditions, putting our

120,000 people gathered! I

own safety at risk to be there.”

must admit, I felt like I was

They didn’t make it for the first meeting yet more than 70,000 people turned up on the first night! With the Harmattan still grounding flights, the team decided to go by road with a police escort. It’s a dangerous journey. Just half an hour before the second campaign meeting began, the exhausted team finally made it to Warri.

“When I am weak, then He is strong.” Daniel: “Because many of us missed the first night’s

in a daze all night from sheer exhaustion. Yet, despite my personal physical weakness, God moved powerfully.

Miracles, old and new! The following night, a woman called Ochuku

meeting, I wondered if the crowd would return. Imagine my

Ocheku came forward who

surprise when we arrived at the crusade field to find over

had been healed 31 years



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

ago when CfaN came to Warri

the altar call. She testified that during the prayer, her bones

in 1989. Peter Vandenberg

cracked loudly and suddenly she could stand upright and

witnessed the miracle

walk with ease.

firsthand back then: “One night a young girl of

The next day at school, her class was in uproar. The news spread across the whole school and all classes

fifteen years of age came to the

stopped for the day as students rushed to see the miracle

campaign meeting, hearing

in her body.”

that people were being healed

Daniel decided to open the meeting with this testimony

in answer to prayer. She had

to encourage people, then preach and pray for the sick at

been in an accident some years

the end as usual. But once Ochuku spoke, the faith level of

before that resulted in many

the people was very high, and he sensed the power of the

broken bones, and because of

Lord was present to heal. prayed for the sick right away

delayed medical attention,

and miracles started happening all over the place, before

her bones had set at grotesque

he had even preached the Gospel!

angles. She walked with her body permanently bent over to one side. At the meeting, Reinhard Bonnke prayed for the sick after

Every participating church FULL of converts When Daniel Kolenda and Peter Vandenberg got to the

Imagine my “ surprise when we arrived at the crusade field to find over 120,000 people gathered!

final meeting, bishops and pastors crowded around them to report with sparkling eyes that ALL their churches were filled to the brim with new converts. Every difficulty they’d gone through to get there was insignificant compared to the avalanche of blessing God poured out.

C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1






faN Evangelism Bootcamp has

documentation for all my family, and guiding

been a time of intense training,

many people through dreams to contribute

experiences, and constant faith

financially so that we could travel.

challenges, and an unparalleled time of fellowship. I still vividly remember

the night that I saw the Bootcamp 2020 ad. The voice of the Holy Spirit was so evident as He put in my heart that I should go. From there, an adventure began with my family. With each step, miracle after miracle confirmed that this whole project was

A new heart—and a passion for the lost With every step that we took, our hearts were enlarged by the thought that if this was

of the Lord. It was like a great wave that

the waiting room, what would the operation

moved and directed us towards His purpose.

on our heart look like in the CfaN operating

From the moment I sent the application,

room? Without a doubt, God performed

God opened doors, putting people we had

open-heart surgery during Bootcamp. He put

never met before at our side, providing the

in a new heart and renewed our passion for



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

Go out into the “ world and preach the gospel.”

the lost, broadened our vision for the world,

dream of winning towns, cities, and nations

and gave us the tools we needed to reach the

for Christ. I know that many times the

nations for Christ.

evangelist feels alone, but at Bootcamp, we

I have been an evangelist for many

were not only equipped but now belong to a

years, but Bootcamp changed my vision

big family that has the same crazy faith and

forever. Each of the evangelists who

the same passion. In Latin America, many

ministered to us gave our spirit the

evangelists go out into the world alone, but

nourishment we needed. Each class was

in CfaN, we find friends, where we connect,

like arrows of fire—not an emotion of the

work together on the same mandate: “Go out

moment, but like God was pushing us to do

into the world and preach the gospel.”

much greater things for Him. The challenges of faith were relentless in each class.

We’re part of a big family Many years ago, I dreamed of something

Today I can say that I don’t feel alone anymore. I firmly believe that I’m the first of thousands of Latin American evangelists who will connect with Daniel Kolenda’s dream that God has given to him. God is raising a new generation of evangelists from

like this, where we would all speak the same

the Spanish-speaking nations, and we are

thing, where we would all have the same

in that generation. C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1




A Woman on FIRE for GOD


graduate from CfaN’s School of Evangelism, Jessi

In September 2015,

Green is impacting the West Coast of America

Jessi graduated from SOE.

in a revival that is happening in California, after

She came out of the school

passionately following the vision God gave her five

completely on fire for God.

years ago.

She has never been the same

Jessi Green has always been someone who has a huge

passion for the lost. One day, she realized she had the gift

again! Since then, she has felt a

of evangelism. However, she couldn’t find much information

burden for America. When Jessi

for evangelists to train and prepare for ministry.

went back to New York, she

“I feel like it’s one of the few spiritual gifts that is not

started to share the Gospel on

talked about a ton. People love evangelists, but they don’t

the streets and in the subways.

know what to do with them,” she said in a recent interview.

Jessi also came to the point

But then she found out about the late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. And later on, Jessi discovered the CfaN School of Evangelism (SOE). So, she enrolled in the course even when she was financially broke. Jessi remembers crying and praying almost every day after class because of everything she had learned from the school’s teachers.

A double portion And on one unforgettable day, during the second-

that she couldn’t fall asleep because of the fire burning inside her. She kept sharing the Gospel wherever she went across New York, and as a result, multitudes of people were saved. Three months after graduating from the School of Evangelism, Jessi received a

to-last day of school, she went up to Evangelist Reinhard

vision from God for California.

Bonnke. The young evangelist made what she calls a “really

She saw a vision of Huntington

weird request” of him. She asked him if she could have a

Beach wherein “thousands of

“double portion” of his anointing.

people were being baptized.”

The late, great evangelist looked her straight in the eye

She said people were “turning

and grabbed her hands. Then he told her, “You’ll receive the

around and baptizing people,

thing that you've asked for.”

chaotic, no order.”



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

You’ll receive the thing “that you’ve asked for.” God said, “GO!” God told her that it will be the “next

Jesus. And they continued to preach the Gospel in the streets. In April 2019, she heard God telling her

revival that she will be a part of.” The revival

that the vision she saw would happen in

will start through the “equipping of the

the summer of 2020. So, Jessi co-organized

Saints.” God wanted her to take that fire in

the event called SATURATE OC 2020. When

her to others as well. So, without hesitation,

COVID-19 broke out, she thought it would

Jessi obeyed and trusted God. She and

no longer happen. But the Holy Spirit kept

her husband left everything in New York,

telling her it would still come to pass.

including their jobs, and moved to California

Although she lost partnerships in the

with a 2-month-old baby. They lived in a

SATURATE OC 2020 she had co-organized,

tiny apartment in Huntington Beach. They

God told them to keep going. They wanted

sacrificed everything for the vision God had

to obey God even if that meant they had to

for their lives.

go alone in the event. Then, an unexpected

For several years, they did ministry in that place and founded home churches called Salt Churches. But Jessi began to doubt if the vision God gave her would come to pass because nothing was happening. Nevertheless, she kept trusting God. She kept doing things small—equipping and discipling people, teaching them to follow

miracle happened!

Waves of revival at the seashore Amidst the pandemic crisis, when California had prohibited public worship,

C FA N I M PAC T 2 021



waves of revival took place at

the joy of salvation. They would

Lifeguard Tower, Huntington

rather obey God than men.

Beach. In the spring of 2020, the

It’s incredible how one person like Jessi is impacting

vision God gave her finally

America today. Her obedience

came to reality. Thousands

led her to this revival that God

would come to the events

is stirring up in California in the

and healings, miracles, and

middle of a global pandemic.

deliverances happened. And

How amazing is that?!

many got saved and baptized by the seashore! "What we are experiencing

If you have that burden in your heart for the lost as well, and you’re called

right now in California is

to be an evangelist, come

nothing but miraculous. I

and join CfaN’s Evangelism

know so many have prayed for

Bootcamp this January 2021.

revival and I’m really humbled

It is an incubation chamber

that God is using our small

for evangelists like you.

family, our sweet friends, and

It is a once in a lifetime

this little lifeguard tower to


ignite something in the hearts of believers," Jessi says. Since the first week of July, when it started with only 300 people, these revival

“This is so much more than a Bible School. This is like the Navy Seals for evangelists,” Evangelist Daniel Kolenda said. Who knows where God

meetings now happen every

will lead you and how you

Friday night.

will impact nations one day

“Hundreds of people are

for God’s glory? You have to

getting saved and baptized.

be prepared for your God-

And people are being

given destiny. You aren’t just

miraculously healed. Like little

an ordinary person—you are a

children, people are crying out

child of God. You are a world

to God on their knees, weeping


like 5-year-olds,” Jessi testified, amazed at what God is doing. Even with the persecution

Be part of the generation of Spirit-driven evangelists in this Decade of Double Harvest.

they’ve endured, Jessi and her

Visit to

team aren’t affected because of

apply today!



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

...teaching “ them to follow Jesus.”

Stepping into God’s



he very first step, and the

heaven. But Jesus clearly said

most important of all, is

that He had come to give us

to step into salvation.

life and a life that is more

For many Christians,

this is as far as they get,

abundant. That is something that happens now.

falling into a kind of spiritual

So how can this happen?

coma, just waiting for the

The process of moving

afterlife and the promise of 38


C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

from salvation to the wider

call of God comes out of

your cross “Takeandupfollow me.”

discipleship. Being a disciple in New Testament times was something that has few parallels in our day and age, so to know what it is, we need to look more closely at the discipleship of that time.

These days we tend to

people usually expect an

concentrate on taking on the

answer that includes plenty

ideas and knowledge part,

of adrenaline! But I always

but unfortunately, in our

answer, “Following the call

world of focus on individuals

of God.” That has been the

and their rights, we don’t do

driving force in my life,

much in the way of taking

taking me to places and into

a disciple of someone else

on a lifestyle of discipleship.

situations that I would never

was a common and popular

Jesus made many references

have had the imagination to

concept in Jesus’ day. Many

to the need for this to

think up for myself. Thank

leading rabbis had a strong

happen, and a follower of

God, He gave me a partner

following of disciples,

Jesus was fully committed

to go adventuring with, my

and political leaders and

to doing whatever it took to

beautiful and talented wife,

agitators also had disciples.

be a disciple, including a life

Evangeline. It’s worth taking

The root word of disciple

change and, if necessary,

a moment to look at how

is discipline, and it is used

personal deprivation and

we began to hear the voice

because a follower, or

sacrifice. That’s what it

of God for ourselves, since

disciple, of someone would

meant to “take up your cross

everything else that followed

submit themselves to the

and follow Me.”

in our lives comes back to

What is a disciple? The idea of becoming

this process.

ideas and lifestyle of the chosen leader. They would voluntarily bring themselves under the discipline of the leader or teacher, not only in a sense of taking in knowledge and ideas but

How did I come to follow the call? I have many times been

Other Christians that I knew talked so easily about hearing from God. “How does that even work?” I thought. “Do they actually hear a voice? Is it a feeling?

most important of all, taking

asked what the most exciting

How do they know it’s God

on the lifestyle, worldview,

thing is that I’ve ever done.

that’s speaking?” And on

and outward actions of the

Given my love of adventure,

top of that, well-meaning

chosen leader.

sports, and flying, I think

Christians were constantly C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1



telling me, much to my annoyance, that there was a call on my life. I wondered how they could know that if I didn’t even know it myself? Then I found myself reading in Acts 15 about the apostles and elders sending some chosen men out to minister in Antioch, and I was riveted by these words: “…it seemed good to us, being assembled with one accord, to send chosen men to you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul,” (Acts 15:25, NKJV) and then

sounds a lot more spiritual than that, but

again later, “For it seemed good to the

that’s just how it is with me and the Lord.

Holy Spirit, and to us…” (Acts 15:28,

When the Holy Spirit is nudging me, I get


that odd cheesy feeling in my gut, and I’ve learned to pay attention, resulting in life-

It seemed good to them?! They weren’t even really sure, but they went out, and the work was blessed. I could certainly relate to that. If something seemed good to me, and the Holy Spirit was involved, I was willing to give it a go.

Listen to the nudging of the Holy Spirit As I began to experiment with prayer and listening to God, I discovered that I would always get that funny feeling in my belly when the Holy Spirit was trying to get my attention, an actual physical sensation that my family knows as “that cheesy feeling,” since it reminds me of indigestion! I’m sure it’s different for everyone and that there are many people whose direct line to God 40


C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

changing decisions and actions. We have very recently witnessed the graduation of our CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp students after six months of hard work, sacrifice, and following the call of God just as I did so long ago. They are now evangelists, and as I write this, many are already in East Africa preparing to preach the Gospel and to see thousands saved in every meeting. For them, the exciting journey is beginning. And it can begin for you too as you purpose in your heart, like the disciples who dropped everything and followed Jesus of Nazareth. Many new students are right now facing the challenge of discipleship, lifechanging decisions, and even uncertainties to sign up for the 2021 Bootcamp training. I know they will not be disappointed because this is an idea that came directly from Jesus— and that will take them into an adventure they can barely imagine.

This attractive 16 page full color booklet, will be the perfect evangelism tool to help win family and friends to the Lord this Easter!

HE IS Packed in Sets of 10.

THE HEART OF THE GOSPEL IS THAT CHRIST HAS BEEN RAISED FROM THE DEAD. Whether you believe it or not, the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the most significant event in history. He Is Risen! addresses three commonly asked questions about the resurrection of Jesus:  Did the resurrection really happen?  Why does the resurrection matter?  Why does the resurrection matter to you?

The resurrection happened, and because of it the world was forever changed. The resurrection happened, and because of it you can be forever changed.




PAUL MAURER n 2003, I received a prophetic word that

year, I started having a lot of dreams about

I had a powerful anointing on my life to

ministering at crusades. The more I prayed

evangelize the nations, walk among the

about these dreams, the stronger the desire

leadership of the nations, minister to

to do crusades became.

them in the days to come, and see signs,

wonders, and miracles. It was a powerful word! But I thought it was surely for someone else! It didn’t make any sense as I had no desire to go to the nations, and I wasn’t seeing any miracles.

It was a long shot, but I had to try I contacted Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

So, I put the prophetic word on the shelf

and asked if he would consider mentoring

and prayed that if it were God’s will, it would

me in crusade ministry. I thought it was a

come to pass. A few years later, I became a

long shot, but I needed to at least try. After

youth pastor, and after a series of prophetic

praying about my request, Daniel got back to

confirmations, I ended up being a missionary

me. I was shocked to find out he had decided

in China. After living in China for about a

to start an apprenticeship program at CfaN.



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

Opening a CfaN Gospel Crusade in Burundi, Africa, during my apprenticeship at Christ for all Nations.

“The ministry of Christ for all Nations changed my life, and I am forever grateful.” He invited 6 men from different parts of

I am convinced that without the training

the world to be mentored by him and asked

and equipping I received from Evangelist

me to be one of them. I was so excited! That

Daniel Kolenda, I would have never done

year at CfaN completely changed my life.

crusade ministry. Now Daniel wants to

It built a faith in my heart to believe God

raise up another 20,000 evangelists for

for the impossible. Since then, I’ve been

the end-times harvest! Daniel mentored

conducting crusades all over the world.

me, and now I am partnering with CfaN to

Multitudes have been coming to Christ in

help train and equip the CfaN Bootcamp

places like Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka, and

graduates in Africa.

thousands are being healed!

Prophecy became reality The dreams and prophetic words I had received many years ago became a reality.

This is multiplication! If you are called to evangelism, I could not think of a better place in the world to be equipped and sent out. The ministry of Christ for all Nations changed my life, and I am forever grateful.

C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1





s the newly minted graduates crossed the stage, receiving their certificates and the laying on of hands at the first ever Evangelism Bootcamp graduation, you could

sense that something truly special was taking place. The culmination of six months of intense, hands-on evangelism training and impartation, this ceremony last June was so much more than pomp and circumstance. It marked the launch date for over fifty fully empowered, strategically educated ministers of the Gospel who will join the CfaN team on the ground in Africa this fall. The Bootcamp taught these students how to create and deliver powerful evangelistic messages, organize gospel crusades, raise funds and lead a ministry, and much more. In the few short months at Christ for all Nations, each student also acquired hands-on training behind the scenes at the office, led weekly outreaches in the city, and received one-on-one coaching from CfaN leadership. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda personally designed and delivered the program as a fast-track to the mission field and its first ever graduating class is ready to hit the field with the Gospel and continue the



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

CfaN mission for a Decade of Double Harvest. Here is what a few of them had to say.

Jim Leamon – Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of this Bootcamp. We are forever grateful and feel confident in moving forward to share the Gospel in the nations around the world.

Eric Dykes – This Bootcamp has changed my life! I believe in this program so much I would send my own children through it. It has pushed me into a place of boldness I’ve never been, and thrust me into destiny

advertising. I felt suitably challenged and encouraged. Obviously the COVID situation was unexpected and unique and I’m sure this had a bearing on the originally anticipated

with Jesus. The men and women of God at

execution of EBC. That said, I was impressed

CfaN are like none I’ve ever experienced

with the tenacity and innovation of the

before! I am so excited to push forward with

staff in light lockdowns etc. Taking this into

this team to bring the Billion Soul harvest

consideration, generally leaning toward

to pass. I want to give my upmost thanks

the apprenticeship emphasizing the hands-

to Evg. Daniel Kolenda, Levi Stewart, Russ

on elements is and will be a plus. This

Benson, Roselyne Ayeola, Jared Horton, Peter

experience has changed my life and, I trust,

Vandenberg, and the whole staff and team at

many others as a flow-on. I am truly grateful.

CfaN. You have all of my honor and respect. Kathy Leamon – I loved Bootcamp. It has

Jackson-Leigh Rathbobe – CfaN Evangelism

marked me for life. Thank you for your

Bootcamp is an amazing concept, unlike

obedience to the call of God on your lives.

anything I’ve known before. The program

No one could train me and Jim for a call to

design contains every element that is

stadiums but you! No one does what you do!

vital for success as described early in the

Thank you for your faithfulness.

C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1







national ministries – including

the greatest

the ministry of Christ for all

days of harvest

Nations (CfaN) – is serving as

that the world

a catalyst to this movement

has ever known.

by hosting events of historic

Ministries across the globe

proportions. “The Send Brazil”

are witnessing packed venues,

was one of them.

mass salvations, attendees

On Saturday, February 8,

being baptized by the Holy

2020, The Send collaboration

Spirit with miracles, signs

hosted a 12-hour event that

and wonders following the

spanned across three stadiums

proclamation of the Gospel.

simultaneously. During this

The Send, a collaboration of 7

time, more than 140,000 people



C FA N I M PAC T 2 0 2 1

“The days are coming” Amos 9:13

attended Allianz Parque Stadium (Sao Paulo), Morumbi Stadium (Sao Paulo) and Brasilia National Stadium (Brasilia - The Capital), to worship and seek the face of God. Evg. Daniel Kolenda, the President & Lead Evangelist of CfaN, was one of the collaborators to travel to all three stadiums throughout the day, preaching the Gospel at each. During one of the drives from one stadium to the next, discussing the magnitude of the day with his team, Evg. Kolenda referenced the scripture from John 14:12, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do

50,141 committed to reading

the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater

the Bible, 10,916 pledged

things than these, because I am going to the Father.” (NIV).

to adopt a university to

Evg. Kolenda then stated, “What we are doing now is what

evangelize, 6,949 to adopt

I believe Jesus was referencing in this scripture.” He then

a school to evangelize

added, “Today, I’ll have had the opportunity to preach the

and 18,476 committed to

Gospel, face to face, to more people in one day than the


Apostle Paul did in his entire lifetime.” The Send Brazil yielded unprecedented results. The

Upon conclusion of the day, Evg. Kolenda shared

average age of the attendees, at all three stadiums, was 24

from Amos 9:13 - “The days

years of age. 7,800 made a personal decision to receive Jesus

are coming,” declares the

Christ as their Savior, 44,326 committed to fast and pray,

LORD, “when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills.” A new wine skin has been formed and we are entering into a new era of missions and evangelism like never witnessed before.

C FA N I M PAC T 2 02 1




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