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LIFE CHANGING TESTIMONIES: The School of Evangelism Seed of Destiny

Join hundreds of thousands lifting their voices in timeless anthems of worship under the African sky!

CfaN Impact DIGITAL is an official publication of Christ for all Nations. Its purpose is to update friends and supporters of the ministry with news of the impact their prayer and financial support is having throughout the world.


Reinhard Bonnke

President/Lead Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

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Peter Vandenberg

International Director Russell Benson

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This one-of-a-kind LIVE praise and w  orship experience, led by Daniel Kolenda and captured at one of Christ for all Nations’ massive Gospel campaigns in Africa, will transport you to the epicenter of one of the greatest moves of God in history. For more info, visit


CfaN is a non-denominational missions organization aimed at taking the Gospel message to the world. Christ for all Nations is primarily known for its historic crusades in Africa and recently surpassed a historic milestone of over 78 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ at major events in Africa and other parts of the world. CfaN has offices in countries around the world including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.


Dear Friend, This is history in the making. Since 1987, when Christ for all Nations first began counting salvation decisions, over 78 million people have completed decision cards. That is the equivalent of over change to nearly 7,000 people per day coming to salvation, for 30 consecutive years. While the history of this ministry is extraordinary, I feel that right now, we are in a moment of special significance. We stand on a threshold – honoring the legacy before us and poised to enter a new era with even greater harvests than we have ever seen before. Reinhard Bonnke just recently preached his last crusade on African soil. While it was his farewell to Africa, it is only the beginning of what I believe will be a decade of super massive harvests for Christ for all Nations. The Lord has given me the vision of a “Decade of Double Harvest” – that is to double the 75 million already reached in the past thirty years – and bring the total harvest to 150 million people just ten years from now! I believe with all my heart that it is the beginning of something truly revolutionary in evangelism – and it all starts NOW! This vision is not just “pie in the sky.” God has given us powerful practical strategies and we have thrown all our energy, creativity and passion into gearing up to meet this monumental task. This Decade of Double Harvest will affect every part of this ministry and to see it come to pass we have already started laying the groundwork with commitments, budgets and resources that we don’t have in hand yet. But we are moving forward in faith and already seeing tremendous breakthrough! Thank you for the way you have stood with us in the Gospel. Now, I want to take your hand at this strategic moment in history and say, let’s step into this Decade of Double Harvest together! Shoulder to shoulder, we will tackle the challenge that lies ahead of us. We know the Lord never gives us a task that cannot be accomplished – no matter how big or daunting it may be. Now it begins. Now is the time. The best is yet to come!




The School of Evangelism


Seeds of Destiny Glory Falls Like Rain , The Father s Love

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Hang waiting with the Holy Spirit


Light the Fire Again: aims to stoke the flames of revival


March of the Nations in Jerusalem


Congo-Brazzaville Gospel Outreach




REINHARD BONNKE SHARES HIS SECRET TO A FIRE-FILLED MINISTRY! There is a dynamic, dead-raising power that dwells in every believer in Jesus Christ. This book promises to challenge your thinking on the Holy Spirit and inspire you to believe in the amazing power of God’s Spirit within you.

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Sri Lanka


The Schoo of Evange


By Josh Howard

he 2017 School of Evangelism absolutely changed my life! I have dreamed of doing evangelistic crusades since I was 13 years old, but because of one thing or another, the dream began to fade. While I was at the SOE, the Holy Spirit began to prick my heart once again and reawaken the dream inside of my heart. The moment I returned home to India, I began to pray and look for opportunities. Almost immediately, God opened a door in the country of Sri Lanka. My team and I did our first crusade in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka in October of last year. God moved in a mighty way! On our final night, we saw around 7,000 people in attendance and over three nights, we saw over 700 people make first time decisions to follow Jesus! On top of that, many people were healed and delivered! Praise God!


The School of Evangelism absolutely changed my life! Josh Howard

OUR TEAM JUST WENT BACK TO SRI LANKA for our second crusade in March of 2018. This time, we saw over 10,000 people on our final night, over 900 people make decisions for Jesus, and many more miracles! We have two more planned for 2018 and are planning on doing 5 more in 2019. All of this is taking place because of what God did through all of you at the School of Evangelism. The Holy Spirit used the SOE as a launch pad to thrust my team and I into the calling that God had placed on my heart a long time ago. Thank you for re-awakening the dream inside of my heart and for allowing the Spirit to use you to launch us into crusade work. We love you all and will be forever grateful for the School of Evangelism!

Sri Lanka According to Christian traditions, the apostle Thomas preached the Gospel in Sri Lanka. Records suggest that St. Thomas Christians and Nestorian Christians lived in Sri Lanka.  Source: Wikipedia


Seeds of


Destiny By Solomon Ofori-Ansah

onight, the eyes of the blind will pop open like popcorn,” the voice of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke boomed through the

giant speakers across the stadium. It was 1986, and I was just 13-years-old, attending for the first time the Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade at the Tamale Police Stadium in Northen Ghana. My friends and I would trek three miles from our boarding school to see evengelist Bonnke minister preach and minister each night for a week. Three decades later, I can still remember the songs of the radio ad, “Shine down Your

light on me, let the people see, that in Your presence darkness flees, Father of light, shine down on me…” I had never seen such large crowds before and was awed by the healing miracles in that crusade. In particular, there was a very


popular cripple at my school who got healed, to everyone’s amazement. When the crusades ended there was a sense of nolstagia. At thirteen years old, I had no clue that my life had been touched in a profound way or that I would have anything to do with this mighty evangelist. Amazingly, after thirty years, our paths would cross in a miraculous way. My wife, Michelle, served as the editor of the magazine at a Bible college in Dallas, TX. One day, she returned from work to say that she had a conference call with Reinhard Bonnke’s Project Manager, Sam Rodriguez. Wow! It was an unsual introduction through one of the students at the college. Sam needed someone to assist with press releases every now and then to help ease the work load at CfaN. We were quite delighted to help, but it was just the beginning. A few months later, we had a face-face-meeting with Evangelist Bonnke. He was planning his farewell crusade in Lagos, Nigeria and needed an editor for his latest book project Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof? Bonnke wanted to leave the book as a legacy to over 300,000 pastors who would be attending the conference.

This was really the opus of all Reinhard Bonnke’s writings, and and my wife and I were to be a part of it. What a blessing! It was surreal. While we worked on the book, I was challenged on a daily basis by Evangelist Bonnke’s brilliance, faith and passion for the Gospel. I have felt the calling to crusade evangelism for years, since I gave my life to Christ in my teens, but I received the courage to launch out as we worked on Bonnke’s book. I felt the Lord speaking to me to start crusades on African college campuses. THIRTY YEARS AGO, I WAS A FACELESS YOUNG West African teen in the crowd, but God had handpicked me for a great work: for the world and for the African people. I am thankful for the obedience, hardwork and sacrifices of a man such as Reinhard Bonnke who would traverse oceans to preach the Gospel to me. Because of his example, I am encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and preach the Gospel. Incidentally, in the same season that I got connected with Reinhard Bonnke, Daniela Kolenda and

the CfaN team, they held a crusade in Tamale, the same city I first attended Bonnke’s crusade. What a divine orchestration! Who knows what seeds of destiny have been sown there and what impact they will have on the next generation? Keep praying for, and supporting CfaN. The harvest from years of crusades is still being seen today!

It was 1986, and I was just 13-years-old, attending for the first time the Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade at the Tamale Police Stadium in Northen Ghana.”

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Prayer Calenda


Ogbomosho — Nigeria

Like Rain “Something new has happened in this crusade,” said Evangelist Daniel Kolenda. “As part of our Decade of Double Harvest initiative, for about ten-days prior to the crusade, we sent out a team of evangelists into the surrounding villages to conduct mini-crusades.” The new thrust found Evangelists Paul Maurer and Quentin Harrup going from village to village in CfaN’s mobile crusade truck conducting meetings that shared the Gospel with thousands. “This is a prototype that I envision will soon involve dozens of similar trucks and hundreds, maybe thousands of evangelists,” Kolenda added. THE CRUSADE, WHICH TOOK PLACE IN OGBOMOSHO, Nigeria March 23rd through 25th, was attended by thousands. Characterized by myriads of commitments to

Many thousands responded to the simple Gospel message”

“As part of our Decade of Double Harvest initiative, for about ten-days prior to the crusade, we sent out a team of evangelists into the surrounding villages to conduct mini-crusades.” Evangelists Paul Maurer and Quentin Harrup share the hope of Christ with hungry hearts in an outlying village.

Sharing a light moment with a boy who came forward at the Ogbomosho Crusade, the innocence and faith of a child knows no economic barriers

Christ, the Spirit of God performed signs and wonders as Daniel Kolenda prayed for the sick. “Many thousands responded to the simple Gospel message,” Kolenda recalled. “What a joy it was for me to lead tens of thousands in the arms of Jesus. Afterwards, as I prayed for the sick, miracles took place all over the massive field.” Some of these remarkable acts of God’s love included many testifying of various kinds of pain vanishing from their bodies, vision being restored, and a woman whose legs were paralyzed for 12-years suddenly being healed. Additional reports recounted a woman whose body was permanently bent at the waist abruptly becoming perfectly straight and a boy who had been unable to use his arm for years due to an accident being completely healed. While the miracles are far too numerous to list, Kolenda was quick to recount his favorite, “An old lady who had been unable to

What a joy it was for me to lead tens of thousands in the arms of Jesus. Afterwards, as I prayed for the sick, miracles took place all over the massive field.” Daniel Kolenda

“Suffer the little children to come to me…” Laying hands on a child as a mother brings her little one forward for prayer. Calling upon the Lord for old and young, the Spirit of God moves mightily among those He loves

stand danced and walked with me on the platform,” he reflected. “Afterwards they told me that she was a Muslim. So, I asked her if she wanted to become a Christian. She prayed with me on the platform and put her trust in Jesus!”

To find out more of this initiative please visit

Toronto — Canada


had a front row seat for years after God launched a mighty revival at their church next to Toronto’s airport. Now John Arnott is ministering back at that church during the Light the Fire Again conference in Toronto, Canada.

REVIVALS OFTEN HAVE DIFFERENT EMPHASES. The Toronto Blessing was mostly about God the Father’s loving heart. Arnott didn’t wander far away from that emphasis Thursday night at the conference. He told the more than 3,000 attending, “If you don’t get the love of God right, you can’t get the rest right.” He said he knows God’s Presence, Power, Glory and Grace are all important, but as he put it, “The Love of God is kind of the bookshelf that all the other books rest on.”




A powerful testimony during the LIGHT THE FIRE AGAIN conference in Toronto, Canada.

THE CANADIAN PASTOR URGED the crowd to fall madly in love with God, and just for who He is, not what He can do for them. “It’s kind of like He wants to know whether you want to marry Him for his money or not.” There’s no easy formula for revival, Arnott suggested, but the more Christians can know and show God’s love to a hurting world, that’s what will make the unsaved come to Him. He urged people to press in like his church was when revival burst out in their midst. “We reached out for the Kingdom and the KIngdom reached back for us.” “The thing about the Kingdom is you need to reach for it heart-to-heart, spirit-to-spirit,” Arnott shared. “And you need to reach for it with determination: ‘I’m having this’ and be the violent who take it by force.”


By Peter Vandenberg


e had not been in South Africa long before I had done the necessary familiarization flights. I was now enjoying various flying sites with the small hang gliding community there. One day, several pilots had met at a site to fly. We’d set up our gliders on the top of a hill and were waiting for thermic conditions to develop enough for a flight. As usual, we were sitting near our rigged and ready gliders, watching the weather and talking to each other. We call this ‘hang waiting.’ Most of the pilots waiting were unknown to me, and as is so often the case in ‘hang waiting,’ we were all getting to know each other. I listened to others and told my own story, in which I mentioned that I’d recently arrived from England where I had been involved in a Gospel music group travelling around the UK and that I’d just joined an evangelistic mission here in South Africa.


On hearing this, a young pilot with a British accent spoke for the first time. He asked about our Gospel group and I told him we were known as Rufaro. He got a strange look on his

face and said, “I know you. Your group sang at the church that my parents attend in the city of Leeds in Yorkshire.” I was amazed. We had indeed been there several times. I assumed that he was a Christian, but he said that he’d rejected Christianity and had actually left England to get away from his parents’ insistence on him going to church. He had come to work in South Africa because it was ‘really far away from all that’ and had learned to fly a hang glider since arriving. Uncharacteristically, I was speechless, but not for long. I said to him, “Do you know that there are very few hang glider pilots who are Christians and only

one in the whole of South Africa who is an ordained minister? And I ask you the question: What are the chances of you arriving at this flying site on the very day that I am here and for you to end up talking with me?” I then told him that I didn’t have time to talk much with him because the conditions had just become flyable and I was there, like him, to fly. But I did say that because of the amazing fact of us meeting there, I very much thought that God was trying to tell him something. And if I were him, I would go and find a church and get back to a right standing with the Lord. That was it. The pilots were already moving with their gliders to the launch area and I was right behind them. The young pilot from England also flew, but as he landed much earlier than I did, we didn’t meet up again. It was about six months later, at another flying site during another ‘hang waiting’ session, that I heard the news that a new pilot who came out from England had just been killed in a flying accident. I asked what his name was – and I was shocked when I heard it. It was the young backslider that I had talked to.


What if I had spoken much more to him about Jesus? What if that was the last chance that he had to hear the Gospel again? Taken from INTO THE UNKNOWN by Peter Vandenberg© 2018 and published by Christ for all Nations. Also available as E-Book or Audio Book.

My mind whirled with regretful ‘what-if’s.’ What

before the tragic accident, he told them that he

if I had spoken much more to him about Jesus?

had met Peter Vandenberg from Rufaro while on

What if that was the last chance that he had to

a hillside waiting to fly. He said that Peter told

hear the Gospel again? I was filled with remorse, feeling that I had just not done enough and only because I just wanted to fly. I told Evangeline

him this meeting was more than a coincidence, that God was trying to tell him something and

when I got home, and together we somehow

that he should go and find a church and get

worked around the perceived failure and got on

back to God. He told them that he did exactly

with life.

that and recommitted his life to Jesus in an

One year later, I received a letter from England, from the parents of the young hang glider pilot who had been killed in the accident. They said their son had gone to South Africa to

Assemblies of God church, and sometimes even played his guitar in the church music group. The parents said that they had tried for many months to inform me, but they thought that we

get away from being a Christian and not long

were still in England. They finally managed to

after he arrived there, he was tragically killed

get a South African address for us and sent the

in a hang gliding accident. They had flown to

letter. As you can imagine, this news brought

South Africa for his funeral and then returned with heavy hearts to the UK. On arrival back home, they found a letter in the mail from him.

a lump to my throat and grateful tears to my eyes. I realized again that the Lord only needs

They and the letter had passed each other on

obedience from us, in even the briefest of

opposite journeys to and from South Africa. They

moments. Then the Holy Spirit is released to do

informed me that in his letter, written not long

his powerful work.



M AY 1 - 4 , 2 0 1 9

Daniel Kolenda

Roy Fields

Michael Koulianos

Carlos Annacondia


Carol Arnott

Daniela Freidzon

Joshua Mills


Eric Gilmour

Nathan Morris

Shawn Bolz

Brian Guerin

Duncan Smith

Lindy Conant-Cofer

Andy Byrd

Cindy Jacobs

Todd White


Heidi Baker



a good reason the Light the Fire Again conference is called that. Because the powerful streams of ministry represented at this Toronto gathering want to see God rekindle the flames that erupted into mighty revival fires near the end of the 20th century. Leaders from the Brownsville Revival and the Toronto Blessing and the Argentinian Revival and the mighty harvest that’s swept millions of souls into the Kingdom of God from Reinhard Bonnke’s and Daniel Kolenda’s massive overseas rallies have all come together to ask God to do it again, only more powerfully in the 21st century.


Blessed are the feet of those who bring Good News.”

The meeting was held at

anointing emanating all the way from the stage

the site near the Toronto

to the back of the massive conference hall.

Pearson Airport where John and Carol Arnott along with a guest speaker named Randy Clark watched the Toronto Blessing erupt in 1994, a blessing that would see hundreds of thousands come to experience

from the Brownsville Revival and John Arnott and Randy Clark from the Toronto Blessings shared about those past glorious days and the many miracles they witnessed. They equipped those present with the knowledge of how to position themselves to be used by God in a 21st

the anointing there but

century awakening and harvest that many have

then take it back to their

prophesied could be history’s greatest revival.

countries where it then blessed millions all over the world.

Lou Engle, the internationally-known intercessor who co-founded The Call, the Washington D.C. Justice House of Prayer and Bound4LIFE,

Kolenda’s and Bonnke’s

had attendees lift their shoes toward God and

Christ for all Nations helped

shout, “Lord, send me” as Engle declared over

organize this April 25-28 event as part of its

them, “Blessed are the feet of those who bring

effort to see its motto fulfilled: “Hell empty and

Good News.”

Heaven full.”


Leaders like John Kilpatrick and Michael Brown

He stressed that people need to do much more

More than 3,000 people attended the Light the

than just read the Bible, but to thrust themselves

Fires sessions. Many spoke about the powerful

into the storyline of what God did, is doing

and wants to do in the coming revival. He said they need to insist God put them into the story and not be what he called “second-stringers.  Because secondstringers will just live their lives in the shadows.” John Arnott spoke of how no revival is possible without Christians knowing and showing the love of God the Father to a hungry world. He told attendees, “I just want to be a little boy with a Big Daddy.   We want to be in love with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” He asked them not to just look for a formula that can bring revival.   He stressed that what brought people from all over the world to Toronto in the late 1990s is they just wanted God, or as Arnott put it, “They wanted the living and vital Presence of God.”

They wanted the living and vital Presence of God.” music for earlier moves of God like Don Potter, the Toronto Blessing’s Jeremy Sinnot and the Brownsville Revival’s Lindell Cooley. Others there to share their spiritual insights where Heidi Baker from her work in Mozambique, Claudio Freidzon from the Argentine revival that helped spark Toronto and Brownsville and Morningstar Ministry’s Rick Joyner, who’s made it his life’s work to help bring the streams of God into one mighty river of revival.

He said over the years many seeking to re-ignite revival have asked him what they should stress: God’s grace, power, glory, presence? He stated he’d tell them, “We need to be rooted and grounded in love. The love of God is kind of the bookshelf that all the other books rest on.” A special part of the anointing felt in this conference came from the worship led by those who provided the

Brownsville Revival’s Lindell Cooley.


Daniel Kolenda Joins the March of the Nations in Jerusalem Joins in Celebration of Israel’s 70th Anniversary May 13-15 found thousands of Christians from across the globe converging on Jerusalem to join with Israelis for the March of the Nations (MOTN) and its corresponding conferences. Among them was Daniel Kolenda, president and CEO of Christ for All Nations (CfaN) who was honored

with a spot on the conference platform as an invited speaker for the March 13th activities. Part of a larger event known as the March of Life movement, the MOTN was scheduled during the 70th anniversary of Israel’s reestablishment which officially occurred May 14, 1948. Remarkably, appreciation for the support and participation of Christians was publically and forthrightly endorsed by some of the most powerful people in the still fledgling nation — including members of its government. For example, prior to the renowned event, Knesset member Robert Ilatov said in part, “As the chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus I am proud that Israel will have the opportunity to host the upcoming March of the Nations so that we can march together to remember the six million holocaust victims and to stand strongly in support of Israel.”

Looking heavenward in prayer as hearts from countless nations were knit together seeking God for the peace of Jerusalem

The MOTN was essentially composed of three elements. Its flagship event, held on the final



for peace and protection here tomorrow.”

Addressing small and great from across the globe, Israel’s March of the Nations knit the hearts of the international community in solidarity as they celebrated the fledging nation’s 70th birthday

day of the convocation, was a march through the heart of Jerusalem some 6,000 strong with participants from Israel and countless nations. Additionally, the march was strengthened by representatives from its political block as well as influential members of Israeli society. Conferences were held all three days with impassioned speakers from multiple countries including Germany, Poland, the United States, and Mozambique — to name a few. It was concluded with a closing gala for Israel at a venue on Mount Zion, and featured on live television that was broadcasted to millions of viewers worldwide. On the day he was to address the international assembly, CfaN’s Kolenda observed, “I’m in Jerusalem the day before the US embassy moves here. It makes my heart happy to see the solidarity between these two great nations. The bridge in Jerusalem is lit up with colors of Israel’s flag on one side and red, white & blue on the other. Light poles are all decorated with Israel and American flags side by side.” Referring to the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, he further implored his constituency to, “Pray for peace and protection here tomorrow.”

Sharing God’s heart for “The apple of His eye,” an impassioned Daniel Kolenda pulled out all the stops to lovingly point participants to Israel’s Messiah



Nigeria to Congo

In July, Christ for All Nations postponed its Gospel Outreach Campaign to The Republic of Congo (aka: Congo-Brazzaville). As you can imagine, it was a profoundly difficult choice. It takes months of planning, a lot of resources and countless prayers to pull off a campaign of this scale. As Evangelist Kolenda said, “You can trust me when I say, we don’t make decisions like this flippantly.” However, there are times when events beyond our control force us to change our plans. In this case, our convoy cargo trucks simply couldn’t make the 3,300 kilometer (2,000 mile) journey in time. CfaN’s transport team spent more than eight weeks driving four tractor-trailer trucks from Nigeria to CongoBrazzaville. Along the route, they encountered numerous armed checkpoints, bureaucratic delays, washed-out roads, nearly catastrophic wrecks, mudslides and deadly gun violence. Evangelist Kolenda relayed that the team, “Narrowly escaped death a couple of times. There were shootouts on the road. They crossed active war zones. They showed us a


video of bullets flying inches from their cars, as armed guards were leading them through war zones. That’s what it took...” However, the delay highlights the CfaN team’s incredible resolve. They are tireless, joyful and unwavering in their commitment to reach Africa (and beyond) with the life-giving truth of Jesus Christ. In a related Facebook post, a member of our transport team, Jack Hugo, posted:

Hallelujah. Please pray for favor at this border when it opens...

Congo-Brazzaville: Been on the road 22 hours today and made it now to the Congo Border, praise God. Some of us got stuck, others sliding down the [mud] hills. Crossed countless wooden bridges, but God protected us, Hallelujah. Please pray for favor at this border when it opens in a couple of hours.� They truly are absolute heroes. It also underscores the unseen expenses of working in the developing world. When you give to CfaN, the money goes to keeping guys like Jack Hugo safe while moving gear across guarded borders and through the wilds of the African continent - all for the Glory of God. From our lead evangelist, Daniel Kolenda, through every team member around the world, CfaN remains committed to taking the Good News where it is needed most, no matter the personal cost. And we are unbelievably grateful to our partners for their support. We truly are on this adventure together.

To experience the complete journey please click here. 29





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FIRST EDITION of the Christ for all Nation’s new IMPACT DIGITAL magazine is available for you with our compliments. It gives you an amazing...


FIRST EDITION of the Christ for all Nation’s new IMPACT DIGITAL magazine is available for you with our compliments. It gives you an amazing...