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After reading through Slaying Dragons, I am convinced that its content regarding spiritual warfare will enable the reader to access a new level of faith and authority in Jesus Christ. In these times we must strive to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the spiritual realm like never before. Satan and his army are tirelessly working to deceive believers. It is imperative that we are fully clothed with God’s armor in order to effectively fight back and take authority over all darkness and evil spirits... I fervently encourage every reader to embrace this book’s deep revelation of the spiritual realm. Genuine and true revelation can only lead us to be more like Jesus. Furthermore remember there are millions of lost souls waiting for you to be the bearer of good news and present Jesus to them. Be encouraged and believe that God wants to use your life.  

—Carlos Annacondia International Evangelist


CfaN Impact DIGITAL is an official publication of Christ for all Nations. Its purpose is to update friends and supporters of the ministry with news of the impact their prayer and financial support is having throughout the world.


Reinhard Bonnke

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Caleb Stewart and Charles Ciepel CfaN is a non-denominational missions organization aimed at taking the Gospel message to the world. Christ for all Nations is primarily known for its historic crusades in Africa and recently surpassed a historic milestone of over 79 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ at major events in Africa and other parts of the world. CfaN has offices in countries around the world including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Kenya, Latin America, Nigeria, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States.


GOSPEL TRUCKS ARE IN THE FIELDS! Dear Friend, I write to share some exciting news with you! As part of our vision to realize a Decade of Double Harvest, we’ve increased our efforts to see the number of registered decisions for Christ double – from over 75 million to more than 150 million – within the next ten years. Just last year, as part of that initiative, we unleashed Gospel Trucks to reach out to villages in advance of our Great Gospel Campaigns. At that time, I stated, “I believe the days are soon coming when we will see as many, or more, people saved BEFORE the crusade than during it.” I’m happy to tell you that those days have arrived! Before our Great Gospel Campaign in Nakuru, Kenya (August 8-11) we sent numerous Gospel Trucks to evangelize the surrounding communities. In the six weeks leading up to the campaign, our evangelists recorded more than 300,000 decisions to follow Jesus – BEFORE THE EVENT ACTUALLY STARTED! We are living in a season of double harvest! Now more than ever, I can’t thank you enough for partnering with us both in prayer and financially. Please continue to pray for our team on the ground as they work tirelessly in the school outreaches, village evangelism, and in the preparation for our Great Gospel Campaigns. The best is yet to come in Jesus’ name! May the pages of this magazine bless and inspire to you today as we continue to work together for the Gospel. DANIEL KOLENDA

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WORTHY captures the indescribable experience of joining with hundreds of thousands of people praising God under an African sky and an open heaven. Be inspired to worship Jesus – the Savior who is worthy of all praise.






GOD... ! n i a Ag


understand the deep need that America and the world has for an outpouring of God’s Spirit — in part because my own life was so profoundly changed by the revivals that swept the church in the 1990s. I was among the millions of lives touched by the Brownsville Revival, and I still carry with me today the awareness of His awesome holiness that permeated those meetings so many years ago. I needed


it then and I need it now. America needed it then and America needs it now. The world needed it then and the world needs is now. The good news is that the same God who changed lives in the Toronto Blessing, the Brownsville Revival, the Argentine Revival, and many other outpourings… He is still God today. Because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, we can trust that He wants to do it again – and more! The

Same Holy Spirit will show up, the same anointing will change lives, the same Jesus will show Himself mighty to

save. The Light the Fire Again Conference revisits the moves of God that swept the earth at the end of the last century — not because we need a nostalgia fix — but so we recall who He is so we can encounter Him afresh in our own time. And I can say with confidence, this is our time to encounter God! All over the world, the Holy Spirit is shaking everything that can be shaken. A quick glance at the headlines and anyone can see that

things everywhere are crumbling. But those who put their trust in Him cannot be shaken – they will not be moved from His presence. This is precisely what made the 2019 Pensacola LTFA so remarkable. It was the first time in history that all the streams of revival from the last generation converged in one place at one time. Recounting what God has done grows our trust in Him. And a robust confidence in God empowers us to see our own day transformed by His glory. With that in mind, I can’t encourage you enough to enjoy all of the LTFA sessions we’ve made available on our incredible new CfaN app and our Internet platforms. You will encounter His presence and His presence will change your life in every good way.

He is still God today. Because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, we can trust that He wants to do it again – and more!” And as He changes us, so will our nation and our world change.

- Aaron Yarnall, Nashville, TN


God did so much at the Pensacola Light The Fire Again Conference! The Lord led me to reach out to some of the staff who worked for the Pensacola Civic Center. I tried to talk to one concession stand worker in particular, but he was dismissive. So, I purchased what I came to the counter for and started to walk away. Then, I felt the Lord say, “Bless him,” so I tipped him $20. When he saw the $20 bill, he went out in the hallway to show his wife. He was weeping. After that, I was able to minister to the man and his wife and they were so touched. The next day, I spoke to another woman at the concession stand. I asked if I could pray for her and she said, “Yes!” While I was praying, I felt led to ask her, “This might sound strange, but do you like coloring, or working with kids?” She was shocked and went on to explain that her passion is to work with kids, and she had just bought a coloring book and some markers! She took it as a confirmation that God was trying to get her attention. I told her, “I feel like the Lord is saying that as you begin to color, the Holy Spirit is going to fall on you!” She wept and wept and wept. Then, the next day a woman named Cathy nearly tackled me. She was excited to talk with me. It turns out that all the previous concession workers that I prayed for were her children. She’d been praying for them too and, now, within a 3-day period the whole family was transformed!

- Milena Petkova Thank you for allowing us to be part of the Pensacola Light the Fire Again Conference via livestream. The presence of God was so real and tangible in our home - I can't even find words to explain it. God filled us with His fire, His compassion for souls, and a deep desire to intercede in prayer for the church. God has even given us dreams and visions – all to His Glory! Best of all, God reached right through the computer and healed my son’s knees completely. He was so touched by the miracle and the incredible worship that he now seeks God's face every day!

- Marlene Miranda, Pensacola, FL I came to Light The Fire Again ready to ask for complete healing of my right ear. Sure enough, on Thursday night, when Todd White spoke, he said, “You know, the Lord is going to heal some ears tonight!” Immediately, I said to myself, “Marlene, the Lord is going to heal your ear today!” I didn’t give it a second thought - I just went for it. Todd had us pray from our seats. When we said, “Pop!” immediately I could hear! I even ran some tests as soon as I got home. I asked my cousin to whisper in my ear. No matter how low his volume, I could clearly hear him say, “GLORY TO GOD!” And I agree! He is awesome! God came through! Now all I want to do is tell people about Jesus. I want to reach out to the helpless and hopeless – to tell them about the God who delivered and healed me!



I just attended the Pensacola Light the Fire Again Conference and it was awesome! When we worshipped, the presence of God was so intense. And it’s only continued since I’ve been home. Then, this past Saturday during our homeless ministry, I felt led to pray for a lady who’d had surgery for a brain tumor. As a result of the operation, she could no longer see clearly out of her left eye. I prayed for her and then asked her how her eye felt. She covered her good eye and looked far away… she could see people clearly! God healed her! I have definitely caught the FIRE and it burns deep within me.

- Linda Folsom, San Antonio, TX


- Jason Breger My family and I were deeply impacted by the shared vision, the habitation of God’s healing presence, and, most of all, the identity we experienced as a result of the profound unity. My 19-yearold son was far from God and living his own life in south Florida. He decided to visit us the last night of the conference and God’s presence melted his composure. He surrendered his life to Christ and was baptized in the Spirit! Thank you CFAN for your submission to the Spirit of God!!!!

- Gail Bousum, Delray, FL


Over the years, I’ve had numerous, painful spinal column and back problems. My back has been so twisted up I could hardly stand straight at all. To be honest, I felt like a “bag of bones!” The issues were so bad, that in January of 2019 I began using a walker to get around. So, when I showed up at the Light the Fire Conference in Pensacola, I was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd and the loud music. But it began something in me and over the next few days, I felt the Lord working in my life. On Friday afternoon, after one of the sessions, I went down to the pool at my hotel. A young family that was also attending LTFA was also swimming. We struck up a conversation and after a few moments they asked if they too could pray for my back. As soon as they prayed, my twisted back WENT COMPLETELY STRAIGHT! When my friend who invited me to the conference saw me later, she couldn’t believe it. She exclaimed, “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!” After I drove back home on Sunday, I found myself doing chores around the house that would have been excruciating just a week before. I’m even experiencing clarity of mind like I haven’t had in years. God really did a work in me! I can’t wait for my friends to see me - they’ll see a different person! I no longer need the walker and I’m standing, walking, and praising God completely upright!



Hungry for

Revival P eople are being healed! Marriages are being restored! Addictions are being broken! Teenagers are fired are up for God! Pastors’ hearts are being mended as they are saturated in God’s manifest presence and they more intimately

Jeri and Steve Hill during the revival.

Article photos courtesy of Cathy Woods, official photographer during the Brownsville Revival.


feel His love for them like never before! Thousands of testimonies like these spread like wildfire around the world and drew people by the thousands to Pen­sacola, Flori­da night after night for over five years. The buzz about revival is ramping up once again as word gets out: the Christ for all Nations (CfaN) revival in Africa, the Brownsville Revival, the Argentine Revival, the Toronto Blessing, and other history-making movements of God all converged

We want more of You!”

at the 2019 Light the Fire Again Conference (LTFA) in Pensacola, Florida. True to His character, God moved in ways both familiar and utterly unexpected. Now, anticipation for what God will do next is once again stirring a hunger for revival around the world. Hunger for revival feels and sounds like: “I want more of You, I need more of You.” To this, God’s answer is



Hunger for Revival feels and sounds like: “I want more of you, I need more of you.”


always “Yes.” And, sometimes an important part of that “Yes” is God drawing us to unite our heart cry with the heart cry of thousands of others in a particular place at a particular time. Sometimes it involves being a part of a mighty roar of thousands of people crying out together, “We want more of You.” This is because personal breakthrough often comes when we spontaneously break out with other people in celebration of God, or fall to our knees in the stillness of His tender presence at the same time that other people

do, or break out in a corporate battle cry when we suddenly have an impartation of faith that what seemed impossible is actually available right then and there through Him. One pastor who brought his family and church members to the Brownsville Revival multiple times recently said, “It gave us a greater hunger for an awakening in the world. You just can’t forget that kind of meeting.”

GOD wants to move us from visitation to habitation! With profound insight and exceptional clarity, Bob Gladstone draws the connections between Scripture and modern revival movements to shed light on the church’s central role in God’s awe-inspiring plan for history.



or generations, the Caribbean nation of Cuba was a closed door to the Gospel. Now, the Holy Spirit is kicking it in! God is raising up a generation of leaders in Cuba who understand that they are called not only to serve as shepherds over God’s flocks, but to stand up against the demonic forces that have dictated the island’s atmosphere for too long. To that end, the locally-based Pastoral Unity Project has called on ministries across Cuba to integrate prayer and intercession into their efforts, and to plant 150 “meeting houses” with at least 15 people at each site. It’s a strategy guaranteed to drive back darkness with light!


CfaN is supporting these goals with the donation of 6,000 books that will help equip leaders and congregants for the incredibly important work in front of them. In the coming months, the Pastoral Unity Project will distribute 3,000 copies each of Reinhard Bonnke’s Are We Flammable or Fireproof? and Daniel Kolenda’s Unlocking the Miraculous. And, they plan to do more than simply put the books in the mail. These dedicated leaders will hand deliver the books church by church and house by house, throughout each of Cuba’s provinces. This personal approach will strengthen relationships and leave the churches freshly encouraged and ready to dive into these incredible texts.

Cuba Pentecostals (2.26%) and evangelicals (2.19%) are the fastest growing segments of worldwide Christianity.






omé, Togo is home to the world’s largest Voodoo market. Spiritualism, Animism, and other demonic practices are common place. What a perfect location for the first CfaN Gospel Outreach Campaign of 2019! Our team planned on holding the event in Lomé weeks before we actually did, but our crew was held up at the border forcing us to postpone. But, it was wellworth the wait. This WestAfrican nation, known for its spiritual culture, showed itself to be hungry for more


than the empty promises of false gods. Night after night, capacity crowds cried out for the presence and power of the one true God – and He answered their pleas with power! Tens of thousands answered Evangelist Kolenda’s clear calls to salvation. He encouraged the audience to bring any demonic trinkets, fetishes, amulets, idols, and/or “juju” to be burned in giant barrels placed near the front of the crowd. Often, these tokens are given to people by witch doctors who instill fear and prey on the superstitions that are rife in local communities throughout the region. When participants accept Jesus, they also renounce the power they’ve given evil spirits over their lives and destroy any artifact associated with them. Evangelist Kolenda prays with the new believers and breaks




DANIELKOLENDA.COM Download our Free App

CAMPAIGN REPORT every curse over their lives. Then, when the barrels are full, they are lit on fire. It always happens that as the reminders of their old lives go up in smoke, the audience members shout in victory, praising God for His gracious salvation! However, something above and beyond happened in Togo. Once the initial content of the barrels settled into ash, even more members of the massive crowd ran to the front and filled them to overflow again! The team relit the blaze and fresh praise broke out as God once again poured out the blessing of His presence on the crowd. The Holy Spirit met the enthusiasm of the people with many miracles. The testimonies include:


• A woman who was involved in a car accident and could not walk for one year was completely healed. • A paralyzed woman who had to be carried to the services was healed and walked home on her own. • Another lady had been paralyzed from the waist down for 8 months. She couldn’t walk – instead, she literally dragged herself on the ground. After the prayer for the sick, she was completely healed and began walking as if nothing had ever happened. • A young lady whose foot was twisted to one side was healed – her foot now points straight ahead. She can now walk with no issues.

• One man testified that his left knee was damaged in an accident. After the prayer for the sick all the pain left his knee. • Two ladies who suffered with severe demonic oppression/ possession were completely delivered after receiving prayer. God continues to amaze us as He fulfills His promises in Africa and beyond!






he task of evangelism depends on us, not on the people who need to hear it. To put it bluntly, simply, lost people don’t know they’re lost. It’s up to us, God’s family of believers, to show them “the map” and guide them home. 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 explains, “Even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that


they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God” (NIV). The truth of the Gospel is veiled, or hidden, from

The task of evangelism depends on us, not on the people who need to hear it.

unbelievers. The god of this age, the thief, the usurper, blinds the minds and confuses the understanding of people. They literally cannot see the light of the Gospel. This is the set up – the problem that anyone interested in evangelizing the lost must overcome. So, we must ask ourselves, how do we rip off the blindfolds from their hearts? What can we do to open the eyes of their hearts so they can see and believe?

The answer, my friend is simple. We need to drive the liar out of their lives! We must command him, “Satan, spirit of unbelief, let go of their minds!” When Satan lets go of the minds, the light of the Gospel can freely shine in people’s lives. I always enjoy preaching in homes whenever I get the chance. I remember visiting one particular family – I began to speak about the Lord and all the members of the family sat around me and listened attentively. That is, everyone except the grandmother. She stayed in the kitchen. Though she could hear everything, she showed her disapproval by her absence.

The rest of the family nodded in agreement as I spoke. God was touching their hearts. But occasionally the grandma would interrupt from the kitchen. She’d stick her head in and yell, “You make people pay tithes,” and then disappear again. I tried to explain that it isn’t like that – I wasn’t even talking about finances! But, as soon as I got back on track, she’d appear again and assert another interjection, “But you don’t believe in Mary.” Again, I tried to explain, “We honor Mary, but we worship Jesus.” But, as you can imagine, the whole situation annoyed me! As soon as I’d make progress with the other family

members, she’d poke her head in and spout out something completely off topic. Everyone would get distracted and I’d have to start all over again. Finally, I’d had enough. I politely asked if I could use the restroom. As soon as I closed the door behind me, I got down on my knees, took authority, and

We have power and authority in the name of Jesus, but Satan will only respect that authority when we exercise it.” 27


commanded, “Satan, spirit of unbelief, spirit of argument, loose the minds right now!” I prayed intensely for several minutes. The bathroom was cramped, and it wasn’t long before I was sweating. When I reemerged, I was red in the face and more than a bit disheveled. I could see the amusement my appearance caused on the faces of the group as I took my seat. But, to everyone’s surprise, the grandmother walked out of the kitchen, took a seat beside me and said, “Pastor, it’s lovely that you could join us today. Please go on with what you were saying.” By the time I finished, the whole family accepted Jesus… including the grandmother!


We exercise our authority as we stand in the character of Jesus who had no tolerance for the kingdom of darkness. Jesus boldly told Satan to release the souls that he had kept captive. And we today must also tell the devil plainly, “They do not belong to you… Let them go, now!” We have victory in our hands. Satan will never admit that. After all, he is a liar, a thief, and a scoundrel. So, don’t wait for him to make the first move. Instead, come against him hard and fast with the Word of God, for he is powerless against it. When we do, the eyes of the unbeliever will be opened to the truth of the Gospel and they will be free to choose Jesus!

It is, my friends, as Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:12, “We are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against Read more of this incredible content in, HUMBLED mighty powers By Carlos Annacondia and Published by Christ for all in this dark Nations. Visit Cfan.org/humbled world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places” (NLT). We have power and authority in the name of Jesus, but Satan will only respect that authority if and when we actually exercise it. He no longer has rights over us, but he will not release that which he has held for so long without a struggle.

The greatest fortune on earth pales in comparison to

. om d s i w godly

From the dawn of recorded history, humans have traversed continents and faced great obstacles in search of wealth. Yet, ancient Israel’s King Solomon wrote, “Sell everything and buy Wisdom! Forage for Understanding! Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom!” (Proverbs 4:5 - MSG). The greatest fortune on earth pales in comparison to godly wisdom.

World-renowned Evangelist Bonnke has now collected into one book the insightful vignettes of wisdom from his more than 40-years of faith-filled ministry. Godly Gems offers the reader clear, concise, and practical wisdom that can be readily applied to life’s challenges. Godly Gems is the perfect book for anyone who wants to enrich themselves with true heavenly treasure! Síguenos en:


Visit: cfan.org/godlygems


I am Reinhard Bonnke and I'd like to share these true stories of my life with you.

A Testimony of God’s



In his more than 40-years of ministry, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has written over 30 books. But none of them has been quite like his newest, The Boy Whose Life Touched Millions. It’s by far his shortest work… but it’s also his mostillustrated. And it is his only text to date that answers the pressing question, “What do a circus, a ship, and a dance hall for teens all have


in common?” Spoiler alert… God used events at each of those places to form a young future evangelist into the faith-filled man of God

who would one day found CfaN and spearhead an ongoing revival across Africa! The Boy Whose Life Touched Millions is Evangelist Bonnke’s autobiography written to be enjoyed by children. It’s delightful, adventurous, and has a surprising emotional transparency. That is to say, it’s a Reinhard Bonnke book only with a slightly smaller vocabulary! Young

make a version of his life story available to the youngest citizens of God’s Kingdom. If children, like himself, catch a vision for what the Holy Spirit can do with their lives, there’s no devil in hell who can stop them. The Boy Whose Life Touched Millions shares just such a vision and will be a tipping-point read for kids everywhere. Published in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

hearts (of all ages) will be inspired to lean into God’s voice, take risks in faith, and reach out to souls all around the globe. The Apostle Matthew famously reported, “One day children were brought to Jesus in the hope that he would lay hands on them and pray over them. The disciples shooed them off. But Jesus intervened: ‘Let the children alone, don’t prevent them from coming to me. God’s kingdom is made up of people like these’ ” (Matthew 19:14-15 – MSG). Inspired by this truth, Evangelist Bonnke wanted to

Full color pages in Hardcover.


REINHARD BONNKE SHARES HIS SECRET TO A FIRE-FILLED MINISTRY! There is a dynamic, dead-raising power that dwells in every believer in Jesus Christ. This book promises to challenge your thinking on the Holy Spirit and inspire you to believe in the amazing power of God’s Spirit within you.


Siberia: A land not forgotten


iberia – the word itself chills the bones and conjures images of ice and snow as

Jean-Luc Trachsel,

city. At one point, the pastors

Mattheus Van Der Steen,

were in a bitter feud. But

Sergey Ryakhovsky, Sergey

the Holy Spirit worked His

Senokosov, Vladimir Ashaev,

transformative power in

Marcus Wenz, and local

far as the eye can see. But in

their relationship. Now, they

Pastors and Bishops. More

April, CfaN Lead Evangelist,

both share God’s heart to see

than 4,000 people gathered

Daniel Kolenda, helped

the city won for Jesus. That

to hear Evangelist Kolenda

bring a spiritual thaw to the

their unity was contagious

región when he preached

is evidenced by the fact that

several fiery messages at The

every local church joined

Power of Healing Conference

in the effort to host the

in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

powerful conference. What a

(April 3–7).


The Power of Healing


Krasnoyarsk, Siberia’s largest

Over the course of the

Conference was the first of

conference, participants

its kind in Russia. It arose

heard life-changing messages

from a surprising partnership

from Daniel Kolenda, Pastor

between two pastors in

Bill Johnson, Ben Fitzgerald,

Honestly, I was surprised by Daniel’s deep theological roots and his powerful message.

during a Gospel Night meeting — a massive number in this part of the world. He preached a clear, impassioned message and over 600 people ran to the Altar to make Christ their Lord! Evangelist Kolenda also had the chance to share an indepth teaching with pastors and leaders from the region. A pastor from Moscow described his reaction to the session: “Honestly, I was surprised by Daniel’s deep theological roots and his powerful message. As an evangelist, I was

profoundly touched by the Gospel in such a powerful way.” The Power of Healing Conference is another example of how CfaN, through your support, is taking the Gospel to the far corners of the earth!



I recently had the opportunity to take part in the GLOBAL EVANGELISM ALLIANCE committee meetings in Bogotรก Colombia and it is truly amazing to witness first-hand what the Holy Spirit is doing in the realm of global evangelism. Under the leadership of evangelist Daniel Kolenda, the GEA executive committee is comprised of more than thirty internationally recognized, Spirit-filled, evangelists like Todd White, Ben Fitzgerald, Andy Byrd, and many others. When Dr. Billy Wilson asked Evangelist Kolenda to spearhead the GEA as the evangelistic arm of the global Empowered 21 movement, the CfaN president was not interested in simply a prestigious position of influence, but was adamant about creating a platform for collaborative evangelism with real soul-winning outcomes. The purpose of the alliance is to unify global evangelism efforts such as Gospel crusades, evangelism trainings, ministry networks, and strategic events that mighty men and women of God are already doing. Rather than


sitting around a boardroom table discussing the various theories on world evangelism, the GEA is committed to actually winning the world for Jesus. One of the goals discussed at the Bogotรก meeting was appointing national, regional, district, and city evangelism representatives that will cover the globe. In fact, within the next three years, the GEA plans to have a technological structure in place that will allow evangelists from every nation to collaborate with each other for outreaches and campaigns of all shapes and sizes within this international framework. This will open up a whole world of opportunities, not just to leaders of big ministries, but to every kind of follower of Jesus who burns with a passion to win the lost. Raising up the next generation of soulwinners was also a vital component of the meeting. Each evangelist was encouraged to submit their top evangelism insights for the purpose of creating a streamlined evangelism curriculum that will be compiled and edited for use at the first GEA school of evangelism next spring. The aim is to have one or two aspiring evangelists from every nation attend this school and receive training in order to take not only a burning fire for souls, but also international best practices for evangelism back to their countries. Combining this with exciting new technology and the growing international network of Holy Spirit soulwinners that are coming together, the GLOBAL EVANGELISM ALLIANCE is creating a Kingdom-expanding impact like we have never seen.


FINLAND will be



ecently Evg. Daniel Kolenda and the team from Christ for all Nations visited Keuruu, Finland for the National Pentecostal Conference. Every Summer the Pentecostal movement


hosts this event calling its members to gather for a time of equipping with the evening meetings solely focused on Evangelism. The committee prayerfully considers which International Speakers they should invite as guest ministers and this year we learned that prior to Evg. Kolenda, only two others have ever been invited to share at this conference. Those

individuals being Evg. Reinhard Bonnke, the Founder of Christ for all Nations, and Suzette Hattingh, former Lead Intercessor for Evg. Bonnke. Learning of the rich history between the

ministry of Christ for all Nations and the Pentecostal Movement in Finland confirmed that this was a divine moment. Thousands from across the region attend this 3-day Summer Conference. This year was no different. Meetings were held throughout the day by dynamic pastors from different churches in the region. In the evenings, Evg. Kolenda had the opportunity to preach the Gospel, pray for the sick, and usher all in attendance into the presence of God, challenging them to reach

their nation with the Gospel at all cost. Each night the altars were full in response to the Gospel message with many dedicating their life to Christ. Although the Scandinavian personality traits are known to be more skeptical, cautious, and reserved, we witnessed a tremendous outcry from the people. The ministry of Christ for all Nations, led by Evg. Daniel Kolenda, continues to focus their efforts on fulfilling the Great Commission by reaching not

only the continent of Africa but all the nations of the world by participating in such meetings as hosted in Finland. The harvest is ripe! For that reason, Christ for all Nations will continue to call evangelists from all over the world to partner with them in carrying the Gospel to the ends of the earth, while leading their own efforts.




ver since the 2018 Light the Fire Again Conference in Toronto, I’ve had something in my heart: a desire to stir up passion for the Holy Spirit in the Church. God is lifting up men and women who have a passion for the Holy Spirit. If we seek Him, we will find Him. We know this is true from Scripture. In the Bible, we read that Moses had a passion to see God and He revealed Himself in the burning


bush. John the Baptist had a passion to see God and he saw the glory of God come down on Jesus. God is not a respecter of persons. He will not treat us differently than He treated them. If we are passionate to see Him, to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit, He will show up! When I was just a young teenager, I first saw my future wife, Betty. I would see her a few minutes each day when she went in and out of her home. I fell in

love with her. So much so, that even when my family moved to a different city, I never forgot about her – I maintained my passion for her. When I was old enough, I went back to our home town and literally knocked on door, after door, after door until I found her again. Now, she is my bride and the love of my life. It was worth the time I took to find her. She was worth searching for. I share this story because it is all the more true that the Glory of God is worth

I’ve had something in my heart: a desire to stir up passion for the Holy Spirit in the Church. looking for. He is worth the effort to pray, praise, worship, and seek. We should all get in our prayer closets and search for Him on our own. But we must also come together as a body of believers and cry out to find Him – to know where He is and join Him there. That is exactly why I’ve been a part of the Light the Fire

Again Conferences and why I was thrilled to meet with thousands of my brothers and sisters in Pensacola this September. We looked for God and He showed Himself. And because we saw Him, everything has changed. You see, when you encounter God’s authentic presence you fall so in love that you will knock on door, after door,

after door until you find Him again. Are you ready to knock on His door with us at the next LTFA? I hope so – I know you won’t be disappointed.

*Article is an excerpt of the message delivered at the Light the Fire Conference in Toronto, Canada.




f you want to burn, you need the oil. It’s a simple fact – there is no fire without fuel. The authors of the Bible often used the image of oil to portray the Holy Spirit. And, in the book of Acts, we read that when


If you want to burn, you need the oil.”

the Holy Spirit came on the early church, a fire was lit on, and in, their lives. Fire is a powerful, powerful force. It brings light into darkness. It brings warmth into the cold. It can destroy strongholds, power massive machines, change raw ingredients into nourishing food, and renew huge swaths of land. Fire is essential to our physical lives. In the same way, the fire of God is essential to our spiritual lives. We need the light, heat, strength, sustenance, and renewal that it brings. But, if we want God’s holy fire to burn in us, we need the oil of the Holy Spirit to fuel it. The question isn’t if we need it. It’s, where do we get it? The answer is found, again, in the book of Acts. In Chapter One we read that

before Jesus ascended to the right hand of God the Father, He told his followers to get together in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit to come. This principle holds true today: the followers of Jesus get the oil of the Spirit to fuel the fire of God on their lives when they simply gather and wait on Him to come. That’s why I was at the 2019 Pensacola Light the Fire Conference with tenthousand Jesus-followers doing just that – waiting for the Holy Spirit to bring fuel to the flames of revival in my life, our nation, and this world. We all need fresh oil from Him to stay ablaze. So, I hope you’ll join us at the next LTFA as we wait with confidence that He will come and light the fire in our hearts on fire again. *Article is an excerpt of the message delivered at the Light the Fire Conference in Toronto, Canada.


The Necessity of Nothing settles a debate quite like the presence of God. For some time now, the church in America, indeed in much of the West, has slowly adopted the falsehood that God is here to please us. The modern church argues that humans are who we are, and that God and His Word should change to suit our needs, satisfy our desires, and placate our requests. The Scriptures, on the other hand, make a different case. In the Bible, we see that the early church was so focused on the life of Jesus and so infused with the reality of His death and resurrection that no personal sacrifice was considered too great and no act of service too extreme. The church of the Bible lived in prayer and communion, sharing all they had and eagerly awaiting Christ’s return. By contrast, many in today’s church can’t decide if it's worth getting out of bed to worship God in community. Perhaps, it asks itself, we could


just livestream the highlights over brunch? But, when we come face to face with the magnitude of His holiness and the power of His love, we quickly realize who got it right. When God shows up, there is no question to whom all authority belongs. His presence blasts our pop-psychology, control group-driven, comfortoriented version of the Gospel right out of the water. It reminds us in no uncertain terms who is Creator and who is mere creation. It reminds us that we are here to please God, not the other way around. The good news is that a life lived to please God is the most thrilling life possible. The presence of God is to the human soul as water is to a fish. It is the atmosphere in which we thrive. And when we live according to God’s Word, our lives are full of His presence.

Revival This is the necessity of revival – an extended, unadulterated, community encounter with the presence of God. In His presence, our arguments are silenced, our questions are answered, and the clarity of His Word gives us purpose and direction. Our nation can’t change unless our churches change. Our churches can’t change unless they meet with God. That is the purpose of the Light the Fire Again Conferences, like the one just held in Pensacola, FL – a city famous for the historymaking Brownsville Revival. We need revival because it is there that we encounter Him in profound and life-shaping ways. When we encounter Him, we want to be like Him. And when the church begins to look like Him again, the world will be irresistibly drawn to His Kingdom. *Article is an excerpt of the message delivered at the Light the Fire Conference in Toronto, Canada.



Making Room for the

Friends, we are living in extraordinary times – and, only extraordinary encounters with the glory of God can put America, and the world, on the path of righteousness. The good news is, God wants to show us His glory. He wants it more than even we do. And like the Bible promises, He’s going to pour it out on all people. The church needs to get ready for an outpouring of glory like it has never seen before. In Scripture, we see the pattern of God revealing himself first to Israel, and then to the rest of the world. We’re wise to keep our eyes, and prayers, on Israel – it’s the canary in the coal mine. When the glory starts to fall there, we’ll know the heavens are about to open everywhere else. I don’t have to tell you that things are changing for, and in, Israel. That is a road-sign the church needs to heed. Equally as important, the church needs to make room for the Holy Spirit to move in our services. We limit our own ability to encounter the glory when we insist on our own agendas



– when we don’t make space in our services, prayer gatherings, leaders’ meetings, or our own homes for the Holy Spirit to surprise us with His overwhelming presence. The worst thing we can do is put our own schedules above His. It’s good to plan. But our plans should always be subject to God’s. That’s one of the reasons I’ve love the Light the Fire Again Conferences. Evangelist Kolenda and his team are dedicated to making room for the glory. They know that if human effort could save the world, it already would have. But it can’t. Only being with Him and abiding in Him, can change the human heart. And I hope you’ll join us at the next LTFA to do just that. As someone who has been blessed with many sacred encounters with God’s presence, I cannot recommend enough that you make room for the glory of God in your church, your family, and your everyday life. You can trust me when I tell you, there’s nothing else like it anywhere. *Article is an excerpt of the message delivered at the Light the Fire Conference in Toronto, Canada.




ou know, no matter how long I do this, I’m still amazed by God. There’s just no one else like Him. There is only ONE holy God. We were made to worship Him, and our lives really only make sense when we live out of our worship for Him. He is the miracle worker, the promise keeper, the light in the darkness. Even when we ignore Him, or forget Him, or stop seeking Him, or even believing… He is still Himself! He continues to work miracles, keep promises, and bring light into darkness. We don’t worship Him to coax Him into doing those things. He never stops doing them. He’ll do them with or without us. That’s who He is. But, when we worship Him, we open our lives up to His touch. There is no place too far that God can’t reach. There is nothing that can separate us from His love. So, no matter where we

are spiritually, emotionally, physically – He’ll bring His miracle-working, promisekeeping, light-beaming presence straight to us the moment we open our hearts to Him in worship. That’s why I love revival. I love the people of God, together worshipping Him, in awareness of His character. I love corporate worship because God shows up in a big way. There’s no place I wouldn’t go to experience Him, to be

with Him. That’s why I was at the 2019 Pensacola Light the Fire Again Conference this September. With that many people worshipping Him in one place, there was no question in my mind that He’d come and be exactly who He is. I didn’t want to miss it. And, for that same reason, I hope you can make it to the next one. *Article is an excerpt of the message delivered at the Light the Fire Conference in Toronto, Canada.



Village Outreach

Evangelism L

eonard Ravenhill stated, “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.” Let us harness the moment, seize the opportunities God provides, and run with Christ to rescue the perishing of our generation. I had a powerful encounter with the Lord that ignited my faith while attending the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism in 2013. I was amazed to see the Lord perform physical healings and miracles after the school at my workplace — TBN’s Holyland Experience. While attending the school again in 2018, the opportunity to partner with CFAN for the Village Outreach Evangelism Trucks in Port Harcourt Nigeria became available. The Lord showed Himself strong during our travels to Port Harcourt as we prayed for a man in a wheelchair who rose up and walked. People in the airport lined up for prayer after this resulting in many healings, several


We like to thank National Geographic – Paolo Verzone and The Holy Land Experience – Zabdiel Figueroa for allowing to share these photos.

salvations, and people being filled with the Holy Spirit! Din Bissoondial and I were the second team of evangelists to arrive in Port Harcourt, Nigeria out of a total of six teams (each team having their own week). The evangelism trucks have the ability to go into rural and hard to reach places where a normal crusade cannot go. During the outreach a praise team sings, the main CFAN Gospel Crusade is promoted, and a salvation message is given followed by an altar call and many being healed. The evangelism trucks are a team effort, and all CFAN directors, technicians, counselors, musicians, interpreters, drivers, trainers,

and a local pastor all have an essential role to play. In Port Harcourt we had the opportunity to preach in 12 meetings where 4,815 people heard the Gospel message and 2,346 made a decision for Jesus! Two people who were deaf in one ear were healed, and many backs, knees, lungs, headaches, shoulders, waist pain, and many other illnesses were healed. The demonically oppressed were also set free. The Village Outreach Evangelism Truck next went to LomĂŠ Togo before the main CFAN Gospel Campaign. Jared Horton and I were the second team of evangelists to arrive. The Lord allowed us to preach the Gospel to 3,912 people in 16 outreach

meetings and see 607 people make a decision for Jesus. A man’s tumor on his back disappeared and all his pain left, a man’s blind right eye was healed, and many backs, waists, necks, shoulders, breast, lung, knee and foot pain were also healed. I am

so grateful and truly praise God for the opportunity to serve with CFAN on the evangelism trucks. May the Lord abundantly bless you as you share the love of Jesus with those around you.



The Wilderness:

A place of great spiritual reward The much-lauded Christian writer and

apologist G. K. Chesterton was once asked, “What book would you want to have with you if you were stranded on a desert island?” Without a moment’s hesitation he answered, “Thomas’ Guide to Practical Shipbuilding.” Chesterton’s quip was as wise as it was clever. Whether it’s a literal desert island or a more-likely emotional wilderness, eventually, we all need clearheaded advice on how to survive hostile environments. Fortunately, the Bible is full of stories in which God meets His children in, and sees them through barren wastelands. In his new book, Wilderness Survival Guide, Christ for All Nations (CfaN) Lead Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, draws on the wisdom of Scripture and the practicalities of actual outdoor survival techniques, to instruct readers how to survive and thrive in life’s deserts. As Evangelist Kolenda said of the book, “The wilderness is a hard place. But it’s as crucial for our lives as it is painful. While a desert season feels terribly wrong, and loneliness and despair may seem to reign, God is with you and He desires to use the wilderness for your eternal good. To reap its benefits, however, you must understand its nature and purpose. That’s the reason for this book. It will look


to the Bible as a spiritual survival guide for the desert — the supreme source of wisdom both for enduring the wilderness, as well as navigating safely through it to God’s promised destination.” The wilderness is an untamed, even hostile environment. It represents a most difficult season for the human soul. But, through faith in God, it can become the source of our greatest spiritual reward. Wilderness Survival Guide will help you find that faith and apply it with insight to your own situation. To order or learn more, visit www.shopus. cfan.org Wilderness Survival Guide, is out now! Order it from the CfaN Store today and receive a free teaching DVD to accompany this powerful and inspiring book. Used together or separately, these resources are excellent tools for churches to use with new believers, in small groups, or for personal devotions. And, users of the YouVersion Bible app will be able to complement their experience with a free download of the 30-day Wilderness Survival digital-devotional.

"The wilderness is a hard place. But it's as crucial for our lives as it is painful. While a desert season feels terribly wrong, and loneliness and despair seem to reign, God is with you..."


ThisThis resource includes the the Wilderness Survival book, resource includes Wilderness Survival book, 30-Day Bible Study andand teaching DVD.DVD. 30-Day Bible Study teaching It isIta isgreat tooltool for new believers, home a great for new believers andgroups, home groups, which provides great teaching, encouragement andand hope. which provides great teaching, encouragement hope. VisitVisit cfan.org/wilderness cfan.org/wilderness 39


aturday February 23rd, 2019 is a day for the history books. Upwards of sixty-thousand people came to Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida for The Send, a collaborative, multi-ministry gathering designed to inspire and equip the church to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. In an incredible show of unity, dozens of ministries joined forces to make The Send a reality. Speakers such as CfaN Lead Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Francis Chan, Bill Johnson, Lou Engel, Todd White, Mike Bickel, Michael Koulianos, Andy Byrd, Teo Hayashi, Heidi Baker, and many others emboldened the audience with biblical truth and impartations of the Holy Spirit. As Evangelist Kolenda told the capacity crowd, “If you go without the power, you’ll have nothing to give.” Hillsong Young & Free, Jeremy Riddle, Jesus Culture, Tasha Cobbs, Lindy and the Circuit Riders, Stephanie Gretzinger, Darwin Hobbs, Matt Gilman, and Dunamis Music led


the massive crowd in God’s presence-soaked praise and worship. All told, The Send was positively mind-blowing. Building on the success of The Send Orlando, these like-minded ministries have set their collaborative sights on not one, but three simultaneous events in Brazil on February 8th, 2020. Three stadium events on the same day! To put it mildly, the undertaking is huge. But, according to Evangelist Kolenda, it’s well worth the effort. For CfaN, The Send is a clear expression of Evangelist Kolenda's vision to see a "Decade of Double Harvest" over the next ten years. Over the past forty years, CfaN has led more than 78 million people to Jesus. But, as populations around the world soar, there’s a strong sense that it is time to double down. So, Evangelist Kolenda and the CfaN team are strategizing on how to win twice as many people to Jesus over the next ten years as the ministry has in the last forty. A central role in The Send is part of that strategy. As he told a group of pastors just before

The next event is scheduled for Feb. 2020 in Brazil

the Orlando gathering, “Every leader involved with the event recognizes that no single ministry can do it alone. If we are going to see our loved ones, friends, neighbors, communities living life for Jesus; then every leader, congregation, organization, group, and individual has to be all in. Jesus didn’t send a few select people. He sent all of us. The Send is all about catalyzing the whole body of Christ to act. History will look back at The Send and say it changed our generation.” Motivated by their laser-focus on evangelism, Evangelist Kolenda and the CfaN team led the charge on the event’s organization. CfaN is headquartered in Orlando and the team was thrilled to help ignite a fresh passion for evangelism in their own "backyard." Accordingly, CfaN hosted a table where they shared how anyone could connect with the ministry, serve overseas, and take part in this Spirit-led movement. They also gave away more than 30k copies of Kolenda's book Unlocking the Miraculous – a text he wrote specifically to help spark a mass movement of prayer and evangelism. The efforts of all those involved paid off. Nearly 3,000 people made first time decisions to follow Christ in response to Evangelist Kolenda's morning address. Tens of thousands more committed to evangelize their communities throughout the day-long event. Above all else, these fresh pledges reveal the heart behind the epic gathering: to spark the greatest era of evangelism and

missions in church-history. CfaN has every intention to be just as involved as The Send embarks on its 2020 strategy. The Send plans to fill both Morumbi Stadium and Allianz Parque Stadium in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as Brasília National Stadium in the nation’s political capitol city, Brasília. If every Christ-follower in Brazil brought one person to Jesus this year, the Church would grow by more than 46 million people! The Send plans to make it as easy as possible for Brazilian believers to do exactly that. And CfaN is going to help every step of the way. Amazingly, that isn’t all! In addition, The Send will continue the momentum that began in Orlando and fill Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Kansas in October of 2020. Arrowhead stadium holds 75,000 people and is known by Kansas City Chiefs fans everywhere as “the loudest stadium in America.” The Send plans to put that nickname to good use lifting up the high praises of the King above every king, Jesus Christ! Go to the SEND.ORG today to learn more and to register for the upcoming events in Brazil and/or Kansas City, KS.



Here at CfaN we’re believing God to reach twice as many people in the next ten years as we did in the last forty. And we plan to do that the same way we always have... inspired innovation. Under the leadership of our founder, Reinhard Bonnke, Christ for all Nations pioneered large tent evangelism, open-air Gospel crusades, portable stage design, mass-communication sound systems, church and government relations, team organization… not to brag, but the list is quite long. Evangelist Bonnke gathered a team of world class experts, craftsman, technicians, logisticians, and passionate Jesus-followers with a myriad of skill sets and pointed them all toward one goal: reach people with the Good news of Jesus Christ. Today, our President and Lead Evangelist, Daniel Kolenda, has taken that baton and run


with it headlong into the digital era. He still preaches a clear, impassioned Gospel message to millions on actual stages around the world; but thanks to modern technology, that message is reaching millions more through satellite TV, online content, social media platforms, blogs, livestreams, and other available communication tools. In the mold of his mentor, Evangelist Kolenda has inspired a fresh generation of ground-breakers to push the boundaries of the possible for the sake of souls. Now, all of these CfaN efforts can be personally experienced through the brand new CfaN app. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the CfaN app allows users to stream CfaN shows, listen to podcast, read the blog, register for events, shop for resources, give, and keep up with the latest news – all from their favorite portable device. It also puts all CfaN’s Web and social media assets under one convenient “Connect” tab. In an instant,

users can reach their favorite CfaN platform with the push of a button, all from the palm of their hand. Best of all, the app makes it easier than ever to equip fellow-believers to evangelize their circle of influence. Anyone with a smart phone or digital-tablet can access teachings and stories that will inspire them to go deeper in their own lives and make Jesus known in the lives of others. It’s a profoundly helpful tool and the CfaN team is happy to make it available free of charge. Join in CfaN’s legacy of innovation and download the app today! To learn more about the new CfaN app, simply search for “CfaN” in the iTunes App Store, on Google Play, in the Amazon App Store, or in the Roku Channel Store.

You can now enjoy and have access on your device to all of CfaN's global outreach


efforts. It is also a way for us to stay in touch, provide sign up opportunities, and current event updates to our international ministry.

Access tons of exclusive content! Event Schedules and Info Stream CfaN shows Listen to podcasts Register for upcoming events Shop for resources Give Keep up with the latest news

And more !



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