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lAchowski The model who broke the mold

Nico Rosberg

ExclusivE intErviEw

F1 world champion


Joe Mimran canada’s most stylish EntrEprEnEur




high PerFormAnce cArs And trendy wAtches $6.99 Display Until september 30th


T H E 2 0 1 6 A C U R A T L X S H - AW D ® With aggressive yet sophisticated styling, the 2016 TLX demands attention on the road. Loaded with technology and performance options, including torquevectoring Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®); 9-speed automatic transmission; available award-winning AcuraWatch™ advanced safety and driver assistive technologies, and more, the TLX is the thrilling step up you’ve been waiting for.

S TA R T I N G F R O M $ 4 0 , 4 9 0 *

acura.ca/TLX *Prices not applicable in Quebec. MSRP is $40,490 on a new 2016 Acura TLX SH-AWD® (UB3F3GJ). Model shown is a new 2016 Acura TLX SH-AWD® (UB3F3GJ) with optional accessories (MSRP: $42,990). Prices exclude $2,045 freight and PDI, fees, license, insurance, registration, and taxes. Some terms/conditions apply. Model shown for illustration purposes only. Offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. While quantities last. Visit acura.ca or your Acura dealer for details. © 2016 Acura, a division of Honda Canada Inc.

TLX shown with accessory rims



PROFUMO, the new intensity

Chris Pine


AdrenAline issue Cover

Francisco Lachowski: the male model making history


What does it really take to get to Rio? Canadian Olympians and their stories/ Tennis is all the rage: Karl Hale & The Rogers Cup


Joe Mimran: Canada’s most stylish entrepreneur


Gold for summer/ How smart can a watch be?/ The brand that changed how we see watches: Daniel Wellington

CarS & BikeS

Fast lane: luxury & performance/ The need for speed: we’re all about bikes / Exclusive interview with Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg


The new cool : G-Eazy


Tech gadgets to simplify your life/ Can you build your own app?


The future of pot in Canada / The van man: the model who got rid of his apartment to live in a van & travel the world / The action movies of the year

food & drink

Dare to taste? Exotic food to try in Canada right now / All about the Goose/ The best mixologists


Cool suits for the urban man / The white sneaker is the new dress shoe / Casual sportswear is cool / Zombie Boy is dressed to the nines


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Stéphane Le Duc, Marie-Eve Venne, Bianca Taylor, Ricardo Tucci, Anthony O’Dell, Braydon Holmyard, Ciaran Breen, Abe Challah, David Kristensen, Ivan Ross Vrana, Ryan Yuh




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Brian Ypperciel

Brian Ypperciel

This fashion photographer from Montreal is unparalleled when it comes to capturing the beauty of each and every one of the subjects who pass through his lens. A man of passion with a unique signature, he is a lighting master who is dedicated to creating a warm atmosphere on his set; one in which team work always prevails.

Geneviève Charbonneau

Geneviève is a passionate and energetic photographer. After receiving her first camera at 14 years old, she began taking pictures of her friends using an old white sheet as a background. She has been working in the industry for over 10 years and has worked on many campaigns and contributed to a handful of fashion magazines. “I am extremely privileged to work in this industry”, she says fondly. “There is nothing else I would have liked to do.”

Anthony O’Dell

Anthony O’Dell is a freelance fashion writer that’s focused on all things style related. When he isn’t busy articulating fashion news and developments impacting the industry today, you can usually find him on the basketball court or in a local thrift shop.

Geneviève CHarBonneau antHony o’dell

Shervin Shirvani SHervin SHirvani

Olivia LeBlanc

olivia leBlanC

ciarán Breen

Ciarán Breen Braydon Holmyard


CEO and co-founder of Dress to Kill Magazine. Since DTK’s inception in 2008, he has been responsible for its corporate strategy, business relationships, distribution and management. His perseverance and determination helped cement DTK as a trendsetter in the fashion industry. Cigar connoisseur and self-professed “Porsche-holic” with a lust for the finer things in life, this fashionforward mastermind has put DTK on the map.

Braydon Holmyard

This music and contemporary arts enthusiast travels around the world; taking the pulse of all the fashion trends to come. Discovered by Elle magazine, Olivia strings together her collaborations with television productions from which she has gained acclaim in the industry. She has also worked on major fashion campaigns for brands such as Reitmans, Aldo, Le Cho, Le C and Buffalo.

Ciarán Breen is a sports writer based in Toronto. A professed soccer-fanatic, his work often looks beyond the field of play. Originally from Ireland, Ciarán has lived in Ontario since 2011 and hopes to cover a Canadian MLS Cup-winning game before his accent disappears completely. Ciarán Breen is a sports writer based in Toronto. A professed soccer-fanatic, his work often looks beyond the field of play. Originally from Ireland, Ciarán has lived in Ontario since 2011 and hopes to cover a Canadian MLS Cup-winning game before his accent disappears completely.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


Editor’s Note


n adrenaline rush is characterized by a burst of energy in the body. It’s a chemical rush that brings you an unparalleled feeling of excitement — almost akin to taking a drug. When I think about adrenaline I almost always think about extreme sports. In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with F1 winner Nico Rosberg, a look at the rise of tennis, and in-depth profiles on Canadian athletes on their way to the summer Olympic games. An adrenaline rush also comes from doing something new: something thrilling and exciting, something you’ve never done before. It comes from leaving your comfort zone and living experiences that you’re not used to. It comes from pushing yourself —sometimes uncertainly — out of the ordinary. Every time I build a magazine I experience such a rush. During the initial steps of creation everything is a gamble. Will I be able to build a great team? Will the concept be on point? What will the final results be? There’s always a little bit of faking it until you make it involved. You don’t know what is going to happen until it is almost too late. There are always bumps along the way, right up until the issue is sent off to print. It is exciting, but scary at the same time. Every issue, there is always a point when I realize that it will all come together and the nervousness subsides. I get to the finish line and the adrenaline rush dwindles. Our cover story, about the charming Francisco Lachowski, is an example of such a gamble. The day before our shoot was scheduled we got word that he would be participating in the Balmain fashion show in Paris. It was a temperamental Canadian February. Would he make it? Would his flight get cancelled? It was gut wrenching to think about missing out on the chance to feature an iconic and internationally renowned male model. He finally did make it, and to my pleasure, everything went perfectly. I wanted to profile Canadian business maven Joe Mimran in this issue as well. What is a great entrepreneur, if not a risk taker? Someone who takes chances and will risk loosing everything for the chance of success. Mr. Mimran has taken many risks, which have paid off – in the form of an empire. Dare to be wild. Explore. Push the boundaries. We grow most when we are pushed out of our comfort zones. This is not negotiable. We must all evolve.

—Sylvain Blais


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



Icons don’t come around often, but when they do, they’re ImpossIble to Ignore. wIth the IntroductIon of the bugattI chIron, an Icon Is taken even further. Its prIcetag Is staggerIng, but so Is Its desIgn, engIneerIng, performance, and speed. It Isthe product of a deep knowledge and love for racIng, for qualIty, and for pushIng lImIts. It Is the supercar by whIch all others are measured;the kIng of the track.

By Riccardo Tucci Bugatti is celebrating a world premiere at the Geneva international motor show: the French luxury brand is unveiling the Bugatti Chiron, the most powerful, luxurious and most exclusive super sports car in the world.

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

The Chiron is the latest generation of the ultimate super sports car. The sports car manufacturer headquartered in Molsheim with a storied tradition has taken the unique features of a modern Bugatti to an entirely new level, developing a high-performance machine that is significantly improved in every respect. With a power output of 1,500 hp (unprecedented for production vehicles), an exceptionally high torque value (1,600 Nm between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm) and a wide variety of technical innovations, the Chiron sets new standards in every respect. The Chiron is wellpositioned to become the next world speed record holder and reach a maximum speed significantly above the record currently

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

held by Bugatti and a wide v manufacturer has limited the maximum speed of the new car to 420 km/h for road use. Only 500 of these exceptional cars are to be produced, with the basic price set at Advance orders have already been received for one third of the production run. The first vehicle is due to be delivered this autumn. “It is part of human nature to cross boundaries and set new records – to run 100 m faster than ever before, to fly even further into space and to enter new realms. This striving is also our driving force at Bugatti,”said Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. “The Chiron is the result of our efforts to make the best even better.”With the Chiron, Dürheimer said that Bugatti



had left the dimensions, which define the operations of all market players and had established new paradigms that had previously not existed. With the Chiron, the President said that Bugatti had left the dimensions which define the operations of all market players and had established new paradigms that had previously not existed. “Bugatti has tested the limits of physics. There is no area where we have not achieved significant improvements.“ The Bugatti Chiron is the world’s first super sports car to bring 1,500 HP onto the road with a torque of 1.600 Nm at 2,000 to 6,000 rpm with tremendous effectiveness, extremely high safety levels and unprecedented comfort.


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


SpeCS EnginE

W16 turbo


1,500 hp

TorquE 1,600 Nm

0-62 mPh < 2.5 sec.

ToP SPEEd 420 km/h

wEighT 1995 kg

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



Lexus LC500 Coupe

When you look at the Lexus LC500, you will appreciate the precise lines, the low sitting chassis, the sharp headlights, and that iconic spindle grill. There is no denying it: this car is hot. It’s not all looks though; with a V8 pushing out 467 horsepower under the hood, the LC500 packs speed. Its dualclutch 10 speed automated transmission allows for a smooth and responsive drive. On the inside is a leather-clad cabin complete with a custom Pioneer audio system, magnesium alloy paddle shifters and a highresolution display. The LC500 Coupe is set to make its debut at the end of 2016.


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


SpeCS EnginE

5.0-liter V8

HorsEpowEr 467

Top spEEd 155 mph

0 To 60 mpH 4.5 seconds

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



The new

porsche 911 Carrera S

At the first glance the 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera S (991.2) looks every bit as attractive as its predecessor. It is, but its what’s on the inside that counts. Porsche’s rich racing heritage continues to contribute to their modern line, producing cars that transcend expectations, and new 911 Carrera S is no exception. With its new 3.0 liter twin turbo charged powerplant and forced induction the car makes a nice gain in speed and power. On the exterior, there are the minor improvements to the headlights and the taillights as well as to the exhaust and the cooling panels. Inside, there is a 7 inch touchscreen with connectivity for a smart phone. The new Carrera S remains a benchmark for the everyday sport car with amazing handling and sharpness.


SpeCS EnginE

3.0-liter twin turbocharged Flat 6

Transmission 7 speed PDK

horsEpoWEr 414


Top spEEd

369 lb.- ft.

191 mph


0 To 60 mph

1440 kg

3.9 seconds

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


wellcome back nsx

The long awaited Acura NSX will finally hit the road this year – and will hit it hard. With its three-motor electric hybrid giving a nice power boost to its twin turbo V6 (totalling 573 HP, and 400 lb-ft.), the next generation NSX will challenge the public’s view about supercars. The new car will be starting production soon in a new high tech performance manufacturing centre in Ohio. With cutting edge technology and a sport-hybrid super handling all-wheel drive power unit, multi-material body structure, sexy aerodynamics, comfort and performance, the NSX isn’t about meeting a standard – it’s about setting a new one.


0-62 mPh



Twin turbocharged DOHC V6


573 hp

3 sec.

307 km/h


1725 kg


476 lb-ft

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue




DTK MEN | A guide to modern success


The Man behind the wheel

When he isn’t onthe racetrack, nico rosberg likesto spendtime in monaco With his nine-month-old daughter alaïa and his WifeViVian. they indulge in relaxation onthe beach and family brunch bythe Waterfront,Where a blueberry pancake isthe daily ritual:“i’m definitely a chocolate-chip guy,” rosberg says reflecting upon his guilty pleasures,“i could eattreats all day long, eVery day, but i don’t, because it’s importantto stickto my diet.”

By Braydon Holmyard Being in peak physical condition is imperative for an F1 driver, who can be hit with up to 5G’s of force behind the wheel. With every turn, acceleration, and brake, an unimaginable force pushes every inch of a driver’s body. But Rosberg, who listens to dance music and kicks around a soccer ball to get himself relaxed and focused before a race, notes that the toll on drivers can be as mental as it is physical. “For me, my mind is the most tired after a race,” Rosberg explains, “because the weekend of a race is very intense. From Thursday on, I’m pretty focused, and with all the engineering stuff, there’s no time off. Body wise, it’s not that bad. Yes, the neck is hurting and the back is hurting, but by Wednesday I am already fully in the gym again. After a race, it’s really the mind that needs recover” Both physical and mental discipline combined are what it takes to fend off challenges like those from teammate

and rival Lewis Hamilton. Both Mercedes drivers, they have gone headto-head for the Formula 1 Championships in three consecutive seasons, and the competition between the two is at an all-time high. “I feel very lucky and privileged to drive such a car. I have to pinch myself sometimes and make sure it doesn’t become normal and routine. I have to keep remembering how special this is.”Rosberg made his Formula 1 debut at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and won the GP2 circuit on that same track in 2005 – a win that gave him the keys to Formula 1. On Apr. 3, 2016, Rosberg’s storybook career came full circle when he won his first Bahrain Grand Prix as an F1 driver. “I’ve been close the last three years, it was nice to finally get it,” Rosberg said. “It’s pretty amazing. Bahrain has always treated me well – It’s a special place for me and it’s awesome to win there.”

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



“It’S excItIng to move wIth thIS technologIcally advanced machIne and thIS prototype. It’S lIke a rocket ShIp. to drIve It on the edge, It’S juSt an amazIng feelIng; It’S an adrenalIne ruSh.”

The win in Bahrain marked his second consecutive victory on the F1 circuit, having won the Australian Grand Prix during the previous weeks. He was victorious again two weeks later at the Chinese Grand Prix, giving him an early lead in the world championship standings (in which drivers accumulate points based on their final positioning across the season’s 21 races). Since the end of 2015, the German native has won six Grand Prix titles in a row, but the celebration for a winner is short lived: The next race is only two weeks away, and with it comes another complicated racetrack in a different country, and a slew of competitors fighting for the top position. “It’s such a fast-moving world that you celebrate for an hour and then that’s it. You go home, on to the next race,” Rosberg said a few days after his victory in Bahrain.

The relentless schedule is something Rosberg has become accustomed to. He knows what it takes to be a Formula 1 world winner, having seen it firsthand in his father, Keke, who was one himself in 1982. He followed in his father’s footsteps when he won the Grand Prix in Monaco, 30 years after Nico took the same title. “It’s in my genes,” Rosberg says. But he is quick to point out that’s only part of what he brings to the sport. “Focus is important. Being able to focus on something and process quickly. We need to react if we want to drive as close to perfection as possible.” He also appreciate all the work that has gone into his car, allowing him to drive at speeds exceeding 300 kilometres per hour— speeds the average driver could not even fathom. Even more remarkable when you consider this is done with 19 other drivers thrown onto the same track. “It’s exciting to move with this tech-


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


nologically advanced machine and this prototype. It’s like a rocket ship. To drive it on the edge, it’s just an amazing feeling; it’s an adrenaline rush.” Rosberg finished in second place in the F1 standings the last two years. Last season he won six races and came up 55 points short of Hamilton. This year he is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for a Formula 1 title of his own. “It’s all about discipline in the end. It takes a lot of discipline to do this sport. You have to eat well, sleep, relax, recover, but at the same time still keep working with the team.” Rosberg’s versatility behind the wheel is as important to him as his adaptability off the track.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



He speaks five languages – German, English, Italian, Spanish, and French. The German flag associated with his nametag is from his mother’s side, but beyond that, his multilingual abilities come from growing up in the diverse culture on the circuit. With 21 races in different countries across the world on the schedule, a few favourite events come to mind for the 30-year-old driver: “Monaco is my home. It’s one of the toughest races in the world, so it’s a great track and I always enjoy racing there in front of my friends and family. It’s a great challenge,” Rosberg began. “Montreal is one of the highlights because the fans are awesome, the track is great, the whole country embraces the race, and it’s a fun city for us, we really like it.” As his success has grown, Rosberg has learned to embrace the public eye and the lavish lifestyle that comes

“It’S Such a faSt-movIng world that you celebrate for an hour and then that’S It. you go home, on to the next race,”

—Rosberg said a few days after his victory in Bahrain.


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


with it – including fashion. While a pair of Chucks to go with a casual polo and some chinos is his preferred attire, he can certainly up his fashion game when he needs to – often with the help of his wife: “She’s the best. I can [pick out my own outfits] pretty well, but I’ll always ask her what she thinks.” His style stands in contrast to that of Lewis Hamilton (“I am more casual, he is more dapper”) but through a relationship with HUGO BOSS, he can happily up his game with a suit or tuxedo. “It’s awesome. We started the partnership beginning of 2015. I love the BOSS Made to Measure suits, where I can select the different elements like fabric, lining and button according to my personal taste.” Style aside, as good as he can look off the track, he is intent on showing how dominant he can be on the grid this season. The eight-month test will determine whether or not his name will coincide with the only title that matters to him – world champion.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

“I feel very lucky and prIvIleged to drIve Such a car, but of courSe I have to pInch mySelf SometImeS and make Sure It doeSn’t become normal and routIne. I have to keep rememberIng how SpecIal thIS IS.” P.25


gold rush

Gold is more than just a flashy colour; it is a symbol of quality and refinement. only the finest timepieces are crafted usinG this exquisite precious metal,the Greatest luxury to ever Grace a man’s wrist. By Riccardo Tucci


Navitimer Limited Edition A larger-than-life take on the legend, this iconic and limited edition red gold Navitimer comes in a 46 mm diameter – accentuating its presence on the wrist and enhancing the originality of its design— while optimizing the readability of the dial and of the circular aviation slide rule. A transparent case-back allows for admiration of the chronometer-certified high-performance self-winding chronograph movement; Breitling Caliber 01.


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Named after the British Royal

Rolex Yacht-Master


Cartier Calibre de Cartier

IWC Big Pilot “Le Petit Prince”

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Contemporary in style but classic in feel, the Calibre de Cartier reinterprets the watchmaking round form with character. Housed in an 18-carat rose gold bezel with a wristband to match, this timepiece is a combination of sporting masculinity and exceptional functionality.

Limited as they come, only 250 of these 18-carat red gold timepieces will be produced. Featuring a calfskin leather strap, sapphire crystal display and back, a 7-day power reserve and water residency up to 6 bars, IWC has created a timepiece fit for a prince of any size.

This sought after timepiece comes with an 18k rose gold case with an elegant brown leather bracelet fastened by a foldover clasp. Sapphire crystal covers the black dial and watch face, with an automatic movement complete with moon phase and power reserve indicators.

Navy battleships, the Royal Oak features an octagonal bezel inspired by the shape of the ship’s cannon scuttles. This superb model features a luxurious 41mm 18-carat rose gold case and a black dial enhanced by the iconic Grande Tapisserie pattern.

This exquisite Rolex has automatic movement and is made from 18K rose gold with a ceramic bezel. The YachtMaster features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal display with a black dial, while its rubber bracelet is fastened with a hidden folding clasp for a secure and stylish fit.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

Big Bang 44 mm Evolution

Hublot’s Big Bang comes in an 18K rose gold bezel with a black dial protected by sapphire crystal and featuring a matching rubber strap. Luminescent gold-tone hands and markers display the time while 3 sub-dials and a date window keep you informed.



The brand that changed how we see watches The wrisTwaTch as we know iT Today is perhaps The mosT classic and enduring iTem in a man’s wardrobe. like many of Today’s popular Trends (Think bomber/miliTary jackeTs) iTs origins are in The armed forces. The briTish army began issuing waTches To soldiers in 1917 in an efforT To synchronize The creeping barrage approach, which required precision beTweenThe arTillery gunners andThe infanTry advancing behind The barrage. by The end of The war every man was wearing a waTch; one ThaT bore a sTriking resemblance To The aesTheTic daniel wellingTon has perfecTed Today.

By Anthony O'Dell Since World War I, the watch has become an integral part of a man’s everyday wardrobe. Baby Boomers and Generation X not only wear a watch everyday but many collect watches and view them as heirloom items to be passed on from generation to generation. The fashion industry has even increasingly looked to interweave technology into everyday products—most notably Apple’s IWatch and TAG Heuer’s Connected. Until recently, men either had to shell out thousands for a pricey model from a name brand, or take their chances on a mall brand. Enter Daniel Wellington, an affordable, on trend and Instagram-friendly brand that has taken the notoriously hard to please social media generation by storm. Founder Fillip Tysander was backpacking through Australia when he met an alluring British man named Daniel Wellington. Tysander was struck by Wellington’s style, and his ability to be gentlemanly while relaxed and unpretentious. Wellington had a penchant for wearing vintage watches on old NATO straps, a classic style pioneered by the British Navy in the 70s. Upon returning home to Sweden, Tysander started an eponymous watch company for the stranger he’d left behind. “We could see an opening in the market for a watch brand with a timeless and classic design at an attractive


price point. This concept is still very much a part of what makes Daniel Wellington so special,” said Tysander. In an industry where more is better and brands are expected to produce up to 12 collections a year, the thing that sets Daniel Wellington apart is it’s unwavering commitment to minimalism. “I was looking for a slim, thin and minimalistic watch, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for,” said Tysander reflecting on the direction of the aesthetic. The brand has managed to create products that are recognizable yet don’t overpower the rest of the outfit. The aesthetic of these watches may rival luxury competitors but one thing DW provides is an affordable alternative for the masses. The collection runs from $185-$330. They currently come in five different sizes; from 26mm

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


to a more substantial 40mm. As a consistent aesthetic— and one of the hallmarks of this brand—all the faces are minimalistic and dials are white, with slim lines marking each hour. Straps are available in Nato or Leather for both men and women. Nato, the more youthful strap, was pioneered by the British navy in the 70’s, while the leather option offers a more formal and classic choice All Daniel Wellington watches have individual serial numbers, which is rare for watches at this price-point and is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality. While Tysander is delighted by Daniel Wellington’s success with sales of over 200 Million last year in over 100 countries— with success comes the inevitable knock-offs trying to emulate the formula. The company has requested over 13,000 takedowns by fraudulent users on ads, marketplaces and social media since last December.

Daniel Wellington was an early adopter of social media and has since grown an admirable following: The brand has 2 million followers on Instagram and over 400,000 thousand on Facebook. “It has always been a priority for us to work with contemporary methods, and social media has felt like a natural choice from the very beginning,” said Tysander. “Social media allows us to interact with the most important people, our customers and fans around the world.” The brand has actively engaged their followers through their #DWPickoftheDay contest and the recently launched #WheresmyWellington campaign. As for the future of the brand, Tysander is excited about a number of new and interesting projects coming up. “Our future looks extremely promising,” he says. We’re excited to see what this brand will accomplish next.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



It’s all in the wrist

Times are changing, and so are The waTches ThaT Tell Them. These smarTwaTches creaTe The perfecT balance beTween luxury and Technology: iT’s Time To geT smarT By Riccardo Tucci

Tag Heuer Connected TAG Heuer Connected is equipped with directional wind and weather monitoring, RaceChrono Pro capability, and Google Fit, each designed at the synthesis of style and precision thanks to its innovative interactive counters. Custom themes allow numerous display options and Android Wear connects you with thousands of apps tailored for your lifestyle and activities.


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


Samsung Gear S2 The Samsung Gear S2 is a stylish smartwatch that tracks your activity to provide health and fitness metrics, and syncs with your smartphone to keep you connected. This WiFi and Bluetooth enabled timepiece features a circular 1.2” hi-res touchscreen and Gorilla Glass.

Garmin Vivoactive

Moto 360

The Garmin Vivoactive is a thin and light GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution touchscreen. Built-in GPS-enabled sports apps – including those for running, biking, swimming, and even golfing – keep you on the ultimate fitness track.

The Moto 360 is an elegant and functional smartwatch. Made with sleek stainless steel, designed with a Horween leather strap, and featuring Gorilla Glass 3, the Moto 360 is built to last. Leading edge technology keeps you in the know with alerts from social media, emails, texts, and much more.

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

LG Watch Urbane Luxe

Apple Watch Edition

Frederique Constant presents a beautiful luxury Swiss watch with smart connectivity. It is a quality timepiece with longevity, crafted with the finest materials and made by hand. Information pulled from a smartphone or tablet is displayed intuitively on the watch dial.

Featuring timeless aesthetics and crafted in stainless steel with a gold or silver finish, this timepiece features a high-resolution display in a water and dust resistant casing. Send texts, make calls, check the score or the weather; all your favourite apps are available right on your wrist.

The Apple Watch Edition pairs with your iPhone to give you access to the best apps and all the information you need. The solid gold 18k bezel is features a stunning sapphire crystal display, while a leather strap with a gold clasp keeps the watch fastened in high style.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



Daniel Wellington

On the

road to rio Only a few are chOsen tO be the fastest Or the best. every fOur years, the Olympics and the paralympics reveal thOse chOsen tO the rest Of us. Text Ciarán Breen Photography Brian Ypperciel Fashion Editor Florence O. Durand

The greatest sports show on earth is more than a testament to natural talent, raw speed and incredible precision. It is the final chapter in hundreds of individual stories of struggle, dedication and desire. Almost no one treads a smooth path to the Games; not

even the great Usain Bolt has escaped injury and doubt.

lossifakis, and swimmer BenoÎt Huot.

We’re proud to feature Canadian athletes who have gone through testing times to make the team in their respective disciplines for Rio 2016: fencer Joseph Po-

We also feature Kenny Spracklin, an athletic therapist and performance specialist who works with Olympic athletes and was with Team Canada for the Sochi Olympic Games.



Benoît Huot Swimmer

Benoît Huot has won 28 Paralympic swimming medals, nine of them gold, making him one of Canada’s most decorated sportsmen.

horizon, Huot had all the incentive he needed. “I had never had the opportunity in almost 20 years of a career to compete at home, in front of friends, family and Canadians to really increase the awareness and visibility of para-sports,” says Huot.“There was a great opportunity to be part of those games, to promote the movement and educate Canadians on who we are and what we do.”

Competing in the S10 para-swim classification, primarily in freestyle and butterfly, Huot has broken over 60 swimming records in his long career. When he hits the water in Rio de Janeiro in September, he will be competing in his fifth Paralympic Games. But ask the Quebec native which of these achievements he cherishes the most he’ll say none of the above. “What I’m most proud of is the way I was able to come back after Beijing and get to London,” says Huot. The 32-year-old went into the 2008 Paralympics in China as a strong favourite. Though he came home with four bronze medals, the games were a major disappointment for the perennial champion.

September’s Paralympics won’t be Huot’s first time competing on Brazilian soil. He competed at the 2007 Parapan Am Games in Rio. Whilst recognizing he won’t have the chance to do much sightseeing, the Canadian is looking forward to continuing his friendly rivalry with Brazilian swimmer Andre Brasil.

“I didn’t know if I had another four years in me but I knew I couldn’t stop on that note,” he says. “I approached it with a new philosophy, a new approach, a little like when I started the sport as an eightyear-old kid.”

“There waS a greaT opporTuniTy To be parT of ThoSe gameS, To promoTe The movemenT and educaTe canadianS on who we are and whaT we do.”

Not only did Huot go on to win gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2012 games in London, he was chosen as Canada’s flag bearer for the closing ceremony. “It’s very unique,” he explains, “It’s not something you can win or something you can control, you have to be chosen. I was very honoured.”

After London, Huot asked himself the same question he asks himself at the start of every season:“Are you still motivated? Are you still engaged? Do you still have the energy?” As the 2013 ParaSwimming World Championships were to be held in Montreal and with the 2015 Parapan Am Games in Toronto on the

In addition to catching a virus in the days before the games, the 200-metre IM world record holder had also, “lost passion for the sport.” Huot was at a crossroads. But it was far from the first time he had faced adversity: Born with a right clubfoot, Huot required corrective surgery and didn’t begin walking until he was three.

“I love the city. It’ll be good to increase the awareness of para-sports, not only in Brazil but around the world.” When not training for Rio, Huot can be found at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, where his support of the Blue Jays stems from one person in particular: Jays catcher Russell Martin. He reached out to Huot in the recent off-season and they designed an aqua-exercise program aimed at improving Martin’s upperbody strength. “I realized how he became the best player in the world at his position because of how much of a good student he is,” Huot says. “That’s why when I’m in Toronto I like to go to the Jays game and cheer for Russell.” Come September, as he swims for his tenth gold medal, there’ll be a whole nation cheering for Huot.


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Joseph polossifakis fencer On Tuesday, April 12, Joseph Polossifakis strode down a catwalk to model the Canadian opening ceremony outfit for the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio. Yet less than two years ago, the prospect of being part of Team Canada 2016 was more than a distant dream for the Canadian fencer. Part of the national team since 2009, Polossifakis suffered a concussion in July 2014 during a boxing training session, sidelining him from competition for almost a year. “It was the most difficult time of my life by far,” he reflects.

“I’ve never felt any kInd of energy lIke that, In a crowd of 600 people juSt cheerIng for me.”

The Montreal born athlete completed a miraculous recovery to return just in time for the start of the qualification process. But there were moments he didn’t think he’d make it to his first Olympic Games: “I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t train,” says the left-handed fencer, who competes in the individual and the team sabre. “I was looking at the ceiling wondering if I would ever be able to fence in time to even start the qualifying process. A lot of days were very very dark and difficult.”

Polossifakis suffered further setbacks when he was involved in a car accident, discovered a tumour in his femur and herniated a disc, all within a six-month period. He has taken one stark lesson from those trying times: “I can take a beating in any aspect of life and I’m going to come back.” And come back he did. Still, when his place on the team for Rio was confirmed, Polossifakis says it didn’t feel real. “All these years, you’re always thinking of that moment and how you’d react,” says the McGill University graduate. “My body froze up a bit. My emotions were stuck on neutral. It was so overwhelming.” His achievement settled in when he was greeted by a welcome-home party upon arrival in Montreal from Korea, where he had been training.“It’s really hard to explain but the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction is complete.”

As a kid Polossifakis’ sport of choice was soccer. Before getting into fencing, he also trained in kickboxing and played the piano. The 25-year-old started fencing at age 12. “I went to a French high school in Montreal, tried out for the team and I loved it right away.” If he wanted to excel seriously in any of those disciplines he had to make a choice and the sabre proved too tempting. “Fencing just ate up my life. I think I got the right sport in the end and I have no regrets.” The athlete nicknamed Polo won a pair of silver medals at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto, an experience he describes as emotional. “I’ve never felt any kind of energy like that, in a crowd of 600 people just cheering for me.” On August 21, Rio’s Maracanã Stadium will host the closing ceremony of the 31st Olympic Games, bringing an end to 16 days of competition across 28 sports. Dressed all in red, the curtain call will be extra special for Polossifakis, who celebrates his 26th birthday that night. “As a birthday party, to be in the Maracanã stadium with 80,000 watching closing ceremonies, I don’t think there’s a better spot to be. It’s going to be hard to beat that birthday the year after.” After all he’s been through to get to Brazil, Polossifakis is going to savour every minute of it. “I think it’s going to be one of the best experience of my life and I’m already ready for it.”

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Kenny SpracKlin

Athletic therApiSt & performAnce SpeciAliSt

The Olympics and Paralympics in Rio will crown new stars and new heroes, and behind every great athlete and every big sporting victory there’s a guy like Kenny Spracklin. As an athletic therapist & performance specialist for Olympic and professional athletes, Spracklin gets tremendous pleasure from seeing his clients succeed. “It feels just as close as you winning or you competing as you can get,” says the Montreal native. “You feel what they’ve gone through; the ups and downs; all the sacrifice; the entire process.” Spracklin is based in Quebec and is among the top in the world at what he does. He travels with athletes and his training and treatment took him as far as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, where he helped Team Canada with their medal haul. Spracklin counts Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Marc-André Fleury among his clients. He has also worked with snowboarder Dominique Maltais and freestyle skier Alexandre Bilodeau, both two-time Olympic medalists. He became an athletic therapist as a result of his own love of sports. Spracklin remembers playing hockey from the age of four and says, “My dreams were always to be the guy competing, to be the athlete.” Raised in the Eastern Townships, he was a huge Ray Bourque fan in his youth and remembers receiving the first hat in what has become a collection of almost 100. “My first was a Boston Bruins hat. I think I wore it for six years straight.”


DTK MEN | A guide to modern success


“My dreaMS were alwayS to be the guy coMpeting, to be the athlete.” While his own first love was Hockey, the Concordia graduate now has the pleasure of working across a plethora of disciplines and he is loath to pick a favourite. “I really enjoy the variety. It never gets stale,” says the 30-yearold. “No matter who I work with, whether it be a snowboarder or a gymnast, everybody’s different.” Working with elite performers from so many sports, Spracklin is able to share some insight into the differences between athletes: “When you look at pro athletes versus Olympic athletes there’s a huge difference in mentality,” he says. “I find the drive is so much stronger with Olympic athletes. They don’t have even close to the salary and endorsement deals that a pro athlete will get yet they’re the ones that are going to give you everything.” A biking and camping enthusiast, Spracklin has climbed Mount Everest and finds that part of his work is getting athletes to reimagine their limits. He says that 90% of his job is motivation.“It’s such a mental game for athletes – they go through injuries or plateaus in training,” he says. “Let’s say you crashed last year at the race, now it’s the World Cup and you crashed the year before in the same place oh but now it’s the Olympics and you’re on the same course – that’s a big mental block. Giving someone confidence to move past that, they have to selfrealise it but you have to give them the tools.”


Spracklin says athletes are very visual learners like himself: “The more visual you can be and feedback you can give the easier it is to comprehend and move past a block.” A firm believer in holistic approaches to treatment, he suggests there is still a lot of untapped potential when it comes to performance and the human body.

“You really need to be able to control the movement, control the power, and control the strength,” says Spracklin. “Once you can do that, then you can evolve and get as crazy as you can. That’s were training is really going to get into some fun stuff. Controlling movement patterns is the future.” So how does the therapist cope when he needs treatment himself? “I’m not a very sedentary person so I like to push the limit sometimes, “he says. “I recently hurt my knee in an outdoor charity hockey tournament. .Sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow me to be as diligent as I’d like to, but I try to practice what I preach.”


Keep it


You don't have to be overdressed to show off Your sense of stYle anYmore. ComfY sweaters and jogging pants paired with a sleek shirt are the new go-to trendY attire.

Photography Riley Stewart Fashion Editor Mark John Tripp

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L .12.12 Shoe

The new L.12.12 sneaker is a tribute to your favourite polo shirt, featuring the same qualities that kept it a staple in your wardrobe. With a wide array of colours to choose from, the classic pique lining, and the sleek design embodied by all Lacoste products, this shoe is the final touch to your signature Lacoste look. The extended color palette includes red, green, grey, black, and white — a selection that ensures


a perfect fit for day-to-day attire or an evening look. Designer René Lacoste is all about melding comfort and class by combining athletic detailing with versatile attributes that appeal to anyone with a penchant for style. The L.12.12 sneaker captures exactly that, allowing you to wear head-to-toe Lacoste without blinking an eye.

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WHITE on White These all whiTe kicks inspired by TradiTional Tennis sTill reign supreme This season. embrace The Trend ThaT allows you To wear The same shoes all spring long, 7 days a week.


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Love for the Game

PaSSion for the PeoPle

Karl Hale

This summer, as The curTain falls on canada’s premier Tennis TournamenT, rogers cup Tour direcTor Karl hale will be marKing a differenT sorT of achievemenT off The courT.

By Ciarán Breen Photos courtesy of Tennis Canada p.48

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“TenniS iS my paSSion, iT’S noT work for me. iT’S whaT i love To do. iT iS parT of my dna.” On July 31, as one of the world’s top tennis players is crowned Rogers Cup champion in Toronto, the tournament director will mark 10 years in the hot seat - but he has no intention of calling a timeout anytime soon. “I really enjoy the role, I didn’t expect to do it for 10 years to be honest,” says Hale. “Time has flown by, I’ve had a lot of great experiences and I hope to have many more.” Barring an upset, the tournament victor will head to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro; full of confidence after winning the last ATP Tour event before the show opens in Brazil. You might expect Karl Hale to kick off the Converse he’s famed for wearing during Rogers Cup week and enjoy a wellearned breather. But that’s not necessary for the

Milos Raonic

man who has been Head Racquets Professional at the Donalda Tennis Club in Toronto since 2003. “I tell people I’m busy but I’m not stressed. It’s actually relaxing for me,” says the 48-year-old. “Tennis is my passion, it’s not work for me. It’s what I love to do. It is part of my DNA.” Hale first picked up a tennis racket –in angerwhen he was 13 years old; so it’s no surprise his favourite player growing up was John McEnroe. With that late start, he was unlikely to ever make it pro, but his heart became dedicated to the game—and the Jamaican has some pretty simple advice for any young kid who wants to make it: “First you have to have passion for it – it has to be part of who you are,” says Hale. “You have to put a tremendous amount of hard work in because it’s so competitive now and you have to believe in yourself because a lot of people will tell you what you can’t do.” Due to the Rio Games, both the Rogers Cup in Toronto and Coupe Rogers in Montreal, have been moved forward a month from their usual August slots. The men and women’s tours alternate between the two cities and this year, Hale has the men in his care playing at the Aviva Centre, lo-

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



EugEniE Bouchard

cated at York University. He is looking forward to his hands-on role. “I’m a people person so I enjoy meeting all the people in the sport that I’m passionate about,” says Hale, who came to Canada from Jamaica with his mother and two siblings when he was nine. “From the top players, our Canadians, our volunteers, our staff and the fans, I enjoy the interaction and problem solving for everybody during the event.” Hale has just returned from tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami and will spend the next couple of months working relationships and finalizing arrangements with the cohort of players coming to Toronto in July. “I listen to what people have to say intently and I like to make sure we deliver on all of our objectives. I enjoy seeing people happy and taking care of their needs.” Hale, whose older brother Robert was also a tennis pro, reveals that some of the doubles matches will be featured on Centre Court this year to account for more top players playing pairs in preparation for the Olympics. “Fans will be able to get an extra dose of their favourite stars,” he says. There are no bigger stars these days than local Toronto and Montreal favourites Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard. “Canadians are very patriotic so


FElix augEr-aliassimE © christophEr lEvy

we love to see our own have success. Milos and Genie are huge draws for Coupe Rogers and Rogers Cup,” says Hale, who believes their achievements have had an impact on all levels: “Participation is up tremendously because tennis is on television a lot more because of them,” he says. “Sponsors are much more engaged in tennis now because they want to be a part of success.” Hale has seen Raonic’s rise to the top of the men’s game change the landscape of possibility for younger prospects coming through the ranks.

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Sports MiLoS raonic

Lucie Safarova, KarL, Bethanie MatteK-SandS (the 2015 rogerS cup toronto douBLeS chaMpionS)

“Players like Felix [Auger-Aliassime] and Denis [Shapovalov] actually believe now that they can be top players. Because Milos is a top player, it doesn’t seem so far away for them.” In addition to the Canadian stars, Roger Cup spectators will be able to watch iconic Tennis figures like Roger Federer, men’s number one Novak Djokovic, and defending champion Andy Murray. Tickets for Centre Court matches start as low as $15. “It’s a great all-day experience, outside, in the middle of the summer, with some of the top athletes in the world,” says Hale. “We encourage everyone to come out, check it out and have a great time at our event.” Hale also encourages all of us to get outside this summer and spend some time on the court. “Athletically it’s a great sport to get in shape,” he says. “Intellectually, you really have to use your brain when you’re playing the sport against the other person, which is somewhat like chess.”

gae musician partnered with Hale’s Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation, which raises funds to build schools on the Caribbean island. Joining Sean Paul on a school construction build in February this year were tennis superstar Serena Williams, former boxer Lennox Lewis and Grammy Award winner Shaggy. Hale says Paul has, “A great forehand, a decent backhand… but he should stick to singing,” he adds with a laugh. “When you leave this earth you’re not going to be talking about the things you bought or the houses you lived in, it’s about the people you met along the way.” Karl Hale has spent a decade charming the tennis circuit, and when the Rogers Cup closes out for the tenth year under his watch, a whole new crop of people are sure be pleased to have met Karl Hale along the way. KarL with 2014 rogerS cup toronto chaMpion Jo-wiLfried tSonga

In addition to his passion for tournaments, Hale has a highly charitable side. “Giving back is a big part of what I do and what my family does,” says Hale. As civic citizens we try to help others so that’s really important to me. But it comes down to the people, the kids we meet in the school builds, and the likeminded people we get involved in our charity.” One person who took up Hale’s challenge recently is Jamaican Sean Paul. The dancehall and reg-

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There’s 24 hours in a day and you wanT To look dapper aT all Times. how many bold ouTfiTs can you puT TogeTher on a momenT’s noTice? Photography Geneviève Charbonneau Fashion Editor Olivia Leblanc

He wakes up at His girlfriend’s House and reacHes for His first dose of caffeine. He takes in tHe tranquility of tHe early morning in tHe city wHile mentally preparing Himself for a cHarged day aHead.


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aMEriCan CrEW


T-Pur Blue Clay Mask ($39).

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Fiber ($20).

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Terre d’Hermès, Eau De Parfum ($135 for 75 mL).

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He puts on a causal linen suit witH a pair of cool sneakers to keep tHings interesting. His sleek briefcase carries all-important documents as He rusHes to tHe office. He’s always tHe first one to arrive.

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A choice no less personAl thAn your briefs, finding the right cologne is essentiAl to your style story. our summer picks Are All light, breezy And bound to pique the senses - but only you know which one defines your personAlity.

By Bianca Taylor YVES SAINT LAURENT L’Homme Ultime, Eau de Parfum ($85 for 60 mL). DOLCE & GABBANA Light Blue Beauty of Capri, Eau de Toilette ($77 for 75 mL). MONTBLANC Legend Spirit, Eau de Toilette ($89 for 100 mL). GIVENCHY Gentlemen Only Parisian Break, Eau de Toilette ($96 for 100 mL). CHANEL Allure Homme Sport Cologne ($118 for 100 ml). RALpH LAUREN Polo Blue, Eau de Parfum, ($87 75mL).


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It’s tIme for a break after a long meetIng. a run helps clear hIs hIsque thoughts. Le head parfum and est unreset domaine j’avais exploré, mais jamais touché au nouveau olfactif. Je suis Fullnom look Eau LACOSTE. ($50). Coat fait ($145). parti du BéniteTop que j’avais en Shorts ($95). Watch ($175). Bag ($185).




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He arrives at tHe W Hotel for a drink WitH tHe guys. after all, a Well-deserved drink is tHe perfect Way to cap off a busy day. His lively outfit sets tHe mood for a fun nigHt aHead. Shirt PAUL SMITH at LA MAISON SIMONS ($700). Jacket 3.1 PHILLIP LIM ($2270). Pants CLUB MONACO ($130). Shoes TIGER OF SWEDEN ($399). Sunglasses GIVENCHY at HOLT RENFREW ($490). Photography GENEVIÈVE CHARBONNEAU. Model GERAUD at MONTAGE. Assistants



Motorcycle Madness NothiNg satisfiesthe Need for adreNaliNe aNd clarity the way ridiNg a motorcycle does. some love to cruise the streets, while others prefer liviNg life iN the fast laNe. with motorcycles like these beiNg made, it’s Not hard to uNderstaNd why people love ridiNg them so much. By Riccardo Tucci

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r aBs Krt edition

The ZX-10R Kawasaki Ninja is a championship- winning super bike with enough speed and power to outperform the competition. Under the hood rests a 998cc 4-stroke, 4 cylinder, DOHC, liquid- cooled engine. The sharp lines and curves on the light aluminum chassis allows the Ninja to navigate smoothly on the track. Technology like sport traction control and Brembo discs with intelligent breaking, along with quick shifting and a 6 speed transmission make the ZX-10R the best bike Kawasaki has ever made. Available in lime green and ebony.


specs EnginE 998 cc


197 hp @ 13,000 rpm


113.5 Nm @ 11,500 rpm

ToP SPEEd 300 km/h

wEighT 206 kg

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Yamaha YZF-R1

The YZF-R1 is Yamaha’s premier super-bike featuring a 998cc, liquid-cooled inline 4 cylinder DOHC engine with a 6 speed transmission. The YZF-R1 is built for racing, which is why Yamaha has fitted the sleek sport-bike with all new hydraulics, a unified braking system with ABS, and a comprehensive LCD control panel providing information and control to the bike’s driver.

SpecS EnginE 998 cc


197.2 hp @ 13,500 rpm


112.4 Nm @ 11,500 rpm

ToP SPEEd 298 km/h

wEighT 199 kg

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Making Rap Look


G-Eazy’s slickEd-back hair and suavE stylE may sEparatE him from thE bunch, but it’s his music— fillEd with social commEntary,witty humour,and dEEply pErsonal accounts from his lifE and childhood –thattruly dEfinE him atalEntEd and rEspEctEd rap artist. dtk sits down for an ExclusivE intErviEw about his stylE, music and thE drivE that has takEn him from his humblE bEGinninGs in oakland, california,to opEninG for stars likE lil’waynE and snoop doG and workinG with chris brown and biG sEan.

By Ricardo Tucci When you’re performing as G-Eazy, is there a difference between who’s on stage rapping and who you are one on one? I mean, yes and no. In a sense I’m an entertainer, anybody in this industry is, but my music’s really honest, it’s a way of expressing myself, it’s me and all my different personalities. There’s definitely an on-stage G and a day to day G. And there’s also just me when the sun is out and when it’s dark out. You’re very much into fashion and you have a unique look that sets you apart from many hip-hop artists. How has your sense of style developed and what does it say about you? I don’t know man, I kind of just like what I like! I wear a lot of black, I like the idea of a uniform. I’m wearing the same thing almost every single day of the year. It makes for one less decision to think about everyday, and it kind of brands you as a character. I wear my skinny black jeans, black t-shirt and leather jacket. It’s a mix of mid century classic styles, a motorcycle jacket, varsity jacket with jeans and a t-shirt. I also like to mix in contemporary street brands like Supreme and Palace. You collaborated with Rare Panther to release a collection of clothes and accessories. Do you see yourself collaborating with more brands, or maybe even starting your own in the future? Absolutely, I think there’s a lot of space for that. It’s all about finding ways to keep it “you”.


If I do collab (sic) for a company, I find that middle ground, just in terms of sensibilities and aesthetics. I did one with Ebbets Field because I think they make really high quality vintage baseball-inspired garments. So you pick and choose, and it’s all about being inspired and working with people you genuinely fuck with. You have said you always wanted to be a musician, that it was your only goal from the beginning. Had music not been an option, what other field of work would you be pursuing and why? I would probably be a bum. I would have an old McDonalds cup and I would be asking for change. I had a job from the time I was old enough to work, and I just hated it! I hated sitting there doing monotonous shit over and over again. There was never anything but music for me. I wanted to travel the world and create, and share what I’ve created with an audience and just perform it for them. That’s the dream I fell in love with, and I never let go of it. What’s the creative process like when you’re writing and recording a track? How do you get from an idea to a finished song? Man, well it’s all about the spark, the initial idea. And like, 9 times out of 10, it comes the instant I hear the beat (that’s if I’m working with another producer and not looking to do it myself). It’s just intuitive.

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Sometimes I’ll be listening and mumble five words and it just comes out of nowhere. Once I’m latched onto a concept I keep mumbling it until I write verses and just record it right there. I think of that like a skeleton, a rough sketch of the song, and then I’m really into fine-tuning, production, and sound selection. I look at the mix and where all the different types of songs fit in the mix, and how it feels as a finished song. Eighty percent of it will be done the night I start it, but from there it’s all the fine-tuning and tweaking. DTK: Do you have any special rituals before you got out on stage? Yeah, I drink whiskey! And I shoot heroin, I smoke crack, but I don’t smoke pot (laughs). No, I don’t do the other stuff, but I really do drink whiskey. I start drinking exactly one hour before I need to be on stage, never more, never less, and then right before I go on stage I’ll have a Red Bull. And all day I just chug water; I drink like 15 bottles of water a day. DTK: Your music videos have been watched millions of times. The video for “I Mean It” has a more comical approach, whereas your video for “Tumblr Girls”, is very raw and even a social commentary. How involved are you in the conception and the direction of your music videos? I directed a couple of videos, way back in the day, like in college, and I edited them. I know how to shoot film too. So when I communicate with directors I always have this vocabulary where I can articulate what I like and what I don’t, what kind of feel I’m looking for. I just care a lot, and I want everything to be as great as it can be.

Your newest album When It’s Dark Out was released in December. What was it like producing this album, and what type of sounds and themes did you want to explore with it? It’s fucking amazing. Man, I worked my ass off for this album, and it’s definitely the best I’ve ever made. I barley left the studio at all; I wanted to make the best body of work I could possibly make. It’s definitely darker than the last record, in a number of ways, and that can be interpreted in numerous ways. Musically, just the vibe, there are moments it almost feels like a movie score from a Batman or a Tim Burton movie. It’s got a more sinister tone to it musically. In terms of themes and concepts, it’s really open and really fucking vulnerable and honest. And I just decided to go there and open up and let the listeners in. You got to work with Chris Brown and Big Sean on this album, what was that like for you? It was fucking incredible! It was a dream come true. These are artists that I admire a great deal, and just to be able to have them featured on my album was a blessing. DTK: What’s the tour looking like for this album so far? I started January 6th and I’m never coming home! Seriously, I’m doing a world tour and I’m heading to Europe, Australia, Canada, and all across the US, so I’m probably never coming home. G-Easy is presently on a whirlwind tour of Europe after which he will perform across the United States. He returns to Canada this summer when he kicks of the G-Eazy & Logic: The Endless Summer Tour at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto on July 24.

"...My Music’s really honest, it's a way of expressing Myself, it’s Me and all My different personalities."

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue




jungle Bright colors, stand out patterns,and an envy-worthy sneaker collection make them the most intriguing men at the skate park. Photography Mathieu Fortin Fashion Editor Jay Forest


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

This page: Shirt BOSS ($225). Suit PHILIPPE DUBUC ($850). Tie PAUL SMITH at HOLT RENFREW ($160). Opposite page: Blazer and best CARVEN at LA MAISON SIMONS ($900 and $400). Shoes HUGO ($295). Sunglasses VANS at LA MAISON SIMONS ($15).



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This page: Blazer and pants TIGER OF SWEDEN ($599 and $299) at BOUTIQUE TIGER OF SWEDEN MONTREAL. Pocket square at LA MAISON SIMONS. Shoes VANS ($270). Opposite page: Blazer and pants ACNE STUDIOS at LA MAISON SIMONS ($1,100 and $600). Shoes NIKE ($175).

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


This page: On Felix: Blazer BOSS ($995). Top COS ($89). Pants LACOSTE ($240). Pocket square at LA MAISON SIMONS. Shoes BOSS ($495). On Amos: Blazer, shoes BOSS. Blazer ($995). Shoes ($395). Sweater and shorts HUGO. Sweater ($995). Shorts ($185). Pocket square at LA MAISON SIMONS. Opposite page: Shirt and shorts HUGO. Shirt ($155). Shorts ($155). Shoes BOSS ($395).

This page: Suit TIGER OF SWEDEN at BOUTIQUE TIGER OF SWEDEN MONTREAL ($949). T-shirt STUSSY at OFF THE HOOK ($35). Sunglasses VANS at LA MAISON SIMONS ($15). Shoes ADIDAS at OFF THE HOOK ($140).Opposite page: Jacket DENIS GAGNON ($400). Pants IRO ($330). Sandals VANS at OFF THE HOOK ($40). Photography MATHIEU FORTIN. Fashion Editor JAY FOREST at FOLIO. Models FELIX at MONTAGE and AMOS at FOLIO. Assistant VIVI TOWERS. Grooming VANESSA ASHLEY at DULCEDO using BUMBLE AND BUMBLE and NARS.


Seeing Through the Purplish Haze?

Marijuana LegaLization

Canada has a great opportunity to beCome a leader inthe global marijuana industry given reCent legal deCisions handed down by the Courts and the politiCal promises of justin trudeau’s liberal government. however, that opportunity Could easily be lost if the government does not get the right set of poliCes in plaCe.

By Ivan Ross Vrana When Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) were enacted many thought they would signal the beginning of a robust medical marijuana industry in Canada. A significant amount of money was raised on Wall Street and Bay Street, properties were bought, facilities were designed and built and numerous applications were submitted to Health Canada. However, the regulatory burden imposed by the government proved to be extremely heavy; not to mention Health Canada’s application processing times to become a licensed producer going from 12 months to an average of 30 months. At the time the Conservatives viewed medical marijuana as a law and order issue – discounting the health aspects of the plant. Thus, increasing criminal sanctions for marijuana possession and cultivation were the priority – with one paradoxical exception, the growth of illegal dispensaries that began in Vancouver and which were spreading across the country. Canada’s “green rush” slowed down considerably at this point, and the industry was less than two years old. Things seemed to be looking up in 2015 when the Liberals won the federal election and promised to legalize the use and possession of marijuana. Indeed, the Health Minister stated that a regime would be in place by the spring of 2017. The liberal party’s “sunny ways” seem to be here once again. Or are they? As much as the supporters of marijuana legalization would like the government to


simply enact a law ending the prohibition of marijuana, this is not a simple or straightforward proposition. First, the government has to take into account –and manage— the various United Nations treaties it has signed classifying marijuana as a dangerous narcotic (and therefore a controlled substance). Any legalization effort in Canada would have to begin by convincing our international partners that marijuana will be controlled and strictly regulated. To that end, Bill Blair – the Member of Parliament assigned by the Prime Minister to create a task force that will spearhead the government’s legalization efforts— along with the Ministers of Health and Justice have repeatedly stated the government will regulate, and restrict access to marijuana. The problem, then, is defining exactly what that means. From a policy perspective, it means the government will put in place a series of regulations that determine everything: from how the product is produced; to what types of products can be produced; to who can access it; to where, when and how it can be imported and exported; to where it can be used; to how it is distributed and advertised. SOund familiar? Well, it is. These are the same considerations that were used to develop the MMPR. If the government adopts the same sort of outlook this time around too, they will create more problems than solutions. The market in Canada will not be one that meets the demands of consumers, investors, and producers; nor one

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

which satisfies the political goals of any political party— federal or provincial. But not all is lost. A recent federal court ruling in British Columbia means the government will have to amend the MMPR so that it reflects a patient’s right to grow their own marijuana. This represents a unique opportunity for the government to start developing a prescription policy that will fix the over-regulation of the MMPR by August of this year. This work has the potential to be the foundation for a coherent path forward for a legalized system. The government will have to consult extensively with Canadians (and as of today Mr. Blair has yet to create his task force – the clock is ticking) and reconcile the views of marijuana advocates, consumers, patient groups, licensed producers, health care practitioners, researchers, provincial/territorial/municipal governments, law and order advocates and all those who want to be a part of a legal distribution system. All of these views will then have to be balanced against the government’s own responsibility to protect and maintain the health of Canadians; the extensive jurisprudence regarding marijuana in Canada and the financial risks and rewards. Given all of these considerations, the Canadian government has set itself up for a formidable—but worthwhile—task. One hopes that these considerations are not barriers to success, but rather, will create a stable and mature industry that will not only benefit our country, but be a shining example for the rest of the world.


Illustration Olivier Desrochers

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



ColleCtion p.78

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

Glossy exteriors and leather interiors distract. she oozes sex appeal but who is she? she’s only here for the moment;take it all in before she zips off.

Photography Richard Bernardin Fashion Editor Cary Tauben Swimsuit ERES at LYLA. Earrings PROENZA SCHOULER at SSENSE. Heels GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI at BROWNS SHOES. Rings BLEU COMME LE CIEL.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



Swimsuit HERMÈS. Necklace BALMAIN at SSENSE. Heels VERSACE at SSENSE. Earrings and ring BLEU COMME LE CIEL.


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue





DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


Cover Story

The Brazilian Boy Wonder

Francisco Lachowski Photography Jean-Claude Lussier Fashion Editor Jay Forest

Francisco Lachowski –chico to his FamiLy and Friends – has accompLished much at the young age oF 24. he has taken the Fashion worLd by storm, working on numerous campaigns For some oF the most respected names in Fashion. he has graced the covers oF magazines, is a part oF the baLmain Fashion army, and has waLked the runway For dior,versace, doLce & gabbana, and dsquared2. even with aLL his success, he beLieves his greatest achievement is becoming a Father: he speaks passionateLy about his Loving FamiLy, his wiFe Jessiann,who is aLso a modeL, and his 3-year-oLd son miLo.

By Ricardo Tucci I had the pleasure of meeting Chico at the DTK Men cover shoot – where he introduced himself wearing nothing but a towel. He had just arrived in Montreal after a long flight from Paris with his family, and despite feeling under the weather, he was both humble and enthusiastic when we sat down for a friendly chat, making him all the more likeable. Three years ago your son Milo was born, what do you love most about being a father? Being a father is really challenging especially when you’re young, but I love the fact that I am a young dad! With my career as a model – it’s not like most people who work from 9 to 5 and don’t get to spend much time at home— I’m always with my kid. Being a father is just amazing; there is no way to explain the feeling. When you become a father you’ll understand.


When you have time off, what activities do you like to do as a family? Well we always try to go camping in the summer and head down to the beach; I like to surf a lot. Right now Milo is still too young, but when he gets older I want to involve him in sports. When it gets colder in the winter we go to the cinema because we love movies, so we spend a lot of quality time together. It’s great that you and your family are active, especially since it’s essential to your career that you keep in shape. What kind of exercise do you enjoy? I used to play Tennis when I was young, like a semi professional, but then I stopped because, you know, I young and just wanted to party and didn’t feel like playing anymore! Working out is great for me because I started at 16, so now I have really good muscle memory. Any sport that I do I

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

Top and necklace VINTAGE. Bracelets at BOUTIQUE DUO. P.2

Cover Story


DTK MEN | A guide to modern success

Cover Story

This page: Top COS. Jeans VINTAGE LEVIS. Belt HUGO BOSS at BOUTIQUE DUO. Ring at BOUTIQUE DUO. Bracelet (leather and silver) ADDICTED CREATIONS. Bracelet (leather and gold on bottom) KILANI at BOUTIQUE DUO. Opposite page: Leather jacket VINTAGE. Pants and scarf COS Necklace VINTAGE. Bracelets at BOUTIQUE DUO.

Cover Story

Top and shorts 3.1 PHILLIP LIM. All jewellery at BOUTIQUE DUO. DUCATI SCRAMBLER available at MONETTE SPORTS INC.


DTK MEN | A guide to modern success

Cover Story

love, whether it’s skateboarding or volleyball or surfing. Now in the winter I’m getting into snowboarding, and about 3 years ago I started fighting and learning muay thai and jiu jitsu, I really love it! You recently shot a campaign for Balmain. What do you think of Olivier and his militaryinspired 2016 Fall/Winter collection? Olivier is a different kind of designer, he’s very down to earth. There are a lot of designers who are not so nice, but Olivier is not that sort of guy. He’s the kind of person who will come to you and ask about your life and about your family; he really connects with the models and makes everyone feel comfortable. What he’s doing with the brand is just amazing: Before Olivier, Balmain wasn’t such a big deal. The moment he took over, he revolutionized the brand. He created the Balmain Army, and I’m really grateful that I get to be a part of it. How would you describe your style off the runway? You’re always dressed in designer clothes – is it the same when you’re out with friends and family? I use to really not care, I would just wear whatever I wanted. But these days I’m taking care of myself a little bit more, and I do more shopping. Since I met Jess I started working on my style and looking after my clothes, but I still like the basics: I could wear all black with a white shirt. I don’t wear anything too colourful; I just keep it clean and simple! I know you have a crazy schedule but try to describe a typical day in the life of Francisco Lachowski. (Laughs) it’s hard because I really have no routine! I could be home doing nothing for a month or I could travel the entire world in a month. This month for example: I was in Paris, now I’m here (Montreal) and

Being a father iS juSt amazing, there iS no explanation, when you BeCome a father you’ll underStand. the day after tomorrow I’m in Ohio. Then I’m travelling to Milan and New-York, where I’m working for the month. My life is everywhere. Speaking of travel, you and your family are always on the move. What destination do you really love and want to visit next? The place is called Fernando de Noronha. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go so bad; it’s a little island north of Brazil. Not everyone can go because there are a limited number of people allowed, so you have to book way before to make sure you get in. I really want to go there, and I would also love to see Costa Rica, I’ve heard it’s really nice. You have had such great success so far. What plans do you have for the future? Are there projects in the works outside of modeling? Well, modeling right now is keeping my life really busy so I cannot think about too many other projects. When I’m not doing a lot of modelling, I’m always thinking about the whole acting side. I would like to take a couple of classes to see how it goes, even go to some auditions. It’s something that I want to try and I have to start now because I’m young! I have a bunch of other projects too; right now Jess is looking to start a hat brand with one of her friends. I always thought about starting my own brand, just to sell t-shirts and accessories, things like that! I have a lot of stuff on my mind but for now working as a model and investing my money wisely is what I’m trying to do.

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DTK MEN | A guide to modern success

This page: Trench coat ACNE STUDIOS. Sweater MARC JACOBS at LA MAISON SIMONS. Pants and belt COS. Necklace at BOUTIQUE DUO. Opposite page: Leather jacket GIVENCHY at HOLT RENfREw. Cardigan TIGER Of SwEDEN. Belt SALVATORE fERRAGAMO. Pants 3.1 PHILLIP LIM at HUDSON’S BAY. Sweatshirt SACAI at HOLT RENfREw. All jewellery at BOUTIQUE DUO.

This page: Hat BRIXTON. Blazer TIGER OF SWEDEN at BOUTIQUE TIGER OF SWEDEN. Vest VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. Belt TOPSHOP. Pants WOOYOUNGMI PARIS at LA MAISON SIMONS. Necklace (bottom) at ALDO. All other jewellery at BOUTIQUE DUO. Opposite page: Bomber jacket DSQUARED2 at LA MAISON SIMONS. Dragon bracelet and silver bracelet JOHN HARDY at HOLT RENFREW. Bracelets and rings at BOUTIQUE DUO. Art Direction Sylvain Blais. Photography JEAN-CLAUDE LUSSIER.Fashion Editor JAY FOREST. Assistant VIVI TOWERS. Model FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI at MONTAGE MODELS. Grooming NICOLAS BLANCHET at FOLIO using MAC COSMETICS and SHU UEMURA.

Cover Story

DTK MEN | A guide to modern success



One on One with

Joe MiMran

If you’re a man who lIves In Canada, ChanCes are you’ve worn a garment of Joe mImran’s.the kIng of CanadIan fashIon has a long and steady traCk reCord of suCCess, startIng In 1983 wIth alfred sung and CulmInatIng wIth Joe fresh.

By Anthony O’Dell The menswear era can also be largely attributed to Mimran: He founded Club Monaco, one of the first brands to get the everyday guy interested in fashion. With such a storied career under his belt, Mimran decided to retire a couple of years ago to focus on other endeavors. DTK had the opportunity to chat with him about his career, his advice for entrepreneurs and what he’s planning to do next. Tell me a bit about your first business and how you got involved in fashion? I started off as an accountant. As soon as I got my designation, I went into business with my mother and my brother Trevor, who had started a dress business. I did the books but also spent a lot of time in the factory; sweeping floors, doing a bit of everything and really learning the business from the ground up. I learned very quickly that branding had all the power. So we went out and started to interview designers saying “we’re going to make you famous because of our brand”. We interviewed Alfred Sung. At first he was skeptical but he came on board, and we just started growing. We moved from our little space on Richmond Street to a 6,000 square foot space on King Street. It was incredible – that was in 1979 and I thought “how are we ever going to fill that space?” We made a lot of mistakes but we also got a lot of distribution and sales. We were doubling our


business every year and it came in very handy that I was a financial guy. We did our first licensing agreement in 1983 after being in the US for a couple years; That was the beginning of the license business, which was a very lucrative and smart direction to go in at that time. We also did all our manufacturing in Toronto, and we grew that 6,000 square foot space to a 40,000 square foot one. We had 200 people working and we made some of the best clothing in the country at the time. Tell me about how Club Monaco came about? In 1984, I had an idea that was pretty unique at the time; thinking from a design standpoint, what was needed in the market? I was searching for the perfect white shirt, which I couldn’t find anywhere – and Club Monaco was born. I went to The Bay, Eaton’s, Simons—you name it—but nobody got it. That forced us to open our own stores, and that’s how we got into vertical retailing. At the time, vertical (retailing) was super strange, and most stores were mutibranded stores. Even the Gap was called Generation Gap and they were selling Levis and other brands. We were manufacturers so we really knew what went into the product. By cutting out that wholesale component we were able to bring incredible value to the consumer. We opened in September 1985 and we had line-ups from the beginning.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


Photography Lily and Lilac GroominG: Grace Lee, officiaL makeup artist for maybeLLine new york in canada / pLutino Group

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



When you don’t have anything, you really do have to take risks to get into the game.

I was able to grow that business pretty dramatically. In NYC’s Flatiron district we had a 10,000 square foot store. We opened stores in Korea, Japan, the United States, and we launched CMX; a Sports inspired 10th anniversary collection. In 1999 I sold that business to Ralph Lauren. How did you get involved with Joe Fresh? After I sold Club Monaco I took some time off and consulted a bit. Then Loblaws called me and asked if I could design some home products for President’s Choice. They loved them, so they asked me to do more: I came out with a full range of home products for them. They then asked me to launch apparel for them. So, in 2005, I did a presentation about what I’d do and Joe Fresh was born. We really grew it very quickly, going from 40 stores to the #1 apparel brand in Canada in 5 years.

What did you learn from growing Alfred Sung that you applied to Joe Fresh? I think the fundamental of every (fashion) business is integrity of design. That’s been my Mantra ever since I stared in the business. You have to understand the customer you’re trying to serve as well as make sure there is a large enough market. Those fundamentals are really important. When you have a clear vision of where you want to go then you can communicate that vision to the people that you bring into the company. Once they understand it clearly, it’s easy for them to naturally become brand ambassadors. When I first launched Club Monaco, I was fanatical that everything had to look very Club: We cut everyone’s hair a certain way; we had them style their clothes a certain way. It was very orchestrated and I made a conscious effort to communicate the style message and brand message. I think that’s what really catapulted it.


One of the hardest things for brands to do is just stay true to themselves. How would you define menswear in 2016? North American men weren’t interested in fashion for the longest time, and I think over the last 6-8 years there has really been a shift. Maybe it has to do with online accessibility, as men generally don’t like to shop. 15 years ago, when Casual Friday began, they were predicting the death of the suit… To see a man in a skinny suit in North America is fantastic!! It took a long time. I remember selling flat-fronts back in 1990 and it took a long time for mainstream retailers to jump that. I think men today are far more interested in grooming as well. This whole Brooklyn, bearded aesthetic has really helped men to get interested in different parts of the fashion world. Anthony O’Dell: You’ve had experience in shaping a variety of fashion brands. Would you ever consider starting a menswear line? Joe Mimran: I might, if there’s one thing that would ever entice me back into the fashion world it would be to create a full-scale luxury men’s line, and do everything from a very creative, selfish point of view – that would be a lot of fun. Toronto is now home to retailers such as Nordstrom and Saks 5th Avenue, as well as fashion incubators like TFI and Joe Fresh Centre helping young brands. What do you think Toronto needs to do to become a true fashion capital? Toronto has to forget about mimicking other cities like NYC, Paris, or Milan). To-

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


ronto should follow what has happened in the downtown core; embrace it’s own unique energy based on the great ethnic diversity of the city. It’s incredible to see and people are so comfortable with each other in this city; it’s something that’s really special. If that can somehow manifest itself in fashion, Toronto will continue to grow as a major market.

What’s one piece of advice you’ve gotten throughout your career that’s really stuck With you?

You have to own your brand and you have to believe in it; that should be the rallying cry, however that manifests itself. If you control your brand, you control your destiny.

Tell me a bit about your first season on Dragon’s Den. It was a fascinating time, its like going on a canoe trip with four other people who you’ve never met before for 20 days. You’re really going to love or hate them by the end of that. Exactly, because you have to get to know the other Dragons. First [you’ve got] the CBC family, which consists of great cameramen, producers and support staff. Then there’s what goes on with the Dragons— 5 A-types all vying for deals and camera time. Then there are the pitches—200 within 20 days – and we have no idea what’s going to come from behind that wall.

The days are pretty intense. You have to stay focused and really concentrate, so it’s really a fascinating dynamic. What do you look for in a pitch from an entrepreneur or a company? A couple of the things they’ve got to do is tell their story in a short period of time, be synced and credible. So I look for someone who’s organized their thoughts, is really addressing their market and has a business sense. If they don’t have those factors it’s just not going to work. We do get people that come on that are totally unprepared and unrealistic about their evaluations. You can’t go in with no sales and think [your company] is worth 5 million dollars. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Success is in the execution: you have to do the work. What are some of the personality traits you look for in an entrepreneur? Intelligence—which comes in many different forms— as well as a good energy level. They have to be energetic and determined and to

be able to express their ideas as well. We get into arguments in the show all the time and the Dragons will say “you should never put your house up for collateral!”, “You should never risk your families well-being!” but if you don’t do these things sometimes you’ll never be in the game. You have to be a risk-taker.

You have to weigh whether or not you can cope with taking those risks. I put my house up when I was building my business— I had to—and it worked out. It’s a matter of risk vs. reward and if you have the personality type that’s willing to do it. I have a friend that goes sailboarding and downhill skiing all the time, but when it comes to business he can’t take that kind of a risk. So I look for intelligence, but also a willingness to take risks; if you have both sides of your brain working that’s really good and also rare. What advice would you give to an entrepreneur? I think one of the most important things you have to understand is how to finance your business. It’s a really basic essential. You can’t go out into the forest camping without a compass; you need some basic financial skills. I always say “go and learn so you don’t get yourself into trouble!” The second piece of advice would be not to fall in love with your own idea. You’ve got to have the ability to stand back and assess whether there is a market need for it. That doesn’t mean you should be talked out of your idea. There’s always a caveat anytime I give someone advice: I always say that if you truly believe that you have something so unique that I can’t see it, then you should go for it. You’ve invested in a variety of industries including steel, fashion, and even medical marijuana; what are your views on the pending legalization of pot in Canada? I think it’s long over-due. This is something that, to me, is a recreational drug. I don’t believe it’s a gateway; I think it’s less dangerous than alcohol. I just think it should’ve been legalized a while ago, and it should be a controlled substance.

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Shirt, suit, tie, and pocket square TIGER OF SWEDEN at BOUTIQUE TIGER OF SWEDEN MONTREAL. Shirt ($189). Suit ($999). Tie ($119). Pocket square ($79). Rings GUCCI (from $250 to $365).


DTK MEN | A guide to modern success

under my skin

When tWo different identities and opposite style essences collide, the outcome can only be extraordinary. the disparity of traditional elements harmoniously combined With ink and needles obscures the lines betWeen classic and modern. impeccable details, perfectly fitted suits, tailored shirts, heavy rings; dressing dapper never looked so divergent. Photography Sylvain Blais Fashion Editor Fritz

This page: Shirt and jacket SAINT LAURENT at HOLT RENFREW. Shirt ($780). Jacket ($5,150). Vest TIGER OF SWEDEN at BOUTIQUE TIGER OF SWEDEN MONTREAL ($289). Bow tie MAISON F at MICHEL BRISSON ($155). Pants and rings GUCCI. Opposite page: Shirt, suit, brooch, rings, and loafers GUCCI. Suit ($2,980). Rings (from $250 to $365). Bow tie MAISON F at MICHEL BRISSON ($155).

This page: Shirt HUGO BOSS ($145). Ties MAISON F at MICHEL BRISSON ($145). Suit TONELLO at MICHEL BRISSON ($1,895). Rings GUCCI (from $250 to $365). Opposite page: Shirt TED BAKER at HUDSON’S BAY ($135). Tie TONELLO at MICHEL BRISSON ($160). Blazer J.LINDEBERG at HUDSON’S BAY ($795). Trench coat and pants HUGO BOSS. Trench ($1,095). Pants ($195). Rings GUCCI (from $250 to $365). Shoes ALDO ($130). Photography SYLVAIN BLAIS. Fashion Editor FRITZ. Model RICK GENEST (Zombie Boy) at DULCEDO. Grooming MAYILLAH EZEKIEL. Retouching MARIE-PIER TOUTANT. Assistant photographer BAHAA HUSSEIN.


The Storyteller PhiliPPe Di Méo is one of those Designers who caPtivate through their unique iMPrint on everything they touch, but also through the offbeat vision they infuse into every Project. over 20 years, he has breatheD new life into such Prestigious naMes as baccarat, christofle, guerlain or DoM Pérignon anD Moët&chanDon. his latest Project brings hiM into the realM of scent with his liquiDes iMaginaires, a bolD stateMent sure to enraPture lovers of great PerfuMe. the Man is a heDonist fascinateD by traDition with an eye clearly focuseD on the future.

By Stéphane Le Duc Marseille native Philippe Di Méo studied architecture at the Beaux Arts in Aixen- Provence before moving to Paris to specialize in design. “Very early on, I distanced myself from architecture because I realized that the scale was not the same and was not right for me. I need to make a product that fits into the hand, to get up close with the object. Design opened a playing field with no boundaries, through the opportunity for collaborative efforts. As I delved into parallel creative fields, my interest was piqued and I discovered doors I wanted to open.” Degree in hand at the age of 23, he opened his own agency, Reso Design, first out of need but also to give himself the freedom to explore. He was quickly drawn to the world of luxury because the major French establishments rely on outstanding craftspeople and foster exchanges and reflection. “I feel a great attachment to fairly classical things, I need to forge links with establishments that have a history, expertise and heritage roots. But what drives me is to take them out of step, because they have the strong reputation for beautiful


© Enzo Addi

products and designs and the knowledge to produce them. What I seek to contribute is a challenge of the status quo, to lead them in a different direction that still has meaning for them. It’s more about syncopation than provocation, because designers want their creations to be functional, but intellectually valid as well.” Thus, for more than 15 years, Philippe Di Méo has helped rebuild the image of Moët&Chandon. “We had to strip champagne of its sacred aura to make it more festive. The object was a pretext to send out a different message,

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

another way to enjoy champagne, and to change certain habits. I imagined the Moët Flower, a glass without a stem, that rested on a flower. The bucolic concept was to reinvent the chic picnic, the preferred domain of champagne brands. This idea had to be ephemeral, but ultimately was infused into the brand’s DNA.” The same challenge was posed by the famous Baccarat firm in 2003 when it initiated a sharp change in course as Philippe Starck launched the new head office. “The brand was saddled with several fairly musty associations and needed a fresh new image. I had a fairly iconic animal called the Buddhabear that was very dear to me, which I produced in limited series with specific materials, starting with bronze and moving on to copper, resin and porcelain. Baccarat suggested that I produce a crystal version. I was thrilled because this was like a dream, with the symbolism of crystal, and it marked the start of a lengthy collaboration.” Not content with his outstanding collaborations, Philippe Di Méo was led by the desire for exploration and discovery to open L’Aliment,


© Roberto Greco

a new generation eco-restaurant, where he combined the culinary arts, gastronomy and design in a staging that blurs the line between gourmet pleasures and those of the flesh. His new—but certainly not last—passion is the creation of Liquides Imaginaires, a reflection on the role of scents in our contemporary culture that draws us into a reconnection with precious, sacred perfumes. “Perfume is an area I had explored but I had never dealt with the olfactory aspect. I started with the name Eau Bénite (holy water) that I had registered, and I went back to the original materials, fusing the Orient with the West. With this idea of the very mineral font infused with the scents of the church, yet a determination to step away from the musty echoes to avoid nostalgia, I achieved counterbalance with much more verdant, aromatic notes such as cypress and rosemary, that make this incense very contemporary and very green. I then imagined an antidote, a finish to produce a trilogy, and today I am on the third trilogy. This world is a genuine discovery for me and a true passion that extends beyond perfume.” www.liquidesimaginaires.com

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Designed by Annie Hieronimus Melt into this chair and release all your tension.



Turn up the volume when things get steamy so your neighbors won’t hate you.



Freestanding BottomMount Fridge

Just like the film 9 ½ Weeks.

There’s no shame in having a liTTle fun. spice up your sex life by incorporaTing These beauTifully designed pieces in your space.They’ll ensure you hiT a home run.



Mermaid Soaking Bathtub

Anything can happen in a tub. Be ready for a big splash.

1952 Bertoia Side Chair


Straddle in style.

Angle Double Mirror

Don’t miss out on the show.


Design by Cédric Ragot

Sturdy enough to support all your fantasies.


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LIVE LARGE new york toronto montrĂŠal 4404 boul. st-laurent 514.845.8285 vancouver calgary chicago montauksofa.com letstauk.com info@montauksofa.com facebook twitter pinterest instagram vimeo



morning Serendipity StrikeS and She meetS a perfect Stranger.they Spend an unforgettable night together and She StealS hiS Shirt and watch aS SouvenirS.

Photography Donat Fashion Editor Rima Chahine p.108

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

This page: Top: Bra and panties LA PERLA ($735 and $215) and LYLA COLLECTION. Shirt BEN SHERMAN ($110). Watch VERSACE ($1,850). Earrings BIRKS COLLECTION ($2,095). Necklace CAROLINE NÉRON ($225). Bottom: Bodysuit LA PERLA ($625) and LYLA COLLECTION. Shirt HUGO BOSS ($205). Watch CAROLINE NÉRON ($295). Necklace BIRKS COLLECTION ($2,475). Opposite page: Bra and panties STELLA MCCARTNEY ($185 and $85) and LYLA COLLECTION. Shirt BRUUN & STENGADE. Watch GUCCI ($1,050) at HOLT RENFREW. Necklace CAROLINE NÉRON ($75). Photography DONAT. Assistant WILLIAM ARCAND. Fashion Editor RIMA CHAHINE at FOLIO. Assistant MARIE-ÈVE CONSTANTINEAU. Model CELESTE OLIVER at FOLIO. Hair & makeup NISHA GULATI at FOLIO.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue




DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


The Van Man:

PhiliPPe leBlond

What happens When you get rid of your home and all of your belongings to embrace a nomadic lifestyle … in a van?

By Philippe LeBlond Instagram: @philippe_leblond I’m writing from Joshua Tree right now and tomorrow I’ll be driving off to the Grand Canyon before moving on to Utah. I got rid of my apartment in New York and bought myself a van instead of a sports car for my 30th birthday; I am now living in pure freedom. I was born in Quebec, but I’ve been on the road for many years. After ten years of working in the fashion industry as a model and living in multiple cities—including Milan, Paris, Hamburg, Barcelona, London, and NY—I decided it was time for a change. When I made this huge life change people began saying I was lucky to be living the dream, but the truth it’s not about a dream – it’s about my concrete decisions. It all started with a road trip from LA to Vancouver, where I stopped at every national park on the way up before coming back along the coast. It was 4500 miles and it took a full month. After that road trip I was hooked and I couldn’t even think about renting a place and being confined to four walls. Los AngeLes, CALiforniA © MArCo ovAndo

I don’t really appreciate the system we live in. They teach you to work for some-

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

one all your life instead teaching you how to truly live life. Living in a van teaches you a lot about life, survival, connecting with your senses, and nature. It also teaches you how to appreciate the small things. My mom always taught me that we are spiritual beings having a human body experience, and not human beings having a spiritual experience. Along my trips I began educating myself with spiritual books and learnt a lot about life and



positive energy through reading and meditation. The simple concept that less is more came into my life. I decided to get rid of my apartment in NY and go back to California, my favourite state to live in (so far) because of the close proximity to surf, snowboard, rock climbing, and many different landscapes to explore. The truth is the seed was planted when I was still a kid: I began going on road trips with my dad when I was really young. He taught me how to camp, how to cook on a fire, and, pretty much how to live outside. He also lived in a 36ft RV for couple years so I think I inherited this lifestyle from him!

"Traveling is The only Thing you can buy ThaT makes you richer." My van is the biggest source of freedom I’ve ever had. I can wake up anywhere I want with this amazing tiny house on wheels. I have a parking spot in LA where my tires touch the sand so I can wake up on the beach. Any week I don’t have to be working on a Monday or a Friday, I take off for a four day road trip. I worked as a carpenter in Montreal before modelling so I was able to customize the inside myself: I made my van super comfy, and it has everything I need – from a memory foam mattress, stove, cooler and propane heater, to surfs, a snowboard, and a crash pad for climbing. While I’m on the road, I stock up on food for two or three days in advance while thinking about breakfast, lunch and dinner. I always opt for healthy choices and I


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


Crater Lake, oregon

My MoM always TaughT Me ThaT we are spiriTual beings having a huMan body experience and noT huMan beings have a spiriTual experience.


have options in my cooler, along with some dry food options for when I’m driving.

Santa CataLina iSLand, CaLifornia

When it comes to driving, I usually try to nail it early in the morning. I wake up when the sun comes up and drive until I want to stop to take pictures or enjoy the location as much as I can. I also have to think

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

about where I’m going to park for the night – it’s good to figure that out at least an hour before the sun goes down. I’m always looking to find a spot with water. Sometimes I’m really lucky to find a parking spot by a river or lake but other times it’s a struggle because some places have laws which make it illegal to park.



Top Tech for 2016

Each yEar tEchnology amazEs us with cool nEw gadgEts and cutting EdgE fEaturEs, and this yEar is no ExcEption. hErE arE somE of thE hottEst gadgEts shaking up thE markEt this sEason.

By Riccardo Tucci

Gramovox Floating Record ($399).

The Floating Record by Gramovox takes vinyl to the next level. It delivers the authentic sound only a record could produce and plays it through built-in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers. The design features a walnut or maple wood base with a polished acrylic platter. The silicon belt holds the floating record in place for a truly awesome display.


Devialet Silver Phantom ($3,295).

Devialet claims their Silver Phantom wireless speaker is the best in the world, and they’re right. This massive 3000 watt, 105 dB speaker produces ultra dense sound quality with unmatched clarity and precision. It plays your favourite music over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Available in a white finish with silver dome drivers and polished stainless steel sides, you will definitely want this at your next pool party.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


Nikon D5 DSLR ($8,499). The D5 DSLR by Nikon breaks ground with a new 20.8MP FXformat CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 5 image processing. Shooting fast-paced action with precision is a breeze thanks to 12 fps continuous shooting, allowing for up to 200 shots in one burst. With 4K UHD video capabilities and an updated auto-focus system with 153 focus points, the D5 is the greatest camera Nikon has ever built.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro ($5,269). This futuristic drone offers versatility and quality. The body is made of carbon fiber and operated by a remote control with a range of 1.2 miles. It features a 4K camera with a 15mm lens, a GPS stabilization feature, can accommodate a live 720p video feed from any tablet, has 360-degree video capture, and an optical floor sensor for indoor flying. You know what to ask for this Christmas.

Vanhawks Valour ($1,549).

Tesla Model 3 (US $35,000).

Vanhawks takes cycling into the 21st century with the Valour smart bike. The Valour has a carbon fiber body with and is equipped with blindspot sensors, vibrating handlebar grips, LED indicator lights, and a GPS navigator to help you reach your destination. The Valor companion app can track your riding activity and even suggest faster, smarter routes to save you time. Shipping begins this month.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

The Model 3 is the latest electric luxury sedan by Tesla Motors, and it does not disappoint. With improved supercharging technology, the Model 3 can go 345 km before it needs to be charged. It goes from 0 to 60 km in just 6 seconds and is designed to have the highest safety rating. With seating for 5 passengers and a $35,000 USD price tag, it’s the most affordable and advanced Tesla yet. Available for sale in 2017.



it’s a tech world

how Fast can apps Be Built? The way people make sofTware has changed over The years, advancing as new Technology becomes available. one Thing ThaT has sTayed The same? The paces developers go Through To build sofTware for Their cusTomers.

By Abe Challah & David Kristensen Early on, the most prominent way to approach developing software was using the Waterfall method. With Waterfall you attempted to plan in advance and get everything right the first time. Developing using Waterfall meant the development cycle could take months. When Agile development came along,


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

it shifted the developers’ focus to communication. This way of doing things acknowledges the reality of building software: that it is often a moving target. Agile development has led to higher quality software, but the development cycle itself hasn’t really changed. No matter what comes next, the overall cycle of communication will most likely stay the same, only looping faster. If our tools can enable us to build things in real time, we might be able to move to a new form of interactive development. Imagine sitting with the customer and


building software in real time, getting immediate feedback and making changes in minutes. This idea is already becoming a reality for visual aspects of web development. New tools make it very easy for anyone to design the look of their web or mobile applications: Think real out of the box stuff that takes a matter of clicks and no technical knowledge to set up. Just one look at Webydo, one of the hottest professional web design platforms on the market, proves how advanced these tools have already become. They let users create pixel-perfect websites without code. All these website builders are so simple anyone can set up something functioning in no time. But building the code that will connect a website or mobile app to databases and do all the complex server interactions (described in the industry as back-end development) has remained out of reach to non-techies.

© freepik

Anyone trying to build a back-end for a piece of software needs server-side coding expertise, database proficiency, and architectural experience. They have to hire expensive developers, which is still a big bottleneck for anyone with a great idea who wants to build any kind of app.

“By Breaking up sofTware inTo Blocks in a logical flow simpliciTyengine Takes away The repeTiTive naTure of coding, allowing anyone To quickly Turn ideas inTo a working piece of sofTware.” without technical knowledge, on a canvas where planning and developing ideas and building logic and interactions is possible without writing code. The idea for simplicityEngine comes from the founders’ own experiences working on projects around the world and meeting many people with ideas for applications. They saw the potential for non-technical people to have successful ideas and implement them with little to no coding know-how. They also realized the problem extended beyond individuals to established companies.

New products which focus on non-technical consumers like Zapier and IFTTT have emerged on the market to let users build and automate productivity between apps and services, speeding up daily repetitive workflows. They’re awesome tools that allow people to design logic in minutes without writing code, but they still don’t build complete commercial applications.

“As an enterprise, you don’t want to wait months until Accenture or another vendor develops a custom built product for your business. There’s a huge problem out there and no company has yet been able to solve or address it well,” they told us. “By breaking up software into blocks in a logical flow simplicityEngine takes away the repetitive nature of coding, allowing anyone to quickly turn ideas into a working piece of software.”

What’s missing is a way for people to build the back-end of any mobile, web or enterprise application extremely fast, and make changes in real-time for customers, with no coding required.

It’s exciting to see where software is heading, opening the door for new developers and helping seasoned developers deliver their ideas faster than ever before.

Montreal based startup simplicityEngine has done just that, letting anyone build back-ends

Follow simplicityEngine.com on Twitter at @ simplicityEng

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Fogo IsLand Inn

An Appetite for


Who Would have thought that Canada, of all plaCes,Would beCome the hotbed of Culinary talent that it is today? While regional areas have Certainly developed a reputation for speCializing in one type of fare or another, We are noW at a point Where truly exCeptional food Can be found aCross the board,Coastto Coast. and given our nation’s diverse populaCe, it makes sense that suCh a Colourful speCtrum of plaCes to eat Would exist.

By Ryan Yuh Chefs have taken the lead to be creative, experimenting with everything from molecular gastronomy to blow-torched seafood in order to offer an experience that transcends merely satisfying the primal urge of hunger. Culinary talents, restaurateurs and mixologists have all recognized that dining out is about bringing people together. Combine that with cutting-edge menus and design-driven spaces, and you’ve got a recipe for success. For those in search of such an experience, consider one of these exceptional restaurants the next time you decide to eat out.


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

Fogo Island, Newfoundland

The east coast has always been known for its rich offerings of marine fare. And yet, it is a food scene that often gets overshadowed by the pageantry and showmanship of the restaurants that come and go in more metropolitan parts of the country. Thanks to the Fogo Island Inn, however, attention is being drawn back to the area, and rightly so. Located on what looks like the edge of the world lies a monolith that serves as a retreat for those in search of a sanctuary away from their hectic lives. Here, designer Todd Saunders’ architectural masterpiece is set against a backdrop of Newfoundland’s Iceberg Alley. At the Fogo Island Inn, there is a strong tie to the community, as each piece of furniture and textile is harvested from its local surroundings. The food, expertly crafted by Chef Murray McDonald, is no exception. Drawing inspiration from Newfoundland’s wild bounty, he offers a contemporary take on traditional outport cooking traditions. On their seasonal menu, you’ll find dishes like Lobscouse (a traditional mélange of scrod, salt beef, potato and cabbage) and the snow crab and sea salt — an assemblage of wild Fogo Island crab, foraged greens, charred lemon and sea salt merengue. For those looking for different flavours, try the caribou or partridge.



Toronto, Ontario For the most part, you know what to expect from a sushi restaurant; tried and tested standards remain classics. But when it comes to Miku, Japanese cuisine is approached with creative flare, making dinner at this new outpost as much about the experience as it is about the food. Originally hailing from Vancouver, Miku is an establishment that has built a reputation as one of the best, accumulating a loyal following of hungry followers. And if there’s anything Vancouver does well, it’s great sushi. In particular, Miku specializes in the art of Aburi sushi, a traditional style that typically involves searing nigiri, leaving the fish part grilled and part raw. Led by Corporate Executive Chef Kazuya Matsuoka and his team of experts, a blowtorch and Japanese binchotan charcoal are used to achieve the restaurant’s signature style. With the restaurant’s latest location in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, Miku offers an exciting alternative for business meetings and client dinners.


Vancouver, British Columbia Located in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Gastown district, travelers and locals alike flock to L’Abattoir. The French-influenced restaurant is housed in a beautiful 19th century building that also happened to house the city’s first jail. As even the smallest details matter, the restaurant’s name is a cheeky homage to its historical roots, where the building was once attached to the city’s main butchery and meatpacking district. Walk in and you’ll be greeted by the restaurant’s bar, where you can start your evening off with a selection from their fine cocktail selection before heading upstairs to indulge in the creations of chef Lee Cooper. An order (or two) of pan-fried veal sweetbreads on toast is an absolute must to wet the palate, offering up the perfect blend of crisp and tenderness with each morsel presented in sauce gribiche on toast. Because their menu is a reflection of the season, what you eat one visit may be drastically different than the next. However, L’Abattoir is consistent in their dedication to quality and molecular flair derived from their coastal surroundings. Try the duck breast roasted on the bone or the grilled heritage pork loin presented with a bright injection of emulsified salsa verde. Be sure to check out the private dining facility, a stunning 1,200 square feet merging the venue’s architectural past with contemporary design elements.

PArAMount Fine Foods

Mississauga, Ontario While Mississauga may not be formally known as a hotbed of culinary destinations, do a little digging and you’ll discover a trove of hidden gems that may surprise you – and your taste buds. Given the diversity of ethnic cultures and backgrounds in this colourful city, it makes sense that there are a multitude of great places to eat in the area. Embracing recipes that have been passed down through generations, Paramount Fine Foods offers a passport to the exotic flavours of the Middle East; offering up Halal meats, fresh baklava and wood oven-cooked

pita. Perhaps most interesting is the man behind the business: Mohamad Fakih purchased the nearly bankrupt restaurant in 2006 and transformed it into the thriving success story that it is today, employing over 1,500 people in over 30 locations across Canada – with plans to add another 30 by the end of 2016. His is reimagining the traditional image of the Middle Eastern restaurant industry, and with international expansions set to include Dubai and New York, this is only the beginning for the humble restaurant and its mighty leader.

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



A rising star in gourmet cuisine

Louis PacqueLin beLongs to a new generation of chefs with contagious enthusiasm and energy. as head of restaurant Panache at the auberge saint-antoine since 2013, he has drawn the attention of gourmets and critics for his desire to return to the roots of french cuisine and for his boLd use of LocaL Products.what characterizes this young chef is the disciPLine he has shown and his unshakeabLe determination to accePt no comPromise in his quest for exceLLence.

By StĂŠphane Le Duc Photos Hugo Hamaoui p.120

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


This search for perfection traces directly back to his apprenticeship with great French chefs. That proved a challenging but indispensable school for someone who, after an internship at the tender age of 14 in his native city of La Rochelle, committed himself fully to learning this demanding trade. He discovered the world of gourmet food at the Palais de Biarritz hotel under France’s Meilleur Ouvrier chef Jean-Marie Gautier and then the Coutanceau family. Finally, he continued his training in the group of grand master Alain Ducasse for five years. At one of the master’s bistros, Aux Lyonnais, he had a harsh initiation into the demands of the trade with the person he refers to as his spiritual father, Frédéric Thévenet. “He was crazy! He was impulsive but always fair. It was very mentally demanding, but all for my good. I learned to never give up and maintain total devotion to our chef’s calling. I owe my thoroughness and discipline to him.” After this time with Ducasse, the thirst for adventure and new challenges brought him to Quebec City, first as sous-chef and finally as chef, at just 24 years of age. Jean-Louis Souman, general manager of the Auberge Saint-Antoine, who has seen several gifted people blossom under his guidance, appreciated the young man’s team spirit, tenacity and especially his potential. He considers Louis Pacquelin a chef to watch, surely one of the most gifted of his generation. This team spirit and sense of adventure emerges in a fabulous collaboration with Alexandre Faille, who spends his summers on the Price family estate on Île d’Orléans, supplying all the vegetables for the restaurant. “We have developed

I learned to never gIve up and maIntaIn total devotIon to our cheF’s callIng.

an approach to cooking focused more on vegetables and health. We have even introduced new products such as Charentais melon in a tip of the hat to may native region, as well as various types of eggplant, such as Béatrice, a variety I discovered when I spent my boyhood summers in Sardinia. We also pay tribute to the south of France with miniature

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue

zucchinis, miniature eggplants and baby onions for miniature stuffed vegetables. Not to mention Brittany, famous for the sweet Roscoff onion that is reminiscent of shallots, which Alexandre braids just like farmers did a hundred years ago.” Forbes Magazine’s prestigious four stars confirm that Restaurant Panache is definitely on the rise, but Louis Pacquelin never loses sight of the fact that to sustain this excellence, he must always strive to improve and maintain his staff’s discipline. For the moment, he simply hopes to continue doing what he loves and growing every day. And in his wildest dreams, he wants to invent a dish worthy of a Ducasse, Robuchon or Paul Bocuse. We’re betting that he’ll reach that goal some day! Restaurant Panache Auberge Saint-Antoine 10, rue Saint-Antoine Québec (Qc) www.saint-antoine.com



Fly Beyond with

Francois ThibaulT

There are few Things ThaT make a more perfecT pairing Than a warm nighT and an exquisiTe cockTail. as days grow longer so does The desire To hosT friends for an après-work drink on The paTio or a weekend aT The coTTage. wiTh summer on The way,There’s no Time like The presenT To perfecT your cockTail skills. when iT comes To preparing The perfecT drink, qualiTy is key. grey goose has been synonymous wiTh luxury since iTs incepTion in 1997. we were lucky enough To siT down wiTh legendary cellar masTer, francois ThibaulT, who developed The original recipe for grey goose. he shares whaT he’s learned along his paTh To success, whaT iT’s like To spend a day-in-The-life aT le logis (The inspiraTional home of grey goose), and of course, whaT makes The perfecT cockTail.

By Megan West On Finding SucceSS

At the helm of Grey Goose headquarters in Paris is Francois Thibault, who 19 years after creating the original recipe remains a key innovator in the success of the brand. Conducting over 500 quality control checks each day, similar to what a chef would do in a kitchen, Thibault and his team are dedicated to nothing if not the quality of their products. Speaking with Thibault, it was evident that his passion for his craft has guided him thus far. “In my wildest dreams, I never imagined myself working on a project like Grey Goose,” he says, but cites schooling, his ambitions, and doing something “beyond my imagination” as three key components in his life.


On deaLing with haterS

Thibault dealt with initial backlash to launching a vodka in France. He jokingly cautions us to “not believe everything you read on the internet,” but does in fact recall two distinct criticisms: One of which was the claim that there wasn’t enough wheat in France (which is of course laughable as a region close to Paris actually produces 7% of the worlds wheat) and the other being that creating a product as unique as Grey Goose would be impossible without additives. "I was much more focussed on the experience of building Grey Goose and creating vodka in France than I was on the criticism,” he says. His focus on his personal experience as opposed to what was going on around him is refreshing, considering how easy it is in today’s social media fixated era to become wrapped up in the chaos of our respective industries. For

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue


“if yOu dOn’t knOw it’s imPOssibLE, thEn it’s POssibLE.”

those still working towards career goals, “believe in your instinct and believe in your craftsmanship and do not cut corners to achieve that dream,” Francois urges. “To quote Mark Twain: ‘if you don’t know it’s impossible, then it’s possible.’”

On EnjOying thE PErfEct cOcktaiL

Having recently launched Grey Goose VX, a decadent blend of 5% cognac and 95% vodka, we asked about the most unique and Parisian way to enjoy it. “Right now I would suggest marrying Grey Goose VX with a very light ice cream,” says Thibault. “The freshness and coldness from the ice cream is a very nice enhancement to the light cognac that is in VX … The ice cream really wakes up the little bit of cognac.” When it comes to spring and summer cocktails, those like Presse (Grey goose, lemon juice, and a little bit of sugar and soda) and Le Fizz (Grey Goose, St-Germain elderflower liqueur, freshly squeezed lime juice and soda water) are his top suggestions. Thibault suggests veering towards cocktails that have less sugar, because they’re less heavy and a little more crisp than fall or winter cocktails. Asked his personal favourite time to enjoy a cocktail, he replies simply “with friends,” though he elaborates that he does loves using the lemons from his garden for a Presse. Thibault seems to have mastered the elusive work-life balance, never losing sight of the small moments that create a lasting impact in one’s life. His best advice: “If you want to be creative, you have to let the imagination loose.”

DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



Cool kids on the rock

The besT mixologisTs in Canada There is way more To your favouriTe cockTail Than jusT alcohol and some fruiTy mix. whaT goes inTo your cockTail has more To do wiTh The precisely selecTed ingredienTs and a loT of knowledge. The following magicians know how To creaTe The perfecT drink To Take you on a Trip To Tipsy – while TanTalizing your TasTe buds.

By Marie-Ève Venne

© Mathias Fast


Grant Sceney – Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel (1038 Canada Place) Named Canadian bartender of the year in 2014, Grant Sceney practices his art in one of the most posh hotels in the city. For Sceney, cocktail creation is a science, and he doesn’t hesitate to push the limits. Sceney is known for using methods usually found in the cooking realm like fat-washing, which involves using fat to alter the flavour profile of an ingredient.


DTK MEN | the AdrenAline issue



Romain Cavelier –Guest Mixologist, Canada.


Frankie Solarik – BarChef (472 Queen Street West) The co-owner of the trendy BarChef, Frankie Solarik has a showman side to him that helps him create some of the craziest cocktails imaginable. Using the concept of molecular mixology and incorporating unusual tools such as compressed gas, blowtorches and vacuum sealers, Solarik creates imaginative drinks like one favourite featuring liquid ice presented under an antique glass cloche.

Winner of the 2014 Made with love cocktail competition, Romain Cavelier burst onto the scene two years ago as the resident at Montreal hotspot Henri St Henri. He is now brand ambassador for Cirka Distillery, the first grain to bottle artisanal distillery in Montreal that creates all their spirits using local grains. He presently travels throughout Canada as a guest mixologist, honing his art at some of the best bars – all of whom are delighted to welcome him behind their counter.


Fabien Maillard – Bar Le Lab (1351 Rachel East) At first glance, you might think the drinks created at Lab Bar are part of an elaborate science project. Most of their scientific ingenuity and local renown is thanks to their founder and head mixologist Fabien Maillard. With years of experience behind the bar and ingenuity developed through travel to exotic locations, Maillard constantly finds ways to impress his customers using fresh and surprising ingredients in his creations, like lemongrass and cilantro.

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PhiliPPe Bonay, Rita hoRozian, Daniel RieDo, SaRah GaDon anD Vic hoRozian - VancouVeR Boutique oPeninG

JaeGeR-lecoultRe ceo Daniel RieDo anD actReSS SaRah GaDon - VancouVeR Boutique oPeninG


Jaeger-LeCouLtre By Marie-Ève Venne

Fine watch lovers rejoice: JaegerLeCoultre is finally available in Canada! Founded in 1833, the Swiss luxury clock and watch maker has experienced rapid growth in the United States over the last few years, making the timing perfect to embrace the Canadian market. "Vancouver represents a real opportunity for the brand to radiate on the Pacific Rim and being exposed to a cosmopolitan clientele that aspires to discover and


own beautiful objects. This international and cultural diversity is very prominent in Toronto as well and we believe in the growth potential for the luxury industry and for our business in particular” Jaeger-LeCoultre North America President Philippe Bonay says. CEO Daniel Riedo and Canadian actress Sarah Gadon – the new face of the Rendez Vous watch –attended the opening of the Vancouver Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique.

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PumP it:

The Best Action Movies Coming in 2016 Suicide Squad

Starting: Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Will Smith, Jared Leto. One of the most anticipated movies of the summer, Suicide Squad is poised to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. When a secret branch of the government decides to recruit imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions, anything can happen! From its foolproof cast to its captivating story, Suicide Squad is already creating a buzz amongst comic book enthusiasts. Release Date: August 5.

Thanks To The surge in acTion movie subgenres over The lasT couple ofyears,we have come a long way from The sTereoTypical ploTs where a hero wiTh a big gun saves The planeT one bulleT aT a Time. here are some new acTion movies you won’T wanT To miss This year. By Marie-Ève Venne

The Nice Guys

Starting: Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Matt Bomer Two men down on their luck are forced to team up to solve the mystery surrounding the death of a porn star, and track down a missing girl. Their quest isn’t easy, especially when they uncover a shocking conspiracy rooted in influential circles of power. Set in the 70s, this action comedy promises to deliver a large dose of dark humour, hilarious moments, and strong acting chops. Release Date: May 20.


Rogue One:

A Star Wars Story

X-Men Apocalypse

Starting: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Mads Mikkelsen

Starting: James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender

Way before Luke and Leia, a group of rebels was mandated to steal the plans for the Galactic Empire’s new weapon, the Death Star. While staying true to the Star Wars saga and recreating the sci-fi aesthetic made popular by George Lucas in the late 70s and 80s, Rogue One manages to be its own new story. Release Date: December 16.

Apocalypse, the most powerful and ancient mutant, wakes up after several thousands of years to find that humanity doesn’t correspond to his standards. On a mission to cleanse the world, he recruits a team of rebel mutants to help him in his task. Our newest Hollywood crush, Oscar Isaac (from Star Wars), seems like the perfect fit for the role. Release Date: May 18.

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