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December 2012 / January 2013

The official magazine of Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc

Accommodation deals for Conference 2013 – Pg 12 Getting Code Compliance for old building work – Pgs 16, 17

WIN a Samsung Note Tablet and increase productivity – Pg 11

Boxing Bonanza for charity in the Far North – Pgs 14,15






For help with contracts issues contact Peter Degerholm at Calderglen

Advice on any employment-related issue

Associates. Phone sessions are limited

is available from specialist Tauranga law

to 20 minutes and written questions

firm, Employment & Environment Law.

must be kept brief though they

Danny Jacobson and Trudy Marshall will

may include relevant extracts from

assess the employment issue and give

documents. Peter Degerholm Ph 04 587 0061 or 021 307 232 Fax 04 587 0062

Danny Jacobson

general guidance on the best options in Peter Degerholm

phone sessions of approx 5-10 minutes. It is not intended as a substitute for formal employment/legal advice. You must


identify yourself as a CBANZ member and any information you disclose will be treated with confidence.

Business-related legal issues

Trudy Marshall

Ph 07 928 0529 or 021 857 529 email: web:

For advice on business-related legal issues, Auckland commercial law firm Madison Hardy is offering a free service to CBANZ members. It will only cost you the price of the phone call. Free advice sessions are

Geoff Hardy

limited to 20 minutes.

Advice on any Health and Safety issue is

Experienced lawyer, and CBANZ director

available from the team at HazardCo. This

Geoff Hardy and junior lawyer Gagan

includes a free advice session – limited to

Tangri will answer your queries, during

30 minutes – which can include advice on

business hours. Geoff Hardy Ph 09 379 0700 Gagan Tangri Ph 09 970 9567

Health & Safety

incident management, your requirements

Jamie Potter

under the Health and Safety in Employment Gagan Tangri

Act and best practice Health and Safety Management systems. Ph 0800 555 339 email:

General business, accounting or tax


For general business, accounting or tax issues you can contact Steve Brocklebank of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Phone sessions are limited to 10 minutes at

For advice on any insurance-related issue Steve Brocklebank

you have your own broker they should be

first, and emails should be kept to the

your first point of contact. However, Jim

point. You must identify yourself as a CBANZ member

is happy to help with any claims problems

and any information you disclose will be treated with

and with any general question about what


cover you should have as a builder.

Steve Brocklebank Ph 03 470 3615 or 027 433 6025 email:


contact Jim Rickard at CBA Insurances. If

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

Ph. 07 579 6259 or 0274 505 528 email:

Jim Rickard

Contents Get your summer on

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Association news

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Get Sunsmart this summer

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Staff news / new subscriptions set

pg 7

Message from the Chairman As we wind down to the end of the year it is appropriate to reflect on how our industry has

Leaky Buildings – Financial Assistance Package

pg 8,9

New CBANZ contracts available

pg 10

Win a Samsung Note Tablet

pg 11

We can only hope that next year brings some

Conference accommodation offers

pg 12

actually eventuates. The early signs are

CBANZ Landscaping partnership

pg 13

Far North charity boxing success


Getting Code Compliance for old building work – Geoff Hardy

pg 16,17

ITaB news From the Desk at Operations

fared over the past 12 months. To say workloads have been variable is an understatement. certainty and the much talked about upswing promising, so let’s enjoy the Christmas break and prepare for what could be a very hectic New Year. I’ve just finished the second Presidents’ meeting of the year and can honestly say that the

pg 18,19

future of the Association looks sound. As with

pg 22,23

enthusiastic guys, full of good ideas and keen

the Board, you have a committed bunch of

Around the regions

pg 24,25

to be part of some exciting new initiatives.

Guarantees and Insurances

pg 26,27

do have a formal mentoring process for new

CBANZ Member profile

pg 28,29

members, if they need it, but the Presidents felt

pg 30

older builders who might be looking at retiring

Hunting and Fishing giveaway Preventing summer overheating

pg 34,35

Improved gst returns – IRD

pg 35

Q&A: The law at work – E2Law

pg 36,37

Spitting Sloths

pg 38

Message from the Chief Executive

pg 39

Contact CBANZ® Farming House 102 - 104 Spring Street PO Box 13405 Tauranga Central Tauranga 3141

Mentoring was one subject that emerged. We

that we should be utilising the resources of our and leaving the industry so that we don’t lose a whole lot of collective wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps we could have a new category of membership for those who are no longer actively building but want to stay involved in the Association and pass on their knowledge to our younger members. I’d appreciate any feedback on this important topic. As expected the Labour Department is enforcing the Falls from Heights initiative and non-complying residential sites all over the place have been shut down. Although there is a fair amount of frustration around this, we are obliged to support safer working environments for the whole industry so it is better for CBANZ to work alongside the DOL than to try and fight the inevitable. Jason McClintock’s article in the last Inhouse shows we are being proactive in dealing with this issue. You can find out more

Telephone 07 927 7720 Freephone 0800 CERTIFIED Facsimile 07 927 7721 Email Web

by visiting the members section of our website. On that note the time for fishing, feasting and frivolity is almost upon us. Have a great Christmas holiday and enjoy time with your families. Stay safe and I look forward to catching up in the New Year. Dave Brown

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


Work Board Shorts – $40

Built tough for summer work and surf • • • • • • • •

It's the season for surf, sun, fishing and a bit of building work in between. Certified Builders has a great range of summer gear to keep you cool and dry on-site.

Light weight and quick dry Fabric: Polyester Microfibre Navy or black available Airflow stretch crotch with vents Multi function pockets incl zip security & phone pockets Triple and double stitched seams with bar tacks Reflective print on back of shorts Size adjustment tabs with flexi waist

We have a great range of singlets, polos, t-shirts and sunhats to keep your skin well protected from the sun. Many of the fabrics are breathable and light to keep you cool and fresh during the hot summer days. Order your clothing on the new online shop on the Certified Builders website using your member login. WWW.CERTIFIED.CO.NZ

4 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Certifiied Builders Association National Support Office will close at 1pm on Friday 21st December. The office will reopen on

Are you newly licensed?

Monday 14th

January 2013.

Congratulations on becoming a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP). Please contact National Support Office

Orders over the break

with your LBP number so that it can be loaded on our

Please have any stationery

looking to build when choosing a member of our

and/or building contract

Association who is also Licensed.

website with your profile which is helpful for homeowners

orders in by 10am on Friday 21st December so we can get

When you renew your Association membership there is a

them out to you before we

form to complete covering any changes to your listing and

shut down for the Christmas

this gives you an opportunity again to forward your LBP


number to us.

Bigger discounts on rental vehicles CBANZ members can now get increased discounts on rental vehicles with AVIS. The exclusive discount has been increased to 5%. Check it out on the members’ section of our website

Caltex Starcard petrol/diesel discount increases Get a cheaper rate at the 'pump' with exclusive discounts offered to CBANZ members. There are 4 great reasons to apply for the Caltex StarCard: 1. Fuel Expense Management 2. Convenience 3. Card Security & Control 4. Great Value for money Fill in an application today! You'll find it under the Deals and Discounts page on the Members Area of the Certified Builders website. Product

Pump Price Discount*

Petrol at service station

5.24 cents off pump price per litre

Petrol at fuel stop

5.24 cents off pump price per litre

Diesel at service station

5.24 cents off pump price per litre

Diesel at diesel stop

8.19 cents off pump price per litre

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


Get smarter with SunSmart! We live in the Land of the Long White Cloud but did you know that skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand and it especially occurs in people who get too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays? New Zealand has very high levels of UV radiation. Surprisingly, UV radiation isn’t related to heat or high temperatures. Sunburn can happen on even cool, cloudy or windy days.

The legal bit … By law, the employer must protect the worker’s health and safety (Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992). For outdoor workers, employers must: Sunburn or years of unprotected exposure to UV rays damages the skin and increases your chances of getting melanoma skin cancer. Melanoma is particularly serious because it can spread rapidly and cause death if not treated. But it’s easy to prevent this happening by using sun protection: clothing, shade, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

• Identify and assess the risks • Implement appropriate controls. Employers should: • Modify work patterns so less time is spent in the sun, particularly between 10am and 4pm from September to April • Provide sun protection eg. sunscreen, hats etc. Employees should: • Cooperate with the employer in measures to protect them

Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap isn’t just for kids – adults also need to be SunSmart. Protecting your skin for life also helps fend

• Use sunscreen, hats and sun protective clothing provided to them.

off the leathery wrinkled look. Too much sun prematurely ages skin so that’s another reason to use sun protection. Minimising excessive UV radiation exposure and providing sun protection for employees is also part of workplace health and safety (Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992).

Hats should: • Shade the head, face, neck and ears • Have a wide brim (at least 7.5cm) and be of close-weave material • Have a flap of fabric attached to the back of hat or hard hat

How to be SunSmart:

to protect the neck when the employee is bending over.

• Slip on a long-sleeved shirt and into the shade • Slop on plenty of broad-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen and reapply it at least every two hours • Slap on a hat with a wide brim or a cap with flaps • Wrap on a pair of wrap-around sunglasses.

Clothing should: • Provide as much coverage as possible eg. long-sleeved collared shirts and at least three-quarter-length trousers • Be made of close-weave fabric in darker colours because these provide higher protection from UV radiation.

UV radiation is strongest from 10am to 4pm during daylight saving months (September to April) so it’s especially important

Sunglasses should:

to be SunSmart now. To make it easier, there’s a free Sun

• Comply with the joint Australia/NZ Standard (AS/NZS1067.1)

Protection Alert that gives the exact times sun protection is

• Be wrap-around or close-fitting to give the best protection.

needed every day. You can find this image on or in your daily newspaper.

Sunscreen should: • Meet the joint Australia/New Zealand Standard (AS/ NZS2604:2012) • Be broad-spectrum SPF30+ and reapplied at least 2 hourly • Be put on all areas of exposed skin at least 15 minutes before going outside • Be used generously – many people do not apply enough

Remember to regularly check your skin for new or unusual

sunscreen to get good protection.

freckles, moles, sun-spots or sores that will not heal, and spots that have changed colour, shape or size or look different from other spots. See a doctor as soon as possible if you have any of these skin changes. Early medical advice and treatment can save your life.

Further information • sunsmart-workplaces/ • An example of a workplace sun protection policy is available on the MEMBERS section of

6 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

New annual subscriptions set for 2013

what’s happening with our staff? 5 YEARS’ SERVICE

Lisa receives a token of appreciation for her 5 years’ service from Association Chairman, Dave Brown.

Lisa has been at the hub of membership renewals & subscriptions since starting with the Association in November 2007 on a Fixed Term

During the year the Certified Builders Association Board reviewed the annual subscriptions for the new calendar year starting January 2013. As a result of this review and in line with the general rate of inflation the Board agreed to increase all subscriptions and levies by 2% – from 1st January 2013. This will result in increases for example of $3 per year for Personal (Gold Card 1) members

Contract covering for another staff member’s leave of absence. If you phone about your membership or an account query it’s likely to be Lisa that sorts it out for you, whether you’re a Business Member, Individual or an

Not one for the quiet life, Lisa can

Apprentice through the ITaB scheme.

usually be found up to her neck in

Lisa is also involved with Hardship

paperwork at National Support Office

Grants through the Apprenticeship

looking for ways to do things better

Scholarship Trust.

for our members.


and increase of $10 per year for

We welcome Ruth Riley to the team at National Support Office, Ruth’s position

Business (Platinum Card 1) members.

of Membership Development Coordinator supports the work delivered on the road by the North and South Island Membership Development Managers.

The Board recognised the difficult

Members highly rate Trade Training as a primary source of industry information

trading conditions that have been

and opportunities for LBP points, Ruth’s work supporting this will allow an

evident while making this decision

even better delivery of training relevant to your business activities. Should

and attempted to keep the increase

you have a query about trade training in your region check out your regional calendar on the CBANZ website or contact Ruth at National

to a minimum.

Support Office. Not only does Trade Training lift the bar for members and the greater industry, the Association also benefits through membership enquiries and applications. Ruth processes these enquiries and applications through to new memberships. Should your current business status change e.g. as sole to limited please don’t hesitate to call Ruth who will take care of keeping our database up to date. Welcome Ruth.

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - SOUTH ISLAND Certified Builders welcomes Graeme White to the team. Graeme will become a familiar face in the South Island as Membership Development Manager. Graeme has been in the building industry since 1971 working throughout New Zealand and now accredited as a Licensed Building Practitioner. More recently Graeme has been working as a tutor of carpentry including 12 months in Australia. He’s a family man and an avid armchair rugby fan ... and watch for Graeme on the golf course as he ticks off his bucket list working on his handicap.

Look for the new inhouse in 2013

As Membership Development Manager Graeme will support the South Island regions, growing membership and developing ITaB (Industry Training Association Building). The growth of the Association’s Apprenticeship scheme will benefit greatly from Graeme’s enthusiasm for

Your bi-monthly Association

training and knowledge from working within the ranks.

magazine, inhouse, is due for

Keep an eye out for Graeme on the road as he delivers

a makeover. In 2013. Keep an

Trade Training keeping you all informed of the latest in

eye out for the new improved

industry development and business practices. Great to


have you on Board Graeme.

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013



Leaky Buildings ... The Financial Assistance Package has been introduced to ensure more time and

Harry Dillon is a builder and has been involved with the repair of over 300 homes over the past 10 years.

Wrap Up:

money is spent on repairing leaky homes

The 4th in our series of articles

instead of disputing the problem. The

will discuss issues to consider

FAP offers homeowners the certainty of a

when tendering for weathertight

financial contribution and helps get more

remediation work

leaky homes fixed faster. Suggested follow up areas for more To qualify for the FAP homeowners will


need an Assessor’s Report on their home

o B & H website: http://www.dbh

which will identify the weathertightness

damage to the building and provide an estimate of the scale and cost of the work needed to repair it. Note that the Assessor’s Report will not identify nonweathertightness issues with a dwelling, such as structural problems arising from the original work although these may also need to be addressed in order to obtain a building consent. The recommended scope from the


• Information pack for builders (from the B &H website)

• Quote template • Contractor Statement o The B & H publications

• Guide to Remediation Design • Guide to the Diagnosis of Leaky Buildings

• Dealing with Timber in Leaky Buildings

Assessor’s Report forms the basis of the Repair Plan and consent documents. Once the Repair Plan is agreed, the owner will

Welcome to the third in the series of articles based on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – Building and Housing group course that has been running at centres all over NZ. This article provides a brief overview of some of the relevant information for the builder if the project receives assistance from the government’s Financial Assistance Package (FAP). A detailed fact sheet for builders can be downloaded from the Building and Housing group’s website

8 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

seek quotes from at least two, preferably three, builders. The homeowner’s

It can be undertaken, but is not eligible

preferred quote must be submitted to

for FAP contributions. The builder needs

Building and Housing using the Quote

to quote separately for any betterment

Template found on the Building and

and needs to identify betterment also in

Housing group’s website.

any invoices.

It must include an invoicing schedule

Builders will need to include with the

specifying the expected amount and

quote a signed Contractor’s Statement.

timing of invoices. The invoicing

This Statement includes various

arrangements are a matter between the

undertakings in relation to: site access

builder and homeowner and are not

for the Building and Housing group and

necessarily linked to the Building and

council staff; payments, variations and

Housing group payments to the home

scope changes; invoicing arrangements;


record-keeping; confirmation of your contractor’s all risks insurance cover.

Quotes must be fully priced but rather than include very large sums for

Buildings will be inspected by the

contingencies, builders may be better to

Building and Housing group immediately

price certain activities such as removal

following removal of cladding, to confirm

and replacement of timber by an hourly

that the Repair Plan will address all of

or per lineal metre rate.

the weathertightness issues. If there is significant change of scope then the

FAP assistance only covers work needed

owner will need to review their Repair

to reinstate the building to an acceptable

Plan and may need to update their

level of weathertightness. Any building

quotes to include any newly-discovered

work beyond this is called “betterment”.

repairs that are needed.

The financial assistance package The Building and Housing Group will

Act 2006, and a builder could be

pay contributions to qualifying owners

asked to provide evidence in a

throughout the repair process, following

claims process.

inspection and sign-off by councils at agreed milestones. These inspections

Good documentation is

may occur at the same time as Building

therefore critical.

Consent Authority inspections, but they

Also remember that since

are conducted solely for the purposes

March 2012, repairs to leaky

of confirming that contributions can be

buildings must be carried

paid to the homeowner.

out by licensed building practitioners or under

The final contribution payment

the direct supervision

will usually be made once the Code

of a licensed building

Compliance Certificate has been issued

practitioner (LBP).

and copies of all invoices have been provided to the Building and Housing group. Larger, more complex buildings will often need a customised and phased approach to the Repair Plan and building elements. The Homeowner can still pursue other parties under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


w e Improved N


New Contracts now available

Why New Contracts Are Needed • The contracts come from humble beginnings • They are revised every few years • The last revision was in 2008 • Radical legal reforms over the past 10 years

Order your new contracts today Send in your old contracts to National Support Office and they will be replaced with the new contracts free of charge.

The survival of small builders is at stake How Building Contracts Can Help • Major risk = doing building work on credit • Payment of final instalment is now discretionary. It costs money even to prove your innocence so you will have built that house for free

• It’s essential to restore a level playing field by giving builders security for payment. The new contracts are designed to do that

Contact Millie Turkington at National Support Office Direct dial 07 557 9214 OR Order at the online shop

The Changes in General • All blanks to be completed are at the front • Familiar format but the wording is improved • 15 pages of (large font) legalese at the back • Still shorter than NZS 3902, NZIA S W, MB RBC1 • The order of clauses has completely changed • Virtually every line has been re-written • There are some brand new sections

The contracts have been rewritten by CBANZ Board member and lawyer Geoff Hardy. The FIXED PRICE + CONTRACT replaces the FULL BUILD CONTRACT. The COST AND MARGIN BUILDING CONTRACT replaces the COST REIMBURSEMENT contract.

10 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

Homefirst Guarantee • Availability of Guarantee expressly highlighted • Owner elects whether to pay for one or not • Benefits of Guarantee are summarised • It’s a contract between Owner & Underwriter • It is Owner’s responsibility to apply for one • Builder should merely help fill out application • But Builder can pay for it if he wishes

Win... a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet and increase productivity!

Simply login to the Certified Builders Members Only website and update your details and you will go into a draw to win the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. You already have several toolboxes full of every building tool ever invented BUT with a Galaxy Note you will be able to enhance your productivity on site and much more:

Show your prospective clients your portfolio

• • • • •

on your website Have your 3604 onsite all the time Look up product specifications Download colour charts Sketch drawings for your clients Just to name a FEW….

Access the Certified Builders Members Area and achieve so much more:

• • • • • •

Fill out a Certified Builders Online Contract sitting with your client Look up the list or Regional Preferred Suppliers Read the latest issue of InHouse during tea breaks Advertise for additional staff in the Employment Centre Order your branded clothing Lookup the FREE helplines and even ask/email your question

Re: Samsu

ng Galaxy Note 10.1

What are you waiting for? Go to and click on the Members Login, login and update your info. It’s that SIMPLE!

Tablet – valued at $999 – sponsored by Vodafone Digital Mobile

I have rece ntly purch ased the S for use wit amsung G hin our bu alaxy Note siness, and worth as an 10.1 it is quickly important proving it tool both s onsite and with clien With a scre ts . en larger th an a smartp than a lapto h o p, it is idea ne and bei l for access ng smaller onsite. I ca ing website n download s or emails building st easy refere andards an nce. Plan d store for variations a phone. emailed fr om Archit ects are ea sier to view than on At initial m eetings wit h clients, it website to is excellen showcase t for quick past proje services w ly accessin cts and hel e provide. g our com p explain w pany hat we stan d for and th It also has e a sketch p ad and “S plans and P en ” write freeh which I ca n use to sk and notes with. etch site d etails and Later into rough a project w it h a client it is products o r make sele easy to acce ctions. It ss supplier clients via takes great websites to software li photos wh ke dropbo view ich can th x. en be shar ed with W hile it is early days with learn excellent ad in g how to use dition to an it, I would y builders’ and up-to recommen toolkit. It -date with d it as an will help y technolog decisions ou look pro y with clie on product n fe ts ssional , it se w lection an ill speed co out of you d it will re mmunicat r truck on duce the am ions and site. ount of pap er that can D S Build blow ing Ltd Dallas Shaw , Managin g Director

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


THE BEST TOOLS TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS Get your accommodation booked We have secured special rates at three of the most prominent hotels in Blenheim exclusively for our Conference Delegates – get in quick and book your accommodation! These special delegate rates will continue for your entire stay at the hotels – so take advantage of this great offer to explore the amazing Marlborough Region. There will be organised activities on Sunday 19th May 2013 to choose from, all organised by us, there will be a fee for these activities.

Scenic Hotel Marlborough Chateau Marlborough


Walking distance to Convention centre: 400m approx. 3mins

Walking distance to Convention centre: 270m

Chateau Marlborough offers luxury 5 star Blenheim hotel

approx. 3mins

accommodation in the heart of one of New Zealand’s most

Scenic Hotel Marlborough (4 stars) brings a

famous wine regions.

relaxed and friendly atmosphere to the heart

Rate: Deluxe studio $156 per room per night

of Marlborough Wine Country and its world-

One Bedroom Deluxe $189 per room per night

famous sauvignon blanc.

Please quote ‘Certified Builders’ to secure special delegate rate.

Rate: $147.82 + GST per room. Includes discounted breakfast rate of $25inc for a full cooked and continental breakfast. Quote this confirmation number 15136444 to secure the special delegate rate.

Quality Hotel Marlborough Walking distance to Convention centre: 550m, 7mins The Quality Hotel Marlborough, is boutique, very South Pacific, luxurious and it's right in the heart of the Marlborough wine capital - Blenheim. Rate: $145 per room for 1 person including breakfast and $149 for a couple including breakfast. Quote this booking code CBC16May to secure the special rate.

12 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013



CBANZ and Landscaping NZ work together Landscaping New Zealand is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Certified Builders, with the two professional associations working together for the mutual benefit of both our members and our clients. With all the care, attention and professionalism in a well built house, your work deserves a professionally landscaped garden that complements and shows off such high standards of workmanship. Enlisting the help or recommending Landscaping New Zealand members is a great first step. Landscaping New Zealand is the national organisation dedicated to representing, promoting and educating professional landscapers. Members comprise of professional, accredited landscapers who have been selected for their high standard of business practice and the quality of their landscaping work. As a guide, accredited members will have demonstrated excellence in some or all of the following areas of expertise: • Landscape design - residential and/or commercial landscape design, planting design, irrigation and lighting design. • Landscape construction - may include paving, concrete work, stonework, brick work, retaining walls, rock work, carpentry, decks, pergolas, fences, screens, trellis, planters, pools, ponds, water features, irrigation, lighting. • Planting - may include lawns, gardens, plant selection, planting indoor and/or outdoor, pruning, tree work. • Landscape maintenance - residential and/or commercial lawn and garden property maintenance. • Contract management or management of the project, from the design process through to completion. “A successful project does depend on good planning, design and quality construction methods and materials” says Wayne Butson, President of Landscaping New Zealand. “Our accredited members all have different skills, so when it comes down to organising your project, talk to our members about what they can do for you and your clients.” “A good landscape design will allow your project to be developed to its’ full potential, iron out any possible pitfalls before the first paving slab is laid. If you follow the design process with quality construction by an accredited member you have a great recipe for success. “When you employ a professional accredited Landscape New Zealand member you are buying experience, specialised skills and horticultural knowledge. A good landscape design, supported by quality construction, should take you a little bit beyond where you were thinking of going yourself and give your property a wow factor”. Visit Landscaping New Zealand’s website – - and look up its members’ list to find members working your area.

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


AROUND THE REGIONS Bay of Islands/Far North

Certified Builders fighting cancer – To promote Certified Builders in the Northland area the local committee decided to hold a charity boxing event and raise money for a good cause that would benefit the local community. Key to its success was coming up with an event that local businesses would get in behind and support. The committee decided on the charity Pink and Steel Pilates because the money is used locally and most people are affected directly or indirectly by cancer. It took a lot of organising and a huge effort put in by the Bay of Islands Vice President Mark Todd and the committee. Billed as a Fighting Cancer event at the Turner Centre in Kerikeri, 24 novice boxers took to the ring for the first time. Among the Far North identities who fought three two-minute rounds were extreme fisherman Matt Watson, St John paramedic Nick Scott and Kawakawa policeman Nathan Davis. The event, sold out two months before the first punch was thrown. Over 350 people were at the event and it was talked about for weeks after. The fights consisted of three 2 minute rounds. Officials – 3 judges, a referee and a time keeper – came up from Auckland for the night. To fight in the boxing you couldn’t have had any professional boxing experience. A surprising number of novice boxers registered and were keen to jump in the ring. Among those who boxed was our local manager from Carters, Matt Watson and from the ITM Fishing show Nick Scott. St John’s came along with local plumbers, builders and policeman. We also had a couple of women fighters as well who were a huge hit. A cheque for over $8000 was handed to the Pink and Steel Pilates Trust which is New Zealand’s largest provider of rehabilitation services for people with cancer.

14 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

charity boxing event a big success

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


Getting a Code Complia Thirdly, by issuing a code compliance

first introduced, but in many cases the

certificate (“CCC”) on completion of

acceptable solutions have. For example,

the project. The CCC is supposed to be

clauses B2 (durability) and E2 (external

the final sign-off from the Council that

moisture) have been there since the code

the building work you have just done,

first came out, but drained external wall

complies with the building code.

cavities are now the acceptable solution in many weathertightness cases, when

The CCC concept was introduced under

they were not previously.

Geoff Hardy is a specialist

the 1991 Building Act, but it never

commercial lawyer in Auckland

fulfilled its promise, largely because

The real problem is that it is very difficult

and also a member of the

there was no particular incentive for

for a Council to check code compliance

CBANZ Board.

building owners to obtain the CCC, and

many years after the building work has

Contact Geoff on 09 379 0700

no effective penalty if they didn’t. That

been completed, and it is very easy for

tended to defeat the purpose of having

them to get it wrong. Faced with this

CCCs in the first place, so in the 2004

difficulty, and worried about potential

Building Act the Government tightened

liability, many Councils have tried to

up the rules. Now, building owners must

pass the buck by simply refusing to issue

apply for a CCC as soon as the project is

a CCC, without taking any active steps

complete. If they don’t apply within two

to solve the underlying problem. They

years of receiving the building consent,

have been doing this by suggesting or

the Council must do something about it.

insisting that the building owner obtain a “determination” on the issue from the

However the new rules don’t apply to

Department of Building and Housing

building projects where the consent was

(now part of the Ministry of Business,

issued before 31 March 2005 (which is

Innovation and Employment).

when the 2004 Building Act came into

For most building work you are required to obtain a building consent from the Council. The Council (or “building consent authority”) is the organisation charged with ensuring that every building or structure is safe to occupy and use, and will perform to the minimum standards required by law. They check this in three ways. First, by reviewing the plans and specifications before issuing the building consent, and in many cases insisting on changes. Secondly, by inspecting the project during the course of construction.

16 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

force). There are plenty of buildings

The determination procedure is supposed

built under consents issued under the

to be a cost-effective means to break

1991 Act, that don’t yet have a CCC.

deadlocks between the building owner

That only becomes a problem when the

(or a neighbour) and the Council – to be

Council puts the heat on you to obtain

used as a last resort where the parties

a CCC, or you want to sell the building,

have exhausted all their arguments

or mortgage it as security for a loan.

and still cannot reach agreement. For

The standard form agreement for sale

a GST-inclusive fee of only $287.50

& purchase of land contains a warranty

(for residences) or $575.00 (for other

by the seller that a CCC has been issued

buildings) you can get a prompt,

for any work the seller has had done on

thoroughly-researched, authoritative

the property. And banks typically insist

ruling that is often backed up by experts’

on one as a condition of the mortgage.

reports and legal opinions.

So many owners of older buildings find themselves in the position of asking the

You can see why this process is attractive

Council for a CCC, many years after the

to Councils. They don’t have to incur

building was completed.

the expense of inspecting the building and the risk of making a wrong call. But

If that happens, the law is quite clear.

they have come under strong criticism

The application for the CCC must be

from the DBH (MBIE) for not being more

processed as if the 1991 Act still applied,

proactive. The DBH determinations have

and the Council must be satisfied that

consistently said that the Council should

the building work complies with the

have sent their experts in to investigate

building code that was in force at the

the building work and identify all the

time that the original building consent

defects (ie. non-compliance with the

was issued. The building code (Schedule

building code in force at the time of the

1 to the Building Regulations 1992) has

consent), and then issued a notice to

not changed significantly since it was

fix. The owner should then put forward

ance Certificate for old building work a proposal (backed up by professional advice) as to how they propose to rectify the defects. Only if the parties cannot agree on the proposed solutions, should a determination be applied for. The Councils get some sympathy when it comes to clause B2 of the building code (durability), however. Although most components of a building are supposed to last a minimum of 50 years, some (such as cladding) only have a 15 year minimum lifespan, and others (such as gutters and protective coatings) only 5 years. These

periods run from the date of issue of the

appropriate cases) that the durability

CCC. Where the Council is being asked

periods run from completion of the

to issue a CCC some 10 or 15 years after

building rather than issue of the CCC.

the building was completed, you can

Even though the legality of that may

understand their reluctance to effectively

be questionable, it is a pragmatic and

guarantee the extended durability of

common sense outcome.

components that might already have exceeded their intended life. The solution adopted by the DBH (MBIE) in those cases is to retrospectively modify the original building consent by imposing a condition (pursuant to the Council’s

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice.

power to modify the building code in

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


Apprentice news From the ITaB Development Manager So this is what I’ve been up to in regards to ITaB in the past two months.

Completion Certificates ITaB would like to congratulate the following Apprentices on Completion of Apprenticeship Carpentry

Carters have had their Foundation

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of

Industry and Business Training,

Technology (CPIT): Berne Dreadon, Ryan Hart,

which was based on encouraging

Jon Maxwell, Danny Palmer.

and motivating young apprentices. ITaB is always happy to support and

Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT): Kagan

be involved with this programme.


The guest speakers were Kevin Biggar, from the TV programme

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

First Crossings and Jack Lyons from BRANZ.

(NMIT): Ryan Barnes, Mitchell Bateman, Stuart Cox, Timothy Gray, Benjamin McHaffie, Elliot

Robin Storey from NorthTec Future Trades in Whangarei, who

Nott, Luke Percy-Lourie, Andrew Simpson.

is one of the ITaB Providers, had a stand at the PlaceMakers golf day for prostate cancer. This was a great day with Mark

Northtec – Future Trades: Daniel Hammet,

Dobbs, Certified Builders Board member and Howard Harnett,

Daniel Hammett, Hamish Stokes.

the president of Certified Builders for Whangarei, and a great opportunity to talk to builders and educate them about the

Unitec: Liua Koloamatangi, Jamie Naylor, James

ITaB apprentice programme.


Western Bay of Plenty Certified Builders had their annual golf

Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec):

day in which ITaB entered a team, consisting of Chief Executive

Shane Berntsen, Damian Heagney, Alexander

of Certified Builders Grant Florence, Head of Carpentry for Bay

Keir, Ben Murray, Nickolas Rattray, Cody Sinton,

of Plenty Polytechnic Brian Dillon and myself. A big thank you

Jamie Walker.

to ITM for sponsoring the ITaB team for this event. It was very much appreciated and another great day was had by all, raising awareness of the ITaB apprenticeship programme. Congratulations on the completion of I have been down to Napier for the Eastern Institute of

Apprenticeship in Carpentry, proudly supported

Technology open days held on the 26th and 27th of October. A

by the Apprentices’ employers, Polytechnics and

big thank you to Todd Rodgers, Shane Sigglekow and the rest

Tutors and ITaB.

of Todd’s staff who put together a great two days. There was a school challenge where the students had to make a skateboard ramp. Five schools entered into the competition which was won by Central Hawke’s Bay. I was lucky enough to be one of the judges for the competition and I was impressed with the

Show your support

level of skills that all the schools showed. Again, thank you to ITM for sponsoring the materials.

ITaB Stickers are sent directly to all new ITaB employers, please

So what’s coming up? We are gearing up for the Apprentice

contact ITaB directly if you would

Challenge for which we will be providing information shortly.

like free promotional stickers to

We also have the ITaB conference coming up in December.

show your support of the ITaB programme.

Till next time, Buster Coughtrey ITaB Development Manager

18 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

School students show off some carpentry skills

Eastern Institute of Technology carpentry section was a big hit with secondary school students when they held a competition on their open days at the end of October. Todd Rodgers, Shane Sigglekow and the rest of the carpentry staff put together the school challenge where students had to make a skateboard ramp. Five schools entered the

Green Card benefits for apprentices

competition which was won by Central Hawke’s Bay.

Itab Green Cards are sent directly to the

• Vodafone, Swazi Clothing, Caltex

paid apprentice.

and AA and Fisher & Paykel, Harvey

The benefits include;

Norman, Noel Leeming discounts and

• Discounted Publications including the NZS3604:2011, E2 Moisture Manual

plans upon application. 0800 482 284 • General Liability/Car/Contents

and SNZ 3604 onsite Handbook. Ph

discounted insurance call Gwenda CBA

Millie T 0800 482 284

Insurance ph 0800 237 843

• inhouse Magazine delivered bi-monthly with articles and information to keep

Contact ITaB on 0800 482 284 if you have

you up to date.

any problem relating to your Green Card.

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013



What Certified Builders has been up to with Falls from Heights boundaries and in hindsight pushed too

scaffold system creating a platform

By Jason McClintock

far with our purlin spacings. This example

800 down from the top plate [3.000

Operations Manager

is used to demonstrate "current state of

stud] using the frames either side

knowledge" which is pivotal under all

as our guard rails. This allowed

practicable steps. Keep an eye on your

the team to stabilise the high

emails and your regional calendar within

pitch trusses while keeping the

the CBANZ website for presentations in

passageway under clear.

Licensed Building Practitioner

the South Island.

• Having the first stud spacing starting from the exterior frames it allowed

Certified Builders Test House

for aluminium interlocking scaffold planks to sit on strengthened nogs

Using a build Allan Shaw had in progress

to create a working platform inside

we took some of the Ministry’s "best

the exterior frames. Where this could

practice" along with our own research to

not be achieved InTack Scaffolding

put theory to the reality test.

and mobile H frames created a working platform. By working from

While we are seeing success with exterior

the interior more control of the high

scaffolding we tried to look outside the

pitch trusses could be achieved with

box for other systems that not only meet

less strain on the back

compliance requirements but were also builder friendly.

• A combination of interior platforms [mobile or fixed] and exterior scaffolding might be considered

Unfortunately the home was already consented so the opportunity to incorporate better safety through design

Residential Risks and Hazard presentations Buster Coughtrey, North Island Membership Development Manager, has been on the road delivering the Residential Risk and Hazard presentation throughout the North Island. Graeme White will be looking to take the same presentation to the South Island in the New Year. Taking a more holistic approach to safety at heights the presentation clarifies "all practicable steps" within the Act, using this knowledge to assess both hazards and risks. We use the example of heights to demonstrate the thought process, paper trail and flexibility that can be included. The presentation then finishes off with examples the Association used within the test house to achieve compliance plus other examples of best practice. There are several areas where we pushed the

22 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

depending on your style of build and design • Nogs were installed within the

was lost; however other areas such as

webs of trusses at manufacture, this

frame and truss manufacture did give us

allowed for a platform of planks to

a chance to integrate safety features into production.

assist with apex work and purlins • Catch platforms were created by laying 75x50 over the top of bottom

Prior to construction our first task was to

cords then overlaying with ply, this

use the hierarchy of controls to manage

was practically effective within the

the identified hazard of height.

attic trusses • To protect practitioners at purlin

Eliminate: • Removing the need to walk on

stage a low level exterior working platform and edge protection was

140x45 we doubled up on the

installed, allowing soffit framing,

90x45, this can be installed prior

soffit gutter installation and

to standing frames or from mobile

additional framing connections.

platforms • Strapping and marking out for trusses were marked where possible prior to standing frames • Due to site conditions a crane was

Minimise: • The acceptable industry standard for fall between purlin members is 400, either close up purlin or place a dog

used to position truss packs as close

purlin such as a 50x50 tile batten

as possible to their final positions

between the standard 900 spacings.

• If possible mark purlins on top cords

Work from bottom and nail as work

while still in their packs.

progresses up the roof • On the test house catch platforms

Isolate: • A hall down the centre of the portion of the house gave us the opportunity to use the InTack

were kept in place on the higher pitched areas • PPE such as hard hats, ear and eye protection were also used.

Toolbox time

interior doorway and will not impede sliding trusses across top

plates. Allowing for more flexibility

our controls, toolbox meetings

to work from within the building

Within the Knowledge Centre of the

were held where employees gave

with more stability than a secured

CBANZ website, members can download

input and hazard and task analysis

ladder or podium ladder, at 1.800

a template to help with their paper

were discussed in detail, current

long allows for two trusses to be

work. Working through this will guide

hazards were posted at the front

installed before relocating. Light

you through a site specific safety plan,

gate on a sign board. Inductions

weight and transportable in the

prompting the thought process and

were conducted and recorded

back of the van or roof racks

examples of compliance means, through

We are also working with a supplier

a menu style selection. Keep an eye on

plan recorded and reviewed as

to bring to the market a rated

this as we will continue to update as new

new options came to light.

[150kg] working platform support.

initiatives come to light. Check it out on

The idea with this is for you to throw

away the traditional saw stool. Used


along with a site specific safety

Areas of concern •

The Knowledge Centre

To gain the flexibility used within

for cutting timber or to support

As with most residential construction

planks as a working platform [light

It has been a pleasure working with

we did not have the ability to use

duty loads], light weight and folds

members and allied trades this year; I

mobile elevated work platforms e.g.

into a compact unit. This will give

look forward to touching base again in

scissor lifts. We have not been able

flexibility to flat sites for soffit

the New Year.

to achieve a satisfactory solution for


connecting hips, truncated and main trusses which are high pitched. Some gains have been made by bracing lower down the truss however the top connections are a concern. If you have suggestions I'd love to hear from you •

When is the homeowner the principal? [labour only to homeowner] This hinges on occupation of residence, as a new build is not "occupied" the homeowner is deemed the principal. As an alteration or addition is often "occupied" contractors must then take responsibility for their own H&S as if they were the principal

When using mobile scaffold to stand trusses, guard rails often get in the way and restrict truss movement. Lower the working platform or if this cannot be achieved a task analysis to demonstrate otherwise will need to be documented

Inconsistency with advice given by inspectors is of concern to the Association. At recent Falls from Heights presentations inspectors have been giving the ok for roofs to be installed using harness. This is a last resort solution, this is not as suitable when scaffolding or edge protection can be installed, a suitable anchoring point of 15Kn maybe difficult to achieve.

Reminder from the Ministry: Installation of ceiling battens as fall protection is not acceptable as these will not take the impact of a fall.

Certified Builders Association work in progress •

The Association is working with a reseller to bring a discounted price to members of a mobile scaffolding unit that will collapse to allow access through a standard height

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013



Western Bay of Plenty

Golf tournament supports a member’s scholarship at polytech The clouds cleared and wind dropped

brand locally, but also enables the

on the day, also to Millie Turkington and

just in time for a great day of golf with

WBOP region to support the Bay of

Eve Cooper from National Support Office

members, suppliers and allied trades.

Plenty Polytechnic via a scholarship for

who kept the lads hydrated. To James

A big thanks to principal sponsor

a Certified Builders Association member

Schofield from HazardCo who cooked

PlaceMakers and Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

who continues education via their Level

up a storm with Allan Shaw on the BBQ,

for their ongoing support and to the

5 and Level 6 courses on offer. The

cheers guys.

many companies who sponsored a hole.

scholarship is valued at $1000.

Proceeds from this event not only allows

Special thanks to committee members

for ongoing promotion of the CBANZ

who helped with organising and input

Jason McClintock, Golf day coordinator

All set for a big day on the golf course for ITaB.

Wayne of Wayne Goldsbro Builders looking to reclaim the title of cup champs

Stuart Phelps, Tauranga Plastering AWCI Bringing Sexy back to golf Up to no good ... Team ITaB takes time out.

24 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013



It takes all kinds of superheroes to make up a universe ... this must be the first one to travel by segway! With the help of Northtec Future Trades’ Robin Storey, ITaB had a stand at the PlaceMakers golf day for prostate cancer in Whangarei. Certified Builders board member Mark Dobbs and Howard Harnett, the president of Certified Builders for Whangarei, attended to support this great opportunity to talk to builders and educate them about the ITaB apprentice system.



CBANZ features at Home and Garden Show



Platinum Members!

With 8800 through the doors I was very happy with the level of enquiry from both homeowners and trade


qualified builders. To get the brand in front of the public our

Grab yourself some new Certified Builders brochures – a great FREE marketing tool to include with your quotes and invoices.

region felt it worthy to be at this year’s event. A big thank you to members who took time out to man our stand and to PlaceMakers

FREE for all Platinum members!

Rotorua who supplied us the skill saw and other goodies for our competition. We had mums

Order yours at the online shop on the Certified Builders website

and dads as well as families battling it out as to who was the closest to guess the length of timber, angle and depth of rebate. Merry Christmas all – Tony Pepping, Rotorua President

Congratulations Diane and Geoff Klump who won the PlaceMakers skill saw, “with an apprentice in the family this will get plenty of use”, Diane said.

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


HOW TO SPOT A LEAKY BUILDING Volume 5 Decks • Ensure there is space between timber decks and cladding. It is important to regularly remove leaves and other debris caught up in the gaps. • Waterproof decks should have no areas of lifting membrane. Joints should be tight and there should be no water ponding anywhere on the surface. The membrane should have a positive coving at all edges, including under doors. Check for nicks in the membrane. • Paint-on membranes require regular checking and may become punctured even with a protective layer of tiles. Have these membranes checked annually and do not put off recoating if the membrane is wearing.

To become a WaterTight Approved Builder contact Ben on: 07 579 6259 email:

• Make certain all drainage and overflows are clear. The overflow height should be at least 50mm below any floor area, and below any deck coving at walls or doorways.

• If you have any doubts, seek expert advice. Some decks have been constructed with untreated timber and may become

Underwritten by CBL Insurance Limited

dangerous if moisture has got into the framing. Courtesy of

How the Homefirst Builders Guarantee helps homeowners A Real Case: Poor sub-contractor workmanship A North Shore couple undertook substantial alterations and modernisation of their home. Poor workmanship by subcontractors led to serious twisting in a load bearing wall that had to be replaced. Their builder was no longer trading so the couple claimed on their guarantee and this was approved by Builtin.

To display the Homefirst logo on your website contact

Guarantees and insurance for the building industry ph: 07 579 6259

26 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


JOKE OF THE MONTH Send your jokes in to:

LIABILITY Public Liability Statutory Liability Employers Liability Professional Indemnity LBP Insurance Errors & Omissions Cover

COMMERCIAL Contract Works Tools Vehicles

and more ....

INSURANCE TIPS FOR BUILDERS Your insurance questions answered. Send your questions in to:

My vehicle is insured for market value, what does this mean? Most motor vehicle policies cover vans, utes, cars, motorbikes, trailers etc for ‘market value’. This means: The reasonable sale price of the same or comparable vehicle, of similar age and condition. In other words what you would have to pay to buy your own vehicle in the same condition, mileage etc. EXAMPLE: If your ute is insured for $20,000, but it’s only valued at $10,000 when it crashes, that’s what you’ll get. In practice, the insurer obtains independent vehicle valuations from 2 or 3 unrelated, qualified vehicle valuers. The valuations are generally averaged and this value, if it is the same or less than the specified sum insured, is used as the basis of a total loss claim settlement. If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the proposed value they will generally re-check the market, with the intention of agreeing to a settlement figure. We occasionally recommend that a customer obtains their own valuation(s). Some insurers offer “Agreed Value’ policies, where settlement is based upon the sum insured (ie. $20,000 in the above example). Some Insurers show a ‘market value’ but limited to the sum insured on which the premium has been based. RECOMMENDATION: It is good practice to re-value your vehicle each year and adjust the Sum Insured on your policy. Using Trademe or other auction site is a good way, as no-one knows your vehicle specs better than you do. This means you’ll be paying the right premium, won’t be disappointed if you have to claim for a total loss, and your claim can be settled swiftly. Please remember you might not be able to actually buy a vehicle that was just like yours, so be prepared to buy another make, model etc within your budget.

inhouse October-November 2012

27 27

Member profile What is your most memorable build project? Our most memorable project is hard to distinguish because all our projects become memorable, but one that comes into mind is a house we built in Cambridge for an graduate architect. He had some very modern bold ideas and we really enjoyed building a real eye catching home for him and his family.

What is your most unusual or challenging build project? Our most challenging project was a multi level house that we built in Thames for the local Carters Manager. This threw multiple challenges at us including the

Above and right: A memorable home build project in Cambridge.

steep sloping section, the weather that constantly battled us turning a dry site into a ice skating rink. Through all the challenges we finished the house with very good results and satisfied clients.

Have you done a community or an overseas project that was rewarding? We really enjoyed working for Walkway Solutions at the end of 2011/ start of 2012 to construct the bridges for the Hauraki Rail Trail. This community project was a walk with history, using sites of the orginal train bridges - most of the old Australian hardwood foundations were still visible. This trail now brings thousands of riders into our area to

The open plan living area.

experience a slice of rural New Zealand with the ability to travel around 50km of track.

What do you like about being a member of CBANZ? The importance of being a CBANZ member for us is having the backing and support of a professional organisation and can offer us and our clients so much more than what we can on our own. It gives our company a professional edge and we feel confident to be able to offer the Homefirst 10 guarantee and thorough contracts.

28 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

Troy’s team: The MacKenzie Construction crew value honesty and a combined effort for success.

What are your goals for the future? Our goals are more for right now, as our biggest achievements are made every day - not looking too far ahead. We realise that nothing is impossible and we intend to become more successful and nothing will get in our way.

What are your steps to success – if you wish to give these away? Our success comes down to the integrity of the business - without this we have nothing. We believe in having a strong family involvement and employees that feel as though they are part of our success rather than just working for us. Honesty has always been very important and we feel free to be upfront with everyone we deal with. We form strong relationships with all our clients and make them part of their own project so they achieve exactly what they want at the completion and they have no regrets.

The challenging Thames coastal build - bad weather and steep site.

Above and below: Bridges on the Hauraki Rail Trail.

Flynn braves the elements to work on a lookout.

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013


Builders brag page Send us in your hunting & fishing pics and we’ll reward those that get published on this page with a Hunting & Fishing New Zealand Fleece Gutbusta Bush Shirt valued at $39.99. Send photos to: Builders Brag Page PO Box 4472 Palmerston North Or email in hi-res to (be sure and identify clearly that you are sending an entry for the Certified Builders Brag Page as well as full contact details!) Please note photos submitted must be from a CBANZ or ITaB member or a company affliated with Certified Builders.

Shirt Day CBANZ member Howard Harnett of Whangarei caught this impressive hapuka approx 37kg in The Trench, back of the Poor Knights Islands.

31 stores nationwide Ph: 0800 486 834 (0800 HUNT FISH) Shop online or register for catalogues

as rks for who wo apuka he , rt e rb He eh Andrew arnett, with th ground. g H in Howard the same fish in t h g u ca

30 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

32 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

33 33

Preventing summer overheating By Lois Easton, Beacon Pathway

A warm winter home is no good if it is stiflingly hot in summer – good design and simple changes can make homes much more comfortable in summer heat. It’s an irony that as we make sure that our homes are warm and healthy over winter, we also need to think about keeping them cool in summer. But experience and research is showing us that summer overheating, especially in today’s airtight and well-insulated new homes, is becoming an increasing problem.

• Minimising western windows where

up a chimney. Using the stack effect to

the low angled summer afternoon

ventilate homes is the most effective

sun means eaves won’t stop

way of keeping a house cool in summer.


Design solutions for passive ventilation

• Deep verandas or very wide shades on the western façade - ideal if western

include: • Small high windows in rooms (e.g.

Modern lifestyles, where homes are

facing windows are required (e.g. to

clerestory windows) which can be

often shut up during the day, mean that

access views or outdoor living space).

left open during summer to take

coming home to a hot, overheated house

• Careful planting of deciduous trees

advantage of the stack effect. These

is common. Once the house has become

near the house to shade northern or

are particularly useful for night

too hot, it’s much harder to cool down

western windows. Deciduous trees

ventilation provided there are also

without using electricity. The key is

will shade the windows in summer,

some windows left open in the lower

designing to prevent overheating in the

but with no leaves in winter, will then

part of the house so cool air is pulled

first place by keeping the sun out during

let the sun in.

through and hot air expelled.

the hot parts of the summer day and using passive ventilation which allows the

• Ensuring windows can be opened on

Creating air movement

all sides of the house and that there are no barriers to airflow within the

house to be well ventilated even when Air movement increases cooling by

house. Sometimes this could mean

raising evaporation rates. Passive

including an air grill above internal

ventilation is partly about allowing

doors so that cross ventilation can

air movement even when the house is

still occcur even if doors are shut.

Keeping the sun out during summer is

closed up, and also about creating that

Bedrooms with only one window are

all about angles and orientation. You

air movement through cross and stack

frequent victims of overheating –

want the lower winter sun to come


once the bedroom door is shut there

the occupants are out.

Keeping the sun out

is no pressure gradient to pull cool

inside north-facing rooms but to keep

air through the room.

the higher summer sun out at its peak.

Cross ventilation happens when cool air

Later in the day, the summer sun will be

from outside enters a building and forces

lower and will shine in western windows

warm air out through an opening such

than awning opening windows. Side

– west-facing rooms often overheat in

as a window or door. Stack ventilation

opening windows are much better at

summer. Design solutions which keep

happens when inside air warms, rises

pulling breezes into the house.

the summer sun out include:

and escapes through any gaps at the top

• Use of side opening windows rather

• In-window passive vent systems.

of the house, drawing in cool air from

These are secure and can be left

carefully calculated to avoid summer

gaps at the bottom of the house. This

open when the house is unoccupied.

overheating, but allowing winter sun

pull is called the stack effect because it

They include louvres and trickle

to penetrate and warm the house.

is the same process that draws smoke

vents. BRANZ recommends 600mm

• Deep eaves on the northern side –

34 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

For further information about Beacon Pathway visit

width of trickle vent for each

a significant amount of time spent

The HomeSmart Home included a

average sized room.

above 25°C. The HomeSmart Home

solar powered stack vent which ran

• Solar or wind powered ventilation

also overheated in summer, particularly

continuously. However, the house

systems – these are roof-located

upstairs where it was difficult to sleep at

layout did not address how to best

ventilation systems which can either

night at the hottest times. Both had some

pull cool air into the house and the

run all the time, or be manually

elements for summer cooling: opening

location of the vent meant it had little

controlled. They are best located in

windows, passive venting, overhanging

or no impact on hot upstairs bedrooms.

a high point in a home, combined

eaves; yet these elements were not

Northern shading, passive vents, and

with lower opening windows. In

enough to keep the homes cool. So what

layout to encourage both cross and stack

most cases, however, the stack effect

could we have done differently?

ventilation, would improve this home’s summertime performance.

can be utilised without the need for a special ventilation systems.

The Waitakere NOW Home relied on overhanging eaves and a pergola with

Design is the key to summer cooling – it

a grapevine for shade. A solar powered

is much easier to prevent overheating

stack vent was subsequently installed

at an early stage than to rectify it later.

Two Beacon homes, which performed

to draw the hot air outside. However,

However, with good design, homes can

excellently in every other way, have

there was limited cross ventilation in the

be winter warm AND summer cool!

struggled with summer overheating. Both

Waitakere NOW Home, and the windows

homes were well insulated, double glazed

generally remained closed during the

and designed for passive solar heating.

day. Trickle vents would have been ideal

At the height of summer, the Waitakere

in this house, together with security stays

NOW Home became too hot, especially

to allow the windows to be left open at

Find out how to calculate eave depth:

in the evenings and in the family room

night, and better shading on the northern

and northwest-facing bedroom, with


Two examples

For general information: html


Improved, more user friendly GST return available Do you file your GST returns online? Inland Revenue has recently launched an improved online GST return which will make your job a whole lot better.

You can save a draft version of the return

Once you’ve filed your first GST return

and come back to it later on if you’re

using the new service, Inland Revenue

called away in the middle of filling out

will stop sending you paper returns. But

the return, not a problem.

don’t worry, you’ll get a reminder when

What’s changed?

When your return is filed, you’ll get

you’re a business, a myIR account can

immediate confirmation the return has

only be set up by the GST registered

For a start, when you access your GST

been received by Inland Revenue. It’s

person/business - i.e. directors, executive

return in your myIR secure online

a simple matter to save a copy of your

office holders, trustees, or partners of

services account, it will have the

return directly in your record-keeping


personal details section already filled

system. Or, the GST return details can

out. You’ll no longer need to type in

be viewed in myIR. Over time, you’ll

If you’re still filing paper returns, it’s

your name and address every time,

be able to view your GST history in one

never been easier - switch to online

and you won’t need a document

convenient place.

filing now! And once you have a myIR

your next return is due. If someone else in your business does the GST, the service allows business owners

You can access your GST return through

to delegate responsibility for filing the

myIR secure online services. If you don’t

return to another person.

have an account, click on ‘Register’ and follow the onscreen instructions. If

lodgement number (DLN). And when

account, you’ll have access to Inland

you add the income and expense

Whether you pay GST or get refunds,

figures, the system will do all the

you’ll be able to keep track of your

calculations for you.

return while it’s being processed.

Revenue’s other online services.

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Q&A – the law at work Danny Jacobson & Trudy Marshall


You need to immediately seek

day. We have information to show

legal advice about your options

that one of our senior employees

e2Law — Employment &

for dealing with this situation. By

used a work computer one evening

Environment Law

its nature, fixed term employment

(when he was at work for valid

comes to an end by operation of the

reasons to catch up on a work back

fixed term agreement on the date

log) to log in to his Facebook page.

(or event) set out in the fixed term

On his page he wrote very negative

agreement. If you let a fixed term

comments about our business and

agreement “run on” as you have in

one of the directors. We cannot

this case, there is the real potential

access this information directly as

for the employee to claim that his

our business is not a “facebook

or her employment has become

friend”, but another employee has

permanent. This would turn mean

printed this page and has drawn it

that you may have to treat these

to our attention. What can we do

two employees as permanent

about this?

employees and to comply with all legal requirements that would

The following questions have arisen in cases in which e2Law has recently been involved:

Issues associated with social media and employment are becoming

of such employees. However,

more common. We would need to

these cases are fact dependant

check the employee’s employment

and any discussions held when the

agreement and to discuss with you

fixed term came to an end will

whether you have any other policies

be relevant to the overall legal

that may cover this situation.


Generally if an employee’s statements or actions cause (or have



apply to the ending of employment

the potential to cause) detriment to an employer or damage to the employer’s reputation or if they

We are a medium sized building

demonstrate a breach of fidelity,

business. Due to the nature of

then this can amount to serious

our particular business, we are

misconduct potentially justifying

usually very busy over the winter

dismissal. This is the case even

months. This year, we employed

if the statement is made, or

five extra staff for the period 1

the conduct occurs, outside of

May to 30 September. We ensured

employment. You would have

that they all signed proper fixed

grounds to commence a disciplinary

term agreements. We were a bit

process alleging potential serious

casual about the ending of the

misconduct in employment and we

employment on 30 September, and


as it happens two of those fixed term employees have remained in our employment as we have had work to keep them busy. This may not last more than another few weeks and I need to know where I stand with ending their employment when the work does run out?

36 inhouse Dec 2012/Jan 2013

can assist you to work through this process.

Q: We are a large building business. This includes a number of office


based staff. These staff are using computers throughout most of the working day. As we have had issues

Q: With Christmas not too far away, we are currently thinking about our

in the past, we now have a clear

closedown period which we have

written policy about not using our

over the Christmas/New Year period

computers, including the internet,

annually. We know some staff are

for personal use during the working

resistant to being required to take

Skills Maintenance Activity

this break and to using up annual

notice of your closedown period.

leave. How much notice do we

Employees are still entitled to the

have to give to staff and can they

paid statutory holidays that may fall

refuse to use up annual leave if we

during your closedown period.

When you participate in our learning activity you should claim points in your diary. 1 hour of learning = 1 point. And be sure to write down how and what you learnt.

close for a 3 week period?


You can require any employee to take annual holidays during your usual closedown period if he or she is entitled to annual leave. If the employee is not entitled to annual leave, you can require that he or she discontinue work during this period, effectively taking leave without pay. In either case, you have to give staff at least 14 days

Trudy Marshall and Danny Jacobson are Partners at Employment & Environment Law, Barristers and Solicitors, Tauranga. They operate the Employment Helpline for CBANZ members: ph 07 928 0529. They have also produced a Guide for Employers in the Construction Industry which CBANZ can send out to members on request. (The above is by its nature general, and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice).

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37 37

CBANZ Spitting Sloths Every Tuesday evening the Sloths venture onto the pristine white (grey) sands of the Mount Main Beach. They call it Social Volleyball but deep within the Sloths have a competitive streak which comes out in our slam dunks and potent serving skills. The proud players of the CBANZ Spitting

Millie T tries out her beach ballet while Jason M prays the ball will go over. Ben Rickard analyses the situation and Chief Executive Grant takes a relaxed approach.

Sloths are Racey Jasey Sloth, Evil Eve Sloth, Ball Basher Ben Sloth, Grunting Grant Sloth, and Mischievous Millie Sloth. It is a great chance to get out in the fresh air after a day's work and enjoy the beautiful place we live in.

Ben’s Usain Bolt impression.

Eve and Grant share a laugh as Jason wonders how the ball got waaay over there!

Jason busts some moves.

Millie got it Ben ...

Jump Jason Jump!

Eve has it sorted ...

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Come to Grant ...

Message from the Chief Executive As we draw close to the end of

will keep you advised on the details of

2012 we can reflect on it being

these changes when they are known.

one of significant change to our industry. The introduction of

As is tradition in the building industry, I

the Licensing Building Practitioner laws in March

hope that you will be able to take a break

brought change that had been long talked about

over the Christmas period after a year of

and that has had an impact on the work undertaken

difficult trading for many and we need to

by many in the building industry. I am pleased that

see an improvement in trading conditions

generally most members of Certified Builders were

in 2013. There continues to be some signs

prepared for this change and it was introduced

of an improving and lifting of activity in

without too many problems for us all.

the industry across the country ... so here’s hoping!

Further changes are forecast with the Building Amendment Bill #4 currently going through the

On behalf of all the staff at National

consideration process by Government and when

Support Office I wish both you and your

introduced will require more changes by builders

families a happy and joyful Christmas and

especially information that will have to be given to

a safe New Year.”

customers before and after any job or project. We

– Grant Florence

The Online Shop is

UP & RUNNING! The Certified Builders online shop has been live for just over 3 months and is going fabulously. If you haven’t already checked it out – go and have a squizz some time. Log on to the members section of the Certified website and you will see an array

If you can’t remember your

of products within the shop - not to mention a whole lot of additional information

login details phone us at

on the benefits and services of being a Certified Builder.

National Support Office and someone can help you.

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