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How Valuable is PMI-ACP Certification Part 1?

 Gone are the days when you would hear someone say that they want to continue using the waterfall model. With the increased diversity, challenges and risk, the rise in demand for an improved methodology was but inevitable. Project managers are rapidly shifting to Agile methodologies to manage their products. Emerged in the mid-1990s, Agile development processes came as an alternative to the flat plan is driven waterfall model. The need for a more advanced methodology was felt because of two reasons: 1. The plan-based waterfall model was effective in small projects with a lesser variable. 2. With the growth of the IT industry getting the complete requirement was difficult in the beginning.

The new Agile methodology was based on: 1. Iterative and incremental development, with the requirement and the solution developing with each iteration. 2. Promotion of adaptive planning and evolutionary development. 3. Promotion of rapid and flexible responses to requirements and changes.

The Project management institute ​Agile Certified Practitioner​ is a professional certification offered by the Project Management Institute for Agile Practitioners. With requirements becoming complex by the days and the growth of the Agile community as an answer to it, PMI-ACP has been gaining popularity in recent years. In this article, we will discuss what has made PMI-ACP so valuable and what are the benefits that the certification can bring to you. ● There is currently a shortage of professionals who have a proper understanding of Agile methodologies and who are proficient in implementing it in real-world scenarios. ● Along with this, several organizations have identified the qualities of Agile and have started investing heavily into it, driving the demand even further. ● Most of the companies use a blend of various Agile methodologies. As PMI-ACP covers various Agile tools like Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, etc. it becomes the most favorable certification in this area. ● PMI-ACP eradicates the most popular and strong point against Certification that it provides bookish knowledge by making the demonstration of actual experience with Agile a must to take up the certification. This further strengthens PMI-ACP’s case thus increasing its demand.

Along with all of this, the brand name of PMI plays an important role. PMI is a global organization and is acknowledged throughout the globe. This adds weight to the PMI-ACP certification.

So, what other benefits do you get if you take up PMI-ACP? 1. Handsome Salary: PMI-ACP certified professionals can take up various positions in an organization. For the scope of this article we will consider the following positions: ● PMP Scrum Master ● Technical Business Analyst ● Agile Coach ● Project Manager

Based on the information made public by one of the leading job portals, the salary for certified professionals on these post are: ● PMP Scrum Master : $124,000 ● Technical Business Analyst : $ 92,000 ● Agile Coach : $ 117,000 ● Project Manager : $ 102,000

Apart from this several surveys indicates that a PMI-ACP certified professional earns 20-30% more than his noncertified peers.

2. Wider Scope: PMI-ACP covers multiple Agile Methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc. Different organizations use different Agile methodologies. Coupled with the increasing demand and application possibility in various business setups, this increased the scope for a PMI-ACP certified professional multiple folds.

3. Professional Growth:  

It is a well-known fact that taking up certification gives a boost to career growth. It not only validates the knowledge of a professional but also paints the growth and initiative-oriented mindset of the person. From making you stand out from the rest of your peers to making you more marketable, PMI-ACP can do all.

4. Benefits to the Organization: With a PMI-ACP certified professional, an organization gets a person who has extensive knowledge and experience in an area that is growing exponentially and has immense potential. Not just that it might just be the answer to most of the problems faced by a team during the execution of Project. All the chips falling in the correct position for the organization! While we have covered the basic benefits of PMI-ACP there is much that you should know about PMI-ACP. IN the next part of this article: ‘How Valuable is PMI-ACP Certification Part 2?’, we will put PMI-ACP course, examination process and its utility under a microscope and judge where does it stand in comparison to other project management certifications.

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How Valuable is PMI-ACP Certification Part 1?