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Table of contents Overview and welcome…………………………………………………………………………… 2 Healthe at Cerner……………………………………………………………………………………... 5 Healthe Clinic & Pharmacy……………………………………………………………………… 7 Healthe Fitness Center…………………………………………………………………………….. 9 Motion Health…………………………………………………………………………………………….. 10 Other program highlights……………………………………………………………………….. 11 Health Care………………………………………………………………………………………………… 13 Health Plan Options Health Plan Comparison Providers & Provider Networks Preventive Care, Prescription Drug Coverage, Tobacco Cessation Savings and Spending Accounts How to pay for services: Plan comparison Bind Overview Aggregate and Embedded Deductibles

Dental…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 21 Vision……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 22 Leaves & Disability Plans…………………………………………………………………………. 23 Life Insurance & Travel Plans……………………………………………………………………24 Supplemental Insurance……………………………………………………………………………25 Personal Accident Critical Illness Hospital Indemnity

Legal Plan……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 26 Savings & Retirement……………………………………………………………………………….. 27 My Life Resources (Associate Assistance Program)………………………….. 28 Family Support Programs……………………………………………………………………….. 29 Time Off………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 31 Long Term Care…………………………………………………………………………………………. 32 Additional Benefits…………………………………………………………………………………… 33 Dependent Care FSA Commuter benefit Corporate discounts Tuition reimbursement

Children’s Learning Centers……………………………………………………………………. 34 Cerner Maternity……………………………………………………………………………………….. 34 Cerner Certified Bariatric Program……………………………………………………….. 35 Healthe Living with Rewards………………………………………………………………….. 36 Premiums (paycheck deductions)…………………………………………………………. 37 Glossary………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 41 Contacts……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 43

Health & Well-being Savings & Retirement Time & Life At Cerner, our work is far more than just a job; it’s a passion that can have a meaningful and lasting input on the health and care that others receive every single day. We believe in offering benefits that align with our vision for the health care industry worldwide with options that meet your physical, financial and emotional needs while supporting a healthy lifestyle. As a consumer of health care, you have the right to information, quality care, expedited reimbursement and increased convenience. Our Healthe at Cerner programming offers holistic programs, services and tools that meet you wherever you are in your health and care journey. Healthe at Cerner is designed to empower you and your family to obtain your optimal level of health. This brochure is a brief overview of Cerner Benefits and Policies. For complete plan and Policy details, including eligibility requirements, see the Benefit Plan or Policy documents on the Cerner Wiki HR Knowledge Base. 2

Simplicity, choice and flexibility Cerner offers a complete set of benefits to address your physical, financial and emotional health. At Cerner, we believe the foundation for a successful career starts with a variety of options that meet your needs while supporting a healthy lifestyle.


Benefits questions? Visit Workday! Visit the Workday Benefits worklet to access additional information on your Cerner benefits. https://workday.cerner.com/


Health & Well-being Healthe at Cerner

Cerner supports and encourages healthy lifestyles through what we call Healthe at Cerner, our coordinated programs and services around health and well-being designed for you and your family members. Healthe at Cerner is comprised of our health plans, health and well-being programs, such as Healthe Living with Rewards and our services including the Healthe Clinics, Healthe Pharmacies, Healthe Fitness Centers. Health care can be siloed, complicated and challenging to navigate. Healthe at Cerner believes that you, as a consumer of health care, should have access to care, support in navigating and access to digital tools and services. You and your family should feel empowered and have the tools to actively manage all aspects of your health and care. Healthe at Cerner seeks to redefine consumer-driven health care. By accessing Healthe at Cerner programs and services, such as Your Medical Ally (powered by ConsumerMedical), the Pharmacy Advocacy program (powered by Tria Health and the Healthe Pharmacies), and the Healthe Clinic, you can create and enhance the connections you need to make the best health care choices for you and your family.

Get Inspired

Read stories from members who have engaged in our programs and services: HealtheAtCerner.com


Health & Well-being Health Care Powered by Technology

Cerner offers a variety of tools and applications to help you proactively manage your health. From wellness programs and health coaching services to online access to your claims and secure messaging your provider, Cerner gives you all the resources you need to achieve the optimal health outcome. Upon enrollment, you will use your Cerner Health login (which serves as your digital health “identity�) to connect to these resources and more.

Health Plans


Services HealtheAtCerner.com HealtheAtCerner.com is your one-stop digital front door to Healthe at Cerner programs, services and solutions. Access information about medical, pharmacy and wellness benefits, as well as our on-site services. Log into your personal Healthe at Cerner dashboard to view your Healthe Living with Rewards points, check your health account balances through Cerner HealthPlan Services, schedule a Healthe Clinic appointment and more.


Healthe Clinic The Healthe Clinics at Cerner’s World Headquarters (WHQ), Realization, Continuous and Innovations offer associates and their eligible dependents convenient, cost effective, patient-centered quality care, as well as a full-service pharmacy.

Member Experience

The Healthe Clinic changes the way primary care is delivered. From the initial contact with clinic staff, to the collection and payment for services, the Healthe Clinic delivers a truly unique experience to associates and dependents. Emulating a service model that is often found in the high-end retail industry, where the customer is at the center of activity, the Healthe Clinic space and workflow is designed with this member-centric approach. This is evident in the access members have to schedule online appointments to the transparency that is shown via display of electronic medical records during the visit. Cerner and our technology partners are creating a new delivery method to primary care that will bring value to the member and Cerner.

The Medical Home Model and Team Care

The Healthe Clinic can serve as your Medical Home, an approach for comprehensive and ongoing primary care that focuses on partnerships between members and their providers. Since opening in 2006, the Healthe Clinic has provided Cerner associates and their families patient-centered, integrated quality care in a nurturing environment. As your Medical Home, you will develop a mindful clinician-patient partnership built around trust, respect and shared decision-making. Your care team will coordinate care for both wellness and illness, a whole person care approach.

Eligibility and Service Pricing

Associates and dependents enrolled in a Cernersponsored health plan are eligible for special pricing or coverage for professional services, in-house labs, chiropractic visits, out-of-house labs, pharmacy services and over the counter medications. If you are enrolled in a non-Cerner-sponsored health plan (other employer health plan) or private health plan you are not eligible for the Healthe Clinic Plan but may access the clinic services. The associate and dependent will be responsible for full clinic pricing, payment and submission of request for reimbursement from their own health plan. Associates and dependents not enrolled or covered by any health plan or those who are enrolled in Medicare Part B or Medicaid are not eligible for the Healthe Clinic.

Services include: • Annual physical exams

Sports, pediatric and wellness exams for men & women

• Urgent Care (injury/illness) • Chiropractic care • Wellness planning & coaching • Dietitian consultation • Virtual telephone and secure messaging visits • Immunizations (Pediatric and adult) • Minor procedures • Behavioral health services

Anuva Health Center in Malvern and West Chester, PA

Anuva Health by Cerner is a shared-site health center model that combines a comprehensive suite of on-site, near-site and virtual services to deliver a person-centric health care network. Unlike our Healthe Clinics, which are available exclusively for Cerner’s associates and dependents, Anuva Health shared-site health centers provide services to multiple employer populations. 7

To learn more, visit HealtheAtCerner.com/services-anuva.

Healthe Pharmacy Located in each of our Healthe Clinics, the Healthe Pharmacy offers quality affordable service at a convenient on-site location. The pharmacists at the Healthe Clinics are highly trained in asthma, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, over-the-counter (OTC) products and immunizations.

Quality Service

• Pharmacists provide drug and health information • Assist in selecting OTC products and medications


• Shares same hours as the Healthe Clinics • Friendly, efficient service • 90-day supplies of medication • Text alerts for prescriptions available for pick-up • Secure messaging through the Healthe Clinic Member Portal – available anytime

Competitive Price

• Savings passed to you based on our contracted costs • Available generic products stocked in place of the brand name products • Average discount 20-90% less than community pharmacies These same services can also be found at the Anuva Health Clinic located in Malvern and West Chester, PA.


Healthe Fitness Center Healthe Fitness Center

There are five Healthe Fitness Centers, located at our main Kansas City campuses, as well as our Malvern, PA campus. The Healthe Fitness Centers are full-service, offering a robust group exercise curriculum, cardio equipment, weights and locker rooms. The WHQ Healthe Fitness Center houses a multi-purpose gymnasium, swimming pool with lap lanes and two racquetball courts. The Kansas City Healthe Fitness Centers feature Technogym equipment, which uses state-of-the-art cloud-based technology. Members have access to personalized workouts designed by the fitness center specialists to meet each member’s needs and goals. In addition, the Healthe Fitness Centers offer a variety of programs and services to help members keep on track with their exercise needs. Degreed exercise professionals use health and fitness goals to create personalized exercise programs for each member. Recreation leagues and group exercise classes are also offered throughout the year to enhance both your fitness and your network of fellow Cerner associates. The Healthe Fitness Center also features several virtual offerings for you to stay fit no matter where you are. Associates can access the Healthe Fitness Center site or healtheatcerner.com to learn more.


Motion Health Motion Health

Motion Health is a systematic program designed to assess your pain and movement while providing you the tools and resources to restore your musculoskeletal system to health. When engaging in the Motion Health program, throughout the process, you will increase body awareness, learn what to feel for and recognize warning signs for potential future injury. You are empowered with the knowledge and appropriate tools to move well. Learn more about Motion Health on healtheatcerner.com. Associates can also access the Motion Health and MSK Campaign sites.

10 10 10

Other program highlights Your Medical Ally, powered by ConsumerMedical

Where do you turn when you or a family member faces health-related questions or decisions? Become a highly effective health care consumer with Your Medical Ally. You can engage with this benefit in any of the following ways: Health Information Kits Order kits from an extensive library of credible and up-to-date medical and health topics. There are even kits on raising kids, improving sleep and stress management. Personalized Support and Information Work with a physician-led team for information on any medical condition. Receive guidance on your health care options, including where to go for a second opinion on a diagnosis. Surgical Decision Support Have you received a recommendation by a physician for any of the following surgeries: lower back, hip replacement, knee replacement or hysterectomy? If yes, members on the HRA or HSA plans are required to engage with Surgical Decision Support at least 30 days prior to your planned surgery, otherwise there will be a financial penalty assessed.  If you do engage, not only is the penalty waived but you may be eligible for a $400 gift card! Bind members can still engage with Surgical Decision Support but are not required to do so. If you do engage as a Bind member, you may still be eligible for a $400 gift card. To see if you qualify, contact ConsumerMedical at 1-888-361-3944. Learn more here.

Pharmacy Advocacy Program, powered by Tria Health and the Healthe Pharmacy

Cerner has partnered with Tria Health and the Healthe Pharmacies to provide you with the tools and information to help you manage your medications through 1-on-1 consultations. A pharmacist may reach out to you to ensure your medications are safe, effective and affordable. Additional prescription benefits may apply for certain conditions with engagement with Pharmacy Advocacy, such as Asthma, COPD and Hypertension. Learn more here.

Price Transparency, powered by Change Healthcare

After you’ve engaged with Your Medical Ally, now it’s time to shop. Shopping for the right physician, pharmacy or clinic can be a difficult task; that’s why Cerner has partnered with Change Healthcare to implement a tool that makes finding the right health care easy. Price Transparency is an online tool for our HRA and HSA plan members that lets you compare providers on a variety of health care services and prescriptions — based on your preferences for cost, quality and driving distance — so you can make the best choice for you. Learn more here. If you are enrolled in the Bind plan, you have transparency at your fingertips by going to ChooseBind.com/cerner (Code: “Cerner2021”) to search prices of a procedure, or prescription, and to find a quality in-network provider.


Access and learn more about these programs, along with many others, on HealtheAtCerner.com.

Cerner Certified Bariatric program

The Cerner Certified Bariatric Program is a strategic alignment between Christiana Care Health System and Healthe at Cerner. This partnership provides a member-centric model of care focused on an exemplar experience with optimal outcomes, including healthy weight reduction. This comprehensive program focuses on improving the efficacy of weight loss surgery, promoting a greater continuity of care, and delivering a personalized experience in a supportive environment to help members to safely achieve their weight loss goals. Learn more on healtheatcerner.com or see page 35 for additional information.

Livongo for diabetes management

Livongo for diabetes is a health benefit that combines the latest technology with coaching to support you with your diabetes. This program also offers unlimited strips and lancets as needed and shipped directly to your door. Livongo is available at no cost to primary health plan members and their dependents. Livongo members on the HSA and HRA plans are also eligible to have their deductible waived on their diabetes medications, paying only their 20% cost-share. Bind members pay an assigned price for their diabetes medications and do not have a deductible. Learn more about diabetes management here.

Progyny for fertility assistance

The Progyny network is designed to provide innovative fertility services. All members, regardless of which health plan you choose, have access to medical coverage for fertility treatments, including IVF and egg freezing plans, through the Progyny network. This benefit also includes specialty fertility medication coverage and administration. It provides personalized care and education through state-of-the-art technology to deliver fertility medications during your smart cycle. A Smart Cycle is a flexible and progressive approach to support all family types in their fertility needs. Learn more here.

Total Brain

A resilient brain will help you to handle the challenges that life throws at you. Total Brain will take you through a series of exercises to train your brain and keep it sharp. Use this resource for just 10 minutes a day, three times a week, for four weeks and it will help you to stay resilient and better manage stress. Learn more and get started here.

Healthe Living with Rewards

Research indicates those who actively manage their health achieve better outcomes and lower costs. Eligible Cerner Health Benefits members and their spouses/partners have the opportunity to participate in the Healthe Living with Rewards Program and earn premium discounts and Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) points. See page 36 for additional information.


Health Care Personalize your health care

Cerner offers three health plan options so you can personalize your coverage to fit your needs. Each plan works differently, so you’ll want to explore the information in this section and check out the health plan decision support tools to help guide your decision making. Here is a summary of the three health plan options: HRA Plan a consumer-driven health plan that encourages your active involvement in managing your health. The plan comes with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) that Cerner funds to help cover outof-pocket expenses. HSA Plan a high-deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) you can contribute to along with Cerner’s funding. The HSA gives you a tax-free way to pay for medical expenses now or to save for the future (even in retirement). Bind a no-deductible health plan with clear up-front pricing for services that lets members shop for health care in a new way.

See page 37 for benefit premiums/price tags.

Separate deductible and cost-share levels apply for non-emergent services received out-of-network.

Choose with Confidence with Decision Support Tools

Cerner offers two easy-to-use, interactive tools to help you choose the best health plan for you and your family. First, use the Health Plan Chooser to find video stories about people like you to help you: see how costs will compare among the plans, think through key considerations when deciding among plans and find the plan that may offer the best value for you and your family.


Then, use the Health Plan Cost Estimator to do a more in-depth cost comparison, by: estimating future health care costs for you and your covered family members, comparing estimated out-of-pocket expenses at a glance, determining how much to contribute to an HSA and/or FSA—and see what you’ll save on taxes.

Access the Health Plan Chooser and Health Plan Cost Estimator tools here.

Health Care Plan Comparison

Below is an overview of in-network coverage to help you compare your plan options.

HRA Plan Carrier Provider network Coverage levels

You choose whom you want to cover; the number of people you cover will affect your deductible, annual maximum and premium (paycheck deduction)

HSA Plan


Cerner HealthPlan Services


Freedom Network Select (Kansas City) or Cigna (non-Kansas City)

UHC Choice Plus

Associate Only Associate +

Spouse/Domestic Partner Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 or more Children

Associate + Spouse/Domestic Partner + 1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 or more Children


What you pay for services before Cerner’s portion begins

Varies by coverage level you select

Annual Maximum

No deductible

Varies by coverage level you select

Preventive care

Plan pays 100% (you pay $0)

Office visits (diagnostic) Community Primary Care Physician

You pay after deductible: 20% (in-network)

Community Specialist

You pay after deductible: 20% (in-network)

Anuva/Healthe Clinic – Professional Services

Plan pays 100% (you pay $0)

You pay after deductible: 20% (in-network)

You pay $35 - $135

You see assigned prices before receiving services

Plan pays 100% (you pay $0)

You pay after deductible: 20% (in-network)

You pay $25


You pay after deductible: KC: 20% Premier / 25% Standard network Non-KC: 20% (in-network)

You pay up to $2,550 (inpatient)

Emergency Room

You pay after in-network deductible: 20%


You pay after in-network deductible: 20%

Your price depends on the type of medication and length of fill

Healthe Clinic Chiropractic

Facility services

You pay $5-$450

Prescription drugs

Available tax-free accounts


HSA Limited FSA

HRA (only for HLwR deposits)



Health Care Providers

A Cerner Health Benefits member should use the providers in the designated network for your health plan to receive the highest level of benefits. These in-network providers are contracted at a savings for both plan and member. On the HRA and HSA plans, during the cost-share portion of your health plan, the in-network allowable amount paid for services by the health plan are covered at 80% or 75% (if not using a Premier provider in Kansas City). When services are rendered by providers not in the network (out-of-network), the amount paid for covered services is 60% of the allowed amount, after the out-of-network deductible is satisfied, up to their out-of-network annual maximum. The member may also be billed by the out-of-network provider for the difference between the total charge and the allowed amount. On the Bind plan, coverage outside of the network is limited to emergency services only. It is the Cerner Health Benefits member’s responsibility to confirm they are using an in-network provider prior to their service.

Provider Network

Your Cerner Health Benefits provider network is based on what plan you are enrolled in and where you live. The HRA and HSA Plans have a Premier network where you pay a lower cost-share percentage for participating providers compared with the Standard network. With Bind, there’s only one provider network, and out-of-network care is not covered. • HRA and HSA Kansas City-based associates: • Premier Tier (facility) • Freedom Network Select (FNS) • HRA and HSA non-KC associates: Cigna PPO; Cigna Behavioral Health • Bind members: United HealthCare Choice Plus For HRA and HSA Plans only Premier In-Network Standard In-Network Cost-Share Inpatient and outpatient facilitybased services All other covered ​ in-network services

You pay 20% after deductible

You pay 25% after deductible

KC*: AHSM, TMC, KU, WMMC, NKC, CMH​ KC: All other FNS network facilities​ Non-KC: All Cigna network facilities Non-KC: Not applicable Premier cost-share applies if FNS (KC) ​ or Cigna (non-KC)

Not applicable

Plan Administrator

To verify eligibility and for help filing claims, you and your provider should always contact the plan administrator: • HRA Plan and HSA Plan: Cerner HealthPlan Services: 877-765-1033 • Bind plan: Bind Health Plan: 833-997-1086


*Premier Network facilities: Advent Health Shawnee Mission, North Kansas City Hospital, Truman (Hospital Hill and Lakewood), University of Kansas Health System, Western Missouri Medical Center, Children’s Mercy

Health Care Preventive Care

The health plans cover preventive care at 100%, which means you and your covered dependents are eligible for important preventive services which can help you avoid illness and improve your health. You will not have to pay towards your deductible and cost-share to receive preventive health services received from an in-network provider such as recommended screenings, vaccinations and counseling. For a list of all covered services please go to https://www.healthcare.gov/what-are-my-preventive-care-benefits/

Prescription Drug Coverage

The health plans integrate prescription coverage with medical coverage. This means that your prescriptions and medical expenses both contribute towards your deductible (HRA and HSA Plans) and annual maximum (all plans, including Bind). The nationwide network of pharmacies provides discounted medications to plan members as well as 90 day supplies at preferred providers and mail order prescriptions. Elixir, Cerner’s partner in pharmacy management for the HRA and HSA plans, provides members with important pharmacy information, including your claims and benefits, medication education and prices and mail order services. Navitus provides the same services for Bind plan members. Remember, the Healthe Pharmacies also offer discounted prescriptions at four convenient on-site locations, as well as Anuva Clinics in Malvern and West Chester, PA. Check out the HealtheAtCerner.com for more information on Pharmacy Advocacy and other tips on managing your health care spend.

Tobacco Cessation

Cerner is a health care company; we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk! With Cerner Health Benefits, it pays to be tobacco free. During enrollment, Primary Subscribers are asked to verify whether or not they use tobacco. If a tobacco user chooses not to complete Cerner’s tobacco cessation program, they will pay the tobacco-user premium for the plan year.

14 16

Health Care Savings and Spending Accounts

Depending on the health plan you choose, you gain access to special accounts to help you pay for health care expenses and in the case of the HSA, save for future health expenses. Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) HRA Plan

Available with.. Bind (limited to Healthe Living with Rewards dollars)

Eligible Expenses

Who contributes

Contribution limits

HSA Plan only

Health Care Flexible Limited Spending Account FSA (FSA) HRA Plan, Bind and those who waive medical coverage

Medical, prescription drug, dental and vision expenses Cerner contributes $400 You contribute on a annually, plus any earned pre-tax basis Healthe Living with Rewards dollars, if you’re in the HRA Cerner matches up to $400 plan. Only earned Healthe annually, plus any Healthe Living Living with Rewards dollars, with Rewards dollars if you’re in the Bind plan. $3,600 (associate-only coverage) and $7,200 (all other coverage levels) N/A

Who owns it

Cerner owns the account and you are entitled to a 90-day runout period after leaving the plan

Whose expenses are eligible

You and any dependents covered under the HRA Plan

Tax advantages

Reimbursements are taxfree when you use them to pay for eligible expenses


Health Savings Account (HSA)

Your contribution limit will be adjusted by Cerner’s match and Healthe Living with Rewards earnings If you are age 55 or older (or turn 55 in 2021), you can contribute an additional $1,000 You own the account and balance, even if you leave the plan in the future (but you can only contribute when you are in the HSA plan) You and anyone you claim as a dependent on your tax return, regardless of health plan participation Contributions and reimbursements are tax-free when you use them to pay for eligible expenses; any earnings are also tax-free

Unused funds roll over from Unused funds always roll forone year to the next as long ward and can be used now or in as you remain enrolled in the future (even when you HRA Plan or Bind plan (even leave the plan) through COBRA)

HSA Plan Dental & vision expenses

You contribute on a pre-tax basis

$2,750 ($250 minimum contribution)

Cerner owns the account You and anyone you claim as a dependent on your tax return, regardless of health plan participation Contributions and reimbursements are tax-free when you use them to pay for eligible expenses Unused funds can be used in certain circumstances when on COBRA

How you’ll pay for services | Compare the plan options

Health Care How Bind Works

With no deductible or cost-sharing percentage, you may be wondering how Bind works. 1. Shop for health care. Buy health care the way you make other important purchases: check prices in advance and make informed decisions based on cost and quality. 2. Convenience is key. Use your MyBind mobile app or mybind.com to find providers near you and see prices for the services you need. 3. In-network only. Bind uses the nationwide UHC Choice Plus network. Out-of-network care is not covered, except in an emergency, and you’ll pay the full cost. 4. Activate additional coverage if necessary. The vast majority of care you might need is included in the assigned pricing you pay. For certain plannable procedures, such as a tonsillectomy and carpal tunnel surgery, you activate additional coverage in advance and pay for it through an additional paycheck deduction and assigned pricing. An example to see how the HRA and HSA Plans compare with Bind: Situation I have a sore throat

HRA and HSA Plans Bind • I call my doctor to get an appointment • I open the MyBind app and • My doctor does a strep test and the instant-read is positive search “sore throat” • My doctor prescribes a Z-pak • I see the care options and • The claim is submitted to Cerner HealthPlan Services to corresponding prices ensure the network discount is applied. I get my Explanation of • I choose a retail visit, the nurse Benefits (EOB) that shows what I owe and since I am still in practitioner does a strep test my deductible phase: and the instant-read is positive • The nurse prescribes a Z-pak and HRA Plan HSA Plan the app shows me it’s not covered The discounted cost is autoI use my HSA to pay the disbut the generic equivalent is matically deducted from my counted amount to the provider • I pay the assigned prices for HRA/FSA to pay the provider and the pharmacy the Rx and the visit and the pharmacy

Electing and activating coverage

Bind has identified a set of plannable treatments and procedures you can elect and activate if needed. These include treatments that have variation in both cost and treatment options. On average, only about 5% of Bind members need to activate coverage. Still, it’s an important Bind feature you’ll want to understand before making your health plan selection. Here’s an example of what activating coverage could look like if you need knee surgery. 1. Your primary provider thinks you need arthroscopic knee surgery. Typically, this costs $10,000 before insurance. 2. Using the MyBind app, you find a specialist to give a second opinion, and you see that while physical therapy could work, it’s unlikely to provide long-term relief. 3. You use the MyBind app to search arthroscopic knee surgery and find a list of providers and prices. 4. You see a nearby surgery center would charge $1,200, which you pay as a $200 assigned price up-front plus an additional $1,000, paid for through paycheck deductions over time. The amount you pay through paycheck deductions is in addition to your regular paycheck deductions for the health plan. 19

To learn more and to find the full list of treatment and procedures requiring activation on ChooseBind.com/Cerner (access code “Cerner2021”).

Health Care Aggregate Deductible (for a family): HRA Plan Example

The HRA Plan has an aggregate deductible. In an aggregate deductible, all family members work towards the family deductible. ​In this example, we have an associate plus spouse and 1 child on the HRA Plan. The family deductible for this coverage code is $3,900. ​This same model would also apply to the annual maximum.

Embedded Deductible (for a family): HSA Plan Example

In an embedded deductible under the HSA Plan, individuals in a family each work towards the associate-only deductible amount (see page 13). This means, that instead of waiting for the full family deductible to be met, an individual can potentially enter the cost-share phase of the plan much sooner. This helps to ease some of the financial burden on a family. This same model would also apply to the annual maximum.


Dental Health The Dental Plan is administered by Delta Dental of Missouri, which covers four classes of treatment in our two-tiered national network including preventive services, basic services, major services and orthodontics. Preventive care is covered with no deductibles, and basic and major dental are covered with a deductible and cost share. Cerner offers three dental options: • Dental Basic Plan • Dental Plus Plan • Dental Premier Plan Major services are covered under the Plus and Premier plans, including crowns, veneers, prosthodontics, implants and oral surgery. Orthodontia is covered under the Premier Plan for both adults and children. The Dental plan provides both in- and outof-network benefits.

Delta Dental of Missouri www.deltadentalmo.com | Network: PPO and Premier



Annual Plan Maximum

Services Covered

% (PPO/Premier)




Preventive Basic

100% 85% / 80%




Preventive Basic Major

100% 85% / 80% 55% / 50%

Preventive 100% Basic 85% / 80% $75 $2,000 Premier Major 55% / 50% Orthodontia 50% Deductible per member enrolled, max of 2 per year. Annual max per person, per plan year. Out-of-network services will be reimbursed based on allowable charges for the covered service. Orthodontia has a lifetime maximum of $2,000 per covered member.

Did you know? 21

Preventive services are covered at 100% in all three dental options and do not apply to the annual plan maximum. This includes cleanings and oral examinations.

Vision Health The Vision Plan, managed by Vision Service Plan (VSP), provides comprehensive coverage and services, including examinations, lenses and frames with providers in the Vision Choice Network. The Vision Plan covers a yearly examination and either lenses or contacts every year. In addition to discounts on contacts and frames, VSP offers additional discounts through participating providers: • Non-Covered Glasses– 20% discount on usual and customary fees • Contact Lenses– 15% discount on participating doctor’s professional services • Lasik Surgery and PRK– Discounts averaging 15% off or 5% off promotional pricing

Vision Service Plan (VSP) Type of Service


Examination - Every year

$15 co-pay

Frames - Every other year or every year for children under the age of 18

Up to $175

Glasses (lenses) - Every year

$25 co-pay

Anti-reflective coating

$30 co-pay

Elective Contacts (in lieu of glasses) - Every year

Up to $175

Elective Contacts Fitting Fee & Exam

$35 co-pay

Necessary contacts

$25 co-pay

www.vsp.com | Network: Vision Choice Network

Looking for a virtual solution?

Eyeconic is the VSP eyewear store, providing you with the convenience of at-home shopping, including an interactive virtual try-on feature.


Leaves & Disability Plans Leaves

Occasionally associates experience situations that require them to be away from their work. Cerner provides a comprehensive set of absence and leave policies, including bereavement, parental, and military leave, to allow associates to balance personal and work needs. For length of leave, eligibility and benefits contingency, please refer to the Cerner Absence and Leave Policy.

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability (STD) provides income replacement when you are unable to work due to your own serious medical condition. Associates working a standard 20 hours or more per week are eligible for STD immediately upon hire. The policy has a one week waiting period, before paying 100% of your base salary for 7 weeks.  After 7 weeks, the policy provides 60% of your base salary for an additional 5 weeks.  Once STD has been exhausted you may be eligible for Long Term Disability benefits, if you have enrolled.  Associates with less than a standard schedule of 20 hours per week are eligible for a modified STD program, providing up 6 weeks of income replacement at 50% of base salary, after 1 year of continuous service.

Long Term Disability

The Long Term Disability (LTD) plan provides you with income equal to 50% or 60%* of your insured salary in the event you become disabled and are unable to work due to medical reasons. The premium is paid with after-tax dollars so that the benefit, if ever needed, is non-taxable. Long Term Disability will typically not run concurrent with a leave. Our benefit partner for this plan is The Hartford. *Benefits-eligible associates are automatically enrolled at their time of hire in the 60% plan and are responsible for the applicable premiums. Associates may choose to reduce or waive their coverage during enrollment periods.

Adoption Leave and Assistance

Cerner recognizes the costs associated with adopting children and supports adoptive parents by offering financial assistance for adoption fees and a paid adoption leave. You may receive reimbursement for expenses up to $5,000 per adoption.

Family Leave Benefits

Cerner celebrates the diversity of families and provides pay to care for a new child, whether through birth or adoption, and to care for a family member who is facing a serious illness. Under Cerner’s maternity leave program, Cerner provides up to 12 weeks of pay to recover from birth and bond with a new child. Parental Bonding pay for all new parents, including dads, same gender partners and adoptive parents, provides up to 4 weeks of pay to care for and focus on bonding with your child. Caregiving for family goes beyond welcoming a newborn, and we want to ensure our associates can take the time needed to care for family members facing health challenges or illness. All associates with at least one year of service that need time away to care for a qualified family member are eligible for up to 4 weeks of Caregiver pay. If you are standardly scheduled to work less than 20 hours per week, and have at least 1 year of service, you are eligible for modified family leave benefits.

Types of Leaves • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) • Cerner Medical Leave • Maternity Leave • Paternity Leave • Adoption Leave • Personal Leave of Absence • Long Term Service Award


If you will be away from the office on a planned basis, it is always your responsibility to discuss the situation, in advance, with your manager or group executive.

Life Insurance & Travel Plans Basic Life

Life coverage equal to your annual base salary (rounded to the next $1,000) to a maximum of $500,000 is provided at no cost to you.

Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), equal to your annual base salary (rounded to the next $1,000) to a maximum of $500,000, is provided at no cost to you. An additional schedule of benefits may apply.

Voluntary Associate Life and AD&D and Dependent Life and AD&D Insurance Voluntary associate life insurance* can be purchased in salary increments, up to a maximum of the lesser of eight times your annual base salary or $2,000,000. Rates are based on your age.

Spouse/partner coverage*, also age-rated, can be purchased in increments of $10,000, up to a maximum of the lesser of $250,000 or the amount of the Voluntary Associate Life coverage. Child life insurance can be purchased in increments of $5,000 up to $25,000 maximum for each eligible dependent child. Evidence of insurability is not required for children.

Evidence of insurability may be required if: • You, or your spouse/partner request coverage over the Guaranteed Issue amount of $500,000 on yourself or $50,000 for your spouse/partner during your new hire enrollment • You request an increase during a subsequent enrollment period, or • You request an increase that will surpass the Guaranteed Issue amount of $500,000 for the associate or $50,000 for the spouse or domestic partner during a subsequent enrollment period. Our benefit partner for Life and AD&D benefits is Securian.

Travel Plans

Cerner provides travel life, accident and emergency medical insurance plans for associates and their eligible dependents at no cost, when traveling on Cerner business. All eligible associates are automatically enrolled. These benefits are insured by ACE American Insurance Company.

Travel Emergency Medical

Travel protection insurance is provided to Cerner associates traveling on international business, or at least 100 miles away from their home when in-country. The plan provides the following types of coverage: • Secondary Medical Insurance for Accidents and Illness • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation • Medical assistance services

• Travel assistance • Personal assistance

This plan is secondary insurance and will pay covered claims, up to the plan maximum, after any other insurance or national health care payments are made.

Travel Life and Accident

This plan insures you up to a maximum benefit of $200,000 if you experience a loss while traveling on business for Cerner*, excluding normal commuting to and from work. • Eligible Dependent Spouse: $25,000 • Eligible Dependent Children: $10,000 *Includes Personal Deviation for up to 14 days


Supplemental Insurance: MetLife MetLife is different from major medical insurance. If you’re sick, injured or hospitalized, MetLife pays cash benefits directly to you to help address out-of-pocket medical costs and everyday expenses. MetLife voluntary insurance provides the added comfort of being better prepared for whatever life may bring.

Personal Accident After an off-the-job accident, you may have expenses you’ve never thought about. It’s reassuring to know that an accident insurance plan can be there for you through the many stages of care, from the initial emergency treatment or hospitalization, to follow-up treatments or physical therapy.


Personal Accident insurance (with the advantage of group rates) helps with out-of-pocket costs that arise when you have a covered accident such as a fracture, dislocation, or laceration.

• More than 50 events that trigger benefits payments • Outpatient Medical Benefit • Hospital Admission Benefit • Hospital Confinement Benefit • Guaranteed-issue coverage with no underwriting required • Portable coverage that allows associates to retain coverage at the same rate if their employment status changes

Critical Illness


The MetLife Critical Illness Insurance plan can help with the treatment costs of covered critical illnesses, such as cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke. More importantly, the plan helps you focus on recuperation instead of the distraction and stress over the costs of medical bills. With Critical Illness Insurance, you receive cash benefits directly (unless otherwise assigned)— giving you the flexibility to help pay bills related to treatment or to help with everyday living expenses.

Hospital Indemnity The Metlife Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan can help with the hospital costs that you may incur due to hospital admission, ICU containment or in-patient rehabilitation (due to injury). This plan can complement your health plan and help satisfy out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-pays or non-covered medical expenses. 25

• Lump-sum benefit for a covered critical illness such as: cancer, heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, and end-stage renal failure • Benefit for a recurrence of the same critical illness if separated by at least 12 months • An additional occurrence of a different critical illness if separated by at least 6 months • A wellness benefit is provided if you complete at least one covered health screening • A choice between two coverage levels: $10,000 and $20,000


• $1,000 Hospital Admission reimbursement • $200 per day confinement reimbursement for up to 31 days • $200 per day Inpatient Rehabilitation Benefit reimbursement for up to 15 days following an admission or confinement

Legal Plan The Hyatt Legal Plan offered through MetLife gives you easy and low-cost access to a wide variety of personal legal services.


The Legal Plan provides members with access to a nationwide network of more than 11,000 attorneys from which to choose. Using attorneys in this network will provide coverage for eligible legal services with no additional attorney fees. You also have the flexibility to use a non-plan attorney and get reimbursed for covered services according to a set fee schedule. Associates can also elect the Plus Parents plan, which provides additional services designed for parents and parents-in-law.

Services Covered

Attorney fees for the following personal legal services are fully paid for by the plan when you use a plan attorney. There are no limits on the number of times you may use the plan and there are no dollar limits on your use of a plan attorney for the following services: • • • • •

Consumer Protection Debt Matters Defense of Civil Lawsuits Document Preparation Family Law

• • • •

Real Estate Matters Traffic Matters Wills and Estate Planning Immigration

Elder care legal services under the Plus Parents plan, including: • Nursing home agreements • Prescription plans • Powers of Attorney • Medicaid / Medicare


Savings & Retirement Building a diverse financial portfolio is vital to the well-being of all our associates. Our investment plans include a 401(k), with a variety of investment options, and an Associate Stock Purchase Program. This enables our associates to build equity in the company and helps them establish long-term security.

401(k) Plan

The Cerner 401(k) Retirement Plan allows associates to set aside money for retirement on a pre-tax and/or Roth (post-tax) basis. • Elect between 1% and 80% of eligible compensation to be deferred into the plan annually. If no election is made after 31 days, you are automatically enrolled at 3% (pre-tax). • Change contribution elections at any time • 2020 IRS contribution limits: • 402(g) deferral limit is $19,500 • Catch-up limit is $6,500

Ready to blooom?

As part of Cerner’s commitment to providing you with the tools and resources to help you live well across the continuum of health and care, we’re excited to partner with blooom to support your financial wellbeing! Who is blooom? They’re like a doctor who quickly and simply tells you what’s healthy – and what’s unhealthy – in your 401k, and if you’d like, they’ll manage your account ongoing. No need to move your account – blooom manages it at Fidelity for you! You’re able to sign up for this great benefit for only $1/ month if your Cerner 401(k) account balance is less than $20,000 or $10/month if your account balance is $20,000 or more.

Rollover contributions can be made from a former employer’s qualified 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan or an IRA rollover.

Learn more about all the services offered by blooom, at cerner.getblooom.com; it takes less than 5 minutes!

Cerner Matching Contributions*

Associate Stock Purchase Plan

Cerner matches 33% of the first 6% of your deferral amount. A second tier match of up to 2% of your paid base compensation will be determined annually by Cerner, based on Cerner’s overall performance. This match is subject to eligibility criteria. All Cerner contributions are automatically invested in Cerner stock and are subject to a 5-year graded vesting schedule. Years of Service <1 Year of Service 1 Year of Service 2 Years of Service 3 Years of Service 4 Years of Service 5 Years of Service *Matching is discretionary

Vested Percentage 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

The Associate Stock Purchase Plan provides eligible participants with an affordable and convenient method to purchase stock and share in the success of the company. Contributions to the plan are deducted, on a posttax basis, from your paycheck. Participants may elect any whole percentage between 1% and 20% of your total compensation to purchase Cerner stock. The deferrals are accumulated and, at the end of the Option Period, are used to purchase shares of common stock. The purchase price will be 15% less than the Fair Market Value on the date of the purchase (the last business day of the quarter). The plan operates on quarterly Option Periods, beginning on the 1st day of January, April, July and October of each year. You may participate in the plan by accessing Morgan Stanley’s website, www.stockplanconnect.com, and submitting an election during a quarterly open enrollment period.

Cerner Stock 27

• Publicly traded & quoted through NASDAQ (CERN) • Enables you to accumulate ownership in the company • Stock splits– 1992, 1993, 1995, 2006, 2011, 2013

My Life Resources Life’s journey made easier

My Life Resources, provided by Magellan Health, is our Associate Assistance Program. My Life Resources is here to help and guide you in taking the steps to a more healthy, vibrant life. Access confidential tools and services to empower you and your families to help you be your best each day. Services including clinical counseling, legal and financial counseling and advice and work-life services are available via telephone or online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Services include:

• Clinical counseling – up to 6 sessions per situation (in-person, telephonic, video, texting) • Grief and loss, job or personal stress, depression or anxiety, anger management, substance abuse, domestic violence, marital or relationship concerns, parenting and family concerns • Legal counseling and assistance • Financial counseling and assistance • Work-life services (child care, adult care, education, vacation planning, etc.)

Additional digital tools and online support:

• Get connected with a provider through live chat or phone • On-Demand Learning such as webcasts, podcasts and online training • SmartScreener™ self-assessments (available in English and Spanish)

Behavioral learning apps:

• Anxiety (general, phobia, panic) • Chronic pain • Clickotine (tobacco cessation) • Depression (mild to moderate symptoms) • Drug and alcohol abuse (and associated depressive symptoms) • Insomnia (or overall sleep difficulties) • Obsessive compulsive disorder An associate can learn more about My Life Resources here.


Family Support Programs To support working parents and caregivers, Cerner offers two family support programs – Bright Horizons and Back to Basics. These programs are designed to: • Provide access to childcare for those times when a child is sick, daycares/schools are closed or as an emergency arises, • Support for caregivers who need vetted resources to help coordinate and manage care; and, • Programming that is personalized to meet a child’s educational needs Services through Bright Horizons and Back to Basics are made available at discounted rates to Cerner’s U.S. associates. Unlike other care resources and tutoring programs, each service can be customized to meet your family’s needs and budget. Associates can learn more here.

Bright Horizons Additional Family Support Program Family Care & School Support When You Need to Work When you have to work, you need support for your family, especially right now. Whether it’s reliable child care or extra academic support, rely on Bright Horizons® Enhanced Family Supports. Primary Child Care Solutions • Jump ahead on Bright Horizons center waitlists or get tuition discounts at partner centers. • Take advantage of waived membership fees ($150 value) for Sittercity’s premium database of sitters and virtual sitting. • Get discounts on College Nannies, a local, high-touch nanny placement service for trained, screened nannies. Academic Support & Tutoring • Get exclusive discounts on tutoring, test prep, and enrichment classes from high-quality education partners. • Access Sittercity’s search tools to find caregivers who can manage small-group learning pods. • Additional benefits include resources to help find elder care, pet care, housekeeping, and more.

Find support now with Bright Horizons and learn more here: https://clients.brighthorizons.com/Cerner


Family Support Programs Back to Basics Virtual Education Assistance This program focuses on teaching students (kindergarten through college) the skills and strategies to be successful in a rapidly-changing educational climate. Parents are empowered to design customized education pathways with an education coach who has vetted experience: • • • • •

Tutoring in all subjects, all grades (kindergarten through college) Homework help and accountability Skill Building: Reading or Math Study Skills and standardized test prep Time Management

All Cerner Associates receive a 20% discount on services secured through Back to Basics.

To get started, email virtualtutoring@backtobasicslearning.com or call 302-594-0754. Use the code “Cerner” to apply the discount.


Time Off Cerner offers three time off programs. Your job determines which time off program you are eligible for.

Hourly Associates:

Eligible hourly associates accrue both vacation and well-being time. Annually, associates who are regularly scheduled to work 40 hours per week accrue between 80 and 160 vacation hours, based on length of service. If you work less than 40 hours per week (but at least 20 hours per week), your annual accrual rate will be prorated based on your regularly scheduled work hours. All hourly associates also accrue 1 hour of well-being time for every 30 hours worked. Well-being time can be used to help you manage your health, including your own personal illness*, a family member’s illness, doctor’s appointments and to care for your child because daycare is closed.

Cerner Standard Personal Time Off (PTO)

Eligible exempt associates in Job Levels 38-50 accrue PTO on a weekly basis. PTO may be used for your time off needs as is relates to vacation, illness*, taking care of sick family members and other personal matters. Annually, associates who are regularly scheduled to work 40 hours per week accrue between 120 and 200 hours based on length of service. If you work less than 40 hours per week (but at least 20 hours per week), your annual accrual rate will be prorated based on your regularly scheduled work hours.

Cerner Flex Personal Time Off (PTO)

Eligible exempt associates in Job Levels 1-37 do not accrue PTO. Instead, our Flex PTO program provides eligible associates with the flexibility to take time away as needed to rest and recharge. *In the event of illness time lasting longer than 3 days, you may be eligible for an extended leave (contact leaves@cerner.com to determine eligibility).

Long Term Service Award

Cerner recognizes that the commitment to your role required to be successful does not always leave enough time to pursue all of your outside interests and professional development opportunities to the degree you would like. However, we also know that creativity and enthusiasm are best fostered in an environment where people have time to enjoy a wide variety of experiences. The Long Term Service Award is designed to allow you time off to recharge and to spend time on personal and professional enrichment.


Cerner recognizes nine paid holidays per year.

Holiday New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day The Day After Thanksgiving Christmas Eve


Christmas Day

Long Term Care Long Term Care

Long Term Care insurance provides you with the financial protection against the costs associated with custodial care. Typically, this is the care needed when a person requires assistance with the activities of daily living (such as eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, etc.) or care due to cognitive impairment (such as Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s disease or dementia). Care can be received at home, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home. Your spouse or domestic partner and extended family members (parents, grandparents, in-laws, adult siblings and adult children) are also eligible for the group rates. You may enroll an eligible dependent regardless of your own enrollment in this Plan. Long Term Care coverage is age-rated. The younger the individual is at the age of application the less expensive the rates. Your rates do not go up as you get older, unless you make changes. This coverage is portable at the same affordable group rates and is paid for with post-tax premiums.

Benefit Benefit Amount Nursing Home Assisted Living Home Care (daily)

Plan Options $1,000-$9,000/month ($1,000 increments)

Lifetime maximum

3 years, 6 years or unlimited

Inflation protection

None or 5% compound


Additional Benefits Dependent Care FSA

The Dependent Care FSA (DCFSA) allows you to pay for eligible child care expenses with pre-tax dollars. The DCFSA provides you with a reimbursement for child care expenses for dependent children during the calendar year. • Your minimum annual deposit to the DCFSA is $250 • Your maximum annual deposit is $2,500 for associates who are married and file separate tax returns, or $5,000 for associates who file as head of household or are married filing jointly

Commuter Benefit

The commuter benefit program through WageWorks makes it easy to save on taxes and enjoy convenient automatic payment and delivery features. The more you spend, the more you save on your taxes. And all it takes is a quick online order to get your pass delivered to your home every month and/or set up direct, automatic monthly parking payments.

Corporate Discounts

Cerner offers associates a variety of discounts throughout the community, including restaurants, events, movie tickets, and more. For a full list of discounts, please check out the Cerner Special Discounts site.

Tuition Reimbursement Cerner encourages associates to continually develop and enhance their skills through ongoing education. Cerner may reimburse full-time associates for the expenses associated with educational and skill-building courses offered through approved institutions (generally meaning an established, accredited college or institution of higher learning, including technical schools) when the course of study followed is determined to be of direct benefit to the associate in his or her career at Cerner. These are courses that develop or enhance business, functional or technical skills relevant to the individual’s current or future position. Approved courses of study generally lead to the attainment of specialized knowledge in advanced areas or to an advanced degree. Additionally, Cerner offers many other benefits to meet the needs of our associates: • Professional certification • Specialty external training • Scholarships/grants 33

Children’s Learning Centers & Cerner Maternity Cerner Kids

At Cerner, we believe our associates are our most valuable asset, and we know your most valuable asset is your family. Cerner offers two early learning centers, designed for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years, one at our World Headquarters campus and the other near Realization and Innovations. Cerner Kids utilizes a modified Montessori curriculum focused on developing social skills, independence and academic readiness in children. With a belief that each child is unique, the Cerner Kids team provides a nurturing atmosphere and regular communication, building strong relationships with children and families.

Did you know? Families enrolled at Cerner Kids have the opportunities to take part in a variety of programs and events throughout the year, such as:

• Annual Family Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch • Annual Big Truck Event • Scholastic Book Fairs • Holiday Celebrations • Week of the Young Child Events and Activities • Vision and Speech Screenings • Partnership with Speech-Language & Occupational Therapy providers • Bi-Annual School Photos • Weekly Spanish and Music classes • Extracurricular activities such as soccer and dance *Please note that certain elements of our program have been modified in order to adhere to state and local guidelines due to COVID-19.

Cerner Maternity What is Cerner Maternity? There are two primary components to the Cerner Maternity programming – the Maternity Navigation Program (health coaching and education) and your delivery with a Cerner Certified Maternity Partner. What is the Maternity Navigation Program? Cerner Maternity Navigators within the Healthe Clinics will provide you with guidance spanning the preconception, prenatal, delivery, and postpartum phases of your maternity experience. Ultimately, the Maternity Navigator partners with you to achieve a healthy pregnancy, an optimal delivery experience, a healthy baby and a smooth return to work. Who are Cerner’s Certified Maternity Partners? Based on outstanding quality, experience and other benefits, Cerner selected Kansas City area hospitals, AdventHealth Shawnee Mission and Truman Medical Center-Lakewood, as our Cerner Certified Maternity Partners for our HRA and HSA plans.* What are the benefits of delivering at a partner hospital? • Enhanced services both in-hospital and at home after delivery. • High quality measures for the health of mom and baby. • Opportunity to provide feedback about your experience and receive a $500 bonus benefit in return. *Members on the Bind plan are not eligible for program benefits at a Cerner Certified Maternity Partner.


Cerner Certified Bariatric Program The Cerner Certified Bariatric Program is a strategic alignment between Christiana Care Health System and Healthe at Cerner. This partnership provides a member-centric model of care focused on an exemplar experience with optimal outcomes, including healthy weight reduction. This comprehensive program focuses on improving the efficacy of weight loss surgery, promoting a greater continuity of care, and delivering a personalized experience in a supportive environment to help members to safely achieve their weight loss goals. HRA, HSA and Bind plan members, who meet baseline clinic criteria, are eligible to participate in this program, which includes exclusive coverage for weight loss surgery at Christiana Care. Learn more here.

Christiana Care Health System is committed to driving a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to weight loss surgery. They support the member throughout their entire journey by providing a differentiated experience. Together, Healthe at Cerner and Christiana Care will deliver integrated programming through technology, clinical education, and personalized navigation.


Healthe Living with Rewards Cerner offers coordinated health and well-being initiatives designed with you in mind. Healthe at Cerner provides you and your family with the right resources and tools to make your health care experience the best it can be. Healthe Living with Rewards, Cerner’s incentive-based wellness program, is for U.S. primary members who have elected the HRA, HSA or Bind health plan, as well their spouse/partners, if enrolled. As a primary member, you will have opportunities to participate in wellness and preventive care activities to earn points, which equal dollars, to apply toward premium reductions and your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or Health Savings Account (HSA). As a spouse/partner, you will have the opportunity to earn HRA or HSA incentive points. Through participation, you will earn points toward financial incentives, and more importantly, establish healthy behaviors that will enrich your life.

Premium Reductions

By participating in the Healthe Living with Rewards program, you can earn points to reduce your health premiums in the following plan year. Primary members can earn a maximum of 500 premium reduction points.

Earn HRA and HSA Incentives

Primary members can earn up to 500 points to increase your HRA or HSA. If you have a participating spouse/partner, you have the ability to earn up to 700 points, 200 of which the spouse/partner can earn by participating in the program. If the spouse/partner chooses not to participate, the primary member can earn a maximum of 500 points. Each point is equal to $1. The Healthe Living with Rewards program runs from January 15 - November 30 each year.

Access Healthe Living with Rewards by logging into HealtheAtCerner.com Participants will access and engage in Healthe Living with Rewards by logging into HealtheAtCerner.com. Once logged in, access the program by navigating to “Incentives” under the “My Wellness” tab.

Get started at HealtheAtCerner.com. 36

2021 Premiums (paycheck deductions) Health Plans: HRA, HSA and Bind Health Tier 1*

HRA Plan

Coverage level

HSA Plan


Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Associate Only




Associate Plus Spouse/Partner Associate Plus One Child Associate Plus 2 Children Associate Plus 3 Children Associate Plus 4 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & Child Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 2 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 3 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 4+ Children

$138.84 $109.13 $145.50 $174.60 $203.71 $203.31 $243.17 $275.06 $306.95

$117.02 $93.16 $124.21 $149.06 $173.90 $176.17 $210.70 $238.33 $265.96

$102.46 $82.51 $110.01 $132.01 $154.01 $158.06 $189.04 $213.83 $238.61

Health Tier 2*

HRA Plan

Coverage level

HSA Plan


Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Associate Only Associate Plus Spouse/Partner Associate Plus One Child Associate Plus 2 Children Associate Plus 3 Children

$103.81 $240.57 $176.08 $242.23 $290.68

$93.17 $218.75 $160.11 $220.94 $265.13

$86.07 $204.19 $149.46 $206.74 $248.08

Associate Plus 4 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & Child Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 2 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 3 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 4 + Children

$339.13 $329.06 $393.55 $445.17 $496.76

$309.32 $301.91 $361.08 $408.44 $455.77

$289.43 $283.80 $339.42 $383.94 $428.43

Health Tier 3*

Coverage level


HRA Plan

HSA Plan


Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Bi-weekly cost with discount**

Associate Only Associate Plus Spouse/Partner Associate Plus One Child Associate Plus 2 Children Associate Plus 3 Children

$44.51 $118.33 $86.65 $115.54 $138.64

$33.87 $96.51 $70.69 $94.25 $113.10

$26.76 $81.95 $60.03 $80.04 $96.05

Associate Plus 4 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & Child Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 2 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 3 Children Associate Plus Spouse/Partner & 4 + Children

$161.76 $180.95 $216.40 $244.78 $273.14

$131.95 $153.80 $183.93 $208.05 $232.15

$112.06 $135.69 $162.26 $183.55 $204.81

2021 Premiums (paycheck deductions)

Dental and Vision

Bi–Weekly Cost

Dental: Tier 1 Options Dental Basic Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

Dental Plus Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

Dental Premier Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

Dental Basic Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

Dental Plus Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

Dental Premier Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

Vision: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Options Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

Dental Basic

$8.86 $19.83 $25.32 $36.30  

Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

$11.45 $25.04 $27.74 $41.33

Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

$14.25 $30.61 $43.54 $59.90

Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

Dental: Tier 3 Options 30+ hours work/week

Bi–Weekly Cost

Dental: Tier 2 Options

Bi–Weekly Cost  

Dental Plus

$15.65 $32.80 $46.12 $63.26

Dental: Tier 3 Options 20-29 hours work/week

$8.86 $19.83 $25.32 $36.30

Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

$11.45 $25.04 $27.74 $41.33

Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

$14.25 $30.61 $43.54 $59.90

Associate Only Associate Plus One Associate Plus Children Associate Plus Family

$4.32 $6.18 $6.59 $11.48

$12.85 $27.23 $30.32 $44.69

Dental Premier

Dental Basic

Bi–Weekly Cost

$10.26 $22.01 $27.90 $39.66

Dental Plus

Dental Premier

Bi–Weekly Cost   $10.26 $22.01 $27.90 $39.66   $12.85 $27.23 $30.32 $44.69   $15.65 $32.80 $46.12 $63.26

*Tier 1: Salary >$40,000 and 30+ hours work/week *Tier 2: Salary >$40,000 and 20-29 hours work/week *Tier 3: Salary <$40,000 and 20+ hours work/week **Discount assumes full attainment of HLwR points and tobacco-free status


2021 Premiums (paycheck deductions)

Legal, Long Term Disability, Life Insurance


Bi-Weekly Associate Cost

Annual Plan Cost

Standard: Associate Plus Family Plus Parents: Associate/Family/Parents

$7.62 $10.38

$198.12 $269.88

Long Term Disability

Bi-Weekly Associate Cost

Annual Plan Cost


Example: Insured Salary $80,000/100=800*.123=Annual $98.40 or Bi-Weekly $3.78

Insured Salary divided by $100 multiplied by $0.123


Example: Insured Salary $80,000/100=800*.237=Annual $189.60 or Bi-Weekly $7.29

Insured Salary divided by $100 multiplied by $0.237

Associate and Spouse/Partner Life Insurance

Bi-Weekly Associate Cost

Bi-Weekly Associate Cost

Age as of 1/01/2021: Under 30 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70+

Associate: Per $1,000 $0.023 $0.032 $0.035 $0.036 $0.052 $0.073 $0.131 $0.195 $0.368 $0.591

Spouse/Partner: Per $1,000 $0.024 $0.034 $0.036 $0.040 $0.054 $0.078 $0.139 $0.210 $0.395 $0.636

Child Life $5,000-$25,000


Per $1,000: $0.068

2021 Premiums (paycheck deductions)

Critical Illness, Personal Accident, Hospital Indemnity

Personal Accident

Bi-Weekly Associate Cost

Annual Plan Cost

Associate Only Associate Plus Spouse/Partner Associate Plus Child(ren) Associate Plus Family

$2.61 $4.16 $4.97 $6.47

$67.92 $108.12 $129.24 $168.24

Critical Illness*

$10,000 Level

$20,000 Level

Age as of 01/01/2021: 18-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70+

Bi-Weekly Associate Cost $2.77 $3.78 $5.26 $8.12 $11.63 $16.29 $22.06 $31.15 $42.88 $58.52

Annual Associate Cost $72.00 $98.40 $136.80 $211.20 $302.40 $423.60 $573.60 $810.00 $1,114.80 $1,521.60

Bi-Weekly Associate Cost $5.54 $7.57 $10.52 $16.25 $23.26 $32.58 $44.12 $62.31 $85.75 $117.05

Annual Associate Cost $144.00 $196.80 $273.60 $422.40 $604.80 $847.20 $1,147.20 $1,620.00 $2,229.60 $3,043.20

*Rates are for associate only. Can also cover spouse/partner and children for additional premium.

Hospital Indemnity

Bi-Weekly Associate Cost

Annual Plan Cost

Associate Only Associate Plus Spouse/Partner Associate Plus Child(ren) Associate Plus Family

$5.62 $13.76 $9.47 $17.61

$146.04 $357.72 $246.24 $457.92


Glossary This glossary has many commonly used terms in the health benefits plan and other medical terms. These are not contract terms. Allowed Amount This is the maximum payment the plan will pay for a covered health care service. May also be called “eligible expense,” “payment allowance” or “negotiated rate.” If your provider charges more than the allowed amount, you may have to pay the difference. Annual Enrollment Period Period designated by Cerner during which you may enroll for plan coverage. Annual Maximum The maximum dollar amount a participant is required to pay out-of-pocket during the plan year. Until this maximum is met, the plan and participant share in the cost of covered expenses. Appeal A request that your health insurer or plan review a decision that denies benefit or payment (either in whole or in part). Balance Billing When a provider bills you for the balance remaining on the bill that your plan doesn’t cover. This amount is the difference between the actual billed amount and the allowed amount. For example, if the provider’s charge is $200 and the allowed amount is $110, the provider may bill you for the remaining $90. This happens most often when you see an out-of-network provider (non-preferred provider). A network provider (preferred provider) may not balance bill you for covered services. Claim A request for a benefit (including reimbursement of a health care expense) made by you or your health care provider to your health insure or plan for items or services you think are covered. Coinsurance Your share of the costs of a covered health care service, calculated as a percentage (for example, 20%) of the allowed amount for the service. You generally pay for cost share plus any deductibles you owe. For example, if the health insurance or plan’s allowed amount for an office visit is $100 and you’ve met your deductible, your cost share payment of 20% would be $20. The health insurance or plan would pay the rest of the allowed amount. Complications of Pregnancy Conditions due to pregnancy, labor, and delivery that require medical care to prevent serious harm to the health of the mother or the fetus. Morning sickness and a non-emergency cesarean section generally aren’t complications of pregnancy. Cost Sharing Your share of costs for services that a plan covers that you must pay out of your own pocket (sometimes called “out-of-pocket costs”). Some examples of cost sharing are copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance. Family cost sharing is a share of cost for deductible and out-of-pocket costs you and your spouse and/or child(ren) must pay out of your own pocket. Other costs, including your premiums, penalties you have to pay, or the cost of care a plan doesn’t cover usually aren’t considered cost sharing. Coverage Level The scope of protection provided by your benefits plan based on the amount of dependents you cover. Deductible The amount you could owe during a coverage period (usually one year) for covered health care services before your plan begins to pay. An overall deductible applies to all or almost all covered items and services. A plan with an overall deductible may also have separate deductibles that apply to specific services or groups of services. A plan may also have only separate deductibles. For example, if your deductible is $1000, your plan won’t pay anything until you’ve met your $1000 deductible for covered health care services subject to the deductible. The deductible may not apply to all services. Dependent As defined by the plan, a dependent may be someone who is eligible to be covered under the plan. Diagnostic Test Tests to figure out what your health problem is. For example, an x-ray can be a diagnostic test to see if you have a broken bone.


Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Equipment and supplies ordered by a health care provider for everyday or extended use. DME may include: oxygen equipment, wheelchairs and crutches. Emergency Medical Condition An illness, injury, symptom (including severe pain), or condition that is severe enough to risk serious danger to your health if you did not get immediate medical attention right away. If you didn’t get immediate medical attention, you could reasonably expect one of the following : 1) Your health would be put in serious danger; or 2) You would have serious problems with your bodily functions; or 3) You would have serious damage to any part or organ of your body. Emergency Medical Transportation Ambulance services for an emergency medical condition. Types of emergency medical transportation may include transportation by air, land, or sea. Your plan may not cover all types of emergency medical transportation, or may pay less for certain types. Excluded Services Health care services that your plan doesn’t pay for or cover. Formulary A list of drugs your plan covers. A formulary may include how much your share of the cost is for each drug. Your plan may put drugs in different cost-sharing levels or tiers. For example, a formulary may include generic drug and brand name drug tiers and different cost-sharing amounts will apply to each tier. Habilitation Services Health care services that help a person keep, learn or improve skills and functioning for daily living. Examples include therapy for a child who isn’t walking or talking at the expected age. These services may include physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and other services for people with disabilities in a variety of inpatient and/or outpatient settings. Home Health Care Health care services and supplies you get in your home under your doctor’s orders. Services may be provided by nurses, therapists, social workers, or other licensed health care providers. Home health care usually does not include help with non-medical tasks, such as cooking, cleaning or driving. Hospice Services Services to provide comfort and support for persons in the last stages of a terminal illness and their families. Hospitalization Care in a hospital that requires admission as an inpatient and usually requires an overnight stay. Some plans may consider an overnight stay for observation as outpatient care instead of inpatient care. Hospital Outpatient Care Care in a hospital that usually doesn’t require an overnight stay. In-network Coinsurance Your share (for example, 20%) of the allowed amount for covered health care services. Your share is usually lower for in-network covered services. In-network Copayment A fixed amount (for example, $15) you pay for covered health care services to providers who contract with your health insurance or plan. In-network copayments usually are less than out-of-network copayments. Marketplace A marketplace for health insurance where individuals, families and small businesses can learn about their plan options; compare plans based on costs, benefits, and other important features; apply for and receive financial help with premiums and cost sharing based on income; and choose a plan and enroll in coverage. Also known as an “Exchange.” The Marketplace is run by the state in some states and by the federal government in other. In some states, the Marketplace also helps eligible consumers enroll in other programs , including Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Available online, by phone, and in-person.

Glossary Maximum Out-of-pocket Limit Yearly amount the federal government sets as the most each individual or family can be required to pay in cost sharing during the plan year for covered, in-network services. Applies to most types of health plans and insurance. This amount may be higher than the out-of-pocket limits stated for your plan. Medically Necessary Health care services or supplies needed to prevent, diagnose or treat an illness, injury, disease or its symptoms and that meet accepted standards of medicine. Minimum Essential Coverage Minimum essential coverage generally includes plans, health insurance available through the Marketplace or other individual market policies, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, TRICARE, and certain other coverage. If you are eligible for certain types of minimum essential coverage, you may not be eligible for the premium tax credit. Minimum Value Standard A basic standard to measure the percent of permitted costs the plan covers. If you’re offered an employer plan that pays for at least 60% of the total allowed costs of benefits, the plan offers minimum value and you may not qualify for premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions to but a plan from the Marketplace. Network The facilities, providers and suppliers your health insurer or plan has contracted with to provide health care services. Network Provider (Preferred Provider) A provider who has a contract with your health insurer or plan to provide services to members of a plan. You will pay less if you see a provider in the network. Also called “preferred provider” or “participating provider.” Orthotics and Prosthetics Leg, arm, back and neck braces, artificial legs, arms, and eyes, and external breast prostheses after a mastectomy. These services include: adjustment, repairs, and replacements required because of breakage, wear, loss, or a change in the patient’s physical condition. Out-of-network Coinsurance Your share (for example, 40%) of the allowed amount for covered health care services to providers who don’t contract with your health insurance or plan. Out-of-network coinsurance usually costs you more than in-network coinsurance. Out-of-network Provider (Non-Preferred Provider) A provider who doesn't have a contract with your plan to provide services. If your plan covers out-of-network services, you’ll usually pay more to see an out-of-network provider than a preferred provider. Your policy will explain what those costs may be. May also be called “non=preferred” or “non-participating) instead of “out-of-network provider.” Out-of-Pocket Limit The most you could pay during a coverage period (usually one year) for your share of the costs of covered services. After you meet this limit the plan will usually pay 100% of the allowed amount. This limit never includes your premium, balance-billed charges or health care your health insurance or plan doesn’t cover. Some plans don’t count all of your co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance payments, out-of-network payments or other expenses toward the limit. Physician Services Health care services a licensed medical physician, including an M.D. (Medical Doctor) or D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), provider or coordinates. Plan Health coverage issued to you directly (individual plan) or through an employer, union or other group sponsor (employer group plan) that providers coverage for certain health care costs. Also called “health insurance plan”, “policy”, or “health insurance.” Preauthorization A decision by your health insurer or plan that a health care service, treatment plan, prescription drug or durable medical equipment (DME) is medically necessary. Sometimes called “prior authorization”, “prior approval”, or “precertification.” Your health insurance or plan may require preauthorization for certain services before you receive them, except in an emergency. Preauthorization isn’t a promise your health insurance or plan will cover the cost.

Premium The amount that must be paid for your health insurance or plan. You and/ or your employer usually pay it monthly, quarterly or yearly. Prescription Drug Coverage Coverage under a plan that helps pay for prescription drugs. If the plan’s formulary uses “tiers” (levels), prescription drugs are grouped together by type or cost. The amount you’ll pay in cost sharing will be different for each “tier” of covered prescription drugs. Prescription Drugs Drugs and medications that by law require a prescription. Preventive Care (Preventive Service) Routine health care, including screenings, check-ups, and patient counseling, to prevent or discover illness, disease, or other health problems Primary Care Physician A physician, including an M.D. (Medical Doctor) or D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), who provides or coordinates a range of health care services for you. Primary Care Provider A physician, including an M.D. (Medical Doctor) or D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or physician assistant, as allowed under state law and the terms of the plan, who provides, coordinates, or helps you access a range of health care services. Provider An individual or facility that providers health care services. Some examples of a provider include a doctor, nurse, chiropractor, physician assistant, hospital, surgical center, skilled nursing facility, and rehabilitation center. The plan may require the provider to be licensed, certified or accredited as required by state law. Reconstructive Surgery Surgery and follow-up treatment needed to correct or improve a part of the body because of birth defects, accidents, injuries or medical conditions. Rehabilitation Services Health care services that help a person keep, get back or improve skills and functioning for daily living that have been lost or impaired because a person was sick, hurt or disabled. These services may include physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and psychiatric rehabilitation services in a variety of inpatient and/or outpatient settings. Screening A type of preventive care that includes tests or exams to detect the presence of something, usually performed when you have no symptoms, signs or prevailing medical history of a disease or condition. Skilled Nursing Care Services performed or supervised by licensed nurses in your home or in a nursing home. Skilled nursing care is not the same as “skilled care services”, which are services performed by therapists or technicians (rather than licensed nurses) in your home or in a nursing home. Specialist A provider focusing on a specific are of medicine or a group of patients to diagnose, manage, prevent, or treat certain types of symptoms and conditions. Specialty Drug A type of prescription drug that, in general, requires special handling or ongoing monitoring and assessment by a health care professional, or is relatively difficult to dispense. Generally, specialty drugs are the most expensive drugs on a formulary. UCR (Usual, Customary and Reasonable) The amount paid for a medical service in a geographic area based on what providers in the area usually charge for the same or similar medical service. The UCR amount sometimes is used to determine the allowed amount. Urgent Care Care for an illness, injury or condition serious enough that a reasonable person would seek care right away, but not so severe as to require emergency room care.



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