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Summer Term 2014

Dear colleague, I am very excited for two reasons. The first is that Mathstastic will now be available on demand (see page 3). The next step for us will be to look at specialist workshops for KS3 and the possibility of Mathstastic for Lower KS2. As a subscriber to this newsletter, you will be among the first to hear of our progress. I have been hoping that BODY WORLDS would come to Life since I joined the Centre in 2002, so I am delighted that we have BODY WORLDS Vital as our main summer exhibition. There isn’t a better way of finding out how the body works and how its various systems fit together. But the exhibition is more than a study of anatomy and physiology. The exhibits are presented with great flair and anyone who has marvelled at Leonardo’s anatomical drawings will see that it is a stimulus for art as well as a springboard for ethical discussion. I hope you will be able to attend the Teacher Premiere to see for yourself what BODY WORLDS Vital has to offer your class. Best wishes

The Exhibition of Real Human Bodies

Suitability: KS2 and above

BODY WORLDS Vital is an awe-inspiring journey through the human body, celebrating its complexity, beauty and potential. It makes its UK debut at Life in May 2014. BODY WORLDS Vital brings together a collection of real human bodies, specimens, organs and body slices preserved through plastination, a groundbreaking preservation method invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. Students will learn about anatomy, health, lifestyle choices and the body’s full potential by viewing real human bodies.

Teacher Premiere

Educational materials are available to support your class visit to BODY WORLDS Vital, and we have developed curriculumlinked workshops on bodies and health for every age group which can be booked alone or in combination with an exhibition visit – see page 3 for details.

Included in your Science Centre visit. To book call (0191) 243 8223.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Join us after school for a guided tour of BODY WORLDS Vital and our teaching laboratories, led by our education staff, with a chance to ask questions about the exhibition. Noel Jackson, Head of Education

BODY WORLDS Vital is also of interest to art and design students, and as a starting point for ethical debate.

If you can’t make the Teacher Premiere, we’re happy to organise a show-round for you on a date that suits - just let us know!

For more information and to reserve your free place, call (0191) 243 8223.

On-Point Dancer Copyright: Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany,

Education newsletter


Inside DNA New exhibition Man or monkey? Girl or boy? Innocent or guilty? A little DNA can make a big difference! Our new exhibition, Inside DNA, explores developments in the fast-moving field of human genomics, and the ethical issues they raise.

Included in your Science Centre visit. To book call (0191) 243 8223.

Workshops We offer an extensive selection of workshops and masterclasses for KS2 to 16+ exploring DNA and cell biology. We’ve picked out some highlights below:

Workshops: Chromosomes & DNA UKS3 Two practical experiments to extract and visualize chromosomes and DNA. Forensic DNA KS3+ DNA fingerprinting to solve a crime using gel electrophoresis.

Masterclasses: PCR: A Question of Taste 16+ Our flagship DNA masterclass covering PCR, restriction digests and gel electrophoresis. Mammoth DNA UKS3+ DNA analysis to discover which elephant species would make the best surrogate mother if we were to clone a mammoth.

Masterclass or workshop? Workshops are differentiated curriculum-linked practical sessions. They can be combined with a full Science Centre visit. Masterclasses are longer, in-depth sessions, generally aimed at older students.

Genetic Engineering KS4+ Students insert plasmids into real genes to modify bacterial DNA and observe the results.

Visit to see all of our workshops on this topic.

Bacterial Evolution KS4+ Analysis of bacterial DNA by restriction digest and gel electrophoresis to determine whether harmful strains cause mild or fatal symptoms.

Workshop only: £3 per pupil. Workshop and Science Centre visit: £7 per pupil. Masterclass only: £150 for a whole class, £75 for a half class.

Practical Assessments for KS4+ Life has been working in partnership with teachers from several schools to deliver bespoke practical assessment days. We aim for the highest grades and intersperse an intensive day of experiments and structured writing with chances to let off steam on the 4D Motion Ride and in the planetarium. Our most spectacular successes have come with groups who missed the critical C grade in earlier assessments. “The program was a massive success, with the average improvement upon the previous controlled assessment grade being upwards of two full grades. The higher than predicted controlled assessment score meant that half of these students ultimately went on to achieve a C grade or above when they re-sat the Gateway Science Core GCSE in Year 11.”

To find out more or to arrange a Practical Assessment Day for your class, contact our education department by calling (0191) 243 8211 or emailing

Scott Hayes, Joseph Swam Academy

Bookings: (0191) 243 8223 Information: (0191) 243 8211


The Exhibition of Real Human Bodies


We can come to you! If you are having difficulty bringing your class to Life, we can come to you; we’ll travel anywhere between the Tweed and the Tees. Our most popular outreach workshops are:

Human Biology Workshops

Inflatable Planetarium


Explore the stars in our portable planetarium, led by our graduate Science Explainers. Differentiated for all ages.

A circus of puzzles and activities and a more in-depth exploration of probability, symmetry or shape and pattern. Suitable for UKS2 and KS3.

Human biology has always been central to the National Curriculum and Life offers a full complement of workshops suitable for each key stage.

Stamp Rockets

Dino Maths

A ’design and make’ workshop in which participants make air-powered rockets. Differentiated for KS2 - 4.

An extended workshop for a single class, using curiosity about dinosaurs to stimulate engagement in maths. Suitable for Year 5 and 6.

We’ve picked out some highlights below: • Your Body KS1 • Keeping Healthy LKS2 or UKS2

Animal Adaptation An engaging participatory show exploring the many ways animals are adapted to their environments. Suitable for KS1 - 3.

To discuss availability, or make a booking, please call our education department on (0191) 243 8211, or email £300 per day.

• Circulation and Movement KS2 • Cells KS3 • Food Tests and Digestion KS3+


• Hair & Skin KS4+

Now available on demand

• Fluid Balance KS4+

We are delighted to announce that we can now offer Mathstastic sessions on demand at any time of the year. Mathstastic consists of a circus of maths puzzles and games, a maths show and a maths trail. The current show, Astronavigation, is delivered in our planetarium, and the maths trail has indoor and outdoor versions to make the most of the weather. Mathstastic sessions can be combined with a full Science Centre visit in the same way as other workshops.

To find out more about these and other workshops on human biology, visit or contact our education department by calling (0191) 243 8211 or emailing Workshop only: £3 per pupil. Workshop and Science Centre visit: £7 per pupil. To book, call (0191) 243 8223.

£5 per pupil for Mathstastic only, or £10 per pupil combined with a Science Centre visit.

Bookings: (0191) 243 8223 Information: (0191) 243 8211


Planetarium We have the largest planetarium in the North of England, offering a range of shows which are differentiated for all key stages from KS1 - 5. We also offer a full programme of space, astronomy and astrophysics workshops to enable you to create your own ‘Space Day’. A planetarium film is included in most Science Centre visits. Presenter-led planetarium shows are available for £3 per pupil, or £7 per pupil when combined with a full Science Centre visit.

Visit our website for further details:

Bring your school leavers’ prom to Life If you’re thinking of booking a school leavers’ prom, choose Life for a sophisticated celebration in a unique venue. Life is an educational charity and all revenue from events helps to ensure we can continue to engage people of all ages in science. For more information and to book, please call the Life Conference and Banqueting team on (0191) 243 8216 / (0191) 243 8284 or visit

Your visit to Life A school visit to Life typically includes time to explore the Science Centre (including current exhibitions) plus a workshop of your choice. We can customise all workshops to meet the needs of students, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call (0191) 243 8211 or email and we’ll see what we can do. To book a visit, call (0191) 243 8223. For full details of what’s on at Life for schools, along with risk assessments, visit

Prices Science Centre visit only: £5 per pupil Workshop only: £3 per pupil Playful Science (Early Years workshops): £5 per pupil Workshop + Science Centre visit: £7 per pupil DNA Masterclass: £150 (full class) or £75 (half class) Mathstastic: £5 per pupil Mathstastic + Science Centre visit: £10 per pupil Outreach: £300 per day

Follow @scienceatlife on Twitter to get the latest news and updates.

Teachers: FREE

Times Square Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4EP Bookings: (0191) 243 8223 Information: (0191) 243 8211

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Education newsletter: Summer Term 2014  

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