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FALL 2007



To Alumni and Friends of Central Methodist University: The 2007-2008 academic year started in fine form with the highest Fayette campus enrollment in nearly 40 years— 940. This number represents an increase of 11 percent over a year ago and successes in both recruiting new students and retaining current students. These excellent results reflect our enhanced marketing initiatives and greater name recognition around the state, outstanding performance on the part of our admission office and superior retention efforts on everyone’s part, and of course the significant upgrades to our facilities, starting with our Student and Community Center and continuing with the projects that are completed or in progress through the Campaign for Eagle Athletics. Puckett Field House and Davis Field are virtually complete, and the softball field will be in use during the spring season. Other projects will be taken on at the completion of the campaign. This campaign is moving ahead nicely and was given a tremendous boost last July when the Mabee Foundation of Tulsa, Okla., awarded us a challenge grant in the amount of $415,000. We now have until July 11, 2008, to raise the full $5 million campaign goal in order to receive the Mabee challenge; as of November 2007 the amount remaining to raise is $530,000. The impact of facilities to match the quality of the Central experience cannot be overplayed, as we know that students and their families expect excellent quality and high value in every dimension of a college education. With each completed project we find positive results in both recruiting and retention. One very strong aspect of a Central Methodist education is the practical or hands-on side of learning. CMU students are provided many opportunities to put their

Fall 2007

learning into practice, especially through internships. Most of our students, in fact, opt for this experience, and in many cases these internships lead to a new graduate’s first job. It is always thrilling to hear that a student during his or her internship has been offered a position upon graduation. Students in a number of disciplines have their employment secured many months before commencement, and others are hired immediately following an internship. The feature article of this issue provides examples of students whose career directions were established during the culminating experience of an internship. Central Methodist University is increasingly known as an institution with a statewide mission and as an institution that prepares learners excellently in the areas of their professional interests. It is known as an institution that is built on the liberal arts tradition and that links broadly based liberal learning with more focused professional pursuits. CMU graduates have always been prepared to make a positive difference in the world and have always demonstrated the ability to think critically and analytically and to exercise ethical leadership and social responsibility. Today the best of the Central Methodist tradition blends with the best of contemporary learning theory to produce graduates who will be the leaders of tomorrow. We are deeply grateful for the support of our alumni and good friends as we continue our reputation for excellence and service to students. Thank you all for helping us realize our mission that transforms the lives of not only individuals but also of entire communities. As one grateful student has said, “Wherever there is a need for education, Central is there.”

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FALL 2007


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Fall 2007


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Senior Administration Dr. Marianne E. Inman, President Dr. Rita Gulstad, Vice President and Dean of the University Kenneth R. Oliver, Vice President for Campus Life, Dean of Students, and Director of Athletics Julee Sherman, Vice President for Finance and  Administration Theresa M. Davis, Vice President for Advancement Chad Gaines, Vice President for Information Services

On the cover: autumn on the CMU campus is always an inspiring sight. Here the stately Cross Memorial Tower rises over the Quad. Photo by Cathy Thogmorton.

Talon Editorial Staff and Contact Information Don Cullimore, Executive Editor Phone: 660-248-6238 E-mail: dcullimo@centralmethodist. edu Cathy Thogmorton, Editor Phone: 660-248-6391 E-mail: cthogmor@centralmethodist. edu Tracy Crowe Jones, Director of Alumni Relations Phone: 660-248-6234 E-mail: Robin Harman, Editorial Assistant CMU work/study student

Central Methodist University prepares students to make a difference in the world by emphasizing academic and professional excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility. – Mission Statement 

Fall 2007

Moving Ahead: CMU Website Enhancements Many enhancements to the CMU website have been made over the last few months. Log on and check out a few of the new features!

Student Blogs

A blog is an online web journal, typically about personal observances, that is updated on a regular basis. This fall we recruited five CMU students to be student bloggers for the 2007-08 academic year. Student blogs are available for prospective students, alumni, parents and others to get to know some of our current students. They have been a very popular addition to the CMU website and can be found at:

Virtual Campus Tours

There are two pictorial campus tours available on the CMU website, one of the Fayette campus and the other of athletic facilities. The tours can be found at:

Online Bookstore

Selected merchandise from the CMU bookstore is now available online. All items ordered online are shipped from our bookstore on campus. We have also teamed up with MBS-Direct (Missouri Book Store) to create an online bookstore where our College of Graduate and Extended Studies (CGES) students can buy and sell their text books. These books are shipped from the MBS-Direct facility in Columbia, Mo. Visit the CMU Online Bookstore at:

The Talon Online

Portions of The Talon are now available online in PDF format on the Alumni website. They are available at:

Online Broadcasting

In coordination with the Athletic department, the University is broadcasting an audio stream over the Internet of selected athletic events. To view the broadcast schedule, or listen to an Eagle game, visit:

Notice of Correction In the Spring 07 Talon, the editors inadvertently misspelled the last name of Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science emeritus Chester E. Hanson. Generations of students who survived college algebra only because of Prof. Hanson will have recognized the error. Our sincere apologies to Prof. Hanson.

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Homecoming 2007 Desipite the very rainy weather, many alumni attended Homecoming 2007, Oct. 12-14. The weekend kicked off Thursday evening with the Merrill E. Gaddis Memorial Lecture in the Student and Community Center. Other Homecoming weekend activities included an all-class social hour at Rosewood Antiques and all-class alumni dinner at the Student and Community Center Friday night, a 5K run and the Homecoming Parade through downtown Fayette Saturday morning, and, of course, the football game. The football eagles celebrated homecoming with an 11-0 victory over Avila University. Honored reunion classes invited as special participants at Homecoming included the classes of 1952, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2002.

The traditions of Homecoming continued, despite the deluge. Shown here (clockwise from upper left): American Chemical Society float, a soggy CMU marching band, King Dane Nelson and Queen Kate Gruenewald, a Criminal Justice demonstration of fingerprinting during “Alumni U,� friends gathered at Rosewood Antiques to visit, the Delta entry in the banner contest, and the football game, which Central won. Photos courtesy of CMU staff and Justin Addison, sports editor of the Fayette newspapers.

Fall 2007

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Class of 1952 and Friends

Class of 1972 (Part A)

From left: Ruth (Crowe) Drissell ‘53, Norm Drissell ‘51, Don Northington ‘52, Dorothy “Dot” (Storer) Schnell ‘51, Shirley (Faubion) Dougherty ‘53, Ilene (Morrison) House ‘50

Front row: Dan Adkison, Mike Vaughn; 2nd Row: Pat (Nemitz) Adkison, Terry (Greiner) Bentley, Gingy Lebold

Class of 1977

Front Row: Rebecca (DeWeese) Harbison; 2nd Row: Mary Beth Crocker, Beth (Aulbur) Nanneman, Kathy (Maddox) Nelson; 3rd Row: Keith Robins, Mark Eggleston, Greg Thurmon, Dan Green

Class of 1962

Jeanette Williams, Joan Hewitt

Class of 1967

Front Row: Jean (Kahmke) Smithee, Lenore (Olson) Glore; 2nd Row: Dale Jennings, Janet (Gift) Addison, Gary Blakemore 

Fall 2007

Class of 1982

Front Row: Bekki (Jackson) Galloway, Cheryl Lynn (Wofford) Hill, Cheryl (Charlson) Wood; 2nd Row: Gary Elliott, Jacque (Allred) Cheary, Teri (Blair) Reger, John Yuelkenbeck, Keith Shostrom, Elaine (Eversmeyer) Henderson

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Class of 1992

Jeff Remelius, Holly (Loveall) Statler

Class of 1972 (Part B)

Some 1972 alumni made it to Rosewood Friday night but not to the festivities on Saturday. Front Row: Mary Jane (Thornton) Gordon, Karen (Wetzel) Bartholomees, Sandy (Abele) Eberhardt, LouAnn (Wilson) Vogelmann; Back Row: Mike Vaughn, Roger Eberhardt, Ken Vogelmann ‘71

Class of 2002 Class of 1997

Front Row: Heather Clark, Scott Horman, Alesia Poindexter; 2nd Row: Nikki (Scott) Rorabaugh, Leslie (Garner) Horman, Steve Foote

Front Row: Stephanie Harman, Whitney (Phillips) Caton, Jonell Overfield, Kelly (Henke) Reiter, Patti Langenecker; 2nd Row: Danny Pak, Kurtis Howell, Robyn (Baldwin) Howell, Aimee (Huttsell) Sage, Karen Uttech

Photos from the Rosewood Reception

Clockwise from right: President Marianne Inman and Charles Hardy ‘62; Tad ‘65 and Carolyn (Summers) Perry ‘66; Bill ‘97 and Jessica (Grasdorf) Quint ‘97 and Tracy Crowe Jones ‘94, Director of Alumni Relations.

Fall 2007

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Reunion 2007 Members of five different class years were on the Central Methodist University campus the weekend of June 8-10 to celebrate their student days at Central and to participate in ceremonies recognizing distinguished alumni of the University. Being honored were members of the Classes of 1937, 1942, 1947, 1952 and 1957. The Grounded Eagles, an ad hoc organization comprised of alumni from the 1940s and 1950s who were college athletes, were also on campus.

Class of 1947

Al Hair, Martha (Rogers) Holman, Bill Holman, Lowell Allen

Class of 1957 - 50th Reunion

Class of 1952

Joanne (Schnell) Heisler, Don Northington, Eleanor (Rudd) Calvert

Front Row: Katharine (Whiteside) Shope, Shirley (Bond) Hannah, Peg (Steinbeck) Edwards, Martha (Amick) Gebhardt; 2nd Row: Shirley (Held) Rinderknecht; 3rd Row: Jo (Williamson) Crow, Carol (Ridder) Pregge, Peggy Payeur, Albert Roher; 4th Row: Wayne Howe, Sue (Tucker) Troutner, Doug Sleade, Marilyn (Yeater) Langworthy , Jack Goodman; 5th Row: Chris LaRue; 6th Row: Donald Preuss, Michael Myers, Carolyn (Whitener) Walker, Bill Nelson, John Williams; 7th Row: Ted Smith, George Innes, Sondra (Sercu) Spalding, Duane Lamb, Bruce McClintock; 8th Row: Dan Fridley, Charles Cavanah, Bob Kountz Left: Sondra (Sercu) Spalding ‘57, Mona Preuss, Don Preuss ‘57, and David Inman chat at the President’s Reception.

Sam Downing ‘56 hands out special Central footballs to teammates during the Alumni Luncheon.

Fall 2007

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Campus news

Geist sequel

Pannier-Cavanah Award Nathan Werremeyer of Lake Ozark, third from the left, accepts $500 scholarship check from Gary Wood, CMU assistant professor of education and director of clinical experiences. Werremeyer was recipient of the Pannier-Cavanah Memorial Award, given in memory of Darla Pannier, an outstanding athlete who would have graduated in 1992, and Mike Cavanah, a 1990 graduate. Darla was killed in an automobile accident following her freshman year at CMU and Mike died in an automobile accident in 1995. Werremeyer graduated from CMU in 2007 with a degree in athletic training and a minor in biology. He began his student teaching experience in October in health education at West Junior High School in Columbia, Mo. Others pictured here are Dr. Nancy Hadfield, interim director of the Division of Professional and Gale “Hap” Hairston, former direction of the Division of Professional Education.

Retired CMU English Professor Joseph E. Geist has published a new book, Still Looking at Stages – A Review of New York and London Theatre (Among Other Places) from 1996 to 2007. It is a sequel to the first volume, Looking at Stages, which covered the two previous decades. Geist notes in the book’s Overture that his long writings on theatre were prompted by “that popular pedagogical experience called Janaway” – yearly field trips each January by members of the campus community to New York, England and other locales to experience the theatre arts and other cultural offerings of the New World and Old. Such trips also were taken for scientific and historical purposes. These journeys became the fodder for Geist’s two books, which chronicle then-contemporary theatre offerings of the New York and London stages. They also turned out to be highly observant travel logs as well as witty, sometimes pithy, and always knowledgeable critical revues of the broad range of theatre offerings experienced by the Janaway excursion travelers and by Geist and his friends in their travels between 1996 and 2007. Copies of the book can be purchased at The AshbyHodge Gallery of American Art, where Geist has served as curator since he retired from teaching in 1998, or directly from the author at his home address, 106 W. Spring St., Fayette, MO 65248.

Higher Learning Commission to visit CMU Central Methodist University will undergo a comprehensive evaluation visit March 31 to April 2, 2008, by a team representing The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Central Methodist University has been accredited by the Commission since 1913. Its accreditation is at the master’s degree level and includes degree sites at various locations besides Fayette within the state of Missouri. The Higher Learning Commission is one of six accrediting agencies in the United States that provide institutional accreditation on a regional basis. Institutional accreditation evaluates an entire institution and accredits it as a whole. Other agencies provide accreditation for specific programs.

Fall 2007

Accreditation is voluntary. The Commission accredits approximately 1,100 institutions of higher education in a 19-state region. The Commission is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. For the past two years, Central Methodist University has been engaged in a process of self-study, addressing the Commission’s requirements and criteria for accreditation. The evaluation team will visit the institution to gather evidence that the self-study is thorough and accurate. The team will recommend to the Commission a continuing status for the university; following a review process, the Commission itself will take the final action. The public is invited to submit comments regarding the university.

Comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs. Written, signed comments must be received by February 29, 2008. The commission cannot guarantee that comments received after the due date will be considered. Comments should include the name, address, and telephone number of the person providing the comments. Comments will not be treated as confidential. Note: Individuals with a specific dispute or grievance with an institution should request the separate Policy on Complaints document from the Commission office. The Higher Learning Commission cannot settle disputes between institutions and individuals. Complaints will not be considered third party comment.

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Central says a sad farewell to popular professor by Tracy Crowe Jones

Dr. R. Paul Drummond, longtime CMU professor of music and director of choral activities, died Sept. 27, 2007, surrounded by family and friends. Diagnosed with cancer in early 2007, he strongly fought, with both physical and mental determination, to beat the disease but eventually was unable to fight off infections brought on by his lowered immune system. He was 60. Drummond had been a member of the Swinney Conservatory of Music faculty since 1981. During that time he directed numerous choral ensembles, including the A Cappella Choir, Chorale, and Church Street Singers, and taught several academic music courses. He also served as long-time advisor to the CMU Beta Mu chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. His musical influence reached far beyond Central, however. He was active in the Missouri Choral Directors Association Dr. R. Paul Drummond (MOCDA), having served as both president and state secretary; recently served a two-year term as president of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), Southwest Division; was program chair of the 2007 national convention of the ACDA; and was involved in a variety of other professional music organizations. Drummond held the Doctorate of Arts in choral conducting from the University of Northern Colorado, a master’s degree in music from Eastern New Mexico University, and a bachelor’s degree in music education from North Texas State University. He was born in Texas and, even several decades after moving from Texas, he never lost his southern drawl or hospitality. Those who worked with and studied with Drummond knew he demanded much and expected the best from everyone. His natural tendencies toward perfection drew more out of people than many knew they had. Often a student who doubted his own abilities learned to challenge himself through the prodding of Dr. Drummond and eventually learned he had a lot more talent and drive then he suspected. Throughout his twenty-plus years of teaching, Drummond heard this story over and over again by both new and graduating students. Drummond held a vast expanse of knowledge in choral literature and conducting, evidenced in his years of choir tours and concerts and also in the leadership entrusted to him with his roles in the ACDA and MOCDA. Many say he was elected to these positions because of his attention to detail and the confidence that he would get the job done and do it as well as was possible. He was also a notable composer. States holding music festivals used his choral works for sightsinging competitions, and many choral ensembles performed his works each year. He had a passion for both computers and kite flying. He confidently took on the role of the Apple guru of the Conservatory, sweating over the computers in the summers before air-conditioning was installed in the building. Faculty, staff, and students came to him to sharpen their computer skills and, more likely, in a panic when their computers were not behaving as they should. He was always happy to help and loved opening up the world of computers to others. Drummond’s colleague, Associate Dean Nancy Jones, who was also a professor of vocal music, taught with Drummond in the Swinney Conservatory. She says she remembers him telling his students “repeat after me,“ and then requiring them to repeat what it was he wanted them to do or to remember. “He was always trying different ways of doing things to make things better,” Jones said. From my personal experiences and recollections, Drummond demanded a high level of commitInside the Con or outside, directing was ment from his choirs and from Drummond’s passion. individual students. While I was not a music major, I was actively 10

Fall 2007

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involved in three of his music ensembles. He expected the same level of commitment from me as he did from the music majors. He expected nothing less than 100 percent. As one of his students, I found his high expectations at times frustrating, but he taught me so much over the years. He believed in each of his students and wanted us to succeed. He took me from being an 18-yearold with a natural vocal talent to a refined and polished, confident performer. Although intense with his work, he also had a great sense of humor and cared about the wellbeing of his students. He was full of energy and had a passion for life – even evident in the last weeks of his life. A memorial service was held on Oct. 14 at Paul H. Linn Memorial United Methodist Church on the Dean of the Conservatory Dr. Ron Shroyer surprised Drummond during last year’s campus of Central Methodist Christmas concert with special recognition of his more than 25 years of conducting University. The current Chorale sang the CMU A Cappella Choir. under the direction of Dr. Ron Shroyer, Dean of the Conservatory. Several colleagues from CMU, ACDA, and MOCDA lyrics written by Dr. Donald Eidson, CMU academic dean gave remembrances of him. The sermon was given by the and professor of English who died in 1992. Rev. Eric Moore ’96, a former student of Drummond’s. Paul Drummond’s spirit and outlook on life is missed Each remembrance brought with it moments of tears and moments of laughter. The service included several hymns, by many. He left an indelible mark on the campus of Central Methodist University and in the lives of hundreds, and with the sanctuary full, the blend of voices filled if not thousands, of students. He certainly left a mark on the rafters and brought a much-needed warmth to the my life. day. A reception was held afterwards in the Student and Drummond is survived Community Center; we were led there by a bagpiper, part by his wife, Suzanne, of of Drummond’s Scottish heritage, which he fondly emNew Franklin, three grown braced. Current and alumni Sinfonians sang, and Associate children, and several Dean Nancy Jones led everyone in the singing of CMU’s grandchildren. A memoalma mater with its music written by Dr. Drummond and rial fund has been established at Central Methodist University, and contributions may be sent to the Swinney Conservatory of Music at CMU. Tracy Crowe Jones CMU director of alumni relations.

Drummond in a characteristic pose on the Con steps (left). A bagpiper (right) led the congregation out of the memorial service. Drummond was proud of his Scottish heritage.

Fall 2007

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Campus news

Hubbard appointed director of planned giving and major gifts


Columbia resident Randy Hubbard has been appointed director of planned giving and major gifts by Central Methodist University. Hubbard, who had been serving as a counselor with the CMU Office of Admission since June 2006, began his new duties August 1. Prior to joining the CMU Admission Office, Hubbard served as area sales director of Club’s Choice of Eau Clair, Wis., and was in charge of the company’s corporate fundraising for its Midwest region. From 1984 to 2002, Hubbard worked in sales management with Machine Maintenance and Equipment Co., St. Louis; Rental

Service Company, Columbia; and Reserve National Insurance Co., Columbia. From 1975 to 1984, he was assistant director of education with the Missouri State Penitentiary, Jefferson City; and from 1969 to 1975, he served as head basketball coach, head track coach, and later as principal of Jamestown C-1 School District. Hubbard earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Central Methodist University in 1970 and a master’s degree in education from the University of Missouri in 1982. He graduated from high school in Pleasant Hill, Ill., where his parents, Charles and Jean Hubbard, still reside.

He is married to the former Nancy Dorn of California, Mo. Randy and Nancy have two grown sons and live in Columbia. He is a member of the Missouri State Teachers Association, and the Elk’s Club and Our Lady of Lourdes Church, both in Columbia.

Wiggins directs MSN program

Math and science quiz bowl held

CMU alumna Jeanne Wiggins is serving as director this academic year of the new Master of Science in Nursing program now offered by the university at three regional locations. Wiggins holds associate and bachelor degrees in nursing from CMU and a master’s degree in nursing from the University of MissouriColumbia. She is also an ANCC Board Certified Adult Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Adult Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist. She can be contacted at 573-2201378 or by e-mail at

Students from 15 local high schools competed in the third annual Momberg Math and Science Quiz Bowl on Sept. 27. Students in the CMU math and science departments served as judges, and the event was organized by Dr. James “Tiger” Gordon, professor of chemistry and chair of the Division of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science; and Dr. Jerry Priddy, assistant professor of mathematics. The competition is named after the late Dr. Harold L. Momberg, former professor emeritus of biology at CMU, who died in 2006. In the photo above, Dr. Gordon awaits results from CMU students who have graded the exams and are tallying the results.

Gaines elected to NACU steering committee

Fall 2007

The National Association of (Jenzabar) CX Users – NACU elected Chad Gaines, CMU vice president for information services, to its steering committee. The steering committee meets with Jenzabar executives twice per year and is influential in helping Jenzabar set product development priorities for their CX product line. The voting members of NACU who elected Gaines are the campus technical experts from each of the institutions using the Jenzabar CX product. “Chad’s selection to the board is an impressive recognition of his knowledge, skills and abilities by his peers,” says CMU Associate Dean William M. Beneke, who adds that it is also “a valuable opportunity to make a difference in the future product development of our student data system.”

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Campus news

New faces join CMU full-time faculty Central Methodist University is pleased to announce the following new, full-time faculty. In addition to these, a number of part-time and adjunct faculty members and many new staff members have joined the Central community. Jason Arthur joins as visiting assistant professor of English. He has a B.A. in English from Rockhurst University, an M.A. in English from Creighton University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Nicole Bartow joins as assistant professor of nursing. She received a B.S. in nursing, B.A. in psychology, and an M.S.N. in education from Maryville University-St. Louis. Collin Brink comes to Central as visiting assistant professor of communications. He has a B.A. in public relations and history from William Jewell College, an M.A. in communications from Southwest Missouri State University, and a J.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Cornel Duta is visiting assistant professor of biology. He has an M.D. from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara, Romania. Theresa Kircher `03 is back at her alma mater as assistant professor of athletic training. She has a B.S. in athletic training and biology from Central and an M.A. in athletic training from San Jose State University. Elizabeth Ruddick also joins the nursing department as assistant professor of nursing. She has a B.S.N. in nurs-

SGA aspires to go green This year there will be a new addition to CMU: recycling. Members of the Student Government Association, working with Dr. Paul Porneluzi, associate professor of biology, are starting a recycling program on campus. This summer a $5,000 grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources through the Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District was approved, and the SGA is working to keep the program in action. The program will take paper and cardboard from academic buildings and residence halls to be recycled. In looking for a way to remove the recycled materials, SGA members Ashley Aggas and Jessie Walters came in contact with Unlimited Opportunities in Boonville. Porneluzi points out that through Unlimited Opportunities the recycling program will help more than just the environment. “They employ developmentally disadvantaged individuals to sort through certain types of recyclable materials,” he says. “They sell the materials and make money from that, and it provides a livelihood for those individuals.” Unlimited Opportunities will also provide large bins to

Fall 2007

New faculty pause for a photo. From left: Greg Thurmon, Jason Arthur, adjunct professor Henry Graham, Nicole Bartow, Gary Wood, Elizabeth Ruddick, Theresa Kircher, and Cornel Duta (not shown is Collin Brink)

ing from Southwest Missouri State University and a M.S.N. in nursing from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Greg Thurmon `77 also returns to his alma mater as visiting assistant professor of biology. He received a B.A. in biology and education from Central and an M.S. in biology from Northeast Missouri State University. Gary Wood comes to Central as assistant professor of education and director of clinical experiences. He has a B.S. in science in secondary education and an M.A. in secondary education from Northeast Missouri State University. place near the baseball field, and will pick up and empty the bins. According to the grant application, 15 percent of all waste from the CMU campus is recyclable, and SGA has a goal of collecting 20 tons of recycling a year. Porneluzi thinks that goal is possible. He says, “Essentially, the University will be diverting 20 tons of waste that’s not going to the landfill, but instead is being recycled.” Dr. Porneluzi and Ashley Aggas point out the benefits of recycling.

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Campus news

CMU opening fall enrollment represents significant increase The opening fall semester enrollment of 940 students at the Fayette campus of Central Methodist University marks a significant increase over last year and is the highest number of students to be on campus since the fall of 1968, notes Dr. Marianne E. Inman, CMU president. “We are absolutely delighted to see this very sizeable increase in student numbers,” Inman says. “It is very clear that people throughout Missouri and elsewhere are recognizing the quality and value that a Central Methodist University education represents.” The increase on the main campus – 11 percent – this fall mirrors a trend at CMU’s Extended Study program facilities throughout the state. “Enrollment at every Extended Studies site is up,” says Dr. Rita Gulstad, vice president and dean of the university. “We’ve doubled our enrollment projections for our new Master of Science in Nursing program and we have expanded class offerings at our Columbia campus to include afternoon as well as evening classes.” The large increase in students this fall on the main campus includes 387 new students (265 freshman-level), and 553 returning students. Campus housing in residence halls is at a new high with 600 students.

Two from nursing faculty recognized Angela Cornelius, assistant professor of nursing, and Ginger Kazmierczak, associate professor of nursing, have been recognized as Certified Nursing Educators by the National League for Nurses. To achieve this recognition, both had to meet qualifications and take a rigorous certification exam. Both passed the exam at a high level. According to the National League for Nurses, the Certified Nursing Educator program began in 2005, with 85 percent passing the first year.

Dr. Larry Peery has received a $500 grant from the Fayette Area Community Trust to be used for the Morrison Observatory. The grant will go to help acquire science toys and equipment to develop a miniExploratorium for school-aged Dr. Larry Peery and student Valerie Robinette are working together on the mini-Exploratorium visitors during project. public nights at the observatory. Exhibits and activities will illustrate force, motion, work, energy, electricity, magnetism, light, sound, heat, and temperature.

Missouri United Methodist Foundation provides funds The Missouri United Methodist Foundation recently presented CMU with a $10,000 grant to upgrade United Methodist Church archival facilities at the University. David Atkins, executive director of the Missouri United Methodist Foundation, made the presentation to CMU President Marianne E. Inman at the Oct.19 plenary session of the CMU Board of Trustees (photo below). The money will be used to purchase furnishings that will go into the renovated Missouri United Methodist Archives Reading Room, housed in Smiley Library on campus. The library maintains the official archives of the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Ginger Kazmierczak

Angela Cornelius


Peery receives observatory grant

Fall 2007

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Campus news

Two theatre students nominated for scholarship Richard Mitchem and Lindsey Moum (seen here in the back row of a photo from CMU’s performance of Damn Yankees last spring) have been nominated for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes and honors outstanding student performers. Both will audition at the American College Theatre Festival in Omaha, Neb., during the week of January 21. The trip is funded by the Margaret Gould Dent Theatre Endowment. photo courtesy of Violet Vonder Haar

Little Theatre presents The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 The Little Theatre opened its 2007-2008 season with John Bishop’s comedy murder mystery The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, in which the creative team responsible for a recent Broadway flop (in which three chorus girls were murdered by the “Stage Door Slasher”) assembles for a backer’s audition in a house complete with sliding panels, secret passageways and a mysterious German maid. Cast members were: Lindsey Moum, Ashley Anderson, Darrell Bailey, Clint Verner, John A. Coleman, Diana Gaither, Sean Kelly, Robin Harman, Richard Mitchem, and Lindsey Keeling. Directing the play was Dr. Mark Kelty, assistant professor and director of theatre; assistant director/stage manager was Michael Temple; and technical director was Craig Stout.

Con presents Halloween organ recital The Swinney Conservatory of Music presented its seventh annual Halloween Organ Recital on Oct. 27. Performers included Swinney Conservatory faculty, retired faculty, staff, and students, including organists Dr. Barbara Hamel, Sarah Hamel, Dr. William McIntosh and Ruth Spayde; and CMU music students Mallory James on trumpet, soprano Veronica Herman, and tenor Dustin McKinney. In conjunction with the Halloween Concert the women of Theta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota conducted a food drive to benefit the Howard County Food Pantry.

Fall 2007

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Campus news

Health sciences career day Academically qualified high school seniors planning to attend college were invited to attend the CMU Health Sciences Career Day Oct. 18. Attendees were able to visit with CMU graduates now practicing in the health professions and learn about career opportunities available in those areas. Topics covered in special presentations included psychiatry, clinical medicine, dermatology, cardiology, and internal medicine. Specialists in each field made the presentations, and attendees had an opportunity to visit with them afterward. Members of the panel were: Keith W. Young `86, M.D., F.A.P.A. , associate clinical professor of psychiatry, David Geffen School of Medicine at U.C.L.A., Adult Psychiatry; Holly M. Boyer `94, M.D. , assistant professor of clinical medicine, University of Missouri Fairview Internal Medicine Clinic; Angel Holmes `94, M.D. , dermatologist, private practice, St. Mary’s Health Center and Capital Regional Medical Center, Jefferson City; John Hutcherson `56, M.D. , cardiac specialist, private practice, Denver, Colo; and Sonya Addison `02, M4 integrated resident in internal medicine, fourth-year medical student, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Annual Wicks organ recital The 2007 Wicks Organ Recital was presented Sept. 9 at Paul H. Linn Memorial United Methodist Church. This year’s organist was Richard D. Jaeggi. His recital included music by Bach, Sowerby, Vierne, and a set of pieces by John Leavitt based on A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Joe Geist, professor emeritus of the English department, read the poems. Jaeggi has held many church music positions throughout the Midwest and southeast United States. He has also conducted concerts and music workshops on the east coast, as well as in the Midwest, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Australia. He is currently national sales manager for the Wicks Organ Co. in Highland, Ill.

Gamble presents annual Merrill E. Gaddis lecture


William A. (Bill) Gamble `74, a veteran government affairs consultant, presented the 2007 Merrill E. Gaddis Memorial Lecture Oct. 11. Gamble discussed how Central Methodist University shaped his 30-plus year career as a state government affairs consultant. Sponsored each year since 1984 by the Kappa Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society for the Social Sciences, the Merrill E. Gaddis Memorial Lecture honors Dr. Gaddis, who founded the Missouri Kappa Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu in 1935 and served as Pi Gamma Mu Regional Chancellor. Gaddis joined the CMU faculty in 1929 and was professor of history and later chair of the Social Sciences Division until his death in 1958. Central Methodist junior Jordan Rustemeyer, president of the Kappa Chapter, introduced the speaker. Gamble’s career in government began in 1973 when he worked as a student intern for then State Rep. Fred DeField. After college, Gamble served as a research analyst for the Missouri House of Representatives. From 1977 until 1983, Gamble was affiliated with John Britton and Associates where he lobbied for a variety of business and professional trade associations. In 1984, Gamble began the firm of Gamble and Schlemeier LTD. Gamble and his associates lobby for approximately 40 business and trade professional organizations. Gamble has specialized in representing business interests before members of the General Assembly in the areas of tax, transportation, environmental and tort reform, and economic development issues.

Fall 2007

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Chorale tour The Swinney Conservatory’s Chorale traveled to 13 churches and high schools in southeast Missouri for their annual fall tour November 14-19. Members of the 2007 Chorale are: Paul Blanchard, Todd Borgmann, Sean Faulkner, Justin Gillis, Lauren Hardcastle, Veronica Herman, Kristen Jennerjohn, Sarah Lucas, Kyle Martin, Dustin McKinney, Kyle McClain, Amanda Reed, Josh Reed, Mason Rivers, Elaine Stevenson, Molly Teague, Violet Vonder Haar, and Kelsy Whitacre.

Master class and recital On Sept. 10, Michael Sanders presented a recital and master class in Linn Memorial United Methodist Church. Sanders has played principal tuba for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra since the early 1990s. During the recital, he performed the “Strauss Concerto No. 1 in E-Flat for Tuba,” and was accompanied by Mary Jane Nance, CMU voice instructor and staff accompanist. Professor Larry Bennett, adjunct professor of music says, “He is one of the premier tuba players in the country, and we were honored to have him do a master class on our campus.” During the master class, he was joined by eight CMU students: Sara Malan (with Sanders in photo above), Daniel Kreienheder, and Mallory James, trumpet; Derek Jones and David Sahm, euphonium; Dane Nelson, trombone; and Todd Borgmann and Sam Beide, tuba. Sander’s appearance was sponsored by Bill Meyers `73 and Marvin Kranz, owners of the St. Louis Woodwind and Brass Instrument Repair Company in Florissant, Mo.

Fall 2007

Ryan Plattner with Violet Vonder Haar in a scene from last year’s production of Tartuffe. (photo courtesy of the Theatre Department)

Plattner Studies at Second City Ryan Plattner has spent the fall semester studying at the renowned Second City Training Center in Chicago. Since 1959, The Second City has produced a plethora of comic greats, such as the late John Belushi, Mike Myers, Bill Murray, and Gilda Radner. The training division focuses on theatrical improvisation and sketch comedy. Platner received this year’s Best Male Actor Award at the Fine Arts Celebration and has appeared in many Little Theatre productions, including Tartuffe, Damn Yankees, and Habeas Corpus. He is a student of Mark Kelty, assistant professor of theatre. Watch for more on his experience in the Spring 08 Talon.

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CMU hosts first clergy day apart United Methodist clergy were invited to participate in the inaugural session of CMU Clergy Day Apart October 22 on the CMU campus. United Methodist Missouri Conference Bishop Robert C. Schnase was the keynote speaker for the session. He presented a series of challenging and provocative discussion points based on writings contained in his book, Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations. Presentations were also made by Sue Watson, director of the Center for

Bishop Robert Schnase

Pastoral Excellence, and Bob Farr, director of the Center for Congregational Excellence. CMU President Marianne E. Inman and Michael D. Pope, United Methodist church liaison for CMU, also addressed the gathering, discussing the CMU-UMC relationship, academic programs, and campus activities and improvements. The day was co-sponsored by Salem-in-Ladue UMC, and senior pastor Dr. David Kerr welcomed the guests.

New alumni connection program launched The CMU Alumni Association kicked off a new and exciting project this semester – the CMU Alumni Connection Program: a means of connecting CMU alumni with new incoming students on the CMU campus on a one-to-one level. Research shows that connecting students to their institution early in their experience is critical to their success and retention. Each participating alum was matched with a student and asked to have simple contacts via e-mail, letter, text message, or phone

to make the student feel more comfortable at Central and more acclimated to college life With almost 270 new students for the fall 2007 semester, every alum who volunteered was matched with a student. Since the demand was so high, several alumni were even matched with two or three students. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. While each student takes to the program in different ways, there will be some relationships that last only for the semester or two and

others possibly lasting a lifetime. If you are looking for a way to give back to Central and devote just a few minutes of your time each month, the CMU Alumni Connection is a great way to become involved with your alma mater. To volunteer for either the spring semester or the fall 2008 semester, please contact Tracy Crowe Jones, director of alumni relations, at or by calling 877-CMU-1854 ext. 56234.

Becky Enochs send-off


A surprise “Thanks BE to Becky Party” was held in June for departing Professor of Biology and Chemistry Dr. Becky Enochs, who also headed up the Pre-Med Program. Planned by former Enochs students, the party was a “Roast and Toast” to show gratitude for her 22 years at CMU. Among the speakers were internist Dr. Holly (Toler) Boyer ‘94, Professor of Biology Dr. Dan Elliott, medical student Sonya Addison ‘02, family practitioner Dr. Ryan Pharr ‘00, dermatologist Dr. Angel Holmes ‘94, and CMU Church Liaison Rev. Michael Pope, with Becky’s son, optomistrist Dr. Mark Enochs, giving the official toast. Becky’s husband, Dr. Steve Enochs was also present. Here, Becky, flanked by her husband, shows off two prints that have been signed by many of the guests.

Fall 2007

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David Starkey gift of music Central Methodist alumnus Dr. David E. Starkey this summer presented the university with an irreplaceable gift of sheet music, vocal anthologies, and recordings from his personal collection acquired during his many years of teaching. CMU Associate Dean Nancy Thompson Jones and her husband, the Rev. Russell Jones, a 1953 CMU alumnus, traveled to Black Mountain, N.C., near Asheville, in July to accept the gift from Starkey and his wife, Alice, at their home. Starkey, professor emeritus of music from the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University, attended Central between 1949 and 1955 before entering Indiana University, where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in vocal performance. He was recognized by CMU with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters in 1980. “Dr. Starkey was interested in putting his music here [at CMU], where the students would have easy access to it and could use it,” says Jones. She notes that the collection contains more than 300 anthologies of solo vocal music, more than 300 pieces of sheet music and 200-plus

recordings of vocal music. Many items are no longer in print nor are the recording artists now available. The estimated value of the collection exceeds $7,000. In addition to his long career in teaching vocal music, Starkey, a tenor and recognized nationally, performed on Broadway From left: the Rev. Russell Jones, Dr. Don Armitage, and in opera and oratorio in Associate Dean Nancy Jones, and Dr. David Starkey the United States and Europe. He sang with the Robert Shaw Chorale and appeared on television alumni to meet and get acquainted, on the “Perry Como Show,” the “Pat Boone Show,” “The Telephone Hour,” notes Nancy Jones. Dr. Starkey invited them to attend the closing and the “Voice of Firestone” as the concert of the national Music and tenor lead with Jerome Hines and Worship Conference in Montreat, Mildred Miller in the opera I Am the N.C. Unknown to Nancy and Russell Way by Jerome Hines. As a teacher, Jones, Dr. Donald Armitage, a 1964 he influenced a number of vocal CMU graduate and internationally students who went on to become acclaimed organist, was being recogwell-known opera singers, includnized at the Conference for his leadering baritone Gary Lehman, baritone ship. Armitage and Starkey had never Christopher Hutton, tenor Lawrence met each other, so Nancy Jones made Brownlee, and his own son, baritone sure that they did get acquainted David C. Starkey. during the occasion. “The three of The Jones’ visit with David and us alumni landing together was quite Alice Starkey also turned out to be serendipitous,” she adds. a special occasion for three CMU

Successful fall phonathon Every gift counts, no matter the size! Thank you for your generous gifts totaling $20,556, generated through phone calls from current CMU students this fall. Your gifts to the Central Excellence Fund are greatly appreciated and directly benefit Central’s students! Our gratitude also goes to AT&T, who provided the telephones. The Phonathon crew included (l to r) back: Cody Atchley, Jamey Leonard, Tracy Crowe Jones; middle: Stephanie Lewis, Laura Williams, Robin Harman, Taylor White, Katie Dove, Reena Patel; front: Julie Shahan, Cassie Eversmeyer, Caryn McDonald, Kristy Bare, Jesse Little

Fall 2007

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CMU Athletes Complete Service Project


Members of Central Methodist University athletic teams have been busy this fall assisting with community service projects in Howard and Cooper counties. The service efforts go hand-inhand with the university’s participation in the Champions of Character program of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes. CMU has been active in the NAIA program since its inception seven years ago. To qualify for inclusion in the NAIA Champions of Character Program a university athletic program must meet the five core values of Sportsmanship, Responsibility, Servant Leadership, Respect and Integrity. CMU has also established a Champions of Character Council. “The role of the Student-Athlete Champions of Character Council is to enhance the total student-athlete experience at Central Methodist,” says Kenneth Oliver, vice president for campus life and athletic director. Community service is a cornerstone of the CMU program. One of unusual and rewarding service project was undertaken this fall by members of the CMU Baseball Team, who spent a week working alongside 10 inmates from the Boonville (Mo.) Correctional Center. A total of 72 CMU ball players traveled in small groups each day to Boonville for a week to work with the inmates in good standing, who were selected by the correctional facility to participate. The Boonville community service project included work at Harley Park baseball field, where the ball players and inmates tore out an old concrete walkway and built a new sidewalk around the pavilion and a concrete structure to hold a tarp backdrop. They also refurbished a wheelchair ramp at the Boonville YMCA and painted facilities. The project was set up by the CMU ball players with the aid of Nelson Memorial United Methodist Church in Boonville, which has been working with inmates from the correctional facility through the Prison Fellowship

Fall 2007

Central baseball players worked alongside inmates in a community service project this fall in Boonville, Mo.

Program for the past 12 years on community service projects. “Each day of work with the inmates by the CMU ball players began at the church with fellowship, prayers and breakfast,” notes CMU Head Baseball Coach Fred Smith. At the end of each work day, the players and inmates would return to the church for refreshments and to share personal stories and feelings. The inmates expressed appreciation for the opportunity to do constructive projects for the community and to work with the ball players. “It sounded like a really good opportunity to come out, be around some Christian brothers, being in a good environment for a week, and plus give back to the community,” one inmate told a reporter from KOMU Television in Columbia, Mo., when interviewed about the community service work with the CMU Baseball Team. At the end of the project, the inmates and ball players attended Nelson Memorial UMC for a graduation service for the inmates for their successful completion of the community service projects. And the ball players gave each inmate a CMU Baseball Team T-shirt. “What we got back was tenfold

more than what we gave,” says Smith. “It opened our kids’ eyes as to how precious life is.” Smith notes that the project also brought forth a lot of community understanding and support for the inmates. Smith says he and the CMU ball players are looking forward to other community service projects, including the possibility of additional projects involving the inmates. One of these is the national “Angel Tree Project,” a ministry program that includes local churches and reaches out to the children of inmates and their families. It provides an opportunity for groups such as the ball players and other citizens to connect with those families and begin ministering to them at Christmas and then continue through a variety of year-round ministry opportunities. “The baseball team is adopting a number of children from the Angel Tree this Christmas,” Smith says and adds, “This is the season when we ought to be giving. I hope some of our baseball students will eventually become ‘big brothers’ to some of these kids. With one or both parents in prison, they need someone to help give them direction.”

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What I did on my summer vacation by Cathy Thogmorton Ah, summer. Sun, sand, vacation. I remember those rare halcyon days. When I went back to school in the fall and wrote the obligatory paper on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation,” I always had a story to tell of southwest deserts or Great Smoky Mountains. Perhaps you remember those fond days, too. Those days are gone! For many CMU students, at least, summer means work—three months of internships or study-related jobs. These high achievers tackle a variety of endeavors that will give them essential experience in their chosen fields, sometimes with surprising results. Here’s a sampling. Sydney Kendrick Senior, graduating in December, Criminal Justice Major Last summer Sydney worked as an intern in the criminal appeals division of the Missouri Attorney General’s Office in Jefferson City. Working with the chief counsel of the Criminal Division, Sydney studied transcripts of past criminal cases and gathered data that will be used to set up a data base of expert witnesses. When fully established, the information will be available to attorneys all over Missouri. “You can look the [trial] outcome up on the Internet, see who’s sitting on death row, or who was convicted of a crime,” Sydney points out. “But . . . to see how it played out within the trial itself . . . I found myself flipping through the whole thing, trying to figure out how the proceeding went.” Sydney wants to pur- Sydney works a “crime scene” on sue criminal law, with an campus. eye for the defense, perhaps as a public defender. However, she’s considering studying criminology or human rights in England and ultimately working for Amnesty International or the United Nations. This past summer Sydney also assisted Teri Haack, assistant professor of criminal justice, in the first CSI@CMU. The three-day workshop was for select high school students who wanted to learn about criminal investigations. After the students watched demonstrations of many techniques and actively participated in others, they excavated “victims” in the outdoor volleyball sand court. “They did a homicide,” Sydney says. “They did vehicle searches, footprint impressions, fingerprinting—the rolling of the prints and the dusting as well.”

Fall 2007

Sydney would love to come back to help again. “It would give me a chance to do one last thing in connection with the school before I go on.” Nicole Ferguson Senior, Biology Major Nikki Ferguson was headed toward a career studying plants when she decided to take an internship at the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Mo., this summer. Initially, she had doubts. “I really don’t like animals,” she had said when first offered the position. “I really don’t think I want to do that. I think I would rather work with plants or go into botany or horticulture” But since she would get five hours Nikki and her friend, Henry the of class credit, she took the Hippo internship. About two weeks into it, she was hooked. She now says, “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m so glad I did this!” Working with the variety of zoo animals—giraffes, hippos, lions, lizards, turtles, the list goes on--gave Nikki a chance to get a broad expanse of work experience. “We took care of the animals, fed them, cleaned them. That was really cool because you got to have a relationship with the animals. I became best friends with one of the little monkeys,” she says. “He was a lemur and his name was Charlie. He would come over and climb up on me and shake my hand and take food from me. It was really cool getting to have that bond with an animal. It made me want to go back.” Other skills that Nikki learned will come in handy later, too, regardless of her eventual occupation. As she explains, “I also did welding, concrete work. I dug ponds. I cut down trees. I dug. I did some fencing. I mean, I did everything.” In addition, she also spoke to visitors, educated students, and worked with little kids. She assisted with animal operations, watched a baby giraffe being born, and got to do a necropsy on a colabus. She enjoyed everything—except the snakes, especially the anacondas, which she admits could eat her in one bite. She has already been offered a fulltime job when she graduates and plans to either return to the Springfield Zoo or join the Kansas City Zoo with an eventual plan to become a zoo keeper.

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Lindsey Moum Senior, graduating in December, Music Performance Major Few people on the CMU campus don’t know Lindsey Moum. She has been active in music and theatre productions since her freshman year. She has sung major roles in operas on campus, including the role of Amahl in Amahl and the Night Visitors, and performed in many musicals. Last spring she was the intrepid and nosy reporter in Damn Yankees. Lindsey has also appeared in non-musical theatre, including a role as the “buxomlychallenged” daughter in Habeas Corpus in fall of 2006. This fall she was honored with the Fine Arts Department awards for best female in a supporting role and for Lindsey in a scene from Damn academic achievement, Yankees last spring. and she will be auditioning in January at the American College Theatre Festival in Omaha, Neb. For her internship, then, it seemed appropriate that she appear in an off-campus summer musical performance in Columbia. “I was in the chorus in the musical Dames at Sea as a part of their Summer Repertory program,” she explains. “I heard about the audition from [Assistant Professor of Theatre] Mark Kelty. I pursued it because it was a good opportunity to learn what theatre would be like in the real world: working under a different director, going through the audition process, working in a professional environment.” She felt well prepared for the opportunity through the support of her CMU professors. “CMU prepared me for this experience in both the music and theatrical fields,” she asserts. “Shawna [Kelty] and [Dr.] Mark Kelty helped prepare me for the audition by helping me put together my resume, work on monologues, and work through the audition process. Dean Nancy Jones [formerly of the Swinney Conservatory music faculty] and [music professor] Dr. Susan Quigley-Duggan helped by teaching me how to sing different styles of music from different periods.” Lindsey says she thoroughly enjoyed her summer experience and encourages other CMU students to follow suit. “This experience helped prepare me for future auditions and has helped me gain insight into the world of professional theatre,” she avows. Following graduation, she plans on pursuing graduate school in either theatre or music composition. 22

Fall 2007

Dylan Lorenz Sophomore, Psychology Major Summer internships do not have to be taken only before the senior year, of course. Sophomore Dylan Lorenz jumped in early and honed his skills in a very demanding and sometimes emotionally challenging area. He worked for the Missouri Division of Youth Services (DYS) in Columbia, Mo., as a “tracker,” a social service aide who works for a service coordinator. Although he worked with a number of kids, ages 14-17, he was responsible for three or four at a time. “I picked up the kids, usually one on one, tried to get them to do things that are positive, like play basketball,” he explains. “A few times I took the kids to get them enrolled in school and to the doctor’s office.” For many of these youngsters, DYS is the last chance to turn them away from a destructive lifestyle and toward a productive one. Dylan was part psychologist and part detention officer, so his minor in criminal justice was also a plus. He also volunteered some time at the “Alpha School” where some of these youth try to catch up on their schoolwork so they can re-enter a regular school. For the most part, Dylan found that segment of his job very frustrating. “Disappointingly enough,” he says, “it was pretty unstructured. There were times when I would be attacked verbally, and it was hard for me to deal with that. Thank God I wasn’t getting paid to actually be down there, because I would leave when it got too much to handle.” Some of the students, though, were making an effort. “The kids that were trying . . reviews psychology . that was the cool part to see.” Dylan strategies. One of his summer charges from Alpha School has now returned successfully to Hickman High School. Even with all the stress, Dylan loved the experience and has been encouraged to return. He is contemplating pursuing DYS to become a service coordinator or perhaps go into probation and parole. On the other hand, he’s evaluating his options. “I have so many options,” he admits. “Why limit myself to that?” Christina Thompson Senior, History Major Christina Thompson is already a veteran in the field of historical preservation, having spent every summer of her college career working in the field. After her freshman year, Christina had her first internship at the Jackson County (Mo.) Historical Archives and Research Library. After her sophomore year, as she was helping to save documents in New Orleans following the Katrina disaster, she heard about

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the internship she served this summer. This summer she spent as a 2007 Missouri Supreme Court Historical Society Intern, working in the state archives at the Secretary of State’s Office in Jefferson City, Mo. These internships have both built upon and supported the work she has been doing for four years on the CMU archives. “Part of the reason I got this internship was because I already had experience working in archives at CMU. They were really impressed that I had been doing that since my freshman year here,” Christina says. “But a lot of things I learned [during internships], such as cataloging and creating data bases, I can definitely transfer over here to my position at the school.” Christina’s job this summer included processing Missouri’s Supreme Court historical documents for the years 1868-74, which had been stored for decades in boxes next to heaters. “We unfolded all the documents, used humidification and removed all the metal brads to salvage what we could of the papers,” she explains. “Then we entered them into a data base so they can be searched.” She continues, “We read them, interpreted them as to what we thought was meant by the case. We entered case summaries as well as information about who the key players were. Now they can be searched for on the Missouri State Archives website.” “There are so many things people in Missouri don’t know about,” Christina observes. “Historically, people don’t ‘visit their own city.’ It makes me appreciate Missouri a little Christina and a co-worker with a ceil- more. As a Missourian, ing-high stack of documents that’s pretty cool.” “I learned a lot about what it means to be an archivist,” Cristina says, “and the type of skills that are required to be in the position. It was good because it solidified my decision to go into archives management as a profession.” This internship was Christina’s favorite of her three. She and her co-worker processed more than 600 cases. “I had access to files that people in the history profession would foam at the mouth to see!” she laughs. After graduation next May, Cristina will pursue a double master’s in archives management and history, then follow that up with her doctorate. “I love being out in the field,” she summarizes. “It’s a

Fall 2007

lot of fun and you get to meet so many interesting people. Ashley Aggas Junior, Communications Major Ashley Aggas had an internship last summer that was equal parts work and fun, working for a radio station in the St. Louis area as part of the promotions staff. She helped provide entertainment, publicity, and advertising for myriad companies, retailers, bars, and dance clubs. “We handed out a whole bunch of free T-shirts, free Ashley (right) with SIFE sponsor, Assistant Professor promotional stuff that had of Business Julie Bennett our name on it. We hung banners, spoke to managers on the radio,” Ashley says enthusiastically. “I met new people, new staff. I had a fabulous time. I did; it was fantastic!” As vice president of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) this year, Ashley has an interest in public relations, advertising, and promotions, all of which were in abundance in her summer job, and she intends to pursue some combination of the three. “When I graduate,” she says, “I’m wanting to start at a public relations firm or an advertising firm and just work my way up from there, because they’re all tied together. I’ve always wanted to be CEO of a major firm, whether it’s public relations or advertising and promotions. I like knowing that I’ve gotten myself there . . . just to think that I’ve gone to school and I’ve gotten the education for it. It’s a whole package and that’s exactly what I want to do.” Ashley got to rub elbows with some influential folks during her internship—managers, CEOs, disc jockeys. “I had the opportunity to sit in with [St. Louis DJ] Taylor Jay on her studio time,” she says. She learned about music and video equipment and the changing technology in the radio field. She also felt that her summer experience pushed her forward in her studies here at Central. “I hadn’t quite gotten to the steps on campus that I did there,” she contemplates. “I think I was a little ahead of the game with my internship, compared to the education that I had received so far. This year I’m learning what I’ve already done, which is good! It’s a good review and it’s good hands-on experience. So, it’s just a great learning experience and I would do it over again if I could.

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Rob Dalzell: following a dream by Cathy Thogmorton Rob Dalzell ’98 dreamed of establishing a successful restaurant in the Midwest. The result was a five-star restaurant near downtown Kansas City, Mo.,1924 Main, named after its location. Since then he has added a lunch spot named Souperman and a pizza place known as Pizzabella. All three restaurants lie within a three-bock radius in the burgeoning Crossroads Arts District, part of the Renaissance that has blossomed just south of downtown Kansas City during the last dozen years. The Crossroads is a new cultural center full of innovative art— from painting and sculpture to fashion design and creative cuisine—and Rob feels his restaurants are adding to the growing influx of new city dwellers settling into the many redesigned lofts. Rob spent his youth in Fayette where his father, Doug Dalzell, worked for Central Methodist. Rob attended Central, graduating in 1998 with a history and education degree; but he decided he didn’t want to teach. Instead, since he had worked throughout his college years at Les

Bourgeois Restaurant in Rocheport and loved it, he eventually chose to go into the restaurant business. He was accepted into the Napa Valley Cooking School in California. “I went out to Napa in ‘99,” he marvels in retrospect. “I just packed my car full of stuff, went out there, not knowing anybody. I had to sleep in my car for two weeks in a campground until I found a one-room that wasn’t heated or air-conditioned. I had three jobs at one time--none of them paid over $8 an hour. But it wasn’t the money that was what I was searching for. It was the experience.” Since graduating, Rob has worked as a chef in numerous locales, including Santa Barbara, where he met his wife, Margarita. After they married, they moved to Hawaii to work. Although they loved “paradise,” Rob wanted to raise their family in the Midwest, so he and Margarita began to look for a space to develop their own restaurant. They found one in Kansas City in a 1913 building known as the Rieger, an early hotel built near Kansas City’s railroad hub, Union Station, to serve the salesmen who came to the stockyards. Rob’s initial foray into the restaurant business became 1924 Main, an upscale restaurant that has been highly lauded in Kansas City. Rob explains, “I’ve had a lot of help. My wife is a very important part of the process. We found [the building] online when we were in Hawaii. We planned everything, found the investors.” The Dalzells have taken special care to maintain the integrity and history of the original hotel, right down to the tiny-tiled flooring, dark woodwork, and leaded glass windows. The restaurant can seat up to 250 in several rooms. The entrance leads into a warm The elegance of a century past is unmistakable in the main dining area (left) and the bar (below) at 1924 Main. Lower left: Rob discusses food with patron Nancy Hodge Shy.


Fall 2007

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and elegant bar, with the main dining area behind it. A side room, used for private parties, doubles as the wine cave. Bottles stored around the mirrored walls provide a unique ambience and make choosing wine a more personal experience. In the lower level of the restaurant is a cozy and casual lounge area with its own bar and the original stone walls. At 1924 Main, menus are reinvented monthly and reflect the season and the available fresh produce that are

The Souperman (top) is a popular lunch spot for all kinds of patrons; (below) one of Rob’s new pizza ovens at Pizzabella, the latest of his entrepenurial efforts. Lower right, an expectant Margarita and Rob work the restaurants together.

hallmarks of Rob’s food. “I think what I learned most from Northern California,” he reflects, “was don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Respect the combinations that have been passed down because everything has been done before. But don’t plagiarize recipes, do them your own way. We don’t have a single recipe we use here.” Patrons can choose two-, three-, four-, or five-course meals for dinner, ranging from $25-$55. Wines are matched to each course. Gourmands can expect an assortment of mouth-watering haute cuisine, lovingly prepared in special stone ovens and seasoned by Rob. In September, for instance, courses included such tasty morsels as: Goat Cheese-Ricotta Raviolis with Ratatouille Basil Broth and Grana Padano; Alaskan Halibut with Sweet Corn, Oyster Mushrooms and Creamy Ginger Vinaigrette; and Pork

Fall 2007

Confit with Soft Sexy Grits, Pearl Onion Port Reduction and Cherry Mustarda (all of which, I must personally admit, made my eyes roll back in my head in utter bliss). This September the Dalzells celebrated the third anniversary of 1924 Main’s opening. Two blocks north (at 1724 Main) sits Rob’s second venture, Souperman, which opened in January 2007. Sporting a bright orange outside, its interior is trendy but unassuming. It is perfect for downtown, midtown, and Plaza lunchers on the go, serving top quality food fast. Options include soups, salads, and sandittos (picture a small panini). For around $7, visitors get fast, friendly service and inventive meals. Specials, such as chorizo lentil soup and curry pumpkin bisque, are offered daily. Customers represent a true cross-section of townspeople—artists and students in jeans, yuppies in suits, elderly couples out for lunch. Rob’s latest venture is a pizza place at 1810 Baltimore, named Pizzabella after his 18-month old daughter, Isabella (who now has a baby sister, born this fall). It opened this fall and is designed to be a neighborhood hang-out for the locals. It serves wood-fired pizza and a variety of sides. Rob calls it “a neighborhood place where people can come in and grab a pizza and a glass of wine for $15.” With three restaurants to manage, Rob has plenty on his plate. (“The hours and everything are tough—I’m not going to lie,” he admits.) But he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I’m happy with what’s happened so far,” he says. “I’m trying to make sure these are successful and staying open.” “We’re very vested in this neighborhood. We like it a lot. We love the people and the places and the restaurants. It’s a great artistic area. There are a number of really independent people. I like to think that people still look for quality over the best deal. That’s the kind of neighborhood we’re in.” “The independent restaurant is where I belong,” he admits. “A lot of people in the restaurant business view it as a stepping stone, but it also can be a good source of income, if you’re hardworking and you’re willing to commit.” He is, and Kansas City is all the better for it. To find more about Rob Dalzell’s restaurants, check out or

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Campus news

Four students honored at Fall Convocation Four major student awards were presented during Opening Convocation Aug. 23 for the fall semester at Central Methodist University. Garret C. Cook (right), a sophomore majoring in biology, received the Kim Everett Memorial Award for Outstanding Freshman Male. The Kim Everett Memorial Award is presented annually to a male student who demonstrates a genuine concern for CMU, diverse involvement on the campus, leadership, active concern for fellow students, and academic scholarship. Kim Everett was president of the Central

Fine arts awards Central Methodist University’s Swinney Conservatory of Music and the Theatre Arts Department held their annual Fine Arts Division Celebration Sept. 28 to honor music and theatre arts students. A variety of academic and leadership awards were presented to students by Dr. Ron Shroyer, dean of the conservatory, and Dr. Mark Kelty, assistant professor of theatre. Theater Awards – “The Freddies” Best Male Actor in a Leading Role - Clay Hardesty as Arthur Wickstead in Habeas Corpus; Best Female Actor

Methodist freshman class of 1972-73. An athlete, a musician and a campus leader, Everett was killed in a lightening-related accident at the beginning of his sophomore year. Amanda C. Scott (right), a sophomore majoring in biology, received the Tau Kappa Epsilon Award for Outstanding Freshman Female. The Tau Kappa Epsilon Award (formerly the Delta Sigma Psi Award) is presented annually to a female student in good academic standing who exemplifies dedication, involvement, and commitment to the mission and goals of CMU. Jessica L. Henderson (upper right), a sophomore majoring in athletic training, received the Omicron

Delta Kappa (ODK) Outstanding Freshman Leadership Award. The ODK Leadership Award is presented annually to an outstanding student who demonstrates campus leadership. Recipients are nominated by the faculty, and selected by the ODK members. Jeffrey S. Strain (below), a sophomore majoring in computer science, received the Demaree Prize. The Demaree Prize is presented annually to the previous year’s freshman student having the highest scholastic average.

in a Leading Role - Katie Vestal as Dorine in Tartuffe; Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role - Richard Mitchem as Mr. Applegate in Damn Yankees; Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role - Lindsey Moum as Connie Wickstead in Habeas Corpus. Best Student Director - Theron Seckington for The Root of Chaos; Most Improved – The Phoenix Award David Craft and Ricky Farr; Best Stage Manager – Lauren Hardcastle for Damn Yankees. Outstanding Freshman – Violet Vonder Haar; Most Versatile Player – Theron Seckington; Shop Superstar – Ryan Plattner.

Conservatory Awards “Top Scholars” (GBA 3.5 and above): Josh Atkins, Sam Beide, Theresa Gargus, Violet Vonder Haar, Mallory James, Sarah Lucas, Sara Malan, Anna Martin, Dustin McKinney, Mason Rivers, Elaine Stevenson and Kelsy Whitacre. Other awards: A.C.D.A. National Student Choral Musician – Dustin McKinney; R.L. Easley Memorial Choral Award – Molly Teague; Martin C. Harrall Award – Anna Martin; Luther T. Spayde Award – Shawn Thompson; W.D. Settle Memorial Award – Kelsy Whitacre; and Outstanding Freshman Award – Mason Rivers.

Dr. Ron Shroyer, Dean of the Swinney Conservatory handed out top honors to (from left): Kelsy Whitacre, Richard Mitchem, Lindsey Moum, and Shawn Tompson.


Fall 2007

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Campus news

James C. Denneny, Jr., Career Development Center Great things are happening at the James C. Denneny, Jr., Career Development Center! New equipment, new literature, three new interns, and new ideas have sparked an increased student awareness of the center. Director Linda Lorenz reports the center continues to see an increase in activity and use as more students explore the center and its resources. With final placement figures yet to be determined for the Class of 2007, the center boasts a 98 percent placement rate for the Class of 2006. Recent campus visits from large organizations such as Wells Fargo Financial, Commerce Bank, Anheuser-Busch, U. S. Marshals Service, and The Buckle were hosted by the Career Center staff to present specific classes, conduct informational sessions, and to provide on-campus interviews for Central’s students. Additionally, Lorenz has initiated Reality 101, an interactive session offering students a chance to visit in small round-table discussions with CMU alums in varying professions. New this year, the center is also participating in the Call to Serve Recruitment Initiative, which collaborates with the Office of Personnel Management to promote federal jobs to CMU students. This special partnership assists the center in receiving the proper training on federal procedures for application, availability of federal office tours, and access to speakers from various federal departments. The center will host the CMU Career EXPO 2008 on Feb. 21, 2008, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Jacobs Conference Center. If you, or your company, are interested in being involved with the CMU Career EXPO, please contact the Career Development Center at 660-248-6255 or via e-mail at Or, feel free to register online at The Career Development Center is located in Room 209 of the Student and Community Center, and its hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Anyone with questions about the center should contact Linda Lorenz.

Reality 101 utilizes alumni The James C. Denney, Jr., Career Development Center held its first “speed networking” workshop called “Reality 101: Conversations with Professionals” on Oct. 26. Students were able to visit with a CMU alumni professional for 25 minutes about his/her career, then switch and visit with another professional. It gave students the opportunity to network and talk with professional alumni in a variety of fields. Afterwards, a Mix and Mingle reception was held. There were 55 students and 11 alumni participating. Reality 101 was created after a poll of sophomore students found that most students wanted more events to help them prepare for careers, including career panels. Central’s workshop was based on similar workshops at Purdue and Colgate Universities. Linda Lorenz, director of career services, and many of the alumni attending, said the event was very successful for the first year. Alumni attending were: Morgan Forderhase (’00), marketing consultant, The Business Times Company, Inc.; John Bucksath (’89), vice president of operations, ABC Laboratories; Steve Klocke (’94), program director, KZWV-FM; Julie Phillips (’89), strategic purchasing manager, Nestle, Inc.; Susan Stegeman (’84), chief development officer, Special Olympics of Missouri; Steven

Fall 2007

Townley (’73), finance officer, Environmental Improvement & Energy Resources Authority; John Nemitz (’91), national bank examiner, Comptroller of the Currency, U.S. Treasury Department; Ginger King Luetkemeyer (‘93), advocate for mental and physical disabilities and educator; Cathy Janney Fuemmeler (‘85), middle school counselor, Moberly School District; Tristy Ginter (’00), case manager, Cooper County Board of Sheltered Services; Jeanne Wiggins (’97), director of the Master of Science in Nursing Program at CMU.

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Violet Vonder Haar: Art Outside the Box by Cathy Thogmorton Following one’s own light can be difficult for anyone, but doing so as an artist who thinks outside the box can be downright challenging. For CMU sophomore Violet Vonder Haar it’s a way of life. Involved in music, theatre, and art, she is an artist in every sense of the word. In music, Violet sings in the CMU Chorale and plays tenor saxophone in the Marching, Concert, and Jazz Bands. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Music Education degree with vocal emphasis. Already an accomplished folk musician, she also performs professionally throughout mid-Missouri. Violet grew up in a supportive family. Her father, a river boat captain, came from an artistic family, and her mother, who runs a health food store from their rural home near Woolridge, Mo., is also an artist. Violet and two of her three sisters sang together when they were growing up. “Both of [my parents] encouraged us to play music,” Violet says. “Once I found out that’s what I wanted to do, they really encouraged it.” They often appear at her concerts to lend support. “I’ve always loved to sing,” she explains. “I started voice lessons when I was nine. I started guitar really shortly after. I started playing saxophone when I was in fifth grade. I’ve taken piano on and off since before I started voice lessons. Then I found guitar and I kind of put it on the back burners. I’m now taking piano lessons from Dr. Hamel again. It’s good to get back in it. I started taking mandolin lessons from my guitar teacher, so I’ve got about four years of mandolin, too.” Violet’s first official performance was in fourth grade at a Christmas pageant, and at age nine she performed for an Earth Day celebration. Currently she performs regularly at Cherry Street Artisan in Columbia, Mo., and has performed at The Blue Fugue and in various festivals. Her next major performance will be as part of First Night

celebrations on New Year’s Eve in Columbia. At age 16, Violet released her first CD, titled Shades of Violet. Her style, she says, has changed and matured since then. More recently she contributed to a tribute album of Bob Dylan songs and a second tribute album in memory of folklorist Bob Dyer who died earlier this year. On that album she performs “On a Day Like Today,” one of her favorite Dyer songs. She admits, “It will be a lot different than Bob’s version. I changed a lot of the chords. I know whenever I cover somebody, I kind of feel like I have to alter the song a little bit to make it my own.” Violet’s artistic endeavors are not limited to music. She was awarded the Outstanding Freshman Theatre Award this fall by Mark Kelty for her work last year. She played the role of Mariane in Tartuffe and was in the chorus of Damn Yankees. She also worked on scenery and costumes for Damn Yankees, as well as designing a brochure for the Theatre Arts Department. Her artistic talents extend to photography and graphic design. In addition, she is also active in visual arts with Dr. Gennie Pfannenstiel. While working with her last semester, Violet had two pieces in an exhibit at the Eagle Coffeehouse, one a mosaic table (with violets on it, of course), and one a mannequin called “Real Women Have Curves.” The mannequin, a visual discussion of women’s bodies and how they are perceived in today’s world, included depictions of women from anorexic to fat and from nudes to burka-clad figures with absolutely nothing showing. “That one [the mannequin] got some mixed responses,” she laughs, which is fine with her. “It was a really great experience Violet visits with her father prior to a recent performance at Cherry Street Artisan in Columbia.


Fall 2007

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creating it just for my own self. “I think that art is a way of self-expression. If what you want to express is a political statement, then you should express that. If what you want to express is something you don’t want anyone else to know what it means, then you should express it.” Violet is attending CMU on a Missouri teaching scholarship and will be obligated to teach in public schools for several years following graduation. Although she would also like to pursue a master’s in either general fine arts or in folk/multi-cultural music, she is excited about teaching. Her music teacher in high school, Central alumna Mary Lou Bieri ’67, encouraged Violet in music and education; and when Violet did Cadet teaching (grades 4-6), she was hooked. She likes fifth graders best because they are old enough to understand, yet young enough to be enthusiastic. “I used to think I wouldn’t be able to teach because my patience is sometimes nonexistent,” Violet muses. “But for some reason, when I was around the kids, it wasn’t a problem. It’s really interesting. I had just this enormous amount of patience and I wanted them to understand what I was trying to get out.” In the longer view, however,

Fall 2007

Violet accepts the Outstanding Freshman Award from Dr. Ron Shroyer, dean of the Swinney Conservatory, at the Fine Arts Awards this fall.

Violet is still considering her options. She could be a fulltime musician, a teacher, or some combination of the two. “I have a variety of different dreams and I don’t know [in] which order I want them all to happen,” she admits. “I’d like to find a studio somewhere and I’d like to start a general fine arts school. I’d like to just involve all the different fine arts and teach jazz and folk and African drum beats, everything as far as music goes. I’ll probably start with the basics, but kind of lean more towards the cultural side and visual arts as well, and hopefully add a dance teacher. I think they’re all really closely related and I don’t think they should be separated at all. They’re all a way of self expression and without one you can’t really have the other.” Following one’s own light is not always easy, of course. Looking back over her freshman year, Violet concedes, “It was just kind of frustrating, just trying to find where I belonged on campus. I felt like I was just in everything. I was in the art department, I was in the theatre department, I was in the music department. I’m still that now, but last year I felt like I was the only one doing what I was doing—which I kind of was. It was kind of cool, too, though, because then I got to do everything. I hate limiting myself. I tend to go away from the mainstream,” she states. “It’s just so hollow to me. I really enjoy stuff that’s “outside of the box.” This year, fortunately, Violet is finding more students whose artistic views mesh nicely with hers, who also think outside the box, and that pleases her. Violet wears her art as comfortably as she does her patched, ragged blue jeans and the “om” tattooed behind her left ear. In a world that often produces cookie-cutter mentality and rewards mediocrity, Violet proves that thinking outside the box and following her own lights can lead to success in all areas of her artistic life.

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Campus news

CSI@CMU A realistic three-day workshop in hands-on crime scene investigation techniques was offered to Missouri high school students this summer by Teri Haack, assistant professor of criminal justice, and several of her students. To participate in the “CSI@CMU” Workshops, students had to be 15 to 18 years of age and have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or above. Key workshop sessions included: Impression Casting, Crime Scene Photography, Kidnapping Case, Forensic Taphonomy, Vehicle Searches, Fingerprinting, Drug Investigation, Illegal Substances Field Testing, Homicide Investigation and CSI Staging. Students worked various crime scenes, including a “double homicide” on the final day of the workshop. Participants reacted enthusiastically, and another CSI@CMU is being planned for next summer.

High school students from across the state came to CSI@CMU this summer. Here some show President Inman that they’re “Dead Serious” about their crime work. They worked crime scenes similar to the one below set up by Teri Haack for a commercial.

Ghost hunter visits campus Chris Fleming, a ghost hunter from the Biography Channel show “Dead Famous,” visited campus on Oct.24. He first gave a presentation to more than 200 students and guests about ghosts and paranormal activity. He then went with about 75 of them and conducted a ghost hunt. During the ghost hunt, he used a video recorder and a gauge to measure electromagnetic activity. The group visited the Assembly Hall, the fifth floor of Howard Payne, and the Swinney Conservatory of Music. According to Mark Stone, director of student activities, during the tour paranormal activity was experienced. He said, “Students swore the air became cooler.” In Howard Payne Fleming said he made a connection with a ghost and set her free. In the Assembly Hall, he asked for a sign from the spirits and the doors rattled. He also said when the video from the Assembly Hall was replayed students 30

Fall 2007

could hear someone in the background saying, “Get out.” After ending the tour around 3:30 a.m., the paranormal activity did not stop. At another ghost presentation the next day at a community college in New Jersey, he shared an encounter he had in Givens Hall where he was spending the night. According to the Independent newspaper out of Holmdel, N.J., “He was awakened at 5:14 a.m. by screaming in a building that he thought he was alone in. He described hearing a man yelling at a cat and footsteps in his own room.” Central’s restless spirits have also been noticed by The Chronicle of Higher Education. In an article about haunted college buildings, the story of Fleming’s experience in Givens Hall is retold.

Chris Fleming (right) led a large group of excited and somewhat apprehensive students on a CMU ghost hunt that may have stirred up a few spirits.

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Athletics Three former CMU athletes and 1930 football team enter Hairston Hall of Fame Three former CMU athletes game and was selected for the First and the undefeated 1930-31 Team All-Conference. In her junior Football Team were inducted year, she averaged 16.1 points and 3into the Hairston Hall of Fame 9 assists per game and again was seSept. 8. Honored were William lected for First Team All-Conference. August Eckhardt of Virginia She averaged 15.8 points per game Beach, Va. (Class of 1969), Terri during her senior year, was again seMarshall Dapkus of Columbia lected for First Team All-Conference (Class of 1998) and Donnie and set a school record by making Chatmon of Raytown (Class of eight three-pointers. 1995). Also honored was the Dapkus also was an outstand1930-31 Central College (CMU) ing athlete on the women’s softball Football Team that had an undeteam and women’s soccer team. In from left: honorees Augie Eckhardt, Terri Dapkus, and feated season with a 9-0 record. her senior year, she was selected for Donnie Chatmon the First Team All-Conference and During his two and a Second Team All-Region in softball. half years of eligibility at And in her final year in college sports, 1997, she earned a Central, Eckhardt was awarded eight varsity letters. He letter as a member of the women’s soccer team. was a starter at defensive back and captain of two winChatmon was a member of the football and track ning Eagle football teams from 1967-1968, played point teams. As a four-year letterman in football, he established guard and co-captained three basketball teams and was a a number of records, including the single season rushing captain and All-Conference pitcher on three Eagle baseball record of 1,138 yards in seven and a half games and the teams throwing two no-hit games as a senior. He received the outstanding pitcher and Red Weir outstanding single game rushing record of 277 yards. He was selected baseball player awards as a senior and the coveted Estes as NAIA player of the week in October 1994. He was ranked Fourth in the Nation in Rushing in the NAIA, Award as Central’s outstanding student athlete.  1994-1995; named Most Outstanding Offensive Back in Dapkus was a member of the women’s basketball 1993-1994, 1994-1995; and averaged 150 yards per game team. She averaged 12.3 points per game and had an and 7.1 yards/rushing in 1994-1995. overall record of 19-9 and a Heart of America Athletic Chatmon was also a four-year letterman as a memConference (HAAC) record of 10-6 for the season. She was ber of the track team. He participated in the 4X100 relay recognized as the Freshman of the Year in the HAAC and received Honorable Mention All-Conference. team, the 4X200 relay team, 100 yard dash, 200 yard dash In her sophomore year, she averaged 15.3 points per and the long jump.

Masonholder retires from coaching Veteran college football coach Merle Masonholder announced at the end of the fall season in November that he is retiring as CMU’s head football coach. Masonholder, who took over as head coach of the CMU Eagles in January 2002, is concluding a 41-year career as a football coach. However, he plans to continue as an associate professor at CMU, teaching in the physical education program. “We are pleased that Coach Masonholder will continue to be part of the Central Methodist academic community,” said Kenneth Oliver, CMU vice president for campus life and athletic director. “He has accomplished much with our football program and also brought considerable experience and excellence to our academic program in physical

Fall 2007

education.” When Masonholder took command of the CMU football program the team had been struggling for many years. At the end of the 2001 season, Central Methodist had won only five games during the previous four years. Masonholder’s teams won 19 games in six years. Oliver noted that Masonholder was

leaving a solid foundation for the program, including a positive influence on recruiting efforts that were bringing in students with good academic qualifications and athletic abilities. “We’ve had 11 football players recognized as Academic All-American Scholars by the NAIA during the past six years, as well as six recognized as Athletic All-Americans, and three recognized nationally as Players of the Week,” Oliver said and added that numerous CMU football players also had been recognized by the Heart of American Athletic Conference as outstanding players and scholars. “This speaks volumes for the very positive influences and discipline Coach Masonholder brought to the CMU football program,” Oliver added.

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Fred Smith named to key NAIA committees Central Methodist University Head Baseball Coach Frederick E. (Fred) Smith (right) has been appointed to two key National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Committees, the Regional Raters (NAIA Region 5) and the NAIA National Baseball Raters committees. Smith, a 1979 Hickman High School graduate, earned his bachelor’s degree in education at CMU in 1985 and has undertaken graduate studies at University of MissouriColumbia. As a baseball player at Hickman, he was named a High School All-American. While attending Central Methodist, he was selected as an All-Conference, AllDistrict and All-Region ball player. A four-year letterman in college, he set a single season RBI total and batted .430. Smith was invited to the 1983 Olympic tryouts and

Rucker HAAC co-women’s coach of the year Central Methodist University cross county coach Nate Rucker has been named the Heart of America Athletic Conference Co-Women’s Coach of the Year. Coach Rucker received his bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Dubuque in 2001. While at Dubuque, Rucker was a member of the cross country and track and field programs. He is in the Spartans’ top 10 in the 800 meters and the steeplechase. Rucker also holds the school

Jackson appointed head VB coach


Mike Jackson of Columbia, a veteran volleyball coach, has accepted the position of head volleyball coach at Central Methodist University. Jackson, who has been director of volleyball operations for Mizzou (University of Missouri-Columbia) for the past three years, also served as head coach of the University of Missouri women’s club volleyball team. In 2005, he was named National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) Coach of the Year as his squad was ranked number one in the country prior to its postseason tournament. The Mizzou women’s club team has participated in six straight national tournaments, finishing as runner-up in 2003 and 2004. In his prior position, Jackson also coached the NIRSA’s

Fall 2007

was later invited to professional team tryouts with the New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, and Atlanta Braves. Prior to joining the CMU Athletic Department, Smith had served as assistant and then head baseball coach at Boonville High School since 1998. Before then, he coached baseball in the Pettis County Public School system for more than seven years and served as assistant baseball coach at Central Methodist from 1986 to 1989. During his coaching career he has won several conference and district baseball titles. record as a member of the 4x800 relay team. Prior to arriving at Central Methodist, Rucker was the head cross country, assistant track and field coach for the 2004-2005 season. He spent the 2003-2004 season as assistant cross country and track coach at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. Rucker was the graduate assistant cross country and track coach from 2001-2003 at Southwest Baptist University. While at Southwest Baptist, Rucker received his Master of Education degree in 2003. Coach Rucker is a member of the United States Association of Track and Field (USATF), Missouri Track and Cross Country Coaches Association, and United States Women’s Track Coaches Association. He is the current men’s long distance running chair for the Missouri Valley Association of the USATF. He is a current board member of the USATF Elite Development Club, Kansas City Smoke, and is a USATF Level I Certified Coach.

All-Star Team (“Club USA”) from 2003 to 2005. He led his teams to the title at the St. Thomas, V.I., international tournament in 2003 and 2005. Jackson also played for the University of Missouri men’s volleyball club team from 1989 to 1993. A native of Kansas City, Mo., he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Columbia College in 1994.

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CMU Golf Classic 2007 The second annual CMU Golf Classic was held Sept. 24, 2007, at Forest Hills Country Club in Chesterfield, Mo. Proceeds from the Golf Classic help support CMU scholarship programs. Category winners included: Closest to the pin on #4 Longest drive on #17 Longest putt on #9 Skins contest

Darren Haenssler Al Green Michael Lucier Sam Welge, Sterling Miller, Al Green, and Hank Plag ‘70

Winners in “A” Flight Dick Bailey ‘84, Jeff Lauck, Gary Winn ‘89, and Mike Reynolds ‘90 1st Place with a score of 68 Fred Borders ‘69, Joy Drewel ‘54, Dr. George Luther ‘54, and Mindy LeBleu 2nd Place with a score of 68 Winners in Championship Flight Bob Courtney, Matt Courtney, Ron Kessler, and John Andrews 1st Place with a score of 63 Dr. Joe Belew ‘53, Dr. George Koehler, Bill Stevens, and Chris Hall 2nd Place with a score of 63

The Luetjen Tournament 2007 The 16th annual Dr. Jim Luetjen Golf Tournament was held at Hail Ridge Golf Course in Boonville, Mo., on July 20, 2007. Proceeds from the Luetjen Tournament help support CMU athletics. Winners included: CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT Roger Wilson ‘71, Hardeep Bhullar, Dan Davis, Groves 1st Place 55 Kyle Elliott, David Smith ‘78, Tony Williams, Lee Young 2nd Place 58 Randy Washburn ‘70, Tom Washburn, J.W. Devine ‘73, Joe Hartman 3rd Place 59 Dan Page ‘74, Brad Page, Bill Frazee ’75, Eric Frazee 4th Place SECOND FLIGHT Ken Oliver ‘93, Michelle Oliver, Blaine Einspahr, Charlie Polson 1st Place Gary Marriot ‘75, Ray Forrest ‘71, Chris Robertson, Jay Dunham 2nd Place Mark Leggett, George Bass, Mark Davis, Bill Lloyd 3rd Place J.B. Waggoner ‘91, Jeremy Maxwell, Bill Rapp, Jacob Rapp 4th Place


63 63 63 64

Thank you to all of our Sponsors for the 2007 Tournaments!

Fall 2007

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Fall Sports Recap Cross Country Women’s cross country team members started their season with a sixth-place finish at the Washington University meet. They returned home to win first at the CMU Gary Stoner Memorial Invitational, with Lizy Boit taking first overall. After this win, they moved to second place on the NAIA Region V ranking. At the Heart of America Athletic Conference meet hosted by MidAmerica Nazarene, the team finished in second place overall. At the conference meet, the Lady

Eagles had six runners finish in the top 25. Boit and Kristi Williams received All-HAAC honors for finishing in the top 15. At the NAIA Region V meet, Boit and Christy Laxton received All-Region honors. Boit, who finished second overall, continued on to the National Championships where she placed 122nd out of 268 runners. She

is from Columbia, Mo. Men’s cross country team members also had a successful season. They began their season with a seventh-place showing at the Washington University meet. The men also took first place at the Gary Stoner Memorial Invitational, held at the Fayette Golf Course, with Josphat Sawe taking first place. The team took 23rd place at the Border Wars. Sawe led the team at the Heart of America Athletic Conference meet, where he received eighth overall and the team received sixth. At the NAIA Region V meet, Sawe received All-Region honors, finishing seventh overall, while the team received tenth. At the NAIA Championships, Sawe placed 98th of 258 runners. Sawe is from Kapsabet, Kenya.

Football The Eagles began the season with a ninth-place ranking by the Heart of America Athletic Conference coaches’ poll. They opened the season with a loss on the road against Graceland. They then suffered the heartbreaking loss of quarterback Brock Brockmeier at their home opener against William Jewell. In their second home game, the first night game at Davis Field in over 50 years, the Eagles started strong, with Jeremy Jefferson running the opening kickoff back 87 yards for a touchdown, but were ultimately defeated by Missouri Valley. At a rainy Homecoming game, the Central Eagles picked up their first win against Avila. Two weeks later, at home again, the Eagles flew to their second win of the season against Culver Stockton. After the win, Justin Wisdom and Rashaad Lee were named HAAC Defensive and Offensive Players of the Week. Wisdom was also named the Don Hansen Football Gazette’s Player of the Week. The Eagles finished their season at 2-8 overall. 34

Fall 2007

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Athletics Soccer The women’s soccer team started the season strongly with a shutout win at the University of St. Mary. In their highly anticipated home opener, the Lacy Eagles defeated William Woods. A week later they return home for the first soccer game under lights at Davis Field against Graceland. Central earned the only tie of the season at home against Benedictine. They picked up more shutouts against Westminster, Culver-Stockton, and Missouri Valley. The Lady Eagles finished their season with a winloss-tie record of 7-9-1. Jessica Bretana, Megan Shelley, Jenny Janek, and Natalie Rolph received Heart of America Athletic Conference honors. The men’s soccer team started its season with a shutout win on the road against Central Christian College of the Bible. The team picked up another win at its home opener against Williams Baptist. With another shutout, the Eagles defeated HarrisStowe on the road. They then came up with the only tie of the season at Principia. After a win at home against William Woods, goal keeper Brent Tegerdine was named Heart of America Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Week. The team defeated Westminster in a shutout on the road and finished their season with a win-loss-tie record of 5-12-1. Brent Tegerdine and Scott Haefele received All-HAAC honors. At the October 12 games against Baker University, the women’s and men’s soccer teams traded in their usual white jerseys for pink ones to show support for breast cancer awareness month. After the game, the jerseys were auctioned off as a fundraiser for breast cancer research.

Volleyball Volleyball team members started the season with two wins over Avila and Missouri Valley at the Heart of America Athletic Conference pre-season tournament. In their home opener, they defeated Hannibal-LaGrange in a three game sweep. They then picked up two wins on the road against Westminster and William Woods. When they swept Culver-Stockton, they picked up the first conference win of the season. They returned home for another conference win against Graceland. In their final home game of the season, they swept MidAmerica Nazarene. The Lady Eagles ended their regular season with a win at Benedictine. They were named fifth seed in the HAAC post-season tournament but lost their semi-final game against Lindenwood. They then received eighth seed for the NAIA Region V post-season tournament but fell in their first-round game against perenniel powerhouse Columbia College. They finished the season 19-14 overall.

Fall 2007

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Campaign for Eagle Athletics nearing its $5 million goal The $5 million Campaign for Eagle Athletics has reached nearly 90 percent of its funding goal, with more than $4.4 million having been raised by the end of November, noted CMU Vice President for Advancement Theresa Davis. Slightly more than half a million dollars remains to be raised before July 11, 2008, in order for Central to receive a challenge grant of $415,000 from the Mabee Foundation of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Davis notes that the Campaign for Eagle Athletics is helping to support all athletic teams and programs at CMU. The combination of new and renovated facilities will attract the best students to Central and instill a sense of pride in the entire campus community. Area schools will be able to play on the new facilities, including the combination football-soccer field, the eight-lane track and tennis courts. Community persons are also welcome to use the tennis courts and track. “When the total project is completed, Central Methodist will have some of the best athletic facilities in the Heart of America Athletic Conference,” Davis notes, adding that “We are excited about the upgrades taking place, and we feel they will have a very positive effect on Central Methodist and the surrounding community.” Much of the planned upgrading of athletic facilities has already taken place, including creation of a new combination football-soccer field using artificial turf; construction of a new eight-lane, college-level track around the perimeter of the football-soccer field; new track and field event facilities; and a complete refurbishing of Puckett Field House. Nearing completion is the women’s softball field, which will include dugouts, press box, and lighting. It is being built adjacent to the existing men’s baseball field. The complex will be ready for the spring 2008 softball season. Future plans for athletic upgrades include a new strength training and weight-room facility and offices for athletic staff members, and a hydrotherapy pool for the athletic training program (CMU is one of only nine Missouri higher educations institutions with a nationally certified athletic training program). Portions of Philips Recreation Center also will be refurbished, and planned improvements to the men’s baseball field include upgraded lighting and fencing. Davis notes that a number of naming opportunities are still available, including designations for the new strength training and weight room facility, softball complex, facilities within Puckett Field House, the Hydrotherapy Pool, baseball complex and facilities within Philips Recreation Center. Persons wishing to participate in the campaign and to receive additional information about the naming opportunities should contact Theresa Davis at 660-248-6214 or by e-mail at

The aerial view of the football field shows not only the outstanding professional turf but also the eight-lane track which surrounds it. Day and night competitions have been common all fall in football and soccer.

The softball field is nearly finished and will be ready for the team to play on it this spring. The softball Hall of Fame induction is scheduled for April 19, 2008.


Fall 2007

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Greetings from the CMU Board of Trustees, Whether in sports, in business, or in the world of higher education, having momentum going your way is a wonderful thing—and do we ever have momentum at CMU! While there are so many examples to illustrate the wonderful things happening at CMU, here are just a few. If you haven’t been to our main campus, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Fayette for a while, you need to come by and take a look. The Student and Community Center has become the heart of our campus for our current student body. Whether it is visiting the Bergsten Dining Hall for a meal, stopping by the James C. Denneny Jr. Career Development Center for some ideas on improving a resumé, grabbing a cup of coffee while chatting with friends in the Eyrie café, accessing the Internet through a node on our campus-wide WiFi system, or attending a meeting of one of our many campus organizations, this wonderful structure is what students expect—and need—in today’s world. While you’re in town you also need to take a tour of your old dormitory room. You’ll find the same building you lived in, but in most cases you won’t recognize the attractive and functional interiors. (I remember my days in McMurry Hall in the late ‘60’s—but it was nothing like it is now!) We’re now planning for more improvements to Holt and Howard Payne. As a result of the upgrades, more and more students are opting to live on campus instead of in alternative housing. Instead of concerning ourselves with offering more single rooms, we are actually beginning to look at when we will be at capacity—a wonderful problem to tackle! And since you’re here, you should also make sure you take in a game—football, basketball, track, softball, baseball—it doesn’t matter. Our athletic venues have all had major changes during 2007. The football field has state of the art turf grass, lighting, a new entryway, and a new all-weather track that will now put us at the “top of the heap.” And if basketball season is underway when you drop by, wait until you see the changes to Puckett Field House—you won’t believe it’s the same place! You should also check out the improvements to many of our academic buildings. Much of Swinney Conservatory has been refurbished—with more to come. The lower floor has been completely remodeled, and air conditioning has been added throughout. We’ve also brought T. Berry Smith into the 21st century with air conditioning added this summer. But the amazing improvement in our buildings and athletic facilities isn’t really what we’re all about, is it? CMU is all about our students. We have great momentum going with our student body as well. This fall, our enrollment in Fayette is 940 students—the second largest student body in our one hundred and fifty three-year history! Not only is it the largest student body since 1968, it is also a more capable student body with higher average high school grade points and test scores. Oh yes, our programs on our other campuses, comprising our College of Graduate and Extended Studies, are thriving as well. We continue to expand our campus footprint and the programs we offer, attracting more and more traditional and non-traditional students of all ages. But none of this would be possible without your generous financial support. Our Board of Trustees has led the way with 100 percent of the board contributing to our Central Excellence Fund in 2007. Every contribution or donation is vital to the strength of CMU! Momentum is going our way, but we need your continued and strengthening support to achieve the goals in our plan for the future. Aspire with us!

Fall 2007

Bob Shaner Chair Central Methodist University Board of Trustees

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Board of Trustees gains three new members Three new trustees have joined the CMU Board, including Howard County residents George Feaster of Armstrong and Nina Furstenau of Fayette and Rev. Yolanda Villa of Overland Park, Kan. Feaster, who also has a home in Burleson, Texas, is president of Imperial Capital Corp. in Burleson. Furstenau is co-owner of a retail art, antique, and gift boutique in Columbia, “a la campagne,” and a writer. The Rev. Yolanda R. Villa is superintendent of the Heartland Central District, Kansas City, of the United Methodist Church. Feaster earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Calif., in 1963. Following graduation, he worked in the banking industry, specializing in agricultural financing until 1970, when he accepted a position as president of Western Beef Inc. in Amarillo, Texas, remaining with the company for 18 years. Feaster returned to California in 1986 and then moved to Yuma, Ariz., where he invested in the cattle feeding business. As president of Imperial Capital Corp., he presides over cattle feeding and cattle ranching operations in Colorado, California, Arizona and Texas. He and his wife, Becky (Evans) Feaster, have four grown children. Becky Feaster is a native of Fayette. Furstenau earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1984 and a master’s degree in English and creative writing/fiction in 2007, both from the University of MissouriColumbia. She is food editor for 38

Fall 2007

Missouri Life Magazine. She and her husband, Terry, co-founded Group III Communications in 1987, a company that launched and operated five construction magazines and two international trade shows. The Furstenaus sold their company in 2001. Furstenau served as a Peace Corps volunteer from 1984 to 1986 in North Africa (Tunisia), where her focus was on economic and educational development. She was selected as a United Nations delegate for Peace Corps, 1985 Decade for Women Conference, Nairobi, Kenya. Among her community involvements, Furstenau is a member of the Fayette Area Community Trust Board of Directors, and the Missouri Association of Publications. Furstenau also served on the Commercial Trust Co. Board of Directors. She and her husband, Terry, have two children. The Rev. Yolanda R. Villa is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church and is currently serving as superintendent of the Heartland Central District of the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church, where she has oversight and responsibility of 51 churches and 67 pastors in the greater metropolitan Kansas City area. Prior to her current duties, she served three years as executive pastor of congregational care at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, one of the largest United Methodist churches in the nation with a membership of more than 13,000. She also served as an associate

pastor of St. James United Methodist Church, where the Honorable Rev. Emanuel Cleaver is the senior pastor, and at Centennial United Methodist Church, one of the first AfricanAmerican United Methodist churches in Kansas City. She has also served as chaplain at the Topeka State Hospital, an institution that cared for the acutely mentally ill, and for eight years as associate pastor at Platte Woods United Methodist Church, responsible for evangelism. In addition to her pastoral and supervisory responsibilities, she has served as an adjunct faculty teacher of business ethics at Friends University and as an adjunct faculty professor teaching pastoral care and evangelism courses at Saint Paul School of Theology. She has appeared as guest lecturer at Truman State University and Central Missouri State University (now University of Central Missouri). In 2002 she was one of 60 women from the greater metropolitan area featured in the book A Power of Her Own. Villa has written in the faith section of The Kansas City Star, was an active member of the Northland United Way Board, and now serves on the Board of Trustees of Overland Park Regional Hospital. Villa holds a bachelor’s degree in social psychology from Park College, and the Master of Divinity degree from Saint Paul School of Theology. She resides in Overland Park, Kan., and has three daughters.

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CENTRAL METHODIST UNIVERSITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES J. Bruce Addison ‘66 Founder and President, Addison Biological Laboratory, Fayette, MO

Terry L. Henderson ‘83 Assistant General Manager, Bodine Aluminum, Troy, MO

R. Frederick Alexander ‘58, P’94, P’04 Farmer, Real Estate Developer, Fayette, MO

Jeffrey N. Hogenmiller ‘70 Divisional Vice President retired, Corporate Human Resources Programs, Abbott Laboratories Principal, Gray Hair Management, Libertyville, IL

Don V. Allemann ‘60, Ph.D. Director retired, Biological Research, Agricultural Division, Ciba-Geigy Corporation, Greensboro, NC Robert F. Anderson President and CEO, Cardiovascular Provider Resources, Plano, TX David P. Atkins, J.D. Executive Director, Missouri United Methodist Foundation, Columbia, MO Richard D. Bailey ‘84 President, Armadillo Fire Safety Group, St. Louis, MO Virginia Wood Bergsten ‘59 Educator retired, Annandale, VA The Reverend Mr. James J. Bryan ’04 Senior Pastor, Missouri United Methodist Church, Columbia, MO The Reverend Mr. Gregory O. Chandler, Sr. ‘76 Senior Pastor, World Outreach Christian Church, Cincinnati, OH Robert E. Courtney President retired, BT Buschart Office Products, St. Louis, MO Glenn A. Cox ‘51, Vice Chairman President and COO retired, Phillips Companies, Bartlesville, OK Nancy Ellis Consulting Systems Engineer retired, IBM, St. Louis, MO Larry R. Fagan P’03 Lay Leader, Missouri Conference, United Methodist Church CEO, Eldecon, Kansas City, MO George Feaster President, Imperial Capital Corporation, Burleson, TX Nina Furstenau Co-owner, A La Campagne, Fayette, MO

Fall 2007

John D. Hutcherson ‘56, M.D. Cardiovascular Specialist, Englewood, CO Dr. Marianne E. Inman President, Central Methodist University, Fayette, MO Timothy Jackman ‘81 Vice President Claims Administration, Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance, Fayette, MO Janet L. Jacobs ‘77 Chair of the Board and Executive Vice President, Commercial Trust Company, Fayette, MO The Reverend Dr. David W. Kerr ‘67, P’88 Senior Pastor, Salem-in-Ladue United Methodist Church, St. Louis, MO James M. Kimbell ‘80, J.D. Attorney, Strasburger & Price, Sugar Land, TX Ginger King Luetkemeyer ‘93 President, CMU Alumni Association Civic Leader, Jefferson City, MO Brock M. Lutz Executive Vice President retired, Purina Mills, St. Louis, MO W. Kirk Meyer ‘83, Treasurer CFO, Don Chalmers Automotive Group, Albuquerque, NM Nancy Walker Peacock ‘82, M.D., Board Secretary Oncologist, Nashville, TN

Insurance Company, Vernon Hills, IL Bishop Robert C. Schnase Bishop, Missouri Conference, United Methodist Church, Columbia, MO Deborah E. Sellmeyer ‘87, M.D. Director, Osteoporosis Center, University of California-San Francisco, South San Francisco, CA Robert W. Shaner ‘70, Chairman Chairman of the Board, Mobility Electronics Managing Partner, Performance Management Associates President retired, Wireless Operations, Cingular Wireless, Hilton Head, SC Robert L. Siler ‘47 President retired, Siler Associates, Bloomfield Hills, MI Sondra Sercu Spalding ‘57 Educator retired and Civic Leader, St. Louis, MO, and Palm Harbor, FL The Reverend Yolanda R. Villa District Superintendent, Heartland Central District, United Methodist Church, Kansas City, MO J.B. Waggoner ‘91 Managing Partner and Director of Business Development, Inovatia Laboratories, Fayette, MO Stewart Wiles Chief Financial Officer and Director, Weapons Division, The Boeing Company, Ellisville, MO The Honorable Roger B. Wilson ‘71, D.C.L.’92 Former Governor of Missouri Senior Partner, Rockwood Capital Advisors, Columbia, MO Keith W. Young ‘86, M.D. Psychiatrist, Santa Monica, CA

Robert T. “Tad” Perry ‘65, Ph.D. Executive Director, South Dakota Board of Regents, Pierre, SD Michael A. Scardina ‘76 Assistant Vice President, Allstate

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Alumni news Greetings from CMU’s Alumni Association Board of Directors! After wrapping up the festivities of Homecoming 2007, we are energized for a great year ahead of us. While the weather left us a bit dampened, it did not dampen the spirit of the weekend. Many alumni returned to campus after a long absence and were inspired by the renovations and vitality of our beloved and ever-beautiful campus. One alumnus was overheard remarking, “I have fallen in love with Central all over again!” The CMU Alumni Association Board of Directors has reorganized and is committed to a new era of activity and university support. We have kicked off a new program this fall called CMU Alumni Connections. This program puts alumni in contact with new CMU students in order to welcome them to the “Central family.” We have had a wonderful response from nearly 200 alumni volunteers to initiate this program. We invite you to visit the CMU website for other opportunities to share your time and talents with your alma mater! Feel free to contact any member of the Alumni Board of Directors (see list below) to share your suggestions and ideas for the CMU Alumni Association. We continually look for new ways to connect our alumni to each other and to Central. Thank you for your continued support of Central Methodist University! Go Eagles! On behalf of the CMU Alumni Board of Directors, Ginger Luetkemeyer, President

CMU Alumni Association Board of Directors Dr. Elbert C. Cole ‘39 9909 Jefferson St. Kansas City, MO 64114 816-942-7441 Bill Holman ’47 700 N. Church St. Fayette, MO 65248 Dr. Dee (Bland) Wyckoff ‘55 P. O. Box 791 Ganado, AZ 86505 dee.wyckoff@ganado.k12.


Larry Anderson ’67 604 N. Church St. Fayette, MO 65248 landerso@centralmethodist. edu Denise Lizenby ‘78 10027 Willdan Dr., Apt C Saint Louis, MO 63123 Mike Prunty ‘81 1204 S.E. Rosehill Dr. Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

James (Jim) Steele ‘64, Vice-President 319 Corprew St. Fayette, MO 65248

Janell (Thompson) Dimond ‘84 101 S. Williams St. Fayette, MO 65248

Judy (Engel) Rethwisch ‘65 1719 Stemwood Way Fenton, MO 63026

Tim Puyear ‘85 1300 N.W. Porter Drive Blue Springs, MO 64015

Carolyn (Summers) Perry ‘66 2312 Whispering Shores Dr. Ft. Pierre, SD 57532

Mike “Bundy” Auchly ‘92 85 Bundy Lane Montgomery City, MO 63361

Fall 2007

Mindy Gregory ‘93 1181 Villa Flora Dr. O’Fallon, MO 63366

Rachel (Leist) Backfisch ‘05 205 Catalpa St. Dexter, MO 63841

Ginger King Luetkemeyer ‘93, President 5925 Twehous Lake Dr. Jefferson City, MO 65101

Salum “Bubba” Stutzer ‘06 McMurry Hall 411 Central Methodist Sq. Fayette, MO 65248 sstutzer@centralmethodist. edu

John Brown ‘94 513 Sunnyside Ave. Webster Groves, MO 63119 johnteresabrown@ Samantha Ward ‘96 26106 Red Brangus Rd. Spicewood, TX 78669 Dr. Bradley K. Harrison ’01 3010 Ashland Way Grovetown, GA 30813 bradleyharrison@hotmail. com

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Lizz Platt, ‘07 3601 W. Broadway 19-101 Columbia, MO 65203 Alumni Director/Secretary Tracy Crowe Jones ‘94 411 Central Methodist Square Fayette, MO 65248 Office: 660-248-6234 Cell: 816-665-4592

The Talon

Alumni news Newsmakers Eugene “Pete” Schaperkotter ’39 volunteers at the Lexington Historical Museum and was recently named the Lexington Historical Associations’ first member emeritus. Bill Guerri ’43 marked his 60th year with the law firm of Thompson Coburn in St. Louis and was named by Missouri Lawyers Weekly as Best Lawyer for 2007. The Honorable Andrew Higgins ’43 received the 2007 Distinguished Alumni Award from the Washington University School of Law. Higgins served as the Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court, served on CMU’s Board of Trustees, and received both the Distinguished Alumni Award and an honorary doctorate from Central. Robert Boon, D.D.S. x46 retired at the end of July from a 60-plus year career in dentistry. Among other things, he has served on the Chamber of Commerce board and held several board positions at the United Methodist Church. He recently had a local park, Boon Park, named in his honor. Myrl and Peggy (Wright) Scofield, both class of ’50, celebrated 60 years of marriage on Oct. 18. They have lived in the Kansas City area all these years. Myra (Dally) ’53 and John Coggeshall ’51 celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary. They live in Belleville, Ill., and spend winters volunteering in two Florida state parks. Robert W. Kleinschmidt ’52 lives in Salt Lake City and designed four multi-colored woodcuts for the 2003 limited edition printing of Samarkand and Other Markets I Have Known, a never before published book written by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka. Carl Dulgeroff ’53 and wife Cicely recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They have lived in Southern California for 48 years. They have two sons and four grandchildren, all living in the same area. Ellery Johnson ’56 lives in the St. Louis area Carter Ward ’67, executive director of the Missouri School Boards Association, received the Thomas A. Shannon Award for Excellence in School Boards Association Leadership at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. Under Ward’s direction, MSBA established and continues to provide leadership to the Missouri Education Roundtable. He is also executive director of the MSBA Educational Foundation: FutureBuilders; a member of the board of directors of Prevent Child Abuse, Missouri; chair of Missouri Education Coalition for Adequacy; and serves on the board of directors of the U.S. Distance Learning Association.

Fall 2007

and continues his career and passion as both an artist and professor. He has had exhibits of his art displayed throughout the county and has received numerous awards and recognition for his craft. LeAnn (Foster) Campbell ’57 co-authored the book Moms Over 50 Devotions to Go, released summer 2007. She retired in 1995 as Vocational Resource Educator in a vocational-technical school. Maurice Graham ’60 has been elected chairman of the Sheldon Arts Foundation. He is also president of the law firm Gray, Ritter & Graham in St. Louis, Mo., and was recently named by Missouri Lawyers Weekly to third place as Best Lawyer for 2007. In 2002 he received the Best Lawyer honor. Linda (Browning) Weis ’60 owns her own realty business, after a long career in music. She has been elected to Leadership Kansas, lobbies in Washington, D.C., and will be the Board Chair of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce in 2009. She and her husband, Jerry, live in Manhattan, Kan., and enjoy visiting their grandchildren throughout the country. Dr. Linda Hartsock ’62 and her mother, Martha Hartsock ’73, have written the book Voices of Chincoteatue, Memories of Greenbackville and Franklin City, presenting memories of a vanishing way of life in rural America, largely in the words of those who lived and worked it. The book is published by Arcadia Publishing. Bob Bryant ’63 won eight of ten events (winning second in the other two) he entered at the Senior Games in Columbia, Mo. In four of those wins he also beat the performances of those in the next youngest age group. Gary Haddock x63 has retired after serving 20 years as Neosho, Mo., city clerk. He plans to spend time playing golf and traveling, as well as staying on part-time at city hall.


Alumni Reunion April 25-27, 2008 Honored classes: 1958, 1953, 1948, 1943, and 1938

watch your mailbox for information or contact Tracy Crowe Jones: Frankie (Crowe) ’63 and Rees Nickerson ’64 celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary June 10. They have four children and 13 grandchildren. The Honorable Walter Murray Jr. ’64 retired at the end of 2006 after 20 years as judge of Franklin County Associate Division V Court. His career included work with the Republican Central Committee, serving as assistant prosecuting attorney, prosecuting attorney, probate judge, associate circuit judge, and juvenile judge.

1960s Alumni Reunion Central Methodist alumni from the 1960s gathered at the Lake of the Ozarks, June 1-3, for their annual reunion. Bill Powell ’65, Cliff Rousseau ’67, and Frank Vielhaber ’66 planned the weekend that included visiting at the Inn at Grand Glaize and the Elks Club, golf, boating, and a dinner cruise on the Celebration. Saturday evening Chris Keefer ’66 and Bob Schober ’65 sparked many memories and much laughter with questions about campus life. Contact Bill at 417. 831.1256 or; Cliff at 573.348.2395 or; or Frank at 314.576.2836 or 573.348.9090 for information about 2008. Alumni and friends celebrating were: Nick ’65 and Kristi (Wiebe) Auer ’67, Bert ’65 and Cheryl (Heimbrodt) Brower ’66, Doug ’67 and Marsha Burton, Wayne ’57 and Nancee Byington, Dean ’65 and Darlene Holmes, Chris (Godfrey) Keefer ’66, Paul ’68 and Gail King, Virgil Kirksey ’65, Mark ’68 and Sharon (Graves) Leech ’68, Dick Loy ’65, Jerry ’66 and Cindy Maulin, Steve ’66 and Diane McClure, Jean ’66 and Karen Messick, Ed ’67 and Nila (Vouga) Morris ’68, Robert ’63 and Pat Nelson, Jack and Carol (Steinmann) Prochko ’66, Doyle ’68 and Gayle (Cobb) Puntney ’68, Mike Rodick ’68, Cliff ’67 and Nancy Rousseau, Bob Schober ’65, Roger ’65 and Denise (Schober) Shannon ’69, Walt ’67 and Lib Shull, Jim Slattery ’66, Terry Smith ’66, Chris ’66 and Eunice (Boyington) Straub ’66, Les ’65 and Kathy Viehmann, Frank Vielhaber ’66 and Laurie Ambo, Carter ’67 and Sandy (Leech) Ward ’64, Jeannie Wallen, Ron and Carole Sue DeLaite.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon


Alumni news Missouri-Columbia. James E. Bureman, O.D., ’76 has been reappointed to the Missouri State Board of Optometry and recently elected vice-president. He is the managing member for the Missouri Eye Institute LLC. He is also a retired Lt. Col. in the Missouri Army National Guard’s Medical Services Corps. He and his wife, Sherry, live with their two children in Springfield, Mo. David Williams ’76 works for VECA Electric and Communications as the safety manager in the Industrial Division. He lives with his wife and children in Bellingham, Wash. Curt Tucker ‘88 conducted a production of Kirke Mechem’s opera Tartuffe at Lake George Opera in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. John Stephens ‘69 sang the role of Orgon. This photo was taken after the final performance on July 3, 2007. Paul W. King ’68 has been named, for the second year in a row, to the “Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers” list by Law & Politics magazine in the field of Labor and Employment Law. Only five percent of Missouri and Kansas lawyers qualify for the honor each year. Donald Brashears ’69 is a managing partner at Tom, Dick & Harry Advertising LLC located in Chicago, Ill. He and wife Deborah (Williams) ’67 will be moving soon from Coral Gables, Fla.

Tom Ray, D.C., ’77 is serving as the 2006-2007 president of the College on Forensic Sciences. Following his career in chiropractic medicine, he completed the forensic program in ’02 at National University Health Sciences, became board certified in ’03 by the American Board of Forensic Professionals, and in ’06 completed the electrodiagnosis-neurophysiolgy program, also at National University Health Sciences.

Kathy (Purvis) Tankersley ’69 works with children, aged birth to three, in the Morgan County Parents as Teachers program.

Michael Thrasher ’77 works as a training supervisor with Securitas Security Services Inc. He lives and works in the St. Louis area.

Alice (Weil) Van Landuyt ’69 was chosen by her peers as Eldon Teacher of the Year. She has taught there for nearly 36 years. She is the reading coach and literary specialist at Eldon South.

Greg Thurmon ’77 will be teaching an oceanography and marine science course at Wentworth Military Academy’s Camp LEAD 2008. Camp LEAD is an academic summer program where high school students can earn a conditional ROTC scholarship. Greg is currently a visiting assistant professor of biology at CMU.

Randy Hubbard ’70 has been appointed director of planned giving and major gifts at Central Methodist University. Larry Leech ’70 is serving as the 2007-2008 president for the Fayette Rotary Club. Brent Speight ’70 was recently installed as president-elect of the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents. He is president of Scott Agency Inc. in Montgomery City.


Eric Anderson ’77 was recently elected to the board of the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia. Founded in 1820, the society is the oldest continuing musical organization in the United States and serves to assist emerging artists develop their careers. He continues to serve as the director of the Mary Louis Curtis branch of Settlement Music School, the largest community school of the arts in the country.

Bonnie (Ford) Hollaway ’81 began serving as the principal at Hermann Middle School. She has spent 20 years in education and received her doctorate from California Coast University.

Amanda “Ann” Sherwin ’73 owns Giggle Garb Inc., an online pet boutique, selling pet clothing and accessories. She resides in Saugerties, N.Y. (

Keith Gary, Ph.D., ’82 received the 2006 Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Missouri – Kansas City under the banner of the School of Biological Sciences. He has had a 14-year career in science and research, including neuropsychoparmacology, schizophrenia and affective disorders, and research and teaching positions at universities.

John Bell, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English at Lindenwood University, teaches English writing and literature courses, as well as courses in German.

Michael Humphrey ’82 is a customer service representative for PAS Technologies. He lives and works in the Kansas City area with his wife and children.

Tim Rice ’74 is an insurance account manager for AHM Financial Group LLC in St. Louis.

John Gregory ’83 serves as the pastor at Cassville United Methodist Church.

Bill Shiflett ’75 has been promoted to director of planned and major gifts at the University of

Gary Clark ’84 teaches middle school vocal music in the New Madrid County R-I School District.

Fall 2007

Ron Dempsey ’84 is a victim’s advocate with Victims for Justice in Anchorage, Alaska. Sally Scott Blackburn ’85 received her Ph.D. in counseling education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in July. She is a school counselor in Rockwood and an adjunct professor at University of Missouri-St. Louis and Lindenwood University. As a licensed professional counselor, she formed a non-profit organization offering free counseling to uninsured people. Fred Smith ’85, head baseball coach at Central Methodist University, has been appointed to two key National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics committees. He will be serving on the Regional Raters (NAIA Region 5) and the NAIA Baseball Raters committees. Sue (Marchant) Taylor ’85 works as a second grade teacher at The Avery Coonley School in Downer’s Grove, Ill. Paula (Haggard) Just ’86 recently became network vice-president of human resource effectiveness for SSM Health Care in St. Louis, Mo. Kevin Lines ’86 is the new conductor for the 45th season of the Marshall (Mo.) Philharmonic Orchestra. Before assuming this position he was the associate conductor for the orchestra and also played in the brass section. Additionally, he is the director for the music program for Marshall Public Schools and the conductor for the Marshall Municipal Band. David Lutz ’87 is a curriculum representative for Shurley English out of Cabot, Ark. Marjorie (Meyer) Lutz ’87 is the head baker for an upscale restaurant in Cole Camp, Mo. Eugene Peebles ’87 performed the National Anthem on the saxophone for the NBA Sacramento Kings/Detroit Pistons game on Nov. 18. Tracey Braden x88 has been named the women’s basketball coach for Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. Deon Duncan ’88, superintendent and principal for the Avilla R-13 school district, has been named Missouri Association of School Administrators New Superintendent of the Year. Kevin Freeman ’88 is the assistant superintendent of schools in Mexico, Mo. Carrie (Silman) Freeman ’88 is principal of Eugene Field Elementary School in Mexico, Mo. Edward Scott x88 is the visual communications specialist for MediaMajik, a multimedia creative shop in Jefferson City, Mo. Rebecca Norris DiNapoli ’89 works with The Music Group in Nashville, Tenn. Lynn (Stacy) and Todd Miner, both class of ’89, live in Surrey, England, with their three children. Todd is a manager with Shell Aviation, a division of Shell Oil.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

Alumni news James “J.W.” Arnold ’90 was profiled in June on several segments broadcast nationally on CNBC, leading up to the launch of the Apple iPhone. Arnold maintains a successful public relations and marketing business in Washington, D.C., and Florida, where he manages high profile accounts, ranging from the White House Visitor Center to the National Academy of Education, and several luxury hospitality and entertainment brands. In addition to his professional responsibilities, he is an active Rotarian and in July was a speaker at incoming Rotary International President Wilf Wilkerson’s leadership conference at Villanova University outside of Philadelphia.

Earl Burton ’92 has been named a member of the 2007 Executive Council of New York Life Insurance Company. He is associated with their St. Louis General Office.

Edward Cline, D.P.M., ’90 was recently appointed to the Hannibal Regional Medical Group. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Missouri Podiatric Medical Society, Beth Haven Nursing Home, and the Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation, as well as the Hannibal Rotary Club. James “Jim” Shipman ’90 is working as a personal trainer at Aerofit in Bryan, Texas, where he lives with his wife, Cheri. Bill Wells ’90 is an instructor of instrumental music for the Hollister R-V schools. Christopher Canada ’91 is a senior software engineer for Kronos Incorporated. He resides in Massachusetts. Tim Kerns ’91 was appointed by Gov. Bill Ritter as a judge for Weld County, Colo. He has also been the managing partner at Coleman, Liu, Lyons & Collins. Carlos Willis G. ’91 lives in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and works with Willis Packaging.

Allan Losaba ’92 is the chief operations officer for North West Parks and Tourism Board in the Republic of South Africa.

Angie (Collins) White ’94 works for Douglass Head Start, serving roles of extended aide, kitchen aide, and custodian. Additionally, she is the secretary of the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge #776 located in Moberly, Mo.

Jeff Tisdale ’92 is the director of operations for Papa John’s. He lives with his wife and two children in Chandler, Arizona.

Rob Fatherly ’95 teaches sixth grade science and coaches wrestling at Lewis and Clark Middle School in Jefferson City.

Paul Harper ’93 works as an assistant attorney general in the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

Kent Edge ’96 works as the West Plains emergency management director and safety coordinator.

Marietta (Tomazos) Reisinger ’93 is a fourth grade teacher in the City of St. Charles School District, where she lives with her husband, Chris ‘93, and two children.

Samantha Ward ’96 started her own company focusing on professional development. She markets her Spanish programs to bar associations, law enforcement academies, and other professional organizations, and speaks throughout the country. She now lives in Spicewood, Texas.

Heather (Kormeier) Schneider ’93 is teaching music part-time at Junction Hill K-8. She is bringing music back into the school after a 10year absence from the curriculum. She lives in West Plains with her husband and two daughters. Scott Silvey ‘93 is currently residing in Gainesville, Fla., with wife Yvette and daughters Sera, 7, and Scotlyn, 6. He is employed as a group vice-president for Nueterra Healthcare, establishing and overseeing outpatient physical therapy centers in Florida, Georgia, South Caroline, Texas, Arkansas, and Michigan. Janet Allyne Solomon ’93 is the church and community worker for the Global Board of Global Ministries with the First United Methodist Church in McGehee, Ariz. Kimberly (Lane) Brake ’94 works as a medical technologist at University of Missouri Hospital. Liz Camerena ’94 lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. She works with Catholic Charities in Miami, the largest non-for-profit social service provider in the state. She is the chief administrative officer and oversees the Human Resource Dept., Audit & Compliance Dept. and Contract Management.

Terry and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in June with friends and family at Busch Stadium. Members of the Central class of 1983 in attendance: Front row (l-r): Susan Hardy Mills, Kirk Meyer; Back row: Larry Layden, Terry Henderson, Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson, Mike Hanson, Terry Ohlms

Fall 2007

risonville, Mo., and works as an instructional coach in the Raymore-Peculiar School District.

Sheila (Ashby) Fulling ’94 lives in West Chester, Penn., and is a clinical research consultant for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Joe Haffner ’94 works for Kraft Foods Inc. and lives in Kirksville, Mo. Karmin (Gepford) Ricker ’94 lives in Har-

Taren (Ginter) White ’96 teaches preschool at the Moog School of Columbia – an oral language school that teaches deaf children to talk. Jeff Brackman ’97 is the Northwest High School principal in the Pettis County R-V school district. Jason Clark ’97 served two tours in Iraq with the Army as an infantry officer. He now works as a network controller for the Department of Defense. Jason lives with his wife and three children in Arnold, Mo. Laurie (Stonebarger) Massey ’97 owns her own company, J & L’s Dent Detail, in Montgomery City. Matt Pritchett x97 coaches basketball at Lathrop High School. Dana Self ’97 has been named St. Louis Metropolitan District Outstanding Choral Director for ’06-’07 by the Missouri Choral Directors Association. He works at Mary Institute and Country Day School, as well as being the director of music at Webster Hills United Methodist Church. Amy (Buescher) Bourg ’98 is a senior client manager at Willis. She lives with her husband, Todd ’99, and their two children in Queen Creek, Ariz. Eugene Brown ’98 works in human resources for Farmers Insurance Group. Beth Elders ’98 received her Master of Arts in Christian Education degree from GarrettEvangelical Theological Seminary and serves as director of Christian education at Community United Methodist Church in Naperville, Ill. Ann Fleming ’98 is a CPA with Huber, Ring, Helm & Co. P.C. in St. Louis, Mo. Jamie (Dewitt) Leeser ’98 is an occupational therapist for Physical Therapy and Hand Centers in San Diego, Calif.

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Alumni news Jason Martie ’98 is in his fifth year as head football coach at Macon Middle School.

Laura (Topel) Jones ’00 is the accounting manager for Prock Operations Inc.

Josh Richards ’98 has been promoted to offensive coordinator for the University of MissouriRolla football team.

Matt Kirkpatrick ’00 works as an athletic trainer for Champion Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Ala.

Brandi (Glawson) Fatherly ’99 is the elementary school principal with the Southern Boone County R-I school district.

Keely (Harris) Scott ’00, who teaches English and literature, was named Most Influential Teacher by the Rolla High School National Honors Society.

Josh Fuller ’99 was recently promoted to head recreation supervisor for the City of Casper Leisure Services in Wyoming.

Todd Smith ’00 is a manager with North Terrace Property Management in Kansas City, Mo.

Charley Koch ’99 teaches a third grade inclusion model classroom at Evening Shade Math and Science Academy in Arkansas.

Bobbie (Johnson) Stergar ’00 is a certified lymphedema therapist and works as a physical therapist for Professional Therapy Services.

Robyn (Bauer) Shearer ’99 is teaching seventh and eighth grade science at Cole Camp R-I School District.

Scott Tackett ’00 was recently promoted to St. Jude Medical’s Corporate Accounts Division where he oversees all corporate sales/activities for St. Jude Medical’s product divisions for the Midwest.

Tristy Ginter ’00 works as a case manager for Cooper County, serving individuals with developmental disabilities. Amy (Sneed) Hodge ’00 is the director and vocal coordinator at Belmont Academy in Nashville, Tenn. Belmont Academy is associated with Belmont University, Lipscomb University, and Hermitage Hills Academy.

J. West ’00 appeared this summer as Will Parker in Oklahoma at the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre in Columbia. He teaches music in the Hallsville School System. Rose (Philbrick) Wilburn ’00 teaches at Community R-VI school district in Laddonia, Mo.

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Fall 2007

Suzanne (Brill) Bradshaw ’01 is the owner and pastry chef of Spun Sugar Cake Company in Springfield, Mo. Tiffany (Lawrence) Clevenger ’01 is a children’s service worker II for the Department of Social Services. She lives and works in Moberly. Douglass Hawkins ’01 was promoted to Petty Office 3rd Class with the United States Navy. He spent his summer at Lackland Air Force Base, training as a military working-dog handler.

Melissa (Krog) Savaiinaea ’01 teaches health and P. E. at Truman High School in Independence, Mo., where she also coaches the women’s J. V. basketball team. Eric Savaiinaea ’01, is employed with LaGarde Shopping Cart Software Company in Olathe, Kan. Daniel Yung ’01 is the manager of 2100/OPMO at Boone Hospital. Gary Baker ’02, a teacher at LSE Middle School in Boonville, placed first in the PowerSports Nationals in Russellville, Ark. He also broke the American record in the squat with a lift of 524 pounds. Gary is currently ranked 35th in the nation, pound for pound, in all ages and weights through NASA (National Athletic Strength Association). Earl Burton ’02, an agent for New York Life Insurance Company, has been designated a Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow by the American College at Bryn Mawr, Pa. Kurtis Howell ’02 is a middle school science teacher in the Windsor, Mo. school district. Chenda Innis ’02 is working on dual master degrees in Divinity and Theological Studies at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Additionally, she is engaged to marry Asa Lee on July 28, 2008. Melissa (Ward) Knight ’02 is a social skills classroom worker for the McKinney ISD in Texas. Aimee (Huttsell) Sage ’02 is a transfer coordinator at Central Methodist University. Michael Allgood ’03 teaches eighth and 10th grade social studies, as well as coaching football, basketball, and track for Lewis County C-I School District in Illinois. Amanda Culbertston-Kraemer ’03 is the innovations manager for Anheuser-Busch Inc. in St. Louis, Mo. Cailin Givens ’03 completed her Master of Music degree at the University of Memphis. She teaches voice lessons and is employed in the public business sector in Memphis. Laura (Arthur) Harbison ’03 received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. She is in a postdoctoral residency in family medicine at Cox Health hospitals and clinics in Springfield, Mo. Justin Ludwig x03 is a Sergeant in the Army National Guard. He is a member of the 1375th MP Company in Warrenton, Mo. Kelly (Henke) Reiter ’03 is a first grade teacher in the Troy R-III School District. Tara Blackburn ’04 passed the Missouri Bar and accepted a position as an associate with Andereck, Evans, Milne, Widger and Johnson

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Alumni news in their Trenton office. Lesley (Thomas) Boss ‘04 is a kindergarten teacher in Orearville, Mo. She and husband Charlie have two boys, Jason and Nathan. Shawn Cooksey ’04 is a water quality field technician for Midwest Environmental Consultants-Water Resources. He continues to work on his graduate studies in biology. Amber Davis ’04 passed the Missouri Bar in September. Tiffany Delcour ’04 is at Tulane University in New Orleans working on completion of a Ph.D. in Environmental Public Health. Maggie Drummond ’04 works in recovery management for Safeco Insurance. She lives in St. Louis. Krystal Eaton ’04 is as internal auditor with Guaranty Bank. She works with the bank’s accounting, operations, and loan administration personnel to conduct and prepare independent audits of internal bank operations. Jennifer Kramer ’04 received a Master of Arts in Education degree with an emphasis in exercise physiology from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. She is now an assistant athletic trainer at the University of Montevallo, an NCAA Division II school. Jennifer (Mahon) Ludwig ’04 is working on a Master of Education in Literacy degree from the University of Missouri. Temitope Ogunmola ’04 is working as an actuary for Assurant. He lives with his family in Independence, Mo. Meg (Morris) Richard ’04 received her MBA from Baker University and works in marketing at HMN Architects. Dan Schmutz ’04 is in his last year of graduate school at Southwest Baptist University. He anticipates receiving a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May 2008. Additionally, he is the outreach athletic trainer and education coordinator for Cox Health Sports Medicine.

Bridgett (Stewart) Schmutz ’04 is working toward her Master of Education in Athletics and Activities Administration through William Woods University. She is a business instructor and holds assistant coaching positions for girls’ basketball and volleyball at Willard High School. Rachel (Leist) Backfisch ’05 is a trade marketing representative for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco in Poplar Bluff, Mo. Aaron Biehle ’05 is a coordinator-financial advisor for Ameritime in Festus, Mo. Deion Christopher ’05 is the information technology manager for the city of Arnold, Mo. He obtained Praxis II certification to teach high school earth and social sciences. Ashley (Wethington) Klug ’05 is an athletic trainer at David Crockett High School in Johnson City, Tenn. Kristin McAninch ’05 is a preschool teacher in the Knox County R-I School District. Tiffany Payne ’05 was named one of Missouri’s Outstanding Beginning Teachers. She teaches kindergarten at South Park Elementary in Moberly, Mo. Dr. Gale “Hap” Hairston, past chair of the Division of Professional Education at CMU, presented the award to her at a surprise assembly. Sandra Tye ’05 has been accepted into the University of Missouri School of Medicine and will begin her studies in August 2008. Currently, she is working on her master’s degree in neuroscience in Charleston, S.C. Martha “Mattie” Allen ’06 has been accepted into the University of Kansas School of Medicine. She will begin her studies in August 2008. Rachel Broughton ’06 is a real estate loan processor for Central Bank. She lives and works in Jefferson City, Mo. Ryan Coleman ’06 works as a credit manager for Wells Fargo Financial. He lives and works in

Mike Hirsch, former CMU professor of sociology and chair of the Social Sciences Division, and wife Carol Moczygemba, former CMU professor of communications and journalism, visited Dr. Harold and Sonya Sunoo at their home in California in July. Dr. Sunoo taught at Central from 1963 until 1989 and is professor emeritus of sociology. Pictured above are Harold, Sonya and Mike. the Kansas City area. Harlan Futrell ’06 lives in Las Vegas where he substitutes in the Clark County School District. Candace Godwin ’06 has been named assistant athletic trainer at William Jewell College. She is currently working on her master’s degree in athletic training. Jackie Gray ’06 was named one of Missouri’s Outstanding Beginning Teachers. She teaches kindergarten at Gerald Elementary in Moberly, Mo. She was joined by other recipients and Dr. Gale “Hap” Hairston, past chair of the Division of Professional Education at CMU, for the awards luncheon in Jefferson City, Mo. Doug Hansen ’06 was named one of Missouri’s

Three Central alumnae were recently honored at the Missouri Association of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Convention. Beth Auchly ’94 received the Young Professional Award. Beth teaches middle school physical education in Cuba, Mo. Melissa Krog Savaiinaea ’01, who teaches health and physical education, as well as coaching the JV women’s basketball team at Truman High School in Independence, Mo., also received the Young Professional Award and was the co-recipient of the Kansas City District Health Teacher of the Year. Kim (Goforth) Schieber ’95 was the other co-recipient of the Kansas City District Health Teacher of the Year. Kim teaches physical education and health at Lee’s Summit (Mo.) High School. At the convention, Kim and Melissa presented together and had been communicating for quite some time via email. It was not until they met face-to-face at the convention and began visiting that they found out they were both Central Methodist alumnae and sorority sisters.

Fall 2007

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Alumni news Outstanding Beginning Teachers. He is in his second year teaching English at Mexico Public High School in Mexico, Mo. He received the award in Jefferson City at a ceremony held by the Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Ashley Kreek ’06 works with the Missouri National Guard and lives in Columbia. Abby McClelland ’06 is a kindergarten teacher in the Fayette R-III school district. Scott Peyton ’06, an Army Reserve Specialist, graduated from the nine-week basic infantry training at Fort Benning in Columbus, Ga. TeNeil Stevenson ’06 is teaching and coaching with the Liberty, Mo., public schools. He is a member of the Liberty High School football coaching staff. Jessica Wolpers ’06 is an elementary special education teacher in the New Franklin R-I schools. Kyle Youngs ’06 is a field scientist and assistant chemist for Alion Science and Technology, working as a government contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency. Erin Baker ’07 works for Judevine Outreach Services and resides in New Bloomfield, Mo. Nathaniel Barbe ’07 teaches high school science in the Houston (Mo.) School District. Nate Breland ’07 is the athletic strength coach and a graduate assistant at Central Methodist University. He also works as a personal trainer at The Fitness Zone in Fayette. Tammy Butler ’07 was recently crowned Miss Moberly 2007, a preliminary event for the Miss America Scholarship Pageant. Rebecca Campbell ’07 works as a music teacher in the Cooper County (Mo.) R-IV School District. Jonathan Colquitt ’07 is working as a youth specialist for the Division of Youth Services. He resides in the St. Louis area. Priscilla Conrow ’07 works for Mortgage Research Center in Columbia, Mo., as a compliance manager.

Meg Morris ’04 and Matt Richard were married July 7, 2007.

Connie Johnson ’07 is a staff auditor for the Missouri State Auditors Office in Jefferson City.

Meghan Spase ’04 and Sterling Sublett were married June 7, 2007.

Megan Marmor ’07 teaches sixth grade at Liberty School District #25 in Arizona.

Shane Kleffner ’05 and Shelly Wieberg were married May 19, 2007.

Adrienne Mathews ’07 lives in Olathe, Kan., and is a graduate assistant at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Rachel Leist ’05 and Michael Backfisch were married July 7, 2007.

Todd Oberlin ’07 is the choir director for the St. James (Mo.) R-1 School District. Layna Richardson ’07 works as a preschool aide for the DeSoto (Mo.) School District. April Steinman ’07 is working for the Osage County (Mo.) R-II School District as the director of pre-school. Megan Watts ’07 is teaching middle school social sciences in the El Dorado Springs (Mo.) R-II District.

Fall 2007

Kathryn Ramsey ’06 and Dustin Bachtel were married July 15, 2007. Brad Royston ’06 and Jessica Bahnsen were married on June 30, 2007.

Jason Ahten x07 and Sarah Parsons were married July 7, 2007.


Ivy Taylor ‘07 and Christopher Townley ‘06 were married Sept. 29, 2007.

Paula Ann (Bequette) Gresham ’70 and Dan Fetherston were married May 19, 2007. Bekki Spurgeon ’82 and Spencer Galloway were married May 12, 2007. Dori Abram ’93 and Bob Busby were married May 19, 2007. Kevin Bennoch ’97 And Leslie McCoy were married Sept. 8, 2007.

Nancy Ebker ’07 and Joshua Pope were married Aug. 26, 2007. Zachary Horman x07 and Andrea Dirnberger were married May 26, 2007.

Births Mary Ellen (Rutherford) Lawrence ’50 announces the birth of her grandson, Kief Shay Lawrence, born Sept. 4, 2007. Robert ’73 and Rebecca (Dwiggins) ’71 Day announce the birth of their first grandchild, Elizabeth Kathryn Spangler, born Jan. 8, 2007.

Matt Gunter ’97 and Mallie Owsley were married July 20, 2007. Darron Acklin ’98 and Kristin Hollowell were married May 27, 2006.

Melissa Krog and Eric Savaiinaea, both class of 2001, were married July 7, 2007.

David Hutchison ’07 serves as pastor at

David Anderson ’06 and Meghan Larson were married Jan. 5, 2007.

Vincent Zoeller ’07 teaches seventh and eighth grade health and careers at the Milan (Mo.) C2 School District. Additionally, he is the junior high football coach, varsity football assistant coach, head varsity boys basketball coach and head varsity track coach.

Brad Dixon ’07 is the coordinator of student activities at Highland (Kan.) Community College.

Sara Glydewell ’07 teaches first grade at Chance Elementary School in Centralia, Mo.

Joshua Shoemaker ’05 and Megan Holloway were married May 26, 2007.

Salum “Bubba” Stutzer ’06 and Jennifer Lester were married Aug. 19, 2007.

Bobbi Johnson ’00 and Ed Stergar were married July 7, 2007.

Julia Gebhardt ’07 is an admission representative at Central Methodist University.

Amber Mason ’05 and Chad Jones were married Sept. 8, 2007.

Megan Witte ’07 teaches third grade in the Sturgeon (Mo.) R-V School District.

Kimberly Cullom ’07 is a substitute teacher in the Warren County (Mo.) R-III School District.

Nick Dudas ’07 works as a tax staff I in the tax department at Williams Keepers LLC.


Creighton United Methodist Church while attending seminary at St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Mo.

Jessica Faerber ’04 and Mike Monnig were married June 3, 2006. Kristen Conrow ’04 and Greg Hough ’06 were married June 23, 2007. Kelly Howerton ’04 and Anthony Morris were married May 5, 2007. Katie McConkey ’04 and Jason Dias were married July 7, 2007.

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Alumni news Julie Biesmeyer ’91 and husband Brett Ziegler ’87 announce the arrival of their daughter Lane McKenna. She joins big sister, Katarina, and big brother, Aloysha. Gary Mallory ’93 and wife Emma announce the birth of their daughter, Cailin Shea, born July 31, 2007. Sheila (Ashby) Fulling ’94 and husband Doug announce the birth of their daughter, Avery Layne, born June 4, 2007. Candy (Moser) ’94 and husband Alan Marshall ’92 announce the birth of their son, Jacob Bradford, born March 5, 2006. Jason Clark ’97 and wife Rachel announce the birth of their daughter, Camryn, born July 29, 2007. Laurie (Stonebarger) Massey ’97 and husband Jason announce the birth of their son, Landon. Dan Carmichael ’98 and wife Jennifer announce the birth of their daughter, Lily Anne, born March 18, 2006. Cara ’98 and husband Brett ’03 Barth-Fagan announce the birth of their son, Kelton Reid, born Aug. 17, 2007. Tara (Nall) ’98 and husband Jeff Brackman ’97 announce the birth of their son, Ross Anthony, born May 17, 2006. Jeremy Booth ’99 and wife Kathleen announce the birth of their daughter, Julianna. Josh Fuller ’99 and wife Christina announce the birth of their son, Zachary James, born Aug. 20, 2007. Gina (Wilmsmeyer) ’99 and Makai Shaw ’02 annouce the birth of their son, Landon Martin, born Oct. 17, 2007. Laura (Topel) Jones ’00 and husband Johnny announce the birth of their son, Austin, born May 1, 2007. Ivie (Wills) Hickman ’01 and husband Gary announce the birth of their son, Peyten Jarome, born June 7, 2007. Kristen (Gore) Paulsmeyer ’01 and husband Jason announce the birth of their daughter, Regan Elizabeth, born Jan. 25, 2007. Daniel Yung ’01 and wife Karla announce the birth of their son, Aidan Timothy, born Oct. 20, 2006. Robyn (Baldwin) and husband Kurt Howell, both class of 2002, announce the birth of their daughter, Blythe Rayelle, born Dec. 26, 2006. Melinie (Brigance) Purvis ‘02 and husband Kevin announce the birth of their twin daughters, Lynna Ann and Lanie Jae, born on Oct. 15, 2007.

Fall 2007

Capt. Travis Thebeau ‘02 and wife Kathy announce the birth of their daughter, Cora Meryn. Kelly (Henke) Reiter ’03 and husband Jack announce the birth of their daughter, Jori, born Feb. 5, 2007. Jennifer (DeLong) Warner ‘03 and husband Steven announce the birth of their daughter, Eloise, born May 1, 2007. Amy (Barbero) ’04 and husband Tony Townley ’03 announce the birth of their daughter, Madison Ashley, born Jan. 12, 2007. Jennifer (Mahon) ’04 and husband Sgt. Justin Ludwig x03 announce the birth of their daughter, Haley Riayn, born March 26, 2007. Rachel (Leist) Backfisch ’05 and husband Michael announce the birth of their son, Davis Michael, born June 6, 2007. Andrea (Shikles) Larison ’06 and husband Andrew announce the birth of their son, Ian Thomas, born July 18, 2007. Jennifer (Lester) and husband Salum “Bubba” Stutzer ’06 announce the birth of their son, Noah James, born July 19, 2007. Michael Crump and Ashley Wolf, both class of 2007, announce the birth of their daughter, Aaliyah Lynn, born Aug. 3, 2007.

Deaths 1920

Dr. Benjamin Eisenmann ’28 of New Haven, Mo., died Dec. 29, 2006, just a month after being featured in The Talon. Born in 1906, his 100th birthday was celebrated in his home town and April 23 was forever named “Dr. Benjamin Eisenmann Day.” He was a beloved country doctor for more than 50 years before retiring in 1987. After retirement he continued to practice medicine at a Washington nursing home and by assisting at a fellow physician’s office. He was an active member of Emory Memorial United Methodist Church and involved in numerous civic and philanthropic organizations.

Edna (Smith) Glenn ’37 of St.

Louis, Mo., died June 10, 2007. B o r n March 3, 1916, in Frankfort, Mo., to Wa l t o n C. and Charlotte (Jones) Smith, she was also the granddaughter of T. Berry Smith, professor of chemistry, 1895-1926, and president of Central College, 19031905. She grew up in Fayette and earned a B. A. degree at Central (now Central Methodist University) and an M.A. degree from North Texas State University. In 1935, Edna Glenn was crowned Miss Missouri and was First Runner-up in the Miss America Pageant. A successful educator, Edna Glenn was honored with numerous teaching awards, was an acknowledged and published scholar, and was a frequent lecturer on Southwest Indian arts and crafts. Edna retired in 1987 as associate professor of art history, emeritus, from Texas Tech University in Lubbock. She then moved to Santa Fe, N.M., and taught as an adjunct professor of art history and Native American art history at the College of Santa Fe. She was an editorial consultant to Indians of New Mexico published by the New Mexico Magazine in 1990. As part of the 1992 CMU Homecoming week activities, Edna returned to the CMU campus and presented three lectures: Indian Arts of the Southwest: Land, People, Religion, Art, and Architecture; Indian Arts and Crafts – Rugs, Baskets, Painting, and Sculpture; and The Art and Life of Georgia O’Keefe. She returned to Missouri in 1995. She then served on the Advisory Board of the Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art at Central Methodist University. Edna was preceeded in death by husband James Glenn, sister Jean (Smith) Collins ’35, and brothers-in-law John C. Glenn ’40 and Robert Keith Collins ’38. She is survived by son Gary Glenn ’63 and granddaughter Christy Glenn of St. Louis; daughter Vicki Glenn and her husband, Thomas McFadden, of Maryland; and two nephews, Michael K. and Robert R. Collins.

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Alumni news The Honorable William “Bill” Hungate x44 of St. Louis, Mo., died July 30,

2007. He was born Dec. 14, 1922, in Benton, Ill., and grew up in Bowling Green, Mo., where he met his wife, Dorothy (Wilson). The two were high school sweethearts. Hungate began his college career at Central Methodist University and was a graduate of the University of MissouriColumbia and Harvard Law School. He also attended the Universities of Michigan and Pennsylvania. In 1967 he was honored by CMU with the Distinguished Alumni Award. Hungate, a Democrat, represented Missouri’s 9th District from 1964-1977. As a congressman, he sponsored the second article of impeachment against President Richard Nixon before the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate proceedings. He also served as a federal judge for the U. S. District Court in St. Louis from 1979-2002. During his tenure he approved the consent decree for the voluntary school desegregation plan in 1983 which allowed African-American students from the city to attend suburban school districts. Prior to serving in Congress, Hungate practiced law in Troy, Mo., where he was elected prosecuting attorney for Lincoln County. He then served as a Missouri Special Assistant Attorney General and, following his time in Congress, was a partner with Thompson Mitchell in St. Louis from 1977-1979. In 1979 he assumed his position as a federal judge. A veteran of World War II, he served in Europe and received the Combat Infantry Badge and the Bronze Star. He was a member of the American Legion and the Veteran of Foreign Wars. He served as lieutenant governor of Kiwanis and president of the Harvard Law School Association of Missouri. Hungate is survived by his wife, Dorothy (Wilson) Hungate; a son, David Hungate of Fairview, Tenn.; a daughter Katie (Hungate) Wood Branson of Hannibal; and four grandchildren.


Robert Wortman, M.D., ’38 of Hilton Head, S.C., died Aug. 21, 2007. Catherine (Babcock) Coghill ’39 of Germantown, Ohio, died Sept. 4, 2006. Mary (Saunders) Jaedtke ’39 of Winona, Minn., died April 2, 2007. Lois (Hurt) Woods ’39 of Annandale, Va., died April 29, 2006.

1940 June (Hayes) Somerville ’40 of Bourbon, Mo., died March 11, 2007. Elvira (Meinershagen) Willer ’40 of Mexico, Mo., died April 10, 2007. Dr. Bob Gregory ’42 of Maryville, Mo., died June 11, 2007. Lt. Col Marvin Teel ’42 of San Antonio, Texas, died March 11, 2006. Virginia (Middleton) Wenzell ’42 of Sumter, S.C., died June 9, 2007. Jeanne (McCutchan) Blair ’43 of East Nor-

Daisy (McKee) Jacobs ’51 of Fayette, Mo., died July 5, 2007. She was born in

Cramer Mansur ’31 of Chillicothe, Mo., died July 14, 2007. Pauline (Hackett) Arnold ’32 of Tarkio, Mo., died Sept. 6, 2007. Col. Perry Eubank ’33 of Atlantic Beach, Fla., died Feb. 10, 2007. John Hopkins Foard Sr. ’34 of Kansas City, Mo., died June 15, 2007. Robert Long x34 of Boonville, Mo., died Oct. 12, 2007. Cleone (Perry) Dalrymple ’35 of Littleton, Colo., died Dec. 11, 2006. Kenneth Ahmann ’36 of Green Valley, Ariz., died June 12, 2007. The Rev. Arnold Burns ’36 of Richmond, Mo., died May 6, 2007. John Adcock Calhoun ’36 of Montrose, Mo., died July 16, 2007. Richard Swaim ’37 of Cape Girardeau, Mo., died Aug. 31, 2007. Wootson (Hollingsworth) Haubein ’37 of Wilmington, Del., died Jan. 1, 2006. Alice (James) Finley ’38 of Vista, Calif., died in October 2006. Ruth (Winter) Swanson ‘38 of Bastrop, La., died April 24, 2007.


Betty (Birkheimer) Wortman ’38 of Hilton Head, S.C., died Aug. 29, 2007.

Fall 2007

Fayette on Jan. 12, 1929, the daughter of Ned and Margaret White McKee. She was a member of the Lew Wallace Jacobs family, owners of Commercial Trust Bank in Fayette. Both the Jacobs family and Commercial Trust Bank have been long time supporters of Central Methodist University. Jacobs was for many years an active community volunteer and a faithful supporter of Central Methodist University. Her interests also included the Fayette Public Schools, 4-H, and various churches and church youth activities. In the past few years, she had been actively involved in volunteer projects to send supplies to the United States Armed Forces members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jacobs attended Linn Memorial United Methodist Church and was a member of the United Methodist Women and the Lydia Circle. She was also a member of Ashland Christian Church, where she was treasurer of

the Ashland Cemetery Board. A memorial service was held at Linn Memorial United Methodist Church with the Rev. Eric Moore ’96 officiating. The Rev. Mike Jackman ’79 and the Rev. Sara Chaney ’76 assisted in the service. Fond words were offered by all who spoke, and among the sadness were also times of laughter recollecting moments in the life of Daisy Jacobs. The details of the patriotic service were pre-planned by Jacobs, including instruction for the tempo of the hymns to be quickly paced. Jacobs is survived by four children; Janet L. Jacobs ’77; Julie J. Menees ’78 and her husband, Fred; and Jennifer J. Moorehead ’88 and her husband, Geoff Moorehead ’83, all of Fayette; and Lew Wallace (Jay) Jacobs IV and his wife, Kelly, of Munich, Germany. Also surviving are her grandchildren: Liza L. Moler, Allison Brown ’05, current CMU student Garth Menees, Clare Moorehead, and Kate Moorehead, all of Fayette; and Lew Wallace (Quinn) Jacobs V, Christian Jacobs, Henry Jacobs, and Felix Jacobs, all of Munich, Germany. Other survivors include great grandchild Haden Kelly and her brother, Jerry C. McKee, both of Fayette.

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Alumni news walk, Conn., died July 4, 2007. Mary Jane “Mickey” (Young) Shepherd ’43 of Kansas City, Mo., died July 30, 2007. Walter Bray ’44 of Eugene, Ore., died May 27, 2007. Dr. William C. Francis ’44 of Houston, Texas, died April 2, 2007. Gordon H. Shewman ’44 of Webster Groves, Mo., died July 2, 2007. William Abele ’45, M.D., of Boonville, Mo., died June 27, 2007. Peter Sorenson ’45 of O’Fallon, Mo., died July 11, 2007. Capt. Herbert Cannon ’46 of New Smyrna Beach, Fla., died Nov. 5, 2006. Shirley (Ray) Goodwin ’47 of Westerville, Ohio, died Aug. 12, 2007. Edgar Mayfield ’47 of St. Louis, Mo., died Oct. 2, 2007. Donald Blood ’48 of Statesville, N.C., died Nov. 14, 2006. Lucy (Bates) Wood ‘48 of Park Rapids, Minn., died Nov. 6, 2007. She was student body president in 1947 and later the first alumni secretary to B. I. Lawrence.

James Ellis Etter ’51 of Brazito, Mo., died Aug. Ella Philips, wife of former Trustee Perry Philips, of West Lafayette, Ind., and Columbia, Mo., 25, 2007. died Aug. 3, 2007. Betty (Dillender) Gaunt ’51 of Columbia, Mo., died June 3, 2007. Joseph “Moe” Mosby ’51 of Kansas City, Mo., died Aug. 8, 2007. Edward “Ed” Riefler ’56 of Springfield, Mo., died Oct. 12, 2007. Joyce (Northcutt) Smith ’56 of Rural Retreat, Va., died April 20, 2007. Roland Jay North x57 of Bradenton, Fla., died July 31, 2007. Dalene (Summers) Beaver ’58 of Boulder, Colo., died May 27, 2007. James Galen Ray ’58 of Armstrong, Mo., died Sept. 12, 2007

1960 Alice (Mershon) Leitch ’60 of Lawrence, Kan., died March 7, 2007. James “Jim” Spencer ’62 of Austin, Texas, died Oct. 21, 2007.

Robert C. Garrett, former CMU

trustee, died May 24, 2007, in St.Louis, Mo., where he had lived all his life. He served CMU as a trustee 1970-1981. Educated as a chemical engineer, he was president of the family business, the Missouri Bridge and Iron Co. Later he joined Stupp Bros. Bridge & Iron Co. as a structural steel engineer. He was chairman of the board of Town and Country and became that city’s first mayor. An active community citizen, Garrett was past president of Epworth Children’s Home and a volunteer with Meals on Wheels. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Elizabeth “Betty” (Heaton) Garrett; three children: Ruth Blackwell, Carol Fisher, and Robert H. Garrett; seven grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

John Phelps ’67 of Carbondale, Ill., died May 15, 2007.


1950 Mary Frances Cronbaugh ’50 of Newnan, Ga., died Sept. 7, 2007. Rev. Bryan Hansford ’50 of Phoenix, Ariz., died April 23, 2007. James P. “Dugan” Berry Jr. x51 of Poplar Bluff, Mo., died June 8, 2007. Robert “Bob” Crews ‘51 of Potosi, Mo., died March 20, 2007. Robert “Bobby” Ellis ’51 of Nagaunee, Mich., died May 18, 2007. In 1999 Ellis was inducted into the CMU Hairston Hall of Fame for outstanding performance in football and basketball.

George Newton, PhD, ’58 of

Columbia, Mo., died Oct. 24, 2007. He served as the acting director and deputy director of the Astrophysics Division, NASA. During his 33-year career as a scientist and administrator with NASA, he was involved in all space exploration projects taking place at that time. Dr. Newton was also the national president of ARC (originally the Association for Retarded Children – an organization of and for people with mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and their families) during its formative period.

Fall 2007

Vicki (Allgier) Pirtle ’70 of Kennett, Mo., died Sept. 7, 2007.

1980 John Rhoades ’82 of Mesquite, Texas, died July 25, 2007. Gayle DeGraffenreid ’85 of Brumley, Mo., died July 13, 2007.

1990 Brian Walters ’96 of Lytle, Texas, died May 18, 2007.

2000 Justin Valle x10 of DeSoto, Mo., died Sept. 9, 2007.

Friends of Central Robert C. Garrett, former Trustee, of St. Louis, Mo., died May 24, 2007. Dr. R. Paul Drummond, CMU professor of music and director of choral activities, died Thursday, September 27, 2007. (See article, page 10.)

Katherine Field Moore Priest ‘33, one of Central’s biggest supporters,

died a year ago in September. Katherine grew up on Central’s campus. For a while the family lived at Wills Hall, where “Ma” Field befriended many young men. Frank Field worked in the maintenance department. Rachel Field was secretary to Dean Puckett, and later she taught English at Central. Katherine met her husband, Dward, at Central. They made beautiful music together—Dward sang and Katherine played the piano. They lived in St. Joseph for more than 50 years and later retired to Bella Vista, Ark. Dward died in 1998. Katherine later met Chester Priest and they were married in 2000. Her daughter, Kathleen Murphy, ’62 and son-in-law Robert Murphy, ’60 attended Central. Her son Dward, Jr.,x63 also attended Central. Her sister, Dr. Mary Field Arehart ‘39 and her cousin, Sarah Frances (Koontz) Forbes ’41 are also Central Alumnae. Central was very important to Katherine. She always enjoyed telling people about Central and her years there. That dedicated support will be missed.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Kathleen Murphy ’62

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Alexander Marshall, Central Methodist University Trustee Emeritus and retired vice president ombudsman of McDonnell Aircraft Company, died Oct. 19, 2007, at his home in Creve Coeur, Mo., following a struggle with lymphoma and leukemia. Marshall, born June 29, 1929, in Pawtucket, R.I., the son of Dr. J. Brewer and Winifred Olendorf Marshall, received his Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from Brown University in 1950. He was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy in 1950 and served on active duty until 1953. He was promoted to Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve in 1953, and then to Lieutenant Commander and served in the Reserve until 1960. A member of Salem-in-Ladue United Methodist Church, Marshall served as chairman of the trustees and the administrative board. He first joined the Central Methodist University Board of Trustees in December 1994, serving through June 2002, then rejoining in July 2003 and serving through April 2006. Central awarded him the Doctorate of Humane Letters in 2007. Marshall and his wife, Elizabeth, established two Hall of Sponsors Scholarships at Central, honoring their parents: The Dr. J. Brewer and Winifred Olendorf Marshall Hall of Sponsors Scholarship and The William E. and Esther Wilson Wood Hall of Sponsors Scholarship. Marshall was honored with the prestigious Community Service Award for his volunteer activities, most notably serving as a member of the St. Louis Literary Council, tutoring students twice weekly at Epworth School for more than a decade. In addition to his wife, Elizabeth (Wood) Marshall, survivors include three sons: Douglas of Arlington, Mass., David of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Daniel of Middlebury, Ind.; a sister, Sarah Fell of Sayre, Penn.; and three grandchildren. Memorial gifts may be made to Central Methodist University, 411 Central Methodist Square, Fayette, MO 65248.

Jasper Wade Meals of Fayette, Mo., died Oct. 7,

2007. He was born on June 20, 1915, in Kansas City, Mo., to Ula and Jasper W. Meals Sr. As their first child, he led and encouraged all of his siblings to work hard and to achieve college educations. As a resident of Fayette, he was a long-time supporter of Central Methodist University and its endeavors. Meals married Elizabeth Durley ’38 on June 15, 1940, in her parents’ home in Hughesville, Mo. He served as a Captain in the U. S. Army during World War II in the U. S. and the Pacific. Jasper and Elizabeth raised three children. He was admired and loved by all of those in his family – especially his grandchildren. Meals graduated from the University of Missouri in 1940 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and began his engineering career. He retired in 1976 as Vice President of Burns & McDonnell in Kansas City, Mo., after 31 years of service. During those years he was an active member of Old Mission United Methodist Church. Jasper and Elizabeth enjoyed traveling together, and pursued restoration of Oakwood, their preCivil War home in Fayette, Mo. Over the decades, he planted thousands of walnut and oak trees in yards, parkways, and groves, which continue to flourish and beautify the state. Meals was predeceased by son Kenneth D. Meals ’63, and his sisters, Helen Kiehl, Ula Barringhaus, and Jean Garven. Survivors include wife Elizabeth; daughter Harriet Finkelstein and husband Steve; son Dr. Roy A. Meals and wife Susan; brothers Russell W. Meals and Joe O. Meals; a granddaughter, a grandson, a great granddaughter, plus nieces and nephews. Memorial gifts are suggested to CMU.


Fall 2007

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The Pension Protection Act of 2006 now allows for those individuals who are at least 70 ½ to make taxfree gifts directly from an IRA to charitable organizations such as Central Methodist University

Please contact your financial advisor or Theresa Davis, Vice President for Advancement at 877-CMU-1854 ext. 56214 or via e-mail at for more information.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Charles K. “Dude” McMillan

Charles K. “Dude” McMillan, for more than a half-century the legendary proprietor of McMillan’s Cafe in Fayette (better known as Mac’s), died on Nov. 3 following several years of declining health. He was 83. Jim Steele ‘64, editor and publisher of the Fayette newspapers, delivered Dude’s eulogy at a Celebration of Life Service Nov. 10 at Fayette’s First Christian Church. With a number of Central alumni on hand, the sanctuary was filled to overflowing. Following is an abridged version of Steele’s remarks. Long before the TV sit-com “Cheers” made the catch-phrase popular, Mac’s was a place where, indeed, “everyone knew your name.” And know your name Dude did. He probably knew more Central students than anyone in these parts, even though he himself never attended the institution. I received an e-mail from a 1961 Central graduate, Dr. Carl (Bevo) Lester. He had read of Dude’s death in our newspaper and these are his words: “He was a Fayette icon. I came back after med school, my residency, the military service and several years of practice and went (of course ) to Mac’s. Dude said ‘Hi, Bevo’ — as if I had been gone only two weeks!” When Dude returned from military service in 1945 (he took part and was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge), the McMillan family already was well-established on South Main, having secured one of the state’s first tavern licenses following repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Our friend is fondly remembered for pouring drinks of water, soda, coffee — and of course stronger spirits — while talking about sports, politics and his family — not to mention

Fall 2007

town gossip and the latest goings-on at Central College. Over the years — especially at the annual CMU fall Homecoming — countless alumni (myself included) would faithfully make the pilgrimage back to Mac’s to renew college memories and likely as not, would be called by name upon seeing Dude McMillan. I think one reason why so many of us were pulled to Mac’s was its timeless consistency. Through good times and bad times, war, depression, fire, along with numerous changes and social upheavals, Mac’s was a “pillar of tradition” which never seemed to change — and thus somehow signaled to us that we hadn’t changed. But of course we had. How many of us will never forget the aura of the place. By and large, the memories were indelible and extremely pleasant — the click of billiard balls coming from the back room; schooners of Bud passed over the bar; the cigarette smoke; the TV turned-on quietly overhead (usually tuned to a sports broadcast); the chili, hot dogs, pickles, hard-boiled eggs with hot sauce, the pizza — the list goes on and on. But the man behind the bar was more than just a tavern owner known for giving students a free beer on their 21st birthday. He was a friend, confidant, mentor and purveyor of wisdom and common sense. And while it may not be widely known, many a Central student was able to stay in school thanks to Dude — who would quietly advance credit, provide jobs and otherwise lend a helping hand. And so we have memories. But Dude McMillan had a life outside of his famous tavern — as a respected member of the community and as a family man. Born in Fayette, on Jan. 24 1924, he was the son of Ernest Elmer and Mayne Keeling McMillan, and the stepson of Della McMillan. He married Marjorie Jean Crews on Sept. 22, 1946, in Olathe, Kan. Dude was a member of the Fayette First Christian Church, the Fayette Golf Club, a charter member of the White-Bell American Legion Post 273, and a proud Republican. As many of us know, Dude was a lifelong sports fan, with Cardinal baseball at the top of his list. He had a great memory for long-forgotten sports trivia and Dude’s friends and family often would come to him to get “the full story.” Most of all, he loved watching his grandkids play and compete in sports. Survivors include his wife, Margie; sons Ron and Brian McMillan; daughters Dana Jacob and Laurie Crimmins; brothers Ernest and James McMillam; and several grandchildren. Memorial gifts have been suggested to the Campaign for Eagle Athletics in care of Randy Hubbard, director of planned giving and major gifts at Central Methodist University.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Honor Roll This Honor Roll recognizes and honors all who contributed to CMU between July 1, 2005, and June 30, 2006. We have made every effort to be accurate; however, in case of error or omission, please contact the Advancement Office, 411 Central Methodist Square, Fayette, MO 65248; 660-2486232;




The Partners Giving Society includes persons and organizations whose gifts totaling $25,000 or more in a single year have substantially bolstered the work of the University. We are profoundly grateful for the productive partnerships represented here:

Celebrating the distinctive towers that help define the Central Methodist University campus---Cross Memorial, T. Berry Smith and Brannock---this giving society gratefully acknowledges gifts of $10,000 or more in a single year:

3M Foundation R. Frederick and Barbara Miller Alexander Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Halkaline Kirk Bergsten Judy Callis Frances Y. Cheever Estate Commercial Trust Company Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox Richard L. and Irene Virginia Dalton M. David III and Karen Dealy Margaret Gould Dent Estate Dorothy E. Detring Estate John A. Downing John W. and Margaret Woodward Drakesmith Glenn & Sophia Featherston Estate Robert M. and Edith I. Anderson Garst John T. Graff Dennis R. and Shelia C. Hammond L. W. IV and Kelly Jacobs Jordan Charitable Foundation Katheryn Louise King Estate M. G. and Carol McCall Missouri Colleges Fund Inc. C. H. and Jeanne Abele Nunning Estate Sue Gudakunst Rizzo Estate Joanne C. Roman Edna Schenk † John F. and Lucy Eason Shackelford Robert W. and N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner Robert L. Siler and Patricia Hill Burnett Donald G. Jr. and Sondra Sercu Spalding

Don V. Allemann Ivory & Clara Bell Estate Eugene Biermann Dimmit Lee Brown Trust Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ozelle Conway Trust Betty E. Denneny Fresh Ideas Management LLC Carol A. Calvert Fricke Warren Gould Sam M. and Jan Guenther Treva S. Hall Jeffrey N. and Linda K. Hogenmiller IBM International Foundation Marianne E. and David Inman Janet L. Jacobs Carl O. and Catherine Hampton Lester James M. and Elisabeth Holman Luetjen Harold L. Momberg Family Gary G. Orear James E. Orear Mark D. and Nancy Walker Peacock Robert T. and Carolyn Summers Perry William D. and Cathy Powell Nicholas L. and Patricia Reding SBC Foundation Mary D. Sheetz-Riley Estate Shirley Wegener Westlake Miles C. and Laura Earlene Snider Whitener

ORDER OF EAGLE These far-sighted alumni, friends, and organizations supported Central Methodist University with contributions of $5,000 or more during the last fiscal year:

Fall 2007

Abbott Laboratories Fund J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison Kenneth R. Ahmann † and Mary Louise Black Ahmann Robert F. and Nancy C. Anderson Anonymous Donor Ola Lee Barnett Estate Barbara A. Bartee William D. Baskett III Paul L. and Eleanor Rudd Calvert ConocoPhillips Ann Dickinson Ronald Lee and Virginia McCoy Frede William G. and Millicent B. Guerri Michael J. and Sally Kocher Hahn Robert L. and Barbara Williams Hahne Robert A. and Cindy Harlan Robert H. and Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge John H. Jr. and Nancy Balzer Holt Ilene Morrison House John D. Hutcherson Bedford F. and Kathryn Detring Knipschild William P. Kocher Clyde G. and Mary Sue Weaver Lear David W. and Katie Lewis Waverly Drake Lineberry Estate Ginger King and Dennis Luetkemeyer George A. and Dorothy Gould Luther W. Kirk Meyer Missouri United Methodist Foundation Ruth Higginbotham Nickerson Orscheln Industries Foundation Adah E. Peckenpaugh Estate Valerie J. Penn Mary S. Petty Miles V. Plzak Donald G. and Mona Preuss Robert B. and Donna T. Puyear Rex W. and Marjorie Ross Norma June Russell Michael A. Scardina David Edgar Starkey Laurence R. and Sylvia Kelso Tucker

AT&T Foundation Martha Beimdiek Adair Cora E. Adkins Estate Ameren Services Robert C. Badger Jr. Howard J. and Celia Roberts Barnhard Randall D. and Cathy Barron Joe E. and Jane Ash Belew James J. and Caryl R. Bryan Margo A. Youngstrom Chapman Coil Construction Inc. Louis E. and Marcia M. Countryman Robert E. and Becky Courtney Henry Dayringer Deloitte Foundation Mary E. Dillon Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Marc K. and Christine W. Evans Larry R. Fagan Fayette Area Community Trust T. Keith and Jeanne Yaeger Grebe Terry L. and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Florence L. Innes Timothy Jackman Daisy McKee Jacobs † James M. and Kay Kimbell Paul W. King Ronald F. and Sonja F. Knigge Brock M. and Nancy D. Lutz David J. and Mary Alice Malmo Alexander † and Elizabeth Wood Marshall Monnig Industries Inc. Tim and Carol Monnig Lucille Mounter Gregory A. and Melissa A. Nelson Gordon W. Olson Clay A. and Karen Perry W. Richard and Charlotte A. Shelton John K. Stiller Robert B. Thomas United Methodist Higher Education Foundation Herbert D. and Jane A. Walker Roger E. Williams Jr. † Williams-Keepers CPA Keith W. Young and Terrence J. Coan Nancy J. Yuelkenbeck



We extend deep thanks to these contributors of $2,500-$4,999 last fiscal year:

The following made gifts of $1,000 - $2,499 to CMU during the last fiscal year. Such support is truly needed and appreciated:

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Robert L. and Sue Allen Allstate Foundation Amgen Foundation Floyd E. and Helen L. Anderson Anonymous Donor Anonymous Donor Mary Field Arehart Charles T. and Arlene Ashby David P. and Emilie G. Atkins O. Nelson and Kristi Wiebe Auer Thomas J. Aylward Allan P. and Thelma L. Baker Ball Corporation David W. Bandy Bank of America Corporation Mark Q. Barton Donald V. Benson † Harold E. Bingham Valroy and Barbara A. Haas Binsbacher Sybil J. Blumenberg Boeing Gift Matching Program Brian R. Bond Boone Electric Community Trust William E. and Nannetta Marshall Brame Robert E. and Barbara A. Steele Bregant Robert Dean and Suzanne Duke Brown Donald L. and Mary Broyles Tom B. Brumitt John D. and Melissa Bucksath J. Douglas Burton Butler Manufacturing Company Foundation David W. and Carol Platt Butler E. Dean Canan Rogie Allen and Gail Hall Carlock Albert L. Caudle The Chance Foundation Thomas Campbell and Judith Chick Jane Voelker Clark † E. LaVelle and Iris L. Collins Allen S. and Shirley Crites Beau and Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Owen J. and Susan L. DeBoer Carl Arthur and Joan L. Kleeman Detmer Fred M. and Sharon L. Domke R. Paul † and M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond Paul A. and Mary Jo Ireland Easterday Robert H. and Mary Gaines Easterday Philip N. Edson O. Dean and C. Joanne Mershon Ehlers Emerson Electric Company E. Jack Estes Exchange Bank of Missouri ExxonMobil Foundation Inc. Diane E. Biswell Ferrier David M. Firestone

The Talon

Honor Roll First UMC, Sikeston Hans Fischer and Barb Larkin † Daniel E. and Sandra Rohlfing Fridley Dreyfus L. II and Marie A. Froe Jay L. Frost Douglas and Sheila Ashby Fulling Terry and Nina Furstenau Paul M. Galatas Gamble and Schlemeier John D. Gardner Robert C. Garrett † and Elizabeth Garrett Keith A. and Ellen Gary James and Susan Fleer Gerhard Glasgow UMC Maurice B. and Edna Mae Graham Don A. and Jean Borgelt Gruenewald H & R Block Foundation Alpha J. Sutterfield Hahn Thomas S. Hahs Brian and Heather D. Warren Hall Hallmark Corporate Foundation Joseph M. II and Lisa Hannah Todd A. and Mary Beth Harper Harris Connect L. Kyle and Marie Frazee Hern Andrew J. and Jo-an Brown Higgins Fred R. and Patricia Phillips Hilgeman William S. and Martha R. Holman Roy Robert and Mary M. Lewis Hornyak Gail D. and Dorothy N. Kauffman Hughes William H. Jacobs Johnson & Johnson Companies Earl E. Johnson Ronald A. and Nancy Johnson Carol A. Joyce Glenn R. and Anne Raine Joyce George W. Kessinger Kenneth L. and Norma C. Innes Kienker Kirkwood UMC Ralph E. Knowles Jr. Benjamin C. Korschot Robert A. Kountz and Suzanne Janus Kountz † William B. Kountz Jr. Lawrence Leo and Patricia Mae Berry Lammert William D. and Marilyn Yeater Langworthy Ronald E. and Christine Lemonds Janet K. Love W. Edgar and Martha Burton Mayfield Stephen Glenn and Diane McClure Joe M. and Maida McCormack Ruth Givens McIlroy William D. and Elizabeth J.

McIntosh Jasper W. † and Elizabeth Durley Meals W. Darrell and Shirley Swisher Meyer Warren J. and Mary Ellen Meyer Andrew J. Jr. and Roxanne T. Miller Missouri Conference UMC Missouri UMC Foundation Clifford E. Mohn Jr. Tom and Natalie Monnig Albert F. III and Etta Mae Mutti Charlie J. Myers Eric O. and Lynda Hynes Nau Nevada UMW Frederick C. Nix Janice Rushing O’Quinn † Mark Oppenhuizen Charles J. and Joyce Eickmeyer Owens Donald L. and Dorothy M. Carmichael Panhorst Alfred F. and Mary Pannier Peggy Payeur Pfizer Foundation David C. Powell James T. and Marie L. Powell Sam Lee and Janice Worker Powell Virginia Terry Preston Marvin R. and Donna Naumann Pyron Robert M. Radasch Francis E. and Melody A. Reardon Reckitt Benckiser Edward D. Sr. and Patricia Brown Robertson Claire Conradi Ross Margaret Peters Sandring Pauline Edwards Scarborough David P. Schinke Robert Schnase John E. and Judith Yeast Schofield Jerry L. Schwab Schweitzer UMC Ruth A. Henderson Sears Deborah E. Sellmeyer Bob A. and G. Kay Sherrill Gary K. and Rebecca J. Combs Shoemaker Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Donald R. and Janet M. Sipes Robert B. Stanley Louise Joyce Starr Christy A. Steele James H. Steele David W. Sweiger Joseph Vincent Swisher Richard Earl and Dorothy Jean Wall Symmonds Fred H. Thornton Kevin and Betty Thorne Tierney Tri-County Trust Company Sue Tucker Troutner Wallace J. Jr. and Dara M. Turnage Elizabeth J. Wade J. B. and Dori Thomas

Fall 2007

Waggoner W. Randall Washburn David Whitney Stewart and Stephanie Wiles Maurice H. Wilson Cynthia Sooter Wolk Thomas L. Yancey

CENTRAL ASSOCIATES $500-$999 Kenneth C. and Ardith Haley Anderson Ruth Campbell Anderson Anonymous William H. Jr. and Evelyn Locke Archer Donald Lee and Mary Della Lenger Armitage Russell E. Arnett Glenn C. Jr. and Linda J. Bartley Ault Jamie Talcott Baltezore Walter and Mary Headrick Barenkamp Donald L. and Jane H. Amrhein Barton Fred A. Binkholder Diane Wilson Blackwelder Don S. Browning Lee B. Brumitt Richard S. and Barbara Burcham Brumitt Kerry Bush John Lewis Cannon Charles J. and Ge Juan B. Cardwell Charles E. Cavanah Chevron & Texaco Card Service Colgate-Palmolive Company William Edward and Marion Sherman Cooley Richard M. Dailey Dixie Jean Davidson Doris J. Steele De la Roche Beverly Braun Denman Mary-Isabel Doak John R. and Florence M. Dover Norman E. and Ruth Crowe Drissell Peggy Pile Elliott Nancy Ellis William and Phyllis Faulks Federated Department Stores First UMC, Jefferson City First UMC, Sikeston Robert D. and Karen R. Frankenfeld Raymond J. and Anne Dickson Swaim Fritts John R. Gage Joseph E. Geist GlaxoSmith Kline Foundation Francis L. Grable Leon Hackley Anna Jones Haines Mark R. and Rebecca DeWeese Harbison Larry and Patsy G.

Harrington Elizabeth Burry Haynes Maria M. Heyssel Harry Leo Hickman Jr. Gerald M. and Frances Hardy Hoxworth Robert William and Marva G. McBride Iglehart Michael A. and Patricia Emery Jefferies Jean N. Jenner Rebecca Means Jones Steven Russell and Tracy Renee Crowe Jones J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling Janet B. Kelty Harry E. and Louise Kessinger Ardis Wehrli Kimbell Land O’Lakes Foundation William D. and Julia M. Lay Michael H. Ledbetter Randall E. Lee Robert W. Leech Judith Kapp McGuire Gary Lee Meyer Gail Nelson and Paul K. Meyers Virginia Lloyd Monroe Monsanto Fund Hisako Murakawa Monnie Sue Wilcoxson Murtha NTB Phillip L. Neimeyer Richard Nemeth Robert Lee and Ewing Elizabeth Crowe Noren Richard L. and Karen Parker Paul A. and Joyce A. Ebeling Parks Aaron Penrod Peterson Manufacturing Company Richard Calvin Pratt June Allyn Hombs Pringle Procter & Gamble Pundmann Ford Jeffrey A. Radel Remedies Family Pharmacy John B. and Sharon K. Tally Renick Joseph P. III and Karen L. McAllister Rice James B. Rose Marilyn Gaddis Rose Martin D. Rudloff Frank M. and Sally J. Kraft Sandy Gerald Gene Schmidt Nancy Corcoran Schmidt Lathem A. and Nicole D. Parrish Scott Scripps Howard Foundation Gerald W. and Barbara K. Bauer Shannon Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman George Will and Harriet Ellen Shirley Earl R. and Sarah L. Shostrom B. G. and Susan Marner Sides James R. Slattery Martin R. and Judith L. Chaney Slimmer

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Gloria Runge Speer Marian F. Bowman Spivey St. Luke’s UMC, Kansas City St. Stephen UMC, Troy J. Todd and Georgia Elwell Stewart J. Chris and Eunice A. Boyington Straub Frank R. and Katherine Robertson Swisher James E. and Elizabeth P. Thompson Michael J. Thompson Richard E. Thompson Michael W. Thrasher Bennie N. and Robin Bage Till Elnora E. Tucker UMW Sikeston Union Pacific Corporation Roy Veatch John M. Wasson W. Dean and Jacquelyn Hawker Whitworth Darrell R. and Monica Widhalm James C. and Joan M. Wilson

CMU CLUB $250 - $499 Eva M. Allen Lowell D. Allen Richard and Jenice F. Renfro Ambelang C. Eugene and Sydney Ann Atkins Stephanie Diane Bagby-Stone Elbridge W. Bartley Jr. Earl F. and Sunny Bates Brent Edward Beckmann Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Judith Jackson Blair Steven Dale and Kathryn C. Blair Anne B. Blanton Sally Murray Bocklage Patrick S. Brackley Hollis Herbert Jr. and Cheryl Heimbrodt Brower Marie E. Buck Trust James E. Bureman Thomas A. Burton Jack and Mary June Birbeck Bush Cynthia M. Pruden Byous George T. Cardwell Patricia A. Champion Gregory Chandler Sr. Ralph L. Clark Kelley A. Clowe Elbert C. Cole Glenn and Betty Collier Carol J. Covey Bill J. and Betty Ann George Crigler Herman A. Crisler Jr. Martha Jean Ott Cutler William B. Daniels Matthew T. and Wendy F. Biache Dawson Steven A. and Mary Beth Wise Dick Thomas F. Dillingham Steven H. and R. Kay Siu

The Talon

† deceased


Honor Roll


Dinolfo Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Janet A. Doll Samuel W. Downing IV Celia Utlaut Drake H. Kay Easton Pamela R. Edmonds Larry Keith and Pauline Steinbeck Edwards Dana R. and Margaret Thompson Elliott Enterprise Rent-A-Car Family Health Inc. Mary Ellen Meentemeyer Femmer William E. Fennel Newell S. III and Martha Sue Hutchison Ferry Robert T. Firestone Carolyn Cates Fonteyn Glen S. Garrett Melvin N. Jr. and Annabel L. Walker Gilhaus Dale and Maureen Graham Vera Gale Feldmann Granteer Raymond A. and Mary Grote Carl W. and Melody Gustafson Gary J. Gutjahr Glenn and Joanne Potter Hall James T. Harper William D. and Kathryn Strok Hartzler Era Price Hatcher Denzil J. and Nell Hawes-Davis John Hert Elaine M. Hilgeman W. Mark Hill Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hodge Home Oil Company Honeywell International Foundation Gilbert G. Humphrey Innes Family Reunion Fund Ruth Craig Innes Theodore A. Jaeger Jr. Gailya Tucker Johnson Robert Louis and Katherine Anne Brooks Johnson Roehl W. Johnson Hugh A. II and Diane Vaughn Jones Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones Jack L. and Lenora Stone Jost David W. and Marsha Kahler Kerr William Jesse Kinsland Paul T. Klemme James G. Lauderdale Jeanne Pegues Lawing Larry J. and Carol Leech Owen T. Lind Georgia B. Lindsay Phyllis A. Linhart Denise Carol Lizenby Lockheed Martin Jerrold W. and Joyce Maudell Summers Longwell Samuel Edgar and Phyllis Jean Hayes Lucas William J. and Patricia Sue O’Dell Lundquist Sheryl Huecker Luster

Kenneth R. Lutgen Jr. Edward Christian Martens Mark E. and Brenda Mae Chiles Martin James L. Mather The May Stores Foundation Inc. Bradley Alan McCarty William Gilbert and Jerre Jean Lillie McDaniel Charles K. † and Marjorie Crews McMillan Caroline Smith Miller Douglas S. and Jo Anne Miller Moundville UMC Nancy Khalifah Moyer Michael D. Mueller Joe Davis Musgrove Sandra A. Brauss Neas Karen A. Nordquist North Cross UMC Donald L. and Phyllis Clarke Northington Kenneth R. and Michelle L. Oliver Ann Ipsen Parks Richard H. and Janice Egner Peerson Stephen L. and Nancy B. Percy John D. Perkins John D. Phillippe John L. Jr. and Judy Risinger Phillips Robert Kelly and Brenda S. Poinsett James and Jo Carol Porter Dorothy Allemann Powell Everett D. and Jane Ann Latham Powell Edward Louis Priess Prudential Insurance Company Rodney K. and Katie Rhodes John and Evelyn Richard Jack E. and Sharon Goodman Rubey Eugene E. and Nora S. Rudd Thomas J. and Janette Ruess Garland and Peggy Lee Russell Julia Jenner Savina Jeannette L. Scahill Leland D. Schaperkotter and Marjorie K. Baskett Penny Jones Selle William Jr. and Wendy Slagle Sheehan Glenn and Janet Shepard Gordon G. Shields Keith E. Shostrom Charles L. Smith David E. Smith Jr. Carolyn Schler Snell J. Bartley Spear Brent Hunter and Patricia E. Duren Speight St. Paul UMC, Fayette State Farm Companies Foundation Eva Hensley Steger Gary Lee and Venetta S. Rowlison Stephens Michael D. Stokes and Patricia L. Wendling

Fall 2007

Harold W. and Helen Sonia Sunoo Arthur Q. and Ruth L. Svoboda Richard H. Swaim Kim Chung Tang Texas State Teacher Association Richard D. and Brenda L. Duncan Tharp Catherine J. Thogmorton James P. and Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton Larry M. VandeVen Jr. Verizon Foundation Vienna UMC Paul E. and Mary Lee Burke Vivian Marjorie Lauf Wallace Walsworth Publishing Company Duane D. Warden Beth McCune Whitaker Roy Don Sr. and Franchelle Vaughan Whitehead Roger Lee Wightman H. Kendall and E. Kathleen Wilcox Robert M. Wilhite Elizabeth Denny Winfrey Lois G. Winn Peter J. and Laura Hawkins Wolfe Richard G. and Linda S. Wyatt John B. Yuelkenbeck


$100 - $249

Michael J. and Julie A. Abbott Melissa K. Thurmon Abkemeier Charles M. and Betty Adams George Rodgers and Ruth Windsor Adams Beth Ann Alpers Charles R. and Warene R. Anderson Robert K. Angstead Judith Ann Apel Arcadia Valley UMC Fred E. and Jo Ann Arnold Arthur Ratliff Tree & Stump Removal Nettie L. Artz Asbestos Removal Service Howard Ross and Nancy Arment Asbury Dorothy Jean Ayres Mark F. Babalian John Robert Baker Robert C. and Donna M. Baker Bandré Hunt & Snider LLC Thomas Ray and Iva Lou Alcorn Banning Robert Henry Barkelew Carl E. Barker Sandra L. Barney John J. Barry Margaret A. Bartold Harold E. Beasley

Micah James Beatty David E. and Nancy Guyton Bedan Shelia Belkin Lurlene Lefmann Bell William G. and Nancy Krider Benfield Jennifer Thurmon Bennett Jerry and Joanne Berneche Keith T. and Marcia Lubbers Berry Charles J. and Gail Preuss Berthe Randy L. and Sue Biggerstaff Dwight and Dorothy Kauffman Bingham John T. Bird Nancy Ellen Moss Bird Ardyth D. and Ethel F. Schneider Blaise Jerre C. Blakey Gordon O. and Pamela Lou Jarvis Blalock William A. Bloom Jr. Jerrol L. and Beverly Brase Boehmer Brian Joseph and Danielle Marie Teal Bohner Paul O. and Janet L. Cotton Bond Boone County National Bank Boone Hospital Center Jeanette Riemeier Bopp Jeff and Margie Boraz G. Robert and Sue Bowles Holly M. Toler Boyer Laurie L. Schaaf Brady-Dailey Susie Brandenburg Susan E. Brandt Mary Louise King Branson Patricia Trotter Brawner Mary K. Echelmeier Bridges Mark Richard and Lori S. Baker Briesacher Robert Lynn and Morrene Hughes Britton Keith Broadus Elizabeth Brown Jerry Eugene and Georgia Brown Mindy Marshall Brown Tom and Mari Brown Jean Kingsbury Brumleu Charles E. and Pam Buck Wes Buffington Steven C. and Carolynn Burbee Frank W. Burcham Anna S. Burden Jerry E. and Judith Hawkins Burge Jo Ann Noce Burkart Sally Swank Burke Linda Magruder Burnett Kenneth L. and Carla Robison Burres Audrey L. Schmidt Busch John G. and S. Jacqueline Byland Yvonne L. Brown Byrne C&R Supermarket Guy E. and Sandra Kay Sillin Callison Jerilyn Stiegemeyer Campbell Kevin and Mary Ann Presnell

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Cantwell Carol A. Capps Dean W. Carlisle Norman F. Carrigg John M. Cary † and Barbara Ann Dorsey Cary Benjamin and Jessica E. Kivett Caszatt Nita Cates Don L. Catlett Central States Fitness Systems John M. Jr. and Jacquelin Allred Cheary Nettie N. Cherrington Young-In Chi Jane Louise Turner Chick Joseph and Diane Chitwood Mary Frances Brennecke Clark Robert C. Clark James C. and Peggy Jo Davis Clatworthy Ann Abernathy Clement Loyd Harold Clevenger Marge Fizer Cochran Harry O. and Mary G. Cole David R. Collum Sarah Elizabeth Colony Columbia Photo & Video Mark R. Conarroe Thomas B. and Margaret Rich Cook James W. and Vicki S. Kintner Cooper Falba A. Core John C. and Jeana Kay Dicken Cox John Milton Cozean Stephen G. and Francie Crandall Creative Printing Services Mary Jane Crigler William M. Crist David M. Crites and Susan L. Northcutt Ralph L. Cross and Martha Bram Cross † Donald B. and Carlene Cullimore Kennard L. Curtis Barbara H. Davis Charles B. and Marva Davis Joe Wes Davis Jr. Robert E. and Rebecca E. Dwiggins Day Russell W. Day Ronald and Carole Sue DeLaite Randal C. and Sally J. DeMasters M. David Jr. and Lucy Aufdenberg Dealy James D. and Laura S. Blankenship Dean Gayle M. Tucker Denton J. H. and Charlotte Lee Dethero James W. Devine C. Lawrence and Juanita Dickerson Virginia Gossom Dieckgrafe Charles W. Dishion Harold L. Dodds Harlo L. Donelson Robert and Susan Doroghazi

The Talon

Honor Roll Naomi J. Williams Doss John D. Downing Sharon Faye Lewis Downing Larry T. and Nancy Woodward Drebes Sara Ann Walkup Drummond Carl R. Dulgeroff D. Keith Duren Charles and Mildred Staples Eaker Gerald Lee Early Martha J. Deatherage Eberhard Elizabeth A. May Edwards Mark Eggleston Elizabeth Davis Eilers Einspahr Construction Inc. Elite Financial Services Thomas and Martha K. Langerhans Ellsworth Stuart Emmert Jr. Rebecca Emrich Frances Estabrook Celia Blevins Eudy M. Diane McIntyre Evans Sue Shields Evans Wendell L. Evans Jr. Fayette Medical Clinic University Physicians Pamela Finney V. Joan Firley Thomas Fitzsimmons Joy Dodson Flanders Pansyetta Glaser Fleener Jerry Allen and Susan Meyer Fletcher Flucom UMC Mary Louise Johnson Forbes Sarah Frances Koontz Forbes Beverly Foster Elaine W. Wulfekotter Foster Frances Lucille Foster David G. and Jana M. Harral Fox Marjorie VanHorn Fredrickson Kevin L. and Carrietta Silman Freeman Robert and Diana Freeman Frank and Virginia L. Boley French Jan D. Frick Wilbert A. Fritz Frost Brown Todd LLC Ann Dewease Gainey Michael Garon Galloway Beverly Davis Garner Robert Joseph Garrett Dennis L. Gayer Kenneth and Martha Amick Gebhardt Gordon Gengelbach Donna L. Gilligan Walter J. Gist G. Thomas Gitchoff Lenore M. Olson Glore Dorothy E. Goller John O. and Beth Hammond Gooch Tammy Gordon Joe and Sara Gorman Grace UMC, St. Louis Amy LeAnn Boehs Gragg William D. Graham & Associates

Jennifer Thornton Graves C. Jarrett and Mai H. Gray Albert Owen and Helen Virginia Held Griese Stanley and Dorothy J. Morgan Grimm Ryan Jerrod and Regina Rae Randolph Grindstaff Lari Ray Grubbs Ralph R. Guenther † and D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther Emily Firestone Guion Rita J. Gulstad Nancy Pandolfi Hadfield Elbert and Mona Lou Basye Haenssler Gale and Carolyn Hairston Peggie Holliday Halberstadt Stephen C. Hamilton Albert R. and Margaret E. Davis Hamra George R. Hanna Pat Hanna and Jeanne M. Pascale Dennis Dean Hansen Charles R. and Doris Harlow Jack D. and Marian Berniece Carter Harmon Hubert L. and JoAnn Harral Charles E. and Nancy Harris Robert J. and Jerena Arthur Harris James D. Harrison Joanne Odneal Hart Susan Lynn Hart Mina Matkin Hartleben Christine Witte Hartzell Tom Harvey Hathaway Susan L. Patrick Haury Daniel W. and Janet Alice Boysel Hayes Robert C. Haynes Jr. Donald Dodge Hellmich Latham Bennett and Rebecca Henkey William Gary Henry Linda Marie DeForest Hess Margaret Thompson Hewitt Norma Clower Hildreth Hillyard - Columbia Michael L. Hirsch and Carol Moczygemba Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix Ronald and Marie Hoehne Sharon L. Nipps Hoffman Dean K. Holmes John and Barbara Jaeger Holtzclaw John R. Jr. and Jane E. Banta Hopkins Scott Travis and Leslie Garner Horman Elizabeth Slate Horn Harvey W. and Lois Jean Graf House Howard Electric Cooperative George S. Howell Charles Richard and Barbara Ann Huddleston Alice J. Tschappler Huebner Richard K. and Pamela Huffstutter Charles W. Hull

Fall 2007

Jery L. Hunter Betty Switzer Hutson IDEX Corporation Inovatia Laboratories LLC Alice Jo Harper Jackson Beatrice Jackson Margaret Yeager Jackson Anita Allison Jarvis G. Willard and H. Kay Fothergill Jenkins Kerri Hopper Jenkins Jennings Premium Meats Roger Jespersen Norman Lafayette Jeter Dorothy Jo Dimmitt John Agnes E. Johnson Gary M. Johnson Jo Morrison Johnson Richard W. Johnson Stephen G. Johnson Verne Wesley Johnson C. Jeanie Muff Jones Gary F. Jones John Paul Jones Just What The Doctor Ordered Gary E. and LaDonna Henry Justice Mayo Givens Kasling Margaret Jo Kahrs Kearny Charles H. Kemper Jr. Alice L. Freese Kennedy Timothy G. Kerns Margaret Harris Kilpatrick Kimberling City UMW Ada Rose Kimsey J. Richard Kint Frank E. Jr. and Shirlee J. Moffat Kirby Nancy Smith Kirk Loretta J. Sanders Kitson Robert L. Kleinert † E. Dale and Gwendlyn Gaty Kleinschmidt G. Carlos Knight Scott G. Knoche Linda M. Knox Edward A. Kooi Clinton J. and Janet L. Kraft Donna Shy Kubik Robert J. and Jenny French LaMore Jeanne R. Poindexter Lacy C. Gary Ladd Bruce R. Lake Jim and Annetta L. Lenzi Lamb Robert W. and Ruth Lane Allen L. and Willora L. Perryman Lange Gerre Strehlman Langton Robin K. Lau Evelyn Acuff Lawes Mark D. and Sharon K. Graves Leech Frank A. and Mary Ann Lefmann Leet David E. Lemke W. Howard Lewin Ann McPheeters Lewis George A. Jr. and Mary Dickman Lewis Kevin L. and Cheryl Eckhoff Lines Richard L. and Nanetta Litle

Rosemary Proffer Littleton Leonard N. and Helen E. Proctor Lomangino Edith Marie Long William T. Louth † Richard T. Loy J. Larry and Holly Luetjen Joe D. Luna Gary O. and Linda K. Mackey Charles E. Magruder Uriel Vincent Manion Jr. Lewis C. Mantels Max R. and Sally E. Spickelmier Marble Cynthia L. Lausen Marek Dale Gene and June Dannenberg Marksberry Gene and Bernice Marner Arthur C. Marolis Rod Mathewson Helen L. Johnson Matkins Michael Patrick and Shawn C. Morrison McAteer Craig Eugene and Michelle Rene Baker McCoy Harriet Winton McGee Hugh E. and Deanna McKay Frank L. McKinzie Danna McKitrick P.C. Betty Erlewine McMillan Jerald K. and Laurie A. George McMillan Robert C. McMillan Mary Louise McWilliams Roy and Susan C. Meals Pamela Jane Allder Mehlenbeck Thomas J. Meier Memorial UMW Charles W. and Mary Groce Merrifield Merrill Lynch & Company Bob and Sue Merry Mary Merryman Frederick Herman Meyer Jr. Billy E. (Gene) Michie J. Larry Milam Bob Miller Ercell L. Jr. and Virginia Sherman Miller Estelle Ballew Miller James M. and Marsha Miller Linda Ragene Miller Cathy G. Wilkes Mitchell Joseph and Norma T. Mitchell William Eugene Mitchell Modern Litho-Print Company Theodore J. Mohr Cheryl Lynn McCoy Molloy Karen DeMott Moore Robert L. Moore Berry E. and Florence Puckett Morton Joseph W. and Mary Pitts Mosby Jesse and Jo Ann Wilson Mothersbaugh Gene and Glenda Moum C. Michael and Roberta Mueller Lynne Handkins Murphy Brent and Mary Ann Mustoe Elinor Eberhard Myers Robert A. and Patricia Vance Nelson

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

John Samuel Newhouse Beverly Hadenfeldt Newton Jerry and Charlotte Niemeier Carl Henry Niewoehner Louie F. and Helen L. Riess Nohl David D. and Mary Norbury John Claude Nuckols M. Diane Nunnelee Margaret O’Laughlin Orpha Ochse Mary E. Boatright Pace Fred A. Paddock Andrew Edward Page Deronda Bird Page Jamie and Sarah Ahnstedt Page Robert and Jane Krause Paine Darren and Sara Jane Schroeder Pannier C. H. Parsons Michael C. Payden Jane Martin Perry Gerald and Donna Pescaglia John E. Phelps Dixie Farnham Philipp Dan J. Phillips Julie Schreiner Phillips Knial R. Piper Gerald R. Pittman Henry William Plag Kathy L. Porter Carolyn Wilkerson Powell Andrea Jill Pratte Principal Financial Group PrintLynx Myles Wilson and Christy Lynn Napier Proctor Jeffrey M. and Rhonda Spargo Proske Mr. and Mrs. Robert Purcell Robert A. Rackley Prentiss Scudder Rankin Thomas Jr. and Eleanor Jeanette Bunyard Ream Darryl K. Redhage Charles W. Reed III James Doyle Reeves Braxton P. and Judith Engel Rethwisch Jerry W. Rhodes Douglas Van Rice Howell B. Rice James E. Rich A. Ruth Richardson Rayman P. Richardson Rebecca Shafer Richardson Rosemary Vineyard Richardson Cresencia Roberts James C. Roberts Michael E. and Margaret S. Roderick James A. and Kitty Rogers Robert H. Rogers Chris and Theresa Rohlfing Rolla Key Sport Shop Inc. Elizabeth Ann Magee Rooks Terree L. Rowbottom Willis C. Royall Fred A. Ruecker Cynthia A. Jacobs Ruggeri Marian Olson Rusk Michael Joseph and Maryann Rustemeyer

The Talon

† deceased


Honor Roll SC Johnson Wax Fund Inc. Salem UMW Salem-in-Ladue UMC Sharon Electa Moore Salmons Gro Sandvik James L. Saunders † and Barbara Saunders John J. Schade Ruth L. Schaefer Paul W. and Gloria C. Hunt Schlapbach Dennis and Alyce Koch Schneible Scott and Heather Kormeier Schneider Dorothy Storer Schnell Ann Sherman Schubert Joseph C. Schulte Jr. Ruth Haney Schwieterman Bertha Mae Guenther Scrivner Laurie J. Trickey Seigel Darrel K. Seltsam Dianna D. Shallenburger Robert and Carolyn J. Strother Shaw Roger D. Jr. and Nancy Boyd Shaw William J. Jr. and Juanita Shaw James A. and Dianna Hart Shelton Stanley and Linda Shipman

Vicki Silkwood Simon Oswald Associates Gary C. Simpson Dorothy Jean Williams Sims Amy S. Fischer Sipe Rita O. Sisson Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Sites Joan P. Brueggemann Skelton Nancy Lockridge Skillman Dexter and Donna Hutchison Slagle Dennis Y. Slate W. Arthur Slaughter Kent Allen Sliffe Christy L. Carter Smiley Albert G. Smith Elliott Wilcoxson Smith Marilyn J. Hogan Smith Nancy J. Evans Smith Sherry L. Scrivner Smith Terry B. and Mary J. McClure Smith James W. and Lou Ann Brooks Snell Snoddy’s Store Stephen Solomon Sonoco Foundation Susan B. Kettenacker Spaulding Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Gary G. and Karla Sprick Dorothy Lewis St. Cyr

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Star Tribune Foundation James and Joyce M. Starke Lycurgus M. Jr. and LaVena Jones Starkey State Farm Insurance, Boonville State Farm Insurance Companies Jo Anne Graham Scott Staton O. Otto Jr. and Carolyn J. Steinhaus John D. Jr. and Luann D. Sterling Dianne A. Dietz Stever John Robert Stewart Richard W. and Clara Jayne Sindt Stewart John H. Stitt Mary Morrison Stitt Charles Gale Stowers Jerry D. and Kristy Hanks Strickland Arthur Douglas and Jeannine Arp Stutsman Superior Home Furnishings John William Sutton Charles M. and Rebecca J. Swaney George W. and Carolyn Sweet H. Wayne and Nancy Philips Swinney Sydenstricker Implement Company

Save the Date! for the 3rd annual

Miguel Aguon Taitano Jack Lee and Mary Edlen Tayloe William C. and Jerry Lynn Taylor Kenneth D. Tebow Martha A. Tennyson Lawrence V. and Gail Grote Thoele Rhys and Sharon G. Thomas F. L. Thompson William Robert Thompson Gregory L. and Barbara L. Thurmon Susan Porter Tinge Daytha Frink Trimble True Media Norma Wheeler Tucker B. J. and Ruth Walker Tuggle Elizabeth Neff Tyrer Thomas R. and Brenda A. Umstattd Andrew Spencer and Debra Stotlemyre Upham Dick Faxon VanDyne Keith Herbert and Sally Watkins Vinyard Visionworks Christina L. Stanard Vogel Sandy Wade E.C. III and Anne Core Walker Dorothy Louise Snyder Wallace James K. and Kathryn Y. Wallace Jerry W. Watson John S. and Anne M. Watters Alan L. and Carol Proett Weatherford Eugene K. Weathers Jr. Robinn S. and Marilyn Joyce Smith Weber Lovett H. Weems Jr.

James P. and Shirley Svoboda Weir Alice L. Campbell Wells Elwood G. and Helen Templeton Wells Judy Fletcher Wells Merle T. Welshans James G. Weston Thomas C. and Bernice H. White Dale Curtis Whiteside Daniel J. and Julia Parsons Widhalm Steve and Carroll Flaspohler Wies Frederick L. Wiese Robert Jr. and Edris Wilhoit John D. Williams Keith D. Williams Lucinda Morton Williams Carol Edna Wilson Earl F. Wilson Richard C. and Janie Deacon Wilson James L. Winningham Mary Geraldine Wise Frank Dwight Wissmann Wood Creek Media Adolph J. Wood Lyman Ralph and Helen Lucille Bates Wood Ralph L. Jr. and Janice Chatelain Woodward World Wide Car Service Inc. Donald W. and Barbara Madden Wright R. Doug and Lynn Elaine Berwick Wright Delores Bland Wyckoff J. W. and Beth Hicks Youle Anna Mae Bowers Zamuda William and Beverly Laidley Zimmerman † deceased

CMU Golf Classic Monday, September 22, 2008 at Forest Hills Country Club Chesterfield, Missouri 4-person scramble, flighted $175 per person

Grand Marshals Dr. Don ’56 and Sondra Sercu ’57 Spalding Dr. Joe ’53 and Jane Ash x56 Belew All proceeds benefit CMU Scholarships. For more information on the tournament or sponsorship opportunities please contact Stephanie Lewis at 660-248-6397 or email


Fall 2007

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

The R. Frederick x58 and Barbara Miller x56 Alexander Hall of Sponsors Scholarship Faithful supporters of Central Methodist University, Fred and Barbara Miller Alexander established the R. Frederick x58 and Barbara Miller x56 Alexander Hall of Sponsors Scholarship to assist deserving students obtain a quality education. In addition to their generous monetary gifts, the Alexanders have also given of their time and leadership. Both served on the Campaign for Central Committee. Fred has served on the Board of Trustees since 1980, and Barbara has long served as a docent in The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art. Fred and Barbara have also been active leaders in the Fayette community. Fred, a well-known Howard County farmer, businessman, and visionary, has served on various civic organizations in the community, including: the Fayette School Board, the Missouri Interactive Telecom Educational Network, the Telecommunity Center Advisory Committee, and Fayette Community Betterment. His wife, Barbara, also active in the community, is a 50-year member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Their generosity spills forth in every part of the Alexanders’ lives. Their four grown children and numerous grandchildren keep them busy, but Central continues to hold a special place in their hearts. Because of their strong love and association with Central, the Alexanders established the R. Frederick x58 and Barbara Miller x56 Alexander Hall of Sponsors Scholarship, hoping to share the Central experience with students for many years, even after they are long gone. Their scholarship was awarded for the first time in the fall of 2006 to Michael Yetman from Scott City, Mo.

Estate Gifts Cora E. Adkins Estate

Glenn and Sophia Featherston Estate

Ola Lee Barnett Estate

Katheryn Louise King Estate

Ivory and Clara Bell Estate

Waverly Drake Lineberry Estate

Dimmit Lee Brown Trust

C. H. and Jeanne Abele Nunning Estate

Marie E. Buck Trust

Adah E. Peckenpaugh Estate

Frances Y. Cheever Estate

Sue Gudakunst Rizzo Estate

Ozelle Conway Trust

Mary D. Sheetz-Riley Estate

Margaret Gould Dent Estate

Billie M. Ward Estate

Dorothy E. Detring Estate Fall 2007

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon


Honor Roll


Raymond J. Fritts Evelyn Plummer Griffin † Verne Wesley Johnson ◊ Eleanor Young Langford Clifford G. McCollum Jerre Jean Lillie McDaniel Ercell L. Miller Jr. Jane Todd Smith Cleota Dack Travis


Halkaline Kirk Bergsten ◊

CLASS OF 1930 (20%)

Jean Kingsbury Brumleu Ann Mason Heartburg Raymond F. Holden Jr.◊





Albertha A. Panhorst

CLASS OF 1933 (15%)

Harold E. Bingham J. Warren Head

CLASS OF 1934 (33%)

Elizabeth Grothe Benson ◊ Frank W. Burcham Louie F. Nohl ◊ Pauline Edwards Scarborough Darrel K. Seltsam

CLASS OF 1935 (16%)

Elizabeth Burry Haynes Helen L. Riess Nohl ◊ Edna Schenk †

CLASS OF 1941 (30%)

Elbridge W. Bartley Jr. ◊ Celia Blevins Eudy ◊ Berry E. Morton Florence Puckett Morton Rex W. Ross Leland D. Schaperkotter Dorothy Dinkelkamp Smith ◊ George W. Smith ◊ † Richard H. Swaim ◊ Robert B. Thomas ◊

Judith Jackson Blair Percy H. Deal Joseph P. Doyle Charles Eaker Sarah Frances Koontz Forbes Robert M. Garst D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther Helen Breidenthal Jackson Kenneth L. Kienker ◊ Ardis Wehrli Kimbell Estelle Ballew Miller ◊ Claire Conradi Ross William J. Shaw Jr. David E. Smith Jr. Elliott Wilcoxson Smith Frances B. Brunkhorst Smith Nancy Philips Swinney John A. Yeager ◊



CLASS OF 1936 (16%)

Kenneth R. Ahmann † Elinor Eberhard Myers

CLASS OF 1937 (24%)


Martha J. Deatherage Eberhard Ralph R. Guenther † William Gilbert McDaniel Ruth Givens McIlroy Elizabeth Durley Meals John Samuel Newhouse ◊ Julia Jenner Savina

CLASS OF 1939 (21%)


Glen R. Barnard Donald V. Benson ◊ † DeForrest E. Cline Raymond H. Colin Betty Gronoway Durham Francis L. Grable Grace Peterson Hodge Isabel Bowen Hutcherson Frances Schoen Jackson Theodore A. Jaeger Jr. ◊ Dorothy Jo Dimmitt John James G. Lauderdale W. Howard Lewin ◊ Virginia Sherman Miller Myrtle Payne Patterson Charles W. Reed III Joseph C. Schulte Jr. W. Arthur Slaughter ◊

Mary M. Brorein Abernathy Mary Field Arehart Elbert C. Cole ◊ Jean Turley Edmonston Mary Louise Johnson Forbes Anne Dickson Swaim Fritts


John T. Bird D. Keith Duren Peggy Pile Elliott ◊ Gordon Gengelbach James T. Harper Charles E. Harris John Hert Robert H. Hodge Harriet Winton McGee ◊ Robert L. Moore ◊ Deronda Bird Page Carolyn Wilkerson Powell Lucy Eason Shackelford Nancy Lockridge Skillman Albert G. Smith John D. Sterling Jr.

Fall 2007

H. Wayne Swinney Virginia Hicklin Thieman Marjorie Lauf Wallace Roger E. Williams Jr. ◊ Earl F. Wilson ◊ Anna Mae Bowers Zamuda ◊

CLASS OF 1943 (25%)

Betty L. Baker Lurlene Lefmann Bell ◊ Marjorie S. Speedy Castle Anna Barrett Church M. Eleanor Woods Drake Mary Eleanor Warford DuBois J. Howard Feldmann Jack W. Fitch Ann Dewease Gainey William G. Guerri ◊ Emily Firestone Guion ◊ Jane Streit Hackman Kenneth Fred Hackman Andrew J. Higgins Virginia Ellis Jakobe Ruth Higginbotham Nickerson James L. Saunders † Gordon G. Shields ◊ Dorothy Jean Wall Symmonds Richard Earl Symmonds Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton James P. Thogmorton Carolyn Libby Ward Jane Utterback Wrather

CLASS OF 1944 (24%)

Betty Jean Russell Baker Mabel Faye Warden Baudoin Jeanette Riemeier Bopp ◊ Mary K. Echelmeier Bridges William C. Francis Leon Hackley Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge Rebecca Means Jones Norma C. Innes Kienker ◊ Robert C. McMillan Carl Henry Niewoehner Eva Louise Squires Rowland George Will Shirley John Boone Simpson Mary Knight Snyder John William Sutton James H. Sweiger F. L. Thompson Elnora E. Tucker

CLASS OF 1945 (26%)

Jamie Talcott Baltezore Mary Headrick Barenkamp ◊ Robert Henry Barkelew Marcelene Hardy Bowen Rod Bradley John Lewis Cannon ◊ Anne Lee Smith Feldmann Mary Ellen Meentemeyer Femmer Anna Jones Haines Clinton Richard Haynes Helen Moon Henderson

Van Louis Johnson Evelyn Acuff Lawes C. Donald Lee Robert W. Leech ◊ Irvin McConaghy Billy E. (Gene) Michie Dale O. Richardson Mary Rissler Rundlett Charles L. Smith S. Peter Sorensen † Mary L. Carter Thurman B. J. Tuggle Ruth Walker Tuggle James Arthur Walley Wendell W. Weber ◊ Mary Geraldine Wise ◊ Kathleen Marie Moore Younger

CLASS OF 1946 (20%)

Charles J. Cardwell Mildred Staples Eaker Mabel Baker Gahr Dorothy Cochran Harlan ◊ James D. Harrison ◊ Robert C. Haynes Jr. ◊ Norma Clower Hildreth Jeanne Pegues Lawing O. David Niswonger II Jacquelyn A. Borg Parrish Steve Pauliny Lucky Hund Phelps Jane Ellis Porter Jerry W. Rhodes ◊ Mary Morrison Stitt Arthur Q. Svoboda

CLASS OF 1947 (26%)

Lowell D. Allen George T. Cardwell Norman F. Carrigg Ann Abernathy Clement Martha Jean Ott Cutler ◊ Mildred Kamp Dowling William E. Fennel George H. Gould Sarah E. Green Graham Jack D. Harmon Martha R. Holman William S. Holman Mary M. Lewis Hornyak Mary Jane Lindsey Johnson Kathryn Sue Clingenpeel Lay Uriel Vincent Manion Jr. W. Edgar Mayfield Carlos D. McCullough William Eugene Mitchell Mary E. DeVore Montgomery Orpha Ochse Sally Johnson Page William Parker Parrish Lois Eye Pfankuche Robert M. Radasch Dorothy Mae Murray Ryan Robert L. Siler Eva Hensley Steger ◊ John H. Stitt Wanda Groce Theriac Duane D. Warden

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Katharine Pease Young

CLASS OF 1948 (26%)

Dorothy Kauffman Bingham ◊ Nannetta Marshall Brame William W. Brough Betty C. Taggart Bruner John Dow Clingenpeel Richard L. Dalton ◊ Melba June Hendrix Fleck Ina Turner Gray Wallace G. Gray Jr. Marian Berniece Carter Harmon William D. Hartzler ◊ Harry Leo Hickman Jr. Roy Robert Hornyak Mayo Givens Kasling Ada Rose Kimsey J. Richard Kint Patricia N. Sasse Kirby William T. Louth † Helen L. Johnson Matkins Martha Burton Mayfield Marjorie Crews McMillan Frankie J. Rodgers Roberts LaVena Jones Starkey Lycurgus M. Starkey Jr. Jean Eisenstein Thompson Robert L. Varner Frank Dwight Wissmann Helen Lucille Bates Wood Lyman Ralph Wood

CLASS OF 1949 (27%)

Anita Scott Brigance Lyle W. Burgess ◊ Thomas A. Burton Juanita J. Sherrow Buster Lois D. Digman Carroll Margaret E. Casebeer Dixie Jean Davidson ◊ Doris J. Steele De la Roche Mary Gaines Easterday ◊ Robert H. Easterday ◊ David M. Firestone Robert T. Firestone V. Bailey Flemming Betty L. Brightwell Gum Peggie Holliday Halberstadt ◊ Albert R. Hamra ◊ Margaret E. Davis Hamra ◊ Gerald M. Hoxworth ◊ Jo Morrison Johnson Margaret Jo Kahrs Kearny Ralph E. Knowles Jr. Jeanne R. Poindexter Lacy Rosemary Proffer Littleton Walter N. Moore Jr. Mary Pitts Mosby Joe Davis Musgrove Richard Nemeth ◊ Patricia Brown Robertson Bertha Mae Guenther Scrivner Dorothy Louise Snyder Wallace ◊ Elizabeth Denny Winfrey

The Talon

Honor Roll CLASS OF 1950 (26%)

Russell E. Arnett Barbara A. Bartee ◊ Mark Q. Barton D. Gail Oonk Beck Marjorie Caldwell Bottermuller Cornelius F. Carroll Jr. Marge Fizer Cochran Glenn Collier ◊ Margaret Rich Cook Thomas B. Cook John Milton Cozean Allen S. Crites Donald Vear Dowling ◊ Elizabeth A. May Edwards Carol A. Calvert Fricke ◊ Marshall William Gillette Wesley Edwin Gingrich Mary Virginia Robinson Goodman Nell Jane Wilson Harris Era Price Hatcher Florence Windsor Hillyard Ilene Morrison House Frances Hardy Hoxworth ◊ Norman Lafayette Jeter Gary F. Jones Forrest J. Karmer Arthur Russell Kiefer Bedford F. Knipschild Marion Greene Kraich Frank A. Leet Mary Groce Merrifield Everett D. Powell ◊ James A. Powell Jane Ann Latham Powell ◊ Richard Calvin Pratt Galen Wayne Radke Eleanor Jeanette Bunyard Ream Thomas Ream Jr. James Doyle Reeves Jeannette L. Scahill Gerald Gene Schmidt Daniel M. Schores Samuel H. Snoddy Fae E. Rice Sotham Wanda Richards Spivey Jo Anne Graham Scott Staton Carol Howe Mann Stroud Katherine Robertson Swisher John M. Wasson Leland Basil Womack

CLASS OF 1951 (29%)

Phyllis Bruun Ballew Joan Chandler Bowes Robert Dean Brown ◊ David W. Butler ◊ Paul L. Calvert Dean W. Carlisle Margo A. Youngstrom Chapman Jane Louise Turner Chick Marion Sherman Cooley William Edward Cooley Glenn A. Cox Jr. ◊ Bill J. Crigler ◊ Carol J. Prebble Crossley ◊ Naomi J. Williams Doss Betty Craven Douglas ◊

Richard M. Driscoll Norman E. Drissell O. Dean Ehlers Frances Estabrook E. Ruth Grace Fels Marjorie J. Stobaugh Fitzgerald Frances Lucille Foster Frank French Paul M. Galatas Sam M. Guenther ◊ Barbara Conway Harris Daisy McKee Jacobs † Nancy Smith Kirk Mary Ann Lefmann Leet Charles E. Magruder Shirley C. Stewart Mason Mary Louise McWilliams Caroline Smith Miller Ruth E. Monroe Joseph W. Mosby † Jesse Mothersbaugh Rosemary Vineyard Richardson Dorothy Storer Schnell Irvin Edwin Schnell Jr. † Dorothy Jean Williams Sims Dorothy Lewis St. Cyr ◊ O. Otto Steinhaus Jr. Richard W. Stewart Grace Gilliam Tout Laura Earlene Snider Whitener Miles C. Whitener James C. Witten

CLASS OF 1952 (33%)

Susan Ann Davis Aulgur Harold E. Beasley ◊ Charlotte M. Bodamer Blakemore George Blakemore Eleanor Rudd Calvert E. Dean Canan ◊ Thomas Campbell Chick Robert C. Clark M. David Dealy Jr. Barbara M. Thornton Dionne ◊ Nancie Peacocke Fadeley ◊ Shirley Schwier Garrett ◊ Arthur L. Hampton George R. Hanna David L. Hersh Betty Switzer Hutson William H. Jacobs James S. Kabler Robert W. Kleinschmidt Glenn Wilber Lawrence Elizabeth Ann Evans Luther Dorothy Jean Alcorn Maran Gerald L. McCollum Hector O. McDonald Donald L. Northington Gordon W. Olson Rho D. Pipes Marilyn Gaddis Rose Jane Morrison Ross ◊ Ellen Galatas Schroeder Margaret Cannon Scott Frank E. Seifried Jr. Arnold Dwight Shelton Joan P. Brueggemann Skelton Dexter Slagle Patricia Owen Snowden

Fall 2007

Fred Max Stephens Clara Jayne Sindt Stewart Mary Ann Ellis Tilden Elmer W. Twente Shirley Robertson Villers Carolyn Shride Wadlinger Dale Curtis Whiteside Adolph J. Wood Rosemary Nixon Word ◊

CLASS OF 1953 (34%)

Sherman Eugene Anglin Joe E. Belew Gail Preuss Berthe Willa Mae Fisher Boisseau † G. Robert Bowles Robert E. Bregant Suzanne Duke Brown ◊ Nelson Andrew Bryant Irene C. Ruhl Carr Betty Ann George Crigler ◊ Lucy Aufdenberg Dealy Virginia Gossom Dieckgrafe Shirley Faubion Dougherty Ruth Crowe Drissell Carl R. Dulgeroff Frances Swearingen Duncan C. Joanne Mershon Ehlers Wendell L. Evans Jr. Pansyetta Glaser Fleener Mina Matkin Hartleben ◊ Robert L. Hemmerla Marilyn Steele Hill Virgil Keith Howe Dorothy N. Kauffman Hughes Gail D. Hughes Russell Ransom Jones ◊ E. Dale Kleinschmidt Gwendlyn Gaty Kleinschmidt ◊ George E. Koonce Fredrick L. Kreisler ◊ Charles Ed Kurz Allen L. Lange Roger Ward Mason Betty Erlewine McMillan ◊ Frederick Herman Meyer Jr. Beverly Hadenfeldt Newton Donald L. Panhorst Dorothy M. Carmichael Panhorst Elizabeth Briggle Ruehter Carolyn Nell Maddox Schaberg Paul W. Schlapbach ◊ Miguel Aguon Taitano Elizabeth Neff Tyrer Shirley Svoboda Weir James L. Winningham

CLASS OF 1954 (28%)

Charles J. Berthe Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Nancy Ellen Moss Bird John M. Cary † Harold L. Dodds Joy Drewel Peggy Tuley Dryden Sue Shields Evans Margaret Shrout Fencken Leo Darrell Folsom Jacqueline E. Lewis Fritschle Alberta Runge Garrett

Orval Junior Goe Helen Virginia Held Griese Thomas S. Hahs Donald E. Hamra James L. Harding Latham Bennett Henkey Margaret Thompson Hewitt John H. Holt Jr. Beatrice Jackson Frank E. Kirby Jr. Willora L. Perryman Lange Perry D. Lovett Emmitt Lionel Manion Theodore J. Mohr Shirley L. Parks Moore Jo Ann Wilson Mothersbaugh Glenn Francis Ruhl Margaret Peters Sandring Nancy Corcoran Schmidt M. Janet Wetzel Snyder Winifred Yoes Runge Stribling Beverly Everett Vestal Mildred Hamasaki Wetzel Frederick L. Wiese ◊ William H. Winter Joanne Madden Yaeger Thomas L. Yancey Robert L. Zey

CLASS OF 1955 (30%)

Thomas B. Adams Norma Neal Anderson Mary J. Wood Beaver Barbara A. Steele Bregant Cynthia Lou Ann Brown Mary June Birbeck Bush Charlotte Lee Dethero Mary Lu Graves Dorothy J. Morgan Grimm ◊ Edward M. Harper Joanne Odneal Hart Robert H. Isbell Ruth Reid Johnson C. Jeanie Muff Jones Robert L. Kleinert † Gerre Strehlman Langton Gustav A. Lindauer Jerrold W. Longwell Joyce Maudell Summers Longwell George A. Luther ◊ Lois Nadine Turner Mordt Monnie Sue Wilcoxson Murtha Pat Ann Dowell Nichols Phyllis Clarke Northington James E. Rich Joan Dishman Sampson Robert B. Stanley Arthur Douglas Stutsman Jack Lee Tayloe Charlotte E. Ramsey Vetsch Paul E. Williams Carol Edna Wilson Ralph L. Woodward Jr. Delores Bland Wyckoff

CLASS OF 1956 (30%)

Barbara Miller Alexander Jane Ash Belew William Eugene Borchardt Don S. Browning

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Patricia Ruth Herrman Bruns William H. Bunge Sr. M. Alice Fray Buster Barbara Ann Dorsey Cary Margaret Ann Alsop Chambers ◊ Samuel W. Downing IV Albert Owen Griese Elbert Haenssler ◊ Mona Lou Basye Haenssler ◊ Alpha J. Sutterfield Hahn Todd G. Hannah Arthur T. Hardwicke Robert Emmett Hime Nancy Balzer Holt John D. Hutcherson Ellery Farmer Johnson II Stephen G. Johnson Shirlee J. Moffat Kirby Robert J. LaMore William D. Langworthy Dorothy Gould Luther ◊ Carolyn Sanford Newburn Dixie Farnham Philipp Donald R. Sipes Robert Lee Snoddy Donald G. Spalding Jr. ◊ Gloria Runge Speer ◊ Marian F. Bowman Spivey David Edgar Starkey Louise Joyce Starr Joseph Vincent Swisher ◊ James E. Thompson Patricia Hatfield Tuttle

CLASS OF 1957 (30%)

Jerre C. Blakey George W. Burgin Margaret J. Pettigrew Byerly LeAnn Foster Campbell Charles E. Cavanah Mary Frances Brennecke Clark Carl Arthur Detmer C. Lawrence Dickerson Philip N. Edson Pauline Steinbeck Edwards Daniel E. Fridley Martha Amick Gebhardt ◊ Jack G. Goodman Shirley Bond Hannah Robert J. Harris Robert D. Hunsaker Robert A. Kountz Chris J. LaRue Marilyn Yeater Langworthy Ann Poindexter Lyons David McCullough Wanda C. Wirt McGill John L. Mothershead Jr. Frederick C. Nix Richard A. Norton Peggy Payeur ◊ Carol A. Ridder Pregge Donald G. Preuss Shirley Held Rinderknecht Katharine Whiteside Shope Douglas D. Sleade Sondra Sercu Spalding ◊ Jeannine Arp Stutsman Sue Tucker Troutner Carolyn Whitener Walker Shirley Wegener Westlake ◊ Franchelle Vaughan

The Talon

† deceased ◊ 5-year CEF donor


Honor Roll Whitehead Roy Don Whitehead Sr. John D. Williams

CLASS OF 1958 (31%)

R. Frederick Alexander Kenneth C. Anderson Robert C. Badger Jr. ◊ John B. Batchelor Wilma Jean Dietzel Batchelor Keith T. Berry ◊ Rosemary LaFever Birmingham Barbara Marshall Campeol Joan L. Kleeman Detmer Harlo L. Donelson John W. Drakesmith Larry T. Drebes Larry Keith Edwards Martha Sue Hutchison Ferry Lorene Svanoe Fortini Robert D. Frankenfeld Jan D. Frick Norvelle S. Geiger Robert L. Grimshaw Glenn Hall Marva G. McBride Iglehart Jack L. Jost Lenora Stone Jost Wayne C. Kidwell Jenny French LaMore Ann McPheeters Lewis George A. Lewis Jr. Richard L. Litle Maurice L. McGill Shirley Swisher Meyer Sandra A. Brauss Neas John L. Phillips Jr. Edward Louis Priess Eugene E. Rudd Jerry L. Schwab Patricia Offutt Skates Marilyn J. Hogan Smith Nancy J. Evans Smith James W. Snell Lou Ann Brooks Snell Doyle L. Strong Elizabeth Kleine Strong George W. Sweet Janet Drew Uhrmann Eugene K. Weathers Jr. Marion Foster Wheeler William Zimmerman

CLASS OF 1959 (29%)

George Rodgers Adams John J. Barry Jane H. Amrhein Barton Virginia Wood Bergsten Eugene Biermann Ethel F. Schneider Blaise Alan C. Brueggemann James C. Clatworthy Barbara Jean Wirt Colby Ralph L. Colby Herman A. Crisler Jr. Celia Utlaut Drake Margaret Woodward Drakesmith E. Jack Estes Beth Hammond Gooch Joanne Potter Hall


Dorothy L. Rupp Harrell Carolyn Ann Yoder Hemmerla Fred R. Hilgeman Patricia Phillips Hilgeman Alice Jo Harper Jackson H. Kay Fothergill Jenkins Elaine Bridwell Kidwell Gale L. Lane Mary Dickman Lewis L. Arlen Liberty Helen E. Proctor Lomangino Leonard N. Lomangino Judith Kapp McGuire W. Darrell Meyer Frances Karen Lauritson Nelson Marjorie Ann Hawkins Schmidt Alyce Koch Schneible James Franklin Slutz George William Sparks Duane Ray Sterling Fred H. Thornton Robin Bage Till Jerry W. Watson W. Dean Whitworth Robert M. Wilhite Edwin Yaeger

CLASS OF 1960 (32%)

Don V. Allemann Ardith Haley Anderson William V. Ayres Ross E. Benjamin Dwight Bingham ◊ William A. Bloom Jr. Norma Horine Broombaugh Jack Wellington Cantwell David H. Dodd Virginia McCoy Frede Marjorie VanHorn Fredrickson Sandra Rohlfing Fridley Jay L. Frost Jo Nell Parrott Gann G. Thomas Gitchoff John O. Gooch Maurice B. Graham Robert L. Hahne Robert William Iglehart Michael Ray Johnson Charlotte Wills Kimbrough John W. King Paul Andrew Lebeck MaryAnna Hickman McNeel Robert Arthur Murphy Albert F. Mutti III ◊ Janice Egner Peerson Judy Risinger Phillips Roberta Gillon Rahm Darryl K. Redhage Charles Gale Stowers Fred Franklin Swan Mary Edlen Tayloe Bennie N. Till Elwood G. Wells Helen Templeton Wells James G. Weston Meredith Holscher Wills Donald W. Wright Frank Lindenman Yoder Beth Hicks Youle Beverly Laidley Zimmerman

Fall 2007

CLASS OF 1961 (30%)

Jenice F. Renfro Ambelang Lucy C. Bryan Barlow ◊ Donald L. Barton Earl F. Bates Logan Johnson Bennett Jr. C. Fred Bergsten Patricia Trotter Brawner Sandra White Brown Mary Jane Crigler Charles W. Dishion H. Kay Easton ◊ Marylin Gibson Fisher Ronald Lee Frede Elinor Simmons Gerdes Annabel L. Walker Gilhaus Melvin N. Gilhaus Jr. Barbara Williams Hahne Denzil J. Hawes-Davis Jerry L. Heltibrand William Wallace Hix Jane E. Banta Hopkins ◊ John R. Hopkins Jr. ◊ Anita Allison Jarvis Glenn R. Joyce Norma Deen Lirely Juracsik LaDonna Henry Justice Charles H. Kemper Jr. Harry E. Kessinger Carl O. Lester Janet Schroeder Liberty Barbara Weir McBride Alan Christian Michel Claire Josephine Nisonger Charles J. Owens Michael C. Payden Gerald R. Pittman Janice Worker Powell Virginia Terry Preston Donaleigh Piepmeier Richardson Rayman P. Richardson Judith Yeast Schofield Elizabeth Given Scott Dennis Y. Slate Jacquelyn Hawker Whitworth Roger Lee Wightman Barbara Madden Wright

CLASS OF 1962 (23%)

Mary Della Lenger Armitage Charles Baker Brown Sue Joslin Brown Wesley Leroy Brun Audrey L. Schmidt Busch Anne Coates-Conaway Vivian H. Howell Cornwell Mary Beth Wise Dick ◊ Alan K. Edwards Stuart Emmert Jr. Janet R. Evans John Daniel Ferrier Laura Allman Fleetwood Anthony Fusco Lynne M. Woodcock Gale Linda Sue Hartsock Donald Dodge Hellmich Mary Anne Estes Herrick Joan Hewitt Eleanor June Hartley Hopper Richard A. Hopper Anne Raine Joyce

Julius Juracsik Gary E. Justice Ronald Dale Kirk Donna Shy Kubik Lawrence Leo Lammert Edward Christian Martens Marilyn Shotwell Miller Harold Lee Moyer Carl Julius Muench Jr. Beatrice K. Moore Murphy Carl W. Patterson Sam Lee Powell Rebecca Shafer Richardson Fred A. Ruecker Dennis Schneible John E. Schofield Gary C. Simpson Georgia Elwell Stewart Norma Wheeler Tucker Joseph C. Witte

CLASS OF 1963 (27%)

Larry Bartee Julie Weaver Bennett Carol Charlwood Block Jerry E. Burge Jo Ann Noce Burkart Peggy Jo Davis Clatworthy Michael H. Downing Sharon Faye Lewis Downing Nancy Woodward Drebes Sharon Brown Edwards Diane E. Biswell Ferrier Julia M. Kirk Film Carolyn Cates Fonteyn Barbara Lee Weindel Fowler Bonnie Scott Heltibrand Charles Richard Huddleston ◊ Allen W. Jackson Gailya Tucker Johnson Robert Louis Johnson Hugh A. Jones II Carol A. Joyce Sue Lankford Kappler Carol Jones Koch Patricia Mae Berry Lammert Margaret A. Lashley ◊ Martha Dawn Kuhn Marshall Nancy Khalifah Moyer ◊ Lynne Handkins Murphy Robert A. Nelson Joyce Eickmeyer Owens George William Potter June Allyn Hombs Pringle Marilyn Young Roseberry Marian Olson Rusk David P. Schinke Frank J. Schmer III Roger D. Shaw Jr. ◊ Carolyn Schler Snell Dianne A. Dietz Stever John Robert Stewart Patsy Clark Tyrrell Nancy L. Nagle Zane ◊

CLASS OF 1964 (24%)

Donna Jennings Ansehl Donald Lee Armitage Iva Lou Alcorn Banning Thomas Ray Banning Woodrow T. Bounds William B. Bryant

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Charles Wes Buffington Judith Hawkins Burge Kelley A. Clowe Jerry Allen Fletcher Jo-Ellen Ballak Forrest Kent Lee Forrest Carole C. Vail Frohardt Vera Gale Feldmann Granteer Linda Gilmore Harris James A. Hawkins Elaine M. Hilgeman ◊ Robert N. Hix ◊ Charles W. Hull Katherine Anne Brooks Johnson Michael H. Jones George W. Kessinger Lydia L. Breedlove Klocke Annetta L. Lenzi Lamb Jim Lamb Joe D. Luna Patricia Sue O’Dell Lundquist Lewis C. Mantels Sara Grimes McBeth Karen A. Kieffer Meister R. Philip Morris II ◊ David C. Powell Braxton P. Rethwisch Ann Romines Jane Taylor Rooney Floyd C. Satterlee ◊ John H. Smiley Jr. ◊ Kathleen Welch Smith James H. Steele Stephen E. Williams ◊ Richard G. Wyatt

CLASS OF 1965 (27%)

R. Jerry Ameling Sallie R. Sears Ameling Dennis Ashford O. Nelson Auer Celia Roberts Barnhard ◊ Anne B. Blanton Martha Tucker Bounds Alan L. Brotherton Hollis Herbert Brower Jr. Guy E. Callison Roy C. Carraway Jr. Kenneth D. Carter Wanda Straube Carter William M. Crist Steven A. Dick ◊ Sheila Beckett Early Susan D. Stephens Elrod Leslie A. Abersold Euler Jacquelyn J. Peterson Faenger Robin Gus Frank Sandra Dreyzehner Frank Gordon Brooks Hadley Patricia Hamilton Robert B. Harvey Vicki Reynolds Harvey Willard Page Heffron Dean K. Holmes Alice J. Tschappler Huebner ◊ Gilbert G. Humphrey ◊ Stephen B. Hux Roehl W. Johnson Diane Vaughn Jones Ronald F. Knigge Ralph Henry LaForge Kenneth Eugene Lang Richard T. Loy

The Talon

Honor Roll Gail Nelson Meyers Nancy C. Fortune Mitchell Linda A. Sperry Koenig Mizell John Albert Moxley L. Sharon O’Dell Jane Martin Perry Robert T. Perry James F. Pesek William D. Powell ◊ Sharon Schove Rathsam Sharon K. Tally Renick Judith Engel Rethwisch M. Louise Gibson Rouchka Jill Rouse Jack E. Rubey Sharon Goodman Rubey Paula Gay Creed Sander Gail Grote Thoele Wallace J. Turnage Jr. James Alvin Vornberg Judy Fletcher Wells Maurice H. Wilson Rena Rickman Yocom

CLASS OF 1966 (24%)

J. Bruce Addison J. D. Armstrong Linda J. Bartley Ault ◊ David W. Bandy Virginia Holland Beasley F. Jerry Benner G. Ruth Dorman Benner Michael S. Bieber Cheryl Heimbrodt Brower Patricia G. Doss Bryant Sandra Kay Sillin Callison Kathryn Sue Walker Coleman Vicki S. Kintner Cooper Martha Bram Cross † Nancy L. Fisher Susan Meyer Fletcher Robert A. Harlan Ann Shultz Heffron Barbara Ann Hoelzel Beverly J. Bingham Holst Bill Clark Hook Richard M. Hussong Roger H. Johnston Clyde G. Lear Mary Sue Weaver Lear Charles A. MacFall Stephen Glenn McClure Karen A. Nordquist ◊ Elaine Freese Patterson Carolyn Summers Perry Dorothy Allemann Powell Carol Steinmann Prochko Sharon Kay Powers Prokovich John Sander Nancy Boyd Shaw ◊ James R. Slattery Mary J. McClure Smith Terry B. Smith Robert S. Strader Eunice A. Boyington Straub ◊ J. Chris Straub ◊ Albert W. Swafford Lawrence V. Thoele Joe L. Walcott E.C. Walker III Carol Proett Weatherford Larry Yocom

CLASS OF 1967 (21%)

Janet Gift Addison Kristi Wiebe Auer Dale A. Banks Sharon Tschappler Beavers Gary K. Blakemore Pamela Lou Jarvis Blalock Robert Lynn Britton J. Douglas Burton Phyllis M. Byers Donald E. Byrd Dennis J. Caffrey Russell W. Day James D. Dean Gayle M. Tucker Denton M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond ◊ Elizabeth Davis Eilers David C. Epps William Eugene Fletcher Amy Ann Utterback Foutes ◊ Marianne Cole Fues Lenore M. Olson Glore Michael J. Hahn David R. Holsinger Barbara Jaeger Holtzclaw Patricia Emery Jefferies Dale Jennings David W. Kerr G. Carlos Knight Marianna Carr Krotz Sara L. Lomax Carol Allen Majors Frank L. McKinzie Pamela Jane Allder Mehlenbeck Stanley E. Mehrhoff J. Larry Milam Donna Rigby Mizell Karen DeMott Moore David Washington Ober III Jerry J. Oliphant John J. Schade ◊ Ruth Haney Schwieterman Walter B. Shull Darryl W. Slater Helen Raymond Spellmeyer William F. Stone Jr. Kim Chung Tang ◊ Michael J. Thompson Anne Core Walker Alan L. Weatherford Marilyn Knabe Williams Kathy Christie Wills

CLASS OF 1968 (24%)

Clayton F. Albert Jr. Judith Ann Apel Sandra L. Barney Constance Baur Valroy Binsbacher Beverly Brase Boehmer Janet L. Cotton Bond Paul O. Bond Archie Theodore Bourbon Jr. Malinda J. Woodie Bozeman Lloyd V. Cash John Russell Cater Donna C. Drake Clark Linda Davis Clark Stephen G. Crandall Diana Lynn Heitman Davis

Fall 2007

Robert W. Davis Larry K. Duren James Edward Frohardt Glen S. Garrett T. Keith Grebe Sarah Ellen Kocher Hahn Warren David Hare Linda Marie DeForest Hess ◊ Sharon L. Nipps Hoffman Michael A. Jefferies Richard W. Johnson ◊ John Paul Jones Marilyn Harashe Jones Mark Hunter Jones Paul W. King Clinton J. Kraft Ronald Kruse Allen W. Ladage Mark D. Leech Sharon K. Graves Leech Arthur C. Marolis John Michael Martin Randall McFarland David D. Norbury Connie Heimsch Orear E. Thomas Orear Jr. John E. Phelps ◊ John B. Renick Nancy Asher Reynolds ◊ Thomas Edwin Schneider Jamie L. Shupe Donald L. Simmons Peggy L. Young Spencer Janice L. Hoevel Stone William C. Taylor Kent Van Landuyt Dick Faxon VanDyne Jo Anne Horvath Warren Alice L. Campbell Wells ◊ Patricia L. Wendling

CLASS OF 1969 (17%)

Gary E. Bagby Janet Marie Roussin Bennett Larry Lee Bennett Nicholas P. Bernier Barbara A. Haas Binsbacher Diana M. Detwiler Earl R. Detwiler Gerald Lee Early Rebecca Emrich Walter J. Gist Danny Joe Griffen Jr. Lari Ray Grubbs Ginger Steele Gutshall Charles R. Harlow Daniel W. Hayes Martha Ella Heimbaugh William Frank Hibbeler William R. Hilgeman Ronald A. Johnson Marsha Kahler Kerr C. Gary Ladd Marcia Kay Cline Lambert Vera Singleton Lewis Suzanne Claire Engel McCartney Marilyn Shepard McMillan Kim D. Holmes Migdall Clifford E. Mohn Jr. Shirley Jo-Ann Murphy Elizabeth J. Robb Myers Phillip L. Neimeyer M. Craig Nolte

Fred A. Paddock James C. Roberts ◊ Bill Linvel Rudeseal Frank M. Sandy Barbara K. Bauer Shannon ◊ Gerald W. Shannon ◊ Lynn R. Solomon Janice L. Kemper Spathelf Susan B. Kettenacker Spaulding Dale M. Stauffer Barbara A. Bretch Stephens John A. Stephens Laurence R. Tucker Elizabeth A. Purdy Utsler Alice Jean Weil Van Landuyt Marilyn Joyce Smith Weber

CLASS OF 1970 (20%)

Roger Lee Adair Mary E. Douglas Bancroft Sally Murray Bocklage ◊ Charles E. Buck Carla Robison Burres ◊ Jerilyn Stiegemeyer Campbell John M. Cheary Jr. Dianne Bell Cochran Linda Hall Conrad Laura S. Blankenship Dean Barbara Gifford Devino Thomas Ellsworth Paula Ann Gresham Fetherston Wilbert A. Fritz James H. Gameson III Barbara S. Gose Katherine Abright Griffen Gary J. Gutjahr ◊ John C. Hamlin Patricia Dinwiddie Hamlin Janet Alice Boysel Hayes Jeffrey N. Hogenmiller Kathleen M. Shrum Husk Margaret Yeager Jackson Randall E. Lee Larry J. Leech Donald G. Malson Julie Scott Mattson Madeline K. Byers McCamy William F. Milligan Jr. Virginia Lloyd Monroe Stephen L. Percy Henry William Plag Douglas Van Rice Joseph P. Rice III Karen L. McAllister Rice Elizabeth Ann Magee Rooks N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner Robert W. Shaner Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Theodore L. Spayde Brent Hunter Speight William Robert Thompson Anne Sillers Turner Barbara Richardson Vossler W. Randall Washburn Robert J. Werner Sandra Shemwell Womack Lois Jean Kiser Wood Alan H. Yount


The Magazine of Central Methodist University

(23%) Evelyn Locke Archer Sara M. Hackley Bagby Bruce Eugene Banks Margaret A. Bartold Patrick S. Brackley Nancy Riddell Chop Michael L. Cochran Sarah Elizabeth Colony Beau Culbertson Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson Richard M. Dailey Rebecca E. Dwiggins Day David Bynon Dozier Kenneth R. Duzan Jr. Martha K. Langerhans Ellsworth Marilynn Barnes Ferro John W. Gawason Gale Hairston Susan L. Patrick Haury ◊ Robert J. Henderson Jr. ◊ Deborah A. Lampton Hillyer George S. Howell Dennis N. Humphrey Christina A. Binggeli Johnson Bruce R. Lake Matthew J. Larigan Max R. Marble Sally E. Spickelmier Marble Dale Gene Marksberry June Dannenberg Marksberry Larry D. Mattson Terry L. Stevenson Meyer Prentiss Scudder Rankin Terree L. Rowbottom Sally J. Kraft Sandy Ruth L. Schaefer Beverly Bond Smull Richard M. Spathelf Patricia E. Duren Speight Pamela A. Stouffer Kenneth D. Tebow Catherine J. Thogmorton Kenneth L. Vogelmann Robinn S. Weber Lucinda Morton Williams Roger B. Wilson ◊

CLASS OF 1972 (13%)

Dan E. Adkison Patricia Nemitz Adkison Norman L. Antrainer Elaine Vemmer Bierwirth Deane Sue Brandenburg Helen M. O’Bryan Brown Margaret R. Coleman Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Sara Ann Walkup Drummond Lois Spayde Elam Thomas Fitzsimmons Mary Jane Thornton Gordon Patricia Jordan Hilgedick Jery L. Hunter Earl E. Johnson ◊ Joseph G. Knigge Maureen Dunn Lane Sherry Jeager Lang Virginia A. Lebold Cynthia L. Lausen Marek Wendy Lea Palmerton Nordine Linda E. Frazee Page Don L. Painter

The Talon

† deceased ◊ 5-year CEF donor


Honor Roll Gary Lee Stephens Michael Vaughn Denis R. Whiteaker

CLASS OF 1973 (24%)

Vicki L. Clement Antrainer Gordon Frank Brown Melvin K. Burton Rodney S. Cable E. LaVelle Collins John C. Cox Lettie Corkhill Cunetto David A. Dauster Merilee K. Willmann Dauster Robert E. Day James W. Devine William R. Dineen ◊ Gayle L. Rebmann Donley Stephen C. Hamilton Marsha R. Standley Hansen L. Kyle Hern Marie Frazee Hern Parl C. Hummel Cecily Bruce Hutchison Debbie Aubushon Johns Gary L. Johns Steve H. Johnson Karen Kienker Linda M. Knox David L. Lohmeyer Wynonna E. McClammer Debra Leigh McCormick Jay O. Morris Michael D. Mueller Hisako Murakawa Carol C. Taylor Oesch Gary A. Ornburn Joyce A. Ebeling Parks Paul A. Parks Patricia Ann Penn Vicki S. Purdy Howell B. Rice Patricia E. Vader Richards Cynthia A. Jacobs Ruggeri Cheryl L. Gray Sager Bobette Sanders Shipman Terry Henderson Snodgrass Venetta S. Rowlison Stephens Cynthia Bradley Stevenson Ronald D. Stone David Swartz Laurie A. Muns Turner Paul E. Vivian Louann M. Wilson Vogelmann Carol Anne Wegener Thomas G. Wheelehon

CLASS OF 1974 (14%)

Eva M. Allen Gary Keith Brown Linda A. Brown Yvonne L. Brown Byrne Carol J. Covey Catherine Rejnin Deal Elaine W. Wulfekotter Foster John D. Gardner Martha Lynn Barnett Ginsburg Don A. Gruenewald James E. Hackmann Rodney D. Hoffman Glenn Arthur Lewis


Leonard R. McClain John Woods McCutcheon Gregory C. Mitchell Dennis R. Morgan F. Dan Page Richard L. Parker Diane Wheeler Peterson Dan J. Phillips Terry R. Rottler Paul E. Scarborough Robert Earl Schoene Judy M. Swift Samuel Hyde Swift John S. Watters Keith D. Williams

CLASS OF 1975 (10%)

Curtis E. Baylor Paul Richard Braun Linda Magruder Burnett Jeana Kay Dicken Cox Jean Borgelt Gruenewald Deborah Cox Holmes James William Hunt Thomas W. Jaeger Danny Gene Larkin Vicki Jean Crist Lewis Timothy George Meyer Richard Joseph Partise Colleen Hagerla Pease Geoffrey W. Posegate Virgil L. Renne Jr. Thomas K. Spencer Mary Lee Burke Vivian

CLASS OF 1976 (21%)

Carl E. Barker Frederic O. Biswell Jr. Barbara A. Bock Keith D. Brodock James E. Bureman Robert L. Casady Gregory Chandler Sr. Barbara Baker Crawley Randal C. DeMasters M. David Dealy III Paul A. Easterday Pamela R. Edmonds Mark A. Freese Susan Friemonth Freese John R. Gage William E. Hagedorn Mark R. Harbison Tom Harvey Hathaway Joy Joiner Heidbreder Marc Hibbard Michael Himmelberg Lois Jean Graf House John Kurtz Sarah J. Felgar Kuschel Cathy G. Wilkes Mitchell Kathy L. Porter Elaine M. Bennett Posegate David R. Randall Michael A. Scardina Suzanne Miles Schneider Ruth A. Henderson Sears Kathleen Stroupe Carolyn J. Rogers Telthorst Steven William Vogts Barbara Westhues Watkins Christine Devlin Winter

Fall 2007

Thomas J. Wittmuss Nanette Padgett Young

CLASS OF 1977 (13%) Nancy Krider Benfield Don L. Catlett Ralph L. Clark Mark Eggleston Daniel W. Green Dennis Dean Hansen Rebecca DeWeese Harbison Alan W. Harper W. Mark Hill Janet L. Jacobs Phyllis Jean Hayes Lucas Samuel Edgar Lucas Jill Carmichael Mitchell Cheryl Lynn McCoy Molloy Martin D. Rudloff Laurie J. Trickey Seigel Sherry L. Scrivner Smith Ted C. Snodgrass David W. Sweiger Michael W. Thrasher Gregory L. Thurmon Jan Millner Williamson

CLASS OF 1978 (22%)

William Bruce Anton Susan E. Brandt Tom B. Brumitt Steven C. Burbee Allen S. Carpenter III David M. Crites William B. Daniels William Randall Dysart Mary Jo Ireland Easterday Allen Lee Edwards Sharon Sue Smith Edwards Margaret Thompson Elliott R. Douglas Frevert Vicki Watt Headley Martin Homer J. Steven Jackson Loretta J. Sanders Kitson Brenda S. White Kueck Denise Carol Lizenby J. Larry Luetjen Margaret Louise Marin Susan Marner-Sides John C. Morton Susan L. Northcutt Ruth Allersmeyer Randall Ronald B. Schowe Penny Jones Selle Robert Shaw Deborah M. Pennington Shields Steve J. Swanson Phillip L. Tessereau Colleen Byrne Thurmon Stephen J. Wegmann Robin Yvonne Willi Robert O. Young II Nancy J. Yuelkenbeck

CLASS OF 1979 (17%)

Gale M. DeGuire Auble David P. Blalock Laurie L. Schaaf Brady-Dailey Beverly Klocke Coffelt

R. Kay Siu Dinolfo Steven H. Dinolfo Amy Lamb Dysart Angela S. Baker Fore Donna L. Gilligan Duane R. Hall David Allen Henderson Harvey W. House Paul T. Klemme Pamela T. Lovelett Lauderback Michael J. Lecours Michael H. Ledbetter Lue Retha Lockridge-Lane Lisa Carol Brown Marsh Richard A. Marsh Finley Montgomery Rodney K. Rhodes Cynthia Haggard Seltzer Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Christy L. Carter Smiley Brenda Joyce Wiemholt Smith Carol Hathaway Swanson Mary Beth Hayes Turner

CLASS OF 1980 (15%)

Kathleen A. Byrne Kevin Cantwell Mary Ann Presnell Cantwell Jimmy Joe Culbertson Janet A. Doll Ann Wenninghoff Fields Maribeth Block Frevert Jane Lammers Hicklin Alice L. Freese Kennedy James M. Kimbell Brenda Mae Chiles Martin Mark E. Martin Mary Jane Wright Nance Carolyn J. Strother Shaw Martha A. Tennyson Drake Allan Yaeger

CLASS OF 1981 (12%)

Tom Beauchamp Hilda Ann Haas Blevins Lee B. Brumitt Timothy R. Brummett Rick A. Diehl Russell W. French Jr. Carole A. Hammond Timothy Jackman Steven R. Jolly Michael Miserocchi Clarice Bruss Sage Jerie L. Smith J. Bartley Spear Sally Watkins Vinyard Carroll Flaspohler Wies

CLASS OF 1982 (16%)

Mark F. Babalian John Robert Baker Mary Nill Becker Jacquelin Allred Cheary Laurie McMillan Crimmins Jana M. Harral Fox Keith A. Gary Barbara Schuldt Heikoff Elizabeth Slate Horn Jerri Weldy Jasumback Debbie S. Engelmann

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Krikorian David E. Lemke Jamie Page Sarah Ahnstedt Page Nancy Walker Peacock Teresa Blair Reger Sharon Wiseman Rogers James B. Rose Keith E. Shostrom Rebecca L. Jackson Spurgeon Amy O’Steen Vinson Beth McCune Whitaker Cheryl J. Charlson Wood John B. Yuelkenbeck

CLASS OF 1983 (18%)

Janie M. Peasel Brown Pat Carl Mark A. Driver Tamara L. Collier Eustis Joy Dodson Flanders David G. Fox L. Wayne Garrison Julia Campbell Gray John M. Gregory Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Terry L. Henderson Starr Hampel Himmel Stephen A. Himmel Cynthia Fletcher Hurt Beth Unser Lesemann Brian Lesemann Kara Gibson McLouth Jerald K. McMillan Laurie A. George McMillan Rebecca Lemay Schnittger Medley W. Kirk Meyer Sharon Monzyk Michelle Moran Mueller Joyce E. Lehane Peterson Jeffrey A. Sherman David A. Stewart Keith Herbert Vinyard

CLASS OF 1984 (13%)

Christy F. Sliffe Berger Mark R. Conarroe Janell Thompson Dimond Leslie Zickler Driver Laurie Feierberg Nina Gooch Jennifer Thornton Graves Diane Foster Gregory Jayne Galloway Howard Alvin H. Hudson Kelle K. Laws Joe Sabo Kara Zimmerman Sabo Ann Sherman Schubert William Sheehan Jr. Mark B. Statler Susan Porter Tinge

CLASS OF 1985 (15%)

Jennifer Thurmon Bennett ◊ Sally Scott Blackburn Cynthia M. Pruden Byous Melinda McCrary Cherrington Michael L. Dimond Judy M. Plante Fehling

The Talon

Honor Roll Joseph M. Galloway Cheryl Mathewson Gerhardt Willetta Medley Hudson Kerri Hopper Jenkins Rod Mathewson Dawn A. Palmer Messerla Marilyn C. Moore Brenda L. Duncan Tharp Richard D. Tharp Sharon G. Thomas Mary Ella Thomasson Rebecca Taulbee Wenzel Daniel J. Widhalm Laura Hawkins Wolfe

Beverly Davis Garner Beatrice Hargrove Lynette Haenssler Harrison Marjorie Kay Meyer Lutz Veronica S. Morris Joseph Andrew Odneal Darryl W. Pannier William Clayton Peterson R. Rheatta Kelley Petty Patrick M. Powers Sr. Sharon Electa Moore Salmons Dianna Hart Shelton Kent Allen Sliffe M. Mardell Ball



Mindy Marshall Brown Charles M. Burbridge Susan Lynn Hart Preston C. Jones Jr. Donald W. Kern Scott G. Knoche Kevin L. Lines Patrick H. McHaney Knial R. Piper Jeffrey M. Proske Jeffrey A. Radel Richard L. Rickenbaugh Maryann Rustemeyer John L. Sauer James A. Shelton Gary K. Shoemaker Rebecca J. Combs Shoemaker Tina Heisterberg Sutherland Darrell R. Widhalm ◊ Janie Deacon Wilson Richard C. Wilson Keith W. Young

John D. Bucksath Gail Hall Carlock Rogie Allen Carlock Russell S. Cribb Julie Annette Duvall-Sells Carrietta Silman Freeman Denise M. Wilson Gissenaas ◊ Donald F. Harrison IV Christine Witte Hartzell Sara Dawn Yell Huckins Michael David Hughes Kimberly Weilbrenner Johnson Joel P. Kidwell ◊ Suzanne Conley Kidwell ◊ Kevin Lee McClain Michelle Rene Baker McCoy Nicole Franklin McDowell Gary Lee Meyer Lynn A. Stacy Miner Todd S. Miner Ellen Ackley Pannier Aaron Penrod Julie Schreiner Phillips Janice Todd Pritchett Susan Elizabeth Hulen Purdy Brett Frost Reese Teresa Lee Russell Susan Y. Fox Sherry Julie Shipp Watkins William Raymond Watkins Lynn Elaine Berwick Wright


CLASS OF 1987 (20%)

Melissa K. Thurmon Abkemeier Christopher Allton Robert K. Angstead Timothy A. Berry Fred A. Binkholder Patrick O. Kelley Melanie J. Rockett Lechtenberg Cheryl Eckhoff Lines David D. Lutz James L. Mather Craig Eugene McCoy Joan Elizabeth Southall Mills Andrew L. Moore Ruth Ann Longstreet O’Keefe Rhonda Spargo Proske Carol Kelly Rickenbaugh Deborah E. Sellmeyer Wendy Slagle Sheehan Holly Geiger Snow Jerry D. Strickland Kristy Hanks Strickland Betty Thorne Tierney Larry M. VandeVen Jr. R. Doug Wright

CLASS OF 1988 (13%)

Mark Richard Briesacher Young-In Chi Kevin L. Freeman


CLASS OF 1990 (13%)

Richard John Armentrout Kimberly Michalle Eaton Melinda Moore Henry Jane Leach Hill ◊ Curtis Jerome Jackman Jay Robert Jones Robert Lorenz Sheryl Huecker Luster Patty Jo Brewer McClain Eric O. Nau Robert Lee Noren Rhonda Marlene Schumann Donna Greenway Scotten Lesa Renee Stoecklin Seales Susan Lee Weiker Selway Stephen Earl Smith Shelia Beth Tuley Debra Stotlemyre Upham James Andrew Weber

CLASS OF 1991 (13%)

Fall 2007

Peggy Lee Moser Armentrout Michael Aulbur Cecilia M. Reagan Blakemore Mary Louise King Branson Mark W. Cheney Miriam Niekamp Gebhardt Timothy G. Kerns Gary Wayne Linhart Judith Breiner Lloyd Thomas J. Meier Lynda Hynes Nau Ewing Elizabeth Crowe Noren Karen Goshorn Reese Christi Shewman ◊ Judith L. Chaney Slimmer Andrew Spencer Upham Christina L. Stanard Vogel J. B. Waggoner Tamra Gorder Work

CLASS OF 1992 (8%)

Shawn Celesta Bonar Debbie Stone Bradley Earl Thomas Burton Wendy R. Underwood Dukewits Timothy James Edwards Dean Michael Fabrizio Larry C. Graham II Phillip Edward Hodges Jane M. Tiemeyer LaRue Sarah Davis Linhart Paula J. Mohan Darren Pannier Dori Thomas Waggoner Stacie Littrell Wild

CLASS OF 1993 (14%)

Beth Ann Alpers Gale Love Bailey Scott Andrew Barthelmass Steven Dale Blair Kimberly Koontz Costley Sonya N. Monnig Fuemmeler Joyce A. Green Gordy Mindy Ann Gregory Joseph M. Hannah II Wessley Allen Hart Robin K. Lau Ginger King Luetkemeyer ◊ Shawn C. Morrison McAteer Nancy Buerky Murphy Kenneth R. Oliver Andrew Edward Page Lori Ann Pyatt Christina Pedroli Reilly ◊ Heather Kormeier Schneider Dale Lewis Sebold David W. Strodtman Danika White Kathryn Johnson Wilkerson

CLASS OF 1994 (9%)

Phillip R. Bechtold Brent Edward Beckmann Robert Blanton III Holly M. Toler Boyer Lori S. Baker Briesacher BettyAnn Kraus Edwards Sheila Ashby Fulling Michael Garon Galloway

Robert Joseph Garrett Ryan Jerrod Grindstaff Todd R. Hollrah Steven Russell Jones Tracy Renee Crowe Jones Bradley Alan McCarty Mary R. Adams Ridgway Nicole D. Parrish Scott Amy S. Fischer Sipe Melanie L. Strodtman Natalie Bennett Wolf

Lathem A. Scott Amanda Leigh Strodtman Thomas Christian Arthur Wright




Stephanie Diane Bagby-Stone Jeania Howell Burton Edward Leon Costley Jason W. Dinwiddie Marde Kay Kent Gann Christopher Brian Glidewell Melanie Jan Miller Guthrie Heather D. Warren Hall Robert F. Manning Michael Patrick McAteer Sara Jane Schroeder Pannier Marsha Lyn Fisher Pratt Russell Lee Schmidt

CLASS OF 1996 (6%)

Mindy J. Stillwagon Bailey Lori Lynn Chapman Bishop Adam D. Brennecke Jennifer Stillwagon Brennecke Christopher Steven Collins Susan M. Dearing Amber Hirsch Dinwiddie Angela D. Elliott Melisa Peters Felten Heather Kocinski Flathers Spencer Clay Hedgepeth Tobi Weimer Johnson Maureen L. King Lora S. Engelbrecht Sebold W. Wayne Wolf III

CLASS OF 1997 (6%)

Shelby A. Michael Alexander Stephen Patrik Foote Dennis L. Gayer Barbie G. Irby Glidewell Jonelle Lee Richardson Hall Leslie Garner Horman Scott Travis Horman Dana L. Kence Mary M. Johler MacFall Dana Jo Sumoski Meshell Lisa N. Rains Christine L. Curry Roller Leon Jason Shaw

CLASS OF 1998 (6%)

Robert F. Alexander II Maranda S. Tuley Anderson Todd Matthew Anderson Debbie Renee Chavez-Newby Matthew T. Dawson Wendy F. Biache Dawson Amy LeAnn Boehs Gragg Amanda Jo Gammon Morris Junior S. Munsterman Amy C. Fluchel Russell

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

CLASS OF 1999 (2%)

Stephanie Renee Bays Stephen Andrew Foutes Linda Ragene Miller Andrew Morris


Eli Nathanael Denney Mendy Lee Marriott Fischer Rodney William Gibson Katrina Michelle Rockot Kimble Randy L. Kimble William Jesse Kinsland Charlotte Westhues Niemeier ◊ Farahnaz Rahmatpanah

CLASS OF 2001 (4%)

Daniel Adam Blakemore Brian Joseph Bohner Jessica E. Kivett Caszatt Bradley Keith Harrison Mitchell Hurt Aaron Thomas Mepham Money Carolyn B. Shepard Money Kyle Eugene Platz Kristie Marie Campbell Wilson

CLASS OF 2002 (4%)

Jacob Alexander Blakemore Nita Cates Richard Gene Collier Valerie Jill Collier Cathy Galland Erin Briana Paulsmeyer Gerloff Jane Ellen Kruse Charles Munter Kellie Piesbergen Platz

CLASS OF 2003 (2%)

Jenny Ann Martin Anspach Micah James Beatty Mark Timothy Snider

CLASS OF 2004 (4%)

Tiffany J. Brown Adam K. Caldwell Dru Coleman Pyron Caldwell Tina M. Braun Foglesong Martin Henry Gerloff II Myles Wilson Proctor Anna Steel

CLASS OF 2005 (3%)

Elisabeth Maxine Hackett Heather Lessly Hilgedick Rhonda L. Jetmore Stacey Meyer Kottman

The Talon

† deceased ◊ 5-year CEF donor


Honor Roll Nicol M. Pollreisz Shannan Lee Saunders Angela R. Umstattd-Schmutz

CLASS OF 2006 (11%)

Andria Lyn Altman Nancy Arment Asbury Megan Elizabeth Gorman Tanya R. Hackett Douglas D. Hansen Lyubomira Stoyanova Henderson Loran A. Ichord Jeff M. Kremer Brett Thomas Loman Amber M. Mason Adam L. Mustoe

Amy M. Wies Nation Kristina Lynn Brown Nelson Crystal L. Neufeld Peyton Keith Eugene Sandrock Amanda Rae Schwennesen Stephanie Ann Taylor Tracy R. Toler Christopher B. Townley Erica D. Tucker Janet Ward Loyd Owen Warden Dawna Ashleigh Holzer Willis Kyle R. Youngs

CLASS OF 2007 (1%)

Howard Ross Asbury James Edward Gentry † deceased ◊ 5-year CEF donor

The Mokers have gone high-tech! Check out their new website at

Fleers fund scholarship and ethical leadership speakers Ex-faculty and Moker sponsor, Dr. Gilbert “Gil” Fleer ‘55 and his wife, Ruth Hombs Fleer x58 had a vision to enhance the spirit of excellence at Central Methodist University. Their passion for their alma mater where they met, and their love for their son, Jeffrey G. Fleer, led them to make gifts to the University enhancing the Central experience for students for generations to come. The first of their generous gifts, a tribute to their late son, Jeffrey, provides scholarship assistance to a psychology major. The Jeffrey G. Fleer Memorial Scholarship was awarded for the first time in the fall 2007 to Dixon, Missouri freshman, Debborah Elrod. Fleer was an assistant professor of religion at Central from 1959 to 1965. Now retired as a social science professor from Western Texas College and as a United Methodist counselor, he spent many years counseling young adults in unconventional settings. He earned his doctor degree from East Texas State University in 1975 and was a strong supporter of leadership training, which led to the Fleers’ decision to fund the Gil and Ruth Fleer Fund for Excellence in Values-Based Education, their second generous gift. Funds from this account will be utilized to fund an ethical leadership speaker in the near future. Dr. Fleer states “CMU gave me a base for excellence in the context of community.” That same base for excellence led them to establish two funds which will advance the spirit of excellence of a Central Methodist University education for years to come!

We are all connected, one way or another

by Tracy Crowe Jones, Director of Alumni Relations


The afternoon of July 6, I received an e-mail from Barry Samet of Denver, Colo. Mr. Samet never attended Central Methodist University, but he had in his possession a yearbook from 1941. Twelve years prior, his mother had passed away in Chicago. While taking care of her estate, he had packed several boxes of books and had them shipped to his home in Denver. Time passed and the boxes stored in his basement were forgotten. However, Mr. Samet discovered the boxes in early summer and decided it was time to sort through them. As he did so, he came across a Central College 1941 Ragout. Growing up, he remembered seeing the yearbook on the shelves of his home and always assumed it belonged to his mother. However, once he looked through the yearbook in more detail, he realized it wasn’t his mother’s at all. In fact, it belonged to a Becky Means who, according to her yearbook photo, was a freshman that year. Mr. Samet was able to “determine who it belonged to with 100 percent certainty based on the various notations and signatures of all her friends in the book.” Mr. Samet was curious about the connection his mother might have had with Becky Means and very much wanted to return this yearbook to its rightful owner. Through the Alumni Office, Rebecca (Means) Jones ’44 gave permission to have her address given to Mr. Samet. They were quickly in touch through e-mail and Mrs. Jones soon had her 1941 Ragout in her hands. No connection was ever made between the two ladies. The only link was that they both lived in the Chicago area, but there was no recollection of them ever knowing each other. And as far as Mr. Samet knew, no one in his family had any connection with Central College. The mystery of how the book ended up with Mrs. Samet will possibly never be unraveled, but the outcome was still poignant. Barry Samet had a meaningful experience, recollecting the life of his mother, and Rebecca (Means) Jones reconnected with the photos and inscriptions inside her yearbook which held many dear memories from over 60 years ago.

Fall 2007

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

Philanthropist and oil man fuels future CMU information commons with legacy gift

Robert Garst recently learned that his high school superintendent didn’t think he was college material. This news amused the 87-year-old college graduate, successful businessman, and generous philanthropist with a passion for education. A “rambunctious” youth, Garst says his mother was adamant that he attend Central College (now Central Methodist University). “I’m glad I did,” Garst says. “It was a turning point in my life. The wholesomeness and integrity of the campus made a big impression on me.” His friendship with the young Edith Anderson in his hometown of Marshfield, Mo., also made a big impression on him. After a year at Central, he transferred to Southwest Missouri State University to be closer to her. Robert earned his bachelor’s degree in education, and he and Edith recently celebrated 67 years of marriage. They raised a daughter and son, and are blessed with five grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. A visit to his sister-in-law in Oklahoma led Robert into a prosperous 38-year career with Amoco Oil Company. Today, he continues to work with the Garst Company oil business, a family enterprise that includes his son and grandson. Garst’s financial support of CMU began with a contribution to the library in 1985, and it has grown to include eight endowed Hall of Sponsors scholarships. The Garsts have also given CMU an outright

“. . . never forget where

you’re born and raised,

Commons of Smiley Memorial Library after their lifetimes. “I’m all for education and CMU is a fantastic university,” Garst says. “My dad taught me to never forget where you’re born and raised, remember where you got your education, and try to put something back into the community that set you in the right direction.”

remember where you got your education,

and try to put something back into the community

major gift and planned a substantial deferred IRA gift, which will fund the Garst Information

that set you in the right direction.”

— Robert Garst

To learn about opportunities to create your legacy while meeting critical needs for CMU, contact Theresa Davis at (660) 248-6214 or

Fall 2007

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Honor Roll Parents of Students and Alumni Larry and Kathy Abernathy J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison Dan E. and Patricia Nemitz Adkison R. Frederick and Barbara Miller Alexander Charles R. and Warene R. Anderson ◊ Norma Neal Anderson Ronald L. and Nancy Anderson Ruth Campbell Anderson Gary E. and Sara M. Hackley Bagby Michael Allen and Mary E. Douglas Bancroft Hal K. Barlow Elbridge W. Bartley Jr. ◊ Philip E. Baylor Joe E. and Jane Ash Belew Halkaline Kirk Bergsten ◊ Randy L. and Sue Biggerstaff Steve and Pam Biggs Harold E. Bingham Gary K. and Janet S. Blakemore Donald E. and Lanie Bobbitt Judy Bohner Denny and Kathy Bopp Jeff and Margie Boraz Donald and Martha Tucker Bounds Robert Lynn and Morrene Hughes Britton Calvin and Mary Broughton Elizabeth Brown Mark H. and Terry L. Brown Richard S. and Barbara Burcham Brumitt James J. and Caryl R. Bryan Monk Bryan ◊ Sally Swank Burke Kenneth L. and Carla Robison Burres ◊ Kenneth and Brenda S. Caldwell Robert L. and Susan Casady John Russell and Diane Cater Nettie N. Cherrington Joseph and Diane Chitwood James C. and Peggy Jo Davis Clatworthy DeForrest E. and Dorothy Norton Cline Marge Fizer Cochran Mark R. Conarroe Mr. and Mrs. George Conley Bill J. and Betty Ann George Crigler ◊ Allen S. and Shirley Crites Beau and Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson Charles B. and Marva Davis Doris J. Steele De la Roche M. David Jr. and Lucy Aufdenberg Dealy Beverly Braun Denman Steven A. and Mary Beth Wise Dick ◊ Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Norman E. and Ruth Crowe


Drissell R. Paul † and M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond ◊ Mark and Becky Dudley D. Keith Duren Chet Easley Robert H. and Mary Gaines Easterday ◊ R. Vergil and Betty L. Eaton Wally J. and Kimberly Michalle Eaton James W. and Christine L. Ebberts Martha J. Deatherage Eberhard David and Nanada Emory Larry R. Fagan David Fortel and Hope I. Tinker Beverly Foster Charles and Amy Ann Utterback Foutes ◊ David G. and Jana M. Harral Fox Robert and Diana Freeman Mark A. and Susan Friemonth Freese Rebecca L. Jackson Galloway Emery Jr. and Jan Geisendorfer Gary and Joyce A. Ginter John O. and Beth Hammond Gooch Joe and Sara Gorman Raymond A. and Mary Grote Don A. and Jean Borgelt Gruenewald Ralph R. Guenther † and D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther Carl W. and Melody Gustafson Albert R. and Margaret E. Davis Hamra ◊ Donald E. Hamra Marsha R. Standley Hansen Jack R. and Dawn Harbison Russell A. and Patricia A. Hardesty Charles R. and Doris Harlow Alan W. and Cindy Harper Hubert L. and JoAnn Harral Bryan and Debi Heater Michael and Mimi Taylor-Hendrix L. Kyle and Marie Frazee Hern David and Jan Renee Hesi George and Patricia Jordan Hilgedick Michael and Deborah L. Himmelberg Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix Ronald and Marie Hoehne Thomas J. and Deborah L. Holtmeyer Ilene Morrison House J. Douglas and Ann Hoy Herbert L. and Pasty Huth ◊ Barry and Debbie Imgarten James W. and Sylvia A. Ireland Daisy McKee Jacobs † William H. Jacobs Bill and Roxi James John and Janice Janek Gary M. Johnson Robert Louis and Katherine

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Honor Roll

Gould family relatives establish endowment for CMU’s theatre department Family members of the late Margaret Gould Dent of Hannibal gathered at Central Methodist University in early October to celebrate the establishment of a Theatre Department endowment in her name and to unveil a formal portrait of Dent in the lobby of the CMU Little Theatre. The Margaret Gould Dent ’36 Theatre Endowment will be used in part to fund the theatre department’s annual trip to the American College Theatre Festival (next year in Omaha, Neb.) and for general support of the CMU theatre arts program. Margaret Gould Dent was born in 1915 in Santa Barbara, Calif., the daughter of Robin and Katherine Warren Gould. Her father was a member of the first graduating class of University of Missouri-Columbia’s Journalism School and served as a Methodist minister in California, Arizona, and Missouri. Dent was a 1936 graduate of Central College (now CMU) in Fayette, where she was active in the theatre program. She married Virgel Dent, Jr., in 1937. He died in 1986. She continued to live in Hannibal until her death in June of 2006. After graduating from Central, Dent’s first job was in Hannibal with the Courier-Post newsroom. She later hosted a radio show called “Woman’s Hour” on KHMO radio. At age 42, she began teaching at Hannibal High School. Although she had not intended to make teaching a career, she was persuaded to continue teaching by the superintendent, who asked her to teach for a year until someone else could be found. She went on to teach speech and drama for 27 years, from 1957 to 1984. In May of 2006, her brother, Warren Gould of Dallas, Texas, began plans to fund an endowment honoring his sister. He had not told her of the plans. He and Margaret’s niece, Ann Dickinson, began funding the endowment. After her death in 2006, they discovered that Margaret Gould Dent also left provisions in her will to leave money to Central. Present for the unveiling of Margaret Gould Dent’s photo and formal establishment of the theatre endowment at CMU were Warren Gould; a niece, Ann Dickinson of Kansas City; a cousin, Robert Mize of Armstrong; Dr. Marianne E. Inman, president of CMU; Dr. Mark Kelty, assistant professor of theatre and director of The At the unveiling of Margaret Gould Dent’s portrait in the Little Theatre, Pres. Little Theatre; Theresa Davis, CMU vice presiMarianne Inman visited with (from left): Warren Gould, Ann Dickinson, and Robert dent for advancement; and Stephanie Lewis, diMize. Dr. Mark Kelty and a number of students and staff also participated in the rector of CMU’s annual fund and donor relations. occasion.

Faculty and Staff Jenny Ann Martin Anspach Howard Ross Asbury Nancy Arment Asbury Michael Allen Bancroft F. Jerry Benner Richard Bradley Nettie N. Cherrington Donald B. Cullimore Theresa M. Davis ◊ Carole Sue DeLaite R. Paul Drummond † ◊ Wally J. Eaton Dana R. Elliott John A. Flanders

Joy Dodson Flanders David Fortel Chad L. Gaines Joseph E. Geist Joyce A. Ginter David M. Gorton Henry Graham IV Rita J. Gulstad Teri L. Haack Nancy Pandolfi Hadfield Gale Hairston Barbara Hamel Deborah L. Himmelberg Marianne E. Inman ◊ Daryl Jefferies

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Braxton P. Rethwisch Rose Marie Rogers Thomas J. Ruess Maryann Rustemeyer Dianna D. Shallenburger Jeffrey A. Sherman Julee Kay Sherman Ronald L. Shroyer Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Catherine J. Thogmorton Gregory L. Thurmon Daytha Frink Trimble Sherry A. Wells

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Butler Manufacturing Company Foundation C&R Supermarket Central States Fitness Systems The Chance Foundation Chevron & Texaco Card Service Citigroup Scholarship Coca-Cola Bottling Company Coil Construction Inc. Colgate-Palmolive Company Columbia Photo & Video Commercial Trust Company ConocoPhillips Crane Fund for Widows & Children Creative Printing Services DaimlerChrysler Corp. Fund Scholarship Danna McKitrick P. C. Deloitte Foundation DOLIR Director and Staff A. G. Edwards Scholars Einspahr Construction Inc. Elite Financial Services Emerson Electric Company Enterprise Rent-A-Car Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Enterprise Rent-A-Car Scholarship Exchange Bank of Missouri ExxonMobil Foundation Inc. Family Health Inc. Fayette Area Community Theatre Fayette Area Community Trust Fayette Medical Clinic University Physicans Federated Department Stores First Federal Bank Fresh Ideas Management LLC Frost Brown Todd LLC Gamble and Schlemeier GlaxoSmith Kline Foundation Georgia School Board Association William D. Graham and Associates H & R Block Foundation Hallmark Corporate Foundation Harris Connect Hermann High School Hermann High School Faculty Hillyard - Columbia Home Oil Company Honeywell International Foundation Hoops Unlimited Howard Electric Cooperative IBM International Foundation IDEX Corporation Innes Family Reunion Fund Inovatia Laboratories LLC Jennings Premium Meats Jefferson Bank Johnson & Johnson Companies Edward Jones Scholarship Jordan Charitable Foundation Just What The Doctor Ordered Land O’Lakes Foundation

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Lockheed Martin The May Stores Foundation Inc. McCutcheon Enterprises Medart Inc. Merrill Lynch & Company Missouri Colleges Fund Inc. Missouri Conference UMC Missouri UMC Foundation Missouri United Methodist Foundation Modern Litho-Print Co. Monnig Industries Inc. Monsanto Fund Monsanto Fund Scholarship NTB OA/FMDC Orscheln Industries Foundation The Overlake School PEO Chapter MQ, Jefferson City Peterson Manufacturing Company Pfizer Foundation Principal Financial Group PrintLynx Procter & Gamble Prudential Insurance Company Pundmann Ford Rainbow House Reckitt Benckiser Remedies Family Pharmacy Rolla Key Sport Shop Inc. SBC Foundation SC Johnson Wax Fund Inc. Scripps Howard Foundation Shelter Insurance Company, Columbia Simon Oswald Associates Snoddy’s Store Sonoco Foundation Sprint Foundation Star Tribune Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation State Farm Insurance, Boonville State Farm Insurance Companies State Farm Insurance, Fayette Superior Home Furnishings Sydenstricker Implement Company Texas State Teacher Association Tri-County Trust Company True Media US Bancorp Foundation Union Pacific Corporation United Parcel Service Scholarship Verizon Foundation Vinita Park UMC Picnic Fund Visionworks – McDonald’s, Fayette Walsworth Publishing Company WellPoint Foundation Williams-Keepers CPA Women’s Club of Hermann Wood Creek Media World Wide Car Service Inc.

The Talon

† deceased ◊ 5-year CEF donor


Honor Roll Patrons of The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art Seraphim

$300.00 or more

Tom and Arlene Ashby O. Nelson and Kristi Wiebe Auer Earl and Sunny Bates Pat and Sharon Campbell Commercial Trust Company Glenn and Veronica Cox Barbara Davis Joseph E. Geist Dale and Maureen Graham Terry and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Richard M. and Marti Hodge Robert and Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge William and Martha Rogers Holman Roy and Betty Humphreys Marianne E. and David Inman William Kountz James M. and Elisabeth Luetjen Ginger King and Dennis Luetkemeyer Lucille Mounter Nancy Walker Peacock and Mark D. Peacock Garland and Peggy Russell Margaret Peters Sandring Edna Schenk † Lathem and Nikki Parrish Scott Robert and Louann Thogmorton Shaner Thomas L. Yancey


$200.00 - $299.99

Paul and Eleanor Rudd Calvert Loyd and Elizabeth Clevenger † Robert E. and Becky Courtney Joe Wes Davis Jr. Edna Glenn† John D. Hutcherson Janet L. Jacobs Bedford and Kathryn Knipschild Roy and Susan Meals Ercell and Virginia Miller Virginia Lloyd Monroe North Cross United Methodist Church Ann Ipsen Parks Gerald and Donna Pescaglia John D. Phillippe James A. and Kitty Rogers Marilyn Gaddis Rose Charles M. and R. Jan Swaney


$100.00 - $199.99

J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison


Bill and Dorothy Jean Ayres Howard J. and Celia Barnhard Sheila Belkin C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Jerry and Joanne Berneche Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Robert and Morrene Britton Jerry E. and Georgia Brown Ann B. Abernathy Clement Mark and Doni Conarroe Richard and Theresa Davis J. H. and Charlotte Dethero Thomas Dillingham Robert M. and Susan Doroghazi Newell and Martha Hutchison Ferry Mary Louise Johnson Forbes Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hall Patrick Hanna and Jeanne M. Pascale Susan L. Hart Verlin R. Hawkins and Gary W. Bolton Betty Switzer Hutson Daisy McKee Jacobs † J. Keith and Margie Keeling Robert and Ruth Lane Allen and Lu Lange Brock and Nancy Lutz Mary Merryman James and Marsha Miller C. Michael and Roberta Mueller Miles V. Plzak Gary and Karla Sprick Wallace and Dara Turnage John Yuelkenbeck


$50.00 - $99.99

Eva M. Allen Annette Sigal Brown Morris and Fran Burns John and Jacqueline Byland Marge Fizer Cochran Don and Carlene Cullimore John Ditto Paul and Millie Haggard Treva S. Hall Larry and Patsy Harrington Linda S. Hartsock Ilene Morrison House John and Donna Huston Russell and Nancy Thompson Jones Linda J. Keown R. G. and Marilyn Kirby Robert and Sue Kountz † Shari Kraus Larry and Carol Leech Samuel and Phyllis Lucas Sheryl Huecker Luster Randy and Jeri Mattson Robert and Carol Meszaros Linda Miller Mary Ann Morris David and Lesley Oswald John and Sarah Riddick Cathy Thogmorton J.B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner

Fall 2007


$25.00 - $49.99

Norma Neal Anderson Elizabeth Brown Gordon and Jean Carlson Gerald and Elizabeth M. Dick Patricia Drumm Tina Foglesong Florence Chesnutt Friedrichs Henry B. IV and Claudia Graham J. L. and C. A. Harding Doris O. Hawkins James C. and Tia Higbie Sandra Hild Robert and Ruth Benner Hix John and Virgie Irvin Dr. Newton W. Jones Larry A. Kanter and Carl W. Morris Patricia Sasse Kirby Janeen Kooi Wiley and MaryEllen McVicker Garland and Sydney Middendorf Dayton and Janice Neal Richard and Carol Pemberton George and Judith Potter Gardell and Karen Powell Cresencia Roberts Margaret Sayers-Peden Braxton and Judith Engel Rethwisch Leland and Marjorie Baskett Schaperkotter Michael† and Kitty Schewe Irvin† and Dorothy Storer Schnell George and Carolyn Sweet Marie Tindall Hope Tinker and David Fortel James and Kathryn Wallace Dale and Marilou Whiteside Delores Bland Wyckoff

Docents for The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art In appreciation for the countless hours of volunteer service to the Gallery Jan Addison Barbara Alexander Norma Anderson Bill Ayres Dorothy Jean Ayres Donna Baker Martha Baylor Phil Baylor Morrene Britton Liz Brown Marge Cochran Barbara Davis Becky Feaster Susan Donnelly Marty Ferry Dale Graham Milly Haggard Patsy Harrington Bill Holman Martha Holman Ilene House

Margie Keeling Chris Losey Marilyn Kirby Beverly Mattli Betty McIntosh Margie McMillan Virginia Monroe, Director Janice Neal Ann Parks Donna Pescaglia Connie Shay Karla Sprick Helen Thogmorton James Thogmorton Marie Tindall Marilyn Young

Jerry L. Schwab Shelter Insurance Company, Columbia Snoddy’s Store State Farm Insurance, Boonville State Farm Insurance, Fayette State Farm Insurance Companies Superior Home Furnishings Dick Faxon VanDyne Walsworth Publishing Company Elwood and Helen Templeton Wells

The All-Sport Booster Club

$50.00 - $99.99

Eagle Club

$1,000.00 - $5,000.00

Martha Beimdiek Adair Commercial Trust Company Robert A. Kountz and Suzanne Janus Kountz † David and Katie Lewis Clay A. and Karen Perry

Green Club

$500.00 – $999.99 Janet L. Jacobs Pundmann Ford

David and Carol Platt Butler Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Tom and Sandy Druzgal Fresh Ideas Emery and Jan Geisendorfer Bryan and Debi Heater Hoops Unlimited Terry Lance Randall E. Lee McCutcheon Enterprises Jerry J. Oliphant Mozaffar and Farahnaz Rahmatpanah Thomas J. and Janette Ruess

Friends of Music

Black Club

$250.00 - $499.99

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Marianne E. and David Inman James and Jo Carol Porter Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman

Lettermen Club $100.00 - $249.99

Boone County National Bank Jeff and Margie Boraz Tom and Mari Brown C&R Supermarket Central States Fitness Systems Joseph and Diane Chitwood Jordan E. Chitwood James C. and Peggy Jo Davis Clatworthy John D. Downing Einspahr Construction Inc. William and Phyllis Faulks Fayette Medical Clinic University Physicans Robert L. and Barbara Williams Hahne Inovatia Laboratories LLC William H. Jacobs Jennings Premium Meats Gary M. Johnson Richard T. Loy McDonald’s, Fayette Fred D. and Julie Jacobs Menees Mid-City Lumber PrintLynx Myles Wilson and Christy Lynn Napier Proctor Rolla Key Sport Shop Inc.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Coaches Club

The N. Louise Wright Society $1,000.00 and up

Commercial Trust Company Fayette Area Community Trust Ronald Lee and Virginia McCoy Frede Ruth Higginbotham Nickerson Robert B. Stanley

Conductor’s Circle $500 to $999.99

Ball Corporation Fred A. Binkholder R. Paul † and M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond Philip N. Edson Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Richard E. Thompson

Sustaining Friends $100.00 to $499.00

Howard Ross and Nancy Arment Asbury Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Audrey L. Schmidt Busch Gregory Chandler Sr. Jane Louise Turner Chick Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica Cox Allen and Shirley Crites Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Celia Utlaut Drake Pansyetta Glaser Fleener Carolyn Cates Fonteyn Albert Owen and Helen

The Talon


Honor Roll Catherine J. Thogmorton Michael Thornton Elnora E. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Warren

17th Annual

Luetjen Tournament Friday, July 18, 2008 at Hail Ridge Golf Course Boonville, Missouri 4-person scramble, flighted $100 per person Proceeds support the CMU Athletic Programs For more information call Sherry Wells at 660-248-6346

Virginia Held Griese Ralph R. Guenther † and D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther Andrew J. and Jo-an Brown Higgins William S. and Martha Rogers Holman Marianne E. and David Inman Beatrice Jackson Janet L. Jacobs Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones Alice L. Freese Kennedy Robert G. and Marilyn Kirby Kevin L. and Cheryl Eckhoff Lines Samuel Edgar and Phyllis Jean Hayes Lucas Carolyn Wilkerson Powell Robert A. Rackley Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Roderick Terree L. Rowbottom Thomas J. and Janette Ruess Gro Sandvik Lathem A. and Nicole D. Parrish Scott Earl R. and Sarah Shostrom B. G. and Susan Marner Sides Charles L. Smith Terry B. and Mary J. McClure

Smith Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner Thomas L. Yancey


Up to $99.99

Anonymous Constance Baur Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Larry Lee and Janet Marie Roussin Bennett Betty C. Taggart Bruner Allen S. Carpenter III Jordan E. Chitwood John Dow Clingenpeel Robert E. and Becky Courtney Harlo L. Donelson First UMC, Washington Frances Lucille Foster Ann Dewease Gainey Mary Lu Graves Wessley Allen and Paulaura Randall Hart Robert J. Henderson Jr. Linda Marie DeForest Hess Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix

Fall 2007

Frances Schoen Jackson J. Steven Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Delbert L. Jeffrey Gary F. Jones Larry A. Kantner and Carl Morris John W. King Paul Andrew Lebeck Ann Poindexter Lyons Gerald L. McCollum Gail Nelson and Paul K. Meyers Aaron Thomas Mepham and Carolyn B. Shepard Money Ruth E. Monroe John D. Phillippe Shirley Held Rinderknecht Rockville UMW Carolyn Nell Maddox Schaberg Ellen Galatas Schroeder Keith E. Shostrom James Franklin Slutz Albert G. Smith Marilyn J. Hogan Smith Bill and Sandra Spano Marian F. Bowman Spivey John A. and Barbara A. Bretch Stephens Winifred Yoes Runge Stribling

Friends of the Little Theatre Producer’s Circle $500.00 and up

O. Nelson and Kristi Wiebe Auer Earl F. and Sunny Bates Commercial Trust Company Exchange Bank of Missouri Fayette Area Community Trust Janet B. Kelty William B. Kountz Jr.

Director’s Guild $250.00 to $499.00

Janet L. Jacobs Ginger King and Dennis Luetkemeyer

Supporting Cast $100.00 to $249.00

Elizabeth Broadus Keith Broadus Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox R. Paul † and M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond Family Health Inc. Joseph E. Geist John T. Graff Nancy Pandolfi and Richard Hadfield Gale and Carolyn Hairston Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix William S. and Martha Rogers Holman Marianne E. and David Inman Daisy McKee Jacobs † Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones Robert and Marilyn Kirby Brock M. and Nancy D. Lutz Gene and Glenda Moum Miles V. Plzak Lathem A. and Nicole D. Parrish Scott

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church James K. and Kathryn Y. Wallace Wood Creek Media Ralph L. Jr. and Janice Chatelain Woodward

Stage Hands Up to $99.99

R. Frederick and Barbara Miller Alexander Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Jerry F and G. Ruth Dorman Benner Linda A. Brown John G. and S. Jacqueline Byland Marge Fizer Cochran Beau and Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson Donald B. and Carlene Cullimore Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Thomas F. Dillingham Sara Ann Walkup Drummond Fayette Area Community Theatre Mark A. and Susan Friemonth Freese Spencer and Rebecca L. Jackson Galloway Dennis B. and Judith A. Gill Nina Gooch Teri L. Haack Paul and Milly Haggard Barbara and Robert D. Hamel Ilene Morrison House J. Keith and Marjorie H. Keeling Janeen W. Kooi Roger and Linda Lembke Linda Ragene Miller Rainbow House Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer St. Mary’s Episcopal Church James P. and Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton Elizabeth A. Purdy Utsler Thomas L. Yancey

The Talon

† deceased ◊ 5-year CEF donor


Honor Roll United Methodist Church Foundations Missouri United Methodist Foundation

Gateway Regional District

Missouri United Methodist Church Foundation General Board of Higher Education and Ministry UMC United Methodist Higher Education Foundation

Missouri United Methodist Churches These churches and church organizations of the Missouri Conference supported CMU in Calendar Year 2006.

Gateway Central District


Asbury UMC, St. Louis Bethel UMC, Wildwood Centenary UMC, Saint Louis Christ Community UMC, Saint Louis Christy Memorial UMC Clayton UMC Concord Trinity UMC Ellisville UMC Eureka UMC Fenton UMC First UMC, Webster Groves Grace UMC, Saint Louis Green Trails UMC Kingshighway UMC Kirkwood UMC Lafayette Park UMC, Saint Louis Lewis Chapel UMC, Crescent Manchester UMC Maplewood UMC Marvin Park UMC, Saint Louis Mt. Zion UMC, Saint Louis New Hope UMC, Arnold Normandy UMC North Hills UMC, Saint Louis North Park UMC Salem-in-Ballwin UMC Salem-in-Ladue UMC Samaritan UMC, Saint Louis Scruggs Memorial UMC St. Andrew UMC, Florissant St. John’s UMC, Saint Louis St. Luke’s UMC, Saint Louis St. Mark’s UMC, Florissant Stephan Memorial UMC The Gathering Union Memorial UMC, Saint Louis Union UMC, Saint Louis Unity UMC, Saint Louis

University UMC Valley Park UMC Village Church of Saint Louis Webster Hills UMC, Saint Louis Zion UMC, Saint Louis

Arcadia Valley UMC Asbury UMC, Foley Beemont UMC Belgrade UMC Belleview UMC Bellflower UMC Bethel UMC, Montgomery City Bismarck UMC Buell UMC Caledonia UMC Casco UMC Cedar Grove UMC Centenary UMC, Bonne Terre Central Grove UMC Champion City UMC Church of the Shepherd UMC College UMC, Warrenton Cuba UMC Desloge UMC Doe Run UMC Drake UMC Ebenezer UMC Elsberry UMC Emmanuel UMC, Viburnum Emory Memorial UMC, New Haven Esther UMC Fairview UMC, Grubville Faith UMC, House Springs Faith UMC, Saint Charles First UMC Presbyterian First UMC, Bourbon First UMC, De Soto First UMC, Festus First UMC, Park Hills First UMC, Saint Charles First UMC, Union First UMC, Washington Flucom UMC Grace UMC, Sullivan Gray Summit UMC Hematite UMC Herculaneum UMC Hermann UMC Immanuel UMC, Senate Grove Irondale UMC Jonesburg UMC Labadie UMC Leslie UMC Libertyville UMC Marvin Chapel UMC Memorial UMC, Farmington Memorial UMW Middletown UMC Mineola UMC Mineral Point UMC Moscow Mills UMC Mt. Olive UMC, Jefferson County Mt. Olive UMC, Robertsville New Florence UMC New Hope UMC, Owensville O’Fallon Morning Star Old Alexandria UMC Olney UMC

Fall 2007

Pendleton UMC Plattin UMC Pleasant Hill UMC, Defiance Potosi UMC Rosebud UMC Shiloh UMC, Foristell Sligo UMC Smith Creek UMC St. Andrew’s UMC, De Soto St. Clair UMC St. Stephen UMC, Troy Sunrise UMC Victoria UMC Wesley Memorial UMC Woollam UMC Zion UMC, Mapaville Zion UMC, Truxton

Heartland Central District Atherton UMC Belvidere UMC Blue Ridge Boulevard UMC Broadway UMC, Kansas City Centennial UMC, Kansas City Central UMC, Kansas City Christ UMC, Independence Country Club UMC Epworth-Roanoke UMC Fairmount UMC, Independence Faubion UMC First UMC, Independence First UMC, North Kansas City Garland Avenue UMC Gashland UMC Glenwood Park UMC Grandview UMC Kairos UMC Marlborough UMC McMurry UMC Meadowbrook UMC Mount Washington UMC New Hope UMC, Kansas City North Cross UMC Northern Boulevard UMC Northmoor UMC One Spirit UMC Red Bridge UMC St. Andrew UMC, Kansas City St. James UMC, Kansas City St. John’s UMC, Kansas City St. Luke’s UMC, Kansas City St. Matthew’s UMC St. Paul UMC, Independence Sugar Creek UMC Swope Park UMC Terrace Lake UMC Wesley Heights UMC White Avenue UMC Winnwood UMC

Heartland North District Abbott’s Chapel UMC Arley UMC Bogard UMC Broadway UMC, Plattsburg Buckner UMC Camden UMC Carrollton UMC Concordia UMC Corder UMC Cowgill UMC Dearborn UMC

Elmwood UMC Faith UMC, Grain Valley First UMC, Blue Springs First UMC, Kearney First UMC, Marshall First UMC, Slater Good Shepherd UMC Grand Pass UMC Hale UMC Hardin UMC Henrietta UMC Holt UMC Lathrop UMC Lawson UMC Lexington UMC Liberty UMC, Liberty Malta Bend UMC Mandeville UMC McBee Chapel UMC Millville UMC Mt. Tabor UMC Napoleon UMC New Hope UMC, Braymer Norborne UMC North Star UMC North Street UMC, Marshall Oak Grove UMC Oakland UMC, Buckner Odessa UMC Orrick UMC Paradise UMC Platte City UMC Platte Woods UMC Proctorville UMC Richmond UMC Smith Chapel UMC, Napton Smithville UMC St. Peter UMC Todd’s Chapel UMC Turney UMC Waverly UMC Wellington UMC Wesley UMC, Sweet Springs Weston UMC

Heartland South District Amsterdam UMC Appleton City UMC Archie UMC Bethel UMC, Hughesville Blackwater Chapel UMC Brandon UMC Calhoun UMC Chilhowee UMC Clinton UMC Cole Camp UMC Creighton UMC Drake’s Chapel UMC Drexel UMC Eldorado UMC First UMC, Sedalia First UMC, Warrensburg Florence UMC Georgetown UMC Goodwill Chapel UMC Harrisonville UMC Hickory Chapel UMC Holden UMC Hope UMC Houstonia UMC Ionia UMC LaDue UMC LaMonte UMC Lake Creek UMC

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Lake Lotawana UMC Lee’s Summit UMC Leeton UMC Lincoln UMC Lucas UMC Medford UMC Montrose UMC Mt. Olivet UMC, Archie Mt. Zion UMC, Butler Mt. Zion UMC, Deepwater Norris UMC Ohio Street UMC Passaic UMC Pleasant Hill UMC, Sedalia Rich Hill UMC Rockville UMC Rockville UMW St. Paul’s UMC, Raymore Taylor Chapel UMC Virginia UMC Warren Street UMC Warsaw UMC Wesley Chapel UMC, Kingsville Windsor UMC Woods Chapel UMC, Lee’s Summit Woods Chapel UMC, Odessa Zion Hill UMC, Concordia

Midstate District Asbury Chapel UMC, Salisbury Ashland UM Fellowship Belle UMC Bethel UMC, Callaway County Bethel UMC, Jefferson City Brunswick UMC California UMC Camdenton UMC Centralia UMC Chamois UMC Clifton Hill UMC Community UMC Cornerstone UMC Court Street UMC Eldon UMC Fairview UMC, Columbia First UMC, Jefferson City First UMC, Mexico Fortuna UMC Glasgow UMC Glensted UMC Grace UMC, Jamestown Gravois Mills UMC Hallsville UMC Harper Chapel UMC Hispanic Ministry Huntsville UMC Iberia UMC Immanuel UMC, Dalton Jefferson Avenue UMC Keytesville UMC Koenig UMC Lewis Chapel UMC, Glasgow Linn Creek UMC Linn Memorial UMC Maple Grove UMC, Thompson McCredie UMC Miami UMC Midway Locust Grove UMC Missouri UMC Mokane UMC Mt. Carmel UMC, Fulton Mt. Zion UMC, California

The Talon

Honor Roll Nelson Memorial UMC New Bloomfield UMC New Franklin UMC New Hope UMC, Moberly New Horizons UMC Otterbein UMC Otterville UMC Ozark Chapel UMC, Laurie Paris Fork UMC Pleasant Green UMC Pleasant Grove UMC, Auxvasse Prairie Chapel UMC Prairie Home UMC Rader UMC Red Rock UMC Riggs UMC Rocheport UMC Russellville UMC Salisbury UMC Shiloh UMC, Holts Summit Smith Chapel UMC, Fayette St. James UMC, Fulton St. John’s UMC, Linn St. Luke’s UMC, Columbia St. Luke’s UMC, Mexico St. Paul UMC, Fayette St. Paul UMC, New Bloomfield Steedman UMC Stover UMC Sturgeon UMC Tebbetts UMC Tipton UMC Trinity UMC, Moberly Versailles UMC Vienna UMC Wesley Chapel, Pilot Grove Wesley UMC, Jefferson City West Park UMC Wilkes Boulevard UMC Woodlandville UMC

Mark Twain District Arbela UMC Arch Street UMC Atlanta UMC Bacon Chapel UMC Barker UMC Bear Branch UMC Bee Ridge UMC Bethel UMC Bethlehem UMC Bluff Springs UMC Bowling Green UMC Browning UMC Bucklin UMC Centenary UMC, Lewistown Centenary UMC, Louisiana Clarence UMC Clarksville UMC Downing UMC Durham UMC Edina UMC Eolia UMC Evangelical UMC Fairmont UMC First UMC, Hannibal First UMC, Kirksville Florida UMC Glenwood UMC Gorin UMC Green Castle UMC Green City UMC Greentop UMC Haseville UMC

Hunnewell UMC Hydesburg UMC Ilasco-Saverton UMC Immanuel UMC, Canton Kahoka UMC Kendall UMC Knox City UMC LaPlata UMC Laclede UMC Lancaster UMC Linneus UMC Lowman Chapel UMC Luray UMC Macon UMC Madison UMC Marceline UMC Meadville UMC Memphis UMC Mendon UMC Milan UMC Monroe Chapel UMC Monticello UMC Mt. Hermon UMC Mt. Olivet UMC, Taylor Mt. Vernon UMC Mt. Zion East UMC, Atlanta Mt. Zion UMC, Bucklin Mt. Zion West UMC, Callao Oak Grove UMC Palmyra UMC Park UMC, Hannibal Pleasant Grove UMC Prairie Chapel UMC Purdin UMC Queen City UMC Sabbath Home UMC Scott’s Chapel UMC Shelbina UMC Shelbyville UMC Siloam Chapel UMC South Eagle UMC St. Francisville UMC Sumner UMC Trinity UMC, Brookfield Unionville UMC Wayland UMC Wesley Chapel UMC, Kirksville Zion UMC

Ozark North District Antioch UMC Asbury UMC, Springfield Bear Creek No. 2 UMC Bear Thicket UMC Bolivar UMC Broadway UMC, Springfield Buffalo UMC Conway UMC Cross Timbers UMC Ebenezer I UMC Elwood UMC Fair Grove UMC Fair Play UMC Fairview UMC, Bolivar Fairview UMC, Lebanon First UMC, Springfield First UMC, Lebanon First UMC, Rolla Grace Community UMC Hazelgreen UMC Lowry City UMC Morrisville UMC Mt. Carmel UMC

Fall 2007

Mt. Gilead UMC Mt. Pleasant UMC New Hope UMC Niangua UMC Onward UMC Osceola UMC Paris Springs UMC Pathways UMC Phillipsburg UMC Pitts Chapel UMC Pleasant Hope UMC Pomme de Terre UMC Prairie Chapel UMC Richland UMC Schweitzer UMC Sleeper UMC St. James UMC, St. James St. Luke UMC, Bois D’Arc St. Paul UMC, Springfield Stockton UMC Stoutland UMC Vista UMC Walnut Grove UMC Waynesville UMC Willard UMC

Ozark South District Aldersgate UMC, Nixa Alton UMC Anutt UMC Ava UMC Battlefield UMC Billings UMC Birch Tree UMC Branson UMC Cabool UMC Campbell UMC, Springfield Cassidy UMC Clever UMC Couch UMC Ebenezer II UMC Elkland UMC First UMC, West Plains Fordland UMC Forsyth UMC Hartville UMC Haymes Chapel UMC Hood UMC, Republic Houston UMC Hurley UMC Kimberling City UMC Kimberling City UMW King’s Way UMC Koshkonong UMC Licking UMC Mansfield UMC Marshfield UMC Mount Hermon UMC Mount Pisgah UMC Mountain Grove Trinity UMC Mountain View UMC Mt. Olive UMC, Billings Norwood UMC Ozark UMC Pleasant Grove UMC Pleasant Hill UMC, Ozark Prospect UMC Raymondville UMC Rogersville UMC Salem UMC Salem UMW Seymour UMC St. Luke UMC, Webster County

Strafford UMC Summersville UMC Thayer UMC Theodosia UMC Wesley UMC, Springfield Willow Springs UMC

Pony Express District Agency UMC Albany UMC Altamont UMC Amazonia UMC Amity UMC Ashland Avenue UMC Bethel UMC Burlington Junction UMC Burr Oak UMC Cameron UMC Chillicothe UMC Clearmont UMC Deer Park Grace UMC Dockery Chapel UMC Eagleville UMC Ebenezer UMC Elmo UMC Fairfax UMC Fairview UMC First UMC, Bethany Forest City UMC Francis Street First UMC Gilman City UMC Grant City UMC Grundy Center UMC Guilford UMC Hamilton UMC Hatton Chapel UMC Heath UMC Helena UMC Hopkins UMC Jamesport UMC Kidder UMC King City UMC King Hill UMC Kirkley Chapel UMC Liberty UMC Martinsville UMC Maryville UMC Maysville UMC Mercer UMC Mitchelville UMC Morris Chapel UMC Mound City UMC Mt. Moriah UMC, Saint Joseph Mt. Olive UMC, Chillicothe New Hampton UMC Oregon UMC Pattonsburg UMC Pickering UMC Pleasant Grove UMC, Chillicothe Princeton UMC Ravanna UMC Ravenwood UMC Ridgeville UMC Rock Port UMC Savannah UMC Sharp’s Grove UMC Sheridan UMC Skidmore UMC South Park UMC St. Paul UMC, Saint Joseph Stanberry UMC

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Star Chapel UMC Stewartsville UMC Union Star UMC Watson UMC Weatherby UMC Wesley Chapel Wesley UMC, Saint Joseph Wesley UMC, Trenton Westboro UMC Wilcox UMC Zion UMC, Cosby

Southeast District Bell City UMC Benton UMC Bernie UMC Bertrand UMC Bridges UMC Broadway UMC, Scott City Caruth UMC Centenary UMC, Cape Girardeau Charleston UMC Coldwater Chapel UMC Coldwater UMC Cooter UMC Crossroads UMC Deering UMC Dogwood UMC Doniphan UMC Eastwood Memorial UMC Ellington UMC Ellsinore UMC Essex UMC Fairview UMC, Whitewater Fairview UMC, Puxico Faith UMC, Kennett First UMC, Chaffee First UMC, Hornersville First UMC, Portageville First UMC, Dexter First UMC, Hayti First UMC, Kennett First UMC, Poplar Bluff First UMC, Puxico First UMC, Sikeston First UMC, Sikeston UMW Fredericktown UMC Glen Allen UMC Good Hope UMC, Poplar Bluff Gordonville Zion UMC Grace UMC, Cape Girardeau Grace UMC, Rockview Grandin UMC Gravel Hill UMC Hobbs Chapel UMC, Cape Girardeau Hobbs Chapel UMC, Poplar Bluff Holcomb UMC Illmo UMC Kewanee UMC La Croix UMC Lake Wappapello UMC Lilbourn UMC Lowndes UMC Maple UMC Marble Hill UMC Marquand UMC Marston UMC Millersville UMC Naylor UMC Neelyville UMC New Madrid UMC

The Talon


Honor Roll New Salem UMC Oak Ridge UMC Old Appleton UMC Old Salem UMC Old Union UMC Oran UMC Patton UMC Perryville UMC Pine Hill UMC Rauch Spence Memorial UMC Reagan’s Chapel UMC Rhodes Chapel UMC Sadler’s Chapel UMC Scopus UMC, Jackson Sedgewickville UMC Senath UMC Smith Chapel UMC, Sikeston St. Paul UMC, Commerce Sumach UMC Trinity UMC, Piedmont Trinity UMC, Bloomfield Tucker UMC Van Buren UMC Wesley Memorial UMC, Steele Wesley UMC, Sikeston Whitewater UMC Williamsville UMC York Chapel UMC

Southwest District All Faith UMC, Eagle Rock Anderson UMC Asbury UMC, Asbury Aurora UMC Avilla UMC Bethel UMC, Carthage Bronaugh UMC

Byers Avenue UMC Carl Junction UMC Carterville UMC Cassville UMC Central UMC, Webb City Christ’s Community UMC Dadeville UMC Diamond UMC Dry Valley UMC El Dorado Springs UMC First UMC, Carthage First UMC, Joplin First UMC, Monett Goodman UMC Granby UMC Greenfield UMC Harwood UMC Hume UMC Iantha UMC Jasper UMC Jerico Springs UMC Kendricktown UMC Lamar UMC Lanagan UMC Liberal UMC Liberty UMC, Monett Lockwood UMC Marionville First UMC Metz UMC Miller UMC Moundville UMC Mt. Moriah UMC Mt. Vernon UMC Nashville UMC Neosho UMC Nevada UMC Nevada UMW

New Hope UMC, Joplin New Liberty UMC Newtonia UMC Noel UMC Oakton UMC Oronogo UMC Pathways UMC Patten Chapel UMC Pierce City UMC Pineville UMC Pleasant Hill UMC, Oronogo Red Oak UMC Royal Heights UMC Sarcoxie UMC Schell City UMC Seneca UMC Sheldon UMC Shell Knob UMC Simsberry UMC Southwest City UMC St. James UMC, Joplin St. Paul’s UMC, Joplin Stella UMC Swars Prairie UMC Trinity UMC, Joplin Union Chapel UMC Wanda UMC Washburn UMC Wheaton UMC

REMINDER February 9, 2008

Hall of Fame Team Inductions: 1949-50 Men’s Basketball 1993-94 Men’s Basketball 1997-98 Women’s Basketball 1998-99 Women’s Basketball

April 19, 2008

Hall of Fame Team Induction: 1980-81 Softball recognition of 1991-92, 1994-95, and 2003-04 Softball Teams and celebration of the new CMU Softball Field

Make plans to join us! Students lead cemetery tour Dr. Robert Wiegers, CMU professor of history, and several of his students led a tour of the Fayette City Cemetery the Friday before Halloween. Visitors learned about gravestone styles and motifs, saw a memorial to Confederate soldiers of the Civil War, and identified an unmarked section of the cemetery which contains numerous cholera casualties. “What is put here, stays here,” points out Wiegers. “Cemeteries are depositories of cultural and architectural history.” Wiegers began a local history project with his senior classes last spring. With the blessing of the Fayette Cemetery Board, he and students have cleaned old headstones, uncovered submerged markers, and generated spread sheets of the information contained on the headstones. Wiegers sees the study of local cemeteries as an opportunity to spark interest in history, foster respect for cemeteries, and help with preservation. The photo shows students Dustin Hays, Jordan Rustemeyer, and Christina Thompson, who led the tour, in front of one of the more recognizable headstones on a grave dated 1882. The angel was a symbol of both a moral overseer and a protector. Thanks to the Fayette newspapers for this information.


Fall 2007

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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The Joe W. Ward ’38 Memorial Hall of Sponsors Scholarship Established by a bequest from former Central Curator Billie (Muir) Ward ’40, the Joe W. Ward ’38 Memorial Hall of Sponsors Scholarship, is a tribute to her late husband, Dr. Joe Ward, who died in 2001. Billie’s great love for her husband and her deep passion for Central Methodist University, her alma mater, where she met the love of her life, led her to endow this scholarship honoring Dr. Ward’s career as a medical doctor. It will assist a deserving student majoring in pre-med or religion. Billie Ward’s love for Central was rooted in her from the beginning by her mother, Louise Richards HP ’15. A civic leader, homemaker, and teacher of French, Spanish and English, Ward was active in the Lexington United Methodist Church until she and her husband retired to Cape Girardeau where they were members of Centenary United Methodist Church. Her deep commitment for Central’s success was evident during her service as a Curator from 1973-1981. After serving in the U.S. Army 1941-1946, Dr. Ward opened his private practice in Lexington, Mo., where he practiced until 1985. During his many years of practice, he ably served the members of Lexington and the surrounding areas. He was a member of the American Medical Association as well as the Missouri State and the Lafayette-Ray County Medical Societies. Dr. Joe and Billie Ward have two children, Dr. Jay W. Ward and Deborah Ward Haseltine. The Joe W. Ward Memorial Hall of Sponsors Scholarship will not only honor their parents’ professional accomplishments, but also their deep love for one another and Central, while at the same time assisting with life-changing education for students at Central.

The Jeanne Abele Nunning x44 Presidential Hall of Sponsors Scholarship Scholarship gifts create a legacy from which grateful students will benefit for years to come. Central Methodist University recently received a bequest from the estate of Jeanne Abele Nunning x44, establishing a Presidential Hall of Sponsors Scholarship in her memory. Nunning attended Central from 1940 through 1942. Although she never completed her education at Central, Jeanne felt strong ties to the Central family, leaving a bequest in her estate to establish the Jeanne Abele Nunning x44 Presidential Hall of Sponsors Scholarship. The generous foresight of Nunning, a retired dental bookkeeper and Southwestern Bell Telephone Sales Office Supervisor, established a half-tuition scholarship award for a deserving CMU student. Her gift will benefit students in perpetuity, leaving a remarkable legacy for Central’s future.

Planned gifts are a fantastic way to give back to Central. If you are interested in obtaining further information, please contact Randy Hubbard, director of planned giving, via phone at 877-268-1854 ext. 56260 or via e-mail at Or feel free to visit our website at gifttype.html for additional giving options. Fall 2007

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Honor Roll In Memoriam: The following gifts were made in loving memory of alumni, colleagues, and friends. Rosamond June Alexander

The Klausmeiers and Sheltons

William Henry Allen and Viola Oliska Holt Allen ’36

Lowell D. Allen

Keith King Anderson ’27 Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands 1930-1952

Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Fredrick L. and Emily Kreisler

Lawrence Kevin Anderson ’88

Esther E. Aufdenberg

Marianne E. and David Inman Nettie Cherrington Theresa M. and Richard K. Davis

Robert C. Baltezore ’45

Robert F. and Nancy C. Anderson Ruth Campbell Anderson

Jamie Talcott Baltezore

Clyde P. Angle

Family Health Inc. Remedies Family Pharmacy June L. Wilder

Michael J. and Julie A. Abbott Bandré Hunt & Snider LLC Brad and Katharine Barondeau Corrine W. Beakley Bob and Suzan Bloomberg Charles Baker and Sandra White Brown Gordon and Katherine Butler Steve and Betsy Byers James H. and Barbara Chilcutt Doyle and Sue Childers Falba A. Core Dan and Carrie Couch DOLIR Director and Staff Allen E. Dillingham Mary and Missy Distler Juanita Donehue Frank and Mary Dee Enloe V. Joan Firley Dorothy E. Goller Bill and Nancy Gratz James and Rita Haecker Josephine Hawthorne Alex and Joann Heckman William Gary Henry Ann J. Heuberger Andrew J. and Jo-an Brown Higgins John H. and Mary Jo Hilker Mark and Victoria J. Hillstrom Janet M. Hirschman James G. and Betty A. Jaegers Terry M. and Leann A. Jarrett Carl and Betty Jaynes Jefferson Bank Kenny and Dottie Kerr Jerry and Laurie Koestner Richard C. and Karen Kouri Jane L. LeJeune Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. Arlan W. and Victorine Mahon Marietta J. Martin and Family Bob and Betty Massengale James E. and Sharon McClure Ken and Joey McClure Hugh E. and Deanna McKay Barbara L. Miltenberger Jim and Ella Moore Terry and Mila Moore


Rick and Judy Naught William L. Newcomb, Jr. OA/FMDC PEO Chapter MQ Mary E. Boatright Pace C. H. Parsons Barbara Perkins William D. and Cathy Powell Willard C. and Lois L. Reine Larry W. Schepker Texas State Teacher Association Bill L. and Julia W. Thompson Dee Wampler Jim and Donna Watson Diann Wingrath

Cheryl Harmon Bartholomew

Helen Wheeler Baskett Associate Professor of English 1948-1973

Ann Romines

Ruth Burcham Baskett ’31

William D. Baskett III Frank W. Burcham Raymond R. and Marylyn Clark Frost Brown Todd LLC

Mary Ann Hildebrandt Bast

Dorothy Jean Williams Sims

Durward Leslie Baur ’44

Constance Baur

Donald V. Benson ’40

Marianne E. and David Inman

Han Frederick Binkholder

Frederick A. Binkholder

Mary Lou Brown ’36

David P. and Ruth Ann Nasby

Robert Craig Brown ’82

Robert Dean and Suzanne Duke Brown Carol A. Calvert Fricke Edward D. Sr. and Patricia Brown Robertson

Robert R. Bruner ’48

Betty C. Taggart Bruner

Clayton Fowler Callis ’44

Joanne C. Roman

John M. Cary ’54

Donald G. Jr. and Sondra Sercu Spalding

James A. Christian ’58

Milton Hilbrecht Joyce A. Innes

Fall 2007

Nina Marie Garrett ’03

Kenneth L. and Norma C. Innes Kienker

Myles Wilson and Christy Lynn Napier Proctor

Jane Voelker Clark

C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Robert E. and Becky Courtney Kennard L. Curtis Marianne E. and David Inman Halina J. Nussbaum W. Richard Shearer Donald G. Jr. and Sondra Sercu Spalding J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner

Ralph R. Guenther ’38

Ron and Eleanor Green Agnes E. Johnson The Overlake School Gro Sandvik Virginia Hicklin Thieman

Irene Hairston

Ann Abernathy Clement ’47

Paul A. and Joyce A. Ebeling Parks

Jean Smith Collins ’35

Marianne E. and David Inman

Ronald and Nancy Anderson Nettie Cherrington Theresa M. and Richard K. Davis Cheryl Haynes George and Patricia Hilgedick Marianne E. and David Inman

Martin C. Harral ’81

William L. Cutler

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Harral

Martha Jean Ott Cutler

Opal Louise Hayes (HP ’12) ’25 Associate Professor of Piano 1925-1960

Darrell and Mary Davis

Theresa M. and Richard K. Davis

Thomas L. Yancey

H. Denny Davis ’48

Marianne E. and David Inman

Maurice and Mary Ann Healy

Joseph E. Geist Marianne E. and David Inman Thomas L. Yancey

Margaret Gould Dent ’36

Ann Dickinson Warren Gould

Marilyn Dickinson Dimond ’59 Assistant Professor of Voice and Music Education and Director of Academic Services

Celia Utlaut Drake

Kenneth Worley Doak ’38

Mary-Isabel Doak

John A. Hoel ’42

Priscilla M. Hoel

Keith E. House ’49 Dean of the Swinney Conservatory, Associate Professor of Music, and Director of Bands 1972-1995

Sally Scott Blackburn Nina Gooch Mary Lu Graves Gale and Carolyn Hairston Ilene Morrison House and Family

Lena Thogmorton Dover

John R. and Florence M. Dover Pamela Finney

Marion Eberhard Downing ’34

John A. Downing

Wilbur H. Ehrich Associate Professor of Music and Mathematics 1958-1975

Paul T. Klemme

Elmon and Margaret Estes

E. Jack Estes

Esther Inman

C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Nettie Cherrington Theresa M. and Richard K. Davis Joseph E. Geist Janet L. Jacobs L. W. IV and Kelly Jacobs J. Keith and Marjorie Keeling Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Thomas L. Yancey

Kim Everett ’76

Roy Inman

Charlie J. Myers

C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Nettie Cherrington Theresa M. and Richard K. Davis Joseph E. Geist J. Keith and Marjorie Keeling Thomas L. Yancey

Rachel K. Field ’23

Mary Field Arehart

Jeffery G. Fleer

James and Susan Gerhard June Allyn Hombs Pringle

William Alexander Jenner ’38

Mary Lee Forderhase Associate Professor of English 1962-1985

Alan H. Yount

Clinton B. ’24 and Elsie J. Galatas

Paul M. Galatas

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Julia Jenner Savina

Bill and Mildred Lamb Keeney ’51

Dick and Bette Beutler Howard and Jane Brooks Paul L. and Eleanor Rudd Calvert Frances Estabrook

The Talon

Honor Roll Dorothy Lewis St. Cyr

Paul Evan Kennedy ’79

Alice L. Freese Kennedy

Emily Kerr

Marianne E. and David Inman

William H. Kilpatrick Jr. ’37

Margaret Harris Kilpatrick

Sandra J. Kinder

Marianne E. and David Inman

Robert L. Kleinert ’55

Robert J. and Jenny French LaMore Donald G. Jr. and Sondra Sercu Spalding

Marie Shoemaker Kocher ’37

William P. Kocher Michael and Sally Kocher Hahn

Martin E. Kooi Assistant Professor of Communications and Theatre 1999-2004

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kooi Janeen W. Kooi Myles Wilson and Christy Lynn Napier Proctor

Julia Schmidt Kunz ’66

Audrey L. Schmidt Busch

Maurice P. Leech ’34

Richard J. Anderson Jim and Melinda McCrary Cherrington and Family Georgia School Board Association Robert and Theresa Hayes Hermann High School Hermann High School Faculty Marianne E. and David Inman Justin P. and Gina D. King Bob and Sue Merry Women’s Club of Hermann

Gerald W. Linneman ’56

Georgia B. Lindsay

Ellwood S. Madden Director of Admissions 1951-1977

Donald W. and Barbara Madden Wright

Steven Dale and Kathryn C. Blair Tom B. Brumitt John D. and Melissa Bucksath Don L. Catlett Young-In Chi Joseph and Ruth Ann Chmelir William B. Daniels Steven H. and R. Kay Siu Dinolfo Dana R. and Margaret Thompson Elliott Kevin L. and Carrietta Silman Freeman John D. Gardner Keith A. and Ellen Gary John M. and Diane Foster Gregory Ryan Jerrod and Regina Rae Randolph Grindstaff Brian and Heather D. Warren Hall Stephen C. Hamilton Homer and Deana Harvey Michael L. Hirsch and Carol Moczygemba Steven R. Jolly Karen Kienker Scott G. Knoche Owen T. Lind Mark E. and Brenda Mae Chiles Martin Bob Miller Glen and Paula J. Mohan Harold L. Momberg Family Sally Murtagh Ruth Ann Longstreet O’Keefe Darryl W. and Ellen Ackley Pannier Knial R. Piper Martin D. Rudloff Ronald B. Schowe Ann Sherman Schubert Deborah E. Sellmeyer James A. and Dianna Hart Shelton Sherry L. Scrivner Smith David W. Sweiger J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner W. Wayne III and Natalie Bennett Wolf Keith W. Young and Terrence J. Coan

Bill O’Quinn ’51

Janice Rushing O’Quinn †

Edward Ewin Rich ’15 Director of Admissions 1919-1969

Thomas B. and Margaret Rich Cook Martha Jean Ott Cutler

Jean Rieke

Jack R. and Dawn Harbison

Jess C. Robb

Anonymous Michael Allen and Mary E. Douglas Bancroft Nettie N. Cherrington Theresa M. and Richard K. Davis Marianne E. and David Inman Gary and Joyce A. Ginter Robert G. and Marilyn Kirby Kenneth R. and Michelle L. Oliver Francis E. and Melody A. Reardon Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Sherry A. Wells

G. Andy Runge ’52

Winifred Yoes Runge Stribling

Evelyn Russell ’32

Carol A. Joyce Glenn R. and Anne Raine Joyce Louise Joyce Starr

Irvin Edwin Schnell Jr. ’51

Sam M. and Jan Guenther Marianne E. and David Inman

Esther Shroyer

Nettie Cherrington Theresa M. and Richard K. Davis Marianne E. and David Inman

Amber Siegismund

Rockville UMW

Luther T. Spayde ’36 Dean of the Swinney Conservatory and Professor of Music 1930-1972

Constance Baur Thomas L. Yancey

Harold L. Suchan

Marianne E. and David Inman

Virlea Griffin Voges ’33

Dennis R. Schwartz and Family

Herschel L. Wallace ’38

Marjorie Lauf Wallace

Louise Stemmons Williams ’39

Roger E. Williams Jr. †

Dorothy Mildred Orr Wilson

Diane Wilson Blackwelder Maurice H. Wilson

Aileen E. Woodcock

Lynne M. Woodcock Gale

George W. Wright

Marianne E. and David Inman

N. Louise Wright HP 1898 Dean of the Swinney Conservatory and Professor of Piano 1925-1952

Ellen Galatas Schroeder Thomas L. Yancey

† deceased

Edwin L. Orear ’43

Gary G. Orear James E. Orear

Darla M. Pannier ’02

Alfred F. and Mary Pannier

Ivan L Peacocke ’54

Nancy Corcoran Schmidt

Kenneth Durley Meals ’63

Roy Meals

Drummond Sara Ann Walkup Drummond Fayette Area Community Theatre Joseph E. Geist Dennis B. and Judith A. Gill Teri L. Haack Gale and Carolyn Hairston William S. and Martha Rogers Holman Marianne E. and David Inman Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones Janeen W. Kooi St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Elizabeth A. Purdy Utsler Thomas L. Yancey

Charley Pursley

Jack R. and Dawn Harbison

Lewis Manning Means ’14

Rebecca Means Jones

Nick and Freda Pyle

David A. and Ruth Ann Nasby

Raymond F. and Joyce Meyer ’50

Warren J. and Mary Ellen Meyer

Harold L. Momberg Professor of Biology 1970-1994 Professor Emeritus of Biology 1994-2006

Melissa K. Thurmon Abkemeier Stephanie Diane Bagby-Stone Jennifer Thurmon Bennett

Thomas Allen Rahm ’66

Stephen Glenn and Diane McClure

S. Fred Rhoads Associate Professor of Speech and Director of Debate and Drama

Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Linda A. Brown Thomas F. Dillingham R. Paul † and M. Suzanne Armitage

Fall 2007

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Honor Roll In Honor: The following gifts were given in honor of alumni, colleagues, and friends.

Theresa M. Davis

Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix

Thomas F. Dillingham Associate Professor of English 2002-206 Professor Emeritus

Jeff M. Kremer

Jack R. Allen ’60

Jennifer Hindes

M. Rebecca Enochs Professor of Biology/Chemistry

Athletic Training Staff

Amanda Rae Schwennesen Erica D. Tucker

Stephanie Ann Taylor

Richard Bradley Associate Professor of History and Political Science

Adam L. Mustoe Crystal L. Neufeld Peyton

Joseph E. Geist Professor of English 1972-1998 Professor Emeritus

Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix Janeen W. Kooi

Angela N. Cornelius Assistant Professor of Nursing

Kristina Lynn Brown Nelson Tracy R. Toler Dawna Ashleigh Holzer Willis

James S. Gordon Jr. Professor of Chemistry

Andria Lyn Altman Christopher B. Townley

Sally E. Hackman Associate Professor of Business/Economics

Ray and Joyce Mildred Meyer

Warren J. and Mary Ellen Meyer

Brady Connor Oliver

Stacey Meyer Kottman Amber M. Mason Shannan Lee Saunders

Marianne E. and David Inman

Thomas J. Ruess

Loyd Owen Warden

Nancy Pandolfi Hadfield Professor of English

Loran A. Ichord

Barbara Hamel Associate Professor of Music

Maryann Rustemeyer Assistant Professor of English and Mathematics

Douglas D. Hansen

Keith Eugene and Mallory Claire Sandrock

Ronald L. Shroyer Professor of Music and Dean of the Swinney Conservatory of Music

James M. Luetjen Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics 1965-1992

Nicol M. Pollreisz

Alex † and Elizabeth Marshall Warren J. and Mary Ellen Meyer

Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix

Brett Frost and Karen Goshorn Reese

Thomas L. Yancey Associate Professor of Music 1958-1995 † deceased

A tableful of Christian and theological resource texts and DVDs was given to Central Methodist University recently by Ed Scott of Jefferson City, who attended CMU during the mid1980s. More than 40 valuable works and DVDs were in the collection. Receiving the books and DVDs were (L-R) Dr. Marianne Inman, CMU president, to the left of Scott; and Michael D. Pope, United Methodist church liaison for CMU; and Dr. Daryl F. Jefferies, assistant professor of religion. “I am so very pleased that Dr. Jefferies is both eager to receive the donation and to incorporate the texts into the Church Leadership Center of the [CMU] Parish House,” Scott said.

Central Methodist University is seeking comments from the public about the University in preparation for its periodic evaluation by its regional accrediting agency. The University will undergo a comprehensive evaluation visit March 31-April 2, 2008, by a team representing The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Central Methodist University has been accredited by the Commission since 1913. The team will review the institution’s ongoing ability to meet the Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation. The public is invited to submit comments regarding the University:

Public Comment on Central Methodist University The Higher Learning Commission  30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400  Chicago, IL 60602

Comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs. Comments must be in writing and signed; comments cannot be treated as confidential. All comments must be received by February 29, 2008.


Fall 2007

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

Fall 2007

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon


Calendar of Events December

1: Jazz Band Concert 6: Sigma Alpha Iota Christmas Concert 6-9: Little Theatre Production: Love’s Labour’s Lost 7: Last day of Classes 10-13: Finals Dec. 14 – Jan. 1: Winter Break


2-11: January Session 15: Classes Begin Jan. 15 – Feb. 28: “Aaron FineExperiments on Paper” Plus New Acquisitions from the Permanent Collection at the Ashby Hodge Gallery; Reception January 20 29: Careers with the U.S. Marshals Service, 4th Floor SACC


4: “Women Only: Dress Smart” Presented by Laura Lindsary, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, SACC 5: Careers with the FBI, Homeland

411 Central Methodist Square Fayette, MO 65248-1198 Change Service Requested

Security and the US Attorney General’s Office, SACC 8-9: CMU Board of Trustees Meeting 9: Hairston Hall of Fame Inductions 14-16: CMU Opera: Magic Flute, Little Theatre 21: CMU Career EXPO, SACC 24: Brass Quintet, Linn UMC Feb. 28-Mar. 2: Little Theatre Production: La Carpa


10-14: Spring Break Mar. 25 – May 11: “The Feminine Mystique in Mid-Missouri, Part Two” - Paintings by Claudia Graham and Linda Hoover Plus Works by Women Artists in the Permanent Collection, Ashby Hodge Gallery; Reception March 30 30: CMU Concert Band Concert, Linn UMC


10: SAI/PMA American Music

Recital, Linn UMC 19: Hairston Hall of Fame Inductions/ Softball Ribbon Cutting 20: Honors Convocation 24-27: Little Theatre Production: House and Garden 25-27: Alumni Reunion Weekend


2-3: CMU Board of Trustees Meeting 3-8: Final Exams 10: Commencement 12: May Intercession Begins


Jun. 15 – Jul. 24: “Catching Light in Missouri” - Photographs by Notley Hawkins Plus Photographs from the Permanent Collection, Ashby Hodge Gallery; Reception June 15 27-29: Alumni Band Weekend For more information of any of these events and updated information, check our website at www.

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Fall 2007 edition of the Central Methodist University alumni magazine.