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FALL 2006



To Alumni and Friends of Central Methodist University:

The 2006-2007 academic year is off to a wonderful beginning! The enrollment of 846 at our Fayette campus is up 3% over last year...and 21 over our budget projections. We were glad to welcome 327 new and transfer students, and we’re delighted with the increase in retention of current students, too. Our statewide operations continue to prosper as well, and we welcome the rise in the number of graduate students at all sites. Many, many good things are happening at Central Methodist University. This issue of the Talon features the study of the sciences at Central. This area has long been one of our great strengths as we recognize with pride the substantial numbers of physicians, researchers, science teachers, business owners, and other science professionals among our alumni base. This reputation for excellence continues to the present day through our outstanding faculty and rigorous, engaging curriculum. Year after year we are proud of the high acceptance rates of our graduates to professional and graduate schools. I have heard from a number of recent alums or their parents that their first year of study beyond CMU was in many instances a repetition of material learned at Central, thus confirming the superior level of preparation our students receive. We are known, in addition, as a real leader in science and mathematics education and as a fine source of support for current teachers in these areas. Grant funding from the National Science Foundation through the Council of Independent Colleges, from federal and state sources, and most recently from the 3M Foundation confirm this reputation among our public school partners. There is considerable evidence that the most effective learning is that which fully engages the senses and intellect of the learner. In order to learn science, one must “do” science, and Central students have multiple hands-on experiences in both laboratory settings and the outdoors. Annually there is a weekend float trip guided by faculty members, and there are occasional courses, often offered during our three-week May session, re-creating a portion of the Lewis and Clark trek on the Missouri River. Summer research in bird studies provides an extension of coursework in a natural laboratory for selected students. During lab times, students are often seen on campus taking or estimating measurements of various buildings, trees, or other fixed points.

Fall 2006

When asked about high points of their Central academic experience, students often recall these opportunities for experiential learning. In Central’s early days, science courses were held in then Science Hall (now T. Berry Smith Hall). Then in 1963, when Stedman Hall was built, science courses and labs were moved there and T. Berry became home to offices and classrooms supporting the social sciences, business and economics, education, philosophy, and religion. Through the years minimal renovations took place in Stedman until this past summer, when the science labs were all upgraded, along with the hallways on each of Stedman’s four floors. Individual air conditioning units are making the learning environment more comfortable, as well. These improvements were part of a $2.55 million “short list” of projects that are enhancing the Central experience for everyone. In the case of the Stedman labs, the lead contribution was made in memory of Dr. Clayton F. Callis (B.A. ’44; D. Sci. 2000) by his daughters, and the remainder is being funded by other contributions. Anyone wishing to be involved in this project or others on the list (Swinney Conservatory renovation, T. Berry Smith air conditioning, sidewalks and steps across campus, softball field, or football/soccer turf) is invited to contact Theresa Davis, Interim Vice President for Advancement (; 660/248-6214). Many thanks for the countless ways that you help advance Central Methodist University—through referrals of prospective students, volunteer efforts, and contributions of time, talents, and resources. We are proud to be a leader in values-based liberal arts education that prepares students for service to the world.

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FALL 2006

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Message from the President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Homecoming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Battle of Fayette . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Campus News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-19 Celebrating the Written Word. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 The Cutting Edge: CMU’s Science Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 The World of Art.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 C. Fred Bergsten Delivers Gaddis Lecture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 A Summer in Costa Rica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Sports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23-26 Alumni News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27-37 The Next Generation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-40 A Century Celebration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 The Honor Roll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-71 Baskett Bequest. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Shirley Hall of Sponsors Scholarship. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Two Join Board. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Baylor Hall of Sponsors Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 CMU Board of Trustees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Downing Hall of Sponsors Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Cover photo: Fresh off the Moker float, proud pirate papa Devon Byers dotes on his parrot daughter. CMU photograph by Cathy Thogmorton

Talon Editorial Staff and Contact Information

Senior Administration Dr. Marianne E. Inman, President Dr. Rita Gulstad, Interim Vice President and Dean  of the University Kenneth R. Oliver, Vice President for Campus Life, Dean of Students, and Director of Athletics Julee Sherman, Vice President for Finance and   Administration Theresa M. Davis, Interim Vice President for Advancement Chad Gaines, Vice President for Information Services

Fall 2006

Don Cullimore, Executive Editor Phone: 660-248-6238 E-mail: Cathy Thogmorton, Editor Phone: 660-248-6391 E-mail: Jenny Martin Anspach, Director of Alumni Relations Phone: 660-248-6234 E-mail:

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CMU Homecoming 2006

YO-HO! YO-HO! A pirate’s life for me! The Caribbean came to Central for this year’s Homecoming, full of pirates and ships with menacing skull-andcrossbone flags, sand and palm trees, and CMU Eagles menacing Lindenwood Lions everywhere. The day was picture perfect, the crowds jovial. The official Homecoming shirt sported an eagle pirate pugnaciously asking, “Got a little Eagle in ya?” Banners hung in the SCC rotunda and storefront windows were garishly painted. It was a great weekend for alumni, students, faculty and staff, and friends of Central Methodist University. Honored classes this year included: 1951, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, and 2001. The class years of 1951 and 1961 sponsored receptions and dinners for their members to meet, mingle, and reminisce. The Homecoming celebration began Thursday night with a Pi Gamma Mu banquet, followed by the annual Merrill E. Gaddis Lecture, presented by Dr. C. Fred Bergsten ’61, who also presented a Community Forum the next day (see article on page 21).

reunion reception at Coleman Hall. At the same time, a special social hour was held for all returning alumni at Rosewood Antiques on Main Street, followed by an all-alumni reunion dinner in the Jacobs Conference Center in the SCC. A pep rally in Puckett Field House capped the day’s activities. On Saturday the parade floats dispatched lions in myriad ways, all with a Caribbean twist. Central’s marching band and those from local high schools, Boy Scouts and political campaigners all added to the cacophony of sights and sounds. After the parade, a tailgate lunch was held in the Bergsten Dining Hall. Part of the festivities this year included the dedication of a Battle of Fayette Civil War marker on Inman Plaza, placed

Clockwise from above: the Moker float encourages the “scurvy cats” of Lindenwood to walk the plank; President Inman and husband David greet the crowds in the parade; members of Alpha Phi Omega gathered food as their parade entry; the criminal justice organization prepared to judge, convict and subsequently “roast” the Lindenwood lions.

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Class of 1951 (L to R)--Row 1: Charlotte (Stewart) Pape , Shirley (Stewart) Mason; Row 2: Paul Calvert, Naomi (Williams) Doss, Margo (Youngstrom) Chapman, Earlene (Snider) Whitener, Paul Galatas; Row 3: Robert Brown, Norm Drissell, David Butler, Miles Whitener Carol Calvert Fricke ’50, Robert Brown ’51, and Paul Galatas ’51 enjoy the Class of 1951 reception.

Class of 1961 (L to R)--Row 1: Norma Deen Juracsik, Charles Owens; Row 2: Bill Hix, Janice (Yokley) Petsch; Row 3: Ward Overall, Joanne Bynum, Jenice (Refro) Ambelang; Row 4: Glenn Joyce, Jackie (Hawker) Whitworth; Row 5: C. Fred Bergsten, Carl O. “Bevo” Letser, Jenny (Terry) Preston, Alda (Goodwin) Sommer

Roger Mason ’53 and Paul Calvert ’51 catch up on old times at the 1951 reception.

Clockwise from left: Jenny Bersten ’59 and Helen Thogmorton ’43; Janice ’61 and Harold Petsch; Carl “Bevo” Lester ’61 and Don Alleman ’60 at the 1961 reception.

Patricia Brown Robertson ’49, Ruth Crowe Drissell ’53, and Shirley Stewart Mason ’51 get reacquainted at the’51 reception.

Fall 2006

Fred Bergsten ’61, Norma Deen Juracsik ’61, Anne Raine Joyce ’62 , and Charles Owens ’61 relax at the 1961 reception.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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memorabilia from Central’s past. Alumni loved walking back through time, as did townspeople and others who visited the display. Most of the success of the effort must be attributed to Janell ’84 and Michael Dimond ’85 who spearheaded the project. Sunday morning services at Linn Memorial UMC on the campus topped off the weekend with the A Cappella Choir singing “Beautiful Savior,” a Homecoming tradition. If you missed all the fun this year, we encourage you to make plans now to return next fall for another spectacular CMU Homecoming! there by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (see article on page 8). The football game was exciting, and although Central ultimately lost, the team made a respectable showing. Halftime focused on the crowning of Homecoming Royalty and the field show of the Marching Eagles Band with flags and dance corps. Saturday evening allowed plenty of time for alumni to meet. The Class of 1961 held its reception at Coleman Hall, and both 1961 and 1951 held special dinners. Other alumni joined the students for a Homecoming Beach Party in the Bergsten Dining Hall or meandered down to the street party on the square sponsored by Emmet’s Kitchen and Tap. A special extended display, sponsored by the CMU Alumni Board of Directors, proved to be a great draw all weekend. Titled “152 Years of Memories,” the exhibition in a downtown storefront showcased photographs, artifacts, videos, artwork, and other

Photos from the top: Alumni Association President “Bevo” Lester ’61 looked at items in the association’s display, “152 Years of Memories”; the Marching Eagles led the parade and performed at halftime; crowds filled the stands in traditional fashion for the CMU-Lindenwood game; Eagles block the lions as number 21, senior Frank Romano, picks up yardage. The Eagles lost the game 34-21.

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

Class of 1976 (L to R)--Row 1: Lynn (Jongerius) Rousan, Paul Rousan, Ruth (Henderson) Sears, Laurie (Grandcolas) Kirk, Kathy Porter; Row 2: Joan (Books) Breshears, JoAnne (Allersmeyer) Williams, Mickey Cochran, Teresa (Beasley) Drissell, Dave Drissell; Row 3: Dave Randall, Mark Harbison, Bill Hagedorn, Jim Smith, Steve Bonagurio, Susan (Friemonth) Freese

Class of 1986 (L to R)--Row 1: Keith Frazier, Laura Blair, Deanna (Dickmeyer) Colbert; Row 2: Bob Waddell, Mindy (Upton) Waddell, Linda LoganHeard, Julie (Rottler) Whitaker, Dean “Beano” Anthony; Row 3: David Springmeyer, Mike Ponder, Jay Shelton, Keith Young, Ralph Wahlers Row 4: Scott Bell, Chuck Burbridge

Class of 1971 (L to R)--Row 1: Cathy Thogmorton, Donna (McClanahan) Morris, Anne (Hix) Gameson; Row 2: Nancy (Riddell) Chop, Patsy (Duren) Speight; Row 3: Gale Hairston, Marlin Kinman, Bob Henderson, Max Marble

Class of 1981 (L to R)-Sally (Watkins) Vinyard, Ted House, Kelley Head

Class of 2001 (L to R)--Row 1: Lesley (Strickland) Oberlin, Amy Paden; Row 2: Scott Fischer, Danielle Bentley

Fall 2006

Class of 1966 (L to R)--Steve McClure, Chris Straub, Mark Meinhardt, Bob Harlan

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Battle of Fayette Marker Placed on Campus

President Marianne Inman was joined on Homecoming by historian James Denny from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and CMU Professor of History Robert Wiegers for a ceremony unveiling a DNR marker that details the Civil War Battle of Fayette on Sept. 24, 1864. Well-known folklorist, folk musician, and historian Robert (Bob) Dyer of Boonville researched and wrote the text for the Battle of Fayette Historical Marker. During the attack, two bands of guerrillas (Southern sympathizers) assaulted a fortified Union Garrison in Fayette. The battle moved from the Courthouse Square to the backside of the Central College campus in the vicinity of the At Homecoming, the Battle of Fayette marker was dedicated by (l-r) James Denny, current Puckett Field House and historian for Missouri Department of Natural Resources; CMU President Marianne Davis Athletic Field. Inman; and Dr. Robert Wiegers, professor of history at CMU. According to Dyer’s account, the attacking force of approximately 250 was led by two of Missouri’s most notorious ticipated in the three suicidal charges made on the well-forguerrillas, William (“Bloody Bill”) Anderson and George tified Federal stronghold of blockhouses located on the ridge Todd. William Quantrill was also present but thought the north and east of the present Puckett Field House where 20 attack ill-advised and refused to participate. Defending to 50 armed Federal soldiers were barricaded. Fayette were some 30 to 50 members of the Ninth Cavalry, According to an account by guerrilla Hamp Watts, “Not Missouri State Militia. Sheltered in log fortifications, the one of the enemy could be seen, but the muzzles of muskets militiamen held off three charges by the guerrillas and in- protruded from every porthole, belching fire and lead at the flicted heavy casualties. The ill-advised attack turned into charging guerrillas. Horses went down as grain before the one of the worst defeats suffered by the guerrillas up to that reaper....” time. In later years, Frank James (who participated along About 75 of the 250 guerrillas in the raiding party par- with his brother Jesse) said that the Fayette fight made him “the worst scared I ever was during the war.” In his brief description of the fight, he said, “We charged up to a blockhouse made of railroad ties filled with portholes and then charged back again. The blockhouse was filled with Federal troops and it was like charging a stone wall, only this stone wall belched forth lead.” When the futile attack was finally abandoned, 13 guerrillas were dead and some 30 wounded. Only one Federal soldier died (some accounts say three), and about five were wounded. Common belief is that the Centralia massacre which came on the heels of this battle was viciously carried out in retribution for the defeat of the guerrillas in Fayette. Missouri Department of Natural Resource workers install the new DNR marker on Inman Plaza outside the Student and Community Center.

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

CAMPUS NEWS Faculty and Staff Honors Julee Sherman, vice

president for finance and administration, was profiled in CACUBO, the magazine for the Central Association of College and University Business Officers, this summer. She joined CMU in 1985 as business manager and became vice president in 1996. She currently serves as a representative at the national level on the Small Institution Constituency Council. In the same issue, CACUBO highlighted Central Methodist University in a two-page spread.

Dr. O. A. “Berre” Robinson was

recently recognized by the Missouri Supreme Court and the Supreme Court Advisory Committee for his services as a Disciplinary Officer. This honor comes on the heels of numerous other recent accolades (see Talon Spring 2006).

Dr. Gennie Pfannenstiel’s one-

woman art show, “The Alchemy of the Image,” was displayed in August at the Rag Tag Cinemacafe in Columbia, Mo. The show included artwork in a variety of media and incorporated a reading by Pfannenstiel from her memoir, Life is but a Dream: Creating a Personal Myth. Pfannenstiel is associate professor of education at Central.

Dr. John Perkins, assistant

professor of music, had a busy and productive summer. He performed at the Interna-

Fall 2006

tional Trumpet Guild Conference at Rowan University in Glassboro, N.J.; performed solo and in a trumpet trio with the Karl King Band in Ft. Dodge, Iowa; was principal trumpet with the Shippensburg Festival Chamber Orchestra in Pennsylvania; was soloist at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Harrisburg, Pa.; and was listed as one of St. Cloud (Minn.) State’s Outstanding Music Alumni. The Columbia (Mo.) Public Schools Foundation welcomed

Dr. Michael Bancroft, CMU

assistant professor of education and director of clinical experiences, into its Hall of Leaders in October at its 10th anniversary dinner. Before coming to CMU, Bancroft taught English at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia and served as district language arts coordinator.

Dr. Jack Healy, associ-

ate professor of English, has contributed a paper, titled “Seamus Heaney and the Croppies: 1798 and the Poet’s Early Political Inclinations,” to Vol. I of Back to the Present, Forward to the Past: Irish Writing 1798-1998 (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2006). Although the article was accepted for publication in 1998 after Healy presented it at a conference in Limerick, Ireland, it has taken several years to reach print.

Dr. Frank Pisano, associate professor of English, has had an article, “Dimmesdale’s Pious Imperfect Per-

verseness,” accepted for publication as one of 13 articles in a book of essays on American literature, developed from the International Poe Conference in Richmond, Va., in 2000. The book, edited by Poe scholar Richard Kopley, is due out in 2007.

Dr. Mark Kelty, assistant

professor of theatre, has been selected to teach “Shakespeare’s Stage and Beyond: Actors and Acting in Elizabethan and Restoration England” in July 2007 as part of the Missouri-London Program at Imperial College in London. Theatre adjunct Shawna Kelty performed the role of Cynthia in a concert reading of Lanford Wilson’s The Mound Builders at the University of Missouri’s Rhynsburger Theatre on Oct. 18. Wilson, a native Missourian who wrote The Hot L Baltimore, Talley’s Folly, Fifth of July, Burn This, and Book of Days—which was one of CMU’s theatre productions last year—participated in rehearsals.

Faculty and Staff Updates Several key staff positions and appointments have taken effect for this school year.

Chad Gaines has

been promoted to vice president for information services. He had been CMU’s director of campus computing services for 11 years. He continues to have oversight for campus computing

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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in addition to other aspects of university life telecommunications related to technology and the broad fields of information and electronic communication. Gaines received his bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Columbia College and his master’s in the same field from the University of Central Missouri (formerly Central Missouri State University).

Michael Dolen Pope

has joined CMU as liaison to the United Methodist Churches. He had served most recently as director of youth and discipleship ministries with the Wesley United Methodist Church in Jefferson City. He served in the pastoral ministry for more than 22 years in churches in Missouri and Kansas and in the fields of career counseling, sales, and marketing. He works with the CMU Office of Admission, serving as liaison to the churches and assisting in recruitment of students from church-related families. Pope, a CMU alumnus, has a bachelor’s degree in general studies from Southeast Missouri State University. He attended graduate school at St. Paul School of Theology and completed his seminary training, earning a Master of Divinity degree from Phillips Graduate Seminary in Oklahoma. Troy Katen has joined CMU from Hastings College in Nebraska, where he served as assistant men’s basketball coach and sports information director. He serves Central as sports information director, assistant men’s basketball coach and game administrator for the athletic department. He had served as men’s golf coach and student recruiter at


Fall 2006

Hastings College; as basketball coach and head men’s and women’s golf coach at Dakota Wesleyan University. Katen earned his bachelor’s degree in business management from Kansas Wesleyan University. Tracy Crowe Jones, a CMU alumna, is the new director of annual giving and donor relations in the Advancement Division. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communications at Central in 1994. Prior to joining CMU, Jones was an account coordinator with Geoff Howe Marketing Communications in Kansas City, Mo. Prior to that she worked in marketing communications at Hallmark Cards Inc. for nine years and with Diligence Inc. from 1994-97. She is a fourth-generation Centralite and is the daughter-in-law of Nancy Jones, CMU’s new associate dean. Tracy’s husband, Steve, also graduated from Central in 1994.

New CMU Faculty Central is pleased to welcome an additional six full-time faculty members this year.

Dr. John Bellefeuille from

Elizabethtown, Pa., joins the faculty as assistant professor of chemistry. He has a B.S. from Ithaca College and a doctorate in organic chemistry from Texas A&M University. Julie Bennett joins as assistant professor of business. She has a B.A. in business management and marketing and an M.B.A., both from William Woods University. She lives in Columbia, Mo. Jeff Hoskisson comes to Central from Highland, Kan., to be the head men’s and women’s track coach. He has a B.S. in physical education and health and an M.S. in physical education and sports science, both from Eastern Oregon University. Dr. John Porter returns to Central after an absence of several years. He is visiting assistant professor of English and lives in Columbia, Mo. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from California State University and his doctorate in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Dr. Susan Quigley-Duggan

joins the Swinney Conservatory of Music from Mansfield Center, Conn., as associate professor of music. She attained a Bachelor of Music degree in voice and opera from Hartt School of Music; a Master of Music in voice

New faculty (left to right) front row: Andi Brooks, Julie Bennett, Dr. Susan Quigley-Duggan; Back row: Dr. John Bellefeuille, John Porter, Jeff Hoskisson (not pictured, Rick Sage)

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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from Northern Illinois University, and a doctorate in music from the University of Connecticut. Rick Sage, from Centerview, Mo., is the new assistant athletic trainer. He has a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from CMU and his master’s from University of Central Missouri (CMSU) in physical education, exercise, and sport science.

Updates from CGES The College of Graduate and Extended Studies (CGES) continues to expand in enrollment and locations throughout the state. Fall 2006 enrollment figures for the college are 2607. The graduate program in education continues at Fayette, Union, Park Hills, and a cohort in Brookfield with a total enrollment of 122 students. Tracks of study include child development, early childhood/elementary, middle/secondary, and instructional technology. An increasingly popular program is the temporary authorization certificate (TAC). Students enrolled in this program have an earned degree in a discipline other than education and are employed in a school district. The Master of Science in Clinical Counseling just admitted the third cohort at the Park Hills Campus. Completion of this 48-hour course of study and a 3,000-hour practicum allows the graduate to take the exam to be a licensed professional counselor. The campuses at Park Hills and Union continue to thrive, with undergraduate enrollments of 319 and 120, respectively. The newest campus is located in Sedalia at State Fair Community College. Degree programs there include child development, RN to BSN, accounting and business, with plans to expand offerings as needed. Partnerships for undergraduate degrees exist at several locations. Programs in child development, in cooperation with Youth-in-Need and Urban League, are located at Grandin, Trenton, Wentzville, and St. Louis.

Fall 2006

Dan Elliott Reports on Oxford Paper After presenting a paper in Oxford, England, this summer on intelligent design versus the scientific approach, Dr. Dan Elliott shared his insight with faculty and students at a Friday Forum in October. The following are his comments. It was at Oxford University in 1860, that Bishop Samuel Wilberforce was challenged by Thomas H. Huxley (“Darwin’s bulldog”) regarding his critique of Charles Darwin’s 1859 book, On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection. With this as our background, 40 scholars from the United States met at the 2006 Oxford Round Table, Oxford University, to once again debate the Theory of Evolution. However, this time the debate also featured advocates of the Intelligent Design Movement. The title of the round table was “Science and Faith: The Great Matter.” The round table was held at St. Anne’s College from July 23 through July 28, 2006. The major objective was to debate evolution versus intelligent design as currently taught in public schools in the United States today. The following is an abstract of the twenty-minute paper I presented, titled “Intelligent Design, Scientific Literacy and Politicizing Science.” “The Discovery Institute has focused on an alternative to Darwin’s theory as currently taught in the United States. In Of Pandas and People, intelligent designers conclude that certain features of living organisms are too complex to have been formed by the undirected forces of natural selection and descent with modification. Instead, intelligent design must have been involved, although the designer was not described. A critique and analysis of the book by Pennock, Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New Creationism, indicate several major areas of confusion and shortcomings. Science gives us an objective method for observing the world around us based on natural explanations. Intelligent design lacks natural explanations, a distinctive component of science. High school general biology teachers should include sections on the basics of scientific inquiry, the nature of science, and evolution. A problem with thinking critically on these issues stems from a lack of proper scientific literacy. Evidence from a wide variety of state and local surveys indicates poor instruction skills and poor background preparation in many high school biology teachers. Many solutions are proposed to help solve the problem of inadequate preparation. The most common solutions are the requirement of pre-service courses in evolution and the nature of science. The Discovery Institute promotes the idea of teaching the controversy, natural selection plus intelligent design. The December 2005 ruling against Dover School Board was a major setback for the Intelligent Design Movement. However, public schools around the country are still willing to do court battle to help intelligent design gain a legal foothold, which could be the first step toward politicization of other controversial areas in science. This is a step that only certain politicians are willing to take, but certainly not most scientists.”

Programs for RN to BSN degrees are at Phelps County Regional Medical Center in Rolla; Boone Hospital Center in Columbia; Fitzgibbon Hospital in Marshall; Audrain Medical Center in Mexico; and St. Anthony Medical Center in St. Louis. A pre-nursing program is in progress on the campus of Fulton State Hospital as well. Classes at all sites are taught by qualified local faculty, with some online and interactive television classes also available.

Dual credit programs, providing a CMU experience to high school students in a variety of school districts, are also broadly available. Students enrolled in dual credit courses are taught by qualified and experienced faculty and earn CMU credit while in high school. This winter the CMU site in Columbia will move from its temporary facilities to a permanent home at the Forum Shopping Center. Currently 115 students are enrolled on that campus.

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Dr. Dean Burns Retires Dr. Dean Burns, Missouri State University in elementary education Cape Girardeau, Mo. After coordinator for CMU at completing a master’s degree, the Park Hills campus he earned a doctorate in edufor the last 11 years, recation from the University of tired in July. Prior to Missouri-Columbia, majoring coming to CMU/Park in educational administraHills, Burns was supertion with a concentration in intendent of schools in curriculum and instruction the Missouri Districts of and higher education. De Soto, Mehlville, and During his career Burns Warrensburg, and asserved as chairman of the Cosistant superintendent operating Superintendents of in the Northwest R-1 Metropolitan St. Louis Area; School District. Before chairman of the Missouri that time, he taught at Advisory Panel for Special Rockwood School DisEducation; a member of the trict, was assistant prin- Dr. Dean Burns accepts congratulations from CMU President MariMissouri Commissioner of cipal at Lafayette High anne Inman at graduation ceremonies at the CMU Park Hills campus. Education Advisory Panel of School and principal at Superintendents; and execuBunker High School, where he graduated in 1957. tive secretary of the Missouri Secondary Principals AssoBurns received his bachelor’s degree from Southeast ciation.

Phi Mu Alphas Honor Dr. Barbara Hamel As part of the Fine Arts Awards Celebration this fall, the Beta Mu Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia announced the honoring of Swinney Conservatory Associate Professor of Music Dr. Barbara Hamel with its highest honor, the Orpheus Award. Dr. Hamel is known for her support of the music organizations and general enthusiasm for students, music, and CMU. Here, Dr. Hamel receives the award before being sung to by the Phi Mus.

Resolution WHEREAS, Dr. Barbara Hamel, Professor of Music in the Swinney Conservatory, has promoted and taught music at Central Methodist University since 1997, and WHEREAS, She holds credentials in music from across the Nation: B.S. from Dana College in Blair, Neb.; M.A. from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Neb.; and Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., and WHEREAS, She is associated with and has supported many organizations dedicated to the preservation and performance of American Music, which include, but are not limited to: The American Guild of Organists, Sigma Alpha Iota—Theta Omicron Chapter, Music Educators National Conference, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity—Beta Mu Chapter, National Guild of Piano Teachers, and WHEREAS, She has a passion for music and supports the music students at Central Methodist University with her motherly wisdom and caring guidance, therefore BE IT RESOLVED, that Dr. Barbara Hamel be given the prestigious Orpheus Award from the Beta Mu Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity. Approved by a unanimous vote of the Beta Mu Chapter members present and voting at our first meeting on August 24, 2006. Dane Nelson, President


Fall 2006

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By Dr. Thomas F. Dillingham, Emeritus Associate Professor of English

Enthusiastic responses from students, faculty, and other members of the Fayette and Central Methodist University community have become familiar in the aftermath of public readings presented over the past four years with the sponsorship of the Geist Visiting Writers Fund. This series, named to honor Emeritus Professor Joseph E. Geist, which began with an anonymous donation to support bringing writers to campus, has continued because more donations, as well as generous grants from the Fayette Area Community Trust, have allowed the English Department to invite both well-known and beginning writers to campus to read and discuss their works. These readings have become a valued addition to the cultural and academic opportunities the university provides. Poet Terry Song, who lives in Columbia but whose background is in the Southwest, shared poetry that reflects her awareness of the complex multicultural quality of life in the American Southwest and Native American traditions. Another reader bringing rich diversity was Renee Reed-Miller, the daughter of Christian missionaries who worked many years in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Miller grew up experiencing both Muslim and Christian cultures, which are part of the powerful emotional and cultural content of her poems. Scott Cairns, one of the most respected poets writing in America and professor of creative writing and director of the Center for Literary Arts at the University of Missouri-Columbia, celebrated the beauties of the world seen through his Greek Orthodox faith. His poetry is exuberant, physical, humorous, and profoundly spiritual. The series has brought three storytellers to campus. The Reverend Jack Barden, the Reverend Larry Brown, and Keith Polette, a CMU graduate, all demonstrated their abilities to captivate audiences as they improvised and

worked variations on traditional stories. Barden, for example, draws from the traditional Ozark “Jack tales,” offering his own variations in the form of ’Postle Jack Tales. Fiction writers have presented, too. Michael Z. Lewin, a writer of mysteries and detective novels, now lives in London but grew up in Indiana, where he was a high school friend of President Marianne Inman. Lewin read his story, stopping periodically to engage the audience in speculating about the motives and the next actions of the criminal in his story. In a very different mode, Scott Kaukonen read a semi-autobiographical story, offering a child’s perspective on growing up as a preacher’s son in Michigan. A particular highlight of the series has been the appearance of award-winning Margaret Sayers Peden, who is internationally renowned for her translations of important contemporary Latin American writers, including Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo, and Isabel Allende. Her gracious and humorous approach to her reading was both entertaining and fascinating. Two outstanding poets, Kevin Prufer and Walter Bargen, rounded out this past year with their exceptional readings. Prufer is director of creative writing at the University of Central Missouri and editor of the distinguished journal, Pleiades. Bargen is recognized as an outstanding poet of his generation, having won important prizes and published a number of chapbooks and volumes of his poetry, which is deeply imbued with the landscape and distinctive experiences of living in Mid-Missouri. The Geist Series depends on continued donations from friends of the University, as well as the efforts of the English faculty and students to invite writers and to serve as hosts. We hope that the series will continue to inspire and delight potential audiences in years to come.

In October Dr. John Perkins, assistant professor of music and director of CMU’s brass quintet, and the Swinney Conservatory welcomed members of the Oklahoma State University brass faculty for a master’s class on the CMU campus. Students of Dr. Perkins and adjunct Larry Bennett studied with them and were treated to a short concert as well.

Fall 2006

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On the Cutting Edge: CMU’s Division of Science


The silent corridor in Stedman Hall of Science is deceptive. Just step into a lab of students, and it’s like being caught in a vortex. The air fairly crackles with the energy of a dynamic faculty and focused students. The palpable and contagious enthusiasm is enough to make even a sciencephobe want a chance to study this exciting world. Central’s Division of Sciences encompasses a broad range of studies. Scientific research, pre-med studies, mathematics, computer sciences, as well as those biology, chemistry and physics courses most people picture, all mingle together like a primordial soup of practical and theoretical study. The division is a hallmark of CMU alumni successes. Students have flocked to it for years, but today’s students find extra opportunities and unparalleled support. The division boasts professors with exceptional knowledge and deep commitments to science and students. Recently, equipment commonly associated only with prestigious graduate schools has enhanced Central’s curricular and research capabilities.

Undergraduate Research

One of the strengths of Central’s Science Division is the opportunity for students to participate in undergraduate research. The division is on the cutting edge of technology. From internet use in large classes to labwork in chemistry and physics, classes are techno-centered. One recent addition is something fondly referred to by the department as the COW--Computers on Wheels, a set of 15 laptops in a portable station that can be moved en masse to various classrooms and labs as the need arises. Great strides have been made possible recently through the generous legacy of the late Dr. Clayton Callis ’44 who, through his family, has provided financial support for both equipment and research for students and faculty. In addition

to updated facilities, the division has received through the Callis Fund a smorgasbord of new research equipment, mostly used for quantitative chemical analysis (see sidebar). The quality and variety of equipment now available allows students to design their own research projects in cutting-edge areas. Scott Morris, a senior who has been doing research with Division Chair Dr. Larry Peery, has been using the new scanning tunneling microscope, which can evaluate the texture of surfaces on a sub-atomic level. “We’re talking nano-technology,” Morris points out. “Most nano-science research that’s going on is at the graduate level. We are very fortunate here to have these things available to undergraduate students. Not only can they get used to using it, but it’s something they can put on their applications that sets them apart.” The Callis Fund also provides money for annual research grants for both students and faculty. A research class meets every week with multiple-faculty involvement. “Students learn how to do literature searches,” reports Dr. Rebecca Enochs. “They learn how to analyze and present scientific papers. They learn how to develop their own research project and how to write a grant proposal. They have to write a proposal for the Callis Funds and submit it. Most of the time, all or most of it is funded.” According to Enochs, “Students who are in the lab doing research are encouraged to write up their research as an abstract and present it at the Missouri Academy of Science. Several students have been given awards for their work.” Students have also done research with their professors and had their results published in scientific journals. A related element that makes the division stand out is the weekly Science Seminar. Science Seminar is a one-hour

Science Teacher Outreach Project This summer a teacher-training grant was approved by the Missouri Department of Higher Education for an outreach project sponsored by the CMU Science Division. A workshop was held this summer for area teachers of science in grades 4-8, and monthly follow-up meetings will continue throughout the school year. The project is intensely hands-on and designed to help teachers strengthen their programs to build solid science foundations for students. Science Division Assistant Scott Morris points out that current technology, which comes so easily for students, can be a handicap for teachers. “The kids are so in tune with technology,” he says. “They already feel comfortable. There’s a generation gap between the teachers teaching the kids and the kids learning. We’ve incorporated technology into the learning environment so that the teachers feel more comfortable.” Ongoing workshops like this one are underwritten or enhanced by grants from large corporations such as 3M and Texas Instruments that provide funding, plus equipment for teachers to take back to their schools and use in their classrooms. Dr. Larry Peery (in photo right) and Dr. James “Tiger” Gordon are leading the outreach projects.


Fall 2006

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Senior Scott Morris adjusts the new scanning tunneling microscope before running an experiment.

Students, guided by Dr. Larry Peery and Dr. Jerry Priddy, prepare to grade papers at the Momberg Math and Science Competition.

course designed to encourage students to develop an understanding of what it means to be a good scientist. Weekly presentations by students, faculty, and guests (often alumni) support an exploration of issues and topics in science and technology; include modeling of scientific methods in research and problem solving; and lead to discussion of relevant ethical, societal, and world issues from a variety of perspectives. Freshmen students attend the seminars primarily to listen and ask questions; upperclass students present seminars, explaining and defending their work. “In addition to research,” says Dr. Linda Lembke, “some students will present information on their summer internships. That gives other students the idea that ‘Hey, if they can get a grant like that, I should be able to, too!’” The seminar meets on Thursdays over the lunch hour in the Student and Community Center and is open to all who are interest-

ed. On a typical day, 35-50 students and a cross-section of faculty and staff attend.

Keeping Connected

Unlike the “ivory-tower” image of scientists that many universities promote, CMU makes many efforts to stay connected to the outside world and to share their knowledge and exuberance. Every Thursday evening during the spring and fall, for instance, Dr. Peery, along with local amateur astronomers, opens CMU’s Morrison Observatory to the public (see sidebar). The Science Division also utilizes an alumni advisory panel which, using their expertise, advises on strategic areas the division might pursue and offers networking opportunities to students for internships, research opportunities, and funding possibilities. The current chair of this panel is

Science Division Honors Abound The Science Division is consistently a powerhouse of award-winners. For instance, Dr. James “Tiger” Gordon was chosen by last year’s student body as the “Most Outstanding Teacher” on campus. As recipient of the award, he was given the honor of speaking on campus during Fall Convocation. As part of his address, he conducted a scientific experiment using intrepid freshman volunteers that demonstrated the use of humans as sources for electricity (photo left). The spring 2006 Selecman Achievement Award winner Andi Altman was one in a string of science majors to have been so honored in recent years. The Selecman Award is the highest honor CMU bestows on a graduating senior and recognizes the highest qualities of good citizenship, scholarship, religious leadership, moral and spiritual qualities, and outstanding achievements. Five of the six students chosen as Alumni Association Outstanding Seniors for last year were also science majors and included Andi Altman, Christopher Townley, Kris Culmer, Andi Mooneyham, and Beth Roberts. In addition, two of the three major freshman awards named at this year’s Fall Convocation went to science majors Jennifer Janek and Lindsey Williams (see article in Campus News).

Fall 2006

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Raising the Bar A new award was introduced last spring in memory of former CMU science student Jeff Wilcox ’92, who died of brain cancer in September 2005. Named The Jeff Wilcox “Raising the Bar” Award, it goes annually to a Central student who has “raised the bar” as a student and as a citizen. Jeff was that kind of person himself. A member of Alpha Phi Gamma (Mokers), he graduated from Central with a chemistry major and minors in biology and mathematics. Jeff studied for a year in France, then in Australia on a Rotary Scholarship and earned his master’s degree. He joined his family’s environmental-testing business before forming his own company which developed an Internet-based method for fuel monitoring. Along with his wife, Stephanie, Jeff was a world traveler with wide-ranging interests and a zest for life. It was his curiosity and enthusiasm for exceeding expectations that led his wife, his parents, Ken and Kathy Wilcox, his brother, Craig, and his family to establish the Wilcox award in Jeff’s memory. It was awarded last spring for the first time to Taylor Adam Brown, a senior this year with a biology major and chemistry minor. This fall, Drs. Roger and Linda Lembke, a number of Mokers (past and present), and alumni attended a fund-raising event for The Jeff Wilcox Foundation, which has a goal of raising at least $6,000 annually to fund the CMU “Raising the Bar” award, a second one at Blue Springs High School, where Jeff attended school, and a donation to the American Cancer Brain Tumor Association.

J.B. Waggoner ’91, founder and CEO of Inovatia Laboratories in Fayette. In addition, the Science Division actively works with regional schools. In addition to dual credit courses, public school students benefit from visits to their schools by CMU faculty and students who set up chemistry experiments, assist in the classrooms, help high school students do research projects, and tutor. The division also hosts the Missouri Junior Academy of Science where students make presentations in a bid to go on to the state level, and the International Science and Engineering Fair where kids bring to campus experiments to perform. Those winners go on to international competition. The second annual Harold Momberg Math and Science Competition was held in early November. It is run by division students and open to high school students. One challenge for the division remains how to continue offering these special events with no administrative assistant in the department. It’s a major handicap, bemoans Peery, who says that without the united effort of the faculty and their student assistants, the department couldn’t function. “No one appreciates how much students get out of that work-study dollar in terms of professional development,” Peery maintains. “Our kids function like graduate school students do in larger universities.” Dr. James “Tiger” Gordon agrees. “That’s a place where our students really shine. Without them, we couldn’t do a lot of what we do.” In an effort to help regional teachers improve their science teaching methods, this summer the Science Division began a program of camps and conferences underwritten by corpora-


Fall 2006

tions such as 3M and Texas Instruments (see sidebar).

Pre-Med Support

Another recent undertaking that especially benefits CMU’s pre-med students is a mentoring program established in 2005 under the guidance of Dr. Keith Young ’86. Through the Medical Professions Advisory Council (MPAC), current medical practitioners offer support and mentoring to Central students who are hoping to enter the medical field. The group meets several times a year and currently has four areas of focus. The first is building a scholarship fund to help students prepare for the Medical College Admission Test. The fund helps finance a Kaplan Course of preparation, which costs approximately $1,000 per student. “A lot of our students don’t have the financial means to take that course,” Enochs points out. The scholarship fund is gratefully accepting donations so more students can be helped. The MPAC has also formed a lecture committee, headed by Dr. Nancy Peacock ’82, to address the second focus area—sharing their expertise through Science Seminars and classes. Peacock visited CMU this October to discuss genetic testing and syndromes in a Science Seminar and cancer genetics in Enochs’ genetics class. Also in October, Rear Admiral Dr. Richard Wyatt ’64, director of Intramural Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH), visited campus to talk with students about the NIH and internships available to

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Science Seminars showcase professionals, such as alumnus Rear Admiral Dr. Richard Wyatt (top photo, left) who is talking with Dr. Paul Porneluzi; and students, including Abe Rowden (bottom photo) who is answering a question about his bird research.

The Talon

students in both college and medical school. He discussed the NIH at a Friday Forum as well. Perhaps the most valuable focus of MPAC is its mentoring program. Each pre-med student gets two mentors. “Every one of my students will have an upperclass mentor and an alumni mentor,” says Enochs. “The upperclass students are preparing for a career similar to the new student’s, and the alumni mentors are practicing in a field that the student is interested in joining.” This is the second year for this expanding program. This one-on-one relationship provides

direction, encouragement, and support for each student planning a career in the medical professions. The fourth focus of MPAC is providing leadership through campus Professional Life Panels, which focus in depth on a specific medical issue, and for Career Days, which offer a broad overview of what careers are available to science students. Students from Central’s Science Division are in high demand for their science, math, and computer skills. Large firms such as Sigma Aldrich and ABC Labs actively recruit on campus. Mathematics majors are solicited by businesses and educators. The formula for success in the Science Division is clear: up-to-date equipment + teachers who are mentors + alumni who support with time and money = limitless possibilities for CMU students. Members of MPAC who met this October with Pre-Med adviser, Dr. Becky Enochs (in red) included (l-r): Dr. Richard Wyatt ’64, Dr. Nancy Peacock ’82, Dr. Mark Martin ’80, Dr. Holly Boyer ’94, Dr. Keith Young ’86, and (not showing) Dr. Carl “Bevo” Lester ’61 and CMU Director of Development Carole Sue DeLaite.

Newest research equipment purchased through the Callis Fund: • a Scanning Tunneling Microscope, which views surfaces at a   molecular level • a Fluorescence Microscope, which isolates specified biological elements • a Plate Reader, which detects proteins in multiple samples at once • a Thermocycler (PCR), which amplifies the amount of DNA in a sample • an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, which identifies metals   in solid samples • a Karl Fischer Titrator, which identifies the moisture content in   solids and liquids • Electrochemical Instrumentation to aid research on the ability   of compounds to gain or lose electrons • several Spectrometers that use light to determine the concentration   of compounds present in liquids

• Do you know potential high school students who would do well in the Science Division of CMU—a small university setting with personal mentoring and hands-on experience? Contact either Dr. Larry Peery ( or the Admission Office (, or call tollfree 1-877-CMU-1854. • You can support the ongoing research efforts of CMU undergraduates through financial gifts given for research work, renovations, and equipment updates. Contact the Advancement Office at (advancement@ or call 1-877-CMU-1854.

The Morrison Observatory—Making Science Accessible to All Central’s Morrison Observatory is manned by the CMU Science Division, specifically Dr. Larry Peery who teaches astronomy along with physics. During the fall and spring semesters, he opens the Observatory for public viewing on Thursday evenings. Faculty and students and volunteers from the Central Missouri Astronomical Association host the sessions. Tours explain the history of the Observatory and hands-on science activities and lectures are shared. On clear nights, several telescopes are available for viewing the night sky, including the 1875 17-foot, 12-inch-apertured Clark refractor telescope. This year marks the 131st anniversary of the Morrison Observatory, which was originally located in Glasgow under the auspices of the Pritchett School Institute which closed in 1922. In 1927 the Circuit Court of Howard County awarded the Observatory to Central, and in 1935 a structure to house the original dome was completed. The Observatory has been

Fall 2006

in use by Central since its dedication in June 1936. Upcoming spring viewing nights will be: Thursday evenings 7:30 to 9:00, March 8 through April 19. All are welcome to stop by to view the heavens and there is no charge. A volunteer from the Central Missouri Astronomical Association helps a youngster view the stars through the Clark telescope.

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CAMPUS NEWS CMU Students Honored During Fall Convocation Three major student awards are presented in the fall Opening Convocation: the Kim Everett Memorial Award for Outstanding Freshman Male, the Tau Kappa Epsilon Award for Outstanding Freshman Female, and the Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding Freshman Leadership Award. Whalen G. George, from Poplar Bluff, Mo., received the Kim Everett Award which is presented to a male student who demonstrates a genuine concern for CMU, diverse involvement on the campus, leadership, active concern for fellow students and academic scholarship. Kim Everett, an athlete, musician and campus leader, was killed in an accident following his freshman year. Jennifer R. Janek, a biology major from Columbia, Ill., received the Tau Kappa Epsilon Award (formerly

Fine Arts Awards Swinney Conservatory of Music hosted the annual Fine Arts Awards banquet in September to honor students who have shown exceptional academic, leadership, and talent achievements. Awards were bestowed in the areas of vocal and instrumental music and theatre. Several awards are especially notable.The recently established Martin E. Kooi Excellence in Communication Studies and Theatre Arts Award was presented to senior theatre major Theron Seckington, from Saint Louis,


Fall 2006

the Delta Sigma Psi Award) which is presented to a sophomore student in good academic standing who exemplifies dedication, involvement and commitment to the mission and goals of CMU. Lindsey M. Williams, a chemistry major from St. Joseph, Mo., was awarded the ODK Leadership Award which goes to an outstanding student who demonstrates campus leadership. Recipients are nominated by the faculty and selected by ODK members. Mo. The award recognizes outstanding work as an actor and excellenct leadership in the classroom and the Little Theatre. Seckington was also recognized as last year’s Theatre Fellow and as Most Versatile Player. Clay Hardesty, a senior history major from Auxvasse, Mo., took home honors for Best Stage Manager and for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role. In music, The Luther T. Spayde Award, went to junior Veronica Herman of Lee’s Summit, Mo., for excellence in voice. She is a member of the CMU Chorale and a theatre arts major. The top instrumental award, The

W.D. Settle Award, which goes to an outstanding band member based on musicianship and overall contribution, went to senior Rebecca Campbell, a music education major from El Paso, Ill. She was also named a top scholar in the senior class.

Photos from left: Theron Seckington accepts an award from Dr. Ron Shroyer in his own inimitable style; Clay Hardesty, who also starred in this fall’s play Habeas Corpus; Veronica Herman, now touring with the Chorale; and Rebecca Campbell, who won major awards last year as well.

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Nursing Program Receives Accreditation Central’s nursing program recently received full national accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), one of the nation’s top bodies of accreditation for the field of nursing. “This is a major milestone for Central Methodist,” said Shirley Peterson, chair of the Division of Health Professions and director of nursing at CMU. Central’s program was already accredited by the (Mo.) State Board of Nursing and the Higher Learning Commission. “This new distinction in national accreditation is a direct result of the professionalism and academic excellence that Dr. Peterson has brought to the Central Methodist nursing program during her two decades of dedicated teaching and administration in our Health Professions Division, said CMU President Marianne Inman. “We are very proud of our nursing program and the level of national recognition it

has achieved under her leadership.” Peterson has been director of nursing at CMU since 1986. From 20 students the first year, the program has grown to more than 80 on the Fayette campus plus 100 additional students enrolled at CMU’s other locations. Earlier this year, the graduating nursing students achieved a 100 percent pass rate on the State Board of Nursing Licensing examination.

Missouri United Methodist Foundation Grants Following on the heels of a grant that allowed for the recent renovation and relocation of the CMU Admissions Office to the lower level of Holt Hall, the Missouri United Methodist Foundation (MUMF) approved a second grant, this one for $5,000, to help CMU develop a church leadership center for its pre-ministerial students. David Atkins, the executive director for MUMF and a CMU Board of Trustees member, presented a check to President Inman during a Trustees’

meeting in August. “Central Methodist is deeply grateful for this support from the Missouri United Methodist Foundation,” said Dr. Inman in accepting the grant. “We have a long tradition of preparing leaders among both clergy and laypersons, and this grant will enable us to augment considerably our program and facilities.” The money will serve to renovate the Wesley Room of the Cooper Parish House next to Linn Memorial United Methodist Church on the CMU campus. The grant will help provide carpeting, bookshelves, tables, chairs, and resources for pre-ministerial students. The room will also be available for church conferences that meet on the campus during the summer. “This room will be an integral piece in the study life and preparation of pre-ministerial students,” said United Methodist Church Liaison Michael D. Pope. “This gives students a place to meet, a place to study, a place for fellowship and worship.”

The feisty CMU Chorale headed out on annual tour in November, led by Director Dr. R. Paul Drummond. They performed in schools and churches in the western half of Missouri. The Chorale is known for singing challenging music from classical pieces to spirituals and madrigals. The Chorale and the Conservatory Singers combine to form Central’s A Cappella Choir.

Fall 2006

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Renaissance Painting of St. Sebastian Given to Ashby-Hodge Gallery A High Renaissance-Mannerist-period painting of the martyred Saint Sebastian by a prolific early 16th-century painter Giovanni Antonio Bazzi has been given to The AshbyHodge Gallery of American Art. The oil on canvas work is a close-up of Saint Sebastian’s head as he gazes heavenward, a sectioned replica of Bazzi’s larger, original painting of Saint Sebastian tied to a tree, his body pierced by arrows. The painting comes to The Ashby-Hodge Gallery as a gift from St. Joseph Catholic Church in Fayette and its former pastor, Father Richard Colbert. It is being given in honor of a former member of the church, the late Mamie Rhodes of Fayette, who had originally owned the painting and gave it as a gift

to Father Richard before she passed away several years ago. The High Renaissance Period spawned three of the greatest artists in history—Michelangelo, Raphael, and da Vinci. Bazzi’s work bridges this style with the Mannerist style which came into style in the 1520s. He was active chiefly in and around Siena, Italy, where he settled in 1501 and died in 1549. Saint Sebastian was born during the Third Century AD, the son of a wealthy Roman family. He was educated in Milan and visited persecuted Christians in prison to comfort them and bring supplies. After he reportedly healed the wife of a soldier by making the sign of the cross over her, he was charged with being a Christian. Tied to a tree and shot with arrows, he was left for dead. He survived, only to be martyred by being beaten to death in January of 288 in Rome.

Artist Edna Schenk Gives Major Gift of Art to CMU Central alumna Edna Schenk ’35, long prominent as an artist on the West Coast, has made a significant gift of many of her paintings to The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art at CMU. A native Missourian, Schenk, now 94, has given the Gallery 52 paintings that represent nearly a half century of her work. These include oils, pastels, watercolors, charcoal pencil drawings and collages combing oils and paper. The gallery already owns several of Schenk’s paintings and has exhibited them numerous times, including a special exhibition in 2000 titled “Edna Schenk: The Artist as Traveler,” which featured 33 paintings in oils, pastels, and watercolors done by Schenk as she traveled throughout western Europe and the Mediterranean. Many of these works are among the paintings she has given the gallery this fall. “The gallery is very excited to have these compelling Edna Schenk paintings become a part of our permanent collection,” says Dr. Joe Geist, gallery curator. “The paintings will not only enhance our extensive collection, but they will also offer a rich overview of Edna’s work throughout her career.” Schenk, a resident of Ventura, Calif., received her bachelor of arts degree from Central and studied art at the University of Wisconsin and San Fernando Valley State College. Following graduation from Central, Schenk taught art at Boonville High School from 1937 to 1942, before accepting a teaching position in Illinois. She later moved to California, where she was an art teacher in the Ventura Public School System from 1952 to 1972. Throughout her teaching career and after retiring, Schenk has remained active as an artist.


Fall 2006

Schenk’s paintings have been on exhibition as far away as the Diogeneous Art Gallery in Athens, Greece, and throughout the West Coast of the United States, including the Bryant Hale Gallery in Palm Springs, Calif., and the Ventura County Government Center. Her works now hang in more than 300 private collections in this country and several collections in Europe. The subject matter of her European works includes many well-known settings, such as the Roman Forum, the Greek Island of Corfu, Bern, London, Venice, Paris, Berlin, as well as portraits of Pope John Paul II in a crowd in Naples and a young woman on the Isle of Crete. Below: Edna Schenk’s watercolor “California Mesa” is part of the new Ashby-Hodge collection.

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China Focus of Key Economics Presentation by Fred Bergsten


Dr. C. Fred Bergsten ‘61, founder and director of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for International Economics, told a large gathering at CMU that China has become a major player in the world economy and could be viewed by the United States as either an economic opportunity or threat in the next 25 years. Bergsten presented his thoughts on China Oct. 12 during the annual Merrill C. Gaddis Memorial Lecture and at a community forum on campus the next day, where he discussed the American economic future. He also signed copies of his new book, China, The Balance Sheet: What the World Needs to Know Now About the Emerging Superpower. Bergsten, one of the most widely quoted think-tank economists in the world, has been cited by USA Today as “one of the 100 most influential people in private Washington.” He appears often on television and frequently testifies on international economic issues before Congress. In an Oct. 20 article, Washington Post business reporter Steven Pearlstein referred to the Institute for International Economics as “the Dr. C. Fred Bergsten signs copies of his new book preemiwhile his wife, Jenny Wood Bergsten, looks on. nent think tank on the global economy in the country, and probably the world.” Pearlstein went on to say that in many ways, “the institute is the creation of C. Fred Bergsten, who has become the model of a Washington policy entrepreneur,” adding that “… It is Bergsten’s visions and energy, his Intellectual honesty and relentless networking, that lie behind the Institute’s success.” Bergsten earned his bachelor’s degree from Central Methodist in 1961. The university has also recognized him with an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. He holds M.A., M.A.L.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. His wife, Virginia (Wood) Bergsten ‘59, a member of the CMU Board of Trustees, accompanied him, and the two were

Fall 2006

Grand Marshals in the Homecoming parade. In his two presentations at CMU on China, Bergsten noted that the Asian economic giant has, in just 25 years, achieved the most economic growth of any country in the world in the past century. He said China in recent years has experienced a 12-fold increase in its economy and is now the second or third largest economic power behind the United States and Japan. “It is about to become the world’s largest exporter and has moved quickly to become a world economic superpower,” Bergsten added. Bergsten said China’s economic importance is reflected in its ability to integrate into the global economy as an open player, as opposed to Japan, which he said has remained a closed economy in many ways. He also said the scale of China’s integration into the global economy is “leagues ahead of India.” He added that the rapid expansion of the global economy in the past decade – partly fueled by China’s economic expansion – has affected the lives of many Americans in different ways. “But,” he added, “the global economy has many positive impacts on the U.S. – We’re a trillion dollars a year richer, or about $10,000 a household” than the country was in the early 1990s. Bergsten said China’s ability to sustain its economic growth in the future will depend on the ability of the country’s political leaders to promote internal reforms that will be compatible with the world’s economic powers. He noted that sustained, long-term, market-oriented economic growth has never been achieved by a non-democratic country. He also noted that because of China’s huge population, its per-capita income is extremely low – one-tenth the percapita income of Americans – leaving 500 million Chinese people still living in poverty. “Can China maintain an authoritarian government while maintaining a successful economic growth is a big question,” Bergsten added. He said China’s biggest problem lay in its “inefficient allocation” of capital resources, including its investments in disastrous, environmentally destructive projects. Bergsten went on to discuss other factors involving the global economy, including the trade imbalance between China and the United States and China’s refusal to re-evaluate its currency, which is pegged to the U.S. dollar. He said the consequences of the currency value Issue could be “a major trade war between U.S. and China.” “Thus,” Bergsten said, “is China a threat or an opportunity [to or for the United States]? The answer is – both,” he concluded. As to the U. S. future in the global marketplace, he lauded CMU’s effort to be part of the solution to America’s greatest challenge, which he summed up as “education, education, education.”

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Summer Abroad in Costa Rica


By CMU student Jonathan E. Holem

This summer I took the most incredible journey of my life. I studied abroad at the Universidad de Costa Rica. I was the only student from Central Methodist University. I went without knowing with whom I would stay or how I would be able to effectively communicate in the Spanish-speaking country. Thanks to a sizeable scholarship from the Foreign Language Department, I was able to make my dreams of studying abroad come true. My name is Jonathan E. Holem, and I am a senior here at CMU. I am a Pre-law, English and Spanish double major and plan to attend law school next year. One of the requirements for obtaining a Spanish degree from CMU is studying abroad. I had always wanted to study Spanish abroad but was never afforded the opportunity, nor did I have the necessary funds until I found the MLSA program last year. My Spanish professor, Dr. Mary Beth Frieden, gave me one of their pamphlets. The MLSA program was by far the most affordable, and I believe perhaps the best program I could have studied with. One month of intensive language courses and daily adventures was highlighted by beautiful scenery and the most caring people I have ever met. I lived with two other American students in a Costa Rican house. Mama and Papa, as I quickly learned to call my hosts, were the proud parents of three children, one of whom still lived with them. His name was Esteban, and we soon made friends with him and the rest of the family. As in most Hispanic countries, family is Jonathan Holem (right) and the professor of his cona very important aspect of everyday life. I felt like I was a versation class, Sergio Cotto. part of the family from the day I set foot in the house. Mama cooked, cleaned, and did our laundry without hesitation. She was constantly busying herself with housework and in the massive trees on the side of a volcano that was still slowly spewing lava. I rode a waterfall down into a cool, would not be distracted. I grew to love her dearly. The classes were difficult, but very helpful as well. All secluded pool of water only a couple of miles from the vilthe classes were taught in Spanish, if for no other reason lage where the local Ticos had fixed a rope swing on a tree than the professors (most of whom were only a couple of about four stories high. This had to be the best place in the years older than I was) were not completely fluent in English. country! I saw many magnificent sights, but nothing can compare We were literally with the beauty and acceptance of forced to speak my Costa Rican family. Even the in Spanish—esThanks to a sizeable scholarship from the professors went out of their way to pecially when Foreign Language Department, I was able to make sure we were having an enwe ventured out of the city of San make my dreams of studying abroad come true. joyable experience as well as making good grades in the courses. I Jose to sightsee, came back to Missouri with more which we did than just a better knowledge of the nearly every weekend. I visited some of the most beautiful places on earth, language and six more semester hours—I came back with places only dreamt of or seen on a postcard. I visited an in- a better respect for those not as fortunate as we are, and a credible island with white, sandy beaches and warm, blue love for the people and the family I left back in Costa Rica. water, clear enough to see schools of tiny fish swim around However, I didn’t leave them forever. Next summer, I hope my feet. I went flying through the jungle on cables, high to return and work on my master’s degree.


Fall 2006

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Hairston Hall of Fame Inducts Four


Four former CMU athletes—Larry Anderson, David Fox, Mike Nichols, and Greg Hession—were inducted into the Hairston Hall of Fame on Sept. 16. They were honored at a luncheon and again at halftime of the CMU/MidAmerica Nazarene football game.

tion of director of admission. He was honored as the HAAC Director of the Year in 1998 and received the Region V Award in 1999. He received an NAIA Award of Merit in 2005. Anderson currently serves as CMU’s director of admission.

David Fox

Larry Anderson As an athlete at Central, Larry Anderson lettered four years in football and two years in both basketball and baseball. On the football field, he led the MCAU Conference three times in rushing and once in total offense. He served as captain of the 1965 and 1966 football teams and received all-conference honors three times as a running back. He received all-conference honorable mention in basketball his sophomore year and in 1966 received the Estes Prize in Athletics, which is awarded each year to the outstanding athlete at Central. In 1982 Anderson returned to CMU to serve as head track coach and assistant football coach. Following that football season, he was appointed head football coach and led the Eagles for 13 years, twice receiving coach of the year awards. Anderson became CMU’s director of athletics in 1992 and served until 2005 when he accepted the posi-

David Fox was a Hall of Sponsors Scholarship recipient and an athlete at Central. He lettered four years in basketball. He was selected to the First Team of the HAAC in 1983, served as co-captain of the Eagles Basketball Team the same year and also received the Estes Prize in Athletics. David Fox currently is boys’ basketball coach and teacher of driver education at Jefferson City High School. He is active in the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association, the Show-Me State Games, founded the Mr. and Miss Special Olympics Missouri Basketball Award, and helped create a partnership with Special Olympics Missouri.

Mike Nichols Mike Nichols played football for Larry Anderson. He was the starting punter during his four years at CMU. During his junior year, he led the nation in punting average and was named

First Team All-American. In his senior year, he was named Second Team AllAmerican. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1987. That spring he was invited to try out for the New York Giants, New England Patriots, and Dallas Cowboys. He is currently co-owner of the West Plains (Mo.) Insurance Company.

Gred Hession Greg Hession lettered in several sports at Central. He played football, track and soccer. He was varsity starter all four years in football and won numerous all-conference and all-district honors. He was named All-American in 1986. He was named to the All-Conference First Team for two years and once each to the Second and Third Teams. He was also named to the All-District First and Second Teams. Among Hession’s football distinctions are fouryear totals of 142 point, 61 of 65 extra points, and 27 of 49 field goal totals. He also set school records with 10 of 15 field goals in 1986 and a 55-yard field goal in 1984. Hessian spent 16 years as coach, teacher, and principal in the Fayette School District before moving to Willard to become a teacher and coach. The Hairston Hall of Fame was established in 1983 through a gift from William L. Hairston, a 1933 graduate of Central. It honors the outstanding accomplishments of CMU athletes and coaches and recognizes significant contributions to the University’s athletic program. Forty-five persons have now been inducted.

From left: Larry Anderson, class of 1967; Mike Nichols, class of 1987; Greg Hession, class of 1988; David Fox, class of 1983

Fall 2006

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The CMU Eagles Football Team ended the season with a winloss record of 3-8, beating Westminster, Baker, and Evangel. Quarterback Brock Brockmeier and his top receiver Josh Lanagan were both injured early and lost for the season.


Women’s Soccer ended the season with a win-losstie record of 7-8-2. The HAAC bestowed All-Conference Second Team honors on Megan Shelley, a sophomore goalkeeper; Michelle Case, a freshman defender; and Heather Case, a sophomore forward. Freshman Natalie Rolph was tapped for the All-Conference Third Team as a midfielder.



All-Americans 2005-06 Patrick Stroupe Derek Wallace Jordan Willer ’06

In Cross Country, the women ranked fifth in the HAAC while the men ranked seventh. At the NAIA Region V meet, the women took seventh place and the men took eighth.

Track Football Basketball

Scholar All-Americans 2005-06


Track Track Track Track, Cross Country Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball, Volleyball Basketball Volleyball



Kris Culmer ’06 Beth Lewis ’06 Rose Obunaga Evelina Slatinska ’06 Mike Wilken Desi Collins Pezley ’06 Andi Monneyham ’06 Beth Roberts ’06 Loran Ichord ’06 Samantha Zid ’06 Ashleigh Holzer ’06




This year’s Eagle Volleyball team racked up a win-loss total of 10-21.

Fall 2006

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Coach Moz to Trade Soccer Field for Classroom Long-time soccer coach, Mozaffar Rahmatpanah, is retiring from the soccer field to assume full-time teaching duties as a professor of physical education. Coach Moz, as he is known on campus, has been men’s head soccer coach at CMU since 1983, with a winloss record of 158-197. “There is an end to everything--you cannot go on forever,” Rahmatpanah says but admits he will still be available to referee and recruit new players. “Coach Moz has become an institution at Central Methodist, both on the soccer field and across campus,” said Kenneth Oliver, vice president for campus life and director of athletics. “He will be missed on the field, but we are extremely pleased that he will be taking on fulltime faculty responsibilities in the Physical Education program. His strong academic background and many years of experience in coaching and teaching are invaluable assets for CMU.” Rahmatpanah, who holds a bachelor’s degree from Teacher training College in Iran, and a master’s degree from Western Illinois University, was working on his doctorate at University of Missouri-Columbia in 1983 when former CMU Athletic Director Jim Luetjen recruited him to be the school’s soccer coach. When Coach Moz agreed to take the job, he found that Central only had a handful of soccer players. He remembers telling Dr. Luetjen, “You know, it takes 11 players to play this game,” and was told to go out and recruit them! “It was pretty rough at the start,” he admits. “The following year I went out and recruited 20 players.” By his fourth year as men’s soccer coach, he decided to establish a women’s soccer program, too. Today, the men’s team numbers 22 players and the women’s team 20. By 1986, Coach Moz has succeeded in leading the men’s team to second place in the HAAC and followed that up by making the play-offs for six consecutive years. “Our conference is now the toughest in the nation,” he says. This season was difficult because of injuries to

Fall 2006

Men’s Soccer ended this season with a 3-7 record.

six key players, three of whom were unable to return to play, and the record dropped to 4-11. Rahmatpanah, who grew up in Iran, played soccer there in high school, college, and professionally before coming to the United States to further his education. He thinks soccer has grown to be a much more popular sport in America than it was in the 1980s. “The future of the game in this country is strong,” he says.

Curtis Stelzer Takes Over Soccer Program Coach Curtis Stelzer, who has served as head coach of the women’s soccer team for the past two years, has been appointed head coach for the men’s program as well, succeeding Coach Mozaffar Rahmatpanah. “We are delighted that Coach Stelzer has agreed to become head coach for the University’s overall soccer program,” Kenneth Oliver, vice president of campus life and director of athletics, says. “He has done an excellent job with the women’s program and he has considerable experience in the sport.” In his first season last year, he guided the Lady Eagles to an 8-8-2 overall record, a major improvement over the 1-30-2 combined record of 2003 and 2004. “I am honored to take over our soccer program from Coach Moz,” Stelzer says. “He is a legend!” Stelzer played professionally for five seasons (1995-2000) in the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) and two seasons in the Eastern Indoor Soccer League, playing in championship games in both leagues. Most recently, he played two seasons (2000-01) in the World Indoor Soccer League with the St. Louis Steamers & the Sacramento Knights.

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CMU Golf Tournaments - 2006 The 15th annual Luetjen Golf Tournament was held July 14, 2006, at the Rolling Hills Country Club in Versailles, Mo. There were just under 120 golfers in attendance for the four-man-scramble tournament. Proceeds from the Luetjen tournament benefit the CMU Athletic Department and this year helped to renovate the weight room. This July the winners were: A Flight B Flight 1st Place: Gary Marriott ’75 Darren Pannier ’92 Ray Forrest ’71 Dale Kimberling Chris Robertson Steve Scheiner Jay Dunham Gary Noland 2nd Place:

Randy Washburn ’70 JW Devine ’73 Tom Washburn Joe Hartman

Larry Vandeven ’87 Bill Nathe Keith Spaulding ’88 Pat Kelly ’87

3rd Place:

Dexter Slagle ’52 Ken Green Steve Priddy ’86 Tom Boren

Bill Sheehan ’84 Bill Bolinger Tim Hausman Todd McCubbin

4th Place:

Kyle Conrow ’04 Steve Delgado ’87 Emmet Rogers Darren Neas ’88 Timmy Fisher Mark Washam ’87 Matt Vandelicht

Special Contests: Longest Drive: Pat Reardon ’90 Longest Putt: Jeff Dodson ’94 Closest to Pin: Ray Forrest ’71 & Michelle Oliver

The first CMU Golf Classic was held on September 25, 2006, at Forest Hills Country Club in Chesterfield, Mo. We had 96 golfers tee off at 10:00 a.m. for the four-man-scramble, followed by a gourmet lunch delivered on the course, complimentary drinks throughout the day, and a heavy hors d’eouvre reception after play. Winners of the CMU Golf Classic were: 1st Place: Dick Bailey ’84, Roger Wilson ’71, Jeff Lauck, Craig Brace 2nd Place: Kevin Cantwell ’80, Dave Gamache ’75, Gary Wideman ’77, Phil Tessereau ’78 3rd Place: Don Spalding ’56, Thomas Iversen, Bill Darland, John Phillips ’58 4th Place: Tom Monnig, Trenton Monnig, Chris Jones, Troy Burris 5th Place: John Brown ’94, Brad Harrison, Brad McCarty ’94, Brad Bauer ’95 6th Place: Jack Van Pelt, Dick Calloway, John Ross, Jay Sandza Closest to the Pin hole #4: Joy Drewel ’54 Closest to the Pin hole #16: Jack Van Pelt Thank you to all of our sponsors, golfers and volunteers for supporting CMU this year! The 16th annual Luetjen Tournament will be held on July 20, 2007, at Hail Ridge Golf Course in Boonville, Mo. For more information on the Luetjen Tournament contact Ken Oliver at 660-248-6224. The second annual CMU Golf Classic will be held on September 24, 2007, at Forest Hills Country Club in Chesterfield, Mo. For more information on the CMU Golf Classic, contact Jenny Martin Anspach at (660) 248-6234.


Fall 2006

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Message to the Alumni Greetings from the Alumni Board. We had another successful retreat this summer. I am still amazed at the changes on the campus as we stay in an air-conditioned dorm, eat in a first-class facility, and go to an active downtown square for offcampus activities. We truly have an updated CMU! For Homecoming, the Alumni Board created a special project. We gathered old photos, newspaper articles, academic items, awards, Greek items, and other memorabilia from across the years. Then we put them on display in a building next to the Fayette newspaper offices, owned by publisher Jim Steele ’64. We called it “152 Years of Memories” and it was manned during Homecoming by members of the board and other alumni. The enrollment is up this year to 845! The retention rate is 92 percent, the highest in 11 years. Part of this good news is because of recent improvements in Stedman Hall, T. Berry Smith Hall, Swinney Conservatory of Music, and the residence halls. We are indebted to the late Dr. Clayton Callis ’44 and Prof. Helen Wheeler Baskett (taught 1948-73), and others for remembering Central Methodist University in their estates. We also thank all of the alumni and friends of the University for their continued support. The University still needs work in some areas, but under this administration, we have made great strides. Remember that, as of Spring 2007, class reunions will be moving to the summer when classes have ended and dorms will be available for housing. We will have the campus to ourselves to wander and reminisce. We hope to see all of you on campus soon.

Fall 2006

Dr. Carl “Bevo” Lester, President CMU Alumni Association

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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versary on Sept. 3, 2006.

Harold Bingham ’33 is retired and living in Kansas City, Mo.

Shirley (Gentry) Winkle ’57 has been named to Who’s Who Among American Women 2007.

Ruth (Givens) McIlroy ’38 celebrated her 90th birthday in April 2006. She and her husband, John, have been married 66 years. Ina (Turner) Gray ’48 was one of the first three people to be inducted into the Pi Gamma Mu Hall of Fame on May 10, 2006. She served as the international executive director of Phi Gamma Mu for twenty years. She is now a board member and volunteer at the Cowley County Historical Museum where she is involved in upgrading every exhibit and creating new special exhibits. Walter Brackmann ’49 is retired and living in Apple Valley, Calif. Anne (Brower) Ledbetter ’49 is one half of a morning radio show, “Our Two Cents,” which can be heard Monday mornings on KREI in Farmington, Mo. C. Herbert Duncan ’52 was inducted into the MMEA (Missouri Music Educators Association) Hall of Fame earlier this year. The MMEA Hall of Fame is the highest award presented by the association. Qualifications for this honor include a minimum of 25 years of service to music education, exceptional quality, positive influence on students, and improvement of music education in Missouri. Donald Panhorst ’53 is professor emeritus at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where he served 26 years as director of bands, professor of music, chairman of the Music and Drama Department, dean of Continuing Education, associate vice president for academic affairs, and assistant chair and professor of speech and communication studies. In 1995, he relocated to Gulf Breeze, Fla., where he volunteers as an alto saxophonist and president of the Pensacola Civic Band, a tour guide at the National Museum for Naval Aviation, and a Florida Supreme Court-certified county court mediator. In 1999, he represented Edinboro University as a visiting scholar at Zibo University, Zibo, Shandong Province in China. He has also worked several years as a guest lecturer on cruise ships. His wife of 53 years, Dorothy (Carmichael) ’53, retired after 25 years as a kindergarten teacher in Edinboro, Penn. Since retirement she has been active in a local women’s organization, volunteers at the National Museum for Naval Aviation and the Gulf Breeze Hospital. Jo (James) Turner ’54 was awarded the 2006 Luther T. Spayde Award at the Missouri American Choral Directors Association Convention. John Hutcherson ’56 was elected to a Fellowship in the American College of Cardiology on Feb. 1, 2006. Martha (Amick) Gebhardt ’57 and husband Kenneth celebrated their 50th wedding anni-


Fall 2006

Fred Hilgeman ’59 retired in May 2006, after 38 years at Southwestern University. He and his wife, Pat (Phillips) ’59, celebrated their 47th anniversary this year. David Stewart ’59 recently published his 16th book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. Thomas Sincox ’60 is a field Members of the Alumni Board of Directors (L to R), Denise Lispecialist and premium auditor zenby ’78, Ginger King Luetkemeyer ’93, Janell (Thompfor State Farm Fire and Casualty son) Dimond ’84 and Mike Dimond ’85, at the “152 Years of Insurance in Bloomington, Ill. Memories” memorabilia display at Homecoming 2006. Wesley Brun ’62 retired in July 2006, after 43 years as a United Methodist pastor. He was the founding executive director of the Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeastern Michigan, and in 2005 published a major article in the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling. Floyd Blackard ’63 is the pastor at Hillsboro UMC in Hillsboro, Ill. He has been serving churches in Missouri and Illinois since 1967. He is also an active member on many committees and volunteers his time through many local community service groups. His wife, Roberta (Yardley) ’64, retired from teaching public school after 38 years. She has since been serving as a local licensed pastor and has started seminary classes. Vicki (Reynolds) Harvey ’65 has been teaching kindergarten at a private school since her retirement from the City of Virginia Beach Department of Museums in 2001. She has now decided to completely retire and spend her days doing whatever she wants to do. Roger Frank ’66 recently retired from Duke Energy. Judson Jones ’66 retired in June 2006, after serving as principal for the Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, Ariz. John Sander ’66 is the president of Dixie Manufacturing Company in Memphis, Tenn. His wife, Paula (Creed) ’65, teaches third grade for the Shelby County Schools and is the nursery coordinator at Emmanuel United Methodist Church. John and Paula celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary in June 2006. Daniel Anderson ’67 is the pastor at the First Baptist Church in Union Star, Mo. Robert Bovim ’67 is a program manager at EDO Corporation and a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Sondra (Thompson) Gilmore ’67 runs Gran-

ny’s Schoolhouse in Louisberg, Kan. James Mueller ’67 recently retired from the Mehlville School District in Saint Louis, Mo. John Siebern ’67 performed as the featured alto and tenor trombone soloist at the Fourth United States Army Band Reunion in Shreveport/Bossier City, La., on June 27, 2006. He also performs with and manages the Arpeggio Brass Ensemble and plays professionaly in the Houston, Texas, area where he resides with his wife, Sharon. Edythe (Roberts) Goodell ’69 lives in Kansas City, Mo., where she is employed by Citi Bank. James Reynolds ’69 is an English teacher for Peking University in Beijing, China. James and his family are enjoying their second year in China and are keeping an eye the developments for the 2008 olympics. Michael Rooks ’69 is a piano and player technician for Adams Pianos in Tampa, Fla. He also is a national technical support manager for the new Pianoforce Player System in Tampa. Loretta (Subert) Sutterfield ’69 is a wound/ ostomy APN at Phelps County Regional Medical Center in Rolla, Mo. Bob Bullock ’70 is currently appointed to the Tipton and Fortuna United Methodist Churches in Missouri. Tad Perry ’65 is the executive director of the South Dakota Board of Regents, and was appointed to a research advisory committee to assist the Lumina Foundation for Education in using research to improve policy and practice in higher education. The advisory group, composed of 15 national higher education experts, will help inform the Foundation’s research agenda, identify established and emerging researchers, and disseminate the findings to policymakers and practitioners in the field.

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Farley Malorrus ’70 announces a collection of the 127 topics he aired on L.A. radio during his 20 year show, available for download at www. Richard Dailey ’71 is the president of MIRIMAR Consulting LLC in Lewes, Del. Murphy Tetley ’71 is a full time management information systems instructor at William Woods University in Fulton, Mo. Earl Johnson ’72 was awarded the 2006 Distinguished Service Award at the 60th annual convention of the Association of Professional Chaplains in Atlanta, Ga. In the spring of 2006, Earl was the featured speaker at the Missouri Chaplains Association annual meeting in Jefferson City. He was also recognized by the American Red Cross with a special citation for Exceptional Volunteer Service in August 2006 at national headquarters. Maureen (Dunn) Lane ’72 was voted the MSTA Teacher of the Year for the Benton County R-9 School District for the 2005-06 school year. Becky (Cochran) Huntsman ’73 teaches language arts at the School of the Osage in Lake Ozark, Mo. Nancy (Morgan) Freeman ’73 recently retired after a 31-year teaching career. Debra McCormick ’73 is the online marketing and sales strategy manager for Variety in Los Angeles, Calif. Michael Mueller ’73 is a science writer and proprietor of The Tarsier & Traveller’s Tree. Steven Townley ’73 is a finance officer for the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority. Phillip Brucks ’74 is an associate pastor at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Nixa, Mo. Patrick Jones ’74 is the audit director for Capital One in Richmond, Va. Steve Miller ’74 teaches band and music for the Atlanta C-III School District in Atlanta, Mo. Donald Pesek ’74 was recently promoted to coordinator - audit automation for Cass Information Systems Inc. He works out of the corBill Chott ’91 recently moved back to Saint Louis, Mo., where is has started his own improv school, The Improv Trick. He also provides the voices for George’s friend, Hundley the Dog, and his owner, The Doorman, as well as many supporting characters on PBS’s new “Curious George” animated series. In addition to other projects in Los Angeles and New York, Bill was on the CMU campus on October 29-31 to offer workshops for CMU students, alumni, and the community.

Fall 2006

porate office in Bridgeton, Mo., but also has responsibility for offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Boston, Mass. Pam (Gardner) Reeder ’74 is the library director at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Mo. Tim Rice ’74 is an insurance broker with AHM Financial Group LLC in Saint Louis, Mo. Keith Williams ’74 lives in Jefferson City, Mo., where he is the Minister at Wesley United Methodist Church. Nancy Yuelkenbeck ’74 lives in Kansas City, Mo., where she is employed by H&R Block Bank as a senior financial analyst. Gregg Porter ’75 is the director of instrumental music at the Illinios Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora, Ill. Rich Barkley ’76 is taking some post-graduate sociology classes and is improving his computer skills. He is an active supporter of KMOS-TV, the local PBS station, and a volunteer for the Liberty Center for the Performing Arts. Sara Chaney ’76 was honored with the 2006 Francis Asbury Award for Fostering United Methodist Ministries in Higher Education. She is the associate pastor at Webster Hills UMC in Webster Groves, Mo. Tom Hathaway ’76 is the owner of The Buyer’s Agent Inc. in Germantown, Tenn. David Patrico ’76 is a distribution manager for Afton Chemical Corporation in Sauget, Ill. In August 2006, he and his wife, Sandra, celebrated 22 years of marriage. William Pentland ’76 teaches English and psychology for the Platte County School District in Wheatland, Wyo. David Williams ’76 is an HSE Manager for Starcon International Inc. in Deer Park,Texas. Beth (Aulbur) Nanneman ’77 retired from teaching after 29 years. She spent the last 16 years teaching Title I reading in Moberly, Mo. Deborah (Kendall) Nesselhauf ’77 was recently appointed director of The Lab School, a full day pre-school center for 3-5 year olds. She retired from public education in 2004, and then worked with the Newton Learning Summer Adventure programs in the summers of 2005 and 2006. Sandra Rice ’77 retired from teaching on July 1, 2006, after 28 years in the classroom. She is now the music director at Saint Andrews Parish UMC in Charleston, S.C. Carolyn Small ’77 left her life-long home in Missouri and moved to Iowa in 2005

to advance her career as a federal student aid policy expert with the Iowa state agency that adminsters the Federal College Student Loan Programs for the U.S. Department of Education. The programs provide technical assistance and training to the Iowa schools who participate in the Federal College Student Aid Programs. This year, Carolyn co-chairs a committee, representing 13 states, that authors nationally adopted Federal Student Loan Program policy for the thousands of schools and private lenders across the country that provide Federal Family Education Loan Program funding to college students. Skip Vandelicht ’77 and the Fayette Marching Band recently won the traveling trophy for class 1,2 & 3 bands at Carrollton Band Day. This award goes to the band with the highest combined score for street and field competitions. FHS had a street score of 89/100 and a field score of 91.2/120. This marks the second time the FHS Band has won a sweepstakes trophy. Keith Branson ’78 serves Saint Anns and Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Churches in Benton County, Mo. Allen Carpenter ’78 is the district manager in premise sales for BellSouth Advertising and Publishing in Memphis, Tenn. Michael Frederick ’78 is a sergeant with the Saint Louis Police Department. Larry Luetjen ’78 retired from public school education in June 2006. He spent 24 years as a secondary administrator at Montgomery County R-II High School, and was named the North East Missouri Secondary Administrator of the Year by MASSP in 2004. Larry recently joined the Missouri Show-Me Games staff as the director of development. Duane Hall ’79 is currently a broker/salesperson for Memphis Realty LLC in the Edina, Mo., branch office. He specializes in listing and selling farms, hunting and recreational land, residential property, and some commercial property. Duane is licensed in Missouri and Iowa. Mary Morrissey ’79 is the fine arts teacher for the National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colo. She works primarily with chronically ill children. Jeffrey Francis ’80, who has been singing in European and American opera houses, recently made his debut at the New York Metropolitan Opera on Sept. 28, in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Idomeneo. The New York Times music critic commented, “The hardy tenor Jeffrey Francis had a solid Met debut as Arbace, Idomeneo’s advisor.” Francis is slated to sing the role on Oct. 2, 10, and 14; Nov. 29; Dec. 2, 6, and 9. The matinee on Sat., Dec. 9, is to be broadcast internationally on radio. Elaine Schauffler ’80 teaches middle school vocal and instrumental music at the University Academy Charter School in Kansas City, Mo.

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Jay Jones ’90 successfully defended his dissertation in October 2006, to earn his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Jay is in his ninth year as director of bands at Platte County R-III, and 17th year as a band director in the state of Missouri. He also serves as coordinator of the Wilson Center for the Performing Arts at Platte County High School and has been a judge for the Missouri All-State Band for the past seven years.

Eric Trelz ’80 is a shareholder with Polsinelli Shalton Welte Suelthaus in Clayton, Mo. Norma Fieker ’81 is the director of therapy for Ozanam in Kansas City, Mo. Shelly Gooding ’81 is the development director of the Battered Mother’s Resource Fund in Columbia, Mo. Kelley Head ’81 moved to Moberly, Mo., and teaches at Northeastern High School in Cairo, Mo. Tim Jackman ’81 was recently appointed to the CMU Board of Trustees. He is currently the vice president for Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance in Columbia, Mo. Margaret (Castle) Kennedy ’81 is the executive director for the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation in Lexington, Ken. Mike Prunty ’81 is the laboratory manager for Staveley Services Fluids Analysis in Kansas City, Mo. Laura Etheridge-Reese ’82 is currently living in Lagos, Nigeria, where she teaches band and choir at the American International School of Lagos. Don James ’82 composed the music for two feature films this past year: Descansos, which has been touring the European film markets, and The Empty Acre, which premiere Sept. 2006, at the Kansas International Fim Festival in Kansas City, Mo. Chris Neale ’82 is the superintendent of the Gasconade County R-I School District in Hermann, Mo. His wife, Laura (Sebastian) ’82, is the worship pastor at Journey Christian Church in Lebanon, Mo. Kevin Roberts ’82 is the agency assistant vice president for State Farm Insurance Companies in Bloomington, Ill. Jamie (Scrivner) Morrow ’83 and her husband, Doug, recently bought the Scrivner-Morrow Funeral Homes from her parents Jim and


Fall 2006

Honey (Guenther) Scrivner, both class of ’49. Jamie is a licensed funeral director. Melody (Tapey) Nelson ’83 teaches second grade for the Laramie County School District in Cheyenne, Wyo. Errin (Johnsen) Bullard ’84 is an operations controller for U.S. Oncology in Houston, Texas.

Gary Clark ’84 teaches 8-12th grade vocal music at New Madrid County Central R-1 in New Madrid, Mo. Leesa Whitson ’84 is employed by HydroGeoLogic Inc. in Lenexa, Kan., as a word processor. Marvin Manring ’85 was a featured soloist with the Marshall Philharmonic Orchestra at their annual “Pops” concert on April 30, 2006. He is the band director in the Stockton School District. Brett Nolker ’85 was invited to present a paper at the National Biennial Conference of MENC: The National Association for Music Education in Salt Lake City. While there, he was selected as chair-elect for the association’s Special Research Interest Group for Music Perception and Cognition. Hershel Hartford ’86 lives in Fayetteville, Ark., where he is the chaplain at Saint Martin’s Episcopal Chapel & University Center, and the Canon Missioner for College & Young Adult Ministry for the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas. Keith Ruether ’86 is the president-elect of the Missouri Bandmasters and was chosen the Lebanon High School Teacher of the year for 2006. Tim Berry ’87 is employed by Belzer Restoration Specialists Inc. in Kansas City, Mo., as a sales manager.

Servitium in O’Fallon, Mo. Gayla (Renfrow) Smith ’87 is a business development officer for Alliant Bank in Boonville, Mo. Kelly (Farrell) Sutherland ’87 is the principal at Fair Grove Elementary in Fair Grove, Mo. Mark Calvert ’88 became a partner in the law firm of Williams, Robinson, Riglyer & Buschjost in Feb. 2005. Julie Duvall-Sells ’89 is the youth director at Central Christian Church in Moberly, Mo. Donald Harrison ’89 was the graduation speaker at Osborn, a school where he had previously taught. He is currently a kindergarten teacher for the Cameron R-I School District and recieved third place in the “Teacher of the Year” voting. Suzanne (Conley) Kidwell ’89 teaches ninth grade algebra for the Belton School District in Belton, Mo. Kevin McClain ’89 was named the 2006 chairman of the Florissant Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Julie (Schreiner) Phillips ’89 is the strategic purchasing manager - North America for Nestle in Saint Louis, Mo. Brett Reese ’89 is the superintendent of schools for the Warsaw School District in Warsaw, Mo. His wife, Karen (Goshorn) ’91, is the special education director at Lincoln R-II Schools in Lincoln, Mo. James Arnold ’90 is the chair of the National Pony Express Sesquicentennial Committee, which is planning the 2010 national celebration of the transcontinental mail service. He continues to run his Washington, D.C.-based public relations agency and write freelance entertainment and travel articles for magazines in Kansas City and South Florida. Ken Childers ’90 worked for ten years in commercial radio but is now working for Wil Fischer Distributing, an Anheuser-Busch distributor, in sales and marketing. He is active in his local SERTOMA club as an elected officer and enjoys working in the non-profit field as a fundraiser.

David Lutz ’87 worked for 18 years in classroom and administrative roles before he resigned and began working for Shurley English, a K-8 process-oriented curriculum, in Jan. 2006. David is a curriculum representative and educational consultant for Shurley English. His wife, Marjorie Meyer ’88, works as a professional cake decorator and server at the Maple Street Bake Shop in Cole Camp, Mo., where she creates edible works of art.

Gary Leimkuehler ’90 is the junior high school principal for the St. Clair R-XIII School District.

Eugene Peebles ’87 performed the national anthem on the saxophone for the Sacramento Kings Basketball game on Nov. 15, 2006. The game was televised on ESPN. Eugene now lives in Lincoln, Calif. Lori Rogers-Lanning ’87 is a sales manager for

Terey (Kacin) Simo ’90 is employed by Walt Disney World in labor relations in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Sherry (Fuemmeler) McFadden ’90 teaches kindergarten for the Salisbury R-IV School District in Salisbury, Mo. Betty (Baker) Pauley ’90 is a broker and owner of Assist2Sell Buyers and Sellers Realty in Columbia, Mo.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

Bill Wells ’90 is the instrumental music teacher at Owensville High School and Middle School in Owensville, Mo. Earl Burton ’92 was named a member of the 2006 executive council of New York Life Insurance Company, Sy Sternberg. Paul Ellsworth ’92 is an animal damage-control specialist for Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions in Affton, Mo. Sarah (Davis) Linhart ’92 is a special education aide for Salisbury R-IV School District in Salisbury, Mo. Michael Maschmeier ’92 is a member of the United States Marine Corps, formerly stationed at Camp Pendleton. He was deployed to Iraq in the summer of 2006. His wife, Rebecca (Woods) ’93, is working at SmileCare Family Dentistry as a care consultant. Jacquline (Owens) Stark ’92 is the gifted education coordinator and a middle school teacher for the New Franklin R-I School District in New Franklin, Mo. Stacie (Littrell) Wild ’92 is the guidance and career services coordinator for the State Fair Career and Technology Center in Sedalia, Mo. Rebecca (Blum) Curry ’93 and her husband, Dick, have moved back to Columbia, Mo., where he is the assistant to Bishop Robert Schnase.

City Art Institute in Kansas City, Mo. Benjamin Hart ’94 lives in Olathe, Kan., where he is the finance director for the City of Olathe. Steve Klocke ’94 was recently named program director and morning personality at KZWV-FM, 101.9 “The Wave,” a new radio station at the Lake of the Ozarks. Darren Woodruff ’94 is the marketing manager for Medtronic in Gladesville, New South Wales, Australia. Jeremy Borron ’95 teaches seventh grade science in Excelsior Springs, Mo. His wife, Tena (Lowe) Borron ’96, teaches kindergarten at Lillian Schumacher in Liberty, Mo. Doug Boyer ’95 graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Missouri - St. Louis on Aug. 6, 2006. Doug is now an auditor for Williams Keepers LLC in Columbia, Mo. Kevin Brown ’95 is a solutions engineer III, for Embarq Corporation in Jefferson City, Mo. He was recently featured in the “40 Under Forty” edition of the Jefferson City Business Times. Michelle Craig ’95 is employed by Non-Public Educational Services Inc. where she teaches Title-I reading and mathematics at Saint George and Saint Joseph Schools in Jefferson City, Mo.

Robin Lau ’93 is the operations officer for the Hawaii Army National Guard Counterdrug Support Office.

Rob Fatherey ’95 teaches sixth grade math and coaches wrestling at the Lewis and Clark Middle School in Jefferson City, Mo. His wife, Brandi (Glawson) ’99, recently received her master’s in administration from Lincoln University and is the assistant principal for the Miller County R-III School District.

Wendy (Dryer) Link ’93 teaches fifth grade in the Fair Grove School district where her husband, John ’89, is the superintendent.

Dawn (Mochel) Harris ’95 is a reading specialist for the Union R-XI School District in Beaufort, Mo.

Tim McCoy ’93 is the principal of Central Elementary School in Park Hills, Mo.

James Horne ’95 is currently working for The

Donna (Dintelman) Jablonski ’93 is a legal secretary for Bryan Cave LLP in Saint Louis, Mo.

Cindy (Houston) Ridgwell ’95 is the social services director for Riverdell Care Center in Boonville, Mo. Crystal Tice-McBride ’95 is a registered nurse at Saint John’s Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Mo., and at Life Care Centers of America-Sullivan in Sullivan, Mo. Nila (Presley) Vance ’95 is the elementary principal for the Joplin R-VIII School District in Joplin, Mo. Corey Chewning ’96 is the general manager of a small business telesales for Sprint Nextel in Olathe, Kan. Eric Moore ’96 is currently serving as pastor of Linn Memorial UMC on the campus of Central Methodist University. Gwen Pentland ’96 lives in Chicago, Ill., where she is an administrative assistant for Columbia College - Chicago. Heath Powell ’96 is the assistant director of recreational sports at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Krista (Doyle) Reed ’96 is a licensed practical nurse for the Community Hospices of America in Columbia, Mo. She married Jeremy Reed in March 2005.

Walter Wolf ’96 recently finished his general surgery residency at the Medical Center of Independence. He is now a general surgeon for Citizens Memorial Healthcare in Bolivar, Mo.

Angie (Collins) White ’93 is the secretary at the Moberly Moose Lodge in Moberly, Mo. Leonard Barry ’94 is the program coordinator for the Arts Council for Chautauqua County in Jamestown, N.Y.

Shelby (Michael) Alexander ’97 is a registered financial associate for AG Edwards & Sons in Columbia, Mo.

Tanisha Blanton-Phelps ’94 lives in Mexico, Mo., where she is a social services worker for the Department of Social Services. She also owns the All-star Cheerleading Gym in Salisbury, Mo.

Fall 2006

Charleen (O’Dell) Leutung ’95 is a histotechnician for the University of Missouri - Columbia. Her husband, Darrel, is currently stationed in Iraq.

Tony Stark ’96 is a psychological examiner for the Kansas City, Mo., School District.

Angela (Roach) Taylor ’93 is a sales associate for Marriott in Branson, Mo.

Jake Fowler ’94 is the campus technology faculty liaison and project manager at the Kansas

David Hughes ’95 was promoted to vice president, loan officer at Bank Star of the LeadBelt in Festus, Mo.

Michael Smith ’96 is an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator with the University of Arkansas - Little Rock.

Luis Ortiz ’93 is the commercial director of Gallaher Spain SA in Madrid, Spain.

Karen (Carmichael) Boggs ’94 is the Non-Traditional Learning Center teacher for the Fayette R-III School District in Fayette, Mo.

Leaf-Chronicle in Clarksville, Tenn. He was promoted to cover the Austin Peay State University beat in February and also covers the Tennessee Titans home games.

Melanie (Pais) Anderson ’97 is a first-grade teacher for the Volusia County School Board in Deltona, Fla.

Homecoming 2006 Parade Grand Marshals, Fred Bergsten ’61 and Jenny (Wood) Bergsten ’59.

Travis Day ’97 is the health and physical education teacher for New Madrid County Central R-I in New Madrid, Mo. Katie Ensign ’97 is the site facilitator for the Adventure Club in Columbia, Mo.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon


Cassie Hoevelmann ’97 teaches at the Sullivan Primary School in Sullivan, Mo. Scott Horman ’97 was elected Associate Circuit Judge for Division 5 in Southeastern Mo. He won the election over a 27-year incumbent. Tawana (White) McQueen ’97 lives in Saint Clair, Mo., where she is self-employed as an independent Arbonne consultant. James Henderson ’98 is a financial services representative for MetLife Finacial Services in Columbia, Mo. Jana Ming ’98 is an area supervisor for the Adventure Club for Rockwood School District in Fenton, Mo. She also performs improv comedy at Laughs on the Landing in Saint Louis, Mo., on Friday and Saturday nights. Amy Vance ’98 is the director of day treatment at Butterfield Youth Services in Marshall, Mo. Julie Christian ’99 is a neurosurgical intensivist physician assistant at Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Calvin Gazaway ’99 will recieve his master’s degree in education supervison in Dec. 2006. Lori (Williams) Graves ’99 is a nurse educator at The Groves in Independence, Mo. She is also working towards her master’s in education. Brandi Humble ’99 is a youth specialist for the state of Missouri. She lives in Prescott, Kan. Matthew Koch ’99 is a trooper with the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Lee’s Summit, Mo. Julie (Williams) McGrath ’99 completed her MBA in 2001 and is currently working toward her Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology. She is currently employed by the University of Florida. Nicole (Long) Rader ’99 completed her Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University and is now a criminology professor in the department of sociology at Mississippi State University. Her husband, Cody ’99, is currently working on his master’s in education at Mississippi State. Rebecca Richardson ’99 is an English graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. April Walker ’99 is a personal banker for Chase in Beavercreek, Ohio Sheryl Walker ’99 is a teacher in the Hillsboro R-III School District in Hillsboro, Mo. Kari (Wesselman) Adams ’00 is a sales agent for Harbourtowne Real Estate in Daniel Island, S.C. Maranda (Tuley) Anderson ’00 is a kindergarten teacher for the Gasconade County R-I School District in Hermann, Mo. Her husband, Todd ’98, is the elementary physical education teacher for the same district. Matthew Clutter ’00 is a counterintelligence agent for the United States Army.


Fall 2006

Lance Cox ’00 is employed by Shelter Insurance in Columbia, Mo., as an underwriter.

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Mike Cramberg ’00 is an analytical chemist for Plaze Inc. in Saint Clair, Mo. James Lomax ’00 is an assistant athletic trainer for the Saint Louis Rams in Earth City, Mo. Marilynn Poff-Moehle ’00 is a pediatric nurse practioner for the Department of Defense in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Loretta (Kehoe) Roney ’00 was promoted to credit union president with the Missouri Department of Transportation Highway Credit Union in July 2006. She also obtained her Master of Business Administration degree from William Woods University in Aug. 2006. Loretta and Jeremy Roney were married July 29, 2006.

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Jennifer (West) Sanders ’00 is an operating room nurse at the East Jefferson General Hospital in Metairie, La. Nathan Schaefferkoetter ’00 teaches high school vocal music for the Waynesville R-VI Schools in Waynesville, Mo. His wife, Leigh (Pyron) ’01, teaches vocal music part-time for the Saint James Public Schools in Saint James, Mo. Rose (Philbrick) Wilburn ’00 is the K-12 music teacher at Bosworth R-V in Bosworth, Mo. Leo Barge ’01 is a police officer for the Northwoods Police Department in Saint Louis, Mo. Jaimi (Randoll) Barlowe ’01 was selected Teacher of the Year for 2005-06 at Rolling Hills Elementary School. She teaches third grade for the Orange County Public Schools in Fla. Leslie Bentley ’01 teaches preschool for the Keytesville Pubic Schools in Keytesville, Mo. Alisa (Kayser) Dougherty ’01 is a general accountant for HOK Group Inc. in Saint Louis, Mo. Jackie Gettemeier ’01 is employed by the Francis Howell School District in Saint Charles, Mo. Mark McMain ’01 is a production manager at IVX Animal Health in Saint Joseph, Mo. Kathy Peregoy ’01 is employed by Central Bank in the fixed-rate mortgage department in Lebanon, Mo. Misty Tefft ’01 lives in Cape Girardeau, Mo., where she is an account representative for Yellow Book USA. Ronda Morgan Azelton ’02 recently graduated from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. She is now a resident in family medicine at the University of Wisconsin Health

Augusta family medicine clinic. Her husband, Robert ’03, is employed at MicroMed as a territory manager for western Wisconsin. Rick Collier ’02 is the elementary principal at Pattonsburg R-2 in Pattonsburg, Mo. Christa Good ’02 teaches fourth grade in the Lafayette County School District in Higginsville, Mo. Kurtis Howell ’02 is a middle school science teacher, head junior high football coach, and assistant varsity football coach for the Henry County R-I School District in Windsor, Mo. Brea (Brimer) James ’02 is a science teacher for the Fayette R-III School District. Amy Ketchum ’02 teaches sixth-grade math for the Carrollton R-V School District. She recieved her Master of Education from CMU in 2005. She is also helping with the Carrollton High School musical. Kristen Weiss ’02 is a criminalist for the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Springfield, Mo. Whitney Carver ’03 is a speech-language pathologist in Keller, Texas. Amanda Culbertson ’03 is working internationally for Anheuser-Busch in marketing research and is engaged to Trent Kraemer ’02. Jared DeLaney ’03 is currently deployed in Iraq with the 25th Infantry Division Band from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Jon Derby ’03 is a forensic specialist for the Tallahassee Police Department in Tallahassee, Fla.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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the Rich Hill School District in Rich Hill, Mo.

seventh-grade health, and is the junior high softball coach for the Salisbury R-IV School District in Salisbury, Mo.

Jennifer Milner ’04 lives in Red Lion, Pa., where she is working for Keener Kitchens, a highend custom cabinet manufacturer.

Steven Francis ’06 is a physical education and ISS teacher for the Perry County School District in Perryville, Mo.

Angie Rozycki ’04 teaches first grade at Sullivan Primary School in Sullivan, Mo. Jay Shelton ’86, Keith Frazier ’86, Dean Anthony ’86, Mike Ponder ’86, Brad Burks ’85, Donn Harrison ’89, & Terry Hoehne ’84 at Homecoming 2006

Regina Hammons ’03 teaches math at Paris High School in Paris, Mo. Stacy Kennedy ’03 lives in Springfield, Mo., where she is the e-mail marketing specialist for Bass Pro Shops. Teresa Kircher ’03 is an assistant athletic trainer and instructor at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Mo. Mary (Henke) Livingston ’03 is the At-Risk teacher for the Montgomery R-II School District in Montgomery, Mo. Justin Ludwig ’03 is employed by the Macon Police Department as a police officer. He and wife Jennifer (Mahon) ’04 live in Macon, Mo. Carmen Venable ’03 is an appraiser for Meyer Appraisal Service in Slater, Mo. Sheena Akers ’04 was promoted to office manager at Affiliated Court Services in Columbia, Mo. Adam Caldwell ’04 is currently attending Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky. His wife, Dru (Pyron) ’04, teaches K-5 music at Harrison Elementary in Lexington, Ky. Shawn Cooksey ’04 is a student in the fisheries and wildlife sciences department at the University of Missouri - Columbia. Tammy (Stewart) Eifert ’04 is the special education process coordinator for Richland R-I School District in Essex, Mo. Heather Haake ’04 is in her second year of law school at Saint Louis University and was selected for Law Review, an honor given only to a few top students. Charla Jay ’04 is employed as a traveling nurse and travels all over the United States. Becky McGinnis ’04 is an assistant athletic trainer for the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Ind. Tina McKenzie ’04 teaches kindergarten for

Fall 2006

Jared Sabatasso ’04 is the associate director of bands and choirs for the Waynesville R-VI School District in Waynesville, Mo. Mark Thomas ’04 is currently employed by the Lincoln County R-III School District as a JV basketball coach, assistant track coach, and physical education and weightlifting teacher. Jodi Wahlig ’04 is a marketing services representative for Renaissance Financial. Christina (Simmons) Zoeller ’04 is a firstgrade teacher and softball coach for the Cooper County R-IV School District in Bunceton, Mo. Amber Boyce ’05 is an assistant scientist for ABC Laboratories in Columbia, Mo. Jacquelyn (Knowles) Cornell ’05 is a child and family development advocate for Central Missouri Community Action in Columbia, Mo. She and husband Justin ’04 were married May 28, 2005. Jason Harlan ’05 is an assistant football coach for Montana State University Northern in Havre, Mont. Samie (Blattner) Hill ’05 teaches physical education and pre-k and kindergarten library at Harrison High School Early Childhood Center in Harrsonville, Mo. Daniel Johnson ’05 is the boys’ head basketball coach at Crystal City, Mo. Emily Morrow ’05 is a personal financial officer for Missouri Credit Union in Columbia, Mo. Wendy Noelke ’05 teaches pre-school at Hermann Elementary School in Hermann, Mo.

Sandra Tye ’05 is directly involved in researching a cure for spinal cord tumors at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Research Institute, where she is a graduate student. Josh Vandergrift ’05 is a teacher for the Bay District School Board in Panama City, Fla. Kathryn (Ramsey) Bachtel ’06 teaches kindergarten through sixth-grade physical education,

Tessa Frazee ’06 is a registered nurse at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital in Saint Louis, Mo. Bridget Geisendorfer ’06 is a staff I auditor for Williams-Keepers LLC. Kyle Gerdeman ’06 is the men’s head basketball coach and athletic director at Moberly Area Community College in Moberly, Mo. Rachel (Skaggs) Gore ’06 teaches sixth-grade at Bunker Elementary School in Bunker, Mo. Doug Hansen ’06 is currently teaching language arts at Mexico High School in Mexico, Mo. Jamie (Misuraco) Lanham ’06 teaches fifthgrade at Bunker Elementary School in Bunker, Mo. Elizabeth Lewis ’06 is employed by the Poplar Bluff School District as a junior high physical education teacher, the junior high cheerleading coach, and the high school varsity track coach. Desiree Pezley ’06 is currently teaching second-grade at McMillan Elementary School in Mexico, Mo. Andrea Shikles-Larison ’06 teaches first-grade for the Moberly Public Schools in Moberly, Mo. Kirk Stott ’06 teaches physical education and health and is the assistant football coach, boys’ junior high basketball coach and head baseball coach for the Salisbury R-IV School District in Salisbury, Mo. Megan (Griffiths) Walden ’06 is a first-grade teacher at Washington-Franklin Elementary School in Farmington, Mo. Sarah Wehrman ’06 is the assistant band director at the Potosi R-III Schools in Potosi, Mo. Will Zwikelmaier ’06 is the high school band director for the Rolla Public Schools in Rolla, Mo.

Marriages Sherry (Scrivner) ’77 and Steven Smith were married April 30, 2005. Scott Roberts ’85 and Jennifer Borel were married June 24, 2006. Jake Fowler ’94 and Maura Cluthe were married May 26, 2006. Tim Hall ’99 and wife Lindsey were married on June 9, 2006. Nile Thudium ’99 and Jenny Swift were married on June 27, 2006. Jason Baust ’00 and Ginger Long were married on Sept. 16, 2006.

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Lisa (Sander) ’00 and Kevin Hammond ’04 were married April 22, 2006. Joan (Pauly) ’00 and Justus Upperman were married May 27, 2006. Anna (Bancroft) ’02 and Jimmy Walters were married May 6, 2006. Monty Kinman ’03 and wife Breanna were married on June 24, 2006. Tina (Conrow) and Brennan Scanlon, both class of ’03, were married July 22, 2006, in Linn Memorial UMC. Melissa (Moeckel) and Matthew Sissom, both class of ’03, were married July 29, 2006. Myles Proctor ’04 and Christy Napier were married Oct. 21, 2006. Amy (Barbero) ’04 and Tony Townley ’03 were married June 10, 2006, in Linn Memorial UMC. Ellen (Carlson) ’05 and Matt Heil were married June 24, 2006. Stacey (Meyer) ’05 and Bob Kottman were married June 17, 2006. Katie (Struttman) ’06 and Jon-Yves Bellers ’03 were married May 20, 2006. Crystal (Neufeld) ’06 and David Peyton were married May 20, 2006. Crystal (Garrett) ’06 and Kirt Tomlinson were married Oct. 15, 2005.

Births Richard and Martha (Trumble) Copeland, both class of ’61, announce the birth of their second granddaughter, Tyler Renee, on March 28, 2006. Laura (Mayes) Schweibacher ’89, and husband Edward announce the birth of their daughter, Eleanor Grace, on May 7, 2006. Laura is also pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Eastman School of Music Jason Walker ’94 and wife Robin announce the birth of their daughter, Juliana Nicole, on July 10, 2006. John Daut ’92 and wife Kristie announce the birth of their daughter, Isabel Marie, on May 16, 2006. Rebecca (McIntyre) Chalone ’94 and husband Joseph announce the birth of their third child, Emma Jane, on July 17, 2006. Brad McCarty ’94 and wife Deanna announce the birth of their son, Christian Bradley, on April 18, 2006. Jimmy Neal ’94 and wife Jennifer announce the birth of their daughter, Katherine Elizabeth, on Sept. 7, 2006. Jimmy is the sales manager for Dyna-Mix in Tyler, Texas.


Fall 2006

Penny (Kuhns) ’94 and Tim Knarr ’95 announce the birth of their twins, Gabriel Edward and Nathanial Jonathan, on Sept. 1, 2006. Susan (Norman) Worstell ’94 and husband Ted announce the birth of their daughter, Hope Anjannette, on Sept. 27, 2006. Michael Patterson ’95 and wife Ann announce the birth of their first child, Stephen Edward, on Oct. 12, 2005. Debra (Manthey) Galloway ’96 and husband Shawn announce the birth of their son, Jack Andrew, on April 7, 2006. Anne (Pyron) Moore ’96 and husband Scott welcomed their first child, Brett Hollenbeck, on April 12, 2006. Anne is currently teaching pre-school at Woods Chapel United Methodist Church in Lee’s Summit, Mo. Her husband, Scott, is a pharmaceutical representative in the North Kansas City region. Jill (Wilmsmeyer) Wiseman ’96 and husband David announce the birth of their daughter, Natalie Christine, on March 8, 2006. Jill is the new curriculum director for Fayette Schools in Fayette, Mo. Amanda (Burk) and Scott Gerling, both class of ’97, announce the birth of their third daughter, Alaina Danielle, on May 3, 2006. Scott is the head football coach and a teacher at Northwest High School, located in High Ridge, Mo. Michele (Reese) Weaver ’97 and husband Benjamin announce the birth of their second son, Brenden Thomas, on Oct. 11, 2005. Cherilyn (Gepford) and Aaron Widhalm, both class of ’98, announce the birth of their third child, Abygail, on March 7, 2006. Cara ’98 and Brett ’03 Barth-Fagan announce the birth of their second child, Ziek Ryan, on March 24, 2006. Annalynn (Dietzel) Gardner ’99 and husband Troy announce the birth of their daughter, Julianna Ruth, on Aug. 29, 2006.

Jasmine, on Oct. 24, 2005. Carmell (Davis) Politte ’00 and husband Scott announce the birth of their fifth child, Aidan, on July 18, 2006. Heather (Gandy) Sims ’00 and husband Zach announce the birth of their first child, Allyson Rae, on May 1, 2006. Misty (Wren) and Alex Borst, both class of ’01, announce the birth of their daughter, Kiley Marie, on Sept. 9, 2006. John and Brandi (Newman) Brayley, both class of ’01, announce the birth of their son, Parker, on April 26, 2006. Brandi is a pre-op registered nurse at North Kansas City Hospital and John is a dealer sales representative for Kansas City Auto Auction. Missy (Short) Jones ’01 and husband Adam announce the birth of their son, Barrett Andrew, on June 12, 2006. Lesley (Strickland) ’01 and John Oberlin ’99 announce the birth of thier twins, Mackenzie Anne and Mason John, on May 3, 2005. John is a pedatrician stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Kerri (Meyer) Bentley ’02 and husband Aaron announce the birth of their first child, Kamryn Aleah, on Feb. 12, 2006. Becky (Goodman) Dismuke ’02 and husband Shawn announce the birth of their first child, Ethan Tyler, on Aug. 10, 2006. Dena (Barth) and Kelly Pittsenbarger, both class of ’02, announce the birth of their second child, Trey Allen-Davis, on Sept. 13, 2006. Lesley (Thomas) Boss ’04 and husband Charlie announce the birth of their son, Jason Carter, on July 3, 2006. Jennifer (Bequette) Thorn ’06 and husband Joe announce the birth of their daughter, Lily, on Feb. 17, 2006.

Andrea (Kreek) ’99 and Brian Jobe ’00 announce the birth of thier son, Jaxson Kreek, on May 4, 2006.


Cheryl (Coulter) and LeRoy Schwartze, both class of ’99, announce the birth of their first child, Coulter Cameron, on April 11, 2006.

Serena (Gaunt) Cooper ’25 of Atlanta, Mo., died May 20, 2006.

Eugene Weeke ’99 and wife Andrea announce the birth of their daughter, Ava, on Jan. 27, 2006. Susan (Fuemmeler) Weiseman ’99, and husband Michael announce the birth of their son, Ephram Michael, on June 9, 2006. Karena (Spano) Lorek ’00 and husband Joseph announce the birth of their second child, Anthony David, on March 2, 2006.


Helen (Sly) Mitzel ’25 of Rocheport, Mo., died Aug. 11, 2006. Mary (Diggs) Sheetz-Riley ’27 of Marshall, Mo., died June 28, 2006. Mary (Hughes) Boney ’28 of Windsor, Mo., died May 16, 2006. Verna Nydegger ’29 of Houston, Texas, died Aug. 29, 2005.

Jennifer (Rogers) ’00 and Ray Malik ’03 announce the birth of their first child, Rayenne

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

1930 Ruby (Harris) Besgrove ’30 of Kirksville, Mo., died Aug. 7, 2006. Anita (Thurman) Carr ’30 of Tucson, Ariz., died Aug. 11, 2005. Ruth (Burcham) Baskett ’31 of Cincinnati, Ohio, died Aug. 17, 2006. Elizabeth (Peery) Brittain ’31 of Atchison, Kan., died Feb. 17, 2006. Ellen (Coulter) Buie ’32 of Sweet Springs, Mo., died Sept. 11, 2006. Katherine (Field) Moore Priest ’33 of Bella Vista, Ark., died Sept. 29, 2006. Marion (Eberhard) Downing ’34 of Malden, Mo., died March 25, 2006. Elizabeth (Waltenspiel) Richard ’34 of Rolla, Mo., died July 21, 2006. Eva (Cunningham) Adams ’35 of Kansas City, Mo., died March 18, 2006. Edward Damron ’36 of Elsberry, Mo., died July 8, 2006.

Margaret (Gould) Dent ’36 of Hannibal, Mo., died June 8, 2006.

Helen (Welsh) Wells ’40 of Overland Park, Kan., died Aug. 11, 2006.

Irl Oliver ’37 of Denver, Colo., died June 24, 2005.

Billie (Baldwin) Bachman ’41 of Novelty, Mo., died March 7, 2006.

James Pierce ’37 of Sarasota, Fla., died Aug. 30, 2006.

Paul Fischer ’41 of Corvallis, Ore., died June 11, 2005.

John Kemper ’39 of Warwick, R.I., died Feb. 8, 2006.

Wilma (Hurt) Harris ’41 of Boonville, Mo., died Jan. 15, 2006.

Ralph Menees ’39 of Westlake Village, Calif., died July 1, 2006.

Charlene (Harness) Jennings ’41 of Florissant, Mo., died April 18, 2006.

Doris (Manion) Schermann ’39 of Columbia, Mo., died Sept. 7, 2006.

Lois (Myers) Bright ’42 of Shawnee Mission, Kan., died Jan. 25, 2005.

Florene (Fritts) Smith ’39 of Naperville, Ill., died Feb. 22, 2006.

Ozelle (Lawrence) Conway ’43 of Vail, Ariz., died April 15, 2006.

Billy Zillman ’39 of Leawood, Kan., died June 7, 2006.

Luther Glenn ’43 of Brunswick, Mo., died June 6, 2006.


William Long ’43 of Indianapolis, Ind., died Sept. 7, 2005.

Jackie (Kelly) Mead ’40 of Chesterfield, Mo., died March 17, 2006.

Sherwood Patek ’43 of Chillicothe, Mo. died June 24, 2006.

Robert Nichols ’40 of Southwest City, Mo., died Feb. 7, 2006.

Neil Scoggin ’43 of Park Forest, Ill., died June 24, 2006.

Charles Richard Oldham x44 A key leader in the civil rights movement, Charles R. Oldham changed the world in which we live. He helped open schools, restaurants, motels, work places, neighborhoods to all, regardless of race. He had a distinguished legal career of 58 years. Fellow activist Herman Thompson observed, “Most people have heard of Martin Luther King, but in every little area there were people fighting and sacrificing, and for our area, he was one of our main leaders. Charlie was solid, sensible. He was the No. 1 person as far as civil rights in St. Louis.” Oldham, age 83, died Sept. 13, 2006, of skin cancer. Oldham grew up in Marceline, Mo. During his two Central College years, he was a distance runner on the Eagles track team and a member of Pi Kappa Delta. Oldham credited his adviser, sociologist Dr. John Paul McKinsey, with challenging his assumptions and taboos, with fomenting the questioning that fostered his pursuit of human rights. “The things I learned at Central College bore fruit after the war,” Oldham said. “Central was the formulator for my beliefs in equality.” An Army Air Corps airplane gunner in the Pacific during World War II, Oldham earned numerous medals. After the war, as a Washington University law student, he began working for change: first, seeking equal medical treatment for all veterans, black and white; then, working to open Washington University to all. Oldham helped organize the St. Louis Committee of Racial Equality (CORE) to change race relations through Gandhi’s teachings and actions of passive resistance. In 1947 CORE sought meetings with St. Louis businesses to discuss ending segregation of lunch counters, cafeterias, and tea rooms. Then it conducted sit ins. By the early 1950s, many public eating facilities in St. Louis were integrated, a decade before other cities in the South, and without violence. By 1961, with the help of labor, CORE achieved enactment of a public accommodations ordinance. Then Oldham and others turned to discrimination in hiring practices. The Jefferson Bank & Trust Co. became a symbol of companies that employed African-Americans only for menial jobs. In 1963, during a protest Oldham, his wife, and 373 other demonstrators were arrested, jailed, and fined. Oldham recalled that watershed incident “represented a change in the attitude of the employers, and it changed the attitude of the public, and I think it changed the attitude of the courts, at least in the local area.” In 1951, Oldham married Marian Clarke O’Fallon, an African-American teacher whom he met at a CORE protest. They pioneered racially integrated housing in their four-family flat. Mrs. Oldham died in 1994, following a career in education and service on the boards of schools and community organizations, including the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri, which had rejected her application for admission because of race. Charles Oldham was the national chairman of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), 1957-1963. He defended freedom riders when guns and dogs, fire hoses and tear gas, angry mobs and southern jails assailed the courageous people who ventured south on buses, nonviolently challenging segregation laws and customs. As a labor and civil rights attorney who often worked for free and was later widely honored, he argued many cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Circuit Courts of Appeals, and the Missouri Courts of Appeals that strengthened and expanded the rights of all citizens. Retired U.S. Representative William L. Clay Sr. said Oldham “put his life on the line. Back in those days, it was very dangerous - St. Louis was no better than Birmingham or Montgomery. We should remember him as a hero in the struggle for equality.” Central Methodist University honored Oldham with the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2001. His wife, his parents, a brother, and a sister, Jo Anne (Oldham) Campbell ’46, preceded Oldham in death. Among survivors are a son, John C. Oldham of Kansas City; a daughter, Lisa Oldham-Anderson, M.D. of Chicago; five grandchildren; a niece, Marie (Oldham) Scheiter ’67; and a cousin, James M. Berger ’53. He donated his body to Washington University for scientific research. A memorial service was held at the University of Missouri-St. Louis Oct. 22.

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon


Kenneth Duzan, Sr. ’44 of El Dorado, Ark., died June 15, 2006.

Anne (Bryant) Dawson ’55 of Nevada, Mo., died Oct. 9, 2006.

Sarah (Friedmeyer) Hollowell ’44 of Solvang, Calif., died May 31, 2006.

Vivian (Schulze) Overstreet ’55 of Warrenton, Mo., died June 8, 2006.

Ben Smith ’44 of Boonville, Mo., died July 7, 2006.

Otis Aleshire ’56 of Bunnell, Fla., died April 12, 2005.

Wilfred Winters ’44 of Saint Louis, Mo., died Feb. 16, 2006.

Patricia (Settle) Schlotzhauer ’56 of Pilot Grove, Mo., died June 7, 2006.

Robert Rawlings ’45 of Sugar Land, Texas, died March 6, 2006.

Carl Quirk ’56 of Woodstown, N.J., died Feb. 1, 2006.

Joan (Ellis) Sternberger ’45 of Sarasota, Fla., died June 15, 2006.

Virginia (Nolte) Harrington ’57 of Azle, Texas, died Dec. 8, 2005.

O. Doyle Dannenberg ’47 of Escondido, Calif., died Sept. 21, 2006.

Barbara (Ferguson) Innes ’57 of Springfield, Mo., died July 19, 2006.

William Ettinger ’47 of Cocoa, Fla., died Feb. 3, 2006.

James Christian ’58 of Ruston, La., died June 21, 2006.

Reuben Hunker ’47 of Sterling, Va., died June 13, 2005. Harvey Peterson ’47 of Aurora, Ill., died Dec. 28, 2005. Morris Stokes ’47 of San Antonio, Texas, died May 3, 2006. Billy Wolleson ’47 of Rio Rancho, N.M., died May 22, 205. William Bolinger ’48 of Versailles, Mo., died Dec. 19, 2005. Virginia (Lindstrom) Eisenstein ’48 of Kansas City, Mo., died July 24, 2006. Harry Holtgrewe ’48 of Saint Louis, Mo., died Aug. 24, 2006. James Phillips ’49 of Pleasant Hill, Tenn., died Dec. 27, 2005. Marie (Wood) Slusher ’49 of Lexington, Mo., died May 17, 2006.

1960 Denny Collins ’60 of Jefferson City, Mo., died Aug. 3, 2006. Don Johnson ’60 of Shawnee Mission, Kan., died July 7, 2005. Alice Ann (Heckman) Murphy ’60 of Leawood, Kan., died June 20, 2006. Richard Brown ’62 of Loudon, Tenn., died May 23, 2006. Don Hudson ’63 of Fulton, Mo., died Sept. 23, 2006. Donald Boullear ’64 of Goodyear, Ariz., died Jan. 29, 2006. Frances (White) Jaeger ’65 of Boonville, Mo., died July 22, 2006. Robert “Bob” Johnston ’65 of Elysian, Minn., died Aug. 19, 2006. Nikki (Buck) Delaney ’67 of Oregon, Mo., died Sept. 30, 2005

1950 Marilyn (Mallette) Burgess ’50 of Washington, Mo., died Nov. 29, 2005. Wendell Price ’50 of Mount Vernon, Mo., died April 7, 2006. Joseph Clements ’51 of Brooklyn Park, Minn., died Dec. 26, 2005.

1970 Donald Groenenboom ’75 of Smithville, Mo., died Sept. 1, 2006.

Bill Keeney ’51 of Claycomo, Mo., died June 22, 2006.


John Luther II ’53 of Memphis, Mo., died Aug. 16, 2006.

Nina Garrett ’03 of High Ridge, Mo., died Sept. 29, 2006.

Jerry Zimmerman ’62 passed away surrounded by family and friends on Sun., May 29, 2005, in Cameron, Mo., at the hospital, following a massive stroke during the night before. Jerry was born in Kansas City, Mo., on Dec. 12, 1938, and was raised for most of his life on a dairy farm in Cameron, Mo. He was a five generation member of the Cameron United Methodist Church. Jerry taught school in Southwest Missouri for several years and then went to work for NW Electric in Cameron. After working there for nearly 25 years, he retired due to health reasons. Jerry continued to volunteer much of his time in the community and was a much beloved man. He married Margarete Sue Buck, his lifelong friend, on Sept. 1, 1979. They have a blended family of five children which still survive: Jim Zimmerman of Dickson, Tenn.; Jami Zimmerman of Blue Springs, Mo.; Stephanie Williams of Cameron, Mo.; Stephen Carrel of Tucson, Az.; and Scott Carrel of Tucson, Az. Five grandchildren and brothers Bill Zimmerman ’58 of St. Louis and Joe Zimmerman are survivors as well. During the funeral the minister said that Jerry was a Central legend, “He was known to leave a car under the conservatory tower and to leave a police car running in the middle of the football field with the lights and sirens on. During a football practice he had his teeth knocked out. When he told his mother she asked him, “Are you going to be able to play?” Jerry was freshman class president, played football and baseball. He even had a 1000 R.B.I. (only batted once and got a hit)! During college and always Jerry also had a sensitive side along with this fun side. When his father had a farming accident, Jerry was the one who sat out a year to run the farm and take care of things. Yes, Jerry was a legend! Several hundred people lined the sidewalks and entered the church to pay their respects to the family and to the man. They wanted to say goodbye to the legend and hopefully catch a glimpse of that famous Zimmerman grin one more time. -Lynette (Haenssler) Harrison ’88

Friends of Central T.A. Brown, Hall of Sponsors donor, died June 14, 2005.

Ted Lymer ’53 of Trenton, Mo., died Aug. 31, 2006.

Lawrence D. Hern of Moberly, Mo., died June 5, 2006.

Ann (Keller) Slagle ’53 of Overland Park, Kan., died March 2, 2006.

Helen Rutledge, wife of former Trustee, Bailey Rutledge, died March 1, 2006.

Eldon Hewitt ’54 of Tampa, Fla., died March 10, 2006.


Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

Harold L. Momberg, professor emeritus of biology at Central Methodist University, died June 17, 2006, at University Hospital in Columbia, Mo., after an extended illness. Momberg, who retired from fulltime teaching in 1994, was a highly popular professor of biology, geology and zoology at CMU, where he became a faculty member in 1970 and had also served as chairman of the Biology and Geology Department. He continued teaching part time for three years after his retirement, when a faculty honors program was named for him – the ODK Harold Momberg Gold Chalk Award for Outstanding Teaching. In 1995, Central Methodist alumni who had studied under Momberg contributed funds to the University to name a room after him in the Athletic Training Department, now housed on the first floor of the new CMU Student and Community Center. Momberg was born March 24, 1929, in Sedalia, Mo., the son of George H. and Mabel Cunningham Momberg. He graduated from high school in Sedalia. He received a bachelor’s degree from Central Missouri State University (CMSU) and his master’s degree and doctorate from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He served in the U.S. Army from July 1951 to June 1953. Prior to joining the Central Methodist faculty in 1970, Momberg taught at HannibalLaGrange College, University of Missouri, William Jewell College, Kansas State Teachers College and CMSU. A resident of Fayette, Momberg attended the First Baptist Church, was a long-time member of the Fayette Rotary Club, and had been a member of the Fayette Optimist Club. He is survived by a sister, Betty Williams; a niece, Susan Lemler; a nephew, Ted Williams; and three great-nieces. Memorials can be made to the Harold Momberg Hall of Sponsors Scholarship at CMU. This scholarship will be used to help a worthy science student attend Central. Currently the Momberg scholarship is just over the $10,000 mark.

s friend to me . . . “Fred was a tremendou morning when I he used to call me every would just chat we s me got to work. Someti help me work and sometimes he would I might be going out whatever problems was a good listener through at the time. He dvise” you. I who didn’t try to “overa supportive and think he was just really was just a matter it helpful and sometimes then saying: and t ven of listening to you This too shall pass. or. He was easy to He was also a great act d to do the best job nte direct because he wa when he was on it, he could onstage, and Whenever I was he dominated the stage. say: Just ring uld wo casting a show, Fred rhorse will come the bell and this old wa running.” Mark Kelty CMU Theatre Director

“My wife Peggy an d I were students of Dr. Momberg’s in 1979 -83. Now, over 20 ye ars later, we still have the texts from his cla ss on the shelf, and my wife who went on to teach biology bases her teaching in part on the methods and sty le he used. I as a me dical executive lead ov er a thousand phys icians and staff, yet both of us can clearl y trace the path to wh ere we stand now. .. even now, she and I have oft referred to the nearly impossible to beat “Momberg multiples” as our ch ildren now study bio logy, and indeed on ly weeks ago I show ed my own high schoo l senior the classroo m where Dr. Momberg taught. We are only one of a vast number of fam ilies and individuals who chose careers and ultimately succeede d due to his persona l attention and enco uragement. Althou gh we have not had th e opportunity to ch at in such a long time, his passing leaves a ho le in the fabric of our lives.” Charles R. Fisher Jr. MD ’83 & Peggy A. (Tyrer) Fis her ’83

mentor and friend, an “Prof. Rhoads was a o went beyond the wh excellent instructor sd his students profe classroom and helpe .” ir goals sionally to achieve the

S. Fred Rhoads, former Central Methodist University faculty member, died July 21, 2006, at Fayette Caring Center after a long illness. Born and raised in Woodward, Iowa, Rhoads had lived in Fayette for the last fifteen years after serving on the Central Faculty for many years. After graduating from Simpson College in Indanola, Iowa, with a degree in speech and drama, Rhoads served two years as a member of the armed forces. He was stationed in Japan during the Korean Conflict. He then attended graduate school at the University of Iowa where he recieved his Masters of Arts. In 1964, he accepted a position as director of theatre and professor of speech and drama at Central Methodist College. During his tenure as director, Rhoads was instrumental in establishing the Little Theatre. In the early 1970s, he attended the University of Missouri while continuing to teach, completing all but the dissertation toward the doctorate. Rhoads retired from Central Methodist in the mid-70s because of severe health problems. He later entered an order of monks associated with the Episcopal Church but withdrew because of his health before completing the probationary period. After a brief period spent in his hometown, he moved back to Fayette in 1992. In 2000, Rhoads returned to the classroom at Central Methodist as an adjunct professor of speech and taught each semester thereafter until his health further deteriorated. He directed and appeared in several dramatic productions at the University, completing his last performance in the Spring of 2006. An avid collector of Hummel figurines and an ardent fisherman, Rhoads was a member of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Elks, and the Fayette Area Community Theatre. Survivors include a daughter, D’Ann Wade; two grandsons, Dylan and Morgan; numerous cousins and innumerable friends.

Judith Rethwisch ’65

“Prof. Momberg and I had great difficulty during my first year at school since I was just off the airplane ride from Tokyo, Japan and spoke only few words of English in the Summer of 1977. Despite our language barrier, he knew where to lead me and eventually encouraged me to go into Medicine. He even found me a medical school which accepted foreign students...” Akio Oiso, M.D., FAAP, ’81

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Eagles: The Next Generation

Baby Photo Contest Sponsored by the Alumni Association Board of Directors Thank you to everyone who entered the first Baby Photo Contest! The top five favorites were selected by the CMU community earlier this fall. While all our entries were super cute, and many people thought long and hard before making a decision; the students, faculty, and staff of CMU chose these as thier five favorites:

Jason Carter Boss, son of Lesley (Thomas) ’04 & Charlie Boss

Santino DiNapoli, son of Rebecca (Norris) ’89 & Christy DiNaopli - picture taken by Melinda Norris ’89 Daejuan Burnside, grandson of Janice (Doll) Morand ’80

Coleman Epperson, son of Mark & Mandy (Harris) Epperson both class of ’04

Michaela Jo Sybert: daughter of Jeremy ‘97 & Kelly Sybert

These five and their families were invited to ride in the Homecoming Parade on October 14, 2006, recieved a special gift from the Alumni Association, and had an opportunity to have a picture taken with the CMU Eagle.

Katherine Mary and Emma Jane Chalone, daughters of Rebecca (McIntyre) ’94 & Joseph Chalone

Brendan Alexander Smith , son of Danny Smith ’98 & Rachelle Wayne

Addison Foote, daughter of Steve ’97 & Andrea Foote

Vincent Thomas Money, son of Aaron & Carolyn (Shepard) Money both class of ’01

Samantha Rae Kerr, granddaughter of Arlen ’59 & Janet (Schroeder) ’61 Liberty Avery McKenna Adams, daughter of Robert ’98 & Kari (Wesselman) ’00 Adams

Madeline Gerloff, daughter of Marty ’04 & Erin (Paulsmeyer) ’02 Gerloff

Owen Struckhoff, son of Rob ’95 and Angela Struckhoff

Celesta Meghan Elliott and Rebekah Ann Herd granddaughters of Gary ’82 & Rita Elliott

Trey and Abygail Widhalm, children of Aaron & Cherilyn (Gepford) Widhalm, both class of ’98 Raynne Jasmine Malik, daughter of Ray ’03 & Jennifer (Rogers) ’00 Malik


Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Malakai Andrell Graves, son of Lisa Marie Shrum ’03

The Talon

Ella Rae Page, daughter of Dan ’74 & Linda (Frazee) ’72 Page

Caroline Eliza Kinkead, daughter of Bonnie (DeGrant) ’95 & David Kinkead

Isaac Christopher Will, grandson of Patricia (Trotter) Brawner ’61

Bryce Thatcher Davis, son of Eldonda ’98 & Tamara Davis

Emma McDaniel, granddaughter of Marcy (McDaniel) Asher ’95

Ignacio William Hahn, grandson of Michael ’67 & Sarah (Kocher) ’68 Hahn

Matthew Bradford Baum, son of Paul & Allicia (Young) Baum both class of ’98 Kathryn Marie Myers, daughter of Josh & Hilary (Mueller) Myers both class of ’02

Avery Grace Pharr, daughter of Ryan ’00 & Dawn (Brown) Pharr

Lauren and Sophia Brown, daughters of John ’94 & Teresa Brown

Grace Quinn and Sawyer Andrew Mohan, children of Paula (Robinson) ’92 & Glenn Mohan

Zachary Cooper Glidewell, son of Chris ’95 & Barbie (Irby) ’97 Glidewell

Brandon Speight, grandson of Patsy (Duren) ’71 and Brent Speight ’70

Bella Hermann, daughter of Kristen (Wolk) ’03 & David Hermann Alli and Cooper Wood, children of Sheila (Christian) ’96 and Michael Wood

Allyson Rae Sims, daughter of Heather (Gandy) ’00 & Zach Sims

Addison James Miller, grandson of J.Y. ’66 & Mary Elsie (Henderson) ’68 Miller

Kaedden James Sherry, son of Susan (Fox) ’89 and James Sherry

Fall 2006

Mason John and Mackenzie Ann Oberlin, children of John ’99 & Lesley (Strickland) ’01 Oberlin

Presley Vance, daughter of Nila (Presley) ’95 & Bob Vance

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon


Eagles: The Next Generation

Baby Photo Contest Sponsored by the Alumni Association Board of Directors

McKenna Grace Strodtman, daughter of Melissa (Chavez) ’97 & Rusty Strodtman, granddaughter of Judith (Johnmeyer) Strodtman ’66

Jade Frazier, daughter of Keith ’86 & Shawna (Quinn) ’89 Frazier

Christopher Soomin Chi, son of YoungIn Chi ’88 & JungJoo Park

Kole Artie-Glenn Pittsenbarger, son of Kelly & Dena (Barth) Pittsenbarger both class of ’02

Olivia Jospehine Randolph, daughter of Bridget (Heil) ’97 & Mark Randolph

Jocelyn Contreras, great-granddaughter of Edward J. ’47 & Patty Lou (Edwards) ’44 Ferrari

Jack Christopher and Harrison Bennett Noll, sons of Chris ’93 & Kim (Whitney) ’90 Noll

Brayden William Conrow, son of Elizabeth (Golden) ’01 & Sonny Conrow

Rhett Hughes Dice, son of Alison (Britton) ’00 & Randoe Dice

Jaxsen Denney, son of Eli ’00 & Sarah Denney Lauren Camille Cavanah, daughter of Brad ’94 & Sarah (Martens) ’96 Cavanah

Bradley Cyrus “Cy” Holder, son of Annie (Bradley) ’97 & Douglas Holder

Connor Paul Gusky, grandson of Susan (Herrin)Bretthorst ’66

Natalie Glenn, daughter of Randy ’90 & Alicia (Bieri) ’89 Glenn

Briley Hall, granddaughter of Linda (McQuigg) ’69 & James Thoma

Ella Nichole and Theo Jordan Owings, children of Cara (Syferd) ’01 & Nick Owings Hannah Christine Quint, daughter of William (Billy) & Jessica (Grasdorf) Quint both class of ’97

Eli John Walker, son of Missy (Sercu) ’94 and Darin Walker

Aidan Henderson, son of Hilari (Ditch) ’99 & Russ Henderson, grandson of Gene Ditch ’77

August and Grace Hill, children of Jane (Leach) ’90 & Chris Hill

Jade Taylor and Kannon Jackson Williams, children of Becca (Rogers) ’00 and Larry Williams.


Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

A Century Celebration: Benjamin P. Eisenmann ’28, M.D.


by Carole Sue DeLaite

April 23, 2006, was Dr. Benjamin Eisenmann Day in New Haven, Mo., and will be forever after. To celebrate the 100th birthday of the beloved country doctor, the city council and mayor issued a proclamation about his accomplishments and designated a special day in his honor. Dr. Eisenmann greeted family and friends at a party hosted by David and Joyce Smith, his assistant and office manager of 20 years, at the American Legion Hall. Members of his church, Emory Memorial United Methodist Church, helped host and serve. Storyboards and a video interview illustrated his life. Five hundred relatives, friends, and former patients came to honor him. Dr. Eisenmann was New Haven’s family doctor for more than 50 years. He delivered hundreds of babies. At his birthday party many of them proudly donned buttons with his photograph that proclaimed, “I am a Doc Benny baby.” When patients couldn’t travel, Doc Benny made house calls - evenings, weekends, and holidays - charging $1.50 a visit, and during the Depression years, accepting vegetables, fruits, or homemade bread and pastries as payment. Obstetric care cost $35.00 and, in the early years of his practice, many deliveries were at home. He assisted in surgery at the hospital in Washington. He devoted countless hours to public health issues like clean water, food storage, and vaccinations. His patients share stories of his compassion, his humble nature, his devotion to his community, and his equitable treatment of all. His wit is legendary and undiminished by age! The son of Emma Rathert and Benjamin Ferdinand Eisenmann, Benjamin Paul Eisenmann, was born April 16, 1906, in Iowa. His father, a Methodist minister, died of typhoid fever when Ben was only four months old, and his mother returned to Missouri where her family lived. When Ben was six, they moved to New Haven and his mother opened a millinery shop. Dr. Eisenmann recalls fondly, almost reverently, his mother’s hard work and sacrifices to educate him. In 1924, Ben Eisenmann entered Central College with his tuition waived because he was the son of a Methodist minister. To pay room and board, he waited tables on the 7 p.m.-midnight shift at a restaurant on the Fayette

Fall 2006

Courthouse Square. As a member of the Eagles track team, he specialized in the broad jump, high jump, and high hurdles, and earned membership in the C Club. Following graduation in 1928 with a major in biology, he entered St. Louis University School of Medicine. He received the M.D. degree in 1932. An internship and residency, where he was senior resident of surgery, followed in St. Louis hospitals. In 1935, the new doctor returned to New Haven and opened a medical practice. In 1937, he married his childhood friend, Carol Bagby, who first managed his office and always shared his civic and philanthropic interests. Dr. Eisenmann remembers practicing medicine before antibiotics were widely available as very challenging. “I just treated their symptoms and let them get better on their own. I’d make them comfortable and tell them what foods to eat that were easy to digest.” He was known as an excellent diagnostician by his St. Louis medical peers whom he consulted for second opinions and to whom he referred the most serious cases. They found “his diagnoses were always right.” His assistant, Joyce Smith, emphasizes, “He had one level of treatment for everyone – the very best care anyone could give them. Everyone was No. 1 with him, whether they were rich or poor, black or white.” After retiring from his practice in 1987, Dr. Eisenmann served as staff doctor at a Washington nursing home, assisted in a fellow physician’s office, and served on the Board of St. John’s Mercy Hospital. He exercised daily into his 90s with a pharmacist friend, Richard Pratt ’50. Since his wife Carol’s death in 1989, Dr. Eisenmann has lived alone. David and Joyce Smith live nearby and look after him, driving him to church and appointments, as he no longer drives, and preparing meals, though he prepares his own breakfasts and reports, “I can bake a cake too.” Friends and neighbors visit and take him out for meals and activities. In honor of his 100th birthday, area newspapers featured his life story, friends and neighbors shared reminiscences, and relatives traveled across the country to share in the festivities. All agreed Doc Benny is a living treasure. Central Methodist University proudly calls him alumnus!

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon



The Partners Giving Society includes person and organizations whose gifts totaling $25,000 or more in a single year have substantially bolstered the work the University. We are profoundly grateful for the productive partnerships represented here: R. Frederick and Barbara Miller Alexander W.D. and Helen Wheeler Baskett Estate Jacob M. Bass Estate C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Halkaline Kirk Bergsten Tom B. Brumitt Frances Y. Cheever Estate Commercial Trust Company Robert E. and Becky Courtney Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox M. David III and Karen Dealy Betty E. Denneny John W. and Margaret Woodward Drakesmith Gilbert and Ruth Hombs Fleer John T. Graff Dennis R. and Shelia C. Hammond The William Randolph Hearst Foundations William S. and Martha Rogers Holman L. W. IV and Kelly Jacobs Jordan Charitable Foundation Clyde G. and Mary Sue Weaver Lear Learfield Communications Inc. Missouri Colleges Fund Judy Ann Martin Parsons and Cleo Kottwitz Valerie J. Penn Nicholas L. and Patricia Reding John F. and Lucy Eason Shackelford Robert W. and N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner Donald G. Jr. and Sondra Sercu Spalding Harold L. Suchan † Donna M. Brandt Turner Estate Isaac N. Uptegrove Estate

Tower Society

Celebrating the distinctive towers that help define the Central Methodist University campus---Cross Memorial, T. Berry Smith and Brannock---this giving society gratefully acknowl-


edges gifts of $10,000 or more in a single year: Anonymous Donor Ivory and Clara Ihrig Bell Estate Brisley-Phillips Foundation Burlington Northern Santa Fe Judy Callis James C. Denneny III Mary Virginia Wagner Edwards Fresh Ideas Management LLC N. J. Jr. and Jennie Carlisle Golding Sam M. and Jan Guenther Jeffrey N. and Linda K. Hogenmiller IBM International Foundation Marianne E. and David Inman Susan Kintner Carl O. and Catherine Hampton Lester Edith M. Libby Estate Missouri United Methodist Foundation Mark D. and Nancy Walker Peacock Pharmacia Foundation Joanne Callis Roman SBC Foundation Norma Sebben Estate Robert L. Siler and Patricia Hill Burnett The Williams Companies

Order of Eagle

These far-sighted alumni, friends and organizations supported Central Methodist University with contributions of $5,000 or more during the 2004-05 fiscal year: Abbott Laboratories Fund Martha Beimdiek Adair J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison Cora E. Adkins Estate Kenneth R. and Mary Louise Black Ahmann Anonymous Donor Anonymous Donor William H. Jr. and Evelyn Locke Archer Armstrong UMC Ola Lee Barnett Estate Randall D. and Cathy Barron Barbara A. Bartee Boeing Gift Matching Program Paul L. and Eleanor Rudd Calvert Jane V. Clark ConocoPhillips Corporate Richard L. and Irene Virginia Dalton Larry R. Fagan Gen. Board of Higher Educa-

Fall 2006

tion and Ministry UMC William G. and Millicent B. Guerri Robert L. and Barbara Williams Hahne Robert A. and Cindy Harlan Robert H. and Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge John H. Jr. and Nancy Balzer Holt John D. Hutcherson Inovatia Laboratories LLC Janet L. Jacobs Ronald A. and Nancy L. Johnson Bedford F. and Kathryn Detring Knipschild George A. and Dorothy Gould Luther Brock M. and Nancy D. Lutz Meredith Corporation Foundation Virginia Lloyd Monroe Ruth Higginbotham Nickerson Gordon W. Olson Orscheln Industries Foundation Robert T. and Carolyn Summers Perry Robert B. and Donna T. Puyear Norma June Russell J. Bailey Rutledge Michael A. Scardina James W. and Judith Vaughan Taylor Shirley Wegener Westlake Roy Don Sr. and Franchelle Vaughan Whitehead

Howard-Payne Society

We extend deep thanks to these contributors of $2,500-$4,999 last fiscal year: Robert L. and Sue Allen Robert F. and Nancy C. Anderson Howard J. and Celia Roberts Barnhard Mark Q. Barton Joe E. and Jane Ash Belew Dimmit Lee Brown Trust James J. and Caryl R. Bryan Margo A. Youngstrom Chapman Coil Construction, Inc. Henry Dayringer Mary E. Dillon Nancy Ellis Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Donald and Bertha Lee Erhardt Marc K. and Christine W. Evans First UMC, West Plains Robert P. and Virginia Foster

Robert M. and Edith I. Anderson Garst Maurice B. and Edna Mae Graham T. Keith and Jeanne Yaeger Grebe Teri L. Haack Treva S. Hall Robert B. and Lillian Ruth Hedgepeth Terry L. and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Florence L. Innes Daisy McKee Jacobs Juanita M. Keenan Estate Addison T. King III Ronald F. and Sonja F. Knigge David J. and Mary Alice Malmo Alexander and Elizabeth Wood Marshall Monnig Industries Inc. Tim and Carol Monnig Geoffrey and Jennifer Jacobs Moorehead Emily L. Nunnelly Mark Oppenhuizen Edwin L. Orear† The Pimco Foundation Thomas E. and Marla Witis Pundmann Scripps Howard Foundation Bob A. and G. Kay Sherrill Robert B. Stanley J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner Herbert D. and Jane A. Walker Samuel Jr. and Beth Watkins David Whitney Roger E. Jr. and Louise Stemmons Williams Cynthia Sooter Wolk Keith W. Young

President’s Society

The following made gifts of $1,000 - $2,499 to CMU during the last fiscal year. Such support is truly needed and appreciated: Don V. Allemann Allstate Foundation Amgen Foundation Kenneth C. and Ardith Haley Anderson Van and Judy Anderson Anonymous Donor Mary Field Arehart Donald Lee and Mary Della Lenger Armitage Fred E. and Jo Ann Arnold Charles T. Ashby David P. and Emilie G. Atkins O. Nelson and Kristi Wiebe Auer Thomas J. Aylward Richard D. and Gina Kay Winn Bailey Allan P. and Thelma L. Baker

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

David W. Bandy Bank of America Corporation Earl F. and Sunny Bates Donald V. Benson Harold E. Bingham Keith A. Birkes William A. Bloom, Jr. Sybil J. Blumenberg William E. and Nannetta Marshall Brame Robert E. and Barbara A. Steele Bregant Robert Dean and Suzanne Duke Brown Mark T. Brown J. Douglas Burton Kerry Bush David W. and Carol Platt Butler E. Dean Canan Vena E. Switzer Carpenter † Albert L. Caudle The Chance Foundation Sara J. Chaney Thomas Campbell and Judith Chick Church of the Shephard Clinton UMC E. LaVelle and Iris L. Collins James W. and Vicki S. Kintner Cooper Louis E. and Marcia M. Countryman Allen S. and Shirley Crites Beau and Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson Victor J. Curto Jr. Estate DaimlerChrysler Corporation H. Denny and Barbara H. Davis Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Beverly Braun Denman Carl Arthur and Joan L. Kleeman Detmer Fred M. and Sharon L. Domke Robert H. and Mary Gaines Easterday O. Dean and C. Joanne Mershon Ehlers Jim and Lois Spayde Elam Emerson Electric Company E. Jack Estes ExxonMobil Foundation Inc. Fayette Area Community Trust Diane E. Biswell Ferrier David M. Firestone Hans Fischer and Barb Larkin Roberta S. Fowler Ronald Lee and Virginia McCoy Frede Carol A. Calvert Fricke Daniel E. and Sandra Rohlfing Fridley Jay L. Frost Terry and Nina Furstenau John R. Gage Gamble and Schlemeier John D. Gardner Joseph E. Geist Steve P. Glazner and Peggy

The Talon

DONOR HONOR ROLL Ann Brown Vita M. Scribner Goppert Francis L. Grable Don A. and Jean Borgelt Gruenewald Carl W. and Melody Gustafson Elbert and Mona Lou Basye Haenssler Alpha J. Sutterfield Hahn Michael J. and Sally Kocher Hahn Thomas S. Hahs Anna Jones Haines Hallmark Corporate Foundation Robert J. and Jerena Arthur Harris L. Kyle and Marie Frazee Hern Fred R. and Patricia Phillips Hilgeman Honeywell International Foundation Roy Robert and Mary M. Lewis Hornyak Ilene Morrison House Gail D. and Dorothy N. Kauffman Hughes James C. Hunter Jean N. Jenner Philip N. and Rebecca Means Jones Kenneth L. and Norma C. Innes Kienker James M. and Kay Kimbell Paul W. King Kristen Moore Kniest Ralph E. Knowles Jr. Benjamin C. Korschot William B. Kountz Jr. William D. and Marilyn Yeater Langworthy Anne Ruth Brower Ledbetter Ronald E. and Christine Lemonds James M. and Elisabeth Holman Luetjen Stephen Glenn and Diane McClure Joe M. and Maida McCormack Ruth Givens McIlroy William D. and Elizabeth J. McIntosh Jasper W. and Elizabeth Durley Meals W. Darrell and Shirley Swisher Meyer W. Kirk Meyer Mr. Andrew J. Jr. and Roxanne T. Miller Missouri Conference UMC Missouri-Pacific Lumber Company Tom and Natalie Monnig Monsanto Fund Nancy Khalifah Moyer Albert F. III and Etta Mae Mutti June Chon Neville Nevada UMW Frederick C. Nix Janice Rushing O’Quinn

Charles J. and Joyce Eickmeyer Owens PNM Foundation Alfred F. and Mary Pannier Richard L. and Karen Parker Pfizer Foundation Miles V. Plzak David C. Powell William D. and Cathy Powell Procter & Gamble Marvin R. and Donna Naumann Pyron Reckitt Benckiser Rodney K. and Katie Rhodes Michael Dean and Merri Ringen Claire Conradi Ross Rex W. and Marjorie Ross Margaret Peters Sandring Pauline Edwards Scarborough David P. Schinke Robert C. Schnase Jerry L. Schwab Ruth A. Henderson Sears Deborah E. Sellmeyer W. Richard and Charlotte A. Shelton Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Donald R. and Janet M. Sipes Robert B. and Jane Todd Smith Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Gloria Runge Speer State Farm Companies Foundation James H. and Christy A. Steele J. Todd and Georgia Elwell Stewart John K. Stiller Joseph Vincent Swisher Richard Earl and Dorothy Jean Wall Symmonds Fred H. Thornton Tri-County Trust Company Wallace J. Jr. and Dara M. Turnage Paul E. and Mary Lee Burke Vivian Elizabeth J. Wade Wal-Mart Store #820 W. Randall Washburn Martha E. Wilke Williams-Keepers CPA Maurice H. Wilson Roger B. and Pat Wilson Paul V. Wyatt Estate Thomas L. Yancey

Central Associates $500-$999 Adult Education Management Service Aetna Foundation James W. Arnold

Fall 2006

Michael Allen and Mary E. Douglas Bancroft Susan M. Bartel Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor F. Jerry and G. Ruth Dorman Benner Fred A. Binkholder Valroy and Barbara A. Haas Binsbacher Jon Michale and Jennifer Bishop Diane Wilson Blackwelder Lawrence A. Boyd Paul Michael Breedlove Don S. Browning Donald L. and Mary Broyles Richard S. and Barbara Burcham Brumitt Jack and Mary June Birbeck Bush John Lewis Cannon Cardinal Health Foundation Charles J. and Ge Juan B. Cardwell ChevronTexaco Marge Fizer Cochran Richard Colbert Elbert C. Cole Colgate-Palmolive Company William Edward and Marion Sherman Cooley Herman A. Crisler Jr. Richard M. Dailey Dixie Jean Davidson Doris J. Steele De la Roche J. H. and Charlotte Lee Dethero John R. and Florence M. Dover Celia Utlaut Drake Norman E. and Ruth Crowe Drissell Robert Paul and M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond Paul A. and Mary Jo Ireland Easterday Philip N. Edson Dana R. and Margaret Thompson Elliott Peggy Pile Elliott J. Merton England William and Phyllis Faulks First UMC, Jefferson City John A. and Joy Dodson Flanders David G. and Jana M. Harral Fox Robert D. and Karen R. Frankenfeld Elizabeth Watt Orear French Raymond J. and Anne Dickson Swaim Fritts Paul M. Galatas Robert C. and Elizabeth Garrett Nancy Pandolfi Hadfield Gale and Carolyn Hairston Mark R. and Rebecca DeWeese Harbison Larry and Patsy G. Harrington

Elizabeth Burry Haynes Healthsouth Eldon Bruce Hewitt † and Margaret Thompson Hewitt Harry Leo Hickman Jr. Home Oil Company Gerald M. and Frances Hardy Hoxworth Robert William and Marva G. McBride Iglehart Alice Jo Harper Jackson Michael A. and Patricia Emery Jefferies G. Willard and H. Kay Fothergill Jenkins Steven Russell and Tracy Renee Crowe Jones Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones Glenn R. and Anne Raine Joyce Larry A. and Sandra D. Kauffman J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling Keithley & Associates David W. and Marsha Kahler Kerr Harry E. and Louise Kessinger Janeen W. Kooi Sue Stephens Kopf M. Reece and Dollie Mae Barron Kuhn Land O’Lakes Foundation J. Larry and Holly Luetjen Dennis and Ginger A. King Luetkemeyer Dana Chenoweth Greb Lyne Brian F. McCallister Judith Kapp McGuire Mary Merryman Mexico United Methodist Women Paul K. and Gail Nelson Meyers Missouri UMC Foundation Monnie Sue Wilcoxson Murtha Charlie J. Myers Phillip L. Neimeyer Gregory A. and Melissa A. Nelson Robert A. and Patricia Vance Nelson Richard Nemeth Robert Lee and Ewing Elizabeth Crowe Noren Donald L. and Dorothy M. Carmichael Panhorst Paul A. and Joyce A. Ebeling Parks Peggy Payeur Peterson Manufacturing Company John D. Phillippe Glenwood B. and Marie Maxine Poston Richard Calvin Pratt Virginia Terry Preston Pundmann Ford Francis E. and Melody A. Reardon

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Remedies Family Pharmacy Joseph P. III and Karen L. McAllister Rice Rosemary Vineyard Richardson Earl J. and Karen Robinson Marilyn Gaddis Rose James B. Rose Martin D. Rudloff Nancy Corcoran Schmidt John E. and Judith Yeast Schofield Earl R. and Sarah L. Shostrom J. Bartley Spear Marian F. Bowman Spivey St. Luke’s UMC, Kansas City J. Chris and Eunice A. Boyington Straub Winifred Yoes Runge Stribling John William Sutton Richard H. Swaim Elnora E. Tucker Union Pacific Corpotation Larry M. VandeVen Jr. Verizon Foundation John M. Wasson Rodger and Leann Weller Darrell R. and Monica Widhalm Kimberly Willard James C. and Joan M. Wilson Scott O. Wright

CMU Club $250 - $499 J. R. Absher George Rodgers Adams Michael D. and Vicki R. Allison Richard and Jenice F. Renfro Ambelang Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Anderson W. Thomas and Charlene Atkin Mark F. Babalian Virginia Daniels Bailey Robert C. and Donna M. Baker Walter and Mary Headrick Barenkamp Brent Edward Beckmann John R. Best Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Donald E. and Lanie Bobbitt Sally Murray Bocklage Mr. and Mrs. Donald Booher G. Robert and Sue Bowles Lee B. Brumitt Marie E. Buck Trust John D. and Melissa Bucksath Thomas A. Burton Joanne M. Bynum George T. Cardwell Shane and Cheryl Cavanah Scott G. and Jennifer Barger Chankin Cingular Wireless Matching Gift ◊ 5-year CEF donor Ralph L. Clark † deceased

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DONOR HONOR ROLL Glenn and Betty Collier Molly A. Weathers Coole Bill J. and Betty Ann George Crigler Donald B. and Carlene Cullimore James D. and Laura S. Blankenship Dean Andrew A. and Mary Ann DePeder Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Janet A. Doll Samuel W. Downing IV H. Kay Easton Pamela R. Edmonds Mary Ellen Meentemeyer Femmer Newell S. III and Martha Sue Hutchison Ferry Robert T. Firestone First UMC, Sikeston Flour Creations and Bakery Kevin L. and Vikki Kaiser Foster Mr. and Mrs. Dreyfus L. Froe II James Gann Kenneth and Martha Amick Gebhardt Gary Robert Gose Vera Gale Feldmann Granteer Ralph R. and D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther Gary J. Gutjahr Brian and Heather D. Warren Hall Robert D. and Barbara Hamel Joseph M. II and Lisa Hannah James T. Harper William D. and Kathryn Strok Hartzler Susan L. Patrick Haury J. Warren Head Latham Bennett and Rebecca Henkey John Hert Edward Charles Hession III Andrew J. and Jo-an Brown Higgins Elaine M. Hilgeman Robert H. Jr. and Sandra Hodge John E. Holland H. Steele Holley Gilbert G. Humphrey Ruth Craig Innes William H. Jacobs Theodore A. Jaeger Jr. John J. Jankowski Earl E. Johnson and Douglas Ward Robert Louis and Katherine Anne Brooks Johnson Roehl W. Johnson Timothy G. Kerns Wayne C. and Elaine Bridwell Kidwell J. Richard Kint Paul T. Klemme John P. and Dorothy Elizabeth Adair Land Gwendolyn Kirk Lane


James G. Lauderdale Michael H. Ledbetter Randall E. Lee Robert W. Leech Roger R. and Linda O. Lembke Kevin L. and Cheryl Eckhoff Lines Phyllis A. Linhart Samuel Edgar and Phyllis Jean Hayes Lucas William J. and Patricia Sue O’Dell Lundquist Sheryl Huecker Luster Gary O. and Linda K. Mackey Edward Christian Martens Eugene F. W. Martin James L. Mather May Stores Foundation Inc. Bradley Alan McCarty Sean R. Meyer Caroline Smith Miller David C. Miller Jeffrey Miller Mark and Doris Mohan Clifford E. Mohn Jr. Sandra A. Brauss Neas Karen A. Nordquist Terry A. Ohlms Charles R. Oldham Kenneth R. and Michelle L. Oliver Ward and Judith Gray Overall Ozark UMC Ann Ipsen Parks Richard H. and Janice Egner Peerson Aaron Penrod Stephen L. and Nancy B. Percy Gerald and Donna Pescaglia John L. Jr. and Judy Risinger Phillips Gerald R. Pittman Robert Kelly and Brenda S. Poinsett Everett D. and Jane Ann Latham Powell Sam Lee and Janice Worker Powell Principal Financial Group James A. and Kitty Rogers Jack E. and Sharon Goodman Rubey Eugene E. and Nora S. Rudd Thomas J. and Janette Ruess Marian Olson Rusk Garland and Peggy Lee Russell Diane Rutherford Julia Jenner Savina Jeannette L. Scahill Gerald Gene Schmidt Irvin E. Jr. and Dorothy Storer Schnell Gerald W. and Barbara K. Bauer Shannon Glenn and Janet Shepard Gordon G. Shields B. G. and Susan Marner-Sides David E. Smith Jr. Jeanne Snell

Fall 2006

Rebecca L. Jackson Spurgeon Steve L. and Susan J. Rampy Stegeman Eva Hensley Steger Robert E. Stein David Mack Stewart Richard W. and Clara Jayne Sindt Stewart Michael D. Stokes and Patricia L. Wendling Arthur Q. and Ruth L. Svoboda Charles M.and Rebecca J. Swaney Catherine J. Thogmorton James P. and Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton Charles S. Thompson James E. and Elizabeth P. Thompson Michael J. and Sally Thompson Kevin and Betty Thorne Tierney Daytha Frink Trimble Carolyn Shride Wadlinger James G. Weston W. Dean and Jacquelyn Hawker Whitworth Roger Lee Wightman H. Kendall and E. Kathleen Wilcox G. Thomas Williams Arlene T. Winn Lois G. Winn William H. Winter Ralph L. Woodward Jr. and Janice Chatelain

Century Club

$100 - $249

AT&T AT & T Foundation Charles M. and Betty Adams Lowell D. Allen William C. Allen † Beth Ann Alpers Charles R. and Warene R. Anderson Sherman Eugene Anglin Robert K. and Debra Hockanson Angstead Anonymous Donor William LaFayette Armontrout Brian Gary and April Lynne Smith Ash Christopher M. Auchly Michael B. Auchly Glenn C. Jr. and Linda J. Bartley Ault BD Matching Gift Program Robert C. Badger Jr. John Robert Baker Thomas Ray and Iva Lou Alcorn Banning David and Debbie Barbe Robert Henry Barkelew Carl E. Barker Bert A. Barnes John J. Barry

Elbridge W. Bartley Jr. Nancy Avery Bartmess Sandra L. Bartsch Thomas A. Baugh Robert E. Bayley Jr. Harold E. Beasley David E. and Nancy Guyton Bedan Lurlene Lefmann Bell Bellefontaine United Methodist Men William G. and Nancy Krider Benfield Charles J. and Gail Preuss Berthe Randy L. and Sue Biggerstaff Dwight and Dorothy Kauffman Bingham Nancy Ellen Moss Bird Ethel F. Schneider Blaise Thomas G. Blake Jr. George and Charlotte M. Bodamer Blakemore Gordon O. and Pamela Lou Jarvis Blalock Robert Blanton III John W. Blattner Carl D. Bockman Jr. Mark H. Boehmer Paul O. and Janet L. Cotton Bond Helen Fay Oliver Boner Jeanette Riemeier Bopp William Eugene Borchardt Larry and Susan Catron Borts Douglas Joseph Boyer and Tina Marie Declue Susan E. Brandt Patricia Trotter Brawner Mary K. Echelmeier Bridges Robert Lynn and Morrene Hughes Britton Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brown Mindy Marshall Brown Charles E. and Pam Buck Frank W. Burcham Anna S. Burden James E. Bureman Jo Ann Noce Burkart Louis A. Burkel Jr. Rebecca Sherrill Burkhart Linda Magruder Burnett Guy E. and Sandra Kay Sillin Callison Mary Lou Snider Camp Jerilyn Stiegemeyer Campbell Herbert B. Cannon Carol A. Capps Gladyce M. Chapman Carpenter Norman F. Carrigg John J. and Jerri L. Carter Minnie Lee Carter Ronald L. Carter John M. and Barbara Ann Dorsey Cary Nita Cates Central States Fitness Systems Gregory Chandler Sr. Martha Parrish Chapman Nettie N. Cherrington Jane Louise Turner Chick

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William G. and Vera Lukas Chott Circuit Judges of Saint Charles Mary Frances Brennecke Clark Ann Abernathy Clement Kelley A. Clowe Catherine Cloyd Sanford F. Cockerell Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Coffman Violet Cogswell Mr. and Mrs. Russ Coleman Sarah Elizabeth Colony Chris Klootwyk Combs William J. and Barbara L. Ackerman Conway Thomas B. and Margaret Rich Cook Paul C. and Nancy Copenhaver Charles and Elizabeth Muir Coutts Carol J. Covey Dennis Charles Cox John C. and Leslie Ann Reynolds Craig Mary Jane Crigler William M. Crist Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Culbertson Donald R. Cummings William L. Cutler † and Martha Jean Ott Cutler Russell W. Day Robert E. and Rebecca E. Dwiggins Day M. David Jr. and Lucy Aufdenberg Dealy Eleanor Degenhardt Ronald and Carole Sue DeLaite Gayle M. Tucker Denton George Allen and Raelene Casatta Derrieux Robert Eugene and Billie June Tumy Devine Steven A. and Mary Beth Wise Dick Virginia Gossom Dieckgrafe James L. and Letitia A. Hicks Diekroeger Michael L. and Janell Thompson Dimond Mary Distler Harold L. Dodds Todd and Deborah Telgemeier Dodge James M. and Susan Markland Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Dan Donovan Virginia E. Dooley Roger and Katherine Browning Dorson Naomi J. Williams Doss Marion Eberhard Downing † Larry T. and Nancy Woodward Drebes Irvin Joy Drewel Mark A. and Leslie Zickler Driver Sara Ann Walkup Drummond

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DONOR HONOR ROLL Carl R. Dulgeroff James Lloyd Duncan D. Keith Duren John Edele Mark Eggleston Elizabeth Davis Eilers Benjamin P. Eisenmann John Richard Alan Ellis Thomas and Martha K. Langerhans Ellsworth Rebecca Emrich Stephen F. and M. Rebecca Enochs Lori Dawn Erickson Frances Estabrook Celia Blevins Eudy M. Diane McIntyre Evans Richard Todd Evans Sue Shields Evans Wendell L. Evans Jr. Exchange Bank of Missouri Mr. and Mrs. George Feaster Sophia Eubank Featherston † Federated Department Stores Edward Joseph and Patty Lou Edwards Ferrari John Daniel Ferrier Pamela Finney Charles R. Jr. and Peggy Ann Tyrer Fisher Thomas Fitzsimmons Helen J. Morrison Flaspohler Flucom UMC Tina M. Braun Foglesong Mary Louise Johnson Forbes Sally Koontz Forbes Margaret J. Forman David Fortel and Hope I. Tinker Frances Lucille Foster Elaine W. Wulfekotter Foster William C. and Margaret Francis Robert and Diana Freeman Reva M. Freund Jan D. Frick Timothy J. Fuemmeler Joshua S. Fuller Caroline E. Funk Ann Dewease Gainey Patricia Gainey Michael Garon Galloway Errol K. and Jo Nell Parrott Gann GannettMatch Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Garber Rich and Mary Lou Garmoe Carl R. and Shirley Schwier Garrett Gordon Gengelbach Helen C. Gift Melvin N. Jr. and Annabel L. Walker Gilhaus Donna L. Gilligan G. Thomas Gitchoff GlaxoSmith Kline John O. and Beth Hammond Gooch Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gourley Amy LeAnn Boehs Gragg

Dale and Maureen Graham Larry C. Graham II Mary Ann Grannemann Patsy Schnell Green Dorathy Wagner Griessel Evelyn Plummer Griffin Stanley and Dorothy J. Morgan Grimm Bobby Ray Grove Lari Ray Grubbs Emily Firestone Guion Rita J. Gulstad Melanie Jan Miller Guthrie David Hackett Richard Hadfield Peggie Holliday Halberstadt Bud Haley Mark and Michelle Lee Schaefer Haley Glenn and Joanne Potter Hall Halliburton Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamann Stephen C. Hamilton Dennis Dean Hansen Beatrice Hargrove Linda Long Harlan Charles R. and Doris Harlow Jack D. and Marian Berniece Carter Harmon Cord and Kathyrne Harper Harry T. Harness L. B. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L. Harral Charles E. Harris John D. Harris William Harris James D. Harrison Joanne Odneal Hart Mina Matkin Hartleben Robert H. Hassebrock Van Buschart Haviland Daniel W. and Janet Alice Boysel Hayes Robert C. Haynes Jr. Mae K. Schmidt Heckmann Spencer Clay Hedgepeth Fred H. and Jo Jackson Hehmann George O. Henderson Russ and Hilari M. Ditch Henderson Janet Boone Hendrickson William F. Herrin David and Jan Renee Hesi Linda Marie DeForest Hess George and Patricia Jordan Hilgedick Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix Robert D. and Carolyn Shedd Hoehn John and Barbara Jaeger Holtzclaw John R. Jr. and Jane E. Banta Hopkins Scott Travis and Leslie Garner Horman Elizabeth Slate Horn House & Renner Construction Inc.

Fall 2006

Howard County Veterinary Service Howard Electric Cooperative Ralph Wayne Howe George S. Howell Joe A. and Pansy Ann Howell Charles Richard and Barbara Ann Huddleston Alice J. Tschappler Huebner Mark Humphreys Betty Switzer Hutson Innes Family Reunion Fund International Paper Foundation Kevin Paul Iwasczuk Timothy Jackman J. Steven Jackson John M. Jacobs Frances White Jaeger † Bill and Roxi James Anita Allison Jarvis Norman Lafayette Jeter Gailya Tucker Johnson Jo Morrison Johnson Richard W. Johnson Verne Wesley Johnson C. Jeanie Muff Jones Gary F. Jones Joel M. Jones Carol A. Joyce Randy M. and Paula B. Haggard Just Gary E. and LaDonna Henry Justice Margaret Jo Kahrs Kearny Cyrus S. Keller and Michele Sue Shumake-Keller Janet B. Kelty John Thomas Kemper † Alice L. Freese Kennedy George W. Kessinger Mary Veatch Hylen Killebrew Margaret Harris Kilpatrick Byron Kimball Ada Rose Kimsey Gregory and Laura L. Vinyard King Patricia N. Sasse Kirby Loretta J. Sanders Kitson Kiwanis Club of Sherman, TX Robert L. Kleinert E. Dale and Gwendlyn Gaty Kleinschmidt Robert W. Kleinschmidt Linda M. Knox William F. and Marti Koch Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kooi Rosemary C. Kotlinski Robert A. and Suzanne J. Kountz Sandra Marie Behring Krajcovic Marianna Carr Krotz Donna Shy Kubik Raymond H. and Kathryn Strozier Lahmeyer Bruce R. Lake Jim and Annetta L. Lenzi Lamb Robert W. and Ruth Lane Allen L. and Willora L. Perryman Lange

Lu Lange Gerre Strehlman Langton Jane M. Tiemeyer LaRue Ken Lauburg Glenn Wilber Lawrence Lawrence and Jayne E. Layden Paul Andrew Lebeck Mark D. and Sharon K. Graves Leech Frank A. and Mary Ann Lefmann Leet Jeff Lester W. Howard Lewin L. Arlen and Janet Schroeder Liberty Jerry Linhart Georgia Linneman Lockheed Martin Leonard N. and Helen E. Proctor Lomangino Edith Marie Long Jerrold W. and Joyce Maudell Summers Longwell Linda L. Lorenz William T. Louth Richard and Patricia M. Luebbert Joe D. Luna Kenneth R. Lutgen Jr. John P. and Marilyn Ashe Macumber Lewis C. Mantels Gene and Bernice Marner Arthur C. Marolis Robert D. Martin Karin L. Martin Rod Mathewson Gill and Beverly K. Williams Mattli Patricia May Paul M. Maynard Madeline K. Byers McCamy Rodney McCarron Kathleen Armour McCoy William Gilbert and Jerre Jean Lillie McDanie Lilly V. Haley McEachern Harriet Winton McGee Betty Erlewine McMillan Ernest Elmer McMillan Jr. Jerald K. and Laurie A. George McMillan Robert C. McMillan Mary Louise McWilliams Thomas J. Meier Merchants and Farmers Bank Charles W. and Mary Groce Merrifield Merrill Lynch & Company Dale G. Metcalf Mr. and Mrs. David H. Metheny Susan Brumitt Meyer J. Larry Milam Hoyt B. Miles Jr. Douglas S. and Jo Anne Miller Ercell L. Jr. and Virginia Sherman Miller Estelle Ballew Miller Michael LaMont and Debra Ketsenburg Miner

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Todd S. and Lynn A. Stacy Miner Carolyn A. Collins Mitch Theodore J. Mohr Jerry M. and Helen Joan Hammond Moon Karen DeMott Moore Robert L. Moore John W. Morrison and Family Berry E. and Florence Puckett Morton Jesse and Jo Ann Wilson Mothersbaugh Harold Lee Moyer Lynne Handkins Murphy Kent and Nancy Morrison Nesvik John Samuel Newhouse Mr. and Mrs. John Newsam Brenda Kay Hickman Nicolay Niels C. and Barbara Nielsen Jerome A. and Charlotte Westhues Niemeier Carl Henry Niewoehner Joyce Proffitt Nixon Louie F. and Helen L. Riess Nohl David D. and Mary Norbury Donald L. and Phyllis Clarke Northington M. Diane Nunnelee Orpha Ochse Lewis C. Odneal Robert E. and Elizabeth Otto Deronda Bird Page Jamie and Sarah Ahnstedt Page Robert and Jane Krause Paine Don L. Painter Jim A. Pauley Michael C. Payden Jane Martin Perry John E. Phelps Phi Beta Mu of Kirkwood Edward and Patricia Daniels Phillips Dan J. Phillips Terrance Allen Pickles Kyle Eugene and Kellie Piesbergen Platz Carolyn Wilkerson Powell Dorothy Allemann Powell Andrea Jill Pratte Betty J. Price Edward Louis Priess Jeffrey M. and Rhonda Spargo Proske Timothy H. and Elizabeth J. Hamann Puyear Quest Diagnostics William James and Jessica L. Grasdorf Quint Robert A. Rackley David and Lisa R. Green Radanovich Thomas Jr. and Eleanor Jeanette Bunyard Ream Darryl K. Redhage Charles W. Reed III James Doyle Reeves John B. and Sharon K. Tally ◊ 5-year CEF donor Renick † deceased

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DONOR HONOR ROLL Jerry W. Rhodes Douglas Van Rice Mary Eugenia Blanton Rice Sandra Jean Rice James E. Rich A. Ruth Richardson Rayman P. Richardson Rebecca Shafer Richardson Mark C. and Victoria L. Robb James C. Roberts Edward D. Sr. and Patricia Brown Robertson Steven L. Roedner Richard N. and Patricia A. Fulton Rogers Rolla Key Sport Shop Inc. Jared and Nicole K. Scott Rorabaugh William R. and Ruth Marie Meyer Rosegrant Willis C. Royall James E. Rudd Michael Joseph and Maryann Rustemeyer SC Johnson Wax Fund Inc. Saint-Gobain Corp. Foundation Salem United Methodist Women Sharon Electa Moore Salmons James L. and Barbara Saunders John J. Schade Leland D. Schaperkotter and

Marjorie K. Baskett Paul W. and Gloria C. Hunt Schlapbach Scott and Heather Kormeier Schneider Ann Sherman Schubert Joseph C. Schulte Jr. Lathem A. and Nicole D. Parrish Scott James R. and Bertha Mae Guenther Scrivner Lesa Renee Stoecklin Seales Penny Jones Selle Dianna D. Shallenburger Makai Dale and Gina Melodee Wilmsmeyer Shaw Roger D. Jr. and Nancy Boyd Shaw William Jr. and Wendy Slagle Sheehan James A. and Dianna Hart Shelton P. Wayne and Vickie Sheridan Edwin F. and JoAnn Shew Jim L. and Elta Spicer Shields Stanley and Linda Shipman Charleen Jones Shipp Keith E. Shostrom Vicki Silkwood Gary C. Simpson Rita O. Sisson Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Sites Joan P. Brueggemann Skelton Nancy Lockridge Skillman

Dexter Slagle Dennis Y. Slate W. Arthur Slaughter Kent Allen Sliffe James Franklin Slutz Christy L. Carter Smiley Albert G. Smith Charles L. Smith Elliott Wilcoxson Smith George W. and Dorothy Dinkelkamp Smith Harry H. Smith Marilyn J. Hogan Smith Ted S. and Christine E. Shepard Smith Thomas and Kathy Snider Samuel H. Snoddy Sonoco Foundation Susan B. Kettenacker Spaulding Gary G. and Karla Sprick Dorothy Lewis St. Cyr St. Paul UMC, Fayette James Gregory Stamos Star Tribune Foundation James and Joyce M. Starke David Edgar Starkey Lycurgus M. Jr. and LaVena Jones Starkey Louise Joyce Starr Jo Anne Graham Scott Staton O. Otto Jr. and Carolyn J. Steinhaus Kenneth R. Stephens

Dianne A. Dietz Stever John Robert Stewart Marcia Winton Stirewalt Mary Morrison Stitt Robert H. and Mary M. Stone Charles Gale Stowers D. Sharon Collier Stratton Jerry D. and Kristy Hanks Strickland Gilman H. and Kathleen Stroupe John D. and Maureen T. Sturman Harold W. and Helen Sonia Sunoo George W. and Carolyn Sweet H. Wayne and Nancy Philips Swinney Miguel Aguon Taitano Kim Chung Tang Harry S. and Mary Aileen Tausch Olin O. Taylor Kenneth D. Tebow Martha A. Tennyson Rhys and Sharon G. Thomas Robert B. Thomas Charles D. and Lou Thompson Donald E. Thompson Marguerite W. Thompson Mary F. Caldwell Thompson William Robert Thompson Michael W. Thrasher Eugene S. and Ruth Trice Sue Tucker Troutner Norma Wheeler Tucker B. J. and Ruth Walker Tuggle Anne Sillers Turner Mary Beth Hayes Turner Elizabeth Neff Tyrer Janet Drew Uhrmann Thomas R. and Brenda A. Umstattd Andrew Spencer and Debra Stotlemyre Upham Barbara A. Vestal Keith Herbert and Sally Watkins Vinyard Marjorie Lauf Wallace William Arthur and Dorothy Louise Snyder Wallace Dorsey Daniel Wallenmeyer Carolyn Libby Ward Carter D. and Sandra S. Leech Ward Duane D. Warden Jerry W. Watson John S. and Anne M. Watters Alan L. and Carol Proett Weatherford Eugene K. Weathers Jr. Lara Beth Webb Lovett H. Weems Jr. James P. and Shirley Svoboda Weir Alice Campbell Wells Elwood G. and Helen

Templeton Wells Helen E. Welsh Wells † Judy Fletcher Wells Ibert C. Wells Merle T. Welshans Barry O. and Marla J. Albers Weston John E. Wetzel Thomas C. and Bernice H. White Ned Thomas and Carole Lee Keeling White Mr. and Mrs. Don Whitehead Jr. Dale Curtis Whiteside Douglas Whitman Daniel J. and Julia Parsons Widhalm Leander and Irma Widhalm Robert Paul and Martha Gray Wiegers Richard and Patricia A. Walje Wies Frederick L. Wiese Jeffrey Kendall Wilcox † and Stephanie Russell-Wilcox Robert Jr. and Edris Wilhoit Vern Jay and Mary Jane Strode Wilkinson John D. Williams Rodney C. and Sue Carol Tanner Williams Charles Banks Wilson Earl F. Wilson Kristie Marie Campbell Wilson Richard C. and Janie Deacon Wilson Troy L. and Elizabeth M. Wilson Elizabeth Denny Winfrey William Kellar and Brenda Winkelmeyer James L. Winningham Windsor UMC Mary Geraldine Wise Rosemary M. Wolf W. Wayne III and Natalie Bennett Wolf Peter J. and Laura Hawkins Wolfe Wood Creek Media Adolph J. Wood Donald W. and Barbara Madden Wright R. Doug and Lynn Elaine Berwick Wright William Thomas Wright Richard G. and Linda S. Wyatt Delores Bland Wyckoff J. W. and Beth Hicks Youle John L. Young Nancy J. Yuelkenbeck Nancy L. Nagle Zane John J. and Sharon McCall Zoellner ◊ 5-year CEF donor † deceased

Mary Wise ’45 visits the Commuter Lounge named in her honor in the SCC. With her is her long-ago first grade student and current CMU board member, Dr. Keith Young ’86.


Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Baskett Bequest a Remarkable Gift to CMU

This summer the family of Dr. William D. Baskett and Prof. Helen Wheeler Baskett presented a check for nearly $900,000 to Central Methodist University. The bequest reflected the love of the Baskett family for the University and will be used to benefit many areas of the campus. Making the presentation to CMU President Marianne E. Inman were Marjorie Baskett Schaperkotter, daughter of Dr.

W. D. Baskett

Helen Wheeler Baskett

until he retired. He became assistant dean of the college and retired emeritus in 1952, although he later taught some courses on campus. According to grandson Dick, “He had a real interest in life. Think about the things he did—bicycling across Europe, getting his Ph.D. in Germanic Philosophy at a time when WWI was coming. He’d take off with his buddies, too, and go knocking around, fishing or floating streams in Arkansas. He really was remarkable in how he chose to live his life.” In 1954 Helen Wheeler and then-widowed William Baskett married and lived in Fayette until his death in 1969. Helen remained in the Baskett house for many years and devoted much time and effort to developing a wildflower garden. Such a wildflower garden is planned for CMU’s campus in her memory, according to Inman who says of the bequest, “It has been extraordinary, and I think the most inspirational part of it is to think that two of our faculty loved this institution enough to make it happen.” The money is enabling improvements in everything from faculty salaries to renovations and upgrades on campus. According to Inman, “It will continue to make a lasting difference.” That’s as it should be, avow the Basketts. “She was very proud of Central and proud to be teaching here . . . really honored to be here,” said Marjorie. Dick agreed, saying, “[Central and Fayette are] such a part of our family history, going back many generations. It’s really appropriate. This is home.”

Baskett, and her son, Richard (Dick) Baskett. Helen Wheeler Baskett, who passed away in April 2005, taught English at Central for 25 years and sponsored the writing group on campus that became Scribblers and Scrawlers. She retired in 1973 as associate professor emerita but remained active in Fayette until shortly before her death. She had begun her teaching career in a one-room schoolhouse. “Helen was a remarkable woman,” her step-grandson Dick asserted. “She chose to live simply. If you look at the people she looked up to—Willa Cather and Laura Ingalls Wilder—that’s really the culture she came from.” Marjorie Baskett added, “Helen came from such humble beginnings, that the amount of this money is astounding. She was just very frugal.” According to Dick, the family tried in later years to explain to Helen how much money she actually had, but she never really believed them. “She would have been amazed at what she ended up having,” he laughed. President Marianne Inman (center) accepts the Baskett bequest from Dick Baskett as Dr. William Denny Baskett taught (from left) attorney Carlyle Foley, Marjorie Baskett Schaperkotter, and her husband, foreign languages at Central, his alma Lee Schaperkotter look on. mater, from 1902-1904 and from 1928

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Ibert C. Wells Roger E. Williams Jr. ◊ Earl F. Wilson ◊ Anna Mae Bowers Zamuda ◊

Benjamin P. Eisenmann

Lilly V. Haley McEachern Ercell L. Miller Jr. Jane Todd Smith Cleota Dack Travis Louise Stemmons Williams ◊

CLASS OF 1930 (14%)

CLASS OF 1940 (31%)

Betty L. Baker Lurlene Lefmann Bell ◊ Jack W. Fitch Inez Hennen Fleck Elizabeth Watt Orear French Ann Dewease Gainey Virginia Santus Griswold William G. Guerri ◊ Emily Firestone Guion ◊ Jane Streit Hackman Kenneth Fred Hackman Royce E. Higdon Andrew J. Higgins ◊ James Donald Jackson Gwendolyn Kirk Lane Ruth Higginbotham Nickerson Edwin L. Orear † James L. Saunders Hillard Selck Gordon G. Shields ◊ Robert Louis Snider Marcia Winton Stirewalt Dorothy Jean Wall Symmonds Richard Earl Symmonds Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton James P. Thogmorton Carolyn Libby Ward Jane Utterback Wrather

Halkaline Kirk Bergsten ◊

CLASS OF 1928 (14%)

Ann Mason Heartburg Raymond F. Holden Jr. ◊

CLASS OF 1933 (10%) Harold E. Bingham J. Warren Head

CLASS OF 1934 (21%) Elizabeth Grothe Benson ◊ Frank W. Burcham Marion Eberhard Downing † ◊ Louie F. Nohl Pauline Edwards Scarborough

CLASS OF 1935 (19%) Elizabeth Burry Haynes ◊ Helen L. Riess Nohl ◊ Edna Schenk Olin O. Taylor

CLASS OF 1941 (30%)

CLASS OF 1936 (19%) Kenneth R. Ahmann Arnold W. Burns Vena E. Switzer Carpenter † ◊ J. Merton England Dorathy Wagner Griessel

CLASS OF 1937 (33%) Elbridge W. Bartley Jr. ◊ Evelyn Huffine Burns Celia Blevins Eudy ◊ Dollie Mae Barron Kuhn M. Reece Kuhn Berry E. Morton Florence Puckett Morton Rex W. Ross Leland D. Schaperkotter Dorothy Dinkelkamp Smith ◊ George W. Smith ◊ Richard H. Swaim ◊ Robert B. Thomas ◊ Mary F. Caldwell Thompson

CLASS OF 1938 (19%) Ralph R. Guenther ◊ William Gilbert McDaniel Ruth Givens McIlroy Elizabeth Durley Meals John Samuel Newhouse ◊ Julia Jenner Savina

CLASS OF 1939 (25%) Mary Field Arehart Helen Fay Oliver Boner Elbert C. Cole ◊ Mary Louise Johnson Forbes Anne Dickson Swaim Fritts Raymond J. Fritts Evelyn Plummer Griffin Mae K. Schmidt Heckmann Verne Wesley Johnson ◊ John Thomas Kemper Eleanor Young Langford Jerre Jean Lillie McDaniel


Glen R. Barnard Donald V. Benson ◊ Lawrence A. Chambers Jr. Roger Brooks Daniels Betty Gronoway Durham Francis L. Grable Isabel Bowen Hutcherson Frances Schoen Jackson Theodore A. Jaeger Jr. ◊ James G. Lauderdale W. Howard Lewin ◊ Hoyt B. Miles Jr. Virginia Sherman Miller Myrtle Payne Patterson Charles W. Reed III Joseph C. Schulte Jr. W. Arthur Slaughter Helen E. Welsh Wells †

Anonymous Robert Leroy Fleck Sarah Frances Koontz Forbes Robert M. Garst Vita M. Scribner Goppert D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther ◊ Dorothy E. Means Herrington Helen Breidenthal Jackson Kenneth L. Kienker ◊ Ardis Wehrli Kimbell Raymond H. Lahmeyer ◊ Estelle Ballew Miller ◊ Ruth Marie Meyer Rosegrant William R. Rosegrant Claire Conradi Ross David E. Smith Jr. Elliott Wilcoxson Smith Nancy Philips Swinney John A. Yeager ◊

CLASS OF 1942 (33%) William C. Allen † Sanford F. Cockerell D. Keith Duren Peggy Pile Elliott ◊ Gordon Gengelbach James T. Harper Charles E. Harris John Hert Robert H. Hodge John A. Hoel ◊ Mary Veatch Hylen Killebrew Harriet Winton McGee Doyne E. Michie Robert L. Moore ◊ Deronda Bird Page Carolyn Wilkerson Powell Lucy Eason Shackelford Nancy Lockridge Skillman Albert G. Smith John D. Sterling Jr. H. Wayne Swinney Virginia Hicklin Thieman Marjorie Lauf Wallace

Fall 2006

CLASS OF 1943 (28%)

CLASS OF 1944 (21%) Jacqueline Davis Baker Jeanette Riemeier Bopp ◊ Mary K. Echelmeier Bridges Patty Lou Edwards Ferrari William C. Francis Van Buschart Haviland Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge Rebecca Means Jones Norma C. Innes Kienker ◊ Robert C. McMillan Carl Henry Niewoehner Charles R. Oldham † Eva Louise Squires Rowland George Will Shirley John Boone Simpson John William Sutton Elnora E. Tucker Scott O. Wright

CLASS OF 1945 (18%) Mary Headrick Barenkamp ◊ Robert Henry Barkelew Frances W. Thompson Beaty Marcelene Hardy Bowen Rod Bradley John Lewis Cannon ◊ Fred Maurice Cornell Mary Ellen Meentemeyer Femmer Anna Jones Haines Clinton Richard Haynes Helen Moon Henderson Kenneth D. Hooton Van Louis Johnson Robert W. Leech ◊

Theodore M. Meiners Charles L. Smith S. Peter Sorensen B. J. Tuggle Ruth Walker Tuggle Wendell W. Weber ◊ Mary Geraldine Wise ◊

CLASS OF 1946 (21%) Carl D. Bockman Jr. Herbert B. Cannon ◊ Charles J. Cardwell Elizabeth Muir Coutts Robert E. Crews Mabel Baker Gahr Patsy Schnell Green Dorothy Cochran Harlan James D. Harrison ◊ Robert C. Haynes Jr. ◊ Ernest Elmer McMillan Jr. O. David Niswonger II Jacquelyn A. Borg Parrish Rosemary Hund Phelps Jerry W. Rhodes ◊ Charles L. Scrivner Mary Morrison Stitt Arthur Q. Svoboda

Marian Berniece Carter Harmon William D. Hartzler Harry Leo Hickman Jr. Harry Bruce Holtgrewe † ◊ Roy Robert Hornyak Ada Rose Kimsey J. Richard Kint Patricia N. Sasse Kirby ◊ William T. Louth LaVena Jones Starkey Lycurgus M. Starkey Jr. Jean Eisenstein Thompson

CLASS OF 1949 (33%)

Lowell D. Allen George T. Cardwell Gladyce M. Chapman Carpenter ◊ Norman F. Carrigg Martha Parrish Chapman Ann Abernathy Clement Martha Jean Ott Cutler ◊ Mildred Kamp Dowling William E. Fennel Edward Joseph Ferrari George H. Gould Lawrence Hamre Jack D. Harmon Janet Boone Hendrickson Martha Rogers Holman William S. Holman Mary M. Lewis Hornyak Byron Kimball Carlos D. McCullough Orpha Ochse Sally Johnson Page William Parker Parrish Robert M. Radasch Dorothy Mae Murray Ryan Robert L. Siler Eva Hensley Steger ◊ Duane D. Warden

Walter H. Brackmann Jr. Anita Scott Brigance Lyle W. Burgess ◊ Thomas A. Burton Margaret E. Casebeer Dixie Jean Davidson ◊ Doris J. Steele De la Roche Richard Jesse Detweiler Mary Gaines Easterday ◊ Robert H. Easterday ◊ David M. Firestone Robert T. Firestone Patricia Gainey Ralph E. Glauert Betty L. Brightwell Gum Peggie Holliday Halberstadt ◊ Albert R. Hamra ◊ Margaret E. Davis Hamra ◊ Rosemary Luke Hitchner Gerald M. Hoxworth ◊ Jo Morrison Johnson Margaret Jo Kahrs Kearny Jayne E. Keil Kessler Ralph E. Knowles Jr. Dorothy Elizabeth Adair Land Anne Ruth Brower Ledbetter Richard Nemeth ◊ Niels C. Nielsen Marvin L. Perry Esther Lee Ryder Riley Patricia Brown Robertson Joe F. Scott Bertha Mae Guenther Scrivner James R. Scrivner Charleen Jones Shipp Harriet J. Triplett Stockbridge Dorothy Louise Snyder Wallace ◊ William Arthur Wallace ◊ Elizabeth Denny Winfrey William Thomas Wright

CLASS OF 1948 (22%)

CLASS OF 1950 (21%)

CLASS OF 1947 (22%)

Robert E. Bayley Jr. Dorothy Kauffman Bingham Nannetta Marshall Brame Betty C. Taggart Bruner Mary Lou Snider Camp John Dow Clingenpeel Richard L. Dalton ◊ H. Denny Davis James Lloyd Duncan Melba June Hendrix Fleck Jane Norton Garnett Ina Turner Gray Wallace G. Gray Jr.

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

James Hugh Balsiger Yvonne M. Stamer Balsiger Barbara A. Bartee ◊ Mark Q. Barton Marjorie Caldwell Bottermuller Julia G. Steck Carr Marge Fizer Cochran Glenn Collier ◊ Margaret Rich Cook Thomas B. Cook Allen S. Crites Donald Vear Dowling ◊

The Talon

CLASS HONOR ROLL Robert Louis Felt ◊ Carol A. Calvert Fricke ◊ Wesley Edwin Gingrich Mary Virginia Robinson Goodman Nell Jane Wilson Harris James P. Hitchner Ilene Morrison House ◊ Frances Hardy Hoxworth ◊ Norman Lafayette Jeter Gary F. Jones Bedford F. Knipschild Frank A. Leet Mary Groce Merrifield Everett D. Powell ◊ Jane Ann Latham Powell ◊ Richard Calvin Pratt Eleanor Jeanette Bunyard Ream Thomas Ream Jr. James Doyle Reeves James E. Rudd Jeannette L. Scahill Gerald Gene Schmidt Daniel M. Schores Alvin E. Shaw Samuel H. Snoddy Wanda Richards Spivey Jo Anne Graham Scott Staton Mary Ruth Jessie Summers John M. Wasson Dorothy Shiflett Weir

CLASS OF 1951 (35%) Phyllis Bruun Ballew John W. Blattner ◊ Joan Chandler Bowes Robert Dean Brown ◊ Joseph A. Burnside Jr. David W. Butler ◊ Paul L. Calvert Carolyn N. Rhodes Chaney Margo A. Youngstrom Chapman Jane Louise Turner Chick Mariam Amick Collins Molly A. Weathers Coole Marion Sherman Cooley William Edward Cooley Glenn A. Cox Jr. ◊ Bill J. Crigler ◊ Carol J. Prebble Crossley Naomi J. Williams Doss Betty Craven Douglas Richard M. Driscoll Norman E. Drissell Mary Virginia Wagner Edwards O. Dean Ehlers Frances Estabrook Frances Lucille Foster Paul M. Galatas Marvin A. Garvin Gabriel Thomas Georgeff Janet Jacobs Gooding Sam M. Guenther ◊ Barbara Conway Harris Daisy McKee Jacobs John M. Jacobs ◊ John J. Jankowski Nancy Smith Kirk John P. Land

Mary Ann Lefmann Leet Dana Chenoweth Greb Lyne Shirley C. Stewart Mason Mary Louise McWilliams Caroline Smith Miller Ruth E. Monroe Jesse Mothersbaugh Rosemary Vineyard Richardson Virginia Bell Clough Schilb Dorothy Storer Schnell Irvin E. Schnell Jr. Richard Donald Shockley † Dorothy Lewis St. Cyr O. Otto Steinhaus Jr. Richard W. Stewart Charlotte Thompson-Pflum Grace Gilliam Tout Dorsey Daniel Wallenmeyer Harriet Thornam Weaver John L. Weaver Jr. James C. Witten

CLASS OF 1952 (28%) Harold E. Beasley ◊ Charlotte M. Bodamer Blakemore George Blakemore Eleanor Rudd Calvert E. Dean Canan ◊ Thomas Campbell Chick Robert C. Clark M. David Dealy Jr. William H. Dinwiddie Barbara M. Thornton Dionne ◊ Nancie Peacocke Fadeley George C. Gabler Shirley Schwier Garrett Joanne Schnell Heisler Betty Switzer Hutson William H. Jacobs James S. Kabler Robert W. Kleinschmidt Milburn Leroy Lame Glenn Wilber Lawrence Donald L. Northington Lewis C. Odneal Gordon W. Olson Mary Eugenia Blanton Rice Marilyn Gaddis Rose Jane Morrison Ross ◊ Frank E. Seifried Jr. Joan P. Brueggemann Skelton Dexter Slagle Patricia Owen Snowden Clara Jayne Sindt Stewart Elmer W. Twente Carolyn Shride Wadlinger Charlotte Ann Carter Welborn Dale Curtis Whiteside Adolph J. Wood Rosemary Nixon Word

CLASS OF 1953 (32%) Sherman Eugene Anglin Joe E. Belew ◊ Gail Preuss Berthe G. Robert Bowles Robert E. Bregant Suzanne Duke Brown ◊ Nelson Andrew Bryant Betty Ann George Crigler ◊

Fall 2006

Lucy Aufdenberg Dealy Virginia Gossom Dieckgrafe Ruth Crowe Drissell Carl R. Dulgeroff C. Joanne Mershon Ehlers John Richard Alan Ellis Wendell L. Evans Jr. Helen J. Morrison Flaspohler Pansyetta Glaser Fleener Joan Bader Freeman Bobby Ray Grove ◊ Mina Matkin Hartleben ◊ Robert L. Hemmerla Virgil Keith Howe Dorothy N. Kauffman Hughes Gail D. Hughes Russell Ransom Jones ◊ E. Dale Kleinschmidt ◊ Gwendlyn Gaty Kleinschmidt ◊ Fredrick L. Kreisler ◊ Allen L. Lange Jerrie Finks Leuteritz Roger Ward Mason Betty Erlewine McMillan Frederick Herman Meyer Jr. Donald L. Panhorst Dorothy M. Carmichael Panhorst Elizabeth Briggle Ruehter Paul W. Schlapbach ◊ Miguel Aguon Taitano Elizabeth Neff Tyrer Shirley Svoboda Weir James L. Winningham

CLASS OF 1954 (29%) W. Thomas Atkin Charles J. Berthe Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Nancy Ellen Moss Bird Gene C. Bockelman John M. Cary Mary Jane Harbin Dauer Billie June Tumy Devine Harold L. Dodds Irvin Joy Drewel Peggy Tuley Dryden Richard Todd Evans Sue Shields Evans Velma Fae Ragsdale Felt ◊ Margaret Shrout Fencken Alberta Runge Garrett John Arthur Gillaspy Orval Junior Goe Thomas S. Hahs Fred H. Hehmann Latham Bennett Henkey Eldon Bruce Hewitt † Margaret Thompson Hewitt John H. Holt Jr. Frank E. Kirby Jr. Alice B. Revoir Kurz Willora L. Perryman Lange James Daris Lovegreen Emmitt Lionel Manion Theodore J. Mohr Shirley L. Parks Moore Jo Ann Wilson Mothersbaugh Glenn Francis Ruhl Margaret Peters Sandring ◊ Nancy Corcoran Schmidt Claude Thomas Smith †

M. Janet Wetzel Snyder Winifred Yoes Runge Stribling Beverly Everett Vestal Frederick L. Wiese William H. Winter Joanne Madden Yaeger Thomas L. Yancey

CLASS OF 1955 (33%) Thomas B. Adams Norma Neal Anderson Mary J. Wood Beaver Barbara A. Steele Bregant Jeanette Hays Bridwell Cynthia Lou Ann Brown Mary June Birbeck Bush J. C. Butler Charlotte Lee Dethero Gilbert Fleer Mary Lu Graves Dorothy J. Morgan Grimm ◊ Edward M. Harper Joanne Odneal Hart William F. Herrin ◊ C. Jeanie Muff Jones Robert L. Kleinert Gerre Strehlman Langton Gustav A. Lindauer Jerrold W. Longwell Joyce Maudell Summers Longwell George A. Luther ◊ Lynn Munger Miller Helen Joan Hammond Moon Lois Nadine Turner Mordt Monnie Sue Wilcoxson Murtha Phyllis Clarke Northington Gwendolyn Lee Phillips Joan E. Bofinger Reiske James E. Rich Joan Dishman Sampson Robert B. Stanley Arthur Douglas Stutsman Jack Lee Tayloe Charlotte E. Ramsey Vetsch Paul E. Williams Ralph Lee Woodward Jr. Delores Bland Wyckoff

CLASS OF 1956 (31%) Barbara Miller Alexander William LaFayette Armontrout Jane Ash Belew ◊ William Eugene Borchardt Don S. Browning M. Alice Fray Buster Barbara Ann Dorsey Cary Margaret Ann Alsop Chambers ◊ Barbara L. Ackerman Conway Robert Eugene Devine James L. Diekroeger Samuel W. Downing IV Elbert Haenssler ◊ Mona Lou Basye Haenssler ◊ Alpha J. Sutterfield Hahn Arthur T. Hardwicke Nancy Balzer Holt John D. Hutcherson Ellery Farmer Johnson II

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Shirlee J. Moffat Kirby Robert J. LaMore William D. Langworthy Dorothy Gould Luther ◊ William Everett Mackey Ruth Wall Miller Carolyn A. Collins Mitch Carolyn Sanford Newburn Jim L. Shields Donald R. Sipes Donald G. Spalding Jr. ◊ Gloria Runge Speer ◊ Marian F. Bowman Spivey Caryl S. Stinson Staples David Edgar Starkey Louise Joyce Starr Joseph Vincent Swisher ◊ James E. Thompson Patricia Hatfield Tuttle

CLASS OF 1957 (29%) George W. Burgin LeAnn Foster Campbell Mary Frances Brennecke Clark Lou Ann Olson Coffaney Carl Arthur Detmer Philip N. Edson Daniel E. Fridley Martha Amick Gebhardt Robert J. Harris Jo Jackson Hehmann H. Steele Holley Ralph Wayne Howe R. Robert Hulse Robert D. Hunsaker Robert A. Kountz Chris J. LaRue Marilyn Yeater Langworthy David McCullough Wanda C. Wirt McGill Charles M. Miller Jerry M. Moon John L. Mothershead Jr. Frederick C. Nix Joyce Proffitt Nixon Richard A. Norton Peggy Payeur ◊ Carol A. Ridder Pregge Shirley Held Rinderknecht Katharine Whiteside Shope Douglas D. Sleade Sondra Sercu Spalding ◊ Jeannine Arp Stutsman Sue Tucker Troutner Shirley Wegener Westlake Franchelle Vaughan Whitehead ◊ Roy Don Whitehead Sr. John D. Williams

CLASS OF 1958 (27%) R. Frederick Alexander Kenneth C. Anderson Robert C. Badger Jr. ◊ Keith T. Berry ◊ Rosemary LaFever Birmingham Louis A. Burkel Jr. Joan L. Kleeman Detmer Letitia A. Hicks Diekroeger Harlo L. Donelson ◊ 5-year CEF donor † deceased

The Talon


CLASS HONOR ROLL John W. Drakesmith Larry T. Drebes Martha Sue Hutchison Ferry Ruth Hombs Fleer Lorene Svanoe Fortini Robert D. Frankenfeld Jan D. Frick Norvelle S. Geiger Glenn Hall Marva G. McBride Iglehart Wayne C. Kidwell Jenny French LaMore Maurice L. McGill Shirley Swisher Meyer Sandra A. Brauss Neas June Chon Neville John L. Phillips Jr. Edward Louis Priess Eugene E. Rudd Jerry L. Schwab Elta Spicer Shields Patricia Offutt Skates Harry H. Smith Marilyn J. Hogan Smith Nancy J. Evans Smith Larry W. Sonner George W. Sweet Janet Drew Uhrmann Eugene K. Weathers Jr. Rodney C. Williams

CLASS OF 1959 (26%) George Rodgers Adams Anonymous Donor John J. Barry Virginia Wood Bergsten Ethel F. Schneider Blaise Alan C. Brueggemann Barbara Jean Wirt Colby Ralph L. Colby Herman A. Crisler Jr. Celia Utlaut Drake Margaret Woodward Drakesmith E. Jack Estes Beth Hammond Gooch Joanne Potter Hall Dorothy L. Rupp Harrell Carolyn Ann Yoder Hemmerla Fred R. Hilgeman Patricia Phillips Hilgeman Clarence E. Hix III Alice Jo Harper Jackson H. Kay Fothergill Jenkins Elaine Bridwell Kidwell L. Arlen Liberty Helen E. Proctor Lomangino Leonard N. Lomangino Anita Jean Gossom McFarland Judith Kapp McGuire W. Darrell Meyer Betty Robinson Shuppert James Franklin Slutz David Mack Stewart Fred H. Thornton Jerry W. Watson W. Dean Whitworth Robert M. Wilhite Sue Carol Tanner Williams Kathryn M. Landes Workman Edwin Yaeger


CLASS OF 1960 (29%) Don V. Allemann Ardith Haley Anderson William V. Ayres Dwight Bingham William A. Bloom Jr. Norma Horine Broombaugh John P. Crisler Virginia McCoy Frede Sandra Rohlfing Fridley Jay L. Frost Jo Nell Parrott Gann G. Thomas Gitchoff John O. Gooch Maurice B. Graham Robert L. Hahne Robert William Iglehart Jack E. Jones John W. King ◊ Paul Andrew Lebeck Earl Seay Mackey MaryAnna Hickman McNeel Robert Arthur Murphy Albert F. Mutti III ◊ Janice Egner Peerson Judy Risinger Phillips Roberta Gillon Rahm Darryl K. Redhage Alma McLaughlin Smith Robert E. Stein Charles Gale Stowers Mary Edlen Tayloe Loyce L. Mausehund Turan Elwood G. Wells Helen Templeton Wells James G. Weston Fredric Elmer Wood Donald W. Wright Beth Hicks Youle

CLASS OF 1961 (26%) Jenice F. Renfro Ambelang Lucy C. Bryan Barlow Earl F. Bates Logan Johnson Bennett Jr. C. Fred Bergsten Patricia Trotter Brawner Joanne M. Bynum Mary Jane Crigler H. Kay Easton Ronald Lee Frede Errol K. Gann Annabel L. Walker Gilhaus Melvin N. Gilhaus Jr. Barbara Williams Hahne Jerry L. Heltibrand William Wallace Hix Jane E. Banta Hopkins ◊ John R. Hopkins Jr. ◊ Anita Allison Jarvis Gail Berry Jones Ruth Marie Gassner Jones Glenn R. Joyce Norma Deen Lirely Juracsik LaDonna Henry Justice Harry E. Kessinger J. Garth Leigh Carl O. Lester Janet Schroeder Liberty Barbara Weir McBride Alan Christian Michel Ward Overall

Fall 2006

Charles J. Owens Michael C. Payden Gerald R. Pittman Janice Worker Powell Virginia Terry Preston Rayman P. Richardson Judith Yeast Schofield Elizabeth Given Scott Dennis Y. Slate Sue Mutti Sonner Jacquelyn Hawker Whitworth Roger Lee Wightman Barbara Madden Wright

Robert A. Nelson Joyce Eickmeyer Owens Judy Ann Martin Parsons ◊ Richard N. Rogers Marilyn Young Roseberry Marian Olson Rusk David P. Schinke Frank J. Schmer III Roger D. Shaw Jr. Kenneth R. Stephens Dianne A. Dietz Stever John Robert Stewart Nancy L. Nagle Zane ◊

CLASS OF 1962 (20%)

CLASS OF 1964 (24%)

Mary Della Lenger Armitage Judith Ann Moore Bierman Wesley Leroy Brun Vivian H. Howell Cornwell George Allen Derrieux Mary Beth Wise Dick ◊ Ann E. Peart Eilert John B. Eilert John Daniel Ferrier Laura Allman Fleetwood Lynne M. Woodcock Gale Linda Sue Hartsock Mary Anne Estes Herrick Joan Hewitt Eleanor June Hartley Hopper Richard A. Hopper Anne Raine Joyce Gary E. Justice Ronald Dale Kirk Donna Shy Kubik John P. Macumber Edward Christian Martens Harold Lee Moyer Beatrice K. Moore Murphy Carl W. Patterson Sam Lee Powell Rebecca Shafer Richardson John E. Schofield Gary C. Simpson Georgia Elwell Stewart Norma Wheeler Tucker Jeanette A. Williams Lois Jean Boettcher Wyman

Donald Lee Armitage Iva Lou Alcorn Banning Thomas Ray Banning Woodrow T. Bounds William B. Bryant Kenneth L. Clemons Kelley A. Clowe Jerry Allen Fletcher Jo-Ellen Ballak Forrest Kent Lee Forrest John Edward Foster Vera Gale Feldmann Granteer Linda Gilmore Harris Elaine M. Hilgeman ◊ Robert N. Hix Katherine Anne Brooks Johnson George W. Kessinger Lydia L. Breedlove Klocke Annetta L. Lenzi Lamb Jim Lamb Joe D. Luna Patricia Sue O’Dell Lundquist Lewis C. Mantels John C. Moll R. Philip Morris II ◊ Judith Gray Overall David C. Powell Braxton P. Rethwisch Clifford W. Reynolds Ann Romines Jane Taylor Rooney Floyd C. Satterlee ◊ John H. Smiley Jr. ◊ James H. Steele D. Sharon Collier Stratton James W. Taylor Judith Vaughan Taylor Sandra S. Leech Ward Marla J. Albers Weston Stephen E. Williams ◊ Richard G. Wyatt

CLASS OF 1963 (23%) Nancy Avery Bartmess Julie Weaver Bennett Carol Charlwood Block Jo Ann Noce Burkart Michael H. Downing Sharon Faye Lewis Downing Nancy Woodward Drebes Diane E. Biswell Ferrier Mary Slagle Garrison Mary Ann Grannemann Bonnie Scott Heltibrand Charles Richard Huddleston ◊ Gailya Tucker Johnson Robert Louis Johnson Carol A. Joyce Addison T. King III Carol Jones Koch Margaret A. Lashley ◊ Wayne Dale Lineberry Marilyn Ashe Macumber Nancy Khalifah Moyer ◊ Lynne Handkins Murphy

CLASS OF 1965 (22%) Dennis Ashford O. Nelson Auer Bert A. Barnes Celia Roberts Barnhard ◊ Alan L. Brotherton Guy E. Callison Roy C. Carraway Jr. James William Cissna William M. Crist Raelene Casatta Derrieux Steven A. Dick ◊ Sheila Beckett Early Susan D. Stephens Elrod

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Jacquelyn J. Peterson Faenger Robin Gus Frank Sandra Dreyzehner Frank Robert D. Hoehn Melinda Jane Eberhard Holmes Kent C. Holsinger Alice J. Tschappler Huebner ◊ Gilbert G. Humphrey ◊ Frances White Jaeger † Roehl W. Johnson Virgil V. Kirksey Jr. Ronald F. Knigge Eugene F. W. Martin Gail Nelson Meyers Linda A. Sperry Koenig Mizell Carol A. Best Moll John Albert Moxley Jane Martin Perry Robert T. Perry James F. Pesek William D. Powell ◊ Sharon Schove Rathsam Sharon K. Tally Renick Judith Engel Rethwisch M. Louise Gibson Rouchka Jill Rouse Jack E. Rubey Sharon Goodman Rubey Charles S. Thompson Wallace J. Turnage Jr. Judy Fletcher Wells Barry O. Weston John Willer II Maurice H. Wilson

CLASS OF 1966 (18%) J. Bruce Addison Linda J. Bartley Ault David E. Austin David W. Bandy F. Jerry Benner G. Ruth Dorman Benner Michael S. Bieber Paul Michael Breedlove Patricia G. Doss Bryant Sandra Kay Sillin Callison Jane Saffarrans Claus Kathryn Sue Walker Coleman Vicki S. Kintner Cooper Nancy L. Fisher Susan Meyer Fletcher Robert A. Harlan John D. Harris Barbara Ann Hoelzel Beverly J. Bingham Holst Roger H. Johnston E. Christine Godfrey Keefer Furn F. Knapp Jr. Guy M. Lahr III Clyde G. Lear Mary Sue Weaver Lear Stephen Glenn McClure Karen A. Nordquist ◊ Carolyn Summers Perry Dorothy Allemann Powell Patricia A. Fulton Rogers Nancy Boyd Shaw Eunice A. Boyington Straub J. Chris Straub Nancy Johnmeyer Symes Carol Proett Weatherford

The Talon

CLASS HONOR ROLL CLASS OF 1967 (20%) Janet Gift Addison Kristi Wiebe Auer Dale A. Banks Sharon Tschappler Beavers Gary K. Blakemore Pamela Lou Jarvis Blalock Marilyn Parks Bogaerts Robert Lynn Britton J. Douglas Burton Phyllis M. Byers Donald E. Byrd Dennis J. Caffrey Ronald E. Custer Russell W. Day James D. Dean Gayle M. Tucker Denton M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond ◊ Elizabeth Davis Eilers David C. Epps Amy Ann Utterback Foutes ◊ Lenore M. Olson Glore Michael J. Hahn Robert Martin Hansen Barbara Jaeger Holtzclaw Patricia Emery Jefferies Dale Jennings David W. Kerr Marianna Carr Krotz Sara L. Lomax Carol Allen Majors J. Larry Milam Donna Rigby Mizell Karen DeMott Moore ◊ W. Richard Nelson Jr. Leslie Anne Devaney Perry John J. Schade ◊ John L. Schmidt Walter F. Schwartz Walter B. Shull Kim Chung Tang ◊ Michael J. Thompson Ned Joseph Wantz Carter D. Ward Alan L. Weatherford John E. Wetzel Marilyn Knabe Williams

CLASS OF 1968 (19%) Sandra L. Bartsch Constance Baur Valroy Binsbacher Janet L. Cotton Bond Paul O. Bond Malinda J. Woodie Bozeman Janet H. Hunt Cunningham Robert W. Davis Larry K. Duren T. Keith Grebe Sally Kocher Hahn Warren David Hare Linda Marie DeForest Hess Carolyn Shedd Hoehn Morris W. Hudgins Diana Lynn Heitman Hughes Michael A. Jefferies Richard W. Johnson ◊ Marilyn Harashe Jones Mark Hunter Jones Paul W. King Sue Stephens Kopf

Allen W. Ladage Ken Lauburg Mark D. Leech Sharon K. Graves Leech Arthur C. Marolis David D. Norbury John E. Phelps John B. Renick Nancy Asher Reynolds ◊ J. Darlene Smith-Grillos Peggy L. Young Spencer William C. Taylor Kent Van Landuyt Margaret Louise Nelden Wantz Sally J. Meriweather Watts Alice Campbell Wells Patricia L. Wendling Carole Lee Keeling White Mary Jane Strode Wilkinson Vern Jay Wilkinson

CLASS OF 1969 (17%) Cathy G. Harness Beckett Janet Marie Roussin Bennett Larry Lee Bennett Barbara A. Haas Binsbacher Keith A. Birkes MacDonald Caldwell II Donna McCrea Campbell William A. Eckhardt Rebecca Emrich Alex Edward Evans Lari Ray Grubbs Ginger Steele Gutshall Diane A. Kennedy Hansen Charles R. Harlow Daniel W. Hayes Robert B. Hedgepeth William Frank Hibbeler William R. Hilgeman Ronald A. Johnson Marsha Kahler Kerr C. Gary Ladd Marcia Kay Cline Lambert Howard W. Lark Jr. Vera Singleton Lewis Beth K. Kershaw Maxey Suzanne Claire Engel McCartney Marilyn Shepard McMillan Kim D. Holmes Migdall C. Eugene Miller Jr. David C. Miller Lorna Telaneus Miller Clifford E. Mohn Jr. Shirley Jo-Ann Murphy Phillip L. Neimeyer M. Craig Nolte James C. Roberts ◊ Bill Linvel Rudeseal Barbara K. Bauer Shannon ◊ Gerald W. Shannon ◊ Janice L. Kemper Spathelf Susan B. Kettenacker Spaulding Alice Jean Weil Van Landuyt Michael E. Walsh

CLASS OF 1970 (24%) Roger Lee Adair Carol Ann Albenesius

Fall 2006

Mary E. Douglas Bancroft Thomas G. Blake Jr. Sally Murray Bocklage ◊ Charles E. Buck Robert Lee Bullock Sharon Rooke Bullock Carla Robison Burres Jerilyn Stiegemeyer Campbell Dianne Bell Cochran Peggy Hays Crabtree Laura S. Blankenship Dean Barbara Gifford Devino Susan Markland Donnelly Mary Kay Slover Eckhardt Thomas Ellsworth Russell Edward Friedewald Wilbert A. Fritz James H. Gameson III Barbara S. Gose Gary J. Gutjahr ◊ John C. Hamlin Patricia Dinwiddie Hamlin Linda Long Harlan Janet Alice Boysel Hayes Michael Alan Hayes Jeffrey N. Hogenmiller Kathleen M. Shrum Husk Linda L. Morrison Jackson Margaret Yeager Jackson Sandra Marie Behring Krajcovic Randall E. Lee Julie Scott Mattson Madeline K. Byers McCamy Thomas R. Million Virginia Lloyd Monroe Joan D. Anderson Neill Stephen L. Percy Timothy Turner Perry Terrance Allen Pickles Henry William Plag Thomas E. Pundmann Douglas Van Rice Joseph P. Rice III Karen L. McAllister Rice Elizabeth Ann Magee Rooks N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner Robert W. Shaner Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Theodore L. Spayde William Robert Thompson Anne Sillers Turner W. Randall Washburn Herbert W. Watchinski Jr. Linda L. Gardner Williams James Williamson Sandra Shemwell Womack

CLASS OF 1971 (16%) Evelyn Locke Archer Margaret A. Bartold Susan Catron Borts Lawrence A. Boyd Michael L. Cochran Sarah Elizabeth Colony Beau Culbertson Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson Richard M. Dailey Rebecca E. Dwiggins Day Martha K. Langerhans Ellsworth

Marilynn Barnes Ferro William Gerard Fivecoat Jr. Paul Joseph Frank John W. Gawason Gale Hairston Scott D. Hall William Harris Susan L. Patrick Haury Robert J. Henderson Jr. ◊ Deborah A. Lampton Hillyer George S. Howell Bruce R. Lake Max R. Marble Sally E. Spickelmier Marble Larry D. Mattson Terry L. Stevenson Meyer Richard M. Spathelf Kenneth D. Tebow Catherine J. Thogmorton Roger B. Wilson

CLASS OF 1972 (11%) Norman L. Antrainer Elaine Vemmer Bierwirth Helen M. O’Bryan Brown Margaret R. Coleman Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Sara Ann Walkup Drummond Lois Spayde Elam Thomas Fitzsimmons Harry T. Harness Patricia Jordan Hilgedick Earl E. Johnson Joseph G. Knigge Virginia A. Lebold Cynthia L. Lausen Marek Linda E. Frazee Page Don L. Painter Marla Witis Pundmann Ann G. Russell Gary Lee Stephens Michael Vaughn

CLASS OF 1973 (20%) Vicki L. Clement Antrainer Dorothy D. Drago Brucks Melvin K. Burton Rodney S. Cable E. LaVelle Collins Donald R. Cummings David A. Dauster Merilee K. Willmann Dauster Robert E. Day William R. Dineen Gayle L. Rebmann Donley John Edele Henry Esposito Stephen C. Hamilton Marsha R. Standley Hansen L. Kyle Hern Marie Frazee Hern Rebecca Cochran Huntsman Steve H. Johnson Karen Kienker Linda M. Knox David L. Lohmeyer Wynonna E. McClammer Jay O. Morris Michael D. Mueller Gary A. Ornburn Joyce A. Ebeling Parks Paul A. Parks

The Magazine of Central Methodist University


Howell B. Rice Steven L. Roedner Cheryl L. Gray Sager Terry Henderson Snodgrass Venetta S. Rowlison Stephens Susan Groves Stephenson Cynthia Bradley Stevenson David Swartz Laurie A. Muns Turner Paul E. Vivian Carol Anne Wegener Thomas G. Wheelehon Molly Anne Oberlin Williamson

CLASS OF 1974 (20%) J. R. Absher Eva M. Allen Bruce Barnett Lita Salter Bartels William Bastin Brown Jr. Phillip J. Brucks Jerry Buckman Carol J. Covey John C. Craig Marsha L. Rowlison Crawley Elaine W. Wulfekotter Foster John D. Gardner Sheldon J. Gentry Don A. Gruenewald James E. Hackmann George O. Henderson J. Thomas Hensley Diane Kay Mitchelle Hillis Larry D. Hillis Rodney D. Hoffman Laura Jane McGraw Kelly Claus H. Lang Troy D. Lingle Larry L. Littrell Michael Raymond Martin Kathleen Armour McCoy Chuck McCutcheon Jeffrey Miller Gregory C. Mitchell F. Dan Page Richard L. Parker Dan J. Phillips Paul E. Scarborough Patti Stiegmeyer Skinner Christine E. Shepard Smith Ted S. Smith James Gregory Stamos John D. Sturman John S. Watters

CLASS OF 1975 (11%) Dennis Bartels John P. Bartley Paul Richard Braun Linda Magruder Burnett Leslie Ann Reynolds Craig Jean Borgelt Gruenewald Robert H. Hassebrock Mark Humphreys Stewart Huttsell Cindy L. Howell Kaufman Danny Gene Larkin Timothy George Meyer Sara Anton North Colleen Hagerla Pease Patricia Daniels Phillips ◊ 5-year CEF donor † deceased Talon


CLASS HONOR ROLL Michael B. Roberts Mary Lee Burke Vivian Gregory Michael Weeks

CLASS OF 1976 (16%) Carl E. Barker Frederic O. Biswell Jr. Barbara A. Bock James E. Bureman Gregory Chandler Sr. Sara J. Chaney M. David Dealy III Paul A. Easterday Pamela R. Edmonds Frank Flaspohler ◊ Mark A. Freese Susan Friemonth Freese John R. Gage Mark R. Harbison Joy Joiner Heidbreder Marc Hibbard Michael Himmelberg Linda L. Innes Laura L. Vinyard King Lauren A. Grandcolas Kirk John Kurtz Kathy L. Porter Michael A. Scardina Ruth A. Henderson Sears Kathleen Stroupe Barbara Westhues Watkins Christine Devlin Winter Nanette Padgett Young

CLASS OF 1977 (16%) Nancy Krider Benfield Ralph L. Clark Charlene Ann Dworak Mark Eggleston Daniel W. Green Dennis Dean Hansen Rebecca DeWeese Harbison Arla Ray Harrell Patricia Patience Harrell Janet L. Jacobs Phyllis Jean Hayes Lucas Samuel Edgar Lucas Jill Carmichael Mitchell Sandra Jean Rice Martin D. Rudloff ◊ Diane Rutherford Barbara Englehart Schwane Sherry L. Scrivner Smith Michael W. Thrasher Carol Louise Tinsman Mark Lee Waynick Wendy J. Castrop Weber Judith Galloway Westen Phillip L. Westen John J. Zoellner

CLASS OF 1978 (16%) William Bruce Anton Ketha M. Keyton Bounds Susan E. Brandt Tom B. Brumitt Mary Jo Ireland Easterday Allen Lee Edwards Sharon Sue Smith Edwards Margaret Thompson Elliott David Harbison Susan Peters Harbison


Pam Hess Huttsell J. Steven Jackson Loretta J. Sanders Kitson J. Larry Luetjen Margaret Louise Marin Susan Marner-Sides Dale G. Metcalf John C. Morton Nancy Morrison Nesvik Terry J. Reichert Ronald B. Schowe Penny Jones Selle Chalice Rhone Sorter Robert O. Young II Nancy J. Yuelkenbeck Sharon McCall Zoellner

CLASS OF 1979 (16%) Laurie L. Schaaf Brady-Dailey Rebecca Sherrill Burkhart Beverly Klocke Coffelt Keith L. Cook Marvin R. Davis Angela S. Baker Eggleston Donna L. Gilligan Duane R. Hall David Allen Henderson Paul T. Klemme Pamela T. Lovelett Lauderback Michael H. Ledbetter Jerome J. Lenk Beth Glaser Luetjen Steven D. Luetjen Dale Mason Finley Montgomery Michael J. Partise Robert E. Reiske Jr. Rodney K. Rhodes Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Christy L. Carter Smiley Mary Beth Hayes Turner G. Thomas Williams

CLASS OF 1980 (16%) Mark H. Boehmer Kathleen A. Byrne Jimmy Joe Culbertson Janet A. Doll Kevin L. Foster Vikki Kaiser Foster Ellen I. House Gearon Diann R. Graham Godbey Ann Wenninghoff Graham Peggy W. Heckathorn Jane Lammers Hicklin Alice L. Freese Kennedy James M. Kimbell Dian C. Braun Kittle Carolyne Wilder Peery Martha A. Tennyson Drake Allan Yaeger

CLASS OF 1981 (9%) Hilda Ann Haas Blevins Lee B. Brumitt Sharon K. Schilb Carter Pamela Weiland Flaspohler ◊ Timothy Jackman Margaret Rose Castle Kennedy Dianna Rains Jerie L. Smith

Fall 2006

J. Bartley Spear Sally Watkins Vinyard Betty Sue Watson

CLASS OF 1982 (16%) Stephen H. Adamson Mark F. Babalian John Robert Baker Melissa Knauer Cooper Bazley Mary Nill Becker Ronald L. Carter Kathleen Anderson Early Jana M. Harral Fox Barbara Schuldt Heikoff Elizabeth Slate Horn Jerri Weldy Jasumback Jamie Page Sarah Ahnstedt Page Nancy Walker Peacock Edward Phillips Teresa Blair Reger Susan Clark Reichert Sharon Wiseman Rogers James B. Rose Keith E. Shostrom ◊ Rebecca L. Jackson Spurgeon Cheryl J. Charlson Wood

CLASS OF 1983 (18%) Pat Carl Mark A. Driver Charles R. Fisher Jr. Peggy Ann Tyrer Fisher Joy Dodson Flanders ◊ David G. Fox L. Wayne Garrison Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Terry L. Henderson Susan Kintner Lawrence Layden Brian F. McCallister Jerald K. McMillan Laurie A. George McMillan Susan Brumitt Meyer W. Kirk Meyer Ronald G. Mills Susan L. Hardy Mills Sharon Monzyk Geoffrey Moorehead Terry A. Ohlms Joyce E. Lehane Peterson Jeffrey A. Sherman Keith Herbert Vinyard Patricia A. Walje Wies H. Donald Winzen II

CLASS OF 1984 (12%) Richard D. Bailey Christy F. Sliffe Berger Lisa Burger Janell Thompson Dimond Leslie Zickler Driver Nina Gooch Jacquelyn Linhart Henderson Jayne Galloway Howard Kelle K. Laws Ann Sherman Schubert William Sheehan Jr. Mark B. Statler Susan J. Rampy Stegeman Susan Porter Tinge

CLASS OF 1985 (17%) Gina Kay Winn Bailey Jennifer Thurmon Bennett Sally Scott Blackburn Donna Carol Bond-Gaj Donna Karol Bunger Melinda McCrary Cherrington Michael L. Dimond Judy M. Plante Fehling Cathy Janney Fuemmeler Deborah J. Hindman Kirk Imhof Rod Mathewson Cynthia Schafer McCutcheon Dawn A. Palmer Messerla Marilyn C. Moore Sara Ann Settle Palmer Timothy H. Puyear Sharon G. Thomas Mary Ella Thomasson Rebecca Taulbee Wenzel Daniel J. Widhalm Laura Hawkins Wolfe

CLASS OF 1986 (15%) Lisa E. Applegate Mindy Marshall Brown Larry R. Clark Deanna L. Dickmeyer Colbert Paula B. Haggard Just Randy M. Just Kevin L. Lines Patrick H. McHaney Knial R. Piper Jeffrey M. Proske Richard L. Rickenbaugh Maryann Rustemeyer Jane F. Lynagh Sheehan James A. Shelton Melissa Conley Tucker William Kenton Tucker Darrell R. Widhalm Kimberly Willard Janie Deacon Wilson Richard C. Wilson Keith W. Young

CLASS OF 1987 (20%) Melissa K. Thurmon Abkemeier Debra Hockanson Angstead Robert K. Angstead Fred A. Binkholder Dawna Marie Blakely Bybee Chris Klootwyk Combs Danny J. Eldringhoff Edward Charles Hession III Melanie J. Rockett Lechtenberg Cheryl Eckhoff Lines David D. Lutz Robert D. Martin James L. Mather Craig Eugene McCoy Rhonda Spargo Proske Carol Kelly Rickenbaugh Deborah E. Sellmeyer Wendy Slagle Sheehan Jerry D. Strickland Kristy Hanks Strickland Betty Thorne Tierney Larry M. VandeVen Jr.

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R. Doug Wright

CLASS OF 1988 (12%) John R. Best Jacqueline Everett Dorman Beatrice Hargrove Mary Louise Lorber Marjorie Kay Meyer Lutz Leslee Dawn Marquart Paul M. Maynard Karen L. Moore Jennifer Jacobs Moorehead Joseph Andrew Odneal Elizabeth J. Hamann Puyear Lisa R.Green Radanovich Sharon Electa Moore Salmons Dianna Hart Shelton Kent Allen Sliffe

CLASS OF 1989 (15%) Jeffrey A. Arrigo John D. Bucksath Russell S. Cribb Lisa Parmenter Derry Deborah Telgemeier Dodge Julie Annette Duvall-Sells Arthur P. Ferraro Monica Ferraro Denise M. Wilson Gissenaas ◊ Ellen Gail Jessup Joel P. Kidwell Suzanne Conley Kidwell Michelle Rene Baker McCoy Lynn A. Stacy Miner Todd S. Miner Aaron Penrod William Patrick Phillips Susan Elizabeth Hulen Purdy Brett Frost Reese Susan Y. Fox Sherry Julie Shipp Watkins William Raymond Watkins John Paul Witte Lynn Elaine Berwick Wright

CLASS OF 1990 (12%) Dwayne Charles Abbott Richard John Armentrout James W. Arnold LeAnn K. Farquhar Carlton Kimberly Michalle Eaton Melinda Moore Henry Jane Leach Hill ◊ Robert Lorenz Sheryl Huecker Luster Brenda Kay Hickman Nicolay Robert Lee Noren Donna Greenway Scotten Lesa Renee Stoecklin Seales Debra Stotlemyre Upham James Andrew Weber William E. Wells

CLASS OF 1991 (11%) Peggy Lee Moser Armentrout Christopher M. Auchly Elizabeth Maye Barkey William G. Chott Dennis Charles Cox Katherine Browning Dorson Michelle Lee Schaefer Haley Chris A. Hanson

The Talon

CLASS HONOR ROLL Michael L. Leahy Hanson Karl G. Hardman Timothy G. Kerns Kevin Gene Lang Charlotte Ann Leimkuehler Thomas J. Meier Ewing Elizabeth Crowe Noren Karen Goshorn Reese Christi Shewman Andrew Spencer Upham J. B. Waggoner

CLASS OF 1992 (6%) Michael B. Auchly Debbie Stone Bradley Earl Thomas Burton Dean Michael Fabrizio Najmeh Rene Kennon Feger Larry C. Graham II Phillip Edward Hodges Kevin Paul Iwasczuk Jane M. Tiemeyer LaRue Pamela Luper Loomis Vaughn David Loomis Dori Thomas Waggoner Lara Beth Webb Jeffrey Kendall Wilcox †

CLASS OF 1993 (7%) Beth Ann Alpers Gale Love Bailey Kimberly Jo Benedict Lavernia Dean Finn Sonya N. Monnig Fuemmeler Joseph M. Hannah II Ginger A. King Luetkemeyer ◊ Shawn C. Morrison McAteer Kenneth R. Oliver Christina Pedroli Reilly ◊ James F. Remelius Mary F. Russell Heather Kormeier Schneider David W. Strodtman Kathryn Johnson Wilkerson

CLASS OF 1994 (7%) Brent Edward Beckmann Robert Blanton III Holly M. Toler Boyer Sheila Ashby Fulling Michael Garon Galloway Gary Robert Gose Todd R. Hollrah Steven Russell Jones Tracy Renee Crowe Jones Charles Edward LaValle III Bradley Alan McCarty Nicole D. Parrish Scott Melanie L. Strodtman Natalie Bennett Wolf

Vivian A. Hamilton Gregory Allen Holland Jamie Anthony Ker Rebecca Ann Prince LaValle Michael Patrick McAteer Debra Ketsenburg Miner Michael LaMont Miner Patricia G. Elders Ribbing Russell Lee Schmidt

CLASS OF 1996 (5%) Carrie L. Johnson Barnes William J. Bechtel Lori Lynn Chapman Bishop Christopher Steven Collins Amber Hirsch Dinwiddie Stephen Mark Enochs Melisa Peters Felten Heather Kocinski Flathers Sharon Gibson David Lawrence Govro Spencer Clay Hedgepeth Micah Madondo Lucy Kyne Nagbe Elizabeth Ann Stretz W. Wayne Wolf III

CLASS OF 1997 (6%)

Tracey Cross Bechtel Jon Michale Bishop Douglas Joseph Boyer Jeania Howell Burton Tina Marie Declue Jeffrey Kent Dinan Jason W. Dinwiddie Marde Kay Kent Gann Melanie Jan Miller Guthrie Heather D. Warren Hall ◊

April Lynne Smith Ash Brian Gary Ash Matthew Charles Couch Amy Elizabeth Sneed Hodge Theresa Hogg Livia Still McCauslin Charlotte Westhues Niemeier ◊ Farahnaz Rahmatpanah Sharon K. Rees

CLASS OF 2001 (2%) Daniel Adam Blakemore Brian Joseph Bohner Tisha Marie Flaherty Clark Alisa Dawn Dougherty Bradley Keith Harrison Atah LaRon Knighten Kyle Eugene Platz Kristie Marie Campbell Wilson

CLASS OF 2002 (3%) Jacob Alexander Blakemore Nita Cates Kendal Woolf Clark Christina L. Cosgrove

Kimberlea A EversoleBlackwell Susan Farr Tina M. Braun Foglesong Misty A. Freeman Martin Henry Gerloff II Nathan Thomas Holtmeyer

Cathy Galland Erin Briana Paulsmeyer Gerloff Kimberly J. Kieffer Jane Ellen Kruse Sean R. Meyer Danny Tin Chi Pak Kellie Piesbergen Platz Danielle Marie Riefle

CLASS OF 2005 (4%)

CLASS OF 2003 (2%) Jenny Ann Martin Anspach Stephanie Kay Boyce Elizabeth Camille Conway Amanda Kay Culbertson Mary Ann Hudson Tina Marie Scanlon

CLASS OF 2004(4%) Tiffany J. Brown Tara M. Burnett Adam K. Caldwell Dru Coleman Pyron Caldwell Mary Malinda Cline Brian Dean Coats Kristen Leanne Conrow Kyle Franklin Conrow

Zachary A. Bopp Andrew M. DePeder Stacey Dawn Morrison Drilling Scott A. Fergerson Thera Susanne Freeman Laura Mae Stegeman Holtmeyer Tiffany Leann Huey Rhonda L. Jetmore Julie Jane Parrish Nicol M. Pollreisz Shannan Lee Saunders Angela R. Umstattd-Schmutz James Marvin Wheeler Jocelyn Ranea Lewton Wheeler ◊ 5-year CEF donor † deceased

Lori Dawn Erickson Dennis L. Gayer Melanie A. Simmons Govro Jonelle Lee Richardson Hall Leslie Garner Horman Scott Travis Horman David Lawrence Jacobson Dana L. Julius Kence Jean Bernice Linebaugh Jessica L. Grasdorf Quint William James Quint Bridgett Erin Heil Randolph Nicole K. Scott Rorabaugh Jeanne E. Wiggins

CLASS OF 1998 (5%) Brian R. Beckler Jerri L. Carter Scott G. Chankin Debbie Renee Chavez-Newby Amy LeAnn Boehs Gragg Michelle D. Henderson Jeromy John Hodge Joel M. Jones Amanda Jo Gammon Morris Carrie Pollock-Baxter Joshua S. Richards Lathem A. Scott Jessica D. Simpson Shawna Lynn Stefankiewicz

CLASS OF 1999(3%)

CLASS OF 1995 (6%)

CLASS OF 2000 (3%)

Ricky Ashton Cain Deborah Lynn Davis Joshua S. Fuller Annalynn Don Dietzel Gardner Hilari M. Ditch Henderson Linda Ragene Miller Andrew Morris Gina Melodee Wilmsmeyer Shaw Scott T. Stefankiewicz Martha E. Wilke

Fall 2006

Students (above) put the “fun” in the dysfunctional family in this fall’s Habeas Corpus, a farce by Alan Bennett.

Other plays planned for the year include: Student one-act plays, Dec. 1-2 The Price by Arthur Miller, Dec. 7-9, with guest star actor Peter Byger Moliere Than Thou by Tim Mooney, Jan. 16 Tartuffe by Jean-Baptiste Moliere, March 1-4 Damn Yankees by Douglass Wallop, May 3-5

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The Talon



As part of Linn Memorial UMC’s 75th anniversary, artist and Emeritus Professor of Music Tom Yancey ’54 (right) created a painting titled “The Spirit of John Wesley” for the church. Here he presents the piece to Rev. Eric Moore ’96, minister at Linn. Free memorial books from the church’s celebration can still be obtained by contacting Eric at

Parents of Students and Alumni Larry and Kathy Abernathy J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison R. Frederick and Barbara Miller Alexander Paul and Sharon Allgood Michael D. and Vicki R. Allison Van and Judy Anderson Charles R. and Warene R. Anderson ◊ Norma Neal Anderson Ronald L. and Nancy Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William J. Auchly Virginia Daniels Bailey Michael Allen and Mary E. Douglas Bancroft David and Debbie Barbe Elbridge W. Bartley Jr. ◊ Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor ◊ Joe E. and Jane Ash Belew ◊ Halkaline Kirk Bergsten ◊ Randy L. and Sue Biggerstaff Harold E. Bingham Gary K. and Janet S. Blakemore Paul and Catherine Blanchard Donald E. and Lanie Bobbitt Judy Bohner Denny and Kathy Bopp Larry and Susan Catron Borts Donald and Martha Tucker Bounds Robert Lynn and Morrene Hughes Britton Calvin and Mary Broughton Mark H. and Terry L. Brown Elizabeth Brown


Phillip J. and Dorothy D. Drago Brucks Richard S. and Barbara Burcham Brumitt James J. and Caryl Bryan Monk Bryan Kenneth L. and Carla Robison Burres Kenneth and Brenda S. Caldwell John J. and Jerri L. Carter Shane and Cheryl Cavanah Carolyn N. Rhodes Chaney Nettie N. Cherrington Marge Fizer Cochran William G. and Debbie L. Conrow Bob and Peggy Hays Crabtree Bill J. and Betty Ann George Crigler ◊ Mary M. Crigler Allen S. and Shirley Crites Beau and Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson Cathy Dailey Dale M. and Anita S. Davis Doris J. Steele De la Roche M. David Jr. and Lucy Aufdenberg Dealy Beverly Braun Denman Andrew A. and Mary Ann DePeder Steven A. and Mary Beth Wise Dick ◊ Mary Distler Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Roger and Katherine Browning Dorson Norman E. and Ruth Crowe Drissell R. Paul and M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond ◊ D. Keith Duren Robert H. and Mary Gaines

Fall 2006

Easterday ◊ Wally J. and Kimberly Michalle Eaton William Lowell and Suzie Eaton James W. and Christine L. Ebberts Carl and Melinda Eckles Stephen F. and M. Rebecca Enochs Larry R. Fagan Robert L. Ferraro Frank and Pamela Weiland Flaspohler ◊ David Fortel and Hope I. Tinker Kevin L. and Vikki Kaiser Foster Charles and Amy Ann Utterback Foutes ◊ David G. and Jana M. Harral Fox Robert and Diana Freeman Mark A. and Susan Friemonth Freese Elizabeth Watt Orear French Rich and Mary Lou Garmoe Emery Jr. and Jan Geisendorfer Thomas and Margaret Gerling John O. and Beth Hammond Gooch Don A. and Jean Borgelt Gruenewald Ralph R. and D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther ◊ Carl W. and Melody Gustafson Albert R. and Margaret E. Davis Hamra ◊ Marsha R. Standley Hansen David and Susan Peters Harbison Charles R. and Doris Harlow Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L.

Harral Lynn and Marie Hawkey Robert B. and Lillian Ruth Hedgepeth Walter and Joanne Schnell Heisler George O. Henderson L. Kyle and Marie Frazee Hern Dorothy E. Means Herrington David and Jan Renee Hesi George and Patricia Jordan Hilgedick Michael and Deborah L. Himmelberg Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix Lloyd G. and Carol J. Holem Thomas J. and Deborah L. Holtmeyer Ilene Morrison House ◊ Joe A. and Pansy Ann Howell Herbert L. and Patsy Huth ◊ Stewart and Pam Hess Huttsell Richard and Wanda Ichord Barry and Debbie Imgarten James W. and Sylvia A. Ireland Daisy McKee Jacobs ◊ William H. Jacobs Frances White Jaeger † Bill and Roxi James Paul and Nancy Jarboe Robert Louis and Katherine Anne Brooks Johnson Stanley D. and Cynthia J. Johnson Verne Wesley Johnson ◊ Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones ◊ Doug and Kristi Kenney David W. and Marsha Kahler Kerr Kenneth L. and Norma C. Innes Kienker ◊ Ardis Wehrli Kimbell Constance M. Kingore Frank and Lydia L. Breedlove Klocke Joseph G. and Teresa Knigge Bedford F. and Kathryn Detring Knipschild William F. and Marti Koch Raymond H. and Kathryn Strozier Lahmeyer ◊ Gale Lamar Clyde G. and Mary Sue Weaver Lear Anne Ruth Brower Ledbetter Jon and Deborah Ledbetter Roger R. and Linda O. Lembke Jeff Lester Jerry Linhart Phyllis A. Linhart Larry L. and Bonnie Littrell Richard and Patricia M. Luebbert J. Larry and Holly Luetjen James M. and Elisabeth Holman Luetjen Gene and Bernice Marner Edward Christian Martens

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Dale Mason M. Thomas and Betty Maxwell Richard and Donna McAdams Marilee McCallister Donial and Barbara McCann Rodney McCarron Steve and Joyce McCrea William D. and Elizabeth J. McIntosh ◊ Melba McNeill Jasper W. and Elizabeth Durley Meals W. Darrell and Shirley Swisher Meyer Ercell L. Jr. and Virginia Sherman Miller Estelle Ballew Miller ◊ Tom and Natalie Monnig David Brent and Susan E. Mott ◊ C. Michael and Roberta Mueller Albert F. III and Etta Mae Mutti ◊ Jerome and Charlotte Niemeier ◊ Herschel B. and Donna Lee Owen Alfred F. and Mary Pannier Ann Ipsen Parks Michael J. and Montha Partise Larry J. and Carolyne Wilder Peery Timothy Turner and Leslie Anne Devaney Perry Sam Lee and Janice Worker Powell James T. and Marie L. Powell ◊ Robert B. and Donna T. Puyear ◊ Marvin R. and Donna Naumann Pyron Francis E. and Melody A. Reardon Braxton P. and Judith Engel Rethwisch Jerry W. Rhodes ◊ Joseph P. III and Karen L. McAllister Rice Mary Eugenia Blanton Rice Thomas and Deborah Richmond Michael Dean and Merri Ringen Mark C. and Victoria L. Robb Rose Marie Rogers Raymond and Lee Ann Rohling Michael Joseph and Maryann Rustemeyer Larry and Mary Schaefferkoetter Russell Lee and Christine E. Schmidt John E. and Judith Yeast Schofield Donovan and Shanda Schwartze Tim and Debby Schwennesen James R. and Bertha Mae Guenther Scrivner

The Talon

DONOR HONOR ROLL Jane F. Lynagh Sheehan Glenn and Janet Shepard P. Wayne and Vickie Sheridan Edwin F. and JoAnn Shew Earl R. and Sarah L. Shostrom ◊ Vicki Silkwood Patti Stiegmeyer Skinner Cary Smithmier Jeanne Snell Thomas and Kathy Snider Vincent and Jamie Sollecito Bill and Sandra Spano Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Rebecca L. Jackson Spurgeon Phil and Mary Stapleton James and Joyce M. Starke Harold V. Jr. and Debra Steele Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Stewart Robert H. and Mary M. Stone David W. and Melanie L. Strodtman Gilman H. and Kathleen Stroupe Harold W. and Helen Sonia Sunoo Harry S. and Mary Aileen Tausch Stacy and Debbie Taylor Denise Terry James P. and Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton Rhys and Sharon G. Thomas Fred H. Thornton J. Wesley and Joan M. Fuller Ummel Thomas R. and Brenda A. Umstattd William R. and Constance E. Walters ◊ Carter D. and Sandra S. Leech Ward Mary Jean Washburn Samuel Jr. and Beth Watkins John S. and Anne M. Watters Thomas C. and Bernice H. White

Leander and Irma Widhalm Robert Paul and Martha Gray Wiegers ◊ Richard and Patricia A. Walje Wies H. Kendall and E. Kathleen Wilcox John and Brenda Wilken Miriam Williams Stuart and Jacqueline Wilsman Maurice H. Wilson William Kellar and Brenda Winkelmeyer James T. Yager Robert O. II and Nanette Padgett Young John and Carol Zid

Faculty and Staff Michael D. Allison Anonymous Jenny Ann Martin Anspach Michael Allen Bancroft Susan M. Bartel F. Jerry Benner Richard Bradley John J. Carter Sara J. Chaney Nettie N. Cherrington William D. Clark Debbie L. Conrow Donald B.Cullimore ◊ Anita S. Davis Theresa M. Davis ◊ Carole Sue DeLaite Thomas F. Dillingham Janell Thompson Dimond R. Paul Drummond ◊ Wally J. Eaton Dana R. Elliott M. Rebecca Enochs John A. Flanders Joy Dodson Flanders ◊ Pamela Weiland Flaspohler ◊ David Fortel

In September 58 people joined the Ashby-Hodge Art Tour, led by Curator Dr. Joe Geist, to see “Glass in the Garden,” an installation by noted glass artist Dale Chihuly at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Mary Elizabeth Frieden Joseph E. Geist Rita J. Gulstad Teri L. Haack Sally E. Hackman Nancy Pandolfi Hadfield ◊ Gale Hairston Barbara Hamel ◊ John Francis Healy Deborah L. Himmelberg Mary Hrdina Marianne E. Inman Daryl Jefferies Nancy Thompson Jones ◊ Linda J. Keown Lisha D. King Robert G. Kirby Janeen Kooi ◊ Linda O. Lembke Phyllis A. Linhart Linda L. Lorenz Linda K. Mackey

Darren Kent Marshall Carl McQuitty Octavia Hubbard McQuitty Debra Marie Nation Charlotte Niemeier ◊ Kenneth R. Oliver Larry J. Peery Frank M. Pisano Robert Kelly Poinsett Paul Porneluzi Andrea Jill Pratte Robert A. Rackley Mozaffar Rahmatpanah Braxton P. Rethwisch Mark C. Robb Rose Marie Rogers Thomas J. Ruess Maryann Rustemeyer Dianna D. Shallenburger Jeffrey A. Sherman Julee Kay Sherman Ronald L. Shroyer

Martha Jean Solomon ◊ Catherine J. Thogmorton Daytha Frink Trimble Sonya M. Welton Wade M. Welton Robert Paul Wiegers ◊

Faculty and Staff Emeriti Kenneth L. Burres Joe A. Howell J. Keith Keeling Roger R. Lembke James M. Luetjen Elizabeth J. McIntosh ◊ William D. McIntosh ◊ Anna May Miller Harold W. Sunoo James P. Thogmorton Thomas L. Yancey ◊ 5-year CEF donor † deceased

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Fall 2006

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DONOR HONOR ROLL Friends of the University Martha Beimdiek Adair Charles M. and Betty Adams Cora E. Adkins Estate Mary Louise Black Ahmann Robert L. and Sue Allen Richard Ambelang Floyd E. Anderson Robert F. and Nancy C. Anderson Gary L. Anspach William H. Archer Jr. Fred E. and Jo Ann Arnold ◊ Charles T. Ashby Charlene Atkin C. Eugene and Sydney Ann Atkins David P. and Emilie G. Atkins Glenn C. Ault Jr. Thomas J. Aylward Dorothy Jean Ayres Allan P. and Thelma L. Baker Robert C. and Donna M. Baker Walter Barenkamp ◊ Howard J. Barnhard Randall D. and Cathy Barron Marjorie K. Baskett Sunny Bates Martha B. Baylor ◊ Nylah Beach David E. and Nancy Guyton Bedan Donald and Jodi Belcher William G. Benfield Marcia Lubbers Berry ◊ Jennifer Bishop Diane Wilson Blackwelder Gordon O. Blalock Sybil J. Blumenberg June Bockelman Philippe Bogaerts Danielle Marie Bohner Gene C. and Cindy Bowen Sue Bowles William E. Brame Penny Brown Mark T. Brown Annette Sigal Brown Donald L. Broyles William Bruner Pam Buck Karen Buckman Melissa Bucksath Anna S. Burden Carolyn Burgin Donald E. and Alice Burke Kerry Bush Jack Bush Carol Platt Butler ◊ John G. and S. Jacqueline Byland Judy Callis Carol A. Capps ◊ Ge Juan B. Cardwell Minnie Lee Carter ◊ Albert L. Caudle Jennifer Barger Chankin Janice Chatelain Judith Chick Vera Lukas Chott


Jane V. Clark Catherine Cloyd Charlotte A. Coates Roger E. Cody Robert M. Coffman Betty Collier ◊ Iris L. Collins David R. Collum James W. Cooper Paul C. and Nancy Copenhaver Louis E. and Marcia M. Countryman Robert E. and Becky Courtney Charles Coutts Veronica M. Cox ◊ Shirley Crites Carlene Cullimore ◊ William L. Cutler ◊ † Irene Virginia Dalton Dale M. Davis Barbara H. Davis Richard K. Davis ◊ Henry Dayringer Karen Dealy Ronald DeLaite James C. Denneny III Betty E. Denneny George Derendinger J. H. Dethero Mary Lou Detweiler David L. Devaney Kathryn D. Dickey Mary E. Dillon John A. Ditto Todd Dodge Fred M. and Sharon L. Domke Maude G. Donnelly James M. Donnelly Daniel Patrick Dougherty John R. and Florence M. Dover Jim Elam Nancy Ellis Donald and Bertha Lee Erhardt Marc K. and Christine W. Evans M. Diane McIntyre Evans Susan Farr William and Phyllis Faulks Sophia Eubank Featherston ◊ † Newell S. Ferry III Pamela Finney David M. Firestone Hans Fischer and Barb Larkin Robert P. and Virginia Foster Roberta S. Fowler Margaret Francis Karen R. Frankenfeld Reva M. Freund Dreyfus L. Froe II Darren Fuemmeler Timothy J. Fuemmeler Fred F. Fuller Douglas Fulling Caroline E. Funk Terry and Nina Furstenau Jacque Gameson Raymond Garber Robert C. and Elizabeth Garrett

Fall 2006

Carl R. Garrett Robert M. and Edith I. Anderson Garst Mason R. and Lisa A. Gebhardt Michael and Denise M. Haskamp Gebhardt Kenneth Gebhardt Harley D. Gebhardt Helen C. Gift Chris Gissenaas Steve P. Glazner and Peggy Ann Brown N. J. Jr. and Jennie Carlisle Golding John T. Graff Edna Mae Graham Dale and Maureen Graham C. Jarrett and Mai H. Gray Jeanne Yaeger Grebe Stanley Grimm ◊ Jan Guenther ◊ Millicent B. Guerri ◊ Carl W. and Melody Gustafson David Hackett Doug Hackman Richard Hadfield H.W. Haggans Paul and Milly Haggard Carolyn Hairston Brian Hall ◊ Treva S. Hall Robert D.Hamel ◊ Major D. Hammett Dennis R. and Shelia C. Hammond Ruth R. Handy Lisa Hannah Cindy Harlan Cord and Kathyrne Harper Larry and Patsy G. Harrington Jerena Arthur Harris Kathryn Strok Hartzler Lynn Hawkey Walter Heisler Russ Henderson Cynthia Spaugh Henderson Rebecca Henkey Charles and Joyce Henry Lance Herrick Jo-an Brown Higgins Ruth Benner Hix ◊ Robert H. Jr. and Sandra Hodge Shelley Hoffman Linda K. Hogenmiller John E. Holland Joyce Holley John Holtzclaw Carol Hooton John F. and Anita L. Horton Frank W. Houck Pansy Ann Howell Barbara Ann Huddleston Richard K. and Pamela Huffstutter James C. Hunter David Inman Florence L. Innes ◊ Ruth Craig Innes ◊ Joanne H. Jackson

L. W. IV and Kelly Jacobs G. Willard Jenkins Jean N. Jenner ◊ Roger Jespersen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lee Johnmeyer Nancy L. Johnson Clyde and Millie Johnson Steven M. and Ruth J. Jones Philip N. Jones Larry A. Kantner Larry A. and Sandra D. Kauffman Marjorie A. Keeling Cyrus S. Keller and Michele Sue Shumake-Keller Louise Kessinger Kay Kimbell Gregory King Marilyn Kirby Frank Klocke Kristen Moore Kniest Sonja F. Knigge Edward A. Kooi Benjamin C. Korschot Cleo Kottwitz Suzanne J. Kountz William B. Kountz Jr. Shari Kraus Emily Kreisler Cheryl Ladge Robert W. and Ruth Lane Robert M. and Doris Lane Larkin H. Langford Dale Larison William D. and Julia M. Lay Jayne E. Layden Ronald E. and Christine Lemonds Catherine Hampton Lester Georgia Linneman Edith Marie Long ◊ Holly Luetjen Dennis Luetkemeyer William J. and Patricia Sue O’Dell Lundquist Kenneth R. Lutgen Jr. Brock M. and Nancy D. Lutz Gary O. Mackey Jack Magruder Don Mahaffy David J. and Mary Alice Malmo Alexander and Elizabeth Wood Marshall Gill and Beverly K. Williams Mattli Charlene McClelland Diane McClure Robert A. McCombs Joe M. and Maida McCormack Wiley R. and MaryEllen McVicker Emilie Meiners Charles W. Merrifield Mary Merryman Paul K. Meyers Roswitha Michel Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Miller Jr. Douglas S. and Jo Anne Miller

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Tim and Carol Monnig Robert E. and Lorann C. Montgomery Karen Morris Donald R. Mowery Charlie J. Myers David P. Nasby Linda B. Nelson Gregory A. and Melissa A. Nelson Patricia Vance Nelson Kent Nesvik Greg Newby Barbara Nielsen Victoria Nolte M. Diane Nunnelee Emily L. Nunnelly Michelle L. Oliver Mark Oppenhuizen Janice Rushing O’Quinn Robert E. Otto Robert Paine Karen Parker Montha Partise Jim A. Pauley Mark D. Peacock Dennis Carl Pease Richard H. Peerson Valerie J. Penn Gerald and Donna Pescaglia John D. Phillippe Rebecca Pisano Miles V. Plzak ◊ Brenda S. Poinsett Dana L. Morris-Porneluzi Glenwood B. and Marie Maxine Poston Dennis and Bonnie Potter Cathy Powell ◊ Gardell and Karen Powell David Radanovich Nicholas L. and Patricia Reding Gary K. Rees Terisa C. Easley Remelius Edward H. Renner S. Fred Rhoads † Katie Rhodes Karen A. Richards A. Ruth Richardson Roberta W. Richey Cresencia Roberts Edward D. Robertson Sr. Karen Robinson Robin A. Roderick James A. and Kitty Rogers Joanne C. Roman E. Eugene Rooney Jared Rorabaugh Marjorie Ross Willis C. Royall Nora S. Rudd Janette Ruess Norma June Russell Stephanie Russell-Wilcox J. Bailey Rutledge M.E. and Kitty Schewe Gloria C. Hunt Schlapbach ◊ Robert Schnase Scott Schneider Norma Sebben Estate John F. Shackelford

The Talon

DONOR HONOR ROLL William T. and Connie Shay W. Richard and Charlotte A. Shelton Bob A. and G. Kay Sherrill James Sherry Stanley and Linda Shipman Harriet Lynn Shirley Jane Shover B. G. Sides Evelyn Simpson Rita O. Sisson Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Sites Robert B. Smith Gary G. and Karla Sprick Christy A. Steele Carolyn J. Steinhaus Luann D. Sterling J. Todd Stewart John K. Stiller Michael D. Stokes Maureen T. Sturman Harold L. Suchan Ruth L. Svoboda Carolyn Sweet Jerry Lynn Taylor Elizabeth P. Thompson Donald E. Thompson Sally Thompson Charles D. and Lou Thompson Marguerite W. Thompson Marie B. Tindall Lorena Jeanne Tinker Eugene S. and Ruth Trice Dara M. Turnage Linda L. Turner Isaac N. Uptegrove Estate Barbara A. Vestal Elizabeth J. Wade Herbert D. and Jane A. Walker Mary Jean Washburn Lovett H. Weems Jr. James P. Weir Jane Ann Welcelean Rodger and Leann Weller Merle T. Welshans ◊ David Whitney Julia Parsons Widhalm Monica Widhalm ◊ Janice A. Wiese-Fales Kathleen Wilder June L. Wilder Robert Jr. and Edris Wilhoit ◊ Jerry Willer Charles Banks Wilson James C. and Joan M. Wilson Pat Wilson Troy L. and Elizabeth M. Wilson Arlene T. Winn Lois G. Winn Carolyn Wofford Rosemary M. Wolf ◊ Peter J. Wolfe Cynthia Sooter Wolk Linda S. Wyatt Holly R. Wygant J. W. Youle Kenneth L. Zeiger

Businesses, Foundations, Matching Gift Companies, and Organizations AT&T AT&T Foundation Abbott Laboratories Fund Adult Education Management Service Aetna Foundation Allstate Foundation American Legion of Fayette Amgen Foundation BD Matching Gift Program Bank of America Corporation Blue Ridge Bank & Trust Co. Boeing Gift Matching Program Brisley-Phillips Foundation Marie E. Buck Trust Burlington Northern Santa Fe Cardinal Health Foundation Central States Fitness Systems The Chance Foundation ChevronTexaco

Cingular Wireless Matching Gift CitiMortgage Inc. Coil Construction Inc. Colgate-Palmolive Company Commercial Trust Company ConocoPhillips Corporate Contribution Courthouse Bed & Breakfast DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund A. G. Edwards Emerson Electric Company Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Exchange Bank of Missouri ExxonMobil Foundation Inc. Family Health Inc. Fayette Area Community Trust Fayette Rotary Club

Federated Department Stores First Federal Bank Flour Creations and Bakery Fresh Ideas Management LLC Gamble and Schlemeier GannettMatch General Mills Foundation GlaxoSmith Kline Halliburton Foundation Inc. Hallmark Corporate Foundation Hammons Products Company Healthsouth The Wm. R. Hearst Foundations Home Oil Company Honeywell International Foundation Howard County Retired Teachers Howard County Veterinary

Service Howard Electric Cooperative IBM International Foundation Innes Family Reunion Fund Inovatia Laboratories LLC International Paper Foundation Edward Jones Scholarship Jordan Charitable Foundation Keithley & Associates Land O’Lakes Foundation Learfield Communications Inc. Lockheed Martin The May Stores Foundation Inc. Medart Inc. Merchants & Farmers Bank Meredith Corporation Foundation Merrill Lynch & Company MetLife Foundation Missouri Bandmasters Association Inc. Missouri Colleges Fund Missouri Conference UMC Missouri-Pacific Lumber Company Missouri UMC Foundation Missouri United Methodist Foundation Monnig Industries Inc. Monsanto Fund Monsanto Fund Scholarship Orscheln Industries Foundation PNM Foundation Peterson Manufacturing Company Pfizer Foundation Pharmacia Foundation The Pimco Foundation Principal Financial Group Procter & Gamble Pundmann Ford Quest Diagnostics Reckitt Benckiser Remedies Family Pharmacy Rolla Key Sport Shop Inc. SBC Foundation SC Johnson Wax Fund Inc. Saint-Gobain Corp. Foundation Scripps Howard Foundation Sonoco Foundation Sprint Foundation Scholarship Star Tribune Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation Tri-County Trust Company Union Pacific Corporation United Parcel Service Scholarship Verizon Foundation Wal-Mart Store #820 The Williams Companies Williams-Keepers CPA Wood Creek Media

◊ 5-year CEF donor † deceased

Fall 2006

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DONOR HONOR ROLL Patrons of The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art SERAPHIM Tom and Arlene Ashby O. Nelson and Kristi Wiebe Auer Virginia Bailey Earl and Sunny Bates Jerry and Ruth Benner The Reverend Richard Colbert, C.P.P.S. Commercial Trust Company H. Denny and Barbara Davis Joseph Geist Robert and Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge Robert and Mrs. Sandra Hodge William and Martha Rogers Holman Marianne and David Inman Philip and Rebecca Means Jones Ad Tom King William Kountz Mary Merryman Mark and Doris Mohan Gerald and Donna Pescaglia Janice Rushing O’Quinn James and Kitty Rogers Garland and Peggy Lee Russell Peggy Peters Sandring Edna Schenk Robert W. and N. Louann Shaner Lori Sharp Charles and Rebecca Swaney Tom Yancey

PRINCIPALITY Paul and Eleanor Rudd Calvert Glenn and Veronica Cox John D. Hutcherson Janet L. Jacobs Ercell and Virginia Sherman Miller Virginia Lloyd Monroe Ann Parks Nancy Walker Peacock Miles Plzak

CHERUBIM J. Bruce and Jan Gift Addison Howard and Celia Roberts Barnhard C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Sara Chaney Ann Abernathy Clement Robert and Rebecca Courtney Richard and Theresa Davis George and Becky Feaster Newell and Martha Ferry Mary Louise Forbes


Dale and Maureen Graham Elizabeth Hix Betty Switzer Hutson Daisy McGee Jacobs Robert and Ruth Lane Brock M. Lutz Gilbert and Beverly Mattli Elizabeth and Robert Otto John D. Phillippe Earl J. and Karen S. Robinson Lathem and Nicole Parrish Scott Robert B. Stanley John W. Sutton Wallace and Dara Turnage J.B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner Eugene Weathers Charles Banks Wilson

ARCHANGELS Eva Allen David and Emilie Atkins Francoise and Joe Bien Robert and Morene Britton Annette Sigal Brown John and Jacqueline Byland Don and Carlene Cullimore J.H. and Charlotte Lee Dethero Thomas F. Dillingham John Ditto Nancy Ellis Paul and Millie Haggard Larry and Patsy Harrington Ilene Morrison House Russell and Nancy Thompson Jones J. Keith and Margie Keeling Linda J. Keown Robert W. and Mary Jo Kleinschmidt Samuel and Phyllis Hayes Lucas Sheryl Huecker Luster Robert and Carol Meszaros James and Marsha Miller C. Michael and Roberta Mueller Pat Hanna and Jeanne Pascale Braxton and Judith Rethwisch Sarah M. Riddick Cris Roberts Margaret Sayers-Pedan William and Connie Shay Evelyn Simpson George and Carolyn Sweet Harry and Mary Aileen Tausch Holly R. Wygant

ANGELS Norma Neal Anderson Bill and Dorothy Jean Ayres Robert and Donna Baker Betty Brown Liz Brown Penny Brown Marge Fizer Cochran Ronald and Carole Sue DeLaite

Fall 2006

Maude Donnelly Patricia Drumm Terry and Nina Furstenau Cord and Kathryn Harper Bradley Harrison Walter and Joanne Heisler James C. Hunter John and Virgie Irvin Marie and Ralph Jaynes Newton W. Jones Larry A. Kantner and Carl Morris Janeen W. Kooi Shari Kraus Robert and Virginia Lane Randy and Charlotte Leimkuehler Charles and Wilma McCoy Wiley Maryellen McVicker Richard and Carol Pemberton Gardell and Karen Powell Michael and Kitty Schewe Catherine Thogmorton Hope Tinker and David Fortel Lorena J. Tinker

Docents for The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art In appreciation for the countless hours of volunteer service to the Gallery. Jan Addison Barbara Alexander Norma Anderson Bill Ayers Dorothy Jean Ayers Donna Baker Martha Baylor Phil Baylor Morrene Britton Liz Brown Marge Cochran Barbara Davis Susan Donnelly Becky Feaster Marty Ferry Dale Graham Millie Haggard Bill Holman Martha Holman Ilene House Marie Jaynes Margie Keeling Ad Tom King Marilyn Kirby Chris Losey Beverly Mattli Betty McIntosh Marge McMillan Virginia Monroe, Director Ann Parks Donna Pescaglia Fred Rhoads † Connie Shay Karla Sprick Helen Thogmorton

James Thogmorton Marie Tindall Marilyn Young

The All-Sport Booster Club Eagle Club $1,000.00-$4,999.99 Earl F. and Sunny Bates Commercial Trust Company Vita M. Scribner Goppert Sam M. and Jan Guenther Elbert and Mona Lou Basye Haenssler Janet L. Jacobs Pundmann Ford Michael Dean and Merri Ringen

Green Club $500.00-$999.99 Geoffrey and Jennifer Jacobs Moorehead Francis E. and Melody A. Reardon Michael A. Scardina Donald G. Jr. and Sondra Sercu Spalding

Black Club $250.00-$499.99 Coca-Cola – Al Green James Gann James M. and Elisabeth Holman Luetjen McCutcheon Enterprises Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Michael D. Stokes and Patricia L. Wendling Randall E. Lee

Lettermen Club $100.00-$249.99 Bank of America Bank of LaMonte Barbara A. Bartee Robert Blanton III Jim Byland John Cater Central States Fitness Systems Charlie Brown & Company LaVelle Collins Commerce Bank George Allen and Raelene Casatta Derrieux Roger and Katherine Browning Dorson Irvin Joy Drewel Exchange Bank of Missouri William and Phyllis Faulks Fresh Ideas Management LLC John D. Harris Terry L. and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Andrew J. and Jo-an Brown Higgins William S. and Martha Rogers Holman

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

John H. Jr. and Nancy Balzer Holt Ralph Wayne Howe Robert William and Marva G. McBride Iglehart Marianne E. and David Inman Inovatia Laboratories LLC Ron and Sonja Knigge McDonald’s/Visionworks Merchants & Farmers Bank Nelnet College Planning Center Print Lynx Red Weir Athletic Supply Earl J. and Karen Robinson Rolling Hills Country Club Rolla Key Sport Shop Inc. Schlotzhauer Auto James Gregory Stamos State Farm Insurance – Jerry Swartz State Farm Insurance – Pat Phillips Richard W. and Clara Jayne Sindt Stewart Gilman H. and Kathleen Stroupe Olin O. Taylor Rhys and Sharon G. Thomas US Bank – Student Banking Larry M. VandeVen Jr. J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner

Coaches Club $50.00-$99.99 William Eugene Borchardt David W. and Carol Platt Butler C & R Market, Fayette County Distributing Jennifer Powell Cook Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Warren and Shirley Dew John Daniel Ferrier The Fitness Zone William C. and Margaret Francis Errol K. and Jo Nell Parrott Gann Don A. and Jean Borgelt Gruenewald Spencer Clay Hedgepeth Nathan Thomas and Laura Mae Stegeman Holtmeyer Hoops Unlimited Gail D. and Dorothy N. Kauffman Hughes Jira Unlimited William B. Kountz Jr. Rod Mathewson Fred and Julie Jacobs Menees Principal Financial Group Russell Lee and Christine E. Schmidt Shelter Insurance Co. – Melody Marcks Earl R. and Sarah L. Shostrom Keith E. Shostrom Dexter Slagle Douglas D. Sleade † deceased

The Talon


George Will ’44 and Harriet Ellen Shirley Hall of Sponsors Scholarship Benefits Piano Students

Established by Harriet Ellen (Bunting) Shirley as a trib- work for the Ph.D. in education administration at the Uniute to her husband’s musical ability and achievements and versity of Texas-Austin. built with faithful gifts over several years, the George Will In 1947 George began a 35-year distinguished teaching ’44 and Harriet Ellen Shirley Hall of Sponsors Scholarship career. He taught at the University of Indianapolis, where assists students studying piano. A scholarship, awarded for he met his wife. He headed the music departments at Coa I rating at a National Music Festival, brought George to lumbia College and at Southwest Baptist University before Central College from rural Bunceton to study with Professor joining the faculty to teach music history and piano at N. Louise Wright, Southwest Missouri State first Dean of the University (now MisSwinney Consersouri State University) vatory of Music. in 1966. After he retired Dean Wright asfrom college teaching in sessed her talented 1982 he worked in radistudent, “George ology at St. John’s MediShirley...has shown cal Center. Later George an unusual gift and Princess, the Shirfor music. I conleys’ pet sheltie, visited sider Mr. Shirley extended care patients a thorough musithere every week. cian, particularly Like her husband, gifted in his major Harriet Ellen Bunting subject piano and was a musician and lover his minor subject of music from childhood. organ.” Sixty-two During the Depression years later he conher Kansas farmer partinues to demonents sacrificed so she strate that “unusucould attend subscripal gift for music.” tion concerts in Wichita. He still plays daily, She earned a diploma in frequently original piano from the Univercompositions by sity of Wichita and the Dean Wright - his Bachelor of Arts in Music “excellent teacher” from Friends University. - although he no She then studied English longer is a church and education, earning organist and he degrees from Emporia recently discontinState University and the ued teaching in his University of Northern home studio. Harriett Ellen (Bunting) and George Will Shirley Colorado. As a Central During her teaching freshman, George was initiated into Phi Mu Alpha Sinfo- career Harriet taught English and literature at several colnia. As a senior, he was vice president of Future Teachers leges, including Santiago College in Chile, the University of of America, foretelling his career as a college professor. He Indianapolis, Southwestern University, and the University served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during World War II of Missouri-Columbia. At Missouri State University, 1966and the Korean War. The GI Bill helped him earn the Master 1982, she specialized in educating students to teach literaof Music with a piano major at the University of Michigan. ture. He also studied with esteemed teachers at Indiana UniverToday the Shirleys continue to enjoy music, especially sity, the University of London, American Conservatory of classical music. They intend that their scholarship will enMusic, and the University of Vienna. He completed course able many young people to pursue piano study.

Fall 2006

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DONOR HONOR ROLL Stacy and Debbie Taylor Timber Lake Country Club

Boosters Cynthia Lou Ann Brown James Byland Sara J. Chaney Barbara M. Thornton Dionne Jeff Dodson Melisa Peters Felten Nicole Elizabeth Geisendorfer Emery Jr. and Jan Geisendorfer Martin Henry II and Erin Briana Paulsmeyer Gerloff Gale Hairston Brian Hill Robert G. and Marilyn Kirby Charles M. and Lynn Munger Miller Gary Noland Darren Pannier Everette Pryer Robert A. Rackley Mozaffar and Farahnaz Rahmatpanah Harold V. Jr. and Debra Steele Catherine J. Thogmorton Elnora E. Tucker Roger B. Wilson

Friends of Music The N. Louise Wright Society $1,000 and up Jim and Lois Spayde Elam Ronald Lee and Virginia McCoy Frede Ruth Higginbotham Nickerson Norma Sebben Estate Robert W. and N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner Robert L. Siler and Patricia Hill Burnett Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde

Conductor’s Circle $500 to $999 Fred A. Binkholder Commercial Trust Company Philip N. Edson Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones Alice L. Freese Kennedy John D. Phillippe Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer

Sustaining Friends $100 to $499 Kenneth R. and Mary Louise Black Ahmann Michael D. and Vicki R. Allison Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Helen Fay Oliver Boner Donald Booher Rebecca Sherrill Burkhart


Jane Louise Turner Chick Robert E. and Becky Courtney Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox John C. and Leslie Ann Reynolds Craig Allen S. and Shirley Crites Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Virginia E. Dooley Celia Utlaut Drake Frances Lucille Foster Mary Ann Grannemann Dorathy Wagner Griessel Ralph R. and D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther Bud Haley James T. Harper Mae K. Schmidt Heckmann Latham Bennett and Rebecca Henkey Andrew J. and Jo-an Brown Higgins Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix William S. and Martha Rogers Holman David and Marianne E. Inman Janet L. Jacobs Paul Andrew Lebeck W. Howard Lewin Kevin L. and Cheryl Eckhoff Lines Samuel Edgar and Phyllis Jean Hayes Lucas Robert L. Moore Janice Rushing O’Quinn Charles J. and Joyce Eickmeyer Owens Ozark UMC Principal Financial Group John B. and Sharon K. Tally Renick Earl J. and Karen Robinson Thomas J. and Janette Ruess Earl R. and Sarah L. Shostrom Albert G. Smith Robert B. Stanley David Edgar Starkey Louise Joyce Starr Kenneth R. Stephens Dianne A. Dietz Stever John William Sutton Richard H. Swaim Barbara A. Vestal J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner Thomas L. Yancey

Members up to $99

Constance Baur Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Sally Scott Blackburn Paul and Catherine Blanchard Betty C. Taggart Bruner James J. and Caryl R. Bryan William R. Dineen Harlo L. Donelson Stacey Dawn Morrison Drilling Pansyetta Glaser Fleener

Fall 2006

On a recent visit to the CMU campus, former President Joe A. Howell stopped to see the room in the Student and Community Center named in his honor by Fred ’61 and Jenny ’59 Bergsten, Doug and Ellen Dalzell, Robert and Virginia Foster, Dennis and Shelia Hammond, Jim and Libby Luetjen, Mark and Nancy Walker ’87 Peacock, and Bill ’84 and Wendy Slagle ’87 Sheehan. William C. and Margaret Francis Wayne Hackman Robert J. Henderson Jr. Linda Marie DeForest Hess Craig J. Isom Gary F. Jones Ardis Wehrli Kimbell Janeen W. Kooi M. Daniel Lane Memorial UMC, Farmington Ruth E. Monroe

Robert Arthur and Beatrice K. Moore Murphy Christopher Lee Nelson Robert A. Rackley Shirley Held Rinderknecht Melvin D. Roulston Christina Lewis Rydeen B. G. Sides and Susan Marner-Sides Thomas and Kathy Snider Mark S. Thomas Jean Eisenstein Thompson

Sheila J. Tredway Elnora E. Tucker Kathleen Wilder

Friends of the Little Theatre Producer’s Circle $500 and up Earl F. and Sunny Bates Commercial Trust Company William B. Kountz Jr.

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DONOR HONOR ROLL Director’s Guild $250 to $499 Flour Creations and Bakery Janet L. Jacobs

Supporting Cast $100 to $249 Anonymous Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox David Fortel and Hope I. Tinker Nancy Pandolfi Hadfield and Richard Hadfield William S. and Martha Rogers

Holman Marianne E. and David Inman Inovatia Laboratories LLC Daisy McKee Jacobs Janet B. Kelty Robert W. and Ruth Lane Linda L. Lorenz Dennis and Ginger A. King Luetkemeyer Brock M. and Nancy D. Lutz Miles V. Plzak Earl J. and Karen Robinson Wood Creek Media Lee Woodward and Janice Chatelain

Stage Hands up to $99 R. Frederick and Barbara Miller Alexander Robert C. and Donna M. Baker Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Keith Broadus Marge Fizer Cochran Donald B. and Carlene Cullimore Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis

Ronald and Carole Sue DeLaite George Derendinger Mark A. and Susan Friemonth Freese Joseph E. Geist Nina Gooch Robert D. and Barbara Hamel Ilene Morrison House Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling Janeen W. Kooi

Roger R. and Linda O. Lembke Linda Ragene Miller S. Fred Rhoads † Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Jane Shover Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Rebecca L. Jackson Spurgeon James P. and Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner † deceased

New Members Continue to Strengthen Board of Trustees This fall, two new members have joined the CMU Board of Trustees to help guide the University. Fayette community leader Tim Jackman graduated from CMU in 1981 with a B.S. in Business Administration. “As a member of the Board of Trustees, Tim will contribute strong professional expertise, a deep commitment to both Central and Fayette, and dedication to education at all levels,” President Inman said. “We are delighted that he has accepted the invitation to serve in this capacity.” Jackman currently is vice president of claims administration for Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance (MEM) in Columbia, Mo., which is the state’s premier provider of workmen’s compensation. He oversees Claims Management, Managed Care and Legal Departments and the Special Investigative and Subrogation Units. He recently published an article on “Safety: The Best Work Comp Policy” in Ingram’s magazine. After joining MEM in 1995 as general claims manager, Jackman was promoted to vice president in 1997. He previously worked for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. In the Fayette community, Jackman serves on the Fayette School Board and the Missouri State School Board Association Board where he is Region 6 Government Relations Chair. As a member of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Fayette, he has co-chaired the Juneteenth Committee and has been active in planning for the church’s 150th anniversary celebration. He is also active in Advent Enterprises Inc., Junior Olympics and the UMC Wesley Foundation. “I am excited and honored to be a part of the Board of Trustees and to serve the university in this capacity,” Jackman said. “CMU has been an invaluable asset to my personal and professional growth, so it is gratifying to be able to offer my services.”

Fall 2006

Rev. Gregory O. Chandler Sr. of Cincinnati, Ohio, has also joined the CMU Board of Trustees. An alumnus of Central Methodist, Chandler graduated in 1976 with a degree in business. He is currently the senior pastor of the World Outreach Christian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since his graduation from Anderson Theological Seminary, Chandler has preached and taught in both the United States and Nigeria. Prior to founding World Outreach Christian Church, he served as senior pastor of North East Baptist Church in Durham, N.C., and of Peace Baptist Church in Cincinnati. While at Peace Baptist Church, he established an evangelistic ministry, which included street preaching, outdoor worship services, street evangelism teams, outdoor Bible study and community fellowship meals. Chandler was instrumental in establishing partnerships with the local elementary school, boys and girls clubs, the police department, a children’s learning center and the community council. As a community leader, Chandler also helped organize pastors for outreach ministry and has been a stalwart agent for improving relationships between local government and its citizens. “Reverend Chandler is an accomplished and dedicated church and community leader, just as he was a highly accomplished and dedicated student leader in his years at Central,” President Inman points out. “He has expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to study here, and he considers trusteeship a way to give back to his alma mater in recognition of all that he received here. We are honored that he has accepted our invitation to serve on the Board of Trustees.” Chandler and his wife, Joselyn, reside in Cincinnati and have two grown children, Gregory Jr. and Andrea Renee.

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Hall of Sponsors Scholarship Established in Memory of Phyllis Baylor and in Honor of Philip E. Baylor


Philip and Phyllis Baylor, long-time friends of Central Methodist University and strong supporters of the Swinney Conservatory and Little Theatre programs, now have a Hall of Sponsors Scholarship established in their names. Recently, Phil and his second wife, Martha, decided to establish the Philip E. and Phyllis Baylor Hall of Sponsors Scholarship to support the institution for which Phyllis had so much passion. Originally from Illinois, Phyllis and Phil Baylor moved to Howard County in 1953. That same year they joined Linn Memorial United Methodist Church and became active members of the Fayette community. They had four sons: Jim, John, Curtis (who attended Central in 1971-2), and George. Phyllis, who passed away in May of 1994, grew up in Illinois, but spent her adult years in Fayette. She was actively involved in P.E.O., serving a term as president, and the Lydia Circle of the United Methodist Women. She was the record keeper at the Fayette Medical Clinic for several years and often enjoyed playing bridge. Phyllis had a love of music and sang in the Sanctuary Choir at Linn Memorial UMC. Additionally, she was a member of the Organ Committee and was instrumental in planning for the renovation of the sanctuary’s pipe organ. Philip, a graduate of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., farmed for seven years on their property in Howard County. He received his teaching certificate from Central in 1960 and earned a master’s degree from the University of Missouri-Rolla, then known as the Missouri School of Mining. Phil spent 30 years teaching math and physics to high school students in Boonville and Glasgow. Phyllis and Phil were dedicated supporters of Central Methodist University. Phyllis was a Patron of Tau Chapter

Phyllis and Philip Baylor of Phi Beta Fraternity for the Creative and Performing Arts. She and Phil often attended concerts and shows at the Little Theatre. They also went on several Janaways hosted by the university and befriended many students through their travels and their attendance at campus events. Phil and Martha Baylor, married since 1999, have continued to be actively involved in the arts programs at Central. The Philip E. and Phyllis Baylor Hall of Sponsors Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student each school year. All of the Baylors hold a strong interest in education and through this scholarship will be aiding students in higher education for generations to come. Their photograph, along with that of their student recipient, will hang in Brannock Hall. The first recipient of the scholarship will be named this year.

Phyllis and Phil Baylor’s son Curtis and granddaughter Lisa pose in front of one of Lisa’s art pieces. Titled “Self-Portrait with Hands,” the work features Lisa and her grandmother Phyllis and is part of the current exhibition in The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art.


Fall 2006

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CHURCH HONOR ROLL United Methodist Church Foundations Missouri United Methodist Foundation Missouri United Methodist Church Foundation General Board of Higher Education and Ministry UMC

Missouri United Methodist Churches

These churches and church organizations of the Missouri Conference supported CMU in Calendar Year 2005. GATEWAY CENTRAL DISTRICT

Asbury UMC, St. Louis Bellefontaine United Methodist Men Bethel UMC, Wildwood Christ Community UMC, St. Louis Christy Memorial UMC Concord Trinity UMC Ellisville UMC Eureka UMC Fenton UMC First UMC, Webster Groves Grace UMC, St. Louis Green Trails UMC Kirkwood UMC LaSalle UMC, St. Louis Lafayette Park UMC, St. Louis Lewis Chapel UMC, Crescent Manchester UMC Maplewood UMC Mt. Zion UMC, St. Louis New Hope UMC, Arnold Normandy UMC North Hills UMC, St. Louis North Park UMC Salem-in-Ballwin UMC Salem-in-Ladue UMC Samaritan UMC, St. Louis Scruggs Memorial UMC St. Andrew UMC, Florissant St. John’s UMC, St. Louis St. Luke’s UMC, St. Louis Stephan Memorial UMC Union UMC, St. Louis Unity UMC, St. Louis Valley Park UMC Village Church of St. Louis Webster Hills UMC, St. Louis Zion UMC, St. Louis

GATEWAY REGIONAL DISTRICT Arcadia Valley UMC Beemont UMC Belgrade UMC Belleview UMC Bellflower UMC Bethel UMC, Montgomery City Buell UMC Caledonia UMC Casco UMC

Cedar Grove UMC Centenary UMC, Bonne Terre Central Grove UMC Champion City UMC Church of the Shepherd UMC College UMC, Warrenton Cuba UMC Desloge UMC Doe Run UMC Drake UMC Ebenezer UMC Elsberry UMC Emmanuel UMC, Viburnum Emory Memorial UMC, New Haven Esther UMC Fairview UMC, Grubville Faith UMC, St. Charles First UMC Presbyterian First UMC, Bourbon First UMC, De Soto First UMC, Festus First UMC, Park Hills First UMC, St. Charles First UMC, Union First UMC, Washington Flucom UMC, De Soto Grace UMC, Sullivan Gray Summit UMC Herculaneum UMC Hermann UMC Highcrest UMC Immanuel UMC, Senate Grove Irondale UMC Jonesburg UMC Labadie UMC Leslie UMC Libertyville UMC Marvin Chapel UMC Memorial UMC, Farmington Middletown UMC Mineola UMC Mineral Point UMC Morning Star, O’Fallon Moscow Mills UMC Mt. Olive UMC, Franklin County Mt. Olive UMC, Jefferson County New Florence UMC New Hope UMC, Owensville Old Alexandria UMC Olney UMC Pendleton UMC Plattin UMC Pleasant Hill UMC, Defiance Potosi UMC Rosebud UMC Shiloh UMC, Foristell Smith Creek UMC St. Andrew’s UMC, De Soto St. Clair UMC St. Stephen UMC, Troy Sunrise UMC Victoria UMC Wellsville UM-Presbyterian Wesley Memorial UMC Woollam UMC Zion UMC, Mapaville Zion UMC, Truxton


Fall 2006

CENTRAL DISTRICT Atherton UMC Avondale Challengers Sunday School Class Belvidere UMC Blue Ridge Boulevard UMC Broadway UMC, Kansas City Buckner UMC Centennial UMC, Kansas City Christ UMC, Independence Country Club UMC Epworth-Roanoke UMC Fairmount UMC, Independence First UMC, Independence First UMC, North Kansas City Garland Avenue UMC Gashland UMC Glenwood Park UMC Grandview UMC Kairos UMC Marlborough UMC McMurry UMC Mt. Calvary UMC Mt. Tabor UMC New Hope UMC, Kansas City North Cross UMC Northern Boulevard UMC Northmoor UMC One Spirit UMC St. Andrew UMC, Kansas City St. James UMC, Kansas City St. John’s UMC, Kansas City St. Luke’s UMC, Kansas City St. Matthew’s UMC St. Paul UMC, Independence Sugar Creek UMC Swope Park UMC Terrace Lake UMC Trinity UMC, Kansas City Wesley Heights UMC Winnwood UMC

HEARTLAND NORTH DISTRICT Abbott’s Chapel UMC Arley UMC Bogard UMC Buckner UMC Camden UMC Carrollton UMC Concordia UMC Corder UMC Cowgill UMC Dearborn UMC Elmwood UMC First UMC, Blue Springs First UMC, Marshall First UMC, North Kansas City First UMC, Odessa Good Shepherd UMC Grain Valley UMC Grand Pass UMC Hale UMC Hardin UMC Henrietta UMC Holt UMC Kearney UMC Lathrop UMC Lawson UMC Lexington UMC Liberty UMC, Liberty

Malta Bend UMC Mandeville UMC McBee Chapel UMC McMurry UMC Millville UMC Mt. Tabor UMC Napoleon UMC New Hope UMC, Richmond Norborne UMC North Cross UMC North Star UMC North Street UMC, Marshall Northmoor UMC Oak Grove UMC Oakland UMC, Buckner Orrick UMC Paradise UMC Platte City UMC Platte Woods UMC Plattsburg UMC Polo UMC Proctorville UMC Richmond UMC Slater UMC Smith Chapel UMC, Napton Smithville UMC St. Paul UMC, Sweet Springs St. Peter UMC Todd Chapel UMC Turney UMC Waverly UMC Wellington UMC Wesley UMC, Sweet Springs Weston UMC Winnwood UMC

HEARTLAND SOUTH DISTRICT Adrian UMC Archie UMC Bear Creek No. 2 UMC Bethel UMC, Hughesville Blackwater Chapel UMC Brandon UMC Calhoun UMC Clinton UMC Cole Camp UMC Community UMC, Chilhowee Creighton UMC Drake’s Chapel UMC Drexel UMC Edwards UMC Eldorado UMC Epworth UMC First UMC, Blue Springs First UMC, Odessa First UMC, Sedalia First UMC, Warrensburg Florence UMC Georgetown UMC Goodwill Chapel UMC Grain Valley UMC Harrisonville UMC Harwood UMC Hickory Chapel UMC Holden UMC Hope UMC Houstonia UMC Ionia UMC LaDue UMC LaMonte UMC Lake Creek UMC

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Lake Lotawana UMC Lee’s Summit UMC Leeton UMC Lincoln UMC Lucas UMC Medford UMC Montrose UMC Mt. Olivet UMC, Adrian Mt. Tabor UMC Mt. Zion UMC, Butler Mt. Zion UMC, Deepwater Norris UMC Oak Grove UMC Oakland UMC, Buckner Ohio Street UMC Passaic UMC Peculiar UMC Pleasant Hill UMC, Sedalia Rich Hill UMC Rockville UMC Schell City UMC St. Paul’s UMC, Raymore St. Peter UMC Taylor Chapel UMC Trinity UMC, Appleton City Virginia UMC Warren Street UMC Wesley Chapel UMC, Kingsville Wesley UMC, Sedalia Windsor UMC Woods Chapel UMC, Lee’s Summit Woods Chapel UMC, Odessa Zion Hill UMC, Concordia

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Fall 2006

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The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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Pictures of our past—Central College and Howard-Payne College, circa 1911-13—from a Central College photograph album donated by Fayette native Mike Mueller ’73. Mike and his wife now live in Morgantown, W.V. where he is a writer and she is a research scientist.

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon


CMU Board of Trustees Bruce Addison ’66 Fayette, Mo. Pres., Addison Biological Laboratory

Jeffrey Hogenmiller ’70 Libertyville, Ill. Principal, Gray Hair Management

Dr. Rodney Rhodes ’79 Farmington, Mo. Orthodontist

Fred Alexander ’58 Fayette, Mo. Farmer and Developer

Dr. John Hutcherson ’56 Englewood, Colo. Cardiovascular Specialist

Michael Scardina ’76 Vernon Hills, Ill. Asst. VP, Allstate Insurance Co.

Robert Anderson Plano, Texas CEO, Cardiovascular Provider Resource

Marianne Inman Fayette, Mo. Pres., Central Methodist University

Bishop Robert Schnase Columbia, Mo. Bishop, Missouri Conference UMC

David Atkins Columbia, Mo. Executive Director, Missouri United Methodist Foundation

Timothy Jackman ’81 Fayette, Mo. VP Claims Admin., Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance

Dr. Deborah Sellmeyer ’87 South San Francisco, Calif. Dir., Osteoporosis Center, UC-San Francisco

Virginia Wood Bergsten ’59 Annandale, Va. Educator (ret.)

Janet Jacobs ’77 Fayette, Mo. Board Chair, Commercial Trust Co.

Rev. James Bryan Columbia, Mo. Senior Pastor, Missouri UMC

Rev. David Kerr ’67 St. Louis, Mo. Senior Pastor, Salem-in-Ladue UMC

Robert Shaner ’70 Hilton Head, S. C. Pres. Wireless Operations (ret.), Cingular

Rev. Gregory Chandler Cincinnati, Ohio Senior Pastor, World Outreach Christian Church

James Kimbell ’80 Sugar Land, Texas Attorney, Strasburger & Price LLP

Rev. Jane Clark St. Louis, Mo. UMC minister (ret.)

Dr. Carl Lester ’61 Marshalltown, Iowa Orthopedic Surgeon (ret.); Pres., CMU Alumni Assoc.

Robert Courtney St. Louis, Mo. Pres. (ret.), Business Supply Centers Inc.

Brock Lutz St. Louis, Mo. Ralston Purina Inc. (ret.)

Glenn Cox ’51 Bartlesville, Okla. Pres./COO (ret.), Phillips Petroleum

Kirk Meyer ’83 Albuquerque, N. M. Dir. Of Finance, Public Service Co. of New Mexico

Nancy Ellis St. Louis, Mo. Consulting Systems Engineer (ret.), IBM Larry Fagan Kansas City, Mo. CEO, Eldecon Inc.


Dr. Nancy Walker Peacock ’82 Nashville, Tenn. Oncologist

Sondra Spalding ’57 Creve Coeur, Mo. Educator (ret.) and civic leader J. B. Waggoner ’91 Fayette, Mo. Managing Partner/COO, Inovatia Laboratories LLC James Webb Chesterfield, Mo. Pres., St. Louis Minority Business Council Roger Wilson ’71 Columbia, Mo. VP Corporate Dev., Rockwood Capitol Advisors LLC Dr. Keith Young ’86 Santa Monica, Calif. Psychiatrist

Robert “Tad” Perry ’65 Pierre, S. D. Exec. Dir., S. D. Higher Education Board of Regents

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

John A. Downing Establishes Hall of Sponsors Scholarship in Memory of His Wife, Marion (Eberhard) Downing ’34


A long line of Central Methodist connections inspired John A. Downing to establish a Hall of Sponsors scholarship in memory of his wife, Marion (Eberhard) Downing ’34, who died Spring 2006. The Downings were married for over 60 years and raised three children: Martha (Downing) Twist, John Downing Jr., and Anne Downing ’67.

In addition to Marion, the Downings and Eberhards have had strong connections to Central, which include: Marion’s parents, Albin and Maybell (Combs) Eberhard ’07; her brother Roy ’38 and his wife, Martha (Deatherage) Eberhard ’38; sister Elinor (Eberhard) Myers ’36; niece Melinda (Eberhard) Holmes ’65; daughter Anne (Downing) Duncan ’67; uncle Howard Combs; and aunt Edith Combs. Maybell (Combs) Eberhard was cited in 1987 as the oldest living alumna of the school at that time. Roy Eberhard received a Distinguished Alumni Award in 1969, and Martha Deatherage Eberhard was also Homecoming Queen while at Central. The family has given generously over many years to support the scholarships and operation of the University. The John A. and Marion (Eberhard) Downing Hall of Sponsors scholarship goes to a deserving student majoring in elementary education, with preference given to a student from Southeast Missouri. A photograph of John and Marion (Eberhard) Downing, along with their student recipient’s, will hang in Brannock Hall in the South stairwell between the first and second floors.

John Downing and President Marianne Inman unveil the portrait of John and his late wife Marion Eberhard Downing ’34.

The Downing family owns a farm and home-furnishings store in Malden, Mo. Son John now handles the daily operations with his father still stopping in every day to help take care of things. John and Marion traveled extensively, and Marion kept scrapbooks and photo albums from their trips. Marion majored in education and taught school for many years in Malden. While at Central she was an involved student and was selected as a beauty queen her junior year and as both Homecoming and May Queen during her senior year. She was an active member of the N. Louise Wright Piano Club, Women’s Athletic Association, History Club, Razzers, the Athletic Program for Women, Zeta Sigma Literary Society, Marion (Eberhard) and John A. Downing Alpha Phi Alpha, and Pi Kappa Theta. Fall 2006 The Magazine of Central Methodist University The Talon



The following gifts were made in loving memory of alumni, colleagues and friends. The Rev. and Mrs. William Henry Allen ‘36

Lowell D. Allen

Keith King Anderson ‘27 Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands 1930-1952

Marilyn Berrier Birbeck

Delbert Aholt

Janeen W. Kooi

Lawrence Kevin Anderson ‘88

Robert F. and Nancy C. Anderson

Mary Jane Bainter

Donald G. and Sondra Sercu Spalding

Cheryl Harmon Bartholomew

Family Health Inc. Remedies Family Pharmacy

Helen Wheeler Baskett Associate Professor of English 1948-1973

C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Shirley Wegener Westlake

Thomas Birch IV ’37 Professor of Music and Conductor of Bands 1952-1964

Marilyn Dickinson Dimond ‘59

Celia Utlaut Drake

P. G. Dover

John R. and Florence M. Dover Pamela Finney

Donald R. Eidson Dean of the College 1991-1992 and Professor of English 1969-1991 and Mary Ellen Eidson Associate Professor of French 1969-1992

J. R. Absher

Wilbur H. Ehrich Associate Professor of Music and Mathematics 1958-1975

Paul T. Klemme

Kim Everett ‘76

Charlie J. Myers

E. Glenn Featherston ‘24

Sophia Eubank Featherston †

Rachel Kibler Field ’27 Instructor in English 1923-1941

Mary Field Arehart

Jeffery G. Fleer

American Bank of Texas Gilbert and Ruth Hombs Fleer Kiwanis Club of Sherman

Marilyn Berrier Birbeck

Mary Hughes Boney ‘28

Windsor UMC

Agnes Lola Griffin Brown ‘40

Steve P. Glazner and Peggy Ann Brown

Robert Craig Brown ‘82

Mark T. Brown Robert Dean and Suzanne Duke Brown Mary Lou McWilliams

Wesley S. ’36 and Mary Lou Brown ‘37

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Nasby

Robert R. Bruner ‘48

W. Howard Lewin

Roy L. Clemons ‘37

Jane K. Shoemaker

Florence Moser Downing Cushman ‘31

James P. and Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton

Katherine England Derque ‘40

Caroline E. Funk

Mary Lee Forderhase Associate Professor of English 1962-1985

J. R. Absher Barbara Schuldt Heikoff

Stella E. Locke Freemyer

Carol Ann Albenesius Leola Archer Rev. and Mrs. John Balcom Eleanor Degenhardt Ruth L. Duffield Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Farnen The Forder Elementary Staff Virginia Santus Griswold Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Holmes Richard and Donna McAdams Mr. and Mrs. Harold Menze Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrie Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sturm Terry Sturm Mr. and Mrs. John Wright

Naomi L. Fullerton

Douglas Whitman

Merlin Louis Grannemann ‘24

Mary Ann Grannemann

Martin C. Harral ‘81

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Harral


Fall 2006

Opal Louise Hayes HP ’12, ‘25 Associate Professor of Piano 1925-1960

Robert L. Siler and Patricia Hill Burnett Thomas L. Yancey

Marie Held

Shirley Held Rinderknecht

Jane Bartee Holdman ’53

Barbara A. Bartee

Keith E. House ‘49 Dean of the Swinney Conservatory, Associate Professor of Music, and Director of Bands 1972-1995

J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison American Legion of Fayette American Legion Band of KC Darline Anderson Norma Neal Anderson Ronald L. and Nancy Anderson Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Robert Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. William J. Auchly Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Avery Tim Baldwin Michael Allen and Mary E. Douglas Bancroft Thomas Ray and Iva Lou Alcorn Banning Bruce Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Baugh Nylah Beach William J. and Tracey Cross Bechtel Mr. and Mrs. Loren D. Becker Jacquelyn A. Behnke Diane Bergholtz Sally Scott Blackburn Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Boedeker Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Lowell H. Brunner Mr. and Mrs. M. Brian Bubalo Donald E. and Alice Burke Louis A. Burkel Jr. Paul L. and Eleanor Rudd Calvert Dr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Campbell Margaret E. Casebeer Carolyn N. Rhodes Chaney Sara J. Chaney Rev. and Mrs. Charles B. Cheffey Circuit Judges of Saint Charles Ralph L. Clark John Dow Clingenpeel Marge Fizer Cochran Roger E. Cody Mr. and Mrs. Russ Coleman David R. Collum Paul C. and Nancy Copenhaver John C. and Leslie Ann Reynolds Craig Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Craven Mary M. Crigler Allen S. and Shirley Crites Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Culbertson Dixie Jean Davidson Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Dan Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Easterday

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Robert H. and Mary Gaines Easterday William Lowell and Suzie Eaton Mr. and Mrs. James Evans Fayette Rotary Club Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Fendorf Mr. and Mrs. Mike S. Ford Margaret J. Forman Mr. and Mrs. Caroll W. Foster Carol A. Calvert Fricke Mary Elizabeth Frieden Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Fuller Joseph E. Geist Laura Lee Georgi Dennis and Kathy Giangreco Diann R. Graham Godbey Patricia L. Gore Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gourley Mary Lu Graves Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Grother William G. and Millicent B. Guerri David Hackett Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamann Robert D. and Barbara Hamel Robert Martin and Diane A. Kennedy Hansen David and Susan Peters Harbison Mary Anne Harp Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Harper Larry and Patsy G. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Hawkey Darrell W. Hendon Charles and Joyce Henry Andrew J. and Jo-an Brown Higgins Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix William S. and Martha Rogers Holman House & Renner Construction Inc. Howard County Retired Teachers Mary Hrdina Shirley Huntinger Marianne E. and David Inman James Donald and Joanne H. Jackson Janet L. Jacobs L. W. IV and Kelly Jacobs Joel M. Jones Russell Ransom and Nancy Thompson Jones J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kent Janeen W. Kooi Bill Kueny Audrey Lammers Mr. and Mrs. M. Daniel Lane Larkin H. and Eleanor Young Langford Deborah J. Lanham Wilma Jean Larcom Mr. and Mrs Carroll C. Lewis Lindenwood University Faculty Kevin L. and Cheryl Eckhoff Lines Mr. and Mrs. Steve Litwiller Sheryl Huecker Luster Charles W. Maupin Patricia May Marilee McCallister William D. and Elizabeth J. McIntosh Melba F. McNeill Dawn A. Palmer Messerla Mr. and Mrs. David H. Metheny Lorna Telaneus Miller Missouri Bandmasters Association Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Montgomery John W. and Barbara Moore

The Talon

IN MEMORIAM AND IN HONOR John and Sherrie Moore Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Morgenroth Mr. and Mrs. John W. Morrison and Family Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Murray Edna Rhe Nelson Family Mr. and Mrs. John Newsam Sara Anton North Jan O’Neal Jamie and Sarah Ahnstedt Page Danny Tin Chi Pak Sara Ann Settle Palmer Larry J. and Carolyne Wilder Peery Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Pelikan Phi Beta Mu Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pohlman Nicol M. Pollreisz Carl E. Prather Betty J. Price Bridgett Erin Heil Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Clyde J. Rayburn Jr. Teresa Blair Reger Bernard C. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. William Roosa Willis C. Royall Sylvia Rummel Lesa A. Santoro Gerald Gene Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Lee T. Schneider Irvin E. Jr. and Dorothy Storer Schnell Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Scott Charles L. Scrivner Ruth A. Henderson Sears Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Sermersheim Charleen Jones Shipp James Franklin Slutz Claude Thomas and Maureen Smith Bill and Sandra Spano David Stagg Doris L. Stanton Family Kenneth F. Stockard Family Nancy Johnmeyer Symes Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Tarlton Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Taylor Catherine J. Thogmorton James P. and Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton Mr. and Mrs. Ron L. Thomas William Kenton and Melissa Conley Tucker Wallace J. Jr. and Dara M. Turnage Mr. and Mrs. Roger Q. Unruh Mr. and Mrs. Bill D. Van Pelt Jane Ann Welcelean Helen E. Welsh Wells † John E. Wetzel June L. Wilder Susie Willer Marguerite Wilson Richard C. and Janie Deacon Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Wilson Christine Devlin Winter W. Wayne III and Natalie Bennett Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wright Thomas L. Yancey John L. Young Nancy J. Yuelkenbeck

William Alexander Jenner ‘38

Jean N. Jenner

Fall 2006

Charlene Harness Jennings ‘43

Ardis Wehrli Kimbell Gwendolyn Kirk Lane

Anna Madge Watts Keeling

Joseph E. Geist Ilene Morrison House Marianne E. and David Inman Janeen W. Kooi Larry J. and Carolyne Wilder Peery Thomas L. Yancey

Bill Keeney ‘51

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Allen Challengers Sunday School Class, AvondaleUMC: Janice Johnson Elden and Frances McHugh Greg and Kristen Nelson Jim and Paula Steenstry Mary Thompson Daniel and Monica Treveno Mark and Debbie Wear Ken and Faye Wellesley Violet Cogswell Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conaway Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Coshow Rose M. Dorlac Carol A. Calvert Fricke Mr. and Mrs Randall S. Gore Mike Keeney Norman Keeney Margaret A. Montgomery LaVerne Pulliam Jacqueline J. Rice James L. Rice April L. Steven

Paul Evan Kennedy ‘79

Rebecca Sherrill Burkhart Alice L. Freese Kennedy

Anna M. Scrivner Kimbrell ‘48

Mae K. Schmidt Heckmann Sheila J. Tredway

Pauline Shoemaker Kocher ‘37

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Coffman Michael J. and Sally Kocher Hahn Mary M. Lupberger Kay H. Morgan Jane K. Shoemaker Mary F. Caldwell Thompson Karine G. Walter

Martin E. Kooi Assistant Professor of Communications and Theatre 1999-2004

Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Quinon R. Gresham II William S. and Martha Rogers Holman Steven M. and Ruth J. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kooi Janeen W. Kooi Rosemary C. Kotlinski Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Martha Jean Solomon Catherine J. Thogmorton Daytha Frink Trimble

George Lynn Krause ‘18

Robert and Jane Krause Paine

H. F. Langenberg

Larry T. and Nancy Woodward Drebes

Gerald W. Linneman ‘56

Georgia B. Lindsay

Ellwood S. Madden Director of Admissions 1951-1977

Donald W. and Barbara Madden Wright

Willilam W. McGuire

Judith Kapp McGuire

Lewis Manning Means ‘14

Rebecca Means Jones

Harold L. Momberg Professor of Biology 1970-1994 Professor Emeritus of Biology 1994-2006

Donald J. Allcorn Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Donald and Jodi Belcher Mr. and Mrs. John W. Curran Kathleen Anderson Early Stephen F. and M. Rebecca Enochs Fayette Rotary Club Mark A. and Susan Friemonth Freese Joseph E. Geist Dorothy E. Means Herrington Ilene Morrison House Marianne E. and David Inman Mr. and Mrs. James M. Landes Roger R. and Linda O. Lembke Mr. and Mrs Robert E. McCarty Chuck and Cynthia Schafer McCutcheon William D. and Elizabeth J. McIntosh Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Miller Larry J. and Carolyne Wilder Peery Edward and Patricia Daniels Phillips Willis C. Royall Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Sherry L. Scrivner Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Smith Andrew Spencer and Debra Stotlemyre Upham Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Waters Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Waters Thomas L. Yancey

Elaine E. Capen Moore ‘42

Robert L. Moore

Robert E. Neas ‘57

Sandra A. Brauss Neas

Pat Finley Neville ‘56

June Chon Neville

Bill O’Quinn ‘51

Janice Rushing O’Quinn

Edwin L. Orear ‘43

Elizabeth Watt Orear French

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

Vanita E. Jaynes Gwendolyn Kirk Lane

Darla M. Pannier ‘92

Alfred F. and Mary Pannier

Ivan Lee Peacocke ‘54

Nancie Peacocke Fadeley

Nick and Freda Pyle

Mr. and Mrs. Davis P. Nasby

Thomas Allen Rahm ‘66

Stephen G. and Diane McClure

Edna S. Mack Spayde

Larry Lee and Janet Marie Roussin Bennett Rev. and Mrs. Charles B. Cheffey Jim and Lois Spayde Elam Robert D. and Barbara Hamel John F. and Anita L. Horton Ilene Morrison House Marianne E. and David Inman Sue O. Lake William D. and Elizabeth J. McIntosh C. Eugene Jr. and Lorna Telaneus Miller Larry J. and Carolyne Wilder Peery Dennis and Bonnie Potter Theodore L and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde James P. and Helen G. Puckett Thogmorton

Luther T. Spayde ‘36 Dean of the Swinney Conservatory and Professor of Music 1930-1972

Kenneth R. and Mary Louise Black Ahmann Constance Baur Latham Bennett and Rebecca Henkey Robert L. Siler and Patricia Hill Burnett Jim and Lois Spayde Elam Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Richard H. Swaim Thomas L. Yancey

John Christopher Straub Jr. ‘35

James A. McDaniel

Nancy Sutherland

Roger N. Jespersen

George S. Thompson ‘40

John F. and Lucy Eason Shackelford

Shirley Edes Tumy ‘50

Joan Chandler Bowes Janet Jacobs Gooding

George A. Vaughan Associate Professor of Biology 1948-1975

James W. and Judith Vaughan Taylor Roy Don Sr. and Franchelle Vaughan Whitehead

The Talon

† deceased


IN MEMORIAM AND IN HONOR Louise Clark Vaughan Registrar 1956-1975

C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Mary M. Crigler Paul and Milly Haggard Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix Marianne E. and David Inman Margaret Yeager Jackson William D. and Julia M. Lay Robert T. and Carolyn Summers Perry Timothy Turner and Leslie Anne Devaney Perry Jane F. Lynagh Sheehan James W. and Judith Vaughan Taylor Marie B. Tindall Mr. and Mrs. Don Whitehead Jr. Roy Don Sr. and Franchelle Vaughan Whitehead

Mildred Snyder Walker ‘33

Wylma Briscoe Frank W. and E. Merideth Burcham Sharon J. Butts Charlotte S. Davison Mr. and Mrs. Neil Harris Jeff T. Loeb Louisiana Mastin Lunette Mulkey Ruth Stilley Sue Wright

R. Manning Walker ’33

Frank W. and E. Merideth Burcham

Dorothy Mildred Orr Wilson ’30

Diane Wilson Blackwelder Maurice H. Wilson

Jack Moseley Wolf ‘51

Rosemary M. Wolf

N. Louise Wright HP 1898 Dean of the Swinney

Conservatory and Professor of Piano 1925-1952

Robert L. Siler and Patricia Hill Burnett Thomas L. Yancey

In Honor:

The following gifts were given in honor of alumni, colleagues, and friends. In honor of 100th birthday of Halkaline Kirk Bergsten ‘27

Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

James J. and Caryl R. Bryan Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Barbara A. Vestal

Treva C. Kintner

Susan Kintner

James M. Luetjen Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics 1965 -1992

Brett Frost and Karen Goshorn Reese

Wendy Slagle Sheehan ‘87

Dexter Slagle

David A. Stewart ‘83

Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Stewart

Patrick Neil Stroupe ‘07

Janet L. Jacobs Robert G. and Marilyn Kirby Robert A. Rackley Gilman H. and Kathleen Stroupe Catherine J. Thogmorton Rhys and Sharon G. Thomas J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner

C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten

John J. Carter Professor of Political Science

Angela R. Umstattd-Schmutz

Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson ‘71

Ozark UMC

Kathleen Anderson Early ‘82

Charles R. and Warene R. Anderson

Sally E. Hackman Associate Professor of Business/Economics

Shannan Lee Saunders

Gale Hairston ‘71 Associate Professor of Education

Julie Jane Parrish

L. W. Jacobs IV

The Pimco Foundation

Nancy Thompson Jones Professor of Music 1987-2006, Professor Emerita of Music, and

The fall Phonathon crew—and their faithful mascot Bentley—had a great time talking with alumni during the month of October while raising funds for Central at the same time.

Central Methodist alumni from the 1960s gathered at the Lake of the Ozarks in July for their annual reunion, organized by Frank Vielhaber and Cliff Rousseau. Row 1 (left to right): Nancy Horton Scott ’65, Denise Schober Shannon ’69, Chris Godfrey Keefer ’66, Charles “Dude” McMillan, Mike Rodick ’68, Cliff Rousseau ’67, Becky Emrich ’69, Frank Vielhaber ’66; Row 2: Bob Scott ’64, Nila Vouga Morris ’68, Kristi Wiebe Auer ’67, Larry Holzhauser ’65, Don Shull ’68, Terry Wilensky ’65, Wayne Paeth ’65, Walt Shull ’67, Ed Morris ’67, Jean Messick ’66; Row 3: Mark Meinhardt ’66, Les Viehmann ’65, Wes Buffington ’64, Bob Bryant ’63, Roger Shannon ’65, Ron Knigge ’65, Jane Saffarrans Claus ’66, Dick Loy ’65, Bill Powell ’65, Jerry Maulin ’66, Ben Liner ’66, Nick Auer ’65, Roy Carraway ’65, Chris Straub ’66, Eunice Boyington Straub ’66, Darryl Slater ’67, Virgil Kirksey ’65. Not pictured: Dean Holmes ’65 and Dave Rousseau ’65. Call 314-576-2836 (Frank) or 417-831-1256 (Bill) for information on the 2007 reunion plans.


Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon

Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

The Talon


January 2007

Campus Calendar

2007 CMU Golf Tournaments

January 16-March 8 The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art—Afro-American Art Exhibit: “The Still Lifes of Al Jackson (from the J.R. Bagley collection) Plus Works from the Permanent Collection”; Reception January 21

The 16th annual

February 2007

Luetjen Tournament

February 16-17

July 20, 2007 Hail Ridge Golf Course in Boonville, Mo.

February 10 Alumni Band Concert—Willie Mae Kountz Recital Hall, 7:30 p.m. Opera Performances—Willie Mae Kountz Recital Hall, 7:30 p.m.   

For more information or to register your team, contact Ken Oliver at 660-248-6224.

March 2007

March 1-4 CMU Little Theatre Production: “Tartuffe” Moliere’s comic classic about hypocrisy and power explores the nature of good and evil in a timeless fashion.

The 2nd Annual

March 8-13 Concert Band Tour March 20-May 3 The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art “Two of a Kind makes a Pair: The Works of Jerry and Joanne Berneche”; Reception March 25

CMU Golf Classic September 24, 2007 Forest Hills Country Club in Chesterfield, MO

March 25 Band Concert—Linn Memorial Church, 4 p.m.

Hole Sponsorships are available! For more information or to register your team, contact the Alumni Office at 1-877-CMU-1854 ext. 56234 or by email at

May 2007

May 3-5 CMU Little Theatre Production: “Damn Yankees” A musical classic about a baseball-obsessed Joe hardy who makes a deal with the devil for a chance to lift his beloved Senators over those Damn Yankees. May 6 Jazz & Band Concert—Linn Memorial Church, 4 p.m.   May 12 Baccalaureate & Commencement

June 2007

June 3-July 12 “From Fayette to the World: The Paintings of Mary Lou (Johnson) Forbes ’39 and Anna Mae (Besgrove) Hodge ‘44”—Reception June 3

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Fall 2006

The Magazine of Central Methodist University

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The Talon

The Talon  
The Talon  

Fall 2006 edition of the Central Methodist University alumni magazine.