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FALL 2013


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To Alumni and Friends of Central Methodist University Autumn is truly a beautiful time to be on the Central Methodist University campus. The trees in front of T. Berry Smith Hall are ablaze with vibrant shades of gold, red, and yellow. It is as if each leaf has been carefully crafted and painted for our enjoyment. As students, faculty, and visitors walk along the Inman Plaza, it isn’t uncommon to see the touch of a smile or a quick nod of the head as folks silently show their approval for the colors that autumn has brought us. As the temperatures begin to drop, there is no corresponding decrease in the activity on campus. In just the past few weeks, our campus experienced Band Day, Family Weekend, fall Board meetings, and Homecoming. While the activities were festive and most enjoyable, the opportunity to meet new friends, and to get reacquainted with friends from our past, seemed to be the highlight for most who took part in those events. Homecoming was an exciting weekend for Judy and me. Our Student Government Association president and his cabinet had so many activities planned, one had to choose carefully which events to attend. It is encouraging to find that this campus continues to tug at the heart strings of those who lived and learned here. A large number of guests gathered on the lawn in front of the attractive, newly renovated, Classic Hall for the unveiling of “Synergy,” a sculpture by Larry Young. The artist suggests that the piece is best viewed by walking around it, watching as the free flowing form changes and takes on new meaning as seen from a slightly different perspective. The sculpture is prominently placed with an inviting view of our campus to the north and a quite pleasant view of our Court House Square to the south. The art is perfectly positioned, and perfectly named, as a symbol of the mutually beneficial relationship between our university and our community.

The meetings of the Board of Trustees were exciting and encouraging. The Board considered and discussed the possibility of making additional, significant investments in the lives and futures of our students. New programs, renovated facilities, and new construction were topics that dominated the extremely robust discussions. This is an exciting time to be part of the Central Methodist University family. Our mission statement, “To prepare students to make a difference in the world by emphasizing academic and professional excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility,” has never been more relevant in our society than it is today. While enjoying this issue of the Talon, our readers can find numerous ways our mission is revealed in the lives of our students and our alumni; there are many examples of how they have truly made a significant difference in the world. All of the great things that are happening at our University now are possible because of the foundation prepared by President Marianne E. Inman during her illustrious career here at Central Methodist. While the Inman Student and Community Center now proudly bears her name, our entire campus, our culture, our history, and our mission have been greatly enhanced by her work and by her success. President Inman’s legacy is one by which all future presidents will be measured. The first 120 days of service to Central Methodist University have been an amazing experience. The talent and dedication of the faculty and staff is beyond question; the energy and enthusiasm of our students is contagious. Working and living in an environment that integrates faith and learning is truly inspiring. This new president cannot imagine a better life or a better place to live it. Sincerely, Roger

During the weekend of the fall meeting of the Board of Trustees, 85 relatively new friends dropped by the house at 502 Park Road. Trustees and faculty, along with their spouses and friends, stopped by to visit and share their story of how they came to be involved with this special place. It was a great evening of fun and fellowship—an evening to be remembered for many years to come.


Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


FALL 2013

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Senior Administration Dr. Roger Drake, President Dr. Rita Gulstad, Vice President and Dean of the University Ken Oliver, Vice President for Institutional Growth and Student Engagement Julee Sherman, Vice President for Finance and  Administration Dr. Joshua Jacobs, Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations Chad Gaines, Vice President for Information Services Cover: Dr. Drake often takes time out of his day to stop and talk with students. Photo by Tommy Thompson, property of CMU

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Homecoming honored heroes this year!

Central Methodist University prepares students to make a difference in the world by emphasizing academic and professional excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility.

Correction: The Rev. George Burgin ‘57 memorial bench in Epple Park was not given by the class of 1957 as was reported in the Spring 2013 Talon. It was a gift from his children. We apologize to the family for our mistake.

– Mission Statement


Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


Drake knows “education makes a difference”

by Kent Propst, executive director for Marketing Communications

Most people have a preconceived notion about the background and makeup of a university president. While no two presidents are alike, they often follow a roughly similar path to the office. With Dr. Roger Drake, the 26th president of Central Methodist University, one can take those preconceptions and toss them out a window. Drake, who began his service to CMU in July, has followed an atypical course to his chair on the second floor of Brannock Hall. Yet the long, difficult and circuitous path has perhaps made him the ideal choice to succeed Marianne Inman as CMU’s leader. How unlikely was a Roger Drake presidency? Consider the following, just for starters:

immediately strikes one as humble, self-effacing, and with a delightful sense of humor – he refers to himself repeatedly as “blessed.” He describes his life story with no sense of self-pity, and in fact believes the obstacles have made him stronger and more empathetic. That’s particularly true when it involves empathy for students who don’t come from privilege. Of the many factors a university president must weigh when making decisions, student access to a CMU education will be one of Drake’s guiding principles. “My passion,” he says, “is educating students of lesser means. First-generation students face many barriers; I know that firsthand. Education makes the difference.”

The formative years The ninth of 10 children, Roger Drake was born in Wolfe County, Ky., not long before a Time Magazine story cited it as the poorest county in the nation. The county seat is Campton, population 424. Even today, 36 percent of Wolfe County residents live below the poverty level. •The Valedictorian of His mother cooked his high school class skipped at a bus station until a graduation; he was playing Dr. Drake understands what to take seriously in life– company called Control professionally in a countryping pong, for example. Data opened a factory in western band, and “it was an town and she took work easy choice. Either I went to graduation and gave a speech for there. Drake’s father was a tool-dresser on water, oil and free, or I got to play music and make money.” gas wells, taking jobs where he found them. There was a 30-year gap between the oldest and youngest of the Drake •Drake’s background is business and accounting, not the more common faculty-administrative, faculty-executive route children. Control Data’s factory in Wolfe County was to some to higher educational leadership. extent, as Drake describes it, a social experiment “to see •Until less than a decade ago, he had spent only three if they could make a difference in an impoverished comyears working in education. munity. It wasn’t big pay, but it was better than anything else around. They (Control Data) changed the community.” •Drake didn’t receive his master’s degree until 2007, and But the factory eventually closed. “That was a sad day,” his doctoral degree two years ago. he recalls. Drake remembers an uncle in the military, and “to •When he realized an interest in becoming a university us he was a rich man.” Each time the uncle came back on president, he vowed it would only be at a United Methodist leave, he’d bring a musical instrument. “He told us kids Church-affiliated institution – though he hadn’t joined the that if we could learn to play it in 30 days, we could keep church until fewer than 10 years ago. it. He didn’t take any instruments back with him.” Music was, and remains, a focal point in Roger Drake’s The story of Roger Drake is a quintessential rags-tolife. He started playing guitar when he was five, played richness story. Yet in a conversation with the man – who •It would be an understatement to say he didn’t come from a college-going family. In fact, Drake refers to himself as a “first generation middle school student,” and jokes that his parents had “an eighth grade education: mom completed the third grade, dad completed the fifth.”

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University



and sang with his church gospel group at an early age, and was performing for pay by his high school years. A naturally-gifted student, school “bored me,” he says. Performing with his church gospel group allowed him to travel. “The first suit I ever had was bought for me for the gospel group; the first restaurant meal I ever ate was with them, when I was 11 or 12. But I loved to sing and play those old hymns.” At an Indiana-based Church of God, Drake recalls it being “fairly fundamental. But the church centered around those old hymns, and music being such a big part of my life, it really helped spark my musical interests.” When a teenager, he was hired to play piano in a dance band based in Lexington, Ky. “We played every show in tuxedos. So the first thing they did was to buy me four tuxedos; I’d look in my closet and on one side were these four tuxedos, and on the other side were these ratty eastern Kentucky clothes. “We played three nights a week, and I made considerably more money than my mom made in the factory,” he says. “I had fun, probably more than one should. I’ve lived a somewhat colorful life.” The high school valedictorian went through the motions of applying at Eastern Kentucky University. But Drake knew nothing about things like financial aid, and when “the time came to pay the bill (from EKU), I didn’t have any money. So I decided I couldn’t go.” About that time, the local superintendent of schools – who helped fuel Drake’s interest in music by once taking him to Nashville’s Grand Ol’ Opry – saw his father in town and asked if Roger was ready for college. “Dad told him I wasn’t going because I didn’t have the money.” The superintendent immediately called the financial aid director at Eastern Kentucky, and “I was instructed to come down to Richmond (home of EKU). And the next

thing I knew I was a college student. When I think of the shoulders I’ve stood on, that man (Wolfe County superintendent, Richard Jett) is one of them.” The EKU experience would prove fleeting. “I attended for a year, and I nearly starved to death,” Drake says. “I didn’t know how to ‘do’ college. So the summer after my freshman year, I took a night shift job at Control Data where mom was working. “I worked really hard. Since it was night shift, I was able to attend Lees Junior College just 20 miles away,” he recalls. “I’d go to work at 4 p.m. and work until 2 a.m., sleep a few hours, then go to class. After a year I was able to finish my program at Lees.” Drake was ready to return to Eastern Kentucky University for his bachelor’s degree, quitting the night shift and heading back to Richmond. He landed a job as night auditor at the Historic Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant in nearby Berea, Ky., ushering in a time he remembers with great fondness. “It was a phenomenal job. I buttered up the cooks. I’d make coffee before they came to work in the mornings, maybe play a few songs for them. And they would fix me anything I wanted to eat,” Drake chuckles. “I was making minimum wage and eating prime rib.” Drake was still playing piano in a nightclub, too, so his life centered around two jobs and classes. But “I was a different guy my second time at EKU – I had figured out how to be a college student.” The career unfolds “I had great grades and graduated from EKU with honors, but I soon discovered that some of my classmates who were more socially prepared, even if they got poorer grades, were landing jobs at the big CPA (certified public accountancy) firms. I went back to Wolfe County and took a job making $4 an hour with a local firm affiliated with Shell Oil. “They liked me, but I didn’t really enjoy it, so I started taking some clients on the side, doing taxes and payroll and things like that,” he recalls. “Before long it became bigger than my regular job, so I left to open up my own business.” Soon after, Drake was married with a child (daughter Annie lives in Campton, Ky, is completing a doctoral degree and is mother to five-year-old Natalie). Like most parents he took a keen interest in the local schools, and about that time “our local school system got itself into a President Drake enjoys tickling the ivories for Chapel with the students in Praise Band. Students were shocked and delighted with his participation.


Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


little financial trouble.” Drake ran for school board with an aim to help turn things around; it took more time than anticipated. He hired one of his brothers to work in his business. “He (Brion) was brilliant, and he allowed me to keep my own practice going,” Drake notes. It also allowed Drake to take a job with a CPA firm in a nearby community. “I learned a lot – including that I did not want to be in public accounting.” Fate was about to bless Drake again. His old school, Lees Junior College (today, Hazard Community and Technical College), was looking for a business controller, and Drake knew its vice president of finance. He also knew that VP was unhappy there, and “I figured if I went to work for them I might have a chance to advance.” Three months later, Roger Drake found himself their vice president for business affairs. He maintained his accounting firm and kept playing music. He stayed with Lees for three years, working by his own admission as the “right hand” to its president, of whom Drake thought highly. That president was eventually pushed out – “it was not a good fit” he recalls. “I could have stayed; they liked me there (at Lees), but I knew the next president would bash the last guy, and I just couldn’t see myself staying in that situation,” he reflects. Drake would have preferred to seek a position at another college, “but my family wanted me to stay in Wolfe County.” One of the clients of Drake’s accounting business owned a mine services company, and wanted to triple the size of his operation. Drake was offered an executive position “and it sounded like a grand idea: more money, less stress.” But he realized he missed higher education. “About five minutes after I left Lees I was perfectly miserable,” he admits. “I stayed with (the mining company) for 12 years, but I always wanted to go back to higher education.” It was another difficult period in Roger Drake’s life. He and his wife divorced, though he later married Judy (they both laughingly refer to it as their “second administration”). He even acquired a stepson and stepdaughter as a result, which later brought him several more precious grandchildren. Drake sees his time in the private sector as the glass half full. “I escaped to private enterprise from time to time. I’ve meandered, but I know it was all for a reason. I know I’ve benefited from those experiences.” The escapee returned to his preferred domain in 2004 when he accepted an offer from “my mentor and friend” Dr. William Luckey to join the administrative team at

Fall 2013

Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Ky. As Drake reflects on his nine years at LWC, the pride and affection are obvious. “It was poised for success when I arrived,” Drake says, “in the same way CMU is posed for even greater things. Lindsey had just started its extended campus programs, and we saw growth opportunity. We began to roll out those partnerships with a sense of urgency, and we had phenomenal success. “Our plan was to take that success and utilize those resources not just to support an extended campus, but to use them for operations on the main campus,” he continues. “We were able to invest $39.6 million in new construction. On-campus enrollment grew by 47 percent in three years. “Lindsey for years had ‘survival’ as its ultimate goal, as I’m told was the situation here (CMU) many years ago,” Drake says. “It is hard to be on a quest for excellence if down deep you’re hoping to just make payroll. It took us awhile to show people Lindsey could be a dynamic, growing, successful institution. “Before my time, Lindsey was recruiting against competitors with better facilities; we turned that around and made (facilities) a sustainable competitive advantage,” he says. “The underlying notion of that (LWC) plan – of taking the blessings received from our entrepreneurial enterprises and investing them to improve the main campus – is a valid discussion that we’ll have here at CMU. “When I started (at Lindsey) I didn’t have a graduate degree, but I felt prepared to be the CFO (chief financial officer),” he says. “As I look back, I realize I was only prepared to learn how to be prepared. One of the big plusses for me was having an office across the hall from Pres. Luckey; that was like getting to go camping with Daniel Boone,” he laughs. Luckey and the Lindsey Wilson governing board began to encourage Drake to obtain graduate degrees. One reason was to groom Drake as a possible successor should Pres. Luckey retire or move on to greener pastures. Luckey had himself been groomed for the presidency at LWC. “I didn’t feel I needed it (graduate degree) to be a successful chief financial officer, but Lindsey paid for me to get my MBA through a weekend program at Vanderbilt University,” Drake recalls. “I did, then took a year off, and again with support from Lindsey, I started my doctoral program at Vanderbilt. “The Peabody College higher education and leadership policy (doctoral) program at Vanderbilt is one of the best in the country. I learned so much. There were brilliant people, and me, in the program,” he laughs. (see p. 9)

Central Methodist University



Judy Drake lauds warm and welcoming University community Considering Judy Drake’s first interaction with CMU involved her hanging up on the Chair of the Board of Trustees, she has fit in like the proverbial hand in glove. The new First Lady is exuberant by nature, but her new life at CMU has taken it up another notch. “The community, both CMU and Fayette, have been so warm and welcoming; it’s a very affirming place,” she says. “I know it’s comforting to my mom that people here are kind to her daughter,” she laughs. Indeed, laughter comes easily to Judy Drake, a trait she and her husband share. Drake was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, where her late father grew up. The oldest of four siblings, hers was a fairly typical middle-class upbringing. “As kids we played gospel, bluegrass, and country music with the family,” she says. “Dad worked hard all week, and we made homemade ice cream and played music with my uncles and cousins on the weekends.” It wasn’t all peaches and cream, but even then, Judy Drake manages to find humor in most things. “Dad worked for UPS (United Parcel Service) and my mom worked at the post office,” she recalls. “After they divorced, mom would ask me at Christmas, ‘Who are you shipping your packages with this year, your father or me?’” She worked hard to get good grades and was a National Honor Society student. “I had a strive-for-As personality,” she says. “But I was very social. Our house was where all the kids came; we’d sit on our front porch and do homework.” Her best friend in high school tried to talk her into attending college, but Drake “didn’t even think about it. That’s what the rich kids did. College was not part of my family culture. So I went to the local vocational school and then got a job to help support the family,” she recalls. “That was my focus, how quickly I could start receiving a paycheck and contribute to our family.”

‘Life Happens’

Drake got a job, got married, and had two kids (daughter Jayme lives in Washington state, son Joe in West Virginia). She worked for a local chemical firm, was office manager for a group of physicians. Her friends continued to encourage her to attend college, but “I didn’t see it as a possibility. I didn’t know where or how to begin. I thought maybe I’d like to be an accountant. But life happens.” Life soon found her divorced and the single mother of two. She

eventually wound up meeting Roger Drake. Romance would soon follow. “I was drawn to his sense of humor, his intelligence, the ‘southern gentleman’,” she says. “We both loved music and played piano.” The relationship blossomed quickly. On a Valentine’s Day less than a year after they met, “he proposed, and we were married that Easter Sunday. He says he married me on April 4, only because it’s a musical signature (4/4 time) and he would be able to remember our anniversary,” she laughs. Their union also enabled her to enroll at Lindsey Wilson College. She began as an accounting major, “and I got good grades, but I didn’t enjoy it. I took a human services class as an elective, and that I really enjoyed – it was a pivotal point in my life. “I discovered that working with single mothers and prison inmates and people like that is what made me want to get up in the morning,” she says. “I graduated summa cum laude and I felt like my human services degree was a gift, that I’d rather give back to people than to work in accounting.”

Consider Opportunities

Life in Columbia, Ky. and Lindsey Wilson College was “wonderful,” and like her husband she thought they would never leave. But with Roger’s success, and encouraged by others, they agreed to consider opportunities. “We saw the position (CMU presidency) and we both thought, ‘this is the one’ for some reason,” she recalls. “I’ve told people, it was one of those deals where we chose Fayette and Fayette chose us back. “The campus was stunning, the people were so kind and so interested in us, just a very welcoming spirit. We knew we could make a good life in this community. “Roger just seemed to blend in” during the interview, she recalls. “People seemed to like his personality. He even impressed me in the live forums – I felt like he nailed it. For me, I had to be authentic. Roger told me, ‘take your extroverted personality out for a spin; they’ll either like you or they won’t.’” Drake has avoided joining clubs and organizations “by design, for this first year. I want to see where I can make a difference. I’m comfortable volunteering, and that’s what I intend to do – I don’t need a paycheck to be fulfilled.”

An Inauspicious Beginning

Now, about that time she hung up on the Chairman of the Board…. “We were at a restaurant in Kentucky one afternoon and my cell phone rang – I had our home phone forwarded,” she says. “I was annoyed to begin with; I try to turn it off during mealtime. The caller ID said ‘Tulsa, Okla.’ and I thought it was a telemarketer. “I meant to hit the ‘ignore’ but I hit ‘answer’ instead…and then hung up,” she says. “It rang again, still Tulsa, and I have to say that I was rude. I even had pizza in my mouth! I heard a kind voice saying, ‘Hello, may I please speak to Roger Drake?’ I said ‘Who’s calling?’ and he said ‘This is Glenn Cox,.’ “So I handed the phone to Roger and said ‘It’s some guy named Glenn Cox and he wants to talk to you.’ I saw the blood drain from Roger’s face…Glenn was inviting Roger to the airport interview. “Roger says that every day with me is like an episode of ‘I Love Lucy,” she chuckles. If so, CMU faithful are in for a good show from Roger and Judy Drake. “Mine is more of a ‘supporting actress’ role,” she says. “My very fulfilling life is trying to help him be the best President he can be.”

Judy Drake and her husband, President Roger Drake, were welcomed at the first home football game with appropriate gear, including a CMU helmet. The crowd loved it!


Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


(from p. 7)

A less fond memory of his LWC years was the economic collapse of 2008. As CFO of an institution that was “perhaps leveraged more than we’d have liked, in retrospect,” the constriction of the credit market was more than a little concerning. Especially since Lindsey was, as Drake describes it, “past the point of commitment on $20 million in construction projects. “But I had a great relationship with a large regional bank – I’ve always believed business is built on relationships – and this bank never flinched” in providing LWC the needed capital, he says. “We got large deals done at a time when others with perhaps better balance sheets couldn’t find financing. This bank had confidence in leadership at Lindsey. But yes, there were some sleepless nights….” A turn of the page As a top executive at a growing and thriving college, one that others were pointing to at meetings and conferences, Roger Drake became a reluctant candidate for higher office. “I loved my job at Lindsey; it was as good as if I could have crafted the job description for myself,” he says. “I planned to stay there until they got smart and ran me off. It was Bill (LWC Pres. Luckey) who told me I should consider a presidency, after he decided he wanted to finish his career at Lindsey.” He recalls going to a Council for Independent Colleges’ Presidential Vocation and Institutional Mission workshop. It’s designed for prospective presidents, along with their spouses or partners, to clarify their own sense of aspiration for a presidency. “I’ll never forget, when they went around the room and asked me to stand up and tell them about my presidential aspirations, I told them I had none. They couldn’t understand why I was there,” he laughs. But as the yearlong program progressed, “I slowly came to the realization I might be interested” in one day becoming a president. So he began watching as various positions were posted. “Time after time I had no interest…until I saw the CMU prospectus. The type of institution it described touched my heartstrings. Until that point, I didn’t really have an interest in any presidency. “But when I saw the CMU description, I knew I had to decide. I knew that if I did not want this job, perhaps I really didn’t want to be a president after all,” he says. So Drake became a candidate. At about the same time, another presidency opened up that was of some appeal, and “I put my name in that one, too. Apparently the applicant pool was terrible, because I made the short list for both,” he laughs. He eventually withdrew from the other opportunity, noting that institution “got the right person.” Drake, who came to the United Methodist Church only after he started work at Lindsey Wilson College in 2004, was adamant he would only consider UMC-affiliated colleges. “I love my Methodism – the openness, the tolerance, the grace of the Wesley tradition.

Fall 2013

Last spring Student Government Association (SGA) President Kristen Bailey presented newly announced President Drake with an official ping pong table from SGA, along with a challenge to prove himself the reigning champ.

“It is important to me that our students are offered opportunities for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God,” Drake adds. “Some other denominations are more proscriptive about that than I care to be. Too many other places would have required me to espouse beliefs that I may have doubted; and in order to do something well, you can’t have reservations or second thoughts.” Other than the prospectus he had just read, his knowledge of Central Methodist University was “nothing, other than you had a great softball program. Judy and I are huge softball fans, and I saw CMU at a national tournament where Lindsey was playing. I remember they were not just good athletes, but seemed to be great kids. “So we did a lot of research” into CMU. “The history and culture, the student profile, the business model, the mission – these are important things to a candidate. Judy and I were impressed with the back issues of the Talon and the institution it described. “Everything that we read about President Inman and her phenomenal career was both comforting and daunting to a person looking to succeed her,” Drake says. If he thought the situation “daunting” in the abstract, it was about to become so in a very real way. Glenn Cox (’51), chair of both CMU’s Board of Trustees and its Presidential Search Committee, called inviting Roger and Judy Drake to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport for an interview. For a man who still says “I sometimes wonder if I’d have applied (at CMU) if I believed I would get the job,” Drake felt the airport interview “went famously. One could tell this was a thoughtful bunch. Chairman Cox did a masterful job facilitating the meeting, and I knew that some lucky person would inherit a phenomenal board chair. “I was shocked at how much the committee knew about and loved the institution,” he adds. “They asked tough questions, but appropriate ones. They had a clear

Central Methodist University



idea of what the next president should be like.” The committee obviously agreed that the airport interview “went famously,” because Drake and two other finalists were invited to Fayette for formal interviews. Were there concerns or red flags as he prepared to meet the students, faculty, and staff of CMU? “Only one – that I might have to follow a rock star of a president,” Drake said. “I would be following a legend. If any candidate said they had no concern about following Marianne Inman, they would be untruthful. “I would be following an 18-year president who was universally beloved, and against whom all future CMU presidents will be, and should be, judged,” he says. “If you measure success by typical metrics, it would be easier to find success at another institution.” Thus it was, that in January 2013, Roger and Judy Drake drove from Columbia, Ky., to Fayette, Mo., to interview. Drake laughingly describes their arrival in town as their “Beverly Hillbillies episode.” They pulled up to the beautiful Coleman Hall near campus, once the Central College President’s Home and now owned by Earl (’61) and Sunny Bates, who allow CMU to use it for events and guest housing. “We went inside that wonderful place and went room to room, taking pictures and sending them back to family and friends in Kentucky,” he chuckles. “There are many memorable moments from that day,” Drake reflects. “I remember thinking how brilliant these students were; the student forum was fully engaged. The community forum showed how much the university means to this community. Throughout the faculty forum and the staff forum, the questions were incredibly challenging – but they gave me a chance to say who I was. “The alignment, the ‘fit’ if you will, between a candidate and the university are incredibly important,” he continues. “I knew all the finalists were well qualified and would be prepared. I just needed to show them who I was, and let the people here choose the best fit.” Drake recalls a grueling day. “I can’t remember if it was Glenn (Cox) or if it was (Board of Trustees Vice Chair) Tad Perry (’65) who told me they designed the campus visit so that someone who was physically incapable of getting through that day, didn’t have the stamina to be their president. I made it, but just barely.” No turning back Soon after the interview came the moment Roger and Judy Drake both hoped and feared. He was offered the position and they had to decide: make the leap, or “keep the job I loved” at Lindsey. “I was in the enviable position of interviewing for a position I didn’t need, and until the interview I’d have been fine staying at Lindsey,” he says. “But I literally fell in love with Central Methodist University and with Fayette that day. It seemed like home; it felt exactly right. “Judy was in the room with me when I got the offer, and I asked her what she thought,” he recalls. “She didn’t say anything, so I said ‘I accept.’ She was floored; we were 10

Fall 2013

leaving the familiar.” And so, on Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, Dr. Roger Drake was introduced to a packed room as the 26th President of Central Methodist University. Thus began a challenging five months, wrapping up duties at Lindsey Wilson and being president-elect of CMU. “It was hard to stay focused and driven at Lindsey, and there was a lot of work to do for CMU,” he reflects. “I spent a lot of time daydreaming. I remember wanting to turn the page more quickly than I was able. At the same time, that little college in Kentucky did so much for Judy and me, and I felt a little like a traitor for all those months. But they were kind to me anyway.” Drake officially assumed the presidency on July 1, and after the first few Dr. Drake at his first Fall Convocation months on the job, his perceptions of CMU have largely been affirmed. “I saw CMU as the least fractious campus atmosphere I’d ever experienced, and that’s still true,” he says. “I saw it as student focused; that viewpoint continues. I saw it as a place that embraces its United Methodist heritage; that is accurate. “If I missed anything, it’s probably that I extrapolated too much from the entrepreneurial tendencies of CMU’s College of Graduate and Extended Studies (CGES),” Drake says. “That innovative nature gave me a slightly inflated sense of the willingness to explore new things on the main campus.” Early on, he and Judy “travelled like gypsies,” meeting CMU Board members and other key supporters. The Board asked him to “build a foundation, in terms of my personal role,” for an anticipated capital campaign to support CMU’s health and sciences programs. Drake spends considerable energy working with his senior staff and others to address student retention and completion initiatives, which he calls “high on my agenda. “CMU has always worked hard on it, and has never shirked that duty” as regards retention work, Drake says. “But there are several new efforts underway, and there is some early evidence that it will pay off. It (retention and completion) is something I talk about constantly, in every speech I give.”

Central Methodist University


The third major priority for Drake’s early days at CMU involves affordability. Given the economically disadvantaged background he himself experienced as a youth, and that many CMU students come from, it is a subject especially near to his heart. “I bring a different mindset” to the discussion, Drake says. “I’m excited about the new work going on in delivering financial aid to our students. I’ve been impressed with our people. Folks here are beginning to understand the complexities; it isn’t a matter of a right-or-wrong answer. The goals can be important but conflicting, such as access versus excellence. “We have good people working on these gut-wrenching issues,” he says. “If I’ve done anything, it’s that I asked some questions that perhaps caused us to take a more complex but appropriate path in terms of student aid.” Networking, helping set the stage for a capital campaign, working on retention and completion rates, and affordability and student aid are all short-term and longerterm priorities for Drake’s presidency. But his aspirational list is much longer. “I want to see us add new academic programs, and the appropriate people here are already looking at it,” he said. “The campus is beautiful, but there are a couple of ‘lesser strengths’ – for example, the lack of quality performing arts facilities, and of student recreational facilities.” Plans to upgrade both are being discussed, including proposed improvements to Linn Memorial United Methodist Church to both update the grand old facility and to accommodate more music activities. So is a major upgrade to the Phillips Recreation Center. “Both will, I’m confident, be realities soon. “I’m concerned that not all of our residence halls are air conditioned; on this great campus it’s odd to have window unit air conditioners,” he continues. “But the campus as a whole is stunning.” On-campus enrollment dipped last fall, a byproduct of a large graduating class last May and the aforementioned retention rate being less than desired. Drake’s approach is holistic: new programs, facility upgrades, financial aid/ affordability. Each can be addressed independently, but they will work together to make CMU prosper. Drake also hopes to see Greek life on campus play a larger roll, or perhaps more accurately, return to the prominence it once enjoyed. “Greek societies have been so important through our history, and I’m thrilled that this fall was a huge pledge class. About 16 percent of our students are involved in Greek life, but I’m told there was a time when it was closer to 70-75 percent. “It’s terribly important that we remember what extracurriculars are all about – providing students with an affinity group,” he says. “The cool thing about CMU is, unlike many institutions where you have to choose one, here you can have it all. If you want to play sports and be in a play and be active in a student organization, you can.” Drake had nothing but good things to say about CMU’s off-campus and online programming. “Rita (Gulstad, vice president and dean) and her team have de-

Fall 2013

veloped an incredible platform for delivering those programs,” he says. “Our assessment outcomes are really The students already adore Dr. Drake. good – I see They know they are his top priority. no sacrifice in quality. ”I’m proud, as I go to meetings around the state, of how much CMU is thought of as an innovator and partner in educational delivery. We’ve taken the CMU footprint and our mission across the state; I can see a time when we will expand across state lines.” ‘The optimism of youth’ It’s obvious Roger Drake is impressed with the faculty and staff at CMU; that he enjoys and appreciates the community and area residents and leadership; and that he is awed by the exuberance and loyalty of Central alumni. But he rarely speaks without referencing his favorite topic: students. A walk with him across campus is punctuated with personal exchanges with many of them. Drake practices and plays with the student Praise Band, often performing during weekly chapel services. He has been known to whip up on student after student on the ping pong table in The Eyrie Café. He and Judy rarely miss a CMU game, concert or play. They often entertain students in their home. “I know lots of folks who are far smarter than I will ever be, and I love being around them,” he says. “But if I had to choose, I’d rather be around students. Being around them at such an exciting time in their life is a joy. “I used to love the old TV show ‘The Virginian,’ and there was a character on it named Trampas. He said one time, ‘The wisdom of age is a poor substitute for the optimism of youth.’ Let’s face it: if you don’t like being around students, you’d better not work in higher education,” he chuckles. But when one spends time around Roger Drake, optimism isn’t restricted to the young. The self-described “introvert by nature,” who says “Structuring complex financial transactions is where I’m most comfortable,” and who describes strategy and analysis as “my more natural strengths,” has embraced CMU. And CMU has embraced Roger Drake. With typical humility, Drake says, “I spend more time working in areas of lesser strength, but my years in music did help me get over my reserved inclinations. I enjoy what I do now. I love where life has taken me. “I think our best days are ahead, and not all that far ahead,” Drake says.

Central Methodist University



“Synergy” first outdoor art for Ashby-Hodge Gallery Homecoming this year was more than the normal parade, lunch, and football game. It also marked the unveiling of the first sculpture outside of The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art in Classic Hall. The bronze piece named “Synergy” was given by the Ashby-Hodge Gallery Board in gratitude for the longevity and depth of support of the Gallery by founders the Tom Ashby family the Anna Mae Hodge family; and by former curators Thomas Yancey and Dr. Joe Geist. The sculpture is the work of Columbia artist Larry Young, whose work is internationally acclaimed. He has placed more than 50 monumental outdoor sculptures during his 25-year career, usually created in bronze, steel, or marble. He learned his craft as a molder in the U.S. Navy, after which he pursued art at Columbia College, followed by a two-year fellowship to study sculpture in Italy. He is especially known for his innovative use of negative space. Young likes to focus on the origin of mankind, man’s relationship with other life, and his destination. His sculp-

tures tend to be very fluid, changing, depending on the view the observer chooses. In his notes about “Synergy,” Young invited people to “move slowly around it, watching as the dynamic forms open and close to create visual energy. Creating movement in an inanimate, three-dimensional object is one of my primary objectives.” “Symbolically,” he writes, “the rising serpentine volumes portray two mutually supporting strands or organisms that rise up to achieve a visual effect not possible alone. . . For me it is an excellent fit with the nature of a great liberal arts education—the pieces come together to create a result that is not possible alone.” In his opening remarks, Dr. Roger Drake, president of CMU, pointed out that the location of the sculpture at the south edge of the campus reflects the joining of town and university in a symbiotic relationship, leading the two entities to be more together than either can be apart.

Above, artist Larry Young (in red jacket) and Dr. Joe Geist (with umbrella) as the CMU plant operations crew assists in placing the sculpture in a spate of rain and sleet Left, Mrs. Anna Mae Hodge and Tom Yancey unveil the artwork at Homecoming. The plaque reads: Synergy by Larry Young In Gratitude [to] The Ashby Family & The Hodge Family, Joseph E. Geist & Thomas L. Yancey for their contribution in the realization of The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art [from] The Gallery Board October 26, 2013


Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


Homecoming 2013 Central Methodist University celebrated Homecoming in the usual boistrous and joyous manner this October under the moniker of “A Hero’s Homecoming.” A lot of fun was crammed into a busy weekend of activities for CMU alumni, friends, area residents, faculty, staff, and students. Friday Friday featured various reunion activities for the honored alumni classes. On Friday afternoon, after a ’53 and ’63 class luncheon at Emmet’s, alumni were offered campus and town tours. A current student, Kate Kellner (a senior majoring in English with a minor in theatre arts), took the attendees on a tour of campus. Kate gave alumni a current student’s perspective on life at Central. The honored classes were divided into two groups. While one group took the campus tour, the other group piled in a van for a driving tour of Fayette. Dr. Robert Wiegers, professor of history at Central since 1989, provided his insight and local knowledge of the places in town that may have changed. Dr. Wiegers also shared history of the Civil War and the Battle of Fayette. The tour followed the trail that the guerrillas used in a fruitless attack on the union forces that were positioned near Puckett Field House. On Friday night alumni gathered at the Central social held at Emmet’s Kitchen and Tap for appetizers and good conversation. Two special events were also held Friday evening. Special Treats for 50th and 60th anniversary classes To further honor our Classes of 1953 and 1963, Central hosted a private dinner for them on the fourth floor of the Inman Student and Community Center Friday night. In attendance were 28 members of the special reunion classes, including guests, President Roger Drake, Judy Drake, and Alan Marshall, executive director of development and alumni programs. Dr. Drake addressed the group prior to dinner and class photos were taken. The attendees resoundingly recommended that Central continue to host a dinner for the 50th and 60th year reunion classes. They enjoyed having a quiet space to visit with classmates and friends that they had not seen for a while. Many told stories, flipped through Ragouts, and reconnected with Central and each other. CMU has begun to make preparations for Homecoming 2014, which will include the class dinner for the reunion classes of 1954 and 1964. GOLD Initiation The inaugural GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Party was held at the D. C. Rogers Lake pavilion. It was the first in a new tradition here at CMU. A a small but hearty group of individuals attended, with the entire range of classes from 2003 to 2013 represented.

Homecoming 2013 A special treat was a visit from new Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations Dr. Josh Jacobs and his wife, Sarah, who came out to have fun and meet some young alums. Food, games, and doorprizes filled the festivities, with the best part of the evening being a bonfire! This special reunion group hopes to grow next year as word gets out and more people come to associate the GOLD party with Homecoming. Saturday Morning More alumni checked in with the Alumni Office Saturday morning and grabbed coffee and a snack on the square just in time for the parade. Dr. Dan Elliott, longtime Fayette resident, emeritus CMU faculty member and former curator of The Stephens Museum, served as the Grand Marshal of the Homecoming Parade. Elliott joined the CMU faculty in 1974. He retired in 2011 after 38 years as professor of biology and geology. He gained considerable renown in 1997 when, on a paleontological dig with CMU students in Howard County, Elliott discovered a starfish fossil. The fossil, the only one like it ever found, was dated at 350 million years old. It is on display in The Stephens Museum. Immediately after the parade, people moved north onto the campus to the Classic Hall Washburn Courtyard for the dedication of the Ashby-Hodge Gallery’s new bronze sculpture “Synergy.” (see p. 12). Following the dedication, CMU’s Student Government Association presented a special art piece from the current exhibit to President and Mrs. Drake inside the gallery. (see p. 34) A tailgate lunch was held on the lawn near Howard-Payne Hall and reunion photos were taken. At the other end of campus, The Stephens Museum in T. Berry Smith Hall was open for guests as well. Football and More In the afternoon, the football game began with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia singing the National Anthem. Central’s Marching Eagles Band performed several numbers that led into the introduction of the Homecoming Queen, Amanda Branson, and King, Todd King, with their Court. Following the football game, CMU athletes played both men’s and women’s soccer games. Many alumni then returned to finish out the evening at either Emmet’s or at an alumni party at the home of Braxton ‘64 and Judy (Engle) ‘65 Rethwisch. He is a long-time admissions counselor for CMU and she is president of the alumni board. Sunday Sunday events included services at Linn Memorial UMC and the art exhibit in The Ashby-Hodge Gallery. It was a wonderful conclusion to a cheerful, memorable celebration of the history and fond memories of Central College, Central Methodist College, and Central Methodist University.

HOMECOMING CLASS PHOTOS CLASS OF 1963 Row 1: Bonnie Scott Heltibrand, Mary Ann Grannemann, Marian Olson Rusk, Doris Jean Linville Beebe, Patsy G. Clark Tyrrell, Joyce Eickmeyer Owens, Mollie Ann Stroff, Lynne Handkins Murphy, Carolyn Schler Snell Row 2: Lee Potts, Thomas Lee, Hugh Jones, Charles R. “Rick” Huddleston, David Schinke, Bob Bryant, Ray Schneider

CLASS OF 1953 (Photo right) Don Panhorst, Bob “Lefty” Grove; Above, the Friday crew included Gail Hughes, Dorothy “Dot” Carmichael Panhorst, and Don Panhorst

CLASS OF 1978 Row 1: Pamela Pearre King, Maggie Thompson Elliott, Catherine Murtha Kent, Jeanie Sanders Kitson, Nancy Yuelkenbeck, Fern Rhone Robins; Row 2: Steve Burbee, Colleen Byrne Thurmon, Harriet Purvis Ryman, Pam Hess Huttsell, Julie Jacobs Menees, Susan Peters Harbison, Steven Jackson, Phil Tessereau

Above, the Class of 1963 at the dinner Friday included (left side at front) Judy Martin Parsons and Dianne Dietz Stever, who were unable to be with the group on Saturday

CLASS OF 1968 Linda DeForest Hess, Paul King, Marge Nelden Wantz, Tom Schneider, Gail Raymond Gampp, Ronald Bolm

HOMECOMING CLASS PHOTOS CLASS OF 1983 Row 1: Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson, Susan Hardy Mills, Michelle Moran Mueller-Hinton, Julie Campbell Gray, Jacque Knight Richmond, Cindy Fletcher Hurt, Tina Sabo Fuhler, Susan Evans Spriggs, Melody Tapey Nelson Row 2: Terry Henderson, Mark Driver, Terry Ohlms, Kirk Meyer, Michael Hanson, Steve Himmel, Starr Hampel Himmel, Larry Layden

CLASS OF 1998 Lathem Scott, Amy Flater Galaydick, Michelle Erickson Gregory, Donta Eugene Hubbard

CLASS OF 1973 Kyle Hern, Marie Frazee Hern, Charlie Bentley, Evelyn Morrison Kinkade, Calvin M. Brown

CLASS OF 2003 Michelle Merk, Carmen Wiseman Venable, Tina Conrow Scanlon, Jayme Thompson, Melissa Sansone-Brengle, Jenny Martin Anspach

CLASS OF 1988 Lynette Haenssler Harrison, Mark Calvert, Dianna Hart Shelton

CLASS OF 1993 Dori Madsen Luzum

CLASS OF 2008 Christina Thompson Shutt, Angela Bartley

Campus news

Vice President Dr. Joshua Jacobs to lead CMU advancement, alumni Joshua Jacobs’ career has involved a variety of duties, but it has followed a common theme: working with people to strengthen relationships. Jacobs now has a chance to bring his diverse skills and experience together in his new position as vice president for advancement and alumni relations at Central Methodist University. CMU President Roger Drake announced Jacobs’ appointment, effective Oct. 14. “We are excited that Dr. Jacobs is joining the Central Methodist University team,” Dr. Drake says. “Dr. Jacobs has a passion for higher education, a proven history of success, and a contagious personality. All of those will serve him well as he leads our advancement and alumni efforts.” “My wife (Sarah) and I were charmed by the campus in Fayette and were impressed by the institution’s efforts to serve the State of Missouri,” Jacobs says. “I am very excited to join the CMU community.” Jacobs comes to CMU from Murray (Ky.) State University, where he has been chief of staff for MSU President Randy J. Dunn since 2008. Prior to that he served as an education policy lobbyist and as an event organizer for two Illinois Governors, and spent a year working for the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s State Fair Bureau.

At Murray State, Jacobs was responsible for the daily operations of the university and worked closely with campus groups and individuals to advance its mission. MSU enrolls some 10,800 students and its operating budget exceeds $150 million. He worked on branding and case development for its recently-completed $72 million fund drive. At CMU, Jacobs will direct a nine member staff tasked with various fundraising and alumni relations duties. The annual fund, corporate and foundation relations, prospect research, major gifts, planned giving, comprehensive and capital campaigns, plus alumni and constituent relations will be among his responsibilities. “CMU has been innovative in its efforts to serve its broad base of students, and one of the goals for our Advancement team is to build upon the strong reputation of the institution,” Jacobs said. Jacobs will join Drake’s senior staff with four other CMU vice presidents. He will work directly and closely with the Advancement Committee of the CMU Board of Trustees, other Trustee committees, and the CMU Alumni Association board. While his duties are diverse, Jacobs knows that it all comes down to a matter of working with CMU constituents and donor prospects to strengthen the financial resources of the University. “I view my role as supporting the strategic plans of the other units on campus and of the institution as a whole,” Jacobs says. “I look forward to connecting with our alumni and supporters as we identify ways to secure the resources that will make the plans of CMU leadership a reality.” In addition to his Doctor of Education degree from Vanderbilt, Jacobs has a master’s degree from Fielding Graduate University (Santa Barbara, Calif.) and his bachelor’s degree from Millikin University (Decatur, Ill.).

Photo, right: Jacobs and his wife, Sarah, met many alumni over Homecoming, including at the social at Emmet’s Kitchen and Tap.


Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


Campus news Dr. Nancy Hadfield retiring from Central Methodist University “I have a short attention span,” says Dr. Nancy Hadfield. Then she laughs, the irony not lost on her. Hadfield has spent 23 years teaching at Central Methodist University and is stepping gracefully into retirement. Hadfield is professor of English, has chaired the Division of Professional Education since 2007, and the Division of Humanities before that. Perhaps her attention waned easily in the early years. She taught five years in the public schools, then stayed at home with her daughter until she was in kindergarten. Since Hadfield had a bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Missouri (MU), she went back to work for them. “While I was working on campus [at MU],” she says, “I thought, well, why not take a few classes.” Those classes turned into a master’s degree in English language and then into a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies English. She began working at Central Methodist College in 1990 as a faculty member in the English Department. She credits the tutelage of Dr. Joe Geist (1972-1998) and Dr. Dick Winegard (1970-2000) with teaching her how to be a member of a college faculty. “Joe must have seen something that I didn’t know was there,” Hadfield observes, “because [he] thought I should be chair.” She became chair of the Humanities Division. In 2007, she took over as chair of the Professional Education Division. “It was daunting at first because it was all new,” she admits. “But it was challenging and interesting.” She stepped down from that chair position this summer. Hadfield’s colleagues respect her guidance. Dr. Mozaffar Rahmatpanah, professor of physical education and former soccer coach says, “[Dr. Hadfield] was an excellent motivator and visionary for our department. She possesses an innate leadership trait that all of us admired.” According to Coach Moz, as he is known on campus, the rate of graduation and job placement in the Division of Professional Education has gone up, as has the rate of passage of the required Praxis exam, which future teachers must pass. Having gone to a large university, Hadfield understands the special bonds at Central. “Nobody really seemed to notice who I was,” she says of MU, “and at the time I was okay with that. But I realize now that I would have gotten a different education here [at CMU]. “People would have made me a better student than I was, and I think that’s kind of what we do best. We

Fall 2013

really look for what there is in students that needs to be developed.” She encourages students, especially those in the education program, to be certain of what they want to do with their lives. “Some students think that teaching is an easy job. It’s a much harder job than people realize. I would tell them to go to class and think about what their teacher had to do to be in class for [them].” Nonetheless, Hadfield is very proud of the 75 or so student teachers who stay the course and graduate with degrees in education from CMU every year, and she notes that school superintendents call Central often to recruit new teachers. She also remains firmly linked with Central and plans to continue teaching a class or two each semester. For someone who claims to have a short attention span, Hadfield has left a long and lasting legacy for students and faculty alike at Central Methodist University.

CMU hires transfer coordinator In an ongoing effort to help college students find the best fit for their studies, Central Methodist University created a transfer coordinator position in the Office of Admission. The first person to hold this position is Gregory Ray, new assistant transfer coordinator and recruiter. He is familiar with recruitment and transfer issues from all perspectives, including having transferred to CMU himself. Ray assists students at community colleges, including CMU’s College of Graduate and Extended Studies partners across Missouri and in adjacent states, to determine their best route to obtaining a bachelor’s degree from CMU. He helps transfers from other institutions enroll at CMU as well. Ray spent his first career in the United States Army and then the Alaska Army National Guard where his duties included station commander, recruitment, and marketing. When he decided to add a college degree to his accomplishments, he became a transfer student to CMU in 2011. “I hope to help increase the numbers and diversity of the student population at Central Methodist,” Ray says. “Since I arrived from Alaska, Central has gained nearly a dozen students from that state. While at CMU, Ray served as an assistant women’s basketball coach. He graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management degree from Central. Ray started work in July.

Central Methodist University



Campus news High honor for Atteberry’s composition Dr. Ron Atteberry, assistant professor of music at Central Methodist University, was honored with the Opus Award this summer by the Missouri Choral Directors Association (MCDA), according to Dr. Dori Waggoner, dean of the Swinney Conservatory of Music at CMU. The Opus Award is presented annually to a Missouri composer for the most outstanding choral composition. Dr. Atteberry was honored for his Mass for the Common Man, which was premiered this spring by the CMU Conservatory Singers, which Atteberry directs. “I was completely surprised and extremely grateful to my Missouri choral colleagues for selecting Mass for the Common Man for this honor,” Atteberry says. “The Mass composition was a labor of love. I am indebted to my CMU choir students for their contributions to its performance.” The criteria dictate that the piece must exemplify the highest standard of choral music composition and must be totally original. The MCDA state Repertoire and Standards Chairs serve as the selection committee in a blind review of submissions. Atteberry wrote the mass as partial fulfillment of the Doctorate of Sacred Music Degree, which he received in May from the Graduate Theological Foundation. “Ron is a gifted composer,” observes Dr. Waggoner,

“whose music is engaging and beautiful. It is no surprise that he was honored by the Missouri Choral Directors Association for his work. We are fortunate to have him working with our CMU students.” Brian Reeves, president of MCDA presIn addients the coveted Opus Award to Dr. Ron tion to the Atteberry. photo courtesy of Jeff Sandquist 69-member Conservatory Singers, Atteberry also directs the Church Street Boys of 16 young men, among other vocal groups on campus. He joined the CMU faculty in 2010. Atteberry has a Master of Science in Education degree from Missouri State University and a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Southwest Baptist University.

CMU director Vandelicht receives Bandmasters highest honor Roy “Skip” Vandelicht, director of bands at Central Methodist University, has been honored many times for his diligence, guidance, and passion for band music and musicians. But this past summer he took home one of his most prized honors, election into the Missouri Bandmasters Association (MBA) Hall of Fame. The award came during the summer conference of the MBA in late June at the Lake of the Ozarks. Vandelicht originally joined the MBA in 1977 and served as president of the organization in 1995 and 1996 after serving as vice president and coordinator of the Missouri All-State Band for the two years prior. The Hall of Fame award is reserved for those MBA members who have made a lasting or enduring impact on instrumental music through band in Missouri; who have positively impacted the personal and musical development of the state’s youth through band; and who have shown a continued commitment to professional and musical growth themselves. “To join the ranks of MBA Hall of Famers, many of whom are band music educators I have looked up to my whole career, is quite humbling,” Vandelicht confesses. 20

Fall 2013

“This is definitely a highlight of my life, and one that I will always treasure.” Vandelicht, a 1977 CMU graduate, has certainly met the criteria. He spent 31 years teaching the instrumental music program at the Fayette R-III School District, while concurrently directing the CMU marching band from 1982-1995. After retiring from public school teaching, Vandelicht was hired by CMU as its full-time director of bands in 2008 and is assistant professor of music. The large bands he currently directs include the autumn CMU Marching Band, the touring Concert Band, and the new University Band. “Being inducted into the MBA Hall of Fame is a huge honor,” Vandelicht says. “I would not change my career path for anything in the world because I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of incredible young people both at Fayette and CMU.” During the MBA summer conference, members attend clinics during the days run by nationally known band directors and evening music performances. The CMU Alumni Band has performed twice at the MBA conference in past years. Vandelicht joins other CMU greats in the Hall of Fame, including the legendary Keith K. Anderson, both Ken and Nancy Seward, Claude T. Smith, Keith House, Charlie Wells, Bob Hansen, Herb Duncan, and Larry Bennett who currently teaches low brass at Central. photo left: Vandelicht accepts the Hall of Fame honor from colleague and friend, Keith Ruether.

Central Methodist University


Campus news Hackman leads Professional Education At face value, Sally Hackman’s new position at Central Methodist University would not appear to be a major move. Yet, as the new chair of CMU’s Division of Professional Education would affirm, appearances can be deceiving. She’s still at Central Methodist, where she has worked since 1999. Physically, Hackman’s new office isn’t far from her old one in T. Berry Smith Hall. On the organizational chart, she moved from chairing one division (Accounting, Business and Economics) to another. Hackman’s job remains a mix of administration and management with some teaching. She’s still the CMU faculty athletic representative and is active on other CMU committees. She even has the good fortune to have her predecessor, Dr. Nancy Hadfield, around to consult with: Hadfield, the former head of Professional Education, continues to teach some classes for CMU. Yet the new job leading CMU’s teacher-training division is strikingly different from her former role heading its Business Division. Ironically, a big change is that her new role requires even more organizational work—the type of business skills she used to teach. “In the Business Division, administration was about 10 percent of my job and teaching was about 90 percent,” Hackman says. “Now, it seems like 99 percent of my work

is administrative. This really is more a management position, and I’m using more business skills.” A native of Glasgow, Howard County is Hackman’s home and she’s grown up around CMU, though she graduated from the University of Central Missouri and received her Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Missouri. When a faculty position at CMU opened up in 1999, she was hired. Some look at smaller institutions as a stepping stone, but Hackman hopes to stay. “Coming from Glasgow, and living there now, I like the location,” she says. “Even more importantly, I like the CMU community – it’s a great place to work.” Now in her 15th year at Central Methodist, Hackman still carries the academic rank of Associate Professor of Business, but her focus is squarely on teacher preparation. It is a demanding field that is changing rapidly, and that rate of change shows no sign of slowing down. “We face more stringent requirements for testing our students,” Hackman says. “Hurdles are good; we want to produce good teachers, and schools expect our graduates to be prepared and qualified. “At the same time, it’s getting more difficult and more costly for our students to get into a profession that doesn’t compensate as well as others,” she notes. Keeping on top of the demands and regulations placed on the University and its students is a high priority, but Hackman also wants to see CMU increase its teacher preparation portfolio. Work is ongoing, for example, trying to launch teacher certification in biology and chemistry, in addition to its general science certification. As one would expect, Sally Hackman sees such enhancements as the business side of education.

CMU professor named to national board Julie Duerst Bennett, associate professor of business, was named to the Enactus United States Faculty Advisory Committee. Currently chair of the Accounting, Business and Economics Department, she is the Enactus Sam Walton Fellow at CMU. Bennett has been advisor for the CMU chapter of Enactus, previously known as Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), since she came to Central eight years ago. Her role as a member of the Faculty Advisory Committee will be to help enhance Enactus programming activities and to assist in strategies that enhance Enactus team relations within the Enactus network. Enactus faculty advisors on this committee represent the diverse network of colleges and universities that make up Enactus United States. Bennett praises her experience with CMU’s SIFE/ Enactus group. “It is such a pleasure to watch and help the students create, plan, organize and complete their projects,” she says, “especially those projects that aid in creating a better life and future opportunities for others.” She says the CMU Enactus team took to heart the mission to make the group more inclusive and diverse. It

Fall 2013

has embraced the focus of growing together, learning for life, aiding in sustaining their community, and working to impact the world in a positive manner. The CMU Enactus team was first runner-up in its division in May during the 2013 National Competition in Kansas City. It was also honored as a 4.0 Club, which recognizes teams for quality education programs, success in Enactus, and long-term sustainability in enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. More than 530 teams and 21,000 university students make up Enactus in the United States. It also has numerous international chapters. “I am honored to be selected to represent CMU and our Enactus team at the national level,” Bennett says. “I believe I will be a caring, informed voice, a resource and an advocate for smaller universities on the Enactus U.S. Advisory Committee.”

Central Methodist University



Campus news New faculty join CMU Central Methodist welcomed six new full-time faculty members this fall, according to Dr. Rita Gulstad, vice president and dean of the University. Two new members teach in the business department, two in nursing, and one each in athletic training and music. Amanda Crowe, assistant professor of business, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a Master of Business Administration degree from William Woods University. Laura Fisher, associate professor of accounting, has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Missouri Southern State University in Joplin and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. New full-time faculty at Central Methodist University include, from left, Melissa Loehnig, assistant professor of muMelissa Loehnig, Hope Taylor, Sean Pridgeon, Laura Fisher, Amanda sic, earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music (piano Crowe, and Kim Bell Wilson. performance) degree from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash.; a Master of Music degree in Columbia, Mo. He has also served as a flight nurse with in piano accompanying from Florida State University in the Air Evac Lifeteam in Salem, Mo. Tallahassee, Fla.: and her Doctor of Music in piano perforHope Taylor, assistant professor of nursing, graduatmance, also from Florida State University. ed from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor Sean Pridgeon, assistant professor of nursing, earned of Science in Nursing degree and is working toward her both his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and his Master of Master of Science: Nurse Educator degree at Walden Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Leader degrees from University in Minneapolis Central Methodist University. Kimberly Bell Wilson, assistant professor of athHe is currently a member of the United States Army letic training, attained her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Reserves where he is First Lieutenant, Critical Care Nurse, Training degree from the University of Central Missouri and Platoon Leader; and Staff Nurse II in the Cardiac (UCM) and her Master of Education degree from Central Intensive Care Unit at the University of Missouri Hospital Methodist University.


Fall 2013

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Campus news CMU faculty, staff honored A new academic year at Central Methodist University is reason enough to celebrate, but CMU faculty and staff who gathered for its annual All-College back-to-school assembly had special cause for fanfare. One of the first tasks for new CMU President Roger Drake was to present awards to faculty and staff. The CMU chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), a national honorary leadership organization, awarded its 201213 Chester A. Hanson Award for Outstanding Teacher of the Year to Dr. Dori Waggoner ’92, assistant professor of music and chair of the Fine Arts division. She has her Bachelor of Music Education degree from CMU, and her master’s and doctoral degrees are from the University of Missouri. She has been with CMU full-time since 2010. Other faculty honored with ODK Harold A. Momberg Gold Chalk Awards were Dr. Ron Atteberry, assistant professor of music; Dr. Elizabeth Gold, assistant professor of psychology; and Skip Vandelicht ’77, assistant professor of music. Ruth Spayde ’70, faculty assistant in the CMU music department, was honored with the ODK Outstanding Staff of the Year award for 2012-13. Another major award presented each year at this time is the United Methodist Church Exemplary Teacher Award. Dr. Sally Hackman, who has been with CMU since 1999 and is now the director of professional education, was presented the citation. Criteria for the Exemplary Teacher Award includes teaching excellence, civility and concern for students and colleagues, commitment to a values-centered educa-

Clockwise from top right, with Dr. Drake: Dr. Elizabeth Gold, Ruth Spayde, Skip Vandelicht, Dr. Sally Hackman, Dr. Ron Atteberry, and Dr. Dori Waggoner

tion, and service to students, CMU, the community or the church. The recipient is chosen by the faculty at the University.

Missionary joins CMU staff The General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) has graced Central Methodist University with a missionary for two years. The GBGM is the global mission agency of the United Methodist Church, and Kharissa Allman has joined the CMU community through its US-2 young adult program. Allman is a New Jersey native and came to Missouri in August. She is living on campus with the students but is also immersing herself in the Fayette community. Allman started by connecting herself with the CMU Campus Ministry department as well as the local Methodist churches and pastors. In this beginning stage of her mission work, Allman is working on discovering her own strengths. She is also focused on learning as much as she can about the community so she can begin to make a difference as soon as possible. After attending weekly Chapel, held at CMU, Allman hosts a casual group discussion for the students to communicate with each other about the message they learned and how to apply it. She also intends to travel with the students on their University mission trips that take place over holiday breaks such as Washington, D.C., in November and Haiti in December. Allman finds that one of her strengths is one-on-one communication. She looks forward to getting to know individual students and helping them reach their goals. Allman has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health from Montclair State University in Montclair, N. J. She plans to return to school for a master’s degree after her two-year mission with CMU. She is excited about what she will learn during this experience and hopes to find direction for her own future through it.

Fall 2013

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Denise Haskamp Gebhardt named Ashby-Hodge curator Denise Haskamp Gebhardt and The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art at Central Methodist University may not be the proverbial match made in heaven. But if they are not, they certainly are close. Not only are Gebhardt and the gallery a good fit, but the opportunity she inherits could scarcely be more appealing for the new Gallery curator. Gebhardt has the support of the CMU administration, a strong Ashby-Hodge executive board, and a collection of nearly 800 works in the Ashby-Hodge permanent holdings. Then there are the trump cards Gebhardt gains: enviable new gallery space in the newly-remodeled Classic Hall at CMU in Fayette, and the continuing service of outgoing curator, Dr. Joseph E. Geist, who led the effort to establish the gallery nearly 20 years ago. “I am honored and excited by this new opportunity,” Gebhardt says. “I am grateful that Dr. Geist and Tom Yancey have offered their support and guidance. It is important to continue the legacy of excellence and dedication both men established in the development and ongoing work at the Ashby-Hodge gallery. The new gallery is a beautiful space and a significant addition to CMU.” Gebhardt, a Glasgow resident and native, assumed her new position July 1. Geist will remain active as supervisor of the Ashby-Hodge collection and to assist with the transition. Gebhardt has long been a patron and fan of the Ashby-Hodge Gallery. She is certainly no stranger to CMU, having taught history and sociology classes there for the past 10 years. Gebhardt has taught on the main campus, off campus, and via interactive television. As curator of the Ashby-Hodge Gallery, Gebhardt will work with Geist in preparing and organizing all gallery exhibits. She will manage the gallery budget, oversee its operations, and write and review grant proposals, journal articles, reports, and promotional materials, among other tasks. “Denise is a great choice for curator,” Geist says. “She has a great interest in art and cultural history, and especially in regards to mid-Missouri. She has been a loyal patron of the Ashby-Hodge Gallery. Denise has the desire, the enthusiasm, the energy, and the knowledge that we need.” Gebhardt has a Master of Arts degree in history, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in both sociology and history, all from the University of Missouri. She worked previously at the Pierce Home in Armstrong, and at the New Start Domestic Violence Shelter in Boonville. Gebhardt has been active in the Boonslick Historical 24

Fall 2013

Society, the Glasgow Historical Society and the Glasgow Museum board. She is a former docent for the Museum of Art and Archeology at the University of Missouri. “My interest in art and museum studies was piqued while taking art history classes at MU and later while volunteering as a docent at the Museum of Art and Archaeology,” she says. “The opportunity to work as curator of the Ashby-Hodge is indeed a dream job! I am proud to be part of the CMU community and pleased to expand my work experience at CMU.” Her predecessor, Joe Geist, along with Tom Yancey of Fayette were co-founders of the gallery in 1993, while Geist was chair of CMU’s Humanities Division and professor of English, and Yancey was a member of Central’s music faculty. Initially, the gallery was operated by the Humanities division. When Geist retired, the gallery was separated from the academic administration and established as its own entity with its own executive board. Yancey, who was appointed by Geist as the first curator in 1993, remained in that position until Geist retired from academia and took over the curatorship in 1998. Yancey then became the conservationist for the collection and has held that position since then. The gallery was named in honor of the late Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Ashby, who gifted a significant portion of the main collection; and the late Dr. Robert Hodge ’42 and his widow Anna Mae ’44 of Kansas City, special benefactors of Central Methodist.

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Alumnus presents Gaddis Lecture

A gathering of 1970’s-era Zetas made a pilgrimage to CMU this fall. From left: Kay Wynn Raisch, Linda Long Harlan, Cindy Lausen Marek, Marty Ball Tayon, Louann Thogmorton Shaner, Sandy Weaver Rowell, Sandy Shemwell Womack, Cathy Thogmorton, and Lynn Lolley Robinson

Fall 2013

Effective communication in a rapidly changing world has its challenges, and especially so when the issue is public safety. Jeremy Barclay presented a lecture titled “Public Safety and Communication: Mixing Cyberdyne and Reality in the Actual 21st Century,” during the annual Merrill E. Gaddis Memorial Lecture at Central Methodist University on October 15. As a CMU alumnus, Barclay, Class of 1998, continues the tradition of Central graduates presenting the Gaddis Lecture. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Service (Administration) from Central Methodist University and continued his education at the University of Kansas, receiving his Masters of Public Administration. Barclay began his career as the business license auditor for South Bend, Ind., and also served as the senior budget analyst for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/ Kansas City, Kan. He was formerly the City Administrator of Chappell, Neb., a position he held from 2000-2002. The CMU alumnus was appointed Special Assistant to the Kansas Secretary of Corrections by then-Corrections Secretary Roger Werholtz, effective Oct. 2003. Barclay was named Communications Director by current Kansas Corrections Secretary Ray Roberts in August 2012. He is responsible for overseeing legislative and public affairs, research, and victim services for the Kansas Department of Corrections. CMU has hosted the Gaddis Lecture series, which traditionally features notable Central alumni as speakers, since 1984. It is sponsored by CMU’s Kappa Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, international honor society for the social sciences. The Kappa Chapter was established at Central in 1935 by Dr. Merrill Gaddis (1891-1958), who was professor of history and later chair of its history and political science department, and who served the institution for nearly 30 years. If you are interested in watching his lecture, a recording can be found on CMU’s YouTube Channel: www.

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Students, faculty honored at Convocation An annual tradition at Central Methodist University is Convocation, which was celebrated during the first week of classes. New CMU President Roger Drake emceed his first Convocation, which featured music from the CMU Concert Band; greetings from student, faculty, and administrative leaders; and the presentation of several awards. Dr. Drake gave out the second annual Carolyn and Tad Perry Fellow Award to Dr. John Carter, professor of political science, director of CMU’s pre-law program, and director of graduate studies. Dr. Carter, who has served the University since 1980, has his bachelor’s degree and his doctorate from the University of Missouri and his master’s degree from the University of Central Missouri. Left, President Drake presents Dr. John Carter, professor of political science, with the prestigious Carolyn and Tad Perry Fellow Award.

The award honors a faculty member who has gone the “extra mile” for Central students, and has shown a commitment to student experiences, growth and achievement. The award was established by Central alumni Carolyn (Summers) ’66 and Tad ’65 Perry of Ft. Pierre, S.D. Both continue to serve their alma mater, Carolyn as a member of the CMU Alumni Board, Tad as a member of the institution’s Board of Trustees. President Drake also presented five awards to students, based on their performance as new CMU students during 2012-13. Honored were Christopher Bantz, Emily Everett, Levi Gerke, Susan Henke, and Maggie Moore. Moore, a sophomore student from Columbia, received the Demaree Prize, which honors the freshman with the highest scholastic average. Everett, a sophomore elementary education major from Florissant, was honored with the E.E. Rich Award, given to a sophomore female student based on outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership. Bantz, a sophomore from Troy majoring in religion and church leadership, was given the Kim Everett Award, which is based on a student’s concern for CMU, diverse involvement on campus, leadership, concern for fellow students, and academic scholarship. Henke, a sophomore from Salisbury majoring in music education, was presented the Tau Kappa Epsilon Outstanding Freshman Female Award. The recipient of this award has shown strong academic standing, dedication, involvement, and commitment to the mission and goals of CMU. Gerke, a sophomore from Pilot Grove majoring in music, received the ODK Outstanding Freshman Leadership Award, based on his overall campus leadership abilities. Recipients are nominated by CMU faculty and selected by ODK members. Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary leadership organization for juniors and seniors with membership based on achievement in scholastic and extracurricular activities.

Photos, left-right: Levi Gerke, Susan Henke, Emily Everett, Maggie Moore, and Christopher Bantz, all honored during Fall Convocation


Fall 2013

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Campus news News from the faculty and staff Last year the Physical Education Department took four students to the MOAHPERD (Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance) Convention for the first time. However, for this year’s convention, MOAHPERD was pleased to announce that the CMU Physical Education Department, with the leadership of one of our students, Mason Mershon, a senior physical education student, presented a “Texting While Driving, On the road, Off the phone” simulation for the convention that took place in November. Dr. Dana Morris is the lead author of a major paper accepted recently for publication in the international journal Forest Ecology and Management. The paper, “Results of 20 Years of Experimental Forest Management on Breeding Birds in Ozark Forests of Missouri, USA,” is also authored by Dr. Paul Porneluzi, Dr. Janet Haslerig, Prof. Richard Clawson, and Dr. John Faaborg. Dr. Moz Rahmatpanah was mentioned as a textbook reviewer in David Miller’s book entitled Measurement by the Physical Educator: Why and How.

According to Michael Pope, CMU-UMC liaison, Central Methodist University leads all UMC-related colleges and universities in the country in the number of Dollars For Scholars student aid recipients. CMU partners with local United Methodist congregations, the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation (UMHEF) and the Missouri United Methodist Foundation (MUMF) to provide these renewable ($3K-$4K) scholarships. This year CMU and the Missouri Conference had 45 DFS recipients, second only to the Georgia Conference, which has nearly a dozen UMC-related colleges and universities compared to Missouri’s one and only university—CMU. CMU also sponsors two UMC Sundays each year in the Missouri Conference, Pope says. “We are averaging more than 20 UMCs in each of our Fall and Spring semesters, all staffed by CMU faculty, staff, administration, and trustees. Our CMU messages reach thousands of UMC members each year as a result.” UMCs who are interested in participating in a CMU Sunday should contact: Michael D. Pope, UMC liaison, at or call (660) 248-6390. In addition, CMU has hosted six CMU Leadership Institutes since 2007. This year’s Institute is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13, 2013, with Rev. Paul Rasmussen, a graduate of Perkins School of Theology and the senior pastor of Cornerstone UMC, Dallas, Texas, as the guest speaker. Rev. Rasmussen’s topic will be “Building a MultiSite Congregation.” Past Institute speakers have included Bishop Robert Schnase, Bishop Will Willimon, Rev. Adam Hamilton, Rev. Bob Farr, Rev. Karen Hayden, Rev. Mike Schreiner, Rev. Ron Watts, Rev. Mike Graves, Rev. Tim Stevens, and David Atkins, J.D. CMU’s Institutes have reached hundreds of participants, including pastors and lay leaders, in the Missouri Conference.

Getting to know President Drake Since Dr. Roger Drake took the helm at Central Methodist University on July 1, he has been busy traveling the country meeting our alumni. He has had the chance to hear many “Central” stories and learn more about our history. Nancy Peacock ’82, a current Board of Trustee member, who lives in Nashville, Tenn., opened up her home to introduce Dr. Drake to the alumni in her area. Dave Bandy ‘66, who is currently on the President’s Council and the Alumni Board, lives in Leawood, Kan., and opened his home to the alumni in the Kansas City area. Both gatherings provided great opportunities for the area alumni to meet our new president. If you are interested in hosting an event in your area—it does not have to be in your home—please contact Alan Marshall via email at or by phone at 660.248.6260.

Fall 2013

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Alumni news

Dr. Harlo Donelson ’58: The Flight Home

by Deanna Cooper, director of development and alumni activities I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dr. Harlo Donelson on a recent alumni visit to Memphis, Mo. Donelson is one of many shining gems in the crown that makes up the CMU alumni—and how fortunate we are. A visit with Dr. Donelson is nothing short of interesting, peppered with good humor and sincerity. Donelson has practiced dentistry since 1962 in his beloved community of Memphis. If I were a child in Memphis, there would be a good chance I would consider foregoing the carnival for a visit to the dentist. His warmth for family and children shows in his numerous Norman Rockwell prints throughout the office. The term “beloved” is mutual in Memphis, as is evident in the warm greetings from townspeople wherever he goes. There are few he doesn’t know, including multiple generations. In today’s mobile society such an atmosphere is rare and compelling. Doneslon came to Central College in 1952 from Hannibal La Grange Junior College, where he had attended for two years before being drafted into the Army. After the completion of service to his country, he returned to Central College and completed his BSE in 1958. He still holds a reverence for his experience and education at Central, which he refers to as a “tremendous institution [with high] educational value.” He continued his education at the Kansas City School of Dentistry where he obtained his D.D.S. Donelson began practicing dentistry in Memphis in 1962 where he has continued to reside, practice, and be deeply integrated in his church and community. One Dr. Donelson’s many interests I found captivating is a project which he and his friends, Fred Clap, Ron Brown, and others concocted. Historically, from June 1927-May 1929, the Pheasant Aircraft Company operated in Memphis and manufactured


Fall 2013

an airplane known as the 1928 Pheasant H-10. Only three Pheasant H-10s were known still to be in existence. One craft was in a museum in Oshkosh, Wis., and another in a museum in Canada. Brown discovered the third aircraft located in Long Island, N.Y. Clapp introduced the aircraft and the history of the Pheasant Aircraft Company of Memphis to a local Rotary Club. A proposal was proffered to attempt to purchase the craft and bring it back to its original place of manufacture in Memphis. On Christmas Eve, 2011, Donaldson went to Long Island and met with the owner. He got to view the airplane in its hangar, and he presented the owner a collection of Memphis Democrat newspaper clippings from the late 1920s about the Pheasant Aircraft Company. Upon Donelson’s return to Memphis, a decision was made to purchase the craft and bring it home. By April, 2012, $70,000 had been raised and the endeavor to bring the relic home was in high gear. An enclosed semitrailer was modified to transport the aircraft, with wings detached and carefully packed in padded slings. The Pheasant Aircraft group gathered their treasure and returned to Memphis. On Saturday, April 21, 2012, an unloading ceremony was held in front of the very building from which the Pheasant Aircraft H-10, serial number 118, had departed in January 1928. It currently resides in Memphis at the Wiggins Family Museum If you find yourself intrigued with history and love a great story, I suggest taking the time to visit our fellow Central alum, Dr. Harlo Donelson and the Pheasant Aircraft, serial number 118, in Memphis, Mo. You will feel history come alive as you ponder this bi-winged jewel with its wooden prop, canvas-covered wings, and inline single seats.

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Alumni news

Intersecting parallel lines: a pair o’ docs

by Cathy Thogmorton, editor Brad Harrison and Kyle Platz became friends in colwife, Kellie Piesbergen Platz, who graduated in 2002 from lege—Central Methodist College at that time. Since then Central and had herself gone on to become a doctor of they’ve led parallel lives. Except when their lives interanesthesiology, to join him at Fort Gordon to finish their sect, which seems to happen often, at first by chance, then residencies. by design. Of course, they became co-Chief Residents at Dwight They did not enter Central at the same time, nor with D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center. They worked tothe same goal. But they graduated at the same time and gether and even had side by side desks. Together they very much on the same track. were able to significantly improve the experiences of the Brad came to Central as a freshman in 1996. He wanted resident doctors there. to play football, then go back to Jefferson City and coach. They separated into parallel lives again after residenThat dream came to a painful end when he hurt his knee. cy. Kyle and Kellie wanted to stay in Georgia. Brad moved From a P.E. major he switched to athletic training, but he to Fort Riley in Kansas. quickly got tired of wrapping and icing down body parts. Kyle was deployed to Afghanistan with the 501 He shifted again to physical therapy. From that, he says, it Airborne. Soon Brad was deployed to Saudi Arabia. Then was a fairly small leap to the notion of medical school. His Kyle was sent to Iraq. Shortly before Kyle was sent stateattitude was laid-back and non-traditional. “I didn’t know side to Fort Riley in 2010, Brad was sent to Iraq with the there was a lot of work involved in that,” he laughs. 82nd Airborne. Enter Kyle Platz as a freshman in 1998. According to At the end of his deployment, Brad went back to Fort Brad, Kyle was “a doctor from the womb. He was intellecRiley where his friends were waiting for him. He and Kyle tually brilliant and focused.” They quickly found common had been serving in two different wars at the same time, ground. They were taking all the same pre-med classes and then the same war at different times. Both received Bronze Brad spoke as Student Government Association President Stars for meritorious service. in Kyle’s CMC 101 class. When their tours of duty for the Army expired, Kyle Kyle was minister of health when Brad was president and Brad intersected once again. Both Drs. Platz and Dr. of the pre-med organization, Alpha Epsilon Psi. Brad Harrison opted to stay in the Manhattan, Kan., area. Brad wanted to see the AIDS quilt come to campus; Kyle got the joined a private practice and Kyle went with Humana as a job done. Their friendship was sealed. contractor for the government. Kellie remained a contractKyle describes Brad as a “good talker, the politician ed doctor of anesthesiology for the Army base. type.” They were very different, but they had the same While both guys were happy with what they were goals. Kyle was accepted into the Kansas City University of doing, Kyle says they began to ask each other, “What Medicine and Biosciences in a 3+3 program with Central would be your perfect physician job?” When they agreed Methodist. Brad, with his major changes had gone four that nothing in existence quite fit, they decided to create it years plus what he calls his “victory lap.” themselves. Thus, they graduated from Central together in Brad had had the idea of going into practice together 2001. Kyle received Central’s highest student honor, the way back in school at Central. It took him awhile to conSelecman Award; Brad came in next with the prestigious vince Kyle it would work. But the two college students, Victoria Award. They had both accepted U.S. Army army doctors, and war vets had survived parallel lives to Health Professions Scholarships. come to this point. The end result is Manhattan Primary Their paths diverged into parallel roads. Kyle did his Care, which they have built in Manhattan, scheduled to medical school in Kansas City. Brad had been accepted into open December 2. med school at the University of Missouri in Columbia. In They both attribute their success as doctors primartheir fourth years, the newly minted doctors headed off to ily to the pre-med program they had at Central, and the separate residencies. However, Brad enjoyed Fort Gordon, wonderful teachers they had—Peery, Porneluzi, Enochs, Ga., so much, that he convinced Kyle and his Gordon, and others. The medical advisory board was also a major driving force in their success. These two CMU grads who came from different backgrounds met up, split up, met up, split up, and met up again for good after a 15-year friendship. Very well done. Kyle Platz (far left) and Brad Harrison (photo right)

Fall 2013

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Campus news

Masters work with students in classes and out This semester has brought CMU students a richness in education often unavailable in the classroom. Several masters of their craft have visited and worked hands-on with students as well as providing evening entertainment for guests. Most of these were financially sponsored in part by the Student Government Association, the Cultural Affairs Committee, and the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

Cathy Barton and Dave Para

Perhaps the favorite folk musicians of the Boonslick Region, Cathy Barton and Dave Para made a day’s visit to CMU to work with the students who are going into teaching. Barton and Para, married since 1979, have played folk music together for more than 35 years. For much of that time, they have also been involved in teaching their music and their instruments to young people. Their music comes from the Ozarks, the Civil War, history, religion, and threads of folklore that weave together the history of Mid-America, especially Missouri. Their instruments come from everything—hammered and fretted dulcimers, guitar, banjo, autoharp, mouthbow, spoons, bones, and a leaf. The duo’s concerts are enlightening, fascinating, and fun. Their joy in their music is contagious. Their visits to CMU in the past have left lines of students and adults talking with them afterward and trying out the instruments. Barton and Para founded the Big Muddy Music Festival in Boonville and the Boone’s Lick Country Folk Festival in Arrow Rock. Their visit to CMU was sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Committee and the CMU Student Government Association and with financial assistance from the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

Dean Anthony

Dean Anthony ’86, stage and opera performer and director, brought 25 years of knowledge and skills to a weekend of activities for music and theatre students at Central this fall. Anthony discussed his career and the profession of performing and directing. Afterwards, Anthony coached CMU vocal major students with aria auditions. In addition, Anthony worked with theatre students on staging and coaching monologues for an acting class and doing an audition master class for opera students. Anthony’s vocal, dramatic, physical, and acrobatic 30

Fall 2013

abilities led to his being dubbed “The Tumbling Tenor.” His worldwide performances and stage directions ran the gamut of styles and settings. In the 2012-13 season, Anthony was lauded for his excellent direction of the gritty new opera Glory Denied by Tom Cipullo at the Fort Worth Opera Festival. This season he will be directing Carmen at Tulsa and Pensacola, Elixir of Love in Delaware, Barber of Seville in Naples, and Falstaff in St. Louis. He will also return to Brevard Music Center as the director of the Janiec Opera Company and also will join the faculty at Washington University in St. Louis as the opera director.

William Trowbridge

William Trowbridge, the Poet Laureate of Missouri, visited Central Methodist University on Nov. 7. He held a poetry reading on the fourth floor of the Inman Student and Community Center with a book sale and signing. Trowbridge also spent time in a workshop with CMU students in a creative writing class taught by Dr. Kavita Hatwalkar, CMU assistant professor of English. This provided an opportunity for the students to have their work read by a published author outside of CMU. Trowbridge is the author of books such as Ship of Fool, Complete Book of Kong, and several others. He was appointed Missouri’s third Poet Laureate in 2012 and will serve in this position until January 2014. If you are interested in watching his lecture, a recording can be found on CMU’s YouTube Channel: www.

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Campus news

Guest perfomances in music The Swinney Conservatory of Music provided a variety of performers this fall for the benefit of students, faculty and staff, and townspeople. Dr. Katherine Woolsey, oboe, and Dr. Melissa Loehnig, piano, blended their talents to create a guest/faculty recital. The two artists performed several pieces including the world premiere for “Sonata No. 2 for Oboe and Piano” by Bill Douglas. It was commissioned by Dr. Woolsey who is an advocate of new music. Woolsey teaches oboe at Washburn University in Topeka, Kan. Loehnig is assistant professor of music in piano and theory at Central Methodist University. Noted oboist Dan Willett performed the first recital of the fall, which included pieces by Mozart. Supporting Willett in the recital was Natalia Bolshakova on piano. Joining them in the final performance of the evening were Eva Szekely, violin; Leslie Perna, viola; and Darry Dolezal, violoncello. Popular Paul Copenhaver, trumpet, and Steve Litwiller, clarinet, also presented a guest recital. They were supported by CMU pianist Kelley Head and tenor saxophonist Roy “Skip” Vandelicht. Copenhaver has been teaching music for 41 years. Litwiller taught more than 30 years in Missouri’s public schools, and now serves as adjunct professor of music for CMU.

CMU student performances Students have been equally busy presenting senior recitals, junior recitals, and assorted other concerts and recitals, all a hallmark of the Swinney Conservatory process of producing strong, versatile musicians. Two students headlined a recital to practice for their Missouri Music Teachers Association (MMTA) competition; other students joined the presentation. Ann Marie Pelley, playing the trumpet, and Luke McKinney, playing the horn, performed their competition pieces for the MMTA competition. Joining them, although not competing were Rachel Richard on trumpet and flutists Mary Rose Lehman and Chelsea Wallace in a duet. Some of the finest student voices from “the Con” performed during the annual Gems of Vocal Literature. From the studio of Associate Professor Dr. Susan Quigley-Duggan came singers Angela Biondo, Shawna Crisler, Dan Jones, Levi Gerke, Anna Kay, Britney Kelcher, Brittany Losh, and Aubrey Taylor. Vocal students from Assistant Professor Dr. Ron Atteberry’s studio who performed were Cal Bergthold, Zack Fincher, Tanjie Hoover, Austin Long, Aiden Smith, and Hershel Williams III. They presented music by composers Donizetti, Duparc, Falconiere, Hahn, Handel, Mozart, Purcell, Rossini, Schubert, C. Schumann, R. Schumann, and Tchaikovsky. In addition to solos, ensembles sang pieces from Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute, both by Mozart; and from Don Pasquale by Donizetti.

Fall 2013

The Chamber Music Recital brought a variety of presentations, including vocal duet, mixed duet, trumpet ensemble, flute choir, and woodwind trio. Performers included singer Aubrey Taylor mezzo-soprano, and Chelsea Wallace, flute, Anna Kay, soprano, and Rebecca Shroyer, mezzo-soprano. All were accompanied by Mary Jane Nance. A trumpet ensemble also presented, comprised of Lakyn Baker, Wayne Brown, Zack Fincher, Katelyn Hanvey, Lucas Johnson, Ann Marie Pelley, and Rachel Richard. Also performing was a flute choir composed of Ki-Jana Blount, Pam Crawford, Emily Everett, Hannah Hampton, Mary Rose Lehman, Casey McDonald, Kelli Ridgeway, Chelsea Wallace, and Denise Weigand. The recital finished with a woodwind trio with Pam Crawford on flute, Alexia Maschmeier on oboe, and Rebecca Shroyer on clarinet.

Dual Choir Concert The two largest Central Methodist University choirs-the 24-member Chorale and the 66-member Conservatory Singers—together comprising the Swinney Conservatory of Music’s A Cappella Choir—performed a joint fall concert in November. The Conservatory Singers, under the direction of Dr. Ron Atteberry, assistant professor of music, sang “A Prayer of St. Richard of Chichester”; “I Think You God” by Atteberry with Dr. Ron Shroyer, dean emeritus of the Conservatory and Brad Smith (junior) both playing soprano saxophones; “Sleep”; “Salmo 150”; “Jabberwocky”; and “Plenty Good Room on the Glory Train” with soloists Tom Gilson (sophomore), Josh Goggin (sophomore), Jessica Carter (senior), Ginney Ison (junior), and Tanjie Hoover (New Franklin). Dr. Claude Westfall, assistant professor of music and director of choral activities, conducted the Chorale in performances of “Let All the Nations Praise the Lord”; “If You Love Me”; “Pseaume 43”; “Abendlied”; “Lullaby”; “Wearin’ of the Green”; “The Word Was God”; “Lead Me Home”; and “Didn’t my Lord Deliver Daniel.” The Chorale performed selections from its upcoming fall tour.

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Campus news

Large group efforts mark the Swinney Conservatory of Music

Church Street Boys

Chorale The Chorale’s annual tour this fall took them to high schools and churches in Clinton, Butler, El Dorado Springs, Nixa, Stockton, Springfield, Lebanon, Waynesville, Jefferson City, and Sturgeon. The Chorale is directed by Dr. Claude Westfall, assistant professor of music and director of choral activities for CMU’s Swinney Conservatory of Music. The Chorale and the Conservatory Singers performed together in November. Also in November, the Jazz Band and the Jazz Choirs performed, the latter with the Church Street Boys, who have increased numbers and complexity this year. They will perform a complete concert in December in Lebanon, Mo., as a part of a concert series that town is sponsoring. The Marching Eagles Band performed half-times shows for every home football game and marched in the Band Day parade as well as for Homecoming. In the week between Thanksgiving and finals this week (Thanksgiving being very late), the Chorale, the Conservatory Singers, and the Concert Band united to perform one large concert. Due to space demands, it was held at Thespian Hall in nearby Boonville, which can accomodate more patrons than can campus facilities.

Conservatory Singers

CMU Marching Eagles Band 32

Fall 2013

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Musical Comedy Murders opens CMU theatrical season Take a failed Broadway production, murdered chorus girls, a rich matron’s mansion with secret passageways and swiveling bookcases, and a murderer on the loose—and one has all the makings of The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. The John Bishop play opened the 2013-14 theatre arts season in Central Methodist University’s Little Theatre. The production ran in October. In The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, the creative team responsible for a recent Broadway flop, in which three chorus girls were murdered by the mysterious “Stage Door Slasher,” assembles in a wealthy prospective backer’s mansion to present their newest show. The home is replete with sliding panels, secret passageways and a German maid who is apparently four different people, all of which figure diabolically in the comic mayhem that follows. The mysterious “Slasher” reappears and strikes again and again, a blizzard cuts off any hope for retreat, masked figures drag off victims, and accusing fingers point in all directions. However, the mystery is solved in the nick of time and the “Slasher” unmasked. Even if the viewer gets lost in the convoluted plot on stage, the sidesplitting hilarity more than makes up for it. Mark Kelty, CMU associate professor of theatre arts, directed the 10-member cast. This semester also saw individual one-act plays produced and directed by theatre majors, and a reprisal of the endearing Almost, Maine, shown this year in a Columbia venue over two weekends.

What a lovely place to discuss our new show.

I thought I killed this maid once already!

Trust me—we’re on the same side. Are we really hiding behind a wine bottle? Ta-da! That’s a pretty dead reaction to our great song and dance.

Please don’t kill me. I haven’t drunk enough yet.

The bodies are stacking up, or are they . . .

Fall 2013

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Ashby-Hodge Gallery has busy autumn The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art has had an amazing year. In addition to the unveiling of the new sculpture “Synergy” (see p. 12) and Denise Gebhardt coming on board as the new curator (see p. 24), the shows have been very popular. The fall show included Tom Stauder’s wood pieces, Jane Mudd’s art, and a retrospective of Charles Banks Wilson’s art of the West. It also included two visits by author Nina Furstenau to introduce and sign her new books. In the main galleries, Stauder, Mudd, and Wilson showed how their lives are “Ingrained” in their art, as the show’s title indicates. Stauder takes wood and works it until the grains stand out and the glory of nature becomes a work of art. Mudd absorbs the beauty of her farm and flows it out through her paints into grains of wheat and the green of trees. Through grains of truth and passion, grains of strength and peace, these two artists unfold the essence of life ingrained in their work. For Stauder, art became ingrained in him when he found a stash of walnut boards in the barn of their family farm, cut by his wife’s father some thirty years earlier. “The sheer beauty of the wood,” he says, “and its connection to the family inspired me to try to turn it into furniture.” From furniture, Stauder turned to working on a lathe. “Every finished piece is guaranteed to be symmetrical about a central axis,” he explains, “which is often the default form found in organic life.” Mudd has had art embedded in her from the start. “Ingrained is a word that certainly describes the relationship I have with my art and the way I see the world around me,” Mudd says. “I have lived in the woods for the past 36 years and been dedicated to making art most of my life.” She lives on a farm where she and her family restored their log home. Her farm and family have been inspirations for many of her paintings. “I am quite happy working directly from nature,” she admits. Mudd looks for both diversity and interconnectedness in all she paints, whether that is a Midwest prairie or a

human figure. She finds similar threads in her passion for “the environment, women’s issues, peace, and the importance of art in the world. Charles Banks Wilson was a man in love with the West. Although he was born and died in Arkansas, he claimed the state of Oklahoma and its history as his own and portrayed them continually through his artwork. As part of the fall show the Gallery celebrated Wilson’s work in this year of his death at age 94. Wilson worked as an illustrator in New York City before coming back home to his beloved Oklahoma. He set up shop in Miami at First and Main, overlooking the famous Rte. 66, and called it his “catbird seat” because he could watch the entire town from there. Wilson is most known for his 1930s portrait drawings of full-blooded members of every Native American tribe in Oklahoma. These drawings became the basis for his book Search for the Purebloods. He also created large murals in the Oklahoma State Capitol that depict scenes from the state’s history, and famous people, including Sequoyah, Jim Thorpe, Will Rogers, and Woody Guthrie. The largest collection of his work resides in the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa. With 52 pieces of Charles Banks Wilson’s works, The Ashby-Hodge Gallery may have the second largest such collection. Noted writer Nina Furstenau also unveiled two books this summer at the Gallery. The first was a travel book, filled with locations, recipes, and beautiful photography, titled Savor Missouri: River Hill Country Food and Wine, which has already been favorably received by readers. Her new book is a memoir Biting Through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America’s Heartland (University of Iowa Press). The book is a food narrative with sprinklings of family recipes. It details her childhood living in the Midwest with East Indian parents and the blending of the two cultures, especially in the areas of food and customs. The Ashby-Hodge may be shuffling responsibilities internally, but the shows it presents to the public continue to be top-notch, as expected of this Fayette gem. (left) SGA President Geofrey Bilabay unveils Mudd’s painting “Classroom,” a gift to the Ashby-Hodge in the Drakes’ honor.


Fall 2013

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A Season of Change for The Ashby-Hodge Art Gallery By Amy Wilder, Columbia Daily Tribune The great wheel of time turns inexorably, and with that comes change. The seasons cycle, people are born and die, empires rise and fall. And this [fall] The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art at Central Methodist University in Fayette is turning toward its own new season. Longtime curator Joe Geist, who was instrumental in the creation of the gallery in the early 1990s, transitioned into a role as supervisor of the gallery’s collection July 1. With that move, newcomer Denise Gebhardt assumed the mantle of curator. She has big shoes to fill, and her experience indicates she’ll be up to the challenge. But that’s neither here nor there. What I’d like to focus on is the contributions of Geist and what his hard work and enthusiasm have created for the Fayette community and for Mid-Missouri. In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit here that I grew up in Fayette and have known Geist pretty much all my life. We attended the same church, and he even taught one of my Sunday school classes, although my memory of when is pretty fuzzy. I also have to admit that, growing up, I didn’t pay much attention to him. He was part of the background of my life, part of the village—one of the many boring adults, in my young mind—it took to raise me, and he just sort of blended into the tapestry of my indirect environment. I had to grow up and see some of the world before I could appreciate the scope of his talent and dedication to the gallery, the school and the community—and of course the impact he has had on my own life. Geist came to Central Methodist and began teaching English in 1972, eventually heading the humanities department. There are so many interesting details about his subsequent career and insufficient room in this column to touch on them, but they all weave into one story and its value: An English professor with a great appreciation and understanding of art co-created and built a respectable—nay, impressive—gallery and permanent collection essentially from nothing. These details are interesting, but what really matters, and what people think about when they think of Geist, is that he is possessed of a warm spirit and an enthusiastic nature, and he cares deeply about all with whom he

Fall 2013

interacts. The sort of personal attention and investment Geist makes in every endeavor reflects the value of arts leaders within our communities. People devoted to establishing meaningful institutions bestow gifts that continually enrich the lives of those who encounter them. But don’t take my word for it. I end with a few closing thoughts sent via email by Tom Dillingham and Don Cullimore, who are friends and colleagues of Geist. Dillingham, who retired from Stephens College after 30 years and began teaching at Central Methodist, where he met Geist, said, “Joe is a passionate lover of music, theater, opera, film, and indeed, all the arts, and he effectively communicates his enthusiasm to many others—really, anyone who will listen and make the effort to go along. He has been a strong supporting influence in the lives of many young writers and performers, and those are among the many who are grateful for his help and influence.” As for Cullimore, he wrote: “Joe Geist’s 15-year tenure as curator of The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art will leave an indelible guiding spirit . . .His exhibitions have always been designed to reach the wider audience, to showcase the broad range of artistic mediums—traditional paintings as well as sculpture, fiber arts, multi-media, photography and pop art, among other forms—many of which are uniquely American in origin and form. And he has always been sensitive to bringing forth the deeper creative passions of the artist or artists on display.” Editor’s note: We offer deep appreciation to Ms. Wilder and the Columbia Daily Tribune for allowing us to share her words and sentiments that so closely reflect all of our feelings toward Dr. Joseph E. Geist.

Nancy Devaney Persaud and her husband, Trevor, brought Tom Yancey’s painting of Pan to The AshbyHodge Gallery this fall. Tom had painted the oil on canvas around 1965 and given it to Nancy’s grandmother, Marian Fleece. It will become part of the permanent collection. (l-r) Nancy, Tom, Trevor, and Joe Geist

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Extended Studies

Central Methodist preparing student teachers at Clinton Five residents of west central Missouri have discovered that the path to their careers as school teachers took them no further than Central Methodist University’s extended campus site in Clinton. Erica Baedke, Megan Baker, Johnna Goucher, Richard Grishow, and Leslie Dickey Watts are all student teaching in the area and will graduate in December 2013 with their Bachelor’s degrees from CMU-Clinton. It is one of the largest groups of teacher education graduates CMU-Clinton has produced, according to Sandra Braithwait, education coordinator for CMU-Clinton. CMU’s Clinton operation is based from the Truman Regional Education Center in Clinton in space it occupies alongside State Fair Community College. That partnership between SFCC, a two-year college, and CMU works well for both institutions, but more importantly for area residents, Braithwait says. Watts, a Clinton resident, is student teaching at Henry Elementary School under the supervision of Mindy Steinbach. Her degree will be in elementary education, and she and her family plan to remain in Clinton after graduation from CMU.

Grishow grew up in the Appleton City area and is student teaching at the Yeokum Middle School in Belton. His supervising teacher there is Kim Loman. Grishow’s degree will be in middle school education with certification in social studies. Goucher is student teaching at the Clinton Intermediate School, supervised by Amy Gardner. After completing that third grade student teaching assignment, she will graduate from CMU with an elementary education degree. A Clinton resident, she next plans to begin work on her master’s degree from CMU. Baker and her husband are residents of rural Ballard. She is student teaching at the Harrisonville Middle School under the supervision of Angela Grammer. When she graduates in December her degree will be in elementary education. Baedke is student teaching at Pleasant Hill Elementary. She is working with fourth grade students there and her supervising teacher is Kelly Voorhees. Baedke will graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

Crowder College, CMU establish partnership Officials from Crowder College and Central Methodist University signed an agreement providing area students the opportunity to complete several bachelor’s degree programs with CMU while staying in southwest Missouri. A Crowder student completing the associate’s degree is now able to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing (Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing), Accounting, Business, and Applied Behavior Analysis Autism with CMU. This agreement provides Crowder students with an avenue to remain in the area and complete a fouryear degree. “We are excited to partner with Central Methodist University through these joint programs,” states Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Crowder vice president of academic affairs. “CMU is a leader in the Midwest in so many areas, one of which is distance learning,” Coltharp notes. “The avenue in which this partnership is delivered is mainly through distance learning. We have enjoyed developing the joint programs with

Central Methodist University and look forward to a successful partnership.“ “We know our partnership with Crowder will be beneficial to both colleges, but the real winners will be the students,” notes Dr. Rita Gulstad, vice president and dean at CMU. “Streamlining the path to a four-year degree, and making high quality programs accessible at Crowder, is the goal for both institutions.”

Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Crowder College vice president of academic affairs, and Dr. Rita Gulstad, vice president and dean of Central Methodist University, sign the partnership agreement between the two institutions.


Fall 2013

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Extended Studies

Colleges collaborate on nursing degree program Building on the strengths of Jefferson College’s bi-level nursing program and a continued emphasis on providing training for employment in high-demand healthcare fields, the first round of classes involving a new nursing partnership between Jefferson College and Central Methodist University is underway. The agreement allows area Registered Nurses to obtain their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from CMU. Classes began Sept. 24 on the Jefferson College campus in Arnold; a second round of classes is gearing up to start on Jefferson’s Hillsboro campus in January. “Since the early 1970s, Jefferson College’s nursing program has enabled thousands of area residents to pursue highly successful careers at many of the top healthcare facilities in Jefferson County and the surrounding St. Louis region,” says Jefferson College President Dr. Raymond Cummiskey. “The ability to offer the BSN degree through this cooperative agreement, which takes advantage of the excellent curriculum and faculty available through CMU, greatly magnifies the potential for the program’s success,” Cummiskey says. “It is entirely appropriate that two high quality institutions should combine efforts to expand education access in the dynamic field of nursing.” “At Central Methodist University, we are thrilled with this exciting partnership with Jefferson College,” CMU President Roger Drake says. “Providing students with the

Fall 2013

opportunity to gain academic credentials, improve their lives, and strengthen their ability to serve others is consistent with our mission.” The new program is offered in the “cohort” format, designed so a group of students can begin and complete the program together. Registered nurses can complete all coursework in 18 to 24 months, according to Heather Weber, CMU assistant dean. No more than 25 students are allowed in each cohort to ensure quality and personal attention. Unlike many other programs that are available online, the Jefferson-Central program features coursework on either the Hillsboro or Arnold campuses of Jefferson College. Courses typically meet one night each week from 6-10 p.m., for five to seven weeks. Depending on demand, the partner institutions aim to begin new cohorts twice per year at both the Hillsboro and Arnold locations. “Through this partnership, we will enhance the educational levels of practicing nurses in the region,” Weber notes. “The additional skills and knowledge graduates will obtain will benefit them, their employers, and most importantly, the patients in their care.” The goal is threefold: convenience, flexibility, and affordability. Weber notes that CMU’s tuition rate for the program, currently $325 per credit hour, is among the lowest in the region for bachelor’s degrees in nursing.

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House gives Commencement address to Adult Degree Program In August, 113 Adult Degree students participated in Commencement excercises at Manchester United Methodist Church in St. Louis. The speaker was the Honorable Ted House, CMU Class of ’81, Circuit Judge in the 11th Judicial Circuit, and 14-year veteran of the Missouri Legislature. His joy and eloquence were infectious, and the Talon would like to share part of his speech here.

What a wonderful day this is! I just love graduations. A commencement is a new beginning. It’s a celebration. It’s a joyous time to reflect on your accomplishment and to revel in the bright future that lies ahead. Today we celebrate life and the excitement of a wonderful milestone on the journey of achieving your dreams. We celebrate family and the warmth and support of those who encouraged you and laid opportunities before you. At commencements, we celebrate the future because, while life is a journey and not a destination, you have taken the steps to brighten the years that lie ahead. You have enriched that journey as an educated and enlightened citizen. You have a Central Methodist University education! Welcome to the family of the thousands in Missouri and across America who can proudly proclaim that CMU is a part of us and we are a part of it. It is a growing and very tight family of those who with this common bond benefit from the unique and lasting opportunity that a Central Methodist education provides. I realize that as adults and “non-traditional” students, you may not have the same relationship with our alma mater as those who spent four years on the CMU campus in Fayette. But in a very real way you also take with you that heritage of 160 years of excellence and friendship and opportunity that CMU graduates can claim. And you know first-hand how the personal attention and genuine concern and caring that CMU offers can make a difference for educational success and human fulfillment. It’s great to be here today with Dean Heather Weber and all the administrators who have poured heart and soul into building the programs from which you have benefitted. And what a thrill to share this day with our new Central Methodist President Roger Drake. The future is

bright as CMU undergoes a commencement of its own. Oh, we have a lot to celebrate today. In many ways, your graduation today is even sweeter than the completion of a traditional education. Completing your degree may have required you to overcome significant challenges and obstacles. You may be a first generation college graduate. As adult students you made extra sacrifices to finish school and be here today. You may have children or other family reThe Honorable Ted House sponsibilities…you have made financial sacrifices…you have likely worked while you completed your degree. You could have quit and been satisfied with where you were before, but you chose to excel. You could have been paralyzed by fear and the uncertainty of the unknown. There was no guarantee that you would succeed. But you chose to take a risk. You chose to advance yourself and your career and to do better. You chose to achieve, and Central Methodist University provided the forum for you to realize your dreams. You have shown the value of education and knowledge. We respect your determination and perseverance. We celebrate with you and your family today. And because our middle name is Methodist—as we gather in this inspirational house of worship—we can truly appreciate what this day really means for your life and for your family. Your diploma gives you certain privileges and rights, but it also confers upon you certain responsibilities. Jesus said, “From those to whom much has been given, much is required.” Oh yes, you have worked hard, but you have also been given much. Much is required from you. It is now your responsibility to use the gifts you have received, the opportunities, the material benefits, the freedoms, the very blessings of liberty as a citizen of the United States of America, and yes, to use your education, to find ways to serve your neighbors, our Gwendolyn Oteh, a new BSN graduate, shows off her diploma.


Fall 2013

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Extended Studies community, our state, and our nation. The greatest blessing to pray upon you on this special day is that you may live a life of purpose and meaning. The purpose and meaning of life is to find new and inventive ways to serve others…to give of yourself and your talents…and especially to respond to the command of Jesus to love and serve your neighbor just as Jesus loves us. It’s a tall order, but there can be no greater object in life than to love and to serve. Central Methodist graduates are servants…servants in schools, in clinics and hospitals, in businesses and research facilities, in government and in churches…we serve our families and our communities. My sister and sister-in-law have both had long careers using their Central Methodist University nursing degrees, and I am so very proud of them. As nurses and business leaders, as educators and psychologists and counselors we continue the work of those who came before us to build a better life for our children and our community. We serve the disadvantaged, the oppressed, and the forgotten. We see the inherent value and dignity in those whom society has pushed to the margins. We fight for social and economic justice, that every citizen may enjoy the blessings and advantages of life in America, and that the promise of our great country can

A picture of a picture of success at the ADP Commencement

be within the reach of every citizen. We change the world through single anonymous acts of kindness and sacrificial service. It’s so good. We have so much to be thankful for. This is your day. Congratulations and God bless you, Central Methodist graduates, as you commence the next phase of a life of purpose and meaning. Take your degree and go make a difference in the world!

CMU – St. Louis builds on healthcare partnerships by Heather Weber, CMU Adult Degree Program assistant dean CMU’s operations in St. Louis continue to grow and develop, in part due to strong partnerships established with the major healthcare providers in the region. In addition to our existing partnerships with Saint Anthony’s Medical Center, BJC HealthCare, and Mercy, CMU signed an agreement with SSM HealthCare in August. SSM selected a small group of universities with which to partner based on a variety of important factors. CMU’s RN-BSN program reputation and successful track record in the St. Louis area allowed it to be included in this exclusive group. BJC HealthCare is made up of 13 hospitals and numerous community health organizations in the St. Louis, southern Illinois, and mid-Missouri areas. Mercy owns three hospitals in the St. Louis area as well as many specialty care clinics. SSM HealthCare operates seven St. Louis area hospitals and a variety of clinics. Collectively, they are the major healthcare employers in the region. As everyone knows, the face of healthcare is changing in America. In response to that change, organizations like the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) are pushing for nurses to achieve higher levels of education and training. A number of studies over the recent past have linked a higher percentage of BSN-prepared nurses in acute care hospitals with significantly lower patient mortality rates. Hospitals all across the nation, including the majority of those in the St. Louis region, are responding by setting a goal of achieving an 80% BSN-prepared nursing workforce by 2020.

Fall 2013

To help healthcare providers achieve that lofty goal, CMU’s RN-BSN program works to remain convenient, affordable, and practical for working nurses to earn their advanced degrees. We bring the program to the hospitals so working nurses can go to class without the transportation barriers. The hospitals are responding by offering tuition benefits to make it financially feasible for the nurses to complete their degrees. These collaborative efforts between industry and education are the benchmarks to establishing a better educated American workforce. But CMU doesn’t stop there! In addition to working with the healthcare providers, we have established partnership agreements with all of the St. Louis region’s community colleges so that associate degreed nurses can seamlessly move right into a baccalaureate program. CMU is teaching the RN-BSN program at St. Charles Community College and Jefferson College, at both their Arnold and Hillsboro campuses, and has an articulation agreement with the St. Louis Community College District. The results…CMU has roughly 250 nurses currently enrolled in the St. Louis area. That number is expected to approach 400 by early 2014. More importantly is the 80% retention rate that the program has been able to maintain since the delivery format changed in 2010. These partnerships have also increased enrollment in the online RN-BSN and MSN programs that CMU offers. CMU is poised to continue as an industry leader in helping nurses prepare for the dynamic health care environment of the future.

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The 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Central Methodist’s 31st Hairston Hall of Fame Class of 2013 is comprised of four individuals and four teams. The eight entities inducted cover more than 80 years of Central Methodist’s athletic history. “The 2013 Hairston Hall of Fame Class is one of the most decorated classes in school history,” Central Methodist Vice President for Institutional Growth and Student Engagement and Athletic Director Ken Oliver comments. Eight sports were represented in the class, which includes: Matt Clutter (men’s basketball), Evelina Slatinska (women’s cross country/track and field), Fred Smith (baseball), Patrick Stroupe (men’s cross country/track and field), the 2004 volleyball team, the 1928 football team, the 1930 football team, and the 1934 football team. Hall of Fame Day was celebrated September 28 with an

Hall of Fame individuals (l-r) Matt Clutter, Patrick Stroupe, Evelina Slatinska, Fred Smith

induction luncheon and recognition at Central Methodist’s football game against Graceland. Matt Clutter, a Jefferson City, Mo., native, was a four-year starter at guard for the Central Methodist men’s basketball team from 1996-2000. He was named All-Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC) and NAIA AllAmerican as a junior and senior. Clutter’s 1,833 career points ranks fifth all-time in school history. He has already been enshrined into the Hairston Hall of Fame as a member of the 1998-99 men’s basketball team. Clutter was the recipient of Central Methodist’s Estes Prize in Athletics in 2000. Evelina Slatinska, from Doupnitza, Bulgaria, had a highly decorated cross country and track career at Central Methodist from 2000-04 that included five individual NAIA national titles and 12 NAIA All-America honors, the most in school history. She won back-to-back titles in the indoor mile and outdoor 1500 meters in 2003 and 2004. She also won the 2003 outdoor 5000 meter title. In 40

Fall 2013

cross country, she was a three-time runner-up at the NAIA National Championship. Slatinska served the Central Methodist cross country and track coaching staff in assistant and head positions from 2006-10 and was named the HAAC Men’s Cross Country Coach of the Year in 2009. A native of Columbia, Mo., Fred Smith was a fouryear member of the Central Methodist baseball team as an infielder and pitcher from 1982-85. He was a unanimous three-time All-HAAC first-team choice (1983-85) and a two-time All-District selection as a junior and senior. In 1984, Smith received All-Region honors and was named to the NAIA All-America team, becoming the first player in program history to receive that distinction. In four years for the Eagles, Smith batted .427 and averaged eight home runs and 40 RBIs per year. He also totaled 14 wins as a pitcher. Smith also lettered in men’s soccer and was a member of the 1981 men’s basketball team and 1984 football squad. In 2007 Smith returned to Central Methodist as the head baseball coach, leading the 2013 Eagles’ squad to its first HAAC title and berth in the NAIA National Championship before retiring at the end of the season. A home-grown product of Fayette, Mo., Patrick Stroupe was a four-year member of the Central Methodist men’s cross country and track and field teams from 200307. In addition to being named All-HAAC on the cross country course, he shined in the spring for the Eagles, winning eight Heart of America Athletic Conference titles and five NAIA national championships. Stroupe was a three-time All-American (2005-07) and Academic AllAmerican as a senior. He won Central Methodist’s Estes Prize in Athletics in 2007. The 2004 Central Methodist volleyball team posted the best record (20-14) in school history and won a share of the Heart of America Athletic Conference championship. Led by head coach Dominique Savage, the squad qualified for the NAIA National Championship and finished as Region V runner-up. The team concluded the season ranked 23rd in the country. Members of the 2004 Eagles’ volleyball team include: Coach Dominique Savage, Tessa Frazee Patterson, Heather Farmer, Ashleigh Holzer Willis, Mandy Maune Brinkley, Jennifer Lester-Stutzer, Tiffany Grayer, Whitney Ralph, Jessica Davis, Rose Obunaga, Tonya Goosen Nelson, Amanda Bird, and Loran Ichord Richardson. Obunaga was a first-team All-HAAC and All-Region pick. She was a second-team All-American. Ralph and Brinkley were voted first- and second-team All-HAAC, respectively. Richardson, Davis and LesterStutzer were honorable mention choices.

Central Methodist University


Athletics Richardson and Willis were named Academic All-Americans. The 1928 Central College football team won the Missouri College Athletic Union (MCAU) championship with an overall record of 7-2. Members of the team included: head coach Clarence (C. E.) Clingenpeel, assistant coaches George Kline and Bertram I. (B. I.) Lawrence, Marvin Gray, Tal Turner, Herbert Sharp, Edwin Hansbrough, Climpson Moore, Russell Nix, Harold McKinley, Eddie Bryant, Monte Reid, Wesley Tyler, Wendell Ensor, Samuel Downing III, Leon Innes, Charles McAdams, Robert Ricketts, Vernon Griggs, Malcom Tomlin, Euhlan Rhodes, Clyde Lillard, Paul McDaniels, Joe Seiling, Vester McKinney, and Chester Magruder. The 1930 Central College football team posted a 9-0 record, the first undefeated team in program history. The squad won the Missouri College Athletic Union (MCAU) championship. Members of the team included: head coach Clarence Clingenpeel, assistant coach George Kline, Max McMahon, Euhlan Rhodes, Wallace Blume, Carl Allan Edmonston, Lee Sheridan Doherty, Riley Patrick, Vernon Becker, Uellee Clary, Charles Jost, Clifton Estill, Maurice Fitzmaurice, Aubrey Harcourt, Thomas Todd, Sam Schooling, John Innes, Claiborn Simpson, Lowell Doak, Woodroe Cannon, Lyle Coles, Raymond McIntyre, David McLaughlin, George Printz, Champ Clark Stanley, David Maples, Joe Seiling, Winston Welsh, Oscar Wollenman, Raymond Bartee, Deane Ball, Verne Harris, Don McMurtry, William Woodworth, Clyde Burk, Harry Darley, Earl Rigg, Gerald Riegel, Clarence Crumpecker, Victor Huddleston, William Hairston, Leemon Adams, Harland King, James Stegner, William Patterson, Ralph Dorman, Walter Blank, Edward Speiser, Wilber Wyatt, Cecil Mooney, James Moore, Daniel Chiles, Emerson Hare, Charles Innes, George Knight, Jess Stewart, Wesley Tyler, Clyde Lillard, Chester Magruder, William Sutton, Vernon Griggs, Malcom Tomlin, and Morton Chiles. The 1934 Central College football team won the Missouri College Athletic Union (MCAU) championship, its third title in seven seasons, with an overall record of 5-1-3.

Members of the team included: head coach Clarence Clingenpeel, assistant coach George Kline, Howard Bourner, Charles Schoene, Raymond Groves, Herbert Hurst, George Randolph, Henry Bogart, Joe Wommack, Boone Guyton, Gale Earp, Leland Schaperkotter, Norman Adair, George Smith, William Kilpatrick, Sylvester Albano, John Oliver, William Ricketts, and Thomas Todd. The Hairston Hall of Fame was established in 1983 through a gift from William L. Hairston, a 1933 graduate. It honors the outstanding accomplishments of the school’s athletes and coaches and recognizes significant contributions to the athletic programs. The Hairston Hall of Fame currently includes 67 former athletes and coaches, as well as 14 teams.

2004 Central Methodist Volleyball Team

1934 Central College Football Team

1930 Central College Football Team

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University

1928 Central College Football Team




CMU Football Coach Jody Ford Gets “Tough” Against Cancer By Maddy Glab, KOMU8 Sports Reporter Central Methodist University head football coach, come in who’s not willing to deal with adversity, our older Jody Ford likes to run tough practices. There’s a hill near kids don’t want him here.” Davis Stadium that Ford makes the team run from time to Ford is dealing with some adversity himself. He time. But Ford is also running up a hill of his own. preaches the word to his team almost every day, But it’s “He puts us through a lot when it comes to that hill,” senior offensive lineman Bo Amos says. “We have what’s called an MT time, a mental toughness time where we just kick their butt for a few minutes and really let them have it,” Ford says. “We run [the] hills all the time, and then as soon as we get finished running hills, they have to come out in two minute drills, and they have to be able to think and focus and be able to excel. It’s tough. I mean we put them through a lot of things, but they’re a special group of kids. They don’t flinch; they like to smile back at me and say, ‘Coach keep it coming, keep it coming because we are going to keep it CMU Football Coach Jody Ford. Central’s Homecoming T-shirts this fall coming.’ And that’s carried the borrowed phrase: Built Ford Tough. what I love about this team.” “It’s, like, is this guy off his rocker, out of his skull?” not everyday that you hear what Ford had to say about his red shirt junior linebacker Conner White says. adversity. “We put them through an unbelievable off season. I “As soon as he gave the news, you know it was just mean I put these guys through hell; our coaches put them absolutely deafening silence—you know everybody kind through that,” Ford says. of stood at attention. Everybody was just kind of shocked “He really likes to make sure to push us to our limat the time; but as soon as that happened, everybody ralits and get the best out of everyone,” junior quarterback lied together, “ says White. Kaleb Borghardt says. The Central Methodist Eagles rallied together because “You can’t be a prima donna on our team—we will they believe their coach can beat the adversity. run you off. You will not be allowed to be here if that’s “I found out while we were on vacation in Galveston, the case,” Ford said. “We have tough guys. Like I said, the Texas, and I realized that there was something wrong stuff that we put our kids through, they have to be able with me at that time. And just like any tough guy would, to overcome adversity, and our kids know that, especially you think, ’Oh it will just go away, don’t worry about it, our older kids. And our older kids, if they see a new kid whatever,’” Ford said. “And, all of a sudden a month went 42

Fall 2013

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Athletics by and it hadn’t gone away. And so we went to a doctor in Columbia and she referred us to a specialist, and what she thought it may be. And the specialist did their surgery and checked me out and realized, ‘You know you have cancer’ and it had gotten into a lymph node; it was rectal cancer. It’s a rare form of rectal cancer for someone who is under the age of 40. In fact, about 90 percent of those with this type of cancer are over 50. “At first I was kind of sad, mad because I couldn’t do anything for him,” associate head coach Miguel Paredes says. “It still kind of hurts, the fact that, you know, I can’t do stuff for him. I told him I wish I could trade places with him. But he tells me ‘don’t give me any sympathy; treat me the way you would. Make [me] laugh and stuff.’ So that’s what helps me to be inspired, keep going every day.” Coach Paredes [has switched] places with Ford on the field. But that’s only when Ford is at M.D. Anderson in Texas receiving radiation and chemotherapy. Ford travels to Texas every week, Monday through Friday, for treatment. But he [is] back every Saturday to coach his team on the sidelines and not in a hospital bed. “The doctors said, ‘Hey, when we do chemo you know you’re going to be tired; you’re going to be doing this,’ and his response to them was, ‘I’m making it to every game on Saturday,’” Paredes says. Through adversity Ford said he’s able to find a very positive attitude, an attitude that he said will never change, no matter what type of day he’s having. “Every day should be positive because, yes, I have cancer and, yes, I could be gone in a year or whenever; but my goodness, I could be gone tomorrow, so why take

the breath that’s going in my lungs right now for granted,” Ford says. His coaching staff and players caught on to this contagious attitude. “I feel sorry for the cancer rather than I feel sorry for him,” says Paredes. “If there’s anybody that’s going to beat it, it’s definitely that guy,” says White. “I have no doubt that it’s something that is just going to be a little speed bump for him.” “[The cancer’s] not going to be victorious, that’s for sure because he’s a hard headed guy when it comes to putting his mind to something,” Borghardt says. “He going to make sure it happens, no matter what.” “One thing I have control over is my attitude and my mentality, and there’s nothing on this planet that is going to break me,” Ford says. “Put me in something bad and watch me respond to it.” Editor’s note: We are grateful to KOMU-TV for allowing us to use the story of Coach Ford. We are pleased to note that as of press time, Jody is living up to his moniker “Built Ford Tough”!

Did You Know . . . CMU Athletic Results from the 2012-2013 Academic Year • 84 student-athletes were named Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC) All-Scholars (must have a 3.4 GPA and higher). This is the most in CMU history and we led the conference. • 43 student-athletes were named National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and/or Daktronics Academic All-Americans (must have a 3.5 GPA and higher). • 5 athletic teams were named NAIA All-Academic Team (must have a 3.0 Team GPA and higher). • 85 student-athletes participated in a NAIA National Competition, which tops all previous records. • 5 athletic teams participated in a NAIA National Tournament/Contest, which is the most in CMU history. • 4 athletic teams won the HAAC Championship, which is the most in CMU history. • 17 student-athletes were named NAIA All-Americans. • More than 2,500 community service hours were performed by our student-athletes.

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University




Eagle Athletics Cross Country The Central Methodist University women’s cross country team entered 2013 as the two-time defending Heart of America Athletic Conference Champion and returned runners Hailey Breusch, Emily Nealley, Adriana Romero, and Elise Schreiber. Breusch, Romero, and Schreiber have all been a part of the last two Eagles’ HAAC championship teams. The Eagles started the campaign by winning the Eagle Invitational. Breusch led the Eagle women across the line and was named the HAAC Runner of the Week for her effort. Coach Chris Sandefur commented the team has gradually improved throughout the season heading into the HAAC Championship race. The Central Methodist University men’s cross country team also opened the season by winning the Eagle Invitational. Sophomore Eagle Cris Renteria took the men’s top spot and has finished first for the team in every race. He has been named HAAC Runner of the Week twice in 2013. Despite being picked second in the HAAC Coaches’ pre-season poll, the Eagles had been the best team in the league this season and had hoped to win their first conference championship. This came on the heels of placing fourth at the NAIA Mid-States Classic, which included topping No. 20 Saint Mary. Because of that stellar race, Central Methodist was ranked No. 25 in the seventh edition of the NAIA Men’s Cross Country Coaches’ Top 25 Poll. It was the first Top 25 mention for Central Methodist since 2002, when the Eagles were ranked in every poll. In the HAAC Conference meet on Nov. 9, neither team, men nor women, qualified to take a team. However, six CMU Cross Country runners—Cris Renteria, Tyler Meierarend, and Brett Davis for the men; and Emily Nealley, Adriana Romero, and Hailey Breusch for the women—did qualifiy individually for the National Championships November 23 in Lawrence, Kan. For the men, Renteria won the HAAC title with a time of 27:05:06. Meierarend finished fourth and Davis fifth. For the women, Nealley placed fifth overall, Romero eighth, and Breusch ninth.

Football The Central Methodist football team has improved its win total by four games from last season under second-year coach Jody Ford. The Eagles won three of their first four games to start the season, with two victories coming by a touchdown or less. Central Methodist has gone to a spread offense this season under first year coordinator John Haines, and the change has allowed the Eagles to be one the best rushing attacks in the country. Central Methodist’s passing game has also been a bright spot with redshirt junior quarterback Kaleb Borghardt at the helm. Senior running back Maurice Coon returned to the team after a year’s absence and has led the team in rushing and has also posted two 100-plus yard ground games. He was named the HAAC Offensive Player of the Week on September 16. The Eagles’ defense has thrived under the leadership of linebacker Conner White and defensive back Collin Teal. Both players rank among the league leaders in tackles. 44

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University



Men’s Soccer The Central Methodist men’s soccer team finished with their second-straight winning season. The Eagles posted nine wins, allowing coach Dan Schmidlin to reach 50 for his career in Fayette. The highlights of the season came during the second week of September when the Eagles tied No. 2 Hannibal-LaGrange and defeated Jamestown, which was receiving votes for the Top 25. Ricardo Valsien scored three goals in the two matches and was named the HAAC Offensive Player of the Week and NAIA Offensive Player of the Week. The national award won by Valsien was the first in the program’s history. Guilherme Frota, Erwin Sanchez Jr., and Valsien were named to the 2013 All-Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC) Men’s Soccer Teams. Frota was a second-team choice, while Sanchez Jr. and Valsien were named to the third team.

Women’s Soccer The Central Methodist women’s soccer team finished with their third straight winning season. Coach Dan Schmidlin surpassed the 50win plateau for his career with the Eagles. Central Methodist set a single-game record for goals on September 13 in a 16-1 dismantling of Stephens. The 16 goals broke the previous record of 13, set on Oct. 10, 2009, in a 13-0 shutout of Dallas Christian (Texas). The 10 assists in the game against the Stars broke the previous mark of eight in 2009 against the Crusaders. Nicki Noreen and Lindie Adair were each named to the All-HAAC second team. In only her first season in Fayette, Noreen was one of the best players in the league in scoring and assists. Adair was named AllHAAC for the third straight season.

Volleyball The Central Methodist volleyball team is off to its best start in four seasons under first year coach Allison Jones-Olson and is guaranteed a winning record. The Eagles are in position to make the HAAC Tournament for the first time in several seasons. The Eagles are full of newcomers, none more important than junior outside hitter Jordan Jackson. She has posted double-digit kill totals in 22 of the team’s 28 matches. Setters Melody Hanson and Kristine Koepke have joined returner Kylie Melkersman to give the Eagles one of the best setup rotations in the conference in 2013. Julia Weber has been one of the most dynamic players for the Eagles in her second season in Fayette as outside hitter.

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University



Alumni news

CMU earns Champions of Character Five-Star Institution Award Central Methodist has been named a 2012-13 NAIA Champions of Character Five-Star Institution and tied for second in the country with a 98 out of 100 on the Champions of Character Scorecard.

The Eagles tied with Columbia (S.C.), and both institutions fell one point shy of Oklahoma Baptist.

 The Champions of Character Scorecard measures each institution’s commitment to the NAIA Champions of Character program. Points are earned in five key areas: character training, conduct in competition, character recognition, academic focus, and character promotion. This year, more than 80 percent of NAIA member institutions scored the 60 points necessary to be named Five-Star Champions of Character Institutions.

 Among the honorees were 23 NAIA-member schools that have been recognized as Champions of Character Institutions (2002-09) and Champions of Character Five Star Institutions (2010-13) every year since the inception of the institutional award. Central Methodist also made this list. This year, NAIA member institutions average a 67.48 score on the Champions of Character Scorecard, which is comparable to the 2011-12 mark of 67.63. However, among Five-Star Champions of Character Institutions, the average score is 73.55—an improvement of more than a point from last year’s figure of 71.91.

 The biggest change from last year came in the conduct in competition category. During the 2011-12 season, NAIA programs accumulated 630 ejections. That number dropped to 578 for 2012-13.

 For the second-straight year, all 23 NAIA Conferences were named Five Star Champions of Character Conferences. This distinction is bestowed on every conference in which 60 percent of the member institutions earn Champions of Character Five Star Institution status. In addition to CMU’s conference, The Heart of America Athletic Conference, other conferences that made the cut included the American Midwest Conference, Golden State Athletic Conference, Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference, Midwest Collegiate Conference, North Star Athletic Association, Southern States Athletic Conference, and The Sun Conference shared top billing, with each conference having 100 percent of its member schools make the grade. Since 1937, the NAIA has administered programs and championships in proper balance with the overall educational experience. In 2000, the NAIA reaffirmed its purpose to enhance the character-building aspects of sport. Through the Champions of Character program, the NAIA seeks to create an environment in which every student-athlete, coach, official, and spectator is committed to the true spirit of competition through five core values: integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership.

CMU wins first annual food fight Central Methodist raised approximately $2,800 and 26,793 lbs. of food during a two-week stretch, defeating Missouri Valley in the first annual "Food Fight." Starting September 23, both schools collected food to go to their local pantry to help fight hunger in their communities. The contest continued all the way up to kickoff in the Eagles/Vikings football clash on October 5. Missouri Valley collected approximately 9,000 lbs. of food, giving Central Methodist a traveling trophy from The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri that is on display in the Inman Student and Community Center.

Fall Heart of America Athletic Conference Players of the Week Men’s Cross Country

Men’s Golf

Cris Renteria - HAAC Runner of the Week, Sept. 23 and Oct. 14

Ty Lieberman - HAAC Men’s Golfer of the Week, Oct. 14

Men’s Soccer

Women’s Cross Country

Hailey Breusch - HAAC Runner of the Week, Sept. 2 Emily Nealley - HAAC Runner of the Week, Sept. 23


Maurice Coon - HAAC Offensive Player of the Week (POW), Sept. 16 Kaleb Borghardt - BSN National Offensive POW, Sept. 23 46

Fall 2013

Guilherme Frota - HAAC Offensive POW, Sept. 9 Carlos Ribera - HAAC Defensive POW, Sept. 9 Ricardo Valsien - HAAC Offensive POW, Sept. 16 and NAIA Offensive POW - Sept. 17 (CMU’s first in history)

Women’s Soccer

Lindie Adair - HAAC Offensive POW, Oct. 14 Nicki Noreen - HAAC Offensive POW, Oct. 21

Central Methodist University


Alumni news

Oberweather new CMU strength, conditioning coach Kyle Oberweather has joined the Central Methodist University athletic department as the head strength and conditioning coach for the Eagles’ 14-sport athletics program. Coach Oberweather comes to CMU from the University of Missouri where he designed and implemented programs for women’s volleyball and men’s golf. He also assisted with football, baseball, and track and field. “I am very excited to join the Central Methodist family,” Oberweather says. “The family oriented atmosphere was something I knew I wanted to be a part of as soon as I stepped on campus. “Central Methodist has a rich history of athletic success within the Heart of America Athletic Conference,” Oberweather says. “ I have seen what the athletic department has done with this in-

stitution, and I look forward to being a part of it for quite some time.” Prior to his work at the University of Missouri, Coach Oberweather served as the head strength and conditioning coach at Lincoln University in Jefferson City. At Lincoln, he created and executed programs for football, men’s and women’s basketball, and softball. Coach Oberweather also served as a graduate assistant at William Woods University, where he assisted with all athletic teams and devised programs for track and field. Coach Oberweather got his start in the athletic performance profession in 2008 as a student-intern with the University of Missouri athletic program. It was at Missouri where Oberweather realized his passion for strength and conditioning; he believes “it offers a huge platform to impact individuals both inside and outside the realm of collegiate athletics.” Oberweather, a Lee’s Summit native, graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in health sciences, and later earned his Master’s degree there in health education and promotion. In his free time, Oberweather enjoys spending time in the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Oberweather and his fiancé, Laurie reside in Columbia.

Football players assist Special Olympics Central Methodist football student-athletes and coaches recently assisted in the Special Olympics that were held at Davis Field. The Central Area Bocce Competition, part of Special Olympics Missouri, lasted six hours. "Giving back to the local community has always been an emphasis for our student-athletes and coaches," University Vice President and Athletic Director Ken Oliver says. "As a five star Champions of Character institution, helping with the Special Olympics is another way for our school to assist others." The staff and students assisted in measuring distance in the bocce rolls, handing out water to thirsty participants, setting up the event, and assisting the athletes. Doug Valentine (front row on left) pauses with friends on their Memphis to Peoria run to benefit St. Jude’s this summer. Their group of runners raised more than $845,000 for St. Jude’s children. Doug admits to being exhausted after the four-day, 50-mile run. But he says it was worth it and he’s already signed up for next summer. Doug is the CMU online program coordinator, student online advisor for Columbia, and instructor in religion.

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University




CMU leads HAAC with 84 scholar-athletes in 2012-13 Central Methodist student-athletes dominated the Heart of America Athletic Conference in 2012-13 on and off the field. In addition to four conference championships, the Eagles led the league with 84 Scholar-Athletes. In order to qualify for the honor, a student-athlete must have achieved at least a 3.4 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) during the 2012-13 academic year. The scholar-athletes are listed below with their sport and major.

Jed Cook, Baseball, Physical Education Blake Cook, Baseball, Athletic Training Alex Hunter, Baseball, Business Brian King, Baseball, Accounting Matt Lovercamp, Baseball, Business Shane Lowe, Baseball/Men's Basketball, Physical Education Natsuki Kitamura, Baseball/Men's Soccer, Athletic Training Seth Luttrell, Baseball, Business Jesse Marks, Baseball, Mathematics Mason Mershon, Baseball, Physical Education Tony Shipp, Baseball, Business Eric Smurl, Baseball, Environmental Science Colby Stack, Baseball, Psychology Robert Thomas, Baseball, Sports Management Andrew Buchanan, Men's Basketball, Pre-Education Matthew Loyd, Men's Basketball, Pre-Athletic Training Hannah Braungardt, Women's Basketball, Biology Lizz Chappell, Women's Basketball, Athletic Training Katlyn Douglas, Women's Basketball, Athletic Training Jenny Dupes, Women's Basketball, Pre-Nursing Alison Durst, Women's Basketball, Special Education Kaitlyn Klapperich, Women's Basketball, Communication Nakia Robinson, Women's Basketball, Athletic Training Ciera Brinton, Cheer, Special Education Alexis Cline, Cheer, Special Education Kimberly Crisp, Cheer, Elementary Education Sophie Wilensky, Cheer, Communication Lindsey Wulff, Cheer, Biology Ryan Farrell, Cross Country/Track, Biology Kaitlyn Loeffler, Cross Country/Track, Environmental Studies Elise Schreiber, Cross Country/Track, Communication Nathan Adair, Football, Political Science Kaleb Borghardt, Football, Biology Cole Brower, Football, Business James Craighead, Football, Business John Dillon, Football, Chemistry Novy Foland II, Football, Biology John-Patrick Jacks, Football, Biology


Fall 2013

Austin Magyar, Football, Business Luke Mayer, Football, Biology Conner White, Football, History Anthony Dow, Men's Golf, Business Austin Rapp, Men's Golf, Business Alyson Conn, Women's Golf/Softball, Pre-Nursing Kelsey Schutjer, Women's Golf, Early Childhood Education Nahom Asfaw, Men's Soccer, Biology Geofrey Bilabaye, Men's Soccer, Computer Science Kidus Birhanu, Men's Soccer, Biology Luis Costa, Men's Soccer, Business Matt Denton, Men's Soccer, Sports Management Andrew Simpkins, Men's Soccer, Pre-Nursing Meredith Brick, Women's Soccer, Biology Lindie Adair, Women's Soccer, Sports Management Katherine Crane, Women's Soccer, Elementary Education Julie Friem, Women's Soccer, Biology Jen McIntyre, Women's Soccer, Early Childhood Eduation Amber Pezold, Women's Soccer, Criminal Justice Kelsey Vanzant, Women's Soccer, Pre-Education Jenalee Cologna, Softball, Pre-Athletic Training Bri Ford, Softball, Athletic Training Ashley Hagen, Softball, Biology Juliette Kein, Softball, Biology Bri Kirkland, Softball, Criminal Justice Margaret McGough, Softball, Pre-Nursing Katelyn Moeller, Softball, Pre-Athletic Training Megan Robbins, Softball, Criminal Justice Aubrey Utley, Softball, Biology Melanie Wilmsmeyer, Softball, Accounting Chase Arnold, Track and Field, Pre-Athletic Training Angela Jones, Track and Field, Athletic Training Jessica Drew, Volleyball, Biology Jennifer Garrett, Volleyball, BSN Generic Program Kayla Heidbrink, Volleyball, Biology Kylie Melkersman, Volleyball, BSN Generic Program Dana Peters, Volleyball, Accounting Kelly Petersen, Volleyball, Biology Taylor Russell, Volleyball, Biology Makenzie Shepard, Volleyball, BSN Generic Program

Central Methodist University


Alumni news

Greetings from the CMU Alumni Association Dear Alums, A time to reflect, a time for change, a time to reach out and see what this world has to offer...Central is at a very unique place. CMU plays an important role as a leader in educating young people. We have committed trustees and alumni to help make it work. This is linked with a progressive staff and outstanding professors. Now is the time for alums to make their presence felt and to back CMU and its educational goals. Now is the time to make a commitment to serve in a voluntary capacity and to think how you can stretch financially to help CMU move forward. The Gala to honor our Distinguished Alumni is scheduled in Fayette, May 2, 2014. That is the same weekend of the inauguration of Dr. Roger Drake. Come join us as we celebrate together and look forward to the future of Central Methodist University. Dr. Drake and his wife, Judy, are entrusted with the future of Central Methodist University. Let’s make it a bright one! The Alumni Association is looking for three new board members. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact me at my email address below. Judy Rethwisch ‘65 Alumni Board President

CMU Alumni Association

Central Methodist University President’s Council The Reverend L. Kyle Hern ’73 Ralph Anderson ’58 Edgewood, N.M. Kansas City, Mo. Pastor, St. John’s UMC Pres., Gen Tech Corp. (ret.) Annie Bradley Holder ’97 Judy Apel ’68 Webster Goves, Mo. Georgetown, Texas Homemaker VP, IBM Corp. (ret.) Ron Knigge ’65 J. W. Arnold ’90 Wellsville, Mo. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Pres., St. Louis Roofing & Sheet Metal Owner PRDC, Public Relations (ret.) David W. Bandy ’66 Leawood, Kan. Larry Leech ’70 Fayette, Mo. Sales Mgr., Dunbrook Industries (ret.) Supt., Fayette R-III Schools (ret.) M. Douglas Burton ’67 Terry Ohlms ’83 Leawood, Kan. VP, Westlake Hardware Corp. Office (ret.) St. Charles, Mo. Owner, T. A. Ohlms & Co. Wendy Biache Dawson ’98 Tax Accounting Peoria, Ill. The Reverend James Powell Attorney, Caterpillar Columbia, Mo. The Reverend Lynn Dyke Dist. Supt., MOUM Cabinet (ret.) Reeds Spring, Mo. William D. Powell ’65 Supt., Mo. Conference Mid-State District Springfield, Mo. Dr. Bradley Harrison ’01 Attorney/Partner Manhattan, Kan. Daniel, Powell, Wesley, & Brewer LLC Physician

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University

The Reverend Marvin Pyron O’Fallon, Mo. Pastor, Salem-in-Ladue UMC (ret.) Lathem Scott ’98 Kansas City, Mo. VP, Business Banking Relationship Mgr. Bank of the West Betty Thorne Tierney ’87 St. Louis, Mo. Senior counsel, May Department Stores Myrl H. Vossler Raleigh, N.C. Sr. Director, Accord Healthcare W. Randall Washburn ’70 Versailles, Mo. Bank Examiner (ret.) Nancy Yuelkenbeck ’78 Kansas City, Mo. VP Asst. Controller, Merchant’s Bank



Alumni news Newsmakers Glenn Collier ’50 was awarded a Quilt of Valor for his service in World War II. John Drakesmith ’58 has joined the CMU Board of Trustees. Dr. C. Fred Bergsten ’61 relates two important pieces of information. He was just named recipient of the 2013 World Trade Award of the National Foreign Trade Council, the top association of U.S. companies most involved in the global economy. Running close in importance, no doubt, is the fact that he took two medals in the over-70 basketball competition at the recent Northern Virginia Senior Olympics--a gold in the team tournament and a bronze for individual freethrow shooting. Rena Yocom ’65 has been named assistant general secretary for Clergy Formation and Theological Education in the General Board of Higher Education’s Division of Ordained Ministry. Clyde Lear ’66 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree, Doctor of Laws, and was the Commencement Speaker for Northwood University May 7, 2013. Laurence Tucker ’69, managing attorney of Armstrong Teasdale LLP’s Kansas City, Mo. and Overland Park, Kan. offices, was elected to serve a three-year term on the firm’s 11-person executive committee. Cathy Thogmorton ’71 opened Grey Willows Arts and Antiques in Fayette, Mo. Randy Feuers ’72 was #1 on the ReverbNation Blues charts for Jefferson City, Mo. He also received the Blues Best Live Performance Video Award given by the Akademia Music Awards. Rod Hoffman ’74 was named “Patriot of the

Month” for February by the St. Charles Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

currently serves as Director of Legal Research and Professor of Law at Baylor University Law School in Waco, Texas.

Robert McNeill ’77 received the George C. Drake Award from the Wabash Railroad Historical Society for his efforts to preserve and share in the history of the Wabash Railroad Company.

Dawn Carr Houston ’95 is a case manager for Camden County SB40.

Ted House ’81 is the President of the Missouri Circuit Judges Association. Robert Foster ’82 is the executive director for the American Optometric Student Association. Michael Humphrey’82 belongs to the Springfield Mid-America Singers and has been elected secretary of the Springfield Writer’s Guild. Mike Davis ’83 was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame by the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association. Dean Anthony ’86 directed the opera Glory Denied during the Fort Worth Opera Festival. Ellen Pannier ’89 received the prestigious Crystal Apple Award. Ellen teaches biology and anatomy for Cape Girardeau Public Schools. Laura (Peery) Beeler ’90 is the assistant principal at Mill Creek Elementary in the Columbia Public School District. Lana (Poston) Jinkerson ’91 retired this summer from Mineral Area College. She was the coordinator and professor for MAC’s program in practical nursing and social sciences. Thomas Spencer ’91 completed his Doctorat en Histoire de l’art from the Sorbonne in the spring of 2013. The title of his thesis, written entirely in French, is “Religious Architecture of the 11th and 12th centuries in the northern Champagne region of France.” He defended his thesis on June 21, 2013, and received the distinction equivalent to “Summa Cum Laude with unanimous congratulations from the board of examiners.” Dawn (Brawner) Shipp ’91 is the elementary principal for the New Franklin Elementary School.

President Roger Drake, Dr. James Luetjen, and Ken Oliver at the 2013 Luetjen Tournament. The 24th Annual Luetjen Tournament will be held July 18, 2014 at Hail Ridge Golf Course, Boonville.


Fall 2013

Matt Cordon ’94 presented a paper and delivered a related speech titled “Shared Governance in American Universities” at the third ChineseAmerican Forum on Legal Information in Shanghai, China, on June 12, 2013. He

Central Methodist University

David A. Hughes ’95 is the Executive Vice President for New Era Bank in Park Hills, Mo. Doug Smith ’97 is the managing editor for the Daily Journal Newspaper in Farmington, Mo. Geoff Macy ’98 is the principal for Valley Middle School in the Northwest School District. Sarah (Bussman) Munns ’98 received her Master of Business Administration from William Woods University this past summer. Josh Richards ’98 is the new wide receiver coach for Austin Peay State University. Cara (Syferd) Owings ’01 was named a Chamber Ambassador with the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Tami Strodtman ’02 is the Harrisburg Elementary School principal. Sarah Smith ’09 recently moved to Lebanon, Mo., and is teaching 7-12 grade Special Education in Stoutland, Mo. Chris Egbright ’11 is the manager of the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters baseball team. Rebecca Lipsey ’12 is the head coach of the Silex Lady Owls at Silex R-1 School. Adam Morton ’12 is teaching Spanish at Knob Noster High School. James Rowe ’12 is a Missouri State Highway Patrolman for Putnam and Sullivan Counties. Cody McCann ’12 is a Defense Coach for Clopton/Elsberry High School. Addie Layne ’13 is a regional program manager for Enactus United States. Caitlin Holman ’13 is the third grade teacher for California Elementary in California, Mo. Dr. Kenneth Burres, Professor of Religion 1967-2003, has established the website “Jews, Christians, Muslims: Common Roots, Seeds of Conflict, Rays of Hope” ( The site is intended to serve the ongoing project of writing and publishing a book of the same title. Dr. Burres lives with his wife, Carla ’70, in Sequim, Wash.

Marriages & Engagements Michael Humphrey ’82 and Debra Roesing were married Oct. 31, 2013. Lorraine Brueggemann ’02 and Marty Buehrlen were married Feb. 8, 2013.


Alumni news Meghann Teague ’05 and David Hutchison ’07 were married May 25, 2013. Charlie Wilson ’05 and Kim Bell were married July 6, 2013. Tonya Goosen ’07 and Zachary Nelson were married May 25, 2013. Nathan Werremeyer ’07 and Sarah Mathis were married May 11, 2013. Brandon Floyd ’08 and Haley Woods were married June 1, 2013. Christina Thompson ’08 and John Shutt were married Aug. 31, 2013. Erin Aholt ’09 and Shawn Lause were married June 1, 2013. Sara Payne ’10 and Mook Cunningham were married Oct. 5, 2013. Natalie Rolph ’10 and Andrew Dreyer ’10 were married June 8, 2013. Wendii Anderson ’11 and Steven Jobe were married June 8, 2013. Nicholas Beaty ’11 and Mollee Thompson ’12 were married June 22, 2013. Shelley Eidson ’11 and Alex Wrisinger were married July 21, 2012. Alisha Hanneken ’11 and Evan Roettering were married July 27, 2013. Kurt Harke ’11 and Catherine Richardson were married Sept. 28, 2013. Sarah Meeks ’11 and Eric Hollenberg were married Aug. 20, 2011. Kayla Siegel ’11 and Corey Whelehon were married Oct. 12, 2013.

Joseph Galloway ’85 and his wife Bonnie are proud to announce the birth of their granddaughter, Ellyse Harlow Galloway, on April 8, 2013.


Robert ’97 and Kari (Wesselman ’00) Adams announce the birth of daughter Autumn Elizabeth, born July 9, 2013.

Elizabeth Durley Meals (see below)

Edward “Alex” ’01 and Mistey (Wren) Borst ’01 announce the birth of boy/girl twins, Edward Alexander III and Gretchen Louise on June 26, 2012. Christopher ’03 and Tia ’05 Draffen announce the birth of son Clark Thomas, born May 10, 2013. Victoria Haisler ’04 and husband Eric announce the birth of son Connor Robert, born Jan. 18, 2013. Jennifer (Weber) Riley ’04 and husband Lucas announce the birth of son Xavier Matthew, born on Aug. 10, 2012. Greg ’06 and Kristen (Conrow) Hough ’04 announce the birth of son Beau Franklin, born May 6, 2013. Stephanie Gordon ’08 and Josh Rhea announce the birth of daughter Alba Kay Rhea, born July 19, 2012. Amber Renae Monnig ’11 and husband Ryan announce the birth of daughter Renae Ann born Oct. 7, 2013. Jay ’00 and wife Anna (Hines) ’02 West announce the birth of daughter Kathryn Jeanette, born Oct. 16, 2013. Paige Sanders, CMU Admissions, and husband Chris announce the birth of son Jude Willard, born Oct. 21, 2013.

1930 1940 Frances Jackson ’40 of Indianapolis, Ind., died Dec. 31, 2012. Estelle (Ballew) Miller ’41 of Columbia, Mo., died June 26, 2013. She and husband Gene ran Miller’s IGA in Fayette for many years. Peggy (Pile) Elliott ’42 of San Diego, Calif., died May 30, 2013. Gordon Gengelbach ’42 of Plattsburg, Mo., died May 29, 2013. Barbara (Gilliam) Pitts ’42 of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, died May 28, 2013. Lloyd E. Boyd ’43 of Columbia, Mo., died May 4, 2013. J. Howard Feldmann ’43 of Topeka, Kan., died June 10, 2013. Robert William Ferguson ’43 of Crystal Lake, Ill., died Feb. 18, 2013. U. Wendell Brice ’44 of Cordova, Tenn., died April 17, 2013. Mary (Beebe) McBride ’44 of Leawood, Kan., died June 25, 2013. Helen (Pagel) Quinley ’44 of New Franklin, Mo., died July 5, 2013. Donald Guy Sheets ’44 of Annapolis, Md., died March 2, 2013.

Mauri Leverenz ’12 and Logan Stewart were married June 29, 2013.

Elizabeth Durley Meals ’38

Jessica Politte ’12 and William Holloway were married March 16, 2013. Amy Pope ’12 and Chris Spurgin ’12 were married May 11, 2013. Kristen Bailey ’13 and Brian Blaser were married July 5, 2013. Caitlyn Metzner ’13 and John Weaver were married July 20, 2013. Nicole Sanders ’13 and Ryan Sherman ’13 were married June 14, 2013. Mackenzie Walter ’11 and Andrew Hoffman were married Sept. 7, 2013. Laura Armstrong ’10 and Eric Ulmer were married March 23, 2013

Births David ’82 and Sherry Withington Reetz ’95 announce the birth of daughter, Hannah Dawn, born April 29, 2013.

Elizabeth Durley Meals ’38 of Fayette, Mo., died Oct. 9, 2013. She was born April 17, 1916, near Hughesville, Mo., and attended school in a one-room school house, followed by Smith-Cotton High School in Sedalia. She graduated in 1938 from Central College, then stayed on as a graduate assistant in mathematics for two years. She married Jasper Meals on June 15, 1940. While traveling with Jasper, who was an engineer with Burns and McDonnell in Kansas City, Elizabeth gathered interesting and antique elements which would eventually find their way into the antebellum home they bought in Fayette. They spent several years living in an outbuilding on weekends while they worked on the house. It was their pride and joy, and Elizabeth was a very generous hostess, whether her guests were relatives, friends, or passers-by. Elizabeth had an indomitable spirit that carried her through a very long illness and gave her time enough to witness her grandson’s wedding and to write up her family genealogy. She is survived by a daughter, Harriet and her family, and a son, Roy and his family. She was predeceased by Jasper and by one son, Kenneth.

Fall 2013

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Alumni news

CMU mourns the loss of Bob Siler ’47 Robert L. Siler has been a very close friend to all who are Central Methodist University. As friend, supporter, benefactor, he remained true to all things Central. Bob Siler died May 14, 2013, in Mountain Brook, Ala. Bob Siler was born Nov.18, 1924, in Kansas City, Mo. It wasn’t until after WWII that Bob began his college education at Central College (now CMU). He graduated in 1947 and a year later became principal of Fayette Public Schools. He received his M.A. from Peabody College for Teachers at Vanderbilt in Nashville in 1948. In 1950, he began work for the Ralston Purina Company and was there until 1973, leaving as vice president of grocery sales distribution. From 1973 to 1991, he was the president and vice chair of Sales Force Company. From 1991 until retirement, Bob was president–management consultant in strategic planning and sales structure—for Siler Associates. He served on the Central Methodist Board of Trustees three times, from 1968-80, from 1981-85, and from 2007-09. In 2002, he helped to create the Unity Award, a town-gown relationship between Fayette High School and Central Methodist University, which awards scholarships to students who graduate from FHS and choose to continue their education at CMU. A Hall of Sponsors scholarship was created in honor of his first wife, Mrs. Dorothy Kendrick Siler ’45, when she died. Another scholarship honors her mother, Mary Huston Kendrick. Bob always obtained information on his scholarship students and corresponded with them. As generous as he has been to Central, he was also generous to those students. He was a “master of the keys” and donated his beloved Steinway piano to CMU’s Swinney Conservatory of Music. He supported the college he loved, contributing to numerous funds across campus. Bob embodied what Central graduates strive to do: make a difference in the world and emphasize academic and professional excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility. He will be sorely missed by his friends and colleagues. Elizabeth (Miller) Wallace ’45 of Seahurst, Wash., died June 26, 2013. Frances E. Wear ’46 died May 5, 2013.

William Gail Brewer ’50 of Marceline, Mo., died April 23, 2013.

Gladyce (Chapman) Carpenter ’47 of Saint Louis, Mo., died Dec. 23, 2012.

Dale Wallace Pitney ’50 of Phoenix, Ariz., died July 3, 2013.

Irving Kamil ’47 of Cliffside Park, N.J., died April 26, 2013.

Richard Calvin Pratt ’50 of New Haven, Mo., died May 13, 2013.

Robert L. Siler ’47 (see above)

Nelle (Snyder) Scott ’50 of Hamilton, Mo., died May 16, 2013.

Marjorie (Crane) Berry ’48 of Omaha, Neb., died July 11, 2013. Lois Jane (Bassman) Enloe ’48 of O’Fallon, Mo., died Sep. 16, 2013. Robert Lester Hogge ’48 of California, Mo., died Feb. 11, 2013. Lela (Taylor) Trester ’48 of Kansas City, Mo., died Oct. 10, 2013. Sally F. (Johnson) Page ’49 of Columbia, Mo., died April 11, 2013. Ray Melvin Sennett ’49 of Sheldon, Ill., died March 6, 2013.



Mary Ruth Jessie Summers ’50 of Excelsior Springs, Mo., died May 17, 2013. R. Fred Leipertz ’51 of Lake Worth, Fla., died Oct. 6, 2013. Grace (Gilliam) Tout ’51 of Barrington, Ill., died Nov. 25, 2012. Dorothy (Bierbaum) Fisher ’52 of Higginsville, Mo., died Sep. 16, 2013. Fred H. Hehmann ’54 of Chesterfield, Mo., died Feb. 3, 2013.

Fall 2013

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M. Janet (Wetzel) Snyder ’54 of Billings, Mont., died June 4, 2013. Charles Richard Blount ’55 of Columbia, Mo., died Oct. 22, 2013. Edward M. Harper ’55 of Tulsa, Okla., died Jan. 27, 2013. Pat (Dowell) Nichols ’55 of Chillicothe, Mo., died Sep. 29, 2013. Marilyn Yeater Langworthy ’57 of Middletown, Ohio, died Sept. 21, 2013. Joan (Kleeman) Detmer ’58 of Florissant, Mo., died Aug. 20, 2013. C. Richard Roda ’58 of Springfield, Mo., died Sept. 3, 2013. Eugene E. Rudd ’58 of Alexandria, Va., died Sept. 13, 2013. Patricia (McCown) Beckerman ’59 of Naples, Fla., died April 29, 2013. E. Jack Estes ’59 of Seneca, S.C., died May 23, 2013.


Alumni news Helen (Allison) Vroman ’71 of Armstrong, Mo., died Aug. 11, 2013.

Robert H. Bray ’70 Robert H. Bray, 67, died in Fayette Oct. 9, 2013. He was widely known for his work as a band director and his leadership in numerous civic organizations. He earned a B.A. from Central Methodist College in 1970 and had completed most of the course work needed for a B.A. in music education, too. At Central he became a percussionist and was drum major for the marching band, as well as student manager for the band program. He was active all his life in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, including as president of Beta Mu Chapter, and he held state and national positions, including governor of Province 19. A guesthouse on the grounds of the Phi Mu National Headquarters in Evansville, Ind., is named in his honor. Bray was also a member of Alpha Phi Gamma fraternity (Mokers) in college and was a lifelong member of the Masons. He served as executive secretary for the Central Methodist Alumni Association from his graduation until 1981. He spent two years as the director of college relations, with the churches and news bureau as responsibilities. A member of many area groups, Bray was best known as conductor for various musical organizations, especially the Fayette Star Cornet Band and the annual Roanoke Band Concert. He also had a prominent part in rebuilding the Fayette Bandstand on the Courthouse Square.


Roger H. Taylor II ’73 of Warrensburg, Mo., died Dec. 27, 2012. Gary Keith Brown ’74 of Lee’s Summit, Mo., died June 4, 2013. Susan (Cornett) Andrews ’75 of Mexico, Mo., died April 8, 2013. Eleanor (Mitter) Hill ’76 of Columbia, Mo., died May 18, 2013. Debra (Asbury) Stockhorst ’77 of Fulton, Mo., died June 30, 2013.

1980 Timothy S. Diehls ’83 of Olathe, Kan., died Dec. 2, 2012. Robert J. Bingham ’85 of Calabash, N.C., died Jan. 14, 2013. Mike Magyar ’89 of Boonville, Mo., died Nov. 5, 2013.

Friends of Central Thomas J. Ruess of Columbia, Mo., died July 20, 2013. He was an Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands from 2000 to 2008. N. J. Golding Jr. of Gainesville, Fla., died April 12, 2013. Jean N. Jenner (see box above)

Jean N. Jenner

(May 22, 1924 – June 9, 2013) Jean married William A. Jenner ’38 on September 1, 1946, at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Blackburn. She was a stenographer at F. M. Stamper Company (Marshall, Mo.), Missouri Telephone Company (Columbia, Mo.), Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (Chicago, Ill.), AACS (Andrews AFB, Md.), and was an Instructional Clerk for School District 90 in O’Fallon. Although she was not an alumna, her husband was and she adopted Central as her own. Jean was a member of the O’Fallon First United Methodist Church, Friendship Circle, P.E.O. Chapter LJ, O’Fallon Women’s Club (honorary 50 year member), Friends of the Library, Ainad Belles, and O’Fallon Historical Society. She was proceeded in death by her beloved husband, William (Bill) Jenner, in 2002, her parents, four brothers, and two sisters-in-law. Dr. Paul Rorvig of Warrensburg, Mo., died Sept. 24, 2013. He was professor of history at Central Methodist 1992-99. Professor Jack Barnhouse of Columbia, Mo., died July 12, 2013. He taught English at Central Methodist from 1976 through the mid-80s.

Robert Paine of Saint Louis, Mo., died June 16, 2013.

Pam Davis from Boonville, Mo., died September 1, 2013, a patron of the Ashby-Hodge Gallery.

Glen Sites of Webster Groves, Mo., died March 20, 2013.

Donna Hutchison Slagle of Versailles, Mo., died Aug. 26, 2013.

Barbara Hershey ’61 of Cassville, Mo., died May 30, 2013. Roger Lee Wightman ’61 of Irving, Texas, died May 29, 2013. Linda (Alverson) Irvin ’62 of Columbia, Mo., died July 4, 2013. Ronald L. McClammer ’67 of Columbia, Mo., died May 23, 2013. Dick Faxon Van Dyne ’68 of Kansas City, Mo., died July 6, 2013. Larry Wayne Snodgrass ’69 of Carl Junction, Mo., died May 15, 2013.

1970 Robert H. Bray ’70 (see above) John David Harris ’70 of Moberly, Mo., died July 14, 2013. Suzanne “Suzy” (McCutcheon) Himmelberg ’70 of Fayette, Mo., died June 11, 2013.

Fall 2013

T. Berry Smith Hall sporting new windows and beautiful fall foliage.

Central Methodist University



Alumni news

Central Methodist University Alumni Board 2013 In Order of Class Year

Thomas L. Yancey ‘54 106 Spring St. Fayette, MO 65248 Residence: 660-248-2826 Stephen Johnson ’56 1315 W. Edgewood St. Springfield, MO 65807 Residence: 417-890-8609 Judy (Engel) Rethwisch ’65, President 1719 Stemwood Way Fenton, MO 63026 Residence: 636-343-9007 or 636-349-6880 Ruth Dorman Benner ’66 1115 Chatelet Dr. Ferguson, MO 63135 Residence: 314-521-4255 Carolyn (Summers) Perry ’66 2312 Whispering Shores Dr. Ft. Pierre, SD 57532 Residence: 605-494-0192 Cell: 605-945-1057 David Bandy ‘66 2716 W. 132 Street Leawood, KS 66209 Residence: 913-339-9818 John Cheary ’70, Vice President 189 Drowse Lane Hollister, MO 65672 Cell: 417-339-7869 Jean Borgelt Gruenewald ’75 2725 County Rd. 240 Columbia, MO 65202 Cell: 636-667-7486


Harriet Purvis Ryman ’78 8807 Rainbow Lane Kansas City, MO 64114 Residence: 816-363-4675 Cell: 816-824-4826 Jacque (Allred) Cheary ’82 189 Drowse Lane Hollister, MO 65672 Cell: 417-336-5200 Office: 417-243-1202 Laura M. Blair ‘86 8207 123rd Terrace Overland Park, KS 66213 314-378-2996 Benjamin Hart ’94 14535 S. Greenwood St. Olathe, KS 66062 Residence: 913-254-7088 Work: 913-707-4278 Nicole Parrish Scott ’94 8755 N. Chatham Ave. Kansas City, MO 64154 Residence: 816-436-2880 Work: 816-359-6179 David Jones ’95 44 Schulze Dr. Troy, MO 63379 Residence: 636-582-3196 Work: 636-462-5148 Jessica Grasdorf Quint ’97 400 North Church St. Fayette, MO 65248 Residence: 660-248-2456 Work: 660-248-2300 Amanda CulbertsonKraemer ’03 1089 W. Frisco Ave. Oakland, MO 63122 Cell: 314-724-2227 Office: 314-982-3383 amandaculbertsonkraemer@

Fall 2013

David Hutchison ’07 1817 SW Twincreek Place Blue Springs, MO 64015 Cell: 816-808-5242

Jacob Mark Heppner ‘12 2038 Fifth Avenue Leavenworth, KS 66048 Cell: 417-259-2681

Todd Oberlin ’07 4813 Aztec Blvd. Columbia, MO 65202 Residence: 573-474-1082 Cell: 573-263-5046

Heidi Pope ‘12 206 North Linn Fayette, MO 65248 Cell: 925-818-5183

Joe Garrett ’11 127 Summit Valley Loop Pacific, MO 63069 Cell: 573-289-9568

Kristen Bailey Blaser ‘13 Tucson, AZ 314-803-312l

Advisory Committee Bill Jacobs ’52 Dee Bland Woodward ’55 Jim Steele ’64 Tim Puyear ’85

Expectations of the Alumni Association • To assist Alumni Relations • To be the link between alumni and the University • To do event planning- social interaction with the alumni • To be the face of CMU • To preserve the history • To financially support CMU • To encourage alumni participation • To promote the University to alumni • To help alumni know what is happening on campus • To open and maintain channels of communication with the president of CMU • To keep informed and stay connected with the faculty • To promote and host events across the state

Central Methodist University


Alumni news

Keith House Day Celebrated in Sweet Springs by John Cheary ’70 The tradition of excellence in the CMU Concert Bands was fanned into a roaring fire under the direction of the late great Keith House. That fire was reignited by 31 of his former band members as they came together at Gusher City Park in Sweet Springs, Mo. Keith House was born and raised in Sweet Springs. Musicians from three decades put on a rousing concert that Keith would have cherished. What burst of energy reignited this fire? It was the occasion of Professor House’s 87th birthday. Although Prof. House passed away eight years ago, he remains alive in the hearts of his former CMU Band members as proven by this very special birthday celebration. Besides the performing musicians, there were 13 additional CMU graduates in the crowd. Also present were members of Prof. House’s family, including his wife Ilene, daughter Ellen, and sons Steve and Harvey. Ilene’s brother, John Morrison, and Steve’s

Fall 2013

wife, Terry, were also present on the beautiful grassy knoll. Ilene House was introduced as the “First Lady of the Central Band.” Mayor Tommy Goode presented to the House family an official proclamation making July 14, 2013, officially “Keith House Day.” (See photo, left) After the concert Mayor Goode said, “Don’t these wonderful marches make you smile? We would all be very pleased to have this become an annual event.” Pictures of Prof. House were on display and members of the audience contributed to the Keith House Memorial Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will be presented to an outstanding music student from Sweet Springs High School each year. What would Keith House have said? With his always strongly positive but gravelly voice, he would have exclaimed something like, “Man, now that band could really play!”

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Honor Roll

Greetings From the Board of Trustees Central Methodist starts the Fall semester under new leadership as Dr. Roger Drake assumes the presidency of the University. On Oct. 19th we concluded the Fall Board meeting with a feeling of excitement and optimism that the University will continue to maintain its position as a premier private university. During the candidate interview session with Dr. Drake last January, he commented to the student representative on the Search Committee that he had never lost a ping pong match to a student at his former location. That Search Committee member was also the president of the Student Government Association. During the meeting on campus to introduce Dr. Drake as Central’s new president, the Student Government Association rolled out a new ping pong table and threw down the challenge of a “student body vs. Drake tournament.” Due to the large number of challengers, approximately two dozen, it was agreed that if one of the contestants mounted a lead of five points, that person would be declared the winner. As of now it can be reported that Dr. Drake continues his record of never losing a match to a student. This Fall’s Trustee meeting focused on three areas that are vital to our future. Health Sciences programs (including math and computing) will be in high demand. The Administration is finalizing its recommendations for an expanded Health Sciences program and delineating priorities, including human resources that will be needed to deliver superior programs, and the facilities needed to house and support them. Its recommendations will be supported by cost estimates, transitional space requirements during construction, and a time schedule. Planning must also take into account the capital and other financial requirements to fund these priority programs and facilities, and how best to obtain the funding. In 2004 Central became a university to better accommodate the strategy of developing additional off-campus sites, when enrollment was approaching half that on the main campus, and new graduate programs were being developed. Today, more than 20 undergraduate programs are offered at more than 30 locations in Missouri. We are partners with all 13 public two-year colleges and more than 20 high schools to provide dual credit opportunities. Our online course offerings have shown steady growth, currently serving more than 800 students. For administrative and operating purposes, the graduate and off-campus programs make up the College of Graduate and Extended Studies (CGES). During the 2012-


Fall 2013

13 year CGES enrollment was 4,443 students; and CGES has become an important conduit, enabling Central to deliver courses and degrees to greater numbers of people seeking educational opportunities. We welcome these graduates as important members of Central’s alumni body. The Fayette campus, for administrative and operating purposes, is known as the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). Students on the Fayette campus have opportunities to develop leadership skills from participation in a number of national and local organizations, intercollegiate athletics, fine arts programs, electronic library services, exercise facilities, and medical services, as well as building personal development and maturity that is a byproduct of a campus community. The vice-president and dean of the University oversees the academic programs for both colleges. Governance is a mixture of separate and joint committees. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the core from which the continuing expansion of off-campus operations has grown and become such an important part of the University. The Board of Trustees has oversight of both colleges and has designated a Board committee that will focus on the off-campus operations. I hope you have kept up with the activities of the bands, choirs, opera, theatre arts, and speech and debate. Their activities can be viewed on our website or CMU on Facebook. A number of students are scheduled for recitals and competition. Much of the preparation for these activities takes place in the new 100-year-old Classic Hall that many of you helped bring back to life. As of Homecoming, the football team had a 4-4 winloss record, and student athletes in other sports have also turned in good performances. May we remain true to our mission of preparing students to make a difference in the world by emphasizing academic and professional excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility.

Glenn Cox, Chair CMU Board of Trustees

Central Methodist University


Central Methodist University Board of Trustees J. Bruce Addison ’66 Nina Furstenau Fayette, Mo. Fayette, Mo. Pres., Addison Biological Laboratory Author, Teacher, Retired Publisher Fred Alexander ’58 Dr. Keith A. Gary ’82 Fayette, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Farmer/Developer Dir. of Program Development Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute Dr. Don V. Allemann ’60 Greensboro, N.C. Robert L. Hahne ’60 Dir. of Bio. Res., Ciba-Geigy (ret.) Falls Church, Va. Mg. Partner, Deloitte LLP (ret.) Robert F. Anderson Plano, Texas Terry L. Henderson ’83 CEO, Cardiovascular Provider Resources Troy, Mo. Gen. Mgr., Administration David P. Atkins Bodine Aluminum Columbia, Mo. Exec. Dir., Missouri United Methodist Jeffrey Hogenmiller ’70 Foundation Libertyville, Ill. VP, Human Resources Richard D. Bailey ’84 Abbott Laboratories (ret.) St. Louis, Mo. Pres., Armadillo Safety Group Dick E. Hutchison ’83 Sedalia, Mo. Rev. James J. Bryan Pres., LaMonte Community Bank Columbia, Mo. Senior Pastor, Missouri UMC Timothy Jackman ’81 Fayette, Mo. Robert E. Courtney VP, Claims Administration St. Louis, Mo. Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Pres., Business Supply Centers Inc. (ret.) Janet Linn Jacobs ’77 Glenn A. Cox Jr. ’51 Fayette, Mo. Bartlesville, Okla. Board Chair, Commercial Trust Co. Pres. & COO, Phillips Petroleum (ret.) Ivan C. James III Richard M. Dailey ’70 Manchester, Mo. Lewes, Del. Founder, Owner/Pres., Mirimar Consulting United Technology and Systems Inc.

James D. Marchbank St. Louis, Mo. MBA Instructor, Fontbonne University

Dr. James C. Denneny III Columbia, Mo. UO, Physician, University of Missouri

Rev. Dr. David W. Kerr ’67 St. Louis, Mo. Senior Pastor, Salem-in-Ladue UMC (ret.)

Dr. Roger Drake Fayette, Mo. Pres., Central Methodist University

Paul King ’68 Springfield, Mo. Attorney The Law Offices of Paul W. King LLC R.G. Kirby Fayette, Mo. Dir. of Plant Operations, CMU (ret.)

J. B. Waggoner ’91 Fayette, Mo. Managing Partner Inovatia Laboratories LLC Dr. Keith W. Young ’86 Santa Monica, Calif. Psychiatrist

John Drakesmith ’58 Longwood, Fla. Heintzelman’s Truck Center Inc. (ret.) Nancy Ellis St. Louis, Mo. Consulting Systems Engineer, IBM (ret.)

Brock Lutz St. Louis, Mo. VP, Ralston Purina Inc. (ret.)

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University

W. Kirk Meyer ’83 Rio Rancho, N.M. CFO, Don Chalmers Automotive Group Dr. Nancy Walker Peacock ’82 Nashville, Tenn. Oncologist Dr. Robert T. Perry ’65 Ft. Pierre, S.D. Exec. Dir. (ret.) South Dakota Higher Ed. Board of Regents Donna T. Puyear Chesterfield, Mo. Speech/Hearing Therapist (ret.) Judy Engel Rethwisch ’65 Fenton, Mo. Teacher, Affton High School Elmer Revelle Columbia, Mo. Assistant to the Bishop Robert C. Schnase Columbia, Mo. Bishop, Missouri Conference UMC Louann Thogmorton Shaner ’70 Hilton Head, S.C. Science Educator (ret.), Civic Leader Sondra Sercu Spalding ’57 Creve Coeur, Mo. Educator (ret.), Civic Leader

Trustee Emerita Virginia Wood Bergsten ’59 Annandale, Va. Educator (ret.)



CMU Board of Trustees adds two new members John Drakesmith

John Drakesmith has been elected as a new member of the Board of Trustees of Central Methodist University. Drakesmith is a retired businessman from Orlando, Fla. A member of the class of 1958 of then-Central College, Drakesmith spent 50 years of his working career in management and sales for Ford Motor Company in Saint Louis, Cleveland, and Orlando. In 2002 he was honored with the Ford Motor Company President’s Award. After his retirement from Ford, he served as president of Heintzelman’s Truck Center Inc. until 2011. “Over the years,” Drakesmith says, “I have attributed a large part of any success I have enjoyed to my education at Central.” Currently, Drakesmith works with the national organization Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), which counsels and mentors start-ups and struggling businesses to help them succeed. He also has been a member of the CMU President’s Council, Rotary International, and Central’s infamous “Undistinguished Alumni” group. He and his wife, Margaret Woodward Drakesmith, Central Class of 1959 and daughter of former Central President Dr. Ralph Woodward (1950-70), have supported four CMU Hall of Sponsor Scholarships. While in school, Drakesmith was active in Alpha Phi Gamma (Mokers) social fraternity, the Ragout yearbook staff, the Business Club, and Student Christian Organization. Drakesmith has a very long connection with Central and with Fayette. “I have great memories of my days there,” he says. “I remember so many friends and can still picture them. I had the added advantage of family connections that kept me in touch with CMU and Fayette.”

James Bryan

The Rev. James J. Bryan of Columbia, Mo., has been reappointed to the Central Methodist University Board of Trustees. Bryan was first elected to the Central Methodist College (now CMU) Board of Curators in 2001 and served through the transition from College to University, stepping down in 2009. He began a four-year term this summer.


Fall 2013

Bryan was the senior pastor of the Missouri United Methodist Church (UMC) in Columbia from 2000 until his retirement in 2010. During his tenure the church erected a nearly $5 million addition. The church, with its open-door policy, became home for many formerly disenfranchised people under Bryan’s leadership. A native of Missouri, Bryan holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in public health, both from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a master’s degree in divinity from Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Mo. He was ordained a deacon in 1974 and an elder in 1977. Prior to serving in Columbia, he served as a pastor with Schweitzer UMC in Springfield, Mo., with Harper Chapel UMC in Osage Beach, Mo., and with Northmoor UMC in Kansas City, Mo. He was also Lakes District Superintendent in Warsaw, Mo. Bryan was elected from the Missouri-West Annual Conference to the General and Jurisdictional Conferences of the UMC in 1992, 1996, and 2000. He was also elected delegate from the Missouri Area Conference to the General and Jurisdictional Conferences of the UMC in 2004 and 2008. Before he entered the ministry, Bryan worked as a juvenile officer, a caseworker in the social service department of University Hospital, and a consumer health information specialist for the University Extension Division. He is currently active in a number of mission efforts, including for Guatemala and Mozambique; with the homeless population; and through the Office of Creative Ministries and the Humane Society, both in Columbia, as well as other social justice issues. In an interview in 2001, Bryan said of his church, Missouri UMC, “I want this church to be the kind of place where issues can be talked about, explored, and people are cared for—no matter their position.” Bryan is expected to bring the same depth of inquiry and enthusiasm into his new term on the CMU Board of Trustees. Bryan and his wife, Caryl, have three adult children. He gave the Baccalaureate address for CMU in 2004 when son Bradley graduated.

Central Methodist University


The Virginia Ruth Alexander Hall of Sponsors Scholarship Education meant everything to Virginia Ruth Alexander. She was born (1911) and raised in Howard County. She studied at Central College (now CMU) from 1929-34, overlapping into a long career in education by teaching in Howard County Rural Schools. The Ladue Public Schools Bulletin of March 1972, in discussing Alexander, wrote in part, “Her prior experience included teaching all grades at Mt. Zion School in Howard County, Mo., 1930-35. She recalls riding a horse to this country school.” She also taught at old Daly Elementary School in Fayette before moving on to St. Louis. In St. Louis County, Virginia taught at elementary schools in Kirkwood and Ladue. For 22 years she served as principal of Spoede and Grandview Schools in Ladue. In fact, she began at Grandview when the school opened and worked there until her retirement. The August 7, 1962, Ladue Public Schools Bulletin, in introducing her as Grandview’s new principal, wrote, “An experienced administrator, she will bring to Grandview a knowledge

Fall 2013

of curriculum development and procedures. In this manner, Grandview School’s operation will blend readily with the educational policies of the other established Ladue elementary schools.” During the tenth anniversary celebration of Grandview, the Bulletin reflected on Alexander’s popularity. “The tenth anniversary,” it wrote, “featured dramatic skits, a birthday cake and a memory book containing notes from many of the friends and associates of the principal, Miss Virginia Alexander.” She eventually retired in 1973 after 43 years in education, having touched thousands of lives. She died in 2000 at the age of 89. Virginia was much loved by the generations of students she had taught. The Virginia Ruth Alexander Hall of Sponsors Scholarship has been made possible by memorial gifts from those students, friends, and her nephews. Because of her love of education, Virginia’s legacy will live to touch even more generations of students at Central. The scholarship was awarded for the first time this fall.

Central Methodist University



Honor Roll This Honor Roll recognizes and honors all who contributed to CMU between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013. We have made every effort to be accurate; however, in case of error or omission, please contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations, 411 Central Methodist Square, Fayette, MO 65248; 660-248-6232; Partners

The Partners Giving Society includes persons and organizations whose gifts totaling $25,000 or more during the last fiscal year have substantially bolstered the work of the University. We are profoundly grateful for the productive partnerships represented here: C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Brisley Scholarship Loan Fund Commercial Trust Company Grace L. Conrad Council of Independent Colleges Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox John W. and Margaret Woodward Drakesmith Robert L. Hahne Jay and Kelly Jacobs Margaret R. Lee Estate Charles Magruder Estate Missouri Colleges Fund Inc. Missouri United Methodist Foundation Mark D. and Nancy Walker Peacock N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner Donald G. Spalding Estate

Tower Society

Celebrating the distinctive towers that help define the Central Methodist University campus – Cross Memorial, T. Berry Smith and Brannock - this giving society gratefully acknowledges gifts of $10,000 - $24,999 during the last fiscal year: Don V. Allemann Robert F. Anderson Anonymous John T. Bird Jr. Estate Norman F. Carrigg Estate Robert E. and Becky Courtney Richard and Rebecca Blum Curry Richard L. and Irene Virginia Dalton Mary Louise Johnson Forbes Paul G. Gemeinhardt Estate Terry L. and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Jeffrey N. and Linda K. Hogenmiller


David and Marianne E. Inman Janet L. Jacobs Jordan Charitable Foundation Elizabeth Wood Marshall Marvin and Carol McCall Virginia Lloyd Monroe Ruth Higginbotham Nickerson Robert T. and Carolyn Summers Perry Mary S. Petty Robert B. and Donna T. Puyear Francis E. and Melody A. Reardon David P. and Arlene M. Schinke J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner Rex and Elizabeth Weddle The Williams Companies Robert Gail and Margie M. Woods R. Doug and Lynn Elaine Berwick Wright

Order of Eagles

These far-sighted alumni, friends, and organizations supported Central Methodist University with contributions of $5,000 - $9,999 during the last fiscal year: Abbott Laboratories Fund J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison Cora E. Adkins Estate Anonymous Dimmit Lee Brown Trust Tom B. Brumitt David W. and Carol Platt Butler Deloitte Foundation Jacquelline Elizabeth Denneny James C. Denneny III Ronald Lee and Virginia McCoy Frede Robert M. and Edith I. Anderson Garst T. Keith and Jeanne Yaeger Grebe Corrine Catherine Huston John D. Hutcherson Florence L. Innes Steven Russell and Tracy Renee Crowe Jones Paul W. King Susan Kintner Bedford F. Jr. and Kathryn Detring Knipschild Ralph E. Knowles Jr. Robert J. LaMore Brock M. and Nancy D. Lutz Kirk Meyer and Kristy Ott-Meyer Donald W. Meyerhoff Estate Valerie J. Penn

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University

Pinnacle Sign Group Miles V. Plzak Nicholas L. and Patricia Reding Raymond P. and Bonnie Rohe Sondra Sercu Spalding

Howard-Payne Society

We extend deep thanks to these contributors of $2,500 - $4,999 during the last fiscal year: AT&T Foundation Judith Ann Apel Donald Lee and Mary Della Lenger Armitage Charles T. Ashby Richard D. and Gina Kay Winn Bailey David W. and Nancy Bandy Howard J. and Celia Roberts Barnhard Barbara A. Bartee Dwight & Dorothy Bingham CGA Keith A. Birkes CMU Football Camp Paul L. and Eleanor Rudd Calvert Samuel B. Cleveland Coil Construction Inc. Mark R. and Sadowna Conarroe Richard M. Dailey Nancy Ellis Jay L. Frost Keith A. Gary John O. and Beth Hammond Gooch Francis L. Grable John T. Graff Maurice B. and Edna Mae Graham William G. and Millicent B. Guerri Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix IBM International Foundation Timothy Jackman Anne Raine Joyce Patrick H. McHaney W. Darrell and Shirley Swisher Meyer Midstate Builders LLC Missouri Conference UMC Albert F. III and Etta Mae Mutti Kyle Eugene and Kellie Piesbergen Platz E. Boone Schlanker Jr. Lathem A. and Nicole D. Parrish Scott Mark and Robin Shelton Toyota Motor Engineering Nancy J. Yuelkenbeck


Honor Roll President Society

The following made gifts of $1,000 - $2,499 to CMU during the last fiscal year. Such support is truly needed and appreciated: Addison Biological Laboratory Clayton F. Albert Jr. R. Frederick and Barbara Miller Alexander Kenneth C. and Ardith Haley Anderson Ralph H. Anderson Jr. Anonymous Ola Lee Barnett Estate Mark Q. Barton Ronald Oliver Bolm William E. Brame Scott and Tere Brun Wesley Leroy and Beverly Brun Lauretta R. Byrd John Lewis Cannon Charlie Brown & Co. Insurance Clinton United Methodist Men William Edward and Marion Sherman Cooley Herman A. Crisler Jr. Beau and Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson DLC Group LLC Christopher J. Dalton Barbara H. Davis Larry T. and Nancy Woodward Drebes Norman E. and Ruth Crowe Drissell Paul A. and Mary Jo Ireland Easterday Robert H. and Mary Gaines Easterday E. Jack Estes † Marc K. and Christine W. Evans Charles R. Jr. and Peggy Ann Tyrer Fisher John A. and Joy Dodson Flanders Allen and Kim Frazier Fresh Ideas Management LLC Terry and Nina Furstenau Paul M. Galatas Gamble and Schlemeier John D. Gardner Helen C. Gift Janet Jacobs Gooding Green Trails UMC H & R Block Foundation Elbert and Mona Lou Basye Haenssler Thomas S. Hahs Thomas B. Hall III Hallmark Corporate Foundation Robert A. and Cindy Harlan L. Kyle and Marie Frazee Hern Fred R. and Patricia Phillips Hilgeman John H. Jr. and Nancy Balzer Holt Gail D. and Dorothy N. Kauffman Hughes

Dick E. and LaVena Hutchison Joanna Dunnington Innes Inovatia Laboratories LLC Alice Jo Harper Jackson William H. Jacobs Ivan C. III and Grace Donaldson James Michael A. and Patricia Emery Jefferies Jean N. Jenner Earl E. Johnson Ronald A. and Nancy Johnson Hugh A. II and Diane Vaughn Jones Carol A. Joyce J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling David W. and Marsha Kahler Kerr James M. and Kay Kimbell Robert A. Kountz Linda L. L’Hote William D. and Marilyn Yeater Langworthy William D. and Julia M. Lay Clyde G. and Mary Sue Weaver Lear Anne Ruth Brower Ledbetter Dana Chenoweth Greb Lyne David J. and Mary Alice Malmo James D. and Elizabeth Marchbank Stephen Glenn and Diane McClure Donna J. Merrell Warren J. and Mary Ellen Meyer Judith L. Shoemaker Miller Missouri Employers Mutual Missouri UMC Foundation Modern Litho Nancy Elizabeth Khalifah Moyer Frederick C. Nix Karen A. Nordquist Thomas O’Neil Charles J. and Joyce Eickmeyer Owens Alfred F. and Mary Pannier

Fall 2013

Richard L. and Karen Parker Peggy Payeur Pfizer Foundation Platte Woods UMC Marvin R. and Donna Naumann Pyron William James and Jessica L. Grasdorf Quint Joseph P. III and Karen L. McAllister Rice Mark C. and Victoria L. Robb James B. Rose Margaret Peters Sandring Michael A. Scardina Roberta A. Woodington Schlanker Robert Schnase Gordon G. Shields Stephen M. and Gretchen Faye Singleton Siebert Gary Allan Jr. and Tiffany Rae Hessel Smith Mick A. and Jennifer C. Rathke Spaulding David Edgar Starkey Louise Joyce Starr James H. and Susan Lusby Steele Joseph Vincent Swisher Bennie N. and Robin Bage Till John Cortes Tincher Elnora E. Tucker Union Pacific Corporation Visionworks Marketing Group Elizabeth J. Wade Douglas Ward Wells Fargo Community Support Shirley Wegener Westlake Darrell R. and Monica Widhalm Mary Jane Wilson Estate Maurice H. Wilson Keith W. Young and Terrence J. Coan

Rain fails to deter bands on CMU Band Day Band Day at Central Methodist University, the first weekend in October, was successful on all levels other than weather. School bands marched in street and field competitions accompanied by the beat of the drum and the drum of the rain. Nothing deterred the spirit of the students. Nearly 50 bands came for some or all of the festivities. Awards were presented by class divisions (1-5) and included street, field, indoor drum line, indoor color guard, field auxiliary, street auxiliary, outstanding street drum major, and outstanding field drum major. Warrensburg accumulated the highest total points and was awarded the Sweepstakes Award. Band Day is sponsored and run each year by the students of CMU’s Swinney Conservatory of Music.

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† deceased


Honor Roll Central Associates $500 - $999

Albany UMC Lowell D. Allen Barbara L. Anderson O. Nelson and Kristi Wiebe Auer Mark F. Babalian Randall D. and Cathy Barron Nick and Mary Bartholomew David P. Jr. and Martha E. Wilke Bates Earl F. and Sunny Bates Larry Lee and Janet Marie Roussin Bennett Sally Murray Bocklage Marc and Julie Boom Donald R. and Deborah Williams Brashears Lee B. and Kristina M. Brumitt Richard S. and Barbara Burcham Brumitt Jack and Mary June Birbeck Bush Gregory Chandler, Sr. Sara J. Chaney Nancy Riddell Chop James W. Devine Susan Markland Donnelly Celia Utlaut Drake Joy Drewel ECI Mechanical Inc. Peggy Pile Elliott † Fayette Area Community Trust George and Becky Evans Feaster Newell S. III and Martha Sue Hutchison Ferry First UMC Presbyterian Lara Beth Webb Fors Roberta S. Fowler Karen R. Frankenfeld Carol A. Calvert Fricke Chad L. and Sally Gaines Kenneth and Martha Amick Gebhardt Joseph E. Geist Don A. and Jean Borgelt Gruenewald Leon Hackley Halliburton Foundation Inc.


William D. and Kathryn Strok Hartzler Elaine M. Hilgeman Malcolm E. and Donna J. Widhalm Hower Robert William and Marva G. McBride Iglehart J. Steven and Susan K. Jackson Kay E. Knipschild Louis and Kathryn E. Assel Koenig William B. Kountz Jr. L.D. Davis Lumber & Hardware Co. Jeanne Pegues Lawing David T. and Kathy McCutcheon Lawson Michael H. and Brenda Ledbetter Robert W. Leech Carl O. and Catherine Hampton Lester Troy Lowrey William J. and Patricia Sue O’Dell Lundquist Macon Co. Economic Development Alan Grant and Candy M. Moser Marshall Martha Burton Mayfield Bradley Alan McCarty Paul K. and Gail Nelson Meyers Miknan’s Main Street Pub Michael Miserocchi Clifford E. Jr. and Patty Mohn Tim Monnig Monnie Sue Wilcoxson Murtha Phillip L. Neimeyer Terry A. Ohlms Kenneth R. and Michelle L. Oliver Jamie and Sarah Ahnstedt Page Palen Music Center Donald L. and Dorothy M. Carmichael Panhorst John D. Perkins Nancy Devaney Persaud David C. Powell Everett D. and Jane Ann Latham Powell

Fall 2013

Richard Calvin Pratt Procter & Gamble Thomas E. and Marla Witis Pundmann Timothy H. and Elizabeth J. Hamann Puyear Quinlan Agency Braxton P. and Judith Engel Rethwisch Elmer E. and Diana L. Vaughn Revelle C. Richard † and Peggy Roda Thomas and Heather Rohn Rolla Key Sport Shop Inc. Marilyn Gaddis Rose Martin D. Rudloff R. Lane and Connie Neal Richman Sander Jean A. Savina Scripps Networks Interactive Ruth A. Henderson Sears Gerald W. and Barbara K. Bauer Shannon Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Gary K. and Rebecca J. Combs Shoemaker Keith E. Shostrom Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Lee F. Smith Terry B. and M. Jane McClure Smith Carolyn Schler Snell Marian F. Bowman Spivey † State Farm Companies Foundation Eva L. Hensley Steger J. Todd and Georgia Elwell Stewart Stockton UMC Kim Chung and Betty Y. Tang B. Murphy and Linda Tetley Robert and Mary Toledo Verizon Foundation Tori Bartholomew Waggoner Lyman Ralph Wood Robert Zoellick

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$250 - $499 AAA Eva M. Allen American Diabetes Association Russell E. Arnett Fred E. and Jo Ann Arnold Ronald Lee and Susan M. Atteberry John Robert Baker Roland Eugene and Donna J. Saxton Banaka † Elbridge W. Bartley Jr. John F. and Sherri L. Beard Harold E. Beasley Joe E. and Jane Ash Belew Robert David Jr. and Kimberly A. Corbin Bostic Barbara A. Steele Bregant Elizabeth B. Brown James J. and Caryl R. Bryan Charles E. and Pam Buck Joanne M. Bynum Central States Fitness Systems Certified Medical LLC John M. Jr. and Jacqueline Allred Cheary Larry and Linda Sue Dawson Clickner Colgate-Palmolive Company Community Health Systems Foundation Richard and Ruth Ann Conrow Carol J. Covey Dennis Charles Cox Bill J. and Betty Ann George Crigler Allen S. and Shirley Crites Donald B. and Carlene C. Cullimore Martha Jean Ott Cutler Dixie Jean Davidson Paul S. and Debora Kirschman Davis

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Matthew T. and Wendy F. Biache Dawson Randall Scott DeBold George Allen and Raelene Casatta Derrieux David A. and Teresa Beasley Drissell M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond Pamela R. Edmonds Steve and Sandra Erisman David M. Firestone Robert T. Firestone Thomas Fitzsimmons Florists’ Transworld Delivery Carolyn Cates Fonteyn Raymond Garber Glen S. Garrett Gary Robert Gose Vera Gale Feldmann Granteer Albert Owen and Helen Virginia Held Griese Gale and Carolyn Hairston Peggie Holliday Halberstadt Brian and Heather D. Warren Hall Patricia A. Hamilton Joseph M. II and Lisa Hannah Mark R. and Rebecca DeWeese Harbison Larry D. and Patsy G. Harrington Susan L. Patrick Haury Denzil J. and Nell Hawes-Davis John Hert Linda Marie DeForest Hess Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge William S. † and Martha Rogers Holman Howard Electric Cooperative Charles W. Hull Gilbert Gene Humphrey Mark Humphreys Stewart and Pam Hess Huttsell Innes Family Reunion Fund

Honor Roll Ruth Craig Innes Robert Louis and Katherine Anne Brooks Johnson Roehl W. and Kathy Johnson Stephen G. Johnson Jack L. and Lenora Stone Jost Norma Deen Lirely Juracsik Margaret Jo Kahrs Kearny Janet B. Kelty Alice L. Freese Kennedy Paul T. Klemme Ronald F. and Sonja F. Knigge Linda M. Bradley Knox Greg and Denise Kreek Gingy Lebold Lockheed Martin Jerrold W. and Joyce Maudell Summers Longwell Eugene F. W. Martin McKesson Foundation Roy A. Meals Clark and Karen Mershon Midwest ECO LLC Caroline Smith Miller Douglas S. and Jo Anne Miller Missouri UMC Joseph and Norma T. Mitchell Robert J. Mize Aaron Thomas Mepham and Carolyn B. Shepard Money E. Kent Moreland Stephanie L. Mullins Richard Nemeth New York Life Foundation Donald L. and Phyllis Clarke Northington Ann Ipsen Parks Edward Peters John D. Phillippe Michael D. and Gwen Elaina Pope Edmund Lee Potts Virginia Terry Preston Kent W. and Becki Propst Prudential Insurance Company

Terry J. and Susan Clark Reichert A. Ruth Richardson James C. Roberts Roll Media Eugene E. † and Nora S. Rudd Marian Olson Rusk John J. Schade Ann Sherman Schubert Shirley Schroeder Schutte William Jr. and Wendy Slagle Sheehan Ann Brookshire Sherer-Simpson Show-Me State Games B. G. and Susan Marner-Sides David E. Smith Jr. Snoddy’s Store Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Gloria Runge Speer Brent Hunter and Patricia E. Duren Speight St. Andrew’s UMC De Soto Robert Seth and Marsha Daigle Stewart Mary Morrison Stitt Salum James and Jennifer Lester-Stutzer Arthur Q. and Ruth L. Svoboda Phillip W. and Janet Ann Carroll Swearingen Phillip L. Tessereau Catherine J. Thogmorton Rhys N. and Sharon G. Thomas Charles D. and Lou Thompson James E. and Elizabeth P. Thompson C. Craig and Carolyn Lipp Thornsberry Wallace J. Jr. and Dara M. Turnage Paul E. and Mary Lee Burke Vivian Carolyn Whitener Walker John R. Walker W. Randall Washburn

Fall 2013

David E. Webber Mary Alice Weber Michael D. Stokes and Patricia L. Wendling James J. West Claude R. and Diana Westfall Roger Lee Wightman Nancy Wilson Ralph Lee Jr. and Delores Bland Woodward

Century Club $100 - $249

AT&T Federal PAC Melissa K. Thurmon Abkemeier Action Electric Inc. Charles M. † and Betty Adams George Rodgers and Ruth Windsor Adams Scott R. Adams Dan E. and Patricia Nemitz Adkison Advanced Eyecare P.C. Christopher Allton Alpha Capital Management Richard and Jenice F. Renfro Ambelang Amerisure Matching Gift Program Allen and Kerrie Amos Debra Rhey Hockanson Angstead Anonymous Butch Antal Evelyn Locke Archer Richard John and Peggy Lee Moser Armentrout William LaFayette Armontrout Boyce and Katy Arnett Anders Aslund C. Eugene Atkins David P. and Emilie G. Atkins Sydney Ann Atkins Michael B. Auchly Audsley Monument Co. of Glasgow Glenn C. Jr. and Linda J. Bartley Ault Bill and Peggy Ausmus Harry Axelrod

Richard J. and Judith Bachmeier Robert C. Badger Jr. Bank of America Corporation Thomas Ray and Iva Lou Alcorn Banning Barber Shop Boys LLC Mary Headrick Barenkamp Robert Henry Barkelew Bert A. Barnes John J. Barry Nancy Avery Bartmess Margaret A. Bartold Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Micah James Beatty Nicholas Timothy Mackey and Mollee McCray Beaty Mary L. Beck Lurlene Lefmann Bell Patrick and Clara Bello Ross E. Benjamin F. Jerry and G. Ruth Dorman Benner Stephen Bergmann Jerry D. and Joanne Berneche Bernie UMC Keith T. and Marcia Lubbers Berry Charles J. and Gail Preuss Berthe Milton S. Berwin Judith Ann Moore Bierman Christine A. Billingsley Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Richard H. Blackburn Diane Wilson Blackwelder Judith Jackson Blair Anne B. Blanton Bob McCosh Chevrolet Jerrol L. and Beverly Brase Boehmer Brian Joseph Bohner Paul O. and Janet L. Cotton Bond Boone County National Bank Jeanette Riemeier Bopp Larry and Susan Catron Borts Marcelene Hardy Bowen Deane Sue Wells

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Brandenburg Susan E. Brandt Alvin and Sandy Brass Patricia Trotter Brawner Breadeaux Pizza Jerry Eugene and Georgia M. Brown Roger D. and Linda S. Klott Brown Richard S. Brumitt Jr. Nelson Andrew Bryant Jerry and Karen Buckman James E. Bureman Jerry E. and Judith Lynn Hawkins Burge Jo Ann Noce Burkart Sally Swank Burke Linda Magruder Burnett Morris and Fran Burns J. Douglas Burton John G. and S. Jacqueline Byland Yvonne L. Brown Byrne CMU Admission Office John P. and Ellen Calhoun Guy E. and Sandra Kay Sillin Callison Mary Lou Snider Camp Capital Sand Company Carol A. Capps Charles J. and Ge Juan B. Cardwell George Melvin and Elaine E. Bauer Carlstrom Stanley H. Cate Family Centenary UMC Bonne Terre Carolyn N. Rhodes Chaney Margo A. Youngstrom Chapman Martha Parrish Chapman Nettie N. Cherrington William G. and Samantha Gross Chott Citizens Community Bank Paul R. Clampitt Donna C. Drake Clark William M. Clark Donald M. and Linda J. Claycomb Anne Coates-Conaway † deceased


Honor Roll Michael L. and Dianne Bell Cochran Sue Burton Cole Glenn and Betty Collier Columbia Band Instrument Co. Cleo Robert Colville Jerry P. and Anetha Jo Brown Combs Community Auto Sales LLC Anna Sue Comley Construction & General Laborers Paul C. and Nancy Copenhaver Courtyard by MarriottBlue Springs Ronald F. and Susie Cox Star S. Allemann Cox John Milton Cozean John C. and Leslie Ann Reynolds Craig Paul Thomas Crews Mary Jane Crigler Mary Beth Crocker Carol J. Prebble Crossley Joel Crouch Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Thomas and Kathy DeMartin Randal C. and Sally J. DeMasters James D. and Laura S. Blankenship Dean Mark K. and Katherine A. Davis Dempsey J. H. and Charlotte Lee Dethero Joan L. Kleeman Detmer †Vicki Dexter Steven A. and Mary Beth Wise Dick Virginia Gossom Dieckgrafe Thomas F. Dillingham Dissinger Reed John A. Ditto Harold L. Dodds Todd and Deborah Telgemeier Dodge Ellen G. Doenges Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Naomi J. Williams Doss Daniel and Julie Dozier


Richard M. Driscoll †Sara Ann Walkup Drummond Meredeth Drummond-Cox Peggy Tuley Dryden Carl R. Dulgeroff Douglas Edwin Duncan Marjorie Briner Dykman EBE Construction Gerald Lee Early Sheila Beckett Early H. Kay Easton Bruce T. Edwards Elizabeth A. May Edwards Verl Edwards Mark Eggleston L. Susan Eigel Thomas Ellsworth Emery Sapp & Sons Inc. Stuart Emmert Jr. Rebecca M. Emrich Erisman Farms M. Diane McIntyre Evans Sue Shields Evans Exchange Bank of Missouri Saint Charles Faith UMC Family Health Inc. William and Phyllis Faulks William E. Fennel John Daniel Ferrier Marylin Gibson Fisher Robert L. Fisher Pansyetta Glaser Fleener Jerry Allen and Susan Meyer Fletcher William Eugene Fletcher Tina M. Braun Foglesong Timothy and Susan Ford Angela S. Baker Fore Forest Counseling Center Joe Wayne Forrest Elaine W. Wulfekotter Foster Charles M. & Colleen Foudree Brenda Sue Bruce Fountain David G. and Jana M.

Fall 2013

Harral Fox Michael A. Frederick Robert and Diana Freeman Friemonth-Freese Funeral Service Ann Dewease Gainey Spencer and Rebecca L. Jackson Galloway Steve Galloway Joseph and Anne L. Hix Gameson Alberta Runge Garrett Carl R. and Shirley Schwier Garrett Steve Gaw John W. Gawason Russell G. and Barbara J. Geen Norvelle S. Geiger Anthony Frances Geiser Chuck and Lori Geringer Dennis and Teresa Gerlt Lisa Gift George G. Given Monte and Kim Gladden Lenore M. Olson Glore David B. and Debbie A. Goodwin Shawn A. Gott Grace United Methodist Men Larry C. Graham II Jennifer Thornton Graves Mary Lu Graves Paul B. Greenwood Bobby Ray Grove Lari Ray Grubbs D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther Emily Firestone Guion Rita J. Gulstad Gary J. Gutjahr William Harris Guyton Paul E. and Milly Haggard Anna Jones Haines Karen C. Nixon Hale Glenn and Joanne Potter Hall Robert D. and Suzanne Walton Hall Treva S. Hall Clint Sean Hamilton Stephen C. Hamilton Albert R. and Margaret

E. Davis Hamra Donald E. Hamra Olivia C. Hamra Bill and Gayle Hanke George R. Hanna Dennis Dean Hansen Robert Chris Hansen Charles R. and Doris Harlow John F. and Stella F. Harlow Mike and Kim Harlow Jack D. and Marian Berniece Carter Harmon James D. Harrison Benjamin O. Hart Robert B. and Vicki Reynolds Harvey Norman J. Haupt Daniel W. and Janet Alice Boysel Hayes John Francis Healy Spencer Clay Hedgepeth Latham Bennett and Rebecca Henkey Lance and Mary Anne Estes Herrick Margaret Thompson Hewitt William A. Heyde III Maria M. Heyssel John W. Heyward Jr. William Frank Hibbeler Patricia Jordan Hilgedick Michael J. and Pamela J. Welcelean Hines William Wallace Hix Robert D. and Carolyn Shedd Hoehn Henry J. and Karen Hoff Rodney D. and Shelley Hoffman Jonathan Eugene Holem David R. Holsinger Mary Holzhauser The Home Depot USA Robert L. Hood John R. Jr. and Jane E. Banta Hopkins Stephen Horgan Elizabeth Slate Horn Ted House George S. Howell Pansy Ann Howell Gerald M. and Frances

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Hardy Hoxworth Charles Richard and Barbara Ann Huddleston Donna Rigby Huddleston Dennis N. Humphrey Betty Switzer Hutson Timothy Ireland Robert H. Isbell Isle of Capri Casino Casey Jackson Family Richard and Nancy Jackson Bill and Roxi James Anita Allison Jarvis Victoria Janee Vahle Jenne Gailya Tucker Johnson Jo Morrison Johnson Verne Wesley Johnson C. Jeanie Muff Jones Gary F. Jones Gary E. and LaDonna Henry Justice Mayo Givens Kasling Robert G. and Phyllis Kauffman Kelly Press Inc. Charles H. Kemper Jr. Whitney Sr. and Day Kerr Joel P. and Suzanne Conley Kidwell Kidwell-Garber Inc. Charlotte Wills Kimbrough Gregory and Laura L. Vinyard King Marlin James and Trudy K. Kinman Martin Kirby Ron & Jo Ann Kirkland E. Dale and Gwendlyn Gaty Kleinschmidt Robert W. Kleinschmidt Paul Dennis Kloth James R. and Richelle Adair Kluck Cleo Kottwitz and Judy Ann Martin Parsons Shari Kraus Donna Shy Kubik La Crosse Lumber Company La Monte Community Bank Jane M. Tiemeyer LaRue

Honor Roll Judy LaTurno Jim and Annetta L. Lenzi Lamb Marcia Kay Cline Lambert Gwendolyn Kirk Lane Matthew J. Larigan Glenn Wilber Lawrence Edward H. and Amy H. Lee Mark and Mary Jo Leeser Frank A. and Mary Ann Lefmann Leet Ann McPheeters Lewis L. Arlen and Janet Schroeder Liberty Hannah Joy Lilienkamp Sara E. Liter-Kuester Richard L. and Nanetta Litle James M. and Elisabeth Holman Luetjen Elizabeth Ann Evans Luther Don Mahaffy Jack C. Manning Max R. and Sally E. Spickelmier Marble Cynthia L. Lausen Marek Margaret Louise Marin Dale Gene and June Dannenberg Marksberry Margaret Marquard Shirley C. Stewart Mason Merle and Kathy Masonholder James L. Mather Helen L. Johnson Matkins Martin F. and Kathleen L. Mayer Paul M. Maynard Katherine L. McFarland John M. and Edith S. McGuire Judith Kapp McGuire John J. Jr. and Kay E. Burchard McNeil Thomas J. Meier Memorial United Methodist Women Mary Groce Merrifield Alvin Lee Mershon Doyne E. Michie Mid-City Lumber Co.

Midwest Elite Basketball Mike Keith Insurance Inc. Miller Iron & Metal LLC Todd S. and Lynn A. Stacy Miner Carolyn A. Collins Mitch Steve and Lisa Moeller Jerry M. Moon Karen DeMott Moore John C. Morton Mary Pitts Mosby Kathryn S. Swinger Motley Lynne Handkins Murphy Dayton L. and Janice Neal Sarah Newmon Beverly Hadenfeldt Newton Jerry and Charlotte Niemeier Carl Henry Niewoehner David D. and Mary Norbury Northern Boulevard UMC Tom O’Connor and Diana Moxon Timothy and Donna O’Keefe Oakland UMC, Buckner Todd D. Oberlin Orpha Ochse Lewis C. Odneal Olney UMC Mike and Sharon Olson Willard Glennon Owens Andrew Edward Page Deronda Bird Page Darryl W. and Ellen Ackley Pannier Pat and Jeanne M. Pascale Ronald P. Patterson Michael C. Payden Janice Egner Peerson William R. Pentland PepsiCo Foundation Stephen L. and Nancy B. Percy Mary Jane Thornton Perkins Jane Martin Perry Keith Daniel Petty R. Rheatta Kelley Petty

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Dixie Farnham Philipp Dan J. Phillips Terrance Allen Pickles Denise Evelyn Pihana Knial R. and Elena Ruth Piper Pirates Cove Robert and Carol Potrzuski James T. and Marie L. Powell William D. and Cathy Powell Patrick M. Powers Sr. Andrea Jill Pratte Patricia Preussh Prosser Carpet Service Doyle E. and Gayle Cobb Puntney Quest Diagnostics Jessica L. Quint DDS Robert A. Rackley Mozaffar and Farahnaz Rahmatpanah Prentiss Scudder Rankin Ray’s Construction LLC Thomas Jr. and Eleanor Jeanette Bunyard Ream Darryl K. Redhage Billy and Yvonne Regan Vearl J. & Sharon K. Reinken John B. and Sharon K. Tally Renick Jerry W. † and Lois C. Rhodes Rodney K. and Katie Rhodes Edward Rice Family Douglas Van Rice Joseph Perry IV and Emily Ann Capps Rice Rayman P. Richardson Roberta W. Richey Richard L. and Carol Kelly Rickenbaugh River Region Credit Union Peggy Sue Purvis Robb Cresencia Roberts Michael B. Roberts Rocheport United Methodist Women Chris and Theresa Rohlfing Eva Louise Squires Rowland

Jack E. and Sharon Goodman Rubey Judith A. Rupard Michael Joseph and Maryann Rustemeyer Salem United Methodist Women Floyd C. Satterlee Pauline Edwards Scarborough Scarce Skills LLC Nathan and Leigh Pyron Schaefferkoetter Scott Scheirman Gerald Schmidt Dorothy Storer Schnell Kevyn Schroeder Elizabeth Given Scott Bertha Mae Guenther Scrivner Roger D. Jr. and Nancy Boyd Shaw James A. and Dianna Hart Shelton Sikeston United Methodist Women Vicki Silkwood Gary C. Simpson David G. Skelton Dexter and Donna Hutchison † Slagle W. Arthur Slaughter Douglas D. Sleade Elliott W. Doc Smith Huston C. Smith John Smith Nancy J. Evans Smith Samuel H. Snoddy Warren Troy Snover Peter M. Soens Susan B. Kettenacker Spaulding David McClellan Spencer Gary G. and Karla Sprick James George Stamos Dan Stapleton State Farm Insurance Kenneth E. and Carol V. Staten Dale M. Stauffer O. Otto Jr. and Carolyn J. Steinhaus Gary Lee and Venetta S. Rowlison Stephens Kenneth R. Stephens Alma Lou Leeper Stephenson

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John D. Jr. and Luann D. Sterling Dianne A. Dietz Stever John Robert Stewart Sharon L. Nipps Stinnett William F. Jr. and Janice L. Hoevel Stone Charles Gale Stowers J. Chris and Eunice A. Boyington Straub Winifred Yoes Runge Stribling Michael G. Sullivan Stephanie R. Sullivant George W. and Carolyn Sweet Miguel Aguon Taitano James W. and Judith Vaughan Taylor William C. and Jerry Lynn Taylor Frank B. and Julia T. Thacher Gail Grote Thoele Harold Richard Thompson Eric Martin Trelz Sue Tucker Troutner Norma Wheeler Tucker Turbonet Elizabeth Neff Tyrer J. Wesley and Joan M. Fuller Ummel Union State Bank Dick Faxon Van Dyne † Roy D. and Melody Vandelicht T. L. and Marjorie Veum B. Jeanne Wood Vosburgh Sandra L. Abayon Vyvoda Eldon Delmar and Christel Hosse Wahlers Ralph B. and Mi Jung Kim Wahlers E. C. and Anne Core Walker Walker-Winter Insurance Dorothy Louise Snyder Wallace James K. and Kathryn Y. Wallace Dorsey Daniel Wallenmeyer Michael E. Walsh † deceased


Honor Roll Duane D. Warden Gene Taylor Waters Jerry W. Watson Alan L. and Carol Proett Weatherford Weisman and Elizabeth Bumiller Alice L. Campbell Wells Elwood G. and Helen Templeton Wells Judy Fletcher Wells Robert J. Werner Western Union

Foundation Harold W. and Donna Westhues James G. Weston Weydert Insurance Services Inc. Beth McCune Whitaker Carole Lee Keeling White Roy Don Sr. and Franchelle Vaughan Whitehead

Dale Curtis Whiteside Jill Cornett Whitlow Lennie O. Whitworth Steve and Carroll Flaspohler Wies Robert Jr. and Edris Wilhoit Robin Yvonne Willi Robert Deacon Windsor James L. Winningham William H. Winter Derry Allen Wiswall

Clinton and Carolyn Wofford W. Wayne III and Natalie Bennett Wolf James P. Womack Curtis and Cheryl Wood Velma Ruth Blansett Woods Michael R. and Tamera J. Workman Charles W. and Pat Wright Eugenia D. Wright

Wendy R. Yahr Thomas L. Yancey J. W. and Beth Hicks Youle Young’s Agri Service Inc Alan H. Yount Anna Mae Bowers Zamuda William and Beverly Laidley Zimmerman William T. Zwikelmaier

Photo, right: Tom and Willa Yoder Kampman straddle the territory line between Alaska and the Yukon territory of Canada. Below, Caitlin Holman, right, and her gradmother, Mary Morgan pose in a restaurant on the tour.

Central Methodist University received a grant in the amount of $1,500 from ACHIEVE (Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and EnVironmental changE). The funds will be used to further implement wellness and tobacco cessation initiatives on campus. Vanessa Dorman, Associate Director of the Boonslick Heartland YMCA, and Tony Cook, Clinical Instructor and Nurse Practitioner with University Physicians, are on the ACHIEVE Board and presented the check to CMU. Photo above, Vanessa Dorman, left, hands the grant check to CMU’s Becky Kendrick, director of human resources


A small and surprising world Tom Kampman ’53 and his wife Willa Yoder Kampman (who would have been class of 1956 but he “plucked her away to commit matrimony”) were on a tour of Alaska and Canada last summer. Much to his surprise, he saw a young lady carrying a “Missouri” bag and asked her about it. The young lady turned out to be from Boonville and was a CMU graduate of 2013, Caitlin Holman. She had just graduated with an elementary education major and her grandmother, Mary Morgan from Memphis, Mo., was taking her on this tour as a graduation gift! Tom and Willa and Caitlin and Mary became good friends during their tour together. It is amazing how many Central connections can be made at any gathering of people. What great synchronicity!

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


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2011-2012 Class Honor Roll CLASS OF 1927 Halkaline Kirk Bergsten


CLASS OF 1934 Pauline Edwards Scarborough•

CLASS OF 1937 Elbridge W. Bartley Jr.• Leon A. McAnally•

CLASS OF 1939 Mary Louise Johnson Forbes Verne Wesley Johnson

CLASS OF 1940 Betty Gronoway Durham• Francis L. Grable W. Arthur Slaughter• Huston C. Smith

CLASS OF 1941 Judith Jackson Blair Robert M. Garst D. Lavonne Greenhalge Guenther Helen Breidenthal Jackson David E. Smith Jr. Elliott W. Doc Smith• Frances B. Brunkhorst Smith•

CLASS OF 1942 Peggy Pile Elliott † •

John Hert• Doyne E. Michie• Robert L. Moore• Deronda Bird Page John D. Sterling Jr.• Virginia Hicklin Thieman• Lennie O. Whitworth Anna Mae Bowers Zamuda•

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CLASS OF 1944 Jeanette Riemeier Bopp• Leon Hackley Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge Carl Henry Niewoehner Eva Louise Squires Rowland• Elnora E. Tucker

CLASS OF 1945 Mary Headrick Barenkamp• Robert Henry Barkelew• Marcelene Hardy Bowen• John Lewis Cannon• Anna Jones Haines Helen Moon Henderson•

Van Louis Johnson C. Donald Lee Robert W. Leech• Dale O. Richardson Wendell W. Weber

CLASS OF 1946 Charles J. Cardwell James D. Harrison Kathryn E. Assel Koenig Jeanne Pegues Lawing• O. David Niswonger II• Jerry W. Rhodes † • William Frank Spradlin• Mary Morrison Stitt• Arthur Q. Svoboda•

CLASS OF 1947 Martha Parrish Chapman Martha Jean Ott Cutler• Mildred Kamp Dowling• William E. Fennel Sarah E. Green Graham∙ Jack D. Harmon• Martha Rogers Holman William S. Holman † Paul Schulte Kueter Carlos D. McCullough• Orpha Ochse Jacquelyn A. Borg Parrish• Eva L. Hensley Steger Duane D. Warden

CLASS OF 1948 William W. Brough Mary Lou Snider Camp• Richard L. Dalton• Ina Turner Gray Wallace G. Gray Jr. Marian Berniece Carter Harmon• William D. Hartzler• Norman J. Haupt• Mayo Givens Kasling Patricia N. Sasse Kirby Helen L. Johnson Matkins Martha Burton Mayfield Ella C. Arnold Moritz Frankie J. Rodgers Roberts Alma Lou Leeper Stephenson Jean Eisenstein Thompson• Lyman Ralph Wood

CLASS OF 1949 Anita Scott Brigance• Dixie Jean Davidson Mary Gaines Easterday• Robert H. Easterday• David M. Firestone Robert T. Firestone Peggie Holliday Halberstadt• Albert R. Hamra• Margaret E. Davis Hamra• Gerald M. Hoxworth Jo Morrison Johnson• Margaret Jo Kahrs Kearny Ralph E. Knowles Jr. Louis Koenig Anne Ruth Brower Ledbetter Mary Pitts Mosby

Fall 2013

Richard Nemeth Dixie Holliday Nixdorf• Sally F. Johnson Page † • Bertha Mae Guenther Scrivner• Ray Melvin Sennett Wanda Richards Spivey Marian Schaefer Tempel John Quincy Vance Dorothy Louise Snyder Wallace•

CLASS OF 1950 Russell E. Arnett Roland Eugene Banaka Barbara A. Bartee Mark Q. Barton D. Gail Oonk Beck• Dimmit Lee Brown Trust Julia G. Steck Carr Glenn Collier John Milton Cozean• Allen S. Crites• Elizabeth A. May Edwards• Robert Louis Felt• Carol A. Calvert Fricke• Marshall William Gillette Wesley Edwin Gingrich• Nell Jane Wilson Harris• Ilene Morrison House Frances Hardy Hoxworth Norman Lafayette Jeter Gary F. Jones• Bedford F. Knipschild Jr.• Marion Greene Kraich Frank A. Leet• Mary Groce Merrifield Everett D. Powell• Jane Ann Latham Powell• Richard Calvin Pratt Eleanor Jeanette Bunyard Ream Thomas Ream Jr. Gerald Schmidt Daniel M. Schores• Glenn F. Schwerdt Samuel H. Snoddy B. Jeanne Wood Vosburgh Leland Basil Womack•

CLASS OF 1951 Lowell D. Allen David W. Butler• Paul L. Calvert• Carolyn N. Rhodes Chaney Margo A. Youngstrom Chapman Marion Sherman Cooley William Edward Cooley Glenn A. Cox Jr. • Bill J. Crigler∙ Carol J. Prebble Crossley Naomi J. Williams Doss Betty Craven Douglas• Richard M. Driscoll † Norman E. Drissell Paul M. Galatas Janet Jacobs Gooding Corrine Catherine Huston Mary Ann Lefmann Leet• Dana Chenoweth Greb Lyne

Shirley C. Stewart Mason Caroline Smith Miller• Charlotte Thompson Pflum• Virginia Bell Clough Schilb Dorothy Storer Schnell• O. Otto Steinhaus Jr. W. Jean LeFever Vance Dorsey Daniel Wallenmeyer

CLASS OF 1952 Harold E. Beasley• Eleanor Rudd Calvert• M. David Dealy Jr. William H. Dinwiddie Barbara M. Thornton Dionne• Nancie Peacocke Fadeley George C. Gabler Shirley Schwier Garrett• George R. Hanna Shirley Robertson Hanners Joanne Schnell Heisler David L. Hersh• Betty Switzer Hutson William H. Jacobs• James S. Kabler• Robert W. Kleinschmidt Glenn Wilber Lawrence• Elizabeth Ann Evans Luther Donald L. Northington Lewis C. Odneal• Rho D. Pipes Marilyn Gaddis Rose Dexter Slagle Mary Ann Ellis Tilden Carolyn Shride Wadlinger• Dale Curtis Whiteside• Rosemary Nixon Word•

CLASS OF 1953 Joe E. Belew Gail Preuss Berthe• Suzanne Brown † Nelson Andrew Bryant• Cleo Robert Colville Betty Ann George Crigler• Lucy Aufdenberg Dealy Virginia Gossom Dieckgrafe• Shirley Faubion Dougherty Ruth Crowe Drissell Carl R. Dulgeroff• Pansyetta Glaser Fleener Bobby Ray Grove• Mina Matkin Hartleben• Robert L. Hemmerla• Marilyn Steele Hill Dorothy N. Kauffman Hughes• Gail D. Hughes• E. Dale Kleinschmidt• Gwendlyn Gaty Kleinschmidt• Fredrick L. Kreisler• Charles Ed Kurz Allen L. Lange Beverly Hadenfeldt Newton Donald L. Panhorst• Dorothy M. Carmichael Panhorst• Carolyn Nell Maddox Schaberg Miguel Aguon Taitano

Central Methodist University


Elizabeth Neff Tyrer• Harold W. Westhues James L. Winningham•

CLASS OF 1954 Samual Udell Barco Charles J. Berthe• Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Mary Jane Harbin Dauer Harold L. Dodds• Joy Drewel Peggy Tuley Dryden• Richard Todd Evans• Sue Shields Evans• Velma Fae Ragsdale Felt• Alberta Runge Garrett• Helen Virginia Held Griese Thomas S. Hahs• Donald E. Hamra• Latham Bennett Henkey Margaret Thompson Hewitt• John H. Holt Jr. Thomas P. Kampman Alice B. Revoir Kurz Willora L. Perryman Lange Perry D. Lovett Emmitt Lionel Manion Shirley L. Parks Moore• Willard Glennon Owens Doris V. Hackley Phillips Glenn Francis Ruhl• Margaret Peters Sandring• Winifred Yoes Runge Stribling Beverly Everett Vestal• Gene Taylor Waters Mildred Hamasaki Wetzel• William H. Winter Joanne Madden Yaeger• Thomas L. Yancey

CLASS OF 1955 Thomas B. Adams Norma Neal Anderson Barbara A. Steele Bregant• Cynthia Lou Ann Brown• Mary June Birbeck Bush Charlotte Lee Dethero Mary Lu Graves Dorothy J. Morgan Grimm• Robert L. Hood• Robert H. Isbell• Ruth Reid Johnson C. Jeanie Muff Jones Jerrold W. Longwell Joyce Maudell Summers Longwell Lois Nadine Turner Mordt• Monnie Sue Wilcoxson Murtha• Pat Dowell Nichols Phyllis Clarke Northington James E. Rich † Joan Dishman Sampson• Arthur Douglas Stutsman• Jack Lee Tayloe Charlotte E. Ramsey Vetsch• Delores Bland Woodward• Ralph Lee Woodward Jr.• Alan E. Wyckoff † deceased • 5-year CEF donor


Honor Roll CLASS OF 1956 Barbara Miller Alexander• William LaFayette Armontrout Jane Ash Belew William Eugene Borchardt William H. Bunge Sr. M. Alice Fray Buster• Margaret Ann Alsop Chambers• Albert Owen Griese Elbert Haenssler Mona Lou Basye Haenssler Arthur T. Hardwicke Nancy Balzer Holt John D. Hutcherson• Stephen G. Johnson Willa Lee Yoder Kampman Carolyn Johnson Kemper Robert J. LaMore William D. Langworthy• Richard L. Litle• Carol A. Matkin Martinez Alvin Lee Mershon Carolyn A. Collins Mitch Carolyn Sanford Newburn• Dixie Farnham Philipp Jim L. Shields• Warren Troy Snover Gloria Runge Speer Marian F. Bowman Spivey † David Edgar Starkey Louise Joyce Starr Joseph Vincent Swisher James E. Thompson

CLASS OF 1957 Margaret J. Pettigrew Byerly LeAnn Foster Campbell• Grace E. Adkisson Compton Daniel E. Fridley Martha Amick Gebhardt• Robert A. Kountz Marilyn Yeater Langworthy• David McCullough• Donald M. Michie Jerry M. Moon• Frederick C. Nix Peggy Payeur• Carol A. Ridder Pregge• Katharine Whiteside Shope• Douglas D. Sleade• Sondra Sercu Spalding• Jeannine Arp Stutsman• John Cortes Tincher Sue Tucker Troutner• Carolyn Whitener Walker Shirley Wegener Westlake• Franchelle Vaughan Whitehead• Roy Don Whitehead Sr. •

CLASS OF 1958 Nancy F. Bollinger Adams R. Frederick Alexander• Kenneth C. Anderson Ralph H. Anderson Jr. Robert C. Badger Jr. John B. Batchelor• Wilma Jean Dietzel Batchelor• Keith T. Berry• Morris F. Dearing• Joan L. Kleeman Detmer †


John W. Drakesmith Larry T. Drebes• Martha Sue Hutchison Ferry Norvelle S. Geiger Robert L. Grimshaw Glenn Hall• Marva G. McBride Iglehart Jack L. Jost• Lenora Stone Jost• Ann McPheeters Lewis• Shirley Swisher Meyer C. Richard Roda † Eugene E. Rudd• Elta Spicer Shields• Nancy J. Evans Smith• James W. Snell Lou Ann Brooks Snell George W. Sweet Janet Drew Uhrmann Marion Foster Wheeler• William Zimmerman•

CLASS OF 1959 George Rodgers Adams John J. Barry Virginia Wood Bergsten• Eugene Biermann Frank P. Boatwright † Alan C. Brueggemann Samuel B. Cleveland Barbara Jean Wirt Colby Ralph L. Colby Paul Thomas Crews Herman A. Crisler Jr. Celia Utlaut Drake• Margaret Woodward Drakesmith E. Jack Estes † Beth Hammond Gooch Joanne Potter Hall• Dorothy L. Rupp Harrell Fred R. Hilgeman Patricia Phillips Hilgeman E. Alison Fox Hunn Joanna Dunnington Innes Alice Jo Harper Jackson L. Arlen Liberty• Judith Kapp McGuire W. Darrell Meyer Frances Karen Lauritson Nelson Alyce Koch Schneible David McClellan Spencer Robin Bage Till Jerry W. Watson Kathryn M. Landes Workman• Charles W. Wright Edwin Yaeger•

CLASS OF 1960 Don V. Allemann• Ardith Haley Anderson William V. Ayres Ross E. Benjamin Janice K. Brassfield Boatwright Norma Horine Broombaugh• Jo Nell Parrott Dearing• Virginia McCoy Frede Sandra Rohlfing Fridley Jay L. Frost G. Thomas Gitchoff

Fall 2013

John O. Gooch Maurice B. Graham Robert L. Hahne Robert William Iglehart Charlotte Wills Kimbrough• MaryAnna Hickman McNeel• Judi Estes Mounter Albert F. Mutti III• Janice Egner Peerson Darryl K. Redhage• Roberta A. Woodington Schlanker Charles Gale Stowers• Mary Edlen Tayloe Bennie N. Till Loyce L. Mausehund Turan• Elwood G. Wells Helen Templeton Wells James G. Weston• Meredith Holscher Wills Beth Hicks Youle Beverly Laidley Zimmerman•

CLASS OF 1961 Jenice F. Renfro Ambelang Earl F. Bates C. Fred Bergsten• Patricia Trotter Brawner• Joanne M. Bynum Mary Jane Crigler• Phyllis Jean Davis Detherow• H. Kay Easton Marylin Gibson Fisher Robert C. Frank• Ronald Lee Frede Anthony Frances Geiser Elinor Simmons Gerdes Denzil J. Hawes-Davis William Wallace Hix Jane E. Banta Hopkins• John R. Hopkins Jr. • Anita Allison Jarvis• Norma Deen Lirely Juracsik LaDonna Henry Justice Charles H. Kemper Jr. Carl O. Lester Janet Schroeder Liberty• Alan Christian Michel• Charles W. Norton• Charles J. Owens• Michael C. Payden• Virginia Terry Preston George Robert Rasche Donaleigh Piepmeier Richardson• Rayman P. Richardson• Elizabeth Given Scott• Alda Goodwin Sommer Roger Lee Wightman• James Albert Wood

CLASS OF 1962 Mary Della Lenger Armitage Judith Ann Moore Bierman Wesley Leroy Brun Anne Coates-Conaway• George Allen Derrieux Mary Beth Wise Dick• Ann E. Peart Eilert• John B. Eilert• Stuart Emmert Jr.• Janet R. Evans John Daniel Ferrier Anthony Fusco

Mary-Ellen Singer Grisham Robert D. Hall Mary Anne Estes Herrick• Joan Hewitt• Anne Raine Joyce Julius Juracsik• Gary E. Justice Ronald Dale Kirk Donna Shy Kubik Arthur Wright Noble Jr. Carl W. Patterson Dennis Schneible Gary C. Simpson William Allen Sip Jr. Georgia Elwell Stewart• Norma Wheeler Tucker J. Sharon Heffron Wilson

CLASS OF 1963 Nancy Avery Bartmess Carol Charlwood Block• Jerry E. Burge Jo Ann Noce Burkart• Kenneth S. Burton Peggy Jo Davis Clatworthy Michael H. Downing• Nancy Woodward Drebes• Julia M. Kirk Film Carolyn Cates Fonteyn Barbara Lee Weindel Fowler Charles Richard Huddleston Gailya Tucker Johnson Robert Louis Johnson• Hugh A. Jones II Carol A. Joyce Carol Jones Koch• Nancy Elizabeth Khalifah Moyer• Lynne Handkins Murphy Joyce Eickmeyer Owens• Judy Ann Martin Parsons Edmund Lee Potts Marilyn Young Roseberry Marian Olson Rusk David P. Schinke Frank J. Schmer III• Roger D. Shaw Jr.• Carolyn Schler Snell Kenneth R. Stephens• Dianne A. Dietz Stever• John Robert Stewart• Patsy Clark Tyrrell

CLASS OF 1964 Donald Lee Armitage Iva Lou Alcorn Banning• Thomas Ray Banning• Stephen Bergmann Woodrow T. Bounds• Judith Lynn Hawkins Burge Anetha Jo Brown Combs Jerry P. Combs Harry E. Cook Star S. Allemann Cox• John Henry Curtis Jerry Allen Fletcher• Jo-Ellen Ballak Forrest Kent Lee Forrest John Edward Foster Brenda Sue Bruce Fountain Vera Gale Feldmann Granteer Linda Gilmore Harris• Elaine M. Hilgeman• Robert N. Hix

Central Methodist University


Charles W. Hull• Katherine Anne Brooks Johnson• Lydia L. Breedlove Klocke• Annetta L. Lenzi Lamb• Jim Lamb• Patricia Sue O’Dell Lundquist Lewis C. Mantels Sara Grimes McBeth Karen A. Kieffer Meister• John C. Moll R. Philip Morris II• David C. Powell• Braxton P. Rethwisch Ann Romines Jane Taylor Rooney Floyd C. Satterlee• John H. Smiley Jr.• Kathleen Welch Smith• James H. Steele James W. Taylor Judith Vaughan Taylor C. Craig Thornsberry Daniel W. Wampler Jr. Stephen E. Williams

CLASS OF 1965 Dennis Ashford• O. Nelson Auer Bert A. Barnes Celia Roberts Barnhard• Anne B. Blanton Martha Tucker Bounds Alice Lucille Brockman Alan L. Brotherton• Guy E. Callison• Roy C. Carraway Jr. Kenneth D. Carter Wanda Straube Carter Raelene Casatta Derrieux Steven A. Dick• Camilla Womack Dollins Sheila Beckett Early• Susan D. Stephens Elrod• Jacquelyn J. Peterson Faenger Robin Gus Frank Sandra Dreyzehner Frank Patricia A. Hamilton• Robert B. Harvey• Vicki Reynolds Harvey• Robert D. Hoehn• Alice J. Tschappler Huebner• Gilbert Gene Humphrey• Stephen B. Hux• Roehl W. Johnson Diane Vaughn Jones Paul Dennis Kloth Ronald F. Knigge Kenneth Eugene Lang Eugene F. W. Martin Gail Nelson Meyers Nancy C. Fortune Mitchell• Linda A. Sperry Koenig Mizell• Carol A. Best Moll John Albert Moxley• Jane Martin Perry Robert T. Perry• Michael H. Ponder William D. Powell Sharon Schove Rathsam• Sharon K. Tally Renick Judith Engel Rethwisch M. Louise Gibson Rouchka

Honor Roll Jill Rouse Jack E. Rubey Sharon Goodman Rubey Gail Grote Thoele• Wallace J. Turnage Jr. Sandra Offutt Walters• David E. Webber Judy Fletcher Wells• Maurice H. Wilson

CLASS OF 1966 J. Bruce Addison• Linda J. Bartley Ault David W. Bandy F. Jerry Benner G. Ruth Dorman Benner Michael S. Bieber Sandra Kay Sillin Callison• Susan Meyer Fletcher• William Harris Guyton Suzanne Walton Hall Robert Chris Hansen Robert A. Harlan E. Christine Godfrey Keefer• Clyde G. Lear Mary Sue Weaver Lear Stephen Glenn McClure Karen A. Nordquist• Carolyn Summers Perry• Sharon Kay Powers Prokovich• Gerald George Sahagian Shirley Schroeder Schutte Nancy Boyd Shaw• M. Jane McClure Smith Terry B. Smith Eunice A. Boyington Straub• J. Chris Straub• Albert W. Swafford• Joe L. Walcott E. C. Walker III Carol Proett Weatherford•

CLASS OF 1967 Janet Gift Addison• Kristi Wiebe Auer Sharon Tschappler Beavers• Gary K. Blakemore• J. Douglas Burton• Phyllis M. Byers• James D. Dean• M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond Elizabeth Davis Eilers Arleen Westerfeld Fanter William Eugene Fletcher Amy Ann Utterback Foutes• Marianne Cole Fues Lenore M. Olson Glore• David R. Holsinger Donna Rigby Huddleston• Patricia Emery Jefferies David W. Kerr• Marianna Carr Krotz• Karen DeMott Moore• James H. Mueller W. Richard Nelson Jr. John J. Schade Ruth Haney Schwieterman Walter B. Shull• Helen Raymond Spellmeyer William F. Stone Jr. Kim Chung Tang Carolyn Lipp Thornsberry

Anne Core Walker Ned Joseph Wantz Alan L. Weatherford• Marilyn Knabe Williams•

CLASS OF 1968 Clayton F. Albert Jr. Judith Ann Apel Valroy Binsbacher Richard H. Blackburn• Beverly Brase Boehmer Ronald Oliver Bolm• Janet L. Cotton Bond Paul O. Bond Donna C. Drake Clark Douglas Edwin Duncan• Larry K. Duren• Bruce T. Edwards Blanche A. Bante Emerick Robert L. Fisher Glen S. Garrett• T. Keith Grebe Linda Marie DeForest Hess• Carolyn Shedd Hoehn• Michael A. Jefferies Marilyn Harashe Jones Mark Hunter Jones Paul W. King Robert Louis Nicolay David D. Norbury• Doyle E. Puntney Gayle Cobb Puntney John B. Renick Nancy Asher Reynolds• E. Boone Schlanker Jr. Thomas Edwin Schneider J. Darlene Smith-Grillos Randy Stegelmeyer Sharon L. Nipps Stinnett Janice L. Hoevel Stone William C. Taylor• Dick Faxon Van Dyne † Kent Van Landuyt• Margaret Louise Nelden Wantz Alice L. Campbell Wells• Patricia L. Wendling Carole Lee Keeling White Velma Ruth Blansett Woods

CLASS OF 1969 Gary E. Bagby Janet Marie Roussin Bennett Larry Lee Bennett Barbara A. Haas Binsbacher Keith A. Birkes Donald R. Brashears Gerald Lee Early• Rebecca M. Emrich• Ross A. Fulton Jr. Paul B. Greenwood Lari Ray Grubbs• Ginger Steele Gutshall Charles R. Harlow Daniel W. Hayes William Frank Hibbeler• William R. Hilgeman• Ronald A. Johnson• Marsha Kahler Kerr• Linda L. L’Hote C. Gary Ladd• Marcia Kay Cline Lambert• Vera Singleton Lewis•

Fall 2013

James D. Liner Marilyn Shepard McMillan• David C. Miller• Clifford E. Mohn Jr. Kathryn S. Swinger Motley• Shirley Jo-Ann Murphy Phillip L. Neimeyer M. Craig Nolte James C. Roberts• R. Lane Sander Barbara K. Bauer Shannon• Gerald W. Shannon• Lynn R. Solomon Susan B. Kettenacker Spaulding• Dale M. Stauffer• Janet Ann Carroll Swearingen• Kathryn R. Purvis Tankersley• Harold Richard Thompson Lola M. Cooper Van Horn Alice J. Weil Van Landuyt• Michael E. Walsh

CLASS OF 1970 Roger Lee Adair• Carol Ann Albenesius Sally Murray Bocklage• Deborah Williams Brashears Charles E. Buck Robert Lee Bullock Elaine E. Bauer Carlstrom George Melvin Carlstrom John M. Cheary Jr. Larry Clickner Dianne Bell Cochran Linda Hall Conrad Richard M. Dailey• Laura S. Blankenship Dean• Susan Markland Donnelly L. Susan Eigel Thomas Ellsworth Daniel K. Frank Wilbert A. Fritz James H. Gameson III Barbara S. Gose Gary J. Gutjahr• John C. Hamlin• Patricia Dinwiddie Hamlin• Janet Alice Boysel Hayes Walter Bryan Heaven Jr.• Jeffrey N. Hogenmiller• Susan E. Hurst Kathleen M. Shrum Husk• Linda L. Morrison Jackson Gary Raymond Kamper Jack C. Manning• Julie Scott Mattson• Madeline K. Byers McCamy Virginia Lloyd Monroe Joan D. Anderson Neill Stephen L. Percy Terrance Allen Pickles• Kenneth Walter Prather• Thomas E. Pundmann Douglas Van Rice• Joseph P. Rice III Karen L. McAllister Rice Elizabeth Ann Magee Rooks N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Theodore L. Spayde

Brent Hunter Speight Phillip W. Swearingen• Anne Sillers Turner David R. Van Horn W. Randall Washburn Herbert W. Watchinski Jr. Robert J. Werner• Jill Cornett Whitlow Sandra Shemwell Womack• Alan H. Yount•

CLASS OF 1971 Evelyn Locke Archer Sara M. Hackley Bagby Margaret A. Bartold• Susan Catron Borts• Nancy Riddell Chop Linda Sue Dawson Clickner Michael L. Cochran Beau Culbertson Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson David Bynon Dozier• Anne L. Hix Gameson Joseph Gameson John W. Gawason• Shirley Alexander Golembeck• Gale Hairston Susan L. Patrick Haury Robert J. Henderson Jr.• George S. Howell Dennis N. Humphrey Christina A. Binggeli Johnson Marlin James Kinman Matthew J. Larigan• Max R. Marble Sally E. Spickelmier Marble Dale Gene Marksberry June Dannenberg Marksberry Larry D. Mattson• Prentiss Scudder Rankin Patricia E. Duren Speight Pamela A. Stouffer• B. Murphy Tetley Catherine J. Thogmorton Timothy Lance Walley

CLASS OF 1972 Dan E. Adkison Patricia Nemitz Adkison Elaine Vemmer Bierwirth Mary E. Hix Bradbury Deane Sue Wells Brandenburg Helen M. O’Bryan Brown• Timothy E. Carter Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Sara Ann Walkup Drummond• Randall Stanley Feuers Thomas Fitzsimmons• Joe Wayne Forrest Pamela J. Powell Frank Patricia Jordan Hilgedick Earl E. Johnson• Phyllis Nagel Lambert Maureen Dunn Lane• Sherry Jeager Lang Gingy Lebold• Cynthia L. Lausen Marek• Linda E. Frazee Page• Mary Jane Thornton Perkins Marla Witis Pundmann Connie Neal Richman Sander Donna M. Weiss Shaff•

Central Methodist University


Gary Lee Stephens Michael Vaughn• Thomas J. Wittmuss

CLASS OF 1973 Rodney S. Cable James W. Devine• William R. Dineen• Stephen C. Hamilton Marsha R. Standley Hansen• L. Kyle Hern Marie Frazee Hern Karen Kienker Linda M. Bradley Knox Daniel W. Kruse Jay O. Morris Vicki S. Purdy Howell B. Rice• Steven L. Roedner Cheryl L. Gray Sager• Terry Henderson Snodgrass• Venetta S. Rowlison Stephens Paul E. Vivian Sandra L. Abayon Vyvoda Carol Anne Wegener Dean E. White

CLASS OF 1974 Eva M. Allen Jerry Buckman Yvonne L. Brown Byrne Karen J. Coleman Carol J. Covey John C. Craig Christopher J. Dalton Elaine W. Wulfekotter Foster• John D. Gardner Martha Lynn Barnett Ginsburg• Don A. Gruenewald• James E. Hackmann• Rodney D. Hoffman• David T. Lawson Kathy McCutcheon Lawson F. Dan Page• Richard L. Parker Dan J. Phillips Timothy Edward Rice Stanley L. Schroeder James George Stamos John S. Watters

CLASS OF 1975 Richard S. Brumitt Jr. Linda Magruder Burnett Wyvonnia A. Ball Carter Leslie Ann Reynolds Craig William C. Frazee Jr. Jean Borgelt Gruenewald• Mark Humphreys• Stewart Huttsell Danny Gene Larkin• Amy H. Lee E. Kent Moreland Sara Anton North Geoffrey W. Posegate• Michael B. Roberts• Mary Lee Burke Vivian

CLASS OF 1976 James E. Bureman• Gregory Chandler Sr. Sara J. Chaney † deceased • 5-year CEF donor


Honor Roll Debora Kirschman Davis Randal C. DeMasters• David A. Drissell Teresa Beasley Drissell Marjorie Briner Dykman Paul A. Easterday Pamela R. Edmonds• Sharon K. Menefee Frazee Mark A. Freese Susan Friemonth Freese Mark R. Harbison Laura L. Vinyard King Sarah J. Felgar Kuschel William R. Pentland Elaine M. Bennett Posegate• David R. Randall• Peggy Sue Purvis Robb• Michael A. Scardina• Ruth A. Henderson Sears Nanette Padgett Young




Linda S. Klott Brown Roger D. Brown Don L. Catlett Mary Beth Crocker Mark Eggleston• Dennis Dean Hansen Rebecca DeWeese Harbison Pamela J. Welcelean Hines Janet L. Jacobs• Robert B. Kolvik-Campbell Phyllis Jean Hayes Lucas Samuel Edgar Lucas Katherine L. McFarland Nance Ann McQuigg Virginia L. Pherigo Michael D. Pope Martin D. Rudloff Barbara Englehart Schwane Sherry L. Scrivner Smith Ted C. Snodgrass• Susan Lusby Steele Roy D. Vandelicht

CLASS OF 1978 William Bruce Anton Cheryl Pontius Bailey Susan E. Brandt Brad Broome Tom B. Brumitt William Randall Dysart Mary Jo Ireland Easterday Allen Lee Edwards Sharon Sue Smith Edwards Michael A. Frederick Vicki Watt Headley• Michael J. Hines Pam Hess Huttsell J. Steven Jackson Brenda S. White Kueck Margaret Louise Marin Susan Marner-Sides• John C. Morton• Nancy Morrison Nesvik• Ruth Allersmeyer Randall• Terry J. Reichert Ronald B. Schowe• Sally Ann Schwab Phillip L. Tessereau Stephen J. Wegmann Robin Yvonne Willi• Robert O. Young II Nancy J. Yuelkenbeck


Robert David Bostic Jr. Beverly Klocke Coffelt Amy Lamb Dysart Angela S. Baker Fore Donna L. Gilligan David B. Goodwin Duane R. Hall• David Allen Henderson Paul T. Klemme Pamela T. Lovelett Lauderback• Michael H. Ledbetter Kathleen A. Fahy Leibrand Dale L. Mason John J. McNeil Jr. Kay E. Burchard McNeil Finley Montgomery Rodney K. Rhodes• Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer

Kimberly A. Corbin Bostic Jane Lammers Hicklin Jeana R. Koen Houf Alice L. Freese Kennedy• James M. Kimbell• Dian C. Braun Kittle• Janice Doll Morand Carolyne Wilder Peery Kathryn A. Oerly Ray Eric Martin Trelz James P. Womack

CLASS OF 1981 Hilda Ann Haas Blevins• Lee B. Brumitt Patricia Westhues Gebhardt Ted House Timothy Jackman• Kay E. Knipschild Michael Miserocchi Clarice Bruss Sage• Jerie L. Smith• J. Bartley Spear David Whelan Carroll Flaspohler Wies

CLASS OF 1982 Mark F. Babalian• John Robert Baker Jacqueline Allred Cheary Jana M. Harral Fox Rebecca L. Jackson Galloway Keith A. Gary• Elizabeth Slate Horn Debbie S. Engelmann Krikorian Jamie Page Sarah Ahnstedt Page Nancy Walker Peacock• Teresa Blair Reger• Susan Clark Reichert James B. Rose• Keith E. Shostrom• Beth McCune Whitaker Wendy R. Yahr

CLASS OF 1983 Charles R. Fisher Jr. Peggy Ann Tyrer Fisher Joy Dodson Flanders• David G. Fox

Fall 2013

Robin Lynn Younger Gardner Julia Campbell Gray Karen C. Nixon Hale Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson• Terry L. Henderson• Dick E. Hutchison Susan Kintner Beth Unser Lesemann Brian Lesemann W. Kirk Meyer• Terry A. Ohlms Joyce E. Lehane Peterson Jeffrey A. Sherman•

CLASS OF 1984 Richard D. Bailey Christy F. Sliffe Berger Mark R. Conarroe Jennifer Thornton Graves Jayne Galloway Howard Bradford W. Muiller Thomas R. Pemberton Suesann Rickards• Ann Sherman Schubert• William Sheehan Jr. Susan J. Rampy Stegeman

CLASS OF 1985 Gina Kay Winn Bailey Jennifer Thurmon Bennett• Sally Scott Blackburn Melinda McCrary Cherrington Mark K. Dempsey Judy M. Plante Fehling• Cheryl Mathewson Gerhardt• Donald Kenneth Johnston Marvin Max Manring• Rod Mathewson• Dawn A. Palmer Messerla• S. Eric Otterness Timothy H. Puyear Frederick E. Smith Sharon G. Thomas

CLASS OF 1986 Katherine A. Davis Dempsey Mary Anne Watters Manring• Patrick H. McHaney Knial R. Piper• Jeffrey A. Radel Richard L. Rickenbaugh• Maryann Rustemeyer• James A. Shelton Gary K. Shoemaker Rebecca J. Combs Shoemaker Ralph B. Wahlers Darrell R. Widhalm Keith W. Young•

CLASS OF 1987 Melissa K. Thurmon Abkemeier Christopher Allton Debra Rhey Hockanson Angstead Christy Ann Rittman Boughan Donna J. Widhalm Hower Malcolm E. Hower Patrick O. Kelley James L. Mather Kay Cantlon Otterness Margaret E. Murray Quinn•

Carol Kelly Rickenbaugh• Wendy Slagle Sheehan Gayla Renfrow Smith Holly Geiger Snow• Holly Jean Finley Upson Larry M. VandeVen Jr. R. Doug Wright•

CLASS OF 1988 Olivia C. Hamra Lynette Haenssler Harrison Paul M. Maynard• Joseph Andrew Odneal Darryl W. Pannier R. Rheatta Kelley Petty• Patrick M. Powers Sr. Elizabeth J. Hamann Puyear Sharon Electa Moore Salmons• Dianna Hart Shelton M. Mardell Ballew Wies

CLASS OF 1989 Jeffrey A. Arrigo Rose Marie Brown Deborah Telgemeier Dodge• Julie Annette Duvall-Sells• Denise M. Wilson Gissenaas• Donald F. Harrison IV Joel P. Kidwell Suzanne Conley Kidwell Kevin Lee McClain Lynn A. Stacy Miner Todd S. Miner Kenneth Scott Myers Ellen Ackley Pannier Luis Eugenio Sanchez Mary Ann Swaim Wilson Lynn Elaine Berwick Wright•

Pamela Luper Loomis Vaughn David Loomis Alan Grant Marshall Paula J. Mohan Keith Daniel Petty Mick A. Spaulding Jane M. Tiemeyer Vogel Dori Thomas Waggoner•

CLASS OF 1993 Beverly Freeman Andrews• Gale Love Bailey• Dorinda R. Abram Busby Rebecca Blum Curry Richard Harold Fricke Joyce A. Green Gordy Joseph M. Hannah II• Kenneth R. Oliver Andrew Edward Page Lori Ann Pyatt Danika White Robert Deacon Windsor

CLASS OF 1994 Sheila Ashby Fulling• Jill Sherman Gleize Gary Robert Gose Benjamin O. Hart Steven Russell Jones Tracy Renee Crowe Jones Jill Elaine Layne Sara E. Liter-Kuester• Candy M. Moser Marshall Bradley Alan McCarty Barbara K. Quinn Nicole D. Parrish Scott• Natalie Bennett Wolf Darren Duane Woodruff



Richard John Armentrout• Susan Rittman Brown LeAnn K. Farquhar Carlton Randall Scott DeBold Jane Leach Hill Sheryl Huecker Luster Patty Jo Brewer McClain Joanne M. Eiken Murphy Patrick D. Reardon Susan Lee Weiker Selway•

Mandy Lynn Eichelberger Marde Kay Kent Gann John Jason Graves• Heather D. Warren Hall Robert F. Manning• William Winfred Perkins

CLASS OF 1991 Peggy Lee Moser Armentrout• Susan Annette Todd Beach William G. Chott Dennis Charles Cox Miriam Niekamp Gebhardt Kevin Gene Lang Gary Wayne Linhart Thomas J. Meier Leslie Peters Reardon J. B. Waggoner•

CLASS OF 1992 Michael B. Auchly• Randall Shawn Bartel Barbara Cross Drew Lara Beth Webb Fors Larry C. Graham II• Jane M. Tiemeyer LaRue• Melissa Kaye White LeMay Sarah Davis Linhart

Central Methodist University


CLASS OF 1996 Spencer Clay Hedgepeth• Gayle Melley Hoelscher Marsha Daigle Stewart Robert Seth Stewart Denise Luebbert Stotler Elizabeth Ann Stretz• W. Wayne Wolf III

CLASS OF 1997 Emily Christine Hilgedick Bange Daniel Boyce Bilbary Jeffrey Wayne Brackman Stephen Patrik Foote• Jonelle Lee Richardson Hall Victoria Janee Vahle Jenne• Jessica L. Grasdorf Quint William James Quint Lisa N. Rains Dana Andrew Self Gary Allan Smith Jr.• Cynthia D. Oliver Wesselmann

Honor Roll CLASS OF 1998 Tara Nall Brackman Jerri L. Carter Matthew T. Dawson Wendy F. Biache Dawson Donta Eugene Hubbard• Thomas Wesley Meyer Keith Edgel Ogle Christina Overstreet Angel D. Hunsaker Patterson Carrie Pollock-Baxter Lathem A. Scott• Gretchen Faye Singleton Siebert Stephen M. Siebert Jessica D. Simpson Shawna Lynn Stefankiewicz

CLASS OF 1999 David P. Bates Jr. Martha E. Wilke Bates Stephen Andrew Foutes Linda Ragene Miller Kelly A. Johnson Ogle Scott T. Stefankiewicz

CLASS OF 2000 Laura Elizabeth Topel Jones

Katrina Michelle Rockot Kimble Randy L. Kimble Livia Still McCauslin• Charlotte Westhues Niemeier• Farahnaz Rahmatpanah Nathan Schaefferkoetter Tiffany Rae Hessel Smith• Jennifer C. Rathke Spaulding James J. West

CLASS OF 2001 Brian Joseph Bohner Aaron Thomas Mepham Money Carolyn B. Shepard Money Sarah D. Moulder Kyle Eugene Platz Misty L. Tefft Ressel Leigh Pyron Schaefferkoetter

CLASS OF 2002 Debra Kay Fitzgerald Carmack• Erin Briana Paulsmeyer Gerloff• Debbie A. Goodwin Jane Ellen Kruse

Kellie Piesbergen Platz

CLASS OF 2003 Michael Davis Backfisch Micah James Beatty•

CLASS OF 2004 Tina M. Braun Foglesong Martin Henry Gerloff II• Tiffany Laine Schmidt Swanson Jennifer Milner Woltman

CLASS OF 2005 Rachel Leist Backfisch Heather Lessly Hilgedick Lee Ann Sanders Mark C. Stone Salum James Stutzer Charlie F. Wilson

CLASS OF 2006 Amanda Gayle Denham Scott Arthur Morris Amy M. Wies Nation Crystal L. Neufeld Melia T. Young Pfannenstiel• Joseph Perry Rice IV

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Midstate District Missouri UMC, Columbia Rocheport UM Women

Heather Scarlett Taft William T. Zwikelmaier

CLASS OF 2007 Nathan Frank Breland Angelique I. Davis Richard Laden Force Jonathan Eugene Holem Jennifer Lester-Stutzer William Cody Morgan Ramona Kay Mundwiller• Todd D. Oberlin• Emily Ann Capps Rice Lee F. Smith Kristine L. Stodgel Teresa Dawn Taylor Marvin Anthony Williams

CLASS OF 2008 Annie Lea Dick Jennifer Yager Espenschied Kate Diane Gruenewald Mary Donece Henke

CLASS OF 2009 Christina Corinne Couch Allison J. Hoy Harris Marla Marie Heldt Christina Kari Salmon Hopkins Sandra L. Kucera Nina Marie Hendricks Millheiser Cassandra Jean Mueller Rene Linette Offineer Revelle Jodi Renee Rush Jennifer Leigh Schmidt Rita Jean Schuster

CLASS OF 2010 Amanda Sue Dodson Brand Kassie Campbell Samantha Elizabeth Carey Jenifer Wilkinson Civey Mallory Proctor Clatterbuck Andrew James Dreyer Jessica Lynn Henderson Abbey Suzanne Hughes Emily Platt Johannes James Foster Leonard Kyle Jordan Robuck Alyssa Rene Sager

Cassandra Eversmeyer Schieffer J. Matthew Schieffer Matthew Alan Sherman Elaine Cherie Stevenson-Gibson Andrea Marie Tessereau

CLASS OF 2011 Nathan Dale Carey Samantha Gross Chott Diane J. Clark Andrew Stephen Cornilsen Kyler Robert Crawford Lacey Elizabeth Eaton Amanda Sue Hale Clint Sean Hamilton Dalton Levi Henry Sarah Rene Meeks Hollenberg Rachel Elizabeth Keim Hannah Joy Lilienkamp Melissa Williams Shipman Amanda F. Stone Stephanie R. Sullivant Ashlee Renae Whitener Kayla Rae Wilcoxson Erin Jill Harbison Williams Kristi M. Williams Shelley Lynn Eidson Wrisinger

CLASS OF 2012 Mollee McCray Beaty Tyler D. Bredehoeft Shandell Marie Farris John Broder Frans III William Douglas Graves Jacob Mark Heppner Jessica R. Hilton Breanna Kivett Briana Marie Raterman Reuben Kiprotich Saina Rachael Mae Schmidt Leremie Wayne Shaffer Amanda Anne Struckmann Ayanna Komonek Lee Williams

CLASS OF 2013 Naima-Ra Guevara Gianquinto Marianne E. Inman∙

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Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


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Enactus students selected for summit Three CMU members of Enactus United States (formerly SIFE) were selected to attend the Northwest Arkansas Enactus Partner Summit, according to Professor Julie Bennett, Enactus Sam Walton Fellow, who accompanied the students. The students are Sophie Wilensky, a senior communications studies major from Plano, Texas; Jordan Meyer, a senior accounting major from Albuquerque, N.M.; and Keely Zimmerman, a sophomore business major from O’Fallon, Ill. The summit in Bentonville, Ark., brought together members of the Enactus United States National Advisory Board, representatives of partner companies, and a total of 45 Enactus students from universities and colleges across the country. The summit was designed to allow members to contribute insights on the strategic growth of Enactus United States; to participate in roundtable discussions of relevant business topics with students and executives; and to share best practices on how companies are building win-win partnerships with Enactus. Julie Bennett is associate professor and chair for the Division of Accounting, Business, and Economics at CMU. (from left) Jordan Meyer and Keely Zimmerman attended the Northwest Arkansas Enactus Partner Summit, along with their sponsor, Julie Bennett, Chair of the Division of Accounting, Business, and Economics at CMU. Also attending was student Sophie Wilensky, not pictured.

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Christmas, 1974: A Meditation

by Rev. Bob Kolvik-Campbell ’77, December 2012

I went to college, from Farmingdale on Long Island, to Central Methodist College (now University) in Fayette, Missouri. You could drive two miles in any direction and be in the middle of a corn field. It was 1973. Dr. Luther Spayde had recently passed away, and the new director, Dr. John Roberts, was doing some cantata by Ralph Vaughn-Williams called “Hodie.” As an 18-year-old freshman, I wasn’t even sure how to pronounce it. But being that it was the only thing happening on campus that Sunday before Christmas break, I went. The sanctuary of Linn Memorial United Methodist Church exploded with applause after the final chord was sounded. I had been moved, but was not sure why or how. I have learned that so much of what happens, happens on God’s time. The following year, I was more comfortable with what was happening in other parts of my life. This led me to sign up to sing in the cantata. I began to get to know this piece as a tenor, standing next to [my best friend] Ralph, who was far more accomplished that me, singing Vaughn-Williams’ “Hodie.” The Choral parts of the cantata consisted of the opening (Hodie: Christmas Day), a Choral in the middle of the first half (The Blessed Son of God), some support to the narrative part of the piece at the end of the first half (The Angel Chorus: Emmanuel, featured also in the Finale), some other portions of the second half (The Coming of the Wise Men), a choral at the end of the second half (No sad thought his soul afright) and the finale (In the beginning was the Word/The Hymn of Christ’s Nativity). While all of this was challenging to sing, it was also a great deal of fun, and there was something about this cantata that, as it worked on me, really got me reflecting theologically. The finale paired the first words of the first chapter of John’s gospel with the words of John Milton’s “Hymn on the Morning of Christ’s Nativity.” It moved me because the words of John can get lost in their own sound (In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God and....); so, it was Vaughn-Williams’ setting for me that gave these words a context that made them accessible for me. His setting of Milton’s words share a concept we see elsewhere in the cantata that the birth of Christ moved all of creation, not just humanity, to understand its salvation. The opening of heaven by the birth of Christ for all: this was grace! But it was the choral in the first half, “The Blessed Son of God,” that moved me, literally, to tears. From a hymn by Martin Luther, translated by Miles Coverdale, I began to wonder where Vaughn-Williams got this stuff. In this musical setting, with no accompaniment, this was the entire relationship between God and humanity through Christ, from birth to resurrection, summed up in a mere 81 words. The gospel given in miniature. We talk so much about what Christmas is about; as Christians we are concerned about consumerism and the lessening of the Christmas message. These words still bring me to tears as the real meaning of Christ’s birth: “All this did he for us freely, for to declare his great mercy, All Christendom be Merry therefore, and give him thanks forevermore.” This is what the Christmas message is all about: giving thanks to God for all, in that person of Jesus, that saves and loves us. I sang my lungs out that Sunday afternoon. My best college friend Ralph, a wonderful pastor and friend, died last year. Yet even as I remember him this year, Vaughn-Williams’ words still fill me with wonder and awe—even as I remember Ralph, and Central and that wonderful Christmas, 1974. Every Christmas since then, I have recalled these words. I have preached them. I have shared them across the Internet. And now I share them with you. Note from the Editor: This is an edited version of the beautiful meditation that Rev. Kolvik-Campbell sent us last spring. Not only is the sentiment profound, but the fact that his inspiration came in this season and on this campus inspires us to share these words with you, as he shared them with us. Blessings on you and yours.

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The 2013 Alumni Band (photo right) gathered in June under the batons of Capt. Randy Bartel ’92 (left, front row), who directs the United States Army’s Herald Trumpets, and Dr. Dori Waggoner ’92 (right, front row), dean of the Swinney Conservatory of Music. This concert marked the 39th annual Alumni Band, begun in 1974 by renown bandmaster Ken Seward ’51.


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Sustaining Friends J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison Butch Antal Marilyn Berrier Birbeck John M. Jr. and Jacqueline Allred Cheary Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox John C. and Leslie Ann Reynolds Craig Mary E. Sanderson Dolan Celia Utlaut Drake Joy Drewel M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond Meredeth Drummond-Cox Fayette Area Community Trust Carolyn Cates Fonteyn Brenda Sue Bruce Fountain Albert Owen and Helen Virginia Held Griese

Terry L. and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Latham Bennett and Rebecca Henkey Linda Marie DeForest Hess David and Marianne E. Inman C. Jeanie Muff Jones Alice L. Freese Kennedy Ronald F. and Sonja F. Knigge Donna Shy Kubik Brock M. and Nancy D. Lutz Shirley C. Stewart Mason Doyne E. Michie Missouri UMC Aaron Thomas Mepham and Carolyn B. Shepard Money Orpha Ochse Robert A. Rackley John B. and Sharon K. Tally Renick Floyd C. Satterlee Keith E. Shostrom Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer B. G. and Susan Marner-Sides

Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Kenneth R. Stephens B. Murphy and Linda Tetley Catherine J. Thogmorton Rhys N. and Sharon G. Thomas Roy D. and Melody Vandelicht Sandra L. Abayon Vyvoda James J. West Thomas L. Yancey William T. Zwikelmaier


Barbara L. Anderson Randall Shawn Bartel Kiki L. Boteler Nancy Whitlock Clemons Claude R. and Patricia Damewood Mary Jane Harbin Dauer William R. Dineen Lacey Elizabeth Eaton Janet R. Evans J. W. Fairchild Randall Stanley Feuers Samantha Rae Gerke Mary Lu Graves

2013 Alumni Band

The N. Louise Wright Society

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University


Ginger Steele Gutshall John C. and Patricia Dinwiddie Hamlin Donald F. IV and Lynette Haenssler Harrison William D. and Kathryn Strok Hartzler David Allen and Cynthia Spaugh Henderson Robert J. Henderson Jr. Jane Lammers Hicklin J. Steven and Susan K. Jackson Neale and Frances Johnson Thomas P. and Willa Lee Yoder Kampman Larry and Karen Kay J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling Joel P. and Suzanne Conley Kidwell Gingy Lebold Doyle E. and Pat Lee MaryAnna Hickman McNeel Daryl L. and Wendy M. Meese Donna J. Merrell Kenneth and Esther Minter Scott A. Moon Norton EH&S Services LLC John D. Perkins Dixie Farnham Philipp Kent W. and Becki Propst Chris and Theresa Rohlfing Elizabeth Ann Magee Rooks Nathan and Leigh Pyron Schaefferkoetter Dana Andrew Self Douglas D. Sleade Wanda Richards Spivey James H. and Susan Lusby Steele Joseph L. and Charlotte A. Tebo Charles D. and Lou Thompson Elnora E. Tucker Irma Lee Wilson † deceased


Honor Roll

Friends of the Little Theatre Producer’s Circle

J. Bruce and Janet Gift Addison O. Nelson and Kristi Wiebe Auer Earl F. and Sunny Bates Commercial Trust Company Jay L. Frost Janet L. Jacobs Lathem A. and Nicole D. Parrish Scott N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner

William B. Kountz Jr. Sondra Sercu Spalding

Supporting Cast

Robert David Jr. and Kimberly A. Corbin Bostic Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox Janet B. Kelty

Charles M. Adams † and Betty Adams Addison Biological Laboratory F. Jerry and G. Ruth Dorman Benner C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten John G. and S. Jacqueline Byland Family Health Inc. Joseph E. Geist William S. Holman † and Martha Rogers Holman David and Marianne E. Inman Inovatia Laboratories

Eagle Club

Green Club

Charlie Brown & Co. Insurance Coil Construction Inc. DLC Group LLC Allen and Kim Frazier Robert L. Hahne Terry L. and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Jay and Kelly Jacobs Paul W. King Ralph E. Knowles Jr. Charles J. and Joyce Eickmeyer Owens Pfizer Foundation Frances E. and Melody A. Reardon Mark C. and Victoria L. Robb Raymond P. and Bonnie Rohe E. Boone Schlanker Jr. Mick A. and Jennifer C. Rathke Spaulding Visionworks Marketing Group Wells Fargo Community Support Darrell R. and Monica Widhalm

AT&T Foundation ECI Mechanical Inc. Elbert and Mona Lou Basye Haenssler Malcolm E. and Donna J. Widhalm Hower Janet L. Jacobs L.D. Davis Lumber & Hardware Co. Troy Lowrey Bradley Alan McCarty Stephen Glenn and Diane McClure Miknan’s Main Street Pub Quinlan Agency Thomas and Heather Rohn Rolla Key Sport Shop Inc. Robert and Mary Toledo J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner

Director’s Guild

LLC Paul W. King Martin Kirby Miles V. Plzak Braxton P. and Judith Engel Rethwisch Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Ronald L. and Jo Ellen Ming Shroyer Charles D. and Lou Thompson J. B. and Dori Thomas Waggoner James K. and Kathryn Y. Wallace Ralph Lee Jr. and Delores Bland Woodward

Stage Hands R. Frederick and

Barbara Miller Alexander Anonymous Robert C. and Donna M. Baker Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Elizabeth A. Broadus William M. Clark Donald B. and Carlene C. Cullimore Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Amy E. Drtina M. Suzanne Armitage Drummond Fayette Area Community Theatre Mark A. and Susan Friemonth Freese Spencer and Rebecca L. Jackson Galloway

Larry D. and Patsy G. Harrington Don Hilgedick J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling William D. and Julia M. Lay Roger R. and Linda O. Lembke Joan McMillan Linda Ragene Miller Stephanie L. Mullins Todd D. Oberlin Jerry and Elaina Priddy Kent W. and Becki Propst Chris and Theresa Rohlfing Catherine J. Thogmorton Eldon Delmar and Christel Hosse Wahlers

Donna J. Merrell Midwest ECO LLC William Jr. and Wendy Slagle Sheehan Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Show-Me State Games Snoddy’s Store

John P. and Ellen Calhoun Capital Sand Company Citizens Community Bank CMU Admissions Office Commercial Trust Company Community Auto Sales LLC Construction & General Laborers Thomas and Kathy DeMartin Mark K. and Katherine A. Davis Dempsey George Allen and Raelene Casatta Derrieux Vicki Dexter Daniel and Julie Dozier Joy Drewel Verl Edwards Emery Sapp & Sons Inc. Erisman Farms M. Diane McIntyre Evans Exchange Bank of Missouri Timothy and Susan Ford Forest Counseling

All-Sport Boosters Club


Black Club AAA American Diabetes Association Kenneth C. and Ardith

Fall 2013

Haley Anderson Roland Eugene and Donna J. Saxton † Banaka John F. and Sherri L. Beard Central States Fitness Systems Certified Medical LLC Larry and Linda Sue Dawson Clickner Richard and Ruth Ann Conrow Dennis Charles Cox Glenn A. Jr. and Veronica M. Cox Randall Scott DeBold James W. Devine Steve and Sandra Erisman Florists’ Transworld Delivery Gary Robert Gose Robert William and Marva G. McBride Iglehart David and Marianne E. Inman Greg and Denise Kreek Alan Grant and Candy M. Moser Marshall McKesson Foundation

Lettermen Club Action Electric Inc. Advanced Eyecare P.C. Allen and Kerrie Amos Audsley Monument Co. of Glasgow Bill and Peggy Ausmus Mark F. Babalian Richard J. and Judith Bachmeier Barber Shop Boys LLC Harold E. Beasley Mary L. Beck Patrick and Clara Bello Bob McCosh Chevrolet Boone County National Bank Susan E. Brandt Alvin and Sandy Brass Breadeaux Pizza Nelson Andrew Bryant Jerry and Karen Buckman

Central Methodist University


Honor Roll Center Joe Wayne Forrest David G. and Jana M. Harral Fox Chuck and Lori Geringer Lisa Gift Monte and Kim Gladden Shawn A. Gott Clint Sean Hamilton Bill and Gayle Hanke John F. and Stella F. Harlow Mike and Kim Harlow Henry J. and Karen Hoff William S. Holman † and Martha Rogers Holman Ted House Isle of Capri Casino Richard and Nancy Jackson William H. Jacobs Gary F. Jones Kelly Press Inc. Ron and Jo Ann Kirkland Ronald F. and Sonja F. Knigge La Crosse Lumber Company La Monte Community Bank Robert W. Leech Mark and Mary Jo Leeser James M. and Elisabeth Holman Luetjen Merle and Kathy Masonholder W. Darrell and Shirley Swisher Meyer Mid-City Lumber Co. Midwest Elite Basketball Mike Keith Insurance Inc. Miller Iron & Metal LLC Steve and Lisa Moeller Clifford E. Jr. and Patty Mohn Timothy and Donna O’Keefe Mike & Sharon Olson Darryl W. and Ellen Ackley Pannier

Keith Daniel Petty Pirates Cove Robert and Carol Potrzuski Patricia Preussh Prosser Carpet Service Thomas E. and Marla Witis Pundmann Doyle E. and Gayle Cobb Puntney Quest Diagnostics Jessica L. Quint DDS Mozaffar and Farahnaz Rahmatpanah Ray’s Construction LLC. Billy and Yvonne Regan Terry J. and Susan Clark Reichert Vearl J. & Sharon K. Reinken Joseph Perry IV and Emily Ann Capps Rice Roberta W. Richey River Region Credit Union Judith A. Rupard Scarce Skills LLC Keith E. Shostrom John Smith Sondra Sercu Spalding James George Stamos Louise Joyce Starr State Farm Insurance Salum James and Jennifer Lester-Stutzer Michael G. Sullivan Stephanie R. Sullivant Eric Martin Trelz Turbonet Union State Bank E. C. and Anne Core Walker Walker-Winter Insurance Weydert Insurance Services Inc. Nancy Wilson Robert Deacon Windsor Curtis and Cheryl Wood Michael R. and Tamera J. Workman Young’s Agri Service Inc.

Coaches Club Barbara L. Anderson Michael Davis and Rachel Leist Backfisch

Fall 2013

Central recently donated four pieces of cardio machinery to the Fayette Fire Department when CMU received updated equipment. Shown (l-r) Ken Oliver, vice president for institutional growth and student engagement, Mark Stone, assistant dean of student activities, Casey Roberts from the fire department, and Salum Stutzer, assistant dean of student development

Frank P. † and Janice K. Brassfield Boatwright Jeffrey and Meredith Boessen William Eugene Borchardt Jeffrey Wayne and Tara Nall Brackman Tyler D. Bredehoeft Nathan Frank and Brenda Ann Breland Robert E. & Sonya L. Brisby CMU Admission Office CMU Div of Science & Mathematics Susan Conti Deanna Rae Cooper Robert E. and Becky Courtney Kyler Robert Crawford Beau and Sharon K. Adkison Culbertson John Henry Curtis Barbara M. Thornton Dionne William and Phyllis Faulks John Daniel Ferrier Richard Laden Force Joseph S. Ford John Broder Frans III Michael A. Frederick Joshua D. and Terin Christine Fuemmeler Robin Lynn Younger Gardner Donna L. Gilligan

Patricia Goodwin Edward and Stephanie Griesenauer Ralph W. Hall Stephen C. Hamilton Kevin Hampson Dalton Levi Henry Jacob Mark Heppner Rodney D. and Shelley Hoffman Gary and Jamie Hooyman Christina Kari Salmon Hopkins Timothy Jackman Kempf’s Storage Daniel W. Kruse Michael and Diane Lavery Lynn McGuire C. Gary Miles Robert Moeller Kara Marie Morelli Stephanie L. Mullins Jerry and Melchora Myrick Fred amd Joan Nuesch F. Dan and Linda E. Frazee Page Ray and Evelyn Pfautsch Michael H. Ponder Patrick M. Powers Sr. Kent W. and Becki Propst Donald R. Qualkenbush Patrick D. and Leslie Peters Reardon

Central Methodist University


Robert H. & Mary Lee Rose Jodi Renee Rush Larry E. and Tracey A. Seals M. Dale and Penny Pihana Shaw Shelter Insurance Employees James A. and Dianna Hart Shelton Dexter and Donna Hutchison Slagle † Frederick E. and Gayla Renfrow Smith William R. and Carol S. Smith Lynn R. Solomon J. Bartley Spear Randy Stegelmeyer Dan Stockman Mark C. and Amanda F. Stone Elnora E. Tucker Wallace J. Jr. and Dara M. Turnage Patricia A. Turner Timothy Lance Walley Sherry A. Wells Wade M. and Sonya M. Welton M. Mardell Ballew Wies Timothy G. & Carol R. Wilmes Charlie F. Wilson Arlene Wood Darren Duane Woodruff

† deceased


Honor Roll

In Honor The following gifts were given in honor of alumni, colleagues, and friends. Rondal E. Bell Patrick H. McHaney

Virginia Wood Bergsten ’59 David and Marianne E. Inman

Donald R. Brashears ’69

Rodney D. and Shelley Hoffman

John D. Finley Judith Mitchell

Austin Ford Timothy and Susan Ford Family

Briana Ford Timothy and Susan Ford Family

Joseph E. Geist Mark R. and Sadowna N. Conarroe Thomas B. Hall III Stephen Horgan Donna J. Merrell Stephanie L. Mullins James K. and Kathryn Y. Wallace

Naima-Ra Gianquinto-Johnson Naima-Ra G. Gianquinto

David Inman Paul and Eleanor Rudd Calvert John T. Graff Robert L. Hahne Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge Paul W. King N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner James H. and Susan Lusby Steele

Marianne E. Inman ’13 David W. and Nancy Bandy Howard J. and Celia Roberts Barnhard F. Jerry and G. Ruth Dorman Benner Susan E. Brandt Wesley Leroy and Beverly Brun


Sara J. Chaney Margo A. Youngstrom Chapman Donald M. and Linda J. Claycomb Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Newell S. II and Martha Sue Ferry Don A. and Jean Gruenewald Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix Robert W. and Marva G. Iglehart Jean N. Jenner Stephen G. Johnson J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling L. Arlen and Janet Liberty Warren J. and Mary Ellen Meyer Anna May Miller Ruth Higginbotham Nickerson Frederick C. Nix Robert T. and Carolyn Summers Perry William James and Jessica L. Grasdorf Quint Robert A. Rackley Braxton P. and Judith Engel Rethwisch C. Richard and Peggy Roda Ann Sherer-Simpson James H. and Susan Lusby Steele Elizabeth J. Wade Ralph Lee Jr. and Delores Bland Woodward Nancy J. Yuelkenbeck

Kevin and Stephanie L. Mullins David and Marianne E. Inman

Stephanie L. Mullins Joseph E. Geist Peggy Sue Purvis Robb

Charlotte A. Westhues Niemeier ’00 Peggy Sue Purvis Robb

Russell C. Nix ’29 Frederick C. Nix

Fall 2013

Larry J. Peery Robert Seth and Marsha Daigle Stewart

Darrell R. and Monica Widhalm

Miles V. Plzak

Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde ’70

Stephanie L. Mullins

John C. and Patricia Hamlin

William D. Powell ’65

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Kerri Powell

John Broder Frans III

Patrick D. Reardon ’90

Roy D. Vandelicht ’77

Randall Scott DeBold

Donna J. Merrell

Frederick E. Smith ’85

Claude R. Westfall

Randall Scott DeBold Gary Robert Gose Terry L. and Elaine Eversmeyer Henderson Malcolm E. and Donna J. Widhalm Hower Paul W. King Alan Grant and Candy M. Moser Marshall McKesson Foundation Keith Daniel Petty Mick A. and Jennifer Spaulding

Donna J. Merrell

Delores Bland Woodward ’55 Russell G. and Barbara J. Geen

Thomas L. Yancey ’54 Mark R. and Sadowna N. Conarroe Thomas B. Hall III Robert J. Henderson Donna J. Merrell

Math, Science Students at CMU Contest The annual Mary and Ted Forbes Middle School Math and Science contest at Central Methodist University on Oct. 10 saw a team from Carrollton repeat as champs in the Grade 6-8 division, while a team from Northeast R-IV in Cairo took the top prize in the Grade 4-5 category. Approximately 85 students from 10 different school districts took part in the annual contest on the Central Methodist campus, according to Dr. James “Tiger” Gordon. Gordon, chair of the Science, Mathematics and Computer Science Division at CMU, coordinates the event with help from

Central Methodist University


fellow faculty and CMU students. Events ranged from physical science, biology, earth and space science, and math, along with a “hoop” paper airplane contest for a little hands-on competition, Dr. Gordon says (as with the Fayette team in photo).

Honor Roll

In Memoriam The following gifts were made in loving memory of alumni, colleagues, and friends. Lewis Holt and Betty Skillman Allen Lowell D. Allen

Robert Eugene and Margaret Halloway Allen Lowell D. Allen

William Henry ’36 and Viola Oliska Holt Allen Lowell D. Allen

William Cecil Allen Lowell D. Allen

Keith King Anderson ’27 Marilyn Berrier Birbeck Fredrick L. and Emily Kreisler

Ronald Preston Anson Butch Antal

Mary Dione Auchly Michael B. Auchly

Halkaline Kirk Bergsten ’27 Anders Aslund C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten Elisabeth Bumiller Robert E. and Becky Courtney Pansy Ann Howell David and Marianne E. Inman Janet L. Jacobs Jay and Kelly Jacobs Bruce J. Jones Carl O. Lester Donna J. Merrell Stephanie L. Mullins Robert T. and Carolyn Summers Perry Robert A. Rackley Lee Sandberg Jeffrey Schott Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Steven Weisman Robert Zoellick

Thomas Birch Marilyn Berrier Birbeck

Nannetta Marshall Brame ’48 William E. Brame

Suzanne Duke Brown ’53 Dave and Judy Adams Scott R. Adams Alpha Capital Management Floyd E. Anderson C. Eugene † and Sydney Ann Atkins Karen A. Black Marc and Julie Boom Charles R. Brandon Mary Jane Brown Paul L. and Eleanor Rudd Calvert Del and Jane Campbell James B. and Ruth Case Mary C. Cofer W. H. Coleman Jr. Joel Crouch Ellen G. Doenges Shirley Dunaway Nelda V. Eubank Shirley Felter Charles M. Foudree Carol A. Calvert Fricke George G. Given Paul W. and Kathleen Grosch Major D. Hammett Mart and Sue Hoffman Robert G. Kauffman Robert and Melissa Klaus Barbara Koirtyohann Dick and Cathy Markey Doris Ann McCartney PEO Chapter GT Edward Peters Gary D. and Sandra F. Porter Jerrold and Karlene Preston Drew and Emy Lou Sawyer Kent and Ruth Simcosky Gordon and Ruth Smith Carole Swenson Richard and Lois Troxel Elizabeth Neff Tyrer John T. and Mary R. White Gaylen and Linda Yeager

George W. Burgin ’57 Albany UMC Anonymous Bob and Chris Birdsell Jerry Lamb and Jettye Boyd Gerald and Irma Brumfield Sara J. Chaney Paul C. and Nancy Copenhaver Courtyard by MarriottBlue Springs

Fall 2013

Richard S. Doherty and Family Steve Gaw Robert E. and Carolyn S. Glenn Albert Owen and Helen Virginia Griese David and Marianne E. Inman Bruce and Deborah Intveld James S. Kabler Kenneth and JoAnn Kent Cleo Kottwitz Edward and Nancy Manring Meridian Surgical Partners LLC Robert Moore Wanda Potts Retired UM Pastors and Spouses Rocheport UMW Sally Ann Schwab Mary Ann Semon

Richard B. Byrd ’50 Kay Benson

Norman F. Carrigg ’47 Paul Schulte Kueter Carolle-Ann Mochernuk

Chester Feuers Randall Stanley Feuers

Marian Atkinson Fleece Nancy Devaney Persaud

Marylee Forderhase Alan H. Yount

Robert Daniel Frankenfeld ’58 Karen R. Frankenfeld

Connie Frantsen Ivan and Mary Beth Breshears Stanley Cate Family Joseph E. Geist Thomas L. Yancey

Merrill Elmer Gaddis Marilyn Gaddis Rose

Clinton Burt ’24 and Elsie J. Galatas Paul M. Galatas

Lt. Col. Marvin C. ’39 and Mary Hamilton Patricia A. Hamilton

Lary Clary Emily L. Nunnelly

James C. Clatworthy ’59 Elwood G. and Helen Templeton Wells

Falba A. Core

Lawrence D. and Kate Hern L. Kyle and Marie Frazee Hern

Clarence Eugene Jr. and Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix

James H. and Barbara Chilcutt

Robert N. and Ruth Benner Hix

Dennis W Dallman ’69

Elizabeth L. Sweet Hix

Alan H. Yount

Marilyn Dickinson Dimond ’59 Celia Utlaut Drake

Maude G. Donnelly Susan Markland Donnelly

Richard M. Driscoll ’51 Richard M. Dailey

Robert Paul Drummond M. Suzanne Drummond Meredeth Drummond-Cox

Central Methodist University


Anonymous Boyce and Katy Arnett Philip E. and Martha B. Baylor Sidney and Janet L. Blankenship Mary E. Bradbury Ollidean M. Bradbury Margo A. Youngstrom Chapman Richard K. and Theresa M. Davis Friemonth-Freese Funeral Service Joseph and Anne L. Hix Gameson Jerry and Joyce Golden † deceased


Honor Roll

In Memoriam The following gifts were made in loving memory of alumni, colleagues, and friends. Stanley Fuad Khalifah ’66

Larry L. Holzhauser ’65 Mary Holzhauser

James M. and Kay Kimbell

Fred F. and Nancy N. Fuller Mary Lu Graves James H. and Susan Lusby Steele

Richard S. and Barbara Burcham Brumitt

Alan Grant and Candy M. Moser Marshall

Ralph L. Hollis ’59

Patricia Morrow Johnson ’69

Roger Ward Mason ’53

C. Fred and Virginia Wood Bergsten

William S. Holman ’47 Harry Axelrod Deane S. Brandenburg Lacy Elizabeth Eaton Joseph E. Geist Dennis and Teresa Gerlt James S. Jr. and Rebecca Rae Gordon Richard J. and Peggy A. Guest Anna Mae Besgrove Hodge David and Marianne E. Inman Janet L. Jacobs Jay and Kelly Jacobs J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling William B. Kountz Jr. Donna J. Merrell James E. Rich † Mark C. and Victoria L. Robb Chris and Theresa Rohlfing Jeffrey A. and Julee Kay Sherman Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Kenneth E. and Carol V. Staten Catherine Thogmorton Charles D. and Lou Thompson


John R. Walker Ralph Lee Jr. and Delores Bland Woodward Thomas L. Yancey

William Wallace Hix Ilene Morrison House Howard County Genealogical Society Robert W. and Marva G. Iglehart David and Marianne E. Inman J. Keith and Marjorie A. Keeling William D. and Julia M. Lay Merle and Kathy Masonholder The Mission Bank Joseph and Norma T. Mitchell Friends at Peoples Bank O. A. III and Anne D. Robinson Marilyn Gaddis Rose Martha Jean Solomon Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde Wallace J. Jr. and Dara M. Turnage

Keith E. House ’49

Nora L. Hulse Dana Andrew Self

Lew Wallace III and Daisy Jacobs

Gingy Lebold

Ruth Virginia Basye Johnson ’39 Earl E. Johnson and Douglas Ward

Nancy Thompson Jones Aaron Thomas Mepham and Carolyn B. Shepard Money

Raymond W. Jones Brenda Sue Fountain

Glenn R. Joyce ’61 Scott and Teresa Brun Anne Raine Joyce Carol A. Joyce Louise Joyce Starr Eugenia D. Wright

Paul Evan Kennedy ’79 Alice L. Kennedy

Dr. and Mrs. E. S. Khalifah Nancy Elizabeth Khalifah Moyer

Fall 2013

Nancy Elizabeth Khalifah Moyer

Sidney J. Kimbell ’41 Addison T. King III ’63 Judi Estes Mounter

Sarah M. Johnson Kinsley ’69 Earl E. Johnson and Douglas Ward

Martin E. Kooi Janeen W. Kooi

Robert L. Marshall

Shirley C. Mason

Verna “Sugar” Glorianna Tooley McKee David and Marianne E. Inman

Paul A. Montemurro ’58 Larry Lee and Janet Marie Bennett John M. Jr. and Jacqueline Allred Cheary Anna Sue Comley Carol J. Covey Linda L. L’Hote Gingy Lebold Edward Rice Family Timothy Edward Rice Theodore L. and Ruth Marie Cheffey Spayde B. Murphy and Linda Tetley

Robert Jr. and Leona P. Moore Grace Conrad

Robert K. Mordt ’54 Lois Nadine T. Mordt

Central Methodist University

Florence Puckett Morton ’37 John H. and Audrey A. Morton

John Samuel Newhouse ’38 Elizabeth Given Scott

Kenneth F. Oliver Barbara L. Anderson Boone County National Bank CMU Admission Office CMU Division of Science & Mathematics William and Phyllis Faulks Joshua D. and Terin Fuemmeler David and Marianne E. Inman Timothy Jackman Merle and Kathy Masonholder Donna J. Merrell C. Gary Miles Fred and Joan Nuesch Patrick D. and Leslie Peters Reardon Mark C. and Victoria L. Robb M. Dale and Penny Pihana Shaw Shelter Insurance Employees Sherry A. Wells Wade M. and Sonya M. Welton Charlie F. Wilson

Wilma Pfost Joseph E. Geist Thomas L. Yancey

Jonathan R. Radtke ’90 Patrick M. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rawlings Sarah Newmon

James E. Rudd ’50 Sara J. Chaney Carol A. Calvert Fricke L. E. and K. J. Schnieders

Julia Jenner Savina ’38 Jean A. Savina


Honor Roll

In Memoriam The following gifts were made in loving memory of alumni, colleagues, and friends. Charles M. Schlanker ’58 Roberta A. Schlanker

Paul W. Schlapbach ’53 Western Union Foundation

Robert W. Shaner ’70 Catherine Thogmorton

Donald G. Spalding Jr. ’56 Bank of America Corporation Shirley Bennett Richard S. and Barbara Burcham Brumitt James E. and Elizabeth Thompson

Ian Halliburton Smith

Luther T. Spayde ’36 Latham Bennett and Rebecca Henkey Thomas P. and Willa Lee Kampman Floyd C. Satterlee

Marian F. Bowman Spivey ’56 C. Jeanie Jones

Casey Jackson Family

James P. ’43 and Helen G. Puckett ’43 Thogmorton N. Louann Thogmorton Shaner Catherine Thogmorton

Janice Thompson Stephanie L. Mullins † deceased

Opera Workshop presents Topsy-Turvy The annual song, comedy, and merriment that is the summer opera, presented by CMU’s Opera Workshop, blossomed into a “Topsy Turvy” event, a smattering of Gilbert and Sullivan scenes from a variety of their wellknown operettas. Under the direction of Dr. Susan Quigley-Duggan, CMU assistant professor of music and director of the opera program, cast and crew were primarily students, graduates, and faculty from CMU. The showcase included excerpts from HMS Pinafore, Patience, The Gondoliers, Pirates of Penzance, and The Mikado. It included a pit band, as usual, and in this case, a narrator, alumnus Steve Jones ’94.

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University



Calendar of Events January 13: Classes Begin 31: Senior Recital: Aubrey Taylor, Mezzo-Soprano, Recital Hall


22: Jazz Band Concert 25: Faculty Recital: Prof. Jackie Lordo, Tuba and Dr. Melissa Loehnig, Piano, Recital Hall 24-27: Blue Window, Little Theatre 27: Concert Band Concert, Linn Memorial 28: Vocal Master Class, Recital Hall


2: Senior Recital: Derek Volkmann, Guitar and Mary Rose Lehman, Flute, Recital Hall 7: Senior Recital: Brad Smith, Saxophone and Austin Long, Tenor, Recital Hall 12: Brass Invitational 16: Senior Recital: Dawn McDowell, Soprano and Rachel Richard, Trumpet, Recital Hall 20-23: Opera Workshop 27-28: Story Theatre, Little Theatre 28: Music Festival

1: University Band Concert, Linn Memorial 2: Alumni Awards, Inman Student and Community Center 3: Inauguration of President Roger D. Drake 4: Choir Concert, Linn Memorial 10: Commencement

June 21: Alumni Band

March 1: Story Theatre, Little Theatre 2: Choir Concert, Linn Memorial 6-11: Concert Band Tour 8-16: Spring Break 20: Guest Recital: Vinlanda Duo, Recital Hall 23: Concert Band Concert, Linn Memorial 28: Senior Recital: Dane Johnson, Baritone, Little Theatre 30: Junior Recital: Shawna Crisler, Soprano and Senior Recital: Michael Mountain, Tuba, Recital Hall

April 6: Senior Recital: Brittany Losh, Soprano, Recital Hall 10: American Music Recital, Linn Memorial 13: Junior Recital: Brittney Kelcher and Daniel Jones, Recital Hall 15: Jazz Choir/Church Street Boys/Brass Ensemble, Recital Hall 21: Faculty Recital: Dr. Susan Quigley-Duggan, Soprano, Recital Hall


Fall 2013

Central Methodist University

Back Cover: Students stroll the Courthouse Square between the bandstand and the courthouse. Photo by Tommy Thompson, property of CMU


Back row (l-r): Hannah Wade, Jackie Hoffman, Julie Ramiso, Shannon Epperson, Maggie Moore, Ashley Novak, Molly Ripperger; front row: Michael Mountain, Emily Everett, Harrison Hill, Justin Watson, Jessica Graver, Heather Anderson, Shelbi Becker. Lying in splendor in the middle of everything is Matt Vander Vennet, director of annual giving.

Fall 2013 Phonathon Once again, the Phonathon callers have gone above and beyond the call of duty! They set their pace to match the total amount from last fall’s campaign. Each time a new goal was set, they blasted past it and continued to perform at a high level. They resoundingly beat their own record from last year. I am extremely proud of them, and we would not be where we are at now if it weren’t for the generous giving of your time and resources. Thank you for making this fall Phonathon one to remember—Matt Vander Vennet, director of annual giving

Nurses from the Fayette campus Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program say a big thank you to alumni and friends of the program for the new equipment to improve their learning experiences. The gifts include a medical cart, an IV-arm and a model for entubation, for skills practice. photo (left to right), front row: Addisson Foote, Stephen Welsh; middle row: Megan Collins, Amy Fuemmeler, Anastancia Amos, Callie Runyan, Kelsey Vollmer, Jill Petzel, Kelly Snodgrass, Jackie Hoffman; back row: Tara Vogel, Andrew Simpkins, Brianne Sisco

Fall 2013

Central Methodist University



411 Central Methodist Square Fayette, MO 65248-1198 Change Service Requested

Nonprofit U.S. Postage PAID Jefferson City, MO Permit No. 210

Talon - Fall 2013  

The fall 2013 edition of the Central Methodist University alumni magazine.

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