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MEET THE SURGEONS OF UCF HEALTH These Top Health Professionals are Changing Lives in Central Florida



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Highest level of NICU care for the tiniest of miracles When you want the best possible care for your pregnancy, delivery and newborn, there’s no better choice than Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been delivering the tiniest of miracles to Orlando’s moms in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It’s a higher level of care for the highest risk pregnancies.

The Man Behind

Beautiful Smiles

What sets Dr. Phan apart from other dentists in Orlando? He is trained and equipped to perform most dental procedures in house without having to refer patients out.

Looking for a new dentist?




Dr. Phan specializes in these services:


• General Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry • Oral Surgery • Root Canal Therapy • Implants and Crown Placement

• Implant Retained Dentures • Gum Rejuvenation Surgery (Chao Pinhole Technique) • Laser Dentistry • And more!

7824 Lake Underhill Rd., Suite G, Orlando, FL 32822 •


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Get in the Game

College Football Fever

Keep the whole family safe on the field this year with these tips from Florida Hospital.

For Your Eyes Only

Your guide to eye and vision health as you age.

Ask the Lawyer

How to Claim Your Unclaimed Property

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Meet the Surgeons of UCF Health Get back to your life after treatment from these UCF Health professionals, who specialize in everything from general surgery to orthopaedics.


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The Art of Make Believe

Stretch your imagination as a family to create your own unique chalk art in your driveway. The possibilitites for adorable photos are endless.

Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

Hometown History

3 Orlando Memories in September centralfloridalifestyle yourlifestylemagazine


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Orlando Youth Give Back Through Soccer

12 In the Kitchen  3 Food Bars for Game Day

A Work of Art

Meet the artists in this year’s art contest and take a look at their work.


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At Advanced Aesthetics, Dr. Diana Lambie transforms the human body using surgical and nonsurgical techniques.

34 4th Annual Lifestyle Art Contest

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Students are rethinking their global impact through the school’s first Living Ecosystem Aquaponics Facility that opens this fall.



The First Academy’s Aquaponics Approach


• WOCC Debate Luncheon • Connect with Your Community 52  • A Political Season of Change • Education & Arts!


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Meet the Surgeons of UCF Health

Get back to your life after treatment from these UCF Health professionals.


CF Health has expanded its care to include surgical services to further its mission to provide outstanding care to patients in Central Florida. Patients now have access to top surgeons in specialties such as orthopaedics, ophthalmology, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and general surgery. Soon, UCF will have its own hospital when the UCF College of Medicine opens a facility in partnership with Hospital Corporation of America in Lake Nona by early


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

2021. Currently, the UCF Health surgeons operate out of local hospitals and surgical centers. The faculty physicians at UCF Health practice what they teach by creating a treatment plan individualized for the patient’s needs and utilizing advanced techniques, such as robotic-assistance, to help reduce the risks associated with surgery and provide a quicker recovery. More than that, patients appreciate the enhanced education they get from the physicians at UCF Health because teaching is fundamental to their role as professors. The doctors

take the time to explain diagnosis, treatment and the options that a patient has for their condition. “For most patients, undergoing surgery is a frightening thing,” says Dr. John Tramont, director of surgical services for UCF Health and a minimally invasive gynecologic surgery specialist. “It’s our job as surgeons to make sure patients fully understand what is being recommended to them, the benefits and risks associated with having such a procedure, and then to provide the best surgical care so that patients achieve the greatest outcome possible.”

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Obinna Adigweme, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Adigweme is a fellowshiptrained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee joint replacement. He enjoys working with patients to provide them with surgical options that can achieve their goal of restoring mobility and reducing pain. His areas of interest include anterior hip replacements and partial knee replacements. “There is nothing more rewarding than giving a patient their quality of life back by providing them with a joint replacement that allows them to get back to doing the things they love, whether that is playing with their grandchildren or taking daily walks,” Dr. Adigweme says.

Charles Giangarra, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Dr. Giangarra has made a career out of caring for athletes of all levels, from collegiate, Olympic and professional athletes to weekend warriors. He believes sports medicine encompasses the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injury and illness for the active, healthconscious and athletic population from pediatric to geriatric. He specializes in the care of musculoskeletal injuries and arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle. “Whether you’re an elite athlete, or just someone who loves to run, it’s

important to have a sports medicine specialist you can go to who can treat a wide variety of sports related injuries,” Dr. Giangarra says. “Certainly, not all injuries or conditions require surgery. But proper treatment can make the difference between a speedy recovery and long-lasting issues.”

Vladimir Neychev, MD, PhD

General Surgeon Dr. Neychev is a general surgeon committed to delivering the highest quality of care and management of the entire spectrum of general surgery conditions. He is fellowship trained in endocrine surgery and offers advanced minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. “My best advice to patients is to speak to your doctor about changes you notice in your body, whether it’s a lump or bump, changes in bowel movements or pain you experience," Dr. Neychev says. "That way your doctor can provide timely care before a condition progresses into a more complicated state.”

Mehul Patel, MD, MSc

Ophthalmologist Dr. Patel is a comprehensive ophthalmologist who evaluates and manages eye diseases both medically and surgically. He treats patients like family and takes pride in explaining things in a simple fashion to make sure patients not only receive a diagnosis but also understand it. He specializes in refractive cataract surgery and minimally invasive glaucoma surgery.

“I see patients on a daily basis who have been living with blurry vision for years as a result of their cataract,” Dr. Patel says. “A couple days after surgery the overwhelming majority of patients are so happy that they can see objects and people out in the distance much clearer, drive at night time with confidence, feel more steady on their feet and appreciate things in high definition. In fact, often the patients are the ones coming back asking for surgery again to dramatically improve their vision in their other eye. That feeling of being able to give patients their sight back and the freedom to do the things that makes them happy is what I love most about being an eye surgeon.”

John Tramont, MD

Gynecologist Dr. Tramont is dedicated to providing top-quality care for women at every stage of life. He specializes in complex gynecologic and urogynecologic conditions, as well as chronic pelvic pain and menopause. He offers minimally invasive gynecologic and robotic surgery services as a treatment option when more conservative treatments don’t work. “For a long time, women suffered through many of these conditions in silence,” Dr. Tramont says. “But today, women have more options than ever before in treating these conditions. So see a specialist and talk about what you are experiencing. Together we can find a solution.”

For more information about UCF Health and its services, visit or call (407) 266-DOCS (3627). 




Orlando Youth Give Back Through Soccer Orlando City Youth Soccer invites the community to go gold in September as community leaders and young athletes raise funds for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. By Ashley Garrett


ince 2012, Orlando City Youth Soccer  has provided Central Florida’ youngest up-and-coming athletes with the skills, direction and environment necessary to thrive while developing a love for the game. The athletic youth organization was formerly Florida Soccer Alliance, a youth soccer club in Sanford. After a deal between Orlando City Soccer and FSA, the professional soccer club renamed the program to Orlando City Youth Soccer. Just six years later, about 4,000 youths have been through the program. Both competitive and recreational programs at OCYS serve the interests of all types of players. Through connections with public schools in Seminole and Orange counties as well as Central Florida private schools, OCYS provides soccer training to children of all ages while running various initiatives throughout the year. OCYS teaches important life lessons through sports, offering multiple soccer programs so that children ages four to 18 of varying levels of ability and experience can find their place. Players learn the fundamentals of the


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

game while donning Orlando City Soccer’s famous purple and gold uniforms. OCYS has succeeded in fostering an environment conducive to friendship, education and athleticism for its players. “Kids can make friends and learn lessons like commitment and perseverance from learning a skill,” OCYS General Manager Laura Halfpenny says about the organization. As OCYS has grown, its commitment to teaching its young players about the importance of giving back to the community expanded. Last Thanksgiving, some of the soccer club’s families put together 31 baskets of non-perishable food to donate to a local organization that supports homeless families. “When we did the baskets and explained it to the children, they were amazed,” she says. “These children come from good means, and because they live in a certain area, they may not know that within two or three miles, there are children with much less. Once they make that connection, they can have empathy.” OCYS raises funds annually for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but

the focus of the organization’s fundraising efforts will turn to Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month this year. They chose to support this cause in honor of an OCYS coach who recently passed away after previously battling pediatric cancer. In partnership with the BritishAmerican Chamber of Commerce and Knock Out Cancer, OCYS will sell gold training tops sponsored by local businesses on its official Facebook page for the entire month of September. All proceeds will benefit Kids Beating Cancer, a nonprofit organization that assists children diagnosed with leukemia, cancer and other malignant and non-malignant diseases. In teaching children about humility, generosity and self-awareness, the league helps its players to develop self-confidence at a period in their lives when it is critical. With over $200,000 given back to children over the last five years, OCYS isn’t stopping its mission to spread compassion and selflessness any time soon. “I think we all need it,” Halfpenny says. “Not just the children.”



Food Bars for Game Day

With spreads like these, you will be the MVP of football season. By Lyndsay Fogarty


is the season for football watch parties. Put together a game-winning spread with these ideas for food bars that feature everyone's favorite party snacks. Nacho Average Snack Bar A nacho bar setup for game day should always include the usual suspects, like tortilla chips, queso and salsa, but consider inviting some new players to the party, too. Tater tots and waffle fries make for a nice, hearty base that stands up to the weight of all the toppings. A well-rounded nacho bar should include a variety of meats, such as smoked brisket, pulled chicken and ground beef with taco seasoning, as well as diced tomatoes, sautéed onions and peppers, jalapenos, black beans and olives. Then, get saucy with sour cream, guacamole and a selection of hot sauces. Meatball Madness Score a touchdown with a meatball bar that you can create using one customizable base recipe. Pizza-flavored meatballs, stuffed with mozzarella cheese and simmered in tomato 12

Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

sauce, are a tasty game-day option. When you make a plate, top them with your favorite pizza toppings (think black olives, bacon or onions) and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. For a more classic selection, slow cook some barbecue meatballs or skewer a traditional meatball with your favorite burger toppings. You can even spice it up with a buffalo chicken meatball for chicken wing fans. When serving your meatball menu, include rolls on the table so party-goers can turn them into sliders if they prefer. Just Wing It With a chicken wing setup, you can cheat a little. The condiment aisle of the grocery store has plenty of traditional wing sauces, such as buffalo, teriyaki or garlic parmesan, that will taste delicious with either grilled or baked wings. If you want to go all out, prepare some homemade sauces that give a nod to your favorite bowl game location, like a spicy citrus glaze in honor of Orlando's own Citrus Bowl. Round out your spread with ranch or bleu cheese dip and some carrots and celery garnishes.


Recipe courtesy of The Fresh Market Whip up this easy, flavorful guacamole for your next football watch party, especially if you’re planning to include a nacho bar as part of your spread. INGREDIENTS: • 3 avocados, halved and pitted • 1 lime, zested and juiced • tsp salt • tsp black pepper • 1 jalapeño, seeded and diced •5  grape tomatoes or 2 Roma tomatoes, diced and seeded • 1/4 c white onion, diced • 2 tbsp cilantro DIRECTIONS: Scoop out avocado pulp and place in large mixing bowl. Add lime juice, zest, salt and pepper and toss to coat. Using a fork, mash avocado until you reach desired consistency. Gently fold in jalapeño, tomatoes, onion and cilantro. Taste for seasoning and add salt and pepper as needed. Allow to sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before serving.


in Orlando!

Welcome Dr. Yaphet Tilahun

The Center for Colon & Rectal Surgery is welcoming a new member to their esteemed medical team. An Ivy League-educated physician, Yaphet Tilahun, MD, is a highly trained colorectal surgeon with advanced certification in minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgery.

SPECIALTIES & SERVICES • Anorectal disease

• Pelvic floor disease

• Colorectal cancers

• Screening and therapeutic colonoscopy

• Diverticular disease • Inflammatory bowel disease

• Transanal minimally invasive surgery

• Fecal incontinence and constipation

Accepting New Patients: (407) 303-2615 Center for Colon & Rectal Surgery 258 South Chickasaw Trail, Suite 201 Orlando, FL 32825 |

Yaphet Tilahun, MD

Member of


18-FHMG-05806 CCRS_Tilahun MD_Welcome Ad CF Lifestyle-R1.indd 1

8/15/18 10:10 AM


artbelieve the

of make

Stretch your imagination as a family to create your own unique chalk art in your driveway. By Ashley Moore and Catie Moore Photos by Brady Gin Photography

Set Your Imagination Free

The whole family can get involved in this chalk art project. All you need is a box of chalk, a clear concrete space and your imagination. We included some ideas here to get you started, but the beauty of this activity is that it can be anything you want it to be. The fun comes from planning it out together based on the things your family loves to do.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

Theme it to your family’s favorite vacation destination. Whether your trips are to the beach, the mountains or a theme park, the opportunities for a cute vacation souvenir are endless. Brainstorm this one together so you can include everyone’s favorite moments.

Theme it to your child’s interests. Anything will work here, from sports like basketball and gymnastics to activities such as ballet, karate or playing an instrument. The photo could be a fun gift for your child’s teacher.


Theme it to your child’s favorite nursery rhyme or book. Bring the characters to life and transport your child to the world of their favorite story. Not only is it a cute photo-op but it’s also a way to instill a love of reading in your kids.

For more ideas, visit


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018


How to Claim Your

Unclaimed Property Q:

Find out how to secure unclaimed property assets that belong to you and ensure that your assets won’t go unclaimed upon death.

When my father died, he owned a home and bank accounts. As his only child, I am the sole beneficiary of his estate. Since I was abroad and held antipathy for my father at the time of his death, I did not learn of his passing until two years later. Recently, I received a letter from a treasure broker for unclaimed property in Florida stating that my father had substantial assets remaining from bank accounts plus a deficiency balance remaining from a foreclosure on his home. Can I secure unclaimed property assets from my father without the need for a treasure broker? Where would I begin to look for these assets?

By Kristen M. Jackson, Jackson Law P.A.


Money or property that belongs to you could be sitting in a state unclaimed property office, just waiting for you to claim it. There are billions of dollars belonging to millions of people sitting unclaimed at state escheat offices. If the property is not claimed it may “escheat� to the state, meaning it becomes the property of the state. Relatives who file for the unclaimed property of a

Kristen M. Jackson is the founding partner of Jackson Law PA (407-363-9020). She is experienced in estate planning, real estate law, business and contract law. Her firm has earned an AV rating by MartindaleHubbell signifying the highest level of professional excellence as obtained through opinions from members of the bar and judiciary.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

deceased person in Florida must file within 10 years, before it escheats to the state. In other words, at that time, the state becomes the absolute property owner. Most unclaimed property becomes abandoned due to a change of address, a name change or death of the owner when the estate was unaware of the money or the heirs could not be located. Often, an owner knows about an asset but is unaware that it has been declared abandoned and turned over to the state. One of the most common ways that property becomes unclaimed is when someone dies without a Last Will and institutions such as banks, credit unions, and insurance and investment companies are unaware of who the beneficiaries are or where and how to locate them. Be careful about hiring someone to locate your unclaimed prop-

erty. There are professionals who make a living tracing the owners of unclaimed property. They typically request a fee ranging from 10 percent to 60 percent of the value of the property. Why use a tracer when you can contact the state of Florida yourself at In many cases, you may be required to hire an estate probate attorney to transfer ownership of inherited assets. Who would you rather receive your belongings, your chosen beneficiaries or the state? Avoid your property becoming the property of the state by doing proper estate planning. If you have no Will or Trust, your assets may end up in the hands of the state, or someone claiming to be your heir, simply because your intended beneficiaries were not notified that you had died.

Choose expert cancer care close to home.

As an extension of the Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, the Ocoee

Regional Care Center has been proudly

serving the West Orange community for five years. Now, we are pleased to

announce the opening of our expanded Regional Care Center at Health Central Hospital. Built through a collaborative

effort with Orlando Health – Health Central Hospital and West Orange Healthcare District, this state-of-the-art facility is

dedicated to providing the widest possible array of high-quality cancer care.

In addition to medical and radiation

oncology, chemotherapy, IV therapy and access to nutritionists, counselors and

support groups, new services include: 321.843.7440

Regional Care Center at Health Central Hospital


Surgical oncology consultations

On-site laboratory and pharmacy

Integrative medicine and support services

9900 W. Colonial Dr., Ocoee, FL 34761


The First Academy’s Aquaponics Approach

Students are rethinking their global impact through the school’s first Living Ecosystem Aquaponics Facility, which opens this fall. COURTESY OF THE FIRST ACADEMY


he First Academy (TFA) is developing new educational pathways for students to impact lives during their mission trips while creating more experiential learning opportunities in the classroom. Aquaponics is a food production system that combines aquaculture (the raising of fish) with hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants in water) into an integrated symbiotic ecosystem. TFA has expanded its S.T.E.A.M. opportunities to develop their first L.E.A.F. (Living Ecosystem Aquaponics Facility) that students will start using in the late fall. The L.E.A.F. will consist of four fish tanks and six growing beds in a sciencebased system controlled by water quality and a greenhouse operated by students and teachers. During the first year, students will be exposed to all of the options for growing crops and fish; however, they will mainly focus on tilapia and leafy greens as they deploy this system. All students will benefit from the experience, but the curriculum will be integrated into 4th to 10th grade science courses over the next few years. In addition to science curriculum, there are other opportunities to integrate math, Bible and personal finance courses. Matt Eggert, TFA’s Director of Technology and Innovation, is leading the efforts to organize, build and integrate this system. “We hope that students

not only learn the skills necessary for sustainable farming but also take these skills abroad during mission trips,” he said. “Our students are uniquely positioned at TFA to impact communities in developing areas of the world. We already give them the opportunity to share the word of God with others in impoverished areas, so why not try to improve their lives as well by teaching them ‘how to fish’ and grow their own food?” TFA plans to sell the crops in a variety of methods. They will sell some retail to parents and attempt to build partnerships with local establishments that want fresh, local and top-quality ingredients. “We want our students to understand the logistics, marketing and budgeting of running a self-sustainable business while teaching them what to do with abundance once we have

achieved profitability,” Eggert added. Once the school has reached abundance, more L.E.A.F.s will be purchased with that money then drop shipped to TFA’s mission areas to change lives. A variety of community partners are already interested in the project. Brian Rose, TFA’s Assistant Head of School for Advancement, commented, “This project is so exciting, and we’re always looking for passionate community members who are eager about finding innovative ways to educate students and create an impact for Christ.” TFA is still fundraising for non-vital components for the L.E.A.F. project. If you’re interested in participating, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement. Finally, TFA will be starting its social media campaign to connect the community to this project. Student ambassadors for the L.E.A.F., along with Eggert, will be using the hashtag #LEAF4LIFE to connect and improve the impact they have in the classroom and globally. For more information, visit

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Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

2667 Bruton Blvd. Orlando, FL 32805 407.206.8602

Heading back to school can be added pressure, but you can help your child cope.

Mental Health Support for Back-To-School What every parent should know.


eing a child can be challenging. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 5 children has a mental health or learning disorder that could lead to disruptive behavior or poor performance at school. Parents know their children better than anyone and are able to notice when they are struggling with an issue. Signs to look for include poor school performance and any

significant changes in behavior such as change in mood, response, friends, activities, habits, routines, sleep or eating patterns. Prevention and early intervention are key. If emotional and behavioral symptoms are addressed early, proper intervention can be life changing for a child with, or at risk for, a mental health issue. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida remains a committed

partner in our community, providing a variety of behavioral health services for youth and families; including outpatient counseling services delivered in the school and home, mobile crisis responses services, telehealth services and trauma-informed clinical services for survivors of human trafficking and those at-risk of sexual exploitation.

Take Action • Find Help. If you suspect your child might need help, contact a behavioral healthcare provider in your community. If your child needs immediate on-site crisis intervention and stabilization, call 2-1-1.

• Advocate. Now is the time to advocate for support of mental health funding with your legislative representatives. Contact us at to join us in our advocacy efforts.

• Support. Devereux Florida, a 501(c)3, is devoted to helping children with mental health issues. To learn the different ways you can support youth in our community, email


College Football


A look at what's in store this season for the Florida State Seminoles, UCF Knights and Florida Gators. By Nicholas Moore


he wait between college football seasons always feels like a lifetime. Time-wise, the 2018 off-season was no different than any of the past. Life-wise, it was perhaps like no other. It began with a National Championship celebration, something the state of Florida has become accustomed to every couple of years over the last few decades. However, at least up to that point, the celebration had never taken place in downtown Orlando. There were head coaching changes, something familiar for the state of Florida, especially Gator fans. However, this off-season saw well-documented wholesale changes at UCF, Florida State and, once again, at Florida, with all three institutions doing so for entirely different reasons. The pre-season AP Top 25 rankings were released on Aug. 20, and 22

Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

featured three in-state programs, including #19 Florida State Seminoles and #21 UCF Knights. Noticeably absent, the Florida Gators will begin the 2018 campaign unranked. Here is a brief preview of the upcoming season and predictions for some of the top Florida teams.

Florida State Seminoles The Outlook: The writing was on the wall for Jimbo Fisher's departure in Tallahassee long before he threw out the Christmas tree prior to the holiday occurring. Thus, the 'Noles disappointing 7-6 record from a season ago. Fisher can now afford endless amounts of holiday decorations thanks to Texas A&M, but it's Willie Taggart's job

to redesign the interior of the Florida State football program. Taggart inherited what appears to be quite a talented and experienced roster. Junior quarterback Deondre Francois looks poised to return from a knee injury that he suffered in the season opening game last year against Alabama. James Blackman, who struggled early on in replacing Francois at quarterback, also returns for his sophomore season. The Seminole backfield is expected to lead by super sophomore, Cam Akers, who rushed more than 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns as a freshman last season. The Prediction: 7 wins, 5 losses – The schedule sets up for a hot start, but back-toback ACC road games at Louisville and Miami could begin a second half slide. Games at Notre Dame and vs.

Someday Starts Today With a brand new practice featuring top specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. With a focus on prevention and non-surgical solutions. And with comprehensive, compassionate care for the whole patient – body, mind and spirit. Good news: you don’t have to wait. It starts today with appointments now available in East Orlando.

Rajesh Tota-Maharaj, MBBS, FACP, FACC Board-certified Cardiologist

Usman Hashmi, MD, FACC Board-certified Cardiologist


East Orlando Cardiology 258 South Chickasaw Trail, Suite 310 | Orlando, FL 32825 P: (407) 303-6588 | F: (407) 303-6592


Florida in November could go a long way in evaluating year one for Willie Taggart.

the season’s highest-rated non-power five team, looking to once again make a splash on New Year’s Day in 2019.

UCF Knights

Florida Gators

The Outlook: UCF’s 2017 National Championship claim was the topic of conversation throughout much of the country this off-season and will continue to play a large role throughout 2018 as the Knights face what will likely be their toughest season in program history. Their 21st ranking in the AP Top 25 is the team’s highest pre-season ranking in school history and the highest-rated non-power five team in the AP Top 25. That delineation was what kept the Knights from being included in the College Football Playoff a season ago. If the Knights are to remain the highest-rated nonpower five team, they will once again earn the automatic bid into a New Year’s Day bowl game that comes with the honor. Head coach Josh Heupel and company inherited a roster that returns a majority of its talent, including 14 starters. The schedule was a major point of contention a season ago. However, the addition of an ACC road game at North Carolina, a Friday night meeting at Spectrum Stadium with Florida Atlantic and a visit from the ACC’s Pitt Panthers looks to enhance the College Football Committee’s respect.

The Outlook: The Gators enter 2018 looking to erase every possible memory of an abysmal 4-7 record a season ago. Now, any hope of returning to their most recent glory days rests on the familiar face of Dan Mullen, who served as the offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer when the Gators were winning national championships. This season will likely rest on the right arm of redshirt sophomore quarterback, Felipe Franks, who showed both potential and growing pains as a redshirt freshman. He will be joined by a platoon of running backs, led by Jordan Scarlett, who returns from a season-long suspension. Defense has been the Gators true identity for a long time now, and 2018 doesn’t appear to be much different. Todd Grantham takes over as defensive coordinator and brings a new 3-4

The Prediction: 10 wins, 2 losses – When you’re the best, you get everyone else’s best. Sure, that’s cliché, but having never been in this position, it’s also something Knights coaches, players and fans need to be prepared for from each opponent. The country can’t wait to tell UCF they told you so, and they may not have to wait very long, as the Knights head to Chapel Hill in Week 3 then return home to host Kiffin and the Owls just six days later. Expect the Knights to be in the conversation for 24

Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

scheme to a unit who returns much of its top talent. Defensive ends Cece Jefferson and Jabari Zuniga, linebacker David Reese and cornerback tandem, Marco Wilson and CJ Henderson, look to keep the defensive reputation intact, and the schedule sets up well for a potential momentum gaining turnaround season. The Gators will play just three regular season games outside the state this year. The Prediction: 8 wins, 4 losses – Many years ago, an 8-4 expectation would be unacceptable in Gainesville, but if the Gators are the only ones that can get out of the Swamp alive and can do so while putting points on the scoreboard, 2018 could be the pivotal turnaround season. The road could have its woes, as Mullen’s return to Starkville, the cocktail party in Jacksonville and Thanksgiving weekend in Tallahassee will be this season's toughest tests. With Georgia expected to dominate the SEC East, a dream season for Florida would be participating in a New Year’s Day or later bowl game.



4 Small Spaces Gardening Solutions for

These tips will help you create an amazing deck garden with limited space. By Rosy Rain


o you live in a home with limited outdoor living space? That doesn't mean you have to give up on the dream of growing fresh produce or beautiful plants and flowers. The concept of deck and patio gardening is gaining popularity as people try their hand at urban homesteading, and garden centers across the country now offer supplies that makes the job easier. Take full advantage of your deck with these limited space gardening techniques. Grow Your Garden Up Vertical gardening is one of the most effective ways to make the most of a small garden space, and many different plants are receptive to it. This technique involves the use of trellises, tiered planters and ladder planters, which allow plants to grow up in the air instead of spreading out into a large garden space. Vertical Gardening is ideal for roses, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, herbs, peace lilies and 26

Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

other small plants. Trellises and tiered planters come pre-assembled, or you can construct custom containers to suit your own specific needs.  Hanging Planters If your deck includes a roof overhang, take advantage of this potential garden space. Hanging planters are perfect for herbs and flowers that can grow down from the pot. Once the plants are grown, your deck will look more complete and the plants will attract pollinating insects and maybe even some birds. Railing Planters Railing planters are essential for a deck garden because they allow you to add more plants to a small space. Typically rectangular in shape, railing planters come with metal attachments that hook on to your deck railing. This is an excellent option for herb gardens, flowers and any other plant that can handle shallow planting space up to 4" in depth.

Traditional and Upcycled Planting Pots An assortment of pots in different shapes and sizes are essential for any deck and patio gardener. Planting pots don't need to be used for just flowers and ornamental plants though. You can use pots for a small vegetable or herb garden as well. Whether you're planting vegetables or fruits, choose a pot that is the appropriate size for the level of growth expected. Instead of purchasing pots, see what you can upcycle from your own home. Try painting plastic, metal or wood containers or hang kitchen colanders from an old coat rack. A carefully designed deck garden can offer a fun and functional solution to a small space problem. Whether you wish to become more self-sustaining as an urban farmer or are just looking for a new hobby that will get you outside more, you don't have to sacrifice tending to a garden just because you don't have a full-size yard.

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A Work of Art At Advanced Aesthetics, Dr. Diana Lambie transforms the human body using surgical and nonsurgical techniques.



Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018


ust as an artist has a keen eye for transforming a blank canvas and drops of paint into beautiful creations, a plastic surgeon transforms the human body. Using the body as her canvas and state-of-the-art techniques as her tools, Dr. Diana Lambie works with patients at Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery in Windermere to create a brand new look that helps them feel their best. As a board-certified female plastic surgeon, Dr. Lambie offers expertise on the female body as only a woman could. “I guide my patients through the process of selecting the right procedure for them,” she says. “I have my patients’ best interests at heart, so I always give them my honest opinion.” Along with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Choi, Dr. Lambie has an eye for form, grace and proportion that helps her achieve each patient's desired result. From sculpting a slimmer waistline with liposuction to enhancing a patient's figure with breast augmentation, the goal is to boost confidence through a variety of surgical and nonsurgical options. Nonsurgical alternatives include injectables like Botox and Juvederm, which provide a more youthful appearance by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles in all areas of the face. Additionally, The Ultra Femme 360 and Hydrafacial will leave your skin feeling refreshed, and laser hair removal techniques remove unwanted hair in an easy and effective way. “The most important part of my work is designing the perfect look for my patients on screen then creating it for them in real life,” Dr. Lambie says. “There is nothing better than seeing the smile on their faces when they look at themselves in the mirror for the first time." Advanced Aesthetics is the largest luxury plastic surgery clinic in Orlando, featuring a spa-like waiting room, a pre-operative staging area with two luxury surgical suites, and a relaxing recovery room. The fully accredited facility has a board-certiADVANCED AESTHETICS fied anesthesiologist on staff, and a private nurse cares PLASTIC SURGERY ALSO for each patient before and after surgery to put their OFFERS THE FOLLOWING minds at ease. SURGICAL PROCEDURES: After earning her undergraduate degree at the • Breast Augmentation University of Michigan, Dr. Lambie went on to com• Breast Lift/Reduction plete seven years of post-graduate training. She has been in private practice for 12 years. • Tummy Tuck It is Dr. Lambie’s goal to help women achieve the • Liposuction best result for their bodies. As a woman, she intimate• Facelift ly understands the female body and provides medical • Eyelids (upper and lower) expertise and nurturing advice along the way. Under • Rhinoplasty  Dr. Lambie’s care, patients across Central Florida at• Botox/Fillers tain beautiful results that will last them a lifetime. • Leg/Arm Tucks For more information about how Advanced • Mommy Makeovers Aesthetics Plastic Surgery can help you transform • Butt Augmentation your body into a work of art, call to schedule a com• Labiaplasty plimentary consultation with Dr. Diana Lambie.


7425 Conroy Windermere Road Orlando, FL 32835 407.299.7575


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Get in the Game Keep the whole family safe on the field this year with these tips.


he start of a new season often brings new intentions to rally the family to live a healthier lifestyle and exercise more. At the same time, as we enter the school year, we’re busting out the pompoms and cleats for another series of gridiron showdowns. Go, Tigers! (or Dolphins! or Pirates!) In our zeal to get across the goal line, we can sometimes fail to prioritize fitness and sports safety measures. Keep your eye on the ball to avoid risking injury before the first whistle even blows. Family Fitness “Setting a family goal is fantastic, but it’s important to ease into any exercise that’s new to you or that you haven’t done in a while,” says William


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

Felix, MD, CAQSM, a board-certified sports medicine physician in Lake Nona. “And if you’ve been inactive for an extended period or have health concerns, check with your physician before starting an exercise program.” Dr. Felix suggests setting your family up for fitness success by first getting your gear and yourselves in working order. “Before you start, make sure your athletic shoes fit well and are in good shape — a running store will help you choose the right pair,” he says. “This can help prevent rolling an ankle or putting undue strain on your feet, knees, hips and back. You’ll thank yourself later if you can bypass painful conditions like plantar fasciitis and shin splints. Stretching before exercise, and resting a day between workouts,

William Felix, MD, CAQSM

are also essential parts of an injuryfree plan,” says Dr. Felix. “It seems simple, but bad shoes, failing to warm up and overexertion are big reasons adults and kids get sidelined from the activities they enjoy.”

Cool It It may be fall, but it’s still Central Florida. Easily the most important part of playing sports in this heat is proper hydration. “Be sure your family drinks plenty of fluids before, during and after strenuous activity,” says Dr. Felix. “At school, your child should have access to water when they need it, on the playground or the football field. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are serious and can happen fast.” If you or your child experience the following symptoms, you should immediately move to a cooler place, stop exercising and cool down by pouring chilled water over your head, ears, neck and wrists, or use wet cloths, compresses and fanning.

• Chilled, moist skin • Dark urine • Dizziness, lightheadedness • Headaches • Nausea and vomiting • Weakness

Heads Up Concussion injuries are in the news a lot these days. “I’m glad to see so much concussion coverage, lately,” says Dr. Felix. “These are serious injuries and every precaution should be made to protect athletes from them.” A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occurs when the brain bounces within the skull. It can happen when two players collide on the field, when a child stumbles and hits his head on the ground, or during a bicycle or car accident, to name a few potential causes. Head injuries are most commonly associated with football, but concussions can (and do) occur in sports ranging from soccer to wrestling to cheerleading. “While contact sports come to mind most often, nearly all sports and physical activities come with some risk for concussion,” says Dr. Felix. “In fact, in women’s college sports, cheerleading has the highest rate of concussions.” At the same time, the risk for concussions needs to be balanced against

4 Common Sports Injuries to Avoid Be aware of these four common sports injuries and seek medical advice if you notice symptoms. 1. A  chilles tendon ruptures and tears: Often seen in middle-aged athletes who haven’t stretched. Can happen in any sport that involves running. 2. Rotator  cuff tears or impingements: Caused by straining a cold muscle in a sudden overhead motion, such as a tennis serve. 3. S  prains or strains of the medial collateral ligament: This ligament straps the inside of the knee joint. Often triggered by a lack of strength or flexibility. 4. E  lbow tendonitis: An inflammation of the tendons that extend from elbow to wrist. Caused by repeated movement; and can affect bowlers and racket-sport enthusiasts.

the benefits of getting moving. “While injury risks need to be recognized and are not something to take lightly,” Dr. Felix states, “physical activity is encouraged at all ages. I encourage my patients to get out there, stay safe, and have fun.”

To find the perfect primary care, or sports medicine, physician or pediatrician for your family, call (407) 490-4985. Or visit for a customized search by zip code. All of our physicians are part of the Florida Hospital Care Network. • Compassionate care for all ages • Extended office hours • Online scheduling • Same-day appointments • Spanish-speaking

Signs & Symptoms of Youth Concussion When a concussion is sustained, a wide range of symptoms may be present. What a supervising adult observes often differs from what the child or teen suffering from a concussion reports. Here are some of the signs to watch for: Commonly Observed by Parents or Coaches: •A  ppearing dazed or stunned •C  onfusion about an instruction, assignment, score or opponent •C  lumsy movement •D  elayed response time •L  oss of consciousness (even briefly) •M  ood, behavior or personality changes •P  roblems with memory (for example, can’t recall events surrounding the injury) Reported by Children and Teens: •H  eadache or pressure in the head •N  ausea or vomiting •R  inging sound in ears •D  izziness or balance problems •D  ouble or blurred vision •S  ensitivity to light or noise •F  eeling sluggish or groggy •S  leeping more or less than usual •C  onfusion or trouble concentrating •M  emory problems •F  eeling “off” or down




Culinary Cuisine Tantalize your taste buds with two of Orlando’s newest restaurants. By Lyndsay Fogarty


he food scene in Orlando is always changing, with new concepts making a name for themselves every day. These are two of our favorite new additions. 4R Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck at Disney Springs When John Rivers, founder and CEO for 4R Restaurant Group, was creating the menu for 4R Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck, his inspiration came from his culinary adventures in Mexico City. The result was a flavorful menu that provides a different experience each time. First, you choose the vessel in which your meal will be served: a taco cone, three tacos, a burrito bowl or nachos. The taco cone is easily the most Instagram-worthy, but the other options seem much easier to eat. Then, you pick Brisket Barbacoa, Nana’s Pork Sofrito, Chicken Tinga or Tri-Tip Steak for the filling. The chefs will take care of the rest, 32

Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

adding a selection of toppings that differ depending on which item you choose. Vegetarian options include Black Beans & Cilantro Rice topped with pico de gallo and tortilla chips, which provide a more classic take on Mexican cuisine. More adventurous eaters will be intrigued by the Squash Blossom Quesadilla, fresh squash blossom, zucchini, tomato, onion and refried beans sandwiched with Chihuahua cheese and queso fresco between two perfectly crisp tortillas. 4R Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck also offers two dessert selections with incredibly generous portions. The fluffy Churro Balls are served with a light Dulce de Leche sauce and are easy to share. You might want to keep the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Nachos to yourself though, as the flour tortilla chips are dusted in cinnamon and sugar then piled high with chocolate hazelnut spread and fresh fruit.

Among the signature dishes served at the 4R Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck is the Burrito Bowl filled with choice of meats such as Brisket Barbacoa or Pork Sofrito.

This new venture into Mexican cuisine isn’t too out of the ordinary for Rivers. Signature 4 Rivers meats, such as brisket and pulled pork, are prepared using traditional barbacoa techniques, a barbecue method with Caribbean roots that was perfected in Mexico. Located in The Marketplace section of Disney Springs, between World of Disney and Ghirardelli, the 4R Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck provides a 4 Rivers fix seven days a week. Yes, even on Sunday. Jinya Ramen Bar in Thornton Park One of the newest restaurants to hit the Thornton Park area is Jinya Ramen Bar. With locations throughout portions of the United States and Canada, the restaurant is serious about its ramen but its menu also features rice bowls and curry dishes, offering something for everyone.


The Jinya Bun starts off your meal with umami flavor.

Begin your meal with one of the popular small plates, including Crispy Chicken served with ponzu sauce, Spicy Tuna Tacos in a crispy wonton shell or the Jinya Bun stuffed with slow-braised pork chashu, cucumber, mixed greens, bun sauce and kewpie mayo. You can have one with a bowl of ramen or several to make a meal out of it. The ramen selection is extensive and includes traditional dishes like the Spicy Chicken Ramen with chicken broth, chicken chashu, spinach, spicy bean sprouts, green onion and thick noodles (served mild, spicy or hot) and Jinya Tonkotsu Black with pork broth, pork chashu, kikurage, green onion, nori dried seaweed, a seasoned egg, garlic chips, fried onion, spicy sauce and thin noodles. If you’re looking for a more modern flavor profile, the Lobster Me Happy includes shrimp and lobster wontons and crispy Brussels sprouts while the Vegetable Soup Ramen features veggies like asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower. You can even customize your own bowl if you prefer. When it comes to the ramen, Jinya Ramen Bar founder, Tomonori Takahashi, is serious about the broth. Stock is simmered for more than 10 hours using whole pork bones, chicken or vegetables mixed with authentic Japanese ingredients such as bonito, dashi and kombu. Just as much time is given to the noodles as well. Crafted to sink perfectly in the bowl, Jinya’s noodles are made fresh daily and aged for three days to maximize the flavor. Jinya Ramen Bar is located on Summerlin Avenue near Soco. There are several parking garage options nearby, but the closest is located on the back end of the building. COURTESY OF JINYA RAMEN BAR

The Spicy Chicken Ramen is one of 13 ramen selected at Jinya, or you can build your own bowl.


Meet the winner and the finalists in this year’s art contest, and take a look at their work.

Winner! KELLY JOY LADD - GRAVITATIONAL WAVES Community: Winter Springs Artistic Inspiration: I’m very inspired by circles because, to me, they represent infinity, the cycles of nature and connections between people. I’m also very much inspired by astronomy. While at the University of Central Florida, I studied astronomy. I like to incorporate astronomical terms and concepts in the names of my work. Gisela Carbonell says: This is a unique piece in many ways. It is skillfully done by manipulating paper to create an undulating mosaic of fluid shapes. It is as beautiful as it is complex. We were drawn to the originality of the work and to how it invited us to touch it with our eyes. Kelly masters this technique and perfectly harmonizes the tactile aspect of the material with undeniable aesthetic quality. It was very interesting to learn how her personal experiences influenced her unique style.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

SARAH SILVE - IMPERIAL GARDEN Community: Downtown Orlando Artistic Inspiration: In my painting, my inspiration begins with colors. I love how they are able to evoke emotions on their own. In this particular piece, the combination of soft and vibrant hues creates a sense of balance and calmness. The subject, Beihai Park in Beijing, is nestled right in the middle of the bustling city. To me, the lucid lake and seemingly whispering trees symbolize a quiet sanctuary, providing respite for the weary traveler. I meant the painting to be a remembrance of my trip to China. Gisela Carbonell says: I was curious about this painting as soon as I saw it. There is a certain familiarity about landscape, yet the image drew me in and took me on an imaginary journey. I was intrigued by the story behind it. Sarah’s openness in sharing how her experiences traveling abroad motivated her to depict this moment added another layer to the piece.

LEIGH ALFREDSON - HOT PINK SERENITY Community: Sanford Artistic Inspiration: All the beautiful flowers at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. I drew a section of flowers from a group planted in a large pot. Gisela Carbonell says: This piece made everyone smile. The artist’s focus on the flowers conveys a sense of joy and admiration for nature. The bright pinks and deep greens seem to vibrate off the surface and invite us into a beautiful garden. It was great to learn about Leigh’s passion for street painting and especially her years of dedication to teaching this art form.

SUSANA YOUNGSTEADT - WINTER PARK CANAL Gisela Carbonell says: This painting is an elegant and serene rendition of the Winter Park canal. The harmonious combination of colors conveys a familiar and inviting scene. I like that the artist is taking us through the canal but we don’t see what’s around the corner. There is a sense of joyful anticipation and discovery that is evoked also by the vibrant brushstrokes throughout the work.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

ANDREEA WATERS - SEBASTIAN INLET Community: Winter Park Artistic Inspiration: The beach is my fascination street. People from everywhere go to the ocean for individual reasons. It is a place to surrender to nature and strip yourself from everyday life. It is a melting pot of humanity and life, self-expression and wanderlust. Winter storms bring the best waves on the East Coast, tuning the ocean into a surf playground. That day in February, I knew it was going to be good. As a photographer, I chase the light and the surfer chases the ride. When all the elements come together, we share a perfect, flitting moment.  Gisela Carbonell says: There is so much force and energy in this image. It was hard to look away. The colors, perspective and the moment Andreea captures in this photo are unique. She takes us right to the waves to experience surfer culture and invites us to take in the entire scene. The artistic as well as the documentary angles are important here and the image offers a balanced view of nature, culture, sport, documentation and experience. RED (LINDA) HARRISON - MOSAIC OF EMOTION Community: Lake Mary Artistic Inspiration: This painting was created with mostly palette knives and a couple of soft brushes to blend the edges for a smooth appearance. With its many facets of color, angles, textures, directions and light, it represents a mosaic that is life, where unplanned actions and unknown directions evolve into a complete picture. Even the colors reveal emotions: yellow represents our caution to express ourselves, orange inspires us to find life’s purpose, red is the passion to create and experience life with zest, white is purity and creative thinking, brown keeps us in touch with nature, and black represents our maturity as we age. Gisela Carbonell says: The intense energy of the colors and the markings on the surface of this work draws the viewer in and invites them to reflect on their own emotions. Linda’s enthusiastic explanation of her artistic process guided us in considering each element in the painting. Each with equal force shows her passion for process.

Special thank you to The Alfond Inn for hosting an intimate evening with our finalists as well as our amazing judges: Gisela Carbonell, Curator at The Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College and The Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art at The Alfond Inn

Barbara Hartley, Executive Director for Downtown Arts District

Tiffany Sanders, CMO for JHT, Inc. and participant in a variety of art organizations including Downtown Arts District, SNAP! Orlando and United Arts



5 Reasons to Staycation at The Alfond Inn

With its many amenities and unique experiences, The Alfond Inn will be your home away from home for a quick weekend getaway. By Lyndsay Fogarty


here is no shortage of hotels here in Orlando, the most-visited destination in the United States. However, one boutique hotel in the heart of Winter Park stands out not only for its prime location but also for its reputation as a home away from home for all types of travelers, including locals looking for a staycation. The Alfond Inn at Rollins boasts 112 rooms and amenities such as a beautiful conservatory, a lush courtyard, a heated pool and a fitness center. While there are many reasons to plan a staycation here, these are our top five. 1. A belief in giving back. The Alfond Inn is owned by Rollins College, and its net operating income is directed to The Alfond Scholars Program scholarship fund. The

fund awards 10 full scholarships annually, which includes tuition, room and board, to first-year students in the College of Liberal Arts at Rollins College. 2. Man's best friend is welcome. At The Alfond Inn, you don't have to make arrangements to board your dog before your stay. You can bring him or her with you. There is even a Very Important Pup Package available that includes a two-night stay in a classic room, a specialty dog bowl, a variety of dog treats and toys, a thundershirt and a donation to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.


3. Art is integrated into your experience. The Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art is a 350+ piece collection in the hotel lobby that Barbara and Theodore Alfond envisioned as a visual syllabus for the liberal arts values they learned at Rollins College. Every first Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., there is a guided tour of selections from the Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art during the Happy Hour Art Tour as well as a complimentary Art Tour at 1 p.m. every Sunday.

Very Important Pups are welcome to stay at The Alfond Inn, too.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

4. An award-winning restaurant is on property. Hamilton's Kitchen was named in honor of Hamilton Holt, who was the president

The Alfond Inn at Rollins is a boutique hotel in Winter Park.

of Rollins College from 1925 to 1949. Serving traditional southern cuisine, the restaurant is open for brunch and dinner seven nights a week. Mouth-watering menu items include cheese and charcuterie boards as well as Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with caper berry, truffle aioli and cabernet salt to start. Main courses cover both land and sea with selections such as Crab Crusted Scallops with olive oil poached potato, French beans and Dijon tomato butter and Prime New York Strip Loin with bleu cheese mash, French beans and garlic-basil butter. Expect a delicious, relaxing meal here. 5. Special events year-round. Coming up, The Alfond Inn will host Get Your Jazz On – Halloween concert on Oct. 26 and Get Your Jazz On – Holiday Concert on Dec. 20. Both events will feature a live jazz concert under the stars as well as select beer, wine, spirits and seasonally blended cocktails to sip and award-winning selections from the culinary team to savor. Visit www.TheAlfondInn. com for more information on events through the year.


Everything You Need to Know About


Some truly authentic celebrations will be held in The City Beautiful. If you head to one of these events, don’t forget to dress the part in blueand-white checks or red, black and gold. October 5-6, 26-27 OKTOBERFEST 2018

German American Society of Central Florida 381 Orange Lane Cassselberry, FL 32707 Throughout the two Oktoberfest weekends, you can purchase authentic German food like home-cooked schnitzels and sauerbraten and enjoy an outdoor beer garden as well as live entertainment from traditional German bands.


Your guide to participating in this yearly tradition right here in Orlando. By Larissa Hamblin


t’s the best time of the year for beer and pretzel connoisseurs everywhere. From the smell of autumn to German music filling the air, Oktoberfest celebrations have something for everyone, even kids. Oktoberfest has been celebrated for generations. It all started in Munich, Germany, in 1890, when people gathered in the streets drinking an array of beer to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The wedding celebration lasted for days, accompanied by feasting and drinking. Oktoberfest became a yearly event in Munich but celebrations aren't just held in Germany. This year, Oktoberfest celebrations will begin on Sept. 22 and finish on Oct. 7, according to the official German Oktoberfest website. Across the two-week time span, many beers, bratwursts and pretzels will be served, even in Orlando.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

In Germany, 1.61 million gallons of beer was consumed at Oktoberfest in 2016, according to Wallethub. The U.S. will likely never surpass that total, but Cincinnati surely tries. Home of the most popular Oktoberfest celebration in the U.S., over 2,000 barrels of beer are typically consumed at the yearly event. While Americans typically drink their favorite beer as they celebrate, Sam Adams Oktoberfest is a crowd favorite. The marzen-style beer is described as smooth with a roasted sweetness and it's best paired with sausage, roasted chicken and pot roast. Individuals celebrating in Munich will only be drinking "liquid gold" brewed in the city and, once again, more than 6 million liters are expected to be consumed. The beer is brewed under strict regulations called the Bavarian Purity Requirements, which were developed by Duke William IV in 1516. Only water, hops and barley are to be used to brew the beer. As they say in Germany, prost!

Downtown Avalon Park 3680 Avalon Park E Blvd. Orlando, FL 32828 Free admission This family-friendly event will have games for kids and lots of beer for the grownups. With food trucks, a beer garden and German music, guests will be transported to the streets of Munich.


Crooked Can Brewing Company 426 W. Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 Free admission Enjoy live German music, authentic food, a beer garden, live entertainment and plenty of family fun. For the second year in a row, the Oktoberfest Weiner Dog Race will be hosted by A Cause 4 Paws Rescue. 


Sing a Song of

Self-Worth This Dr. Phillips local teaches kids to be kind to others, but particularly to themselves, through music. By Lyndsay Fogarty


ccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 1 in 20 children ages 6 to 17 years, suffer from anxiety or depression. Inspired by a childhood experience, Jasmin Rhia, founder of Know Your Worth Musical Workshop, is passionate about helping children discover their true personal value through music. As in every generation, selfworth from the eyes of a child is often defined by looks, popularity and status symbols. Add to that today’s obsession with “likes” and instant feedback and it’s no wonder anxiety and depression are on the rise for kids. Rhia explains that children who suffer from low self-esteem are at risk for social anxiety, clinical depression, anger management issues, self-harm, addiction and even suicide. These issues don’t pick favorites. Regardless



Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

of your age, financial situation, looks or gender, negative self-speak can rapidly turn into internal self-shrieks of self-hate. In Rhia’s childhood experience, no matter how hard she tried to convince her friend of her beautiful worth, the mean self-mantra repeating in her friend’s head always won the battle. “I started to think how powerful it would be for people to learn about self-worth as a child,” she says. Her idea led to full-fledged research on how to effectively achieve a high self-esteem. Harmonizing her research with her love for music, this Dr. Phillips High School graduate, along with her niece Jiselle, created a curriculum using the power of music as a tool. “When I present my workshop, I explain the importance of speaking kind and powerful statements to oneself in a song format,” Rhia says. “I create a fun beat with the kids live from scratch using my violin, drum pads, guitar and synths.” As a substitute teacher by day and a restaurant employee by night, Rhia struggles to find enough hours to raise the funds needed to make her

Jasmin Rhia uses music as a tool when teaching children about self-worth.

dream a full-time reality. Although there is a hill to climb, Rhia knows the valley of the nearly 105 Americans who commit suicide each day is deeper. This drives her to continue the climb with gusto. Rhia marvels at how many children tell her that they never knew the dangers of thinking or saying negative things to themselves. “One girl told me she thought being sad and feeling bad all the time was normal,” she says, sharing that getting hugs from kids thanking her for making them feel good about themselves absolutely warms her heart. “I’ve seen kids enter the workshop in full melancholy and leave with pure excitement for a better tomorrow.” Seeking peace and happiness is often difficult to achieve. Yet, Know Your Worth is committed to reinforcing with children their true value. “In order for a child to succeed at handling all of life’s trials and tribulations, they must be taught early on how to love and respect themselves,” Rhia says. Her vision is to one day present her Know Your Worth workshops online where millions of kids are engaged daily, strengthening their mindset to know that they are a valuable creation in this world.

• • • • • • • • • • Special Adver tising Section • • • • • • • • • •



When: Sept. 17-23 Where: Films and exhibits at multiple locations, including Rollins College, Winter Park Public Library, Orange County Public Library and City Arts Factory Price: $10 for individual films, $50-$199 for film passes, and art/photography exhibits are free

When: Symphony Storytime Series runs select dates from Sept. 15 to May 11 and Young People’s Concerts run Oct. 10, 17 & 26 Where: Bob Carr Theater and The Plaza Live Price: $10 admission (children 2 and under free) to Symphony Storytime Series and $8 admission to Young People’s Concerts

For more information and to register: 407-582-6018

For more information and to register: 407-770-0071 |

Watch new films, hear from the filmmakers and visit the K-12 Peace Art Exhibit and photography exhibit honoring the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth. This unique event draws together filmmakers and film goers from all walks of life into a community of people inspired to take action in their daily lives and to leave the world a more peaceful place than they found it.

Children ages 3 to 7 will enjoy live music by Philharmonic musicians, along with narration and hand-drawn illustrations, at the Symphony Storytime Series. Post-concert activities include playing instruments, coloring and more. The Young People’s Concert, titled Beyond the Screen, features classical music presented in your student’s favorite television shows, movies and commercials. All concerts are held at Bob Carr Theater.

OPERA ORLANDO ORLANDO BALLET SCHOOL SOUTH CAMPUS Where: 7988 Via Dellagio Way, Ste. 204, Orlando, FL 32819 Price: Varies by program For more information and to register: 407-352-9733 Orlando Ballet School has two convenient Central Florida locations and adheres to the ABT National Training curriculum. With professional company performance opportunities, new musical theatre programs, pre-professional training, teen/adult drop-in classes and much more, there is something for everyone. Fall registration is now open. Reserve your child’s spot in class today.

ORLANDO BALLET SCHOOL CENTRAL CAMPUS Where: 2201 McRae Ave., Orlando, FL 32751 Price: Varies by program For more information and to register: 407-418-9818 Orlando Ballet School has two convenient Central Florida locations and adheres to the ABT National Training curriculum. With professional company performance opportunities, new musical theatre programs, pre-professional training, teen/adult drop-in classes and much more, there is something for everyone. Fall registration is now open. Reserve your child’s spot in class today.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

When: Season begins in October Where: Venues include Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Casa Feliz and St. John’s Lutheran Church Price: $29 - $79 For more information: 407-512-1900 Enjoy Offenbach’s surreal Tales of Hoffmann, Humperdinck’s tasty morsel Hansel & Gretel and a premiere pairing of Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci and Stravinsky’s Pulcinella, all part of Opera on the Mainstage. If that isn’t enough, step out with Opera on the Town featuring an immersive production of the The Barber of Seville at Casa Feliz, and Britten’s Noye’s Fludde in all its pageantry at St. John’s Lutheran Church.



Orlando Memories in September

Do you remember when this new hospital opened its doors and when this entertainment complex closed?

By Ashley Garrett


Disney’s Pleasure Island Shuts Its Doors

eptember marks some pretty important moments in Central Florida history as related to the area's medical and entertainment industries. Here are some milestones you should know about.

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Women Opens

On Sept. 10, 1989, the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children & Women opened in Orlando in partnership with Orlando Health and Arnold and Winnie Palmer on the golf legend's 60th birthday. At the time, it was the only hospital in the Southeast, and one of six in the nation, dedicated to serving the unique needs of women and children. In May 2006, the Arnold Palmer facility expanded to include the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies in order to meet the growing demand for obstetric, gynecological and children’s services. The two hospitals form the Arnold Palmer Medical Center. Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has continuously been recognized as a leader in children’s healthcare — it ranked nationally in five pediatric specialties on U.S. News & World Report’s 2018-2019 Best Children’s Hospitals list, making it the most recognized hospital in Orlando.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

Timucua Arts Foundation Hosts Its First Concert

Central Florida filled with music on Sept. 13, 2000, when the Timucua Arts Foundation hosted its first-ever concert. The not-for-profit foundation, which is supported by United Arts of Central Florida, got its start 18 years ago with only 20 to 40 people in attendance, but it has grown into a haven for some of Central Florida’s most prestigious music performances. Timucua now hosts a yearround concert season with over 70 events each year, many of which are free to the public. The foundation held its 600th concert in 2015 and continues to teach Central Florida residents about the power of music and education.

In the spring of 1989, Pleasure Island opened in Downtown Disney. Situated between the entertainment complex's family friendly Marketplace and West Side sections, Pleasure Island featured restaurants and stores but was known for its nightclubs and tradition of celebrating New Year's Eve every evening. The Disney story goes that Merriweather Adam Pleasure, a 19th century ship merchant, developed Pleasure Island in his pursuit of adventure and excitement as he navigated the booming leisure yachting business. He eventually turned the operation over to his sons so he could travel the world, but he was lost at sea in 1939. The men practically abandoned the site, so Disney Imagineers stepped in to transform the abandoned lofts and warehouses into the Pleasure Island that it was in its heyday. While it was a popular nighttime destination that rivaled downtown Orlando's Church Street Station, Pleasure Island closed to the public on Sept. 27, 2008. On the last night of business for BET SoundStage Club, Mannequins Dance Palace, 8Trax, Adventurers Club, Comedy Warehouse and Motion, Pleasure Island brought back its New Year's Eve tradition and celebrated the ball drop one last time.


UCF Athletics Update On Thursday, July 26, the Central Florid Hotel and Lodging Association conducted a membership luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress featuring a UCF Athletics Update provided by Danny White, Vice President and Athletic Director, University of Central Florida. Dr. White discussed the rapid growth of the University, the UCF Athletic Village vision plan and game day enhancements including field cabanas and a Tailgate Concert Series. Through a partnership with UCF Athletics, CFHLA member re-

Rich Maladecki is president and CEO of the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association, the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest regional hotel association (

sorts will show support for Orlandoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hometown team by flying the UCF flag on game days. CFHLA is also planning a tailgate/football game networking activity for the homecoming game on Nov. 10. The July Luncheon also featured recognition of the following CFHLA Members of the Month: May Members of the Month: Dave Bartek, Loews Hotels and Jay Hunt, Massey Services; June Members of the Month: Charles Fisher, Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World Resort and Cindy Andrews, Sunbrite Outdoor Furniture; July Members of the Month: Wade Michael, Quality Suites Royale Parc Suites and Rick Patterson, Associated Planners Group and August Members of the Month: John McCracken, Marriot Village Orlando and Ruthann DiLauri, Minuteman Press.

UCF Vice President and Athletic Director, Danny White.

Steven Jamieson, General Manager, The Mall at Millenia; Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings; Orange County Commissioner, District 2, Rod Love; and CFHLA Board Member and PAC/ PC Chairman Jay Leonard, General Manager, Wyndham and Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort Area.

A Culture of Thinking

Windermere Preparatory School is dedicated to providing students with rich opportunities for intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

Pre-K3 through Grade 12 International Baccalaureate World School 407-905-7737


Your guide to eye and vision health as you age.

What You Should Know About Eye Allergies By Lyndsay Fogarty


all is the season that awakens mold and ragweed allergies for many Americans. These allergies can be experienced in several ways, affecting both the nose and the eyes. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, eye allergy triggers include both indoor and outdoor allergens as well as irritants such as cigarette smoke, perfume and diesel exhaust. Individuals may experience symptoms like itching, redness, burning and clear, watery discharge on their own, but these symptoms are usually accompanied by the sneezing and stuffy nose that comes with nasal allergies. Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis is the most common type of eye allergy, according to ACAAI, with sufferers typically developing chronic dark circles called allergic shiners under


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

their eyes. However, there are several other types of eye allergies. ACAAI describes vernal keratoconjunctivitis as a more serious eye allergy common in boys and young men that can occur year-round and cause impaired vision if left untreated. Then there is atopic keratoconjunctivitis, which typically affects older men with a history of allergic dermatitis. It can result in scarring of the cornea if left untreated. Additionally, contact allergic conjunctivitis results from irritation that is caused by contact lenses or by the proteins from tears that bind to the surface of the lens. A more severe form of this eye allergy is giant papillary conjunctivitis, which causes individual fluid sacs to form in the upper lining of the inner eyelid. If you are experiencing eye allergies, consult with your eye care professional to see what they can do to help.

Tips for Protecting Your Vision


eeing clearly is something that many of us take for granted every day, and we’re not always taking care of our eyes as well as we should be. Follow these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep your eyes healthy for years to come. Schedule a comprehensive dilated eye exam. While you may think your eyes are healthy, an exam may determine that you could see even clearer with glasses or contacts. Even more important, common eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and age-related macular degeneration often have no warning signs but can be detected in their early stages with a dilated eye exam. Eat the right things. Since you were young, you’ve heard about the positive effects that carrots have on vision. This is due to the beta carotene that are found in this crunchy veggie, which the body converts to vitamin A. Research has also shown that dark, leafy greens such as spinach, kale and collard greens can keep your eyes healthy, too, as well as fish high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna and halibut. Eating a healthy diet is good for your whole body, including your eyes. Be mindful of screen time. If your job requires you to spend a lot of time on the computer, your eyes are at risk of fatigue. Make sure to follow the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This exercise gives your eyes a break when they need it most. Quit smoking or never start. Studies have linked smoking to an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, cataract and optic nerve damage. All of these conditions can lead to blindness. Wear your sunglasses whenever you’re in the sun. Look for a pair that blocks out 99 to 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation to get the most protection. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Why Are Your Eyes So Sensitive to Light? By Taylor Roberts


ave you noticed that your eyes are becoming increasingly lightsensitive? Maybe you can’t stay outside for too long without getting a headache, or you’re having problems inside brightly lit rooms. You find yourself squinting all the time and only find relief by closing your eyes. The medical term for light sensitivity is photophobia, and it’s one of the most common eye-related complaints heard by doctors and optometrists. Photophobia can be extremely uncomfortable and can have a negative effect on your life, so it’s best to get it treated as soon as it becomes a problem. While it may seem like a condition in itself, light sensitivity is actually a symptom of several ocular or neurological problems. Some of the issues are easy to diagnose while others are harder to figure out. If photophobia is giving you problems, a visit to your optometrist or ophthalmologist is in order. He or she will likely ask you questions about your experience with light sensitivity before performing a complete eye exam to check for any obvious problems. The list of photophobia’s possible causes is extensive, but there are a few conditions that are more common than others. If you suffer from dry eyes, for instance, the dryness can cause light sensitivity due to the eyes lacking a natural lubricant. Dry, itchy eyes can also be associated with eye allergies, so let your doctor know if you are an allergy sufferer. He or she may recommend that you use eye drops to moisten your eye or prescribe an antihistamine eye drop to for your allergies.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

Another common cause of light sensitivity is migraines. If you have migraines, you’re probably well aware of the myriad of symptoms that can go along with them. Just as you might have sensitivity to loud noises when a migraine is coming on, you might also experience light sensitivity. If your migraines are severe, consider asking your doctor about seeing a neurologist for treatment. Your eye exam may provide a clear picture for the cause of your photophobia if your doctor sees something physically wrong with your eye. Eye infections and injuries, such as a corneal abrasion, can often cause light sensitivity even when they present without pain. Your exam will give your doctor a good look at your eyes and so he or she can determine if there is any swelling or damage that should be treated.

Other troublesome causes of light sensitivity are usually associated with a rapid onset and other telltale symptoms. If you have sudden light sensitivity in conjunction with a stiff neck and a terrible headache, for instance, you should see your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room, as you might have meningitis. Another urgent issue that can cause light sensitivity is a detached retina. In this case, light sensitivity is usually accompanied by bright flashes and increased floaters in your line of vision. Unfortunately, there is also the possibility that your doctor won’t be able to determine the cause of your light sensitivity. Some people simply have eyes that are more prone to photophobia. If this is the case, wear sunglasses often to decrease your discomfort. There are also glasses available that reduce glare from computer screens that you can wear to combat eye fatigue. Between doing your best to decrease your discomfort and working with your doctor to treat the underlying cause, you will hopefully begin feeling relief in no time.



WOCC ambassadors celebrated the ribbon cutting of Paradise Grills Direct (above) and Cinepolis in Hamlin (below).

WOCC Debate Luncheon During an election year, the national contests often overshadow the important races right here in our community. This month, the West Orange Chamber is offering the opportunity to learn about several local candidates at our 2018 Debate Luncheon. This event will feature candidates for

Stina D’Uva is president of the West Orange Chamber of Commerce, which won the 2015 Chamber of the Year Award.

Orange County Sheriff and Orange County Commission District 2. Join us on Sept. 26 at Tanner Hall in Winter Garden to hear from each candidate and make an informed decision on Election Day. You can also learn more about the candidates who are fighting for a strong West Orange business community by following the West Orange Political Alliance (WOPA), the political arm of the West Orange Chamber. WOPA has endorsed several candidates and ballot issues for the 2018 election. Keep up with the latest news and endorsements by following WOPA on Facebook or by visiting the WOPA page on

September Events: September 20

Business After Hours

Series Sponsor: Winter Garden Village at Fowler Groves 5:30-7 p.m. Baldwin Fairchild Cemeteries & Funeral Home 428 E. Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 $5 in advance and $10 at the door for members, $25 for nonmembers September 26

2018 Debate Luncheon

Featuring candidates for Orange County Sheriff and Orange County Commission District 2 Series Sponsor: Orlando Health 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Tanner Hall 29 W. Garden Ave. Winter Garden, FL 34787 $41 for members and $51 for nonmember For more information, visit or email

Connect with Your Community The Winter Park Chamber of Commerce invites you to connect with our community through a series of engaging events. That’s our mission: to convene people and ideas for the benefit of our businesses and community. Hear from Deb Watson, executive vice president of the Winter Park

Betsy Gardner Eckbert is the President/CEO of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce. The WPCC convenes people and ideas to create value for members, support entrepreneurs in the community and extend a warm welcome to Winter Park’s domestic and international guests.


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

Health Foundation, on Sept. 14 at Good Morning Winter Park. This free, monthly event is interactive and covers politics, health care, arts and culture, and the business community. You can register for the event, which runs from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the Winter Park Welcome Center, at A continental breakfast will be served. Save the date for the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival, the only juried fine art festival that exclusively features Florida artists. As you stroll through Central Park and along Park Avenue, you can view the works of 180 artists while also enjoying live entertainment, children's art activities, food and drink vendors, and more. The festival is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days,

and admission is free. Plan your weekend ahead of time by visiting

September Events: September 4 Winter Park Executive Women 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Winter Park Welcome Center 151 W. Lyman Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 September 21 Legislative Debate 8-9:30 a.m. Winter Park Chamber of Commerce 151 W. Lyman Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 September 25 Winter Park Outlook 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. The Alfond Inn 300 E. New England Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 For more information and to register, visit



A Political Season of Change The midterm elections don't traditionally draw voters like the presidential elections. During this political season, I encourage you to get out and vote, as there are numerous vacancies to fill. With emotions running high, it's important to vote for the best person for the position rather than just vote party lines. Research the candidates and review their positions and issues, and don't just take for granted EAST

ORLANDO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Serving East to Southeast Orlando

Andrew Cole is the executive director for the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce, which serves the needs of members through a variety of member-only benefits, networking events, educational seminars and promotional opportunities.

what flyers and commercials are saying. We, the people, have an opportunity to make change, so let’s do this responsibly. Vote candidates into office who will work for residents and the business community. I encourage you to put your party affiliations aside and vote for the best candidate who you feel will work to better our local and state governments. If you're unsure who to vote for, the chamber can help. I invite you to attend Pancakes and Promises at the DoubleTree Orlando Airport hotel on Sept. 12. Come enjoy a pancake breakfast while the candidates who are on the general election ballot rotate from table to table, providing answers to your specific questions. Become an informed voter. The event will conclude with a straw poll. Let’s come together as a community and

make Central Florida the best place to live, work and play with a government working for us. The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce covers everything east of I-4 and has benefits you won’t believe. Check our website,, or call the office at 407-277-5951 to discover more.

September Events: September 12 Pancakes and Promises 7:30-9:30 a.m. DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando Airport 5555 Hazeltine National Dr. Orlando, FL 32812 September 19 Chamber Luncheon - Preparing for a NonTraditional Path to Success Speaker: Dr. Barbara Jenkins 11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Bonefish Grill 12301 Lake Underhill Rd. Orlando, FL 32828

Education and Arts! This month, the Oviedo Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce will host its annual Education Update Luncheon, sponsored by St. Luke's Lutheran Church and School. We will hear from Jason Wysong, executive director of ePathways & Strategic Partnerships about this innovative program and how it connects SCPS with the workforce and higher education institutions. Thank you to all who voted for the BEST businesses in Oviedo & Winter Springs during the 2018 Ovations

Halie DeLoach is the director of programs and events at the OviedoWinter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce (OWSRCC).


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

Awards, presented by Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital. Find out who won at the 2018 Ovations Awards Reception on Sept. 20 at the Lake Mary Events Center. This year, the event will be bigger and better than ever with a new location, a new caterer, caricature artists, a photo booth and a silent auction. To purchase tickets, visit Mark your calendars for Winter Springs “ARToberFEST,” presented by Florida Hospital, On Oct. 20-21, 100 of the finest artists from around the country will display their artwork throughout Blumberg Boulevard at the Winter Springs Town Center. Enjoy live entertainment from various German artists, taste a great variety of German beverages and satisfy your taste buds with a delicious brat served to you by the Winter Springs Rotary Club. Bring the whole family, as the children’s area will include a

brand-new kid’s stage and plenty of crafts. “The Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce: An advocate for business and civic interests within our communities.” Membership information at

September Events: September 6 Monthly Luncheon “Education Update” 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Tuscawilla Country Club September 12 Oviedo Businesswomen Network Luncheon 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Tuscawilla Country Club September 20 2018 Ovations Award Reception 6-9 p.m. The Lake Mary Events Center For more information, visit or email



THE GOLD STANDARD IN VACATION HOME RESORTS S PA C I O U S P R I VAT E P O O L H O M E S m i n u te s f ro m L E G O L A N D © F l o r i d a r e s o r t a m e n i t i e s | w at e r p a rk | b a r & g r i l l



SEPTEMBER Calendar of Events







Disney on Ice: Mickey’s Search Party

1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Amway Center 400 W. Church St. Orlando, FL 32801 Tickets start at $18 407.440.7900 Joined by Mickey and Minnie, live hosts will set the stage for participatory adventure. Guests will embark on a search for clues to find Tinker Bell after Caption Hook tries to capture her magic. With each scene, storytelling will take place through ice skating and acrobatics. Show runs Sept. 7-9.



2 p.m. Garden Theatre 160 W. Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787 $30-$35 407.877.4736 This classic story of overbearing stage mother, Rose, and daughters Baby June and Louise, features an award-winning score that includes “Let Me Entertain You” and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.” Show runs select nights Sept. 1 to Sept. 16.

Art Tour


The Alfond Inn 300 E. New England Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 Free 407.706.3438 Meet in the lounge every Sunday for a tour that will walk you through all of the in-house art from the Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art.

13th Annual Fashion Celebration





Event times vary The Mall at Millenia 4200 Conroy Rd. Orlando, FL 32839 Admission prices vary 407.363.3555 Enjoy fashion shows and special events as the mall celebrates Fashion Week from Sept. 17 to Sept. 23.


Are you hosting an event in your community?

Submit event information to for a free listing in our calendar. 54

Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival


9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Epcot World Showcase Included with regular park admission 408.939.5277 DisneyWorld.Disney.Go.Com At this yearly celebration of global cuisine, guests can enjoy a variety of small bites and drinks for an added fee and nightly concerts. Special presentations from local and celebrity chefs are also available to attend for an added fee. This event runs through Nov. 12.











Legally Blonde: The Musical

Show times vary Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts 445 S. Magnolia Ave. Orlando, FL 32801 Tickets start at $25 844.513.2014 Put on by a community arts group, this production is the stage adaption of the muchloved movie featuring Elle Woods as she sets out to prove herself to the world.




Sunset at the Zoo




Lake Nona Nights: Live + Local


5:30-7:30 p.m. Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens 3755 W. Seminole Blvd. Sanford, FL 32771 $5 admission 407.323.4450 Visit the zoo for sunset and listen to local music as you stroll through the zoo, sip beer or wine and see animals up close. Ages 21 and up only. Beer and wine available for purchase.

Rock the Universe

4 p.m. – 1 a.m. Universal Studios Ticket prices vary 407.363.8000 Enjoy a weekend of concerts from Christian music’s hottest talent on two main stages. There will also be a Candlelighting Ceremony on Saturday and a Sunday morning worship service. Runs through Sept. 8.

Jake’s Beer Dinner


6:30 p.m. Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando 6300 Hollywood Way Orlando, FL 32819 $55 per person 407.503.3000 Put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and enjoy a dinner that features five expertly prepared courses by the hotel’s awardwinning chefs, each paired with specialty craft beers from Intuition Ale Works.

Cabernet & Namaste

6:45-10 p.m. Orlando World Center Marriott 8701 World Center Dr. Orlando, FL 32821 $175 per person Featuring the area’s most accomplished chefs, this event invites the community to enjoy an evening of tasting portions of signature dishes accompanied by fine wines, craft beers and specialty cocktails. All proceeds benefit Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

St. Luke’s Concert Series: Brass Band of Central Florida


2 p.m. and 7 p.m. St. Luke’s Lutheran Church 2021 W. SR 426 Oviedo, FL 32765 Free admission 407.365.3408 Music Director Gareth Pritchard and the Brass Band of Central Florida present “Great American Composers of the Past 100 Years” featuring the music of Bernstein, Brubeck, Copland, Gershwin and more.


Orlando Jazz Festival



Hats & Heroes Masquerade Ball – Dream the Dream


5:30-9 p.m. Quantum Leap Winery 1312 Wilifred Dr. Orlando, FL 32803 $21 per person 407.730.3082 Start your weekend by treating yourself to some me time. Admission includes two glasses of wine, gratuity and a cool flow yoga class. Eight dollars of each ticket will go to the A Gift for Teaching charity. Class starts promptly at 6 p.m. All levels welcome. Bring your own mat, water bottle and any other item needed in your practice. Ages 21 and up only.

6-8 p.m. Crescent Park 8374 Upper Perse Circle Orlando, FL 32827 Free admission Each Thursday night, bring the whole family to enjoy live music and delicious eats from The Local Chef LLC.


Taste! Central Florida

Gates open at 4 p.m. Dr. Phillips Center’s Seneff Arts Plaza 445 S. Magnolia Ave. Orlando, FL 32801 $64.25 per person 844.513.2014 Central Florida’s premiere jazz event features a mix of top class jazz with performances by Damien Escobar, Sax Pack, Pieces of a Dream, Maysa, Ken Ford and more. This event runs Sept. 21-22.

7-10 p.m. Waldorf Astoria Orlando 14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane Orlando, FL 32821 $350 per person The evening will take guests through a Parisian dream, complete with French cuisine, elegant fashion and vital fundraising for Kids Beating Cancer. Headliner Terry Barber will perform the music of Les Miserables. Black tie preferred, hats recommended.

What’s going on in your neighborhood?

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Snapshots 1

Behind the Scenes We had so much fun putting this issue together that we wanted to give you an inside look at the process. 1-4. The Alfond Inn hosted our annual art contest event on Aug. 1, where we mingled with the finalists and toured the Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art. 5-7. This is what happened when the dads and uncles got involved in the photo shoot for our chalk art feature.





5 56

Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018




with Pulmonary Fibrosis

This month, the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation is working to share the impact of this devastating illness with one million people.

By Larissa Hamblin


magine what life would look like if your breathing felt like you just ran a mile but all you did was talk a step. After you finally catch your breath, you fall into a coughing fit and a deep state of fatigue. That’s what every moment feels like for someone diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) has helped thousands of individuals by providing emotional support, information about the illness and a list of treatment options to discuss with a healthcare professional. This September, the foundation is standing with those affected by the illness during Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month. Pulmonary fibrosis is a serious disease that is identified by scarring of the soft tissue in the lungs. This progressive, incurable illness is often underdiagnosed or even misdiagnosed by medical professionals, leaving patients with a low quality of life or a life span of just a few years, according to PFF. Although lung disease is generally induced by smoking, pulmonary fibrosis often lacks an identifiable cause. PFF lists some potential causes such as exposure to airborne toxins like as-


Central Florida Lifestyle | September 2018

bestos or mold, radiation treatment, select medicines for cancer and heart disease treatments and genetics. While some specific causes can be identified, more often than not, doctors are unable to pinpoint a source even after a series of scans and tests. In this situation, the disease is recognized as idiopathic. PFF stated in a recent study that 1 in 200 adults in the U.S. over the age of 65 have been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. On average each year, 50,000 new cases are identified and about 40,000 patients die from the disease. Some pulmonary fibrosis symptoms include shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue, acid reflux and gastrointestinal issues, according to the American Lung Association. Upon diagnosis, most patients are referred to a palliative care specialist who focuses on improving the person’s comfort and quality of life. The American Lung Association also lists a series of treatments used by these specialists to slow down the course of the disease, such as oxygen therapy, medicinal regimens, pulmonary rehabilitation, lung transplants or clinical trials. In total, about 200,000 people in the U.S. are currently affected

by pulmonary fibrosis. During last year’s Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month, PFF reached 915,000 people to share the impact of this devastating illness. Their goal for this year is to reach one million people so that this uncommon disease can become less of a mystery.

How You Can Help: PARTICIPATE IN THE 30 FACTS IN 30 DAYS SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN. Help PFF reach its goal by liking, sharing, re-tweeting and commenting on the 30 facts. SHARE YOUR PULMONARY FIBROSIS STORY. Help others to understand the impact of pulmonary fibrosis by emailing your submission to and you may see your story on PFF social media. HOST OR ATTEND AN EVENT. This can help you connect with others in the pulmonary fibrosis community and to support the cause.



Early detection could save your life. With a team of highly specialized radiologists who screen more women for breast cancer than any other group in Central Florida. With extended weekend and evening hours at 13 convenient imaging locations. With a $30 screening mammogram in 30 minutes or less.*

*See details at

Florida Hospital will soon be AdventHealth.


Schedule yours today at

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