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Wonders of Winter

December 11, 2020-January 8, 2021

Wonders of Winter Wonders of Winter feels like the perfect way to celebrate our artists as we come to the end of 2020. We are so fortunate to live in a place where the talent is exceptional. Each one of you captured the essence of winter with your own unique style. We know that the next few months will continue to be challenging. However, I hope that each of us experiences the exhibit and is reminded of all the beauty that surrounds us. With each original piece of art, I see all the good things to come in 2021! Thank you for ending our 2020 by capturing the wonders in our world and bringing joy back into our hearts. Here’s to 2021! We are thrilled to recognize our award winners. Many thanks to the CAE Curatorial Committee and Signature Show Sponsor, PandoraJohn Properties, for selecting all of the pieces for the show and for choosing the award winners. Best in Show: 2nd Place: 3rd Place: 4th Place: Honorable Mention: Honorable Mention:

Joe Glasmire for Cross Country Skiers Denali Brooke for Snowy Owl and Bison in White Pru Gaston for The Blizzard Gary Sohrweid for Snowmelt Marcie Emily for Purple Dusk Cyncie Winter for Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening #2

We are so grateful for our exhibition sponsors and CAE’s annual sponsors — PandoraJohn Properties, Alexa Interiors, Mountain Home, Farmer’s Insurance Bruce Anderson Agency, Liv Sotheby’s International Realty, and The Law Office of Richard A. Levine—for making Wonders of Winter possible. Please keep this catalog—give your business to our sponsors, visit the websites of the artists, and continue to support their artistic endeavors year-round. In turn, CAE will continue to enrich and serve our mountain community by promoting and cultivating the arts through quality educational programs, exhibitions, and events. Thank you for keeping the arts alive in our mountain community!

Lisa Nierenberg Executive Director, Center for the Arts Evergreen Center for the Arts Evergreen

Wonders of Winter is an art exhibition created at the Center for the Arts Evergreen (CAE) in Evergreen, Colorado. CAE is a registered nonprofit that has been in existence for 45 years. CAE’s mission is to enrich and serve our mountain community by promoting and cultivating the arts through quality educational programming, exhibitions, and events. Wonders of Winter runs from December 11, 2020-January 8, 2021. This exhibition would not have been possible without the help of so many artists, businesses, volunteers, and the CAE board and staff. Center for the Arts Evergreen Executive Director: Lisa Nierenberg Director of Exhibitions & Marketing: Sara Miller Events Managers & Administrative Assistant: Jordan Gill Accounting Manager: Tom Maxey Board President: Bryant Robert CAE Curatorial Committee: Trudy Chiddix, Chris Krieg, Michele LeDoux, Christina Oddo, Lisa O’Hearn

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Lynn Allbright Golden, CO


Mixed media 38 x 30 $725

I have been observing crystal formation in the winter for years. I decided to try to create/paint a crystal in a single stage of its formation with a spontaneous appearance. Mixing media and experimenting with atypical tools, including phenomenology, I arrived at this piece.

Roger Ambrosier Evergreen, CO

First Snow Pastel 12 x 16 $1,200

The pumpkin covered by the first snow of the season is a metaphor for the rhythm of life cycles, as we as humans also experience. The roundness of the pumpkin symbolizes the completion and unity of the life cycle.

Karen Armon Golden, CO

Fire & Water Oil 12 x 24 $875

As the sun sets, the valley shows her colors with moody purples and cool blues back dropped with hot oranges and passionate pinks. The trees are crowned with tips of fire and the pines glow with the glory of the reflected light. During these last few moments of light, the river becomes a liquid path pointing to the descending sun. Once behind the mountains, the valley turns dark, ready for her rest.

2nd Place (This piece tied for 2nd Place with Bison in White)

Denali Brooke Evergreen, CO

Snowy Flight Oil & pastel 18 x 24 $700

Snowy Flight was created from my love of drawing. Starting with a 3 inch brayer (a rubber printmaker’s roller) and black oil paint, I give up any temptation to begin with detail. Using the roller, I intentionally “handicap” myself, applying big black shapes in a gestural likeness of the owl with wings spread. Before the black paint can dry, I cover it with pastel and quickly scrape through to resurrect the black, capturing the darker details and shadowy areas. Adding and subtracting with more pastel and various tools, respectively, I create the soft, snowy white masses and smaller features of this majestic bird. I rely on the strength of intuitive gesture—an all-encompassing rendering of the wholeness of forms and their relationship in space— to capture the essence and energy. At the finish, evidence of the original brayer marks adds interest and movement.

2nd Place (This piece tied for 2nd Place with Snowy Owl)

Denali Brooke Evergreen, CO

Bison in White Oil and pastel 14 x 19 $450

Bison in White is a mixed media painting of charcoal, pastel, and oil paint. Recently having moved to Colorado, I have begun a “hunt” for bison, driving into back neighborhoods in search of where they might feed and rest, so that I might both photograph them and draw them en plein air. The bison featured here posed for me one afternoon, approaching me with a seeming boredom, maybe along with a mutual curiosity, as we stared at each other for quite some time through a protective fence. I painted this in mostly stark black and white because bison’s presence in the snow is just that, stark, as well as bold and commanding. I am inspired by the herd’s tolerance of such harsh conditions as the windy mountains of this region. This painting is one of many tributes to them.

Andi Burnum Evergreen, CO

Snow Daze

Magazine on board 12 x 18 $850

In the winter, ranching looks a lot like bibbed coveralls and fuzzy cows. I took this photo while chopping ice out in the pasture with my dad. It was overcast and the snow had just started in the frigid 20 mph winds. Our herd is usually amicable, but when there’s a weather change you can pretty much guarantee their mood will too. Gloria was a bit less than impressed with the paparazzi that day.

Jane Christie Golden, CO

Drifting Snow Pastel 12 x 14 $900

Hiking up Genesee Mountain, I turned the corner just in time to see the snow drifting down the hillside producing icy mounds in different hues of blue. That’s the beauty of winter.

Bob Coorsen Littleton, CO

Arrowhead Freeze Photograph 19 x 25 $250

Roxborough Park is a magical place where you can really see the upheavals of our planet. Roxborough’s iconic, two-hundred-foot red rock formations were created about 68 million years ago, forming a natural barrier between plains and mountains. The best time to photograph this location, in my opinion, is winter, which allows the rock formations to really standout. It was about 10 degrees when I took this image by the Arrowhead Golf Course. The super cold air made the snow freeze to the trees and created drama with the clouds.

Marin Dobson Evergreen, CO

The Mountain Peaks Oil 18 x 18 $1,600

One of the joys of skiing in Colorado is the stunning mountain top vistas! This painting captures the view from the top of Crested Butte. A limited color palette and a variety of textures contribute to the composition and convey a sense of cold and beauty in the winter atmosphere. It is one of my favorite winter paintings. I hope you enjoy it.

Susie Drucker Evergreen, CO

The Abyss Oil 16 x 24 $865

The first time I hiked the Tanglewood Trail in Bailey was in the fall. The creek along the trail was running gently, shallow and clear, tumbling over boulders and fallen branches. The second time was in the winter when the landscape was a white mass, with only small openings where you could find the creek running beneath the snow. The water was almost black—fathomless and ominous—an abyss.

Pem Dunn Evergreen, CO

Snow Squall on the Peak Oil 18 x 24 $2,900

Winter in the mountains is a very special time. It can go from peaceful and quiet after newly fallen snow to the action and excitement of spiraling snow squalls as they climb over the mountain peaks. In these paintings I was working to create, for the viewer, the emotions that I felt.

Pem Dunn Evergreen, CO

Freshly Fallen Snow Oil 12 x 12 $1,200

Winter in the mountains is a very special time. It can go from peaceful and quiet after newly fallen snow to the action and excitement of spiraling snow squalls as they climb over the mountain peaks. In these paintings I was working to create, for the viewer, the emotions that I felt.

Joni Emily Roxborough, CO

Flaming Oil 8 x 10 $350

My goal is to create paintings with a lifelike quality. When I saw the flaming foliage of this shrub, I just had to paint it! Showing the beauty of nature, of this landscape and telling its story, brings me joy.

Honorable Mention

Marcie Emily Wheat Ridge, CO

Purple Dusk Fiber art 10 x 10 $750

Perched was creating a large landscape design when I re-evaluated the design by reducing the size to bring out the importance of vegetation in nature. The image of trees and shrubs brings out my interpretation of my love of nature. The color is reflected in this art to accent the Colorado landscapes. Inspiration for this piece began three years ago when I retired. I wanted to grow while creating this art and use different ways to work with the fabric. The whole cloth was discharged to dissolve past elements in my life. The stitching in the lower part of the design resemble the days in my life while I was managing other real estate properties. The upper section is releasing my ideas for future creations of art. The large white area describes my ideas expanding to new creative art. The artwork brings me to realize how connected I am to the powerful ways of freeing ideas and creativity in my creations in the world.

Beverly Endsley Evergreen, CO

The Long Way Home Oil 14 x 18 $1,400

Beverly’s travels and love of animals often dictate the direction of her art. On a recent trip to the Antarctic, she was able to spend time with penguins in their natural habitat. While studying their habits and movements and watching them interact, Bev did sketches for future paintings. “I fell in love with these amazing little beings immediately and have tried to bring that love to the viewer.

3rd Place

Pru Gaston Evergreen, CO

The Blizzard Oil 22 x 22 $500

I have always been awed and inspired by what nature has put before us. Since taking up art, my surroundings have become even more alive. Consequently, my painting subjects are mostly landscapes and some animals. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.

Gayle Gerson Grand Junction, CO

In the Winter Forest Mixed media 12 x 12 $375

My mixed media practice often includes creating forest scenes with bits and pieces of ephemera. I am intrigued by the vertical trees and the light shining through them. These two pieces get their inspiration from the quiet sparkle of winter.

Gayle Gerson Grand Junction, CO

Making Peace with Winter Mixed media 18 x 18 $650

My mixed media practice often includes creating forest scenes with bits and pieces of ephemera. I am intrigued by the vertical trees and the light shining through them. These two pieces get their inspiration from the quiet sparkle of winter.

Wonders of Winter Best in Show

Joe Glasmire Conifer, CO

Cross Country Skiers Oil 39 x 26 $1,700

I get my inspiration from nature and in particular the subtle and sometimes bold contrasts in light, color and shadow during different times of the day. My subjects include landscapes, still lifes and other images from Colorado, Pennsylvania, and my travels around the United States. I prefer the contrast you see early in the morning and late afternoon. The media I use include watercolor, soft and oil pastels, graphite and colored pencils, gouache, and an occasional mix of all. The style of my work alternates between tightly controlled drawing to a free and fluid use of the media I am using. I love to draw and paint while in the comfort of my studio with great music playing in the background. It’s not much more complicated than that?

Pixie Glore Evergreen, CO

Winter Play Oil 16 x 20 $1,200

One day I waded through deep snow and sent my horse Picasso running so I could get pictures of him playing in the snow. I love how his markings blend into the environment. This was one of those paintings that just seemed to paint itself. When I’m not painting en plein air, I often paint Picasso and his many friends I ride with.

Robert Gray Highlands Ranch, CO

Open Range Watercolor 19 x 26 $900

I imagined a herd of buffalo searching the prairie for a better winter place to graze.

Robert Gray Highlands Ranch, CO

Winter Retreat Watercolor 14 x 18 $700

A scenic place to spend the weekend away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Randy Hale Denver, CO

Whispers of Sanctity Watercolor 14 x 21 $900

Imagine the quietude of freshly fallen snow blanketing a forest glen, sparkling sunlight reflecting off gentle mounds of unmarked snow, a kiss to the cheek of crisp falling snow from an overburdened bough. These are hallmarks of sanctity imbued upon us by nature during winter’s feat. Light drifts, filters, obscures detail in its glare; shadows reveal the rhythm of forested limbs elegantly reaching. The whisper of the moment becomes a memory, forever etched. Dramatic use of light and shadow provide definition, brings form to life, and creates an understated rhythm between the real and imagined.

Randy Hale Denver, CO

Lake Chill Watercolor 10 x 16 $750

Who hasn’t felt the still of a winter dusk, or seen a far shore obscured by a sudden gust? The inky cold of dark water mesmerizes in fading light while clouds drop down to envelop just as surely as the shiver of chill from winter’s cold breath. By creating a bit of mystery, I prefer to leave room for each viewer’s own experience to color their interpretation or bring a reaction.

Nicole Huggins Evergreen, CO

Just Beyond Photograph 16 x 20 $200

What is wondrous about winter? Holiday cheer is part of it, but it is winter long after Christmas. I look out the window at the bright light glistening off the snow. The lace curtains reflect the delicate pattern of branches weighed down by a blanket of snow. Out of darkness and into the light, I ponder the possibilities that lie just beyond, outside in winter.

Olga & Aleksey Ivanov Evergreen, CO

Morning Frost

Egg tempera on marbled gesso 24 x 38 $4,000

Living in Evergreen you can see beautiful pine trees every day and everywhere. And it is magical in any season, but around Christmas frosty mornings bring real fairy tales to our lives. We approach each painting with an open heart, building up the surface with thousands of tiny strokes, one on top of the other, to develop depth and luminosity. Egg tempera dates back to early Greek and Roman art and we love being part of that continuum. Building upon history, we feel we are singing a contemporary song using the beauty, grace, and elegance—the visual poetry—of an ancient tradition.

Susan Jarecky Evergreen, CO

Winter’s Soft Sky Oil 10 x 10 $395

This year I painted the old barn off North Turkey Creek Rd. Amazed at how the light shifts and the seasons change the emotion of this scene, I wanted to paint a quiet mood using low key values which means the colors are close together. Nothing too dark or bright, I tried to convey peacefulness when the viewer observes this painting. In our crazy world, we all need to be reminded to stay calm.

Cathy Jones Evergreen, CO

Skiing on Christmas Morning Watercolor 20 x 16 $300

I used to spend the Christmas holidays with my husband, Rick, skiing in Steamboat Springs. It would often snow on Christmas Eve, so we could get first tracks on Christmas morning since no one else would be on the slopes. Our favorite run was Shadows, which this painting represents, with the aspen trees spaced just right so that we could ski a slalom course through them.

Leslie Alice Kinnie Chart Evergreen, CO

Rosy Glow Winter Sunset Earrings 2.25 x 0.625 x 0.25 $69

Pink and Gold striated Kunzite trapezoid shapes, facetted soft Pink Rose Quartz roundels, and facetted Golden Citrine roundels are wire wrapped with Gold and Sterling Silver to make these dangle earrings.

Leslie Alice Kinnie Chart Evergreen, CO

Icy Puddle Necklace 3 x 0.75 x 0.25 $44

Black, White and Gray Orthoceras fossil (squid ancestor) oval is wire wrapped with hammered Sterling Silver into this pendant necklace.

Edward Kosinski Denver, CO

Winter Into Spring Acrylic 12 x 12 $450

Even as winter holds sway over the land, signs of spring green emerge to give us hope for better days ahead.

Edward Kosinski Denver, CO

Homage to Agnes Acrylic 12 x 12 $450

Winter can be a time of deep introspection. In Homage to Agnes (Martin), I honor the late painter’s use of repeating lines, here, as affirmations or prayers, for us all and for the planet.

Beth Lindsay Evergreen, CO

Out of Bounds

Acrylic and oil stick 24 x 24 $550

Out of Bounds was painted on a gorgeous Colorado blue-sky day after an early fall snow. The beauty outside my studio window got me thinking of the upcoming ski season and that feeling I get as I’m about to hop off the chair, pondering which run to take, and the curiosity about what lies beyond that elusive “out of bounds” area.

Sunny Monaco Boulder, CO

Frozen in Time Ceramic 15 x 12 $345

This platter has grown out of my love and fascination with nature and how important is to have gardens that sustain bees, butterflies, and dragonflies. Clay is my canvas to explore and recreate outdoor beauty. My passion for spending time outdoors, gardening, cooking, and hiking has always played a strong roll in my work. This platter is layered with petals, leaves, and with the occasional dragonfly, bee, or butterfly landing on them. This body of work focuses on the beauty of nature and all its strength and delicate qualities. Frozen in Time speaks to the fragility of flowers in the frost of winter. Preserved in the form of clay, these flowers are painted using glazes then layered with a pearl luster, which suggests a subtle luminosity of the Wonders of Winter.

Mary Jo Nelson Evergreen, CO


Mixed media and oil 30 x 30 $690

Blizzard is a perfect name. I sometimes start again, painting over an existing painting, and this one actually has two others underneath. I was already starting this painting again when I decided to use the CAE Wonders of Winter theme. White splotches and sparking white over the previous colored painting created a blizzard of a storm. Reminds me how beautiful winter can be.

Carol Newsom Evergreen, CO

Beautiful Moment Watercolor 18 x 26 $2,000

Sometime last winter, I snowshoed up Evergreen Mountain and spent a few minutes at this beautiful spot. Painting it was fun because I was able to spend time there again.

Cynthia Obermann Golden, CO

Snow Magic

Oil on linen board 16 x 20 $800

The snow laden Blue Spruce tree in full view of my studio window speaks to me often, especially when snow falls on it. It becomes magical when the sun shines through it. I began the painting of the tree during the COVID-19 quarantine on a sunny day with a 16 x 20 linen board canvas and oil paints. It gave me a feeling of peace and hope.

Christina Oddo Evergreen, CO

Flurry of Downy Flake Pastel 16 x 10 $625

Flurry of Downy Flake began as an idea a few years ago after reading Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” I had an evolving image in mind, which wasn’t ready to be executed until after I took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with my sister last winter. It was an amazingly beautiful, snowy day as we hiked the Bear Lake Trailhead up to Emerald Lake. A breathtaking scene of whirling snowflakes and towering snowcapped mountains all around us. And there was my visual for the poem! I began this piece with a wash of silver and blue paint and then built layers of pastel over top, to capture the shimmering of the falling snow that I saw that day. I kept my mark making of pastel loose to show a sense of movement around the mountain top and also to create a contrast with the graphic details of each snowflake. The addition of the moon, a trademark element in many of my pieces, is an integral part of the composition and adds that magical feel to this winter wonderland.

Wendi Richardson Evergreen, CO

Snowy Visitor Oil 16 x 25 $800

I love the way this beautiful fox is peeking around the snow mounds. Painting snow is always fun and challenging with so many subtle colors working with the light.

John Seaman Evergreen, CO

Toboggan End Table Wood 30 x 30 x 12 $400

A whimsical, fun splash of wintertime in your home decor. Coloradoans LOVE Winter, and we’re not afraid to show it with a piece of furniture that yodels, “It’s so Wintery!”

Holly Simon Evergreen, CO

Frosty Red Fox Photograph 16 x 20 $350

This beautiful Colorado red fox photograph shows the extremes of winter in the middle of a snowstorm. It was early morning with fresh snow coming down, several foxes playing on a hill and then, it was if she stopped as to say, “Hello,� pausing for a picture. Then off she was again. The photograph was filtered with an artistic sponge to show the true colors of the fox and the blizzard. I am sure there was some cuddling after all the excitement to warm up.

Gary Sohrweid Evergreen, CO

After the Storm Oil 16 x 20 $950

My approach to applying paint on the canvas has evolved from photo realism to impressionism. Being able to simplify the images creates an emotional impact for the viewer. The artist-creator must develop the skill of looking at something and seeing something else.

4th Place

Gary Sohrweid Evergreen, CO

Snowmelt Oil 20 x 30 $1,650

My approach to applying paint on the canvas has evolved from photo realism to impressionism. Being able to simplify the images creates an emotional impact for the viewer. The artist-creator must develop the skill of looking at something and seeing something else.

Lindsay Spaulding Evergreen, CO

Spruce Lee Watercolor 8 x 10 $400

One of the greatest joys of winter is being able to experience it through the eyes of a child. My daughter, Spruce, has given that back to me.

Carla Stoltzfus Lakewood, CO

Walter’s Trash Cans Watercolor 19 x 25 $275

After a snowstorm the sun came out and I went walking. I was intrigued by the snow on top of neighbor Walter’s trash cans and also by the light and shadows—the warmth and also the coldness of the scene. I especially liked the shadows cast on the snow by the fence pickets. This scene was at 48th and Saulsbury Street in Wheat Ridge.

Paul Thisted Evergreen, CO

Winter Togetherness Oil 20 x 24 $700

Celebrating a 12-year-old granddaughter’s acceptance to the International Children’s Games of competitive slopestyle skiing at Lake Placid, NY, our family gathered from California, Massachusetts, and Colorado, to cheer Alex on the mountainside. On the chairlift to the event, Jeff’s arm embraced his aunt Bobbie, in a memorable wintery moment, captured by the artist in the following chair.

Virginia Unseld Black Hawk, CO

Whispers at Twilight Mixed media 12 x 12 $700

Whispers at Twilight is from a series called Winter Aspens. I am attracted to the patterns and rhythms of the land and that is my focus. I’m inspired by what I see, but manipulate elements to achieve the visual statement I want. I build multiple layers of paint and collage and then work subtractively to reveal the complex strata below. The end result is like a haiku—deceptively simple.

Bill Varner Evergreen, CO

Pines in the Snow

Conceptual Photography 20 x 30 $450

The red in the image is made of roses.

Bill Varner Evergreen, CO


Conceptual Photography 12 x 16 $250

Santa’s magic dust is made from images of Chihuly glass.

Jamie Wilke Palmer Lake, CO

Rocky Mountain Winter Sunset Watercolor 23 x 27 $1,595

This is the iconic winter vista in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. As you travel down a snow-covered road to a mountain cabin nestled in the pines, you witness a magical winter glow as the sun retreats behind snowcapped mountains in late afternoon. The white snow turns to hues of blue, violet and magenta. Foreground trees frame the still-glowing layers of mountain peaks, pine trees and winter aspens.

Noi Williams Evergreen, CO

Ice Close-Up

Photograph on canvas 8 x 10 $60

This photography piece is one my favorite close-ups of ice in clear detail.

Honorable Mention

Cyncie Winter Evergreen, CO

Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening #2 Acrylic 24 x 25 $900

Cyncie painted Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening to celebrate Robert Frost’s famous poem and the beauty of our aspen forests, blanketed by snow in the magical light of winter. Aspen forests naturally capture deep stillness, wonder, and mystery, inviting the viewer to contemplate what it would be like to take “the path less traveled” and if we did, how it might make “all the difference.”

Anita Winter Centennial, CO

Winter Deep Snow Watercolor 14 x 14 $650

I am an avid hiker and backpacker. The winter landscape is a favorite subject of mine. I am attracted to the deep contrasts of snow and evergreens, including the subtle variations in snow patterns. The transparency of watercolor is the perfect medium to capture these effects. My intent is to create a shared emotional connection with the viewer.

Brenda Wyman Evergreen, CO

Bearbucks Anyone? Oil 18 x 24 $400

Wintertime can be cold and dark but a little whimsy can warm your heart.

Warren Zimmer Evergreen, CO

Winter’s Bone, Mt. Evans Oil 8 x 10 $425

The remains of last winter linger in mid-July, high atop Mt Evans. To me, they are a grim reminder that the fierce, covering snows of the coming winter are not far away.

Warren Zimmer Evergreen, CO

The Mitten in Snow Oil 10 x 10 $425

I find the contrast between the warm red rock and siltstone floor of Monument Valley, when partially covered in melting snow, quite striking. i have slightly stylized the scene to play up the architecture of the Mitten and maximize the mood created by the melting snow.

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