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2020 ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL September 11 to October 24


FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR THE ARTS EVERGREEN The Center for the Arts Evergreen (CAE) is honored to host the 47th annual Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Show (RMNW). As the new Executive Director, it is a privilege to be part of such a prestigious show. Even in a pandemic, we had 416 submissions! This speaks to the history of the exhibit, the expertise of our juror Linda Baker, and the level of talent and dedication from the artists. Having viewed the submissions, I can attest to the fact that it was not an easy task to choose 65 pieces for the exhibit. I am in awe of the beauty, detail, and originality of each piece. To our artists‌‌ thank you. The quality and professionalism of your work brings patrons from all over Colorado and from out of state to see and experience the wonders of watermedia. As with many businesses and nonprofits, CAE has experienced challenging times with limited staffing and fewer resources. However, thanks to my amazing colleague, Sara Miller, we were able to produce an exhibit that is accessible to everyone. In addition to our in-person exhibit, a gorgeous online gallery was created for our patrons to view from the comfort and safety of their homes. Thank you, Sara, for your hard work and dedication to CAE. To the RMNW committee and CAE Board members, thank you all for your endless volunteer hours and commitment to CAE. And thank you to Tom Maxey for the time and energy he puts into keeping CAE financially on track. Finally, the exhibit would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and award underwriters. These individuals and companies provide CAE with the additional resources needed to make this exhibit and all of our exhibits a success. I hope all of you enjoy the show. Thank you for keeping the Arts Alive in our Mountain Community. With gratitude,

2020 Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Committee: Lisa Nierenberg, CAE Executive Director Sara Miller, Director of Exhibitions & Marketing Patsi Pohle, Chair Celia Sladek, Chair Cathy Jones, Co-Chair Csilla Florida, Member

Lisa Nierenberg, Executive Director

Sandie Godsman, Member Tom Goldberg, Member Eric Maule, Member Ruth Moorehouse, Member Patricia Rucker, Member

Cover Image: White Chrysanthemum, Thomas Rebek, transparent watercolor Left Image: Morning Mist, Z.L. Feng, watercolor Back Inside Image: Illusions, Lisa Franklin, watercolor Copyright 2020 Center for the Arts Evergreen All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted - by electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise - without prior permission. P.O. Box 2737 Evergreen, CO 80437

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Juror Statement FROM LINDA DALY BAKER 2020 ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL WATERMEDIA JUROR It is my distinct honor to be selected as your juror for the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia exhibition of 2020. As a full-time professional artist for over 30 years, I find that being asked to jury is among my career highlights and this year’s entrants did not disappoint. The pieces in this year’s exhibition depict a vast variety of subjects and usage of style. The work was strong and the decisions difficult. As a juror, I start by going through the entire body of work just to see what might stand out to me. Of course, since you entered multiple pieces, the next step was to decide which of your paintings was the strongest. By the time the exhibit is pared down to one image each, I have studied each of your works thoroughly and thoughtfully. This is where the hard decisions begin. My job as a juror is to take many variables into account. We have all heard the term, “composition is king,” and that remains true. The two most important elements are composition and contrast. Every painting in the exhibit is showcasing these two qualities. Further consideration goes to subject matter, skill level, use of techniques, and creativity. When selecting awards, a personal vision or unique viewpoint becomes more important. I want to thank each of you for putting yourself out there, and I congratulate you if you were selected. If you were not, please do not feel discouraged. It is just one juror’s opinion, so please try again! It is my hope that you will enjoy this wonderful display of creativity.


Linda Daly Baker, All Aboard, watercolor

ABOUT LINDA DALY BAKER Linda Daly Baker, AWS-DF, NWS The use of light is a major focus in Linda’s watercolors along with dancing shadows and rich shaded areas. Through pouring, wet into wet, direct painting, along with the techniques of pipettes, Linda creates the effects of light. Linda Daly Baker AWS-DF, NWS is from Charleston, South Carolina.  She has won numerous awards in national exhibitions including both American Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society.  Linda’s paintings have also been included in the 2012 Shanghai Biennial and the 2013 Shenzhen Biennial in China.  She has been featured in many publications including the L’Aquarelle in France, The Art of Watercolor and the Splash series. She is featured in the book, Masters in Watercolor, by Konstantin Sherkov in Russia. She currently has two instructional DVDs of her painting procedure, offers online art mentoring, and is a sought after juror and workshop instructor.  Visit her website at


Awards AWARD





Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Signature Award Best of Show

RMNW Signature Members

Paul Foster

Patterned Light

Center for the Arts Evergreen Board of Directors Award 1st Place

Bruce Anderson, Peter & Peggy Eggers, Rita Felde, Sandie Godsman, Tom Goldberg, Kelly Haley, Susan Hammond, Cathy & Rick Jones, Judith Keller, Eric & Nancy Maule, Lisa O’Hearn, Patsi Pohle, Bryant Robert, Celia & John Sladek, Mary Steinbrecher, Kristin Witt

Liz Walker

Upon Closer Inspection #1

Huiting Wealth Management Award 2nd Place

Huiting Wealth Managemnt

Chris Krupinski

Caramel Apples

Patricia Rucker Best Abstract Painting Award 3rd Place

Patricia Rucker

Pat Moseuk

Climbing the Ladder

Ruth Morehouse Award 4th Place

Ruth Morehouse

Mark McDermott

Independence Mine #1

Colorado Watercolor Society Award 5th Place

Colorado Watercolor Society

Carol McSweeney

Ready To Ride

The Painted Toe Art Society Award

The Painted Toe Art Society

Miles Batt II

Divine Comedy # Inferno

Woden Woods, Inc. Award

Peter Eggers

Barbara Yoerg

Walking Among Stones

Cherry Creek Framing Award

Cherry Creek Framing

Lori Hess


Adobe Creek Framing & Stoneheart Gallery Award

Adobe Creek Framing & Stoneheart Gallery

Rene Eisenbart

Ferry to Dubrovnik





Blick Art Materials Merchandise Award

Blick Art Materials

Joyce Green

Aqua Allegro con Brio

Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Merchandise Award

Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff

Robert Mejer

Take PC #17

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. - Merchandise Award

Golden Artist Colors

Robbie Laird

Time and Time Again— Evening Glow

M. Graham & Co. Merchandise Award

M. Graham & Co.

Steve Griggs

Find Your Light

Honorable Mention

Diane Shabino


Honorable Mention

Thomas Rebek

White Chrysanthemum

Honorable Mention

Kathleen Conover


Honorable Mention

Lynne Hardwick

Nomad’s Vision XXXVIII

Honorable Mention

Z.L. Feng

Morning Mist

Purchase Award: The Miriam R. Levine Award for Creative Expression

Law Office of Richard A. Levine, PC

Linda Renaud


Purchase Award: Evergreen Clothing Award

Jim Sherwood

Jerry Bowman

Oaxacan Stag

Purchase Award: The Evergreen Award

Nancy Williams & Jim Casebolt

Megan Ripke

Blushing Hydrangea

THANK YOU TO OUR MERCHANDISE SPONSORS: Blick Art Materials, Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, Golden Artist Colors, Inc., M. Graham & Co. 7

Catherine Anderson Jacksonville, OR

All Night Long

watercolor & acrylic


I paint to convey the peace and wonder I feel when I put brush to paper. During those hours, I return to the awe and awareness of nature I knew as a child. When those who observe my work enter into that magical place with me, I feel my purpose is accomplished and I am twice blessed.

Nancy Barch Clifton Heights, PA

Dream Weaver mixed media

I transitioned from watercolor to mixed media approximately ten years ago. The use of different media to bring a concept to life is challenging. The color palette I use is the same, only with a depth not achievable for me with watercolor. Dream Weaver is a combination of tinted papers, acrylics, graphite and, of course, woven papers. It represents the threads of our lives and how tenuously everything is held together.


The Painted Toe Art Society Award

Miles Batt II Jacksonville, FL

Divine Comedy # Inferno watercolor and liquid pencil


Truth in art is an abstract idea. The artist is not copying anything; he is inventing. The norms related to the creative world are always the same. The approach to them is what personalizes the artist. It is the gradual raising of constructions of one’s imagination.

Judi Betts Baton Rogue, LA

Ninety Degrees

Architecture of the south with bold shapes, sunlight and shadow, and abstract foliage shapes interest me. The flattened perspective adds to the simplicity of the overall pattern. Though high key, there is a feeling of more intense color. My architectural pieces are based on realism, but I like to invent color chords and new shapes.

transparent watercolor


Matthew Bird Sykesville, MD

Bread, Fish, Wine watercolor


The subject matter of my figure and still life paintings communicate my deep love and respect for nature and life. Some paintings stem from a joy or narrative that is from my own experiences. Other pieces reflect the simple beauty I find in everyday objects composed together. I have focused on developing my craft to capture the beauty of what surrounds me with precision and clarity. I strive to convey that to all people through the universal language of representational art. It is my desire that when others see my work they may be inspired by the perceptible signs of the real Creator.

Evergreen Clothing Purchase Award

Jerry Bowman Lawton, MI

Oaxacan Stag

watercolor on arches paper

My work is notable for color and pattern. Dimensionality is an essential element as is an unusual point of view. I focus mainly on cross-cultural concepts of universal design. These include many objects from so-called primitive cultures. My work explores a timeless universal human trait: the love of color and pattern in our creations. By weaving such items together into unusual compositions, each painting invites the viewer to share in this vision and create their own narrative, thus participating in the creative process. I want to create a dialog with the viewer that focuses on the interpretation of the potential stories inherent in my work. I feel the viewer’s rational and emotional responses are at least as important as the artist’s intent. 13

Marilynne Bradley Webster Groves, MO

Crowded Harbor watercolor


My composition evolves by reconstructing overlapping planes created by straight lines and tangents. Changing the formal structure of organic shapes into a controlled approach of rigid linear constructions alters the mood of a scene, not to mention the contrast it provides to shadows and movement. The composition is compressed within lines of force leading the eye to one point of interest. Patterns of shapes evolve into a controlled atmosphere.

Francesca Brayton Los Alamitos, CA

Seal Beach Junior Lifeguards

I live near the coast of Southern California and see the Junior Lifeguards in the summer jumping in the water, learning endurance and lifesaving skills. Walking on the pier I really get a bird’s eye view of their activities, as I did one day in Seal Beach. I use watercolor and like to paint colorful joyful scenes with fun designs. I’m not concerned with local color, just local fun.



Carol Brody Wellington, FL

Party Papers and Confetti IV

transparent watercolor


My paintings reflect my love of color and fascination with texture and are often tied to some aspect of the real world. They begin as a flow of feelings, intuition, and spirit. Instead of carefully controlling my paintings, I allow them to grow and emerge, suggesting their forms, which I develop with many layers of glazes.

Tom Brown Fairview, TX

After the Rain watercolor

There is something about standing in a field after a rain that heightens the senses. There is an actual term for this. It’s called petrichor: a pleasant earthy aroma that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. This is the mood and atmosphere I was hoping to capture in this piece. Stand back a little and enjoy the painting. Perhaps you’ll catch the scent.


Nel Dorn Byrd Aubrey, TX

Decatur Back Alley watercolor


Intrigued with the cast shadows falling across this facade in Decatur, Texas, I did a small plein air piece and later in my studio painted this larger watercolor on 140 lb. cold press Arches. Quickly with a large brush I painted the local color of the building while saving my whites. Using a limited palette, I added architectural features, cast shadows, the figure, and some detail.

Jennifer Clark Oro Valley, AZ



Both desert and man-made color abounds in the archeological city of Petra, Jordan. Known as the rose-red city, the name is derived from the color of the rock from which it was carved. Camels are used within the city to transport tourists, their saddles adding amazing pops of color. This Bedouin handwork captured my interest and painting it allowed me to further appreciate the details.


Honorable Mention

Kathleen Conover Marquette, MI


watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal


Searching is one painting in my series inspired by aspects of growth and understanding needed in any personal journey. Meaningful symbolism includes the blackbird as messenger, the origami crane as a prayer for peace, and the horse symbolizes a journey.

Gail Delger McKinney, TX


Perched started off as an abstract painting and then I noticed the shape of a woman’s head, so I did some negative painting around the head to define the shape more. I like having birds in my paintings, so I perched the bird on her shoulder. I like to paint things that look unique and sometimes look out of place because they are a fun way to bring the viewer into my world.



Adobe Creek Framing / Stoneheart Gallery Award

Rene Eisenbart Portland, OR

Ferry to Dubrovnik watermedia


The play of light that sparkled through Elvina’s hat onto her face reflected the joy of the moment as our group of artists traveled in Croatia. Part of the pleasure for me in setting up these experiences for others is sharing in them and I wanted to express that! Originally I painted this as a demo in the Croatia workshop, and cropped it really tight to fit my 10x10 paper. After returning home I enlarged it to full sheet width, keeping the tight crop but deviating from the reference to make this colorful “storybook” painting in transparent watercolor. The unusual crop and sheer size of it captures attention, causing the viewer to engage.

Honorable Mention

Z.L. Feng Radford, VA

Morning Mist watercolor

Morning Mist was inspired by New River, the place I live and work, and where I always walk around the river bankside. I did a life drawing and a sketch of the tree and found the beauty of the river’s mist in the morning. I tried to capture the mist effect. I use a large flat brush to wet on wet, wetting the first several layers. I use top-brand watercolor pigments to continue layering the colors, washing, and using a wet-on-dry technique. I use other kinds of watercolor techniques uch as dry brush until I acheive the fine detailed result. Watercolor is very challenging and difficult to control. It’s hard to cover your mistakes and you can’t change too much, but this medium adds lots of fun to painting. 23

RMNW Signature Award - Best in Show

Paul Foster Centennial, CO

Patterned Light watercolor


Patterned Light is one of a series of paintings that I have painted over the years of the old mines of Colorado. It is a detail of an interior. Visually powerful both inside and out, made of local materials, these mines are authentic, unpretentious and, though having a presence, feel like they belong to their mountain sites. Inside in the diminished light they become abstract, even a new reality.

Tom Francesconi Homewood, IL

Sand Castles watercolor

This painting conveys the spirit of a resort-lined beach to which throngs of sunseekers make their migration. I couldn’t help but see these hotels as castle-like palaces that line the shore with the water as their moat. The typical day will end with suntanned bodies retreating to the comfort of these structures, preparing for another day spent in the tropical sunlight and cool shadows of Sand Castles.


Lisa Franklin Tequesta, FL




This painting was created on Arches watercolor paper, hot press 140 lb. It is an architectural mosaic, which invites the viewer to move into a space of speculation and intrigue, creating interest with geometric shapes in juxtaposition with vivid colors. I add colors intuitively, blending, layering and creating textural surfaces varied within the painting. What do you see?

Gayle Gerson Grand Junction, CO

Cellular 2

mixed media on Yupo paper

In my experiment with Cellular 2, I wanted to create an abstract watermedia piece that reflected my fascination with circles within circles and how they connect to each other and how I can achieve the effect of light and depth within those circles. I also wanted to reflect the larger issue of how we humans are all biologically connected as has been made abundantly clear by the Covid pandemic.


Blick Art Merchandise Award

Joyce Green Meridian, ID

Aqua Allegro con Brio watercolor


Travel, both foreign and domestic, has been, and continues to be, one of the most stimulating influences on my artistic life. Many of my paintings have been inspired by the experiences encountered in more than 50 years of travels, literally around the world, with my husband Robert. We have traveled to more than 80 countries since the 1960s.

David Gregory Peoria, IL

Going Bananas

This banana tree in Hawaii supplied me with both painting inspiration and a nearly endless supply of sweet fruit for smoothies. The contrast of purple blossom, yellow fruit, and green leaves against a clear cerulean sky first attracted my attention. Then, while painting, I took great liberties with color, thus the title, Going Bananas.



M. Graham & Co. Merchandise Award

Steve Griggs Centennial, CO

Find Your Light watercolor


The city creates a juxtaposition of isolation and intimacy, dark and light. At any moment the city can be alive with feeling, movement, activity, and pulse. Yet, among so much vibrancy, one can also feel painfully alone. The work of being human is to find our light within and cast it into the mix of architecture, culture, humanity, despair, and hope, with the goal of creating a better world.

Honorable Mention

Lynne Hardwick Daniel Island, SC

This layerist series is driven by design concepts. This work on BFK Rives paper was created with watercolor, watercolor ink, acrylic ink, acrylic paints and graphite. This nonobjective series challenges my fascination with design, layering, and making a composition out of chaos to tell a story.

Nomad’s Vision XXXVIII mixed media


Cherry Creek Framing Award

Lori Hess Coupeville, WA




When first stumbling upon an idea for a painting that stops me in my tracks, I have learned to pay attention to this intuitive nudge and see where it will lead me. Painting is a way to express feelings too big or personal to be put into words. The entire process of painting, from concept to completion, is compelling and entirely enjoyable. Very few other activities are as engrossing and rewarding as making art. When something in my life is bothering me, if I go into the studio, it recedes. The creative process brings me back into balance.

Anne HightowerPatterson Leesville, SC

Using black watercolor paper and gouache, I was able to use the surface to create a dramatic contrast in light and shadow. Choosing a tropical palette for the setting and the beauty of one of my favorite models, I used red rain drops to create movement and harmony in the design.

Tropical Rain gouache


Pat Holscher Washington, NC

Seafood Soup gouache


I love to create something unique that finds an emotional connection to another person. The greatest compliment I can receive is the appreciation someone has for the art that reflects my internal thoughts and feelings. My art represents my personal evolution and growth over a fifty year period. The first ten years introduced me to the creative process and helped me define and refine my goals, select my mediums, and learn about the materials and techniques involved in those selections. Through intense submersion I developed my style and adapted it to subjects I enjoy and encounter every day. With creative use of composition, color, and texture, I can encourage a new way of seeing those ordinary subjects.

Olga & Aleksey Ivanov Evergreen, CO

First Day of Winter

egg tempera on panel

This painting is a tale about the beautiful silence of the first winter days in Colorado when snow covers the mountains and everything looks so clean and crisp. A young beautiful girl is admiring the mountain view in a traditional renaissance portrait setting by the window. This painting is executed in egg tempera criss-cross strokes technique invented in the times of the Renaissance.


Huiting Wealth Management Award - 2nd Place

Chris Krupinski Maineville, OH

Caramel Apples

transparent watercolor


This realistic still life is based on abstract design. The design and solid composition is the foundation of my work. But, who doesn’t like caramel apples on a cool evening wrapped in the coziness of a quilt?

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Merchandise Award

Robbie Laird Lake Almanor, CA

Time and Time AgainEvening Glow watermedia

Living near Mt. Lassen National Park, this unique place has become a favorite place to paint and find inspiration in the constant display of seasons and life cycles. Relationships between trees and the boulders that anchor them for life, I find especially compelling. In this painting I depict the ongoing daily passage of time, layering acrylic gels and mediums, color, and finally the shimmer of iridescent glazes to convey light and atmospheric changes throughout each day.


Carolyn Latanision Winchester, MA

Ladles and Cranes Ready watercolor


Bethlehem Steel in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was the country’s second largest steel manufacturer, making the steel for our major bridges, skyscrapers, armaments and ships. I grew up right next to it and when the company closed in 1995, I wanted to photograph and memorialize it. Giant cranes lifted these ladles of molten metal in steelmaking and continuous casting processes.

Georgia Mason Emerald Isle, NC

Earthlyric Grays

mixed watermedia

Living on a barrier island, I am always looking at the light, the land, the sky, the water, watching the sun rise and set. For this painting, I did an underpainting on Yes canvas with ink and watercolor randomly. Working intuitively after it dries, I began to choose acrylic colors. I had no predetermined idea. I decided to use a variety of grays, and started to alter the surface. This went through several layers, adding color and scraping into the surface of the paint here and there. The imagery emerges almost magically.


Ruth Morehouse Award - 4th Place

Mark McDermott Anchorage, AK

Independence Mine #1 watercolor


I have a fondness for painting old machinery. In fact some of my favorite paintings are rusted machines. I think they fit my painting style well and I enjoy adding textures. I try to find abstract arrangements that work well as balanced compositions. Luckily Alaska has an abundance of old machinery around mines, like this one at the Independence Mine near my home in Anchorage.

Colorado Watercolor Society Award - 5th Place

Carol McSweeney Kalispell, MT

At a local rodeo, I was fortunate enough to visit with some talented cowboys who were waiting for their turns to compete. This young man’s talent and dignity shone as he related to his fellow competitors, onlookers, and animals. Photographs that I took of him later inspired this painting.

Ready To Ride watercolor


Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Merchandise Award

Robert Mejer Quincy, IL

Take PC #17 watercolor


I am a Geometric Abstract Intimist that operates out of a collage-space tradition. My watercolors emanate from small 6” x 4” paper collages. I express various emotional situations using a layering process in order to create visual drama via opposites, which equates to the pulse of life! I agree with Kandinsky that the circle is the most peaceful shape and that it represents the human soul. In my work I hope TO PRESENT (inside to out) rather than REPRESENT (outside to in).

Anne Miller Strandoo Seattle, WA

My artistic motivation comes from a persistent curiosity about the world and the desire to express what I observe in a particular way. I hope to tell a visual story of a moment, a place, a feeling. Painting in watercolor always has the potential to surprise, and makes me feel like anything could happen.

Ostuni Rhythm

watercolor on paper


Best Abstract Painting Patricia Rucker Awrad - 3rd Place

Pat Moseuk Concord, CA

Climbing the Ladder

acrylic and mixed media


I consider myself a Contemporary Urban Abstract painter. I’m captivated with texture, line, color, design, and shape that are the aesthetics of the urban environment. When I’m out exploring and find old decayed building facades, pipes, a freeway intersection, or a decrepit fence, this inspires me. My mind is like a camera and always taking pictures of what I see, feel, and interpret in the environment around me. As a prolific and intuitive painter, I am always exploring and experimenting with new materials and textures extending the possibilities on several different surfaces to make things up and take outrageous creative risks.

r. mike nichols Salinas, CA

Watching TV

The photo of this scene wasn’t great but the composition and the lighting had a lot of potential. I like capturing moments in time that I can look back on and treasure. We recently moved, and that couch didn’t make the trip but I can look at my painting and it triggers so many happy memories that took place on that couch, in that room.

transparent watercolor


Elaine Nunnally Leesburg, VA

Zooming at Night

watercolor and acrylic


I’ve recently focused on painting the visual explosion of color and illusion of speed that is produced by headlights and tail lights on the night highway. Using a high horizon line, I worked to create a sense of movement and distance, resulting in the look and feel of an abstract painting. I use watercolor paints straight from the tube and blend them with a stiff brush, which produces the soft look of pastel. The limited palette of red, black, and white adds to the excitement of this piece. In a few areas I used white acrylic ink, painted or sprayed with an atomizer, to achieve the intense contrast of light to dark. The title, Zooming at Night, is a takeoff on the old Nissan commercials which begin with a little boy saying, “Zoom, zoom.”

Barbara Olsen Fort Collins, CO

Tappezzeria Petrarchi watercolor

I wandered past a soft furnishings shop tucked away on a narrow Italian side street. As I peered through the window, I became mesmerized by the myriad shapes, patterns and colors deep within. As my eyes adjusted and the shapes crystallized into drawers brimming with notions, fabric samples, and catalogs, I experienced that long-forgotten sense of wonder a child feels at discovering hidden treasure.


Ann Pember Keeseville, NY

Opulence watercolor


Opulence interprets a peony with a close point of view, revealing a sense of its spirit. Some details were edited, or eliminated as I worked with patterns formed by light and a good balance of values. Luminous color was created by tilting the board at an angle to make the paint move. Darks were added before the paint dried.

CoraMae Pipkin Stacy, NC

Lyrical Light

I love visiting the southwestern states and learning of the Native American culture. Kokopellis are whimsical characters that make me smile. This is one of a series of paintings I have done with Kokopellis as the main subject. Watercolor allows me to portray the energy and meaning of these spiritual symbols.



Honorable Mention

Thomas Rebek Fort Lauderdale, FL

White Chrysanthemum transparent watercolor


Watercolor painting is my passion. I approach every painting with a sense of wonderment. Although my paintings have a definite design and structure, I treat the subject matter with playfulness and soul. The strength of color is essential to my work.

The Miriam R. Levine Award for Creative Expression Purchase Award

Linda Renaud Drake, CO


watercolor wax batik

It was a sunny winter’s day in Theodore Roosevelt National Park when I spotted this coyote. He could hear some small creature in the snow and grass at his feet and was intent on having it. I was fortunate enough to catch the coyote in midjump. I used a limited palette in this painting to retain a more minimalist sense in keeping with the snowy landscape and to focus attention on the animal.


Sydni Reubin Plattsburgh, NY


watercolor and gouache on paper


When I began this painting, I had no way of knowing that this would be one of my last quiet + tender moments among friends before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. And I had no idea that painting would be one of the only ways to spend quiet + tender moments with friends for the foreseeable future. Yet, here we all are—connected and connecting through painting and through art—despite it all.

The Evergreen Award Purchase Award

Megan Ripke Marengo, IL

Blushing Hydrangea watercolor

I’m drawn to floral subjects. The light and shadows cast on hydrangea flowers were the focus for Blushing Hydrangea. The hydrangea flowers, mostly green and just beginning to receive their rosy color, provide a rich variety of greens to look at. The dark background shapes and wet into wet technique was intended to draw attention to the light and shadow patterns on the flowers.


Heather Savage Denver, CO

Going Places in Cuba watercolor


Going Places in Cuba was painted from a photo I took during a trip to Cuba in 2017. Recently I have been revisiting my travel photos and realizing they are so much more than just captured memories. They are images of people being human. Whether waiting for the bus, hanging laundry, or just going to work.

Darcy Scott Bloomfield Hills, MI

Three Cottages is a painting of the dune shoreline. My love for dunes, beaches, and nature led me to paint this piece. I added three stylized cottages to the composition and love the simplicity and quietude that the painting evokes.

Three Cottages watermedia


Honorable Mention

Diane Shabino Wausau, WI


transparent watercolor


This painting began as a non-objective value sketch with strong outlines and interior shapes. After the initial masking and pouring while transferring the sketch to watercolor paper, I saw foliage with spots of light piercing the canopy appear. The painting then became an abstraction of that idea, refining interior shapes and the flow and rhythm of colors to create the final artwork.

Jerry Smith Crawfordsville, IN

Harbor Gold

Harbor Gold is one of a series of watermedia paintings inhabiting the space between abstraction and figurative painting to represent familiar subjects. The acrylic paint used in the painting is supplemented with self-colored tissue and washi papers along with charcoal pencil accents. The scene is a composite of harbor images from the Maine coast.



Susanna Spann Cortez, FL

Rockin’ at the Ritz watercolor


My love for music and the respect that I have for the amazing people who have been blessed with the talent to entertain the rest of us, has led me to paint a series of musicians. Rockin’ at the Ritz is from a February afternoon, sitting around the outdoor fire pit at the Ritz-Carlton listening to music in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Peggy Morgan Stenmark Crested Butte, CO

Weathering effects that happen to man-made objects over the course of time and with the influence of the elements, have always fascinated me. We build and Nature destroys, in a forever, ongoing cycle that creates its own kind of art. This is a close-up of the side of an old container ship that was making its way, slowly, through the Ballard Locks in Seattle.

Seen Better Days

watercolor/ink resist


Jane Stoddard East Amherst, NY

Waiting in the Shadows watercolor


I took the photo reference for this painting on a trip to Italy. The ubiquitous pigeons were always willing models. This trio seemed to be waiting in the shadows for the action to begin. I found it an irresistible subject matter. The chiaroscuro is striking; the intense sunlight creates even deeper shadows.

Eileen Sudzina McKeesport, PA

Home is Where the Heart Is watercolor

This is a watercolor on Yupo capturing a street scene of cars and framed houses built eighty to ninety years ago, which are now someone else’s home. Shadows dominate this scene of another glimpse in time. The painting has a cool palette with turquoise highlights. I used a semi-abstract approach that’s loose and spontaneous. A little heart appeared on the porch in the shadows when I was done. It was like, “Wow, where did that come from?” I named it after the heart.


Jeannine Swartz Mechanicsburg, PA

Luminous Lisianthus acrylic


Flowers from the local farmers market and a vase found during a visit to a unique antiques flea market came together to create this painting. Layers of delicate white petals set against a dark background help to illuminate the subject. Thin washes of fluid acrylic were applied to the watercolor paper to develop the beauty of the flowers and the details of the vase.

Don Taylor Panama City, FL Wired In-Havana

transparent watercolor

I was fortunate enough to get into Havana, Cuba before the current travel ban. My impression, however, was a combination of admiration and dismay! Poverty is rampant, basic necessities are hard to come by (for the Cubans), and the country is in a state of slow decay. Some prominent buildings have been restored in the tourist section, but the area of Old Havana where most of the people live is a crumbling slum. The people seemed resilient, but still wary of tourists, and at the same time wanting tourists there. Most were friendly and genuinely were happy to see Americans back. I spent many hours wandering “Old Havana� by myself as the only non-Cuban in the area. This painting is a representation of my impressions of the decay of Havana. 63

Jacquie Vaux Ft. Collins, CO

Kitten on the Keys watercolor


While visiting a friend, her cat just loved to play on the piano. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. I just love tabby cats; painting them is always lots of fun for me. Hope you enjoy it.

Center for the Arts Evergreen Board of Directors Award - 1st Place

Liz Walker Beaverton, OR

Upon Closer Inspection #1 acrylic

Upon Closer Inspection #1 is part of a series in which I quickly put down acrylic paint onto a slick thin paper, and then once the paper dried, I glued it to a heavier substrate to finalize the piece. I like the idea of showing my work—the random marks and blobs that I cover up with opaque acrylics are just as integral to this piece as the stronger dark shapes. I aim to create a sense of story in my paintings, and in this piece, I rely on the focus of the dark bodice to anchor and describe the figure in all its messy beauty.


Chavanthop Watanakul Sedalia, CO




In the summer of 2019, I had an opportunity to go to Italy as an instructor to teach Drawing and Painting. It was a Study Abroad program offered by Arapahoe Community College. This painting is a self-portrait, depicting my life and the experiences I had in Italy.

Lorraine Watry Colorado Springs, CO

Bottles and Bubblewrap watercolor

Bottles and Bubblewrap depicts glass bottles surrounded by bubblewrap. The bubblewrap cushions and protects the glass and it’s also a neutral backdrop that allows the color in the glass to shine. I enjoy creating the illusion of transparent glass and finding the reflections on their surfaces. The hard lines of the glass are a nice counterpoint to the soft rounded forms of the bubblewrap.


Jean Weiner Le Mars, IA

Morning on Mackinac watercolor


Morning on Mackinac features residents and guests outside Main Street shops and attractions during an early summer morning on Mackinac Island, Michigan. The foreground figures, shaded under the buildings’ overhangs, contrast against the distant figures on the sunlit street and sidewalks. My hope is that the viewer will imagine they too could join the morning bustle on this charming island.

David Wicks Morrison, CO Sno-White Drive-In

The subject matter for this painting is a sign I happened on while on my way to Yosemite early one morning. Numerous Sno-White Drive-Ins were built in the early 1960s in California, mostly with signs similar to this one. Although this particular sign had the peeling paint and patina of a vintage sign, I chose to paint it as if it was new.



Susan Wilhelm Yukon, OK

Watching My Territory watercolor batik


Painting is a gift and an outlet for me. I am drawn to the detail and subtlety of the image as well the grand gesture and the broad expressions we see in daily life. This is why I am drawn to watercolor batik over other mediums, allowing me to achieve both on a single canvas. The watercolor batik is accomplished with a hot molten wax and watercolors painted on fabric. Not the traditional method of dipping or encaustic painting, the subjects are painted much like a true painting. The wax is removed many times with heat and painted, with the last layer remaining for texture. The painting Watching My Territory is a combination of the visual in western landscape, the known watchful eye of its dominating animals, and the show of restriction to the owner’s territory.

Keiko Yasuoka Houston, TX

Double Vision watercolor

Double Vision was inspired by roaming the streets of Italy. I took a picture of these bright red shoes from the outside of the store and felt instantly compelled to paint it when I returned home. The most challenging thing about this painting is trying to capture its reflection all while giving life to the inside of the store. I wanted to capture history and modernism at the same time.


Woden Woods, Inc. Award

Barbara Yoerg Las Vegas, NV

Walking Among Stones

mixed watermedia, acrylic, and graphite


Painting is a means to offer a part of myself and evoke emotion in others. My painting is not a wall decoration, but a recollection or concept of an experience. Whether it is discovering a “new” technique or incorporating aspects from many methods, the result is always a discovery. This discovery is often evidenced by viewing the painting from three vantage points – what you see from afar, near, and close, suggest different compositions and/or emotions. The mystery of life and all its forms intrigues me. Being appreciative of life and the surrounding environs, hopefully I evoke peace and wonder with my work.

Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society Center for the Arts Evergreen maintains the roster of the prestigious Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society members. RMNWS includes Signature Members and Honorary Juror Members. Signature Members have been selected at least four times for the RMNW exhibition since its inception in 1974. These artists have earned the right to add RMNW after their signatures. All jurors become Honorary Members of the RMNWS, although many of them have earned Signature status as well.

Honorary Juror Members 2020 Linda Daly Baker 2019 Sterling Edwards 2018 Mary Ann Beckwith 2017 Stephen Quiller 2016 Katherine Chang Liu 2015 Mark Mehaffey 2014 Linda Doll 2013 William “Skip” Lawrence 2012 Carol Barnes 2011 Cheng-Khee Chee 2010 Judy Morris 2009 Stephen Quiller 2008 Donna Watson 2007 Carla O’ Connor 2006 George James 2005 H.C. Dodd 2004 John Salminen 2003 Harold Grego, PhD 2002 Louise Cadillac 2001 Katherine Chang Liu 2000 Don Nice 1999 Burton Silverman 1998 Sondra Freckelton 1997 Pat San Soucie & Ellen Murray

1996 Rob Erdle & Dean Mitchell 1995 Elizabeth Yarosz & Glenn Bradshaw 1994 Mary Todd Beam & Charles Le Clair 1993 Janet Fish 1992 Alexander Guthrie & Kathleen Kuchar 1991 Warren Taylor & Nanci Blair Closson 1990 Marilyn Phillis & Marbury Hill Brown 1989 Rolland Golden & Edward Reep 1988 Irving Shapiro & Lee Wexler 1987 Jeanne Dobie & Alex Powers 1986 Al Brouillette & Fran Larsen 1985 Edmond Fitzgerald & E.J. Velardi, Jr. 1984 Katherine Chang Liu & Frank Webb 1983 Miles G. Batt, Sr. & Virginia Cobb 1982 Alexander Nepote & Larry Webster 1981 Sylvia Glass & Robert Vickrey 1980 Millard Sheets & Doris White 1979 Glenn Bradshaw & Serge Hollerbach 1978 Gerald Brommer & Ruth Wynn 1977 Claude Croney & Morris Shubin 1976 Chen Chi & Tom Hill 1975 Edward Betts & Charles Reid 1974 John C. Pellew & Lee Weiss




* = RMNW Society Members with paintings in the 2020 exhibition ** = New RMNW Society Members Bold = RMNW Society Members who contributed to the 2020 RMNW Signature Member Award Dona Abbott Patricia Abraham Kent Addison Melissa Adkison Gloria Miller Allen Wilmer Anderson *Catherine Anderson Sue Archer Ruth Armitage Sara Aslakson Denise Athanas Anne Bagby Nancy Baldrica *Nancy Barch John Barnard Carole Barnes Andrew Barton Miles G. Batt, Sr. Penny Bunn Becker Joe Beckner Sandra Beebe Edith Bergstrom *Judi Betts Robert Biancalana Virginia Blackstock Joseph Bohler Marilyn Sears Bourbon *Jerry Bowman Donna Boyd 74

Judy Boyd *Marilynne Bradley Glenn Bradshaw

Mari M. Conneen Pat Cook Laurel Covington-Vogl

Mary Alice Braukman Gerald Brommer Al Brouillette Carrie Burns Brown Marbury Hill Brown Peggy Brown Bill Bryant Tanis Bula Charlie (Charles) S. Burk Basil Burke Mike Burns Dan Burt Karen B. Butler *Nel Dorn Byrd Louise Cadillac Barbara Cain Joseph Cain Mark Cardoza Phil Chalk Cheng-Khee Chee Leslie Cheney-Parr Chen Chi Virginia Cobb Judi Coffey Jean Cole Rachel B. Collins

Nina Cravens-Fry Rita Crooks Elaine Daily-Birnbaum Carl Dalio Ratindra Das Dean Davis Molly Davis Patricia Deadman *Gail Delger Betty DeMaree rita Derjue Marilynn DerWenskus Henry Dickens Missie Dickens Vera M. Dickerson Pat Dispenziere H.C. Dodd George Dombek Carolyn Dubuque Pauline Eaton Toni Elkins Rob Erdle Manette Fairmont Mell Feltman *Z.L. Feng Lorriane Fetzer

LeRoy Fink Dorothy Foster Pat Fostvedt Ellen Fountain *Tom Francesconi Scott Fraser Joseph Fretz Karen Frey Gerald Fritzler Pam Furumo Rolland Golden Peter Gooch Jean Grastorf B. Green Greta Greenfield Elina Gregory-Goodrum *Steve Griggs Elizabeth Groves Alexander Gutherie Pamela Hake Diane Halley Janice C Hanson *Lynne Hardwick Patricia Harrington Elaine Harvey Noriko Hasegawa Phyllis Hellier **Ann Hightower-Patterson Marilyn Hill Susan Hinton Ruth Ellen Hoag Diane Hodel Elaine Holien Serge Hollerbach *Pat Holscher Carolyn Hoyle Carol Hubbard Adele Huestis

Marie Huggin Sandra Humphries Charlotte Huntley Jim Hutton Bill James George James John James Kathleen Jardine Lisa Jefferson Robert Johansen Ann Johnson Elizabeth Johnson

Michael Lasuchin *Carolyn Latanision Jan Ledbetter Linda Lee Ara (Barabara) Leites Whitney Leland Bonnie Lhotka Guy Lipscomb Gregory Litinsky Katherine Chang Liu Nancy Livesay Annell Livingston

Aletha Jones Donald G. Jones Steven Jordan Jerry Kalback Selina Karim Barbara Kastner Naum Katsenelson Arthur Kaye Sophia Kearns Kathryn Ellen Kelso Joy Keown Julie Kirkland Dee Knott Barbara Kowalski Margaret Graham Kranking Priscilla Krejci Lynne Kroll *Chris Krupinski Kathleen Kuchar John Kwok Melanie Lacki Evelyn Lombardi Lail *Robbie Laird Frank LaLumia Kathleen Lanzoni Fran Larsen

Carol Lopatin Carolyn Lord Susan Luzier-Kamen Mary Britten Lynch Sandra Mac Diarmid David Neil Mack Joe Manning Marilyn Markowitz *Georgia Mason Anne Massie Maxine Masterfield Sibylla Mathews Marion McCall Joan McConnell *Mark McDermott Joseph McGinnis John McIver Joan McKasson Mark Mehaffey Phil Metzger Morris Meyer Louise Miller Reita Walker Miller Barbara Millican Dean Mitchell Wendell Mohr 75

Susan Montague Roxanne Moore Sybil Moschetti Connie Murray Beverly Nichols **r. mike nichols JoAnne Nixon Semiramis Novak Charles Novich Catherine P. O’Neill Thomas Owen Doug Pasek Brian Paulsen Arleta Pech *Ann Pember Harold Petersen Marilyn Hughey Phillis Carole Pickle Ann Pierce Jim Pittman Carlton Plummer Karen Poulson Alex Powers Stephen Quiller Helen Ragheb Marjorie Rauch Pat Reynolds Peggy Reynolds Marlin Rotach Sandra Saitto John Salminen Patricia San Soucie Don Sayers Sandra Schaffer Michael Schlicting Diane Schmidt Mary Jane Schmidt Carol Ann Schrader Ann Schuh 76

Francine Schut Barry Scott *Darcy Scott Jerry Seagle Marge Shepherd Mark Silvers Duncan Simmons Jean Slobodin *Jerry and Lucinda Smith Joel Smith James Soares Mel Stabin Electra Stamelos Nancy Stark Pat Stelter *Peggy Morgan Stenmark Gari Stephenson Penny Stewart Howard Stirn *Jane Stoddard Carla Stoltzfus Hazel Stone Dan Stouffer Betsy Dillard Stroud Dashuai Sun Nancy Meadows Taylor Warren Taylor Thomas Thiery Rhett Thurman Elizabeth Thurow Roberta M. Tiemann James Toogood Lois Salmon Toole Brenda Turner Phoebe Tyson Don Van Horn Ernest J. Velardi Robert Vickrey Teryl Speers Viner

Myrna Wacknov Soon Y. Warren *Chavanthop Noi Watanakul Louise Waters *Lorraine Watry Donna Watson Frank Webb Larry Webster Kevin Weckbach Lee Weiss E. Gordon West Jean Wetzler *David Wicks Dianne Widom Jane Wikstrand Joyce Williams Donald Willis Ruth Windsor-Mann Anita Winter Sue Wise Pat Wolf Edwin Wordell Elizabeth Ann Yarosz-Ash *Keiko Yasuoka *Barbara Yoerg Gene Youngmann Peggy Flora Zalucha Al Zerries

Sponsors THANK YOU

Center for the Arts Evergreen wishes to thank Board members, sponsors, donors and friends for raising over $13,000 (over $9,500 in artist awards) in support of Rocky Mountain

Nancy Williams & Jim Casebolt

THANK YOU TO OUR IN-KIND SPONSORS: Stems Bruce Anderson: Farmers Insurance 77

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47th annual Rocky Mountain National Watermedia (2020)  

The 47th annual Rocky Mountain National Watermedia show brings together artists from all over the country to exhibit the best of the best in...

47th annual Rocky Mountain National Watermedia (2020)  

The 47th annual Rocky Mountain National Watermedia show brings together artists from all over the country to exhibit the best of the best in...


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