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November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper

Dohme continues her fight Safety first! against domestic violence laruaPETIT


entertainment editor

Relationships in high school are meant to be fun, lighthearted, and blissful. Far too many teens, however, have undergone circumstances in dating that do not acquire such qualities. According to the Teenage Relationship Abuse Survey, 61 percent of teens who have been in relationships have undergone emotional abuse by their partners, and in that 15 percent, have been hit, threatened, and physically abused. Many indicators of abuse in relationships include when one partner is possessive, controlling, degrading, or overly jealous. This typically occurs when one has a need for more power over the other and an imbalance occurs. For instance, a boyfriend or girlfriend may ask to check phone messages, one call the other hurtful names, or have a need to know where they are and who they are with at every waking moment. With October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, several groups and organizations in the bay area have been committed to addressing the issue of violence in relationships by helping to educate the community on this subject matter. Melissa Dohme, a former Clearwater High School Student who had miraculously survived a traumatic and life-threatening incident, has been traveling from school to school in Pinellas County, giving speeches and presentations on domestic violence and what a healthy relationship should encompass. Dohme’s exboyfriend, Robert Lee Burton, stabbed her 32 times in the face, neck, and shoulders on January 24, 2012. On October 21, 2013, Burton was sentenced to life in prison without Reproduced by permission of the Support Melissa parole. Facebook fan page. According n the left, this shot was taken to many mediafter Dohme’s ex-boyfriend cal specialists, her recovery was brutally attacked, hospitalizing the miraculous and young woman. To the right is a picDohme stresses ture of Dohme today, healthy and that there is content. hope for all victims of domestic violence. She believes that she is alive for a reason, and that it is her purpose to spread word about dating violence to teens so that they do not have an experience similar to hers. Her informative, yet powerful speeches have reached over 500 students on October 15th during Countryside High School’s 7th annual Teen Dating 101 presentations held during school and in the evening. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs and the Haven of RCS Domestic Violence Center both took part in helping make this presentation possible. They provided teens with pamphlets, newsletters, and bookmarks demonstrating what constitutes a healthy versus unhealthy relationship and presenting statistics of how many people experience violence in relationships.

“The intention of the seminar was to show that there is indeed a difference between good and bad dating relationships,” said Jane Hussar, Countryside High School’s Family & Community Liaison. Many Countryside High School students could not help but notice the ABC Action News TV crew and set-up in the middle of the concourse during the final weeks of September. photo credit Jane Hussar The station ountryside students and faculty held a one-hour gather annually to listen as special regarddomestic Melissa Dohme speaks of her past ing trauma and warns youth of abusive violence on Ocrelationships in their life and how they tober 16th that featured a few can face the epidemic. countryside High School students and other victims that shared their impactful stories, experiences, and opinions on violence in relationships that moved and inspired many bay area people. ABC Action News also partnered with Heather’s Hope Foundation, Deana’s Educational Theater and the Straz Center to put on a production, open to the public, that was held on October 1st known as the Yellow Dress. This performance was enacted by one Actress who portrayed a conflicted, young teen undergoing an unhealthy relationship and was to demonstrate the signs and indicators of possible abuse in dating. “It was emotionally powerful because it demonstrated the impact of one’s decisions when they have no knowledge of how to escape difficult situations,” said junior Sarah Smith, who had attended The Yellow Dress presentation. People in the community are dedicated to taking action to the cause of domestic violence and provided the public with resources that are available to teens and adults who



sports editor

It is inevitable to realize that threatening people live among us. However, does everyone know how to protect themselves from someone who could inflict a tragedy on them? Every nine seconds in the United States a woman is assaulted or beaten. Self defense is a necessary technique for staying safe that all people should be aware of, but are they? Stephanie Sharf, grade 12, took a Woman’s Self Defense class for months at the UFC gym. Her favorite move was the Guillotine Choke where you grab the assailant around the throat as they approach you. Stephanie advises anyone in a dangerous situation to “stay calm and kick some butt”, for one cannot always trust that someone will be there to save the day.


Have access to a cell phone. If you feel someone is following you, call 9-1-1. Use the buddy system--an attacker is less likely to follow someone who is not alone. Walk with purpose; someone who keeps their head up is portrayed as someone who will be missed. If someone is walking with their head down and hunched over, people may assume that they will more easily be forgotten. Maintain trust in one’s instincts. If something feels wrong, something probably is wrong. Always make sure someone knows where you are headed and when you plan to return, so that someone knows when if you are missing. When walking around an unfamiliar place, do not keep your hair up in a ponytail or braid. Those with long hair, especially once tied back, are easier to grab from behind. If someone pulls a gun, run. It is difficult to shoot a moving target, so staying put raises their accuracy. Always carry at least one of the following: pepper spray, Mace, a stun gun, taser, personal alarm or whistle.

National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline: 1-866-331-9474

photo credit Jane Hussar

Florida Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-500-1119


he staff of Countryside High School are devoted supporters of Melissa Dohme’s campaign against domestic violence., constantly working to spread awareness to its student body and the general public. Shirts, posters, and social media sites are created to share her story and bring light to her cause. Reproduced by permission of

Cougars transform their engineering skills briannaBROWN

staff writer

Countryside High School has many different options for the students to pick from for clubs and extracurricular activities, one of which being the Robotics Club. This club is an after school activity where students get to build robots that compete in competitions, such as county and state, until they finally make it to the world finals. Not all of the teams can make it to the finals, however. The only way you can compete is if you win at the school, county and state districts. There are different positions you can have within the

club. There is the president, Kenton Prescott, who finalizes the designs and the robots. “The reason I joined Robotics Club was because I wanted to heighten my engineering skills,” said Prescott, senior at CHS. Other positions that are available include the programmers. Jake Thornton, who is one of many, programs the designs into the computer and makes the robot move anywhere he wants it to go. “I have liked programming, I’ve been doing it since I was 8,” said Thornton, a junior. In the club, there has to be a lot of teamwork because

the robots have to work with all of the pieces provided by the whole group. When the members start to build the robot, they can operate it via computer and tell the robot what to do. Many of the groups can go to make it finals. At the finals is where the team is rewarded with a trophy. Every year, they become even better than before. If you are interested in joining this club, please contact Fred Friedman in F-6/G-3.



November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper

Cougars prowl the jungle Dressing up the halls francesGUARRACI

pawparazzi editor





Countryside High School introduced a custom in its early years called Spirit week, a tradition of nearly every high school around. This is a week that brings dress code violations and an abundance of school spirit. Many years of welcoming complete and utter bizarre costumes have passed and continue to do so. “My favorite day was decades day,” said Ethan Pough, senior at Countryside High School. From Aeropostale and Hollister-wearing teenagers to medieval time dresses and guys wearing leopard skirts; Countryside High School has definitely seen it all.


A roaring night

T win


opinion editor

Waltzing through the doors of Countryside High School at 7:00pm on October 5, 2013 was the start of a memorable night for many student. After tickets were handed over, pictures were taken of students as they entered the jungle. Lanterns hung from the ceiling as students danced the night away beneath them. Similar to last year’s dance, food and beverages could be found toward the back of the school. Overall, homecoming of 2013 went off without a hitch. It was a night full of fun, music, friends and dancing; or as Mr. John Yongue, psychology teacher at CHS, stated, “It was like watching squirrels have congress in the woods,” but we will not get into that.


September 9 Superhero Day October 1 Decades Day October 2 Twin Day

“ W el



to the

October 3 “Welcome to the Jungle” October 4 Garnet and Gold Day


e” ngl

Reproduced by permission of Reproduced with permission by Kaycie Jordan, Lindsey Jordan, Patrick Sternad, Nicole Tran, Rachel Waag, Sheehan Ritz

The consequences are turning up jackWALKER

staff writer

In a world where teens are constantly surrounded by the pressures of media, it can be hard to avoid the third leading cause of fatal automobile crashes in America--alcohol. The nationwide age allotted for the purchase and consumption of alcohol is 21 years old, but teens are having no trouble getting it for themselves. With the average age for first alcohol consumption beginning as early as 11 years old, teen drinking has ravaged

lives across the country. According a NIDA study, binge drinking in 12th graders has gone down 21 percent from 1991, but 24 percent of high school seniors still report binge drinking. Drinking can become deadly, and has become a favored pastime for many Countryside students attending school events. Alcohol has made appearances at almost every CHS school event such as football games, homecoming, and prom. Although schools have taken several steps to prevent

drinking prior to or during school events, such as random breathalyzer tests, the risk does not seem to be enough for many students attending school events. Punishment for being found under the influence at a Countryside High School event is a five days of suspension, and mandatory attendance to Families Acting Collaboratively to Educate and Involve Teens (FACE IT) a program to address teen drinking and drug abuse. Refusal to attend can result in 10 days suspension and possible re-assignment.


November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper


Cougar Joe where did it go? lauraPETTIT

sports editor

At the end of the second semester last year, something was taken away from the Countryside Cougars. Something some students may not have known they had, something some students may not have even been affected by, but most coffee lovers were sad to see their companion Cougar Joe get packed away. For those who do not remember, Cougar Joe, it was the coffee machine that was set up in the library for any student or teacher who had a dollar to spare. It took about two and a half to three years for the knowledge of student accessible coffee to circulate the school. Though once the news finally had spread there was a steady flow of regulars crowding the media center every morning. However, at its peak of consumerism, the vendor- who kept us in constant supply- was getting out of the coffee

business. The school did not own Cougar Joe, and although the vendor offered to sell it to us, along with a year supply of coffee, keeping the product was not in the budget plans. This loss has not reached everyone in the school yet, as at least one to two students a day, and even one staff member a week ask Mr. Peterson “Where is the coffee machine?”. “It was not about making money,” stated Mr. Peterson, for all the money went to the vendor, not to the school. There was a sense of community with Cougar Joe, new students and staff would stop in all the time to grab some coffee, and while they had a few sips they would browse the shelves, socialize, and possibly check out a book or two. Mr. Peterson was on the verge of expansion when the school lost the vendor. He still is open to the idea of selling coffee if anyone wants to take on the chal-

lenge. There is a Keurig machine available for any club who wants to raise some extra money. Teachers and students could place orders and have their coffee delivered to their room before the school day began. The club would have to supply the necessary materials on their own, but Mr. Peterson is open to the idea of getting the word out once again.

Big Brother is What is the school coming to? getting bigger rachelWAAG


news editor

The National Security Agency, also called the NSA, has always been allowed to obtain international communication like phone calls, emails, text messages, and internet browsing history, etc. The NSA’s authority to obtain this sort of information from U.S. citizens has always been extremely limited, usually only allowed if the American is communicating with a foreigner. The Patriot Act revision of 2011 allowed for the interception of foreign intelligence for the sake of obstruction of terrorism. The original act was put into effect after the September 11 terrorist attacks. It allowed for roving wiretaps, reviews of business records, and surveillance of suspected terrorists not associated with terrorist groups. These extreme measures were thown out with the revision, but recently, has the NSA gone too far? In August, President Obama said “There is no spying on Americans.” Unfortunately, there is evidence to the contrary. Evidence suggests that NSA employees have exploited their powers to look up intelligence on family members, romantic interests, and others they are involved with. This is not all. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents that revealed that the NSA has in fact been illegally intercepting domestic intelligence. The secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Agency (FISA) rules on the controversy that “There is no question that the government is knowingly acquiring Internet transactions that contain wholly domestic communications through its upstream collection.” How much freedom is a person willing to give up for the possibility of safety from terrorism? Some might give up a lot, but others stand for the United States Constitution. The NSA is clearly violating the fourth amendment which protects against unlawful search and seizure. Some wonder why nothing has been done to fix this problem. Although the secret courts of FISA have been trying to contain the problem, many urge the government to get involved. American’s are not only angry that their rights are being infringed upon, they are also frightened as to how this infringement could escalate.

NSA seal reproduced by permission of

copy editor

Students cautiously cross the battlefield of what used to be the calm and casual concourse. Recently, school fights have been taken to a whole new level. As adolescents, high school students experience mood swings of anger, paranoia, aggravation and affliction. These temperaments can cause overwhelming emotions that are taken to the extremities of physical violence. At this age, one’s understanding for certain situations are commonly influenced by their life at home. If they are surrounded by fighting parents or siblings, they are likely to mock the atmospheric attitude of their home environment. Accordingly, if their guardians often control their anger with screaming and yelling, then the child will do the same. School is stressful enough, all it takes is one word, phrase or gesture to set you off. Often times, those who start fights have an immense ego. They are competitive and aggressive and when they are after something, they will do anything to get what they want. Since this is the case, if another student says something that does not satisfy them, they will be willing to put up a fight in order to change their mind. Being the twenty first century, teens are in that puppylove stage. Frequently, fights will be over a girl. These fights can be on the more horrid side of brawls because it involves more emotion than just anger. They also entangle jealousy, self-esteem and acquisitiveness.

However, jealousy is not only revolved around who gets the girl. Fights fueled by jealousy can be one of the most dangerous. It makes a victim of both parties and each are at fault. Especially in school, when you are surrounded by the competition of your peers, jealousy can affect someone in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Essentially, these reasons qualify for a fight between two teenagers who are roused with emotion. However, another reason--one that has been and still is a critical issue in today’s society--is bullying. Bullies will fight for attention. They will do anything to feel intent with their peers. Generally, a bully wishes to be included with the “popular” crowd. Therefore, fighting shows that they are tough, fearless and superior, or so they think. In reality, they just find themselves taking the walk of shame with Countryside High School’s SRO, Officer Long, to the office and receive a suspension, if not worse. In hindsight, school fights are vastly overrated. They consist of overwhelmed students who are unable to control their emotions at a given time. What causes a school year to inhere a great deal of fights compared to a previous year is unknown. Nonetheless, fights may not be as fierce if students would not cheer the brawlers on and form the stereotypical circle around the fight. Standing on tables, raising the volume and running to the scene only acts as encouragement.

Electronic is the new high alexMILLER

page editor

Pinellas County’s school cafeterias will be welcoming new high-tech lunch menus to the lunch lines this winter. The Food Service Department plans to install 55-inch Nutrislice television menu boards within 122 schools in the Pinellas school district, working to promote healthy eating and fight against childhood obesity. This advancement was first introduced to four schools in the Nutrislice pilot program last year. The participants reported with positive feedback to the Food Service Department, claiming that students enjoyed the interactive programs installed in the TV menus. Nutrislice allows schools to showcase anything from “funny little skits” to nutritional facts and interesting dietary information for students to watch while they wait in line everyday for lunch, said Countryside High School’s cafeteria manager, Joan Vanell. Before joining Countryside’s faculty, Vanell worked with Ozona Elementary--one of the schools involved in the pilot program. She believes that the advanced menu boards Nutrislice logo reproduced by permission of Nutrislice iPhone app

will benefit high schoolers even more so than elementary children because “they will actually be able to read” the announcements, take entertaining quizzes, and be able to “pre-plan their lunches”. Not only will the lines hopefully quicken their pace due to this upgrade, but the students will also have “something to watch while in the line.” An additional feature available through Nutrislice is the accessibility for parents to check their child’s lunch accounts, including the items they have purchased and their balance, through Apple and Android apps. Nutrislice is circulating through these districts now in hopes to expand even further across the nation. A student at the University of Florida has worked with the Food Service Department in its promotions about new signage and programming via YouTube videos. The district has claimed it is more than excited to receive the new technology within its schools, and it hopes its students will exhibit the same enjoyment, as well.


November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper


The impact of a Think sentence could be before deadly.

“u” type

9 in 10 teens who are cyberbullied will not tell their parents. More than 1 in 3 adolescents have experienced cyberthreats online.

Bullying occurs more often in girls than boys.


staff writer

According to makebeatsnotbeatdowns. org, over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying every year and 56 percent of students have witnessed bullying within their own school. But out of school, they have witnessed much more. Technology is made to make things easier, to make building products, transportation, education, information, and the spreading of messages from person to person more efficient. Sometimes the messages going from one person to another are not exactly nice. The definition of cyber bullying, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the use of electronic communication to bully a person. This includes text messages, emails, instant messaging, social networks, or any other website. Sending threatening messages, spreading false information and rumors, pretending to be someone else online, and posting of pictures or videos of someone without their consent are all forms of cyber bullying and it is against the law. Almost all students have witnessed it and thought nothing of it or have even found it amusing-- such as the latest Facebook fight or posting embarrassing pictures of each other for #womancrushwednesday. But these things that are easily disregarded by most are the most common forms of cyber bullying and should be taken seriously.

The 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that 16 percent of high school students admitted to being cyber bullied. Bullying has affected the lives of one in every seven students. Common signs of a bullied student are a change in the student’s eating patterns, difficulty sleeping, avoiding social situations, lowered self esteem, dropping grades, loss of interest in schoolwork, and not wanting to go to school. Approximately 160,000 teens miss school every day because of bullying. If a student thinks that someone they know is being bullied, do not ignore it--get help. If a student or someone they know is being bullied it, is important that they report the situation immediately before it has the chance to escalate. On Pinellas County Schools website,, bullying can be reported anonymously. Bullying, even when it does not take place at school and is online,students should keep a record of the messages or pictures the bully has sent. Next, tell a responsible adult-such as parents,a favorite teacher, guidance counselor or administration. Bullying, along with cyber bullying is against the law and should not be taken lightly. On Sturday, November 9th, Osceola Middle School teachers, students, members of the community and the Pinellas County Sherrif’s office beat drums from 8a.m. to 8p.m. to raise awareness for bullying.



November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper


sports editor


Re ced

u od



rm pe by

This 2013 year, Thanksgiving will be on Thursday, November 28. As a host, planning this day of thanks can be very stressful between what to make, what order to put it in the oven, to decorating the table so Grandmother stops saying “It is alright dear” to “it is beautiful darling”. Situations arise like, where do you put all your guests so they are less likely to create mischief ? As this day can be very hectic. Here are simple tasks designed to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety of the big day. Food • Plan everything out ahead of time. • Eat breakfast on the day of to limit the bloated feeling you get after the meal. • Try new things; you do not always need to have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. • Buy the pre-made foods at the grocery store or make sides ahead of time. • Set food out as though it is a buffet. • Get the whole family involved, no matter the age. There is something everyone can take part in. Table • Write place cards for the dining table so there is no debate on where your crazy relatives are going to sit. • Set plates on the table so family and friends can get there own food. • Easy but simple ways to decorate includes natural materials, like leaves and scented weed. • Use family photos as center pieces. Guest • Make sure there is enough room and everyone feels comfortable. • Have enough food in the fridge, alongside the Thanksgiving meal. • If someone asks to bring a dish, accept the offer and thank them for relieving some of the hosting stress. For All Today is a day to celebrate and spend time with family and friends; do not let the holiday anxiety get to you. of m

o e.c








miss y per ced b shop.

ran of con

Reproduced by permission of


staff writer

The holidays are nearing and while most families are beginning to get excited and make preparations, others do not have that same ability. Poverty is still a widespread issue around the world, even in the USA. Unfortunately, it is a problem that not many people are reaching out to fix. Around this time of year it is common for people to become greedy and take for granted what others could only dream to have. This being ironic because it is what should be the season of giving. This season instead of stressing about whether you get the gold or silver iPhone try to extend the holiday cheer to others. There are so many opportunities in the community to reach out and give back. Some local opportunities for volunteer work during this holiday season are as follows: • Feeding America Tampa Bay look for students ages 12 and up to help sort food donations, stock pantry shelves, pack distribution bags and other administrative tasks. • Many humane societies and other animal shelters need help during holiday seasons to watch, play and nuture the different animals like cats and dogs. • There are also many ways in the area to volunteer in various soup kitchens such as Saint Vincent De Paul’s Soup Kitchen on Park Street in Clearwater. Another clever and thoughtful way to help out is by making a care package. • Toys for Tots is a great organization where people can donate toys to families with little kids who would not be given gifts otherwise. • And for all the coffee lovers out there Starbucks recently publicized the “pay it forward” promotion, where buying a cup of coffee for someone else can earn you a free tall cup. While these were just a few ideas there are an abundance of volunteer opportunities around the area. Not only is giving back helpful to the community and the people in it but it also makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside; so get out there and make a difference throughout not only this holiday season but year round!


November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper


Reproduced by permission of

haleyTRO Y Prep Time: 1 ER hr 15 min

Reproducd by permission of

Ingredients sports edit or • 2 1/2 cu ps all-purpos e flour (extr • 1 cup (2 a needed for sticks) unsa rolling) lted butter • Get the butter really cold for a ligh 1/2 inch cub ter and fluffi es. er crust then • 1 teaspoo cut into n salt • 1 teaspoo n sugar • 6 to 8 ta blespoons ic e water Instructions 1. Mix togeth er flour, salt ,a and pulse si x to eight tim nd sugar in a food proce ssor; pulse to es, until mix of butter. ture looks li ke coarse mea mix. Add butter 2. Add ice l, with small water 1 Tb pieces sp at a tim together. If e, pulsing u dough holds n ti lm together, it add a little is ready. If th ixture just begins to cl more water u e dough doe and pulse a tough. s not hold to mp gain. Too m ge th uch water w er, 3. Remove fr ill make the om processor crust and place in an extra fla a mound on ky crust, kn a clean surfa ead dough in a few times. ce. If you w to the table anting top with th 4. Shape the e p alm of your dough mixtu hand re into two the disks, do disk not over-kn ead. Sprinkle s. Work the dough just disk in plast enough to fo a little flour ic w rm around the 5. Remove on rap and refrigerate at le disks. Wrap ast 1 hour, a e crust disk each nd up to 2 d from the refr 5-10 minute ays. igerator. Let s in sit at room 12-inch circle order to soften. Roll ou temperature t on a lightl ; ab for y fl under the dou out 1/8 of an inch thick . If necessary oured surface to about gh to keep th a , a e dd a few spri plate. Gentl dough from y press the p sticking. Ca nkles of flou re ie r fu d ough down pie plate. U lly place onto so that it lin se a pair of k a 9-inch pie es the bottom itchen scisso edge of the p rs to trim th a n ie dish. d sides of e dough to w 6. Add “Old ithin 1/2 inch the Fashion Pu of the mpkin Pie” filling to the pie Crust .

Reproduced by permission of hom

Pie crust

Pumpkin pie haleyTROYER

From the T royer famil y ’s

recipe boo k.

sports editor

Cooking time: 1 hour of pumpkin pure’e) Ingredients rest. Cut the pumpkin in a sugar pumpkin (or a can m fro ree pu lp pu kin out the insides, discard the ape scr and m ste • 2 cups of pump the out r to an hour and a half an hou m sugar pumpkin, cut ke at 350 degrees about *Start with a small-mediu d with aluminum foil. Ba line et she ing bak d me n on a rim half and lay cut side dow op out the pulp. ve from oven, let cool, sco mo Re . der ten k for or until

• • • • • • • • • • • •

lk) 12 oz. can evaporated mi 1 1/2 cup heavy cream (or wn sugar 1.2 cup packed dark bro 1/3 cup white sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt third 2 eggs plus the yolk of a n 2 teaspoons cinnamo 1 teaspoon ground ginger tmeg 1/4 teaspoon ground nu ves clo d 1/4 teaspoon groun on dam car 1/4 teaspoon ground t zes 1/2 teaspoon lemon crust at bottom 1 pie crust (recipe for pie

Instructions wl. Stir in at eggs and add to the bo rees Be deg 2. 5 wl. 42 bo to n ge lar ove a at in he t Pre on zes sugars, salt, spices, and lem 1. Mix white and brown 40-50 y. am perature to 350°F. Bake . W hisk until cre 15 minutes reduce the tem ter Af . pumpkin puree and cream tes nu mi 15 for d bake at 425°F . 3. Pour into pie crust an ter and it come out clean ert a toothpick in the cen ins l deflate as it cools. can wil d you an til up un d or ffe , pu tes minu e out of the oven com l wil Pie . recipe book. urs ho 2 From the Troyer family ’s 4. Cool on a rack for


November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper


Rays play hard but come up short rylanFRITZ

a shutout score of 4-0. Even before this event, the Rays faced a tough challenge. As the long and eventful 2013 MLB season closes Before the playoff seeds were even sorted, Tampa Bay its’ doors, it was the Boston Red Sox that triumphed in had to play a very rare qualifying game that only occurs if sweet glory over the St. Louis Cardinals. The series lasted two teams in a division acquire the same regular season re6 games and the Red Sox won 4 of the hardly contestcord. In this case, the Rays played the Texas Ranged battles. Boston’s most influential players were David ers and won, giving them a spot in the AL Ortiz and Shane Victorino, who came back Wildcard Game. into the lineup after an injury reThe road to the 2013 World lated to back stiffness. Victorino Series was full of action as the slugged four home runs against the top teams of the MLB faced off. Cardinals in the final game that took The teams this year included the place October 30th. David Ortiz went Tampa Bay Rays, the Pittsburgh 7 for 9 at Busch Stadium, the St. Louis Pirates, the Boston Red Sox, the L.A. Cardinals’ home field. 37 year old Ortiz World Series logo reproduced by per- Dodgers, the Oakland Athletics, the mission of was also named this years World Series Atlanta Braves, the Detroit Tigers, and MVP. The Red Sox may have won this year, but the St. Louis Cardinals. how did the local Tampa Bay Rays do in their playoff run? This year’s wild card teams included the Tampa Bay This year, the Tampa Bay Rays fought hard and long Rays representing the National League and the Pittsburgh and made it into the Wildcard Game against the Cleve- Pirates representing the American League. Surprisingly land Indians in a highly intense one game round in which enough, both of these teams lost their divisional games the winning team advances to the Divisional Round of the which cut short their World Series dreams. playoffs. In the AL Division Series A, The Tampa Bay Rays lost The Rays did just that by defeating the Indians with their divisional playoff round to the Boston Red Sox 3-1, staff writer

who seemingly defeated the Rays soundly. In the AL Division Series B, the Oakland Athletics put up a fight against the Detroit Tigers, but came up short losing 3-2 in the series against the Tigers. In the NL Division Series A, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in a closely fought battle that ended 3-2. In the NL Division Series B, the Dodgers came out on top against the Atlanta Braves in which the series ended 3-1. Advancing to the NL Championship series were the St. Louis Cardinals and the L.A. Dodgers. It was the St. Louis Cardinals who defeated the L.A. Dodgers in a close battle of the bats that ended 4-2. Moving on to the AL Championship series were the Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers. The Boston Red Sox also defeated their opponent 4-2 in the series. However, the Tigers did put up a fight and each game ended in a tightly contested battle. Each team this year fought very hard but certainly only two teams could find the end of the road. Next year will surely bring even more shocking and amazing results which will set the standards of greatness for the years to come.

VS. Reproduced by permission of

Reproduced by permission of

Swimming fast and challenging others alexMILLER

page editor

As one of the largest sports teams on campus, Countryside High School’s swim and dive team dominate yet another season. “This year, everyone worked very hard. We won 5-2!” said senior swim team captain, Megan Kearns. CHS’s aquatic cougars dedicate approximately 40 percent of their time outside of school to practices and meets. Divers practice at the Long Center Monday through Thursday from 7pm to 8:45pm; swimmers practice from 2:30pm to 5pm, Monday through Friday and, for some, weekday and Saturday mornings at the Countryside Country Club. Their meets are typically held at the Long Center, beginning at 6pm every Wednesday. With each season these teams grow stronger, physically and emotionally. “The highlight of the year is always getting close

Swim photo credits CHS yearbook staff

with all the divers and swimmers,” said freshman diver, Shelby Berendt. Skill-wise, the Cougars agree that their team needs improvement in its quantity. “We need to get more kids to swim year-round,” said senior swim captain, Tom Kelly. The Countryside swim and dive teams are composed of some of the high school’s most dedicated and adept competitors, constantly striving to make each season better than the preceding.


“Next year there should be more team spirit,” said junior swimmer, Patrick Sternad. “For me, the highlight of every season is actually the Spirit Meet, where all the schools in the district come together.” Ending on October 3, the 2013 swim and dive season now turns to face upcoming district meets. These teams are hard at work nearly all school year, especially while training for districts, beginning early November. They are always seeking more support from their peers and appreciate when friends and family from around the area travel to see these CHS athletes compete.

embers of the Countryside High School swim and dive team, including Tom Kelley and Tanner Berendt, pump up prepare for their upcoming meet.


November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper


2013-2014 Countryside Sports Profiles lauraPETTIT

sports editor

Baseball: Sergi Torres

Football: Josh Manning

Girl’s Soccer: Arielle Charles

Senior catcher, Sergi Torres, has been playing baseball for ten years, and is currently playing for Countryside and for Tampa Bay club sports. Our baseball team’s toughest opponent is Seminole High School. “I like to compete,” said Torres. So when he steps out onto the field this cougar is prepared to enjoy the game and try his best. Torres does not plan on pursuing an occupation in playing baseball, but if he is given the opportunity to play in college he is welcome to the idea due to his continued love of the game.

Senior Varsity Football Offensive Captain, Josh Manning, has been playing football for seven years as a right guard. East Lake High School is one team the Cougars have the most difficulty defeating. “All our hard work makes winning worth it,” said Manning. Although Manning does not plan on playing in the NFL, he does hope to be a member of his favorite college team, namely the University of Florida.

Arielle Charles has been playing soccer for 13 years. She is currently plays for Countryside as a goalkeeper and field player along with playing club outside of school. Palm Harbor and East Lake are said to be the girl’s soccer team true competitors, but these girls can assist their way to the goal. Charles is not yet sure if she will be playing soccer in college, but she does know that soccer will not be her professional career. Now soccer is “an escape route, you can just go play.”

Softball: Sommer Pollard Senior, Sommer Pollard, is an outfielder on Countryside High Schools Softball team. She has been playing softball for ten years, through the school and club sport. The Palm Harbor University High School girls softball team is one team that has proven to be a struggle for the Cougars to beat, but that does not weaken Pollard, or the team. Softball, as Pollard puts it, is always there for you. The game gives her a “sense of belonging” that can never be taken away, even if she does not plan on playing it professionally. Still, she does hope to play softball in college.



Soccer: Tyler Patch Senior Varsity Soccer Captain, Tyler Patch, has been playing soccer for four years as a center defense. East Lake High School has always been one of Countryside’s fiercest competitors, but he looks forward to playing them this season. Their first game of the 2013 season was October 29th, and Patch was anxious for the “adrenaline rush” that comes with stepping onto the field. Patch plans on playing soccer in college if he receives an athletic scholarship; however, he does not plan on pursuing soccer on a professional level.

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Swimming: Ryan Peters

Golf: Maddison Glennie

Girl’s Basketball: Andrea Petrovic

Ryan Peters has been swimming competitively for 12 years. For Countryside, this senior swimmer swims the 100 back and the 200 free. Palm Harbor University High School is said to be the Cougars hardest school to out stroke; however, with Peters’ 6’7 arm span he is ready for the challenge. Peters has arranged to swim at the University of Cincinnati next year, and he hopes to make the 2016 Olympic trials. He believes that “what you put into something is what you get out of it,” and Peters is not too far away from his goal.

Senior Golf Captain, Madison Glennie has been playing golf for 12 years, and is currently competing in the AJGA All-American League. While Ocala High School may be the golf teams hardest competitor, this golfer is not worried. Glennie has placed in the top ten for states individual for three years- including this year. Glennie was recruited, and has committed to Drake University this year. Her impressive putting since she was a freshman has drawn several eyes. Glennie enjoys the “challenging” nature of golf, and she loves “making friends” along the way

Andrea Petrovic, senior guard player on the Cougars basketball team has been playing on the court for five years. Along with playing for Countryside she also plays club basketball outside of school. Boca Ciega High School is a challenging team for Countryside to triumph over, yet they are able to pull together make our school proud. “I like playing on a team and working together to accomplish a goal,” said Petrovic. She plans on playing basketball in college and applying for athletic scholarships in aspiration to accomplish this goal.

Volleyball: Sydney Glover

Track and Field: Billy Fitch

Boy’s Basketball: Donald Wasoff

Sydney Glover, Countryside’s Senior Volleyball Captain and middle hitter, has been playing volleyball for eight years. Last year, Glover was recognized as the third overall player for blocks in the county Clearwater High School is said to be the team’s fiercest competitor, but the girls held their own against them last season. Although Glover does not plan on playing volleyball after high school, she enjoyed the thrill it gave her before and after games. She enjoyed “being good at something” and being accredited for it.

Billy Fitch, Senior Captain of Countryside’s Track and Field, has been running the 800 meter for three years. Colonial High School is believed to be one of Countryside’s most difficult competitors, but these runners have what it takes to break the finish line ribbon. Fitch went to the Cross-Country Kiwanis Invitational last year and he loved “meeting the different people” at each event. Fitch has decided to run track in college but is still debating running professionally.

Donald Wasoff, Countryside’s forward, has been playing basketball for four years. Even though the basketball tryouts are still in progress, this cougar is sure to make the team again. One team that has proved to be a struggle for Countryside is Largo High School, but this season our boys will be sure to make the struggle worth it. While Wasoff does not plan on playing basketball competitively after high school, he has and always will “love to be athletic”.

Photo credits Laura Pettit

The volleyball season spikes to a close lauraPETTIT

sports editor

The girls’ volleyball season came to a close after winning their last game against Northeast High School 3-0 on October 21, 2013. It was a tough run but the cougars pulled through. While not all cougars may have what it takes to be a part of the Countryside team, tenth grader Sydney Burkett believes that “it takes dedication, but in the end it is worth it because it teaches you how far you can push yourself ”. The girls trained every day, not including weekends in Countryside’s gym. They started with warm ups, practiced

spiking when tossed the ball over the net, several passing drills are performed, and ended every session with a few cool down exercises. Although it was strenuous and tiring they made Countryside proud. Alexis Glasgow, freshman, advises that “no matter how much you want to quit, keep trying because in the end you learn how to work as a team”. With every ball served, every assist awarded, and every point earned their team grew closer, becoming one swift moving unit, rather than six girls with a similar hobby on the same court. “I didn’t know them at first, but as I started to get to

know them it felt as if I had known them forever,” said freshmen, Megan Jankiewicz when asked how much her fellow players meant to her. As the girls prepare for their next season, students can visit Coach Bayly in the gym or in room H10 if they have what it takes to be one of Countryside’s volleyball players. Remember to support the team and our school by coming to the court and watching these girls spike out their competition.


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A high schooler’s guide to balancing school and friends



news editor

Ladies, we all know high school can be a challenge. We experience changes of personalities, loss of friends, awkward moments, and finding out the person that you were meant to become. The thing to focus on the most is school. However, there is nothing wrong with having a social life on the side. Here are a few tips to make the experience more enjoyable and a bit less frightening.: Get at least eight hours of sleep so focusing in class will not be a struggle. Try to avoid drama. Do not be afraid to be yourself and make friends. Why is having the most thrilling social life weighed higher than acing academics? “Girls believe popularity is the most important thing,

it is partially because of themselves and media. They see teenage movies primarily focused on showing a girls popularity, so girls want to be like that. Therefore, they are more unwrapped around their life right now rather than the future,” said Brooke Gartland (‘16). “I would choose to study for a big test over hanging out because it determines my grade in the class and will help me to be more successful,” said Chloe Ward (‘15). 70 percent of girls interviewed said they study about 15 hours a week, while the remaining 30 percent said they pay more attention to their social life. What it comes down to is getting as much sleep as possible, choosing academics over your social life and finding out who you are suppose to be in life. Girl Code!

Guys, rylanFRITZ

staff writer

As we get older, life seems more and more like a schedule on repeat. Wake up, go to school, extracurriculars, go home, and repeat the cycle. Guys, pay close attention to what I am about to say. In the long run, academics are more important than parties, hanging out with friends, and sports. Does that mean you must only focus on school and “nerd-out”? Certainly not. Just simply learn to balance out school and social life. Once you achieve this, it should be smooth sailing to graduation year. One thing to remember is that sports should not be your life. Ask yourself, “What happens after sports and parties?” No matter how hard you fight school, it wins every time. Make the most of your opportunities both academically and socially because you are only a teenager once. High school is a time to have fun but be serious. Contradicting, I know, but it is the truth. I often find myself asking, “Why do guys choose social life over academics?” “Guys believe it’s more important to be popular then to do good in school,” said sophomore, Sam Warshofsky. This may be true, but it is definitely not good to think like this. It is possible to maintain a healthy school life while keeping up-to-date in your social life. Remember, an unbalanced social and school life can lead to bad procrastination habits. Being said, this does not mean that your social life is the devil. High school is the time of your life in which you experience more freedom, but more responsibilities intertwine with school and social life. I sometimes may take advantage of my freedom and will be stuck in a situation in which I must choose whether

to hangout with friends or study for a big test the next day; or do I? According to sophomore Sheehan Ritz, “I would choose to do both and I would achieve this by staying up later to study, and study in the morning as well as lunch or get flashcards and study with my friends.” Fellas, this is definitely a great and clever solution to this ever growing problem and it could really impact our studying habits as well as the time management we use with our friends. Being a student athlete, I understand that juggling school and sports is tough, but in all honesty, it comes down to your decisions. Would you rather hangout with your “bros” or study for a test? The answer might obviously be to hangout with your friends; but remember, it will affect you in the future. Some helpful and useful tips to help juggle school and social life are listed as followed: Get at least eight to ten hours of sleep. Sleep provides energy to stay focused. Be able to tell friends “another time” when they ask to hangout. Plan out a daily, weekly, or even monthly schedule to help balance your school and social life. Remember the importance of school for your future success. School should be your top priority. Avoid procrastination at all costs. If you have homework, do not delay. Do it! Getting older is a fact of life, but how you manage it is up to you. It is all up to you to balance your social and school life in order to maintain successful and fun life. Always remember, school will always win and that it is the factor that determines the success of your future. Make wise decisions. Guy Code!


November 14th, 2013 | Issue 2 | Paw Print Newspaper


It is time to begin rachelWAAG

Bullock’s performace is out of this world Sandra Bullock perpetuates her usual reputation of presenting an exceptional performance. She kept the “Don’t let go!” audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire On October 4, 2013 the heart-pounding science film up until the last second. fiction thriller and space Behind the well-done drama Gravity was released in performances, special effects was the United States. Bringing in there to tie the movie together. A 55.8 million dollars, the movie four-year process of inventing new passed Paranormal Activity technology and excessive trial and 3’s record for being the largest error harnessed a ground breaking autumn opening ever. outcome. Interestingly enough, Rotten Tomatoes’ the man behind the magic was Approved Tomatometer Harry Potter’s own, Producer Critics have given Gravity an David Heyman. average rating of 9.1/10 as of “It was a great leap into the October 15, 2013. unknown,” claims Heyman as he The movie takes place in an redomotades about his successful alternative near-future where project. “All of the technology, Reproduced by permission of the Huffington Post a medical engineer named Dr. you know, when we began the Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) eorge Clooney and Sandra Bullock prepare process, we had no idea what we is on her first shuttle mission, themselves on set for life in space. were doing. It was a process of accompanied by experienced discovery.” astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney) who is Giving props to the team who brought Gravity to life, commanding his last expedition. Due to orbiting debre, this movie was the most remarkable movie made in quite Dr. Stone and Kowalsky find themselves floating aimlessly a long time. The sweat-wrenching hours were worth every in space. Limited on Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and slef- minute. awarness, the plight to return to Earth is intensified. meghanMOREY & rachelWAAG

features editor & copy editor


Ichabod Crane gallops to the future emmaMOSCARDINI

news editor

Tom Mison plays Ichabod Crane in the modern-day twist of the Washington Irving Classic, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The FOX television show, titled “Sleepy Hollow”, premiered on September 16, 2013. Mison, known for his role in “Salmon Fishing in Yemen”, immediately connects with the audience as well as the infamous Ichabod Crane. The chemistry between Ichabod Reproduced by permission of

Crane and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) leaves the audience wanting more. The pair really complete the show. The spooky setting and impressive special effects combined with a witty script and accomplished acting makes this show the must-see of the season. It is no surprise that the television show has already been renewed for next season even though it is only a few episodes in. Senior, Tyler Patch, has watched the show since it first aired. Even though he said he never read the original story, he thought “the show was awesome.” He said the character of Ichabod Crane is “mysterious and it was easy to believe that he did not know what time period he was in.” When asked how Sleepy Hollow ranked in his favorite shows, Patch said “it is definitely in my top five favorite television shows.” Sleepy Hollow airs every Monday at 9:00 pm on FOX.

copy editor

To please a raging crowd of rowdy concert attendees is one way to just about roundup an American tour. On September 24, Imagine Dragons brought the USF Sundome to life with thrilling light shows, roaring drums and crowd collaboration. Eardrums aside, everyone left the concert without disappointments and smiles wider than those of the anticipating hours prior to the concert. Now, navigating through Europe, they aspire to spread their exuberance throughout the world. According to Interscope Records, guitarist Wayne Simon said “We like making raw natural noises and keeping them raw and natural but transforming them into synthetic noises.”. After broadening their knowledge at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, they portrayed limboing emotions to create seething percussions. It is the emotional struggle combined with memorable, uptempo tunes that really connects to the audience. Ethos produce the magic. The band’s first hit, “It’s Time”, was written during a troublesome period for lead singer, Dan Reynolds. “It seemed like everything was going wrong. I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, trying to figure out how seriously to take music. I was making decisions about who I was,” admits Reynolds. Independent Extended Plays, EPs, led the band to their debut album release earlier this year, Continued Silence EP. However, that album was only a preview of their later release, Night Visions. The three years of hard work towards the album paid off by the significant reaction received from fans worldwide. Reynolds believes that the album Night Visions still has much potential. In the duration of the tour, however, he claims to “always be writing” and already has 35 demos lined up for the upcoming album. Nerveless, he seems to be beyond the sophomore jitters in the album and does not plan on disappointment. From performing on a small town stage to listing in the top three on the Billboard, Imagine Dragons have only just begun. The future holds remarkable fame for these four alternative rockers with legendary status and songs that will “make the systems blow”.

Do it for the Vine annGUARACCI

assisstant sports editor

A new mobile app that allows people to shoot and share short, six second looping video clips is taking over the web. The catch phrase “Do it for the vine!” is all anyone seems to be talking about. It seems anyone internationally can hold down a button and record themselves doing funny, random, and at times dangerous stunts in hopes of becoming “vine famous”. More than 6,000 “likes” later, for simple things such as art or even to the extreme of lighting themselves on fire, these videos can be entertaining and something most people can relate to even when they get out of hand and appear rather grotesque or a bit inappropriate. Reproduced by permission of Vine Celebrity Josh ore often than he should, former Peck’s excitement these Drake & Josh star, Josh Peck, about ravishing clips are films himself while driving. apparent in his vine called “#botydanceoff ”. “My favorite vine is The Funny Gorilla because it is funny,” said junior, Lincoln Foster. “They are so fun to watch that I get caught up watching them and forget that I have other things to do!” said Hannah Cassidy, junior. Vine compilation videos--a combination of the funniest and strangest vines in a 12 minute video consisting of tricks, pranks, racist slurs, and the obvious “twerking”-are made every few months to show appreciation for the “wonderful creations”.



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r a g


“The freshmen’s maturity level annoys me.”

u o C

-Brittany Crawfort

“I hate when people leave class just to leave the room and walk around the halls. Then the teacher doesn’t let you go when you really have to pee because someone is already out.”

s t n

Illustrated by Jules Truong

a R

“It is very easy to make A’s and B’s in a public high school. It really takes more energy and effort to fail. Why can’t students of this day and age realize that we are here to help?” -Mr. Parrulli

“What in God’s green Earth gives people the right to judge other people when they are worse than the ones they are judging to begin with.” -Anonymous

-Marcus Young

Photo credit Frances Guarraci

“I hate when women wear low cut shirts then they snap their fingers and say ‘hello my eyes are up here.’ Females be trippin’.” -Daniel Mitchell

Have you been to the media center lately? angela BOOTH

entertainment editor

From reference books to science fiction novels, Countryside High School’s media center is a provider for many resources that helps students with their academic research and recreational reading material. A change, however, is occurring in how media will be accessed. “We’re moving more towards electronic books due to their convenience and accessibility,” said Countryside High School’s librarian, Mr. Peterson. He explained how moving more towards ebooks will prevent lost and stolen books and is both beneficial to students and the school. There is now a destiny quest application available to students in the Pinellas County School District on mobile devices that can allow them to reserve books and access teacher lists as well as other databases. Mackin VIA, a database in which students can also check out, read, and reserve books, is available on Countryside High School’s Destiny Quest website along with other free databases for academic research. Mackin VIA can also be accessed through an icon on a student’s portal after they have logged in. The Media Center also has kindles available for students to check out, leaving them with nineteen to twenty thousand accessible ebooks. Since the amount of book shelves will be reduced in the media center, more room will be provided for teachers to come in and use computer labs. “Here we also have three presentation areas for speakers and teachers to come and utilize with a class. In the future, we will also have a charging station for students to plug in their kindles, IPads, and smartphones.” The Media Center is also a place for students to relax and study in peace during both lunches and to get away from the busy concourse. All faculty and students can also make requests and recommendations for books and ebooks by December 15th to Mr. Peterson in the Media Center.

Photo credit Frances Guarraci

“When it comes to girls the problem is what clothes they are wearing. Although, for the guys it’s how they wear them. Over 90% of dress code referrals are given to the girls and I think it’s bull!” -Anonymous

Photo credit Frances Guarraci

Photo credit Frances Guarraci

Unique classroom revealed jessica HALL

staff writer

in a windowless school of white walls and plain personalities, it is sometimes hard to find sparks of creativity. Most teachers put up a few posters and use different colored dry erase markers on their whiteboards, but that is usually the extent. Some teachers, however, are not afraid to stray from the norm of bland and boring classrooms. Among some of these unique classrooms are Mr.Titus Countryside High School’s art teacher whose classroom is part of the very slim percentile of those with windows in the school. Also, leading out to the side of his room he has an outdoor classroom decorated with the art of his former and current pupils. This creates an aroma for students to gain creativity and inspiration. Walking into Mr.Kitchen’s the history teacher at Countryside High school it would only take one guess as to which Florida University he favors due to the mass coverage or orange and blue and complete with collections of

University of Florida posters and gator icons posted everywhere. It is almost as if you are in the swamp yourself. Chomp! Chomp! Ms. Gerakios, Countryside High School’s english teacher is another whose bright classroom has captured students attention. Her classroom comes complete with walls of a lime green color more vibrant than the Geico lizard. When asked why she chose the green paint color she said. It should be no surprise that some teachers are wanting to make their classrooms stand out as it provides a change of pace for students. It is like having an office at any job and wanting to personalize and give it their own decorative touch. Not only that, but studies show that decorative classrooms enhances the learning experience as well as creates a more comfortable space for students; this being an especially large factor considering the amount of time spent in them everyday.

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