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2013 Edition

Best Dressed Attire for the Home

Great Expectations What to Expect in the Renovation Process

The Art of Tile The Secrets to a Perfect Tile Layout

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What the Best Dressed Homes Are Wearing

Changing the Trades Demographic

The Process of a Custom Build in Rosewood

The Secrets to a Perfect Tile Layout

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From the President

If you were new to Saskatoon and heard the name “Centennial Plumbing” what business would you think we were in? The name does not reflect that we also provide heating, cooling and electrical service and installation. The name does not reflect that we can remodel your bathroom, kitchen or renovate any room in your home or add to your home. Nor does the name reflect that we can build you an entirely new home.

WHAT’S IN A NAME? -CENTENNIAL 360 In Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Juliet argues that the names of things do not matter when she says: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Contrary to Juliet’s rationale, I do believe that in our case the name does matter. This is particularly so when the name is so restrictive that it narrows one’s perception.

So, after 46 years in business, we are dropping “plumbing” from our name (but still do plumbing) and adopting a name that portrays how we can completely look after your home. Thus, the name: CENTENNIAL 360. I hope that our magazine, “Look 360”, inspires you to make your home awesome and to think about how CENTENNIAL 360 might help you. Please visit us at or in person at 710 – 51st Street East, Saskatoon. Arnie L. Shaw President – CENTENNIAL 360

Degrees of Awesome. RENOVATIONS


An Awesome life starts with an Awesome home. Living in Awesome makes you feel Awesome and feeling Awesome makes you be Awesome. At Centennial 360, we want you to Make Life Awesome (and we’re here to help). Your home is your safe place. It’s where you find comfort and where you create priceless life moments with your family. It’s where you laugh, where your love, and where you live. 4

Centennial 360


There is no doubt that your home should be a place of Awesome. It should be healthy, safe, comfortable and beautiful and it should reflect you. No matter what stage of life you are in or what stage of life your home is in, Centennial 360 is here to help make your home as Awesome as you are. From a little TLC from our service department to a facelift from our renovation team or a fresh start from our custom homes division, Centennial 360 is here to assist you in your quest for awesomeness.

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Before & After Comparison of an Ensuite How Finishing Selections Can Create a Whole New Look The Most Functional Kitchen Cabinets

Home Products with European Design

When to Replace or Repair Your Furnace The Most Awesome Finds on Broadway

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Helping the Community All Year Round



Editor’s Letter

ideas start here Over 11,000 people have added this Centennial 360 ensuite to their personal ideabook.

Dorothy got it right when she tapped her glittery red shoes together and said, “There’s no place like home.” Home is where the heart is and it is where you build memories of family and friends gathering together. At Centennial 360, we want your home to be Awesome for all of your Awesome life moments. Look 360 is the second issue of Centennial 360’s magazine (previously titled Casa Nova). Look 360 is designed to give you a quick “look” at home design and a realistic perspective on the home improvement industry. In the past few years Saskatoon has grown rapidly and more and more people are investing in their homes whether it is in their current home or a new build. If there really is no place like home, then it’s no wonder why so many people invest so much into it. Next time you are home, take a look around – a 360 degree look around. What do you see furniture, possessions, pictures, memories? As you read through Look 360, I encourage you, in the midst of your busy life, to stop for a moment and appreciate the awesomeness that surrounds you. Be Awesome, Charmaine Elmgren Look 360 Editor

Saskatoon & Region Home Builders Association, Inc.

Looking for design & renovation ideas? Create an Ideabook on Houzz & tag your favourite products and designs. Centennial 360 received a 2013 Best of Houzz Award voted by Houzz users.



GREAT EXPECTATIONS Expecting the best (or the worst) in a renovation.


Centennial 360


ometimes it’s true that ignorance is bliss. Take going to a movie for example; if you had no idea what it was about or that it was hailed to be the movie of the year and it turned out to be “decent”, you would be pleased. If you knew what it was proclaimed to be, “decent” wouldn’t cut it. In life it’s natural for us to create expectations of things. We expect William and Kate to be the perfect Royal role models and new parents. We expect Mick Jagger to put on an energetic performance every night. We expect the Detroit Red Wings to make the playoffs. If our expectations are not met, we experience disappointment, but if they are exceeded, we experience pleasure. Either way, expectations help shape our reality.

under $10,000, and The Clueless – the ones who have absolutely no preconceived ideas and don’t know where to start.

Expectations play a huge role in what homeowners want in a renovation. Three types of people who come to Centennial 360 looking to renovate are: The Skeptics – the ones who expect everything to go wrong based on previous nightmare experiences, The Dreamers – the ones who are over-the-moon excited and think they can easily transform their home into what they see on HGTV in one week for

Then there are The Dreamers. The Dreamers are the most pleasant to start a project with because they know what they want and are so excited about it. They are the most trusting. However, their joy turns to disappointment quickly when they realize that what they saw on TV will not structurally work and that their project might cost $60,000, not $10,000, and take two months, not two weeks. Dreamers

Let’s begin with The Skeptics. Somewhere along the line they encountered a negative renovation experience. Maybe the project was delayed, maybe it came in way over budget, or maybe they faced shoddy workmanship. The Skeptics have the most realistic perspective of the process, but they are also hesitant to trust anyone. Their fear may inhibit them from attempting a renovation at all or it may lead them to the best renovator in town because they know what to look for and that paying a little more is worth it.


often end up back at the drawing board. Finally there are The Clueless. The Clueless may be the most fortunate in the renovation process, if they come to the right place. They haven’t formed an expectation yet so they are open to ideas. They can also accept costs and timelines since what they are told is all they know. The downside for The Clueless is that they may do a lot of “shopping around” and have difficulty comparing apples to apples. It’s possible they could make some “rookie” mistakes. No matter which category you fall into, it is difficult to get a handle on what you should expect from a renovator. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

TIME FRAMES Not all projects finish as scheduled, but there are indicators of how accurate your renovator’s estimate will be. Check to see how detailed they are about the process. If they have rolled it all out in detail, they likely have a handle on time frames. Also, find out how many subcontractors are being used. The more sub trades there are, the more chance there will be for delay.


The cost of a renovation can vary drastically. The best way to determine if the price is right is to find out exactly what you are getting for it. Are your cabinets thin melamine boards or solid maple boxes? Is the shower gel coated fiberglass or high gloss acrylic? There are so many aspects that can greatly affect the price. When it comes to your home, cheapest is probably not the best.

COMMUNICATION Make sure you are able to get a clear idea of the process from your renovator complete with timelines. If communication isn’t smooth at the beginning, it’s only going to be more difficult as things progress.

DISRUPTION You will have some disruption to your home during a renovation. It’s inevitable. However, ask your contractor what they can do to make life easier for you. A temporary sink, alternative heating, and basic clean up can do wonders for living in a renovation.


Does your contractor warranty the work? How does that apply to the sub trades involved? A strong warranty shows something about a contractor. It shows how much they trust their own work and how willing they are to make sure

the job is done right. Look at how long the company has been in business; you want to make sure they will still be around if something goes sideways a few months down the road. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

HOW TO PRICE A KITCHEN RENO According to Remodeling Magazine, the average midrange kitchen renovation in the US costs $57,494. That’s a little more than what HGTV might lead you to believe, but it’s far more accurate. Think about a kitchen renovation the way you think about purchasing a car. You can go on Kijiji and find a car for a couple thousand dollars. It might get you from A to B, but it will likely have a few problems that come along with it. If you spend a little more, you can get something basic, but new. $20,000 to $30,000 will get you a nice little car or a decent upgrade to your kitchen. If you want to get something a little more substantial, you may look at the $35,000 to $65,000 price range. This will get you an SUV with heated seats or maple cabinets and quartz countertops. If you really want luxury, we are looking at the $70,000+ range and from there the options are endless. Kitchens can be $80,000 to $120,000 if you want all the bells and whistles. If a Porsche is what you want, a Porsche is what you will get – exactly how you want it. You probably spend more time in your kitchen than you do in your car so keep that in perspective and you’ll be cooking in no time!

best seat in the house

• Innovative design • Ergonomic seating • Selection of drain covers • IAPMO approved base • Available with Titan, Platinum and Banyo shower doors


1.800.993.0033 1.800.717.0901


The closet had to go! (And so did the oak trim.) The closet was relocated to the bedroom making room for a large custom tiled shower.


Centennial 360

No one needs a rug to keep his or her feet warm when they have heated tile floors.

Bye, bye floral stained glass. Two angled walls were removed to open up the room.


(This requires a keen eye and attention to detail)


Photo: Pete Lawrence

Notice the uncluttered counter? That’s what cabinet space does! A double sink custom vanity was added for his and her convenience.

It’s a bird; it’s a plane; no, it’s natural light! Removing the divider walls flooded the room with natural light.

A sleek freestanding tub and floor mounted faucet replaced the massive marble Jacuzzi.


Best Dressed

(home edition)

What the “Best Dressed� homes are wearing.

Best Dressed

White is the new black. Adding elements of white into the home brings a fresh modern look. Shown: Delta Fuse Kitchen Faucet

Artistic reflections. Mirrors aren’t just used for personal reflections anymore. Mirrors can open up a room and make it appear bigger than it is. Shown: Ren-Wil Delevan Mirror

Add a little bling. Cabinetry hardware can add a lot of style to a room. Don’t overlook the details. Shown: Richelieu Contemporary Metal & Swarovski Crystal Pull

Colour me cinder. Farewell scratched up stainless steel sink. Hello silgranit beauty. Shown: Blanco Cinder Diamond U 1-3/4


Centennial 360

Best Dressed

Straight lines are in. Achieve sleek elegance in simplicity. Shown: Aquabrass Madison Lav Faucet

Hang it. Nothing makes a toilet easier to clean than putting half of it behind a wall. Shown: Caroma Invisi Cube

Tubs by design. Your tub is the showpiece of your bathroom and speaks something about your personal style. Shown: Fleurco Aria Stone Tub

Stay slim. Slim lines are fresh and modern. Keep it simple. Shown: Wetstyle C Collection

Take a stand. Floor mounted faucets decided to hop on the bandwagon of freestanding tubs. One just isn’t complete without the other. Shown: RUBI Fall


Best Dressed It’s getting hot in here. Fire has never looked so hot. Turn your fireplace into wall art. Shown: Dimplex Wakefield Electric Wall Mount

Submerse yourself. Deep well tubs are in. Freestanding or overflow tubs allow you to sink your entire body into the water. Shown: Neptune Kara Overflow Tub

No legs? No problem. No one needs legs...on a vanity. Wall hung sinks and vanities are replacing the traditional pedestal sinks. Shown: Wetstyle Frame Collection

Accessorize. They say that accessories complete an outfit. They also complete a bathroom. Choose wisely. Shown: ICO Zack Collection

Straight from the wall. Wall mounted faucets work great for vessel sinks and creating a unique look. Shown: RUBI Kronos


Centennial 360

Various Models on Display

Centennial 360 710-51st Street E

Tulip Collection Like all WETSTYLE bath fixtures, the TULIP bathtub is made of WETMAR BiO™, an eco-friendly material made of Mother Earth’s natural ingredients - soy and mineral stone.

WETSTYLE • Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada • T. 1 888 536.9001 • www.WETSTYLE.CA


Invisi Series ™

Invisible by Design


GENERATION Changing the Trades Demographic

Photos: Nicole Grimley


hen you call a service company to have a plumber or electrician come over what picture comes to mind? A forty year old male with a goatee dressed in worn clothes and a belt that may or may not keep his pants above his hips? That might be the image that immediately comes to mind, but the trades are changing and they need to. Although the number of people entering the trades is increasing annually, the rate of retirement far exceeds the rate of employment, according to Stats Canada. The high demand for skilled labourers has created a change in the demographic of the typical tradesperson. The average age of a plumber has decreased in recent years to 37 years old and, although they are still the minority, women in the trades have increased to 2% of all tradespeople. Twenty two year old Cassandra Prochera is an electrician at Centennial 360. Standing at 5’2” with a long blonde ponytail, she is definitely the minority, but customers are thrilled with her work and upbeat personality. “When I show up at the doorstep homeowners are often a little shocked. Sometimes they even laugh or they will cheer me on. They are always curious about how I got interested in the trades. A lot of people will ask me, ‘Is this your career?!’” says Cassandra.


Centennial 360

CASSANDRA PROCHERA Age: 22 Born: Saskatoon Cassie Loves:

Camping, Dirt Biking, Painting, & Running with Her Dog, Chuck

According to Centennial 360’s service manager, Steven Simpson, homeowners are generally very happy to see such skilled young women in the trades, “Over the past five years we have had several women join our service and renovation teams. They tend to pay more attention to detail and homeowners are very excited to see these changes. I receive many customer comments on how pleased people were to have Cassandra in their homes.” When she first started her schooling, Cassandra was one of eight girls in a class of twenty. Although not all of them continued with the program, those numbers are certainly proof of a change in the labour environment. Centennial 360 not only employs several women, but it also has a growing staff of young tradesmen. “Currently two thirds of our service technicians are under the age of thirty which is an exciting trend. These young workers are full of life and enthusiasm and they also have very impressive skill levels. They don’t just do a good job of the work, but they also have incredible social skills which help them build relationships with the homeowners,” Simpson expresses. Simpson pairs the young technicians up with a seasoned veteran to learn from their technical expertise, but the veteran also learns something in the process. “Our young technicians have great communication skills which is an imperative element in residential trades. Years ago the focus was put solely on technical knowledge; while that is still important, it is not the only ingredient to success.” The trades have become a career of choice for many young people – the key word being choice. High schools are encouraging students to do what they are passionate about and working a “blue collar” job can be just as lucrative as any other. “These young technicians are highly intelligent and they have chosen the trades because it is a great career option to provide for a future family, not because it was a fall back plan,” Simpson explains. Twenty four year old Andrew Derksen is one of Centennial 360’s youngest technicians and he concurs with Steven, “In high school I was able to participate in a work experience program where we got to practice a trade for an hour everyday. The trades are seen as a good career option and it’s an eye opener to see how many people are coming into the program. I wanted a stable job for a family and a career in plumbing can provide that for me. Saskatchewan has high demand for plumbing and there are really no limits on what I can do with it.”

trades is increasing, there are still mixed opinions from homeowners on whether they want a young technician or an older “more experienced” technician in their home. “In the trades there is a stigma that a younger technician might not have as much knowledge as an older one. One thing to remember is that any twenty two year old could be teaching your children or doing your taxes. These technicians are going to school for the same amount of time as they would for a university degree. The difference is that they are getting on the job experience at the same time as they do their schooling,” Simpson explains. For Andrew, one of the perks of working at Centennial 360 is having the support system of technicians from all different trades, “It’s important to remember that you always have people to support you. I can call another technician if I have a question and get an answer right away. As with any career, I’m always learning new things and I will continue to no matter how old I am.” According to Andrew, most homeowners who expect an older technician are pleasantly surprised, “Some of the homeowners are so excited to sit and talk to me about what I’m doing and how I got into plumbing. The change in demographics is generally well received. I often hear comments like, ‘It’s awesome to see younger people in the trades.’”


Age: 24 Born: Nipawin Drew Loves:

Quadding, Freestyle Motocross, & Playing Guitar

Although the number of young people entering the



710 51st St E | 306.222.8466 |

A Home


for the

Photos: Nicole Grimley


ot everyone gets the opportunity to raise their family in the home of their dreams, but for Matt and Paige Lofstrom, that dream will become a reality in a few short months. Matt and Paige both grew up in Saskatoon and have always desired to raise their own children in the city they call home. The chemical engineer (Matt) and grade one teacher (Paige) are established in their careers and are ready to plant their own roots in Saskatoon by building their first family home in Rosewood. Matt and Paige were married in 2011 and started their life together in the 2nd Ave lofts downtown Saskatoon. The urban living was an exciting start for the young couple, but after a couple years of marriage, getting a boxer puppy named Eleanor Rigby, and welcoming their first son, Lawson, in July of 2012, they are now in need of a little more space, or at least a door to their bedroom! The Lofstroms knew they wanted a permanent residence; a place their children would call home until they finished high school. Since their wedding, Matt and Paige had dreamt of building their own home that would fit their future family’s lifestyle. “Paige and I have wanted to design and build a house since we can remember. We would drive around town looking at houses we liked and making notes of the different architectural features that caught our


Centennial 360

eye,” Matt expressed. When it finally came time for Matt and Paige to consider building, they had very specific ideas of what they wanted in a home. After shopping around many show homes, they realized that custom was the way to go. “We knew what we wanted, but we didn’t know if we could have a say in the layout and still make it affordable. The word ‘custom’ sounds like ‘out of our price range’, but it wasn’t as much as we thought,” explained Matt. The Lofstroms knew they had found their builder when they walked into Centennial 360’s contemporary show home on 2nd Street. “We loved the layout and all of the little aspects in the design from the storage solutions in the kitchen to the master bedroom and mud room. Everything we had talked about was in it,” said Matt. Michael Shaw and Rebecca Simpson from Centennial 360’s Custom Homes department led Matt and Paige through the process and helped them secure the perfect lot in Rosewood. The large lot sizes, unique home styles, and the traffic flow onto the freeway were some of the features that drew Matt and Paige to Rosewood. “Not every house looks the same in Rosewood. I like the mixture of designs,” Matt explains. The lot they chose has a massive backyard and their house will



Chemical Engineer Born in Spiritwood, SK Loves to Play Hockey & Golf in H is Spare Time


lawson lofstrom

S E L B A I T O G E N N MATT’S NO e Garag 1. Workspace in the 2. Big Backyard 3. Bonus Room room 4. Open Master Bed with Ensuite Finish r io ter Ex n er od M . 5

One Year Old Explorer Born in Saskatoon Loves Being Read to & Searching for Mischief

Grade 1 Teacher Born in Saskatoon Loves Baking & Teaching Zumba

ES L B A I T O G E N N O N PAIGE’S 1. Big Closet Lift et in ab C d Ai en ch 2. Kit 3. Mud Room elier 4. Classical Chand in Kitchen om .4 Open Master Bedro with Ensuite


back onto green space which is one of the things their current loft does not have. One aspect of the loft Matt and Paige do want to maintain, however, is the open concept. “With this layout you can see from the living room all the way to the backdoor. It is so nice for entertaining. We have people over quite often,” says Paige. The kitchen will have a large island with seating which will coordinate well with the atmosphere of the large adjacent living room. Matt and Paige worked with Sherry Bentley of Country by Design to develop an architectural plan that would match both their design style and


Centennial 360

their lifestyle. The exterior of the home will have a modern look, but in the interior they have added more traditional elements to ensure the design will be timeless enough to last until little Lawson reaches his teenage years. The two story home is scheduled for completion in spring of 2014 and so far everything has gone according to plan. “I’ve had fun with it. I like going through the process of design and seeing the construction progress everyday,” says Matt. Paige added her thoughts on the process, “It’s been so easy. We are getting everything we want. It’s like my dream home.”

Introducing CINDER, The newest SILGRANIT速 colour from BLANCO A beautiful, dark charcoal colour with a hint of brown that lends both complexity and warmth, SilgrAnit速 CinDEr introduces a sophisticated elegance to the world of kitchen design.

ONE LAYOUT Pendants Pierre: Antique Forged Iron Pendants Sydney: Chrome & Glass Pendants

Backsplash Pierre: Inax White Matte Tile Sydney: Mare Bianco Mosaic Tile

Countertops Pierre: Absolute Black Granite Sydney: Atlantic Salt Quartz


Centennial 360

TWO LOOKS Cabinets Pierre: Solid Walnut Flat Front Sydney: Solid Maple Iceberg White Shaker Door with Beveled Centre

Faucet Pierre: Jewel 140508 Stainless Steel Faucet Sydney: Delta Trinsic Chrome Electronic Faucet

Flooring Pierre: Washed Charcoal Engineered Maple Sydney: Quartz Engineered Maple

Photos: Nicole Grimley




BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Photos: Nicole Grimley

Need a Lift? Horizontal cabinets are perfect for plate settings. Let hydraulics lift it up for you.

Pull it out Stop fumbling through stacks of cans to find what you need. Slide it out for easy access and organization.


Centennial 360


n every kitchen there is more than what meets the eye. A kitchen is a place of gathering; it’s where families unite and where a house becomes a home. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house. Every member of a family spends part of his or her day in the kitchen. We are dependant on it. Given its importance, the kitchen deserves more attention than it often gets. The kitchen should be the most functional room in the house and, yet, so many of us work around its inefficiencies everyday. Just as cooking on a wood burning stove and

The Not-So-Lazy-Susan Say goodbye to getting on your knees and straining your back to reach the pots in your Lazy Susan. Let Susan come out and do the work for you.

Spice it up Tired of spices taking up prime real estate on your counter? Hide them away in a decorative pull out cabinet.

pumping water is no longer acceptable, there are elements of kitchens in many Saskatoon homes that will soon take a coveted spot on the “antique” list. The most important upgrades in a kitchen are those that improve its functionality. The colour of the cabinets and the hardware choice give the kitchen visual appeal, but what is behind those closed doors is what really makes a kitchen fabulous!

Utensils Unite Um, why doesn’t every kitchen have one of these? A built in cutlery tray is a must-have. End of discussion.




710 51st St E | 306.222.8466 |

Tour d’Europe European styles are taking over Canadian homes. From England to Rome, Centennial 360 has sourced plumbing fixtures with the best European designs.


NGLAND Don’t Miss England’s Annual Cheese Rolling Competition. You Could Win a Round of Cheese!


England Doesn’t Have a National Anthem!

The Queen Has A Shaws Sink


Centennial 360


DID YOU KNOW? Italians Each Eat about 25 - 28kg of Pasta Per Year

61.3 Million People Call Italy Home & 46-50 Million More Visit Each Year

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was Built in 1173 & Leans Because of a Poorly Laid Foundation




The Average Swiss Citizen Consumes 23lbs of Chocolate Every Year


ERMANY Germany Has About 1,300 Breweries Which Produce About 5,000 Kinds of Beer


Centennial 360



Sweden is the Home of Abba, Ikea, & the Smorgasbord


RANCE In France, It is Illegal to Call a Pig Napoleon


changes your perspect ive

changes your perspect ive

The Art of


Photo: Nicole Grimley


o the untrained eye, one may not appreciate the intricacies of a Picasso or the emotion behind a Monet. To the untrained ear, one may not hear the subtle vibrato in Andrea Bocelli’s voice or notice the difficulty in Justin Timberlake’s delicate falsetto. To the untrained hand, one might not appreciate the thought and planning behind a complex mosaic tile layout and the attention to detail that is required to keep grout lines straight and tidy. No matter what kind of art you have an apt for, you will always see, hear, or think differently in that trade than the average layperson. A hair

dresser will see opportunities for a better style, an accountant can pick out a calculation error faster than Excel, and a hockey goalie knows that the “routine save” according to Bob Cole and most fans is actually the most difficult save that goalie will make all game. The only way to develop these intuitions is through experience. Tyler Minish of Centennial 360 has been planning tile layouts for over twelve years and even though he seems to have mastered the art of tiling, he is still learning new processes and procedures to

Photo: Nicole Grimley

LEILA GOLUBOFF Saskatoon Real Estate At Its Best




(306) 241-1900

#250-1820 8th St E Saskatoon, SK

24 Years of Serving Saskatoon


D Waterproof D Heat Resistant

D Low Maintenance D Various Colours & Textures

Visit Our New Location #139, 105th St. in Sutherland

help perfect the installation. It’s a skill that Tyler says is often taken for granted. “It’s hard for the average homeowner to appreciate how difficult it is to get all of the lines to line up properly. A lot of thought, planning, and measuring has to go into the tile layout before any cutting or grouting begins,” Tyler explains. The planning phase is one of the most important steps, especially if there is an intricate pattern or if there is a built in niche. Without careful calculations, the tile may not end up being spaced properly and pieces may have to be cut down to compensate. Cutting the tile is an art in itself. If the proper tools are not used the tile can easily be chipped or even broken resulting in a lot of wasted materials and, consequently, money. Laminam tile, for example, is a large platform tile and is only a few millimeters thick. Although Laminam cuts nicely and is very versatile, if handled incorrectly it can easily break and turn into a costly product. The next complexity of tiling that is often overlooked is grouting. All grout is not equal. There are different kinds that should be used for different tiles or even different layouts. Selecting the colour of the grout is almost as important as selecting the tile itself. The

Photo: Pete Lawrence

It’s Not Wallpaper. It’s LAMINAM.

Photo: Pete Lawrence

grout should complement the tile, not take away from it or become a distraction. Grout lines are what make a tile job either look polished or sloppy. They should be straight, seamless, and simple.

It’s Not Wallpaper. It’s LAMINAM.

Tyler has seen every kind of tile work there is, from jobs that look like beautiful masterpieces to kindergarten art projects. There is something to be said for hiring a professional. “It’s more difficult than it looks. There are so many factors that need to be considered and accounted for that the do-it-yourself homeowner might not realize. An experienced contractor always has an advantage simply because of his or her experience,” Tyler expressed. Tiling even has its own set of terminology: is the tile vitreous or impervious? How long did you let it cure? What epoxy adhesive did you use? The terminology alone can be just as confusing as listening to a surgeon communicate with an anesthesiologist. Although anyone can play the board game Operation or create a mosaic art piece, it is a different story when it’s happening on a real person or the walls of your home. Whether it’s a surgeon, singer, athlete or tile installer, somehow professionals make their skill look easy. “When a tile layout is complete and the entire area is filled, it looks simple. It’s like watching a perfected dance. It all flows with ease, but the viewer doesn’t see the planning of the choreography and the grueling practice that goes into making each component look natural and effortless.”

LAMINAM: A BIG Deal What is Laminam? It’s the tile that causes jaws to drop. If you’re not a fan of grout lines, then you are a fan of Laminam. Laminam is a non-traditional porcelain tile that can be produced in sheets as large as one meter by three meters. To put that in perspective, that is 39.37” x 118.11”. A standard tub is 60” wide. One sheet of Laminam is more than enough to cover the length of the wall behind the tub resulting in very few grout lines. Laminam ranges from 3 to 7 millimeters in thickness and can be applied on walls, counters, in showers, and even on the exterior of buildings or houses. It’s the latest and greatest and definitely the biggest tile around. (Shown Above)


To Replace,

or Not to Replace:

That is the Question.

Photo: Nicole Grimley


ou don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” That saying has never been as true as it is when your furnace dies during the night in minus forty degree weather. It is at that moment when you start to appreciate that forgotten metal box in your basement. Suddenly your furnace is all you can think about and panic sets in as you worry about the safety of both your home and your family. The primary concern in a furnace emergency is to stay warm and get help. The secondary concern is the unexpected cost associated with the repair. If it is a simple fix then you can breathe a sigh of relief,


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but more often than not, the repair is a significant component of the furnace and you are left with a decision to repair or replace. Even if it is possible to fix the furnace, it might be time to “pull the plug”. You may be better advised to put your money toward a new unit instead of an expensive repair that may not last. Although you might not have any attachment to your furnace itself, you may have some attachment to the $5,000 - $7,000 you would have to dish out to replace it; it’s a difficult decision for anyone, especially under short notice. To help homeowners with their decision, furnace expert, Kevin Tiedjens of Centennial 360, suggests three factors to consider.

Age of the Furnace “No matter how old the furnace is, replacement is always an option. In the earlier phases of a furnace’s life, repair is usually the preferred choice as parts may be under warranty and it is likely that the rest of the furnace is still in great shape. However, if it is fifteen years old or more, it is probably best to bite the bullet and replace. It likely won’t last too much longer even with a repair.” The Weakest Link “As your furnace ages, something is bound to break. It’s the nature of anything that endures constant use. Think of your furnace as a chain of parts that are linked together. Eventually the weakest link will break. Once it is repaired, something else becomes the weakest link and it too will eventually give way. You can keep repairing broken links or you can get a new chain. Most of us fix a few links before we replace the chain, but keep in mind that the next link will break and a chain reaction will start.” The E-Factor “If you are planning on staying in your home for awhile, you will want to consider the efficiency factor. Everyone knows that a high efficiency furnace will save you money on your energy bill, but most people don’t realize that a new furnace with a brushless DC motor will also save you money on your power bill. According to SaskEnergy, switching from a standard furnace of 60% efficiency to a 95% high efficiency furnace saves the average Saskatchewan homeowner $509 per year. If your furnace is an energy guzzler, it’s probably best to replace.”

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Photo: Heather Pearson

A boiler system is an alternative heating option that a comfort consultant may recommend.











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Weczeria Food & Wine

Location: 820 Broadway Ave Famous For: A Changing Menu of Local Food by Chef Daniel Walker Did You Know: Weczeria Means “Supper” in Ukrainian! e

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Christie’s Il Secondo

Location: 802C Broadway Ave Famous For: Artisan Breads & Wood Fire Baked Pizzas Did You Know: Christie’s First Location Opened up in 1932 on 33rd!


Museo 54

Centennial 360

Christie’s Il Se condo

Location: 730A Broadway Ave Famous For: A Mirco-Roastery to Keep Coffee in Its Prime Window of Freshness Did You Know: Museo Only Buys Coffee They Can Trace to a Specific Farm!

Modern Country Interiors

Location: 808 Broadway Ave Famous For: Custom Wood Furniture From Their Factory in B.C. Did You Know: Modern Country Interiors Has Locations in Duncan, B.C. & Calgary! Modern Countr

y Interiors

Oliv Tasting Room

Location: 726 Broadway Ave Famous For: 60+ Flavours of Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars Did You Know: Oliv Has 9 Stores Across Canada!

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The Sandbox in the City

Location: 1002B Broadway Ave Famous For: Clothing for Work, Play, Day & Evening Did You Know: The Original Sandbox Was Located in Waskesui!



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hat would you do with a bonus $1,000? Book a trip? Go on a shopping spree? Head to the spa? (Personally I’d go with the trip.) Regardless of what floats your boat, you’d do something awesome! For a moment, winning $1,000 could feel like winning the lottery…until you blow it all on a plane ticket; a few pairs of shoes; or a facial, massage, mani and pedi. $1,000 might not go too far for most of us, but if it is invested wisely, it can multiply into all kinds of Awesome. (And I’m not talking about investing it in the stocks of the latest digital trend). What if you used that money to help someone?

Investing in people who are helping the community can be like investing in a successful stock with an outcome that is more rewarding than any monetary value. In 2011 Centennial 360 started a program to help you do just that. Every single month you have the opportunity to give $1,000 to a deserving local registered nonprofit or charitable organization without taking a dime out of your personal wallet! Hundreds of people in Saskatoon have been nominating organizations near and dear to their hearts to receive a donation through the Centennial 360 12 in 12 Community Campaign. Go online to and nominate a local registered nonprofit or charitable organization that you love to pay awesome forward in our community.

Fairhaven Community Association In February 2013, the Fairhaven Community Association held a grand opening for a new community outdoor rink located behind Fairhaven Elementary School. They heard about the Centennial 360 12 in 12 Community Campaign in January and had members of the community nominate the FCA for a donation toward the project. About 100 people from the community came out to celebrate the grand opening of the rink and it was used steadily throughout the winter. “The Centennial 360 12 in 12 program was a significant contributor to the Fairhaven Community Association Outdoor Rink. We are very thankful and proud to have such strong community partners within Saskatoon!” expressed Chase Carter of the FCA.

A community game of hockey on opening day of the Fairhaven Community Association Outdoor Rink

Lupus SK Society Inc.

Arnie Shaw, President of Centennial 360, presenting the 12 in 12 $1,000 donation to Irene Driedger, Treasurer of the Lupus SK Society

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in various parts of the body. 90% of lupus patients are women. The Lupus SK Society was created to help people living with lupus through advocacy, education, public awareness, support and research. This group is very dedicated to the cause and they received 12 in 12 donations in both October 2011 and October 2012. October is Lupus awareness month so they spread the word about the program and had a record breaking number of nominations come in. The 2012 donation went toward three medication symposiums in 2013 for lupus patients and their friends and family members. 57

Children’s Discovery Museum The Children’s Discovery Museum opened up in Market Mall in May of 2009. The museum was created to help children learn through play and is filled with exhibits that foster creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning. Here’s what President, Erica Bird, had to say about the December 2012 12 in 12 donation they received, “In 2013, [Centennial 360’s] very generous donation helped us continue to stay affordable and accessible to all children in Saskatoon. We brought in some new exhibits and activities for children and their families and we hosted many school and preschool visits. As well, [Centennial 360] helped us to continue to work with the City of Saskatoon as we plan for our move and expansion into the Mendel building. Thank you so much for being part of creating a welcoming place for children to learn through play!”

Nominate an Organization

Saskatoon Children Building a House in the Construction Exhibit at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Market Mall

Wondering how you can get a $1,000 donation for a local registered nonprofit or charitable organization of your choice? Follow these three easy steps!

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Pick a Local Registered Nonprofit or Charity to Nominate Go to Complete the 12 in 12 Online Nomination Form


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