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Increase patient acceptance

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Patient education is a proven strategy to increase case acceptance On your website, in your waiting room and chairside, xPlain Patient Education products maximise your opportunity at every stage to inform your patients on your procedures and products to increase case acceptance.

Avoid confusion Explaining treatment and procedures to your patients to obtain case acceptance, as well as informed consent, can sometimes be difficult and time consuming. Confusion with treatment details can often lead to patients not proceeding with certain treatment even after long periods attempting to explain. This can directly impact your clinic’s profitability and productivity. However, with xPlain Patient Education products, you can improve your patient’s experience as well as the profitability of your practice.

Educate & Enhance xPlain Patient Education products are designed to assist you on your practice website, in your practice waiting room and chairside, in your surgery. From the moment your patient visits your practice website (xPlain Online) to the time they step into your practice reception area (xPlain TV) and into your surgery (xPlain Chairside), xPlain Patient Education products inform, educate and enhance their experience to improve communication and increase case acceptance.

xPlain Online On your website

Now you can easily add high quality dental, orthodontic and facial aesthetic animations to your website from a collection of over 200 videos. Embed on your website xPlain Online is the best way of adding life and movement to your practice website. Our new extensive library of over 200 high quality dental, orthodontic and facial aesthetic animations can now be added to your practice website. It couldn’t be easier with just one line of code for each animation, allowing you to embed the video(s) of your choice on your website. You choose You can pick and choose the videos that are best suited to your business. Chop and change dependant on the procedures you are marketing and the number of videos you choose is up to you. Quality viewing experience To ensure the best viewing experience, our server cleverly detects the device being used and delivers a compatible animation. Patients using iPads, iPhones and almost all Android devices can now enjoy the animations, no matter what device they use. View all the videos available at

xPlain TV In your waiting room xPlain TV converts your waiting room into a profit centre with a flexible presentation tool you can customise, providing over 250 animated messages covering all aspects of dentistry. Entertain & Inform Entertain, inform and market your treatments through beautifully animated 3D widescreen dental messages.

Running on a continuous loop, xPlain TV entertains, informs and markets to your patients while they wait. 100s of messages With hundreds of messages to choose from and over two and a half hours of content, it’s easy to select the messages appropriate to your practice.

Entertain. Reduce the perceived waiting time by entertaining your patient before their appointment. Inform. Inform your patients about oral health issues and hygiene techniques. Market. Increase the revenue from your patients by motivating them to ask about cosmetic treatments. Enhance. Show related products you sell and how to use them, so patients will buy them.

What are the benefits? • Reduce your patients’ perceived waiting time. • Motivate your patients to ask about additional treatment and services that you provide. • Educate patients on payment methods, opening hours and emergency procedures, all communicated in a consistent and professional manner. • Educate and entertain your patients about the fundamentals of oral hygiene. • Create sundry sales by promoting the products that you provide and explaining how they will benefit your patients.

xPlain Chairside In your surgery Equip your practice with the latest in Patient Chairside Education to improve case acceptance, with over 220 high definitions 3D Animations, over 100 information leaflets and over 750 clinical digital images available. How will xPlain Chairside assist communication with your patient? • Improve case acceptance by helping your patients to understand their conditions and why treatment is necessary. • Overcome language barriers by aiding your explanation through easy, universal visual references. • Enhance your practice image by equipping your surgery with leading edge technology. • Educate and motivate your patients by sparking interest and providing prompt, clear information. • Increase your practice efficiency by minimising time explaining conditions and treatments. • Give you and your staff peace of mind by eliminating potential difficulties in the effective delivery of treatment.

Over 100 Information Leaflets Information leaflets support the 3D animations, containing still images to help your patient remember the condition or treatment explained to them during their visit. xPlain Chairside allows you to edit the information leaflets and customise each with your practice logo and contact information. They can be exported to Microsoft Word, printed or emailed with the click of a button.

Over 750 Clinical Digital Images The clinical digital images gallery within xPlain Chairside has no limit, with the ability to add your own images to any category. It offers side-by-side viewing capability, as well as the option to create a customised slideshow. You can then annotate over an image and save or print the edited leaflets.

• Create happy and loyal patients by producing better treatment outcomes and satisfaction.

Over 220 High Definition 3D Animations xPlain Chairside covers over 220 conditions and procedures, providing you with information to educate and help communicate with your patients. These 3D animations are unthreatening and engaging, helping to reduce any fear or apprehension felt by your patient. They are concise, yet accurately detailed, with each animation lasting no more than a minute. Complete Control You have complete control over the animations to pause, skip, slow and annotate over, giving you the ability to tailor each animation to the needs of your individual patient.

xPlain Patient Education provides products to ensure your patient’s interest is converted to case acceptance from the beginning of their purchase journey right through to completed treatment. Don’t risk reduced case acceptance. Invest in xPlain Patient Education products.

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Patient Education Brochure  

Increase your patient acceptance with xPlain - Patient Education.

Patient Education Brochure  

Increase your patient acceptance with xPlain - Patient Education.