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eServices Solutions Bringing your practice closer to your patients




Improve patient engagement and practice profitability with the latest Dental4Windows Integrated eServices.

What will eAppointments do for your practice? • Increases recalls • Frees up the front desk • Less time spent on the phone • Reduces no shows • Fills unfilled gaps • Attracts new patients • Improves patient satisfaction & retention

Features: • Updated look and usability for an enhanced customer experience. Including integration with Google Maps and closest location, enhanced appointment searching and new easy to use customer interface. • Ability to work with single or multi location practices. • Embed eAppointments in your website so there is no need for your patients to leave your website. It can also be integrated with your own branding. • Different durations for different types of appointments, so you can simultaneously offer varied appointment times. • Integration with pre-set slots and free time so you can manage your appointment book easily with varied off and online bookings. • A timer for patient bookings to complete the booking in a limited time or the appointment becomes available again. • The ability to manage logos in multi-practice sites. • An online practice management feature that gives you the capability in your own eServices practice portal to manage some of the features of eAppointments and eForms and future eServices modules.

eAppointments If you haven’t got an online booking system in place, you’re losing patients. Everyone, whatever their age, uses the web. We’re booking flights, holidays, restaurants and banking on our smart phones, tablets or computers. People expect this convenience and Dental4Windows is bringing it to your practice so your patients view you as up to date and convenient to their needs. Online booking for dentists is becoming increasingly common and if you don’t have it in place, there is a good chance your local competitor is using it to attract new patients (some of them most probably yours). It’s also important for existing patients, as you can be more certain, that if they respond online to a recall or marketing campaign, they will actually book in with eAppointments. Its a much more efficient system than relying on patients to book over the phone.

Increase patient retention and attract new patients. eAppointments is a great way to add value to your existing relationship with your patients and also attract new patients. It allows you to be open for bookings 24/7 and provides convenience for your patients. This gives you a competitive advantage in a market place that is becoming increasingly competitive. For those practices already attracting new patients with search engine marketing, it makes that strategy even stronger. We also have eForms, online electronic forms, to allow you to easily update patient information.

Full Integration with D4W eAppointments works seamlessly with Dental4Windows, so there’s no disruption to your normal work flow and no double ups. Unlike other online booking systems, eAppointments has been designed to work in a busy dental practice and in conjunction with your practice work flows, including recall automation. It is fully integrated with Dental4Windows and provides a seamless transition from booking online to the Appointment Book, and for you, it is easy to manage. eAppointments has many features not found in other online booking systems.

One fixed monthly fee. No ongoing success fees. We value you as a Dental4Windows customer, so we don’t charge you a success fee every time a customer books an online appointment as per other online booking systems. There’s only one fixed monthly fee, no matter how many new or existing customers book online through your eAppointments. This gives you certainty as to the costs. The only condition is for a minimum 6 month period. We think that’s reasonable.

eForms The paperless practice is now a reality

• Online

• Fully integrated with D4W

• Easy to use

• eSignature

Now with the release of eForms, the paperless practice becomes a reality as patients can fill out their registration forms either in the practice on a tablet or at home online before they come into the practice. eForms improves your patient work flows and the perception of your practice by your patients. The paperless office is further reinforced with eSignature, enhancing the paperless workflow.

Design any type of form. You choose the questions, you choose the design. eForms allows practices to design any type of patient form for Dental4Windows. Utilising the online ePortal, also used for eAppointments, you can easily create your own tailored forms, composing the questions and design that suit your individual practice. The patient registration form may be the most used, but you can now look to have a post visit form to benchmark and review your patients’ experiences. Also, you may wish to find out what areas of your patients’ dental health are most important to them and be able to market your products and services dependent on their answers. eForms allows you to be pro-active in assisting and improving your patient’s experience.

Security of your patient’s information We utilise https to provide authentication of the website and associated web server hosting our eForms. There is also an application level encryption which provides encryption on a per-document basis within the application layer.

eForms lets you know your patients better

Keep patient details up to date in D4W - easily accessible to your patients at home or in your practice. It’s important legally, professionally and administratively to have up to date patient records. eForms makes that process easier by providing the opportunity to update records in a patient friendly format. In the surgery, the patient can now update their information on a tablet, in your practice waiting room. Specific fields are then mapped back to the patient file in D4W, making sure that the patient record is automatically updated in Dental4Windows. This eliminates wasted time manually entering data, and reduces the possibility of errors. Your patients don’t even have to be in the practice to fill out a form. Just email your patients the URL of the form and they can fill it out before they come into the practice in their home or on the way. eForms is responsive so the patient can fill it out on their smart phone on the train or on the bus. It makes life easier in the practice and is much more convenient for your patients. It will also pre-populate selected fields from Dental4Windows to make it easy for your patients to fill out.

eForms is important in building a more complete and up to date view of your patients. This is important in creating a more sustained and valuable relationship. It also adds to practice efficiency. It creates greater patient confidence through your practice utilising modern technology and investing in customer enhancing systems. eForms is available for a fixed monthly fee.

Easy to manage eForms is easy to manage utilising your own online patient portal that both you and your patients can access 24/7, with the option to email them a URL link to their form. • Synchronised with Dental4Windows to allow for easy management of forms and updated information to the patient files • Easy to view completed eForms • Filter status settings allow you real time viewing • Date and times of access by patients recorded • Add new forms to patients in batches • Many other features to allow easy management of patient forms

eSignature Now you have the ability to obtain and store verifiable patient signatures within Dental4Windows utilising our eSignature solution. This allows you to store patient signatures on consent forms, treatment plans and other word documents within Dental4Windows. The paperless office is further reinforced with eSignature enhancing the paperless workflow. You now also have signature proof on patient documents which are stored in the patient file within D4W and are easily retrievable.

D4W is now integrated with eSignature We’ve integrated Dental4Windows with Wacom Business Solutions so you can capture your patients’ handwritten signature electronically and securely, adding them to the relevant PDF documents stored in D4W. This allows PDF documents to be signed electronically avoiding the need to print and sign on paper. After it has been signed the document is protected against subsequent changes. Your patients can sign electronically using a Wacom Signature Pad which uploads the signature to the relevant document stored in Dental4Windows.

Secure and traceable For security, an AES256/RSA 3048 data encryption is embedded in the signature pad used in eSignature. Each signature pad is also assigned a unique hardware ID in order to determine the exact unit that was used to capture a particular signature.

Easy to implement eSignature is easy to implement in your practice, with Dental4Windows. Add the Wacom Signature Pad (available for purchase through Centaur Software) to your practice and your patients can start electronically signing treatment plans stored in Dental4Windows.

Improving your customer experience eAppoinments, eForms and eSignature have been developed to allow your practice to provide a premium contemporary customer experience, utilising the latest technology to differentiate you from your competition. Now your patients can book their appointments online 24/7 (not be kept waiting on the phone), fill out their patient registration forms at home and then sign off on their treatment plans electronically in your practice. A much enhanced patient experience. With integration with Dental4Windows, these eServices provide best practice solutions that reduce the manual processes and make your practice more efficient and profitable.

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eServices can also be integrated with Practice Studio.

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Find out more about our eServices - eAppointments and eForms

eServices Product Brochure  

Find out more about our eServices - eAppointments and eForms